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"They say if you die in Blüdhaven, Hell is a promotion."


Only 300 miles north of Millennium City lies the industrial and bay town of Blüdhaven . Founded and established in the mid-1800’s as a shipping hub and industrial city, it had always failed to reach metropolitan heights due to the majority of business ventures that had decided to grow in Millennium City instead. In recent events that had inflicted the former into devastating economic and social levels, Blüdhaven is once again seeing capitalism reach it’s waters.

Nearly half of the city’s communities are within 20 miles of the coast and the other half near some form of manufacturing plant. The waters, having been inadequately treated because of the lack of funds, are in some way contaminated with pollution and waste residue so swimming is highly discouraged as well as fishing or recreational boating.

Points of Interest

Himeji Heritage Center:

The Narrows: Making up the majority of residential and living area, The Narrows is also the source of The City's growing crime rate due to the poverty, lack of job opportunities and swelling of inhabitants that have migrated from Gothic City to escape the carnage and war.

Highway 666: The major 6 lane wide road that interlinks the entire city and outlying districts. It is a key route for trade, traffic and commuting.

Avalon Hill: The extremely small and gated neighborhood for the 'privileged' is located here high up in Avalon Hills overlooking the majority of the citizens beneath them. Much of the well to do business owners or simply financially blessed residents of Bludhaven reside within the upper class homes that seem to have been carved along the hills with their backs to the world beneath them

Blüd Bay: Polluted with the contaminents flowing from neighboring cities that thrive from industrial products, the bay has been designated as a no wading or swimming zone due to the deadly levels of toxicity that even sea creatures avoid. Lined with warehouses, the only ships that make dock are boats moving shipping containers. Living in the area is forbidden, but too difficult to enforce.

Red Boot Pub: A bar that even the homeless deem a less than reputable place to drink, it homes the lowest of low. Criminals come here to discuss possible illegal endeavors, or even to seek hired guns. The bar owner, Mel, is just as tough a woman as her patrons despite being elderly. She keeps her ears away from the business that occurs and the customers protect her at all costs in return.

Rook High School: Located near the outside borders of Avalon Hill lies the major and most populated school in the city district. Scoring in the less than average bar of national scores, RHS as been often underestimated. Despite the location, city history and less than decent funding, RHS has produced some notable alumni to include passed mayors and even federal servants.

Notable Residents


  • If there are any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to PM me at anytime.
  • Please understand that this is a growing city IC and please fit in with the street-leveler or mid-tier vibe please. It wouldn't make sense if Thanos decided to have coffee at Avalon Hills just because he felt like it.
  • No god-modding, major destruction, or political/city officials without permission. This location DOES fall under the CV '17 location rules so please abide by them.
  • PM me @_vex_ for anything to include destruction, political positions, residency, or things of that nature.
  • Have fun!
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I *might* have made this place before but that's non-canon now so idgaf lol

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@_vex_: Nuts, no coffee for me. *Teasing*

Nice job so far. :-)

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I like the idea of starting with a small town with the potential to grow, this is pretty cool.

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Oh how the chrome titanium reflected the streetlight's glow so vibrantly. It was beautiful, mesmerizing even. It twirled seamlessly in Mason’s gloved palms, hypnotically melting itself within his fingertips. The weapon flowed like a serene river before his eyes. Not only was it to be the instrument of his choice for the mission he would undertake for the next few years, but also an homage to his late father.

Unlike his brother, Malcolm, he never knew his father and had never rightfully grown with an opinion, negative or positive…He did however, know of his great endeavors under the domino mask as Vex and under the obsidian cowl of Dark Vengeance. From Masons’ understanding, his death went unavenged and his mark on the world was fading. The wealthy dynasty of sophistication had orchestrated the death of Alexander Rook in a future and hopefully, alternate reality. According to reports from this present timeline, Alexander was in fact missing, but likely proclaimed dead.

If Mason was too late to save his father, so be it. He would not be absent to exact revenge on the perpetrators however. Every single one of them that bore the title and curse of ‘Strix’ would not only die by his hand, but know a suffering equal to that they have inflicted on the city they have laid siege to.

His base of operations could’ be Gothic. The element of surprise was imperative to his mission, but being in the same city as them would be extremely foolish. Blüdhaven would be his new home. From here he could operate incognito while still expanding the legend of Vex. The night would whisper feared filled rumors of the sapphire enigma. He needed allies however. Gothic was ground zero at this point and still, once again, under deep construction. He needed to contact the Hawk Lords. It had been difficult with the presidential run that had recently taken place, but with enough contacts made through swift action, hopefully word would have gotten to them by now.

And so, he waited atop an air vent of a building that had overlooked the murky waters of the bay. Train whistles blew in the distance and sirens wailed nearby. He laid his head back, dreaming of the timeline he came from and missing the small pieces of the life he had lived.

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"Not many people ask for..." Luna Hawk's voice came from the sky as she lowered down towards the man who'd put out the word he needed help. She didn't know who he was but as she approached and floated down towards the roof, she saw the resemblance in an instant. Her helmet's sensors routed information to Super City and came back with confusion. He looked, in every way, very much like Alexander Rook...but he was too young.

"Alex?" She asked quietly, even though, as her feet touched the roof, she realized it couldn't be him. Her heart had skipped a beat when she thought it was him, a million plus emotions flooding her mind...but they faded as she realized it wasn't him and so too did her desire to contact Solar Hawk. Somehow though, she knew her counterpart would arrive soon enough.

"I don't know who you are..." She narrowed her eyes, there was just a tiny hint of the bronzed skin of an Egyptian in him, but she couldn't be certain. "But if this is a joke you won't hear me laughing." She finished. And Solar Hawk will put your face through a wall.

