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Comic Vine World

This is a long term RPG

You are in the world of Comic Vine much like are own world but with the heros and villians of the Vine.

You develop your characters here from the begining or as far back as you can remember. Once you have a well developed character you began enteracting with other characters to make a longer story for each charcter. This is not just about battles its more about the story and the interactions of each character. Don't worry about alignment in the begining your characters development determines their alignment. There are no teams inside the RPG unless you create them in the RPG.

Official RPG Rules apply in this RPG read them before you begin.


  1. If you die your out done finished with this rpg. Everyone must be able to be killed if you can't be killed you can't be in the RPG. Other people can revive you if you wish but thats your call if you want to come back from the dead as part of your story.

2.You must have atleast two real weakness and no pocket dimensions or anything like that don't get to power happy alright remember this is about a good story make things sound good and flow together.

3.You must also use your Comic Vine characters and are limited by their powers only. Your character may develop new powers thru out the story however you will need to show this on your bio as well.

4.If you have Invulnerability or a power like that you must edit and/or it will not count in RPG neither does Immortality. Even though this RPG is mostly about the story there still maybe some battles between people this keeps it fair.

5.Alignment does not determine who you can and can't ally with you do. Alignments should only influence you and not make the desion for you. Try teaming up with people you have not been teamed up in the past or those who would add to your story.

6.Take your time with the development make it interesting too theres no rush. Once you have developed your character please post that you are now in current time and open interaction with others. No one may interfer with others development unless it is ok with that person.

  1. If you are new to RPGs on Comic Vine make sure you read the rules and if you have any questions ask one of the Veteran players.

  2. Any OoC/ Out of Character talk should be done in the OoC thread. Also use this thread to talk with others about the story and if you need any help.


Remember its all about the story.

If you have any questions please PM Mighty Magneto


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Scott Wolfman got off the bus to his new School. Scott was a teenager, around 14, and was now a freshman at Trinity Catholic in Boston. He had brown hair and eyes, glasses, and wore a Red Sox hat and a blue messenger bag.

Scott shivered as he got off the bus. It was still summer out, yet he was freezing all over. He had to wear long dress pants as part of his uniform, and even had a school sweater on, he was that cold.

He walked toward the school when he noticed his breath: He could see it. "How the hell is it this cold in the beginning of Semptember?" Scott saw one of his friends and walked over to her. "Nicole!" He went to give her a hug. "Hey!" Nicole yelled back. She hugged him and then pushed him away. "You are freezing! Did you sleep in your freezer or something!?" She joked.

"I don't know I've been really cold lately. I don't know what it's all about," Scott looked at the school,"But I'm totally nervous about High School."

Nicole nodded in agreement and the two of them walked into the school. The rest of the day went by normally, the welcomes to the school, trying to jerk open stuck lockers, Football players calling you a nerd. All typical things. It was when Scott entered the bathroom after lunch that he got a real surprise.

He went to wash his hands but when he turned on the water and stuck his hands under it, the water froze. "Holy Crap!" Scott yelled, jumping back. He looked around and saw a boy looking at him like he had three heads. "Hey, How ya doin'?" Scott said.

The boy made a fake smile and left in a hurry. Scott looked back at the water, frozen in the sink and all the way up to the faucet. Scott looked at his hands and saw cold emanating from them. "What the-?" Scott put his hand back to the water, and tried to break it off. It was on their pretty tight, and he strained all of his energy into breaking it off. Suddenly, the water just turned back to normal.

Scott looked back at his hands, and tried to focus again, this time on his hands. Scott closed his eyes and waited for a moment. He opened his eyes and his hands were covered in ice. He placed his hand on the mirror, and the mirror immediately froze. Scott laughed, overwhelmed by what had just happened. He made his hands into fists and cold air began to form. "Cool....."

The rest of the day was even better. He had newfound confidence, and wasn't cold anymore. He was trying to reject the cold, but once he learned of his powers, he embraced the cold and felt warmer then ever. Even a little hot.

Scott made his way to Soccer Practice after school. He had tried out in the summer, and made the team. They threw him his silver and blue jersey with the falcon symbol on it. He turned it over and it said Wolfman, 07. His favorite number. The practice went on 'till about four, then the coach left and most of the kids began to head home.

The captain of the team came over to Scott and said,"Wolfman! Nice to meet you. I'm Duke. Captain of the Team." Duke shook Scott's hand,"Listen, all the new kids have to do a dare......."

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Mighty Magneto was just a young boy of 9 years old when the great war started. His family had been very wealthy before the begining of the war, while those around them where getting poorer. Mighty Magneto was called Erik at this point in time.

"Erik would you close the door" Mother

Erik's mother stood in the hallway looking at him with that face that he feared more than what was outside. Erik closed the door slowly trying to take in everything that was going on outside. There where troops marching down the street knocking on people's doors then pulling them outside.

"What's happening mother why are soilders here"

Erik's mother held him close to her as a tear rolled down the side of her face.

"I'm not sure, son. Go see your father . . he's upstairs in his room." Mother

Erik gave his mother another hug then ran for the stairs. When he got to the top he could see his father thru the doorway down the hall. He appeared to be packing something: large suitcases with clothes. Erik ran into the room jumping onto the bed knocking off one of the suitcases.

"Are we going on a trip, father?"

Erik's father looked at him and grabbed both his hands in his own, causing Erik to stop jumping on the bed.

"Yes, my son . . we are going. Quickly pack your bags with clothes only. We need to leave soon." Father

Erik's father lifted him off the bed and gave him a light hug then pushed him towards his room. Erik ran towards his room, opened his door and went straight to his bag throwing in some clothes. He then looked under his bed and grabbed his chess set, placing it a the bottom of the bag under his cloths so his father wouldn't see it. When he walked back into the hallway he saw his mother and father embracing one another. The turn towards Erik then grabbed their bags.

"Alright we have everything its time to go" Father

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"Ok, Wolfman. Here's what you gotta do." Scott, Duke, and a few of the other kids from the soccer team were crouched outside the grounds of a Stark Global testing facility. Scott had changed into normal clothes, keeping his jersey on but changing into some shorts.

"All you hae to do, is try and sneak in there without setting off the alarms, think you can handle that?" Duke told Scott.

Scott gulped,"I think I can." He made a fake smile and walked out of the bushes. Scott jumped onto the fence and began to climb over it. He slipped a few times and could just see in his head the boys laughing at him. He climbed over the barbed wire and fell to the ground. "oww..."

Scott moved cautiously toward what looked like the door. No one seemed to be around. Scott looked back at the boys in the bushes. He placed his hand on the digital lock and froze it, puting his back to the boys so they couldn't see his power. The lock malfunctioned and it opened the door, allowing Scott to slip in. Looking around the inside, everything had huge names that he couldn't pronounce. "Chloro-what? Enzy-who? Whatever."

Scott began to head for the door, his dare being completed. That's when he noticed it: S.H.A.R.P. Scott looked closer at it, it said: S.H.A.R.P. and then below it, it said: Super Human Animal Remolecularization Pod. "Well, That's a mouth full." Scott said, looking inside it. It was a huge machine. As he entered, the machine sensed the presence of a human.

A button lit up outside S.H.A.R.P. and a voice said,"SHARP procedure initiated."

Scott turned around and tried to run for the hatch, but it was already sealed tight. "What!? No! No procedure! Abort!? End!? UNCLE!!!!"

Energy and electricity began to surround Scott. He soon felt like he was being ripped apart, Molecule by Molecule. He screamed in pain.

Back outside, The boys heard Scott's screaming and one said,"What the F* is going on in there?"

"He's just playing a prank on us. Let's ditch him." The boys ran off and left Scott in the test facility.

Inside the Testing Facility, The Sharp procedure ended and the Hatch opened, releasing white smoke into the facility. Scott stumbled out of the machine and fell to the floor, slashing his arm on the side of the hatch and blacking out.

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"Open the door now!" Soldier

Erik's mother and father where frozen in place; neither one of them said a word.

"I'll get it."

Erik began to run down the hall towards the stairs. His father blocked his way and held a finger over his mouth


"Ssshhhh" Father

Erik's father whispered something into his mother's ear then grabbed her bags and began walking down the stairs very slowly. Erik's Mother picked him up and followed father down the stairs. They headed for the back door still being very quiet.

"What's going...."

Eriks mother placed her hand over Erik's month and Erik's father looked back at him and gave him the signal to be quiet again. The soilders began banging on the door harder now.

"OPEN the door NOW" Soldier

Erik's mother looked back at the front door. Erik could tell she was scared of something but he was still unsure what. Erik's father opened the back door and helped mother and Erik out the door there where a few steps down then they began to run towards the barn in their back yard. Erik was now running on his own and looked back at the house.

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Post Deleted.

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Post Deleted.

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Cordero was a troubled teen who was never the big guy but rather the little nerdy guy in the corner. One day he finally realized if he was ever going to make everyone believe that he isnt week he needed to join the army.

One morning he went to the recruiting station. He walked up to the commanding officer and soluted him.

Sir i would like to fight and die for my country.

THe officer looks Cordero over. You wont and cant no one like you would do anything for us other than get your self killed no leave my site before i throw you out my self.

Cordero was devestated by the mans words. "How could i not be worth dying for my country, i'm as good as any of these half wit jocks."

Ill show them ill show them that I can be army worthy.

The next day he arrives on the base early in the morning and sneaks into the base. He finds a part of the base that most people shouldnt see he found the nuclear weapons. But when he goes into the silo the doors slam shut #BANG#.

What the hell is going on?

You wanted to serve your country well, you are now you will be the first to be tested on with nuclear energy. Now son be careful we wouldnt want you to die.

And right after the officer stopped talking all the nuclear weapons were opened all at once and Cordero was consumed by all the energy in the silo. AHHHH What is happening to me, Cordero's body began to change. His face would turn to a more sadistic look and his body would shift and turn into a mishapended mass. AHHHHHH

You cant do THIS!!

And at that instance something unexpected happen Cordero began to control what was happening to his body. He turned it back into its original shape but more toned. And he relized that he he was now a walking bomb.

Officer:Looks like it worked a little too much

What was that corpral go see what it is.

Its the mutants who came to attack here last week they have made it bast the barricade.

Ah SH!T go and subdue them keep this one contained understand.

Umm sir where did he go.

They both look to see a gaping hole in the silos wall.

Cordero finds the mutants and runs to them. Please help me look what they did to them.

But all at once the mutants began to glow. Their energies and powers were now flowing into Corder.

Whats happening i cant control it AHHHHHHHHHHHH

The mutnats fell to the floor dead and shriviled.

I cant do this i need to get away. And some how Cordero flew out of the base away from all the death.


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Serg was standing on his knees, held by two guys in one piece suits, one of them had a .45 Desert Eagle held to his head. He couldn't move anyways, paralyzed the the screams of his father, as he watched his disappear, piece by piece on the huge machine that was invented by his dad's mafia boss.

"Tell me, Serg, wouldn't you rather join me as my own son? I have no children. I have nobody to inherit all of my mafioso legacy... Your father was weak, unable to handle the pressures we put on him, but you're young... You have mountains you can climb in front of you. You can be feared and respected by everyone, untouchable, unreachable, invinsible!" - a heavy Russian accent was whispering in Serg's ear. The Russian mob boss had been watching the torturous death along with Serg, but while Serg was in a paralyzed state of hysteria, he had been calm, as if this was an everyday deal.

"... N... N-no..." - Serg managed to whisper. He caught the last glimpse of his father, as his whole body had disappeared in the light. His face was still there, and his eyes gave Serg one last look of dying love.

"Wrong choice!" - the boss knocked Serg in the stomach with his walking caine, and the two thugs dragged him along to the same machine.

"Your father has been vanished from existance, completely. What makes you think you will be any different?"


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Cordero finally looses his grip on his powers and falls the the earth.

He hits the ground which is more like pavement and smashes through landing in a system of tunnels.

Loosing consiousnes he sees a person looking down at him.

"We cant leave him here he will die from his wounds master we cant"

Yes we can and we will now come.

"Please dont leave me here i dont want people to see me like this im ugly, please dont"

The person turns around

Hmf. Take him into the tunnels we will bring him to the rest of the colony, he will be nursed to health then we will leave him in a ally understand LEECH!

Yes master i thank you.

The one called Leech looks down at Cordero.

"Master Caliban will not leave you he isnt like most people he is caring now your safe"

Cordero wakes from his slumber in a scream


SHUT UP, you moron the children are sleeping.

Compose yourself and come with me, My name is Sunder ill take you to the master.

Cordero puts on the cloths set out for him.

You should thank the child

Which one the little green one Leech, I dont know why but he has taken a liking to ya.

Maybe because when he spoke to you, you didnt know who you were. He even gave u a name, he named you Darkchild maybe because he sees that you are a child like him. How old are you son?

