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Tenjin was meditating in his zen room, only candles illuminated the small cramped room. Incense burned and a large Buddha statue stood behind him. The walls where decorated with gold flake kanji each symbol was the character of the twelve zodiac animals. He sat crossed legged in the middle of the redwood floor, he was in his black Gi doing several hand signs each meaning something. Fire....Water....earth....Air.....Ether....he did this for many hours until he blew out the candles with his scarred lips. His body was severely burned and scarred and he only intentionally revealed his figure when meditating or hidden from all sight. he had retired from the assasination buisness leaving behind his trail of blood shed and dispair until he ventured outside to see his cherry blossom grove bloom. He had opened the sliding paper door commonly found in most Japanese homes only to find a not stuck to his door's post a note stuck to it with a small dagger and it read.

"Lat.54°40' N. ; Long. 164°10' W." (the coordinates for the Aleutian Islands in Alaska) and written in blood was the name "Platinum Warrior."

Tenjin knew what must be done, he went back inside and packed his standard equipment that he had concealed under the hardwood floor in his living room. He went into his zen room and pushed a button on Buddha's hand revealing a secret door which was his war room.He had in this room his suit, visor and his infamous Kusari-gamas. But just in case he brung in a large dufflebag two Mac-10 sub-machine guns filled with 50 titanium tipped rounds and several clips filled with the same rounds. Also several extra assorted SMART Part grenades and a M-16 with a 100 round barrel drum filled with titanium tipped bullets each etched with the abbrieviation L.H.M which stands for "Lord Have Mercy".

he gathered his equipment and dawned his pitch black suit and caught a private jet to his destination and possible burial ground. he wasn't sure of who he was or what he wanted but when he landed on the barren airport a strong blizzard just started to pour but he idn't have far to walk only a few miles in the snowy wasteland of a island. he began to suit up a mile before the meeting place before he made his way to the battleground. It was still visible out but the snow started to come down hard and within about five minutes it would get extremely hard to see.

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Sebastian peered out of his jets window before letting his jet land roughly on the cold surface scraping up ice and leaving small tracks in its wake. As Sebastian slowly descended out of the cockpit he saw what he had already seen a blizzard that left almost nothing visible. Sebastian had come to the Aleutian Islands awaiting a challenge. One from a man called Tenjin Sebastian did not know what to expect other then amazing martial arts powress. Sebastian engaged his suits heating system to keep warm before switching to infra red vision to find his target in this god forsaken place.

Sebastian walked away from his jet trying to pick up somthing with his scanner and alas he had found who he was looking for as the mans pitch black suit was visable even in these conditions. Sebastian drew his katana and moved swiftly next to his target. "I see you got my message and I admire a man who travels so far only to find death" Sebastian said loudly his voice muffled by his suit and the sharp sound of the wind. Sebastian was already covred in snow and quickly brought his hand down to a slot in his armor pulling out two metal throwing stars. Raising his hand up Sebastian let the stars fly at Tenjin one aimed at his right leg and another aimed at his left knee. The throwing stars cut through the air nearly invisable and glimmering at their points. Although Sebastian had no doubt that the man would easily get himself out of the attack it was just a greeting.

Sebastian then jumped his katana raised letting a hard downwards slash fly at Tenjins chest before landing gracefully couched on the ground and then standing up. "You know it was not easy in the least to get a message to you but it was well worth it" Sebastian said before using his gauntlet to merley brush the snow off his katana.

"If it makes you feel any better it was not my blood i wrote the message in" Sebastian said snickering at his opponent before getting in a stance.

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tenjin had buried his M-16 about fifty pases backwards but left a tracer and a SMART part detonator on the trigger gaurd just in case his adversary got any bright ideas along with the sub machine guns and they're extra clips only thirty pases to the left. He had his Kusari-gamas and tantos in their standard places, his darts on his left forearm, and several pouches of shuriken on his legs. He carried several fragmentation grenades on a sling around his waist each capable of producing 700,000 volts of electricity and couldn't be used  by his opponent anyway because of the advanced sensory system. He stood there in the snowy wind awaiting his rival but suddenly a voice echoed from his right side and as Tenjin gazed to see what was he was surpised to see two shuriken barreling end over end towards him.

