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This character is currently "Deceased"

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Real Name: K’arin Zorah.

Current Alias: The Blue Ghost.

Other Aliases: Nora Hawke.It is safe to assume the Blue Ghost has other identities throughout the world. If this is true, she keeps her other identities a closely guarded secret.

Class: Hero.

Identity: Secret.

Alignment: Good.

Occupation: Former CEO of Hawke Industries, Inventor, Scientist and Super-Hero.

Base Of Operations: Mobile.

Affiliation: None known.

Citizenship: None since she’s not from Earth. Nora did obtain her U.S. citizenship, however.

Place of Birth: The planet Makari, which is many light years from Earth.

Education: Unknown, but she is believed to be highly intelligent and educated.

Marital Status: Widow.

Relatives: Nathan Hawke (Husband, deceased), Lucas Hawke (Son), Keira Hawke (Daughter), Karah Knightfall (Adopted Daughter).

Gender: Female, but due to her shape-shifting ability she can assume any gender she wishes.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Height: 5‘10“

Weight: 135 lbs

Eyes: Glowing Red

Hair: Black

Physical Form: Often appears as a beautiffully exotic woman with black hair and blue skin with red glowing eyes.

Race: Alien.

Universe: CVnU

Created by: ParagonxXx

First Impressions: When you first meet the Blue Ghost you may not even realize that it’s her. She could be your taxi driver, the nun you passed on the street or even your boss. There may be little giveaways that the most observant spectator could guess (i.e. Apex), such as unconscious use of Alien body language. However when you encounter her in her day-to-day Alien form you will recognize her instantly. She’s just a few inches shy of being six feet tall, her hair is raven black, spilling over her shoulders and her skin is a nice shade of blue. The Blue Ghost is a silent and imposing figure who exudes an aura of mystery. Her voice is that of red sand blowing across a desolate Martian vista, utterly alien, yet strangely comforting.


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Enhanced Senses: The Blue Ghost’s eyes allow her to see across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including a form of X-Ray Vision. She also has an extraordinary sense of smell, much better than any animal on Earth.

Mental Powers: As a very powerful telepath, the Blue Ghost can both perceive others' thoughts and project her own thoughts. She also uses her telepathy for creating illusions, locating other sentient beings, controlling other’s minds, manipulating memory, inducing sleep, travelling on the astral plane, astral combat, sense when other people are in danger, transferring information to people directly, creating brain blasts and mental shields.

The Blue Ghost’s telekinesis allows her to move vast objects with her mind that are as big as a skyscraper and possibly even larger. She uses her telekinesis to manipulate, move or push multiple objects as well as to fly at high speeds and to create a telekinetic push or a telekinetic shield.

Physical Powers: The Blue Ghost can alter her molecular density allowing her to phase-shift, becoming intangible to pass harmlessly through solid objects or to phase through people and machines in order to damage them or cause pain. Blue Ghost can also increase her density allowing her to become virtually invulnerable, but like all her powers it takes concentration. She can also bend the light waves around her to match with her surroundings to become completely invisible.

Pyrokinesis (Limited): Although the Blue Ghost cannot generate flame from her body, she can control it to a limited extent. She can put out small fires and even larger ones if she is at a safe enough distance so that her fear of fire does not overcome her. Spontaneous combustion of certain materials is also possible so long as she remains at a safe enough distance when activating this power.

Due to her fear of fire, the Blue Ghost has mastered the heat aspect of Pyrokinesis. She can manifest heat energy from her hands or eyes. The Blue Ghost is basically manipulating the molecules surrounding her eyes, or hands, and agitating them until she creates streams of heat energy that blast forth from any body part she chooses. On occasion, Blue Ghost has been known to radiate heat from her body in a 360 degree bubble around her either as an attack or to keep her warm in freezing temperatures.

Self-Regeneration: The Blue Ghost has absolute command of every molecule of her body and it’s because of this, she can heal herself from any injury she sustains through concentration. Depending on the type of injury, she will either need very little or very intense concentration in order to heal, which is not recommended in a combat situation.

The Blue Ghost in her true form
The Blue Ghost in her true form

Shape-Shifter: The Blue Ghost uses her power of shape-shifting for various effects, such as adopting human or monstrous appearances, elongating her limbs, altering the chemical composition of her body, etc. The Blue Ghost can also use her power of shape-shifting to alter her lungs so they can breathe in various atmospheres and environments and even breathe underwater. She can even alter the inner valves and chambers in her air canals, allowing her to expel a large amount of air just by exhaling.

K’arin’s shape shifting abilities even allow herself to change her chemical composition. On one occasion, she was able to turn her skin into a thick exoskeleton of human bone in order to shield her from a corrosive that was designed to disintegrate her physiology.

Because the Blue Ghost has total control over every molecule of her body, her ability to assume other forms is absolutely perfect. For example: The Blue Ghost can take the form of a human and for all intents and purposes, she is a human. Should she give someone a sample of her DNA while in human form, it will appear as an ordinary sample that belongs to a normal human. There will be no genetic markers or anything to indicate she is an alien in disguise even with the latest in DNA testing technology, which include anything that can detect nearby aliens or meta-humans.

Note: With the recent advancements in human cloning and genetic engineering, the Blue Ghost has ensured that anyone trying to clone her or use her DNA for any kind of genetic engineering, will be met with failure. She has invented a serum that will cause her DNA to self-destruct if A): It’s true nature is somehow about to be discovered, and B): If someone tries to clone her DNA and C): If the serum she injected herself with to prevent her DNA from falling into the wrong hands is somehow discovered, which is unlikely to happen.