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The case of mistaken identity broke Mason’s heart a little. His face broke in a sympathetic smile, it felt sort of nice to know that the Rook blood ran strong in his veins. He remained leaned back and his hands behind his head in a relaxed manner. The defenseless posture was foolish for anyone to physically exemplify in the presence of a Hawk Lord, especially one as fiery as this one. The smart thing to do would be admit who he was here and now and acquire the assistance he so desperately needed….Mason didn’t want to be smart. Not now at least.

“What? You don’t have a sense of humor?”

He smirked arrogantly and cocked his head to the side. An eyebrow raised slightly as the night wind blew threw the silence and tossed his hair. If she was as hot headed now, in her ‘youth’ as she would be in his future, then he was fanning the flames of a scuffle. A demonstration of sorts before he actually divulged any information.

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Fortunately of the two identical Hawk Lords (at least physically) Luna Hawk was the calmer. Rather than rush him and attempt to end his face, she walked up to him calmly until there was perhaps a foot between the two of them. "Not about this I don't." She said and though she was acting controlled, the force of will required not to deck him was evident in her voice. "Alex was very important to me before he disappeared and nothing the government did in regard to it sat well with me at all. So if you're one of the idiots behind the idea of creating a double and trying to slip him into Solar Hawk and I's lives, then I'm going to kill you. If you're some stupid punk who thinks he'll get his kicks because he happens to look like Alex and I might find this all amusing somehow, I'm going to put your face through that wall behind you. If you know where Alex is you're going to tell me and I'm going to pretend I never saw you, if you don't tell me, I'm going to make you wish you had."

She raised a gloved hand to where he would see it...and the fifty thousand volts charging through and over the Nth Metal Weave the glove was composed of. Her eyes narrowed behind her helmet. "So please, tell me which one you are."

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Behind her stern demeanor, there was a storm being quelled. Her step forward was intimidating in itself, and if Mason didn’t have prior training, he would have likely staggered backwards….But he didn’t.

“Alex was important to all of us, especially me I would like to think.”

He strained the sentence, reflecting on the memories of his childhood. An absent father that had been torn away before he could ever know his love. A caring mother who hid pain behind her eyes at the loss of her husband. An angry and resentful sibling who was more focused on his own vigilante crusades. It wasn’t fair. Not to Mason.

“He wa-….Is my father.”

He cut himself off, after all there was still hope. In this universe at least. He paused before continuing, letting the words settle in the air between him. Her reaction was important to this conversation. He wanted to tell her everything. The possible future and the events that transpired to his current life.

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knock*knock*knock... BANG BANG BANG

Lord knows this growing coastal retreat didn't need this kind of evil stalking it's citizens. Years ago, some idealistic pioneer must have founded this "Bludhaven" in hopes of seeing it prosper with the purity of Shangri La. Honestly, isn't that what they all want from the start? Although, as events would un-wrinkle in time, the neighboring Gothic City would leech most of the riches away from this idealist's playground and all that would leave this city with is a faint glimmer of hope. A place where ideas struggled just the same as the people-- This was Bludhaven thanks to Gothic City. It's a shame really, that of all things, Gothic couldn't inherit all of the crime as well.

No Caption Provided

knock*knock*knock... BANG BANG BANG

And as any fellow historian would agree, it's hard to directly link this particular killing spree with the story of the Quiet Man. The red mask of the demon did not usher these fifteen victims to the hall of demise. No one saw blood shed at the cold end of his blade that night. In fact, bystanders said they saw this particular man planning the night's attack several days throughout the previous week, which may come off as a conflict of time considering the Quiet Prophet's other time occupiers. But nonetheless, this is the most obvious start of the Quiet Army as they would come to be known. That night in The Narrows' most gang populated motel started out as a relatively normal night. But then, could you imagine the distinct trail of horror sounding down your hallway like the ticking of a doomsday clock?

No Caption Provided

knock*knock*knock... BANG BANG BANG

The motel could have turned into a battleground that night with the three execution shots sounding out every ten minutes. The motel could have been deserted by the innocent as soon as danger was afoot. The motel didn't ask for this conduit of death, but as the Prophet marched from door to door, families would turn on their own and execute those most guilty of corruption in Bludhaven. Then, the people obliged follow along on this trail of bloodshed until very soon, it wasn't even who we presume to be the Quiet Master pulling the trigger. No. The people wanted to make a difference. They needed the opportunity and he gave them this very night. The people wanted Shangri La and the Prophet was the idealist who challenged the struggle. Eventually The Quiet Master wouldn't need to pull the trigger anymore because he gave the weapons of chaos to the people and the signal to take matters into their own hands.

No Caption Provided

knock*knock*knock... BANG BANG BANG

knock*knock*knock... BANG BANG BANG

knock*knock*knock... BANG BANG BANG

Those were the only sounds that would carry throughout the motel that night. And nine more times at that. Can you imagine the thrill?

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@_vex_ said:


Behind her stern demeanor, there was a storm being quelled. Her step forward was intimidating in itself, and if Mason didn’t have prior training, he would have likely staggered backwards….But he didn’t.

“Alex was important to all of us, especially me I would like to think.”

He strained the sentence, reflecting on the memories of his childhood. An absent father that had been torn away before he could ever know his love. A caring mother who hid pain behind her eyes at the loss of her husband. An angry and resentful sibling who was more focused on his own vigilante crusades. It wasn’t fair. Not to Mason.

“He wa-….Is my father.”

He cut himself off, after all there was still hope. In this universe at least. He paused before continuing, letting the words settle in the air between him. Her reaction was important to this conversation. He wanted to tell her everything. The possible future and the events that transpired to his current life.

