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So here is the idea. Challenge the person above you to write something non-canon that you would find to be a good challenge for them. Whether it's "Your character doesn't move and describe everything around them" or "Here is a scene have your character escape" or "I saw this on Saw write what your character would do" ect.

The point of this is to stretch your writing. All of us can get in a rhythm when we write, but if someone throw a wrench into the mix what will you do.

So challenge away and let's see what happens.

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Your character was found out to have had an extra-material affair. There are pictures of you and this person in a hotel room using illicit drugs. The paparazzi is outside your house. How do you escape?

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He stood there in his den just numb. The noise and flashes from the cameras and people outside just seemed to have overwhelmed him. Everything was dull he didn't want to feel, he didn't want to breathe he didn't want to exist. People filled his front yard yelling questions, "Are you getting a divorce? .... Who is she? ....What about the kids?" But he barely heard them. It was nothing but a blur. She had been yelling at him for 2 days straight also. Between the tears and the fits of rage he couldn't take any more. It was his cross to bare but it had become to heavy. He had messed up....badly. It wasn't just one night unfortunately, so he couldn't blame it on drinking too much or just one poor choice, it had been a line of choices and it had cost him everything.

The static of life was growing and growing louder and louder. The snap of the cameras the questions over and over, her yelling and destroying things inside of the living room. The stress was building more and more until with the crash of a glass on the wall ....... 'ENOUGH!'

He teeth were bare and his eyes turned cold blue. He was finished with the questions, he was finished with the accusation. He was just finished. With a low growl he looked at his fuming wife and she froze. A half growled whisper escaped his lips and he looked at her out of the corner of his eye "enough". Stepping outside to the flash of cameras and questions. He gave a low growl. "You have 5 seconds to run" one reporter started to ask a question as the other stepped back "Richard do you..." and The wolf cut him off "4.....3....." The simple but stern warning was enough to send the reporter running.

Turning around Richard looked at his terrified wife. "You can take whatever you want. Sell the house and all of the stuff..... I'm sorry" then he left.

Challenge: You are lost on a raft in the middle of the ocean. No food, No water, and no visible way of escape....yet.

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Escape was impossible.

Elizabeth did not have powers that would allow her to swim to safety. Nor she she posses technology or magic that would allow her to escape some other way.

The raft she had constructed from flotsam and discarded life-vests was unsteady when the wind was too heavy but it provided a platform stable enough for her to work. Seven cell phones were disassembled in a pan made from half a suitcase. One was hers. Six had been donated by the other survivors. There was not enough food for all of them. Elizabeth had done what she knew was necessary. The bodies were long gone. Were she questioned by law enforcement she would tell them they had died in the plane crash.

The seven phones were cannibalized and reconstructed into a rudimentary signaling device. Dying batteries were drained of every last speck of power. It was enough to send one signal. An emergency SOS on an encrypted channel with her last known latitude and longitude.

When it was done she tossed the now-useless device overboard. It was evidence of her crimes.

Then she waited. There was only one other person in this universe who might have reason to listen to that channel. Only one person who know how to decrypt the coded message.

Her father.

All there was to do now was wait. Hope he heard. Hope he cared.

Your characters secret identity has been exposed and now all of their enemies close in on your friends and family.

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Evan had no friends or family, and those that he did were no doubt outside in the mob ready to attack. For years he had lived large, taking what he wanted while killing several innocent people, many of them cops. That is why once his secret identity was revealed to the world, they all rallied against him in revenge. Outside his plush up scale dwelling, they numbered in the hundreds, some police, some store owners and other widows and widowers, armed with whatever they could grab. By now the police were battering down his front door while others tossed molotov cocktail through his upstairs window. Through it all they chanted multiple curse words mixed in with incessant “DIE DIE DIE!” Nothing, no matter how bordered up Stomp was, would stop the masses from their desire to draw blood and give the Steroid Stampeder the pain he had caused them. So with the sun slowly going down, the mob literately lit their way with fire torches, just like they did in old 1930 horror films. The only thing going for Evan right now was the fact, that the so called ‘Super Hero Types’ he normally fought remained absent from the fight, giving him the temporary advantage.

With his home crumbling down around him, he immediately went into beast mode, transforming his athletic body into the hulking beast known as ‘Stomp!’ Within seconds he grew larger, stronger and even meaner, shouting out in contempt,”You son of B’tchs! You wanted me, WELL YOU GOT ME!” Wasting no more time, he charge forward, smashing through the nearest wall, sending brick and mortar flying everywhere, leaping down three floors, hitting the street below like a rock. The moment he hit the ground, he left a giant crater with small fissures leading out in all directions. But above it all the most horrific part came from the sound of his impact, for with such a massive, ‘BOOM’ the angry mob below fell back in fear. Once again Evan taunted the crowd this time with a loud, “Time to meet your maker!” as he cracked his knuckles in preparation for the fight, then quickly proceeded to attack. In a fury of violence he lashed out, knocking some clear across the street with a simple shove, while smashing the skulls of other with a little pressure. But through it all, it was a massacre on Stomps side as none of the protesters had an ounce of his strength and speed, and as such they were like rag dolls in his presence.

In the end it was a blood bath, as Stomp literary painted the streets red with his victims blood. The only thing holding him back was the lack of people to kill. But with each bone broken, and with every drop of blood spilled, Evan felt justified in his action. It was not his fault his identity was revealed therefore it was not his fault the mob showed up at his door, his only fault was that he did not kill the protesters earlier when he killed their loved ones. But as the last one gasped for his last breath, a giant shadow was cast upon him as a huge figure above blocked out the sun. For there above him, hundreds of heroes flew in the sky with capes dramatically flowing in the wind. Everyone of them looking down upon him with only one goal in mind, “Stopping Stomp before he kills again!” Like most villains, Evan knew this day would come, and as the trained fighter he was, he wasn’t going down without a fight. So with the sky littered with super heroes, of every shape and size, he pounded his fists together in a intimidating manner, while saying to himself, “Now this,ishow you goout fighting!” followed by a powerful leap into the air. Then as he soared through the sky with his fists clenched tight, he welcomed his inevitable final chapter, in the book of …..Stomp!

[Your challenge is, sometime after your last adventure, you go blind.]