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Okay, Flash got me in a Trinity mood so I shall be responding.

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The loosely tied space-faring duo struck the Battleworld atmosphere in a meteoric descent and showed no signs of slowing, even as they sped toward a densely populated city. Trinity showed the same disregard for her surroundings as she always had, neither for the denizens themselves nor for the fear of detection.

If anything, the fact that it was considered an Imperium property marked it for even less caution.

The Destructor and her passenger struck what was to her a familiar territory, in the same place she'd left the D'Aubigny when returning it to Vel'aaru. She left a similar crater, leaving a similar group of bystanders with a similar expression. Just the same, Trinity disregarded them.

Whatever happened to the Illian? After a moment of wondering, she brushed the thought aside. A quick mental scan of any of the recurring residents would yield her answer. For the moment, she turned her attention toward the Earthling. Glaring, though impassive as ever.

"We're here. I don't know how this works because I never fought here. Ask around, they'll probably tell you how to get into the arena. Extra special treatment if you tell them you're an Earth-thing," she said, flashing a wicked, pearl-white grin. "They'll probably give you a free room and hold your stuff just for fighting. Questions? Don't ask me because I don't know. You may follow if you wish, but that is not permission to bother me."

Arms folded, she rose to a hover and floated off in search of the same cantina where she'd last seen Daltar. They were usually best for information.

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Upon touch down the spastic combatant was instantly met by countless new things. Aliens large and small, ones that could step on her and ones she could step on. Creatures of cute design and others abominations, some that looked like an adorable pet in waiting and some that were slimy and appalling. Most terrifying though was something along the lines of a Furby it charged at her arms spread making sounds Ruby found frightening. Terrified her boot was quick to find the things head properly punting it skyward like a foot ball. Her shriek girlish before murderous as her plasma smg a gift from a coworker barked in furious anti Furby intention.

And almost nobody on the planet thought anything of it. She'd just gotten away with murder and apart of Ruby couldn't deny she felt great after it. It was a violent world and all that did was flood Ruby with joy as she lived for the adrenaline rush. Though great and successful at many things Ms Blake was always far more partial to the art of combat. Dire situations no more then levels of a video game to her.

But her ride had something to go after, by the looks of it Ruby wouldn't have to do any work. And that was fantastic. "First off nobody holds my stuff but me. The boss lady is the only one who gets to even tell me what to do with my stuff." Her fancy toy was her toy she refused to share or not have it with her. "Might not have fought here but something tells me your going to. I won't ask any questions but I'm sticking with you. Lead on Madame Trinity."

Ruby twirling her umbrella playfully skipped behind Trinity. She briefly saw a murder in a near by window and simply continued. As joyous as a child at Disney land, she didn't want to rush in however. The best video game quest to her was the main ones she didn't want the padding of side quests.

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More than once Trinity made an abrupt appearance, each time signifying trouble for the lesser denizens of the Imperium's Intergalactic Coliseum. In site of their differences, she and her companion could've been considered kindreds by their habits upon reaching the planet. Others lost themselves in the chaotic milieu, though both girls seemed totally unaffected by the atmosphere that seemed to rile so many of its inhabitants. Ruby, in her carefree joviality; Trinity with a haughty disdain that said "I am above you."

Whether Ruby followed or not she barely seemed to notice, except by her words, spoken with a characteristic disinterest. "Have it your way. But don't cry to me when someone snatches your satchel because you were overloaded."

The doors to the cantina opened in her face without a touch. In an elevated stage at the edge of the room there was band, consisting of beings that could largely be described only as "geometrical." Some played instruments that might appear to an Earthling vaguely familiar; others, instruments that required special appendages or were constructed in other ways that meant no human could ever hope to play. Eyes veered to the entryway to set upon the new occupants. Some stared with idle curiosity, some with anticipation. Others averted their gaze, stepped aside, and waited for their opportunity to slip out when the girls moved past. They had seen The Destructor before, and the type of company she favoured, and were thrilled for neither.

Raising her voice just above the music and rumblings of the crowd, Trinity continued. "You won't get a fight following me. I'm not here to babysit or show you how. And you will want to fight before my time. Because the day I fight here..." Only then did she turn to face Ruby again, and there seemed to rise within her an unexplained anger, a surge of violet sparks shimmering within her sky blue irises.

"...is the day this planet and its moon crumble."

Then she shrugged. "But if you don't want it, that's not my business. I'll get my information." Shifting her attention half toward the crowd, she began sifting through minds, still half-listening for the Earthling.

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Her attention span was somewhat seized by paying attention to the alien band. Rather fond of music in her life that covered multiple mediums to a point it seemed a comedic contrast to her brother. They both had their strengths and weakness but where Luke was a loner with only a career it had seemed in merc work Ruby had a surplus of hobbies and success. Both outlandish and foreign yet also familiar the bubbly figure was momentarily captivated. She likely could go on to do vast studies and investigations. Crafting articles and music that might be revolutionary, but the power of her lust for violence was stronger.

Her attention returned to her semi guide of the distant world. She wasn't here for violent confrontation but so much of her persona promised it. Seamed well within reason conflict would come soon enough be it by Trinity, Ruby herself of an outside force. However Ruby all the while wasn't one for thought out strategies or the chess like nature some favored.

"F tha noise more time ya wait more time they got to prepare for you. You want to make em pay you got to start racking up their repair bill." Her gloved hand rested on the hilt of her blade partly drawing it from the umbrella. "Come on Trin if they wanted earth they'd of moved by now. Only one stopping you is you, nothing is redeemable on this rock but us should just cut loose." The thought of a two woman war against an entire world was treated as passively as a gamer addressing the first level of a new game.

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Again her lip curled into the faint traces of that familiar scowl. She was, in some measure, offended that someone would question her - worse, that they would speak as if to imply they knew better than she. Trinity scoffed, opened her mouth and began to explain her dissent, before reminding herself that she was "above that." Still, her voice raised, she showed a considerable degree more emotion than before.

