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 Mike sat in the darkened room, two more cars passed by the broken down dock house, their lights slipped between the old metal sheets like water out a broken glass. His thoughts betrayed him in the darkness as he wondered if his team would be up to the task in front of them, He had said nothing when Kurrent had come to his wife and asked him to help form the greatest hero team that ever lived. He knew of Sarah’s plans and she knew that in order to deal with every threat alive there would have to be one part of them that got their hands dirty. Mike was use to shedding blood if he had to be honest it was all he knew. It had been Sarah that asked him to collect a team who would follow him and do what needed to be done, the things that the main core of the team where to busy to deal with or could not be seen doing them. So Mike had set out and collected his team, first he had chosen Crazy Eight and Talon from there he picked his number two Midnighst and the rest of the team just fell into place from there. He knew they would do the job no questions asked. The light over his head flicked on as Crazy entered carrying four larger dominos pizzas and several soft drinks “Do you always have to sit in the dark.” Mike pushed up off the old metal chair and made his way across the cold stone floor. “I was brooding “ Crazy laughed and threw him a coke “Shame it’s not stronger” crazy whispered “You going to be okay on this one, if it’s to close to the…” Crazy lifted a hand “Hey if Talon can be strong enough so can I.” Mike smiled “Is that just because you don’t want a girl looking tougher then you.” Crazy laughed a little “Damn straight.”

Mike opened one of the boxes and pulled out a slice of cheese pizza and moved over to a small metal table with four chairs to match, that sat directly beneath a set of lights. In the middle of the table was a small black device “it’s almost time, where are the girls.” Just as mike finished Cassidy O’Rourke came in the same entrance as Crazy she smiled at the two of them and picked up one of the boxes as she took her seat. Cassy or Dark Huntress to most was a welcomed edition to the team, she had a tough up brining as would most with a father who was a police man, what never helped Cassy was that she had four uncles and an aunt who where also on the force, she knew the area after all she had grown up here before her family where killed. With most of the team their past where covered in pain and blood and she was no different, hence her place here. Taking a sip of his coke Mike nodded at her and she replied in kind, the air around them remained silent as they thought about the job at hand. It was by no means going to be easy in fact half the team where in while Mike’s team remained in while Mid had the other half in . They would have to strike at the same time to stop their targets from going to ground. Just then a rustle next to Crazy broke Mike from his train of thought and he Saw talon sitting across from him, he smiled and she looked away. Crazy picked up a pizza box and slid it over to her “I got you crust, I know you like them” Mike stood and pressed a small red button on the black device.

A green hologram opened on the table above them, the room was very different from theirs. It was well decorated and Mike saw the edge of a tall fridge in the background. Sitting at a square table where Mid and his team. There was a six hour time difference between them; it was one in the afternoon in and seven in . “Hi boss” mid said with a smile, they all knew why they where here, their targets where twin brothers Rufus and Jerome, Rufus was stationed in Paris, he would use his pheromone powers to trick girls into working for him, while they where under his spell he would hock the girls on a cocktail of drugs and send them to America swearing a magical life awaited them. Once they arrived Rufus took control, where his brother had the power to trick people, he had the power to beat them senseless. He would lock them up in run down houses and pimp them out for a good price, using them till they where useless or dead and throw them out on the street or simply kill them. The two brothers had stayed of the radar with their contacts in the Irish mob covering their tracks. The problem with the two of them that they where forever in contact and where heavily protected, they had at least two telepaths working for them and a couple of tanks, they forever moved their staff round so it was impossible to tell who was protecting who.

They needed to strike fast and end this with a message, so if anyone who had the idea of taking over from the brothers thought twice. Mike looked at Talon her gaze was firmly on the pizza crust that now rested in front of her. He had told her that she had to many bad father figures in her life and that she needed someone who would look after her, a big brother and if she needed that then he would be happy to call her his sister. Mike snapped his head up straight and once again returned to the mission “We all set in ?” mike asked and Mid nodded “Good you have the intel provided to us by the trinity,” Mike was cut off before he was finished “how do we know it’s good.” Crazy asked “My wife gave it to me” Mike replied, he heard a few laughs over the hologram “We go in two hours, you all know your jobs. Crazy you and Dark huntress draw their fire, myself and Talon will clear the house. Mid you relate the orders to your side of the team as you see fit. Any question get them in now, otherwise the mission is green.”   


This is a C.O.P. RPG and follows the story of the Shadow Squad.

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The plane ride was long and boring. No form of real entertainment for hours and hours and the quiet calm only furthered his need to feel some form of combat as he felt more and more out of place with the new state of affairs his world had entered. Long has the day when the violent anti-hero seems to make any type of good come about and the pure and just have been given another chance to prove themselves to the public and cradle the world into a better existence. The time between his landing passes him by with no memory or need to recall the evens before he reached his destination. He was cold to the idea that he should enjoy any part of the time he spent here as this place had no real sway on anything he felt. If he felt anything began to be a question that many for years had asked but an answer to all questions even that one exists. At this very moment he felt nothing but contempt for his fellow “heroes”.


He feels that in the heroes quest to bring about a goal of peace they have doomed people to an existence they will never back away from. There strength lied not in their numbers but their goals. He felt it was his destiny not his right to become apart of the real work. He others will just become sucked up into a void of fame and fortune unable to truly cleans the world of dirty filthy muck that cakes around it like and open wound. His feet walk down the long and fancy hall way of the entire floor that now belongs to him and the rest of his people who feel the way he does. He opens a door letting in the light in a darkened room. The command center of his new lifestyle filled with secrets and unholy actions that will damn any soul to the abyss of any after life.


The room is provided with a green glowing image of his “co-worker” back home. “Hi boss”. He bleeds out the words in smile and sarcastic tone. He really shows no respect for any of his superiors and they do not expect him too. It was his distaste for society that made him a weapon to be used against the vermin of the human society. He was given control over a division of the Shadow Squad to hunt down butcher a group of twins blessed with an evil power that only breeding the disgusting half of what people will do to each other.


They could produce scents that ripped the will from people and used these to build a successful slave trading business selling women to beaten raped and violated by filth covered, fat rich bastards that called themselves humans. He ignored the many of the details of the ramblings between Soverign Son and the other half of the team back in the states. His mind was flush with thoughts of the lack of humanity these men had and could only be blinded by the most horrific actions he wanted to force them to endure. He licked his lips at the idea of washing their blood on his sword.


He brought himself back to reality to speak with his half of his dark ops unit. “ Alright people you heard the boss man I’m sure all of you are more than aware of what these “people” can do now. I’m not worried about that I’m not going to waste time by redundantly telling you to be safe and cautious. I want to tell you something different. All of you are here on this end of things because were not good guys. Forget that blue blooded super hero bullsh!t. The only color I want in your heads is blood because I want all of you to be covered in their blood. Where the butchers of the super hero world. No mercy no capture only torture and death. I want you to lie, I want you to steal I want you to burn I want you to do everything that would make anyone else sick and I want you to do it to these men who are raping and violating little girls. I want you to imagine the disgusting things that happen to these girls and I want you people who still have souls to let hate fill you and burn out every single bit of humanity you would show these people. I want them dead Shadow Squad go massacre them.”

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She was sitting on a hospital bed, it had been the first time in years she had been in one of these. Even though the walls and doctor had promised confidentiality between him and her she didn’t trust him. It had not even been a month and she was back here, having herself examined revaluated like a common guinea pig. It was like the facility all over again just wearing a nicer more kind looking mask. Yet beneath that covering was the root of evil masquerading as purity once more and she like before had fallen into their trap. She had nowhere to go not like this, she was handy capped she was useless without her voice she might has well have returned herself to the icy prison she had been born in and even now that was seeming and more plausible option my the second.

The annoying ticking of the clock mounted on the white tiled wall across from her was beginning to become a nuisance. She knew it was taunting her for every second she spent in this place was another moment of her life wasted. But as much as she could continuously reason with her on how much of an ill decision this was the fact was this: She wanted her voice back she wanted to speak and without her voice without the ability to communicate with others…she was…nothing. Her head sank low as she stared at the sparking clean floor she could see the residue that her bare feet had left behind. Her black velvet midnight coloured locks slid over part of her face leaving one of her two emerald eyes visible. She had realized without a voice she would need some way of communication facial expressions, body language and even hand movements.

Her ears twitched as the un-ignorable moaning of the patient next to her was starting to drive her insane. Each time she heard that woman’s voice her moans her pleads it sent an icy dagger through her spin that made her mind recall the dark days of being strapped to an icy table and being cut open while conscious. Shaking off these thoughts her eyes soon locked themselves upon a doctor that pushed past the door reluctantly and entered as if he would rather jump out the window. Her eyes fell upon him as her brow raised in curiosity. Her lips were slightly parted to show that she wanted him to at least say something even though she could not. In his hand he held papers and quickly discarded them into a trash can before approaching her as he began.

 He rambled on about the body the effects the slitting of her throat   by silver had caused and how her healing factor was not working due to a chemical in her system that had neutralized it. He explained that because at the time her throat was slit her healing factor was not on so that any wound she would have gained before had if too serious would be permanent. Eventually he mentioned that despite the fact her healing factor managing to restart itself after her accident it is for some reason unable to heal her current wound across her neck. “So It seems miss Laura that from our examinations and tests upon your body and how it works…” she cringed slightly as her eyes shifted to the window. “The first conclusion at the other hospital was the right one, you will most likely be unable to speak for…” he paused a moment as his own eyes shifted out the window then to the papers he had thrown into the trash then back to Laura.

“…the rest of your life.” Her eyes instantly shot toward him as her brows rose in an expression of shock. Her hand fell over her mouth as she gasped a moment taking in the news and trying to remain calm. Nevertheless her heart was racing like a drum as she needed air. Getting to her feet she slightly staggered to the window as she clasped upon the sill for balance. For a moment she just inhaled the deep fresh air before her eyes curiously fell upon the Doctor whom seemed to be fumbling with some kind of…deodorant? Shaking her head as she ran her hands through her hair she slowly and without much effort scanned the papers that he had previously thrown in the trash.

