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Welcome to the city in the middle of nowhere. The only real inhabitants are us, but you don't know who we are.

You were kidnapped, put to sleep and once you were awaken, you are inside an unfamiliar city. You remember who you are, you know everything about yourself but you don't remember on which side you were on, because in this city there are no sides. You have no powers, at best, you're an Olympic level athlete, nothing more. The city is populated with life, but you cannot get out of it, there are borders which do not let anyone pass and for some reason, nobody else can see them but you. You are free to do whatever you want, just remember that you have no powers. Sounds boring right? Don't fret just yet, here is the twist. There are no sides, no good, no evil or no neutral. You may act on the instinct and try and rob a bank, or help an old lady cross the street because you remember your morals.

Something else happens when you come within a radius of another player. Once you an someone else are within the range of approximately 50 feet, your powers activate. You don't have to notice each other, you may not know where he or she is, but both of your powers will activate and return to the fullest once you are within range. It doesn't have to be two, all of us can be close within each other and have one big brawl. You are on your own and while you may form alliances, the intention of you having your powers back is to kick the ass of the other player who is within your range.

Upon victory, the loser does not die. The loser has to give up one of his powers listed on their comicvine character profile. The winner receives that power and has full control over it. The loser chooses what power to give. Think of powers as your "lives" once they are all out, you're dead and gone, but while you may lose one battle, you can win another and receive someone else's power to mix and match them. Once the battle is over, the loser vanishes to the far outskirts of the city, where he may continue to try and find others.

Be creative, don't be a n00b, as losing will only take away one power. Have fun!

Normal RP rules apply.



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Photon woke up in a dark and really smelly place, coughing up from the foul stench. He felt like he was in a box. After pushing the top, he popped out, realizing he was inside a trash can.

"What the hell happened? Wait... where is happy yellow sunshiny glow I used to have!" - Photon realized that he was normal once again. He didn't just look normal, he felt normal. To make sure he wasn't hallucinating, Photon picked up a piece of a broken glass and stabbed his palm. Pain came in rushing, along with blood that Photon saw for the first time in years.

"I'm normal... What the hell?" - Photon got out of the trashcan and walked onto a street. Cars were driving by, people walking around everywhere, not paying any attention to him. This city was unfamiliar, it felt strange to be normal and not have people running in fear when they saw Photon.

"What is this place?" - Photon grabbed a hold of a ladder that he saw in a back alley and climbed up the building. The city seemed to be huge, Photon could see strange transparent walls that outlined the entire place.

"Well... I guess I can't get out so, maybe someone knows why I don't have any powers"


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Gambler awoke to shouting and glass breaking. He looked around to see he was in the middle of a bar fight. Suddenly his chair was kicked out from underneath him, but instead of his reflexes kicking in, he slammed down on the floor.

"What the $#@!"

But he had little time to think, two huge men were barring down on him, Gambler quickly reached into his coat and pulled out his deck.

"Pick a card." he said as he flung the Ace of Spades at the men, but nothing happened. The card fell harmlessly to the ground. The men picked Gambler up by the neck and tossed him threw the window and out into the street. Something was wrong, his powers were gone and he had no idea where he was.

"This could be a problem."

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spidy woke up in an allie saying

"what the hell happen"

then spiderman went to wall crawl but couldn't go up and then tried to use his webs wouldn't work lucky spidy had his impact webbing and he can web swing with it cause he is in the scarlet spider outfit

then 2 scary looking guys came out of nowhere and said"

"the isty bisty spider"

then they charge and threw punches spidy ran from them and use his impact webbing and then they were screaming but i web there mouth

and spidy says

"went up the water spout again"

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Cold. So Cold.Scott Wolfman opened his eyes. He was lying on a bed in an apartment. "Why the hell is it so cold!?" He was rubbing his arms and he turned to get off the bed. His normal, smooth arms. Wait, Smooth? Where'd the fur go? Cryo looked down at his hands and arms. White. No Brown fur that he had grown accustomed to.

