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Post Deleted.

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Wanda made her way down the stairs and watched as a little girl, who seemed to be semi-retarded, and a wanna be goddess violated the sanctity of her fathers home. A small grin came over her face as they confronted Zee. He toy'd with them a little. He was a great warrior and loyal to her father.

As she floated down behind Celestrion, she spoke, "No more dumbsh!ts." suddenly a blinding white light flashed around the world. As it faded, Wolfstien, kuchiku, and Celestrion where gone. Banished to another dimension.

Wrapping her cloak around herself, Wanda made her way back upstairs.

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Post Deleted.

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"Alright then Sparda, tell me, what are our plans? I can tell you now that the VV and HFC aren't just gonna' stand there while your so called 'defense' is up. They aren't idiots. Oh yeah, and where is your weapons storage room? I have a plan that'll help me defeat my enemies. And I'll need quite a bit of fir power to do it. So, anything, please, but preferrably grenades. Those would do well for this." Resonate said in a hurried voice. He was already demanding of the Ultimates so shortly after joining them.

Sparda gave him a nasty look, but Jack was never fazed by that kind of thing. Living on the streets literally in New York taught you something. It taught you a lot. And looks didn't mean anything in a situation like this. He knew he would take him to the room regardless of what he said. He walked around in a circle looking stupid for a few minutes, but he had a habit of doing that when he was in extreme thought. He realized how much had changed since he'd got his powers. Started off stopping small crimes and stealing food to survive at the age of seven with his powers. He couldn't remember anything before that.

Then, before he knew it his Girlfriend had been killed in a mugging. He remembered how frantically he had climbed up the fire escape to reach her, the only person in the world to ever love him...and then she was killed. He could remember the man throwing him through the window as he tried to wrestle the gun off of him. That was how his scar came to be. That was when he changed. That was when he let go of love and happiness. He discovered that it was easier to kill than forgive that day, and that life style was what got him into the VV. And that lifestyle was what got him into the biggest War mankind had ever known. And for that, he could be proud of himself.

But only that. He waited for Sparda to answer him. He must have been contemplating,too.

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Mecha King Ghidorah was contemplating on a way to defeat the mech's that attacked him.

"I will destroy Mogera at close range, yes, and then Jet Jaguar from a distance, yes yes it is a flawless plan!" said The middle head.

"I like how our new sibling thinks, it is decisive and cunning" said the Left head.

"Yes yes it is most cunning" said the right head.

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Sparda looked at Resonate. The man wanted to see the arms room.

Sparda looked from Akira, back to Resonate. The leader was busy in coversation with other important matters.

"Grenades? You want grenades? After all the crap I've seen you do, you need honest to god suck Resonate", Sparda said as he put his hand onto a scanner implanted on the wall. A wave of light went down and over his hand, and a computer voice said "Welcome, Commander Sparda".

Sparda motioned for Resonate to follow, and started off down a stone, spiral staircase. His steps clacked on the floor as they wound down and down. Other rooms broke off to the side of the staircase as they went deeper.

They reached the bottom, and the staircase flattened out into a large, rectangular room. Inside were numerous crates, each labelled something different.

Sparda walked towards one, but a hand on the top, and ripped the lid off, tossing it to the side with a crunch. He reached in, and removed five grenades.

Sparda looked at Resonate.

"Think fast", he said as he tossed them to him.

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Mecha King Ghidorah re readied the fleet and was this time fully ready for any intereference.

"Now let us strike into the heart of Suprimity! Let us take the minds of half the population and Carve it with our great ally the Hellfire Club!" Said The Middle head with Incredible charisma.

"In the name of the King of terror" said the soldiers with undying Loyalty to it, Magneto, and the Vine Villains.

"Let us Take our rightful place in the Cosmos!" said all three heads in unison as the fleet took sail to Asia once more.

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Jack caught them with ease.

"Hey, Sparda, I think I'll need more..." he said, as he took off his jacket and began to use it as a bag for all the explosives. Sparda didn't care.And now the plan was in motion.

"Alright, we need to head back to the grand Hall" said Sparda. Resonate was fine with that. In fact, he would have done them anyway. "So, Sparda, have you ever done any work as a mole?" Resonate asked. He knew the answer to that was probably no, but he wanted to add to the suspense of the moment. they walked down the hall in a brisk manner, with Sparda's good posture and Resonate barely keeping up. They got to the hall, and Jack pulled out the grenades.

"Well, here goes something.." Jack said. "I did, after all, tell you that I needed these for my enemies, Sparda." he said, the maniacal smile on his face proving that he was no longer part of the Ultimates. "A pathetic excuse for a team, eh? Find some guy in the forest and you KNOW he's evil, but you still trust him anyway? Hope we can still be friends though. Have a nice day." he said, as the grenades he had been carefully setting down at key points to the middle floor's structure the whole time were about to meet their purpose. He drew his blade, put his jacket back on, and readied himself for a fight.
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The darkness in the sky began to crawl away as the sun rised from above the ocean. The wind was blowing swiftly, and all kinds of birds flew through the sky. This was Australia. The home Mantid had adopted after the war began and his hero crew had been killed. He now was a member of the ever growing Ultimates. Although he had a team, he walked alone.