Yet as she did all her thoughts froze as her eyes fell upon a single word. Her eyes dashed over to the doctor who now had his thumb on what for sure was not deodorant spray. She would have grabbed him but as her claws unleashed…it was already too late. The liquid of the container sprayed on her face as she instantly wiped it off staggering backward as she pushed over a small metallic table. As her back came with hard impact against the wall she fell to the ground banging her head over and over against icy divider of rooms. In her mind ran a sentence over and over like a broken tape “Do not obey” is what she wanted to say but sadly she had no choice…

Her lips parted as the taste of crimson entered her mouth the very instance consciousness and awareness took their toll. Her body ached as she slowly slid her hand across the floor for she now seemed to laying face flat on the tiled floor. Her eyes remained shut as she tried to figure out what had happened for her mind was still a bit groggy. Her hair was now drenched and the floor as well along with the feeling of what honestly felt like slimy flesh. Eventually she braced herself as her eyes opened but nothing could have braced her for the scene that was now upon her vision. She was dreaming she’d have to be…or dead either way she didn’t really care as long as it was not real.

Before her lay the mutilated bodies of several hospital staff along with patience. Their bodies were hideously marked with slashes upon their faces which appeared like shredded paper and their chest with now had hardly any skin left leaving the intensities just gushing out. The rib cages or what use to be it of several individuals was ripped out of their chests and strewn across the room in a chaotic motion. There were some people whose heads had been cleanly sliced from their bodies in a very precise fashion. Large and small intestines seemed to be the ornaments as they were scattered across the room and even leading down the hall. And the blood stains on walls and even the ceilings along with the river of blood that flowed was inescapable.

Getting to her knees that were now wet with crimson also her mind attempted to recall what thing could possibly had done this. But eventfully as her eyes lowered to her hands she realized what had done it, it was she. Mouthing the words no she observed the gashes in her arms and her own blood splotched clothes that now stuck to her being so badly drenched. Soon enough the ringing of sirens ran through her ears as her body collapsed to the floor. She laid there her hair out stretched as her arms appeared as dead flesh. The scents of men, soldiers entered her nostrils as she could hear them coming up the stairs. Her eyes nevertheless were fixed on the ceiling. A faint smile fell across her face as her eyes began to close and she faded into unconsciousness….

“Talon meetings in ten” Laura’s eyes snapped open as her neck turned shooting a glance at Sovereign Son just as he walked out the door. Making sure he had gone she ran her hands through her slightly shorter locks of hair since she had recently cut it due to complications. Bending her head her forehead rested upon the wooden desk that was seated in the right hand corner of her room at least she wished it was her room. For a few minutes she remained in that position head bent eyes closed day dreaming about her past about that certain someone that special person but sadly her mind snapped back into reality as she heard once again her squad leaders voice.

“Ten seconds” like a car her head jerked upward as she dashed from her seat and grabbed a pen and note pad. Taking in a deep breath she followed her leaders scent into a large room and seated herself in the corner of it. Noticing no one was present she aimed her pen directly at the light and threw it with grate force. It travelled swiftly and managed to break through the bulb blackening the one corner of the area. Letting out a sigh of contentment she seated herself crossing her legs as her note pad and pen rested once again tightly in her hand. She had done her best since joining the team to remain unnoticed, which would have worked very well with her inability of speech except for the fact that she had Sovereign Son as a leader.

He was kind to her from the start thinking about it and never hesitated to show that he was willing to help her any way possible and he had. Nevertheless she had to admit she enjoyed his company over any one else’s on the team. Well except for Sylver, they went way back she knew that vampire elf from the beginning they were sisters but due to leaving Wolf Pack and lies being formed of mutiny she was no longer sure where their friendship stood.   Once again she raised her hand over her throat feeling the scare that still remained around it. Pulling from her pocket a bandana she tied it around her neck to avoid visual confirmation of her wound, but everybody already knew she didn’t speak they just didn’t know why.

It was then the door opened as her leader entered. He strolled across the icy floor with all the pride a leader of an unknown team should have. Yet his eyes fell upon her a moment then swiftly looked away. Puzzled by his eye contact she would have thought no more of it if not for the fact of jumping to a loud thud as the he lowered his chair near hers. Rolling her eyes she folded her arms biting her lower lip. “He’s luck I don’t have a voice.” she thought to herself glaring at him a moment before looking away again. The seconds passed in silence as with a bang Crazy Eights walked through the door carrying the junk food…or locally known as Pizza and soda obviously his arrival was no surprise to her…she could have smelled him miles away and she already had.

“Do you always have to sit in the dark.” she heard “the pizza” man say as she soon noticed her commander getting to his feet no doubt to get a bite of the food. It was just like men always hungry she never understood it. “I was brooding “were the words that Sov spoke. Even though she knew his name was Mike she never thought of him as that, he was her leader she needed to give him respect mentally if not verbally. “Shame it’s not stronger” she grinned as she heard Eights whisper “Amen to that.” she thought to herself. “Hey if Talon can be strong enough so can I.” Rolling her eyes once more she highly doubted that statement. “Is that just because you don’t want a girl looking tougher then you.”  Crazy Eights laughed slightly “Damn straight.”

Getting tired of this meaningful banter she would have made some motion or eye contact with Sovereign but thankfully they were done. Eventually the final member Dark Huntress arrived gracefully and silently, something she enjoyed about her. Her eyes fixed on the floor she soon saw out of the corner of her eye the man whom she wished she could throw a thousand insults as, Eights hand her a slice of un polluted crust. “I got you crust, I know you like them” having the over whelming desire to slice his throat she resisted a moment her fists clenched before forcing a kind smile and taking the slice from the man’s hand attempting to calm herself.

Thankfully the her dislike for a certain team mate ended with a green hologram popping up showing the rest of the team in a different and much more lush location. It was then that she found herself disagreeing to Sovereign Sons choice of having her on his team, she wanted to find Jerome she wanted to kill him, she was pretty much immune to the art of seduction for she was skilled in it, and even pheromones she knew she could withstand it and would prove more helpful on the other side of the ocean not here! But at the same time she guessed he must have had his reason but she wanted to face Jerome she had the oddest feeling she knew him.

“We go in two hours, you all know your jobs. Crazy you and Dark huntress draw their fire, myself and Talon will clear the house. Mid you relate the orders to your side of the team as you see fit. Any question get them in now, otherwise the mission is green.”   As the holographic screen turned off Laura raised her hand a moment to grab her leaders attention. Getting to her feet she reframed from eye contact as she handed it to him then briskly strolled out of the room throwing her pizza crust back at Crazy Eights. The note read simply: “I don’t need protection all I need is seclusion and solitude”. Walking through the door a smile appeared on her face, making sure no one had left yet. She knew her leader would not take offense she had noticed his mannerisms and he knew her at least well enough to know when she was not serious…that was the interesting thing about her, even without a voice he seemed to understand her as if her actions literally spoke words to him.

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It had been months since Crazy had seen his former team mates Dipsh!t and Wench as he would call them when they were not around. Jobs were scarce now that if anyone had hired him he would destroy more than help, and the fees for keeping him happy were outrageous. Those who did hire him were only doing so to gain something in return, the last man to hire Crazy was known as Ginju. He hoped for full control of New York, and almost accomplished it if it werent for the meddling of Darkchild and his team. Darkchild gave his life to save New York, something Crazy found somewhat irritating a man known for killing for fun killed himself to save thousands. Watching as he escaped the burning building and the police he watched as the mans body was taken by his comrade within the team he ran. Crazy scoffed and went back home where he stayed for months munching on pizza and sipping coke everyday, games on the Xbox were played alone and soon the man with voices in his head became quiet for once in his life. For years he did nothing but talk an speak in riddles and annoy people, for the time he was with Section Eight he did nothing but talk and make good with those around him. Now it was gone and he was alone, he knew their was a reason they left him he just couldnt figure out what that reason was. 
The depression came to him finally as he sit talking sh!t to a little kid over Xbox live, as he held the semi-automatic in his hand he shot the tv and as it sparked he flipped the gun around aimming at his face a voice spoke "You know that wont work right? Your too body wont let it happen, its too damn stubborn to let you die." Crazy growled at himself "Shut it Mary." Within his head Mary spoke "Turn around you idiot that wasnt me."  Outside the window a tapping was heard and a familiar voice with it " Are you going to let me in or sit their an eat some bullets you know will only irritate you rather than kill." Crazy leaped from the couch with a wide smile an dredging through the filth that littered his home behind the Bowling Ally he came to the door an opened it. Mike standing in front of him "Hey man long time no see...." Rage filled his face as he pulled back and slammed his fist into SS, he heard teeth raddle as he slammed his fist into his face. Sov fell backwards onto the stoop and looked up at Crazy with a grin as Crazy told "Your lucky Marv wasnt in control or you wouldnt be getting back up." Sov stood up an wiped the small trickle of blood off his face and walked in sitting down on a cluttered chair looking at Crazy "Deserved that one didnt I? Sorry Craze, where we went you wouldnt have fit in. We wouldnt have been able to keep you their anyway...they dont let pets in."  
With a smile he continued talking about their stint with the Ice Dragons and the missions that followed. Crazy listening but still very angry about being left behind, they were a team hell a family and he was left behind like a dog. But still he gave the man he called to only himself brother. The stories were mediocre at best their team was nothing special like theirs was, and finally Mike stopped. "I know I dont deserve this but I want to ask you. You willing to come with me and be part of a team again. With me and.....the Wench." It burned his insides saying but Mike did it anyway to put a sick smile on Crazys face "You left me for months poor and alone....did I mention POOR!! YOU ALSO TOOK ALL THE GOOD GUNS!!" Standing up Crazy smiled and went into his room coming back out a few moments later with all his stuff packed into two duffel bags. Mike looked at him "Those are all guns arnt they?" Crazy nodded "No cloths?" Crazy shrugged "What cloths? Im wearing good ones right now arnt I?" Looking down at his tattered uniform from Section 8. Mike shuddered at the fact Crazy hasnt bought a new pair of underwear in months and still wears one.  
Leaving the Bowling Ally Crazy turns around saying "WAIT! Gotta do something first." Grabbing a device from his pocket he presses a button and the Bowling Ally along with his home for months and years goes up in a huge explosion. Debris scatters everywhere and sirens are heard in the distance. Suddenly Mike bursts into laughter and almost falls over laughing Crazy looks at him asking "WHAT?!" Mike holds his hand up for a moment before getting some air "Wheres the Xbox?" Crazy looks around and stomps the ground "F@@@@@@@#K!!!
Now weeks later he sits across a table with his new "Team" wondering what he has gotten himself into. Conversing with Sov for a few moments before the rest of their unit here in america arrive "Always brooding you pansy." he tells Sov. Talon sits across the table, he slides the remains of a piece of pizza towards her. He swear he hears her growl at him, and befor he can say something witty the meeting begins. A hologram comes up and Soverign gives the orders for everyone, Crazy will be with Cassidy as they go into the mission. Drawing the enemies fire, something Crazy enjoys immensly. Leaning over to Huntress he whispers "Alright little lady, you just let the master work his magic and you wont have to break a nail alright?" Suddenly a swift foot slams into his leg as Mike glares at him mouthing the words "BE NICE!" Crazy flips him off an turns back to Huntress "Dont worry Ill let you carry the bags." He stands up and is about to walk out of the room when the heat from both Huntress and Talon glaring at him gets his attention "How about you ladies stop glaring at me, and get your asses ready. I am not going to wait for you when this sh!t hits the fan and the bullets start flying." Walking out of the room he makes his way to his room, pressing a button on the lightswitch multiple compartments fold out from the walls and in the closet revealing hundreds of guns, and thousands of different ammo. A bright grin comes to his face as he goes to his bed an picks up straps for his guns and begins locking into place the multiple handguns onto his body. Then grabbing two huge duffel bags he begins filling them with all of his most favorite weapons, walking back into the meeting room he finds Dark Huntress "....what?" she stares at him carry about 300lbs worth of weapons and ammo.