Im 20 sir but i already have a name. Its Cordero.

Sunder turns around in anger.

You want to be called by the name those people gave you, who also threw you out into a world that doesn't think your worth a second glance, THATS BULL$H!T. If i were you id go by the name the child gave you since he was the one that kept you from dying in the cold water you landed in.

Hmm Darkchild, you know why he named me that.

May be the fact that half your body is completely black and that your closer to his age than the rest of us therefore Darkchild.

So who is this master.

His name is Caliban and dont look at him directly because he isnt very fond of how he looks.

Alright this is where i stop, I hope you come back into the tunnels being that Caliban doesn't kill you.

Good luck Darkchild

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Post Deleted.

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Mike Newton shook himself awake at the sound of his alarm. He mumbled something, and got up. After a few minutes, he was sitting at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of cereal. His phone started to ring, and he walked over and picked it up. "Hello?" The voice on the other end responded, "Meet me at the usual place. We have an important job today." Mike hung up the phone, he knew who it was. He walked out the door before his parents woke up. He jogged down town, and walked into a McDonalds. He sat down at a table with another young man. "Good of you to show," he said. "Let's get going." The two walked out the door, and walked around the corner. They entered through a broken window into an abandoned factory. They stepped in through a rickety door, and on the other side were several other young men. "Hello everyone, I think you know why I've called you all here." The leader turned to Mike. "Someone ratted us out on that little prank we played last week. Now the cops are after us about cutting the gas pump lines at Chap's the other day. Now I think it's time we get our revenge." They all filed out of the building, and waited near the library. When a young girl came walking out, the leader grabbed her by the arm, and said, "If you'll just step this way miss." They drug her into an alley way where no one could see....

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Zaraki Ichigo sat up in the small room he had been hiding in since he had stumbled across the abandoned factory. He was cold and he was sure any second now he would feel....

There it was, always waiting for his mind to clear up. The pain of hunger always greeted him when he woke from his sleep. Today was exceptionally bad, he thought as his stomach knotted up. Zaraki felt his stomach twist into a tight fist as he curled up in a ball and tried to make it stop. He waited, it took almost three minutes for the pain to subside.

Zaraki was a sixteen year old boy now, but he felt like he was eighty years old.

Zaraki stood up and looked at the worn out watch on his wrist. It read October 25. He sighed loudly and reached for his last clean shirt inside his bag. That was something else he would have to do today, clean his other three school uniforms. Zaraki pulled the shirt on and finished closing his last button before it dawned on him. Today was the day he had made his big decision eight years ago.

Zaraki quickly went to his school bag and rummaged around until he found the pic of Raku Urahara, his younger sister. This pic was almost a year old, but he had seen Raku pass by him several times in the past year. She hadn't done much growing, but she was strong looking. Zaraki knew he should get another picture of his sister, he didn't want to forget what he had given his happiness up for.

When Zaraki finished dressing he set out for school. The air outside was crisp and cool, but not so cold the Zaraki needed a jacket or anything. Zaraki shrugged the book bag onto his back and made his way to the school five blocks away from his "home".

As he turned the last corner he saw them. Nick, Donni, and Shin were waiting for him. Nick saw him first and elbowed the other two when he saw them. Zaraki hated this morning tradition.

"So the bum has finally come to school." Shin barked at Zaraki. "What are you gonna do today?"

"I'll fight you guys, win and take your money again." Zaraki could felt the pit of his stomach tighten at the thought of fighting and using up so much energy, but if he wanted to eat he knew what he had to do.

"Oh really....." Shin didn't finish, Zaraki had already jumped forward and planted his knee right in the middle of his face.

Before Donni and Nick could have move, the fight had begun, and students from all over the school yard had gathered at the fence to see who would win.

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Scott shot awake. He was in his bed, and light shone brightly through the windows in his room, bright enough to make him squint. "What the hell happened?" Scott asked, rubbing his head.

Then Scott remembered the slash on his arm. He quickly checked it to see it was gone. There was nothing there, not even a scar. "It must've been a dream." Scott looked at his alarm clock. 6:30.

"Holy Crap! I overslept!" Scott flew out of bed and into the shower, where he had to concentrate not to freeze the water.Scott put on his uniform and grabbed his bag, heading out for school.

Scott walked to the bus stop, all the while trying to remember details of his "dream".

No, I want the Nut!

A voice came from nowhere. Scott looked around but couldn't see anyone with that squeaky a voice.

Too bad! I saw it first it's mine! Scott looked up and saw two chipmunks fighting each other over an acorn in a tree. The chipmunks both grabbed onto the acorn and started a tug-of-war. One chipmunk let go and let the other chipmunk stumble and fall out of the tree.

HAHA! That's what you get! The chipmunk in the tree said. "Ok...?" Scott said, walking by the tree. "How could I possibly understand two chipmunks?"

Scott shook himself into reality and noticed his bus driving away without him. "Hey,wait up!" Scott began running after it, not paying attention to the world around him and just on the bus.

The bus seemed to slow down so Scott could get on. Scott grabbed hold of the bus and jumped onto the first step. He let go of his focus and realized that the bus hadn't changed its speed. He had just caught up to a speeding bus. "Wow......"

The bus driver opened the door for Scott with an amazed look on his face. "Uhh....I take track at School?"

Scott quickly moved to the back of the bus and sat down.

Scott stepped off the bus and endured another day of school. During his free period, though, he went on the computer and looked up S.H.A.R.P.

He found out a news article about it written about a month before. "This controversial procedure will 'merge DNA of the world's deadliest and most powerful animals with that of our troops overseas to aid in the war against terrorism', so says Stark Global Enterprises CEO, Tony Stark. The machine will utilize different DNA to 'modify' different classes of troops such as a shark's DNA with a Navy Diver, or an Eagle's DNA with Air Force Pilots. The side effects are gaining attributes similar to that animal's, for instance, The Navy Diver would get Gills to breath underwater, or the Air Force Pilot will gain wings to fly if he needs to."

Scott read the article out loud. "So it was real.......It must be! If I can talk to animals and catch up to a bus going 40, I must have animal DNA in me. But which one?"

Scott walked home after being dropped off by the bus that day. He began to feel woozy and light-headed, like after he went into S.H.A.R.P.

Scott doubled over and felt his body change. His hair began to grow out of control, almost into fur. His fingernails lengthened and formed into razor-sharp claws. His canine teeth grew in size and sharpness. He even felt his spine grow into a tail.

Werewolf Scott ran the rest of the way home on all fours.

Scott awoke on his bed an hour later, with his Dog Simba staring at him from the foot of his bed. Scott rubbed his head again and said,"Dang, I kind of remembered that this time."

You were a werewolf. He heard Simba say. Wait, Simba Say!?

Scott backed up on his bed, and Simba inched closer. Yup. I can talk now that you're a werewolf.

A werewolf. That explained most of the strange things that happened. He could talk to animals because he was one! He could catch up to the bus because he had werewolf speed!

That makes alot of sense. Scott realized he had talked back to Simba in his tongue.

Yeah, and I'm a wolf cub actually. Scott was surprised. Simba always looked like a wolf or a Coyote, but he never really thought he would be one.

Scott laid his head on his pillow and said,*One day I'm a dorky nerd that gets made fun og alot, the next I'm some werewolf with ice powers." Scott thought about it for a little bit. He needed to use these powers for good. And he needed a name. Scott had once learned about Cryogenics from a field trip to a lab. It was the study of freezing something to keep it alive longer.

"Cryo-Wolf." Scott smiled, he liked it. He petted Simba and got up to change out of his uniform.

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Walking to Caliban Cordero thinks of his new name.

Hmm i like the new name i mean Cordero will always be my real name but DArkchild is who i am now. I wonder what these powers i have do. Lets see them. Darkchild stops to study his powers.

I feel a raging heat begining to swell in my hands it BURNS SO MUCH!!!! AHHH

and in that instance his right arm was engulfed in flames. Wow it doesnt hurt at all wait what is this, and his left arm became darkness just like the left side of his body was. What else to i have he looks at his once weak body to see a toned chest which looked almost metallic wow i cant believe this. When i focus my attention on my powers they come out.


Something inside burned inside his head.


What was that. Darkchild just let the voice in his head go away. Well i did hit my head pretty hard when i fell maybe im just hearing things.

Darkchild starts back down the path towards Caliban

He finally finds a throne with a big white man sitting in it. Looking straight through him as if Darkchild wasnt their.

Caliban: You show no fear for me, the only fear i feel is the fear of what your becoming, hmm i cant use that to my advantage. So do you enjoy your home for the time being little one.

Yes i do but i am not little Caliban i am grown why do you call me child?

I call you child because you are as defenseless baby?

Defenceless how can you say that cant you sense my power

Yes but you have no way of controling it at all.

But i see something inside you something evil, a thing that if you are not prepared to fight you will loose everything you see and everything you love.

But i have none of that.

No you don't but you will, and like me it will be destroyed. I once had a family it was the morlocks,but their were many more than we have now. One day it was all taken from me in one fell swoop by a group of killers and only a fraction of us survive the only ones around then that are here today are me and Leech. He may look young but he is old in mind. But the power i see inside you will destroy you if you are not prepared. Do you want that.


Then we will train.

Why would you do that for me?

Because i see that you have the potental for greatness and i also see the evil inside you. That will one day become you but you will be a new kind of evil, One that has heart and one that will be faithfully loyal to a leader. And to become that we must train.

Alright what shall you have me to.

Get ready!

For What?

Caliban swoops down and hits Darkchild in the face

For that!

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The leader of the gang smacked her across the face. "What the hell were you thinking? Ratting us out like that. This isn't any good. Boys, let's take her home."

When they got back to the abandoned factory, the leader dropped the girl on the table. "Let's see here, boys, I think we need some alone time." He began to undress the girl, as she cried. They all filed out of the room, gigling to themselves. They could hear muffled screams from in the other room. Then there was a loud thud, and silence for a long time. The door bust open, and the leader walked out. "The deed's done my friends." "What's done?" Mike asked as he walked into the room. The girl was naked, laying on the floor with blood flowing out of her skull. There was a bloody plank of wood laying on the table. "Oh my God. What've you done? You never said you were gonna kill her!" Mike backed away, and tried for the door. "What's the matter Mike, can't you handle it?" The biggest member of the gang walked in front of Mike, blocking the doorway. "Sorry, but we can't let you sqeal." The big guy threw a giant fist at Mike, and Mike closed his eyes. He put up his hands to block. For what seemed like forever, nothing happened. Mike opened his eyes, and looked up. He had caught the man's hand, and broken it. The big man shook his hand loose, and screamed in pain. "How the...." he didn't finish the sentence. Just then the police busted the door open. "Caught ya, you little punks!" the officer yelled. Everyone ran. Mike ran through the door on his left, and took off, an officer hot on his tail. He took a right, and then went up a flight of stairs. He busted through a door, and ran on a catwalk, some 40 feet above the working floor. He ducked into an office at the end of the cat walk, and jumped over a desk, and hid in the leg room. He heard the footsteps of the officer walking into the office. "I've got you now, you little shit." The officer threw the desk back. Mike closed his eyes very tightly. He was so scared he was sure he'd wet himself. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. He forced himself to open his eyes. He looked around in amazement. He was sitting in the middle of a corn field, at least 3 miles from town. He stood up, and looked around. "How the he..." He turned around, and saw a huge combine headed strait for him.

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Alright master you really need to stop moving so fast

DC follows Caliban around the room


And Darkchild lets loose both his fire and darkness powers in one blast knocking Caliban off his path.

Caliban hits the floor.

Good work Darkchild you have improved greatly since we began. Now you may take a break go see leech he loves to be around you.

Alright master

Darkchild leaves the training area.

senses something

Hmm must be me again cause i swear i sense someone unfamiliar in the tunnels...almost human but no human ever comes down here

and man in shadows picks his radio

We have found the deserter repeat found target.

Radio:Wait for the signal then attack.

Darkchild comes into the main room of the tunnels

Darkchild yay its you

leech comes running and almost tackles DC

Ah little guy your almost getting as strong as me.

Cant let that happen then who will be your big brother when your stronger right?

Haha your always funny.

Hey leech i need to go into the tunnels your the boss now alright, Big bro needs to go get some water for the group alright ill be back as soon as i can alright. Protect our master alright , haha wow runt your the leader now ok.

Darkchild leaves the tunnels in search of water and food.

senses the person again

Man i must be right undersomeone on the surface because it feels like their right here. Wow the training is really working.

As Darkchild leaves the soliders get their signal.

Destroy all the mutants in the area no one survives, and if the target should return if needed destroy him also.

Alright men we begin.

One of the soliders sneaks up on a morlock.

  • grabs morlock*

Time for you ugly mistakes to be taken care of.

