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“A few hours ago, I sent six U.S diplomats to Gothic city in hopes of reconstructing the broken bonds with the city. Upon their arrival to the hotel, they were brutally assassinated by an unknown assailant. They were stabbed in the hearts and had their throats slit by a knife in hopes of straining diplomacy with the Gothic government. What they don’t realize is that they have done the complete opposite.”

Donn lifted the bloody bag with the red, white crosses with the blue background imprinted on the handle at the cameras, making sure that they are all getting a good picture at the knife’s end so there aren’t any confusions.

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“This knife to be specific. For those of you that do not know, this is an Icelandic’s army knife, I had it checked for authenticity before this press conference. Iceland has been our enemy since the hostile takeover, they assisted Samuel Washington in his escape from prison. It has become embedded in their culture for them to hate the United States of America and with their weapons of mass destruction it’s only a matter of time before they begin to point it at us. This attack only sets it in stone.”

“Which is why congress has declared war on Iceland as of today, I ask my ally nations to cease all trading and communication with Iceland and to assist the United States in destroying the current regime governing the country. This does not only affect us; it affects the entire world.”

“I will also be placing extra security in Gothic, and requesting for the Mayor to seal all ports while we are at war with this terrorist nation in hopes of avoiding an incident such as this one. I apologize that once again the Mayor’s city has become a target for terrorists such as these.”

“But above all else I am here to make a promise.”

Alexander pulled out the knife from the bag and opened it up, the dried blood stained his fingertips as he twisted the blade out.

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“I promise that the men responsible for this will pay for their evil”.

He stabbed the wooden podium with the knife.

“Until then, the knife will stay here.”

No thank you, no god blessing the U.S of A, he just walked away.

Leave your IC and OoC responses alike below.

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[Best blog I've read in a while. As you know I loved it]

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A badass president! Also, Gothic being in so many events makes me wonder what people outside the city think of it lol

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A badass president! Also, Gothic being in so many events makes me wonder what people outside the city think of it lol

We think it's a hellhole but feel bad for the people living there.

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"The people of Andromeda have felt the increased military pressure from their space fleet. It was only a matter of time before war was waged and as your allies consider us at war with them as well." (Tldr I got yo back homes. Today is not the day for pontooning level stuff.)

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