Counter the Attack above You

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Clair watched the arrows crept towards her, fired by the costumed idiot. Why did they always think some spandex made them invincible? The battlefield around her was so, so slow. Her own fault, she guessed. She might just be a wee bit high on a mix of kinetic energy and blood right now.

Taking a single step towards the arrow, she thrust her hand forward, bladed Duranium gauntlets cutting through the air. Drawing on the energy built up inside her, she activated Burst, her first aspect. Her hand snapped forward in midair, visibly blurring. Then her foot came down and she Stepped behind the archer, traversing the space between them in an instant.

Her hand, already moving faster than the human eyes could see, was milimeters from his exposed back and about to plunge into his kidneys. She could sheer through steel and magic. Spandex and flesh were nothing to her.

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Silver strands of silk entrapped the feminine foe’s hands before becoming taut, resulting in here unable to strike down her target, an archer with nothing more than some fancy bow and arrow who thought he could take on the world with his hi-tech arrows. Honestly, he'd probably be out of commission if it wasn't for the Technological Tarantula's crime app. A ping and a few minutes later he was here. Saving some rookie vigilante for, like, the third time this month.

Whoa! That is NOT how we do things downtown!”

Wrapping the silk around his hands before violently tugging the lines anchored onto the samurai cosplayer, the Spider would force her airborne, leaving her with no mobility and without the possibility to outmatch him in terms of speed on the ground. Off the ground, he was the apex, and he would press his advantage.

Fight smarter. Not harder.

Leaping off his high perch point, the Paragon of Precognition had a plan of attack. One well-placed uppercut that would send her body flipping backwards and rattle her brain, possibly leaving her unconscious for a few moments before coming too. That would be perfect. Leaves less of a chance of risk of her counterattacking. Not that she could anyway.

Firing a thick cluster of webbing all around her torso in a blur, the Webbed Wonder began wrapping her up like an insect in a cocoon before attaching several lines to her ensnared self, leaving her upside down, webbed up, and nowhere to go. All in the span of a few seconds, if not less.

Perfect. And the viewers will love that.

Aw. She looks almost . . . peaceful up there,” the Spider jested, a chuckle escaping his lips as he double-checked his HUD to make sure he was live-streaming his amazing stunt. Yep. And the drone caught the footage at the perfect angle. It meant all his little quips and commentary weren't going to waste.

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Gracing the rapidly approaching ground with his signature three-point landing, the Ambidextrous Arachnid raised himself up until he was supported only by his legs and rotated his head back and forth, searching for the bow and arrow guy.

I need to talk to him and-. Craaaaaaaaap. Not now.

A vibe. And not the good kind.

Leaping suddenly into the air onto a brick wall upside down, the Spider fired off several rounds of webbing at his new adversary [You!]. Except this particular type of webbing wasn't what he had applied to the vampire. Impact webbing. Designed for more dangerous and/or immediate targets that he needed to dispose of quickly. It wasn't cheap or easy to make but very effective. If just one round were to hit his target, it would send them soaring for a few feet with webbing expanding and wrapping around their torso and their limbs before they hit a structure or the ground and finding themselves stuck to that surface and completely immobilized. Hopefully, his next opponent wouldn't prove to be too much of a hassle, and the Spider could be on his merry way to find that rookie archer and get the sharpshooter to give up his current lifestyle.

The Swinging Sensation didn't need a dead good Samaritan on his conscience.

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The fact was he never saw it coming. To Blubber all he saw was a small incoming blob that he could easily avoid. Unfortunately his naivety would be his undoing as the first of many, impact webbings struck him when he wasn’t ready. Upon impact, the first hit him on his left shoulder, forcing him to jerk to one side only a few inches, as his magnanimous girth cushioned the blow with just a few seconds of wiggling. But it was what happened after that, which gave him trouble. Just as the webbing collided, it began to grow, spreading it’s way down his arm and across his plus sized chest. In response, he reached for it with his right hand, grasping it firmly and began peeling it off. Much like glue, the webbing stretched as he pulled, while sticking to his hand at the same time. By now, the next several shots fired by the Spider had hit, and within seconds big old Blubber was encased head to toe in a cocoon of webs.