Oh we are mistakes thought we were mutants DICK. The morlock throws the solider over his shoulder. NAh im just a very moody mutant with one eye

Blasts solider with his optic blast

Gotta warn Caliban and Darkchild

the mutant comes to Caliban

Sire were being attacked



And Erg is shot in the head from behind.

No Caliban runs to Erg's help but realizes he needs to warn the others..


And then the entire tunnels are over run by the soliders


The soliders start their slaughter firing into the group of mutants.


Sunder jumps from the middle of the group and starts beating the soliders who are attacking the children.

Sunder looks over to his left to see that Artie has been shot.


And Sunder runs right into the group of soliders killing and tearing them apart.

Caliban is cornered by a group.

You are of no use mutant you have no power.

No power huh i think not

AHHH and Caliban grows in sizes and swats the group away from him.

No but i do have what you would call the power over fear.

Well then you know i fear nothing mutie.

One lone solider stands behind Caliban, but before he can react Caliban is shot with a tazer and knocked out.

The soliders pin the last remaining morlocks except Caliban and Sunder and shoot into the group killing all of them.


What was that wait oh no they have found me.

And Darkchild races back to the tunnels. Only to find his family all but gone. The last remaining one is sunder.

BANG well that was a quick death for you mutie much kinder than what i would have wanted.

YOU MONSTER, and DC runs with blinding speed picking the solider up from the ground by the throat. You want to see what true pain is. And with an unknown power he rips the solider in two. AHHHH. group of soldiers enter the room


And with a ferousity not seen by morlocks Darkchild hunts all of the soliders down and tear them limb from limb, leaving one beging for life.


What did you do to the children?

the soldier looks to his left.

DC sees the group of children laying slouched over, and in the middle he finds his little brother. LEECH!!!

He runs over to the child.

I tried to protect the others brother but they didnt have any powers so i couldnt stop the bad men im s-s-sorr......

the childs last bit of life fades from his body

DC turns around to the man who killed his brother.

You insignifacnt scumbag you would kill defencesless children.

DC grabs the man by the head, well i will show you all of their pain and suffering

DC reaches deep in his soul and finds the inner darkness

He begins to turn all black nothing left of what was once a man.


and using his darkness powers he fills the man with the pain and suffering the children felt as they were slowly dying


Forgiveness is for god i have none for you. And DC grabs the mans head and with a full blast of fire burns the mans head right off his shoulders.

Wait i sense someone alive.

In that instance the darkness that controlled him leaves him turning him back to his half dark half light self.


Darkchild picks his master up realizeing he has very little life yet. He brings him to the almost forgotten morlock Healer.

Child what happen. Nothing that concerns you please i need you to heal him while i find survivors.

When Darkchild returns to see his masters condition he returns with five morlocks alive. Sunder who survived his gunshot wouldn, Erg who also survived, 2 children, and Skids.

Alright you are the last of the morlocks and since Caliban is industposed i am leader but i will give someone else the role of leader. Erg step forward.

Erg you are the only one here next to sunder who has been here since the begining and i believe you are the one who will help master and the rest of us. I cant stay here anymore because if i remain they will keep coming so i need to leave and start over. I only require one thing.

Erg: What is that i need you powers only part of them.

I can feel myself becoming evil and like master said my powers are what will control it i sense that inside me their is another who will find away out, and for me to be able to defeat him i need all the powers i need. Ive realized that i can absorb a portion of someones powers and use them at anytime , and i would be honored if you bestowed your powers on me willingly. Erg agreed.

And i ask one more thing make a tombstone for Leech he was one of the originals and he should be treated as one.

the next day he leaves but not before seeing Leechs grave

Hey bro im sorry i wasnt their for you but i will find who did this and kill him no matter what it costs, even if it costs me what i was trained to not become understand i will find him goodbye. Darkchild inscribes a quote on his tombstone.

Child of madness, but one not of madness.

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Zaraki let go of Donni's shirt to let him slide to he ground. The fight was over and Zaraki was the last one standing again. He took his prize like he had been doing for the last eight years. He couldn't believe it had really been that long ago. Zaraki took the money out of Shin, Donni, and Nick's wallets and walked onto the school grounds. He had gotten almost 75 dollars from them, and that meant he could afford food, a camera, and a visit to the laundry mat.

As Zaraki walked up the school steps he could see the vending machines inside and his stomach knotted again. He let his hand cover it again, but this time he walked straight to the machine inserted a five dollar bill and opened a door for a sandwich. Then he opened a drawer with an Arizona green tea. Finally he pulled out a drawer and retrieved a bag of Bar B Q chips. He looked around an noticed people were staring at how over eager he was to open the vending machine door.

"You guys act like you haven't seen me do this before." Zaraki quiped. "Welll don't mind me, I'm gonna eat this like an animal and skip out of school a period early."

No one said anything they just watched him as he walked away. Zaraki knew he didn't fit in. He tried his best not to get in too close with people, because then you never know what you would do for that person. Zaraki had always tried to make people happy when he got close to them.

Take for example what the anniversary he celebrating today stood for. It was eight years ago today that Zaraki had decided to sacrifice his happiness so that his family could be happy. He can still see the disappointment in his father's eyes when he came home, but couldnt afford to buy enough groceries for everyone in the family and went without dinner. He could remember waking up in the mornings hearing his mother cry because she had to thin out the oatmeal or add water to the milk so there would be enough for everyone to have some for breakfast. He could remeber the first time he gave up his dinner so he wouldn't have to see the pained look in his sister's eyes because the half sandwich she had eatten at dinner was all she was going to get for dinner.

Zaraki felt his throat tighten and had to stop thinking about the past. He reminded himdelf that it was a good day to celebrate. It was the day that his sacrifice brought happiness to the people he loved the most, his family. Zaraki smiled to himself and finished wolfing down the remainder of the sandwich and chips. After he had finished he drank the tea slowly and opened his note book. He started adding todether the prices for his dinner, the camera, his laundry, and however many more meals he could stretch the money after he developed the film. He looked it over and saw he could eat one meal a day for the rest of the week or he could go two days totally without food. He decided to go to one meal a day and hope that someone else would want to fight him soon.

The first bell rang and Zaraki went to his first class, Biology. He though about the distance to Reku's school and how long it would take him to get there. He decided that he would skip the last two periods so he could make it to her school and try to get a few pics of Reku, and maybe their parents.

Zaraki smiled, he knew that things would eventually start to look up.

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A soldier had broken down the door Erik could see two soldier rush inside their house. Erik's father looked back to see Erik just standing there rushed over and grabbed him picking him up and running back towards the barn.

"Look Over there they are trying to run away" Soldier

The two soilders came running out the back door shouting for Erik's family to stop. Erik's father got to the barn door quickly opening it and letting erik and his mother inside. The soldier opened fire on them shoting holes into the barn the sound of wood braking could be heard. Erik saw that their car had be loaded with several other items. Erik hoped into the car in the back seat along with his mother and father in the front seat. Erik looked over and saw the soldiers getting closer to them threw an old window. Suddenly a shot was fired going threw the window and heading straight at erik's head but some how the bullet just fell when it got with in a foot of erik.

"Stop Halt" Soldier

Erik's father started the car and smashed threw the barn door and on to the dirt road. One of the soldiers went down on one knee and fired a shot Erik could hear the bullet flying by him grazing his ear.

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It Was the Saturday after the S.H.A.R.P. Incident. Scott Wolfman woke up in his human form, dressed in a T-shirt and Pajama bottoms and stretched, noticing Simba at the foot of his bed.

Good Morning Cryo-Wolf! Simba said. He was panting, but it almost looked like he was actually smiling.

Scott laughed,You can call me Scott, Simba. I haven't even gotten a chance to be Cryo-Wolf.

Scott looked at his clock. 10:00. Oh, man! My shows are on! Scott fumbled for the remote to his T.V. and he turned it on. He laid back and began to watch his shows.

Suddenly, Simba's head and ears shot up. Sombody's here! He yelled and jumped from the bed. He bolted down the stairs saying,New Friend, New Friend!

Scott laughed and got out of bed. Scott heard the door open and his mother say,"Hello." Then a voice saying. "Hello M'am, I'm Professor Charles Xavier, and I'd like to speak to you about the possibility of your son coming to my school."

A New School?, Scott thought. Scott walked down the stairs and into the Living Room, where he saw a man in a wheelchair and a woman with white hair sitting on his couch. Simba was so excited, sniffing these people and playing with them. His mom brought in Tea and Coffee. "Thank you, Mrs. Wolfman." The man in the wheel chair smiled and looked up from his cup of tea to see Scott.

"Ah, hello Scott. I'm Professor Charles Xavier." He extended his hand to Scott. Scott shook it and said,"Hello, Professor Xavier."

The man then introduced the woman to Scott. "This is Ororo Monroe, a staff member at my school. Ororo got up and walked over to Scott. "Hello, it's very nice to meet you."

Scott shook Ororo's hand and said,"Like wise." Professor Xavier gestured for him to sit down. "I have something to ask you and your parents."

Scott's parents sat down as well as Scott, and Professor Xavier began his proposition. "Mr. and Mrs. Wolfman, I run a school called Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and Scott is very gifted."

How does he know about my gifts?, Scott thought,I haven't told anyone!

Then, almost as if Scott had said it aloud, The Professor said,"I have recieved Scott's grades and, I must say, He would be an indispensable asset to my school."

Scott let out a sigh of relief. "Here are some pamphlets about my school." Professor Xavier handed Scott's parents a few pamhplets and said,"Now, If you don't mind, I would like to speak just to Scott about this matter."

Scott's Parents looked at each other and nodded. They left for the Kitchen and there was silence.

You're not the only one with powers, Scott. A voice inside Scott's head said. Scott soon realized that it was the Professor's voice. You are a mutant, Scott, and my school can help you control your powers.

So he was a mutant. Scott had just thought it was some astronomical event that Scott had obtained his powers, but he was actually a mutant.

"I also have abilities." Ororo said. Scott, now intrigued with the idea he was a mutant said,"What are they?"

Ororo looked up and her eyes turned completely white. The sun disappeared behind clouds outside and the wind blew harder. She looked back at Scott. her eyes were back to normal. "I can control the weather."

"And I can enter people's minds, make them do whatever I want. I can also lift things with my mind, as well as read their thoughts."

Professor looked at Scott. "Would you like to learn to control your powers?" He asked Scott. Both of them. He said into Scott's mind,Yes, I know you have another power besides your ice mainpulation.

Scott thought about it for a second. "Will it cost my parents anything?"

"No," The Professor said,"My school is a Public school, but with dormatories and such. You would be living there and you would also get your own room."

"Ok, I'll go," Scott smiled, happy about his new school," but one last question. Can I bring Simba?" Simba was happily sitting next to Ororo on the couch, allowing her to pet him.

The Professor looked at Simba. "Yes, You can bring Simba. But he must stay in your room, if you take him out he must be on a leash."

Simba heard the word leash and thought he was going for a walk. He jumped from the couch and headed for the door.

The three of them laughed and Scott's Parents entered the room. "We've come to a decision. Scott, You can go if you want to."

Professor Xavier looked from Scott's Parents to Scott. "Perfect. You'll start on Monday."

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Erik's Fathers blood came shooting out of his shoulder hitting Erik in the face. Erik could hear some yelling from his father but did not understand what he had said. Wiping the blood off his face with his sleeve he looked at where his father had been shot the wound was bloody and looked very deep to erik.

"Father are you alright"

Erik's Mother was trying to cover the wound while the drove on getting some distance between them and the soldiers. Erik's Father began to calm down breathing slower and not yelling anymore.

"I'm Ok Son" Father

After they had driven for a few hours and it had turned dark they turn off into a small clearing. Erik's Father began setting up a tent and sent Erik to gather some fire wood. Erik walked thru the woods picking up the piece he saw whislting a little tone to a song his mother would sing to him.

"Erik don't go to far" Mother

"Yes Mother"

Erik looked back and saw his parents talking about something he could not hear what. His mother was putting a bandage on his fathers wound and father did not appear to be enjoying it very much. Erik saw a small frog and decided to try and catch it running after it till it jumped into near by pond. Erik frowned looking into the water then turned back to his parents he had gone out of sight of them but thought he could find his way back quickly. As he walked back he thought he could here something as he got closer he did not see his father or mother.

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Serg didn't answer. He was being dragged over to a different machine. The mafia boss was already gone from the room, as Serg was being stuffed into the tight space, surrounded by strange crystal-like devices. Suddenly, his sorrow went away. He knew he would see his father again, somewhere in heaven. He was finally content and happy, his tears became those of joy, overwhelming the fear inside. His only regret was that he would not get to see his mother but she wouldn't want to live without her son and husband, Serg hoped she would be in heaven also.

He closed his eyes. His body became light as soon as the machine turned on. He felt weightless and started to drift away.

