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The blue order seems to have appeared from thin air. One day not existing and the next owning a fully functioning business based on mercenary service. Very few reports of their existence can be found throughout history. A similar organization appears during times of crisis taking a variety of forms not just a militaristic one. The last recorded appearance was during the civil rights era in which they instituted the Black Panthers in an effort to help out in the race war. Most traces of their involvement have been erased but, if you dig deep enough they are there. Just like they appear they disappear, the name lost to history and their methods unknown to the general public. usually they are on the side of peace however there have been instances in which they take a side that's not in the public favor. It is rumored that during one of their pop ups they were a primary funder of the Nazi party. This is all that’s really known about their past however, some other rumored ties trace back to The North during the civil war, and even the religious crusaders.

Present Day

As stated above the modern day iteration of the order has taken the form of a private military organization that is highly mysterious in nature. The main building serves as nothing more then a face for the public to see and address their complaints to. Led by the mysterious Mr.Mask and his even more mysterious team of investors the group just kind of popped into existence with a fully functioning building, a highly trained military force, and a surprising lack of background. Despite all the secrecy Mr.Mask swears his group is after something close to peace, as true peace is unattainable, and there is no real evidence to prove they aren't.

Blue HQ

Main Building
Main Building

The Blue Order main base of operations is located in San Diego California and seems to have just appeared there one day. The main building just serves as an office for the organization, and has about eight floors of office space. This area is open to the general public and is where Mr. Masks Main office is.

Office Space
Office Space
Masks Office
Masks Office

Security Measures

As for building security the building is kept guarded by Blue Peace keepers as well as everything within a 3 mile radius of the building. There seems to be no satellites but most times a threat gets within 200 miles of the building it gets taken care of. As for super humans, a network of cameras capable of detecting things moving at Mach 20 are kept all around the city to detect speedsters. These cameras can also detect things not on the visible spectrum.


  • Standard CVnU rules apply
  • Major destruction requires approval from me but minor destruction is allowed.
  • Feel free to visit the area is open to the public within reason of course
  • info on Mr.Mask and the entire military force can be found in my Blog section
  • Most soldiers can be considered NPC's but please sell them properly. If I act a soldier with a real name then it is under my control and should be treated as a regular character.
  • Any ideas you have or things you think I missed let me know and they will be addressed.
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Interesting stuff, man!

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Th civil rights era in which theyinstituted the Black Panthers in an effort to help out in the race war.

HEEEELLZ NAH! And its Black History month....

get back lol
get back lol

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I want to be happy...but

1) The whole appeared out of nowhere thing doesn't make sense and feels like a lazy way to indicate mystery. Buildings do not just appear, neither do expansive security measures around the entirety of a major city. I'd advise limiting the security measures a bit, like a reasonable distance of protection (don't use miles of protection when in a major city, it makes the city itself seem inaccessible and its also unrealistic), and changing suddenly appeared to a gradual growth that went mostly unnoticed but could still be seen. Adding even that much background makes it more interesting and believable.

2) When you do give history and background info it seems like you're almost trying too hard to maintain both a level of extreme secrecy and heavy involvement in world events. These things can't entirely coexist, I would suggest making it more of a blend of public awareness, even through scandal, and a level of secrecy that's understandable.

3) You've placed this in San Diego. If you want secrecy that's not the place to go. Major urban centers would quickly destroy the plausibility of nearly everything you've said. You can't set up city wide monitoring and security systems, the city itself would dismantle them. You can't appear out of thin air, people tend to notice a building being put in place and construction is not something that happens in an instant. Speaking of which, you cannot simply plop down a building in a city. You have to get permits. You have to buy land. People know what you're doing.

I have more but I'm busy rn. I love the concept at its core but you've just got to do a few logic checks on these things. Whether or not you take what I've said into consideration, I'm excited to see where this will go and can't wait to really experience its effects on the Vine. Have fun, happy rping, etc.