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In the dead of night a reddish orange flames illuminates everything within less than a foot radius. The orange circular glow moved to the tip of hand rolled cigarette. The tobacco lit up orange as the man looking to be in his late 30’s inhaled deeply. With a flick his wrist that held the match the small flame went out. He tossed the used match to the ground at his side, though the faint sent of sulfur rest in his nostrils. The well dressed man, to well dressed to be in this part of town. Rested against a wall, he had one leg propped up behind him to help with leverage. Tilting up his head and removing the cigarette from his lips, he exhaled releasing a small cloud of smoke that ascended upward before dissipating. Placing the cig back to lips to take another drag, the business looking man reached into pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. The paper only had a time and address written on it. Putting it back into his pocket, he raised his sleeve uncovering his watch and checked the time, while thinking of the events that led him to the moment.

Week ago

Just days after he had turned his abilities upon his former teammates and home, NeVann was still in disbelief of his actions. Lingering around in the city of angels, like a ghost. The shinobi found himself, staring at the remains of WAL Tower for hours on end from the roof of building about three miles away. Drowning in his memories of that event, the Sharingan Successor failed to notice the presence of a man standing behind him. "I didn’t know ninjas came in emo form…" NeVann heard these words come from behind him but he didn’t recognize the voice causing him to turn his head. Upon first glance he didn’t recognize who was talking him, cutting his eyes and turning his head back around him spoke in a mono tone. "And who are… no never mind I don’t care who you are. But if you want to continue being that person I suggest walk away." Bringing his hands together and resting them just below his nose he felt presence man behind him still being there, "Well aren’t you just one big @$#% ray of sun shine… My name Sovereign Son, and I’ve been sent here to invite you to be apart something big. All the heroes are joining force even your buddies in WAL have entered our ranks."

NeVann clinched his as his eyes narrowed, then taking a deep breath he turned around to face Sov. "I take it you’re not a fan of  
current events. I’m not what you call on speaking terms with WAL, actually I wouldn’t be surprised if any of them would never want to see me again. And secondly I’m by no means a hero
." A smirk crept across Sov face as he spoke. "Good cause we don’t need a hero, a special unit has been set up code named The Shadow squad and we could use a person of you skill set. Have you ever seen the movie Pulp Fiction? Well think of us as being the wolf for our little hero friends. I’ll let you think it over, if you want to be apart this come to this place." With those words said Sov walked off leaving the ninja to think things over.

Few days ago

Isolated himself to corn, the shinobi wondered why he actually took Sov up on his offer. Standing in a room along with several other people he didn’t recognize while all except for one. He knew her because he killed one of teammates. Though he figured that Talon didn’t know this fact because from past encounters with her, he figured that she would already being trying to rip his entrails out with those trusty claws of her. Everyone else in the room seemed to know one another and joked around over a few slices of pizza. It reminded him of how it was like with WAL, but Vann knew those days were behind him and there was no way of ever getting that back.

The joking stopped, and chilling feeling of seriousness came over the room as Sov began to speak of their first mission. Most people would be unaware that in this day and age there is still a slave trade, but it’s not in the sense of the type that you would read in a history book. No now it the market is flooded with the trade young beautiful girls that’s sold to highest bid and made into concubines. As the briefing continued the ninja grew more and more disgusted with the methods uses to obtain, hold and the disposal of these girls.

As the meeting ended the group was split into two teams, one that would stay state side with Sov and the second that Vann found himself one that was headed to Paris. The ninja didn’t want to be a leader for a number of reasons though he found it hard to let himself take order and the second in command Midnightist was the overseer of the squad that was headed overseas. He could tell just from the first motivational speech that he gave that he was going to be annoyed very easily by him. The other two that were also grouped in he was unsure of he couldn’t get a good read of them just yet.


The dark alley way lit with a pale blue light. Raising his arm to his brow to shield his eyes, he took another drag of his cig. The car stopped at the end of the alley way and killed the engine, before flashing the high beams three to signal the man. Taking the smoke from his lips and flicking it aside, he made his way slowly to the car. As he reached the car the driver window rolled down, on a black Mercedes Benz. Not touching the car the man leaned forward and said, "Je m’applle Jon. Parle vous anglais?" The driver just nodded. "Well I hear you’re the person that’s needed to be talk to if one had some talent that was busting out?" Jon said with a weasels smile on his face. " Oui, you got the guy, but first we must see if your client is talented enough for us to take any interest before accepting. Bring all you talent to this address and if we like you will get your finder fee. " The Driver said while passing him another piece of paper. Before rolling up his window and starting his car.

As the car drove off Jon walked off and around a corner to a silver hard top ’11 Jag XJ. Before stepping into the car the man became engulfed in smoke that quickly dissolved revealing NeVann. Getting in the ninja made call to Mid "I’ve made contact I’ve got an address that I just sent you. I’m not sure if any other girls will be there but at least someone that knows something will. So it’s your call on how we handle this." The engine roared to life as the car was started and the head light flashed, before the NeVann sped off in the dead of night.    

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Eight Days Ago... ()
The old, abandoned parking garage was filled with a scream: shrill...and in pain.  It was like a frozen knife cutting through the thick, ugly atmosphere of the building.  It reeked of mildew and oil and rust.  The rain beat heavily outside, washing away the trickles of blood that spilled over the second floor's edge.  The scream rang out again, this time with words, begging and wailing.  Two homeless men sat around a fire just across the street.  They heard.  They looked up at the building.  They ignored it.  No one's screams were heard in this part of the city. 

     The screamer was wizard named Jaymes.  He screamed because all of his fingers had been burned off, one by one.  He was begging, because his assailant was coming at him again. 

     "Please...please!  Don't ask me again," He whimpered, pitifully with a sob, "I can't answer...I just can-- AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" 

     A cold, slender hand, like living marble, had grabbed Jaymes's ear and torn it off before he knew what had happened.  He pulled himself into fetal position, curling next to a tire-less, broken car.  The same white hand gripped the man's jaw and pulled him closer. 

     "I suggest you highly reconsider your list of "can't"s, Mr. Harkley."  Said the assailant, in a chilling, commanding tone, just above a whisper.  A street light shone in as she moved closer, illuminating her white-stone-like features and blue eyes that burned like hellfire.  Without removing her stare from his own, she began tightening her grip on the wizard's knee cap until she could feel the bones beginning to fracture. 

     "Oh go--AAAAHHH! Please stop!  Please, Sylver... please."  He cried, his own hands trying to pry her off. 

     "Tell me what I want to know, Jaymes.  Now."  She clenched tighter.  Something snapped. 

     "OKAY!!! Okay...  it's just...they'll hurt me if I tell you." 

     "I'll kill you if you don't.  Which would you prefer?"  She retorted, tone cold and unflinching.  The man sat up a little straighter, a little farther away, trying to get out of her piercing gaze. 

     "I don't know what else you want me to tell you.  You know where they meet...who's leading them--" 

     "How do they get their sacrifice victims?"  Sylver demanded. 

     "Mostly from the airport...kids traveling from overseas.  Airports are busy, ya know?  When the parents aren't looking, they just kind of...slip in and get them." 

     "I already knew that.  I've disposed of those men already."  She enjoyed saying this.  The wizard didn't seem to know how to respond.  He blinked and tried to search her face for a lie.  "You're...you're lying.  They couldn't be. I armed them with protective spells myself--" 

     "I ripped their beating hearts out and burned the bodies, Mr. Harkley.  Those spells didn't stop me.  And they won't help you unless you GET TO THE DARN POINT!"  She growled. 

     "Fine! Fine!  I....it's just....we have two workers at the daycare five blocks east of here.  And five at the children's hospital.  They work on the cancer treatment level." 

     The last few words froze in Sylver's mind.  Cancer treatment level....  These...black magic users....they were using sick, cancer kids in their rituals...?  They were burning cattle brands into their flesh and eating their hearts?   

     A dark anger, like a match lighting a bomb, began to tear through Sylver's chest.  Her blue eyes became solid black and she picked the man off the ground as if he were a feather.  He screamed and began kicking at her. 

     "You animal!  You said you'd let me go!  I told you everything!!!" 