"I'm dead... I'm in heaven..." - his expectations were too high not to let them be fulfilled. Serg finally dared to open his eyes, and rage overturned his mind state. He was still alive. He didn't take notice of the freaked out looks from the mafia thugs and the scientists, didn't take notice of his skin glowing yellow. He was extremely mad, vengeance overtook him. He crushed the machine, jumping out of it, and before he even took notice of his newfound body, the whole place exploded in a bright yellow array of light.


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Mike was frozen in fear, as the conbine kept toward him. The kid at the wheel wasn't paying any attention, listening to his i-Pod. Mike tried to crawl back, but he didn't get very far, when the conbine just suddenly stopped. Mike looked up, and there was a giant black hand holding the back of the machine. The kid jumped out, and saw the huge hand, and turned around to see Mike sitting on the ground. He freaked out, and took off running. Mike got up, and started to walk towards the highway to try and figure out where he was. Just then a police cruiser slowed up to him. A policemen looked at a picture on an onboard computer screen. "That's him." The cop stepped out. "Son, you're under arrest, please keep your hands wear I can see them." Mike pulled out his hands. When the cop tried to put the hand-cuffs on him, he couldn't get them locked. "What the.." Then Mike saw a giant hand come up from behind the cruiser, and pick the cop up. "Put me down kid, that ain't funny! How the hell are you doing this?!" Mike backed away, as the second cop got out of the car, and pulled out his pistol. He shot several rounds into the hand, but they just bounced off it. A second hand appeared, and grabbed the gun, and smushed it into a ball. It then smacked the cop in the back of the head. He pulled out a night-stick, and the hand stuck out a finger, and waved it. It shoved the cop back in the cruiser, and shut the door. The other hand put the other cop in the back, and shut the door. Together, they lifted the car, and threw it into the woods behind the field. Mike stood there with his jaw on the ground, about twenty feet in front of him. Several cars had stopped, and stared at the event. "Uhhh, just making a movie folks, nothing to see here!" Mike forced a smile. The drove off. Mike turned around, and saw that the hands were coming right for him. "No, stay away from me!" he yelled. The hands stopped. He looked up. "Ok, weird. Uhhhh, wave to me." The hands waved. "K, play rock, paper, scissors!" The hands played, the right hand won. Mike laughed. "Play tic-tac-toe!" The left hand drew a giant game board in the dirt. They started playing. The left hand won this time. Mike looked at the game board, and saw something shining in the dirt. "Bring that to me." On hand plucked it up, and dropped it in front of Mike. He looked at it carefully, wiping dirt off it. It was octagon shaped....

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Zaraki heard the bell ring for sixtth period to begin and stood up. He didn't have too much time to play with and he still had to get the camera. As he darted out the classroom he heard a voice call to him. He looked over his shoulder and saw Mrs Collins screaming that he had walked past her class and that he needed to get inside. Now.

"Sorry,, nature calls!" Zaraki yelled back as he turned a corner and burst through a door.

Once outside Zaraki was surprised by how bright it was. The sun was edging against some clouds and Zaraki could feel the wrmth wash over him. He had thought that the papers had said rain by noon, but it almost three thirty and it was still dry. He ran across the school yard and jumped the fence, looking over his shoulder to make sure he was alone. He saw Mrs Collins looking out her window shaking her head.

Zaraki started to smile to himself, but he noticed something move at the edge of the school house. He shook his head and dismissed it as he continued down the street. He hoped his picture would be of her smiling, other wise he would feel like his sacrifice was useless.

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Darkchild gets up and starts to leave but Sunder is standing in his way.

Sunder get out of my way i dont need this right now.

Sunder:How can you leave us at our most vulnerable you are the leader now that Caliban is only deaths door. We need a strong leader.

Erg is Sunder and you know that now move or be moved.

Sunder: I will not let you leave us because the children love you and so did leech thats why..

Darkchild grabs sunder and lifts him off the ground

I swear i never want you to say his name not now not ever understand. I am leaving and i will hurt you, all I've done by being here is get the only person i thought as a brother killed along with most of my community now LEAVE ME ALONE!

Darkchild throws Sunder to the ground

And i will return one day and if i am a new person you and all of the Morlocks need to remember that i am still me and no matter what i become i am the lost kid who landed on your doorstep three years ago.

I am leaving.

Darkchild is almost out of the tunnels when he hears a voice

You killed them, you killed them all, you are to blame COWARD

NO im not now stop it show yourself, your the coward for not showing yourself

Darkchild looks around scanning the area, finding no one in the area.

Man i need to get some sleep, im starting to scare myself.

Darkchild finally exits the Morlock tunnels

I will miss you all, but i cant stay it will only get the rest of you killed.

Darkchild walks into the pouring rain.

Finally Darkchild finds some cover from the rain in a bar.

"Aw damn its pouring out their"

He walks into the bar and gets a feeling of regret.

Bartender: WE dont serve your kind now get OUT!

(Hey bud let the kid stay we dont need a fight now do we Murphy)

No James we dont i cant afford another mess, Alright kid come on in but the only place you will be able to sit is at the table with the short guy with the odd goatee.

Unknown Man: You call me short again and our freindship will be ended rather quick.

Murhpy: Aw man ya know im just messing with ya Howlett.

Howlett: Yeah i know but it hits a nerve everytime, Hey kid come on over and you can stop your powers theirs no need for them when im with ya.

Darkchild hadn't realized that he had his hands in flames the whole time they were talking

Oh didn't realize they were on.

Howlett: So whats your name


No moron your real name.


Howlett:Hmm you smell familiar like Morlock

Thats because i just left their for good

sniff sniff

Howlett: You also smell of blood

Darkchild can sense the mans suspition

Yes i know..

Howlett: You gonna tell me why


Howlett: .... Well i can tell you arnt the murdering kind, my names James Howlett or you can call me Wolverine if ya like.

shake hands

Well its nice to meet you James

I have a question do you know anywhere i could get a job

James: Yeah i do what kind of job you looking for bub.

Anything really?

James: I have a job at a construction site when im not busy saving the world, yeah i know its not funny i try to be funny never works doesn't work with who i am right?

No not really, i just need to get away and not be seen i dont want to be this person anymore ya get what i mean?

James: In more than one way bub, i did that long time ago, went by the name of Patch back then but thats another story.

So am i gonna ever know why you stench of blood and why your left side of your body is completely dark?

Not anytime soon shorty.

James: Alright dick, we may be freindly but dont call me shorty or you will meet my metal friends.

shows his claws

HAHAHA had to try it James it was too hard to resist

They both laugh out loud.

3 hours later.

Hic-up so are we going to stay here or am i going to drive

James: Nah ill take ya to my place you can crash their

They arrive at James apartment.

Now make yourself... comfortable?

Darkchild had found the couch and fallen asleep.

James: Hmm reminds me of Jubi in a way, hmm i can still smell the blood before i get him a job he needs to tell me what happen.

James falls into a chair and dozes off

Darkchild dreams of a man in dark

You will always be a killer Cordero no turning back from what you were made to be

Yes i can and i will understand you cant do anything to change that


Darkchild awakes from the dream in a cold sweat

Ah man i need to stop the drinking

And Darkchild rolls over and falls back to sleep

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Zaraki runs breathlessly to the fence of Reku's school and looks around. He doesn't see anyone, anywhere. He bends over to catch his breath resting his hands on his knees and lifting his head.

He sees the clock over the school entrance and realizes that he is early. He takes the time to tear apart the packaging for th camera and winds the film for the first couple of shots. His hands nervously twitch as he claws through the box.

For Zaraki this is like Christmas morning, a birthday, and Easter all at once. He never celebrates anything other than this day, and then he only celebrates if Reku is smiling when he takes the picture. Two years ago she wasn't smiling, so Zaraki asked around and found out two boys had been spreading rumors about her being the class whore at the age of thriteen. The boys ended up missing three weeks of school after Zaraki finished beating the stuffing out of the twirps.

*BRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGG!" the bell clattered above the deafening silence outside of the school. Zaraki palms the camera quickly and sits on a stoop.

He waits as nearly five hundred students pour from the school and look around for their parents. He doesn't spot her right away, but after scanning for awhile he locates Reku in the madness. He sees her in a black dress heading for a woman in a black dress and carrying an umbrella hanging from her hand.

Zaraki almost instantly recognizes the woman as his mother. 'Why is she dressed like that?' Zaraki thinks to himself. He stands up and walks out to the school yard like he is waiting for a little brother or sister to get out of school. as he walks by his sister and mother he overhears heir conversation.

"So his burial was beautiful then?" reku asks as she hugs onto her mother's waist. "The rain didn't interfer or anything?"

"No hioney it was beautiful, sunny and bright, just how your dad wanted his burial to be."

Zaraki froze. He hadn't heard about that. Infact he hadn't even seen an obiturary in the papers or anything, then he remebered. He had spent a day living out of a shelter and couldn't get a hold of a paper. it must have been then. Zaraki felt his jaw go slack and closed it instantly. He didn't want today to be a total waste.

"Excuse me, Miss and Little Miss?" Zaraki slapped on the best nervous grin he could muster. It didn't take much he could feel his hands sweating and his heart racing like a jack hammer.

"Yes, can we help you young man?" Mrs. Ichigo asked as she tilted her head slightly, he had always wondered where he had gotten that nasty habbit.

"Ummm, yeah. I have to do a project for my photography class and I was wondering if I could get your help."

"That depends, what kind of help are you looking for?" Mai Ichigo was a very direct person Zaraki noted about his mother.

"Well I have to do a photographing project that shows time and similarity and I was wondering if you two could help me."

"How's that again?" Reku asked, blushing slightly when she realized she had spoken outloud.

"Well I need to photograph things that can illustrate time, like the fact that you are a child and she is a woman, and similarity, as you are obviously mother and daughter." Zaraki gave his best smile again and held up the camera. "What do you say?"

"Seems harmless enough." Reku whispered to herself and her mother.

"I agree, why not." Mai said as she removed the umbrella and wrapped her arm delicately around her daughters shoulders. "Tell us when you are ready."

"Umm, just give me a second to center up on you two...." Zaraki turned the camera lengthwise and stepped a little closer to make sure he could make out the faces. "Just give me a smile and I'll snap the photo."

The two smiled their carbon copied smiles and leaned their heads on each other. Zaraki was impressed he had pulled that one off without a hitch, he was feeling somewhat better, but not too much in light of his recent tragedy.



Zaraki blinked and looked forward. Reku was now holding he camera phone and had taken his picture. Zaraki almost froze until he heard his mother nad her giggle.

"Your kinda cute when you smirk like that young man." Mai laughed as she looked at him.

"Hehe." zaraki laughed back.

Zaraki's head turned sideways instinctively and he rubbed the back of his head. He froze slightly. Mai was staring at him with a vague look of familiarity on her face. Zaraki almost paniced, but held himself and looked around.

"Thanks for the compliment, ma'am, but I need to get the rest of my project done."

"Zaraki." Reku said it first. He couldn't move.

He looked at the two of them. Should he run?

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"You have all your things?" Scott Wolfman's mother asked in the car ride to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. "Yes,Mom." Scott Wolfman said.

"All your clothes?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Clean Underwear?"

"Mom!" Simba snickered in the seat next to Scott.

"Sorry! It's just....you going to a new school, not staying home anymore. I'm a little worried!" Scott's mother was in the passenger seat, his father driving.

"I'll be fine, Mom. So will Simba." The car pulled up to Xavier's. Some kids were walking into the grounds, it looked like a normal school.

"C'mon, Simba." Scott grabbed Simba's leash and opened the door. Simba trampled over him trying to get out. Once they were both out, Scott's mother said," Ok, Sweetie. Have fun. Remember to call every now and then!"

"I will Mom. Bye Dad! See Ya!" The car drove away,Scott grabbed his bags, and The Both looked at Xavier's. This should be fun. I'm the only animal here!

Well, Scott said to Simba,Suck it up and be quiet. I wanna make a good impression.

Simba looked up at Scott and said, sarcastily,Shouldn't be too much of a problem.

The two of them pushed open the doors of the Mansion. What everyone saw on the outside was completely different from what went on inside. Kids looking like they should be in Star Wars movies were running around, Paper Airplanes were performing loop-de-loops and spins without any wind, and kids moved from one room to the next without a single move.

Ten girls saw Simba and ran over yelling,"Awww!" They petted him and cuddled him and scratched him behind his ears. *Simba, your my ticket to meeting all the girls around here! Just keep doing what you're doing."

Then Scott noticed something about the girls: They all looked alike. All the girls merged into one and that one said,"Welcome to Xavier's! See you around!" She could make clones.

Oh, Simba said, laughing,I will!

Scott and Simba looked around for the head office, and finally the two of them found it. "Hello? Professor Xavier?" They peeked into the room.

"Ah, Hello Scott. I thought you had just arrived. Please, come, sit down." Scott and Simba walked over to Xavier's desk and sat down.