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@mth_: That's where Mr.Masks powers come in. Just check that out and it will all make sense. Also as for the security most things get stopped but not all you just have to try hard to blend into the crowd and by threats I mean missiles or groups of armed mercs. Also there are some traces back but none to a direct person just a set of investors who manifest in different forms each time.

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San Diego, California

Magenta tie. Black suit. A pair of dress shoes.

Klaus was as inconspicuous as one could manage to be on a sunny day in California, walking casually in between commuters. Dark shades rested upon his aquiline nose, concealing his crafty eyes. They were CIA-issue, and nice ones at that; if it came down to conversation, Klaus had no problem revealing his affiliation with the organization. Within his dark coat rested his father's Death Ray, an ever-valuable tool, and up his right sleeve, the family blade, which had thus far only seen use in transportation. Always active, the Octarine Oscillator was tucked inside the left side of his suit, emitting a veil of condensed pseudoscientific energy, which served to interfere with any extranormal attacks on his person. A man in his position, after all, could afford to be paranoid.

He strode in between the enormous crowd, coming to a stop outside the public office building of the Blue Order, a private military organization that had, by all accounts, simply appeared. Currently, it ranked as extranormal at Langley, and Klaus was their resident expert when it came to that field. But he was not here for business, as was the great perk of his position; if need be, he could invoke the name of the organization he swore himself to, gaining access to whatever he desired, but it would likely not come to that. It was curiosity that drove him, and a genuine sense of suspicion. The Blue Order strove to keep a good public image, but their mysterious origin was of great interest to any and all.

He inhaled, and walked through the double doors.

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@lichter: Mask watched the city around him with very little interest, only major threats would be noticed walking among the crowds. So when a random man in black clothing, with an oddly tacky magenta tie strode through the crowd it was of no real interest to him.The people that were of interest were the ones who entered his building, not only did they receive a good solid search from the sensors Mask made sure to look them over from his office. That was when this seemingly insignificant man in the black suit and magenta tie turned into a more interesting and almost troublesome target. Mask had a hard time seeing what he had in his clothes, he got a blurry image of what may have been a knife or a gun. Either way their was no doubt this man was prepared against his sight and armed with weapons, this warranted a call to the guards. A quick message radioed from his helmet ordered the security to secure the man and bring him to Mask's office. The soldiers responded with a swift yes.

In the lobby four men in black body armor with blue accents began approaching, when they were 30 feet from him they raised their weapons. M4's in appearance and functionality however these guns were about the ammunition. Rounds that could split and seek out only their target for up to 600 yards, avoiding any civilian casualties. This didn't stop the people from dropping to the ground as the soldiers began barking orders.


One of the men moved in, gun still raised, to cuff the man and then the group would look to take his weapons and bring him to Mask.

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The Blue Order's information had labeled it as "Open to the Public," yet Klaus had clearly agitated the heavily-armed guards that were currently rushing his position. The moment he saw them sprinting in his direction, he instantly threw his hands into his coat, drawing both the Death Ray and the Gottschwert in one fluid motion...

...in order to toss them onto the floor in front of him. The metallic gun and flashing blade hit the linoleum hard, just as the Delver raised his hands above his head.

"Agent Braun, Central Intelligence,"he said, calmly and clearly, hands held high. His identity tag would read as such, and all the credentials were in proper order.

"There'll be no need for handcuffs."

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"Well this is a peculiar situation"

Mask ordered the soilders to lower their weapons and take his. Within moments people got up and went about their daily buisness. Two of the peace keepers escorted the agent up to Masks office, one carying the death ray and blade.

As they walked through the door Mask was seated, fingers interlaced and elbows on his desk. He gestured for the man to sit before probing for questions.

"This is interesting, your Cia which explains why our systems couldn't search you. That is also why an alarm was raised, can't be to cautious nowadays. Anyway back to the whole CIA thing, what would the central intelligence agency want with me and my buisness?"

