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"Gross." Dauna shouldered her cape over her mask to proxy the stinging smell of sewage. Jossell's eyes glowed blood orange like ember."We're almost there, Dauna."

Dauna and Jossell navigated a sea of waste towards an island hosting an underground fight club. Not to fight or watch, but to track a woman of knowledge. A broker by the name of E'Lanzi Sionis.

"What's with the animal costumes?" the oarman asked, looking over the pairs streamlined fur outfits.

"Venus Ebony furs we killed and skinned ourselves." Josell's blood orange eyes rested on the oarsmen, hiding his neutral expression behind the scowl of his Ebony mask.

"I see. Trophies. Are the teeth real?" the oarsaman asked.

Dauna hissed and flashed her canine teeth.

The oarsman broke the silence and whistled a triumphant tune in an augmented G key. He took quick breaths to sustain the songs briskness.

"I can barely breath." Dauna scoffed, judging the oarsman invincibility to the tart smell of the sea.

To her relief, The ship pulled ashore to the island and the trio was greeted by island guards."Papers?" the guards asked.

Dauna reached in her sash and proffered two gold coins. The guard examined the two coins authenticity. Dauna glanced at Jossell, while his blood orange gaze remained on the guard.

The enforcer gave the two masked figures a long look over then returned the coins. "You're good to go."

Dauna looked at the crescent moon before stepping past the guard to enter the club with the neon words, Akatillian emblazoned above.

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@premios: (this post and character concept are equally badass!)

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@hand_of_nordok: @premios

"Consider their freedom arranged, then"

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As the words floated from Zedracus to Blackstone, the Magister was pleased, there was no masking it. Chin held high in approval, mouth pulled back into a cool smile, Blackstone met eyes with the Inevitable One, "The Imperium can accomplish much with the Empire", he said, voice as cold as the blood running in his veins. Though as he felt a heavy glare rake him up and down, the Black Baron turned round - and away from Zedracus - to lock gazes with a woman even larger than he. "Powerful build", Blackstone noted, his arms coming to fold behind his back once more, "However", he paused, face held by derision and arrogance, "That 'angry little boy' glare of yours only amuses".

"Perhaps in superior conditions you will learn what it is to harness fear", the Black Baron dismissed, paying no mind as the Grizzlons escorted the warriors out their dreary dungeon and to his starship. "Before we agree on a form of payment, perhaps", Blackstone's smirk grew, "It would be in your interest to have your men scout the jungles of this world. It's become home to terrorists who call themselves victims", he chuckled, his laughter low and silky. "An order of political rebels and religious fanatics. Extremists of the highest order. And whereas I've come to you diplomatically for a formal release of some of your reputable warriors... they intend to incite civil war. They, my good friend, need to be captured and put to death", Blackstone asserted.

"There is a place. A club by the name of Akatillian. There will be information there. Someone will know something about the Veritas rebel group".

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Though as he felt a heavy glare rake him up and down, the Black Baron turned round - and away from Zedracus - to lock gazes with a woman even larger than he. "Powerful build", Blackstone noted, his arms coming to fold behind his back once more, "However", he paused, face held by derision and arrogance, "That 'angry little boy' glare of yours only amuses".

"Enjoy that one," Zedracus chuckled, as his guest addressed the most impressive of the slaves he had selected to "free." "She has the destructive capability of a heavy cruiser, but she is a blade that will only too happily cut both ways."

He silently considered Blackstone's other words as the prisoners were unceremoniously led from their cells by wary guards. He had detected rumblings of rebellious elements mobilizing on the planet below, and he was well aware that anything capable of surviving, much less thriving, in the hostile biome of Eristes Proper was not something that could be dismissed out of hand. What was new, however, was the revelation about where additional intelligence on the matter could be found. The Inevitable One was not terribly pleased that a stranger seemed to possess knowledge of his world that he did not; he was going to need to execute a few spies and informants to suitable motivate the rest, it seemed. "Do not be troubled; the Imperium is quite adept at crushing uprising. I will send an agent to this club, and the information he finds will be put to use."