"You don't know me, and I don't have to explain myself to you. Do as you please, but the Earth is not..."My concern. She trailed off, however, remembering the hint of a promise made to a goddess: "as long as you're under threat from the Imperium, you can count on some degree of protection."

At the same time her mental scan yielded the answer she sought...and more. The Illian was all but brushed from her mind when she found among the patrons, prominently in their minds, thoughts of Leo. And another, but he was likewise relegated to minor importance for the time.

He's been here. Not only had he visited the planet, but he and his combat partner had left quite an impression. Word of Zedracus's decree sat alongside the reverie, and from there sprung Trinity's idea.

Leo's genetic material. He had given it to her in an exchange. She absorbed only a small sample, but a minuscule amount was more than enough for her to instinctively mimic every detail of his genotype and phenotype to absolute perfection.

"Wait here," she said, before turning and shoving her way through the crowd, in search of a restroom or some facility which would allow her to be alone.

Once inside, she found a corner and sealed herself within a 'box' of telekinetic construction. Light itself could not breach. In total darkness, her facial and bodily features shifted; even the material of her clothes changed to mimick those of an Earthling. Her transformation complete in the span of a few seconds, she released herself from the box and calmly stepped outside, ready to face the crowd.

"I heard somebody was looking for me?"

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Ooooh. Now I'm excited.

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@fraga: I'll be comin' for ya...

Loading Video...

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I wanna fight Zauby here.

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@antonia: But not with Leo, not yet.

With Rafael. I'm feeling his character again and I just realized, save for Andres and Olivier, we've never battled. So... let's fight :D

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@fraga: What!? [I was legit on the verge of semi-hunting Leo down, in line with a scheme.]

That's sweet. [Actually I was thinking about those two earlier.] I have been a bit anxious. Pokemon Stadium?

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@antonia: You still should though.

They get me a bit wistful, LOL. Si.

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@fraga: Oh, I am. Nothing can stop this. D'al wil comply.

Well, you should send me a PM because I like those kinds of things. PMs, that is. Not being attacked for no reason. >_>

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@antonia: LOL..

Will do. But ciao for now, bella.

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@fraga: Alright then, later. Bousa bousa! ^_^

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"I'm not saying I know you, but I'd like to." She remarked with the slightest hint of sadness. She couldn't always be bubbly to much anger could get to her. "I'm just saying longer you leave an enemy standing the better prepared they can be." Way she saw it if someone wanted to destroy this planet for it's ties to little green men or whoever was in charge they needed more to act fast then anything else. It was a space bound empire, take time to find rebels and the empire had time to fortify.

Being told to wait Ruby turned to the bartender a blue skinned feminine humanoid. "What are you?" She was met by the answer of Deveyeant. "Cool what's the sweetest thing available?" The nicer teal skinned xenos pointed to a section on the screens overhead. Ruby of course chose the brightest one. Another alien flirty and hideous bout it for her and was rewarded with a hug. When he tried to make an advance a tentacle hit the floor cut clean and the deal was done.

Her glowing rainbow colored drink in hand she sipped it gleefully while waiting. It was about as potent as three energy drinks as one and tasted like a mix of berries and cotton candy. Soon enough someone walked out of where Trinity had gone. The crowd didn't care about that a lady entered a restroom and a dude exited. They saw a idolized champion and reacted loudly. Of course the video screens didn't seem to be replaying the fight as a highlight reel. The imperium didn't apear as pleased as the spectators. Ruby though was just curious to see where it would lead. After all to her this was just a vacation with combat and tech finding benefits. She had no need to rush or plan she was fine with simply tagging along on TriLeo's journey.

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My productivity for the night went out the window. On all levels.

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@no_one_: @schlampe:

"What do you mean, 'he's here?'"

A glowing crimson gaze all but skewered the very soul of the unlucky subordinate who had been selected to bring messages to the Inevitable One, this day. The unfortunate one knelt, his gaze fixed firmly on the floor, as he held up a holoprojector displaying what appeared to be Leo in one of the many disreputable cantinas to be found on the planet below. "There is...no explanation, Your Greatness..." he stammered, "AI security sensors detected both combatants leaving the system, but gave no indication that either had returned, until this image was transmitted by an informant."

Zedracus was silent, drumming his meaty fingers on the armrest of his throne, as he pondered this new development. His servant remained silent and still, and would do so until given further orders or dismissed. The Betrayer of Delos' strategic mind weighed two possibilities: that one of the combatants for whom he had bounty hunters scouring multiple galaxies had somehow evaded all notice in returning to Eristes, or that this was some manner of deception. Either was equally plausible; the full limits of the mysterious interstellar gladiator had by no means been established, and the Inevitable One had his share of enemies, both personal and relating to his status within the Abyssal Imperium.

"Send a full squadron of Grizzlon heavy assault soldiers to...invite the stranger to meet with me," he finally commanded. "If this one is truly the same one that so damaged the moon, he should have no difficulties with them. If not, he will no longer be a concern."

Within moments, the Lord of Battleworld's orders were obeyed, and a drop ship carried the demanded squadron of the shaggy ogres, clad in heavy armor and armed with enough weaponry to level reinforced bunker, stomped towards the bar where Trinity and Ruby were located. Zedracus' glib remark about an "invitation" was solely for his own amusement; one did not send Grizzlon troops for a task of such subtlety. Without any warning, the lead Grizzlon leveled his rocket launcher and sent an inferno anti-armor rocket streaking towards the establishment.

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@schlampe: @no_one_: @inevitable_one:

Triumphant laughter hanging in the air, toothy grins meeting his gaze, the Modern Man, arms resting at his side, an expression of self-certainty, of swaggering cool held by his features, waited. He waited for the bounty hunters to prod forward and attack. He was unbothered. In his mind, there was no danger where he was, no peril posed by those who saw only the galactic credits that hung above his head. The rooftop was desolate, and the sky dark to embrace the hour of night. Silent, he watched, eyes of deep blue resting on the firearms wielded by his doomed foes. And for a moment, albeit brief, the corners of his mouth, twitched, teasing a smirk that never truly came.