But despite being trapped inside, Blubber never gave up hope and treated the threat like a game, one in which his shape-shifting skills would help. From deep inside he shouted, “Here comes Blubber!” as for the first time ever he increased his size. Suddenly, his chest began to expand, puffing itself out, followed by his arms, legs and even his butt. With every second he grew fatter, challenging the web into a contests to see which of the two could stretch the most. In the end it was Blubber, as he now looked more like a parade blimp rather than a plus sized individual, with the webbing splitting into pieces, while clinging to parts of his body. All that was left now was to peel away those strands one by one as he returned to his preferred size, followed by a few comments such as, “Its so sticky!

Suddenly Grant was startled by the sounds of a stranger [You] behind him and without thinking things through he turned to attack. Wasting no time, he opened his jaw to the point it was unhinged like a snake and began inhaling for all he was worth. For just a few seconds his chest continued to expand as he filled what passed as his lungs to their capacity. Then with a bright red face, he exhaled, with such a force of wind that it rivaled a class five hurricane. Although it was out of character for Blubber to attack this way, everything between him and the stranger would be hit with winds blowing at 156 mph. Whether it be cars, trees or whatever, it would be caught up in the breeze, for a good minute or two, until Blubber’s belly was empty!

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What started as a brisk breeze, quickly turned into a typhoon. At first small pieces of trash blew through the air, wisping by like leaves in the wind, soon to be followed by larger objects. By the time the overweight individual had finished with his attack, automobiles of all sizes were tossed around. Unfortunately Marcus had no place to hide as the entire alley was now being blown at him with an impressive speed and accuracy. By now, even he was subject to the typhoon as his feet were quickly kicked out from underneath him, thus lifting him helplessly into the air. Before he even knew it, he was being thrown around like a rag doll helpless to do anything but submit.

But just as he was about to be blown away, his grit and determination kicked in as he shouted, “I will not be sub-missed so easily!” Although his words were not heard over the sounds of roaring wind, the seriousness in his tone could not be denied. With a flexing of his muscles, he fights through the storm only to reach out with one hand. Then in a brilliant display of manliness he grips the concrete road beneath him so tightly, his fingers dig into the solid rock like a makeshift anchor. Still fighting the wind, he was dragged back a few more feet as a carved out trail is left behind his grasp. In the mean time several large pieces of debris flew by him, with one or two slamming against his near impervious hide, but in the end he managed to survive. All that was left was an empty street with five long tears down the middle.

With no time to waste, he quickly regains his composer as he jumps to his feet, ready to dish out some private justice. It was then he noticed his opponent [You] standing strong just twenty yards away. With peak human reflexes he pulls out his energy bladed knife and began a mad dash straight forward. Behind his mask his face was stern as he closed in, knowing full well that he was an easy target, therefore he planned for a surprise before he was in striking distance. At the last seconds, he lowered his shoulders, hoping that he did not telegraph his move, then shifted his whole body weight to the point he was now attempting to slide between his enemies legs, feet first. If successful he would then swipe away with his dagger upon his enemies calf and hamstrings, with a blade that could cut through most metals. It was indeed a gutsy move, and one a trained fighter would not expect, but it was also dangerous if caught.

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It was fairly clam day as the God Among Men was strolling through the streets of an unnamed city with the weight of the world on his mind. His face was just as cold and still as the mask that it stood behind, a true reflection of how he was currently feeling on this day. He continued pacing forwards as his thoughts stayed poised on what he deemed to be the most important thing for his thoughts to say on, that was how it went until he broke from his trance and noticed a stranger standing no further than 20 yards away from himself. Taking quick notice of the person before him, the Good Doctor studied him in an attempt to tell whether or not this was someone who he should see as an immediate threat. The assessment gaining results only moments later.

The figure began to run in his direction with the glow of some type of weapon glowing in his hand that was able to swayed the attention of Dominion as he prepared to make his defense against his opponent. As the enemy got closer, Dominion realized the type of weapon that he was being faced with as he was only moments away from being potentially injured by this foe. He activated his energy shield and as his attacker slid through his legs, only for the blade to be nullified by the amount of energy that was being output from the suit. While the suit itself had a very low chance of being damaged by such a weapon, the risk was not one that Dominion was willing to take.

