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Evening-approximately 3:30pm

Father Oskar Pfaltzgraf held mass today, it was a record high for this month; fourteen people showed up to mass. Berlin has 3.4 million inhabitants but sixty percent of them are either Atheist or Freethought, only three percent are Catholic. His church's name can be translated into English as "Holy Savior Catholic Church", it is located in the heart of the slums only a few blocks away from his childhood home. As he shook hands with the members as they left he locked the doors behind them and made his way to his study. He was a tall man and plates of thick muscle where hidden under his priest vestments simply resembling a stocky male. His hair was brown but appeared black when he combed it back. Oskar was thick jawed with chiseled facial features as well as large heavy hands and feet. Once a world champion boxer and prize fighter, he was ordained by the Bishop of Germany at the Vatican almost three years ago. He studied there but underwent special treatment to unearth his powers, his bloodline were special holy knights and each generation had at least one with them. His father, his Father's Father and so on were known as Stygian, in lore, the immortal watcher of the Catholic Church and said to be the wrath of God in physical form. This of course wasn't true simply at line of bearers of the name and the powers that protected and brought justice to its people. They each had abilities of the paranormal able to preform feats only ghosts and specters could but it still isn't known if this lineage is blessed by god with these powers or dormant mutants. Oskar's father was said t be the most powerful Stygian ever, able to tap into hidden abilities of the angelic but died soon after Oskar was born.

Oskar sat down in a red velvet chair in the middle of the room, surrounded by bookshelves holding knowledge surpassing a millenia in years. Ancient texts and scriptures of Christianity stacked and filled every row of the shelves, some not even translated out of Hebrew or Latin. The bindings of the books were illuminated buy the dancing flames from the fireplace letting the sounds of pinewood crackle and snap. Sparks fluttered like fireflies upwards the chimney made of rust colored brick. He held the newspaper open reading the local events and smiled with a low grunt of satisfaction, the local high school won the rugby tournement and are going to nationals. He read on but soon discovered a passage entitled "Several men murdered in alley way" He read on "News broke out last night of the several killings of random Neo-Nazi members in the Red Light District. The police have announced early this morning that this viscious attack is not the first. Over twenty men have been stabbed to death within the last three days and is presumed to be the work of a serial killer calling himself Stygian. A curfew has been issued for the area and.....: That was all that Oskar could stand. He launched himself from his chair sending it barreling backwards and finally landing on the hardwood floor. His face wrinkled with anger and his brow arced downwards as he crushed the paper into a ball and tossed it into the flames. He watched it burn into black ash as his brick like fists clenched and trembled with fury but suddenly cooled down and said outloud "Forgive me oh heavenly Father" he prformed a series of hand movements in the shape of a cross on his upper body starting with the head, solar plexus, left shoulder, right shoulder then kissing his fist.

He turned to face the wall behind him, staring directly at a six foot wide painting of "The Last Supper" and made his way towards it without stopping. only a foot away from the wall he suddenly became transluecent and phased through the wall like a ghost before coming back to this world on the other side of it. He had the uncanny ability to transmit his body into the spirit world or some other astral plane, among other things. He was now standing in the place of worship to his left a gigantic wooden crucifix bearing Jesus Christ and to his left two rows of pews with an balcony overlooking them. Atop the balcony was a mammoth organ, Mrs. Krupse played it every Wendsday. Several stained glass windows lined the sides of the building depicting eventful scenes of Christianity. Oskar turned right and made his way down the path lined with red thin carpet between the pews to meet the large wooden double doors. He opened the one on the left but stopped half way and turned around and stared at the cross for a moment before fully going through them and going downstairs to his personal chambers.

Nightfall-approximately 9:30 pm

Above the Holy Savior Catholic Church was a large metal cross painted black and was standing tall on the far side of the retangular building. Dark clouds blanketed the sky but the moon was full and bright and shined through the darkness directly above the cross. Through the darkness and ungulfed in moonlight was a large crimson figure, it fluttered in the wind as it crouched atop the tip of the crucifix. It had no face or body only a jet black shadow made up its body, the crimson mass as a cloak and a hood covered a faceless shadow. It arched its head high letting the moonlight reflect of its face to reveal a white cross with gold accents and a pair of broen pupilled eyes breaking through the horizontal tips. This ghoul was known as Stygian, the alter ego of Father Oskar. Marked as a murderer and vigilante he roamed the streets at night, doing what must be done for the sake of the German people. No one gave him recogition for his acts and was often called a monster or demon, a plague on humanity if you will. He raised himself to his feet still balnacing on the cross before leaping into a freefall towards the grass covered ground, the building casted a shadow over the grass and upon landing he fell into the shadow like a puddle. He disappeared but reappeared about one hundred and fifty feet eastbound launching out of a shadow casted by a apartment building. As he bursted from the shadow , the shade rippled like it was water. The being's crimson cloak fluttered wildly behind and above him revealing a silohouette of a body but in the light defined muscle shown through the abbyssal form like a dark sculpture. He was airbourne about forty to forty five feet in the air and was headed directly at building in front of him before splashing into its shadow. He did this several times before emerging from a shadow casted by a dumpster flat on the ground. He rose like the shade was the sea and without arms he was lifted slowly upwards before planting his left foot on the concrete and walked forward and out of the shadow.