Three nights ago he had finaly recieved a message informing him the position of the Ultimates Base. Brazil, in South America. If he could have he would have been there in an hour, but there were rumors in this small battle torn town of survivors. The rumors were that the Hellfire Club had begun to send members here to Australia to begin the invasion over this country.

Mantid didn't want to alert the members of his presence. And until he was sure that the rumors were true or false, he wouldn't leave Australia.

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Magneto received reports of there successes in Asia and Spy mission completion in South America. All that was left to do with Suprmity was split up the left overs and move on to the ultimates. Which already had plans in motion along with a covert attack things should continue smoothly. Mags hovered in the great hall high above the table he was viewing several large screen displays of battles and other actions happening around the world. things seemed to be going well.

However Magneto know the hardest part was yet to come when would the HFC break their truce when would Gambler make his move. For now it was in the back of Mags mind but there none the less. Already he had been making back up plans just in case.

Issuing orders to his men he made it clear Dreadnaught was to continue control of the new acquired territories in Asia. Aztek and Kiara maintain positions for Ultimates invasion. Resonate return as soon as possible for new mission.

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The fleet would arrive at New Zealand in 15 minutes.

"Are our long range weapons in Range of Australlia yet?" asked Mecha King Ghidorah's middle head.

"Yes sir, aircraft, long range SSM's Surface to surface missiles, and Rail guns are all in range" said the senior gunner officer.

"Fire The SSM's at New zealand's coastal defenses!" said Mecha King Ghidorah's left head.

Then missiles flew screaming out of the VV ships and flew at the Coastal batteries of new zealand decimating them

"FIRE RAIL GUNS!" Barked Mecha King Ghidorah's right head.

Then shells went flying out of the VV Ships' guns and smashed into the Coastal air fields.

"I will go with the aircraft!" said Mecha King Ghidorah's Middle head as it and the Strike fighters took off.

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Sparda looked from Resonate to the floor.

"No Res......the moment I saw your pathetic face in the jungle, I knew this would happen. Old unwanted Resonate, looking for a place to be, a place to be needed. Sad. Once this is over, Magneto is just going to break you like the twig you are, anyway. And I gave you fair, I'm going to rip your heart out" Sparda replied.

The explosives detonated.

Fire bloomed up from the floor, and there was a shockwave. Heat surged forth as it collided with Sparda, and he went flying backwards into the wall, which splintered from the impact. He slowly got back up.

He couldn't see where the rest of the Ultimates were. They must be fine-Akira was the most inventive man Sparda knew. He would have found a way out. And there were several backup safehouses and forts after this one.

All Sparda could see was Resonate.

Smoke and heat warped the air. Flaming pieces of the roof crashed down all around the room.

Sparda reached behind his back, and unsheathed Requiem. The building was practically coming apart around them.

Sparda flipped his sword up, swung it quickly back and forth, and brought it to stop pointed at an angle to the ground.

With his other hand, he made a motion a come on motion.

"Alright me what you've got"

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The Earth around Mantid shook for a second. A building near had actually fell. Mantid stared into down at the ground. The rumors must've been true. Mantid went over to the abandonned building where he lived. He came out with a rifle and his battle attire. It was time for battle.

Mantid teleported to the sky and then a few miles forward. Always in the sky. Finally he saw something he couldn't believe. It was the most beautiful monument he had ever seen. A ginat drawgon like structure with more technology then he had ever seen in any Sci-Fi movie.

All of a sudden an explosion burst out from it and Mantid understood this was his enemy. This could be his biggest challenge yet.

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Mecha King Ghidorah was flying around a city. He was strafing it with gravity beams and triple hyper masers.

It ravaged buildings, machines, and people with these bolts of electricity, gravity, heat, and radiation.

It swooped down like a vulture with it's powerful legs extended and smashed a building and pulled back up.

He's currently 50 feet tall and weighs 500 tons He Unleashed missiles at a airfield to prevent escape.

"Run Run little humans! RUN IN FEAR!!" said all three heads in unison.

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Mantid was no more then a rag doll compared to the awesome power of this creature. He dug himself out of the pile of rocks and stood up watching as the vulture like structure rampaged through the city. He had to stop it, but now more than ever he had doubt over his powers.

Mantid noticed a boulder a couple of feet away from him. He lifted it with his powers and threw it at the creature. At the same time he teleported behind it as it soared through the air and kicked it even harder so to reinforce the smash againt the enemy.

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"You don't know me like you did." Jack replied, slightly angered at his opponents remarks.

He he used his sword as a polevault and leap into a strong thrust at high speeds.

He would show Sparda for good that he wasn't the child he used to be. This was his moment.

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The Boulder hit one of Mecha King ghidorah's head which knocked it to the side but it quickly corrected itself.

"There a hero of which to test our new Cyborg abilities on!" said the Right head.

"Yes most correct!" said the Left head as it shot a large 5 foot wide fire ball at mantid.

"Die!" said the central head as it fired 5 fire balls.

The right head fired a gravity beam from it's mouth at mantid.