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The deep bass of the disc jockey's Saturne drum pad boomed through the club. Red laser lights danced and accented the clouds of fog skating coolly across the floor. Throughout the club, currency quietly channeled from the hands and pockets of losers to winners . Contestants rattled the metal barriers separating them from the main attraction with the primal inspiration of blood lust . Center stage a bruised, bloodied and beaten Cerulean man spat up blood as his Earthborne opponent's death grip on his collar held him upright on his knees. The blue alien's eyes were swollen shut and each time he attempted to talk he choked on blood. "Gerrzzuwugh--" the Earthborne fighter cracked his fist across the Cerulean's face and the force behind the haymaker made his body thud to the floor.

"...And we have a CHAMPION!" a pale skinned man concealing his eyes with shades screamed over the mic from high above the blood gauntlet. "The Man of Earth!.....CARTER LIONSDALE" A spotlight beamed down on the Champion of Earth illuminating his bronze skin and cords of conditioned muscles. He taunted the hysterical crowd with a roar and pounds to his chest.

"Ohh look at that." Dauna teased "A Earthborne won." Dissolving her interest in the gauntlet, the Eltedan native slinked through the noise of bodies for the bar.

The judgmental glare emanating Joss' face remained concealed by the scowl of his mask. Dauna had no reason to drink while they worked. The Eltedan Omega shrugged off the thought, chalking it up to the packaged preconditions to hiring a mercenary.

Settling his gaze on the disk jockey on the second floor, Joss traced a path from his position. The stairs were guarded by a bulky, rifle-quipped battle droid. Mecha made bypassing to the second floor a challenge. Joss wasn't the most skilled hacker. That's what he hired Dauna for. He scanned the bar for her and felt a hand grab his arm followed by a familiar voice. "Tack this circuit-tic onto the droid and we can slip by for a quick second without being noticed." It was Dauna. Joss rubbed the domed, smooth surface of the tiny tic with the print of his thumb....

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@hand_of_nordok: @premios:

"Oh I'm rarely troubled", Blackstone answered, his smirk as smug as it was amused, "I have people to do that for me". Whipping his cape back with a cool swing of the arm, the Black Baron strode forward, his crimson gaze inviting the Inevitable One to walk with him. "However, few know the danger these religious radicals pose as I do. And though a part of me would like to trust the Imperium's ability to deal with this matter", Blackstone paused, his body humming low and monotone as the telekinetic hand of the fifth force lifted him into the air, pulling him out the void Zedracus had come from, "That the Veritas have been allowed to linger in this planet's jungles unbothered points to them being more... elusive than the Imperium would care to admit".

"Certainly to a visitor such as myself", he smiled, cape fluttering as he levitated his way to the ground floor. There, the chants and cheers of the arena crowd echoed a mere wall away. "On behalf of the Eteldan Empire, allow me to purge this vermin from Battleworld's jungles. It wouldn't be diplomatic of me to have the Imperium waste it's resources on terrorists the Empire should have put to death. However", Blackstone's smile held, his men storming out the nearest doors to rejoin him, "If the Imperium insists, allow my men to brief and escort your agent as a gesture of goodwill. But I cannot ignore this matter, my friend. Do join me if you must". A subtle inclination of the head, and the Black Baron had left for Akatillian.

Akatillian Nightclub

"Good evening"

Few places embodied Battleworld's seedy underbelly like Akatillian. A nightclub where lights floated in the air, the gullible were seduced by neon in their eyes, and the walls smeared with the bloodstains of it's underground fighting ring. And with the pale glow of the moon behind him, the Black Baron emerged a towering shadow of broad shoulders and black armor. With each step, the fifth force flowed out the gaps in his armor like a rising tide of telekinetic energy, drowning his surroundings with a subtle pressure, a weight that hung heavy in the air - and on Akatillian's guard. It was uncomfortable, the guard felt it, his shoulders slumping forward as though someone were sitting on his upper back. "Good evening", Blackstone smiled, striding past him and lifting the telekinetic pressure off the man's shoulders with a cold laugh.

Though as he stepped inside the club and the typical bass-lines of nightclub music greeted his ears, it was another feeling entirely that caught his attention. The fifth force. He felt it. From someone. Someone strong... skilled in the fifth force's telekinetic powers. A Veritas perhaps? He couldn't know. Brow furrowed, energy crackling at his fingertips, the Black Baron marched forward, his steps growing heavier with each stride until his eyes locked on Jossell. Whereas Blackstone was the Commander of the Knight-Enchanters from Etelda's Gnavaran province, Jossell was an Omega, an elite security official from the Horizon Space Station. Had the Empire deemed the Veritas presence on Battleworld so important to have sent them both? Or was Jossell there for his own purposes?