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As they passed through the headquarters of the mysterious Blue Order, Klaus took the opportunity to look around. Nothing was out of order, it seemed; employees went about their daily business, and the building itself reminded him more of a corporate office than secret headquarters of any kind. Not that it was unexpected, of course. He followed Mr. Mask into his office, silently admiring the painting on his back wall. As Mask seated himself, Klaus did the same.

"To answer your question, Mister Mask," he said, taking note of the man's name placard, "the CIA is interested in everything. When any sort of business shows up from nowhere, it piques our interest. You could be selling stuffed animals and we'd still stop by."

He spread his hands slightly.

"Of course, you're not exactly selling stuffed animals. Reports from Venezuela indicate quite the impressive arsenal. I doubt you maintain a stockpile here in San Diego, of course, but your enigmatic origins and enormous armory essentially make you a massive threat to national security."

Half of his mouth frowned a little.

"That's not to say we think poorly of you. Like the Maverick Corporation, we're certain the...Blue Order...is a great asset to humanity. That being said, there are certain precautions that must be taken. We insist on knowing where you and your boys popped up from. Don't be insulted; it's in our job description to be suspicious of everyone."

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"Anonymity is a powerful tool Agent. It serves as the ultimate offense and defense, which is why I am certain you can understand my choice to remain anonymous."

Atop the dark stained wood that made up his desk sat a variety of knicks and knacks. However the one that stood out the most was a chess piece, next to a snow globe labeled 'Vermont' sat a white bishop. Mask's hand clasped around the top and gently he brought it up to eye level. He leaned back in his chair and began to fiddle with the Bishop.

"You know, the Bishop is a very undervalued and situational piece in any game of chess. His ability is insanely strong being able to move any number of squares yet he himself if weak only able to travel in diagonals. Many new and inexperienced players undervalue the power of the bishop, yet those who are more experienced understand that with the right positioning the bishop becomes one of the strongest pieces in the game."

Mask gently placed the chess piece back next to the Vermont snow globe. He rose to his feet and walked to the window, looking out over all the people and cars he could see from his eighth floor office.

"In the grand game of chess that is our reality I am a bishop and currently the pieces are in just the right positions. So why on earth would you think I would give up that position? I mean don't get me wrong I understand your position but, the U.S. government and it's agencies do nothing in the way of intimidation. The way I see it, I hold the cards and you came in asking too many questions that your not ready to hear the answers too. The time for me to reveal myself is near, can't keep up the act for long, so you'll just have to sit by and wait like everyone else for the plot to unfold."

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Klaus sat in silence as Mask began his soliloquy, tenting his fingers calmly as he contemplated the man's words. He continued on and on about chess and bishops, making borderline sinister references to games and power.

He fancies himself an Otto von Lichter, he thought silently, peering at the man over his hands, which were themselves held close to his face.

A beat of silence followed Mr. Mask's speech, accompanied by a raise of an eyebrow.

"Mmmm...yeaaaah. No."

This was the response granted to the leader of the Blue Order, delivered after just enough time had passed in order to leave the desired impression of sheer incredulousness. Klaus sat back in his chair and sighed.

"Beautiful words, Mister Mask. Well-rehearsed response. Almost intimidating. Almost."

He rose from his chair, and turned to retrieve his weapons.

"These are standard issue. You never had the right to disarm me, but I allowed you to. Manners, you see. A show of good faith," he said snatching them lithely from the guards.

"You make it sound as though I've misplaced said faith. I come asking for trust, on the behalf of the American people, and in return you offer riddles and rhetoric. Before I leave, I offer you the chance to explain yourself one last time. Otherwise..."

He turned to look back at the boss, a neutral expression on his face.

"...There will be consequences."

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@lichter: Mask took his seat once more, the agent spoke in half insults showing how truly petty the U.S. government was. They wanted what they wanted and accepted no for an answer. It was an acceptable strategy...if you were attempting to speak with a child. Mask however, was no child, he was a grown man who held more cards then the agent expected.

