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The Internal Conflict in Henosha

For over two decades, Henosha has been under the iron fist rule of its dictator, Nam Drakhart. As soon as he took office, the man established communism and took harsh stance against those who would not submit to his laws or any pro-democracy movement. This caused civilians to form rebellions and engaged a war against the dictator and his party, a war that has lasted for over twenty years.

The war on its own is bad enough to make the country one of the most dangerous places on earth. However, Throughout the civil war, Drakhart's army have launched nuclear bombs at the rebels and due to nuclear radiation, the Henoshan jungles are infested with colossal mutant creatures, making the country a far more dangerous place.

Recently, The United States Army Special Warfare Command has agreed to interfere in the conflict in Henosha and the military branch has sent several of its troops to aid the rebels. Special Warfare Command Sergeant Joseph O'Connor received orders from his general to take part in the war and accepted. He was soon deployed to Henosha and arrived at the US military base where the Special Warfare Command was operating from. He received orders to help a certain group of freedom fighters in a local village to rescue a large number of innocent civilians and people of their own that were being kept as prisoners in a Henoshan war camp. O'Connor was then transported to the village.

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O'Connor saw the conditions that these tribespeople were living in. There were very few armed men, not enough to battle against an army of invading Henoshan troopers. He saw the faces of the women and children and all he saw in their eyes was fear. As O'Connor spoke to the rebels about the rescue mission, he looked everywhere to see if there was anybody watching behind the nearby trees spying on them, or if the Henoshan military was going to launch an attack at any moment.

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It was a one thing that he never expect was being in a country that could any moment could kill person in second.This was the exact thought that came to Pyrrhus's mind when he saw this village ."Oh man , I hope I don'tbitten by any wild snakes or anything sliming"He said while shivering from the thought.Walking into the village that seemed to be like a eastern version of a town from a old western town from a western film.

No Caption Provided

He walked down towards what it looked like a place to rest or get a drink but before he need to check that he had everything.Checking his red leather long coat that he thought was a signature look like Han Solo's black vest.Stopping in his tracks to make sure that he had everything that he need .He open up the left side and then the right of his jacket one at a time.

He saw that his anti-proton guns was there and of course his stash of Health Warrior Peanut butter and chocolate Chia in a pocket that he will eat soon , and finally all of his usually gadgets were on him like the gravity boots and the shield bracelet.Sweet I'm so ready fro almost anything he thought happily because there was time that the he said the words I'm ready for anything and then got attack a by a swarm of intergalactic girl scouts .

"Well okay I guess have everything that I need for now." He talked to himself like a insane person but he highly doubt that people understood what he was saying in the first place but you never know in places like these.Knowing that the BlueHawk was going to be a problem landing it so he safely park it in a open space but had the vast defense system on like chameleon metal plates that blend around the environment and of course the taser defense that was installed for a place like this.The taser defense was little blocks of metal that shoot at a person that didn't have the correct sentence that would shut it down.

Then he figure out this wasn't like a western town at all after a closer look .These people need help from the looks of it and he would try his best to give and that means , he has to give away his food.This idea that he just had made him a little bit sad but it was for a worthy cause .He took three bars out of his coat pockets to give the kids here.Slowly lowering himself to get to the same height as the kids and open up the wrapper and gave a couple of the kids pieces of the candy until the three bars were gone."Well that should do it."Saying with a smile on his face and put his hands and his hips.

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The boat ride alone took over a week to reach the shore, and it was time for Jack to reflect. He was never one to follow the news stories but the ones involving Drakhart were hard to miss. It was the story of misguided power mixed in with a David verse Goliath theme. Drakhart of course was the large evil Dictator willing to crush any that oppose him. The rebels alas were the smaller weaker force. He had already launched nuclear weapons against them in his own backyard, so it was only a matter of time until he launched them against the United States of America. Jack of course was patriotic and willing to lay his life down for a just cause, and the lives of several million people was about as high as a calling could get. So after a long conversation with Dr. Suars, the brains of the duo, they agreed that “The Gripper” was going to Herosah. After a large withdrawal from his private account the good doctor equipped Jack with enough money to charter a boat and supply him with all he needed. He was also sure to provide him a well needed geiger counter and a handful of pills both specifically created to hold back and detect radiation poisoning. Suars had no problem writing the check provided Jack brought back DNA samples of the regions wild life for further study.

Now landing ashore, the French captain of the chartered boat, Bernard, and Jack went over their final orders. In a stereo typical accent Bernard informed him to follow the nearest road two miles north, leading him to a small village of rebel fighters, where for the right price, he could find a guide to take him to Drakhart's palace. In the mean time, he would stay one mile off shore awaiting a flare signal as a sign to pick Jack back up. That is of course if he survived.

As the boat pulled anchor and drifted off to sea, Jack decided to play it safe. He could easily extend two of his mechanical arms outward and cross the two miles in minutes. But now was not the time to tip his best hand. Instead he decided to foot it and use the time to read his English to Asian translation book. The trail was long and winding and seemed to go on forever, surrounded by a thick dense jungle on every side. One step off the road and you would immediately be lost forever. The scariest part was not the darkness in said jungle, but the unnatural sounds that resonated from them. Luckily Jack was not one to let his fears guide him, but he did know the stories of the supposed giant creatures that lurked out there and decided to keep himself ready for anything.

Finally after what was easily the two miles he reached a wide, but empty opening, with no signs of life whatsoever. Added to that, all the previous sounds were now silent. Jack had walked into a trap. From everywhere Asian rebel fighters leaped from the darkness, armed with imported guns from around the world. The soldiers began barking orders in their national language while making threating gestures with their guns. All done to assert their power with pride and confidence. Immediately Jack dropped his translation book to his feet and raised his two human arms up to convey his complete surrender. Then just to make sure he got his point across, in a peaceful non threating tone he repeated over and over “Me Friend!” It was then a high ranking officer in the rebel force stepped forward and waved the other soldiers to lower their weapons. In an off set American accent he said to Jack “So, you are American. Not soldier, just a John Wayne individual down here for no reason!” He then turned back to his men and made a comment in there language, inciting a laugh riot among them. “You very stupid American to come here, perhaps we should kill you to set an example.

Despite the obvious threat to his life, Jack kept his cool and decided to turn the tables on the situation. To the surprise of the soldiers Jack joined them in a deep laugh initially planned to throw them off guard. Then with lighting speed, Jack called forth one of his mechanical arms from his back that reached out and coiled around the lead soldier like a steel Anaconda. Now with the full attention of the rebel forces, Jack asserted his own dominance by lifting the mechanical arm upwards holding the officer helpless in the air. “I'm not here to fight, I am a friend.” He then continued to show he was there to help them by repeating the name Drakhart over and over while spitting upon the ground and showing signs of disgust. For now Jack had the upper hand, but he had to wonder for how long. Then from nowhere Jack heard from behind him a bonified American male voice saying “You got guts fellow, and a few moves to back it up, but here we work together.” Jack turned around to see an American soldier standing there with his side arm drawn and aimed at him. “Your not with our unit so for now you're considered a hostile, but since you didn't kill Major Hideo with your impressive arm there, we're going to cut you some slack. It's obvious that you're either a mutant or meta-human, and we need all the help we can get, so this is what we are going to do. We're going to take you to Sergeant O'Connor and see what he says. If he approves of you, you can work with us, after all this is his mission. But if he doesn't (He cocks his gun) We kill you.

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Within an enormous over sized silk bed, Dictator Nam Drakhart rolled around with several voluptuous young maidens. They were there to do nothing but serve him, to obey his every command and desire. For Drakhart was a powerful man that fulfilled his every need. If he was hungry he ate. If he was thirsty he drank. If he wanted a woman he took one. Little did the women know that they would be executed soon afterward in silence, but for now he and them merged together as one. Suddenly from outside his chamber door a loud persistent knocking echoed, followed with a nervous but anxious beckoning from one of his soldiers. In their natural language he informed his superior “Sir, I have urgent news from one of our spies. The rebels are building a strike force against us as we speak. What's more is that the Americans are allying themselves with them for a whole new offensive.

Nam leaped from his bed wrapping his sheet around him as he darted towards the door. The women stayed behind in his bed grinding their bodies as they awaited his return. At the door he practically ripped it off it's hinges as he opened it in a rush, eager to speak to his soldier. Again in their language the Dictator shouted “Why was I not informed of this earlier!” then proceeded to slap the subordinate hard across the face. “If the Americans are now involved that could prove to be a problem.” He then grabbed the soldier tightly by the collar, gaining his full attention and commanded “Inform our spy at the rebels camp that we will immediately begin a strike against them.” Then a sadistic smile crossed his face as he released the soldier and began pacing up and down the hall, “better yet, tell him nothing. After all he is a spy and spies can never be trusted, so tell him nothing and let him die along with the other ungrateful rebels.

Drakhart ran back into his chambers where he immediately began dressing himself in his royal attire. It was a technologically advanced suit created to enhance all his physical abilities beyond that of any human being alive. He spent a fortune to have it created and even more to have it armed. If his own men knew the full extent of what the outfit was capable of, they would fear him even more than they did now.

In a rush, the Dictator charged from his bedroom heading straight to the war room located deep beneath his heavily fortified mansion. All though the mansion itself was originally designed to be a comfortable palace of luxury, it was in fact a military fort build to withstand the hazardous tests of times. In a huff, Nam traveled down the elevator leading deeper and deeper underground, all the while barking orders. “I want four of our top pilots ready and waiting to take off at my command.” Finally the elevator doors opened revealing a war room straight out of Star Wars filled with computers, screens and armed men. It was the nerve center of the palace and perhaps the most lethal place to strike from. Now In front of all his generals, Nam stood as a sign of strength and superiority, taking immediate control. His eyes began moving across the screens in front of him, screens that allowed him full view of every square inch of the dense jungle surrounding his palace. After one minute of silence he looked back to his men and said only “Tell the four pilots to launch,NOW! I want then to fly over the rebels camp and I want them to level it. Let them and the Americans consider it my welcome gift.” He then began laughing out loud, inciting his men to laugh along with him. At the highest level of comfort among his men, he finished off with “Oh and have the women in my bed shot, and bring me more.” The laughing continues.

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@shadowswordmaster: @gripper:

O'Connor observed the village as he was planning a rescue mission with the rebels with the help of a translator. He then noticed an American man nearby who seemed to have been assembling his equipment. O'Connor saw that he had in his possession what appeared to be anti-proton guns and other impressive gadgets. It was obvious to O'Connor that this man was not one of Drakhart's minions since Drakhart was considered an enemy to the American government, so it greatly pleased him to see him with such artillery. "It looks like we're not alone here." he thought in his mind.