Luna Hawk lowered her hand, dissipating the energy. She had no concrete evidence, but she believed him instinctively. She glanced away from him for a moment and then walked over towards the edge of the building, looking down at the city below. Her life had been in near constant turmoil for the better part of a year now, that her future should also be in some sort of turmoil only seemed to fit. The ancient Egyptian warrior's wings closed on her back and she lifted her helmet free from her head and placed it on a hook on her belt.

No Caption Provided

After a moment Luna Hawk turned to face him. "What's your name?" She asked, wondering if he was Malcom or if she should be expecting Solar Hawk to have another child...which suggested quite a lot about the possible future timelines involved and what may or may not happen with Alexander, who was currently missing. "Your mother is going to kill me." She said with a shake of her head.

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"Oh! Oh, no... You weren't suppose to see this... You should go before you die screaming too"

No Caption Provided

A "necessary evil"

Considering the fatal nature of The Quiet Man's methods, there aren't very many details on exactly how he gathered information.

But the accounting of one, Eddie Saxton (seven years old at the time), famously elaborated from the night he walked in on his father mumbling non-english in the tattered remains of their motel room. It was dark beyond the expectations of any righteous conferences, the air was stale with the smell of blood and gunfire from the previous night* and there had to be at least five attendees circling around this terrifying ceremony.

Deadset in the middle of all these mysterious guests' meeting was Saxton's Father, Robert, who was covered in what we can only assume to be stilling cuts. The gentleman sadist's interrogation method that laid several diagonal and horizontal surface lashes throughout the body. Effectively setting the ultimatum of either staying completely still until help arrived or so much as flinching and setting off a chain of opening gashes that will bleed out the victim quite painfully.

No escape.

Robert eventually noticed the small silhouette of his son standing in the doorway and warns the boy to leave, but he was obviously in some sort of trance. He'd never been so grim or hollowly toned before, and Eddie recalled wanting to speak up, but his lips were met with the filthy blade of The Quiet Man, hardly visible except for the garnet outlining of his otherwise absent eyes.

Perhaps he even spoke or maybe it was one of the other's, but a voice suggested " Listen to your father. He knows what best for you "then, no one said a word, the sword swings to Robert's neck, he flinches, and blood starts to geyser out following the mellow pop of each mark throughout inches of his body.

No Caption Provided

Of course, Eddie then exits in terror with the door slamming behind him. The last thing he heard was someone demanding the location of @_vex_.

After what felt like hours of crying, only one person ever emerged from that door again and fortunately it was Robert in full health and clean as ever. The father was quick to consolidate his boy and almost in denial of the peculiar events that had just occurred in the room behind them.

"Hey! would you like to get some ice cream, son? Maybe we'll see that superhero you like so much-- Nex is it?"

"Uhm no... I it's Vex, Dad. But what was all that about? It looked scary. Should I call the cops?"

"Oh don't worry about that son. Everything's gonna be fine. Just'a necessary evil. Purpose is what that was all about son and now I have some as well, hahaha"

And as I'm sure you know at the time of reading this, Robert would go on to commit horrible crimes himself about a week later. Crime investigators would have been wise to have linked Mr. Saxton's descent into madness back to this moment, but no one was willing to take Eddie seriously at such a young age, devoid of evidence from that night and admittedly a troubled individual himself, but their story hardy caught headlines in Bludhaven's past. No, it was the conflict that would soon ensue between the vigilante and the prophet that mattered more.

*Referencing the events of my last post here~ R.

(Hey V. Just thought I'd do a little evil for ya. Maybe if you get bored or something one day, hmu? :)

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@ran: Dude, I'm loving this new guy.

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@the_reality_sage: Yeah he's 'aight I guess. Thanks tho :)

In fact if you ever want a thinly veiled magic opponent, Sage, I might know a guy >_>

I could be your Kaecilius ;)

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No Caption Provided

@ran: Totally loving it. Expect a reply today.

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Deltasquad Operation #1
Deltasquad Operation #1

"Alright boys and girls the first job is up. Turns out the law much as I hate them are a bit tired of the various trafficking and smuggling up on the ever classy highway six six six. And one of the boys in blue has money for us. Your job is to find as many of these shit bags as ya can and in their runs. Of course cops don't know this was paid for and even if they did would be against it. So expect sirens not long into the mission. Not to mention cops will probably come are way as well. Know it's a simple job but we need a bit of cred if we want the bigger jobs." Personally Aren hated it, felt like grunt work and she doubted anyone would even die in this op. Couldn't get contracts like Maverick on day one however, and at the very least it would allow Aren to perform her own little objective for the day.

No Caption Provided

As far as the general public knew she was a computer expert, engineer, and part time hero. Her epic ventures had lightened up after her injuries from the events of Gothic but now she was back on her feet. While her estate up on Avalon hill was considered a place of parties and maybe some illegal substance usage for the most part Aren was thought as someone good. How long that would last however would depend on how today went. If word got out of the mercenaries and convicts living under her roof then trouble might come to her doorstep.

Not to mention she needed to find a way to reign in the squad should they try to act out of hand. These missions were going to be all about high risk and high reward. Some might want more money however, or think their lives shouldn't be on the line. She couldn't have her employees complaining, hostages, black mail any of it was fine if it ruined the chances of this business going under.

So as the squad deployed elsewhere in town Aren entered the police station, her cyberpunk getup standing out against the traditional blues. "I wan't to connect your server with my own, help as much as I can with reigning in the criminals. Anyone mind?"