He quickly tensed his legs and preformed a corkscrew moonsault but to the  forward but on to left side landing like a cat holding his tantos he unsheathed before he landed. He was in a crounching position, like a panther he balanced himself before staring at the oncoming but airbourne opponent. he switched his right tanto to reverse grip and parried the katana as it came horizontally at him. As he parried he did did a quick side roll to avoid a swift counter strike but his adversary did not attempt one. Still crouching he held the right tanto rest closely towards his chest with the tip pointing directly at his foe. His left tanto he sheathed but he was not unarmed, his Neko-Te were on his finger tips adding titanium claws to his left hand but his right also had them. He held his left hand low and back behind him to give him the element of surpise as his opponent spoke.

You know it was not easy in the least to get a message to you but it was well worth it" "If it makes you feel any better it was not my blood i wrote the message in"  said his armored foe.

But Tenjin still was silent and with his left he turned on his heat vision on his visor and said outloud "Targeting System activate" in a low but demonic tone of voice. Instantly a grid appeared along with the armored foe in shades of warmer colors even through his armor he couldn't hide. The grid showed several points, the eyes, and inside the collar bone so under his breath Tenjin spoke "My turn" He lept to his feet but before his opponent could attempt a counterstrike he vaulted over him and spun in 180 degrees to face his back behind him but still airbourne would attempt a thrust for the collar bone trying to angle it to get the jugular vein. He would then preform a hand spring while before aiming his clawed fingers at his opponents eyes and would use his tanto to block a retalliation strike bgefore vaulting backwards to gain about a fifteen foot gap between them.

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My turn Was what Sebastian heard before he watched a impressive display of acrobatics from his opponent then ducking quickly to avoid a strike to Sebastian jugular then quickly Moving his hand to block a strike to his eyes. His target seemed to be ready for anything as Sebastian send a punch at the man only to hit a tanto and draw his hand back in pain. Sebastian then pulled out a second katana out of the other seth that crossed his back in an X fashion where his katanas were housed for quick reach.

Sebastian quickly let 3 smoke pellets fly at the ground. The pellets quickly burst as the smoke clouded the vincinty around the two. Moving soundlessly across the icy ground Sebastian made his way to the back of his target not making a sound. Letting a hard kick loose at his targets spine Sebastian then quickly brought his boot back down to the ground making a loud crunch on the ice. "You know your pretty skilled maybie i will spare you when this fight ends" Sebastian said before rushing at his target sending the katana in his left flying in a stab motion at Tenjins shoulder and letting his other katana fly at the mans rib cage before drawing back and sething both swords.

Sebastian quickly pulled out his metal staff and did a blocking position in order to block any counter attack that would have spouted after Sebastians attack. Sebastian noticed the smoke had cleared but it was no matter the blizzard provided enough cover and Sebastian knew the smoke was only temporary. Sebastian wrapped his sharp fingers along the cold metal staff. The staff was cold and covered in snow only making it more painful because of the freeze. As for Sebastians hands the fingers were only sharp because of Sebastians gauntlets which he wore on each hand. Sebastian charged at the man grasping his staff tightly then sending a fast yet hard strike again at the mans ribs before attempting to knock down the man by sending the staff flying at the side of Tenjins legs then a kick at Tenjins feet. Tacticlly it was the perfect way as the staff strikes would mix with the sweep in order to execute a painful combo which would not only hurt like hell but also knock the man down... That is if it hit.

Sebastian then drew back and moved his head from side to side which cracked his neck before retracting the staff and placing it into his armor. "Your move" Sebastian uttered to Tenjin.

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Tenjin was surpised to see the speed his armored foe had, he was quick and percise similiar to the Gensonkage himself. He watched his opponent throw down three small smoke pellets on the ground and emitting large clouds of smoke, it masked his heat vision so he began to adjust his sight to sound but was attacked from the back witha a strong horsekick to the spine sending him stumbling but managed to lock the visor into sound mode giving him a sense of echo location.

""You know your pretty skilled maybe i will spare you when this fight ends" said his rival.