After that, O'Connor saw Major Robert Griggs, one of his men, along with a group of freedom fighters led by major Hideo coming in with a man held at gun point by one of the freedom fighters. "What's going on, Griggs?" O'Connor asked. "This might sound pretty unusual," Griggs responded, "But I caught this guy using one of his mechanical arms from his back that reached out and coiled around Major Hideo here like a snake. He also tried to convince the rebels that he wasn't there enemy." O'Connor then walked over towards the man who had the mechanical arms and was about to question him when suddenly a huge explosion was heard from the other side of the village. The villagers began to flee and O'Connor, along with Major Griggs and the freedom fighters, rushed over to where the explosion was heard and behold...

No Caption Provided

The Henoshan military was now launching an attack on the village, like O'Connor had expected to happen since the beginning. "TAKE THESE PEOPLE TO A SAFE PLACE, ALL YOU!!!" O'Connor gave a rapid and desperate order to his comrades as the four helicopters launched missiles throughout the village and the villagers were scattered. Griggs and the freedom fighters led the villagers out of the village while O'Connor stayed, not knowing about the roundabouts of the metahuman with the mechanical arms or the American with the anti-proton guns. The war veteran has always been capable of assessing situations and come up with quick solutions, but in this case, he did not know whether if this command was a smart decision or not, but something had to be done instantly!

The bombing was severe and O'Connor had to rush over to a giant rock that was nearby, where he loaded his M4 Carbine riffle, attached with a M203 grenade launcher capable of inflicting much damage. He waited for one of the choppers to fly nearby and once he saw one fly close by, O'Connor opened fire on the chopper and destroyed it. The other three Helicopters flew towards where he met the metahuman and where he saw the heavily armed individual, assuming that they had what it took to fight and destroy these helicopters, if they were still around.

O'Connor knew from the very start that Drakhart was not going to hesitate in causing havoc once finding out that the US military was in Henoshan territory and intent to drive the US soldiers and any other fighting force in the world who would interfere in the war out of the country with what he called the greatest force in the world, that is, the Henoshan Army.

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"Holy SMOKES!!" I yelled as the barrage came down on the village after the wave of shells hit , I quickly hit my bracelet to activated my force field. I hope that the force field would protect me long enough to get to some cover.The bombs and missiles were hitting the ground and harming people which I did not like at all. I ran across and with my alien enhancements I was able to move fast enough to dodge an missile .

I was able to save a kid from a missile by carrying him to safety but at a cost of another one that was on the other side of the village.I took the kid and myself to a nearby rock that should protect him while I get down to business taking care of these helicopters. I used my Alpha-12 to try and track a helicopter down hoping to shoot one down at least.

Then I saw the perfect a helicopter fly right above me and I took the shoot.I pulled up both of mine anti proton pistols and fired burst of dark red energy right under the helicopter .I should be able to hit the copter by using my near perfect marksmen ability with this pistols and my Alpha-12 to zoom in on it to get a better shot too.

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With a gun to his head, Jack was escorted through the camp. Behind him stood the Major Robert Griggs following every protocol for and on unknown individuals. But still, for some reason he felt in his gut that Jack was indeed a trustworthy fellow. One that would prove vital to there very mission. With every step through the camp the rebels intentionally taunted him trying to prove their superiority, as the American soldiers stood silent with watchful eyes secretly judging him. Finally Jack reached the commanders tent located deep within the camp under a camouflaged netting. Inside he met a strong man oozing confidence and authority. Although wearing a lower ranking uniform the individual inside was clearly the man in charge. Identified as Sergeant Joseph O'Connor, he moved from behind his desk only to walk over towards Jack, ready to question him on every aspect of why and how he was there.

Suddenly a huge explosion was heard from the other side of the village, as four attack choppers flew in low in an organized military fashion. In one strike they open fired with every thing they had, determined to wipe out any and all who stood in their way. But just as fast as the helicopters flew in, the ground forces responded in kind. The rebels alone aimed their rifles upwards firing at what ever they could hit, while the Americans fought back with bigger weapons specifically designed for ground to air combat. Oddly enough there was one strange individual standing his ground, firing off a weapon clearly not issued for men in this region, doing the most damage. Without hesitation the Sgt. took charge and began barking orders. His first and primary concern was for the safety of the people and with that in mind he yelled to the able “TAKE THESE PEOPLE TO A SAFE PLACE, ALL YOU!!!" to insure the women and children's well being.

Now in the midst of an all out War, Jack didn't have time to think. It was now time to act. By now two of the choppers had been shot down, leaving only two as a threat. Once again, they moved in position for a final assault ready to launch everything they had, in one last strike. Jack stood his ground along side of the rebels and Americans determined to dish out some pay back. The women and children where now safely out of the way as it all rested on the men. Jack flexed his muscles as he cracked the joints in his neck. Then, with a mental command one and only one mechanical arm protruded from his upper right back and extended over his shoulder. Like a cobra waiting to strike, Jack was able to look through the arm as if it was his own eye, and locked it's gaze upon the closest helicopter. Then just as it was about to fire on him, Jack launched a single blast of energy from the arm hitting the chopper blasting it to bits. As it fell from the sky in pieces, the remaining chopper turned around and flew away fast heading due north at top speed.

As it flew away the ground forces began cheering out loud over their victory. Several rebels continued firing their weapons as they hooped and hollered. To many it was a day of celebration, but not for all. From behind a tent Major Griggs, came out with blood pouring from a side wound. Despite the pain he held his composure as he regretfully reported to O'Connor with a snap salute “I regret to inform you we lost half our men in the attack. What's worse is that of those remaining over thirty percent are in dire need of medical attention. I hate to say it but we do not have the remaining numbers to complete our mission to stop Nam, and by the time reinforcements arrive it may be too late. I fear our mission is a failure.Overwhelmed from the pain he then fell to the ground, only to be escorted away by medical technicians, while all around him saluted. Jack waited silently while O'Connor had a moment with his men. Although never serving in any militarily before, Jack did have the highest respect for them, and after what they just went through he was darn sure going to help them. After recoiling inwards the one mechanical arm, he approacher the Sgt. with respect. “I know you don't know me and you have your hands full, but I'd like to help. I too am here to stop the Dictator before any more lives are lost, so if you'll take me I'm in.” Jack then reached out his right hand for a shake and hopefully a new partnership. “I'm also willing to obey orders. ….So am I in?”

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@shadowswordmaster: @gripper:

The battle was over. The threat was gone and most of the villagers were unharmed and some were wounded. There was a boy that survived a missile drop, but he was in really bad shape and needed medical attention. O'Connor searched for his men and found Major Griggs with blood pouring from a side wound and informed him about the men they had lost. "Iregret to inform you we lost half our men in the attack." Griggs spoke as he tried to hide the pain that he felt due to the severe wound, "What's worse is that of those remaining over thirty percent are in dire need of medical attention. I hate to say it but we do not have the remaining numbers to complete our mission to stop Nam, and by the time reinforcements arrive it may be too late. I fear our mission is a failure.The wounded soldier then fell to the ground Overwhelmed from the pain and O'Connor placed his hand over his shoulder and said, "Its not a failure! We still have a chance. We're going to fight hard against these dirtbags!" Griggs was escorted away by U.S military doctors. Driven by frustration, O'Connor searched for the rest of his men that survived throughout the village hoping that his comrade had miscounted. There were 15 American soldiers (all Special Warfare Command troops including Griggs) and 40 Henoshan freedom fighters under O'Connor's command and they were going to be involved in the rescue mission that was going to take place that same day. Out of all these men, 3 Special Warfare Command soldiers were killed and 8 were injured, while 8 Henoshan freedom fighters were killed and 10 injured. Like he hoped, the number of those killed and wounded was actually miscounted, but he also found out that Griggs was not the one who counted the number of soldiers killed and those that were wounded, but was told by another comrade that half their men were dead and the number of their soldiers wounded. Later, O'Connor had a moment with his men, the ones who survived and unharmed, and gave them orders to take the villagers to a safer location. "You guys are going to take these people to a safer place." he said, "These people are not safe here. In any moment, the Henoshan military can launch another ambush on this village and I don't want to take anymore chances. There is another village just two miles away from here. I have been told that they have a heavily guarded compound. I'll inform our headquarters about this." Then one of his soldiers asked him , "What about our mission?" "I see what I'll do." O'Connor responded.

After finishing speaking with his men, The master sergeant began to meditate on his own and thought that this was going to be another operation he had to go on his own, something that he has already done in the past, but there were so many things that made Henosha different from all the places he had been in. He was not scared, but he would also have to guide the prisoners of war through the jungle after rescuing them and the Henoshan jungle was a place where one would never know what to expect or what you would encounter with. Then, the metahuman with the mechanical arms approached him and offered his alliance. The man reached out his hand for a shake and partnership and O'Connor shook his hand. "You're in." he responded. O'Connor saw when the metahuman blew up the third chopper with a single blast from one of his mechanical arms and this impressed O'Connor. He was more than convinced that he was going to be a good ally. Then, O'Connor also saw the American who was well armed and also destroyed one of the helicopters. He looked forward to re-organize the rescue mission with these two men. "YOU THERE!" O'Connor yelled out to the man, hoping to form a group of three men and plan the operation.

Meanwhile, the fourth and only surviving pilot of the attack arrived at the Henoshan military base where Drakhart was informed him about the occurred. Drakhart was furious after hearing that three of his pilots were killed and the manhunt was a failure. Drakhart, driven by his anger, pulled out his gun from his waist and killed the pilot in cold blood. Then, Drakhart gave orders to the Henoshan military to send spies in any suspected U.S Army headquarters, launch attacks in every village with the presence of American troops, and fortify military guard in every river, boarder, and any entrance to the country. "The Americans..." He said to one of his soldiers who were standing nearby. "They are like pests! If one does not get rid of them on time, they spread throughout the household. Henosha is the country I govern, my house! And they are the pest, the plague that needs to be exterminated. I will drive them out of my country with the greatest force in the world and there will be no change within our government. Communism will always rule over this nation!"

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@_braveheart_: @_braveheart_:

This was not what he expect when he enter this now dangerous nation .The jungle was one thing but this attack of the on this village was another .This village was a mess with bodies of both the villagers , freedom fighters , and the what it seems like armed forces of both United States and the Henosha all around the destroyed village .This made the Pyrrhus really sad but at the same time filled with anger about the what had happen , it almost made him cry .He was about to reach out and deactivated the Alpha-12 but he heard voices from the left of him and when he did one of the soldiers talk right at him.Using his brain to try to figure what this army man might want of him .

"If want me to join in on this little war on your side then count me in because ." He looked around before continuing."You can count me in ."Pyrrhus added with the Aplha-12 giving his voice a more robotic voice instead of his regular voice.

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There the three men stood strong, right in the middle of the camp. One was a hardcore trained soldier, the other a man gifted with advanced technology, and then there was Jack. A once octogenarian janitor who ended up on the wrong side of a science experiment and was now blessed with a fresh young body and a little something more. They each had their own separate reason for being there, but now they were united together as one. It was now a war between three gifted individuals and a sadistic Dictators army, neither one willing to back down. Jack felt honored to even be standing there, as well as all the remaining troops who at the moment were saluting the three heroes despite the fact two of then did not hold a military rank.