(OOC this is a open small event, akin to a heist or gang shoot out. The Squad is on Route 666 trying to ruin some of the criminal business, meanwhile Aren is looking to hack into the police computers to exploit information and hopefully get an upper hand on the squad)

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Highway 666

No Caption Provided

They were just asking the worst to come out of her. And Linda struggled to object against such a notion. Her family had even told her that trying to act human was a stupid notion. She was a monster and should behave as such. Course way she saw it that was more just because they wanted her dead. Linda wasn't going to make it rain blood and turn cities into the apocalyptic dreamscape she desired. If anything she was an imp who could be slain like any generic human. Her supernatural strengths were pitiful. So brooding and angry the pink haired human pushed back those devilish urges.

"This mission is stupid. Some gangsters pitifully trying to make a living thats the first op really?" The large fisted hot headed criminal remarked to any squad mates willing to listen to her complain. "We should make it interesting. A third of my earnings will go to whoever gets the most kills. I know we're all sacks of shit but try and be honest." The chaotic mercenary remarked wanting to spice up the otherwise easy venture. Of course odds were cops and heroes would add some adrenaline to the otherwise bore fest but that wouldn't be for awhile. Then it came to her, what if they were to good. What if they ruined this drug run before anyone showed up. That couldn't be allowed to happen.

No Caption Provided

Leaping into the street the large fisted devil looked to the closest transport truck. A shotgun beside the driver windows tainted almost to a point she couldn't make out who was driving, it would do. Suspicious enough to be considered a target the girl brought her fist back a spiral of cobalt energy coursing behind it. Driving it forward as she rushed the truck the front caved in on impact. The truck began to rise from the force, its trailer gaining some height as the cab folded into a demolished ball. Leaping up iron clad fingers sank into the roof of the trailer as the Girl took hold. What followed was almost like a suplex as she brought it over head in slamming it into the concrete highway crushing a car with the weight and her might. Balancing on the wreckage cracking her knuckles the imp smiled at the instant carnage. Cars swerved and people screamed a sequence of pandemonium born in a second. With any luck it'd help set the stage for a long brutal ordeal instead of a planned efficient one.

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Bump for later

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@_vex_ said:

Bump for later

Last time I swear.

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@_vex_: This will do just fine......

(DC here pm your number I've got one wicked ass idea )

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@_vex_: Ive been back for months you mook, nothing really interested me until a few weeks ago and now. Im back with Jake and rpging with Nova, and i want to use this guy i thought up at work here in Blud

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No Caption Provided

Xae held a small electrical tool in her teeth while she sat quietly in one of the access ducts of a downtown skyscraper. The building belonged to a locally based company with a CEO who's private life was less than legal...by a wide margin. Xae had grown tired of seeing the man go unpunished, even if his private dalliances were somewhat under the radar, enough people know that something should have been done by now. On her way from LA to New York she stopped here to...settle the score, so to speak.

Since he had gained his funds illegally, she would take his prized development away from him, a highly experimental computer that was supposed to be the first step into developing artificial intelligence that had any level of practical application.

She cut the last of the security connections and frowned slightly when her eye implants detected one last electronic signal from the dying security system to the computer's cooling room. Private security will respond in about forty five seconds, police could take ten minutes, should have time. The signal sent an alarm across the local police bands as well as to local security.

She traced flipped the panel open and crawled through, placing her hands on pieces of the machine. The temperature in the room was well below freezing but her armor adjusted instantly, keeping her body at a much warmer temperature to keep the cold blooded soldier moving at peak efficiency. A few buttons carefully pressed on the computer's control console deactivated the machine and raised the AI core out of its tube for access.

Xae smirked and pulled the cylindrical CPU out of its container. Hello ugly piece of mammalian engineering. Let's see how long you can fund your lifestyle when your company crashes down on your head and the board of directors fires your ass, A mated male hosting private orgies, tsk tsk. Police already know you robbed the people of this city blind three ways to sunday to fund your rise in this company, let's see what the people you robbed do when you're tossed out on your fat ass.

Xae withdrew back out of the room with her prize, shut the panel and began to make her way towards the roof.

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“I can’t let you leave with that.

A deep and brooding voice broke through from the darkness, piercing the perfect silence that the thief had worked so hard to orchestrate for the crime she was presently committing. The Obsidian Knight of Blüdhaven iconically known as Dark Vengeance stood like a towering obstacle before her.

The ebony spandex clad figure had maneuvered her way through the security system and shut down multiple barriers that protected and isolated the object of her desire. The only reason that Vengeance was even here was because he himself was infiltrating the crime lord’s building to retrieve valuable information and contacts that derived from his illegitimate empire. He couldn’t tell this thief any of that, however.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.”

His arms were motionless, but the muscle fibers beneath were twitching in annoyance. If she swindled her way out with the CPU container, the corrupt king would be outcast and his image smeared more so by the media than ever before. Sure, he would be arrested, but with his financial connections, he would get off. Someone else however, would fill the power void he would leave open. Another successor that terrorizes Blüdhaven would rise. Vengeance couldn’t have that. He needed to bring the entire organization down and ensure that arrests were made.

“Give it to me.”

Vengeance reached out with an open palm, awaiting for her next move.

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"You know, I wondered if he had someone on his payroll." Xae said with a smirk. "I like the outfit though, the bat theme and everything, imposing voice...is that a voice modulator or do you just kind of wing it?" Xae held the object of their mutual desire up for a moment and tapped the outer cylinder with the tip of a retracted claw. Even the light tap caused the metal casing of its containment tube to scratch. "This guy's been getting away with crap for a long time and here is his pride and joy...artificial intelligence. Funny how something so tiny can mean so much to so many."