"Now, I told only one person of your other power." A look of shock appeared on Scott's face.

"Don't worry. This person can be trusted. And he's one of my oldest friends. Hank?"

A blue and furry.....yes, furry man stepped into the office from outside. He walked over to Scott with a grin on his face, the grin showing his large canines, much like Scott's.

"Hello, Scott. My name's Dr. Henry McCoy."

"Dr. McCoy is a Geneticist and Biochemist, and would like to perform tests to see exactly what happened to you."

"Come," Dr. McCoy said,"I'll show you to your room."

Scott, Simba, and Dr. McCoy walked through the halls of the X-Mansion. Simba kept sniffing Dr.McCoy and wagging his tail. "Why, hello my furry friend!" Dr. McCoy knelt down and began to pet Simba.

"His name's Simba." Scott said to Dr. McCoy. "Oh," Dr. McCoy said,"Speaking of names, You can call me Beast. Everyone else does." Beast gave a light chuckle and stood up to address Scott. "He looks very intelligent."

Scott looked skeptically down at Simba. "I wish." Simba nudged Scott hard.

Beast laughed,"I think that explains everything."

The three continued walking through the halls. "Oh, yeah. You know how everyone has names here? Well, I kinda came up with my own." Beast looked intrigued. "Well, LEt's hear it."

"Most people probably won't get it, but I've come up with Cryo-Wolf." Scott eagerly awaited Beast's response.

"Ah yes, a name that combines both of your powers. The Cryo- of course being from Cryogenics?" Scott nodded, happy Beast had understood it. "Of course, a mind of your caliber has to know of Cryogenics. I like the name. You should keep it."

The three arrived at Scott's room. Beast opened the door and scott walked inside. The walls were blank, there was a T.V., a bed, and a Window overlooking the grounds out back. "Cool." Scott said smiling.

"Oh and, by the way,"Beast said from the door way,"I'm your science teacher. Be late for my class, you'll get extra homework. Be at my lab in half an hour, we'll start the tests then.....Cryo." Beast grinned and closed the door.

Scott plopped down on the bed and let out a sigh. Simba jumped up beside him and said. So, we're here. What do we do now?

Scott looked around at the blank walls. Redecorate. Scott flipped open is suitcase and revealed tons of posters and his PS2.

Scott had finished about 20 minutes later. Posters lined the walls, and he was playing Kingdom Hearts II on his PS2. Aren't you supposed to be at that Beast's lab soon?

Scott looked at his clock by his newly made bed. Oh, Snap! Yeah! Scott shut off his PS2 and flew out through the door. Wait up! Simba ran out after him.

Scott had been walking for about 5 minutes before he realized, Beast didn't give him directions. *Ok, How do I find his lab? Pull over and ask for directions?"

What I always do to find something, Simba said,is try and pick up their scent. Everything gives off a scent, and animals can smell things better than humans. Try it!

Scott shurgged and closed his eyes. He began to sniff the air and smelled lots of different smells. One reminded him of beast, and he couldn't figure out why. He followed the scent throughout the halls, the scent getting stronger with every step.

Scott steppe into Beast's lab still sniffing the air. He opened one of his eyes to see the lab, and Beast looking at him, writing things down on a clipboard. "I knew it."

Scott walked up to Beast and said,"Knew what?"

Beast looked at him and said,"Knew you had strong senses. Your powers are like mine, you can smell things and hear even the tiniest things. That was the first test. Now, transform into your werewolf form, I want to see what it looks like."

Scott transformed into his werewolf form and howled. The howl caused Beast to cover his ears, it was so loud. "Ok, I guess you have a super-sonic howl as well." Beast wrote something else on his clipboard. "Ok, let's begin."

Beast tested Scott on his strength, speed, any physical attribute. He even tested his claws' sharpness and durablility. After all of those tests, Beast took a sample of his blood. "Now, I'm going to check your DNA for any anomalies." Beast set the blood sample under a microscope and turned back to clean up Scott's arm, but the puncture was already healed. "Healing Factor." Beast said as he wrote something down on his clipboard.

Beast looked into the microscope and gasped. "Why, I've never seen anything like this. You have two sets of DNA within your own body. The Wolf DNA has been added to your own,merging them but also keeping them separate, making you seem like a werewolf and giving you werewolf-like abilities. I can't explain it." Beast looked up from the microscope and down to his clipboard. "And, you said It was a Stark Global machine that did this to you?" Scott nodded. "Hmm.....Super Human Animal Remoloecularization Pod. Yes, I heard about that. Reports say that all tests failed, except for you. You are the super-soldier that Stark was trying to design. It's amazing. I'll do some more research and get back to you later."

Scott waved goodbye and left for his room. He lay down on his bed and said to Simba,I think I'm going to like this school.

Beast entered Professor Xavier's office. "Professor?"

"Yes. Come in, Hank."

"Professor, I need to talk to you about Scott. His DNA.....it's unstable, and I don't know what the side effects will be. He has two sets of DNA in him, and the wolf DNA has the power to overpower Scott's at anytime when he can lose control of his powers or when he is in a serious emotional state."

"Hmm.....Yes. I suspected he would be different." The Professor said,"Keep observing him for the time that he's here. We need to know what he can really do."

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Some one came up from behind Erik grabbing him and lefting him into the air. Eriks tried to get losse but was unable to he kicked and kicked.

"Hold still you little shit" Man

The Man carried erik back to the road where his mother and father layed on the ground faces to the earth.

"Father Mother whats going on"

The man threw down erik and kicked him once in the side. Erik could feel the pain but did not cry out he looked back at the man then closed his eyes drifting into a deep sleep. When he awoke he was in the back of a large truck. Erik tried to move but he was tied to the truck. he quickly looked around him his mother and father sat beside on another across from him. His father looked very sad and his mother looked like see had been crying alot.

"Father where are we"

"I don't know son but everythings going to be fine" Father

Erik looked around a few other people where in the truck to but he did not know any of them. Suddenly the truck came to a sudden stop.

"Alright all of you get up and get out" Soldier

Two soilders climbed into the truck un hooking everyone from the truck to each other. Everyone began getting out of the truck. Erik jumped down from the truck and hit the ground he stood there looking around amazed and scared at what he saw.

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James:Now are you going to tell me what happen or are my freinds going to have to get it out of you.

James's claws are right at Darkchild's throat

Well i guess i have no choice now do i shorty

James: No.... and what did i tell you about that

Darkchild: Well you take your own personal chop sticks out of my throat and i wont have to be rude now will I

James redraws his claws

James: Well?


Darkchild tells Wolverine about all of what happen to him in the last 4 years.

James: Well bub that sounds pretty good except for the fact their hasnt ever been an army base at where you told me.

Darkchild: I am not the lying type and i know you smell bullsh!t so why would i lie.

James: The only thing that was ever their was Wea.. nevermind it makes no difference. So are you going to tell me why your body is only covered in black on your left side.

Darkchild: That i really dont have a clue. And if i did i wouldnt lie to you, your the only soul up here in the real world thats given me a second glance.

James: Well i know where ya coming from kid and you remind me of an old freind. (Remembers times with Jubilee) but thats another day. So i guess its time to get you a job.

Darkchild: So are you going to tell me why you have a yellow and black spandex suit in the closet?

James:...... Old memories you will find out sooner or later

Darkchild: Whats with the ears? was it a costume.

James: just cause i like you doesn't mean you are free from getting your ass kicked bub.

Alright ill stay away from that topic

The two walk out of the apartment going to Darkchilds first day at his new job

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Mike turned around, and walked into the forest. He concentrated on the next county over. He would have to start running. Amidst in his thoughts, a loud scream came from behind him. He jumped, and turned around to see a girl, about his age, grasping a towel over herself. Mike looked around, and he had suddenly found himself in someone's shower room. "Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, sorry, not my fault. Sorry." Mike panicked, and suddenly found himself in darkness. "Wha..? Oh, why bother." He pressed his ear against a door, and heard a large man asking questions. "Are you alright sweetie?" "Dad, I'm fine, I swear, I just found a spider on the wall." Someone entered the room, and there were some ruffling noises. Then they sat on the bed. "I know your in there. Go ahead and come out." Mike looked through a key hole, and saw the girl staring at the door. He pushed forward, and fell out, in a pile of clothes, a pink bra on his head. "Uhh, hi." Mike waved, throwing the clothes back in the closet. "Soo, how'd you do that?" she whispered. "I think I teleported in, wait, how'd you know I was in the closet?" She smiled, "I read your thoughts. My name's Kate."

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Zaraki felt his muscles tighten up as he prepared to run. His back and arms stiffened up and he could feel the blood rush to his face. He looked at the two for a long second and began to lift a foot.

"Wait." Mai spoke this time, her eyes turning red and her face tensing up. "Don't leave."

"I'm sorry, you must..." Zaraki began to lie.

"You are my brother aren't you?" Reku implored, tears treatening to stain her face with smeared eye liner. "Why have you been gone for so long?"

Zaraki looked at the two. They were trembling and he couldn't help but blame himself for their sorrow.

"I wanted you to live and to live happily." Zaraki finally exhaled to the two of them. "I left when I realized I loved you too much to see you suffer because we had too many mouths and not enough money for all four of us."

Zaraki hung his head in shame and felt the sadness in his heart creeping into his eyes. He stood with his hands clenched and his jaw tightened. He was starting to feel numb. Suddenly a hand reached through the darkness of the moment and grabbed his shoulder. It squeezed lightly and then slid, dragging the arm it was attached to, around his shoulders and neck. He felt the arm hug him softly, the he felt a second set of arms wrap around him from the other side of his neck. When Zaraki looked up Mai had come over and wrapped her arms around his neck, and then Reku had followed after her mother. He didn't know what to do, he just stood there for a second and then reched back and hugged their heads to his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were all happy."

Mai's hand hit roughly against his cheek. Zaraki looked back.

"Do you know how terribly sad we have been since you left? We may have been poor, but we were happy to have you both." Mai was still crying, bt she wasn't angry, she was just so sad, she didn't know what else to say. "It could have worked out, you just had to wait it out."

"How long was it before Dad was able to get a job that could accomadate all of us again?" Zaraki asked darkly. "I know it was only two more weeks before Reku was in the hospital and only a few days after that he finally had a job. Then there was the time until he got his first check. Dad was an great man from what I saw, but the real world was hard on him, and he didn't deserve that. I just couldn't bear to come back and have to risk seeing you guys like that again."

"It's alright." Reku sobbed into his chest. "Just come home. We have enough to survive off of until we both move out and mom grows grey. I know it is what Dad would have wanted."

"I..." Zaraki stopped the look of heart broken sadness he had just seen him made hm stop. "I just want you both to be happy. When can I come back?"

They both laughed and lujnged back to his neck, hugging him fiercely. Mai kissed hi fore head and Reku sobbed violently with her face buried in his shirt. He smiled. He knew that these were tears of happiness and he was glad to see them both happy again.

"Come home now. Don't worry about anything, we'll get yo new clothes and everything, just come home and come back to us." Reku stammered through her shuttering breathes.

"She is right, you should just come with us and we'll start over."

"Okay." Zaraki smiled as he looked into their faces as they smiled back. Suddenly he had a thought.

"How did you know it was me?" Zaraki asked.

"After you fought those boys last year. Your father was the detective their parents called to have you found. He put the information that they had given him together and eventually found you." Mai said as she rubbed her thumb against his cheek. "He knew it was you when he saw you because you look so much like your grandfather he said."

"He wanted to tell us, but he became very sick. He has been in the hospital for a year. When he was awake they were treating him, when they weren't treating him, he was under heavy sedation from the drugs." Mai continued. "When they realized all they could do was make him comfortable while he died he was able to coherently talk to us. He told us of what he had found out, but again, we didn't know until then. He told us you would be here if one of us were, so Reku stayed in school today and was late getting out so that you would have to wait until I got here." His mom was nearly blubbering.

"He was right." Zarki finihed for her and hugged her. "He wanted me to come home. SO I will."

Zaraki closed his eyes and listened to his soft breath for a second. When he opened them again his mother and sister were still giggling over the picture and his blushing as they walked away.

Zaraki sighed loudly and called after them. "Thanks I appreciate the help you guys have given me!"

Zaraki watched as they walked away. He could feel the sadness creeping into his face again. He hated when he had such vivid daydreams.
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So James what does this job entail hmmm?

James: Lifting and throwing big bricks, their is also a furnace that isn't working that used to be a great place to work becuase i was actual work.

Well.... Maybe i can fix it.

DC snaps his fingers and lights his finger on fire

James:.... um yes thats very nice but its much bigger than a lighter flame moron.

Ok dickhead.

DC turns his whole left body into flames.