Trying to appear trustworthy to his new allies, Jack began divulging the need to know information about him and his goals. He kept it simple, basically saying his name was Jack, he was American, and gifted with four very strong retractable metallic arms, that he controls by thought. He didn't bother getting involved with what the arms could do, but he did finish up with “and I won't let you down either, Sonny!

Finally, everything seemed to be falling in place. The three men felt confident in themselves and in their mission. From this point on there was no turning back. However, Jack was a little set off when the technologically advanced individual responded with a voice more machine than man, but in the contexts of all that was going on, it really did not make that much of a difference. Instead Jack placed his hand out, palm down and inviting the others to place theirs on his in a sign of camaraderie. Then after only a moment of male bonding he regretfully spoke up saying “I hope one of you has a map to Nam's lair because all I know was that the helicopter flew away due North. Other than that, I'm lost!

It was then a fresh face boy stepped from the shadows. He was a rebel soldier but also a child barely old enough to carry his own gun. After a sharp salute he approached the three heroes proudly and declared in an off American accent “I know exactly where Drakhart lives. I've been there before, trading with some of his less than moral men. Not only do I know where it is, I know the safest path through the jungle. If you want to get there I know the way. The only favor I ask in return is you take me with you.” He then stood there, waiting for a response of gratitude all the while plotting his next move. For he in fact was the spy in the rebel camp and despite his age, he was very skilled and willing to kill.

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@gripper: @shadowswordmaster:

The two men had clearly demonstratedO'Connorthat they were not only willing to become his allies, but to obey orders as well. However as the man with the mechanical arms spoke about going to Drakhart's lairand a young boy who appeared to be a rebel came by and mentioned about knowing where Drakhart lived, O'Connor knew that they did not know about the rescue mission that he was set to go to. "That is not where we are going." O'Connor spoke looking at the boy, then he turned over to the two men. "I have a mission to accomplish. Some of my men are injured and the others are going to take the villagers to another village so the only help I can count on right now is from you two."(Excluding the boy, because he was too young.)He continued, "Just five miles away from here there is a P.O.W camp where my men and I were supposed to rescue all the prisoners there." O'Connor pulled out a map from his pocket and extended it to show the two men where the prison camp was located. Pointing with his finger at all the spots on the map where they were supposed to go, he explained, "From this village, we take West. We go straight forward through the jungle and we should arrive at the camp by nightfall. Once there, we free the captives in stealth manner. Having that done, we leave to and head to the extraction point, the Shang-Mau hills, where a chopper is going to pick us up."

O'Connor placed the map back to his pocket and looked toward West, where they were going to start their adventure. "We should be leaving." He said. "I am going too." The boy spoke. "You stay!" O'Connor spoke with a commanding voice. "It's too dangerous for you. You are going with the others." They need you more!" The boy insisted stubbornly about going with them until another freedom fighter came and took the kid by the hand to where the others were. O'Connor knew that someone with a stubborn attitude like the one this kid had was not fit for an operation like the one he was involved in, specially a child which was why O'Connor sent him away. Now O'Connor hoped that this rebel kid would not cause any trouble to the other soldiers and rebels. The last thing that O'Connor would ever suspect of him was for him to be a spy rather than a rebel, which would seem preposterous to the war veteran, but in a country like Henosha, anything is possible.

Now should the man with the powerful mechanical arms and the other man with impressive arsenal follow O'Connor, he would lead them through the jungle and start their expedition.

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@gripper: @_braveheart_:

This jungle was a mess when the group of liberators left the village. The jungle was something that remind of a jungle on a planet that was filled with things that could kill someone of there not careful.When he was walking with the group his coat was getting dirty which he didn't really mind it .

The Voidhawk was walking in the rear of the group , keeping a open eye for anything that could be a trap.Inside the Alpha-12 Pyrrhus could see the HUD inside the eyelids checking out for anything movement that could consider movement .If this was a war movie then some CCR would be playing as the soundtrack for the movie . Hearing the sounds of some sort of large beast , by the sound of the roar it was far out to the left but still he didn't like this at all ."So how far is it to our destination again ?" Hawkins ask in the Alpha-12 as a robotic voice .This question was hopeful one that could help him to figure out a plan just in case he need one .

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With a little hope and a lot of faith the three men headed west through the dangerous jungle. O'Connor naturally took the lead, forging a path for his men, while following the directions of the map closely. Hawkins took the rear, guarding the teams back from whatever would sneak up on them. Leaving Jack to walk along in the middle. At this point he was more back up for the team than anything else, but that didn't stop him from helping. In his first act for the mission, Jack pull out his geiger counter for a quick reading, and after a few paused beeps from the machine, he informed the team that they were safe for now. But in this test zone for nuclear weapons, it could change at any time. For his second act, he extended forth two of his upper mechanical arms, that flailed over his head and shoulders. These arms were now used as both extra eyes for him, as well as a helping hand to clear his own path through the jungle

The jungle alone was a challenge, even without the rumored monsters that lurked within it. The trees alone where tall enough to block out the sun and the ground was layered with bottomless sink holes. It was so dense that if any man took one step off the path they could be lost forever. It was a true test for a man just to survive it alone. However this jungle was not alone. Already in plain sight, there were several species of unknown spiders, larger than a mans head, spinning their webs among the trees. But these were just babies compared to the real monsters that lurked just beyond their vision. Monsters so horrifying that they have not even been imagined in man's worst nightmares. They were creatures so large and powerful they could kill a man in a second, with out even trying. And as the men walked along one of these deadly monsters made it's presence known by letting out the sound of a deafening roar far off to the left of the team.

Immediately the beeps on the geiger counter began speeding up as the team could hear movements near by. In preparation, Jack placed his mechanical arms at the ready preparing for a fight, but as soon as the incident began, the beeps slowed down as the sound faded away. Jack didn't know about the other two but he was just about to bring the situation up for discussion, but instead Hawkins calmly asked “So how far is it to our destination again ?" Seeing as the other two were not making a big deal about the noise Jack felt it best for him to remain silent over the whole deal as well. Instead he went back to flaying his arms around and continued walking forwards. It was then, after only a few more feet into the jungle, Jack stopped dead in his tracks and spoke up, “Hey guys, I think we have another problem.” Then after he gained the attention of the other two he pointed upwards and continued “I hate to say it Sonnys, but someone has been watching us for a while.” There, place along side one of the upper branches was a strategically placed surveillance camera activated by a detection beam. “I got a bad feeling that this entire jungle is full of them and that Drakhart has been watching us the whole time.” In one act of defiance Jack struck fast with one of his arms, grabbing the devise tightly in a mechanical grasp, then with the littlest of ease, crushed it into small tiny pieces. “Well Sgt. O'Connor, any suggestions?

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O'Connor observed so many things in the jungle as he led the two men through it. Besides the very hot temperature in the jungle and the high level of humidity in the environment enough to put anyone's health in jeopardy, the ground was layered with sink holes and the men had to watch their step as they walked through the jungle. Since the it was very dense, O'Connor had to make sure that all three of them remained together at all times and follow everything that was in the map line by line, step by step. Loud roars were heard from afar, which left it clear for the men that the rumored monsters were no myth, but real.

O'Connor saw a surveillance team hidden in the upper branches of a nearby tree and then the metahuman with the powerful cyborg arms said, " I got a bad feeling that this entire jungle is full of them and that Drakhart has been watching us the whole time.” he then spoke to O'Connor, "Well Sgt. O'Connor, any suggestions?These cameras seemed to have been strategically hidden and who knows how many of these cameras did they passed by. "We keep moving." The first sergeant spoke, " We can't let these things get us off task. We'll simply destroy any hidden camera we see." As he finished speaking, close to where they were standing, O'Connor saw the carcasses of four Henoshan soldiers who's scars looked as if a giant creature slaughtered them. One of them had a surveillance camera in his hand, the same kind of cameras O'Connor and the metahuman saw. "It looks like these guys were the ones who placed the cameras around the jungle." O'Connor spoke pointing at them so the other two could notice. There was also a strong stench around the area where the carcasses were and then continuing to walk, he said " Lets move."

As he was about to continue to guide the team, O'Connor spotted an enormous log which was nearby the three men and a few seconds later, a giant centipede crawled out of it and then a second one, until six giant centipedes, each of them thirty feet long, crawled out of the log and went towards the group. Two of them were going towards O'Connor while the other four centipedes were going towards the other two men and attempted to constrict them. Suddenly O'Connor felt something huge crawling on his left leg and when he looked down, it was a horrendous giant brown colored scorpion. Once he saw it, he took his carbine riffle and opened fire on the creature utterly destroying it. Then two centipedes attempted to coil him like a snake but O'Connor ripped them apart with his bear hands, since he wasn't able to use his riffle because the were on him. After killing the centipedes, he looked around and there were countless giant scorpions and roaches everywhere surrounding the team and O'Connor fired wildly at the hideous beasts that were around him. As he was killing the insects, O'Connor saw that from the deep terrain of the jungle, three enormous insects, each at least 3 meters tall, one of them a spider and the other two larvae, coming towards where they were. O'Connor launched one of his M67 grenades at the spider and blew it into pieces. The two larvae were making there way to the scenario rapidly and O'Connor couldn't kill the larvae because he was handling with the roaches and scorpions that were around him opening fire on them. For the sake of his comrades, he hoped that they would be able to handle their own against the beasts.

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This taking the phase bug hunt to a whole new level for sure.There were explosions going on in front with O'Connor firing off his grenade launcher like the expert marksmen he is.These bugs were huge compare the ones that he normal saw at the zoo what ever these were they weren't normal at all.These bugs remind him of fighting bugs on a moon far away from here.

In the Alpha-12 helmet different scanners went telling him that different bugs were nearby .Hawkins zoomed in on a couple of large scorpions and roaches these had to gene engineered to be like this.He took and couple sorts before doing a roll on the ground and pulling up both of his anti proton pistoles when he was up he had both in his hands and fired.The Star Captain used the targeting system to help get a better shot and he hit each one of them.He made holes out of three scorpions and two roaches that were coming right at the group .He. Could hear more hissings and sounds of the rest bugs coming for them .Taking one jump behind but when he did he hit the tree which for a second hurt but his aurgmented body was recovering soon after .

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Things were going as well as could be expected. Despite the lack of concern they felt for the cameras as well as the dead bodies of the men that planted them, the team still forged onwards. Deeper and deeper they moved on until O'Connor spotted an enormous log blocking their path. Then before any of them could make a move the three men were over run with gigantic mutated creatures. Centipedes, Scorpions, Cockroaches, and even Larva, all a hundred time larger than normal, began overtaking the men by using their shear numbers. They quickly moved in, biting and clawing with razor sharp mutated teeth and one inch long claws. There only desire was to ingest the intruders, much like any other trespasser that invaded their back yard. Although their intelligence was limited, their actions were completely primal. Immediately the team went into action as O'Connor and Hawkins retaliated by using their special talents, but it was obvious they could not do it alone.