And two holes opened on it's chest which fired two large energy draining and highly damaging tasers To be hit by one is to be drained of all energy for usage of powers and be stunned for a while as well as any other side affect of a very large taser

And from the claws on it's left wing 5 crimson Hyper maser shots flew at mantid

And then the explosions caused a pile of rubble to engulf mantid till he gets back I had permission

Then Mecha King Ghidorah quickly claimed new Zealand and took off to Australia

"The VV shall reign supreme!" said The Middle head.

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Mantid fell to the ground dazed and covered with dark smoke over his body. He couldn't move a finger. He felt as he was about to die as he closed his eyes and the darkness got into his mind.

The days of the NAO are in his dreams once again. Haunted by them again and again. Gambler had caused this. Gambler had caused the end of the NAO. The end of the hero days. The end of liberty.

Gambler was the man Mantid had to meet, and ask him... why?

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The VV fleet arrived at Australia and Quickly began Devastating it

The Royal Australian military was simply no match for Mecha king Ghidorah.

It was Ravaging the Country with ease, It doubled his size to 100 feet tall and multiplied his mass to 30,000 tons.

It was enjoying the destruction, the carnage, the Terror it induced, and it was hungry for more.

"Puny humans, did you honestly think you were a match for me? how sad" said the Middle head as he vaporized a tank platoon with his Triple Hyper maser.

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Magneto had hovered back down to the ground where he sat on his throne the other two thrones of the Inner Circle members empty they had other business for now.

"Master, we have arrived." Aztek

Magneto heard the transmission come in he was expecting something from him soon. And was very pleased with the current progress. Aztek had done well on his first real mission for the VV so far.

"Aztek Began dig in, seize hold off on bombardment."

Magneto know his spy should almost be out but would give him a little more time to evacuate. The pieces where coming into place very Nicely indeed. Magneto took off his helmet brushing his figures threw his hair. At last things seemed to be looking up.

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As Resonate came at Sparda, the half-breed demon thought of how this would effect the world. How the world would be in the future. Either it would be ordered, with the future guaranteed.....or it would be chaos, under the hold of evil.

Sparda usually held back for fights, and he just felt that way. Battles were fun, they were amusing.

But the fate of the world would be at stake soon. And there wasn't too much that was amusing about that. He wouldn't hold back......too much.

Resonate came with his thrust, and Sparda jumped over it, and while still in the air, did a half spin and launched a straight on kick at Resonate's jaw. The smoke was stinging his eyes, and the heat was tremendous, but for this battle, he would deal with it.

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Australia soon fell under Mecha King Ghidorah's assault.

Then he ordered two army groups to stay and Keep australia.

He ordered one to stay at New Zealand.

Then the fleet Started to steam towards Indonesia.

"Soon The Suprimity will feel my wrath!" said Mecha King ghidorah's heads in unison.

Then they contacted Mighty Magneto Telling him about the successes.

"Australia and New zealand are now yours my lord!" said Mecha King Ghidorah as the fleet moved to new Geanei The neutral place right next to indonesia

Soon the fleet arrived at New Geanuei and quickly conquered the weak nation.

The neutral nations were falling quickly to Mecha King Ghidorah's blitzkrieg attacks.

Three fleets moved to take as much of antartica as possible.

The causualties so far were 100,000 men ,10,000 tanks, and 2,000 planes. and 200 fast attack boats. 20 frigates. and 2 destroyers. A acceptable number considering the scale of the attack. However this would take time to recoup. So the fleet slowed down.

"Rebuild, the loss 100,000 men, 10,000 tanks, and 2,000 planes. and 200 fast attack boats. 20 frigates. and 2 destroyers. must be repaired!" said the middle head.

"Yes King Ghidorah! It will be done" said a Field Marshall as he ordered the troops to start recouping.

"Alright men it's time to regroup!" said a General to his troops.

"Finally, This Blitzkrieg stuff is really exhausting" said a Private.

"Remember we have a week!" said a General.

"Aw nuts!" said the private.

"No complaining!" said the General.

Mecha King Ghidorah ordered the recruitment of soldiers from the conquered territories and they were rebuilding fast.

This happens a bit before the events now

The factories of the new territories were put to work to replace the losses. And they were doing a terrific job.

"Magneto will be pleased at our progress even if we have a temporary halt" said Mecha King Ghidorah.

"Yes our sibling is correct that number is too great of one to be ignored!" said the right head.

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Kiara had no trouble getting into the VV HQ. She ignored the guards as she stepped past them. Not giving them more then two thoughts as she made her way towards the Great Hall. Many things were floating around in her head. But most of them dealt with the acceptance of Vergil. She knew the man would not leave her side. He was like an older brother to her. And he looked out for her. And knowing what was to come in this war, she knew she would need him by her side. She secretly wished there was some way he would join the VV, but she knew Vergil all to well. She knew he would not join the VV. He marched to the beat of his own drum and in the many years she had known him, she knew that would never change.

She stepped into the Great Hall and was greeted by Magneto. She removed her sun-glasses and stared at him. She gave him a nod as he greeted her and spoke in a lofty voice, "Magneto." She watched him sit and she took a seat opposite him as requested and folded her arms across her chest. She mentally made a note to apoligize to Vergil. From the sounds of it their stay here would not last long. She folded her left leg over her right and listened to Magneto as he spoke. She looked at the map and her eyes grew slightly fretful as she stared at South America. It was where The Ultimates HQ was. She worried her lips slightly with her teeth. She knew who she would find there. One person she wished not to meet in battle.

