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“So where do you stand on mutant affairs Mr. Rook?”

Alexander smiled and leaned forward in his chair, making sure to exhibit his undivided attention to the interviewer. A national news representative, his ginger stained hair was slicked back behind his ears and a pen was being lightly chewed between the same colored goatee that grew from his jaw. He was a respectable and polite reporter, but an arm of the media nonetheless.

“It’s not necessarily where I stand, Sir. It’s where the nation stands and how I can best to my abilities project that stance. I understand the fear that dwells upon mankind when it comes to such matters in regards to the genetic mutation of certain individuals. I understand why some people avoid, even resent mutant kind. I understand, but I do not condone. When it comes to tragic events such as the ones orchestrated by prominent individuals that consider themselves ‘Homo-Superior’.”

Alexander said the word lightly as the noun was a double edged sword. It had the power to inspire and offend depending on how it was projected. So he pronounced it softly and humbly before continuing.

“The tragic incident last year that occurred when the mutant terrorist known only as ‘Envy’ was horrific and condemned by many and it also spurred an unprecedented time of discrimination. Yet, I view such acts as a home invasion. I don’t blame the gun that fired the bullet. I blame the one that pulled the trigger. The perpetrator, Envy, was able to gather a mass amount of mutants that were angry, cast out, and victimized. These ‘guns’ were used and their anger was aimed to what they saw as the source of their injustice. Us. America. The halting of such acts begins with acceptance, then camaraderie. Only than can we coexist in harmony.”

“So you stand with Alexander Donn and his views?”

A chuckle escaped the the mayor of Gothic’s lips as he closed his eyes and briefly glanced at the ground, remembering what it was that his adversary had said in how on mutant affairs speech.

“If he stands for the betterment of this nation, than yes, I stand with his views.”

The interviewer paused in shock. He hadn’t expected such a passive response. It wasn’t common in such a heated presidential campaign. Venom, spite, or even they sullying of reputation was hoped for. It was always great for the ratings to see a well mannered politician lose his shit on the air.

“Well…On to a different, but much more targeted topic that has been the center of conversation lately. Some say that being elected the mayor of the most corrupt and violent city in the continental US is no resumé for leader of the nation. How do you respond?”

“I don’t.”

Alexander said while folding his arms in defiance. The sleeves halfway rolled his arms revealed thick veins of a fit man and held stiff like a unmoved mountain.

“I’ll let the statistics speak for me. Since my time in office, violent crimes to include rape and murder has been slashed down to 40% of what it was after Malcolm Press but before me. City revenue has tripled because of increased funding towards community centers, education, and health care clinics with donations excepted graciously from Press Industries. What people want to hone in on are the rare cases of super powered villains running a few blocks of turf. Organized crime has steadily decreased without any sharp numbers for a reason. Do you know what would happen if the prominent gangs were wiped out in one night? A power vacuum that would tear the city apart. Petty, but desperate gangs would take hold of every single community one by one. Viying for the city. You’re so comfortable in your New York Penthouse that you only see what Time Magazine wants you to see. You’re not there. You’re not living in the heart of it all.”

“The-Thank you for your time….Mr. Rook.”

Alexander nodded politelt and stood while simultaneously removing the microphone from his charcoal lapel and exited his office door. This was the first step towards rebuilding a brighter future. He couldn’t trust any of his rivals. Not with the lives of what was once his nation before Gothic was left abandoned. It didn’t matter the cost. No filthy shoe that carried the sway of corruption would step itself into the oval office. Not if he was still breathing. If it didn’t work under the mask of Alexander Rook, perhaps the cowl of Dark Vengeance would fair better.

Something I wanted to drop last minute. I don't feel like it flowed properly because I didn't really have a plan going into this, but it's something I enjoyed just rolling with. Apologies for any mistakes. Grammar or canon otherwise.

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(I liked it, I need to get some new interactions rolling with you with the hawks and Dark Justicar =) )

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Nice! I'll add it to the master thread tomorrow when I'm on a computer again.

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@lichter: Mind adding this one as well?

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@_vex_: I don't know if you've seen it already, or if you'll agree at all anyway, but I wanted interviews with all the candidates. Since Rook is a candidate could we get an interview.

I'd be using the G.E.D and James Merrarn (just like the other interviews) just check my bio links for information on them.

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@_vex_: wonderful! I'll tag you when it's up.

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All these speeches start out the same, mutant this that the other. Mutants stopped being the persecuted minority 4 presidents and one destroyed statue of liberty ago.

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@urban_ronin: Fair point that gives me a good idea to bounce something for the next topic.

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@_vex_ said:

@urban_ronin: Fair point that gives me a good idea to bounce something for the next topic.

Let the public find out Gambler's writing your speeches and you can kiss that election good bye :P

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@ishmael_strix: I don't know whether to be offended or complimented XD lol

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@_vex_: Respond to my PM and find out lol :P

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@_vex_: Sweetness/

Part of me wants to RUn as well....but i dont care enough to at the same time. Id be an ass lol.

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