Dominion launched himself away by a few meters, only to gain higher ground and escape the area that his last enemy was. After a few minutes of walking as a way of calming himself from the attack, yet another stranger was spotted in the distance by Dominions ever searching vision. He was not able to make out the shape very well, but he was able to see enough of it to make a decision as how to deal with this new matter. After standing there long enough, the man clad in a armor was able to decide that it was better to launch an attack before this new person had the chance to do the same to him. Raising his finger and pointing it straight at his new enemy, he fired an electric blast that while fairly slow but contained enough power to stop a human's heart from pulsing.

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Reacting without thinking, Simulacra cartwheeled to the side, the blast just barely zigzagging past him and crackling against the pavement. Fishing a pen out of his back pocket, he clicked it, revealing the ink coated tip.

Smirking to himself as he thought of the famous quote 'the pen is mightier than the sword', the assassin hurled the writing tool like a bullet at his next foe, making use of his telepathic senses in such a way that, by tracking the mental activity of his opponent, he would in essence be throwing the pen wherever they'd think to dodge.

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Like the lovable fool he was, Jack was always caught in some form of a fight. With his feet firmly planted on the ground he held his fists up, with his mechanical ones still holstered inside. From the looks of it, his enemy was holding a small object in his hands, one he took great pride in. But as his enemy cocked back his arms, all Jack could think was, “Great, and just what is he going to do with that now!” For as far as he could tell, the object could be anything from a laser gun to a simple explosive devise. The only thing he did know was his enemy had a serious look on his face, when he arched his shoulder back. But without a single word his adversary launched it forth like a bat out of hell, sending the small writing pen whizzing along with a speed that rivaled a bullet. But despite the precise brutality of such a simple devise, Jack decided to deal with it in his own way. With less than a second to respond, Jack utilized his advanced reflexes and arched his right shoulder back, hoping that the pen would glance by rather than strike, leaving him unharmed. But to his surprise, Jack was flabbergasted to see the pen change direction.

Just as he moved, so did the pen. Never before had he seen such a thing, and to be honest, it spooked him. It was as if the pen had a mind of it’s own. By now the pen had made it’s way across the battlefield, closing in on Jack. For anyone else it would have meant certain death, even if armored, for the pen was thrown with such force, it could seemingly pierce the best Kevlar. Luckily Jack had an ace up his sleeve, or in this case four mechanical ones, and with a thought one was called forth to battle. From around his upper right shoulder, the one closest to the incoming attack, a mechanical arm sprung forth, coming to life as it shot out to defend it’s host. Then with a miraculous speed it extended before him, just in time to ensnare the pen between its three steel prong tips, inches away from his exposed head, right between his eyes. After only a brief sigh of relief, he then released his grip, dropping the pen to the ground, just in time to utter the words “That could have been nasty!

It was then he saw a new fighter [You] approaching in the distance, a good fifty yards away. Standing on the opposite side of the street, late at night, the only light shining came from the street lights above them. Assuming the stranger was a threat, Jack wasted no time in defending himself. With a quick call to all four of his mechanical arms, they shot forth from his back ready to aid with some extra muscle. The two lower Stooges, Curly and Shemp, both reached out to his sides, ensnaring parked cars along the side of the road, only to easily lift them over his head and hurl them at his opponent with an impressive display of speed. As for the upper left Stooge, it open fired, by releasing small compact balls of energy, beginning with a charge at the tip of one arm then others. They shot outwards like highly charged cannon balls. As for Moe, he had the pleasure of tilting Jack’s thick shades further down his nose, in order to get a better look at all the carnage he just set loose.

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The first car was easy to avoid, for even though it was coming in fast, it was still large and awkwardly thrown. All Marcus had to do was a quick tuck and roll to the far side of the street, so that the first automobile came crashing down a few yards away, in the middle of the street. The only damage it caused was an over abundance of glass and scrap metal, exploding out in all directions. But as Marcus’s body was nigh-invulnerable, the shrapnel bounced off his flesh, like water off a ducks back. But by now the second car was coming in faster, whistling its way in like a bullet. Once again he choose to avoid the attack, by means of getting out of its way, and as such he sprinted back out to the middle of the street. With a beautiful display of athleticism, he leaped forward, only to place his hand firmly on what was left of the first car, and with a little kick, pole-vaulted over the debris like it was nothing, safely landing on the far side. Seconds later the other car came crashing down, only to skid across the pavement where it built up more momentum, allowing it to tumble along, leaving behind ten inch gashes along the way! But with every move he made, and throughout all his athletic prowess, he kept one eye on his opponent, learning any and every trait he could read.