He had normal fingernails instead of claws. He ran to the bathroom of the apartment, which he apparently knew the location of, and looked at his face. It was a litle blurry at first, he had to put his glasses on to see fine. He had brown hair. He lifted up his lips. No fangs. He cut his hand on something by accident, and he expected the cut to heal. but it just kept bleeding. He washed the cut off and put a band-aid on it, which he found in the cabinet behind the sink's mirror.

Scott was freaking out. He tried to freeze the water running out of the sink, but it just remained water. He howled in hopes it would knock the walls out, but it just sounded like a normal human doing a bad wolf impression. Scott fell to the bed, his hands on his head. "This is a nightmare. That's all it is. A really bad, really life-like dream!" He pinched himself and he could actually feel it. He even bit his arm. There were still bite marks and he was still rubbing it in pain.

"Maybe I can find something out about this power loss stuff." Scott grabbed his coat and cell phone, with his keys, and walked out the door. When he walked out, the buildings didn't look the same. "Huh?" Scott tried to jump up the fire escapes on this building, but soon found it wouldn't be as easy as it used to be.

Scott pulled himself over onto the roof of the building, huffing and puffing. He stumbled to his feet and ooked out over the city. It looked normal. Just different. On the farthest outskirts of the City, Scott could see huge walls that looked like they go on forever, both ways.

After taking 20 minutes trudging down the stairway, he wandered back out onto the street. He met a man and asked him about the walls. "Excuse me, what are those walls on the edge of the city?"

The man looked at Scott like he was crazy. "What are you talking about, boy?" He pulled himself away from Scott and continued alking his dog.

"Where the hell am I?"

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Ben reeled backwards against the brick wall of the alley, his broken nose spilling blood down his front. The man came in again, fists raised. Ben grabbed his arm and pulled him into his elbow. Smashing his mouth. Unfazed the man broke free and responded with a viscious upercut that blasted stars accross Bens vision. One rabit punch later and the erstwhile hero was out for the count.

Ben woke up in a crappy hotel, in a crappy neighborhood in a new city. He was in a hotel because their was a phone by his bed, the hotel was crappy because good hotels dont smell of mildew and the neighbourhood was bad because a woman can be screaming at three in the morning and no one calls the cops.

He pulled himself up out of the bed and looked for the door. It was locked and surpriseingly well built, Ben stepped back and rubbed his shoulder.

"Well I guess its into the Warren then."

He tried, but instead of the usual comforting rip in the fabric of the universe he got nothing. Zilch.

"One problem at a time Ben." he said softly to himself.

The wall was made of plyboard and plaster, so he made a new door. There were six rooms between his and the screaming, by the time he got through his legs were aching from the repeated impacts.

A man leapt up of the bed, it was obvious what he'd been doing.

"What the f...."

Ben had acted fast, without his powers he wasnt as effective as he hoped, but a fly kick to the chest had dropped the would be rapist. He was lying on his front, obviously in pain. Ben didnt need another chance. The kerb stomp failed. Instead of smasing his head in half he meerly drove the guys face through the ceiling of the room below.

A quick search of the unconsious mans pockets produced a key and the woman was freed. Ben swung the dead wieght over his shoulder and carried him to the window.

"Bye bye."

Three storey can do a lot to a man. Ben looked away. Now to find out what had happened to his powers.

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"Hey you, stop right there!" - Photon heard someone scream out, he turned to see a fat man in a blue uniform, yelling at him while holding onto his gun. Photon followed his instinct and started running.

"Hold it... Someone... Stop that man..." - Photon heard the cop starting to wheez and cough as he tried to chase him. All the time Photon chucked buildings and ran at light speeds did pay off in it's own right, the fatass had no chance of catching up to him.

"Hehe... Lay off the do... ugh!" - a younger looking cop came in running at Photon from the side alley, tackling him to the ground. Photon struggled, but then felt a gun pressed up to his skull and stopped. A cold feeling in his wrists told him that he was now handcuffed and in custody.

"You have... cough... permission to remain sil... cough... anything you say..." - the fatass cop just caught up to Photon and his capturer, but had a hard time catching his breath.

"Shut up. Heard it all before a million times. Can you tell me what I am arrested for?" - Photon gruffed at the policeman.

