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For a time, the world was at peace. The Hellfire Club’s grip on world domination had loosened with the return of Magneto and his Vine Villains. Akira, a young and promising pupil of Gambler’s decided to turn his back on the Hellfire Club and with the help of others, established a small band of rebels named the Ultimates. The cosmic entity, Celestrion, gathered the disorganized heroes of the world and banded them together, former the group Suprimity.

The leaders of each group met and decided to call an uneasy truce. Knowing that an all out war would tear the world apart. Still, the Hellfire Club continued to run things behind the scenes. With Presidents and high ranking officials in there pockets, they continued to flourish while appearing to abide by the terms set forth in the truce agreement.

But now something has happened. While visiting one of the Hellfire Club’s many abandoned oil rigs, Gambler was attacked. The brash young hero named Gannon, confronted Gambler resulting in a fierce and bloody battle. The rig was destroyed and the sinister Cajun believed dead. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Now Gambler returns to the Hellfire Club with one thought on his mind, revenge.

Rules: You must be a member of either, The Vine Villains, Hellfire Club, Suprimity, or the Ultimates.

The map indicates what portion of the world your team owns (thanks Buckshot) The black areas are neutral territory and open to everyone.

Please, specify where your teams MAIN base is, its important. And, we will all assume that the teams main base is heavily guarded and protected. So no sneaking in or any of that jazz. *Unless the parties involved agree in PM’s or the Ooc thread.

As always, NPC characters are fair game (meaning they can be killed)

Also. Its not about which team wins, its about making a fun and enjoyable story.

Any questions can be asked and answered in the Ooc: thread. coming soon

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Post Deleted.

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Solor Eclipse sat on the moon gazing at the Earth. A black aura surround his body as he watched the sun creepy around from the edge of the earth. As he looked at the Earth, he saw the different land masses. In his mind a titles appaear of the governing group. The World had been at "peace" but he knew that it wouldn't last much longer.

As he sat there his body began to charge with Solar light, he felt his body become stronger by the moment. At once he took off flying towards Asia. A trail of darkness was left behind him where he absorbed the light as be passed. But not even a second after it light filled the darkened area once more.

Breaking the sound barrier his body charged towards the ground. He suddenly stopped inches from the ground. Looking the the right he saw a car accident. A man was bleeding really bad, screaming for help. Solar Exlipse extended his hand towards the man and his remain Lunar energy shot out at the man. As it hit him, his body began to glow and his wounds were healing.

"Thanks you, Solar Eclipse. You saved my life." The man said jumping to his feet. Solar Eclipse smiled and waved as he rose into the air. He then shot off in the direction of the Suprimity HQ. Leaving once again a trail of darkness behind.

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Noril'sk, Russia. Newly established home to ally of Suprimity, ElusiveStorm.


uh sir w... we dont know

Elusive turned around to the man who answered him, already his right hand glowing with kinetic and thermal energy. Without thought, Elusive unleashed the blast at the man sending him into a nearby wall crushing every bone in his body, leaving him dead. Everyone else in the technica room looked in astonishment, they never thought their superior was capable to take a life.

"Yea i know what your thinking but in a very long time ago, i was a murderer and i enjoyed it. Now if you sleazy humans dont get back to work i will take alot of pleasure in painting this room red if you get what i mean!"

Yes Sir!

This was the first time in years since Elusive worked with humans, they were to moniter actions across the globe with Elusive force to stay there in that undergound technical base. It made him very uneasy as he was ordered to stay there for "His Protection", he knew he was weak compared to many others but he didnt care.

General Logan, i see your not taking your new assignment very well.

Elusive looked to the man by the main door, he had a thick russian accent and a military uniform decorated with many medals.

"No Comrade General Putin, I should be out there wit the rest of the superhumans fighting the war"

Valdimir Putin, General of the Russian military forces and president of the Russian Federation. He gave his alleigance to Suprimity and its allies long before the Vine World war. He also was a long-time friend of ElusiveStorm after Elusive's war on humanity ended where during the old war, not one russian was harmed by an Arcryn.

General Logan, you must understand that you have been an ally to the Russian Federation for many years and you have been my closest friend for te same mount of time. We need a strategic leader like you here where your skils serve the eastern alliance the best

Elusive shook comrade Putin's hand and nodded his head, he went back to his post watching the monitors. Comrade Putin left the room with his bodyguards to his quarters.

"ah yes comrade, we have been friends for a very long time but i need to get out of here soon."

Elusive looked over at the stockpile of grenades and weapons that was laying by the door.

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"This is rediculous."