"Wipe that cocky little smirk of your face, boy! I've faced thousands of punks like you", the apparent leader of the group growled, his voice gruff and resolute, his frame large and hulking, as if his genetics had embarked on a mission to compile as much muscle as possible and succeeded. His flesh was thick, and adorned by metallic carapaces with trace amounts of thulium in them. He was Zaban. A member of the Blood Moons, a mercenary group feared for their unyielding tenacity. "You can count me as the last one", Leonel remarked, a tone of defiance in his smooth, low voice, hanging alongside its timbre of cool confidence. The bounty hunters had had enough, their patience had dwindled and their guns overheated in a release of kinetic bombardment.

No Caption Provided

Fast and with the kinetic energy to drill through mountains, the projectiles, small and compressed, were flattened and subdued by the Modern Man's unmoving chest. Grins faded, and the New God stepped forward, eyes of blue adopting a shade of luminous red. And in a superheated flash that left the air sizzling hot and its particles surging, excited with energy, his foes were no more. Only a mass of ionized, organic goo remained. A hot primordial soup comprised of what one may encounter in the heart of a neutron star. He left. And his attention was set on entering the nearest martial tournament being advertised. Until a rumor, peculiar and worthy of his attention, wrestled his focus from what had become his routine when traveling the cosmos. A rumor that claimed he was on Battleworld.

In a galaxy where FTL communication and quantum entanglement-technology was the norm, rumors spread with a quickness best described as inconceivable. And as quickly as the rumor spread, Leonel departed, leaving behind a planet best left forgotten and again finding himself swallowed into the cold blackness of space, an aura of high-intensity photons propelling him forward until he disappeared, self-generated magnetic fields carrying him into higher dimensional space where the light-speed barrier did not exist. He accelerated and accelerated, beyond what was possible in the ordinary physical universe, until he emerged, in the skies of Battleworld.

Was it a ploy to lure him back? It was possible. Or it could simply be someone who could offer him an entertaining challenge. He smirked at the possibility and landed, within a second of the armored ogres opening fire on his apparent counterpart and 'his' ally. Clad in black, and intrigued by his reflection, he waited, waited to see what would transpire, before as expected, engaging 'him' in battle.

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@schlampe: @inevitable_one: @azure_son:

(If the hold ups my fault sorry. Spent some time with peeps then got distracted by FullMetal Alchemist)

The crowd had a mixed reaction to their destructive champion few bothering to question the how or why he showed up. This celebration and plausible pending hostility action however abruptly came to a close as a ship made it's presence known, a series of aggressors deployed in a military formation. They were obviously a squadron, eight in number though rather then a traditional dozen. Given the size of the large ape like beings their squad numbers were slightly less to fit within the aircraft. On a planet like this the only warning was in the landing. Weapons raised and began to fire relinquishing a rocket salvo upon the bar.

Bringing the umbrella to a mid hight and popping it open the first rocket collided with the umbrella and had it's volatile package directed away from Ruby. It's explosion ravaging some near by but inflicting no harm to the bubbly combatant. Darting for the door ignoring the chaos starting to take place Ruby found it was to packed to escape on foot. Bodies were mushed together in a unforgiving push for the exit. And so the coral and auburn nobody turned to glass. A rocket came for the door and a rainbow of blood was crafted. Gore of all colors thrown about as bodies were dismembered. It glittered though in a slightly pretty unnatural way by means of the shower of glass from Ruby.

Who appeared amongst four of the Grizzlons out of thin air. She didn't know how her companion was faring with the abrupt bombardment but concluded it safe to assume she'd take care of the other half of troops. The flossed umbrella hit one of the apes under the chin popping open as it connected. A motion that shot the creature skyward, it came with a quick draw of the hidden blade which spilt the near by right side creature's guts. A swift duck had a rocket passing over Ruby's head it's impact inconsequential while in the mean time Ruby transformed in a flash of pink light. Her image changed to a girl of orange hair and pink and white attire. The umbrella now a daunting hammer.

Her swing saw fit to knock one Grizzlon into the air born other the forceful impact enough to make the two pop like water balloons. It gave time though for a rifle but to hit Ruby in the back of her head. She was floored but that just made the swing easier. As with hand at the hammer base the swing easily reached the towering creatures head with a skull crushing, can flattening like blow to the head. With a quick bounce Ruby was back to her feet a twirl of the hammer changing it into a grenade launcher.

Two pops resounded as high sped grenades shot for the aircraft at a high velocity beyond conventional weaponry. Shields down from the landing procedure the high powered explosive pierced the hull. Landing craft having gone off fractions of a second later in a thunderous roar. When she looked up though she found there to be to Leonel's. Not sure who was who or if she could trust either who or of she'd be fighting either who she went for the simple response. Waving her hand with fingers forging the peace sign, while keeping one finger on the trigger of her other hand that held the grenade launcher upon her left shoulder.

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Positively Coming by here when i'm at least 70% done with my bio.

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Xiandra appreciated efficiency. This quality was (in many ways literally) beaten into her by her Sauroid trainers; the reptilian beings had developed methods of conserving energy that were equal parts art and science. Therefore, it was simply logical to combine mission objectives for the vicious huntress.

So it was that she stood in a clearing in the savage wilderness of the planet Eristes. Her primary purpose in traveling to this inhospitable planet was gathering intel on one Zedracus the Inevitable, ruler of the planet and Supreme Commander of the Abyssal Imperium, who had recently earned the ire of her mistress, General Ziah Darksong. She had dutifully interrogated both the native population and a number of the itinerant spacers that frequented what passed for settlements on this planet for several weeks, and now it was time to attend to matter of personal significance.