Stygian was in a dark alley with a ten foot gap in between two brick buildings, he needed to get a better view so he bursted forward at one building and jumped. He planted his right foot on the brick and kicked off backwards toward the other building and continued to richochete back and forth making his way upwards until he kicked off and landed atop the building that was apparently a laundry mat. Oskar walked towards the street and like a gargoyle he crouched to gaze upon the city, the police were absent along with everyone else. This was the first time no one has never been out here, this was the Red Light Disrtict, a haven for drug dealers and gangsters but the streets were empty not a single soul. As He perched like an eagle on the rooftop he saw something that intrigued him, someone was out. He had brown hair and didn't dress like a German, Stygian thought to himself "So he isn't a skin head, not a drug dealer or addict; he too clean cut and fit for that, not a cop..well not even German....a foreigner probably an American." "What is he doing here? He walks like he isn't afraid" Stygian used his ESP to read the man's aura "Blue? he is a hero...not around here he isn't." Stygian stood to his feet and clenched his hands again and jumped down to the cement but merged with the shadow of a tree and reappeared atop a resturaunt sign only about twenty feet from his prey. He was in a standing position with his arms crossed, like a blood red specter he stood there and shouted to the man "I hate foreigners...especially Americans...Are you a Yankee? It doesn't matter why you are here....only thing that matters is that you leave. Berlin is my stomping ground, go back to where you came from."
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The district were cast in darkness, a low roar from the L-train echoed through the streets causing the street lights to flicker wildly. he stood tall atop the sign and watched the proud man speak, his cloak lifted in the eastward gust then he dropped his hood letting it fall to his shoulders. His mask connected to his chest piece so it seemed he was a true shadow, only his eyes shown through letting off a eerie piecring stare. The mask bore a pure white cross that covered an area as wide as the face, it started where the chin would be and ended at where the hair line would be. The horizontal piece of the cross ran across his eyes and ended near where the ears would be, gold flake accented and bordered the crucifix. Each tip was spade shaped and made him seem somehow more menacing even though it is a holy symbol. The red cloak hung on his shoulders and draped past his feet and swelled around his feet like a puddle of blood as his expressionless face and head arched back and let out a noble and strong laugh. His voice seemed deep and proud as he spoke

"My massascres....well you sure did your homework. My killings are for reasons that a simple man like yourself can not understand so I will leave it at that. But since you are here to kill me and I have nothing else better to do....how do you say?" Oskar searched for his words, it has been a long time since he spoke English "Ohhh yes I remember now....Bring it on!"

He lowered his face to stare directly at his enemies eyes and underneath his mask he smiled. "Before I kill you, I want to show you a magic trick." Stygian reached into a side pocket on his right thigh and pulled out a deck of tarot cards. In his hands he held seventy eight cards and tossed them into the air, as they fell he grabbed three starting from the left then the right and finally the left. He left the rest fall to the ground slowly but kept the three in between his right hand's fingers. He gazed at the three cards each one was different, one being Death, the second Moon and the third was Strength. Death was a picture of a skeletal horsemen bearing a black flag, Moon was a picture of a combonation of a sun and moon overlooking a valley as well as a dog and a wolf and Strength was a picture of a saint petting a lion. The combonation of these three cards roughly wrote "Overcoming the challenge of Death" but the Moon ment peace. For a moment Stygian glanced at the trio of cards trying to decipher they're meaning then shown his opponent the combonation.

"I wanted to show you you're fate but even it puzzles me. Looks like you and I are going to figure the meaning out by ourselves...aren't we?" He placed the three cards back into the pocket and sunk backwards into the shadows behind him slowly. He reappeared from the shadow of a streetlight about three meters to his enemies left, bursting from the shade with intense speed. At that moment he began to call on the spirits of the dead to aid him in battle, they would travel to this plane from the spirit world. As he launched forward he suddenly had a hunch that something was a bout to happen, his ESP gave him immense intuitive powers. He immediately phased through his opponent almost in-volentarily and then came back to this world immediately after cross his foe's body. He slide on the cement causing sparks to fly under his crimson cloak as it rubbed on the road before rearing up and charging his body with Ectoplasm. His eyes went pupiless and a grey fog began to bellow from his eyes.