"Listen boy, while I do enjoy a good ol'fashion pissing contest I would like to avoid blood being shed. So I suggest you place your weapons in that fancy suit of yours and kindly leave my offices. The united states government needs to keep it's nose in it's own business. I have done nothing to cross your country and here you are threatening me. I could've killed what ever idiot is in charge a hundred times over by now yet, they still breathe. I have the trust of your civilians because I am a beacon, what does your government do when it's cities are attacked hmm. The correct answer if NOTHING"

Mask rose from his chair and calmly walked over to the agent, facing him with barely 2 inches between them.

"The U.S. couldn't even handle Gothic so what makes you think you should make an enemy out of me."

His hands slid into his pockets and behind his mask he held a look of pure savagery. This agent had thought himself in control and thought himself able to get whatever knowledge he wanted yet here he was upset because he couldn't.

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He'd angered the man, that was for sure. Yet Klaus von Lichter had dealt with the most terrifying man on the face of the Earth; no, he'd been raised by him. Fed by him. Punished by him. Even as Mask stood less than a foot between the two, Klaus was unfazed. In fact, he was oddly satisfied with the encounter. Somewhere, deep down, he was glad to have provoked such a reaction. He smiled wider, back into Mask's obscured face.

"You speak of the cards you hold, Mask. I'm calling your bluff," he said, sneering back into the helmet of the leader of the Blue Order.

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@lichter: Mask wasn't the suicidal type, and in truth the U.S. possessed little in military power however, they held quite a bit in the eyes of the law. There was no doubt assaulting a federal agent held consequences in a legal way that he truthfully didn't want to deal with. Lawyers were expensive, and while he could afford them, there were better things to spend money on. So rather then using his Ocular abilities to turn this man into a vegetable by imprisoning him in his own mind Mask would simply resort to other means.

"As I see it here your on my property, where I have my guards, and you have yet to show me a warrant for this information. So Guards please escort this man from my office before I do something rash."

Mask returned to his desk.

"And if I ever catch you on my property again I'll pull some strings and have your position revoked. Good day to you"

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At the man's final words, Klaus merely chuckled.

I'd love to see him try that.

"We'll be back, Mr. Mask. I'll need less than a day to authorize a complete investigation. I urge you to cooperate next time, on the behalf of your employees," he finished, his weapons tucked back into their holsters. Lithely, he grasped his sunglasses with two fingertips, flicking them back up onto his face.

"Also, I'll see myself out," he said curtly, squeezing one of the small buttons on his sleeve. With that, a psychoactive signal was sent directly to his particle dagger, which promptly deconstructed his atoms and moved them to the CIA headquarters, across the country in Langley. To those in the room? It would seem as though he'd just disappeared, with neither sound nor flash of light.

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One Day Later

A swarm of VTOL units bearing the CIA shield hovered menacingly overhead, some landing on buildings surrounding the Blue Order's headquarters, while others maintained altitude over San Diego. A full operation had commenced, with agents wearing Maverick Incorporated lightweight armor setting up a perimeter around the building. Due to the CIA's dealings with the private military corporation, they boasted complete reinforcement from what was undeniably the world's top military force. A full contingent of soldiers accompanied their elected commander, a young-ish agent with a mysterious origin who'd acquired a government warrant just the other morning.

Klaus was not adorned in powered armor, but rather, the same suit he wore the day before. Underneath, however, was his synth-fluid uniform, the one he trusted to protect his body from nearly any conventional attack. Not that he'd need protection; he was surrounded by enough muscle to physically push the building over. He didn't bother with knocking, either, simply walking through the front door of the building he'd come in through before. Overhead, the mech units flashed the CIA logo, and news vans had already begun congregating outside the closed-off perimeter. The Maverick units had quickly and efficiently evacuated the surrounding buildings at Klaus' behest, just in case anything went wrong. Lichter, however, expected absolute cooperation.