In an instant Jack called forth all four of his mechanical arms and stood ready for battle. His first move was with his lower left arm, which he swung across the ground like a bat, smashing hard against several of the Cockroaches cracking their shells open, killing them instantly. With his upper left, he used it more as a spear by clamping shut its three steel claws, transforming in now into a sharp spiked point at the end of an extended arm. Then as one of the Centipedes moved in closer, he rammed the arm through it's skull exposing brain matter, then it's guts as he recoiled it back. This left his two right arms free to continually fire devastating blasts of energy over and over, incinerating the remaining creatures into piles of burning flesh and antennas. Finally after a long and tasking fight, every last creepy crawly insect was either dead or dying lying on the ground. Then to make sure that they were all truly done in, Jack used the spear method again, this time with all four arms, stabbing directly through what ever was left of an insect's skull until all three of the men were satisfied they were dead.

The team had now taken their second victory in this mission. Their first was against the helicopters back at the camp and their second one was just achieved. The battle field was now a river of insect organs and puses that oozed forth from bugs, all stacked up against knocked down trees. Unfortunately this victory like the first one, came with a price. Jack's body began to fall to the ground, only to prevented by three of his mechanical arms that held him up like tent poles. The remaining mechanical arm was nestled around his left leg that on a closer inspection was bleeding excessively. “Sorry there Sonnies, I was so busy watching out for those poisonous Scorpion tails, I forgot to look out for their pesky claws.” He then showed his team mates the gaping wound and continued “Looks like one of those whipper snappers caught me off guard.” Against the concerns of the sentient mechanical arms, Jack commanded them all to lower him back down, then recoil, all except for one that he used as a make shift crutch. “Yall don't need to worry about old Jack here, this little cut ain't nothing. Just give me a moment or two until my leg heals it's self and I'll be right as rain. In the mean time I'll just use these babies for transportation.” He then called forth one more arm, so that the now two extended arms gently lifted him a few feet off the ground and stood there strong as his new legs. It wouldn't take long for his healing factor to kick in and seal up the wound, but unfortunately for the time it would take, he would be in some intense pain.

Nam Drakhart's Mansion

Back at his command post, Nam sat high upon a make shift throne seated at the head of a crescent shape table, where he and his Generals could observe the wall of visual screens. Between them ran several subordinates running around obeying any given order while manning the computers to lead Nam to victory. Enraged over the fact one of his cameras was detected Nam slammed his fist against the table cracking it in two, then yelled “How did they find my camera? I want the men who failed me killed instantly.” At which point one of the soldiers replied “Sir, according to camera 55J, the assigned men have met their fate at the hands of the jungles indigenous life.” As the table was being replace with another Nam approached the wall of screens and demanded an answer to “Someone, anyone, tell me where the three infidels are at and I mean NOW!” After a few minutes of pushing buttons and turning dials another brave soldier replied “Sir, from our previous recordings the three men had been heading west towards one of your POW camps, but according to a our last report a large hive of indigenous life was directly in their path. There is no way the men could have survived. By now, they are half way to being digested, sir.” Still enrage over the fact the men had made it that far, he turned back to his generals and with an intimidating growl ordered “If by some chance the fools made it past my pretties there is no doubt they will reach my POW camp by nightfall. If this happens I will not be happy, and if I am not happy (he then in one swift motion grabs the nearest soldier and snaps his neck in two) you... will not be happy!

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The X-Gene, mainspring of harshness betwixt manhood and mutanthood, one petite miscalculation whilst engineering the flawless offspring triggered a bewildering process on the eyes of vigilant beholders. A wide array of puissance and adaptability to modern hazard, arguably the dominant specie that shall vanquish humanity and conquer their rightful spot as the utmost race. Yet, reality is no scientific thesis nor a movie with a happy-ending, supremacists over both sides bestowed mutants the abhorrent state of 'bombs'. Just awaiting to go off and slaughter hundreds. Hardly veracious, yet the herd hearkens to its leaderships. Why would it be any distinct at Henosha? A more apparent dictatorship due to lack of charisma of its imbecilic general, but seldom divergent of governments around the globe. And this fear-forged verisimilitude lead him to capture a somewhat new, yankee hero, barely acquainted with his own inner power. For some days, his superlative scientists fathomed and studied Daniel, scrutinizing cells and behavior of his genes, analyzing if the spider mutation owould strengthen the indigenous fauna, crafting top-notch ravagers and scavengers of the jungle.

But containing what they did not fully comprehend was a ludicrous flaw on their ostensibly thorough scheme. They awoke the quiescent powers inside Nobody, the reason why he never reached his ultimate mutation. A monstrous, deformed figure forced scientist to withdraw instantaneously as the laboratory and its guards were maimed, bit into nothingness as rubicund hemoglobin tainted alabaster walls, cascading until it encountered featureless corpses, scarred by fangs and keen-edged stingers and claws. No survivors, it was impracticable to restrain bestiality at its finest. Only that, this time, the beast wasn't controlling the man. Daniel had experienced the transformation before, the last times knocked out by the feral nature of his counterpart, scarcely able to witness slaughter. Now he had a chance to scrutinize terrified as guts were lacerated by his herculean might. The creature managed to flee, a path of dreadful proportions left behind as it darted toward the jungle.

The scent of prey was swimmingly spotted, human flesh. It did not matter how much Newman clashed against his own primitive mind, the creature kept crawling, lurking from the obfuscated shades of the macabre forest. Carmine eyes gazing, stalking, devilishly brooding. The resistance sluggishly downed, hunger spoke louder, distraction was all Daniel desired to onslaught and reclaim his body. The horror. The sole thought of besprinkling blood throbbing against a pestiferous visage was obnoxious, and blended with his Arachnophobia, being locked inside an arachnid alike body was no good at all. He stumbled, reclining over a tree, his head wavered and palpitated, the acre taste of vomit impregnated his mouth. Staring down on a river, he mumbled under his breath. "H-help me..."The semblance begins to shorten and the spider-like suit gets more visible. No matter who did that to him, that person would pay a high price. Breath quickened, he was overreacting, an orthodox answer to panic. A thunderous voice reverberated throughout the hollow trunks and verdant grass. A painful screech of suffering.


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The mutated insects were finally exterminated after a rough struggle. O'Connor was impressed with how Jack and Hawkins were able to handle their own against the beasts. The only thing O'Connor had in mind now was the rescue mission. He was also concerned about Jack the Gripper and the condition that he was in. However the man mentioned that he only needed a moment to recover from his wound. O'Connor did not know whether if Jack had some sort of healing factor or simply trying to hide his pain, but he liked his attitude. He has seen many people give up in tough situations over a small matter, but Jack's attitude greatly impressed O'Connor. The soldier was also impressed with Hawkins how he killed the giants that were surrounding him and the way he wielded his weapons. These two men proved to be good allies so far, but if there were to be anyone out there in the jungle who would be willing to become one more ally, O'Connor would not say no to the individual. Either man, mutant, machine, alien, whatever but this fourth person would definitely win the trust and respect of the first sergeant with simply making the act of allegiance in such situation that not anyone would want to be involved in, even the bravest.

O'Connor was about to move on along with his comrades when suddenly he spotted a raptor-like creature running from a great distance towards Jack and Quickly, O'Connor opened fire on the dinosaur and managed to kill it right before it would attack the gripper, using up almost all the ammunition he had left after exterminating the insects. The soldier was confused and shocked at what he had just seen. A living Dinosaur? He walked over to where the dead creature's body was to make sure what it was exactly and as he observed, it was a dinosaur, a raptor, about 2 meters tall. "What is going on here?" he said staring at the dead dinosaur. O'Connor had heard in the past about these jungles being infested by mutated creatures due to nuclear radiation. For him, it had seemed that not only did the reptilian creatures in the country mutated, but once they did, they took the figures of their ancestors, the dinosaurs. Then, as he turned, all of a sudden O'Connor was attacked by another raptor-like reptile creature, which attempted to devour him alive. However, possessing superhuman strength, the war veteran fought back, wrestling against the dinosaur and stabbing it several times as he fought. It was an incredibly shocking scene.

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A violent rumble between a super soldier and a flesh-eating dinosaur tearing each other apart. Fighting against the raptor, O'Connor did not even look human anymore, but more like a monster himself as much as the dinosaur. Finally, O'Connor was able to kill the raptor after stabbing it several times with his knife, but while he fought against the dinosaur, three more raptors showed up and surrounded Jack and Hawkins. Killing the giant insects was not so complicated, but killing each one of these raptors was not an easy thing to do. O'Connor had to use up almost all the ammunition he had left in his riffle just kill the first one and stab the second one repeatedly. Two or three shots were not going to bring these raptors down,but that was not the worst part. The ground shook as giant footsteps were heard, which meant that a much larger creature was coming their way and not far.

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Jack made sure to keep pressure on his wounded leg as his healing factor slowly kicked in. So far the internal bleeding had stopped, but he still had a gaping slit across his leg, hurting immensely. In the mean time he kept his weight off it by using two of his mechanical arms to carry him forth as make shift legs. Still he was not one to make a big deal over his battle wounds, so he kept his groans of pain quiet under his breath. But apparently the wound was causing him more problems than he expected after a giant raptor-like creature leaped forth from the thicket and proceeded to charge at the Sergeant with all it's primal rage. Had it not been for Jacks wound and the distraction it caused, he would have immediately joined in the fight and assisted O'Connor. But as soon as the attack started, O'Connor ended it with only a few rounds of gun fire killing the beast quickly, before any damage was done.

Then just as quickly as the first raptor attacked another jumped out, only this time larger, and was fast enough to reach O'Connor. It's only desire was an attempt to make a fresh meal out of the Sergeant and maybe move on to the rest of the party. What happened next was a struggle of power between one of Earths greatest killing machines and a trained soldier unwilling to lose. After only a few minutes the Sergeant stood over the dead creature with a bowie knife dripping blood. Again, had it not been for Jacks physical ailment he would have been fighting right along side with the Sergeant, but in his defense it did happen quickly. Suddenly from nowhere, three more of the raptors showed up and surrounded Jack. Each one snarling, with jaws wide open as they displayed their blood soaked jagged teeth. Jack no longer had the luxury of sitting back while others fought, for now his own life was in danger.