It was because of this reason alone, he not only knew his enemy was preparing for another attack, but was prepared to avoid it. Like the automobiles, It was all about avoidance, and as such he began weaving side to side. As his enemy fired blast after blast from one of his mechanical arms, the amount of damage was staggering. Every one Marcus avoided collided with the background, either setting the streets ablaze or just simply wipe it away from existence. But despite all the damage going on, there was one up side to it all. With a quick accumulation of the level of destruction created by the mechanical appendage, Marcus came to the conclusion that his enhanced body could survive a direct blast, or so he hoped! In a bold and daring move, Nightbreaker went on the offensive, stepping out of the shadow and began running forward in a straight line, right towards his opponent. As planned, his enemy continued to fire at him, but instead of dodging, Marcus continued to run forward. To the surprise of them all, when the energy blasts hit, Marcus was unphased, only jerking his frame back an inch as if shoved by another human being. Where it not for the dark smudge sizzling over his uniform there would be no other way of telling he was even hit.

But by now his enemy had gone, either running away in fear or to get more reinforcements. Either way, Marcus noticed a new opponent [You] standing on the battlefield, and quickly turned to engage him/her. With little care to why the stranger was here, Marcus jumped to the conclusion he/she was a threat, and preceded to treat, him/her as one. Wasting no more time, he reached into his utility belt and pulled out two small but sharp throwing stars. Then with both hands, he propelled them forward with full use of his enhanced strength, each one on opposites sides of the road. The one to the right, perfectly executed, struck a hydrant in such a way, that it showered the street in water, spraying out across everything. The one to the left, aimed slightly higher, struck a nearby street light and upon hitting it, it quickly came crashing down with its full electrical charge in tow. Upon collision the light would hit the water in such a way that it would turn the whole street into a conductor sending enough volts to kill a elephant. However, as his attack was rather obvious, he choose to mask it with a verbal assault, therefore just before he released the Shurikens, he made it a point to jest, “Lights out,..... Stranger!

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With so much going on around him, Gripper was caught off guard. All he heard was a cocky, “Lights out,..... Stranger!” but by then it was too late. For at the time he heard his enemies quip, his plan was already in motion and Jack was standing in a puddle of water, up to above his ankles. But despite the fact he has above human reflexes, he failed to catch the second Shuriken as it passed by, even with one of his Stooges. In effect his upper arm reached out, but unfortunately missed the blade by mere inches. Because of this, his enemies Shuriken struck the nearby street light and upon hitting it, littered the street with a shower of electrical sparks that quickly fell down, right were Jack was standing. Lucky for him, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize what would happen if the falling lamp post fell in to the water at his feet, and as he didn’t want to find out if his new body could survive the shock, he quickly choose to get the hell out of the way. But by now the whole street was covered in a shallow pool of water, making escape impossible, and turning the whole street into one big conductor, that could burn the city down in a matter of minutes.

With no time to react Jack fell back on instincts. With a thought, two of his lower mechanical arms shot forth from his back and with a mighty ‘Slam’ they dug into the ground. Their three pronged tip extended into a flat base where they locked in place as support beams. Then with but another mental command, he continued to extend them outwards to the point they quickly began lifting him up like an elevator. Within seconds he stood twenty feet off the ground, suspended by the two mechanical arms, with just the tip of them submerged in water. At that exact moment the street light fell into the water, causing a cascade of electrical sparks, popping and snapping along the street. But, just as the wave of electricity began zapping around his metallic arms, a strange occurrence began to unfold. Instead of being conductors, that channeled the energy, they slowly began to absorb it. Soon a bright yellow glow resonated around the same area as the water, until the full charge in across the street was defused. As it does there was little change to the mechanical arms, but a refreshing look crossed Jack’s face as if vitalized by some unknown force!

