Character intro: Dr. Insano.

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Captured by the Germans during WW II, they used his expertise to design a serum to enhance strength and regenerative properties. The doctor who'd been using himself as a guinea pig was firstly shot down by a squad of SS elites, whom watched as he stood up and charged at them as they again shot him down. This time shackling him and tossing him in a trunk of a jeep they drove back to the main SS headquarters, tossing him in front of their scientists and blasting him again. The room watched as he regenerated standing on his feet, "That's not going to kill me, you nazi bastards" he says, Hitler present says "work for us, and we'll give you a lab and as many human trials as you need", with a smile, being allowed to continue his work was precedent to being captured and would help improve his formula..."Agreed, heir Furer" he says.

The serum's side effect were quite grotesque as more enhancements were added to the formula, mutating the test subjects whom did retain the enhancement but was disfigured beyond survival. The doc also configured a bacteria to devour the subjects in a contained disposal area., as if those bacteria escaped it would clear the nazi compound and anything in a mile radius. The doctor however inoculated himself against the bacteria, assuring escape if necessary.

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The American soldiers then captured him and based him on Plum island to again continue his research where he perfected the super hero serum which Captain America took to become the man he is today. The Red skull then after assaulting the base on Plum island captures the Doc and takes him to an unknown laboratory and asks him to repeat the serum. The Red skull tortured repeatedly knowing the doc wouldn't die from it until finally subduing to the pain and going more insane. The doc creates the Serum but wanting some pay back changes it slightly making the Red skull whom he is toady.

Escaping into the shadowy underworld the doctor found sanctuary and using himself as a guinea pig again stopped his aging process, and created immunities too all diseases, including upgrading his intellect. Unfortunately the insanity of being tortured could never leave his system....He now hides out in seclusion until the day his services are required.


  • Regeneration
  • heighten intellect, durability
  • Anti-viral, anti-toxin
  • does not require to breathe


  • Bio-upgrades (organs, skeletal, brain)
  • Temporary potion upgrades (limited time abilities)
  • Permanent potion upgrades (Abilities added to your character)
  • Genetic alterations (Change species or race)
  • Gender reassignment ( Male, Female, Hermaphrodite, None)
  • Bionic implants (Muscles or limbs)

Prices are inquired per purchase.