No Caption Provided

Xae sauntered up to him, but she didn't place the computer into his hand. "How much is he paying you? Because I promise you it's not worth getting in a fight with me over this little computer..." she cocked her head slightly. "Or...do you want to keep it for yourself? Plug it in to some secret computer at home or sell it on the black market for an easy billion dollars. That might even be worth it."

Xae shook her head. "Just step aside man bat, protecting that idiot's reputation isn't worth it."

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Vengeance was unfazed by the verbal jabbing, but read her motions and eye movements instead. They spoke 1000 words and painted a picture a conversation never could. She was clearly eager and fearless. A deadly combination with any person and even more so with a woman with intentions such as herself.

“I’m not for hire.”

Vengeance replied without skipping a beat, shrugging off her tantalizing strut and neglecting the flirtatious inflection of her voice. She failed to deliver the AI drive like he had demanded and so he was forced to take a more direct approach. She had forgo attacking him and was more bent on actually leaving so he would respond with minimal aggression.

“I can’t let you leave with that.”

His voice just as deep as before, only now with a growing undertone of impatience. He reached up and gripped her forearm within his own hand, narrowing his sapphire eyes. This was her last chance to leave without harm or capture.

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Xae's eyes narrowed behind her goggles when he grabbed her wrist and her playful attitude dropped like a bad habit. "Be careful." She told him. Xae shook her head. Some sort of upright vigilante then. Wonderful. "Only thing I can't figure out is why you intend to put this back where I found it. You must know something about this guy, it's time to let him suffer for what he's done to people." She moved to rip her arm free of his grip. Xae had far more strength than a human and sought to exert most of it to pull her arm free of his grip lest things escalate and she be forced to fight him.

"That's the problem with your justice system...it just lets people keep getting by and never really punishes them."

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She was surprisingly forceful when breaking free of the Caped Crusader’s grip. Her understanding of why he was so adamant about her not leaving with that container was also a bit of a pleasant revelation. Her analytical skills were clear just as well as her desire to exact revenge upon the owner of the desired object, but Vengeance wasn’t here to discuss the flaws in the legal system of to argue the police work of Blüdhaven.

Irrelevant issues he was already tackling alone in different fronts. His patience had finally worn out and retracted a closed fist, activating the lighting taser that had augmented the kevlar knuckles of the glove. It was powerful enough to momentarily paralyze a rhino and might be considered a bit overkill, but the longer they stood there the sooner security guards would arrive to perform their rounds. He let the momentum of his jab sling his arm forward, albeit, holding back a little.

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Quick for a human. Xae pivoted on her left foot and a neural impulse activated the anchoring spike located in the heel of her armor. The spike shot into the floor more than six inches and fanned out to anchor her to the floor. She sought to grab his wrist and arm and use his weight and the momentum of his swing to hopefully roll him over her back and onto the floor. The taser was a surprise and energy fed directly into her 'leather' where it slipped through the first layer but once it met the Nth Metal filaments it was spread out over the surface of her armor and prevented from striking her actual body.

No Caption Provided

If her move was successful she would deactivate the anchoring spike and pull the whip from her belt. If not, she would still deactivate the spike and seek to put distance between the two of them and attempt to remove her whip from her belt in such a scenario as well. Whether either of that was successful depended greatly on his own martial training and ability, so far she was going out of her way not to cause him physical harm. He means well, but we need to get out of here if we're going to figure that out.

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She was so fluid and agile given her seamless transition from the target of a strike, to now lifting the 300lbs Knight of Blüdhaven over her shoulder with ease. She understood fighting physics more than the often seen theif or common criminal. She was trained and that had been made clear once again. Had it not been for his own instinctual training, Dark Vengeance would have slammed onto the floor with some serious injuries.

Instead however, he reacted with the a law of physics of his own; 'An object in motion will reman in motion unless acted upon by another force.' He rolled with the hip toss and glided onto his feet before wheeling into a low lunge. She hardly even noticed the electric jab and seemingly brushed it off as if it was only a small breeze that waved over her. The reinforced armor was another indication to some sort of lineage or group support…Perhaps a life of wealth.


The crack of a whip unrolling and coming to life had broken Vengeance’s concentration and tugged him away from his deduction and back into the fray. She was attempting to keep the distance large between them, aware that he had no obvious weapons and therefore a fighter of close to close combat. She was intelligent and sly, admirable qualities to be noted and documented. The recorder embedded in his cowl took note of the mental dictation and snapped an image of her face and began recording the events that were transpiring to be dissected for future use.

“You just made enemies with the wrong man.”

She wanted to keep away from my hands and utilities? That's fine.

He thought back to himself retrieving 4 knight-a-rangs and propelling two forward without hesitation aimed at her shoulders. He paused only for a second before leaping forward and releasing the final two in a staggered pattern aiming for her thighs. The attack would be painful and debilitating enough to restrain her, but not kill her.

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Xae's eye implants mapped the trajectory of the first two projectiles at the moment they left his hands, the information gave her an almost precognitive ability to react to the assault. She shifted her weight swiftly and dropped below the first two projectiles, both of them slipped past her shoulders without striking. Despite the abilities of her armor, Xae never liked being struck if she could avoid it and one never knew what a blade might be capable of.

Someone trained him well. She mused as he launched the second set of projectiles just moments after the first two. This action insured she wasn't able to avoid all four of them, where as many opponents would have tried to overwhelm her all at once, he'd staggered his attack, causing her to actually put herself in greater danger of the second set by avoiding the first.

Her whip acted almost on its own, directed by neurological impulse rather than by the movement of the hand. The neruo-whip snapped through the air with the barest flick of her wrist and knocked one of the two second set projectiles. The third knight-a-rang fell from the air ungracefully but there was nothing she could do about the fourth. By a combination of positioning and luck the weapon, which should not have penetrated her armor at all, was able slice rather than hit straight on, allowing it to penetrate the three layers of her armor and leave a long cut down her right thigh before its momentum was halted.