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@premios: @blackstone:

Raised a speculative eyebrow as Blackstone spoke. Though his words were coated in diplomatic niceties, their intended message was clear: that the Imperium, and more specifically, Zedracus, had somehow been remiss in their domination of this world. This was a game he had once been quite accustomed to playing, for on Delos, diplomacy and debate were both considered to be high arts. His time in the Imperium had not given him much opportunity to keep these skills sharp, as the followers of Nordok tended to negotiate using turbolasers, or even worse weapons.

"Eluding a foe who is not looking for you is no great feat," he responded, wryly. "The planet below has been of little concern to me; it is wilderness punctuated by only the most ramshackle and unimpressive excuses for settlements. If your rebels truly are hiding there, they would have been of no more concern to me than vermin in a sewer."

He flexed his powerful legs beneath him, and, aided by the powerful servos of his deceptively ceremonial-looking armor, almost effortlessly leaped upwards to keep pace with his guest. "I'm afraid my own affairs give me little time for rooting out lowly malcontents," he continued, "but I would be a remiss host and poor ally if I left you to this matter yourself, capable as you no doubt are. I will dispatch one of my finest agents to assist you in your hunt; put her to whatever use you deem best."

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Niselle Jorga
Niselle Jorga

Joss and Dauna slipped past the inactive security droid and moved away as quick as possible before it reactivated. The duo beelined for the somewhat empty bar. Joss Rao scanned the second level floor and realized all the clubgoers on this level were served and catered to at there own booths. No need to wait and wave down a bartender with cash in hand. "I'll take a Sitaya Punch. Double punch." Joss declined a drink with a shake of his head. He was searching for an in on one of the booths. Drugs were the easiest in to a conversation and some street smart intel on how to get an audience with the E'Lanzi Sionis.

"Hey you guys need something?" A girl with blue skin, neon green hair styled with bangs and two buns twirled in her booth seat drinking a frothy pink beverage. Dauna rubbed the fur on thighs as she waited for her drink and warmed up to the music. "What you got?" Joss replied.

"Special X. Ninjan Pop. T....We got anything you need." the blue girl sipped from her pinstripe straw.

"Who is 'we'?" Dauna asked, joining the conversation.

Joss saw the question as an excuse to ask about the information broker, "Do you work for E'Lanzi Sionis?"

"E'Lanzi? No, I don't work for him." she giggled. "and IF I did I wouldn't tell you either way."

"Him? I have something..." Joss was interrupted with a spike in his senses.Someone of the fifth force was nearby. Somewhere in the club or on the island. He had to move fast.

The Eltadan Omega overrode the specifics of the broker's gender and cut to the chase. "I have something for him."

The blue skinned girl shot him a curious glance, "I don't know him personally, but you can try and talk to that woman over there. " she whirled in her chair in the direction of a booth with a motley crew of men and women. "Her name is Niselle Jorga. She owns the club. Good luck trying to get to her though. She doesn't let just anybody hang around her."

Thebartender handed Dauna a cold, fizzy Sitaya Punch and she stride towards the booth. She slipped away from Joss and the blue girl without pulling their attention.

"They're her bodyguards..." Joss scoped out the booth and they were all occupied with something else in particular. Dauna had approached the booth. "....Come with me." Joss ordered to the blue girl.

"My name is Milan Farris" the girl revealed as the walked towards Niselle's booth.

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@hand_of_nordok: @premios:

"Eluding a foe who is not looking for you is no great feat"


"Ensuring a foe never knows to look for you in the first place however, is", Blackstone countered, his deep voice echoing over the repetitive bass-line of Akatillian club music. Senses zeroed in on Jossell, an Eteldan Omegan whose presence outside his own jurisdiction had piqued Blackstone's interest, the Black Baron strode up the spiraling neon staircase, his steps heavy with authority, and the fifth force draped a telekinetic blanket over the black of his foreboding armor. Though as he marched up the stairs intent on confronting Jossell, Blackstone felt yet another wave of fifth force energy, one that rose in the air like an all-consuming tide till the cold rage of his face threatened to break through his helmet. Veritas rebels, his thoughts hissed.