This is something i learned last night in my dreams. When im in my dreams my powers are much easier to control and i train in them somehow, and when i wake up i am in better control of them. I know i have more powers because of the... poor souls i permanently absorbed their powers from. I just wish i could find who they were and tell their families im sorry.I know i have super strenght because of the way my body feels, i have what looks like a metallic body when i get angry.But thats a day to talk about another day. hey maybe we can train to see what ya got huh James.

James: Yeah bub, only if you want to be in a world of hurt.

Yeah well i think i would be more of a fight than you think shorty.

James: What did i tell you about that.. shrimp.

Little man ahh hell you didnt

DC begins to try to hit James out of fun but they arrive at the site.

James: Here we are shrimp.

Stop with the shrimp stuff and why shrimp im much taller than you?

James: Yes in stature but not in smarts..their for you have the brains of a shrimp, now shut up here comes the boss.

What the hell.. oh..

Hello my name is Samson, nice to meet you...

Darkchild: Cordero or if thats too difficult to remember Corey is just fine.

Samson: Yes Corey will have to do since im horrible with foreign names.

Thats fine Sir.

Samson: The only people who i want calling me sir is my wife, and my children. And i dont get either of them to say it so you don't okay.

Yes ... Samson.

Samson: So James what is the guy good for?

James: Heavy lifting and what not but he thinks he can get the furnace to light again.

Samson: Oh do you... little cocky don't you think huh

No not at all sir... Samson.

Samson: Well you would need a great deal of heat to get the big girl going so go knock your self out. Just be careful you dont lite the site up okay.

Yeah no problem.

Be careful you dont want to kill yourself now do you

Darkchild hears the voice again.

Alright James quite with the voice.

James: What voice?

Ah never mind just direct me to the furnace alright.

You dont want to lite the place up

Shut up!

James: F#$# you too.

Sorry mate wasn't talking to you. This person has been following me whispering to me.

James: Umm shrimp their is no one around and their hasnt been since i met you?

But what about the voices at... Nevermind must be the time ive been away from the tunnels.

Darkchild heads to the furnace not realizing the voice is getting closer and closer to esacaping.

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Post Deleted.

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Darkchild is lead the the furnace.

WOW! James this thing is much bigger than a furnace that would power a house.

James: Well yeah bub it needs to power the entire site and a majority of the business we work in. It is that big for that very reason.

Alright well what do i need to do exactly? Why hasn't it been working for you guys?

James: Well it isn't igniting at all it needs to be constantly heated to power everything, we have been running on spare power but it wont last much longer if this thing isn't lite soon. The main thing it does is cycle the metal we use and turns it into molten metal which since it is so hot it powers the site. The site runs more on heat than electricity since the latter tends to die. .... Well so does the first doesn't it now.

You think you can do that shrimp?

Yeah im pretty sure i can take the temp of my powers high enough, I havn't ever made it get that hot before, just enough to melt tiny things. Well here goes nothing.

James: Well ill leave you to do that alright i got enough of a work schedule to worry about.

James leaves the room

Well lets get this started.

Darkchid charges his fire powers up


And Darkchild shoots the fire straight into the furnace pit in an attempt to ignite it.


Wait! Whats going on my powers are getting stronger....ahhh.. too much for me to control.

Im controlling them boy. You have no idea your potential so i will show you whether you like it or not


The voice in his head amplifies his powers and creating massive amounts of fire that engulf the furnace and start to over pour out of it.


The fire starts to turn to lava and starts shooting upward, creating a wall of fire all around Darkchild.


No boy if you are unwilling to use them to their potential then you don't deserve to have them ...DIE!!

THe lava bursts through the top of the furnace room blasting lava into the air.

Back at the site.

Worker: Somethings happening in the furnace room! Theirs lava pouring out of everydoor.

James turns around.


James runs to the Furnace room and stands out side.

(From inside)


James runs through the fire that had engulfed the doors.

James: What the hell... this is real fire it looked more like an illusion how can he do this.

James seems Darkchild at the base of the furnace with a wall of fire all around him

James: Gotta get the shrimp

James gets to Darkchild and sees the skin melting/burning off his body

James: Shrimp?

Help me James please

James reaches into the fire but is thrown back.

From the fire a demonic face appears

Unknown Face: You will not take him he will die here.

James: Oh you think so? Well I forgot to tell him I have been alive since WWI and i have a little trick.

James pushes through the face and the fire while the skin on his body burns and heals it self at the same time


James grabs Darkchild and is fulled with images similar to his own memories, an army base and men who wanted the kid as a weapon.

James: Well ill ask that when we get out.

James brings Darkchild from the building in time before it collapses in upon itself.

Darkchild: Well looks like i screwed it up hahahacough cough

James: You need to absorb some of my powers kid, alright ill be fine nothing has killed me yet and i doubt it if you will be the one to do it.

Darkchild: But what if.....

James: You wont dont worry just do it, you dumba$$ little shrimp


And in that bit of anger, Darkchild absorbed a portion of James's healing abilities .

Darkchild: Guess ill be out for a ...

And Darkchild falls asleep.

James: Im going to take you somewhere were we can figure out what is wrong with you.

James: So Chuck any improvements?

Xavier: Looks like he will do fine once he wakes from his dream

James: Dreams?

Xavier: Yeah he is fighting something in his dreams. He keeps screaming Ginju

too be continued.....

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Tlieso's Story

The sound of a single footstep woke the young girl from her sleep. Pulling the covers up over her head she feigned sleep as a old woman shuffled into the room. "Miss? Young miss you must get up" the woman said as she set down the tray she was carrying.

The muffled reply that came from the covers was met with a swat from the elderly woman. "That is enough sass from you Miss. Now get out of bed before you're late for school."

Wincing as her foot touched the cold marble floor Tlieso smiled at the woman as she was handed a cup of tea. "Mmm oolong my favorite, Thank you Shinju." Sipping her tea she walked into her bathroom to prepare for school.

Walking down the hallway she heard a noise coming from the closet & stopped. "I know you're in there Nobu so you may was well come on out cause you're not going to surprise me."

As the teen boy stepped out of the closet scowling, she stuck her tongue out at him & raced down the steps. Easily out distancing him she turned to make a comment when she ran into something. Looking up from the floor the man she had run into looked down at her sternly. "Young lady, what have I told you about teasing your brother?"

"Not to get caught?" she replied with a grin.

Giggling as he picked her up, "Hi Daddy. How was work? Did you kill anyone?"

"Young ladies do not ask those kind of questions."

"Fine, I need to go to school anyways" she pouted.

"Whatever am I going to do with you?" he asked as he set her down, "Now get to school."

As she ran downstairs to the waiting car he called to her brother, "Nobu we must speak." Standing before the young man he said "Master Ichoban tells me that you have failed Sojutsu yet again. Have I not made it clear to you how important this is? You are my flesh & blood & I am very disappointed in you."

He turned & walked away from his son & wondered what would become of him. As he walked past the window he saw his stepdaughter gesturing angrily at their driver & pointing at the closed car door. He smiled as he watched the little girl get into the car whose door was now being held open for her. "My little Oni"

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Inside Darkchilds dream

Darkchild:What are you?

My Name is Ginju and i am a part of you... the better part in my eyes. I am that evil that will soon turn you. I am what caused your right side of your body to turn black.

Darkchild: When did you get inside my head?

Ginju: Oh child you are so naive I have been in your head from the beginning, from the day you were born. You were destined for greatness, to become a evil the world has never known. I hid myself hoping that you would turn when you manifested powers..yet you never did. But thanks to the morons at the army base you do now. And my my are they quite a addiction. Ginju creates a ball of darkness around his hands See i can do things you only dream about, i have much more control. All you need to do is submit to me.

Darkchild: I will never become you ever, and yes Caliban saw me as a potential evil, yet he also saw within that evil i will become it necessary for me to become it. I will never kill for no reason like you tried to do earlier.

Ginju: Oh really well lets see if you can even beat me. Ginju vanishes and appears behind Darkchild Oh child you are so slow.

Ginju swings his fist at Darkchild from behind him.

Darkchild catches the swing. and turns to face him.

Darkchild: Oh my freind you are the naive one

And Darkchild punches Ginju right in the ribs.

Ginju flies into the air and lands on the ground.

Ginju: Seems you are much stronger in here doesn't it, But you have no control over your powers. Also i know who the mutants you absorbed the powers from were.

Before Darkchild connects with Ginju's face he stops.

Darkchild: Who were THEY!!

Ginju: X-men!!

Darkchild: No you are lying.

Ginju: No not at all i can name everyone off. Your metallic skin and super strength are from the one called Colossus, your fire powers from Sunfire, your super speed Northstar,your abilite to create darkness is from me i let you have it because the power over darkness is the one thing that corrupts even the best of people.

Darkchild: X-men? That cant be... does James know.

Ginju: Yes

Darkchild: NO!!!! This cant be. You made it so it killed them, the absorption didn't you.

Ginju: Well yes i did made it more fun.

Darkchild: YOU WILL PAY!!!!

Darkchild starts to power-up and his whole body becomes black

in a deep voice Darkchild says one thing


and before Ginju could react Darkchild was behind him.

Darkchild: I would like to thank you, by telling me the truth you have allowed me to become more powerful, if only for the time being in my head. I will use every second to make you non-existent in my world.

And Darkchild creates a orb of darkness in his left hand and a orb of fire in his right.

Darkchild: Lets see how fire and darkness mix shall we

And Darkchild fires both blasts at once hitting Ginju in the chest and sending him flying.

Ginju stands up.

Ginju: hmm that hurt.. this may be more fun that anticipated

Ginju charges Darkchild

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Zaraki sat outside the small store. It was starting to rain outside, but he didn't care. He actually liked the rain. It cleared his thoughts and drove away the loneliness. Zaraki loved how there were thousands of rain drops, like thousands of visitors stopping to say hello, and then introducing their friends.

"Sir." The quite voice of the girl behind the counter called out to him. "Sir your pictures are done."

"Lucy, you don't have to call me sir, we're in the same class." Zaraki sighed at the blonde girl.

He looked at Lucy and realized how different she looked out of uniform. Almost kinda cute he noted.

Lucy was the daughter of an American who had moved to Japan and married a woman who moved here when her business needed to relocate. He father was a detective, he actually worked with Zaraki's dad before the police force went through their lay offs. Her mother was the head consultant for a computer graphics firm that was known to help with some of the buggest titles in the video game market. Lucy stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the other girls. She was taller, had blonde hair, a sprinkling of freckles and smiled a lot. Zaraki had met her when he first ran away. He had never told her that he had run away, but she had figured it out a long time ago. Lucy was a smart girl, who had known for a long time that being a true friend to Zaraki meant never asking him for a favor, or letting him know you were unhappy.

Lucy saw the kind of bedazzled look on Zaraki's face and blushed. She lowered her head slightly and tugged absent mindedly at on of her short pig- tails. Zaraki liked the way her hair looked, he even told her once. He felt guilty about maybe influencing her. It had occured to him once that she might have a crush on him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean no harm." She was smiling quitely as she spoke.

"No need to apologize, I know you mean well." Zaraki could feel his cheeks turning red as he talked to her. "You are a sweet person Lucy, don't let people like me ruin that for the world."

"Oh, you're not ruining anything." Lucy shyly muttered. "I just get a little absent minded sometimes."

"It's okay Lucy. You were just worrying about someone else weren't you." Zaraki walked up to the counter and pulled out his wallet.

Lucy saw the red and bruised knuckles from his fight earlier. She frowned and put her hand on the back of his hand that was reaching into the wallet.

"You should stay with us tonight." Lucy pleaded. "It's miserable and the weather is horrible. My mom and brother are in California visiting some family and their American office." Dad won't mind, he still thinks you name is Yu Lang."

Zaraki looked Lucy in the eyes and started to open his mouth, but she continued on.

"Don't make me ask as a friend, you know how much I hate doing that to you." Lucy's eyes were looking glassy at this point. "you'll be staying in Walter's room and dad left for work twenty minutes ago. He has a twelve hour shift so he won't even know that you were there."

"Lucy." Zaraki started, but his heart was feeling weak when he looked inte her eyes. "Alright."

Zaraki almost whispered it to her. Lucy brightened up instantly and looked at Zaraki's bag he had with him.

"Plus you could do your laundry for free." Lucy smiled at Zaraki, feeling more confident now that she didn't have to fear his rejection.

"I guess that is a plus, Lucy." Zaraki smiled weakly at his friend and added. "I hope you don't mind sweaty socks smell on the way to your house."

"I don't mind, as long as you are happy and safe I feel better." Lucy suddenly clamoed her hands over her mouth and took in a deep sharp breath. She was afraid she had said too much this time.

"Hahahahah!" Zaraki laughed. "You're as bad as me when it comes to being nice to people you care for."

He really wanted to blurt out to Lucy what he thought to her, but she was the only friend he had, and he didn't want to risk losing her. Lucy seemed to relax and dismiss what she said, but Zaraki could feel his stomach knot up at the thought of telling Lucy how wonderful he thought she was.