Just then, as the water quickly poured down the drains, another stranger [You] entered the scene. Standing a few yards away, on what could only be called a battlefield of smashed cars and broken street lights, the place was abandoned. Before the stranger could react, Jack dropped back to his feet, then extended all four off his special little arms twenty feet in front of him. Then with but a thought, the four arms began coiling over one another until he had one giant braided arm before him. With a quick, “Time to say goodbye!” he began spinning them around and around until a strong wind began to pick up. Soon enough larger objects like dumpsters began blowing down the street quickly followed by cars. The force created by Jack’s combined arms was now unleashing winds, around 261-318 mph. By now even the windows along the street had cracked adding glass to the multiple shrapnel flying forward, that seemed never to end. For as the effects of a class 4 tornado continued to blow, they came from Jacks mechanical arms, eliminating human fatigue, the attack could go on and on until the stranger was stopped, or even better yet, surrendered!

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He stood alone, out in the middle of the streets like a deer caught in the headlights, with no place to go and no place to hide. For every item around him began moving as his enemy created a tornado. The first to go was the garbage, discarded along the street, quickly followed by the larger dumpsters. But it wasn’t until the cars parked along the sides, that began to roll like tumbleweeds, that Lamont knew he was in trouble. By now he had lost his footing, falling backwards like a rag-doll, unable to regain his balance or control his direction. It took every thing he had not to be blown away like a discarded tissue, even now as he fumbled back further and further. What’s worse, as he was blown away, he was still getting bombarded by the occasional shrapnel being tossed around in the wind with him. Occasionally, he would try to grab the pavement below, only to lose his grip and tumble back further. But to make it worse, as his body was falling over itself, he managed to see that he was heading straight towards a brick wall, in the form of a standing building, residing at the far end of the street.

Immediately, a look of concern swept over his face as he recognized the fact, that if his body hit the wall at this speed, it would break every bone in his body. With that in mind, he quickly reached for the rope under his cloak, and with great difficulty, managed to not only retrieve it, but get enough slack to form a lasso. Unfortunately, for him twirling the rope was an impossibility against the winds of a class 4 tornado, and as such he needed to get clever or slam hard against the approaching wall. With no time to waste, he looked through his third eye, and by shear force of will, he forced the rope to move forward like a bullet against the wind, until it was able to wrap itself around one of the fire hydrants, that miraculously managed to survive the storm. Immediately, his body snapped to attention as the rope tightened, leaving him dangling at the end like a fish on a hook, with no place to hide. He was still forced to roll side to side in order to avoid the incoming shrapnel, but it was then as he scurried aside he came up with a plan.

Putting a lot of luck in his skill, he began digging the heels of his boots into the pavement underneath him. Then in a kicking motion, he slowly began rocking his frame side to side like a pendulum, until building up enough momentum that he was briefly, but safely, reaching both sides of the street. Then, after a few mathematical equations in his head, he ran himself as far as he could to the right side, only to kick into high gear as he swung to the left. At that point as his body was in motion, he boldly let loose of his safety line, allowing the wind to take control and blow his body away. But as planned, instead of being blown straight into the wall, he took on a more curved pattern sending him to a nearby alley, out of the path of the tornado. Landing in a perfectly executed tuck and roll, he immediately jumped to his feet, while drawing his twin .45-caliber from their holster. Then with but a clicking back of their hammers, he quickly began preparing for some overdue retaliation.

Utilizing the advantage of higher ground, he reached out for, and grabbed the nearest fire escape, then proceed to race up it, until reaching safety on the roof top above. Disregarding his need for stealth, he knelt down over the ledge in order for a clean shot, only to discover that his enemy had already left the scene. The streets below were still a huge mess, as is most battlefields, but surprisingly enough there was still a lone individual [You], walking along side the debris. Somewhat out of character, he assumed the new stranger was a threat, and as such needed to be dealt with. With both guns ready to fire, he took great aim at the stranger, preferably exposed areas, and pulled the trigger. Except for the sound of two guns simultaneously going, ‘BANG!’ there should be no way he could be discovered, until it was too late. But in a world were people fly and shoot energy from there hand, one may never know. Either way, Lamont quickly left the scene after only two shots, deducting that his skills would be better used, somewhere else!