He saw visually his opponent rushing behind him attempting to take his life with dual katanas,one aimed for the the shoulder and the other for the ribcage. Tenjin thought to himself "You gotta be quicker" before turning around while unsheathing his other tanto with his left and barely blocked the precise mauneuver, the metal on metal caused sparks to dance from the friction of the blades. As his rival vaulted backwards and sheathed his swords tenjin attempted a strike with his right tanto at his opponents throat but his attack was foiled from PW's staff knocking it out of his hand and sending it off to the side. Tenjin was caught off guard by the attack and a hard smack blasted on his ribs from impact from Platinums staff. Tenjin buckled slightly but managed to dodge the staff attack aimed for his leg by side stepping but rendering himself vulnerable to the oncoming sweep from his warrior opponent.

Slamming on the ground and hitting his head on the now packed down snow he gripped a grenade and put his thumb on the pin to have a truimph card if his foe persisted but he didn't so Tenjin let go and sprung to his feet to look his foe in the eyes by clicking it to heat vision again.

"Your move" said his deadly enemy.

Tenjin nodded in agreement for some odd reason before he spun the remaining tanto in his left hand several times before tossing it aimed for the abdomen only to act as a diversion before rolling forward and grabing his Kusari-gama closest to his right shoulder and as he returned to a right-side up position he clicked the button on the handle letting the chain out and swinging it, attempting to decapitate his foe before spinning it back before retracting the chain to make it a kama once more and holging it in a standard grip but the blade facing the ground and holding it off the the side as he pulled three shuriken from his right leg pouch holding them between his fingers each resting on his knuckles before using a underhand type throw to launch them at his foe. he twisted his hand alittle to give them more of a spread across the warrior's body.

"schools in, warrior, i going to give you a lesson on Houten Ryu Kusarigamajutsu. My signiture style of combat." His opponent couldn't see his smile but he knew that his adversary could tell.

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The man was incredably skilled and a beauty to watch in action but Sebastian had been trained in so many martial arts that only some of the mans moves impressed Platinum in the least. Sebastian saw the man pull out a Kusari-gama and attempted to block the attack with his hand only to have the chain wrap around his arm and stab him in the shoulderblade. The man knew what weapons to kill and Sebastian was lucky he had the chain wrap around his arm or his head would be off. As Sebastian ripped away only to see blood ooze out of his shoulder and three ninja stars flying at him.  "Nice try but im an assasin first" Sebastian said as he caught  the shurinken in his right hand and hurling them back at Tenjin while doing a cartwheele then sending a crane kick a the mans chest as soon as he was done speaking.

Backing away Sebastian pulled out a Kris a deadly dagger like weapon with long reach and a curved hilt that is used to help support stabbing strikes. Sebastian charged at his target and sent a diagnol slash ranging from the mans shoulder all the way down to his waist flying at Tenjin before quickly back-rolling away too gain distance then throwing the Kris at the mans chest. Not only would is the hilt curved but so is the blade meaning it would be even harder and more excruciating to pull out the Kris after it entered ones body. "I hope that gives you a nice taste of some south-east asian combat. But the Kris is not my weapon of choice in anyway although it is in many ways just as deadly in the right mans hands"

Sebastian said to the target the two were alike in combat it was almost as they merged in combat: They both restorted to many diffrent types of weaponry and martial arts styles causing a deadly clash of only skill and nothing more

Sebastian felt a blade slip into his hand it was quite small and nearly invisable to see it was called a Kunai a ninja blade. Sebastian grasped it and sent a punch flying at Tenjins face as a diverson for the Kuani which Sebastian sent flying at Tenjins ribs in an attempt to jam it in his ribs. Before drawing back.

Sebastian then sent his elbow at the mans jaw then another crane kick to the mans stomach. "Althought i do prefer the Isreali martial art Krav Maga with a south asian mix" Sebastian said out loud before thinking the five princiables of Krav Maga: Do not get hurt,  Neutralise your attacker as fast as possible, Go from defending to attacking as quickly as possible, Use the body's natural reflexes, Strike at any vulnerable point, Use any tool or object available to you

Sebastian would try to obey those princaples as he sent a barrage of punches then a hammer fist style move at Tenjin most aimed at Tenjins Facial area and some at the chest. Then bringing his hands together for a quick block before sending a hard kick to Tenjins knee then another uppercut at Tenjin.