The call had gone out. It was time for the Great Hunt. From across the cosmos, the challenge of such a hunt would serve as an irresistible beacon, drawing like-minded beings to her in a competition of sorts that would test the skills of all participants to their utmost. Pride was all that was at stake here; well, pride and the very real risk of losing one’s life to the dangerous quarry that had yet to be selected.

Sitting sedately in her Spartan camp, the Ephemeran watched the skies and waited…

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The Liafador legacy hovered above earth, a grin plastered on his handsome features from the thought of what he was about to do. Gone was the gasps of awe and amazement that came with viewing the planet in its entirety from the depths of space.

As frequently as he ventured out of the blue planet, evetually the excitement faded from merely staying within the boundries of the solar system. Now, he propelled himself further into space, leaving the solar system in the tics of zeptoseconds.

"Wait, did I close the laptop...shit, too late now. My only worry is tassi wandering in my room, but she shouldn't." The throughts crosssed his mind as Pulsar, what he decided as his "space alias", accelerated through a massive blue star, towards a planet he deemed inhabited by a simple scan of radiation propelled through his eye.

What he gathered on his brief stay there, was that there existed something known as battle world, on the opposite end of the galaxy. Now he wore a blue and white suit of armor, an opulent piece he wore as a mere fashion piece than protection. It took no more than a second to reach the arena world, for to someone like Leonard, where the laws of the universe seldom applied, reaching a speed necessary to traverse the diameter of the milky way in a second was a small feat.

He landed, the same enthusiastic smirk still fresh on his face. He would participate in these gladitorial battles, if only for fun and entertainment.

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Anyone can reply to that if they want, if not I'll continue

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Just as a general notification, Zedracus is now this account. Inevitable_One got hopelessly screwed up in the merger; I could probably try to hammer something out with support, but I really can't be bothered.

I suppose I could also request a lock on this thread and just resubmit it under the new account to avoid confusion, but I really can't be bothered with that, either.

I just really can't be bothered in general, today.

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I like this place!

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A small mark below her breast told of a time she was shot, and a scar on her knee told of when she was stabbed. Her back had been whipped and her elbow ravaged in times past. A branding mark was below her belly button and on her good right hand was a scar in the middle and a missing index finger. Her wrists had shown to have been cut and throat almost slit. She'd been stabbed in the shoulders and shot in the thigh. Her leg had been burned and eye nearly cut out. Her cybernetics were nearly done being replaced by the medicinal engineers, having already replaced her bionic lung, left ear and right eye. Her cobalt eyes looked at the mirror showing her Lioness tattoo as her right leg, left arm and foot had been reattached with a mechanized hiss.

Her life had been a history of violence over saturated in conditioning to the point where who she was had been unbecoming of who she had been. "Your cyborg ass should retire I've seen sentient fecal matter that looked better then you." The alien staff member remarked amused at himself, his alien tongue translated for the blond through software woven into her cybernetic components.

"You know if it wasn't for the mirror and fact you look like a spider made love to a zombified rat I might take offense." Victoria countered bringing up a hologram to look over her status. "You know I thought it'd be worse to be honest I say I'm doing good for a organic meat bag." With a fist bump, anything else being akward to the other given difference in apearence the cybernetic vixen moved to the bar to catch up on local news. Battleworld had become apart of her list of posts for the Imperium, do to some activity from people far more noteworthy then before. It was still a back water world of irrelevance even if her jurisdiction wasn't as lose as it was it would be here. Rather then warmonger however she socialized, collecting resources and Intel.

As she entered a pup that smelled of slime residue and was clouded by ilegal substances smoke residue her eyes landed on a monitor. News of new gods and a bounty upon them. She'd lost limbs to a god like creature in the past street level armor not a contender for such a tier. Things had changed a lot sense then however, and it wasn't like she was up to much at the moment.

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Admiral Darkstar strode imperiously into the cybermedical facility, security and medical personnel alike quickly stepping aside as they recognized him by his unmistakable appearance. Only slightly outranked by Supreme Commander Zedracus and with an expectation of being obey to match, he stopped briefly to inquire about the location of a specific patient, and then brusquely waved off an offer of escort to her location.

The hydraulics of the door to the room in which the engineers had just finished working on Lioness hissed as the admiral entered the room. He stopped just past the door frame, planting his hands on his hips and surveying the entirety of the room dispassionately before addressing Victoria.

"You are a hunter?"

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The Eminence Superluminal tranversed the whole cosmos at velocities that defied both laws of physics and logic. Countless planets and undiscovered superclusters went by in warp haze as the nGod neared his destination at seemingly ever increasing furor. He navigated himself through the vertigo of the endless vacuum in correspondence to the coordinates provided in the announcement until finally it appeared on the rhetorical horizon: Battleworld.


Maintaining a subluminal pace he adjusted his trajectory into the war planetoid's orbit and circled around it in search for something reminiscent of a public forum. A futile intent when an entire civilization is ruled by one tyrant. In the end he brazenly set down in the center of the main colosseum. His audible and ground marring arrival unsettling the sands soiled in alien blood into a cloud around him.

No Caption Provided

"ZEDRACUS!", suddenly emanated from the midst of the cloud, projected by the nGod's inhuman vocals at deafening volume. Out of the cloud he perambulated out of the veil of sand and surveyed the seats with arms raised to insolent intent. "BRING. ME. ZEDRACUS! BRING ME YOUR GREAT SIRE OF MANBEASTS IN ALL HIS GLORY!", the Hyper-Hercules mocked.

Samson lowered his hands to his side again and almost exhaled steam from his nose.

"Tell him his precious nGod awaits."