"You aren't human are you? I am going to enjoy this." said Oskar in a heavy German accent.

He released two ectoplasmic bolts from his palms, they streaked forward at his foe leaving a trail of grey smoke as they flew. The spirits neared some even arrived to his vicinity and soon the battle was going to get really interesting.

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Psysis didnt even pay attention to the magic trick, only searching through the mind of this mysterious foe, trying to figure out a weakness or strategy that could be used to benefit Psysis and end this battle quickly. His attention was quickly distracted as Stygian approached him and phased through Psysis' body, surprising the mutant as he checked himself to see if he was alright."You aren't human are you? I am going to enjoy this."Psysis quickly turned around and generated two psionic blades, one in each hand as he witnessed the sudden change in the monster's eyes, knowing an attack would quickly follow. Taking a deep breath, Psysis charged at Stygian who already released two bolts of energy from his hands. "Alright, God, i know I haven’t been staying in touch recently but please watch my back here alright? This beast is a mass murderer and he does not have the right to live here." Psysis took a deep breath as the bolts drew closer, waiting for the opportune moment to make his move.

With the swift slash of each blade in the directions of the upcoming attack, Psysis was able to deflect both bolts of energy. He turned his attention to the Stygian then waited for a few seconds as hundreds of small purple sparks started to manifest, jumping across his body, resulting in the creation of Psysis' most dependable ability, his psionic field. He started to walk towards the monster as the blades in Psysis' hands had disappeared as he reached for his backside with both arms pulling out two handguns aiming towards Stygian. "Now Stygian, i'm not a human but that doesn’t mean I dont like using their weapons." Smiling, Psysis started pulling the triggers of both weapons, letting out ear-deafening noise, followed by constant smoke from each chamber as the bullets cleared from the weapons, heading towards Stygian.

"What’s happening outside? First the explosion, now it seems like a battle out there!" "Oh My God! Someone needs to phone the police." "I wonder if all that is from the Stygian?" The thoughts from so many people within the district raced through Psysis' mind, giving him a headache, forcing him to lose his concentration and collapse to the ground. Holding onto his head with one hand, he still kept firing at the Stygian with the other as Psysis tried to focus on blocking out the thoughts. Then a particular thought had hit Psysis' mind with a hammer, one that would warned him that un-wanted company was arriving soon. "Copy that command, eleven units are on their way to investigate the scene, we do believe this is the work of the Stygian along with the warehouse explosion earlier tonight."

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As the ectoplasm left his hands he surrounded his hand in the grey energy, letting off  continous dense clouds rise from his fists. His eyes smoldered like extinguished flames but yet his sight wasn't dulled, he saw his blasts knocked away and barrel into nearby buildings. His enemy created an un-countable amount of lavender sparks surround his body and then spoke

"Now Stygian, i'm not a human but that doesn’t mean I dont like using their weapons." Psysis smiled before drawing two pistols and began to fire. The hammers on the firearms slammed bacik and forth over and over again, unleashing a volley of large calibur bullets. The weapons made sounds similiar to thuderclaps.

As his foe began to fire Stygian darted to the left, several bullets followed him but most met their mark. They tore through his blood red cape and imbedded themselves in his armor as he ran towards the large window of a bakery. His right thigh had two bullets break through his armor before he launched himself through the window. The glass shattered and like rain fell down on the Grey Ghoul's body causing his to sparkle in the streetlights. He leaned up against the conctrete wall and sat down and put pressure on his thigh, blood began to puddle around his leg. The wounds were deep, 50. calibur bullets would of easily severed his leg off at that range if the armor didn't absorb most of the kinetic energy. Luckily his thigh was covered with only stage three body armor, the vitals were covered with stage one kevlar capable of withstanding armor piercing rounds. He squeezed hard on the wounds with his left hand while he dug through a pouch on his waste and finally pulled out a pair of needle nose pillars and a roll of silverlin. He took the pillars and pushed them into the wounds and pulled the rounds out slowly trying not to rip open the flesh even more. I the process of removing the bullets, he showed absolutely no sign of pain, not even a grunt. He dropped the lead after he pulled them out onto the tiles around him, blood squirted upwards before Stygian stuffed the silverlin inside the wounds, being sure to pack them tightly. He placed the pillars back into its pouch and then lifted himself back up to his feet still leaning on the wall.

