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This new suit, enhanced Spartan 177's augmented abilities.He could now run two times faster, lift twice as much, and is more capable of destruction. Andrew followed the jazz music. It was only hours when he recieved this new armor. He was willing to accept it. He has been jumping rooftop to rooftop since then, looking to hunt those who bring pain to others. Andrew was tired of these individuals. It was time they were erased from humanity.

He leaped fifty feet off a roof, moving his bodyacross the air. He was just over traffic, that was below him. Spartan 177 landed onto another roof, rolling on the ground, before stopping. He slammed his right fist on the ground, causing a crack on the roof. He stood up, walking over at a ledge, with a powerful march.

He crouched down, taking out his sniper rifle out.So, this where the music lead me to? Looking through the crosshair, he could point the direction of his rifle onto a mysterious man's forehead. The man was wearing a trenchcoat, with a gray fedora hat on top. I'm assuming the man is bald. Hold on a second. The man went for his coat pocket. He handed it next to a young teenanger, who was just standing casually next to him. A package was then handed to the man, from the kid's hand. Drug dealing, huh? I've seen enough.

No one could even see Spartan 177 on the rooftop.It was too dark and his black armor could not be visible in the dark. Though, the below was about to get a surprise. He would never know what hit him. Most of all, no one will know who shot him. Spartan 177 steadily slipped his finger on the trigger, feeling it and still aiming.

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A Ghost like white clad man made his way onto the scene, New York at Midnight. Bustling with traffic and lights, What a sight. The whole town illuminated at this kind of hour was something ML had never seen. It was sorta breath-taking for the new hero, With a flick of his ciggarette after a lond draw, His eyes began seering into the city, watching, and being ever vigilant, If a mouse merely moved, He'd know. A statuesque presense ever evident has he kept looking across the city. Peering across the landscape, He would see the Spartan readying his aim.

"What the %$&@ is he doing?" Wondered Midnight, "I best find out" He thought, After all, Midnight and Spartan were close freinds to say the least. So, After hopping from rooftop to rooftop for atleast five minutes he finally reached where the Spartan was, The spartan would feel a cold hand reach onto his shoulder "Hey Buddy. Whats going on?"

"You ought to put that gun away. Your gonna' put someone's eye out."

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Andrew's concentration was altered.He was forced to turn his body around and stand up. It was a white figure, very recognizable. Spartan 177 looked right in his eyes. I guess I surprised him or something. It was Midnight Lantern who touched Spartan 177. What was he doing out this late? Damn, I know what I was doing. Now, this old friend got in my way.

The angry Spartan turned away from Midnight Lantern for a moment.He looked down the street. The man who he meant to blow his head was gone. He was standing against the drug store, but he vanished. Sh!t, just my damn luck. Some friend you are, you Casper wannabe.

Andrew clenched his two fists together.His fists began bleeding with gushes of blood, but were soon healed by the suit. The Spartan's vision began becoming blurry, only seeing his past. He could remember everything clearly. The sniper rifle resting beside Andrew's feet, was kicked aside. The gun flew off, making clanging noises below.

The armor is feeling part of my skin.I need to unleash it now. I lost my opportunity to kill this evil person. When does it ever end? Andrew's back still faced Midnight Lantern's face. Having his mind mixed in the moment, Andrew pulled out two grenades. He popped them, tossing them below. The Spartan spun around to face Midnight Lantern. Two loud explosions were heard below. Screams, fire burning, debris flying everywhere, could be heard. The grenades let off a patch of light below, which reflected off Andrew's armor above. His body could be more visible. He raised his fists up, holding a similar boxing stances to that of prized boxers.

"Make your move, before I do."

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It all happened so quickly, Friends became enemys? How? Why? There was'nt anytime to think about it now, The cheif turned around and looked to see the drug dealer was gone with a flash, His fists clinched, He ripped the grenades from his armour and threw them to the ground below, Explosions heard as Carnage and blood curdling screams went on below.

Midnight looked with abit of confusion and Anger, Blood boiling, It was time for a fight. The gloves were off and h3ll was to be unleashed. With a fluid movement that rivaled those of famous Marksman like Dirty Harry or Clint Barton, He drew the six shooters from their holsters and held them aimed at the Spartan's head.

"Make your move, before I do."

The Spartan said with a tone as if to say, Sound the drums of war.

Midnights hands still clinched to his guns, He breathed harder and harder by the second, His heart pumped at record speeds, A small veign creeped onto his fore-head.

"Andrew, I never thought I'd see the day that you turned on me but I want you to know, I will not go easy on you at all"

With that line barely out of his mouth, He turned invisible and slowly walked around the Spartan, Still with his guns held high and his chin held higher.

Two Warriors would now lock into combat, Fight a fight that would most likely shake the world for ages to come.

Midnight fired his guns, Six shots to be precise, Three aimed for the knees, and three aimed for the head.

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"Andrew, I never thought I'd see the day that you turned on me but I want you to know, I will not go easy on you at all"

     What was this guy thinking?

He just blew a perfect opportunity for me to kill that man, and he comes up with this bull. You know what? The hell with you, Midnight Lantern. You just couldn't of waited, huh? The heck with it, I'll deal with him later.

Spartan 177 braced for the first move.And it was not a good one for him. Midnight Lantern had vanished from his sight, completely. The spartan has faced these enemies before during the Covenant wars. The powerful Brutes, would turn invisible to catch enemies offguard. Under Andrew's command, he lost many soldiers. However, new strategies developed lowered the percentage of fatalities during combat.

As soon as Midnight Lantern turned invisible, Spartan 177knew he had to jump to at least avoid some interaction. He threw his whole body up, he was in a crouched position. There were gunshots. Two bullets that were designated on hitting his head, knicked his chest. The bullets were stuck in his body, Andrew could feel pressure.

Andrew was fify feet in the air.The suit gave him stronger jumping abilities. He was looking down in the air, in a huddled position. His suit healed the hits from the chest, with the bullets falling off his armor. The bullets were minor. It was a good thing he was preaperd to strategize before doing something stupid. It was Andrew's turn. A Spartan Laser streched out from his armor, as the armor turned wet and looked as if anything could pop out of the black sludge. Andrew held the gun with his left hand, able to easily hold it with not two, but one hand. Midnight Lantern was still in the roof most likely. As long as he was away from it, he could fire this laser.

Spartan 177 pulled the trigger once, sending a red salvo towards theroof below him. The rooftop was hit by the powerful marine laser, causing a tremble on the roof. The building began shaking. A hole was made through the building, destroying pillars below that would hold the building together. The building slowly crumbled down. Andrew was falling down, almost in touch with a fire caused by the hit. It could be possible Midnight Lantern was hit or fell into the building.

Black vines from the new Spartan armor creeped out of Andrew's back.The vines shot in all directions, sticking to debris that were not on fire. Andrew was hold still. He looked like a black spider with legs coming from his back. Andrew felt the flames just below. It made him sweat a lot for some reason. He needed to move to cover. He began moving away from the destroyed site which he caused, using the vines to move to the street infront of the collapsed building. With no effort of moving physically, he rested his feet on the asphalt, looking at the fire he caused. The vines from his back wiggled around, until they were set back into his back.