Suddenly, a loud bang and the sound of shattered glass wrapped in one boiled over the nightclub music, and a cocktail of dangerous psycho-active gases hissed into the air, threatening to send all inside into a drug-fueled frenzy. Behind the sound of hissing gas, the shrieking voices of panicked dancers and drunkards filled the air till the ground beneath them rumbled and the building shook from side to side as if by a giant. Arms stretched out from side to side with his palms open, Blackstone's body hummed - and the fifth force poured out his every pore and held the building in place as Veritas rebels sought to turn it to dust. "Those scum", he growled, arms shaking as he struggled to contend with the combined telekinetic might of the unseen rebel group. "Outside... they're outside".

There, beyond Akatillian walls, Veritas rebels stood in formation surrounding the club. Draped in the ragged cloaks of vagabonds, they roared, intent on bringing the building down on both Blackstone and Jossell in a joint assassination attempt on two high-ranking Eteldans. Resisted, the rebel group abandoned their first efforts and instead blasted open the club doors, storming inside with the energy-blades of their Vis swords boiling the air as they eyed - with murderous intent - Blackstone, Jossell, Niselle, Dauna, Milan, and Battleworld's own Zedracus.

And elsewhere, near the arenas, the Veritas had emerged from their jungle lair. They had lost Etelda to the Magisters, but here they would claim Battleworld - or die trying.

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@blackstone: @premios:

The ruler of Eristes turned as the sound of shattering glass momentarily silenced the crowd and the music. His face contorted in a look of profound offense when what was transpiring became clear. These vermin had the audacity to attack him here, on his own planet, surrounded by the most fearsome dealers of death in the known universe.

This would not be allowed to stand. There would be consequences: settlements would be wiped from existence from orbit, and those which remained would see the steel legions of the Abyssal Imperium sweeping them clean of these heathen defilers. First things first, however. Zedracus was not simply a commander; he was also a warrior, and it was clearly necessary to give these attackers a reminder of that.

The energy of a red dwarf star began to build within him, giving his eyes a wrathful glow as his body began to emit a palpable heat. Internally, the process quickly reduced the chemicals the rebels used in their initial assault to carbon, and he did not suffer the effects that the panicked mob around him did. He swept one hallucinating patron aside with a contemptuous sweep of his great blade, tearing the unfortunate reveler asunder. His path to the door through which the enemy combatants burst now clear, he unleashed the gift that Ancient One had bestowed upon him and fired twin beams of concentrated cosmic radiation at the attackers from his balefully glaring eyes.

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Explosions and gunfire erupted on the first floor of the nightclub and Milan Farris tightly gripped Joss' hand,"WHOA." Joss had sight on E'Lanzi and Dauna at the booth and a mesmerizing sight blossomed. Four large iridescent wings unraveled before the broker took a sudden ascent towards the roof. From her vantage point she flapped her newly revealed wings and conjured a powerful gust of wind. The gale force winds cleared a portion of the of smoke from the ambushers bombs. "GET THEM OUT OF HERE!" E'Lanzi commanded to her enforcers. They followed her commands and ushered the clubbers for the emergency doors downstairs. Guns trained on the intruders.

Before Joss could reach Dauna and E'Lanzi, the broker hovered off the ground and torpedo launched herself to the first floor, releasing a gravity crushing dome of air around her. The people in her proximity both innocent and guilty were knocked to the floor. In front of Joss and Milan, Dauna recovered to her feet and cleared the second floor railing and descended to the first floor. The electronic pulse of the music continued to play over the acoustic orchestra of battle. Joss heard the droning hum of energy blades drawn from their hilts down below. Milan ran to get a view peeking over the second floor railing, "The smoke is closing our path out again!" Joss approached the steps. Smoke hung over the steps that E'Lanzi previously cleared leading down to the first floor, "And it's rising."

Milan sprinted for the stairs and tossed a small object at the battle droid protecting the first level. Without paying attention to the droid she typed at a hardlight tablet in her hand. Her finger brushed rapidly at the screen until finally she tapped. Loud whirring sounded from the battle droid as smoke was vacuumed into the droids machinery. Joss narrowed his gaze on the girl behind his Venus Furs mask. There was more to Milan than she revealed. Before he could ask a question she sprinted off for the stairs, "That filter won't work forever."

E'Lanzi Sionis
E'Lanzi Sionis

Joss silently agreed by following behind the droid with Milan downstairs. "It's an RXS-CC. It's not designed to filter air for long periods of time. He's built to fight in short burst and get out of situations. He probably won't make it out regardless if he doesn't get blasted by those Veritas." Milan revealed the intruders were the Veritas rebels.