"Mister Mask is to come to the lobby immediately. Inform him that he's under arrest," he said, the units behind him prominently displaying the CIA shield via holograms over their heads. Quietly, he clicked a small button on his sleeve, re-calibrating the Oscillator.

Just in case.

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Mask sat in his office playing with the Vermont snowglobe and waiting for the oncoming fluster cluck. He had seen them from a mile away, well more like 200 miles. He also had informed his staff and told them all was well. So now here he was, the voice of the agent who came in before asking for information.

Mask slowly strolled into the lobby, in his hand he held a few documents he would display when the time came.

"Now isn't this childish, you want to arrest me because I didn't give you information, grow up. Besides the Central Intelligence Agency has no actual law enforcing rights. You gather intelligence thats it, also I can't be arrested without evidence since I have these."

Mask slid the folder of papers over to him. In the folder were legal documents containing info on his citizenship.

"My real name is Alexander Cross. Im a legal immigrant from Germany. After Mexico that became publuc knowledge. So did my face"

Mask removed his helmet showing his face with the scar on his forehead. It was identical to the pictures in the file.

"Also since I run a U.S. buisness you can't do digging into my place of work. The CIA is supposed to only handle foreign affairs so unless you have evidence of me being involved in a foreign terrorist plot then the only thing you can do is flash a badge. So if you want me in custody talk to the FBI, have them bring me a search warrant and an arrest warrant. At such a time I will happily comply. Until that point however, I'll continue making the world safer while you waste tax payer dollars on shit shows like this."

He walked over and took back his citizenship documents. As he walked away he gave them one last message.

"I believe thats check mate Mr.Braun. What did I tell you about underestimating the power of a rook."

Mask whistled and walked away, telling his secretary to simply give the reporters the 4k, full color, full audio security camera footage and allow them to run it as they please.

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"Ever heard of the right to remain silent?" Klaus asked rhetorically. Sighing, he gestured to the Maverick-armed guards on either side of him, who leveled their weapons at Mask. "You're under arrest for concealing weapons of mass destruction, obstruction of national security, and operating on these grounds without the proper documentation. Buildings can't just pop up out of nowhere, Mask."

He remained still.

"Also, you likened yourself to a bishop yesterday. I'm the rook," he said, crossing his arms slowly. "Don't be stupid, now. We can work this out," he finished, the sound of VTOLs hovering overhead seemingly intensifying his words.

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(This is where I usually post my dinosaur running from an explosion pic)


Found it!

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Mask stopped and shook his head. It was obvious the man didn't do his research. He turned around hands still in pockets.

"Braun, sweetheart, maybe I didn't make myself clear. Your agency and it's agents actually cant make an arrest. So how about you run on back to the playground and let the grownups do their work. Or you can refuse to leave, Ill call the people who actually have the jurisdiction to arrest people, have your ass hauled off to the slammer, and then take your entire organization to court on the charge of unlawful arrest. Your choice."

Mask remained calm the whole time, he found the whole situation comical.

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"We're operating alongside Maverick and the FBI. The U.S government is interconnected, Mask. We're not about wasting taxpayer dollars, though, so we let the real boys in blue stay at home for this one," he said, exhaling through his nostrils. "You're going to come with us, now. No sudden moves," he said, gesturing forward.

The two armored agents on either side of Lichter advanced towards Mask slowly.

"Like I said yesterday, there'll be no need for handcuffs," he said, echoing his previous statement...though this time, with regards to Mask himself. "Be the bigger man, and don't make a scene. Last chance."

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@below0gaming: Also, please edit the part where he refers to him as Klaus. There's no way he can know that. All of his identification reads "Braun."

EDIT: Thanks :)

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@lichter: Once again Mask laughed at the mans ignorance.

"It doesn't matter if your working with them the CIA cannot issue an arrest. Also you have no warrant, so legally I can stay right here. You bring me an FBI agent with a court issued arrest warrant and I go. Until then I stay here."