"For sexual harrassement, and rape, you sicko, we finally got you Jack." - the other policeman responded back to him, letting the fat guy catch his breath.

"Sexual... What? I did a lot of bad things in my time, but god damnit by name is not Jack!"


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Donnieman awoke to a peaceful room. He was dressed in clothes different than what he went to sleep in, as a matter of fact he wasn't even in the same room. " That devil must have been messing around again." he thought.

"What the hell! How come that damn demon of mine isn't bothering me" he thought. Something is terribly wrong he thought because his familiar never left him alone.

"Hey, ghost, spirit, answer! The one time I actually want to talk to him he ignores me."

Donnieman sat up in the comfortable bed, closed his eyes, and began to meditate which is what he does periodically to control his power. Surprisingly nothing happened. "This isn't right" he thought so he got up and tried to make the bed burst into flames to no avail.

"Maybe he has finally decided to move on to a new host" he thought as he moved to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and was shocked. He no longer had the scar on this face where the demon had entered his body.

Relieved, to dressed himself went out the door of the house and saw the police taking a man into custody and suddenly his clothes transformed into the demon costume granted by the spirit and he heard in an all too familiar voice "Nice to be inside you again."
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Just as Gambler rose to his feet, two squad cars came flying around the corner.


With guns drawn on him Gambler laid down. One officer ran up and stuck his knee in Gambler's back as he slapped the cuffs on.

Thats him officer. He just came in and started tearin up the joint

There was no use in struggling or even trying to explain, Gambler had known many cops, and killed many more, they were all the same, nothing but wanna be tough guys.

"I just want you to know something officier."

Yeah whats that? said the cop with a smile.

"Sooner or later I'm gonna kill you."

The last thing Gambler saw was the business end of the cops nightstick.

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"Get down!" screamed a group of cops as they ran toward the dark cowled figure.

"Fools" whispered Donnieman's spirit.

Donnieman summoned his awesome power and incinerated the cops stunning everyone nearby.

His powered had somehow come back. He looked around and saw someone being handcuffed and another being badly beaten.

The other police, instead of fleeing, attempted to neutralize Donnieman with their guns.

"I'm your worst nightmare" Donnieman said as his dark energy consumed the remaining officers.
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spiderman walking into another alley way and the cops saying freeze

spidy says here's webn in you eyes and the cop were like ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

spidy ran off into a building that no one was in and hide the cops just went past him

and spidy stay there and sat

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Scott had been walking for some time. The buildings looked the same as a normal city. There were normal people, living normal lives. But something was wrong. Everyone Scott met said they didn't know what Scott was talking about. They thought he was crazy, talking about invisible walls and what not. Maybe he was crazy. He hoped he was crazy.

The street he was walking down now must've been the hub of stores in the City. Everywhere he turned, there were stores. Some he hadn't even heard of. It kind of reminded him of Time's Square. He'd been there once or twice, and this was kind of like it.

He heard a loud truck horn and spun around to the source of the noise. It was a speeding armored van, with cop cars hot on its tail. It was sweriving in and out of traffic wildly and recklessly. He looked into the path of the truck. There was a girl in crutches walking on a cross walk. She saw the truck and trying moving faster, but her foot got caught in a crack on the road and she fell. The truck was getting closer and the girl couldn't get up.

Scott's mind race. He couldn't let the girl die. She was so helpless and he couldn't let her die. She must've had a family. They wouldn't ant her to die. Scott didn't know what to do. He didn't have powers anymore. He was just a 14 year old nerd. Then he remembered something. His hand shot up to his neck, and his fingers ran over the metal whale that hung around his neck. "Yes!" He said smiling. He still had it!

He yanked the necklace from his neck and it transformed into a long trident. The trident, FrostBite, was a gift from Scott's father. I was made of a celestial metal, used by the gods on Olympus, and he had hoped it would be enough to stop a speeding truck. He willed FrostBite to transform into its shield form, and Scott ran in front of the truck, holding the shield up in front of him to protect the girl.