After the meeting was done she stood, "I shall make the journey and find Aztek." She nodded to Magneto again and then turned and moved along the corridors and outside where Vergil was waiting for her. She gave him a grim smile, "We have to leave again. We are heading to South America."

She saw him raise a brow slowly, Isn't that where your dear brother resides?

She sighed, "Yes. It seems I may just be up for a family reunion. Let us hope I do not have to fight Danny."

You know that is probably inevitable, Kiara.

"Just get me to South America, Vergil. I must meet up with Aztek and prepare for invasion. I'll worry about Danny when that time comes. I hope you left my belongings in the car."

I thought this might happen, besides I am not your lapdog. You can carry your own luggage.

She glared at him as she started to open the door to the car, "Now is not the time, Vergil. Get me to South America."

Vergil stood for a moment and then moved around the car and got in. He stared at Kiara in the rear view mirror for a moment and then turned his eyes to the road and pulled away from the VV HQ. They both knew what was coming, and their drive remained silent for a long time. Kiara spoke nothing to Vergil, still angered by his actions towards her. But eventually she turned her gaze from out the window and looked at him in the mirror. Their eyes met and he smiled at her softly. She returned the smile half heartedly. Finally he spoke, We shall reach the landing strip soon. From there we will take the chopper to South America and meet this Aztek fellow. Do not fret, little one. Things will turn out well. You'll get to destroy things, cause complete chaos, and see your brother in one piece. Perhaps when you do meet his ways will change. After all you are both family. She didn't answer him, she just stared out the window sadly as the landing strip came into view. She could see the Chopper and her other faithful friend there.

She turned to Vergil, "You sent for Sebastian? How did you obtain the power to return him to me?"

Vergil raised his brow once more as he parked the car, I have my ways. I am sure any dog would be happy to be reunited with their care giver.

Those were the last words spoken between them as they both left the car. Vergil commenced to unload her baggage as Kiara was greeted by a large German Shepard. She bent down and scratched the dog's ears and smiled as she spoke quietly to the dog. After the bags were loaded and the car stowed away the three of them took their respective seats in the Chopper. This time Kiara was at the controls, but Vergil sat beside her. She checked gauges, flipped switches, and made sure all was right for take off. Finally the helicopter lifted from the landing pad and soon disappeared from sight.

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The kick hit Resonate straight in his face dead on. He heard something snap when it did, and he was dazed. That little bout had happened in just ten seconds in their fight, and he was already willing to give up. He knew that there would be plenty more of where that came from.

He snapped his jaw back into place, the amount of figts he'd gotten into as a kid taught him how to take care of himself by any means. He thought about how trivial everything seemed when it came down to it. What did it all mean any way? Did it have anything to do with him? Was he just a pawn in Magneto's chess game? No, surely he was the bishop. Overlooked, but easy to send out. Easy to ambush with. But hard to escape. Jack knew that in all of his chess games that was usually his first move. Was Magneto's strategy so different?

He couldn't come up with a reason to keep on going if that was the case. But then he remembered Anna. The gunshot he would have heard around the world.

"Come on Jack, you aren't fit for this, I'll do it for you" he thought to himself.

"No! I don't need your help! STOP!" he said aloud. Most people would have thought it a ploy, but Sparda knew that it was real. He really thought he was talking to the spherical piece of metal embedded in his brain. The problem was this: that Sphere could fight.

Resonate looked back up after a few seconds. He wasn't Jack anymore. He was barely even Resonate.

Spinning his sword around, like he had been practicing not so long ago as a guard, he moved nimbly down the hall like a man possessed. His sword spinning around him acting like a shield was one thing, but he also sent an electric bolt at Sparda's back while he charged his front. He was more than a triple threat.

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"Well.....someone wants to play", Sparda muttered as Resonate rushed at him again. Spinning his sword like that, it would be hard to retaliate, but it could be done. What Sparda didn't have time to counter was the electricity.

As Resonate neared, Sparda brought his sword up, and it collided with his opponent's weapon, stopping the two. But at that instant, the electricity collided into him, and Sparda went flying off to the side into a flaming wall. It cracked and buckled under the impact.

Sparda shook it off, and got up. There was a pain in his ribs, and he tasted blood, but he could keep going.

"This is more like it!", he said to Resonate. Suddenly, Sparda's eyes flashed and the same dark smoke that he had used before covered them, wisping out to the side.

He raised one of his hands, and opened his palm. A beam of the darkness burst forth out of it and went towards Resonate.

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A thunderous slam echoed into the halls of the VV, It came again as dust sprayed from the the hinges of the door, A pale fist hit again, The owner was not one to be kept waiting, A sinister smile took it's place on his face.

Arrow took of his hat and ran his fingers into his long white hair, His ruby eyes looked at the door, How easy it would be to blow it to bits and storm the VV, He turned his back on the door as he heard foot steps coming to answer, Looking into the sky his ruby eyes flares with enjoyment.

He had always enjoyed his exchanges with Mags, The two knew it was pointless to fight each other, But they did enjoy an exchange of words every now and again, The door creeked open and a butler answered.

