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-Black House-
-Black House-

--Characterized by a large, barricaded, abandoned hospital building acting as its de facto entrance or gate, Black House serves as the primary base of operations for the Brahma Brotherhood. Of their numerous safehouses, headquarters etc., Black House is their largest and most heavily guarded, the heart of their vision of violence for Gothic City--

History of the Brahma Brotherhood

Following the last of the Brahma Bull's attacks on Gothic City coupled with his promise of an impending, violent Darwinist takeover, the city was left in shambles. And with the Brahma Bull disappeared, the city's mutant population was left to blame for the city's predicament, with many facing exile to the city's outskirts from fear of their presence attracting another great mutant figure of terrorism, many a mutant were forced into lives of crime and homelessness in Gothic's slums. Many came together in gangs and factions seizing control of districts and erecting shanty towns, among those gangs was the Brahma Brotherhood, a death cult.

Mutant Exile
Mutant Exile

A death cult whose doctrine is centered on the worship of the Horseman of Death; the Brahma Bull. Originally plagued by poverty, the Brotherhood was a homeless faction, forging their identity as a violent, street roaming group of trash-bag wearing extremists who wielded firearms assembled from scrap metal. They wandered, fought, and found their home in the city districts most ravaged by the Brahma Bull. Barricading themselves in an abandoned hospital building that gradually grew into the gate or entrance to their shanty town 'Black House', the Brahma Brotherhood expanded, constructing other secondary shanty towns from all the scrap material they came upon, and forging beneficial connections with low-level gangs and criminals.

For example, by offering them protection and weaponry, the Brahma Brotherhood became entitled to a percentage of the income of local drug dealers. Hooligans, petty criminals and thugs were paid and offered weapons to act as scouts for the Brotherhood as a means of avoiding unnecessary gang wars with other dominant factions. Soon, the Brotherhood found itself roused by great promises from a supposed herald of the Brahma Bull; Satar. Known as the Baabda Beast, Satar seized control of the Brahma Brotherhood through deceit and manipulation, fashioning an image similar to the Brahma Bull and asserting himself as the Fourth Horseman's reincarnation. Under Satar's leadership, the Brotherhood completed their transition from violent street gang to a legitimate terrorist faction in a vicious cycle of attacks against Maverick Incorporated (from whom they raided weapons) and Gothic City itself.

Layout - Shanty Town

Built from scrap material, Black House's layout is informal and unguided with no set street grid. While once lacking a proper sewage network, electricity, running water, rain water drainage, garbage removal and other basic public services, Black House has since, following an alliance with King Aventus of Archium, acquired a wealth of resources. Resources that has enabled the construction of an underground base of operations underneath the shanty town which now serves as something of a misleading front. Its high density of buildings, ranks of Brotherhood soldiers, thugs, criminals, and improvised ventilation systems that (with user input) deploy a variety of toxins e.g. Sarin Gas render it extremely difficult for the unwelcome to navigate.

Black House Thugs
Black House Thugs

Despite its unattractive building materials and population of drug dealers, criminals and Brotherhood soldiers, Black House to its residents, represents a place of hope, encouraging a counter-culture state of mind and encouraging a potential for change, even if radical and violent. Underground however, lies the Brahma Brotherhood's true base of operations, and following the acquisition of King Aventus' resources and what remains of Maverick's weaponry, Black House's underground haven has grown into a place of gray, scientific experimentation and combat training. The entire shanty town is walled and guarded by turrets and roaming Brotherhood soldiers.

The Brahma Brotherhood - Ranks

The following are the different categories of Brahma Brothers:

-Mad Dogs-

Mad Dogs
Mad Dogs

The most common and basic of the Brahma Brotherhood, Mad Dogs are the weakest members, often possessing X-Genes that grant them little more than physical attributes beyond the scope of ordinary humans. However, a select portion of Mad Dogs possess a form of unorthodox sensory perception; sonar hearing that enables them to use sound propagation to navigate and detect objects within their vicinity. With the power to use both passive sonar and active sonar, these select Mad Dogs use passive sonar to detect the sound waves emitted by that which is around them while using active sonar to emit pulses of sound and listening for echoes, allowing them to map out their environments as well as using their sonar as a means of acoustic location and measuring the echo properties of physical systems to detect vulnerable points in physical structures.