The Truck hit FrostBite and Scott with the force and speed of a freight train. Or, at least, that's what it felt like to Scott. He was thrown at least a few yards back and hit his head hard. He had enough strength to lift his head and look at the scene. The Girl was safe, and she was being helped up by what looked like her family. The Truck had stopped merely inches away from the girl, with steam bellowing from under the hood. The front of the car was completely smashed up, a huge dent adorning its front.

Scott smiled faintly and let his head fall back, drifted into unconsciousness.

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Ketch woke up blind. No, not blind he soon realized, just somewhere very dark. No matter how dark it was though, he should have been able to see, so something was very wrong. He tried to get up from the hard surface he was laying on, but he couldn't. He felt like he was tied to the ground but he could feel no ropes. More bad news, something else was wrong. After a few more attempts at getting up he realized what the problem was. Weapons. Ketch carried a lot of weapons and they were pinning him to the ground. Over the next few minutes he removed an absurd number of swords, guns, axes, ammo and other accoutrements from his body. The process was made more grueling by his inability to move, but he was eventually disarmed. For some odd reason the short process had let Ketch exhausted.

Ketch sat in the dark room and tried to figure out what was going on. "What the hell is wrong, it's like I'm...normal."

As that sad fact sunk in, Ketch decided he needed to get out of wherever he was. He reached down and, after slicing up his hands a few times, picked up a hatchet. Choosing a direction at random, he hurled the weapon with great skill that he apparently hadn't lost, and was comforted by the thunk of metal sinking into wood that wasn't too far off. Ketch stumbled over some cardboard boxes until he found the large wooden door with his hatchet stuck in it. He opened the door and was greeted by a bustling city.

"Where am I?"

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ray wakes up on the floor, "what the..? where the hell am i?"

as ray walks a round the city, he sees this alley. as he keeps on walking, he is found by four cops, who all look exactly the same. with confusion ray tells them he has done nothing. but they come after him. he tries to fly away, but as he does, he falls to the gruond.

with even more confusion, ray, tries to create his light beams. "nothing." with the cops still on his tale, he runs into an empty building to hide.

as he turns around he sees spiderman just sitting there.

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Mahneto woke up opened his eyes and realized he was laying face down on the street. He quickly rose up and brushed himself off. He thought for a momment only one think to do now find a bar and forget this happened. Magneto walked over to a near by bar and ordered a shot and a beer. Bartender seemed like a nice enough guy smelled or that could be me Magneto thought. He stood up and walked to the bathroom washed up a bit and got clean.

"Thats Better"

Magneto walked back to the bar and ordered more drinks after several shots and way to many beers he saw some one beatiful.......

Magneto rubbed his eyes everything was a bit blurry. He began to focus he was in a room small and it had a bit of a smell to it. He looked beside him in the bed another woman he did not know. She wasn't bad looking this time atleast he wasn't to drunk mags thought. Mag stood up and walked to the bathroom the woman laid there asleep. He closed the door and turned on the shower the water rolled down his body. Mags quickly showered and steped out of the shower dryed off with a towel and opened the door. His cloths laid own the floor everywhere. He quickly graped them up and got dress. He took a look at the girl again. Not to bad at all he thought to himself. He opened the door and walked out side time to find out what was going own.

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spiderman spider sense went off and there was ray all spidy could think will he attack or talk?

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"Where am I?" Donnieman asked his spirit.

"It seems we were captured for reasons I do not know and somehow placed in this mysterious city" the spirit answered.

"What about my powers?" Donnie asked.

"I don't have all the answers" the spirit answered.

"Great" Donnieman sighed.

Maybe one of these guys the police were trying to apprehend know something about this.

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Scott drifted in and out of consciousness, until he finally woke up. He looked around and he was in what looked like a silver box. It had one of those mirrors that Scott saw in police programs alot. He wondered if he was really going to be questioned.

He tried to get up from the seat he was in, but he looked behind him to see he was handcuffed to the chair. Oh great. He was going to be questioned.

The dor to the room openeds, and an officer in a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up wearing suspenders walked in. He looked like the basic questioning type. He was a little on the pudgy side, but still looked like he could deck you in a second.