"Welcome ...." he stopped when he realised who was standing in front of him

"Move aside", Arrow pushed by and now stood in the heart of the VV itself.

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Venice, Italy...

"I can't believe we had to drive into Hellfire lands, why'd you direct us here?"

Well in Venice, we could get the cheapest and fastest transportation to Africa to meet that associate to the informant

"For Chrissake, we better make this quick"

Elusive and Dutch drive into a territory that they hoped they'd never be in, Italy which was controlled with an iron fist by the Hellfire Club. As they drove towards the docks, they tried to act as natural as they could saluting whenever others saluted.

This reminds me of Germany in 1941, you remember those days?

"I try not to"

After maneuvering through thousands of civilians, they finally reached the docks, they puled over into an alley and unloaded their bags full of weapons, Elusive had put on some shades to avoid suspicion. They first looked around and at the schedule boards to fin the fastest way out of Italy. They found out tat a freighter leaves in ten minutes to Egypt and they rushed, it would be a miracle if they could buy their way on the ship.

"Ah, here it is and might i say it if damn nice!"

Suddenly six Italian soldiers bearing the hellfire Symbol on their left shoulder approached them.

Papers please?

Dutch and elusive looked at each other, they were officially screwed.


Elusive dropped his bag and started searching through it.


Some of the Italian soldiers started laughing, Dutch joined and chuckled at Logan and went down to help him.

"You listen here Dutch, if things go bad which they probably will, we still need someone to meet the man in Africa so that would be you"


The leader of the six man group started to get irritated.

Do you have passports?

"Uhh nope"

Suddenly Elusive's knife fell from his bag, everyone looked at it then Elusive. He nodded at Dutch and jumped the Italian soldiers, Dutch ran for the freighter. Elusive started beating everyone of them on the ground while Dutch made it in time on the ship as it departed. Elusive looked up, and knew that he could meet Dutch in Egypt, but he was furious at the Italian soldiers and decided to take it out on their country.

"You made me miss my ride, now your entire country’s gonna pay"

Elusive started glowing with raw thermal energy, the halo around him was red and growing. Suddenly he rose up and unleashed a Thermal explosion that destroyed everything on the docks. A 6 mile area disintegrated along with all lives within was watched by many from a safe distance, including Dutch from the back of the ship. Elusive's blast weakened the cement ground underneath him and he fell into the sewers of Venice.

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Possessed, he ducked under the blast and charged towards Sparda at full speed. His blade was charged with electricity to full power so it was capable of cutting through just about anything. He threw his whole body into Sparda, colliding with him and knocking him back a step. He began to swing his blade upwards diagonally, and if it connected it would slice him in half. He knew that Sparda would try to dodge it. He probably could, too. He didn't want to kill Sparda, but he wanted to give him a nice, sound beating. But it may have not been possible for him to stop himself from killing him if he had the chance.

He needed to regain himself, but he didn't want to. He enjoyed the fight, the excitement, the fear that he might lose at something...the fear of death. It was invigorating.

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"Well Bloody Hell look who came over"

Magneto walked down the great hall towards where Arrow was standing. The two men had both seen their fair share of battles. Arrow had been one of Magneto's greatest converts to the dark side. He thought a moment about the past about the things they had done together.

He walked up standing in front of Arrow now he looked the man in the eyes. Those eyes of chaos and destruction a man who had seen much death.

"So why are you Here Arrow"

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Sparda had no intention of dodging the attack. He pressed one of his hands onto his sword.

"Activate", he said.

That same dark smoke shot down Sparda's arm and into the sword. It glowed and shimmered for a moment, and they was encased in the darkness. There was a flash that came from it, with a small whisper appearing out of nowhere.

The smoke quickly cleared, revealing a completely different sword. It was slightly larger, with ridges near it's tip for more cutting power. It's had a aura around it, and constantly emitted a small amount of smoke. Force-Edge was complete.

However, the activation of the legendary sword took a toll on Sparda, and he grew more exhausted.

Resonate's sword strike neared him, and he brought the sword down towards it's master. If it collided, it would slice through the weapon, and then, through Resonate's body.

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"Tea and cakes " Arrow smiled at the suit , It always made him chuckle, He glanced round the hall and looked at the pictures on the wall, Arrow and Gambler once had paintings up there but not now, They had been replaced with new faces.

Arrows scarlet eyes fell back on Magneto, For all of Arrows joking he knew this man was never to be taken lightly, But fate had brought Arrow to his door, He knew that after all of this, The VV would turn on HFC and Arrow would be there Standing between Magneto and Gambler, It only made sense to place himself as close as he could to his enemy.

"It seems we must work with each other" Taking a side step past Magneto he began to walk down the hall, "SO I came to offer you my, Well lets just say help for the moment", Arrow ran a finger along the wall as he talked, "I like what you have done with the place."

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The Hellfire Club’s private jet touched down on the long grey platform of an aircraft carrier, just off the coast of Angola in the South Atlantic. As they de-boarded the plan, the Captain was on deck to meet them.

Welcome Sir. We’ve scrambled all or communications as you requested. No one knows where here.

Gambler stared of the port side of the vessel, and smirked as we watched several Acua Class submarines submerge. The Hellfire Club had long ties to the military and for years had financed its own private army. Gambler had taken it a step further and created a massive naval fleet, complete with nuclear subs.