     Sylver glared at him, shutting him up instantly.  "I don't care."  She hissed.  She uttered a spell; her free hand burst into blue fire and she began moving it towards the man.  He screamed and cursed, but couldn't get free of her iron grip.   

     "You wench!!!  Go to hell!!!"  He wailed.  Sylver smiled, and a haunting chuckle resonated through her.  She pulled him closer. 

     "Mr. Harkley....you first."  Her flaming hand plunged into his rib cage, igniting his insides.  She tossed him aside, and let the fire eat the rest of him. When his screams finally faded, she began walking towards the stairwell---when she heard a click.  The click of a person's boot on pavement.  Sylver spun around, a pistol in one hand, and her other on the hilt of a dagger.  The boot she heard belonged to a man...a man standing about fifteen feet away in plain sight. 

     "What do you want?"  Sylver demanded, eyes narrowing in scrutiny. 

     "My name is Sovereign S--" 

     "I know who you are.  I asked what you wanted."  She barked, making her way closer, step by step, pistol aimed at his heart.  "Why are you here?" 

     "To talk.  About a team." 

     Sylver paused, scanning him with her eyes and ears, making sure he wasn't lying.  "I don't like teams." 

     "You were in the Wolf Pack." 

     "Key word, buddy: were, as in "past tense".  I quit. So, if you’re smart, you’ll walk away now and won’t ask me anything about gosh darn teams.”   Sylver huffed.   She turned to walk away.


     “The world is full of monsters and terrible people.   Sometimes they are one in the same.   You, Sylver, have a knowledge and vast experience with both.   That is why the Shadow Squad asks for your help…the Champions of Peace ask for your help.”


     Sylver shook her head, a flicker of annoyance in her eyes.   Champions of Peace?   Shadow Squad?   What the crap?   Who came up with the names…?   She turned to face him.   “Which one’s asking?”


     “Both.   Shadow Squad is a smaller, more…off the radar group within the Champions.   We do what is necessary to stop what has to be stopped.   You can still do what you do, but for a good cause.”


     “And I’m not doing things for a good cause now?”   She replied, clenching her fist.   “Listen…I’m sure you mean well asking me, but I’m no hero.   And I’m no saint.   I don’t give a crap for hero-teams, and I don’t wanna be in one.   Vampires don’t exactly promote public welfare.”


     “But that is what you’re concerned for:   public welfare.   That’s why you do what you do.   That’s why you’re not a villain.   You may not be a saint, but Shadow Squad’s not looking for saints.   It’s looking for warriors who’ll get the job done.   Save lives.   Do what’s right.”   Sylver heard him turn to walk away.   “Think about it.”


     Sylver stood there for a minute, thinking.   He’d seemed sincere about needing her help; not just looking for another person to fill in.   And he’d mentioned getting the job done…being off radar… no doubt it sounded black-ops.   That’s usually how all these hero groups rolled; always had a secret group to do the dirty work.   Sylver snickered, kicking a pebble with her boot.   Why was she even thinking about this?


     Sylver bit her lip, thoughtfully, then flipped out her cell phone and sent off a text.  She needed advice.  If anything, they’d know what to do….   A reply came.


      Go for it.   Do what you want to. It’s your life.


     Sylver stared at it for a minute.   They were never wrong about important stuff like this…and it was important.   It definitely would affect her.   Being in teams always had.   First there was the denial stage that she wouldn’t want to join…then there was that one idiot who always seemed to sympathize with her…and then when she began to enjoy doing her work, something would happen.   Usually bad.    People were killed.   Groups disbanded.   She outlived them.   Ya know…the works.


     Sylver stared out at the street.   She could still hear him…she could definitely catch up…


     Sylver looked back at the stairwell door.   She could go back…she didn’t have to do this…   But the part of her mind that liked to take challenges was already thinking away.   She wouldn’t have to do it forever…maybe just see what it was like….


     Three minutes later, Sylver found herself a member of a new team.


     The Shadow Squad.


     Sylver leaned back in the corner of the room, watching the hologram.   She remained there, silent but attentive, as Midnightist relayed the mission’s importance very adamantly.   Sure he seemed a bit worked up…but the guy got straight to the point.   Sylver almost smiled.   She could work with that.


     Sylver walked towards the table.   Her black leather, corset-cat suit was incredibly contrasting to the elaborately furnished room, along with her black, pixie-cut hair.   Sylver glanced at herself in a mirror as she continued walking.   She looked like a black and white viper in a ballroom.   What an interesting contrast… Sylver thought to herself.   I should write poetry… Ha ha.   Not really.


     She laid a folded piece of paper onto the table.   “These are the names of several influential drug dealers in that have had large monetary increases in the past few months.   I have no doubt that they’ve dealt with these brothers.   If finding them is a problem, these men will know where to look.”   Sylver stood taller for a moment, the bright lighting casting a dark shadow on her face.   “And trust me.   I can make them talk.”    

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 1 1/2 Weeks Ago: Recruitment

It was 2 am on a Friday night and Cass was walking the streets of the city, wondering how her life had gone this dark this fast. World War Warsman had taken her to the edge and back and she was tired of the thoughtless killing. Her father would have hated what she had become, he would have abhorred it. She had appointed herself with the mission of taking down every man who had been present at the slaughter of her family, of killing off the Irish mob in . Somewhere, she had lost her main goal and taken a turn into something that she had never wanted to be, into somebody that she had never wanted to be. She was tired of the constant betrayal and tired of killing people who didn't deserve it. She wasn't a hero by any means, she never would be, nor was she a villain, though.  
She walked down the streets, nearing her destination. She was both nervous and excited. She had received an encrypted e-mail with an address and a time and date. She was wondering if it was a job or a set up. She honestly didn't care one way or the other, Cass was ready for some action. She smiled as she reached the address. A restaurant/bar. How refreshing, when she had been expecting something among the lines of an abandoned warehouse. She did a quick check to make sure that none of her weapons were conspicuously showing and she walked inside.  

She quickly scanned her surroundings and took not of who was in the restaurant, where they were and how long it would take for her to neutralize them. There was a large, beefy man sitting at the bar, nursing a rum and coke, it would take her probably twenty-five or thirty seconds to take him down. There were two women, both very well-dressed and in their mid-fifties sitting at a table towards the center of the room. They looked like they would be more at home in a five-star establishment. They were talking under their breaths about their respective affairs. One with a pool boy and one with a female au pair. It would take her less than twenty seconds to take the two of them out. Her eyes next landed on the teenage couple in the back left corner. They were sharing a strawberry milkshake, one cup, two straws. It would take thirty seconds if he didn't fight, maybe a minute if he did. He was in pretty good shape with the build of an athlete. If she had had to guess she would have said swimmer. She paused for a second as she realized that they were probably the same age. There was only one other person in the place. He was sitting at the booth in the back right corner, shrouded in shadows, his back to the wall and facing the entrance. He was sitting in the same position that Cass would have been, with a clear view of all entrances and exits and with his back to nobody.  
Cassidy slowly walked through the restaurant, doing her best to remain unnoticed. She made her way to the table in the back corner and sat across from the figure who was shrouded in the shadows. She edged her way into the booth seat and crossed her legs as she leaned her elbows on the table. Leaning forward, she looked him in the eye. "What do you possibly want from me? I know who you are, I know your reputation, your legacy and I don't see what I can possibly do for you?" She frowned as he tilted his head. "You're special...talents...are needed." She grinned as she took a sip of the drink that he had had waiting for her at the table. "That's not vague, not at all. I have many talents and many uses for them. What is the job, exactly?" He looked at her and could tell that she was slightly interested. "It's more of a team than a job." She grinned. "You don't work with the baddies, which would make this a hero team, wouldn't it? I don't do the hero thing, it's not my forte." He looked at her like she was crazy and she almost laughed out loud. "Nobody in their right mind would approach you about a hero team, Cassidy. I'm setting up a dark ops squad of sorts to deal with some of the more mundane, for lack of a better word, things. Sex slave trading, child trafficking, things among those lines. This team is going to be doing dirty work and will be completely off the books, two things that you are quite familiar with, Ms. O'Rourke, if I'm not mistaken." She sighed, knowing that she was going to end up saying yes and figuring that drawing it out and playing around would be of no use here. "I'm in."  

A Little While Ago: Team Meeting

She couldn't help but wonder what the hell she had managed to get herself into this time, at the same time feeling that she couldn't be more at home. Cass wasn't sure if the fact that they were in Boston helped or hindered her growing love for this team. She knew this city like the back of her hand and she knew the structure of it's mob better than nearly anybody. She had made it her life's work to bring the Irish mob of Boston to it's knees and to wreak her vengeance on them. Her family, a family of cops, had tried to do things the ethical way, they had left it up to the justice system to work it out. The justice system had failed and so had the police department, for that matter. She had never been able to find out who the leak was. She sighed as she sat down at the small metal table and grabbed a piece of bacon pizza. She chewed it thoroughly and waited for the hologram to finish playing before talking. "The issue with this is that our efforts have to be perfectly synchronized. If one team is just a few minutes ahead of the other, then we're f**cked and whoever is lagging is going to be screwed. If these guys do end up getting to ground, we're going to be hard-pressed to find them again." She nodded slightly at Mike. "You're wife is a technical wizard and I have faith that she'd be able to find these guys relatively easy in the event that they do go to ground, but they're also going to have more than enough time to get new identities if we manage to screw this up, making her job a bit more difficult. There can be no mistakes." She had no problem letting them know the stakes. Everybody had to be aware. Nobody in this room knew these men better than she did. Nobody knew how they operated better than she did. It would have been sad if they had, what with her dedicating herself to bringing them down and all.  “We go in two hours, you all know your jobs. Crazy you and Dark Huntress draw their fire, myself and Talon will clear the house. Mid you relate the orders to your side of the team as you see fit. Any question get them in now, otherwise the mission is green.”    