He dropped some files on the silver table in front of Scott and said,"So, Scott Wolfman, Right?" Scott nodded in silence. "ok." The Police officer said. Scott could tell he was trying to play it cool and that nothing was wrong. Scott had watched enough T.V. to know that something was.

"Now, you were there when this armored van was stopped, right?" The officer threw a picture of the dented van in front of Scott. "Yeah." Scott said, looking at the photo. Now that Scott was in his right mind, he could see the van was more damaged then it looked the first time.

"There was a girl crossing the crosswalk in crutches. She fell right in its path and couldn't get up. Now, if we calculated in the truck's speed and her strength, she should've died right there. But she didn't. In a flash, the truck was mangled up, she was fine, and you were lying on the ground like a ragdoll. You wanna explain that?"

Scott had never heard a cop use the word 'calculated'. "I don't know." Scott said,"I guess I tripped and hit my head paying attention to the action. I don't know how the truck got dented."

The cop slammed his fist down on the desk. "Don't play games with me, punk! I know you had something to do with this. Now talk!"

Scott stayed silent, glaring at the cop. He looked a little frustrated now. "We found this clenched in your hand when you were out cold. You wanna tell me what it is?" The Cop held out a bag with Scott's whale necklace in it. Yes, Scott thought,It changed back!

"It's....a necklace?" Scott said sarcastically. Thew Cop threw the necklace at him and it landed near the photo of the truck. "Don't lie to me! You expect me to think some kid stopped a truck going 90 with nothing but a frickin' necklace!?"

"Well," Scott began to say sarcastically,"That and dashing good looks." Scott flashed a cheesy smile.

The Cop didn't seem frustrated by Scott's answer. "Thanks. You just told me you did it."

Scott realized what he had just done. He hung his head and said,"Oh. Great."

"Please, get comfortable. You'll be here a long time." The cop left the room. And, as if it wasn't enough, he shut off all the lights, leaving Scott alon in the darkness.

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The wall stretched up seventy feet into the air. The sheer face offering no handholds to any would be escapee. There was no way that Ben could climb it.


He turned and walked back into the city, keeping to the main roads. Without his navigational sense he was pretty much working with instinct. The higher up the building was situated, the better the neighborhood. Following that logic he turned downhill and started to trudge towards the slums. It did not take him long to find what he wanted.

The interior of the bar was dark and smoky. The patrons sitting together in small groups in alcoves around the wall or at the bar, hunched over thier drinks. Ben looked around, his keen eyes penetrating the gloom. Over to his right was what he wanted. A small time crook, with delusions of greatness. He sat, a woman on each arm, a drink on the table and a group of cronies fauning over his new suit.

Ben didnt introduce himself verbally, his fist did the talking. The man cried out, in shock as much as pain. One of his braver lackies tried to grab Ben. Without a sound he picked up the glass on the table and smashed it in the mans face, then he mule kicked him backwards. The bar had turned silent, not even the crooks men moved. It was a simple rule of nature. Show that your big and bad and that your not affraid to hurt people and you get respect.

Ben turned back to the man and hit him again. The two women had dissapeered moments after the trouble started, that was good. It meant that the guy wouldnt fight back due to shame.

"I'm gonna keep hitting you until you tell me why theres a wall around this city." Ben said loudly.

The man only gurgled, his mouth too full of blood to answer. Ben broke one of his fingers.

"Im not a patient man."

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ray did nothing so spidy had his power and use them to get away and then he landed on ground and they were gone so spidy went to his house and got his normal costume that wasn't torn

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The arrested characters didn't react so Donnieman proceeded to fly to a nearby building but after a while his costume disappeared and he started to fall to the ground.

"I have the best luck in the world."

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Post Deleted.

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Donnieman fell to ground but his fall was broken by an unaware police officer.

"I'm lucky this dumb officer was in th way" Donnieman said relieved.

Donnieman look around and all of a sudden saw a gigantic police station that wasn't there before.

"Something tells me that there might be answers to my questions in this building." Donnieman said as he approached the building.

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Post Deleted.