Sir if you and the lady would follow me, I’ll escort you to the bridge.

The bridge was packed full with charts, radars, monitors and computer screens. It was an endless sea of information complete with officers to decode, relay, and scramble it. It was truly an impressive operation.

“I want you to contact Darkchild on this frequency.” Said Gambler as he handed a note to the Captain. “Have him give you his coordinates and then send a chopper to pick him and his men up. I want ALL Hellfire members on this ship with me.”

Yes Sir. said the Captain as he went off to make the call.

The plan was simple. Gambler and the Hellfire Club was blitz the coast of South America, landing in Brazil and taking it down. Meanwhile, Magneto and the Vine Villains would come down the pipeline through Mexico and into Colombia. The Ultimates would then be forced to fight a war on two fronts, a war they could not win.

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DC is loungeing in his bed room at the HFC HQ.

The radio frequency buzzed loudly in Darkchilds ear

"God DAMMIT!!" he screams as it tunes itself to a setting "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!!" The man on the radio begins to stutter "S-s-sir Lord Gambler has called for you and your men to come to the carrier off the C-" DC interupts the man "I know where the damn thing is good lord im not incompetent." DC cuts the radio transmission off quickly, being deafened by the loudness angered him severly.

DC sighed and found Renegade and got him to come out side for take off. "Well since we both can fly this will be rather simple wont it" he says to Renegade before taking off into the air. As he flew to the coordinates he thought to himself When will i be able to kill something and have it stay dead

Not too long after their take off they landed on the carrier. His ears still ringing from the radio DC walked around the carrier until he found Gambler. "Can you tell me what was so important that you needed to use those damn loudass radios when you could have used the god damn phone."

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Resonate didn't know what the weapon was, but he knew it was far too dangerous. He could sense the strength coming from it and he afraid for a second. He didn't know what to do. He retreated by leaping back with all his strength. His left leg was caught in a patch of fire and he was forced to stomp the flames out.

He could see Sparda holding his blade up high, he looked so regal. But if he was the king then he was the assassin, and he knew that he had one real option left: to run until he had gathered enough electricity to zap him outside, where it was raining. He couldn't warp away, therain would just continue to slow him down as he'd be caught in it. He hated the conductive properties of water sometimes.

He took to a half sprint and half limp as he regained his flaming leg. If he made it out of here alive, him, the lowly bishop, he would really have a story to tell the other Vine Villains. But it didn't matter if he couldn't find his way. He had been teleported there, so he had no way to the ground floor. Plus, what really sacared the most, was that he wasn't in full control of his body. He was just running around, but he seemed able enough to find his way out.

He wasn't entirely sure, but he thought that Sparda was sprinting after him. He didn't look back though. No looking back anymore. He would face the future, and possibly his death, with open arms and mind.

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Magneto watch Arrow walking around the room he noticed him look up at the wall at the pictures. Fighting beside Arrow might be just as dangerous as fighting against him. The fight was going well against the Suprimity he wouldn't need back up there for awhile. The question was the Ultimates the would be able to put up a much better fight.

"Perhaps then you can tell me when Gambler plans to move against South America my troops are in Place."

Magneto lowered down a large screen on it current map and general location of his troops and south America. Also veiw of the conquest in Asia and Austria. Magneto made sure to keep an eye on Arrow the man was always a bit unstable. He would have to pay Gambler back for the special visit.

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Arrow slid over to Magnetos side, Making sure to get close, He liked to make poeple uncomforable, He scanned over the map, When a small buzz came from his pocket it, At frist he did not know what it was.

He had never carried a phone round until meeting Dc, Arrow was still unsure on how the damn thing worked, But he pulled it out of his long black jacket and liffted a finger to Magneto.

"Oh do excuse me" he bowed "I must take it, you know what it's like".

Arrow crossed one arm into the other as he raised the phone to his ear "Hmmmm , Uh huh , Yep Of course, I understand", he took the phone away and smiled at Magneto.

"It seem they are needed soon, But as much as I have enjoyed the Cakes and the tea was absoulte to DIE for", Arrow span round and waved a hand but nothing happend "Oh you have magic charms, Suppose I should take the door."

He began to whistle as he walked to the door, As soon as he was out, His expersion changed from the foolish look he had put on for Magneto.

"Magic charms, Preventing any spell casting in the VV or around it, Oh very smart old man very Smart", Arrow walked until he was far enough away, The call had been an order for the the HFC to meet, With a wave of his snake like fingers a Portal opend and he walked out on deck of the HFC ship.

"Hello Saliors"

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Gannon had his royal guard in place,his Atlantian navy was better then any the world had seen,his magcians were strong enough to match the magic of Poseiden himself,he watched as the VV and the HellFire Club moved in on water,Dreadnaught and Aztek moved in closley aswell.

"Men,today we fight for the ones who will preserve our seas,today we will fight against the ones who oppose your king and way of living!"

Gannon was furious at the two teams who dared even try to fight a battle on the waters with the King of Atlantis on them.He sent out his royal guard to attack and destroy all opposing Navys,his sorceres displayed spells that would raise sharp rocks and whirlpools that would send Jets and ships to the locker of Davy jones.He put his trident high in the air and his eyes glowed with bright blue light,thunder and lightning began to crackle and the seas became more violent then the god of war himself.