She was in her room gathering up her standard weapons: two kukris that she wore in specially outfitted sheaths, her sword that she wore on a sheath down her back, the hilt hidden beneath her hair, two guns in a dual shoulder holster and a throwing knife in concealed sheaths on each wrist, as well as a pouch full of ammo. Cass was all set for action and ready to get going. As she walked down the hallway, she ran into Crazy, her partner for the mission. She was a little wary of working with him, for he seemed to live up to his codename. She never knew what to expect next from him. She walked down to the meeting room, where she and Crazy had agreed to meet up. Her eyes widened as he walked in. He had to have been carrying at least 300 lbs worth of weapons and ammo. She thought that she had had a lot. "You're not going to bring all of that, are you? It will severely limit our mobility and I'm not scrapping the mission if you get shot." 
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Being still was most defiantly not one of his greater strength. He loved the idea of being out in the field and getting his hands dirty with the blood of the unjust and cruel viruses of the world that he lived in. The idea of making his mark on the very life blood of society is such a powerful drug that he feels sickened by his new found patience and resolves but none the less he has a different duty now. He is no longer simply the point man of any hostile attack or counter attack. His new squad leader entrusted him with the task of leading a small group of soldiers on a blood mission to make the scum of the world pay. 
He liked the idea of bringing death no longer to helpless innocents but corrupt vile people. That joy in knowing that bad people where going to die made his boredom all the more manageable. It hadn't been long before his people where already on the streets making headway into the selective assignments. There was something about his knew team that he was certain he could rely on. Hate. Almost each and everyone man and women he was working with had some type of deep dark hatred that called them to do what they do. People are so excited when they get to say that love is a great motivator for people. 
Although love may get you to do things hate can do so much more. Hate is an all consuming fire that burns anything in it's path and effects all equally. But hate it's it's purest form has no true target and can lashed out on anyone who may or may not deserve. The most deadliest of hunters and killers are those who can pull their sorrow and lust for revenge and pain and set it lose on the world in a mildly controlled fashion. 
He sat on a comfortable and relaxing chair as the first of his assistants relayed information to him. Uchiha Nevann. Midnightist hadn't done much personal research into the ninjas background especially since they are so good at keeping secrets but he was very aware of the history of the famous Uchiha clan of ninjas. Any task he sent the Sharigan user on well in his opinion he would be over qualified. 
He raised his hand to his ear to listen to the ninjas voice over the communications system   "I’ve made contact I’ve got an address that I just sent you. I’m not sure if any other girls will be there but at least someone that knows something will. So it’s your call on how we handle this." "Good I want you to go ahead but make good use of those famous ninjas skills stay quiet till you get conformation of these women's location and keep radio silent till you do." 
After speaking with the ninja Mid was approached by another of his subordinates Sylver. Sylver was well Midnightist didn't really know what to think of Sylver. She was a hybrid of vampire and elf and although he cared little for elves the idea of a bloodsucking fiend at his side always sounded like a good idea and he didn't mind the tight black leather outfit either. Even he wasn't above the attraction to a powerful woman in leather boots. 
    “These are the names of several influential drug dealers in that have had large monetary increases in the past few months.   I have no doubt that they’ve dealt with these brothers.   If finding them is a problem, these men will know where to look.”     “And trust me.   I can make them talk.”        "I think you've already forgotten the purpose of this little adventure of hours information is all fine and good but only a few of you are going to be doing the whole information gathering I care less about them talking and more about them spitting up blood. Find out if they know anything and make sure to dump their bodies somewhere they won't be found. "

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 It was a crisp night as Mike cleared the roof, a spray of lose grit escaped from under his right foot, moving over to the edge he looked upon the four floor high building. Two men in black suits stood on the front door, each lifting their weight to the left slightly, compensating for the pistols they where carrying, pressing a small button on his palm hidden under the material of his suit his eyes turned to a light green. He looked towards the front door and picked up a further four heat signatures in an inner compartment, from the cold spots on their body he could see they where carrying several different fire arms, another heat signature entered, he carried no weapons judging by his size he was one of the tanks, Crazy and DH would have their work cut out, each of these men where from various backgrounds some where former black ops, taking a quick look over the building he began to memorize the floor layouts and signatures, he flicked off the heat vision and said nothing as Talon landed behind him. Crazy and DH would start their offence in under a minute he began walking back counting each step carefully he turned and looked at Talon “Follow my lead”. She said nothing and nodded he broke into a sprint and pushed off the roof top, he threw his arm’s forward to carry his weight, just as he left the roof a gun fired below, as team two began their assault, Sovereign balled up and smashed into the window on the third floor.

A flurry of glass sprawled along a soft red carpet; several doors sat either side of him as he stood. The four floor house had been turned into a brothel, floor one was security, floor two was the money floor and floor free was where the girls where on display. The last floor was where the targets lay and where also where the girls where kept when they where not working. Three guards ran round the corridor, it was like a small maze of rooms and turns leading to a single stair case at the end of the sixty two rooms that littered this floor. The stairs where the only way in and out, hence why they had used the windows, there would be no back up coming up the stairs team 2 would see to that, they only had to deal with the security on this floor and the one above. The three guards fell to the floor; their weapons only half drawn, sovereign son’s gun had a small stream of smoke escaping the barrow. The rooms began to open as various rich clients began to stumble for their lives. Mike moved on he could deal with them later, they had to move fast before the brothers had the chance to escape. He moved into the crowd Talon was now in the fray before she could strike at any of the men mike yelled over the noise “Get the girls out and leave the scum till later. “ Mike broke free of the confused movement and found himself face to face with several guards who had formed a line at the only exit, they opened fire. Round after round of Semi automatic fire sprayed the floor, killing all it met. Mikes sword was out defelcting most of the fire away from any of the girls that had flopped out of their room.

There was a reason they had picked him as the leader of this group, he wondered if his team knew what he was truly capable of. His mind flashed for a moment over how he had met them, Crazy’s punch that he could have easily of protected against, letting slyver hear him walk away. He had picked them all for this purpose to kill to work as a team and most of all because he knew away to kill each and everyone of them if they went rouge. He was a leader not a firend, he had done this for years, he knew what he was even when he trained Nighthunter and the other heroes, he was never really one of them even if they did see him as a legend he was a killer. It was over the guards where dead and he stood between the bodies his blade dripping with blood. He started up the staircase and soon found himself at the last floor. He slipped in without a sound, the sight would have sickened him if he had not seen it before. There was over eighty hospital beds each with restraint straps and drips next to them, the room had no light just the beds and five people in white coats keeping the drugs topped up, fourteen girls where still strapped in with the drugs being pumped into their system, they would replace the girls down stairs, they must have had them working on a rotate system always keeping a fresh supply ready. To his left as he entered was a rail of new clothes and some minor make up, they would have cleaned the girls up before shift change he thought to himself. At the end of the large room dull room sat a white door, it was the only clean thing that stood out from the darkness. He moved past the white coats staying in the shadows so he could not be seen. If he killed them now the girls could OD or have instant with draw symptoms he needed them alive in order to keep the girls alive, plus they would need to know the cocktail that they had given them before they could help them heal.


He twisted the handle and entered his eyes flared at the site before him “Hello Sovereign Son”  Jerome said as he passed Rufus a glass of red wine, they two brothers sat at the end of a large glass table. F@ck mike thought both brothers where here and they knew we where coming, Jerome had a white suit on which was finely made, Rufus had the same suit but in red. “Take a seat.” Mike stood and twisted his sword. “If you don’t I will blow up the base and your other team with it” Damn it to hell they had got their hands on the Intel, how was that even possible. Mike took a seat and said nothing “See brother you just need to know how to deal with them.” Rufus went to laugh and found the tip of Sovereign Son’s blade resting under his teeth. Jerome sat in shock he had not even seen Mike move from the chair .Jerome began to use his powers as Rufus rolled back off his chair escaping the sword. Mike moved quickly and broke his own preventing Jerome from taking control of him. Rolling back Mike prepared for a fight and Jerome clapped his hands, the fourteen girls from the other room ran in and surrounded the brothers, the other tank walked in heading straight for mike and just then Talon entered and Mike swore as Jerome spoke “look Rufus he brought her home to us”, just then Rufus smiled removing his red jacket and moved to meet the Tank the two of them facing Sovereign Son. Jerome kept the girls round him and smiled at Talon as he pulled out the trigger and pressed the button.

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  Icy chains were clasped around her wrist as her body hung lifeless and motionless against a wall. Her eyes cast down at the cemented floor of an underground holding cell. Her breathing was slow and shallow as she faded in and out of consciousness. It was not by her choice however. Those whom imprisoned her had laced the air with a neutralizer leaving doxy at the best, yet that had stopped her thinking. Even unconscious her mind was running through her own self afflicted actions and murders that she had committed a few days back. The room was dark except for a greenish light that towered several feet above her all other colour had been removed. Her knees were raw due to the scraping against the rough cemented floor and her arms were by now out of joint, for she no longer had the strength to press her back against the wall. So like a dead corpse she hung in limbo.

She could hear no sounds besides her own breathing, she had seen that these people had taken and gone through great lengths to create a prison that they thought could hold her. If she was of higher spirits she might have attempted to prove them wrong because no cell could hold her. The shivering creek as the metallic door slid opened caused Laura’s sea green eyes to instantly dash upward. White lighting flooded the room as Laura battered he eyes. Her fits were clenched as her eyes now narrowed on the middle ages man that entered through the door. As he walked up to her a low growl resonated from her throat as she felt like lashing out at him but she retained herself. “So you’ve been the one evading us? A little girl?” he said in a mocking tone as his lips curled upward. Approaching her he sent his hand and slithered it upon her ashen cheek she cringed back but he them gripped her chin as he whispered through his teeth.

“Listen here, sweet heart you have been sentenced to death for mass murder, hacking into governmental files, the theft of several weapons, unauthorized access to classified material, torture, mutilating, and slaughter of innocent lives and etc you know what you’ve done” Relinquishing his firm grip he took a step back and shook his head regretfully. “It’s a shame we don’t have the authority…or else we’d make you our little toy”. Enraged Laura pull violently on the chains as she lashed out her front teeth coming to a point as she attempted to rip of his neck. But sadly the chains caught her and she was unable to go any further. This caused the man to chuckle as he turned away from her. Laura nevertheless didn’t stop she tried to pull viciously on the chains trying to make them brake but alas she had no comfort in escape.