Xae hissed inhumanly as green blood welled up out of the wound. She grabbed the knight-a-rang with her free hand and tore it free, casting it aside. Even as it was the cut began healing within moments as nano-bots worked quickly to repair the damage, her medical systems activated the instant there was a wound. Unfortunately the nanobots were not so fast that they wouldn't prevent the wound from slowing her down.

"I kill my enemies." Xae said. "You're not an enemy, you're just not explaining yourself." She grabbed hold of the AI core again. "Why is it so important to you this go back?"

For now she held off on attacking...for now.

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The near silent sound of razor sharp metal slicing through flesh reverberated in Vengeance’s augmented ears. It was symphonic almost, knowing that he still retained the ninja like hand to eye coordination he had perfected early on in his vigilante career. The ooze of an emerald fluid leaked through the enforced leather and only a few drops splattered onto the floor beneath them before the wound had nearly vanished. He remained calm and let no sign of unease show on his facial features or posture. He remained firm and solid like an unmoving rock although a million other questions and answers began to rise in his mind.

“I have evidence stacked against the chief of this establishment. A long list of contacts, connections and fake fronts that will crumble beneath his feet. I can’t let you take that. If you turn it in, he’ll get off on minimal time and my efforts would be to waste….Or worse, you take that for your own gain.”

They were at an impasse. Clearly, the woman wanted revenge, a sentiment that Alexander knew all too well, but he was more than just a young man out for retribution. He needed to be patient and intelligent.

As he was about to extend an offer of his own, the stampeding of boots making their way down the hallway began to echo into their present room.


Just has he had feared. This woman had entertained him significantly longer than he had predicted and the security personnel must have gotten suspicious as to why the guard designated to investigate the are periodically had failed to report back in. The clicking of safety switches turning to fire flicked in the darkness and the thuds of the guards figures hitting the outside wall demanded that he come to a decision.

“I need you to trust me.”

It was a tall order that he was asking of her, and one request that would likely go unfilled. Especially since Dark Vengeance refused to trust her. Even for a second, but instead he turned his attention to the door and snapped his fingers together. Dropping a smoke pellet that enveloped the entirety of the room. The cowl that had adorned his head and neck sensed the change in atmosphere and switched to thermal readings to better assist him in the quarrel that was sure to come.

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Xae cocked her head slightly as he spoke, listening carefully not just to his words but to the inflection in his voice. "This pieces of backwards idiot technology? No I have nothing to gain from something as ignorant as artificial intelligence." Her hatred of AI dripped through her words. When the sound of guards came she didn't look in their direction, her three hundred and sixty degree vision meant she never really hard to turn her head to look anywhere. Her eye implants adjusted instantly to filter out the smoke and she shifted vision modes to view the guards through the door as clearly as if they were standing right in front of her.

She casually coiled her whip and turned to face the door. "Let's see if you earn the trust." She told him and prepared for whatever was to come next. She waited to see what his move, or the moves of the guards would be but she kept her lethal options sheathed for the time being. The agony whip would be more than enough to deal with random guards.

She carefully placed the AI core at the small of her back where the nanomachines lacing through her armor crafted a small band around it to hold it in place. She smiled and dropped low, preparing to move at a moment's notice.

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"Every action made is ordained by the one above all." The lady in violet inhaled and exhaled, centering her chakras with the sweet reassurance of what's to come. "So, there's nothing to worry about." Tucked between her arm and chest there is a handheld device with lists of information detailing the items stored within the cargo around her.

As she walked to the center of Bludhaven's eastern boondocks, she turned her head from time to time. Her eyes would scan the area with calculated precision. Every inch of land and scent smelled would be accounted for. It's because of her diligence and effectiveness that she represented her clientele this evening.

"I can assure you," she turned around and spoke with the utmost empathy, "that this isn't a trap by S.T.R.I.K.E. or some lie fabricated by the poshest of mutant socialites." Miss Clara stepped closer to her customer, reaching out with her right hand to caress his forearm. She acted in such a way because people tended to work better with a added sense of comfort.

"This is an honest to God blessing," she pulled her hand back and used it to unlock her tablet. She then scrolled through her files and stopped on the one titled Bloodborne. Once she opened that file, documents detailing the toys and candy her people manufactured and shipped were on full display.

"Don't you think, @zebediah_shale?"

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"I'll take that... merci,"

Pierre Blanc mused, as he picked up a lone cigarette off of the ash tray on the table, the butt still lit and providing a orange glow to the otherwise dimly lit room. Resting his staff once more against the table, he took a seat, counting out the cash that had been so hastily gambled away by his opponents. Eerie eyes peering over the dollar bills, he nodded briskly, and said a silent thanks to those that he had cheated. The poor men had accused him of cheating at a poker game. Rather, the men had found him cheating at the poker game. They were wholly right, and as the fifth ace made itself presented earlier, they had immediately decided to go for violence.

Speaking of which... he thought, and turned his head, hearing a slight groan from one of the unconscious brutes. Delicate fingers wrapping themselves once more around his staff, he brought it down on the skull of the groaner with a mighty thwak, a sound that resonated throughout the warehouse. "Much better." Standing up, he pocketed the cash - a measly $694 dollars - and turned to leave, shoving the wad of dough into his trenchcoat pocket. Blowing a lock of hair out of his illuminating red eyes, he strode out the door, brisk winds of midnight immediately tearing through his coat.