"We're kind of two of a kind aren't we?" Lucy was looking like she was standing alone and unsheltered from whatever Zaraki may say next.

He was taken aback by how profound the statement sounded.

"I guess we are like Yin and Yang in some aspects and in others we're a reflection of one another." Zaraki suddenly grew quite too.

"You know, we are hiring here." Lucy smiled feebly. "You could make some money and not have to worry about fighting to survive, you could just fight for fun. You could save up your money and get a cheap apartment too."

"Plus I could spend some more time with my friend." Zaraki was pushing it he thought.

"I would like that." The two smiled at each other for a second, then laughed nervously.

'Ahhhh! to be young and in love.' The though came through Doombringer's mind as he sat across from the store and watched the two teens flirt. 'If I wait long enough I may be able to get a bonus meal when daddy gets home tomorrow.'
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Ginju's fist connects with Darkchilds face

Darkchild: That all the power you can muster.

and with lightning speed DC grabs Ginju by the throat and lifts him off the ground.

I want you to feel all the pain that those people i absorb their powers from felt, when you pushed my powers over the limit and killed them.

Darkchild fills Ginju with enouugh Darkness to blot out the sun.

These are the pain and agony that they went through you a$$hole.

Ginju screams in agony, and then starts to laugh.

Ginju: You think if you destroy me here in your mind you will be rid of me for good, even if you do kill me i will return and i will take all of what you work for.EVERYTHING!!!! YOU HEAR ME,EVERYTHING!!!

Darkchild: Shut it you parasite.

and Darkchild snaps Ginjus neck.

Darkchild: And just to be safe

Darkchild burns Ginju's body until the only thing left are ashes.

Darkchild: Time to wake up from this nightmare.

Back in the real world


James and Charles rush into the room to see Darkchild hunched over in tears.

James: Whats wrong kid?

I killed them i killed all of them, they were hero's and i killed them.

Charles: WHO?

Darkchild: THE X-MEN!!!!!

And Darkchild continues to cry and scream with grief.

James walks to Darkchilds bed.

James: We have all done things we were in no control of or did not enjoy. Trust me kiddo.

Darkchild: But they were your friends and i killed them.

Charles comes forward

Charles: NO child you did not kill them, you were talking throughout your dream, it was your other half who did it. He pushed your powers over the limits and he killed them. You only absorbed their powers he killed them.

Darkchild: How can I make this right?

Charles: Use the powers you gained from them for the right reasons, no matter what i have done some of my students have strayed, but they have always done what was necessary, be it killing or not they did what was right in that moment. And if you abide by that knowledge anything you do in the future will be for the right reasons.

We will train you in your powers. The powers you have absorbed from them are now permanent, but the ones you absorb from now on will fade. The only new one i can tell that hasn't faded in the least is the power you received from James.

Darkchild looks at James

James: Guess your stuck with me either way right bub?

Darkchild smiles.

3 hours later

Darkchild is standing at the window looking at the sunset

James walks into the room

James: SO what are you thinking about?

Darkchild: If i get a ugly costume like you use to have, because if i do im going to jump out of this window right now.

Both of them laugh

James: Not everyones that lucky.

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Once upon a time there was a deity who wanted something to do, she was bored, she was all that there was and she was in darkness and felt very alone.

As near as she could tell, it had been dark for a very long time, since she had just invented time, she had a pretty good idea. So she decided she wanted to see what was about so she said, "Let there be light." and there was light, and it was good, but still rather boring. Now she could see the entire nothing around her.

Since she was alone she decided that she didn't need to be, since she was a deity she could do whatever she wanted. So she split in half and each half formed a whole. She looked at her opposite and noted how it was different, as it was examining her. She realized in that moment she had defined herself as she now had a reference for comparison.

The new being regarded her and said "We were one..." she completed the statement. "...now we are two." The two joined together once more in an act of union, and created a world. She looked down upon their creation and simply said, "Earth", he looked upon her and their creation, their Earth, smiling.

They watched with great interest Earth grew, the first life upon their creation was very small it was only a single cell, but it existed to consume energy and it was quite efficient in that, but it quickly gave way to more complex life, soon certain forms of life became good at collecting energy from the great source of light to grow, but even more complex life followed certain creatures learned to move about and hunt for food be it stationary or moving itself.

Eventually the creatures who made their homes in what became known as the forest gave rise to very complex life, these creatures lived in trees and were quite adept at climbing, these eventually gave rise to life that no longer belonged in the forest... these creatures began to build homes of their own away from all other creatures like themselves and in their hubris imagined themselves wholly separate and much closer to the creator than the others forms of life.

They began to lose sight of the natural order of co-existing with others and quickly began to tear down the forest that had birthed them for shelter or fuel, they consumed at a similar rate to the first form of life on Earth, which existed simply to consume. This was Man.

The Earth itself responded, it created new life that had the natural coexistence with everything, but the aggression of those that they were made to watch. The land gave rise to Centaurs, Lycanthropes, and Satyrs and other of their ilk.

Charged with ensuring that Mankind not lose it's way these creatures spent became worshipped themselves by certain sects of Mankind as aspects of nature, but other sects made war against them.

Mankind quickly began to out populate their sentries and under a gross deception totally corrupted the stories of the creators handed down from generation to generation. Suddenly their Earth-Mother was a Man. Mankind made war in his name not only on their sentries but on each-other as well.

In the massacres that followed the Centaurs were hunted to extinction. The Satyrs were nearly all wiped out, when their groves were destroyed or turned into churches. The Lycanthropes who could disguise themselves as humans suffered badly but survived nonetheless.

Knowing that some survived, mankind began to tell stories of the vanquished, how terrible and evil they were. Lycanthropes became known as the Werewolf who stalked defenseless children at night to eat them. Satyrs became known as demons, their form was taken to be that of mankind's (and the creator's) primary adversary, the Devil.

The few Satyrs that survived hid and were taught to shape-change by their allies, the Lycanthropes, added to their gift of illusion, they could persevere. They lived among the humans for millennia. One such Satyr known only as Satyrquaze began to travel the world after his grove in the land that he becomes known as Greece was destroyed.

He moved on to Norway to live among the last vestiges of civilized people who were not actively hunting him in the name of the One-True-God. He was forced to keep moving constantly. When the opportunity came to explore the very edge of the world, he took it gladly.

He boarded a Longboat along with many of the Bear clan of the Lycanthropes and discovered a new land. Satyrquaze settled there and continued moving. Forming relationships with the mankind there that basis for religion was not paranoia and guilt or pitchforks and torches, but a spiritual one-ness with nature.

He could not stay with them, not how much he wanted to as found himself drawn to the south...

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In the beging Barry Allen was just a lab tech with dagree's. But one day one slow crawling stormy day...

LIGHTING Fell from the sky and struck the ground. Then with one loud CRACK A bolt of lighting hit Barry in the chest throwing him into a rack of chemicul's casing his molicule's to change and vibrate.

Then after barry found out he had new abilites he became...... (THE FLASH)

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Darkchild: Alright what now Professor, i have no clue how this all works?

Charles: Their will be no battling any drones today, i want you to test your powers alright. I want you to focus on one power now just one and then use it alright?

Darkchild focuses on his super strength.

Charles: Did you find it all by itself yet?

Darkchild: Yes?

Charles: Release it now.

and at that moment Darkchild does, and not only does his strength increase something else happens.

Darkchild: What is happening?

Darkchild turns into metal just like it did for Piotr.

Darkchild: What is this?

Charles: Its an attribute you absorbed from Colossus. Looks like you sometimes absorb attributes of the person you absorb from

Charles thinks to himself. * Its almost scary how much it looks like Piotr, if he can absorb attributes too, we may have a problem.*

Charles: Now while still using that power find another of your powers and unleash it.

Darkchild thinks for a second and then he is across the room in a flash.

Darkchild: WOOOOOOOOH!

Darkchild slams into the wall.

James steps up behind

James: Looks like the kid found, Jean Paul's powers, kinda funny seeing them all again. You think he can use them all at once?

Charles turns off the com link

Charles: Yes James, it looks as if he can use any of the powers he absorbs at anytime. But the ones he absorbs in the future will fade. The powers he has now will eventually but they are fading very slowly. It also seems that his absorbed powers are almost ten fold the power they were when their owners used them. But i wont teach him how to use them that way.

Charles turns around and turns the com link back on.

Charles: Alright one more alright. I want you to focus on the remaining of your powers and bring them out at the same time.

Darkchild: I dont think i can do that Prof.

Charles: I do my son, you have almost unlimited potential and mastering your skills is what is going to keep you alive.

Darkchild: Alright?

Darkchild focuses on his fire and dark powers, and when he unleashes both his body turns completely black.

Charles: Darkchild? Are you still their?

Darkchild: in a deeper voice Yeah why wouldn't i be?

Charles: No reason, Alright thats it for the day Darkchild, you can turn stop using your powers.

Darkchild tries to stop his powers but something inside is trying to escape.


Darkchild: It feels like something is growing inside me!

Charles looks at his scanners to see a surge of power is building up inside Darkchild.

Charles: Jams GET DOWN!!

And in an instant Darkchild explodes.

Charles and James get up and look down at what is left of the Danger room.


And then a figure walks out of the dust.

cough cough

Darkchild: What the hell just happend Charles

Charles looks at his scanners.

Charles: Looks like the use of your powers overtime, creates excess energy in your body and you need to release it from time to time. Guess this was one of those times.

Darkchild: Sorry for the Danger room.

Charles: No need child it repairs itself , You think after training with James i wouldn't have built a repairing system. You can leave now , you may return to your room

And his way to his room Darkchild passes a very attractive women.

Women: What you looking at Darky, huh see something you like

Darkchild: Umm no.. i mean your very pretty i was just... Im sorry for staring.

Women: No problem, i tend to get that.

the women walks away

James walks up behind Darkchild

James: So see you have met Lydia huh. Boy stop staring. She is one of the human students on campus. She isn't the type for mutants. So you might lay off alright.

Darkchild: James shut it im not like that i just like looking at a nice a$$ alright im a butt man so get over it.

James: Good lord you are the type to get your heat broken aren't you

Darkchild: Maybe

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Zaraki woke up in a dead heat. He could feel the sheets and blankets tangled around his legs and felt like he was being sufficated by some ungodly pressure in the house.

He shoved the blankets off of him violent and sat at the edge of the bed. He took several deep breathes and thought to himself.

'Father used to warn me about these kinds of feelings.' Zaraki shook his head and then froze. 'Lucy!'

Zaraki sprang from the bed and ran into the hall. He looked up and down the hall and saw Lucy's door sitting wide open. Zaraki padded down the hallway bare footed. As he walked my an umbrella stand he gabbed the longer pointy looking umbrella. As he reached the door he reached up and himself againast a wall and looked inside.

Suddenly the room was alive with the sounds of battle. Zaraki looked inside and saw a man in a black fuedal Japan komono and a beastial monster. The man had short cropped hair and a small tatoo his forehead. It read, 'Hit Me.' Zaraki watched as the monster, covered in a leathery skin would use one of it's four arms to strike at the man. The warrior was doing an excellent job avoiding too close of combat with the beast, but it was still holding a size and number advantage. Zaraki knew instantly what the monster was.

'A Hollow.' Zaraki thought. 'It must have sensed me and followed us. Father always did tell me my spirit power could be trouble if I didn't hide it.'

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Lucy's bed. She was asleep still, uneffected by the fight. Zaraki sighed with relief, that meant she had supressed her power like his father had taught he a long time ago.

Without warning the monster roared and lunged at the man. It was too quick, before he could defend it had sank it's teeth into his throat. Zaraki knew that him and Lucy would be sitting ducks if something didn't happen soon. Zaraki didn't wait.

He sprung from hiding and jabbed the end of the umbrella into the moster's left eye. It gave a bellow and released the Soul Repeaper it was begining to devour. Zaraki kicked off and grabbed the man's sword and went to pull it away.

Zaraki felt the large fist slam into the side of his ribs, sending Zaraki into the wall, crumpling on impact.

'He wouldn't let go of the sword. Zaraki thought to himself as he looked at the dying man. That was our only hope, and I don't think that the Hollow will give me a second chance to retrieve it.

*So you though you would get the drop on Doombringer did you?" Zaraki saw the bone white mask look at him and smile. It had six eye holes and a long jagged line for it's mouth, it's body gave a faint green glow around it's edge.

Zaraki felt the contents of the closest dresser to him fall onto him, burying him under some of Lucy's stuufed animals and note books she kept emaculant notes from her classes in. As the last of the animals landed Zaraki saw the Hollow stand on it's legs and reach back to prepare to give him a death blow. Zaraki tried to will his body to move, but the pain that was in his ribs was too much and his breathing made his whole body shutter and stop.