As the door slammed shut with a large thud once again eerie green glow returned as the lights dimmed leaving Laura’s shadow her only friend. The worlds he said played over and over in her mind but the one thing that caught her attention was how she had been sentenced to death.  No mater ho many times she had previously thought about it this young girl never thought of her last moments being locked away in a jail cell awaiting execution by the government. But she didn’t mind she was not afraid to die. She would willingly accept him because she would not allow herself to send her last moments of life cowering in a corner like a snivelling dog. In her mind she thought it’d probably be best if she died, it would rid the world of its greatest tormentor. Slowly she lowered her head and shut her eyes as she waited her impending doom.

“…it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from…no one just wakes up and becomes a ‘superman’….” A faded smile appeared on her face as she remembered those kind hearted worlds of War Killer on their first meeting, and recalling all of their very limited but continuous conversations. He always had the weirdest ways of saying things she thought, how he would use metaphors like “superman”, but whatever words he used they always got through to her which was something words seldom did. Then at that point it hit her, if she died that young hero would never know. He’d no doubt think she had deserted him or forsaken him or forgotten about him and she would inflict that on him. If she died here and now she had full faith that the Government would not inform anybody of her death.

She could not allow that, she could not allow herself to fade into obscurity like that! When she died she needed those who cared about her to know it not to think she had forsaken them! Struggling momentously as she revelation hit her she knew that her room no doubt would be highly monitored and she needed someone to come in she needed to tell someone she needed to make one final call. If she was going to die fine but she needed to tell him! Somehow she needed to brake from these chains she needed to escape…and with all her struggling the oddest thing happened: Her right wrists chain broke… 


The never ending spirals of silence that shot through the atmosphere surrounded both Talon and her commander as they sat silently perched like a Falcon about to strike upon its prey. A Monolithic building towered into the dark sky as the velvet blanket of night covered the area. Laura’s eyes were focused upon the guards that stood like statues in the midst of the silence. She could see their weapons and could tell that from this distance they could easily fire at either one of them and bring them down like a flying water fowl. Her fingers dug deeply into the wooden roof that her body was balanced upon. Crouching slightly as she sent herself forward to land beside her leader. Her eyes fell upon him as he turned to face her “Follow my lead”. Was all he said as she nodded in agreement?

It was then that without another say he launched forward as he broke into a desperate run toward the edge of the roof. Not wasting any time she got to her feet and charged after him. Her black locks of hair were being battered in the wind as her bare feet glided upon the tiled roofing. Her lips were sealed as she inhaled the deep scent of the city, nevertheless what laid in the building now only several yards away from them was something unexpected. She had witnessed and taken part in many missions and she had watched most of them take several undesirable turns of events, alterations, mutiny, betrayal she had seen it all. Laura knew the plan she had studied it and she had, enough time to conjure up her own Ideas on what needed to happen for success.

As her feet left the secure structure of the roof she preformed that of a dive as she avoided the edges and fitted herself into the hole that her leader had broken through. As her hands came in contact with the warmer surface she presumed front words flip and landed steadily upon her feet. As her feet sunk into the velvet crimson carpet she noticed the three bodies of guards who…sadly had gotten in the way. Glancing over at Severing Son her brow raised in curiosity as she slid her hand to her side “At this rate” she thought “He’ll be doing all the work…” but that was all her mind had time to think of because the doors suddenly shot wide open as several elderly and young men raced down toward the exits. Laura was quick to chose her victim as she leaped forward and unleashed her talons. She had no mercy for these types of people because to her they were no longer people they were savages.

Her body landed upon one unlucky man who she swiftly tackled to the ground her emerald eyes had faded yellow once more as a deep growl resonated from the depths of her throat. As she raised her fist ready to insert her claws into this man’s skull she heard the shout of her leader “Get the girls out and leave the scum till later. “ Now this might have seemed a hard order to follow but slowly Laura lowered her hand and retracted her claws. Within the time of her currently being here she had managed to inhale and memorize the scents of every individual in this room, so killing them later would be no issue, anyway she could always track them down. Getting to her feet she watched as the piece of fill got to his feet and ran like the devil was after him which would be an understatement if …no when Laura got her hands on him the second time.

As she regained her composure brushing her hair back she once again saw her leader surrounded by dead bodices’, now she was getting aggravated. He had skills, abilities that far surpassed any of the team’s expectations but she knew he was capable of things she still didn’t know why he saved her, why he allowed a traitor to be part of this team but only time would tell his true motives because she never believed anyone’s words the first time. Following up the stair case she looked once again over the dead bodies and shook her head. Approaching him silently ensuring that there was no other guards left to kill she gaped at the scene before her as her claws slowly slid through her knuckles. Her fingers were so tightly clenched that droplets of blood dripped from her hand. Trying to control the rage of emotion that flooded her seeing countless young girls ageing from 14 onward laying helplessly on a bed, she wanted to lash out but if her leader remained in the shadows…so would she for now.

But her eyes remained locked upon the sight it was hard for her to look away. Sure she had gone through the same things she had been through situations similar she use to be the one on the table and she was okay with it but seeing other girls’ life’s who no doubt now were messed up, they would contain these scares and they wouldn’t heal. Eventually snapping out of her trance she turned her eyes toward where her leading should have been standing. “Dang it!” she thought to herself mouthing the words as her eyes swiftly searched the area. Eventually they fell upon a white door and as silently as possible she approached it. Seeing it had already been pushed she assumed he had entered and so she entered without hesitation.

Biting her lower lip the scene before her took her at aw. SS was now surrounded by controlled girls, both Jerome and Rufus were as composed as possible standing and a large hunky man was getting ready to pulverize her leader…but she already knew how this would unfold. A slight devious smile appeared on her face as she let out a deep sigh hearing Jerome’s words “look Rufus he brought her home to us” she might have said something at this time but she would let her actions speak words. Slowly approaching Jerome she turned a glance toward her leader before returning to look at her contact. “You see Sovereign Son, this young girl was the one who told me of your mission only a day before you launched it. She happened to…run into me at my local base and well the rest is history.” he said as he slid his hand around Laura’s shoulder who now resided next to him.

“She’s been my little spy you could say she was my toy from the beginning.” Jerome then silenced himself as he looked toward his brother and nodded his head “Do whatever you want just don’t disturb me.” he said taking the assassins hand as he lead her through a hidden pathway into another chamber. As he turned his back to lock the door he returned his gaze to the young emerald eyes maiden that stood before him. Walking up to her he twirled her black locks with his finger as her placed his had upon her check. “You did well and after all this time I thought you had forsaken me.” She smiled at him lightly licking her lips as she slid her arms around his waist.  Brushing aside her hair he moved in to press his lips against hers but..the oddest thing happened: She unleashed her claws.

The instant gasping of Jerome was like music to Laura’s ears as he looked down at his chest her claws deeply lodged with in it. Looking up at her in astonishment she wished she could say something to him she wished she could have insulted him but alas she had no voice. As her fell to his knees his blood seeping out of his body she leaned down slowly removing her claws as she placed her hand on his check. Looking deeply into his eyes she mouthed vibrantly “I am no one’s toy.” Letting go of his body she watched him curl up and die drowned in his own blood. She wanted to make him feel more pain but she knew it was not worth it he did not deserve any more attention than what she had given him, and what she had given him he didn’t deserve.

Laura had been in contact with Jerome the moment she had discovered about the plan. She knew that if SS had his way he probably knew about her being a prostitute and would have wanted her as far away from that man as possible. So she took the matter in her own hand and informed Jerome of the Shadow Squad’s plan and in that created her own. She would not allow this man to be killed by any other and yes it was selfish and yes she had probably put the rest of the team in danger…but she deserved retribution!  As her fists returned to hand she looked upon the dead body of the man that for over 2 years had controlled her. Yes that was a long time ago but because of him she had lost her dignity, her purity and whatever else. She knew that Dark Huntress and Crazy Eight’s would be fine and if not then to bad.

She was no team player and on a normal day she would have followed her leaders instruction but it was because of Jerome…she could never truly trust any man, he was the person keeping her from maybe having a life because whenever she saw a man she saw Jerome. He had been a haunting shadow that was cast over her life, now with him dead maybe she could try to have a life with someone maybe with him. Her eyes flashed forward as it focused upon the hidden door, she didn’t know what excuse she’d make but she knew that would not lie and say Jerome had seduced her…she had seduced the seducer not physically but she had her…eloquent ways. Swallowing deeply she pressed against the door and in one swift motion kicked it aside as she prepared to help her leader. Her hair slung over her face as her claws were fully unleashed stained with the blood of Jerome .After this she’d accept whatever punishment he would give her, even death but at least now for these few moments she could live. 

