Character intro: Marvin, aka Marv

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A mercenary for hire, moved to the streets of Grey district as his last city left nothing for him any more. His dame, had been murdered and now he just wanted to get back doing what he did well...KILLING. Marvin or Marv as he's been called before just wants a warm bed, a piece of ass when he's in need and some loot to call his own.

Unknown to Marvin, he died and was cloned reaching the maturity and was implanted with Marv's old memories. During the awakening process Marvin woke up with aggression and disorientation in the laboratory appearing like a hospital setting killing the orderlies restraining him and escaping to the streets.


  • Regeneration (wolverine skill level )
  • enhanced strength ( adamantium skeletal frame)
  • momentum (like Juggernaut)
  • impenetrable ( while running)

The perfect Merc....