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Alone in the middle of the street, there was a darkness in the street. This was the darkness of the Sinister Supreme, The Horror of All things. In his perspective the bullets were frozen in space. Giving him the chance to look around the city that he was in. It was a lot different from the land of Timor. They had roads and other advanced buildings constructs such as houses. They wore different clothing among other things, he began to wonder about how they were turn out under his influence. When many saw him, the fear grew within them, causing them the die in a panic. As he mind began to wonder so did the environment. The cityscape began to shift into a more abstract place. Skyscraper began to float into the sky and gravity shifted to the right, the road underneath his feet crumbled and presented an endless abyss of darkness. Many of the citizens of the large city began to experience psychological traumas, and began to grow paranoid, killing each other. Mothers strangled sons, daughters drowned their fathers. The people of the city began to grow insane, some locked themselves within the darkest places, others letting the rats eat them alive. Every being was subject to his thoughts, the bullets that were fired at him turned to dust as did everything else when Ulysses stopped his wondering.

With in the desert that now remained from the massive metropolitan area was. There stood Ulysses, noticing new entity. Not carrying about how they got her, he simply transformed the Terrain around him into into a extreme foggy forest, much like Timor. He then created thousands of abominations ,no better than the average Olympian Gold Medalist to attack his new opponent while he went off to do more damage to other parts of the world.

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Before he knew it the world was changing. Reality was no longer a constant, but a play thing to the stranger in the street. Buildings including the one he was standing on, were now floating in the air. The people in the streets were killing each other in a state of panic and oddly enough, gravity shifted to the right. Throughout it all Lamont was helpless against the power of the stranger, for he had never met a mind as strong as his. Even with his mental shields up, he could feel the stranger’s will ripping at his thoughts, peeling away his memories and replacing them with others. Already he had forgotten where he was as he fought hard to stay upright, but after safely reaching a solid ground, he knew what he had to do. Unable to save everyone around, his only choice was to save himself and as such, he closed his eyes and concentrated. Looking at the world through his third eye, he began repeating over and over, “My mind is my own! My thoughts are my own!” Using an ancient technique he learned in the Orient, he focused all his will power into staying alive and not being overwhelmed, by the strangers will. But in the end this would be, by far, the hardest thing he had ever done, as already his nose began to bleed.

In the beginning it was like playing chess with memories, as some would flicker away, while others came rushing in. The harder he fought the more hopeless it seemed, as by now the veins along the side of his head were throbbing. His mind and body were literally being ripped apart like paper, leaving him to wonder how much longer he could stand the pain. It was then, just as his eyes were about to roll up in his head, the pain stopped, and he fell abruptly to his knees. Pushed to his limits, he took only a half a second to catch his breath, then slowly opened his eyes to see his new reality. The world was now a desert, void of life, covered with endless sand. Lamont no longer knew whether to laugh or cry and instead choose simply to stand tall and take it all in. The one thing he did know was that someone had to pay for the loss of lives and with both guns firmly in hand he looked outward for the stranger. Yet once again reality shifted, as a dense fog appeared from nowhere. But unlike the first change, his reality was not in question, just the areas around him and just as the battlefield turn an eerie cold he could hear the sound of thousands of abominations surrounding him.

Knowing full well he was not going to make it out of here alive, he embraced his situation as only he could. Recklessly, he fired off a few shots into the abyss, before drawing his sword with his right hand, then got down to business. As always his first act was to engage his stealth and with just a thought his appearance simply vanished from sight. Next he used his echoing voice to take down as many as he could and with a simple laugh, he sent out a mystical sound, so hideous that it would strike fear into any one who heard it. Gripping his sword tight, he recited an old Celtic prayer and charged forth into battle. Holding nothing back he fought like a lion, fueled with the knowledge this was his final battle, for all life had been erased from the planet and replaced with cruel sadistic beasts. What followed next would be a battle of epic proportions, as he cut and sliced away at any who crossed his path. Other times he would simply put a single bullet into the beasts head, then maybe a round house kick to them just to be sure. Over all it would be a blood bath, as no doubt he too would take several wounds and die, but in the end he would go down fighting, fighting for a cause he believed in, mainly the countless lives earlier erased by the stranger.