"Let them die at the hands of The King of the Seven Seas!"

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Magneto watched Arrow leave the room his maps had been altered a bit just for arrows sake. But the real test was answered as Arrow left the Hall indeed his magic did work inside so perhaps his other plan would work as well. Magneto quickly got with his Men in command center issuing orders for across VV territories.

"Keep An open link to all VV members"

Things where sure to start heating up soon.

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Elusive woke up strapped to a chair, it was a very dark room with a light shining down on Elusive, he chuckled as it was an interrogation room. Two large men walked in and closed the door behind them. Right away they started to beat Elusive senseless with punch after punch after punch. Elusive couldn’t help but laugh as he remembered he was interrogated many times in the past and that these men wouldn’t get what they wanted from Elusive. They stopped after kicking his chair over onto the ground with blood running from a large cut on his face.

Who are you?

Elusive tilted his head towards the two men, his eyes were covered in blood which made him blink alot.

"I’m a tourist trying to get back home in Africa"


They pulled Elusive's chair back up, one of them held something in his hand which made sparks, this would not be fun.

I'm going to ask you again before my eager friend here uses his little electric buddy on you and we dont want that. Do we?

"give me your best shot fatty!"

From outside the room, two dozen men dressed in decorated uniforms watched the interrogation go through. The screams from inside the room were horrific as Elusive was electrocuted many times. One of the men had enough and walked in the room,

That’s enough, you trying to kill him? We need information, this terrorist might be working for an enemy of the Hellfire, did you ever think of that? Now tell me mutant, who are you? If you answer now, we'll see if we can find a way of delaying your death.

"Delaying? You got to be kidding me! I'll tell you something, i am the ElusiveStorm, i just killed a few hundred of your countrymen and women, i probably killed children down there and guess what you pizza-making B@stards, I enjoyed it"

Elusive didn’t enjoy it, but this was war and serious actions needed to take place to preserve the world even if a new hero had to do old villainous tricks. Elusive was knocked out by one of the big interrogators.

Well, he is definitely not a member of Suprimity, so we have to guess that either he is a rouge mutant or a member of the VV or Ultimate, leave him here we'll see if we can get one of the superiors here to talk to him, because us humans probably wont break through to him. Also i need a background check on a person named "The ElusiveStorm", that’s what he called himself, now get to it.

Yes, sir

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Nina felt like she didn't belong with these powerful villains. She'd look from Darkchild to Gambler as they spoke, and felt little comprehension of thier interests. She felt like a child in the company of gruff old uncles. They both had the marks of conflict upon thier faces. It made her remember something Ghast had told her as a young woman "THE WARRIOR HOLDS HIS SCARS UPON HIS FACE, THE COWARD; UPON HIS BACK." Her hand found her own silvery line that crossed her eye and traced her cheek. A demon had tried to claim her eye while she walked on the dark plane.

The girl stepped back from the two men a little. She felt a jolt in her resolve, the need to become a deserter? They hadn't noticed her becoming unsettled, or at least...they hadn't let her know that. Dark shadows moved across her soul in the shape of a black wolf, "DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME CHILD..." Ghast's priority was his master now, he would have no hesitations if it came to punishing Nina. Somehow the demon had managed a hold upon her spirit, she felt a strange kind of pain from it. He pulled at her. The scene vanished.

"What?!" She whipped round, mercury tendrils flew through the middle plane and hung there in the ether. Then fell. The dark demon lay down comfortably in the silver waters and sneered. "You're not ABLE to pull me out! Only I can do that!" Even though he was lounging, she still had to crane her neck to look up into his firey eyes.

"THINGS HAVE CHANGED... " He snorted.

A delicate white shape had come into being, between the two men. There was something fox-like about Wisp, she was shrewd and benevolent, small and cunning. "Pardon my intrusion, Master Lebeau," She blinked slowly and calmly, and sat up with her feathery tail curled around her paws.

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I knew that slimy bastard would

Akira managed all fronts when the grenades went off from Resonate,which he knew Sparda would handle with ease and vengance.The rest of the members were set to defend the continent,Golem wouldnt let anything stop him especially with the mountains he had covered.He also knew Gannon the headstrong king wouldnt let the seas be traveled so easily,Chameleone would kill anything in the jungles along with Deeg.

Men,lets do this.

He sent out a message to Paragon who have all things covered in his aspect of the battle,all he needed know was Nano,a skilled combatant that would help fight off the scum villains.Akira wasnt the type to reach for help,but he got the telepathic message from Celestrion.

Celestrion,you wanted help?You got it,but first you aid us...NOW!

With that Akira set out into the jungles,more furious then the leopard that hunted its prey in the amazon.He was going to make sure there was no one from his team died.

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The Speedster was a new addition to the Ultimates. He was the speedster of the team. He scouted area's and sometimes patroll the border. He was the one to call when you wanted to escape or clear the crowd quickly. He was currently in the pasific ocean to see if there was any enemy ships. So far no luck. So he just went straight to the Amazons.

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Sparda watched Resonate limp/sprint away to find an exit. There's no way I'm letting him leave now, Sparda thought to himself. But he couldn't stay in the crumbling building any longer. He thought for a moment.