Immediately, Jack called forth his two remaining mechanical arms and positioned them a few feet in front of him. Then like a boxer, Jack moved them ever so slightly left and right, up and down, as he waited for the right opportunity to strike. Finally, at the exact moment one of the creatures lunged forward with its jaws wide open, Jack countered by swinging one of his extended arms to the point where the beast was now chomping down on a mouth full of metal. After a deafening scream the creature released it grip only to pull back with a row of now broken and chipped teeth. At this point a typical super hero would have shout out some fancy catchphrase, but all Jack could think about was the fight. Still finishing up with the first raptor, Jack pulled back the same arm the dinosaur tried munching on, and this time swung around ready to strike. Like a hammer, the claw like tip of his arm closed presenting a now blunt like object, that upon colliding with the still confused creature, hit it hard enough to crack it's massively dense skull. As the arm finished with its follow through, the dinosaur fell to the ground, into a puddle of it's own blood and brain matter, mixed with the dirt of the ground it fell upon.

Now there were only two of the dinosaurs left, and by now Hawkins was already in battle with one of them. The remaining raptor showed signs of intelligence by sneaking its way behind the party hoping to strike while no one was looking. In fact ever since the jungle's inhabitance began striking, each wave of the monster attacks showed signs that they were not only learning, but getting smarter. Instead of attacking, the remaining raptor stood in place and rather observed the team of heroes. At this point Jack couldn't tell what the beast was doing but he did prepare for another attack. Then from beneath the teams feet, the ground shook as giant footsteps of a much, much larger creature was coming their way. As it slowly approached, the unknown beast let loose a roar so loud that it dominated all others sounds. Soon all other jungle sounds went silent as if their king was speaking to them. In response the one raptor slowly retreated back within the jungle, either obeying its master, or running away in fear. Either way the team knew that there was something even bigger and potentially more dangerous waiting for them out there. But before Jack could get a word in edge wise, his geiger counter began beeping rapidly. Now immensely concerned Jack turned to his team mates and said “Hey you two, I don't know what that thing out there is, but whatever it is, it's giving of massive amounts of deadly radiation.” Jack then proceeded to hit the side of the machine over and over, to see if it was in error, but no matter what he did, both the geiger counter and the beast in the jungle continued getting louder. Then just as it started, the two noise began quiting down. The unknown beast was now returning back to the jungle, waiting for a better time to strike, and as it went away the geiger counter slowed down to a safe tone. Again Jack had to discus what just happened, so with a confused expression he asked, “Do any of you have any idea what that was?

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Pyrrhus took a deep breath from the whole battle it took a lot out of him but still it was a fight he would remember.They were here to fight off a evil regime but they got what seemed to be something from a sci fi horror film instead.They had fought off giant bugs and now raptors , what else is here Pyrrhus wonder about that.The fight with the raptor was really close but he could of taken it , but what was that scream that he heard while they were fight it couldn't be these raptors.He looked around at the surviving members of the party and for the most part he was quiet which was weird for him but it must of been the jungle, he hated the jungle.This was not the what he expect to fight to be honest like raptors really , aren't those dead?This gave the man in mask more to wonder like what else is here and what is the dictator of this nations plans in the long run.

He was putting away one of his anti proton guns while keeping the other one in hand just in case.Man , this place look like a mess even more with the trees and bodies every like it some war going which is really what they were in.When he was checking himself for anything like wounds , smaller bugs , and even mud when he heard the man with the mechanical arms spoke about radiation.He had no idea what it could be but what ever it was it had to be something bad for all he knows.Then he heard what to been noises coming from the jungle, could it be more raptors or something worse but he stilled had his pistol pointing right at the direction of the noise.After it was gone he slowly moved the pistol down , but still holding it because this place is dangerous even for someone like him that had training that would make marines looked like a fun time at a play ground.

"I have an idea it could be a bigger raptor for all we know." The Star Captain of Atherium said while taking a couple of steps forward to get in closer with the group because heck he wasn't being in the back again that is for sure."Say did anybody hear a scream other then the ones here because I swear I thought I heard something screech"Now this scream thing is going to bug him until they have an idea what it could be but it seemed human at least but then again they had other things to worry about like the state of this party so he went right to O'Connor making sure that he didn't trip or anything and moved about a couple of feet on the right of him."So you think we should keep going or take a five minute break while we can , I mean it's up to you bossman ."Pyrrhus said while giving a shrug and hold the anti-proton pistol on his right hand just in case.

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The Sanguine Spider crawled its way upward, swinging tree after tree. He had heard what seemed like humans, assaulted by some sort of creature. The debilitated body held him back a few moments, stumbling and puking before leaping into action, and now there was he, dangling betwixt mahogany trunks, soaking the verdant grass beneath of carmine as blood dropped from him. The creature had been clashing against those monstrous, brobdingnagian animals and was wounded drastically, hence why he managed to restore control. Thread after thread, the sore came in waves, intensifying, incapacitating. A notch crossed his chest, garnished by expelled hemoglobin and keen-edged teeth marks. The healing had kicked in obviously, but the nigh death sensation was far from over. From the bottom of his eyes, he perceived a somewhat unorthodox creature. A Velociraptor of sorts. Barely did he notice he had just ran over a trap as a muscular, reptilian tail rocketed his way. His superlative senses rendered a flawless, yet tight escape as he slipped a few inches before getting hit.

Encompassed by famine, bloodthirsty predators, Nobody had no options but to ready himself and engage, despite severely weakened and injured. He took a boxing stance and beckoned toward the reptiles. A pack of three, perhaps four. They moved rapidly, impracticable to count. One of them darted forth. Pivoting his feet leftwards slightly, Daniel managed to evade the onslaught whilst projecting his arm around the raptor's neck. The organic webbing fired from Nobody's wrists kept the creature occupied since it could not chew through it. He strengthened the grip, an expeditious wind buffeted against his stoic stance, choking the dinosaur with a hand whilst endeavoring his best to comprehend what was happening.

More steps resonated and the forthcoming enemies just jolted backward and propelled into the atramentous jungle. The tightening grip was soon released, a corpse hit the ground, a dry screech absconded the impact. He halted for a jiffy, fathoming the circumspect trees to encounter nothing. No coruscating eyes staring him, no gargantuan animal prepared to lacerate his guts with a descending slash. Just oblivion. That was when those voices echoed once more. He was panicking again, although quite heroic, some situations required the fear of cowards to be survivable. He dashed toward the voices, an easy choice between death and life. The shades of men promptly became clearer. At last, he was not alone. The corpses around him only proved the hazard that small group meant. "Uhm...... Hello?"

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After a fierce rumble with the beast, almost fully exhausted and his torso covered with scars, O'Connor stood over the creature's carcass with his knife dripping in blood, which symbolized victory. Then, the ground shook as giant footsteps of much larger creature was approaching. As it was slowly coming their way , the beast let loose a roar so loud that it dominated all others sounds and all other jungle sounds went silent. Jack and Hawkins had killed two raptors and the remaining raptor fled from the scene as the load and defying roar resonated throughout the jungle. However, as the creature was approaching to where the team was, it returned to where it came from. It was the type of creature that it did not even have to appear to raise terror, but simply with its roar and ground-shaking footsteps. Anything with this kind of description can easily give a dark tone to any story, specially one that was real life.

Do any of you have any idea what that was?” The Gripper asked with a confused expression. "I have an idea it could be a bigger raptor for all we know." Hawkins spoke. "Whatever it was," O'Connor spoke, "It was definitely larger than these creatures." Then, Hawkins claimed to have heard a scream, but O'Connor responded, "It shouldn't be a surprise to us. We just encountered with two dinosaurs and one that didn't even show itself. Can't expect anything good from this place." After that, Hawkins went up to O'Connor and asked him, "So you think we should keep going or take a five minute break while we can? mean it's up to you bossman." "We will have to take a break." O'Connor responded, concerned about not only his physical condition, but considering the state of his two allies as well. "We are going to move on in a few minutes." After speaking with Gripper and Hawkins, he took the time to nurse his wounds.

After healing his open scars, as he was about to head over to the team, he heard a voice a few feet away from him,"Uhm.....Hello?" He turned around and spotted a man who appeared to be a mutant and looked as if he too had gone through a rough time in the hellacious jungle. O'Connor approached to the man and asked him, "Are you with a team?" he continued, "If not, then you might want to join my team, at least for now." The Henoshan jungle was a place that even the bravest and most strongest individuals, either human, mutant, and so forth, would be overwhelmed to be in. The best way to survive in a place like this is to use all the war tactics and survival skills that a person possesses, but using these skills in teamwork gives one a better chance of surviving. After O'Connor offered an alliance to the man, he waited for him to respond.

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The battle against the raptors took tolls on both sides and it seemed O'Connor took the worst. His body was covered head to toe in battle scars dripping more blood than his bowie knife. Jack on the other hand was finally healing from his previous wound. The once one inch slash to his leg was now nothing more than a large bruise. Still the wear and tare on the team was enough that the men decided to take a five minute break. As the sergeant tended to his wounds, Hawkins toyed with his anti-proton pistol, both still alert and ready for action. Jack passed the time by taking radiation readings from the jungle and covertly collecting DNA samples from the creatures they just fought. Then from nowhere, with out making a sound, a lone figurer of a man walked into the teams camp and simply uttered “ Uhm...... Hello?” Instinctively, the team stood ready for battle but once they noticed the man showed signs that he too had been fighting against the jungles inhabitance, a unspoken code of conduct between fighters welcomed him into joining the team.

Naturally the teams leader, and only recognized soldier in the outfit, was duty bound to ask the question "Are you with a team? If not, then you might want to join my team, at least for now." But by now he was already unofficially welcomed. Still, as with any group of specialized individuals there were limits to divulging information. As the team forged onward through the jungle to the POW camp the conversation varied. For each man knew the others had secrets to keep, as well as different opinions on what to do with the Dictator Drakhart, so at any time the conversations stirred in those directions it was quickly changed. For the most part they talked about other manly feats they accomplished before. They told stories of unbelievable courage wrapped around facts too good to be true, but they were all stories told simply to boost their egos. All the while they walked along, the jungle seemed to follow them as well. Every few minutes the creatures would scurry around while staying just out of sight. It was as if they were hunting and tracking the men strategically with their own deadly plan. At one point they were heard in front of the party, a second later from behind. The scariest part was that they were never heard moving from the front to the rear, they simply made the sounds that they were there.

Finally, after a long and exhausting hike, the team reached a clearing in the jungle as they found themselves just outside Nam's infamous POW camp. It was the size of a small mall, surrounded by a twenty foot tall electric fence, layered with thick steel barbwire. In each corner stood a twenty-five foot tall guard tower with two men each, both over looking the camp. One mans job was to shift around an ever diligent spotlight while the other stood ready to kill with his automatic weapon. In the middle of the camp, in a dingy broken down shack, stood the POW's residence, strategically placed there to prevent any attempt of enemy bombing. At the rear of the camp was a helicopter pad, that at the time was empty. Other than that, the only other way in and out of the camp was a rather large front gate guarded by four armed men, all proud and willing to fight. Inside the camp there were other shacks, ranging from the camp leaders resident to staff quarters to even a weapons locker. But with each building seen, there where more armed guards surrounding them with direct orders to kill, no questions asked. For now the team of heroes remained safely hidden in the jungle about fifty yards from the camp. At any minute, one of the enemies high power spotlights would locate them giving away their location, instantly starting a bloodbath. With only minutes remaining Jack turned to his teammates and whispered “what now?