Despite a subtle lack of uniformity in their powers, all Mad Dogs wear crimson hoodies with skull logos on their hoods, the skull being meant to symbolize the Brahma Bull's status as the Fourth Horseman, Death. All tend to wield standard firearms.

-Kamikaze Kings-

Kamikaze Kings
Kamikaze Kings

Among the most versatile in the Brahma Brotherhood, the Kamikaze Kings are primarily blessed with the ability to actively engage the highest percentage of their bodies' muscles through brain command, granting them physical attributes in the three ton superhuman range. Additionally, their possess secondary powers that render them the slickest of marksmen. Among these secondary powers is numerical precision, the ability to solve, measure and calculate problems through numbers without making use of any mathematical operations whatsoever, but through simple intuition. With this power, they can accomplish a multitude of goals.

They can discern the number of bullets inside their firearms and how many have been shot, allowing them to pick their shots more wisely as well as retain an awareness of whether or not they're at a disadvantage during gunfights. They're also capable of conducting measurements of areas or discerning coordinates without needing any actual data or information. It is a power with which they can solve a variety of mathematical puzzles through sheer instinct. Not only does it aggrandize their accuracy so that they almost always hit their targets, but they can, abnormally, always tell the right time, including the hour, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds, all through simple instinct. On the battlefield they prove invaluable, being able to identify the number of units (which ones are armed and not) in an approaching enemy force without actually counting them.

Despite their tactical and strategic value, the Kamikaze Kings are also the Brahma Brotherhood's most fanatical and therefore, the most prone to accepting suicidal missions as implied by their names. Their versatility however is clear in that they can serve as a force both on the field and during planning etc. They often wear brown garments resembling trench coats, as well as gas tanks and gas masks. A portion of the Kamikaze Kings are equipped with stealth garments manufactured from an experimental material with differently colored lights attached to motors embedded at the surface. These lights can be rotated and turned on and off dynamically to match the color of the Kings' surroundings. The motors however, are not electric. They are protein motors running on tiny microtube rails.

And the lights are comprised of highly fluorescent nano-scale metal semiconductors which can absorb and emit light of different wavelengths (colors). These millions of differently colored dots moving around in a controlled manner at the surface of their garments can cloak the wearer by controlling their own intensity and position while the garments' integrated technology uses appropriate video input to capture the surrounding environment. It is among the many perks from King Aventus' alliance with Satar. The Kamikaze Kings tend to wield a variety of different weapons (see below in Weaponry).

-Black Reapers-

Black Reapers
Black Reapers

Named for their onyx, enigmatic garments, Black Reapers are traditionally the most dangerous of the Brahma Brotherhood. Adorned in masks resembling diving helmets, they not unlike Satar, are known for their abnormal ability to endure and survive. In their case however, their continued persistence in battle is owed to their freakish means of tissue regeneration. They possess a unique, biological response to tissue damage. Their bodies produce a powdered, protein-based substance known as the 'extracellular matrix', the same biological extract that assists in repairing damage in human fetuses. Upon sustaining damage, this substance reaches the damaged tissue, breaks it down, then reconstructs it.

With this, Black Reapers tend to heal from wounds and injuries at an accelerated rate e.g. regrowing limbs in the span of months. Of their least apparent powers is toxikinesis; the ability to manipulate poisons and toxins which they subject their foes to by scratching them with their razor-sharp fingernails. As a result, Black Reapers rarely wear gloves as it would interfere with their ability to transfer toxins from their bodies into their opponents' bloodstream. Among the toxins in their range of power is proteolytic venom which causes strong local swelling, necrosis, excruciating pain, cardiovascular damage and disruption of the body's blood clotting functions. And like neurotoxic venom, proteolytic venom breaks down the lipids, nucleic acids and proteins of the victim. Another one of their favorite toxins is atracotoxin. While most neurotoxins work by shutting down the nervous system in some way, atracotoxin ironically, accomplishes the opposite by hyper-stimulating the nervous system to the point of overload.

As the toxin journeys through the victim's body, it elevates blood pressure and gradually causes the millions of air sacs in the lungs to burst, which essentially causes the victim to drown.. on dry land. Though clearly lethal, atracotoxin is only dangerous to primates e.g. humans and mutants. A less lethal substance is 5-MeO-DMT which is actually psychoactive in nature. And is the only substance that Black Reapers can actually secrete through their skin. Unlike most of the toxins in their arsenal, 5-MeO-DMT induces effects ranging from perspective shifts to the feeling of being sat on by an elephant. While it will not kill the victim, at least not directly, it will cause them to spend hours, barely conscious, and wondering 'why' at the vagaries of the universe while the sky folds into itself and a cactus explains the virtues of sock ironing. It is not designed to kill, but it alters the neurochemistry of the victim's brain and leaves them in a highly vulnerable state for an extended period of time.