"Your good: Im better" Sebastian said to his opponent

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he watched his fellow combatant rip the sharp blade of the Kusari-gama from his shoulder and was surpised to see him so enthused about this battle.Blood leaked from the would but it seemed abnormally healthy for the most part, he thought to himself "There is more to him than meets the eye." He was a ninja and quickly relized this man wasn't to be taken lightly. He didn't seem to notice that that the shuriken were in Platinum's hands and he instantly whiped them at him as he said "Nice try but im an assasin first" tenjin watched his own weapons come barreling at him but when they where in arms length away he simpley rolled out of the way but was instaed greeted by a powerful aerial kick to the chest knocking him down but as he rolled he snapped his Kusari-gama back in place before rising to his feet only about ten feet away from his foe. he watched the warrior pull out a unfamiliar weapon and attempted to preform a diagonial slash but to his opponents dismay Tenjin was a master martial artist before a weapon master. He did a Wing Chun style block called Pak Sao to slap the armed handed out of the way and continued with a Fook Sao with the same hand by keeping his elbow tucked in and guiding the blade away from his body. He would follow through with a ginger fist which is when your index finger is only half bent to attempt a strong jab to the eye but was mislead because his foe had rolled and flung the kris at tenjin's right chest muscle. Its wave like blade dug deep into his chest and Tenjin began to wiggle it up and down to actually pull it out. It was tremendously painful and every time he moved the blade it cut him more until he finally had torn it out.

. "I hope that gives you a nice taste of some south-east asian combat. But the Kris is not my weapon of choice in anyway although it is in many ways just as deadly in the right mans hands"

He held the deadly blood stained kris in his hands while his opponent rushed him like a ox, Tenjin knew the man had a kunai, in fact Tenjin's old master Uchiha used it several times in combat and trying to decieve a trained ninja in this manner was ridiculous. He watched the punch come at him but always kept his eye on the sharp blade of the kunai. Before the punch could land tenjin preformed a simple Lap Sao technique by guiding his foe's hand away to render him off balance and would utilize this moment to block the the kunai by stepping inward with his shoulder pressed up against his opponents's chest and facing the oncoming blade now aimed at the stomache because of Tenjin's postion. He parried the blade with the kris knocking both of them out of each other's hands leaving it a pure fist fight now.

Platinum drew back but came at him again this time with a fierce elbow strike but tenjin blocked it with a elbow strike of his own except with the opposite arm. His adversary then preformed another acrobatic crane kick but Tenjin used a hapkido pull move by grasping the ankle and pulling him forward while tenjin slipped off to the side. Gensonkage did a Tae Kwon Do style tornado kick but just missed the back of Warrior's head as he spoke.

 "Althought i do prefer the Isreali martial art Krav Maga with a south asian mix" said his equal before wheeling around with a barrage of punches following him.

Tenjin began to block them with his favored martial art Wing Chun, a simple but deadly style that tenjin found very effective. Tan Sao, Bong Sao, Fook Sao, Pak Sao, Lap Sao and more advanced techinues such as Jut Dau Sao and Tan Pak Sao each hand alternating rendering his opponents attack futile, Tenjinwas merely was knocking warrior's hands every which way....up, down, left , right  waiting for that one opportunity to strike. Tenjin was side stepping as he did this not allowing his foe to see his center line. But when his foe stopped for an instant he attempted a one inch punch to the nose bridge to smash it even through the face mask but his attempt was foiled when PM brung his hands up for a perfect block leaving tenjin open for the next attack.

Platinum Warrior struck Tenjin's knee hard and delievered a near perfect uppercut to Tenjin's jaw as he hunched over from the knee strike. But tenjin's reflexes would use this to his advantage as his head flew back from the energy of the blow he would preform a flawless backflip kick aimed for warrior's chin as he spoke out of vainess.

 "Your good: Im better"

Tenjin would use this opportunity to preform a spinning axe kick as soon as he landed, and would dodge to the left hard to preform a Hapkido style clothesline type move aimed for the throat of his opponent. he wouls then jump into the air and scream out a technique he hadn't done for many years.

"InaZuma Kenmaki!!!!"

he would rotate the maximum of twenty times all aimed for the warrior's head and chest. he landed and began to speak.

"Why don't you try that again."