Pyrophobia: The Blue Ghost has such an intense fear of fire that she is rendered helpless by it and the larger the fire the more effective it is against her. A match stick or a candle won’t make her nervous but larger fires will. A camp fire, for example, will make the Blue Ghost a little nervous and a larger fire will make her scream in terror. The Blue Ghost will attempt to flee from any large source of fire and will, if possible, put out the fire as quickly as she can. If escape is not possible, then she goes into a fetal position and slips into a catatonic state until the fire is removed.

NOTE: This weakness is a mental one so it will NOT show up on any scans done on her body to try and determine what her weaknesses are.

Magic: The Blue Ghost is just as vulnerable to magic as humans are. But, due to her shape-shifting and adaptability, she can find ways around this weakness.


Genius Level Intellect: Unknown to the world at large, the Blue Ghost is one of the most intelligent beings on the planet. She possesses a mastery of electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering, electronics, chemistry, all levels of physics, human and alien biology. A visionary theoretician and inspired machine smith, she has made breakthroughs in such varied fields as space travel, time travel, extra-dimensional travel, biochemistry, robotics, computers, synthetic polymers, communications, mutations, transportation, holography, energy generation, spectral analysis and more. Blue Ghost is one of the few people on Earth to be an expert on other dimensions and the methods by which to travel to and through them.

Skilled Fighter: The Blue Ghost is by no means a Martial Artist, but she is a very skilled fighter during the rare times she is out on the field. She knows how to use her powers to their maximum effectiveness and use alien firearms from her homeworld.

Photographic Memory: The Blue Ghost also possesses a photographic memory.


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Star Sabre Spaceship: The Blue Ghost’s Starship features a variety of significant upgrades that make it one of the fastest and most nimble ships in the galaxy. In addition to an enlarged cargo hold, the Star Sabre also has secret compartments throughout the ship for transporting contraband and anything else the captain would prefer to keep hidden. If the captain prefers to simply avoid being boarded, the Star Sabre has proven itself to be fully capable.

In addition to the standard laser and torpedo batteries along with a cloaking device, the starship is designed with upper and lower turrets that can be controlled manually or remotely from the cockpit. It also has all the creature comforts anyone could ask for, from a recreational lounge to extra sleeping quarters. It even features a state of the art medbay with a regeneration matrix installed.

The Blue Ghost has hidden her Starship from any and all human contact. During her years on Earth, not a single human has managed to find it. Then again, no one knows she even has it or where to look for it even if they did know. The Starship itself has had very few sightings in the skies anywhere in the world, but a few humans have seen it flying around. But no one knows where the ship comes from or where it goes. And where Blue Ghost hides her Starship is currently unknown to all save herself. Any photographs or video recordings of the Blue Ghost’s Starship disappear within hours and always under mysterious, and untraceable, circumstances.

Uniform: The uniform that the Blue Ghost wears has been upgraded with anti-psionic and alien power dampening technology. In layman's terms, she is immune to any and all attempts to take her powers away either through technology, powers or magic. Most importantly, her suit is completely immune to any and all EMP's since it has been upgraded to have EMP shielding.

Other Equipment: The Blue Ghost has other advanced technology, armor and weapons she can either get from her Starship or from a number of hidden caches she has hidden throughout the world. In some cases, she can even build what she needs.


K’arin Zorah is the last of her race, having survived a horrible holocaust and watching her own people, as well as her own family, burn to death after being infected with a degenerative disease that weakened their bodies. She escaped on her Starship and fled to Earth where she crashed landed during the American Civil War in the 1860‘s.

It was during the spring of 1865 that K’arin was first spotted by a pair of humans when she emerged from a forest after she crash landed and hid her starship. When the two men saw her vanish into thin air, they called her the Blue Ghost since she had blue skin and glowing red eyes that gave them the sense she was not a benevolent entity (how wrong they were).

Because of the primitive nature of human technology of the time, Blue Ghost found it near impossible to make any necessary repairs to her Starship. Hiding her ship so the human population would not be able to find it, K’arin used her power to shape-shift to change into a human. From then on, she was one of them, learned the dialect and worked behind the scenes when it came to saving lives.

Throughout the rest of the 19th century, and much of the 20th as well, K’arin saved many lives as the Blue Ghost, but always behind the scenes. Tornados would mysteriously stop just before tearing apart buildings that contained many innocent people, earthquakes would cease their destructive power, robbers would suddenly find themselves giving back everything they stole and turning themselves in and the list goes on.

The Blue Ghost quickly became something of an urban legend that would appear seemingly out of no where and help save lives before vanishing into the night. Many documentaries have been done regarding this mysterious woman and wondering who, or what, she is. To this very day, she remains as elusive as Bigfoot and has gained a high level of popularity.

Today, however, marks the twelfth year in a row that the Blue Ghost has not been seen by anyone anywhere on Earth. This has lead some experts into believing that she has died and there have even been some expeditions into some remote parts of the world in attempt to find her body. Yet, some insist that the Blue Ghost is still out there and they point out that she has been known to vanish without any sightings for long periods of time before re-emerging again. Of course, even these people have to admit that twelve years without a genuine sighting is unusual even for the Blue Ghost.

Only time will tell if she re-emerges again and there are some who believe that it's only a matter of time...

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