Their most lethal weapon however, is actually a collection of exogenous chemical neurological insults, endogenous biogenic amines, monoamine alkaloids etc. containing tetrodotoxin, histamine, tryptamine, octopamine, taurine, acetlycholine, and dopamine. This unnamed collection of toxins is an extremely potent, toxic substance. The tetrodotoxin in it for example, is one hundred times more toxic than cyanide and blocks sodium channels in the victim, causing motor paralysis and respiratory arrest, leading to cardiac arrest from absent oxygen. In addition to this, it causes heart failure, severe paralysis, blindness and nausea, and without some sort of medical intervention come some minutes, cuts the brain's oxygen supply, leading to death. Like the Kamikaze Kings, Black Reapers do not wield conventional weaponry.


The following are the weapons gifted by King Aventus and those remaining from the Maverick raid:

  • Chlorine Trifluoride Grenades (CIF3 Grenades): CIF3 Grenades are, essentially, incendiary grenades that upon detonation, break open superheated shards that release chlorine trifluoride; the most vigorous fluorinating agent in the world. Fluorinating agents rip other molecules apart to replace their hydrogen atoms with fluorine. The fruit of which is an extremely violent, exothermic reaction in the form of fluorine fire. It is even more dangerous than fluorine gas which in itself, is a statement that speaks volumes. It is an even better oxidizer than oxygen. And oxidizers are compounds that seize electrons from other chemicals in a reaction, and they are what render combustion possible. Chlorine trifluoride's excellence in this endeavor is so extraordinary that it can burn things that are generally believed to be nonflammable, such as bricks, concrete, asbestos, and things that have already been burned.
  • Radioactive Rifle: A recoil-operated, semi-automatic, long-ranged rifle, the Radioactive Rifle is a weapon boasting a magazine size of 18 rounds, a maximum ammunition of 5 magazines, and a 2x zoom ability. Among the Brotherhood's finest ranged firearms, the Radioactive Rifle fires, at supersonic velocities, radioactively charged rods encased in magnetic fields. Along their entire flight path, the rods consume up to 50% of their total mass, and because of their velocities and superheated properties, the rods virtually always ensure graphic penetration of the target. Though these radioactive rounds generally shoot right through target, should they halt inside a target's body, they will continue to burn the foe's viscera until cooling off. And should they remain for too long inside a foe's body, the rounds can cause radiation poisoning.
  • Cyanogen Chloride Grenades (NCCI Grenades): The NCCI Grenades, when detonated, release a cloud of cyanogen chloride, an extremely volatile and toxic asphyxiating blood agent that interferes with the body's ability to use oxygen. Prized by the Brotherhood due to its ability to penetrate the filters in gas masks, cyanogen chloride attacks organ systems most sensitive to low oxygen levels, such as the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the pulmonary system. Additionally, the gas is extremely corrosive and inspires a host of symptoms including paralysis, convulsions, nausea, confusion, vomiting, edema, loss of consciousness etc.
  • Sniper Rifles: The first of the rifles relies on a semiautomatic fire mode. It makes use of a powerful electrostatic discharge to fire a very powerful bolt of electricity/plasma and a built-in scope to maximize accuracy for very long-ranged shots. The rate of fire however, is low. The second version however, holds a reservoir of ferrofluid, magnetically drawn into the firing chamber and expelled at lethal velocities. Mimicking a high-pressure water jet, the propelled ferrofluid cuts through nearly any physical material and boasts a penetration rate of over 100 cm.
  • Plasma Shotgun: The last of their remaining Maverick weapons, the Plasma Shotgun is a semi-automatic weapon with a fire rate of 174 RPM. It fires miniature but very lethal cluster rounds of superconducting projectiles. Because of its propellant-form, the Plasma Shotgun possesses a longer range than any shotgun forged by modern technology. Featuring a two-stage trigger system that allows for either quick-fire capacitors or a charge-and-release form of shooting which ionizes the projectiles, the rounds, upon contact with the target, fragment and arcs of electricity between the fragments flash-converts the air into plasma. The combined heat, kinetic force, and electrical charge come together to make possible immense trauma to those unfortunate enough to be targeted.