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Sebastian watched his opponent tear brutally at his own flesh letting blood flow out of the large wound until it was finally out. Sebastian knew this man was not willing to be stopped as proved when he tore out the Kris not taking the chance of being open to attack during the wide gap it would have taken if he was too remove it properly. The Kris was now a deep red color with blood still dripping with blood. Sebastians next attacked was unsucessful with a beautiful block made by Tenjin which knocked both the Kris and the Kunai ot out of view. Sebastians elbow strike was blocked and Sebastian quickly blocked the return strike. While he was quick enough to move away from Tenjin's Grab and Tornado kick both incredably impressive.

Sebastian was able to dodge nearly every attack except for the clothsline which brought him down to the ground hard and 10 of the 20 strikes which knocked the mouth pecie off of Sebastian's armor leaving only his mouth revealed as the cold instantly stung the exposed part of Sebastians face as Sebastian wiped the blood from his mouth. Sebastian pulled out a taser shooting it at Tenjin before quickly grasping his katana and pulling it out of his seth letting a slash fly at Tenjins stomach. The strike was mainly ment to make Tenjin bleed and bleed alot at the angle it was aimed it would hopfully help slow him down if this man was slowed down by blood loss like Sebastian hoped. Sebastian chuckled at the thought of slowly bleeding his target out before holding his katana up ready for a parray.

Sebastian then sethed his katana not risking a second to be open and using his gauntlets to block any oncoming attack before sending a swipe with the razor sharp fingertips of the gauntlets at Tenjins shoulder before backing away from his target and reaching for a slot in his armor pulling out two darts white in colour. If it wasnt for Sebastians gauntlets being black he wuld have not been able to see them himself. Sebastian threw both darts high speed at Tenjin. Both containing deadly poisons at the moment it would only cause pain and sorness but later on if the poison was not removed the effects would be fatal maybie even deadly.

Sebastian then reached into the snow and pulled out his Kris then putting a hand up to block any coming attacks. Sebastian then sent two slashes one aimed in the middle of Tenjins right arm then another aimed at his leg before throwing himself backwards in a roll position then throwing his Kris again at Tenjin except at Tenjins shoulder this time.

"So how do you like the Kris it looked quite nice last time it nearly impaled you" Sebastian said with a chuckle

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The wind howled and the frosted wind bit at the skin of the warriors, this was a fight to remember, a fight the Gods of war looked down upon with both pleasure and satisfaction. None in this world could preform such feats of both mental and physical prowess without falt as they have shown clearly here. Two warriors one clad in abyssal black fibers and the other in shinging armor but both unsurpassed combatants. Aries himself would bow before either one of these prime examples of assasins, of hunters and of legendary fighting skill. Nirvana would look at them like gods on earth this day, this day in the frozen wasteland of Alaska. One shall stand and one shall fall but both have achieved what no other has done before them....true balance.

The taser was useless against him, he still retained the immunity to electricity from his previous title as the Sky God's avatar. In fact that was his namesake...the Sky God. He didn't even flinch but his opponent was fast and struck him across the abdomen. Tenjin barely jumped back but the razor edge of the blade gave him a good flesh wound and a decent amount of blood began to gush from his stomache. He gripped his gut hoping to compress the bleeding as he opponent continued to attack by raking his shoulder with his claws leaving a tiger like maul down to the bone. Tenjin didn't scream though not even a grunt, he was taught to never cry out because that was a thing only the dishonorable would do. He was bleeding alot and the attack still wasn't over two daggers flew at him with blinding speed and Genshokage could only dodge one while the other found its way into his hip and buried its point deep in his bone. he ripped it from his side and saw a small drip of a clear odorless liquid not from Tenjin's body...Posion thought Tenjin as he tossed it out into the blizzard like wind.

His opponent rushed at him with that damned kris again, Tenjin smurked as he sent a strong slice at his arm but tenjin skillfully dodged the attack and the upcoming slice for the leg as his foe barrel backwards and launched it at him with deadly skill. The wavey blade cut through the air like a buzzsaw but tenjin's seasoned eye aided him as he caught the blade in mid-air. The razor edge cut deep into his palm and fingers leaving several droplets of crimson life splashing onto the once pure snow below his clenched fist.