Suddenly his intuition kicked in a saw a number of squad cars come racing to this area, this wasn't a good time to be wounded. Stygian could still function properly but the puddle of blood would leave the police evidence, jeopardizing his work. Oskar knew what he had to do so he sunk into the shadows before reappearing down the block and crouching behind a garbage can in an alley way awaiting the police to near. As the sirens neared he summoned multiple specters to the scene, they were invisible to other's not versed or blessed in the paranormal but to Stygian they were a emerald green. They gathered in the middle of the street and as the cars passed through them, the spirits tore the bolts that held the front axles to the vehicles. The axles slide under the white sedans, the speed of the vehicles and the absence of wheels in the front caused all of them to grind against the conctrete for a second then flipped simultaniously. Tumbling constantly, totally wrecking the automobiles before landing in scattered positions with their passengers unconcious. They still slide for a few meters but came still about twenty feet from Psysis' position.

Oskar sunk back into the shadows only to rise from a shade casted by one of the upside down police vehicles and began to speak

"Well without any further interruptions....what do you say we kick it up a knotch?"

Stepping out of the gloom darkness fully he walked forward while he created eight perfect illusions of himself, sending them in random directions and in the flurry he phased under the street and into the sewers. As the copies ran amuck from underneath Stygian would rise behind his enemy by phasing through the street again. He sent a volley of punches barreling at his enemy before leaping to the side and having his illusions gather around him and each take a seperate direction. As they ran they would all dart at Psysis but phasing through him to confuse him over and over again. After this charade went on for a while the real Stygian was ontop of a building and holding between his fingers, several ninja stars shaped like maltese crosses. He silently whipped them at his opponent with great percesion, aimed at his back.

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As Psysis regained his focus in the situation, he noticed Stygian's thoughts that some bullets were successful in hitting their target and even fewer drawing blood. He smiled hoping that would be the end of the battle as he heard the sirens of the cars draw closer from many directions then suddenly he felt something against the back of his head. "DROP THE GUNS NOW!!!" Psysis was shocked, cannot believing that he didnt hear or notice the policeman who cleverly approached and caught the mutant off guard, Psysis didnt know German but he understood the process. "I SAID DROP THE GUNS!" The guns fell from Psysis' hands as he reached his arms upwards displaying that he had surrendered. The officer then reached for his handcuffs with one hand but his mistake was taking his eyes of Psysis, allowing the mutant to quickly knock the gun out of the way and tackling the officer to the ground.

"I'm sorry officer, I know you cant understand me but I promise to explain everything when its all over.... I'll just need someone who can speak English alright?"

Psysis looked up he could see several more officers aiming their guns at him as he cuffed the officer. "Ok.... I'm gonna need to explain alot after what i'm about to do...." Quickly, Psysis grabbed the officer and raised him to his feet infront of him. Wrapping one arm firmly around the officer's neck and having a psionic knife generate in the other as he held it to the side of the officer's head, he slowly backed up. Looking around, he could then see several more police cars head from the opposite direction, then suddenly crashing. "Has to be the Stygian's work." The officer's eye grew as he heard Psysis talk to himself, "Stygian?" Psysis nodded his head as he and his prisoner backed up to a nearby car. "Alright, umm.... I'm gonna open up this car and push you in there for now after I take care of your friends ok?" The officer shook his head in confusion. "Right no English..."

Psysis' eyes quickly flashed a deep purple and connected his mind with the many officers who still were aiming their weapons at him. Within a matter of seconds the officers fell to their knees and grabbed their heads screaming in pain as Psysis was distorting each of their equilibriums, causing extreme effects of vertigo, forcing all of them unconscious after a few seconds more. "Sorry guys, the one thing I dont want is trouble with Germany's finest... Now you..." Psysis quickly opened the car door and threw the officer in their and slammed the door shut. "Well without any further interruptions....what do you say we kick it up a knotch?"

Psysis turned his attention to here Stygian's voice originated from, he could see the monster steeping out from the darkness walking towards Psysis then eight seemingly perfect forms of stygian manifested from the original. As they started to move around, Psysis could not put a trace on which one was the actual Stygian. He quickly generated his psionic katanas and prepared for the attack not noticing that the original had phased behind him. The first punch fell upon Psysis like a hammer, forcing him to fall to his knees before turning around and kicking away most of the other punches before getting hit a few more times in the chest and head. Then the original disappeared with his illusions charging at a confused Psysis, forcing him to swing his blades at them before they phased through him. Finally obtaining a trace on Stygian, he turned only to face numerous ninja stars darting towards Psysis’ body. Taking another deep breath, he focussed on the darts and his blades, hoping to stop them. He moved at unbelievable speeds and deflected each of them with his blades except for two which one landed into his right shoulder and the other into his right leg. "Argh!!!!!" More mad than anything else, he threw both the katanas towards Stygian like spears, cutting through the air towards their target.