  1. Anyone can show up here but its always best if you have an actual reason to or whatever.
  2. If you wanna attack this place, go for it, but be warned, the Mad Dogs, Kamikaze Kings and Black Reapers are not NPCs.
  3. If you want to join the Brotherhood or something, PM me. If I don't respond, shoot a PM to one of my alts e.g. Amin Karrit, Thee Champion, Andres Knightfall, La Espada, Brahma Bull, Ishin.
  4. Have fun :)
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@dreadpool10: Hahaha, I kid you not, I chose inFamous art specifically for you, nino ;P

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this was worth the wait

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@satar: Aww, gracias amigo :D

This is awesomeness. I would swing by with King Aventus, but I'd be shattering Gothic's power level rules in the process.

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*tosses empty can and runs away*

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I just got a load of wants. Maybe some ideas too.

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Nice! Lot of work put into this and it shows in how detailed every description is. I like the formatting as well; gives it a really crisp, sharp feeling.

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@satar: (Can I join even tho I no Mutant?)

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Badass! Really like the detail ^___^

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Just so you know Black Masks are non-canon. Have fun with the Rumblers bruh.

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Oh, so this is the place Curve is gonna blow up.

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"No worries" like you expected it.

Can't say I can blame you.

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It is what it is when I'm with your waifu.

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Waiting on that Time Siphon post, LOL.

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@sentinel_hawk: Looking forward to it (especially because I have a response to set up things in the future with).

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The Rumblers ain't touching' this hell hole. Veronica though..

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Sahi strolled casually through the worst parts of the shanty town and most of the thugs there were uneducated enough to believe she was as vulnerable and innocent as she appeared. "Hey pretty whore, why don't you come on over here and entertain us!" A male thug shouted. He was well built, an obvious body builder type. His companion was ugly as sin and looked like his teeth were competing with a decaying corpse for most disgusting appearance. She smiled a little predatory smirk and walked over to stand between the two of them. "Little me?" She asked.

"Yeah girl, get started." The muscle bound brute said.

"Mm..." Sahi commented. "No." She turned and put her hand on the ugly thug. "Because you got the power dynamics all wrong. You're not in charge here...I am!" She grinned and the ugly man began to scream in agony. She quickly put a hand over his mouth. "Shhh..." She urged, muffling his screams as she aged him until he was somewhere in his mid seventies. "Boss won't like it if I kill you, so run a long now." She turned just in time to block a fist sent towards her face by the brute. She deflected the strike with one arm and drove her knee into his gut. He doubled over in pain as air left his lungs forcibly. "Have you eaten today big guy?" She asked and pushed him onto his knees in front of her. She reached down and began to unfasten the fly of her pants. "No? Better get started..."

Twenty minutes later

Sahi refastened her pants and adjusted her clothing a bit. She smiled and pat the large brute on the head. "I'll come find you later big boy."

Sahi continued her walk, eventually arriving at the entrance to the actual headquarters. She made her way through the various security checkpoints without incident. She was here to make a deal with Satar to work for him far a longer duration than just the fight up above in Gothic. She knew he was weakened, knew she might even be able to kill him in her own weakened state, but she also knew he wasn't her target. There were those living on Earth with much longer Temporal Lines than his, the very type she intended to feed upon to regain her memories and powers and help Raeyn in the civil war. What she needed right now was a fly trap and Satar was an excellent fly trap.

She arrived at the final check point and smiled. "I'm here to see the big boss man. He's expecting me." She hadn't sent word but he was intelligent enough to know that a predator like a Time Siphon would be drawn to him and his organization for the opportunities that working for him could bring. IF he had done his research on Siphons in the interim while he was healing, he would know by now that Time Siphons were notoriously terrible at bowing to others or taking orders but were also exceptionally opportunistic and utterly cruel and ruthless. There were powers she had, very unique powers, that would be difficult for his enemies to fight.

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Love this as the third act so to speak. Besides the great detail and flow of the layout, this place is even more legit because you set it up with a series of rpgs. Instant classic man. Cool shit.

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@satar: Kat had been looking for the one known as Satar after joining the Brahma Brotherhood's auxiliary forces as a scout, she knew that she wasn't important in the grand picture but she still asked for Satar's whereabouts so she can move up in the ranks as she did in a previous gang once.