The words echoed down the empty hallway of the base hidden beneath Maccu Piccu, the ancient Aztek city high in the Peruvian Andes. The white and gold gauntlet of the hero Paragon slammed down hard on the desk in front of a massive screen. The screen supposed to be updating every 10 seconds, showing any activities of the VV or Hellfire Clubs members, but it had suddenly stopped.

"This is what I get for working with criminals. I should have seen this coming." said the hero, as he began franticly typing on the keyboard, attempting to find whether something was wrong with the satellite's feed, or whether he had been hacked. "So stereotypical, that something like this would happen. Of course, the hero has to save the day. Frick."

The rant continued like this for sometime, filling with choice words, and mumbles. But after a solid twenty minutes of typing, there was no luck. Someone, somewhere was blocking him out, blinding the Ultimates to everyone's current actions.

"Great. Just great..."

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Gambler sat in his room, slowly dressing his wounds. The battle with Gannon had been an intense one, leaving the Hellfire leader’s ego bruised and body battered. He had personally requested each of his generals and fellow council members meet him at the heavily fortified Moscow base. They had moved it from Paris several years earlier do to poor security.

The massive structure was an architectural masterpiece, not to mention a thing of beauty. Armed guards where stationed not only around the base, but around the city. The police, as well as the KGB worked for the Hellfire Club. Nothing happened in Moscow, or Europe without there knowledge. Grimacing in pain as he stood up, Gambler grabbed his robe and draped it over his shoulders. His focus was on nothing more then the complete destruction of Suprimity and all out war. There would be no peace talks, no truce. Battle lines would be drawn and allies chosen. Which ever team survived this would rule the world, what was left of it.

Taking a seat on his throne, Gambler poured himself a glass of wine, before folding his hands, and waiting for his death dealers to arrive.

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The news had just been received via satellite to Chameleone’s secret outpost in the remote jungle 30 miles southeast of the Panamanian border. It was the only vital information was able to get to his position, and it was now lost. The transmission was abruptly cut off after Akira finished explaining. He was to be the first line of defense against any attack from their northern enemies, the VV. The jungle was the right place for a mutant like him. His reptilian attributes allowed him to blend in to any surrounding environment, and the jungle was full of cover. Danny was shocked after the transmission from Akira had ended. Gambler, an old friend, and sometimes ally, had declared all out war against the Ultimates and many other hero and villain groups.

Chameleone pounded his claws on the table. “Dammit. Major, give me a sit rep.”

The officer responded, obviously nervous about his response. “Sir…. We have inadequate manpower if the VV were to ever attack us…. Sir.”

The green mutant dug his claws into the wooden table. How were they to be the first line of defense if they couldn’t hold out against the VV alone, let alone if they allied with someone else. Danny used his tail to pick up his camouflaged beret.

“I want all men on high alert Major. This is for real. If they get through us there is no one between them and Bolivia. We are low on supplies, men, and we don't expect to get anymore through the thick jungle. We are also cut off from the outside world. We are the best, never forget that.” With that, Chameleone climbed up to the observation post, binoculars around his neck. They were about to go through hell, and may never get back.

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Darkchild walks the desolate land of Iceland walking for miles upon miles. His mind else where, he hasn't been back to the HFC for a good time after the truce. And even when Gambler supposedly lost he didnt even return to take a position within the Inner Circle. After his betrayal even he himself didnt see that he should return but he did either way. Returning to the HFC only to watch over the monitor as Gambler fell in battle. As DC walked through the cold air he waved his hand in the air and a door opened out of no where, he had created this hidden place a long time ago after his departure from the VV in secrecy. The little base housed enough fire power for him to take on a small band of opponents then he would need to rely on his own powers.

He sat at his "throne" he made, it was the throne from the original VV HQ it was something he deserved for all those years of loyalty to that old fart of a man. DC sat in anger of all the memories that began to flood his mind, he called out for Ginju who he had separated from himself using his duplication powers. He absorbed the dupe "What the hell was that for" Ginju asked within his mind. "Your minds so f#$ked up it clouds over my memories and i dont need them now so you are staying until I sit fit to let you out." Ginju swears.

Suddenly the radars begin to go crazy and DC runs to the computers they have detected a massive amount of energy in Moscow at the location of the Hellfire Club. One world comes to Darkchilds mind before he flies out the door "Gambler" He heads straight for the HFC base. He stood in front of the wide doors to the large mansion Bout damn time DC thought to himself before walking straight into the mansion. He walked through the almost empty mansion and didn't need to look for long before finding a very battered Gambler, but he was still very powerful. "So fish boy kicked your ass huh?" he says with a smirk before sitting down and pouring himself a glass of wine.

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Brazil,South America.