Tenjin knew he couldn't keep this battle going much longer so he decided to preform an attack he had kept secret just in case of a situation like this, a move that only few have seen and even fewer walked away from. genshokage dropped the blade and locked his feet in a strong martial arts like stance as he hunched forward and moved his hands close to his bloody stomache, one hoovering above thee other. A large outburst of dull white electricity escaped from his body, arcing in every direction from his body and a orb of crystal clear electricity formed between his hands as the needed to expand from the swelling of the sphere. He locked his eyes on his opponent and smiled beneath his mask before letting out a shattering roar of sound

"HyKi Satsu!!!!! (Hundred demon Slayer)

He launched it from his palms from a butterfly palm and it spiraled through the air screaming at his foe which just so happened to be wearing a large amount of metal.

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His opponent was bloodied and taking most of Sebastian's attacks, Tenjins blood coated the snow as the two equals clashed. Tenjin was fast and did not play around discarding the Kris as quickly as possible but wounding himself in the process. Sebastian's suit picked up a heavy electrical current in an arc formation that was clearly an attack the electricity was not visable in the dense blizzard and Sebastian had no idea it was comign at him before it was shot out in a bolt formation.

Sebastians suit was heavily insulated and ready to take on any shock. But this was diffrence this was a gods lightning and in sent a terrible feeling through Sebastian's whole body with no mercy Sebastian was forced to his knees until the heavy shock ended. Sebastian coughed up blood  damn lucky this suit was insulated as heavily as it is or i would be a pile of bones right now Sebastian though to himself. Sebastians skin was still crackling with the white energy but the bad part was over although he did now feel sore as hell.

"That was impressive cough coughbut you look much too wounded, now come easily and I'll make this quick"

Sebastian was also badly hurt and the words sounded quite muffled because of his sore jawbone. Sebastian moved as fast as he could in his current condition which was not too impressive but nevertheless quite fast sending his knee at Tenjins chest before quickly attempting his finishing move.

Sebastian turned around his back facing Tenjin before falling backwards as if too collapse on Tenjin but before 10 seconds could pass of the motion Sebastian reached for his katana and sent it running clear through his own chest. IF it worked properly Tenjin would be brutally impaled probably not killing him but causing a terrible wound Sebastian removed the sword through his body and backed away wobbling barley able to keep awake, his sword was filled with blood and Sebastian did not know or care if it was his or Tenjins.

Quickly patching up his wound with a large rag that was kept exactly for the purpose of the finishing move. the damage had already been done to Sebastian and he was now tired and hurt with the fatigue kicking in Sebastian sethed his katana.

"If you still alive over there coughs up blood what do you say we go at it without weapons?"

Sebastian asked in an attempt to challange, although there was no way Sebastian could remove all the weapons from his suit he would go by his word if the challanger excepted. Sebastian wobbled over to Tenjin and attempted to grapple him and throw him to the ground then send a punch flying at his chest. Sebastian was too wounded now too care about taking more hits and would try to beat his opponent with only an offense.

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Tenjin couldn't move, he could barely stand at best and watched his foe run at him and couldn't help but let him smash his knee into his chest before plunging his sword through both of their chests. It was a move that was many used as a last result so Tenjin knew that this fight wouldn't last too much longer. The blade was sharp and stiff and was extremely cold as it ripped through his chest cavity pushing even closer to death. His life was hanging by a thread as the blood began to pour from his now large punture on his body. he fell to his knees and compressed his bloody punture and sent the last of his remaining electrical energy through it to seal the blood vessels and flesh. His hand was covered in blood as the surrounding snow was drenched in crimson liquid.

"If you still alive over there,what do you say we go at it without weapons?"

Tenjin looked up at his enemy and began to laugh and said outloud but in a somewhat mangled and drowned out voice.


His foe barely managed to grapple him and sent Genshokage into the snow while delievered a poor attempt of a punch barreling at Tenjin's chest but landed it. Tenjin then tryed to grapple his opponent's arm and lock his foe in a triangle hold, attempting to bury his knee into Platinum Warrior's throat to knock him unconcious. If the lock failed he would attempt to bring a leg sweep to get his foe on the ground to try for another grapple called "the Crippler Crossface".

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Sebastian was much too wounded to react as he fell victim to a grapple executed perfectly by Tenjin. A knee smashing into his throat Sebastian wrenched himself back coughing and wheezing. Sebastians fatigue caused life to flicker on and off for Sebastian. Sebastians throat ached terribly now and breathing hurt but luckily Sebastian had not passed out from the move.

