Best Card In the Deck:Ace Shot vs Mark1212

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The Ace Assassin had been roaming the Asiatic mountains for the last two days,he was on a journey to find himself and reflects on things.It was perfect so far,for he had no need for water or food,all he did was observe,study and hope to come across the mystical shrine that was rumored to be hidden in the rocks and  the thick bamboo forest that covered most of the cold,rocky ground.Ace Shot persisted on until he came across a stone path that winded through tall bamboo stalks,the road seemed to lead to a steam of sorts for he had heard the faint sound of running water.Following the path Ace reached the end of the road and found the temple he had been looking for,it peaked out of a few hills and it seemed as if no one had been there for ages on in.Nevertheless the Cyborg walked over the Asian tombstones and tall grass that lay in front of the shrine and arrived at the massive front doors,knocking silently until the door creaked open.....

Inside Ace Shot could smell a foul stench and felt a sticky liquid on the stone floors,sticking to his combat boots as he made his way to the large Buddha statue that sat ominously alone in the dark.The quick thinking Ace struck a match and set it to a small torch to the right of the statue,as the torch lit,others followed and Ace could see the horror that awaited. Dead bodies on the floor.The Ghost in the Machine didn't seemed surprised at allit only confirmed what he first thought when stepping into the temple.Ace crouched down and dipped his fingers into the blood that lay on the floor,examining it and realizing it was fresh.No more then a day old.

He could here footsteps of a man outside and quickly dashed into the shadows and scaled the pillars that held the shrine,hiding in the darkness of the roof.Watching from above.He quietly reached for his pistols but realized he had not brought them on this journey and scowled at himself before retreating back into the dark waiting for the man to step in further.

"He must be the killer...."

Ace spoke to himself and waited to strike as his rosary hung from hsi neck.

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   Looking at the stone temple before him Mark smiled. The serene peace in the forest was a bit to much . He would raise it till it burned to the ground before he left. Chaos was one thing Mark was extremly good at. Taking a couple of steps forwards he moved to the front door. The wooden doors were huge . Made of fine wood they appeared to be in good shape . Opening them he opened fire on the people inside. Killing them all. it was a slaughter . Nothing left . After ten minutes of silent gun fire Mark stopped. Observing the inside of the temple he laughed harder then ever.

   "You old buddist bastards, couldn't defend yourselfs , now look your dead." Mark said turning around. Closing the door behind him he dashed into the woods to a big empty hole. Putting the empty weapons he had fired at the inoccent people inside the temple he took out a match. Lighting it up he threw it in.Seeing it start to disinergrate into nothing he took out some gas and poured it in. As the fire increased he took a couple of steps back. Then a small BOOM emerged from the hole and it caved.

   Knowing he had buisness in the temple he walked back and observed the peace as the birds singed. It sickened him beyond compare. When he reached the temple he could see the front two doors open. Knowing he closed it before leaving he ran into the temple. If there were survivors he would have to kill them and that was way to easy. Observing the place around him he laughed . The only things left were dead bodies .

As the blood seeped towards his shoes he watched as some bodies slumped sideways while others just layed were they were. Done with the silence Mark started to scream.