Akira,the Leader of the Utimates had been steadily working for this day,his connections with Mercenaries and hired killers gave his continet a solid defense,but it wasnt the best thing he had going for him,his members were solid and loyal aswell.

"Sir,are sata..."

I know,prepare the monorail.Im going to see Paragon

The satalittes that kept the Ultimates in touch with the rest of the world had been blocked,and something was feeding the

HFC information for there plans.Akira had a good defense for something like this but needed help,he was heading for a trusted member,Paragon.Underground monorail's were used for travel through the dense jungles and high mountains.He made it to Paragon within a matter of minutes.

Whats going on?

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Akira walked up the hallway toward where Paragon could be heard swearing amidst some other grumbling.

"I'll tell you what's going on. Some ass-clown in the VV or Hellfire is messing with our signal. Whoever is doing this must be planning something big. And that big thing is going to be against us. And if we don't have a heads up, people will die." Paragon explained quite bluntly. "God, if I smoked, I'd need one right now."

He got up from the desk, for the first time since the signal blanked and walked toward the coffee machine.

"Now, you're probably going to ask what I'm doing about, and when I can get us back up. Well, I can't say." he told Akira, as he sipped on his coffee. "I've been working on it since we lost the signal, and it ain't commin' back. Whoever's doing this know's their stuff."

Paragon made his way back to the desk, and got back to work, scanning the screen for anyway to fix the problem.

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After waiting for a few short hours, Elusive decided it was time to make his move to get out of the base. He walked towards the main door to get out of the technical room, the doors automatically opened and two guards stood there and turned to face Elusive.

What can we do for you general?

"I gotta take a twinkle, do mind if i go to the washroom on piss on you right now."

The two guards stepped aside, Elusive walked past towards the washroom. He looked back and the guards were following him, he decided to turn to face them.

"Hey what the hell are you doing? Because i ain’t gonna let you guys watch my stroodle."

sir its for your protection

Elusive nodded and headed to the washroom, he quickly turned into another hall where he quickly hid in a door way, he took out his knife and as soon as he saw the two guards he jumped them both thrusting his knife into one's chest and then ripping it out the slice the other's neck.

"Protection my @ss"

He quickly ran through the halls to get the to helicopter, he broke through the exit door to find General Putin and his men loading in the helicopter.

Sorry Comrade but Moscow is still the Capital, Russia were never allies with you orange-eyed freaks. We disguised our men to look like Americans and you butchered them!

Elusive was angered but somehow he knew Putin was telling the truth, he looked at his hand which already glowed with energy and it faded.

"I'll let you go but the next time we meet I’ll rip out your heart gouge for this treachery"

The two men saluted each other and the helicopter flew off. Elusive took the long walk to the garage, he found a large jeep where he loaded nearby supplies and ammunition. It was going to be a long drive the Suprimity HQ, an even longer one if he remembered where it was.

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Renegade Lantern being one of the newest members of The Hellfire Club learned of the battle between Gannon and Gambler. Learning Gannon had traveled into California, RL took it upon himself to battle Gannon to prove his worth to the HFC. They fought to a stand still and parted ways knowing that one day they would meet again.

Flying straight across the Atlantic Ocean and into Europe he makes his way to Moscow, the location of the new headquarters of the Hellfire Club. He walks into the throne room only to see Darkchild and Gambler where is everybody else he thinks we are getting ready for war. He walks up to them and gives them the news of what had happened only a few hours ago. He pours himself a drink grabs a seat and anxiously waits.

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"la la la la la la la la la" Doll sat in a large room stiching together a pile of brown rags. The thread was purple and thick.."Time to come out and play, la la la la la la la" Doll sang to herself with a manufactured grin plastered on her face...."Ahhhh this is coming along nicely, I am saving the world one boy at a time"

She ran the needle through different parts of the gathering rags, in a precise almost magical way.."I loved you Johnny, you were my life...but you broke my heart, it felt like a spear being jabbed through my brain over.....and over.....and over again, but you will, will learn IN HELL!!!"

Doll stood up to reveal a raggedy voodoo doll, she stood up and waved her hands over a silver, metal dish "Oh........this is going to make my soul shiver! "Her voice transformed to a high-pitched, voice of a 6 year old."

A giant burst of white smoke and steam raised from the bowl "Earth, water, fire, wind gather here in my presence..make the clouds turn dark, and the air be stale....take this soul, and send it to hell!!"

Doll dropped a hair from a comb into the small cauldren..She took up a rose with thorns and pressed it to the heart of the doll, she dropped the doll into the pot and watched as a blue spirit raised from the doll in torment..."Bye bye Johnny.."