"Merde..."He murmured, sheathing the staff into the loose sling around his back and swiftly tightening his coat. The moonlight shined down on the pier below, and made a perfect outline of the nGod Killer onto the ground before him. The city before him was, frankly, hideous. Stacks upon stacks of smoke from factories billowed above, as if the whole spirit of the city just took a long drag from a cigarette and blew it up toward the sky, for it to stay forevermore. Shaking his head slightly, Blanc began to walk down the streets, tapping against the buckle to his belt, a satisfying clink providing some sort of pleasing sound, some sound that brought him away from the car horns and indistinct yelling that conducted the cacophony of sound that was Blüdhaven.

Pierre walked, and felt the chill seep into his bones, and felt the stares of whoever was up at this time of night. He didn't mind, much. People were what people were. Paychecks and wallets, he smirked, as he passed by what he could only assume to be a teenage escort, definitely much too young to be working the streets.

"What to do, what to do..." He murmured. A place to stay for the night would've been fantastic... However, if there was a single motel that wasn't filthy, it's location was completely foreign to him.

So instead, he came up with a better idea.


Lock picked and security system disabled, Pierre made his way tiptoeing through the beautiful house, admiring the view of the crummy city from the kitchen window and making sure that the family was really on vacation for the night. Within another few minutes, he found himself in the kitchen, pouring a glass of the father's finest scotch. With a chuckle, he strolled over to the living room, taking a seat and crossing his legs as late night sitcoms began to play. Cozy, he thought, as he sipped from the glass.

It would not nearly be as cozy when the neighbor's call to the police went through.

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@clara_mass: Of the things that bothered Zebediah the most it was unwanted and unneeded touching. He was a man of class and wished dearly that she kept her hands to herself. Hers touch his hand, and had his mighty hand not held in is grasp a diamond encrusted and tipped cane he would crushed it quick. Tapping his cane hard enough to make a noise loud enough to reverberate through the containers around him. All eyes focused on him now, this was his deal she was there simply to calm the rest. " Miss Clara please escort me to what we discussed. My men do not need further distractions, I came to Bludhaven to control. I was instructed that you had the means... please do not waste my time." His thick white suit swayed at the ends as the wind smashed against the harbor. This close to the water the wind would be harsher, and it made Zebediah uneasy. Water was not feared but he was cautious around it as he sunk like a rock due to his immense size.

No Caption Provided

His eyes as unwavering as a lions as it focuses on it's prey, her slender body hid something wicked beneath. He knew well enough that beauty as hers did not come without it's thorns. Returning to a tall stoic stance he stood waiting for her to continue, as he did he waved to his guards as one came in close he spoke to him "You two stay here, I am not quite sure of this. Not exactly Clara, but something feels off. If something happens make sure the car returns to the loft. If you return without it just jump off the balcony...." His voice stern and cold, he was telling him anything happens that he better be dead by the time Zebediah returns.

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Avalon Hill

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The sound of distorted dubstep fills the air as the pale-skinned pervert known as Perturbo drifted around the corner, a stolen sports car tearing up the lawns of every residence in the neighborhood. Having eluded the authorities thus far, the spastic goth honked his horn as he plowed through a mailbox, whooping as loudly as he could. The trashed automobile's screeching tires signaled his arrival, deep bass bursts rattling every windowframe as numerous calls to the police carried through.

"Aeugh, this makes me itch!"he said, twitching and pumping his fist in the air. It crashed against the ceiling of the car, itself spinning out of control. As it so happened, it came to a stop right in front of the house Pierre had decided to settle into for the night.

"Ooh, guess who won the cocklottery tonight," he whispered, brandishing his weapon of choice as he advanced towards the door, headlights on the wrecked car blinking.

"Alright...time to meet big blackie!" he cried, kicking down the door and storming the house.

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Merely minutes after the rogue began to doze off, a grinding sound of tires screeching and brakes slamming erupted outside, music blasting so loud that nearby homes were immediately notified of the criminal's presence. Sitting up from his seat, the Gimmick finished his glass of scotch, and let it fall to the floor, unconcerned by the mess that he made in the house that wasn't his. Grabbing his staff from the sling on his back, he carefully walked to the kitchen, opening a drawer and drawing from it a rather intimidating looking kitchen knife. The voice from outside was loud, now, and was walking up to the door of the house. Somehow, he was skeptic that the speaker actually belonged to the residence.

As the door flung open, he made himself scarce - retreating to the shadows of the hallway, a distinct view of the front door present. The kitchen knife began to glow a deep purple, as he focused his energies into it, and with a swift throw, intended on sending the kitchen knife flying through the skull of the disturbing man who intruded.

Unfortunately for Perturbo, Big Blackie was not home at this time of night.

"Who are you?" He growled, assuming that the knife did not hit his prey.

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What the Duke of Discomfort lacked in social skills, he made up for in observational aptitude. Despite his erratic stance and wild muttering, he was perceptive of his surroundings in a way that would surprise most onlookers. The emptiness of the home, particularly when he'd made so much noise, indicated something unusual. Most residents wouldn't be hiding, but rather, confronting him. He growled, and twitched his head to the side, nostrils flaring as the purple knife flew straight as an arrow towards his skull. With a twist of his wrist, however, he brought his weapon upwards.

The coal-black toy whipped into position in front of his nose, narrowly batting away the glowing kitchen implement with a rubbery bounce. He smiled, baring metal-covered teeth.

"You hurt my buddy," he said quietly. "Oh, youknowwhat, youknowwhatI'mgonna do to you?" he mumbled, suppressing involuntary chuckles. "I'm just gonna take my friend here, and reset your network adapter," he said, advancing menacingly, bouncing the sex toy from side to side. A second later, he'd swing, lunging forward in an effort to bash Gimmick over the head with his impromptu rubber weapon.