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@great_samson: @admiral_darkstar:

"I'm a hunter on everyday that ends with a why, but never one tomorrow." Victoria remarked downing a glass of a azure milky fluid. Her tone playful and nonchalant turning though she was quick to rise to her feet performing a rigid military stance. "A pleasure to meet you admiral. "Victoria Lionfang I doubt I've graced your radar, I'm just a human." It wasn't until Imperium aid that Victoria had gear worthy of contending with an astral sort.

Then it came in a world of technology with a list for blood the video screens were quick to flare with the news of an arival. A predator's grin touched the blonde's lips at the sight. "Not much of a hunt but it's to convenient to pass up wouldn't you say?" Raising a small machine from the bar counter the lioness punched in the coordinates of the arena. Teleporter transport was an expensive means of travel, with the amount of credits the techno soldier made however it was a small cut to her earnings. "Care to join me?" Her cybernetic hand reaching out to the admiral if he desired, so that he to might journey to the field of battle.

Her suit expanded to be more encompassing of her figure as Victoria completed the commands to the machine. A flicker of light and pop in the air and the Lioness was there in the arena. Less theatric she wasn't a God and cared not for theatrical approaches. The God stood over a foot taller then her, a build that looked like even if it were human would crush Victoria by comparison. "Leave it to a god to think he can make demands of another. Humble is the divine the fans will say, but those who doubt will see the pretentiousness everyday." Her cybernetic eye looked him over to try and judge her chances and best way to approach things to come.

"But given the mocking tone and grandeur I assume there's no talking this capture out so, I'm Lioness and I humbly ask we cut the bull shit."

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@lioness_: (This character is basically Superman with some energy manip. powers BTW I need to finish the bio.)

"You've got narcissism and arrogace confused with anger.", he replied. Samson's generic set of optical reception already worked away at seeing through her suit's visor. His acute hearing determined her organs to be in the same place as that of a human, albeit with a slight technological hum to them. Thus he thought she was human, not based off those facts but because her words weren't mediated by an interlac translator.

"I would've asked you why stand with a galactic tyrant instead of Earth. But I know some people cannot be persuaded with words.", added the nGod before suddenly gathering the nigh-subzero winds within his lungs and blowing towards the woman. With her relative proximity the freeze breath would arrive swiftly to freeze her still from the neck down.

The Action Ace began to slowly power walk towards the elevated throne that was behind her. "This 'capture' is over.",

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The hint of a smile tugged at the corners of Darkstar's mouth, though there was no trace of warmth in the expression. "On the contrary, my dear. I have heard of you, and while you may not yet have amassed the reputation of some of your colleagues, I believe that you have exactly the skill set I am looking for."

His eyes were drawn to the same display as Victoria, taking in the arrival of the brash newcomer with what was momentarily annoyance, but quickly gave way to recognition of the opportunity this presented. "No, I don't think I will," he responded to Victoria's offer, turning back to face her. "I can observe what follows from here, sufficiently well. It may answer a number of the questions I would have had for you."

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"You could at least try. Went from a mutant hating soldier to a hero apart of Children of the Damned to here." Unholstering what looked similar to a pistol the barrel directed upward as a beam of energy snapped into position. With a heat equivalent to the sun the slashing motion sparred Victoria of the freezing embrace. Though it wasn't without a collection of frost coating her figure. The vibranium mesh sparred her a lot of the potential harm its design not one to protect so much against cold.

Given the nature of her opponent and the readings her cybernetics told her it wasn't necessarily a fight that was in her favor. She also didn't have the time to analize the prey properly. Victoria however was raised on having odds agInst her. Darting forward Victoria moved to plant her blade of solar temperatures energy into the spine of the self titled God. Despite the blade being of an intense heat however her speed was only human. A strategic action intended to imply a less capable capacity to gods and their usual speedster capability.

(No worries on the bio front, I'm just sorry I couldn't give a stronger post. Never want to force it out but of course I want to give quality)

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@lioness_: (I'll have to postpone this for a while. Sorry >.<)

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Debts must be repaid.

No Caption Provided

Yet another battlefield of Eriste's own moon was covered in blood, earthly crows picking at extra-terrestrial bodies, as the Midnight Reaper continued adding to her army. Her freakishly huge Black Adamantine halberd, moving with such supernatural speed that it may as well have been a rapier. The force of her impacts imparted upon the ground causing the ground to quake, and the air to ripple and run, walls of shock hitting each and every soul so unfortunate enough to be close. Particle beams and plasma washed away harmlessly as thermal energy was absorbed into her axe, and particles harmlessly redistributed about. She was no god, but to what she has encounter.

Metal casters.

The bullets did not halt her advanced at, sparking as she she deflected them with the immense momentum her god slayer blade "Gremir" generated. Her blade smacked the gun as the man dodged her first slash and attempted to parry the next, but her strength was overbearing, and the weapon left his hand, as he too was cut down. The men grouped up a bit, and started firing at her when she rushed for her, and as she got nearer, they didn't panic oddly enough. Not like everyone else. They coordinated, and as one was cut down, 3 rounds hit her squarely in the back, overpentrating her body and coming out the other side og her abdomen.

No Caption Provided

"So you are this "Clan Maverick", who so with the aid of your heroes, had managed so to repel my father and his allies. You fight well, for a mortal men!" She says, with glee as she glides along the battlefield with unnatural grace, grouping them all in front of her so as to better intercept fast moving projectiles. "You're name, it resonates among the cosmos. Timesiphons and Talmut murmur "Maverick" beneath their breathes. Some even said you helped send the Warsman away, never to be seen again once he invaded your world. After my father burned your city to the ground, he watched, and the stories seem true of the prowess you possess. Warriors often silent to conserve energy. I understand, you will not speak to me, but you're blood will. And you will join the corpses of those you have slain here today."

With a single stroke, she throws a slash into the air and the air obey's the commands of the axe blade, and follow suits, a wave of sharp air sent forth at speeds of mach 96, the hypersonic gust of air cutting through stone slab and and would alike with ease. Her eyes grew wide.

Not possible....