"Oh, screw it", Sparda yelled to himself. He began running after Resonate, and he would quickly catch up. Nearing him, but not close enough, Sparda prepared his legs for a dive. Just before his executed it, his eyes were covered in the dark smoke again, and they flashed for a moment. Suddenly, the lower section of his legs exploded outward, propelled by the magic.

Sparda flew through the air in a tackle, and slammed into Resonate. The two kept on going, hit the outermost wall, and smashed through it. Bits of concrete and flaming wood splintered outwards from the impact at the second floor. They flew forward more, and fell at an angle to the jungle brush, smashing through a cluster of trees. They hit the ground, skidded, and stopped.

Sparda pushed himself up, but was met by a kick the to face by Resonate, and flew back, hitting the ground hard.

It was raining heavily now, and was darker.

This was the final battle between the two. The Endgame.

Sparda got back up again, and readied his sword in front of him.

"I can already tell", he started, ".....this is going to be one hell of a party!"

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Gambler looked at Darkchild and laughed,

“Cause phones can be tapped my o’l friend.”

The leader of the Hellfire Club noticed Whisp out of the corner of his eye. Though he had never been formally introduced, he knew she was the opposite side of the coin. Ghast was furry, death and anger, while Whisp was calm, relaxing, and good natured. With a condescending look in his eye, he nodded to the fox like wolf.

“Sorry Whips, but there is an urgent matter I must attend to.”

A sinister grin swept over his face as he greeted Arrow. Gambler leaned in and whispered something to the dark mage before stepping back and shaking his head. Suddenly there was a small ripple affect. Everyone had noticed it but know one knew what it had been, no one except the two long time friends and Inner Circle members of the Hellfire Club.

As Gambler looked at his watch repeatedly, the anticipation rose. Soon his plan would swing into action, and what a glorious plan it would be.

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Akira zoomed through the jungle and got many signals from his members he had come across Resonate and Sparda fighting,he smirked then sped of .He was looking for anyone who could have made it before Gannon unleashed his counter attack.


Akira felt the presence of a dark soul,it was a member of the VV,a dimensional portal opened to the Amazon Basin,there he was the one who managed to get past.Akira showed no fear in the face of his enemy,he unsheathed his swords and threw three grenades at Aztek,the opened another portal to deploy his Gureilla war tactics.

Come on....

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Arrow smiled at Gamblers request, Arrow looked over as he felt a change in Nina and nodded at her, then looked back at DC and Gambler.

He moved to the center of the carrier, And stood his head down looking at the deck, His hands shot up they spread out as if he was on the cross, His eyes turned from ruby to black and he began to speak.

"Sharl ma keah mechwm barge ora sliwps morcra " The words where dark and the sound that came from arrow began to shake the very ship they stood on, Metal creeked , the ship rocked back and forth as it produced another exact repulica of the one they now stood on, The deck even had Gambler giving orders to fake men, A bewildred DC talking to Arrow and Nina stand at Gamblers side, It caused a slight ripple that no one would notice.

While the new ship appeared the old one was gone from sight and smell no radar would pick it up and no one would be able to arrive on the ship with out Arrow knowing, He fell to the floor as the spell finished, He had made a ship full of the most powerful poeple in the world vanish and replaced it with a living repulica, Even for Arrow this was no little task.

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" I'm never going to one of your parties again...heheheh" Resonate said, gasping for breath with a sly smile. When Sparda had tackled him he had actually blasted the wall with all of the nergy he had been gathering while fleeing to soften the impact. It had worked quite well, actually. He wasn't in the physical state to bust through a concrete wall. Come to think of it, he never was.

He knew that he couldn't defeat Sparda with his current state of exhaustion. But he couldn't get away, either. Jack stood back up and wiped off all the debris that he could as rain fell on him. This rain was like infuriated him..or did it? He had a nasty idea, but in this environment it would never work. As he was thinking this his hopes were lifted. He heard a loud, booming noise. To most people, it meant nothing. To most people, it was annoying to listen to when you were trying to focus.

But to Jack, the thunder meant lightning. Bucket loads of it. No matter how powerful that strange blade that Sparda had summoned, 20,000 volts at the least would annihalate the half demon and everything around him. The tides had turned.

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It had been along wait but Nano and his team had arrived in Brazil, He had thirty high trained men under him and they all understood the importance of holding the line, They began making prepartion for the forth coming battle, Making petrol bombs and Nail bombs, Some had moved trucks and cars to block the streets, This is where Nano would make his stand in the cities , They could use streets for covers, and had the extra plesure of the sweage systems if things got sticky.

The streets where empty , Most people had headed into the hills , Everyone knew a war was coming, HFC and VV troops where moving on all fronts and with every war came informants, weapons dealers the sort of things that no one wanted to know about would be told world wide, Nano raised a hand singnaling all men to come to him, They did as told.

It was time to eat, Army food you just add water and you have a three coruse meal, Well one that tasted like sh!t, But it would keep them going,It had everything a buddying solider needed, Vitamins, glouse and it was warm, They shared stories of battles long gone and jokes about sparkys wife, But most of all they talked to hide their fear, After all we are only men about to face gods and monsters , What chance did we actually stand.