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It doesn't take too long to understand the complexity of a man. More often than not...his reactions to actions will speak more than words alone. How so?

Her touch irritated him. Perhaps he had an issue with personal space. That kind of problem is often traced back to an early childhood trauma. Maybe it was caused by an abusive parental figure or maybe it was someone he trusted with his heart.

On the other hand, the rhythmic waters beside the dock unsettled him. She noticed it the moment they moved closer to the cargo. Maybe it was a subconscious nod to feeling helpless against powers beyond his control.

All of these details intrigued Miss Clara, but there were more important matters to attend to.

"Mister Shale, I have set parameters around these docks." The lady in violet was offended by his expression of skepticism. His lack of faith in the one above all was troubling. She, however, understood his perspective. Bludhaven was an untrustworthy spouse after all.

"So, there's nothing to be alarmed about.." Miss Clara stopped speaking when her associates opened the cargo and unveiled an array of weaponry manufactured by her friends in higher places. Their place of origin might be unknown, but it was irrelevant for the moment. Instead, her focus was needed on the task at hand.

"Our world is filled with the mighty and powerful. We call them metahumans and mutants. The narrow-minded might even call them Gods." The woman in the violet dress scoffed before she approached the cargo. Meanwhile, her men popped open a crate with a crowbar during her brief pause between talking points.

"Humans are often given the short end of the stick, but not anymore." Miss Clara placed her hand inside the crate and casually pulled out a handgun.

"Now we have the Answer," This weapon could momentarily negate a target's power set. It wasn't a cure. Her friends weren't close to reaching such a milestone, but it would subdue any target long enough for a tactical response. Regardless, Mister Shale was going to be the first person on the east coast to acquire such a weapon. Something she hoped that he would appreciate. It was the least he could do.

"Yet, something tells me...you might have a question or two, @zebediah_shale."

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As the one known as Perturbo continued to speak, it became apparent that he was not exactly a sane person. Gimmick's eyes narrowed, and as the knife proceeded to be deflected by the clown's... er... weapon... he noted the skill of his prey. Pierre took a step forward, adjusting his bo so that he held it defensively in front of him, end of the staff facing the criminal's chest directly. Discolored eyes glinting in what little moonlight hit the hall, he surged forwards. His attack was swift and fierce, a hard jab of steel staff to the clown's sternum, hoping to at least catch the fool off guard with a painful blow. However, he got careless, and Pierre could not help but watch as the big black toy came down onto his shoulder (inches away from his head).

With a slight wince, he was struck by the sex toy, but the pain was surprisingly minimal. He raised an eyebrow, confused by this, but said nothing. This thing would obviously provide no intelligible answers.

But did he really strike me with a regular old dildo?

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@clara_mass: His eyes moved from her eyes to the various crates she now opened. Various sizes and types littered the inside of each set of crates, moving too each crate he never let her fall completely out of focus, she made him uneasy. Someone withsuch devotion to an unknown and mysteriously ever present prerogativperson, it was something Zebediah did not put faith into. Reaching down and grabbing a handgun that could prove a vital component in bringing Blud into his hands. He held it in his massive Papalm, then with a swiftness unknown to others who would simply look at him he fired twice each shit breeding just inches from her cheeks and slamming into her two closest lackeys.

Falling with an echoing thud, his own men rushed to his aid upon hearing the gun shots. Zebediah looked her deep into her eyes, standing close enough to taste her he spoke "You mistake my caution for fear, I can read it all over your body. I am cautious because nothing is ever given. And your supplier obviously needs nor wants for money, so I ask...what does supplying my ride in Blue do to benefit yours? " Flipping the gun and handing it back to get "And the guns off by a few ounces....would have killed those two if otherwise...." as he spoke hey two goods slowly Rose.

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Perturbo's momentum carried him forward into the end of the staff, the strike driving the air from his lungs as he flopped onto the ground. The pain was immense, a shocking blow offering only hurt. Blinking, he smiled, silver teeth reflecting lights of the house. Soon, the police would arrive, and the Duke of Discomfort would need to escape once more. Until then?

He returned to his feet, jumping swiftly back up from where he lay. Twirling his unique weapon like a nunchuck, he lunged forward, a battle cry emanating from his lips. He'd swing his weapon around before rolling forward, attempting to wrap it around his foe's staff and disarm him with a twisting maneuver. If successful, he'd follow up with an attempted headbutt.

"Thundercats, ho! ᵉʰᵉʰᵉ"

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The flight ticket her mom and dad purchased for Lucy sent her to an unknown city, and she had no idea where it was, Lucy grabbed her suitcase, dragging it behind her, extremely nervous as she didn't recognize anyone. People looked at her and kept smiling, some even waved as she walked out and walked straight towards the outside where Taxi's were waiting.

"Lucy, where are we?" A voice inside her head asked. It was Anna, her twin sister.
"I don't know sister." Lucy replied quietly, shifting a lock of her hair that had fallen on her face.

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The Stoic Son of Gothic City had just landed in 'Haven after his previous assignment from STRIKE Command. For the next few days he had what could possibly pass for free time on his hands, in reality a form of local recon in the ragged premises of GC's sister city. He was dressed casually, a stylish galaxy blue bomber accentuated by dark jogger pants and white Nike NMDs.

He exited the airport with his phone in hand, browsing the Över driver service app for a lift but in doing so accidentally bumped into the red haired pedestrian infront of him and tripped over his own luggage like the clumsy oaf he was. “Oh, damn. Sorry!”, he said from the ground before picking himself up. “I wasn't really looking. It's my bad.”, Rossum added whilst momentarily cleaning himself off the dust. “You okay?”