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The small break was enough to the rest of the group ready to go for the next walk .The Star Captain took this time and stretch a bit and get a drink of water from his bottle of water.The VoidHawk was about to deactivate the but then he heard a sound coming from somewhere it sounded like something human.He hew turned around and saw what it looked like mutant of sorts, could this be man behind the scream that he heard a while back.He was going to move to the mutant but it looked like O'Connor got that under control so he return to what he did.Pyrrhus deactivated the Alpha-12 and drank about half a glasses full of the water before putting it away and reactivating the Alpha-12 again, just in case.

The hike was long and difficult but they got threw it . They can't failed now because if they did then there would be nothing to help out the POWs that the camp held.When they reached the clearing of the jungle to see the massive camp that laid before them.It was one that would be difficult to break into but it's not impossible. It seemed from the what they saw small enough to be camp but not big enough to be consider a fortress , this was a plus for the team in the jungle.Looking around the front of the camp threw the Alpha-12 , there were many things that he could see from the jungle.The gate was secured and would be crazy to assault straight on .When he was looking he saw the spotlights moving , doing there job but when he heard Jack say“whatnow?"In a whisper all Hawkins could say in return is."Hide behind the trees and wait for the the spotlight to move past us." Hewhisper back to then team , and then moving towards a tree nearby to stay hidden from the spotlights .The foots steps he made were quite as snake moving in the grass.

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Instead of being stranded further, ostracized from another team, this time, he was swimmingly embraced. He could almost scent their fear into thin air, as if the dense, horrendous habitat had some mystique to it. And it was to die for. He simply beckoned, still horrified, not only due to the quaint situation, but also due to his most feral side being promptly in control. Every time he was nigh a breaking point, that gargantuan, murderous, barbaric thing would take over and devour anything on its path... Almost as a wild creature safeguard those fond to it, so both may survive, one must live. Those thoughts kept him occupied, crawling and following the team, he barely notice what they were doing. Still somewhat oscillating betwixt both mentalities, he hissed at the mere sight of POW camp. Infamous around Henosha, fearsome rumors absconded its sealed doors. Screeches of soldiers with scratching trigger-fingers, who would wish to shoot flesh by simply smelling it. The spotlights made it more and more difficult, a huge wall, armed men. Every single possibility they had previously had decreased a lot.

Taking the advice the most odd member of this concise task-force gave away, he hid amid the verdant flora above a tree trunk. His mind fluctuating, that team seemed hopeless. They could be well armed, survive the jungle and its monstrous aberrations, but invading a top-notch base was something completely different. "Hmm... Four armed guards blocking the gate, huh? I could climb that, knock them out and then use my webs to create some sort of rope for you guys to get to the other side. Simple, quick. I believe it isn't exactly what they expect. But, still, I'm the newbie, so, just tell me if I need to do anything." He whispered, hoping his scheme was actually accepted. It had been some time since he punched something alive. And he was full of vengeance to distribute.

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The stakes were high and the pressure was on. The team of four hid safely behind a thicket of branches while they avoided the random sweeps from spotlights. They all knew the importance of their mission and the need to get the POWs out alive, but unfortunately at this point, the odds were stacked against them. Each man took a moment or two to observe the camp and detect any weaknesses. Jack's main point of interest was the four towers located in each of the camps corners and more specifically their spotlights. After a few seconds of deliberating the men went around stating their options.

Jack listened closely as the newest member “Nobody” tossed out the first of ideas. “I could climb that, knock them out and then use my webs to create some sort of rope for you guys to get to the other side." It wasn't the cleverest of plans but it did have merit. Unfortunately, while he was explaining the plan Jack was still silently laughing over his friends name. But as he finished, the team then looked upon Jack to hear his ideas. After a quick scratch to the back of his head, in a rather obsequious tone he replied “Well Sonnys, as of right now I only got three ideas. The first is I could rip down those gates, however that would alert the guards. My second choice would be, I could attempt to cover the camp in a cloud of mist, much like an incoming fog. The only problems with that, is I've never inked such a large area, and even if it works, yall might not be able to see through it. Finally I could use my arms to dig a tunnel under the camp, but the problem with that is I couldn't judge were to end the tunnel under the POW's shack.

For what seemed like an eternity Jack waited for the other men to discuss his suggestion. Even he knew none of them would work, but he still wanted to appear as a productive member of the team. But before any member could respond, another passing of the nearest spotlight swung by, gathering the full attention of the team. Once again each man ducked down or darted behind a larger tree but as soon as the light passed over it moved on, leaving the team another chance to discus their options “Well Hawkins we haven't heard from you yet.” Jack said. “But no matter what plan we come up with I'll follow it.” He then turned to the Sergeant, then back to the others and continued “But we all know that as team leader O'Connor makes the final decision on what ever plan we follow.

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@shadowswordmaster: @_nobody_: @gripper:

O'Connor guided the team, which now consisted of four men with each having his own abilities of combat and survival. Having Nobody included in the team, O'Connor liked their chances of survival better now.

The P.O.W Camp

It was nightfall by the time the team arrived to the prison camp. They remained safely hidden in the jungle about fifty yards from the camp as they planned on how to pull off the rescue mission. One stated one idea as the other stated other ideas. Then, Jack the Gripper said,“But we all know that as team leader O'Connor makes the final decision on what ever plan we follow.” O'Connor then responded, " What I am going to do is go over to the fence, avoid being caught by the spotlight, and then make a hole in the fence with my hand-worn heat pads and go in." He continued, "Now we all have to separate in order to free all the prisoners and get the job done, so its up to you guys if you either want to follow me or choose either one of the strategies you mentioned, but I am going in right now." As a Special Warfare Command soldier, O'Connor was trained to be invisible in enemy territory, since Special Warfare Command teams were usually made by 20 men, so in missions like this one, moving without being seen was a huge concern and the subject of a lot of training. It also required the soldier to have special equipment in order to get the mission done, like the hand worn heat pads O'Connor had in his possession.

After having finished speaking with his comrades, placing his night vision goggles on, O'Connor swiftly headed over towards the fence as the guard's spotlight was facing elsewhere and arrived at the fence, far from the entrance, where the guards were. Now O'Connor already knew about the P.O.W Camp's electric fence, so besides his heat pads, he also had an EMP generator, which is used by Special Warfare Command soldiers to knock out electronic devices whenever they are tasked to go on a mission to any territory that has anything electric. He took out the EMP generator and with a push of a button, he disabled the electric fence, making it safe for him to use his heat pads to make a hole in the fence. Once disabling the fence, O'Connor, using his heat pads with high heat, made a hole in the fence and went in. Once he made it in to the camp, O'Connor searched for the prisoners. In the middle of the camp, in a dingy broken down shack, stood the POW's residence. He went over to where the P.O.Ws were being kept and just as he got close, suddenly, two Henoshan soldiers walked by and stood in front of the prison.

No Caption Provided

O'Connor hid himself in a nearby jeep that had a machine gun mounted on it. Then, O'Connor pulled his Bayonet Knife out, slowly approached behind one of the soldiers, threw the knife at the soldier that was in front of the one he was approaching to behind with great aim killing him, and then killed the other one with a chokehold. Having gotten rid of the two guards, he took the keys from one of the dead soldiers, opened the cell where the prisoners were (a total of 15 prisoners), and freed them. One of them was a political leader who was against Drakhart's rule and favored human rights for everyone. He told them to follow him and not make any sound as he approached to the next cell, which was a wooden cage where there were 8 prisoners. Using his superhuman strength, he ripped down the door and freed them as well.

A few seconds after rescuing the last 8 P.O.Ws, O'Connor heard the Henoshan troops scrambling throughout the camp alerting one another. O'Connor did not know if the others were caught or if they were after him, but he quickly had to find a place to hide along with the prisoners he had with him. Then Suddenly, he heard a load roar coming from the jungle. It was the same roar he heard along with the others when they were fighting off the raptors. Only this time, the creature appeared.

No Caption Provided

It was a Tyrannosaurus-like behemoth that caused havoc and rose terror as it entered the camp. The Henoshan soldiers, using all their artillery and weapons, tried to kill the T-Rex, but the monster looked as if the projectiles were only making it angrier and devoured all the soldiers that stood in its path. Now the dinosaur had not seen O'Connor and the prisoners that were with him. It was fully focused on the Henoshan army, which gave O'Connor the chance to escape from the camp along with the prisoners and possibly facilitated it for the other three men to free the prisoners, since the entire Henoshan army was struggling with the Tyrannosaurus. It was like evil was on his side now in a certain point of view and the odds were against the Henoshan military. However, Henoshan troops spotted O'Connor and engaged fire with him. "GO TO THE JUNGLE, ALL OF YOU!!! I'LL CATCH UP!" O'Connor yelled out at the prisoners as he too engaged fire with the soldiers, using his pair of pistol guns. He lost his night goggles while he was fighting off the troops and after killing the ones engaging fire with him, O'Connor rushed back to the jungle and reunited with the prisoners. He told them to wait for the other three men, whom he had not seen once he entered the camp. "Come on guys." he uttered, hoping that they would make it out of the camp and with P.O.Ws if it was possible.

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@_nobody_: @gripper: @_braveheart_:

He was about to speak when he heard Jack wondering if he had a plan , he did have a plan.The Star Captain's plan was very simply but at the same time was very hard.The plan was some how , in some way , find some of the beasts in the jungle and lure them right to the base .When the beast were attacking they would go around back and sneak in , with the guards trying to deal with the problem with the beast.Now at first it seemed like a masterpiece , now he look back at the plan , it wasn't so good now.In fact it would take time that they would really need in order to complete this mission and also the P.O.W. would get hurt or even killed in this plan.The fact that he had the idea of using a plan that would hurt people , made him rethink the plan while he hears out O'Connor.If there is one thing that he can say about O'Connor is that he is a brave commander for being able to lead like this.

So the plan was or what O'Connor had choose that was pretty go in and recuse the P.O.Ws.If he would go in by himself then what he would do is hang back here and looked around to act as a spot here they need meet , when they got the P.O.Ws.He would make sure that they would have a way out in the jungle just in case but also he hand the BlueHawk which seemed like in another country right now.When O'Connor left he swore that he could hear the sound of some birds behind him , up in the jungle trees that seemed bigger then it should be.Taking a position behind a tree with one of anti-proton pistol in his right hand.

"Sweet Mother of Abraham Lincoln."