"I'm staying." Joss declared , setting his gaze on three armored Vertias occupied with Dauna and one of E'Lanzi's enforcers. One had a Vis Sword. Off impulse Joss pushed his fist forward and released a tremor of 5th force energy across the floor. The energy cut through the smoke and pushed the Veritas soldier onto the ground. "Good luck, Milan." Joss said before launching his body into the air charged with 5th force energy. With precision he crashed onto one of the downed Veritas member, straddling him at his waist. Pinning the rebel, he telepathically tossed the Vis Sword across the floor. Cocking back his right shoulder to crack a fist across the man's face, his attack was interrupted by a force. A strong gale of wind sent him and his opponent barreling into the cage of the fighting arena. E'Lanzi seemed to have no discretion to who she attacked. He could feel her rage as she streamlined through the air towards them....

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@jungala said:

@blackstone: Still up for this?

At some point we should definitely pick this back up! But for now, I want to focus more on Grimmwald and the current storyline :)

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Stopping by soon
Stopping by soon

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@hand_of_nordok: @nordok (Get to this whenever you have time! No rush :))

Edge of the Eristesian Star System

No Caption Provided

Radiation. Cosmic dust. And storms of charged particles. All come together to wrap the tail of the Eristesian system in a bubble of ionized wind. It was the farthest the Eristesian star's influence stretched - and where Augusta warped into view. Space-time folded, stretched and spat out Augusta, a great and gleaming superstructure, more gem than space station. It glided, and the low hum of the hyper-spatial bulk from which it came - vanished. Outside, Augusta warded off the cosmic rays and braved the electric sting from the streams of charged particles grazing it's emerald hull. But inside, Leonel - the Prince of Power - walked in the Hypercube. It was abstraction given form, a three-dimensional take on higher dimensional space.

On Earth, the moon, Eristesia and so on, three-dimensional space is denoted by three axes; x, y and z. And all three exist across the fourth dimension, time. And in the Hypercube, just as one can, on a two-dimensional graph for a constant x, rise up and down the value y, there Leonel - in four-dimensional space - for a constant x, y and z, walked up and down t, the fourth dimension. Time, his timeline, was laid bare before him. White cape flowing behind him, his chin high, and his strong eyes searching for an answer, Leonel walked up and down a hallway representing his own personal timeline. Each door led to an event. In his past. In his future. He was always being born. Reality-M was always being destroyed, he was always befriending Trinity, and Nordok was always claiming her mind. Still, he searched, studying his past again and again, hoping to learn something till frustration wrinkled his brow and he growled, exasperated but not yet beaten.

To his right, a door. Opening it with a push, the Hyper-God strode into a room of windows, gateways into alternate timelines, the "What Ifs?" from a difference choice he could have made, did make, in another timeline. Nothing was certain. His timeline diverged, his future became unclear, and the answer - the definitive solution - to saving Trinity from Nordok wasn't any clearer. One solution worked in Timeline A but failed in Timeline B. Would it work in his? He didn't know, and he couldn't know. "Forget it", he dismissed, storming out the Hypercube and Augusta to speed through the Eristesian star system. As fast as he was strong, the Prince of Power glowed as he soared, radiation pouring out his pores in energetic rays that wrapped around him like an aura of cosmic fire. He streaked past planet after planet like a comet possessed, slowing only as Eristesia - Battleworld, in other words - came into view.

Stopping above the planet, the storm of radiation around him washing over it's atmosphere in bright colors, Leonel hovered like a god come to rule above them instead of a man to live among them. Arms folded before his chest, blue eyes cast down on the planet below, he waited. For Nordok. Zedracus. Anyone. If not to confront a threat, then at least to meet eyes with he whose legacy with another still lived on in Battleworld. Leonel wanted answers about Trinity, and he'd stop at nothing to get them.

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Arms folded before his chest, blue eyes cast down on the planet below, he waited. For Nordok. Zedracus. Anyone.

It did not take the Hyper-God long to receive an answer. It did not come from the planet or the moon below, however; it came from the same vast void from which he had emerged. A ship decloaked several hundred meters from the hovering figure. It was similar in design to many other Imperium vessels, but smaller and sleeker, clearly designed more for speed and stealth than for massive firepower.