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spiderman then put clothes over his costume and walk in the streets as a civilain

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Ghoul's mind was racing. She shot up from the bed she was laying in in a cold sweat. She rememered a big fight, then being knocked out. Then she was here. How could that be? She moved from the bed she was in to the window. She looked out to see what loked like a normal city. There were these strange walls at what looked like the city's edge. She wanted to find out about these walls.

She grabbed her bag with all her spell books and ingredients inside it. She stood in the middle of the room and wanted to phase through the floor. But she just stood there. "What?" She tried walking through the wall but ended up hitting her head and falling to the floor instead.

"Oww..." She said, rubbing her head,"Something's wrong here." Ghoul got up and ran out the door to her room. She ran down the stairs, something she hadn't done in a long time, and out the front door. She looked behind her and saw she had been staying in a Hotel.

She began walking and asked a woman with a stroller about the strange walls. "Are you on something, girl?" The woman said.

Ghoul was now enraged. "Oh, so just because I'm a teenager you automatically assume that I do drugs, huh? Well that's just typical!"

"Well, I-I....I didn't....!" The woman began stuttering in fear.

"Well, you know what!? You're not worth my time!" Ghoul stormed off in a huff, leaving the woman cowering in fear.

Ghoul had been walking for some time now when she noticed a man following her. She turned into an alley and the man kept following her. She couldn't tell who it was, mostly because he was too far away. She spun arond when she was well into the alley and yelled, holding her hand out in front of her,"Artex Repelum!" But nothing happened. The man kept walking towards her. Ghoul expected a blast of magic to come out o her hands, but nothing came out. She panicked and ran. "Come back here!" The man yelled after her.

She looked behind her to seethe man running after her as well. She flew around a corner and dodged in and out of crowds, trying to get away from the man. She looked behind her and didn't see the man anymore. She calmed down, but continued running. She turned another corner to find the man waiting. He tackld her and threw her to the ground, putting handcuffs around her wrists. Ghoul looked behind her as the man pulled out a badge.

"You are under arrest for Civil Disturbance and Resisting Arrest! You have a right to remain silent. Anything you can and will...."Ghoul had began to tune out when he began reading her rights and picking her up off the ground. *Civil Disturbance? Ghoul thought,What Civil Distur-? Then Ghoul remembered. The woman. That little B!^# ran and told the cops on her.

"I told you, She implied I was on drugs and I didn't like it." Ghoul told the questioning officer. He seemed to have been annoyed recently.

"And what about resisting arrest? You wanna tell me about that?"

"I thought he was some guy trying to..well....do stuff. He was a guy following me! What do you suggest I do in that situation?!" The cop was in plainclothes, so it was easy to mistake him for any other guy.

"Wait here. I'm not done with you yet, Missy." The cop left the questioning room. Ghoul became annoyed,"Missy!? I have a name Mist-!" Ghoul stopped mid sentence. She could feel her powers again. She didn't know how, but she had them again. She phased through the handcuffs and went intangible, flying out of the room.

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Donnieman stepped into the police station and felt a burst of power that was his demonic spirit returning to it's host body.

"Now that's what I like" Donnieman said.


Several cops brandished guns at the surge of dark energy that was Donnieman.

"More cops for me to kill, huh!" Donnieman said as he began to dispatch the officers in some of the worst ways imaginable.

"We are invincible!" exclaimed Donnie's demonic spirit.

"Now to find whose in charge of this place" they said in unison.

Donnieman found one cop left cowering in a corner and started to question him. The lackey said that person in charge was on the top floor and that no one was allowed to see him.

"We'll see about that" Donnie said incinerating the cop with dark flames.
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Cryo was sitting in the darkness of the questioning room. A burst of energy coursing through his body, it felt almost he felt when there was a full moon. Fur began to grow from his body and his fangs and claws returned. He tore the handcuffs apart and rubbed his wrists. The handcuffs were beginning to get a little tight.

Cryo got up from the chair and charged the door, bursting it open and causing other cops around him to draw their guns. Cryo sent a wall of ice up around him to deflect the bullets shot by the officers. Cryo jumped over the ice and vaulted over a few officers, jumping from officer to wall to floor then running on all four around the corner. He skidded to a halt as he saw someone he'd not seen in a long time.


