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Ilsa Haupstein, mate of Grigoir Rasputine was a normal young aspiring Nazi soldier but through meeting Grigori found herself attracted to him as well as the dark arts he dabbled in. At first she was content just watching Grigori use his powers but then he was destroyed by a being from hell itself a plan to release the Ogdru Jahad back fired and he was gone. Ilsa had done much reading into the black arts and knew of spell to resurrect her late love, but it would cost her very soul to use it. What was life w/o the one she loves, she thought to herself and organized the ritual. The goddess Hecate was summoned and to see Ilsa's thoughts were of a passionate one, she then asked if Ilsa knew the price to taking in such power and Ilsa agreed. The two became one, Ilsa soul now merged with the goddess she was able to raise the dead or open portals to other dark realms. Rasputine had laid out instructions for her as directed by the Ogdru. She proceeded on gathering his soul essence and opening the prison of the gods of chaos blew his spiritual essence inside closing the portal. Moments later the second half of his own ritual was completed by devoted servants to the Ogdru jahad sacrificing their blood into sarcophagus fueling the imbued resurrection area.

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Hecate having fulfilled the bargain proceeds at consuming Ilsa's body transforming her look

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Hecate reborn as Ilsa......


  • Elemental (power over elements)
  • Temporal (able to time travel, magically)
  • resurrection ( using the right ritual)
  • Portal ( can create portals )
  • necromancy (can raise the dead)
  • transformation ( can become a Medusa type of beast)
  • nocturnal flight (flies at night)
  • Allure (can seduce males with her feminine wiles