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It had been a very long time since Crazy Eight had done anything that would be classified as fun in any sense of the word, and today it was going to be fun. Every fiber of his being shaked in anticipation for his mission, three duffel bags filled to the brim with weapons of all sorts hung over his shoulders. Thank god in the time he spent without a job a single one he trained night an day, bringing his body to near perfection. His abs showed through the sleek kevlar shirt he had made in his down time, he stared at his newest teamate she stood tall and was actually quite beautiful as she held her weapons. Their was no need for discretion in their mission, their task was to draw the fire and bring the attention all upon themselves and nothing more. This was something Crazy enjoyed immensely, he brushed Huntresses cheek an she jerked at him "Dont worry, first missions with this team are always the most fun." Suddenly as they crept up to the door a sound was heard inside, someone was opening their entrance in. He drew his finger to his lips an pointed at DH as she looked at him, he pointed to the other side of the door while he stood right in front. The man on the other side looked at Crazy who now had turned into Sly "Hello mate, how about you give me that nice leather jacket then punch yourself in the temple as hard as you can." Crazys eyes shimmered as his powers went to work controlling the mans mind, he handed Crazy the leather jacket and then held up two fists and moved them slightly towards Crazy " Surprise me." then suddenly with his right fist the man slammed it into his temple as hard as he could. He dropped like a sack of potatoes to the ground, empting the mans pockets Crazy ushered for DH an she came behind him looking back at the guard. Walking in slowly the room was filled with men armed to the teeth with weapons, by the way they all stood and even how some of them were moving it showed they had training. Many in arts known to Crazy but he didnt know how his new girl would act put up against them, turning to Huntress he smiles "Alright hun, this is where we make the biggest boom possible. Lets get their attention no?" Their were countless rooms within the warehouse, each probably holding at least 10-15 men and they all needed to have their attention on the two now within their building. 
Dropping one of his duffel bags he pulled out what looked like a combination of a Javilin and a RPG, with a immense grin on his face he aims it at the scaffolding above them and shouts "HEY!" all the guards in the room look towards Crazy he whispers to Huntress "This is were you run like hell." Her eyes widen as she bolts to the side, as Crazy presses the launch button. The guards scatter for a brief moment as the rocket fires and shoots straight up and then grabbing a second controller Crazy guides it into the scaffolding aimming for a poor sod who was dumb enough to stand still. The explosions rocks the large room hard, suddenly the room fills with a loud deafening ring as the alarms shoot off. Flames an debris fill the room and finally the guards get ballsy and begin to return fire. Dropping the launcher Crazy screams outloud "Zeek, Mary GO!" and both personalities take control of the body bolting forward pulling a sword out from its sheath on his back. Using Mary's powers of precog Zeek dodges the bullets in a multiple fluid motion closing in on a group of men slicing fingers and hands off immobilizing them before sending a hard kick to each one of their chests sending them flying across the floor. He can hear the gun fire from Huntress so he knows shes alright, a bullet skims his shoulder as more fire erupts within the warehouse. More an more men pour into the enclosed space he switches to philip and using his super speed runs in circles around the room popping just in front of men firing off sprays of bullets everywhere, dropping guns as they run out of ammo. He leaves the big guns strapped to his chest using hand guns and small armed automatic weapons clearing the room once more an more people begin filling the room. The men are nonstop as he begins to tire, he pushes his body to its max using everything he can before going to his last resort. 
Finally growing tired of running he stands in the middle of the room, his batch of men and opponets all stand around him these more trained than the others each holding small arms or swords. They were the higher of the trained he had seen earlier one of them shot once at him, the bullet stopped just short of Crazy's face a small trail of darkness holding the bullet in place. Looking up Crazy's eyes fill with blackness and suddenly the shadows come to life. Spikes of darkness shoot out from the corners of the room impaling some of the men surrounding him. Some escape the quick death and charge Crazy unleashing their combat moves, switching from Grendal he moves to Mary and Zach. Both with knowledge of hand to hand he defends himself using counters before sending the men flying with telekinesis into the walls or snapping their necks. Standing alone for a brief moment, the building begins to rumble, his body covered in bullet holes "thank god none of the men had shot guns or this would be really painful" he said to himself. Jacob his main personality pushing his powers to the max, clotting and holding of the mass amount of bloodloss as much as he could. Suddenly  Mary within his mind "Oh my god, Jacob get out now! They set off a chain reaction the place is going to blow." Crazy tapping into Philips speed races to the door then realizes Huntress knows nothing about the explosions, suddenly flames shoot out from one of the entrances. "HUNTRESS!!" Pushing his body past its limits he soars at speeds he hadnt tapped into yet closing onto Huntress the flames just behind him nipping at his feet. And on reaction he switches just as he stops to Marv and Zeek, using Zeeks shapeshifting powers he makes his body larger into that of a immense obese man and his skin turns rock hard. He wraps his arms around Huntress pulling her in close. 
The fire an debris slam into Crazy,pieces embed themselves into his rock skin and he smiles to Huntress "Okay....that really hurt..." he passes out and falls forward. A piece of metal sticking out the back of him, stuck in his back near his left shoulder. He lays on top of Huntress, his body turns normal again as he passes out.
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 Like a kitten the 3.5 L engine purred, as the ninja Listened to his next orders. “Good I want you to go ahead but make good use of those famous ninja skills stay quiet till you get conformation of these women's location and keep radio silent till you do.” He was surprised at Mid words, it was sensible and calm. A polar opposite of the first blood, blood, blood, kill, kill, kill, speech he heard the man of Midnight give. “Well I guess I had him pegged wrong, he’s not such a hyperactive blood thirsty psychopath after all, good for him.” NeVann said out loud after the communication was cut between the two. Shifting gears the twin turbocharged V6 quickly changed to a roaring lion, as the sped through the city weaving through the streets. The lights of Paris began to fade in his rear view mirror as he came closer to the city limits.

Pulling the hand break while spinning the steering wheel clockwise, to purposely over steer the XJ220 causing the rear wheels to lose traction and sliding the tail end of the car forward. With the driver side door pointed down the road as the car slipped into a drift, kicking up dust and gravel behind it for a few feet before coming to a complete stop. This was useless act, it didn’t even get the ninja’s adrenaline flowing. But NeVann didn’t care as he stepped out the car looking down the road. He had stopped about a mile away in hopes that he would be out of range of the telepaths that the intel received said they had. The address that was on the paper the ninja held was an old large thought to be abandoned horse stable.

His eyes looked to have housed a set of stars going super nova, as his iris went from a dark deep brown to a murderous crimson upon the activation of his sharingan. Staring down his destination six small clouds of smoke surrounded the shinobi, and as they dissolved six flesh and blood copies of the ninja had appeared. He was unsure if a telepath could sense the thoughts of a shadow clone, seeing that he had very little experience fighting a telepath and he was also didn’t know for sure if his clones transmitted brainwaves at the same time. Without a word or a motion the clones vanished from his side and began scouting the location. Their steps were light and swift as their shadows would randomly flash across a wall here and there.

A few minutes passed as NeVann leaned against the turbocharged vehicle, his arms folded and his eyes closed. A light wind began to pick up, causing strains of hair to dance over his face before his eyes opened, and the full layout of the stable was as clear as day in his mind. Shadow clones were not only good for increasing your numbers by great folds quickly, but any information learned by them is instant transferred to the ninja that creating them once they are dispelled. The guards were light about 15 on the outside parameter and maybe another 10 inside. He figured this was due to the fact that they had telepaths scanning the stable at all times. Running through his plan of attack over his head so he could just act and not think about what he was doing to not give away what he would next. The Uchiha’s hand came together and some seals and soon a thick mist began to roll in for west, blanketing the building.

Drawing a kunai in one hand, he made his way around the parameter making quick work of the guards. Figuring all their communication was done through the telepaths, Vann knew this would send out alerts fast as he picked them off one some two at time. His kunai ran across necks from ear to ear on some soaking the ground in blood. While other felt the cold steel enter through the side of their necks causing them to choke on their own blood, as their mouths was covered by his hand. But no matter how he did it they all met the same unsuspecting fate, while he moved through the fog like a ghost. By time he finished the hired thugs on the roof the mist had already begun to carry the scent of fresh blood. Lifting the jutsu the mist rapidly faded and NeVann had a clear view of two diesel trailers, that were more than likely used to transport the girls that were being held.

Jump from the roof he landed on one of them placing a tracking device on it, before moving the other and doing the same. But now it was time for the main part of his operation, as he cautiously slipped into the stable. Creeping through he saw a few girls, they were clean and well nourished. These must have been the ones that they had already broke and sold off. As he walked past a few he see how drugged up they were, this only angered the ninja as he went to finish off their captors. Reaching the back of the stable he ran across the poor girls that hadn’t been broken yet, he could tell by the bruises and look of starvation on their faces and body along with their up keep.

His attention was turned to his back, by a blonde teen that looked to be around 19 years old holding a switch blade. At first she didn’t seem as much of a fighter; she seemed to be a staler until the real guns could come. Without warning she charged the shinobi, letting out a war scream. She was faster than NeVann thought as he knife actually got close enough to slit his shirt. That was followed by a spinning back kick that caught the side of his face leaving a slight red coloration on his cheek. Rubbing his face were her foot made connection, he was slightly impressed. She wasn’t super strong or anything just quick but it was the type that was gained through training. And since she didn’t look like your run of the mill goon though her face was covered in piercings like badges of honor. She had to be a telepath which means someone big and bad was on they’re way.

The girl rushed him once more going to slash the ninja, taking a step back and to the right to move to her outside. NeVann grabbed her wrist and twisted with his left hand and then thrusted an open palm from his free right hand, into the back of her elbow. The shattering of bone and a blood chilling scream echoed throughout the building. Like the knife she held her knees instantly hit the ground, before she gripped tightly to her arm while crying. His eyes cold and uncaring as he looked down on her before drawing a kunai and throwing it, it stuck into her throat and soon after blood began gushing cause her to choke. He wanted her to suffer for her deeds as he watched her try to pull the blade out and stop the bleeding before he drowned in her own blood.

Thinking that was it for watch dogs, NeVann started to free the girls from their chains when he was stopped by a shadow that casted over his back. “So this is the reason why there were so few guards”, he said to under his breath, as he spun counter clockwise while clinching his fist and rising up to deliver an uppercut like punch to the person stomach. His fist felt like it just ran into a titanium wall, as there was no give from the opposite side of his fist. Though his hand was throbbing he didn’t show a sign on pain of his face as his head tilted back to look the monstrous man in the eye as he towered over the shinobi. Channeling chakra into his hands and feet, NeVann threw a series of kicks and punches at the steel wall that called itself a man. His effort seemed to be for not as the man didn’t even flinch from a single strike as if the ninja was mosquito.

Back flipping away the ninja charged the behemoth, and leaping in the air he cocked his fist back. Still channeling chakra into it, he thrusted it forward aiming for the temple. As his fist went forward he was caught in mid air, and was being held above the ground by it solely. The pressure he felt that gripped his hand could have easily turned it to dust as he dangled above the floor knowing that the next event was going to be painful. And he wasn’t wrong as he almost blacked out for a second due to pain and that was only from about five or six punches. But when the fist that’s striking you looks to be the size of a Chrysler 300 grill you’d want to black out after a few punches too. NeVann could feel the bones in his torso that were broke as it became harder to breathe on top of the fact that he was coughing up blood. Splatters of blood left his mouth and sprayed over the silent muscle’s clothing.