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Atlantis's throne had been empty for months,the king had died from a rare disease that would only affect Atlantians,something only a great mind can do,a mind that belonged to the scientist of the Hellfire Club.Gannon had not heard of this,since he had been fighting evil and joined the team Suprimity.A recent victory over Gambler,left him scarred and hurt.

He would have surely died if his telepathic link with sea creatures hadnt saved him and brought him home,to Atlantis where he could righfully sit on his throne again.

Where...where am i?

"Relax need you rest"

Gannon awoke in a lavish bed fit for a king,his wounds were healed.Yet his skin was blue,his Atlantian genes began to take over.He jumped from his resting place and ran out the door,pacing through the halls of the royal palace.Gannon was clueless and frantic,he had no idea what had happened to him,his royal consultant met him in the hall and stopped.

"King,your throne awaits you"

The consultant threw a royal garb over Gannon and guided him threw a series of curtains,which lead them to the throne room.Royal guards and civilians waited for this moment since thier previous king had died,Gannon sat on his throne and was crowned with crown of Atlantis,a king was back.

"Sir you first order of business?"

Prepare my chariot,theres someone i must meet

Gannon was set for the Suprimity HQ.

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Deeg walked through the wilderness towards the encampment, slowly, half because he hadn't slept in two days, and half because of the defenses that were set up. It had been a long trip, but he had escaped from the VV territory without anyone finding him. The only risk he took on his way out, was sending a package out, but he dropped of all record, official or otherwise, about 3 seconds after making that arrangement. He had swam damn near 30 miles to cross certain borders. But now he was closing in on one of the outposts of The Ultimates.

Deeg wasn't very familiar with Panama, but from the local underground he found where the activity was taking place. The only problem he had, was no way to let them know it was him when he approached them. They were on the high alert, and not taking shit from anybody. He had already been turned away at a gate when he tried to convince them who he was. They didn't even allow him to explain himself. This time he had to get in, and talk to the man in charge here, Chameleone. Stealth was something Chameleone was an expert at, and would have his men know what to look for. This wasn't gonna be easy.
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The Vine Villians where still rebuilding with the help of Magnetos Sentinels made things a bit easier. Their HQ had been destroyed many years ago and the new current location was in a great place. A place already many Villians thought of as a vacation spot. Las Vegas, the desert surrounding the city made for great defenses hidden and some out in the open. Magneto had always been a fan of the old style caste and of course LV was no exception he had built the castle larger then any other building there it over looked the entire city and the desert surrounding it.

Magneto sat in the great hall around the large meeting table the chairs where empty. He sat tabbing the table with his fingers it had been along time since the VV was great could it be great once again. Thoughts crossed his mind. He new very well that the other teams had their areas protect much as he had his own. But now it wasn't just VV vs HFC new players had come and taken territory ready for war. Heros neutrals they all wanted the world.

Magneto stood up from his table cape waving behind him he walked towards a large window looking down on the city.

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Sephiroth gathers up with magneto at his castle, waiting for the rest of the team to come.

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King Ghidorah enjoyed an unchallenged hold on Los Angeles and San Fransisco and San Diego. It literally crushed those who challenged him.

The normally 300 meter tall beast changed it's size to a more practical 12 foot tall form. Large enough to step on people.

But small enough to use doors and enter buildings. It ruled the city with an Iron fist. But it was not too cruel as too avoid causing dissent.

It allowed many freedoms but it would not tolerate challengers.

The Space Dragon had recently joined forces with the VV, this decision allowed it to have allies and gain access to a massive resource base.

The King Of terror greatly enjoyed Terrifying it's subjects by making horrific examples of those who challenged it.

One who dared to stand against it was slowly electrocuted to death, his charred remains put on display.

After that revolts substantially decreased out of fear of sharing the dissenter's horrifically painful fate.

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Solar Eclipse shot across the Asian sky, leaving darkness behind him. As he looked in the distance he could see the Suprimity HQ approaching quickly. It had been awhile since he had actually been to the Headquaters.

"I forgot how big it was." Solar Eclispe said as he land infront of the HQ. He could still feel himself becoming stronger while his body stood in the morning sunlight. He walked over to the entrance, and as he approached the doors opened for him. After stepping inside the doors closed once again behind him as he walked down a massive hall way.

It was pretty quiet, and his steps echo through the HQ. Making his way down the hall, Eclipse finally came to the room he had been waiting for. The Suprimity conference room. Opening the door, he saw the conference table with enough chairs for each member of Suprimity. Solar Eclipse sat in his chair and waited for other members to arrive.

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Sephiroth studies the current situation that surrounds us, while deflecting over how we could use the surroundings to our advantage.

Due to the fact that we only have about 10-20% of the world, we wouldnt be able to take a strike from combined forces.