Seeing O'Connor or at least what he had seen of him when he was in the base was a sight to see.The man was making sure not to be seen with great moves that were one were to called it from a special flavor.Zooming with the lens that were in the Alpha-12 was he able to spot a few things like some of the guards ,which seemed bored in a few cases here and there.What he was looking at was the area that O'Connor enter from.He made sure to keep an eye out for anybody that might see the hole. He was about to zoom in at the people at the gate but he heard something that sounded big , mean , and nasty all at the same time.

"Sweet Mother of Abraham Lincoln." The VoidHawk yelled at the sheer sight of the monster behind the thundering roar.It had to be one of the biggest lizards he had ever seen in his life.The monster reptile was tanking shots from what ever the guards were using against the beast.When the army was firing at the beast , he notice that some of them notice O'Connor and the poisoners."Oh No." were the words he said before firing the a couple burst at the tower , which were the ones that spotted O'Connor and company while they tried to got back to the jungle.The red and black anti proton beams went threw the tower like it was nothing .It was so effective that the tower seemed that it was about to fall down but it seemed that it was still standing but the man in it wasn't after a single hit by the weapon hit him in the neck.

"Over here , over here." He yelled some more while he monition his hands to get in the jungle.When he did this , maybe it was the sound of the battle that was going on in the camp but they seemed to not hear him.This made him mad a little but at least they were in the jungle and made his way to where they are.He ran so fast that the jungle seemed to be a blur all around him but finally he got to the group."Glad that you are okay but we need to get out of here fast before big lizard finds us, but we need to wait for the others first." Hawkins pointed out about what is happen right now.

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After a quick command to his team, O'Connor took off into the night. Using stealth techniques he learned in the military, and a bit of common sense, he ever so quickly made his way through the camp as if he was invisible. After he first disabled the electric fence as well as leaving a huge gaping hole in it, the Sergeant reached the POW's shack. By now he was so deep in the camp even his team had trouble following his movements. Jack was beyond amazed at the mans skill to the point he almost forgot about their situation. Getting his head back in the game Jack's first idea for backing up the Sergeant, was to watch the other guards closely in case one spotted him, but then he notice Hawkins was already on it. After a quick deep breath he turned to those still in the jungle and said “Looks like every thing is taken care of back here. So I guess I'll follow the Sergeant inside.” Then in a flash he was off heading through the same hole in the fence that their leader previously made. But not before saying to Hawkins “Make sure you keep an eye on those watch towers as well, I don't want to have to deal with any more problems.”

With all four arms at the ready, each roughly twelve feet out, Jack darted into the camp headings straight towards the POW's shack. Like O'Connor he too tried to remain hidden from sight, but just as he closed in alarms rang from every where. Suddenly Henoshan soldiers began scrambling around with there weapons at the ready. Jack wasn't to sure of what was going on but it was easy to see he was in some deep trouble. It was then he saw O'Connor standing along side several of the camps prisoners, but before he could saying thing to their team leader, he saw an incoming military jeep filled with four men, three of which were armed, heading straight at him with the lights on bright. With no other options Jack made a mental command to his lower right mechanical arm, that immediately shot forth. In one quick motion the arm continued extending forward until it reached the jeep head on. Then instead of hitting the jeep, the arm went underneath it. As it continued extending, the arm eventually began wrapping it's self around it until the mechanical arm had a tight grip on it. It was then Jack used the arm to lift the jeep upside down and proceeded to shake it until all four of the enemies soldiers fell out. It was a non lethal attack but from the distance Jack shook them from, it would be a while before those soldiers would get up.

But despite his heroic exploits, Jack was still in the middle of a hot zone, and the enemies were everywhere. Immediately he dropped the jeep and prepared to fight, when all of a sudden he heard a loud roar coming from the jungle. It was the same roar he heard along with the others when they were fighting off the raptors. Only this time, the creature appeared. It was as if the creature had been waiting for the electrical fence to go down before making its attack. Either way the giant lizard showed signs of advanced intelligence as it chose this specific moment to strike. Again with its dominating roar the creature moved in and began wrecking the whole place. Shack by shack the creature either stepped on or knocked it over with his enormous strength. As for the guards running around, they attempted to shoot the beast but all their bullets did was make it madder. One by one the giant lizard would snatch them up and tear though their flesh like paper. It was a ghastly sight for all, as gallons of blood painted what was left of the camps site.

While the beast was charging in, Jack unfortunately was in its path. In one swift motion Jack pushed off with his left foot, launched himself to the right just in time to move himself before the ravenous jaws of the beast snapped down upon his previous location. It was a ploy that worked for the moment, but still left him in danger. Jack was now trapped between a small army of enemies soldiers and an dinosaur like creature, both joyfully willing to kill him. But like the voice of an angel he heard the Sergeant yelling " GO TO THE JUNGLE, ALL OF YOU!!! I'LL CATCH UP!" over by the hole in the fence where O'Connor was rushing the POW's to safety. Immediately, Jack raced over to the opening while still dodging the ever so present threats and proceeded to the safety of the jungle where Hawkins was waiting yelling "Over here, over here."

O'Connor did his best to free the prisoners in an orderly manner, but when the situation was this dire the prisoners ran as if it was every man for themselves. Their only true goal was just to get as far away from their captors as they could, so once they hit the jungle it didn't matter where they went as long as they kept getting further away. But O'Connors mission was to save them and this meant keeping them together. After a quick check of the perimeter and some vocal calls, eighteen of the twenty three POW's were found. As for the other five there were no signs of them at all. It was if the jungle had swallowed them whole. For those who did make it out safely, they continually praised the four heroes over and over with their thanks for freeing them, since this was the first time in years they all felt hope.

As the last of the few prisoners were round up Hawkins commented ."Glad that you are okay but we need to get out of here fast before big lizard finds us, but we need to wait for the others first." But as luck would have it everyone was now present and accountable. With the roar of the giant still echoing in the back ground Jack wholeheartedly replied “I'm with you one hundred percent there Sonny. The sooner we get away from that giant dinosaur the better.” But unfortunately Jack knew it would not be that easy. The eighteen prisoners that survived, where now a shell of the man they used to be. After years of rotting away in the camp the men were malnourished and severely beaten, Their torn garment draping over their wasted away frames. It was obvious that these men were in no shape of hiking through the jungle. In fact it was most likely they would not even survive the night. With a quick nod to the other heroes Jack brought them in close and whispered “I don't know about you guys but to me these prisoners are at deaths door. If we don't get them some place safe and medical assistance soon, I don't think they're going to make it. Somebody, anybody, heck (he turns to the newest member) even you Nobody, tell me you have a plan. Cause all I got is carrying them in my extra arms and I don't think that would work out well.”

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After a tough struggle in the camp, the team reunited in the jungle, along with the P.O.Ws that were rescued. While O'Connor was in the camp rescuing the prisoners, he made a quick count of the people he saved, which were twenty three, twelve men, eight seven women, and four children. However, the Sergeant counted them again in the jungle to make sure that they were all together still, but that was not the case. This time, five were missing. "Great." He said, disappointed about the fact he couldn't keep them all together. "Five are missing." (He turned facing the jungle) "They must have ran deep into the jungle." Who knows where these five had fled to. O'Connor knew that his three allies were strong and filled with courage, no different from the soldiers he commands as Master Sergeant, but he knew he could not put them in jeopardy once again searching for the five missing throughout the jungle.

O'Connor also noticed that the P.O.Ws were in very bad shape as Jack checked on their physical state and said that they were mostly likely not to survive their way to the extraction point, which was about two miles away. There was another problem. The team was supposed to save all of the prisoners in the camp, which were a total of forty. Thanks to the interference of the reptilian beast, O'Connor was only able to rescue twenty three of them, in which five were already gone. " I am afraid that we haven't been able to rescue all the prisoners." he said. "There were supposed to be forty, but all thanks to that stupid beast!" As bad as the situation seemed, O'Connor knew he had to keep his cool.

Just as the circumstances seemed to have gotten worse, O'Connor saw numerous Henoshan helicopters heading towards the camp that was being attacked by the monster. There was no doubt in his mind that the soldiers called in for help. Not only did the helicopters head to the camp, but O'Connor also saw a few of them going around the jungle as if they were searching. It was clear that it was exactly what they were doing. The Henoshan soldiers in the camp must have informed their military headquarters about the presence of the team, which was one of the main reasons the army of helicopters arrived, besides the monster's attack. "I think we're going to have a little war zone here." O'Connor spoke to his team. Going to the extraction point was no longer an option, considering the critical state that most of the prisoners were in. Having no other choice, O'Connor called in the Special Warfare Command headquarters through his handheld transceiver and called in for support. Fortunately, he was told that help would arrived within ten minutes, which was probably long enough to avoid being caught by the Henoshan army. Unfortunately however, it was too late for that. A Henoshan helicopter launched a missile near where the team and the P.O.Ws were, which meant that they were spotted! O'Connor loaded his Carbine rifflehe loaded his M4 Carbine riffle, attached with a M203 grenade launcher. O'Connor opened fire on the chopper that launched the missile at them and destroyed it. "Okay guys, prepare yourselves, and make sure none of these prisoners get hurt." O'Connor spoke. The sergeant and his team, along with the prisoners, were now in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by enemy troops almost in every corner. The only way for these men to make it out of a situation like this alive is fight back, and work together.

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How the hell did I end up in this situation?” That was all Jack could think of as he evaluated his past few days. It seemed only a day or two ago he signed on only to bring a misguided Dictator to justice but now he was in a stand off against an army. What's worse is that at any minute a hoard of prehistoric reptiles could swarm in and eat the whole lot in seconds. But for now Jack needed to concentrate on the war just outside his perimeter.

Above him flew several Henoshan helicopters that circulated over telling the ground troops where to strike, while at the same time launching an occasional missile to stir up the heroic team. Along the ground flurried several squads of highly trained soldiers, that surrounded the team armed with modern day automatic weapons and a blood thirsty desire to kill. However, they were playing it smart by staying just outside of an average humans sight, awaiting the perfect moment for them to charge in all at once with a devastating assault.

The only good news in this troubled time was that O'Connor did in fact call for back up, but the bad news was that the back up was ten minutes away. This meant one and only one thing, the team needed to stay alive for that long. Despite the annoyances of the helicopters above, including an occasional launched missile, O'Connor kept his cool by retaliating with a M4 Carbine rifle, but more importantly by motivating the team. In a true last stance Heroic fashion, the master sergeant commanded his team to rally by shouting "Okay guys, prepare yourselves, and make sure none of these prisoners get hurt."

Inspired, Jack stepped forth and suggested “In order to protect the POW's, I suggest we surround the survivors, with each one of us guarding a side. Much like a square but instead of taking corners we each take an adjacent area.” With that said Jack moved to the side he was going to defend and prepared for an all out war. With the raising of his hands, palm up, he applied pressure to his ink glands located in his wrists and released a thin, mist like black material that spread out in front of him, and only in front of him. Soon the area was covered in a dark fog reducing visibility down to zero. Jack however, could see clearly through the mist as if it was not even there, and with the soldiers caught off guard he prepared for his next strike.