One of them was in the air before the attack was launched, and it ripped through every it touched behind him, including those comrades who so though cover would protect him, and yet this only served to drive this lone Maverick further. Upon landing , he aimed at her and fired a new projectile, one that followed her with fire from it's back, that burned air in it's wake. She took her axe, and smacked it. To her surprise, it erupted in front of her, exploding catastrophically.

She laid bloodied in a shallow crater, skin and flesh burnt and boiled, wincing as the man who landed the shot walked forward, a small "metal cast" aimed towards her head. All before a bullet entered his own body. and brought him down to the ground. Proclamations of "friendly fire, friendly fire!" Echoed through the air, as the men seemingly turned on one another. In actuality, all those slain by the axe's blade would return with a soul from within said blade transferred into a newly regenerated body.

Esmeralda's own blood aided, her, and she rose up from the hole, clutching her own axe in dismay, before the former Maverick, now a mere herald of her own making, comes to her, helping her to her feat as she and her clothes regenerate. The ambush happened too fast, too coordinated and from an angle the Maverick's themselves would never suspect. Who best to defeat them, then their own. She smiled at the one who had so managed the shot, laying bloodied on the ground with gaping hole in his chest and arm blown off by bullets of his own company.

"Truly an interesting set you are. A worthy addition. I will grant you, a warrior's death."

Her hand clutches the axe, and wounds disappear, as her strength returns, and as if the grim reaper, she holds her blade above her head. He looks at her, with such content and anger, but she understands. It turned soon to complacency as he faded, thoughts undoubtedly swirling in his mind of the life he had lived. Esmeralda knew, from the look she saw in his eyes.

The woman brings it down squarely in front of her, where the lone Maverick lie.

If I am to bring Zedracus a god, I will most certainly need knowledge. An an army wouldn't hurt too.

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@jungala@inevitable_one: At your cadence. Respond whenever, really doesn't matter when. I just wanted to get it on.

Somewhere, deep within the far reaches of space, a woman howled muted screams.

At once made to feel the power of a goddess in her own body, she accepted her place among Amarth's false gods and joined in his assault on New York. Mistake number one. In so doing, she ran afoul of the Siren of Sinister Science herself, Trinity Blue. She fought well. Far better than any of her companions who stared down the blue-eyed Destructor. Mistake number two.

Without her gifted power, wrapped in a telekinetic shield, she hurtled through the soundless void uncontrollably on a linear path. Unable to stop herself, unimpeded by any other physical object for the force with which she was thrown from that spot in the Earth's atmosphere. Wishing but doubtful her prophet had even noticed her absence or what happened to her, she wailed, calling for help while all the universe remained unaware.

All the universe, except one.

The blasphemer soared over the airspace of the planet Eristes, just outside its atmosphere. There, arms folded over her chest, the Child of the Cosmos waited. As if playing a casual game of cosmic catch with herself. Unfurling her arms, she outstretched her left arm, palm out, and as her captive passed she slammed right into Trinity's palm. She took no harm from the act save for a measure of disorientation and a "rocked" feeling; the barrier absorbed most of the inertia and was displaced with the same half-thought that brought it into existence.

Trinity descended into the atmosphere, placing the woman in a telepathy-induced coma before once again rewriting her Divus mutation to selectively restore her "goddess" powers. Any scans would show her body drenched in the tell-tale radiation from cell to cell. She'd learned of the decree but had no idea how the process was supposed to work, so Trinity remained in the air and projected her voice as wide as there was a medium to carry sound.

"Your master has asked for one of these 'gods' in return for a reward. I have one. I want my planet."

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@jungala: Thanks! That one just means the hard part's [probably] over.

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Well...this was a surprise, though perhaps it should not be. The fallen Destructor has amassed a considerable history of rash actions in the course of her comparatively short existence. Her power was matched only by her impulsiveness, a fact that went a log way towards explaining why the program that had produced her had ultimately been scrapped.

Zedracus was aware of the tense silence that permeated his command center. His subordinates and slaves were impeccably conditioned; they would neither act nor even speak until he gave the order, but the fear that permeated their minds was palpable, even to one without any manner of psionic ability.


With imperiously deliberate movements, the Inevitable One rose to his feet, his armor locking into place about his powerful frame. Briefly, he toyed with the idea of approaching his guest at the head of a column of Adamatine legionaries in a display of force, but he ultimately rejected the idea. Far better to project his own supreme confidence, though, from what his sources had learned of the Destructor, symbolism was likely to be little more than a waste of both their time. He did sling his antimatter blade across his back; there was, after all, a difference between confidence and abject stupidity.

No orders were spoken. None were needed. His atmospheric transport was ready when he reached the hangar, and within moments he was speeding towards Trinity's location at speeds just short of open defiance of the laws of physics. The craft landed about a dozen meters from where she hovered, and as the hatch lowered, the Hand of Nordok descended alone and faced her, hands on his hips as he regarded her prisoner.

"Seeking to buy your way back into the Ancient One's good graces, Malicia?"

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@trinity-blue: @hand_of_nordok:

5 Minutes Before

Where are you...

Darkevius stood at the summit of the tallest structure in Divine Aether, his cold blue eyes staring into the endless abyss of space made visible by his celestial ring. His brows were creased, a frustrated grimace marring his otherwise handsome features as he scoured the cosmos for the woman whom had murderously vexed him in his last crusade.

He knew not of her name, nor her origin or powers. He knew only that she was blonde with supermodel good looks, and possessing strength enough to overcome a god. A few years ago, he might've made a play. However, her blatant interference, her outright slaughter of his people made her a threat that could not be tolerated. A special place in Hell had been prepared for her the moment she denied his people mercy.

For what seemed like an hour, he perused the reaches of space for this girl, knowing that she had left Earth thanks to his technology (and more than ready to pursue), until finally, he found her. And with her, he discovered the fate of an nGod who's funeral he'd already attended. Both were on a world he'd never visited before. Till now, of course.