This makes him think about how we could gain on percentage and on might.
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Copy sat on his chair at the hidden base on Falkland Island. The Island was meant to be the Last defense if South America would ever fall. Copy was given the honor to watch the Island and make it one of the strongest bases the world has ever seen. Copy made sure the Island was "cloaked" from everyone else. There was a Cloaking generator to keep the island undetected from the villains and anyone else after us. Not even the satellite's the villains have or my own team have can detected the island. Each one of the main members of the team has a special communication to communicate with the island. They also have their own password. No one has the same password for safety purposes. Copy got out of his chair and went to check the main defense room. He reached the main defense and ask the men

"How are the defenses?"

One of the men said

"Perfect sir. The hidden turrents under the rocks are on 100%. Same with the one's inside the base. The shield generator and cloak generator are both 100% and activated. The missiles under the rocks, in the base, and the one's under water are prepared to be fired. The mines at the bottom of the ocean and prepared to be launch any time now. The Main Cannon, you know the one strong enough to take out an entire battle ship, is all ready and 100% working. The security robots are working fine to sir. So, everything is working A okay."

Copy said with joy

"Good soldier. I'm glad the base is working well so far.
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Kraung went into the U.S.A., in hopes of decapcitating a memeber of the VV in a hit and run tactic. After that he would link up with Warlock360 and stop MM. After that, well, he would go into Gambler's hideout and confront Gambler again but this time he wanted no escape route for Gambler to run and cower. Alone he shall do it, this is personal.

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Most of the Vine Villians had been sent out to secure the territory they had acquired recently however now was time start looking outwards. Magneto thought to himself that had all but taken full control of the territories the presidents of Canada and US where just puppets of the VV. Mostly incharge of civil affairs and what not. Now was the time get a better idea what was goin on outside of those territories how was about and how many. Not to forget who was comin after them. He knew he couldn't just call all out war to many fronts to fight on and his team was still building and getting to know each other.

Mags walked back over to the large table touching a button a screen popped out of the table displaying a man.

"General call together are members its time to gather are forces"

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King Ghidorah was sitting in it's throne inside a Underground Bunker, It was a bunker as majestic as any palace and was far larger as too acomodate The King of terror No matter what size he takes.

It was made of the toughest of materials that could be used, the strongest of reinforced concrete and reinforced titanium alloys.

It went down to 50,000 feet underground. It was also used to hold guests to the King of Terror's court.

The King Of Terror was watching outside events from a screen connected to a security camera network.

"No revolts or invasions in our domain so far" said King Ghidorah's Left Female head in a cackling voice with a bell like undertone.

"Of course sister What do you expect after the last dissenter!" Said King Ghidorah's Right male Head.

"Both of you be quiet and pay attention to the Arms manufacturing and Economics!" Said King Ghidorah's Middle Asexual head to the others.

"Alright!" said The left head as she turned to the screen displaying the Economics statistics.

"Fine" said the Right head as he turned to the screen displaying the Arms Manufacturing statistics.

"Good" said the Middle head as it continued to watch the progress of today.

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Faux fur brushed Nina's cheek, a snowflake gently alighted on her raven hair. That was the thing; a snowflake, barely a tickle on its own, but in great numbers it could stop whole cities, stop life. Deceptively innocent, tiny thing. The Moscow winter was beautiful, but harsh. Her sighs crystalized before her vision as a white cloud. The snow crunched under her stilletos, a bad choice of footwear for this climate.

She looked up at the base, she had been absent a long while. It seemed Gambler had thrown himself into nothing but the building of structure after structure, physical examples of his power. Making himself part of the landscape, like an obsession. She knew he wouldn't stop till he had everything.

Nina turned and smiled at her chaffuer quietly, he closed the door with a disciplined motion. Alot of the Hellfire "employees" seemed like mindless drones, they made her uncomfortable. Her heels clicked daintily on the steps as she passed more motionless guards, the door man took her coat and she walked into the hall.

"A beautious thing, this eternal winter," Wisp said smugly. In the background a growl rumbled from Ghast. He hated the cold, it made him angry, it made his fur bristle. It made him feel insulted. "I hope you too aren't fighting again," Nina seemed to look up at the ceiling, as if she could look into her own head. "If you start messing around while I'm in a meeting with The Master, there will be trouble..." Whenever she referred to Gambler as The Master, the wolves would immediately go back into line. It was like a magic word. She grinned cheekily, she liked the extra control it gave her.

Her hands ran through her hair, and she adjusted her clothes slightly. Nina entered the room, and nodded at each man demurely. Gambler's battle tarnished exterior surprised her. She'd heard about the confrontation, but she hadn't expected to see his so affected. She couldn't help but feel regretful that she hadn't had the honour of bandaging him up.