The vessel simply hung there, its shields down, its weapons disengaged, and its main hatch standing wide open. The gesture was simultaneous one designed to show no threat (and thus, no fear), but also to make a clear invitation: do come in.

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No Caption Provided

Above Eristesia, Leonel's caped figure hovered as he watched the radiation and charged particles he'd brought bathe the planet's atmosphere in a storm of color and light. It was brilliant. As beautiful as it was deadly. 'Hmph, like Trinity I suppose', he thought, his amusement pulling his mouth into a tame smile. A smile that vanished as his senses caught the nearby spike in thermal radiation; an Imperium starship. Eyes peering into the electromagnetic spectrum, the Prince of Power saw the thermal radiation emitted by it's electronics and engine maneuvers, it's shield generators and power core, and the shared body heat of the on-board crew. It was a lot of heat. A vulnerability had by all starships. And in space with no atmosphere - and thus, no convection and conduction - it was a vulnerability that meant life or death.

As he descended towards the ship's main hatch, Leonel kept that in mind. He was a flash of the eyes away from seeing the ship crew roast alive in the melting belly of an Imperium vessel producing more heat than it could lose. So into the ship he glided, his chin high and the cold confidence of a Roman general in his eyes. "So", he stepped forward, his voice calm, thermal radiation pouring out his cells to douse the ship with enough heat to warm metal and tighten and sting the skin - a warning. "Where's Trinity? I won't ask again".

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As the hatch sealed with an audible hiss behind Leonel and filters pumped air into the smallish, sealed hangar, allowing for speech, a solitary figure greeted him. The cosmic vampire had stood waiting in the airless vacuum, not requiring air, standing with feet at shoulder width and hands clasped casually behind his back. Despite the creature's seeming nonchalance and lack of an escort, however, there was an aura of predation about him, as though even at his most serene he was sizing up all that crossed his gaze as potential threats...or prey.

"You seek the Destructor," Vitus answered, his voice sounding not unlike a nest of angry vipers. "Have you not heard of the fate of Infernus? She whom you seek was last confirmed there, and she may yet be there still...or at least her form may be."

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Stepping forward, the weight of his power rocking the ship ever so slightly, the Prince of Power locked eyes with the beast before him - and there was contempt in his gaze. "You must not react well to sunlight", Leonel began, his air domineering and his eyes peering into the creature's pale skin to magnify the cellular structure that lay within. "It doesn't hurt you, not badly. But I don't imagine you like it", he paused, the threat left to linger in the air. "But what you say is interesting, considering Infernus' destruction". There was little more to be said. "You've got an interesting ship, and an interesting biology", Leonel paused, "You should consider working for someone else. Because the end of this conversation means the end of the Imperium".

If Trinity - or at least what had become of her - was in Infernus' cosmic graveyard, he would venture there. Yet if this pale creature had fed him nothing but lies, the Prince of Power would return and destroy Eristesia. But for now, space-time bent around him as he disengaged from it, stepped into higher dimensional space - and out into Infernus to find either Trinity or confront the Ancient One.

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"And how is our boy today?" His cadence was casual, almost pas​sé. Yet his heartless stare powerfully projected, demanded in fact, an immediate response. "He's resting. We had a....long night." The herculean female before him replied. Her sculpted arms and impressive height suggested she was of a warrior class. Warrior mannerisms with warrior tells. She was the Grand Hera. A title affiliated with an alien race of death worshiping conquers.

However here, now, she was the right hand of the Cybersin Superman. The details of their unique partnership was a tale of Shakespearean magnitude. "Aw dear, is that jealousy I spy?" There was a subtle but deliberate spike in idiosyncratic coyness. Smirking while reaching her black nails out to caresses the Bio-digital Bushido's cheek.

Like a ghost passing through the weightlessness of air Yoshi snatched her by the wrist, intercepting her touch before widely grinning at the unspoken assertion of physical dominance. On Earth without his NeoSins, the dethroned CEO would have been a mere man. Fragile. Weak. Instead, on Battlworld the combination of alien tech and his industrious mind had fashioned a belt and wrist bracers. Streamlining retrofired cyberware into a bio-cosmetic supplement for his destroyed NeoSin sheath.

Cocking his head to the side with supreme charismatic confidence, the self-proclaimed Galactic Republican grinned. "I dont do jealously my dear." Releasing his grip to show his back to the submitted gladiator Yoshi stoically continued. "Does he confide in you? Has his memory begun to resurface?"