So, she ran, he thought, an eerie smirk creeping onto his lips, belying the fury brimming in his chest. She ran from me to some distant planet and took a captive with her. It seems I'm more fearsome than I originally believed.

The air before him began to shimmer as a golden, circular abyss came into existence, revolving like a ripple in a lake - a portal. His smirk vanished as quickly as it had come, nostrils flaring as he stared into the dimensional tear brought about by his quantum sorcery. In another moment, he'd flown through it, the portal flaking away into nothingness behind him.


Half a mile beyond the atmospheric craft, the alien, the girl, and the nGod captive, golden rays of divine light emitted from the shimmering portal that had appeared in the skies above, a daunting figure emerging from the now receding light. A scarlet gleam ran across Amarth's eyes as his gaze fixed upon the trio below him, eyes flashing as he sighted none other than the girl.

He took a brief moment to examine his unusual surroundings, drinking in the sight of an atmospheric transport with mild interest, before returning his attention to the three. He made no attempt to descend to their level. Looking down upon them after emerging from a heavenly gate granted him some form of satisfaction. Where she hovered, he would hovered higher.

"So this is where you've chosen to flee," he mocked, his intonation low. "Verily I say unto you...

...there isn't a place in this universe where you can escape me. Not for long.
...there isn't a place in this universe where you can escape me. Not for long."

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Hovering in atmosphere, Trinity got no small satisfaction from the fear she felt permeating the air. Her reputation should precede her despite her youth, and those who were smart, she figured, would always react that way on seeing or hearing her. Unfortunately, there weren't enough smart people in the world.

Especially among Nordok's lieutenants. Her face balled up and she prepared to spit back a retort...until she realised she didn't have one. She wasn't sure how to respond, and to make matters worse he'd used her "slave name." Her fists clenched even tighter and she started to bare her teeth. Without a clever comeback to establish her dominance in a given moment Trinity was always ready to resort to her usual m.o. No one could dominate her in combat. Not anymore...

Her body rose slightly and she prepared to throw her arms out before her, to charge—halting in place upon sensing the impending arrival not one second before he materialised.



In her periphery he was only slightly familiar, but it didn't take long for her to place him thanks to the unique hairstyle. Trinity turned only slightly to address him. "Shut up. If I wanted, I could vanish and you'd never find me." As she spoke her features shifted, first taking form of her captive, shifting between severalotherindividuals before returning to the natural form which the Imperium bestowed upon her at creation. "You and your little microwave meal deities don't scare me. I'd've killed this one just like the others. But they"—nodding to Zedracus—"were dumb enough to believe the story of the false gods to put out a reward. I'm just here to collect."

Then she returned her attention to the servant of Nordok. "Unless you want thisBattleworld to end up like the last one."

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@trinity-blue: @dreadpool10:

Within his armor, the Inevitable One's muscles tensed, readying him for action as his taunt appeared to be having precisely the effect he had hoped for on the genetically-engineered godslayer. However, whether Trinity would have responded with verbal or physical violence would have to remain in the realm of speculation, as her response was superseded by the arrival of yet another uninvited guest. Zedracus' eyes narrowed as he took stock of the newcomer and gauged the interaction between him and the Destructor.

"I was hoping I would not need to keep a fleet in orbit around this moon," he finally intoned, his voice heavy with mock resignation,"but these constant interruptions are simply inexcusable; I simply can't get seem to get anything done, these days. As to your threat," he continued, now resuming his usual venomous tone, "I think you would find that this Battleworld is far more prepared for you than the previous one was. In fact, I'd been debating presenting you with the shattered remnants of your own handiwork as your reward; that would be perversely fitting, don't you think?"

He turned to Darkevius, though he continued to address Trinity. "However, I had asked for a single nGod, and here you bring me not one, but two, one of them evidently being their potentate, at that. As I very much doubt that he's going to wait patiently while we negotiate like civilized beings, I shall allow you two to resolve your differences. We shall discuss what your appropriate compensation will be once you've settled your little quarrel."

As he finished speaking to the two of them, he surreptitiously activated his armor's internal communicator, growling into it under his breath. "I want every AI turret within range trained on this location, and get a full blockade fleet into orbit, immediately. Nothing leaves this planet until I say otherwise!"

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Whatever. It'll have suffice the way it is.

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@trinity-blue: Your post will suffice just fine. Your bravado, on the other hand...

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@hand_of_nordok: @trinity-blue:

Such arrogance.

For a while, the Quantum Battlemage didn't spoke, merely listened, his demented smirk widening at the woman's words. He raised a curious brow as her form shifted between a number of persons he didn't know, but otherwise, he maintained an eerie silence, an almost maddened gleam passing over his azure eyes.

His chest rose and fell as the armored alien spoke, an indication of stifled laughter. An odd sort of chuckle finally escaped him as the alien insisted that they resolve their little quarrel here and now. The first smart move the alien had made since placing a bounty on the heads of New Gods, if their conversation was to be taken into consideration (Dark prided himself in possessing keen hearing).

"Hear that?" Darkevius said, addressing the girl. "Your acquaintance has been so kind as to--"

What her "acquaintance" had been so kind as to do, none would know. He didn't spare a moment to even finish his own sentence, nor did he care enough to allow the armored alien to steer clear of the battlefield. He tore through otherworldly air at a velocity just short of light itself, his almost instantaneous descent pivoted directly behind the woman who so irritatingly clung to the belief that the nGods were but shams. False Gods. Manufactured messiahs.

The molecules of his hands vibrated to the appropriate frequency of intangibility, and with a crazed sneer etched into his features, he sought to plunge his phased hands into the girl's spine. His attempt? To materiokinetically interact with the molecules compromising her physiological existence, as to utterly rip her molecules apart.