Back on a world unaffected by the strangers reality warping abilities, ShadowGuard finds himself standing on a rooftop at night, lit only by the light of a full moon. The ground underneath them felt like cold cement, with a brisk wind whipping by. Standing at the far side, near the ledge, he faced you, with his guns both locked and loaded. Both barrels aimed dead center at your chest. In an eerie but non-mystic way he boasts, “Mors tua sit pax vobis!” then once again uses his will power to become invisible to his enemies eyes. Assuming that his little trick worked, he would then began his next attack with the aid of his cloak. Chemically treated with a formula of his own, his dark black cloak, which should still be invisible, can bend and stretch while still being hard and strong. Thus, with a sharp turn of his hips, he whips the tail around and aims it at his foes chest, with the same force as a bullwhip and as hard as being hit by a baseball bat. If effective it should have enough force to knock you over the ledge, at which point you may or may not fall to your death!

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Before he knew it the ground beneath him began to shake. The roof top he was standing on began to crumble. It started with a low rumbling beginning from the ground up, causing small fissures to crack the cement. It then quickly built up to where the walls split in half, sending layers of dust all around. Unfortunately, for Conrad, he was caught off guard and as such he fell to the chaos around him. Like a rag doll he was shaken as he fumbled around fighting to stand, but the more he fought the less ground there was to stand on. In the end his only option was to ride the wave and pray to come out of this alive. With a thought he activated a gymnast program in his mind, granting him the feats of an Olympic level gymnast with the touch of mastering parkour. By now the top first five stories underneath him were gone, falling down like an avalanche of rock and mortar, combined with a rumbling echo. The only thing holding him up was a larger slate of debris that managed to stay whole. For the next few seconds he road it like a surfer, until it quickly began teetering over, only to fall hard and fast like a rock.

Using his special skills, he pushed off preforming a technically perfect summersalt sending him through the air to land feet first on another slab falling down. From there he would launch off, skipping side to side by jumping back and forth on smaller rocks, by planting a firm foot on one, only to kick off to the next, each time with an alternate foot. In time he was making his way down, systematically by leaps and bounds, utilizing flawless flips and spins, off alternating debris falling around him. In the end he road his way down, until it came time to hit the street below, where he began slowing his pace down by back stepping. Looking like a upward “moonwalk” he continued to step backwards upon the falling debris until he slowed down safe enough to land firmly on the street below him. Unfortunately he was not out of the woods yet, as a mountain of rubble was still falling down upon him, crashing down like a force of nature. His only option was to concentrate and create an invisible shield around him, to take the full force of impact.

For the next few minutes, he stood there as wave after wave of rock and mortar fell down upon him with only a three inch thick invisible shield protecting him. But like a trooper he concentrated hard on his construct, supplying him the safe haven he needed. Seconds later the last of the building had fallen, as he stood alone in a junk pile of broken parts, with a thick layer of dust in the air. With a thought he dispelled his shield as he made his way up to one of the higher mounds of rubble, and there he looked out across the carnage that fell with him. Under his helmet he shed a tear for all the unnecessary loss of lives, only to witness another lone figure [You] standing on another pile a good fifty yards away. Assuming this was the cause of all the damage, he instinctively reached into his utility belt and with both hands drew an explosive devise resembling a ‘Throwing Star.” Then with just a twist of his hips, and the aide of a “marksmanship” program running through his head, tossed them forward with the speed and velocity of a professional baseball player. Should they collide, or go off in his vicinity, the explosion would be enough to topple a military tank. But just in case that wasn’t enough, Conrad choose to add insult to injury, and as he openly mocked, “Nighty Night” to his enemy, he flicked his wrist and a fully loaded 9mm shot forth into the palm of his hand. From that point on he unloaded all 15 rounds with each one following his target, with spot on, perfect aim!!