"No. He seems, despondent. Far away and mentally fatigued."

Folded arms expressed Yoshi's contemplation. Bringing his finger and thumb up around the trimming of his goatee, "Damn. Keep trying. I need him on board. And quick."

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The Lonely God steadily and intently gazed into the mirror, held between two great palms. Two strangers eyes looked back at him.

An odd feeling, painful even.

Looking into eyes, eyes which clearly had seen and done much. Yet still, recollecting nothing.

The Time Keeper knew he was old. He felt the age within his bones. Within his soul. Yet nothing. Memories were a contrary things; if you quit chasing them and turned your back, they often return on their own.

And so, the Wanderer placed down the frame and sighed.

For the first time in his impossibly long existence, the Time Keeper had nothing. No memories of value - simply a inkling here and there and the instincts all sentient beings possessed.

"Yoshi.." The Lonely God murmured, his deep voice pervading the surroundings. He stood, his almighty frame traipsing in the direction of the Grand Hera and stranded Senju. "...You," the Lonely God acknowledged, two deadened eyes peered at the herculean female, omitting to recall her name at this time.

The Time Keeper diverted his attention to the more important of the creatures before him. "What drudgery will you solicit from me today?" A rattle as an axe shaped weapon was firmly planted upon the ground head first, causing a little tremor. The Time Keepers weapon, for the first time in history, was powerless at restoring his misplaced memories. But still - it was perfect for bludgeoning those who sought to harm the Cybersin Superman.

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"Hey hey" Arching his brows with passive sarcasm while parading his arm forward palm up and hand open "The floor" he sighed. Turning to the towering female titan with deadpanned ambiguity "Didnt we house break him? We house broke you right?" Simultaneous sass smoothly transitioned and the Galactic Republican remotely side-eye'd the Lonely and memory arrested God.

There was a sense of shallow regret in each step Yoshi took towards the Time Keeper, swimming his hand atop the summit of an exaggerated shoulder before making eye-contact. "You gotta snap out of it big fella, this aint you. This aint home, for either of us and I'm not calling your plays up there."Giving the God a sportsmen like rap on the temple. "You're so much more then this. The powers you have..my god man we could be out of here like that" suddenly snapping his fingers making sure the Time Keeper had little time to digest what he was saying.

In the Arena
In the Arena

"*%$k'it I'm calling an audible. Okay look you and I are on a planet where half the population wants to smash your face in and the other half wants to watch em do it. I've been here for, oh, I dont know" pantomiming looking at a non-existent watch"forever. And everyday me and She-Hulk over there gotta go put on some death poetry out there in the Arena. You following? The only way home I've seen since I've been here is standing right in front of me but he cant get his axe up - pun intended -."

"Oh relax its not that bad" Hera coddled. "Dont I always get you out of there alive?" she smiled with statistic authentication. But by now Yoshi had retreated to the all red circular sofa, drink in hand rubbing his temple.

"Whats the last thing you do remember? How bout that beastly thing you just assaulted my floor with? Any memory of it or where it came from? I've been here awhile and seen alot...alooot of weapons. Never anything like that though. Thats off World gear right there."

There came an unexpected series of little cries resonating from the next room immediately prompting the obvious motherly instincts of Hera. "I got him. You two go ahead. You're doing great" she mockingly shaded, giving Yoshi a joking wink as she departed with purpose.

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The Time Keeper watched stoically as Hera ambled off to the other room. His eyes then veered around, finally resting upon the red sofa. With Hera's departure, the Lonely God immediately livened up, slowly walking closer to the Cybersin Superman and sitting on the edge of the sofa, and whispered. "Last night," the Time Keeper peered over his shoulder, glancing in Hera's direction before turning back to Yoshi, "Hera bit me," the axe wielding behemoth said with an aura of embarrassment - "I did not expect this. And," raising a palm, the Time Keeper pointed at his gigantic weapon, "the axe levitated at the corner of the room. It felt as though there was an invisible thread connecting it to me, and as though I had tugged upon it."

With a shrug, he brushed it off. "Hera did not notice. I have been unable to replicate the response."

The blonde behemoth moved closer to Yoshi, trying to understand his plight. "Why do you crave to escape this world? From what you have described, your original home does not sound like a pleasant planet." In truth the Time Keeper had visited Earth thousands of times - yet, he remembered not a single occasion. The Lonely God coughed suddenly, staring at Yoshi. "Do not tell Hera what I told you. She is an odd creature," he rubbed his beard, "I fear she will bite me again to try and make it occur once more..."