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@hand_of_nordok: @dreadpool10:

However quietly he spoke, unless his armour were fitted with some really quality soundproofing (which was entirely possible) Trinity would've heard him; but despite the boasts of Nordok's Hand she wasn't worried about Battleworld's offensive or defensive capabilities. Their turrets, fleets...Bugs. None of them could stop her from leaving or doing with this planet as she had with its predecessor. For as long as she'd dealt with them, her understanding of the Imperium was only rudimentary; but she noticed one never-changing constant throughout all encounters. Power was concentrated at the top. Not that fake, "symbolic" power like the Earthlings have. Within the Imperium, the strongest, most capable beings took rightful spots at the top of the power pyramid. Of all present, she wagered Zedracus himself stood the greatest chance of forcefully effecting anything upon herself, and even that was...negligible. Whatever the entire collective of Imperium intelligence could gather on her, how could they prepare for an enemy that constantly evolved?

"Whatever," she muttered, absent any wit to retort with, and turned to the king of the false gods. I'm the one who found you in the first place, dummy. Zedracus and his fleets would wait for now. He did promise after all.

She'd hardly given Dark her full attention when he moved. The distance wasn't far and even if it had been he was fast enough to cross it faster than most beings on the planet likely could've possibly seen.

Shortly after denouncing her former self and taking her new name and identity, Trinity began training with the one true goddess. They'd had a lot in common once upon a time, and though the goddess had become weak she still had within her some of the same keys to her former glory. She'd taught Trinity to better control herself when moving at heightened speeds herself; to perceive and make sense of what was there. Entering this state of mind, time slowed. A mental shift, wherein the entire universe moved in slow motion.

His advantage was the initiative. Hers, that small sliver of distance. Minuscule, sure, but more than enough. Dark shifted laterally around her body and Trinity pivoted in the air, tapping into the power to fully raise her perceptive speed in time with his own. She was well-trained and broke even but it was just that; here it was too slow. At those speeds the smallest fractions made mountains of difference and he'd started first. She faced him just in time for his hand to breach her near-impenetrable chest.

She grunted at the painful tightness in her chest but made a point not to show the extent of her distress. Inside she felt a welling up of the ichorous fluid that passed for her blood. With the internal disruption her body sought to purge the foreign element in the quickest way possible. But that wasn't what Trinity wanted. She felt his manipulation, a divine effort to undo the Ancient One's programming and destroy her completely, down to the most rudimentary elements. Her body fought with all its resources to adapt and Trinity had an unshakeable faith that the Cosmos would favour her no matter what; but she had no intention of enduring just to prove it. However, a fighting contradiction in that moment, she also had no intention of separating from him just yet. His hand lodged into her chest, Dark attempting to dismantle the Siren molecule by molecule, she looked into his eyes...

And what happened next was likewise an action so fast - and so discreet - that most on the entire planet would've have no idea what happened in either success or failure. There was no discernible change beforehand. Her demeanour never shifted. Not even a tell-tale highlight or charge to inadvertently betray her intent. From her eyes a pair of powerful lasers erupted like an exploding star. They travelled the armslength between them at precisely lightspeed. There would be no warning—no telling until they hit. Any alternative seemed impossible, short of a miracle. Each packed enough kinetic force to punch clean through a planet, and with a thermal output roughly twice that of the Earth's sun. A brilliant—and incredibly brief—flash of red would be the most anyone would see.

Anyone but Dark. For Trinity had been looking into his eyes. She wanted to lobotomise him. To end the fight before it began, firing through his eyes, through his brain, through the back of his skull. Setting all the fluid in and around his head to an instant boil. And the best part? He'd have no idea what happened as he blinked into oblivion.

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@trinity-blue: @dreadpool10:


Such speed. Such power. Such fury! This was exactly what he had been seeking. Beings like that could conquer or even destroy entire civilizations using a fraction of the time and resources that even the most advanced conventional military forces could. Zedracus even questioned his only ability to stand against such beings, though his antimatter blade had not failed him yet. For now, he trusted in his armor to protect him from any incidental damage as he watched the two ultramodern titans exchange blows.

"Plasma and turbolaser cannons are locking on as we speak, my lord, and the fleet is redploying itself as you commanded. However, we are also receiving reports of-"

"Just deal with whatever it is, microbe. This matter is going to be occupying my full attention for the immediate future."

Clasping his metal-clad hands behind him, as though he were contemplating an art display, the Inevitable One tuned out the tittering of his subordinates and focused his practiced gaze on the unfolding battle before him.

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@hand_of_nordok: @trinity-blue:

He felt a rush of pride as his destabilizing fist penetrated the impenetrable. He didn't contain a grin as his fist warmed with ichor of his enemy, his eyes wide with sadism befitting of a god who adhered only to his own concept of morality. He bit back a cold laugh at his impending victory, at her present doom. He'd attained victory over a yet another threat to his people, with a single quantum blow no less. No longer would she be a thorn in his eyes, a butcher of innocents. The Quantum King had won, just as he knew he mus-

And then it happened. A flare of red, so fleeting it might've been a speedster. So brilliant it might've been a ray of sun. He wouldn't know; with his brain cooked by rays twice as hot as the Earth's sun, thought was no longer a possibility.

Where his eyes had once been, only steaming, sunken pits remained. Everything within his head boiled, not that he could feel it. He neither gasped nor trembled; he didn't move at all. His deadened gaze still locked with Trinity's, he blinked... and his body went limp, collapsing where it was like a rag doll. Only his hand kept his body from falling to the dirt below, which was still awkwardly lodged in the Trinity's chest (though the manipulations had ceased).

With her immensely powerful and surgically precise lasers, the Destructor had offed the Divus Emissary who for months had terrorized the populous of the earth in pursuit of his misguided ambitions. Darkevius Halliwell was dead, defeated at the hands of one he'd underestimated like no other, his grave galaxies away from where anyone would care.

(Anticlimactic, I know, xD. There was no way he was surviving that though, his body anyway).