Knowing that he had to do something quickly, he flicked the wrist of his hand, drawing one last kunai. His eyes could barely stay open as a mixture of blood and saliva ran from mouth and down his chest though it wasn’t noticeable because of the black clothing. Clinching tightly to kunai he focused an amount of wind chakra into it, making the edges even thinner and sharper. Then in a final act to free his self of the punishment that he was going through, he stabbed into the wrist of the monster that was holding onto him. Right in joint between the Ulna and Radius right above the Carpals, and then with a twist he heard a pop and the grip around his fist instantly released. For the first time the behemoth let out an audible sound as NeVann hit the ground. Struggling to make it back to his feet, he gripped the kunai once more before getting ready to attack once more.

His plans were cut short as felt a speeding bus like punch sent him flying through a wall before he was stopped and laid on the ground unconscious for while. Finally coming to He noticed that everything and one was gone. He didn’t know how long he was out for though he knew it was long enough to vacate any proof of them ever being there. Sitting against a wall to prop himself he finally showed any signs of the beating that he just took seeing no one was around to see. His movement was sluggish along with his breathing was shallow, and hard to do as well he pulled out his communication device and opened the encrypted line. “So… I got some…” he let out a few coughs before spitting out some blood to his side. “good news… and bad… news… I found the girl… but they got away… and I’m… in no… condition to follow them…” He coughed a few times more before continuing. “But I… did place a… a tracking de...vice on the tr… ans… port trucks… I’ll follow in a bit… I need to reset for a moment so… I… So I can start breathing… without… the pain of… my ribs… in my... lungs…” That was all the shinobi could say before he blacked out again from the internal injuries his body took as he was slumped on a wall.

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 “Good I want you to go ahead but make good use of those famous ninja skills stay quiet till you get conformation of these women's location and keep radio silent till you do " Huh did I! just say that man this whole leadership thing is really starting to takes it toll I normally would have told him to release a massive wave of Amaterasu on the entire building but I told him to just stake the place out d@mn I think I need to get some blood on my hands but thats probably not going to happen because I am stuck at the god D@MN DESK" The black clad hero smashed his fist into the wooden structure. 
"Ummm okay I need to umm yeah wuuuuuussssssssaaaaaaaaaa wwwuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssaaaaaaaa I am in control of my anger I am in control of myself my anger doesn't have to be hurtful except my anger calm myself ease my anger wuuuuuuussssssssaaaaaaaa." Midnightist walks down the hall way of the nicely built hotel structure used to house his teams operation. He stops himself at a vending machine and pulls out a solid dollar bill from his pocket. He tries to smooth out the ruffled bill and places it in the vending machine pulling out a pepsi as it falls to the bottom of the tray.  
He walks back to his room and goes to the sink of his room and opens the canned drink as some of the fizz runs down the can and his hand. He sips the drink and then walks over to the bed. He sits down on the edge of the mattress and puts his drink on a coster on a near by table and picks up the controller for his PS3 which he has connected to the hotels 32 inch TV. He places in a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and plays under his screen name Ull_B_Salty. After remaking his classes around he goes into a lobby with his favorite gun of the game the tar 21 which he like some many other gun nuts had the pleasure of using in real life. 
He plays for a few minutes yelling at the screen as he become annoyed with the play style of the random group he joined and his low kill to death ratio of 7 to 18 when he is halted from his game by the voice of his ninja assassin Nevann over the coms.   “good news… and bad… news… I found the girl… but they got away… and I’m… in no… condition to follow them…” “But I… did place a… a tracking de...vice on the tr… ans… port trucks… I’ll follow in a bit… I need to reset for a moment so… I… So I can start breathing… without… the pain of… my ribs… in my... lungs…”  
After the ninjas message ends Mid places his hands together and looks upward. "God I know you don't like me and I don't like you but thank you". The blood thirsty hero is ecstatic that his boredom is over and he can engage in some much needed violence. Taking over for Nevann he races to the parking structure and enters his personal black lamborgini gallardo and drives off with the fast moving sports car tracking the signal that Nevann placed on the truck. He speeds past traffic going 210 miles per hour as he tries to catch up to the truck. It took him maybe a total of ten minutes before he caught up with the truck. 
He placed the vehicle on auto pilot and exited the vehicle ready to ghost ride the car and get onto the truck. The car speeds up as it nears the truck and he then leaps from his car onto the truck. His plan seems simple open the truck slowly grab the girls and get them to safety. He makes it to the back of the truck ready to open the doors when the are flung open by a punch that causes Mid to fall back onto his car and then bounce off the roof and hit the asphalt roads. He quickly leaps upward as he is about to crushed by a speeding van but lands on the top of the van and rides it for a few seconds before leaping onto the top of another car. The owner of the massive fist jumps onto the roof of the lambo forcing Midnightist to yell out " YOU B!TCH I"M GONNA KILL YOU FOR BUSTING UP MY CAR"

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Moments Later

Talons blood soaked hand reached out and turned the door handle waiting to see what she had left her team to face. As the door opened she was met with the very last sight that would have entered her mind. Sovereign Sat on a single chair amongst an array of broken glass that use to be the large table, across from him sitting in an ebony white chair that matched his leader was midnighst, he was holding a set of playing cards as was Sovereign, A click of a lighter brought her head to the side where Dark Huntress and Crazy 8 stood over the body of Rufus, “He must have used a heated blade, there’s no blood” Talon heard Huntress say to Crazy who was also looking at the body, “any eights” she twisted her body again to look at Mid “Go fish…” Mike saw her and stood looking around at the rest of the team “Okay we are done here clear out”. Mid swore “you only did that because I was kicking your ass.” The team began to move out and Mike walked over to Talon and passed her the note she had given him earlier. “You may not need help, but we are a team, you needed your closure and I knew you would not take the help if we offered it. The team was well aware of your meeting and played along giving you the chance to do what was needed. I lied and you lied, for once lets just say two rights make a wrong and be happy with that. “ Mike began walking to the door “Come on we all need a drink, even if it is a soft one.” He carefully stepped over the body of the nameless Tank as he walked out and into the shadows of the hall way. The bodies of the two men lay on the ground amongst a sheet of glass, shattered just like all the dreams of the girls they had broken, they left the building in a balze and watched for a few moments as the orange lights danced from window to window.

MR had arranged for the girls to be taken in by a hospice, it would take time but they would slowly be brought back to a normal life, even if they where going to be shadows of their former self’s. It had all been part of the plan, that’s why they had taken the mission. The Trinity knew of Talons past and knew of the brothers and the problems they could cause. Mike needed a mission that would make the team work as one for a goal; he needed them to be like brothers, to want to protect each other. Talon would never have turned to them for help, she needed to deal with it herself and fight her own demons, Mike knew there was a risk, but he also trusted that they could deal with it, Mid never went into the building, he collected the intel and moved out without a sound, a few guards died but Jerome blew up his own building, the girls where safe and now they had the brothers contacts books, enough info to take down most of the corrupt seats in senate. They had struck a bloody blow for justice and at the same time helped a team mate take a step closer to being whole again. He had   to build this team from people who all had some baggage, who doesn’t now days, but he also needed them to rely on each other if they ever had to deal with that baggage head on. He had a family now, it was not like it use to be where he could simply do his job and go home, now he did his job and tried to look his daughter in the eyes. Tell her that taking another’s life is wrong even for the best of reasons and then go out and cover his boots with someone’s blood, but that was his baggage.

Three hours later.

McGlahans was a small Irish bar, the team had removed their gear and now sat in there civilian clothing. The bar was nothing special to look at from the outside, just a green sign with golden writing and a dark door that looked foreboding to most, the inside was bright, some booths with green leather lining one of which Talon had made her home for this evening as she stared out at her team mates, Mid and Crazy stood at the pool table as Crazy tried to explain the finer points of the game , while wearing a god awful Hawaiian t-shirt mike had bought him to replace the non existent clothing he had brought along. Uchiha sat with Sylver the two at opposite sides of the table in silence, the two seemed to be sharing in an almost invisible conversation and Mike sat pulling his old cowboy hat forward at the end of the bar. Oscar the bartender with him, his eyes fixed on Dark huntress who was now tapping the side of the jukebox while trying to pick a song. “been a long time Mike” the last time Mike had been in here was with Andy it had been a good night, Mike moved his head back and looked at Oscar with a smile “Yeah sorry about last time Oscar, “ he took another shot of his whiskey and smiled. “Im not complaining those lads had it coming, It’s good to see you again son. I heard about your friend.” Oscar poured mike another drink and one for himself. “here’s to him eh.” The two men downed the drink and slammed it onto the bar top. Oscar was an old sailor, seen the worst of it and still had the balls to smile. He set his bar up close to the naval base and the last time Mike was here…

Before he could finish the thought the bar door swung open and a small group of sailors entered the bar, instantly noise filled the almost silent bar. They must have gotten a weekend pass and started early. Oscar looked at Mike and Mike smiled “I’ll behave”. They walked up to the bar as the door swung open again and more entered there was now about forty of them. None of his team even battered an eye lid, well that was until. “Hey sweet cakes,” foolish boy Mike thought as the sailor spoke to DH, “you picking a song or what.” Okay he was dumb and then it happened, he slapped her ass. The sailor flew over three tables. His jaw at least was broken. See the problem with Navy boys is you hurt one, well you hurt them all and that goes double for when their drunk. One of the sailors moved to the front and tried to clam the others down and Mike stood and did the same as he looked at his team. “Now lads lets not take this to far and all enjoy the night eh.” Mike said with a small grin. “Who the hell are you pops.” Mike was shocked for a moment “pop’s” wow, did he look that old. “That b!tch owes him an apology.” Really pops… “Im sure she is sorry that he touched her ass, I bet he’s more sorry for doing it.” It was the wrong thing to say. Mike watched as another punch headed towards him and side stepped it, the man fell forward and caught DH right hook. “Sorry Oscar” Mike said as he watched Crazy move towards the battle and jumping in the air shouting “CANNON BALL”. Now they where a team.