Outside people began to yell and scream at the agents.

"Ahh looks like the media got those tapes. Ohh and they don't sound happy about you overstepping your boundaries. I belive thats your que to kindly piss off before you ruin your reputation even more."

Even though Mask wore a helmet you could tell he wore a big sarcastic grin on his face. He had remained in a powerful position from the start and right now the agents were on the losing side. He turned and continued to walk away.

"Tell your director my lawyer will be in touch. Oh and I wouldn't suggest shooting me, it would only serve to make me a martyr and weaken your already pitiful government strength."

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A beat of silence.

"Take him."

The order hung in the air, and as it traveled across the room, the exo-powered officers pulled the triggers of their weapons, launching a spray of Maverick's ballistic paintballs towards Mask. The purpose of each one, in addition to demoralization, was to tag him in the event he possessed some manner of cloaking technology. Ideally, after they'd knocked him down, the two soldiers would pounce on the businessman with professional ferocity, seeking to restrain him with arms that could bench automobiles. Outside, a flurry of activity on the rooftops escalated the intensity; highly-trained snipers locked their weapons on Mask's position through the massive glass windows.

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@below0gaming: He's operating alongside the FBI. First sentence, post #23.

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@below0gaming: He's got the FBI outside. It's not safe for them to go in.

Also, I mean, nobody's really screwed here. We're still working together to write a story, right man?

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@below0gaming: There was the whole "I'll be back in a day" thing yesterday, so...there's that, by ways of a heads-up.

Also, look at the color of my name...and look at yours. Just doing my job, man >:)

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Geeeeze my color system must not be working because it says he's blue and you're grey.


Hire someone to break you out man!

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@lichter: I took that figuratively as in like a week or two. Anyway Ill throwup a post tonorrow and Im gonna delete all the Ooc posts to get rid of clutter.

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@lichter: I took that figuratively as in like a week or two. Anyway Ill throwup a post tonorrow and Im gonna delete all the Ooc posts to get rid of clutter.

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Klaus can legally arrest Mask, Klaus can hold him regardless of what your magic NPCs say because they're just that, and haven't actually ever appeared. Not to mention the fact that they can't just walk in and free him, so the Agency can detain them as long as the director sees fit. Nox said it better, but basically Klaus is correct IC and Mask has two choices: cooperate, or go to war with the US govt.

This happened in Gothic Heals, as well. Mask attacked a US soldier, and when I accurately sold the results, including political fallout, you started telling me I couldn't, because you didn't anticipate the fallout.

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@below0gaming: Alright, sounds good. I recommend keeping the OOC posts, but maybe having people place them in spoiler blocks? I'll do that for mine. Sometimes it's nice for future clarity, y'know?

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@lichter: its too late for that now. Im on mobile so delete is the only way.

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@lichter: Took me a while to type lol

I was intending to interject it while you two talked.

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@redwhiteblue: No worries, it's appreciated. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Sometimes, I prefer when things flow without OOC planning anyhow, like earlier in the thread. That was really cool IMO

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@redwhiteblue: Actually though this time I was correct because there was no arrest warrant and the Central Intelligence Agency cant make arrests. Even if backed by the Fbi. The FBI can though because they have jurisdiction to do so.

In gothic heals I said that because you had no evidence of the illusions other than the word of your mouth. Now had there been evidence or had he had an FBI agent hand over an arrest warrant different story.

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@below0gaming: One, you just made my point. Klaus was simply in charge, not making the arrest himself. He brought FBI so they could do it.

Well, Mask's word (read: mysterious masked businessman with a private army and secret WMDs) versus the soldier's (read: person holding rank and serving his country at risk of his own life) isn't going to be much, records or no. That's how trials work. And it wasn't an arrest, it was the Govt freezing the Blue Order's assets.

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I know. I'd be happy to drop it if he will. Soumd good, everyone?

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@redwhiteblue: I already agreed with lic. I just never addressed your post and it would've been rude not to reply.