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as ray realized, spiderman was gone, but he felt recharged and decided to follow him, but spiderman, was unaware.

all ray wanted to do was talk.

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spidy was walking down the street and felt like being followed and then his powers came so he turn into the ally and jump onto the top of the building and waited for him good thing he dosen't know i went up here

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lookin around, ray new he was somewhere for his powers were surging through his body. "i know you are here, please, i just wanna talk." i mean u no harm sir.

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spidy spider sense says he was telling the truth and jump down behind him in his costume and

says "what?"

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"look, i dont know much about whats going on here, so can you explain to me?" as ray looks at him, they hear the cops once again.

"ok, well it looks like thats gonna have to wait until we take care of these guys."

with that said, ray's eyes begin to glow a golden yellow. and he starts to fly.

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spidy web his feet and went for a ride

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as ray flies above the police, he shoots his light beams down at the cops, but intetionaly misses for something in him doesnt wish to harm them.

as he tries to get away, he goes about 50ft and all of the sudden he falls to the ground, and his powers no longer work. the police run over and hand cuff ray.

"yeah uhhhh i kinda need a lil help here spidey!"

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spidy ran over and use his web fluid impact webbing to take out the cops and then our powers came back

spidy said if we are going to get out of here lets stick together so our powers work

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"aight man, but this is ridiculous! i say we find a place to chill out so we can find out where we are."

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we could head to my place?

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"but first we gotta ditch the cops man. IM TO YOUNG TO GO TO JAIL!" wit that being said, they evade the cops and head to spidermans place.

"so is there anyone else here that you know can help us out?"

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no i just got here

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"well thats great. well since i can fly, just tell me where to go." (ps add some detail, cause i ran outta material for the moment)

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ooc dude were together so we have our powers

as long as we stay together we have our powers and can survive but something is defintly wrong here

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"what do you mean something is wrong???? is it more cops, cause this is starting to get old!"

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no chill out i mean how are they taking out all our powers?

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"i have know idea. im just a teenager! im not that smart, i mean dont u have spidey senses or something? cmon i know u know something about this. think of the last thing that u did before you got here."

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i remember when i woke up i look out the window there was a wall then dissaper and it was around the city

wait spider sense

i look out the window

those look like sheild agents

shield agent "spiderman we know your in there come out and put your hands up"

spidy says to ray go through the window we have to run lets go!

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"o great shield! wow! all you original superheroes really are just so excited to see them every time arent you?!."

"(breathing heavily) so....... you say it was a big wall? i think i remember this wall as well. but i was wit my team. so y did they not get transported here?"

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Photon was sitting in prison, for a crime he never commit. He stood up and looked around, maybe he would be able to find a familiar face. One man in particular drew his attention, He was lying on the floor with a deck of cards scattered in his hands and across the floor. He looked to be unconscious, but he was three cells down from Photon.

"Hey dude! Wake up!" - Photon suddenly felt a rush of power come back to him, he began glowing in a bright yellow color. Photon started the cop down with a beastly gaze, as he easily ripped the cell cars out and impaled the cop with them.

"Powers are back!"


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Ghoul soun around at the sound of her name. "Cryo!" She flew toward the werewolf and threw her arms around him.

"Fancy meeting you here, furball!" She looked around at all the commotion caused by the two of them, and one apparently happening at the front door.

"How 'bout we talk later? Somewhere where there arent bullets flying at us!" She placed her hand in Cryo's and made them both intangible. She flew straight upwards, through the ceiling and second floor and out over the skies of The City.

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Gambler awoke on the cold hard floor of a jail cell. His cards had fallin out of his pocket and had scattered all over his cell. He slowly got to one knee and started to pick them up when one of them started to turn colors. "Ohh hell yes." he said as he turned around with a sadistic grin on his face.

He then hurled the card at the bars, blowing them open he was free. Freeze said a cop as he fumbled to pull his gun. Gambler lept up and delivered a spinning back kick to the officer's hand sending his revolver across the room. Several other officer's opened fire as Gambler ducked and rolled his way towrads a window before crashing through it and out into the city.