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Once again Flynn was dropped right in the middle of trouble, with a stranger fifty yards away, throwing a small hand held devise in his direction. With his feet dug into the ground for traction, he had already drawn a titanium tip arrow across his bow. His right hand holding the string tight. By now the enemy’s devise was closing in fast, whistling through the air as it traveled along. But by pure luck he stood down wind, just far enough to catch the unmistakable scent of explosive plastique heading his way, so immediately he went into action. With less than seconds to react, he let loose of the string sending his arrow in flight, at such a remarkable angle that the tip collided with the grenade. Immediately, it went off, releasing a huge fire ball, with a echoing “Boom!” as the shrapnel exploded at a safe distance. Seconds later, all that was left was a cloud of smoke and an incessant ringing in his ear. Unfortunately, for Flynn the fight was far from over, as he was reaching for another titanium arrow to lay across his bow, his opponent made the odd, off the cuff remark, “Nighty Night!” It was then he noticed, a small 9mm fall into his enemies hand as he raised it up to aim at the Archer and pulled the trigger, that Flynn moved into action.

With the release of his arrow, it soared out across the field as nothing more than a distraction, aimed at his enemies chest. With little to no chance of actually hitting him, it did however effect his aim, causing the first bullet to wiz by, missing him by a hair. Immediately, he pushed off, running to one side in a flash, hoping to out run the other bullets, or make it to safety. In the mean time his opponent continued to fire, with each shot getting closer and closer. But by sheer dumb luck, Flynn kept moving, with bullets flying by his head, so close he could feel the breeze as they past by, while others would fall behind him seconds away from where he last stood. In the end he finished with leaping into the air, only to preform a perfect tuck and roll, just in time to hear the “Click Click” from his enemies gun, signifying he was either out of bullets or better yet, his gun jammed! Immediately, he dropped to one knee, while at the same time drawing one of his special little arrows and laid it across his bow. With the string held back so tight, it was cutting into his gloves, he relentlessly aimed it at his opponents last location, only to find out, he was already gone!

But just as a new fighter entered the scene [You], Flynn took immediate action against him/her. Releasing his grip on the string, he let loose an arrow, but not any typical arrow, this one was his ‘Sonic Arrow!” Flying with a speaker at it’s tip, it let out a slow and steady tone, that first only dogs could hear. But as it progressed the sound would increase in decibels. Soon the sound would be so loud that it could pierce a persons ear drums, causing the individual such pain that he/she would get dizzy, nauseous and soon incapacitated. However, Flynn would not stop there. With the ‘Sonic Arrow’ only effecting forward, he quickly drew another of his special arrows and laid it across his bow. Then with a quick release, he let it fly. But as this was his ‘Bola Arrow’ the tip opened up to reveal two steel balls held together with a ten inch chain. Should his enemy be dazed or confused from his first strike, his second would ensnare him/her in a trap were the chain would wrap him/her up and eventually, the steel balls would knock him/her out!

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It was like a pair of nukes detonating inside my ears.

I let out an ungodly shriek as the pain reverberated through my eardrums, burrowing through my skull. All notion of pain tolerance torn asunder, I collapsed to my knees, clasping the sides of my head as the agonizing noise continued without end.

I couldn't hear my own voice over the cry of the sonic device, but I knew I hadn't stopped screaming. My vision flickered, mind reduced to an incoherent mess of thoughts. I should've been unconscious. It would've been a wonderful reprieve from the earsplitting torture I'd found myself.

Teetering on the brink of consciousness, something else in me lingered on. A guttural growl rumbled from my throat. A tidal wave of fury swirled inside, drowning out the pain, the noise, everything but. Just before I blacked out, I grinned.

I was no longer in the driver's seat.

It was.

Revenynt's eyes grew sunken, till the sockets were pitch black, devoid of anything. Flames engulfed his head, reducing the flesh flesh to cinders till the grinning skeleton beneath was revealed. A low cackle escaped the mouth of the otherworldly thing that had erupted from what was once a man.

As the bola arrow shot towards the creature, it moved like lightning, ducking beneath the projectile. The arrow sailed right into the hellish flames crackling atop the skeleton's head; only cinders came through it.

A fifteen foot chain uncoiled from the creature's wrist, aglow with crimson fire. It seared against the concrete, the ground bubbling when met with its ungodly heat.

Cackling once more, the creature swung the chain towards [you], directing its arc so that it might ensnare [you] in a hellish vice and reduce [you] to ash.