Zaraki closed his eyes. Was this really how he was gonna die, afraid, unable to help the people he cared for, and alone with no one to remember he had even existed.

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DC walks away from James and starts to think about Lydia

Darkchild: Hmm i wonder if i even have a chane, someone like her is one of those unatainable goals. Sometimes the best things in life are difficult. Wonder what it will....

And DC bumps into a student.

Ahh and the student creates a force field around himself.

Darkchild: Oh im sorry man wasnt lookin where i was going. So your kinda small....Darkchild looks down at the student

Student: And your kinda a moron right?

Darkchild: Sorry i tend to think before i speak, im oblivious to others feelings sometimes. So what is your name....

Student: Jordan.. Jordan Gedmin.

Darkchild: Ok thats your real name what is your code name?

Jordan: Dont have one moron i am just a student not a member like you.

Darkchild: I'm not a member yet jordan, im like you more of a peon.

Jordan: Oh really.. well that changes everything

Darkchild: I sense a bit of sarcasm...

Jordan: Oh well big man aint a moron after all.

Darkchild: Wait... i

Jordan: Guess i was wrong.

jordan begins to walk away

Darkchild grabs jordan by the shoulder.

Jordan: It would be for your physical health to remove your hand

Darkchild: And if i dont, all i wanted to do was apolo..

Jordan lands a left hook that sends Darkchild through the wall and into the courtyard.

Darkchild: WHAT THE HELL DUDE! I was only trying to apologize you little wank.

Jordan jumps from the hole in the wall onto the courtyard

Jordan: Yeah and all i was trying to do was mind my own buisiness and then you bumped into me, making the already sh!tty day even more of one.

The air around jordan starts to crackle, and his eyes start to shine a golden yellow

Jordan: So you going to stand their or are you going to make this difficult.

Darkchild: The latter.

And DC and Jordan fight fist to fist

5 hours later

Darkchild:pant pant Your kinda strong for a little guy?

Jordan:cough cough And your highly skilled for a moron.

Both power down and stand in front of each other.

Darkchild: So?

Jordan: So what?

Darkchild reaches his hand out to Jordan

Jordan: And what is this?

Darkchild: Well when most people meet someone they like or are interested in they shake hands.

Jordan: Hmm so you like me? Why would you i am a a$$hole?

Darkchild: Hmm i see your just that tiny little nerd in the corner of the room wanting to be something bigger. And i know what you feel like because believe it or not i was that little nerd. Not a powerful mutant.

And Darkchild reaches out again, and Jordan grabs his hand and they shake each others hand.

Darkchild: So Brother whats your name?

Jordan: Roto, i picked it out my self yours.

Darkchild: My name is Darkchild, but if you would like it is Cordero

Roto: Hmm Cordero, well lets go get some food i hear the food here is great.

Darkchild: Yeah, James told me it was but he will eat almost anything.

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About 20 years ago...

Uk-Ket was an average officer in the Krypton’s Military, when he was order to take a fleet of men to Tamaran for peace keepings among a fellow planet. He rounded up a 20 men and had them board his ship. With their superior alien technology, they were able to make the trip to Tamaran in a few days.

Upon arrival on Tamaran, they were greeted by the peaceful people of Tamaran. A group of Tamaraians were told to treat the Kryptonians as kings while they stayed here. It was then that Uk-Ket met Chi’r. Chi’r was a young Tamaraian woman who was making sure the Kryptonians stay was pleasant. Uk-Ket instantly fell in love with her. He would spend countless hours with her and she too fell for him.

After several weeks on Tamaran, Uk-Ket had to return home. But before he did Chi’r revealed that she was pregnant with his child. He told her that he would return as soon as he could but he had to return to Krypton though. So he left the woman he loved behind, but her memory was always on his mind.

Several months later, Tamaran received the news that Krypton had exploded. Chi’r was devastated to hear the news. She went into a state of depression, that would not go away. The only thing that cured it was the birth of her son, that she gave a Kryptonian name after his father. She named him Dro-Ket.
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Unknown to all, his mother was a corrupt celestial from the titan moon; that had undergone a radial mutation similar to the titan thanos. She escaped to earth with a genocide plan for vengeance. On earth she started a select bleeding and clan, and sent them out to intrate and finds others worthy. One of these worthy was Carl holder, not a human but a human superior that mutant gene allow him to self enlove to the next level and whose blood could not be clone and would die and disappear if in him or exposed outside his body. They actly sought him out for there empress but due his powers he was able to escape and hold out. Finally the empress try the direct approach and went straight to him, to her surprise Carl family also had a select standard and he agreed but only if he was allowed to raise the child and would only sire one ,which , the empress saw nothing wrong with.

*NINE months later sync was born

Madam he is a fine specimen indeed. His readings are off the know charts, the child has already tested well beyond hyperspace and time ability. My lord blood is strong indeed, you choose well a mate, madam.

“Throw him in the chamber and pit”

I beg your pardon madam??!! The pit is for undesirables and breeding ground for mutants rejects

Madam walks over from off the birth table, and punches her fist though the advisor face. “Anyone else wish to question my judgment, now do as I command!!!!!”

I do not follow your command madam,

“ yet you do not even object my mate, maybe you wish to see your son potential as well??”

NO, just that he will show you how much you waste you time on unnecessary acts.

She scuffed at how her mate was always cryptic, as hard as it was for her to believe such a weaken had the greatest genetic make up, much less a powerhouse in his own right, if only maybe he would see things her way

Just than a loud expolsion erupted though the pit followed by a ungodly cry.

It seems your son is hungry madam, go feed him.

It was one of the few times her mate could honestly score a mocking tone on her

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Octagon looked up at the girl. "Kate, I like that name. I'm Michael, but you can call me Mike." Kate looked into Michael's eyes. She bent forward, and began whispering into his ears. "Let's run away together. We're alike, you and I, and I think we could put our powers to good use." She smiled. She had a beautiful smile. She flipped back her blond hair, and walked over to her closet. She pulled out a small pink book bag, and put a few changes of clothes inside. And a swim suit. She'd never seen the ocean before, but thought it would be wonderful. She telekinetically pulled over a pad of paper and a pencil. She scribbled down a good-bye note, and Mike took her hand, and teleported her to the front lawn. She looked back, and wiped a tear from her eye. "Let's go." They ran down the street, and stopped at the corner. Kate read one of the signs posted on a telephone pole. "Wait, this is you," Kate said looking at Michael. Michael looked at the sign, and his image stared back at him. It read, "Missing, Michael Newton of Octagon City. If you have found my son, please contact us at this number." Kate looked at Michael. "So you ran away too, huh?" She help him close to her, so he could feel her breathing. "We'll make sure those people never get to you again." She gently pushed him back, and said, "So what were they like?" Michael stepped back, and sat on the ground. A car passed by, it's lights bright. "My mother was perfect. She loved me, and took care of me. I loved her so much, but one day, I hurt her. Hurt her really bad. I was pulling out a skillet for her, on the top shelf of the counter. I could barley reach it, and when I got a hold of it, it slipped from my hand. It fell, and crashed right into my mom's head. She lost most of her memory, and she didn't know who I was. She lost who see was. It was all my fault. So I ran to a gang, because my mom didn't know me. That wasn't right either, so I came here." Kate started crying. "That's so sad. I'm sorry, but what about your father?" A tear fell from his eye, "My father. He....he died in the street. He saved me from a car. I was playing in the street when I was little, because I didn't know any better. He died saving me. That was my fault too." The gem glowed red in his pocket, feeding off of his guilt and anger at himself....

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Nate had always been a fan of superheroes. He grew up a quiet life living in Northern California. He didn't have a ton of friends up with close with the ones he did have. He had wasn't exactly atheltic but wasn't nerdy either. He was just one of those average people that everyone knows but doesn't really stand out in any area. This is his story on how he finally stands out.

"Hey, Nate wait up." Jarrod said. Jarrod was Nate's best friends. They had been best friends for years now and almost do everything together. "So awsome we get to miss class to see some lab or something."

"Yeah I know. This being our Senior year I can't wait for it all to just get all over with."

"You two be quiet while they are showing you examples of work they are doing here." One of the teachers snapped at them.

"I need a someone to come up here so I can show you all something. You back there." The lab tech pointed at Nate.

Nate came up to the desk and waited to be told what to do. "I am about to take a chemical we had been working on out of this freezer. This freeze is kept at -130 degrees and it has been in here for 5 days now." The Lab Tech but on some gloves and picked it up a glass full of some orange glowing liquid. She set it on the desk infront of Nate. "I want you to touch it and tell us what you feel."

Nate stuck his hand out and touch the glass. Suprisingly it was very warm. "Its warm. How can it be warm?" He put his hand around it and could feel his body actually warming up from it.

"You see this chemical could be an energy source for all of ear..." At that moment, Nate bumped the glass over and it spilt over the table and went everywhere. Nate quickly stood up to avoid getting any on him but it was to late. It went on his arm but he quickly wipped it off on his pants and nobody say.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." Nate thought he was in alot of trouble.

"It didn't appear to get on anyone but I am going to have to ask you all to leave now."

"Nice going Nate! Now we have to go back to class." Jarrod said.

Later that day, on his way home from school Nate started feeling sick. He grabbed his stomach and ran home. His mom asked him what was wrong and he said he just needed to lay down. He went up to his room and laid on his bed until he went to sleep. He awoke several hours later feeling much better. He looked out his window and it was still dark out. He turn on his light and looked in the mirror.

"WHAT THE...What has happened to me!" Nate shouted. His whole body was cover in a hard silver-like material. "Oh, no I can't be seen like this." He climbed out his window and ran away.

More of this story will come later....

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Boy Darkchild and Roto walk back into the mansion, only to see James standing in he hole they created from their fight.

James stands their tapping his foot.

Darkchild: Oh haha well... we had a disagreement all it was i swe.. OW!

James smacks Darkchild in the head.

James: Well i guess you mess things up even when you dont use your powers. The Chuck wants to see you Darkchild

Roto tries to sneak off during Dark and James conversation.

James: And where the hell do you think your going?

Roto: Umm... Away?

James: Yeah right go with the Shrimp to see Chuck alright.

Roto: Alright cant disagree with you when you have that look on your face.

James: What look?

Roto: The same look you get whenever you hear the name Sabretooth.

James smiles

James: Well then you seen the look i give right after that correct?

Roto: Oh yeah alright im going.

Roto catches up to Darkchild

Roto: So, What do you think the Professor wants.

Darkchild: What do you think?

Roto: Nothing good.

The two arrive at the Professors office, and see a kid walk out of the office with a scowl on his face

Darkchild: Whats with you?

Kid: Bugger off!

Darkchild: Alright some people dont know how to be nice.

the kid creates an orb of energy in his hand

Kid: No i dont and these tend to be thrown whenever i get into an argument so you mind if you do what i told you and BUGGER OFF!

The kid walks away from them.

Darkchild: Who the hell was that Roto?

Roto: Jericho. The big a$$ of the school thinks he is real tough $h!t because he was on a solider.

Darkchild: What happen?

Roto: Dont know and personally dont care.

the professor rolls into the hall

Professor: So i hear you too, hit it off rather...well?

Darkchild: Yeah guess we did

Both laugh with hesitation.

Professor: I want you both to report to the Danger room tomorrow morning at 7:00 on the dot understand. Tardiness will result in expulsion.

Darkchild: Why do you want us in the danger room?

Professor: Well since you destroyed part of the mansion, so i have a chore for both of you to do.

Both sigh in the knowledge of how boring the next morning will be.

the Professor leaves the hallway to go back into his office.

Darkchild: Well i guess im going into my room now, since we wont have any sleep tomorrow im going to do that now. See you Roto.

Roto: See ya man

Darkchild arrives at his door to his room and sees Lydia again.

Darkchild imagines being with her and then shakes his head

Darkchild: Nah never gonna happen.

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Kate looked at Michael, "Well, well, guess we'll start running now. I've heard of a really great place for kids like us in New York. We should go up there." Michael looked at her. "If you really want to, we'll go. I really haven't gotten to used to this yet, but here goes." She looked at him curiously. Before she could say anything, a large platform appeared in front of them. "Hop on!" Michael extended his hand. Kate jumped up on this little platform, and it grew in size. They took off, and as soon as they did, Kate's parents went by in the car, looking for her. Michael lifted them up 100 feet in the air, and they took off. Michael felt a little more confident in his power, and made a small chair for Kate to sit in. She smiled at him, and he tried to pay attention to where he was going. They cruised over Indiana, and made their way into Ohio. Michael had to land, for it was late, and they found a little, abandoned barn, and stepped inside. It was a little colder in Ohio, so Kate slept close to Michael that night. The next thing he knew, Michael heard a loud click-like noise. He looked up and saw a man pointing a double-barrel shot gun in his face. "Git up," he said.

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