Sebastian had been trained many times to fight in harsh conditions and with fatigue but so had his foe and this would not be easy. Sebastian let a crane kick fly at his opponents jaw. Normally afterwards he would try to block a counter but Sebastian did not have time for defense and hopfully just pounding away would be enough to beat Tenjin. Sebastian sent a karate chop at the side of Tenjins neck before attempting a sweep to knock his target down.

Sebastians mucles ached even more then before now and every move executed just added to the pain. Sebastian had been trained to hold pain down but it was too much and Sebastian felt ready to explode, luckily Sebastian knew rage usally sends even the most respected assassins and martials artists to there deaths. Sebastians pain was held at bay but it would soon breach as some was already entering. Sebastian was bleeding all over and the frostbite that was now finding its way through Sebastians open wounds was not very helpfull etheir.

Sebastian sent a clothsline move at Tenjin. The familier crunching sound on the blood stained snow was so common Sebastian had not even noticed it a few minuites after the battle began. If the clothsline failed Sebastian would send a punch at Tenjins ribs but even if both attacks missed Sebastian would send his knee at Tenjins ribs.

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Tenjin's attack failed and was disiplined by a powerful cane kick sending him crashing into the ground but catching himself before his face would be smashed into the blood soaked snow. He barely got to his feet before a powerful chop landed and gave him a sudden blunt pain in his neck before he was swept off his feet and landed directly on his head. A clothesline was thrown but was misplaced because of him falling but a strong jab to the ribs fixed the problem. Tenjin flinched and buckled back down again but as he fell he spun to gaze up at the stars and sent a sweep at his enemies ankle. If the attack was placed correctly he would leap ontop of his foe and begin to throuw viscious beast like punches to the face of Platinum.

If the sweep would fail he would rise to his feet and with all his leftover power and speed launch a haymaker aimed directly at his foes chin and crawl over to his adversary like a wolf. He would attempt a hyper-extension to his adversary's arm by trying to lock the wrist and pull back on the arm and drop and elbow to the armored warrior's shoulder to snap it or dislocate it.

"why the hell did you wanna fight me in the first place!!!"

Tenjin asked as he gasped for air and rolled over on his back like a submissive dog. He had nothing left in him, He couldn't even breath let alone defend himself.

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Sebastian could tell his foe was tired but that did not change the fact that Sebastian was too. Sebastian felt himself fall to the soft snow only to be welcomed with a barrage of punches which not only broke his helmet into little shards that flew around the area but broke Sebastian's nose causing blood to spurt from it before Sebastian wrenched himself up off the ground an eye blackened and no helmet to protect his identity or his life. Sebastian felt his arm being pulled on then heard a snapping sound snap it caused an echo in the barren land. Sebastian brushed some of his hair out of his eyes. "Why the hell did you want to fight me in the first place" Sebastian heard his opponent ask before rolling away.

Sebastian limped forward slightly clutching his shoulder before biting down on the pain that came from the dislocation of his shoulder and mustering up enough energy to speak
"For fun"
Sebastian said the rage in his voice clearly evident.

Sebastian then attempted to snap Tenjins spine by mustering all his strength to do one epic attack. Sebastian jumped right over Tenjins head with all the strength he could muster sending an insanely hard kick at Tenjins spine that left sebastian with nothing as he crashed on the snow and couched up blood. It took great pain but Sebastian pulled himself up to see if his attack had failed or suceeded. Etheir way Sebastian would then attempt to send his knee directly at Tenjins face.

"So are you having fun?"

Sebastian asked in an attempt to enrage Tenjin

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"For fun" That is all Tenjin heard. He grew angry but at the same time continued to laugh uncontrollably and mustered up the strength to rise to his feet ro look his opponet dead in the eyes and lifted his hands in a wing chun type form as Platinum warrior came at him with the fury of bull and sent a kick so powerful at him it would send a thunderclap of sound. Tenjin tried to block it at the same time leaping into the air but it merely jammed his arms up and the kick crashed into his left leg letting out a loud crack. The mighty kick shattered his leg at the hip sending him straight to the ground with his eyes gazing at the stars as he seen a shadow come down from the air and a strong force smash into his temple making him black out. All he could hear was a voice echoing in the backround

"So are you having fun?"