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I'll also kill here someone later

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Guided towards Satar's abode at the heart of Black House's underground domain, Kat, flanked by the Brotherhood's Mad Dogs, their crimson hoodies burned by the skull logos on their hoods. They spoke no words, their features swimming in the shadow cast by their hoods, they only marched forward, assault rifles on their person. They'd come to a halt, before a door, parted a path and pointed towards it. Inside rested the Baabda Beast.


In the heart of Black House, the Baabda Beast sat, his frame, muscled to the proportions of an ox, and mauled to its breaking point. In his domain, lacking in light and decor, he licked his wounds. His right lung owing to the Iron Phantom, remained collapsed, yet to fully heal as his body did as it always had, rely on his abnormal adaptive component. He adapted to it, to his injury. His lung remained punctured, and instead, his muscles gave birth to greater amounts of oxygen-binding myoglobin, storing oxygen while his lung was given its healing hour. On his seat, he shifted, his mask offering him an endless supply of breathable oxygen, recycling exhaled carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen to help him breathe. And to match the scar on his chest, rested one below, marring his abdomen.

The Baabda Beast
The Baabda Beast

An Aurelius, a warrior of valor, had plunged her blade through his gut, spilled his blood and intestines, and nearly snuffed his life. She'd come the closest to slaying him, and he'd yet to fully heal. The scar tissue was grotesque, and he felt the sharp rise of pain swarm his abdomen each time he moved. Every time he hunched over, it was as though she'd come alive and stabbed him there again. The Baabda Beast had been left very much a man. And while a power ring remained in his possession, he felt the 'Gamma Effect' slip from his fingertips. He'd lost the ability it seemed. But was it temporary? His mind wondered but found no answer. Instead, he turned round, eyes of pale, cold blue meeting the light from an opening door, his Mad Dogs escorting into his quarters... Sahi the Time Siphon. She was integral to his plans. A conduit of power, she was an instrument of violence he had no desire to give orders to, only point to his enemies and watch the carnage.

His next assault, on Gothic City, rivaling gangs, and Vex, it would be more subtle. He needed an additional asset. King Aventus' resources were plentiful and invaluable, and Sahi, Ana, and Heinrich were among his greatest collaborators. But in order to seek vengeance on Vex, to leave his mark on this city, he needed to break into the New Rock again and free the one prisoner he'd left behind. "Sahi", his deep voice echoed, a thick, Lebanese inflection hanging in the air, "You could not have come at a better time".

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So much work! Detail! Art!

It would be a shame if this place were to suddenly explode ;)

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@satar: Kat examined the surrounding area for signs of traps before cautiously walking in, after taking a few steps she sat down on the ground and waited for a reply from her new leader.

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So if Curve just drove up to the place, would he get shot?


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@curve: Of course he'd be shot ;P

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@satar: @trinity00

Sahi bowed with classical flourish and the sweep of an arm. She straightened up again and smiled. "Time is our specialty. I'm never late or early, I arrive precisely when I mean to." She crossed some of the distance between them and crouched down to be more on his level while he sat. She cocked her head a little, her eyes clearly examining the visible battle damage to his massive frame. If he intimidated her in the slightest it wasn't apparent. In that moment Kat entered the room and the Badaba Beast could see her eyes narrow like a predator that had just picked up a new scent. The shift in eyes was brief before her smile returned. "You have need of my talents?" She asked Satar.

She stood and walked over in the direction of Kat, her smile becoming a bit more predatory. Though young and likely uneducated about Sahi's nature Kat's...cat like tendencies would alert her to the presence of an apex predator. "My skills are as ever at your command Boss man." She paused for a moment just feet away from Kat, looking the girl over for a moment. "What do you need eaten?" She asked, turning back to Satar as she did so. "Or perhaps just aged like a good wine?"

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@satar said:

@curve: Of course he'd be shot ;P

I wanna do something with Curve soon.

... Oh, so shoot me is what you meant when you said this, lol. Pity, an alliance between two of the four Warlords of Gothic would've been the stuff of legend!

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Grats on 1000.

I want to post here to start a rivalry, if only to have Ghoul's back broken and get him thrown off the top of a skyscraper.

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@thisisgonnahurt: Gracias, mano. Drop by man, with whoever.

@curve: Well, you did attack us in Gothic's Ultimatum ;P But an alliance would make for some good narrative potential. Come through, mano.