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Post Deleted.

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Simply smirking at the remarks made by the hulking Darkchild, Gambler turned his attention to the arrival of Renegade and Barguest.

“Welcome. I trust your trips here where comfortable ones?” he spoke, rising slowly from his throne. “Mon Chere.” He said as he flashed his trademark smile taking Nina’s hand and gently kissing it.

After giving a nod to Renegade, Gambler folded his arms behind his back as he stared at an old painting hanging over the fire place. It was a picture of Magneto, Darkchild, Last Arrow, Fourpower, Photon and himself. Memories of a time long past and forgotten.

“Tis funny, the more things change, the more they stay the same no?” chuckled the Cajun. Whirling around, Gambler faced the trio and thundered. “The time for dis shiraid is over. We are going to war brothers, and sister.”

Suddenly, out of the long oak coffee table arose a holographic image of the world. As it spun around, certain areas lit up, diagramming where in the world each team had settled. It stop and zeroed in on Asia, while a second hologram of Gannon, complete with his statistically biography along with the data Gambler himself had aquired, appeared to the side. As the leader of the Hellfire Club learned forward, fixated on the image in front of him, he spoke,

“And it starts with him.”

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Celestrion realizing the daywould be coming has finally arrived. As she sat at the confrence table she saw solar eclipse walk in."Greetings, welcome, as you may know a war rages between each team. On our team diagram I have spilt 3 teams to follow each leader. Follow your leader, If your leader is not available I will pick one of you. Do not be alarmed if it isn't one of you, the other has just been more developed in this feild. Gannon, co-charge of team one unless notified diffrent. Elusive, team 2 I am placing you in control. And Kraung team 3. Now you know some of us may not comeback alive, sadly that is an option we have to keep in.

But know this, I have dedicated my life for this cause and so have you. WE FIGHT FOR GOOD!" Team begins to respond as we soar towards battle.

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Knock Knock

A knock on the door of Gamblers Throne room was heard. RL stands up to answer the door. It was two of the KGB agents under the employ of the Hellfire Club. RL lets them in and stands behind them as one of them begins to speak to the group. In a broken English dialect the man says "My comrades we have infiltrated the camps of your enemies, he hands them schematics of a heavily guarded castle and gives the group information of shift changes and weaponry being used.

As they were leaving the one that was doing most of the talking says to the other in their native tongue while smiling " Эти люди скоро станут их, когда наша истинная преданность раскрыта. Они никогда не будут знать то, что поражало их" RL having a the universal translator of the GL power ring embedded in him was able to encode what he had said and with a quick movement he fuses a katana and cuts the head off the agent that was speaking. He than grabs other, puts the katana on the neck drawing some blood and walks him over to Gambler, Nina and Darkchild. "These people will soon get theirs when our true allegiance is uncovered. They'll never know what hit them" RL says to them. "That is what the guy on the floor said"

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Looking at the hologram of the fish boy all DC could do was smile. The long years of talk and truces are gone, now all that is left is chaos and that is truly what DC has always wanted chaos. He knew by leaving and returning to the HFC it would only add to the chaos. The idea of an all out war against the factions that lead the world made his mouth water. The voices within his head all screamed in unison About god damn time while he stood studying the stats on the fish boy.

Turning his attention to Gambler he asks "So senor fish boy is our first target? Why start with such a puny foe, the only reason he took you out was because he was the first to surprise you."

DC stands patiently waiting for a responce and the orders to attack.

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King Ghidorah went onto the Balcony of the Fortress/Palace the Bunker was Under. It was observing the Military Parade to celebrate It's and the VV's greatness.

Soldiers marched on and turned around and Saluted the King of Terror, It's wing claws/fingers extended to salute back.

The Vortaak Alien tripod Walkers also walked down the street and the UFO's hovered by. A ample display of the Golden Hydra's military might.

The Human Portion of the Military continued the parade after the Vortaak portion of the military stationed at Los angeles

walked by.

After an hour the Parade was finished and The King of Terror contacted Magneto "Our half of the West Coast is secure My lord" said the Middle head to Magneto.

OOC: When King Ghid says Us, or Our, it's normally refering to it and it's other heads.

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Post Deleted.

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Celestrion says,"We are here, and the forces are here, here, and here." Elusive keep your comand at the base for protection.

Gannon post foward, then sneak along the headquarters of HFC.

The best way to work on a team is on the Inside.

Kraung. You do the same, but for the Americans.

We have to win this, losing isn't an option."