Katsuro couldn't see and his left leg was broken so all he could do was laugh again and tried to pin point the foe as he was in a kneeling position and sent a iron palm straight for the sound attempting to smash his foes jaw with in incrediable force. He said in a very sarcastic voice

"I'm having oodles of it....I knew you where good, i heard about a guy called Platinum Warrior from my leader, he told me you where a L.A.S member so of course i had to take you up on a fight.
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Sebastians attacked had hit but the man seemed to be on the verge of insanity as he laughed in a maniacal matter. Feeling the mans palm smash into his own jaw Platinum drew back in pain before listening to what his enemy had to say.

"I'm having oodles of it....I knew you where good, i heard about a guy called Platinum Warrior from my leader, he told me you where a L.A.S member so of course i had to take you up on a fight.

"Well you made a dire mistake accepting my challenge"

Sebastian said in a deep voice. Sebastian debated on moving for his katana but Sebastian was a man of honor and would not disrupt his word. Of course his beautiful blade would strike the finishing move. Sebastian sent the front of his hand plummeting at Tenjin in a karate a chop fashion. If executed correctly and if it hit it would actully go through Tenjin's shoulder like a stab. The move was aimed at his shoulder for two reasons. One was too hopfully weaken one of his arms for the duration of the fight and the other was another attempt to not only cause pain but attempt to bleed him out.

Etheir way Sebastian would draw back only to use the last remaining bits of energy to send countless hard punches and kicks at various points on Tenjins body. With the motion finish Sebastian collapsed but even on the floor he attempted to sweep Tenjin onto the ground. If the sweep suceeded  Sebastian would then attack Tenjin attempting another barrage of punches at Tenjins face before crawling away wounded. If it did not Sebastian would try to cope with whatever Tenjin sent at him but he knew that crawling around on the floor would not cut it hopefully he would regain some of his strength shortly.

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Tenjin wasn't ready for the upcoming attack and a knife hand chop buried itself into his shoulder, down to the bone. He felt the warrior's fingers twitch inside the wound before pulling hand out and tearing poen the wound further. Tenjin was light headed and could barely keep himself up as a barrage of limbs connected on his body, Tenjin put his arm's in an "X" shape block defending most of the face attacks but one strong spin kick sent him plummeting to the ground. Katsuro was unconcious and blood pooled around him and stained the snow as Platinum warrior continued to pummel him with strikes sending more blood polling around him.

He was rendered helpless and was dreaming about how there was a machine gun bauried only ten feet from his body and he could of use the gun to finish the battle once and for all but his honor was to proud and he refused to break the code for a win even though he might die in the process. He went blank and was seemingly dead but awoke a few minutes later and managed to pull of his visor letting his human eyes gaze at his armored opponent how was still laying only a few paces from him. Tenjin was half buried in snow but the blizzard finally stopped pounding leaving a visiable horizon in the backround. He spoke half laughing

"You son of a b!^ch why am i still alive..?" He said this rolling over and tossing of his mask showing his scarred face to his foe as he took in the frozen air to fill his lungs. He sat up slightly but wasn't strong enough yet to regain his footing. He began to laugh maniacly as he pulled his hands from under him and his back slammed hard on the packed snow. He could stop laughing and eventually found the strength to rise to his feet and placed his hands on his hips and spoke again

"That fight was amazing, I'm glad we participated in this match, anyway."

He stumbled and began to walk back to his pane before calling out to his new found rival "You need a lift?"

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The man was impressive even near death he was able to pick himself up and going so far as too throwing off his mask and laughing like a crazy man. oh god another maniac Sebastian thought to himself as he picked himself up from the stained snow and was about to reach for his dual katanas only to see the man was offering him a ride. Sebastian was too tired to continue and would not risk losing this day so he had no choice but to accept.

Sebastian began walking over to the jet only stopping to pick up the mask Tenjin had discarded as a reminder of the amazing fight the man had given him. Sebastian would have to stop making enemy's some day and this would be the time to start. As the two entered the jet and began to depart Sebastian could only hope this was not a trick if it was he would be forced to end it quickly. But in the end is seemed that Tenjin had good intentions sticking to his code of honor and not willing to break it for anything or anyone.