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"Yeah she does that now. Its a thing I dont know look, the point is this is good news" backhanding the golden goliath's chest with a quick shot. "The o'l spark's still in there somewhere subconsciously." his brief smile quickly faded as if sucked out of the room by an unseen undertow however. And his stress anchored frame sank deeper into the crimson tide of the exaggerated sofa.

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The Cybersin Superman began to come clean with the unbelievable backstory of how the two refugees became stranded in the first place. Of how the two had secretly squared off against one another after the Time Keeper had unexpectedly arrived in the middle of a deadly confrontation between Jean Luc LeBeau of the CVbU; while in possession of the Reality Lavaliere, and the Bio-Digital Diehard himself. And how in the subsequent sea of power shattering savageness the Lavaliere, the Valhallian, and Yoshi had all been dispersed across the galaxy.

"But while I've been here for a couple years putting on some of the greatest death matches of all time, you only just recently appeared out of freakin nowhere. Worse then a damn cat." he smirked. "None of this rings a bell huh?"

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"Not a word."

The Time Keeper admit, interlocking his twelve digits in contemplation. The story itself had indeed been unbelievable. The Reality Lavaliere? If the power of such a weapon had been unleashed, even the Time Keeper and his unique connection to the universe would have been unable to survive its magnitude unscathed. Wait - what was he thinking about?What was a Time Keeper?!

He paused, looking back at Yoshi with newfound vitality. Something somewhere within the back of his mind had clicked. "There is only one way a Time Keeper could have lost their memories." He touched his chest, speaking aloud to himself rather than to the home-sick Senju. "That's what I am... A Time.. Keeper," he creased his brow, "I must have..." the behemoth ran his fingers through his blonde hair, looking at the ceiling, "been exposed to a direct blast of the Reality Lavaliere... Pure, violent...," his thoughts ran dry, once again gazing at the Cybernetic Superman.

"I do not remember who I am. Only what I am." The Lonely God folded his arms. "A Time Keepers death is fixed in time. Predetermined. Until fates choosing, we are, well... I'd venture to argue immortal."

He leant up, raising a finger and pointing at Yoshi with a type of vigor that had been unseen on Battleworld from him. "The Reality Lavaliere must have been leveraged against me in such a way to truly test this theory. Aside from scattering my body, it scattered my mind..."

The Lonely God gave a shrug, leaning back again and exhaling loudly.

"Or at least parts of it..."

He remembered everything. Everything... Apart from anything remotely personal.

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"Yeah yeah, test the stone against you I got it but first...how about you harness some of that mojo and get us, all of us, outta here?" motioning with his hand and finger in a circular critique of the room just in time for Hera and her infant passenger to return. "Here." she aggressively stated. Saddling Yoshi with the rambunctious brat.

"This is Ivo'Ka. My son. And if the powers that be find out, they will come for him. They will raise him to know nothing but pain. Nothing but fear. Building blocks for an ultimate warrior who'll willingly fight and die for their amusement and I cant, I wont, let that happen."

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"If you insist," The Time Keeper turned to Hera and smiled. For the first time, his eyes were no longer confused. "Ivo'Ka shall be kept safe," the Lonely God pat Yoshi on the shoulder, raising his palm as his axe flew into his palm with a whoosh.

"Yoshi owes me once we return to Earth," he nodded to the Bio-Digital Diehard, "that is all I request from you." With a dramatic punch into the air sparks of electricity swirled around, the sky seemingly consuming the trio as they drastically vanished - only to reappear instantaneously within the middle of Times Square.

The old immortal stepped away and looked at Yoshi and the child, down at his axe, and then up again. "Thank you for not giving up on me," he shrugged, "if only for your desire to return to your planet..." pressing a few buttons upon a device upon his wrist, previously disguised as a vambrace he had not known about until his memories had resurfaced, the golden locked alien nodded one last time. "You won't see me again," he paused, "at least, not with this face."

With that cryptic message - The Time Keeper vanished. Where? When? Who knew...

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@musa_bashir: Didn't think you'd want the baggage.

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off-panel he didn't ditch her, my mistake xD

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HA! Its all good. Gives me an idea for some down the road subplots and character development.