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Magneto was assured that west coast of the Vine Villians territory was secure. But what of the other areas first he wanted to make sure he was secure at home before any other actions where taken. It had been a long time there was no need in rushing into things. Magneto sat down at the table looking over maps and scouting and spy reports. The Spy network was small and still building but their information was good. He liked what he read there had been an attack on an old friend.

"This should make things interesting." Magneto thought out loud

Magneto waited for the others to report in.

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The Left head watched the security monitor closely, as too make sure no attacks shall truly be a surprise.

"No sign of an attack so far" said the Left head to her siblings.

The Right Head Closely watched the naval patrols. He watched as the ships steamed up and down along the coast

"No sign here either" said the Right head to his siblings.

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Khan, otherwise known as the Living Weapon, leaned back in his chair as he listened to the proposed suicide mission Celestroin was sending them on.

“Attack the VV AND and the Hellfire Club, AT THE SAME TIME!! This is ludicrous. I’m sorry but I wont be led to the slaughter. We should approach the Vine Villains diplomatically. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Perhaps we can work with the VV, the lesser of two evils. And what news of the Ultimates? Our attack should be coordinated, not an all out blitz. I think the best thing we can do is gather our forces, and wait. The best offense is a good defense. We should use our land to our advantage, stretch there supply lines out, gorilla tactics if need be.”

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The King of terror's middle head was pleased so far. It's reign was still unopposed by any.

"Aahh it's good to be the king" said the Central Head as it observed the events of today.

"You are correct sibling" said the Left head to her sibling.

"Yes most correct" said the right head to his Sibling.

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The Living Weapon says:

"Khan, otherwise known as the Living Weapon, leaned back in his chair as he listened to the proposed suicide mission Celestroin was sending them on. “Attack the VV AND and the Hellfire Club, AT THE SAME TIME!! This is ludicrous. I’m sorry but I wont be led to the slaughter. We should approach the Vine Villains diplomatically. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Perhaps we can work with the VV, the lesser of two evils. And what news of the Ultimates? Our attack should be coordinated, not an all out blitz. I think the best thing we can do is gather our forces, and wait. The best offense is a good defense. We should use our land to our advantage, stretch there supply lines out, gorilla tactics if need be.”
Post Edited:2007-12-31 11:33:38"

"No, You will go out my squad and squad one will move first.

Sqaud 3 will remain, and squad 2 will be like hidden men.

I'm not going to let you all die without a fight Khan".

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Resonate stood outside the Castle Gates, doing his boring job as best he could. As a new recruit he was given simple guard duty, and was forced to listen to a long prerecoreded tape the previous day about how his job really WAS important.

But he didn't think so. The only thing that seemed important about it was when, a few weeks ago, some of the lesser known recruits got into a skirmish over something stupid. He had enjoyed watching that, but everything else, bleh.

He did, however, have an unusually strange foresight that something big was about to happen. And he was so excited to finally get to kill something that he could barely stand still.

He awaited a superior's orders.

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Before Gambler could answer Darkchild, there was a knock at the door. Two KGB agents walked in and handed over some sensitive documents to Renegade. As the turned to walk away, they had said something that caught the young assassins attention. Swiftly and without warning he be-headed one of the men and subdued thee other.

Renegade explained what he had translated as Gambler walked over and hovered over the captured agent.

“Tis dat so? Seems the Russian government has its own interests in mind. Tis of little concern now. Soon thee entire world will burn with the flame of the Hellfire Club.”

Gambler circled around the man, a sinister smile on his face and a gleam in his eye. He stopped next to Nina and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Nina had worked long and hard to subdue her inner demon, but it was the inner demon that had landed her in the Hellfire Club. Although Nina was hesitant to release it, she trusted Gambler. As he towered over her, he mocked the KBG agent,

“Let him go Renegade. We’re not going to kill him.”

The agent frantic ran for the door, and out into the cold Russian night. With one quick motion of his finger, the diamond studded necklace around Nina’s neck fell. As Gambler snatched it out of mid-air he smirked,

“But Ghast will.”

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" Hey!!!SEPH!!! ARE WE EVER GONNA' DO ANYTHING BESIDES SIT HERE AND ROT?!?!?!?" Resonate yelled up at one of his leaders.

"IT'S GETTING F#CKING BORING DOWN HERE!!" he finished off. He may have been new, but he wasn't afraid to yell at one of his superiors.

When his commander didn't reply he knew that he was just ignoring him. They rarely evr spoke in the presence of others. Friendship was only shown on the battlefield or in the VV HQ itself.

He drew his sword, charged it, and began swinging it around in a circular motion. He had been practicing his new swordfighting trick for a while, and it seemed effective. But he never would know if it really worked at all if they had to just sit around. And what was he supposed to be guarding anyway? Oh well, he didn't care. He finally had found where he belonged.

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Post Deleted.

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HFC, Vine Villians, and the ultimates not noticing but Celestrion had begun to use her cosmic awareness to drop in on their conversation. This was used so frequently in the past they continue not to suspect that their entire enviorment could easily be heard through her ears.

Realizing that HFC knows of our plan she begins to rethink and

plan another strategy. Meanwhile back at suprimity, "Gabriel2.1

I need you to find every single bit of Information on who the HfC, vinevillias, and the ultimates are.

Tell me who we're dealing with."

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Magneto had his eyes closed you could see them moving behind his eye lids. Suddenly he opened his eyes looking around the room he summoned one of his guards towards him. He handed the man a note then turned towards him.

"Take this to the one know as Resonate"

The guard run off very quickly towards resonates station.

The Note was simple

--- Resonate come to the Great Hall

Mighty Magneto ---

Magneto sat a the table still reviewing this would be a long battle postioning was everything in a battle like this. Places everything just right like a game of chess waiting for the check mate.

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“There is no logic to this all out assault on two fronts. It’s a war we cannot win alone.” Said Khan. Grabbing his sword and gear he stood up. “I’m sorry but I have better odds if I work alone.”

And with that, Khan walked out of the base and jumped in his SUV. He was now alone, but if the only other option was suicide, alone and alive was an easy choice. He had heard of a small band of rebels led by Akira. They had taken up residence somewhere in South America. Khan headed to the airport in hopes of somehow gaining Akira’s trust, and perhaps membership in his band of freedom fighters.

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Suprimity stands as a great kingdom stretching across the eastern horizon

Suprimity begins to become suspicious as to why that the sun has rized but yet nothing has occured

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She still felt the mark of his kiss, his lip's imprint was warm on her cold hand. The amulet fell from her neck, Gambler stepped back, the cold night air from the open door rushed forward; chilling her skin. The physical world faded away before her... Nina lay in the shining pool and looked up into some benevolent blue eyes. "Be calm child, what ever the dark one does; we are not to blame for it." Wisp lay her head on the young woman's shoulder and waited patiently with her.

Back in the physical world, Ghast was persuing his prey. The great beast was filled with fury, yet also with joy; Master had let him off the lead... The hapless KGB agent stumbled in the snow, the icy air stabbed at his lungs. Frosty tears formed in his eyes, he had to get away from this horror! The man had a head start, and kept his eyes trained solidly on the front gate. But even a head start wouldn't have saved him.

Ghast was slow, but he was big, and his stride brought him quickly to his quarry. His hot breath and burning aura was melting the snow. The agent fell, the slush beneath his feet had doomed him. "LITTLE MAN, YOU RUN TOO SLOWLY..." The creature towered over him and drooled on his uniform, the stench was incredible. From the door, the great dog could be seen biting into the man's chest; the cracking of his ribs could be heard across the courtyard. His screams eventually fell silent.

The demon bounded back to the hall, his jaws dripping with gore. His demeanour like a family pet, running back to its master after fetching a stick. Ghast wagged his tail furiously at the assembled Hellfire Club members. "YOUR WILL CARRIED OUT, MASTER," He said to Gambler.

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Resonate stood at the gates, still spinning his trusted blade.

"Hey! New Guy! Are you Resonate?" a man far off in the distance asked.

"Yeah. Why?" he replied. He honestly wasn't very enthused, and if nobody was around, he would have just killed him.

"I have...a message...from the Master.." he said, entirely out of breath. Pathetic. That was all Jack could think of when he saw the stout man. Maybe he would just kill him after all.

"Well, hand it over." he said, still very agitated.

The chubby messenger searched frantically through his coat pockets for the message, and after the twenty minutes he took he handed him the folded note. Resonate was infuriated by the man's incompetence.

He took the note and read it, and his heart skipped a beat. He had never been to the Grand Hall except for his initiation ceremony. He was glad he would finally get to see his master again.

"Could you take me to the Grand Hall, please?" he asked, trying to sound humble.

"Sure" the man out of breath said.

Jack knew very well where it was, he just didn't need any witnesses for the man's death.

"I'm here" he said after arriving. His voice echoed down the Hallway.

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Golem stood solemly upon the ground in a Columbian field. The people had been evacuated in anticipation for the coming war. Golem plated his feet into the ground and began to lift his hands. As he did, the earth itself rose around him. He formed an enormous fort, sprawling for a mile. Golem instantly knew that this was no real protection, so he pulled the earth together tightly enough to create a fort of hard, dense rock.

Golem ordered that his troops instantly begin to load their armaments inside, as the outpost was very important strategically. After they were finished, Golem took his place in the main observation an control room. All there was to do now was wait.