Immediately, he called forth all four of his mechanical arms at the ready, and with them eager to protect they were ready to respond. By command, the two lower ones did not engage in battle, but instead extended to his sides where they formed an extended fence between the soldiers and the POW's, with Jack standing square in the middle. However, with the two upper arms, Jack slowly extended them forwards through the mist to take the army head on. Then from within the jungle, Jack could hear the soldiers fumbling around as they lost their visibility. He could not understand what they were saying but it was clear that without sight, they were rendered helpless.

It was then the order was given to the Henoshan soldiers to move in and one by one they charged forth in unison. Jack could hear then rushing in from all other sides ready to kill but as for the soldiers in front of him, they were still fumbling around without a clue. With a wish of luck he said to his team members “Good luck guys, and remember we're not fighting just for our selves we're fighting for America!” It was one hundred percent corny but under the stress of the situation it was all he could think of to rally the men. It was now gut check time. Despite the fact Jack temporarily blinded his enemies with his mist, they still charged forth blindly at the command of their leader. What was about to ensue next would be a glorious battle remembered through the ages by both Asian and Americans as well. Four men against an army

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@_nobody_: @_braveheart_: @gripper:

This mission or this little fight that he was a part of seemed to only getting worse before it was getting better.First he was staring a huge Godzilla like dinosaur back at the camp .Now there was a onslaught some would might say coming right at the rag tag group.He didn't care about speeches that people make he knew in some sort of weird way that he had to do .He wasn't a hero at all he was a guy that decided that if people need help , maybe he should be there.He thought about as he got both anti-proton guns ready but only brought one out with his left hand and with his right hand presses a small button behind his ear and the Alpha-12 materialize all around his head.

He took position behind a old tree which seemed to a have a few bullet holes in it and with careful aim brought the space weapon to view.In the eyelids in the high tech space helmet that was the Alpha-12.He starting to take notice the exact number of Henoshan troops coming right at them like some got into , maybe it has to do with some thing behind the scenes , he thought while still figuring out his exact plan of attack.He was about to take aim and fire but the Jack spring into action. What he saw was Jack using some sort of mist and hold his fire for a moment but then he saw more troops coming right at them or at Jack to be detail about it.

Seeing this Pyrrhus moved the space pistol away from Jack and at the incoming troops that seemed only be three.He could shoot right at them but instead he thought of something else.With his free hand he switch the rate of firing from spray to beam.Using the targeting lens that were in the Alpha-12 helmet and use for one purpose and that purpose is too cut down a couple of trees.Pulling the trigger and a steady beam of red and black came out of the space weapon and cut down a couple of trees which fell not only a couple of the incoming troops but also caused some confusion too.

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The team of heroes seemed to have been cornered by the Henoshan military for a moment. Numerous troops surrounded them and helicopters were flying above them. The only thing O'Connor had in mind was to fight back with everything that was in reach, like when an explosive device detonates and causes whatever damage it can. It was the only plan that the war veteran had in mind. Luckily, he had three men, each one possessing unique capabilities, as his allies. He was not so sure if either of them had any military background, but there was no doubt that each of these men had the spirit of a warrior, unwilling to surrender against the enemy. Jack led out a thin, mist like black material that spread out in front of him, which Soon covered the area in a dark fog reducing visibility down to zero. Hawkins was able to eliminate several Henoshan soldiers bringing down the nearby trees that fell on the soldiers severely injuring a large number of them, some were killed. The two men were able to cause demoralization among the Henoshan soldiers, depriving their morale and making them disoriented. Now it was O'Connor's turn to retaliate.

He quickly rushed over to a pile of large stones that were a few feet away from where the team was, close enough to keep watch of the P.O.Ws, and hidden behind the stones, he opened fire on the Henoshan soldiers that were charging in forth, eliminating as many as he could. The soldiers fired back at O'Connor, but without aim, since he was hidden behind the large stones and could not be seen. What O'Connor, Jack, and Hawkins were doing here was a similar strategy from one that is known in the military known as "Fire and maneuver", a strategy that works on the basis of a section of, or entire military unit suppressing the enemy with an appropriate level of fire, while at the same time, another section of, or entire military unit advancing. It was similar in the way that Jack and Hawkins slowed down the movement of the Henoshan soldiers while O'Connor charged in engaging fire with them.

While shooting, O'Connor also through one of his handheld M67 handheld grenades at an armed vehicle that was making its way in to the scenario, blowing it up into pieces and destroying the Henoshan soldiers that were on it. So far the team of heroes seemed to had the upper hand over an entire army of incoming Henoshan soldiers, but O'Connor could not fight against the helicopters above because the soldiers that were on the ground were too many and the choppers were launching missiles, though not accurately, thanks to the mist that Jack the Gripper had released, which covered part of the area, which must have made it hard for the pilots to aim at the team of heroes. If either Jack, Hawkins, or both would find a way to deal with the fighter helicopters, it would most likely even up the odds for the team.

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The battle was getting intense. O'Connor and his team were fighting life and limb to protect the feeble POW's but the out numbering members of the Henosha soldiers were overwhelming. Jack was doing his best to protect his side, using each of his mechanical arms to the best of their abilities. With his two lower ones extended out sideways, it was their job to block any stray bullet that might get past him. The two upper ones where on a seek and destroy mission, slithering their way through the jungle taking out as many enemies as possible.

Luckily, Jack's mist was still holding strong and the soldiers caught in it were shooting blind. With out the aide of sight, they fired in any direction hoping and praying to hit anyone on O'Connors side, but most likely they were shooting themselves. Still a couple of shots made it into the teams camp but after a few flinches of Jack's lower mechanical arms, they were deflected away with a loud (Clang). Meanwhile the two upper arms extended forth tactically moving inward, taking out soldiers one at a time. In one case, an arm would simply wrap it's self around a Henoshan and subdue him with a low volt of electricity, or by throwing one soldier into another knocking them both unconscious.

Although centering on the fight in front of him, Jack happen to catch a glimpse of what his team mates were doing behind him. Hawkins was firing away with his powerful space pistol, shooting red and black beams that blasted through the forest. With each blast a rather larger than normal tree would be knocked in half, with the upper half falling down upon any enemy soldier unfortunate enough to be standing next to it. O'Connor on the other hand was taking the fight to the enemies head on. As he took shelter behind a pile of large stones, the Sergeant fired upon the Henoshans, one by one, shooting them down faster then they could charge forward. At one point he even took out an incoming jeep with a well tossed M67 hand held grenade that lit up the night in a huge ball of fire.

For a short while it appeared that the heroes were going to win the fight, as they continued taking out the opposing soldiers, but the enemies had a trick up their sleeves. Over head, the enemy still had three heavily armed Helicopters launching air to ground missiles, in an attempt to level the playing field. From the look of O'Connor, Jack could tell that these Helicopters were the deciding vote in this skirmish, so in a true heroic fashion he decided to take them out as fast as he could. With a thought he commanded his left upper arm to pull back from its attack against enemy soldiers and instead move upward ever so slightly. Soon it was positioned to where it had a clear view of the Helicopters above, and after a quick charge of energy stored up in the arm, a large blast was launched skywards.

Immediately one of the Helicopters was hit in the rear, causing it to spin out of control. As it did, it managed to clip another of the machines forcing them both to crash to the ground, but only after the pilots jumped out. This left one Helicopter still circling over head, that now decided to end the fight in one fell swoop. After one quick once over of the battle field the lone pilot set his sights on the center of the field and in true Kamikaze fashion dived in fast and hard. With only seconds to react, Jack recalled all four of his arms to his side and then stretched them out upward. Soon the two forces collided, but instead of hitting the Helicopter, Jack positioned them to where each arm had a firm grasp on the machine, each in a key location. Despite the pilots best intentions to break free, the Helicopter was now firmly in the grasp of four powerfully strong mechanical arms that could now do whatever they wished.

Still not one to kill without a good reason, Jack used his arms to turn it upside down and after a few vigorous shakes, he forcefully shook the pilot free from the craft. Then using the clearing Hawkins provided with the leveling of trees, Jack carefully placed the Helicopter firmly on the ground. After a deep quick breath, Jack turned to his team mates, and said “I don't know how long we have until back up gets here, or how long we have until more Henoshan soldiers arrive, (He then turns to the POW's and shouts) So you guys load up and get out of here NOW!” Immediately the weakened soldiers fumbled their way on board the craft and in seconds took off heading back home. For one brief second as the Helicopter flew off into the sunset, the team felt honored at their actions during this tiny war and that once again there was a glimmer of hope in a desolate land. But just as the Helicopter vanished from sight, the remaining heroes were caught with their pants down.

Moving in slowly, using the sound of the Helicopter as a distraction, a small battalion of remaining Henoshan soldiers stormed the camp. From almost every side twenty or so men armed with rifles at the ready surrounded the heroes, and began chanting proudly in their native tongue. Then from amidst the celebrating soldiers, a leading officer stepped forth with a freshly deep noticeable scar running along his left cheek. The Henosha leader paced back and forth in front of his new captives indulging himself in his capture, then in an off American accent he said “You men been big trouble, but now you three are mine,” followed with a long sadistic laugh. But as he laughed, Jack was confused at the reference to three seeing as there were four in the party, but after a quick look around he noticed that the one called Nobody was in fact missing.

Unfortunately now was not the time to worry about him or where he went, for now was the time to worry about the remaining teams immanent execution. Once again the scarred soldier spoke up this time saying “You three now prisoners of Henosha military! You come with us to base were we deal with you then.” Unsure of what to do next Jack leaned in close to O'Connor and whispered in his ear “I sure hope that back up you told us about gets here soon Sonny, because I'm not to thrilled about our predicament.” But as soon as Jack spoke the scarred soldiers signaled another, that immediately jammed the butt of his rifle into the Grippers mid-section. As Jack keeled over the scarred soldier shouted out “You three not talk unless spoken to. You do what I say when I say.” He then locked eyes with O'Connor, realizing he was the leading officer and finished with a soft but intimidating “Do you understand?

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It was five long minutes of nothing more but intense firefighting between the Henoshan troops and the team of the brave few. The P.O.Ws were well protected Jack as he used his two lower ones extended out sideways to block any stray bullet that might get past him. However, he also destroyed two of the helicopters that were above them and landed the third. In the very moment that the helicopter was on the ground, one of the Henoshan prisoners, who happened to be a freedom fighter, approached to O'Connor as he was fighting the Henoshan soldiers. " I TAKE MY PEOPLE TO OUR VILLAGE!" The man spoke out loud due to the heavy fire that was taking place. "LET ME TAKE HELICOPTER. I KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IT!!!" "FINE, GO AHEAD!!!" O'Connor responded. "WATCH OUT FOR THE CHILDREN!!!" Immediately the man led the captives safely to the helicopter and in seconds took off heading back home. As they flew off into the dark moonless Night.

The team remained on the ground fighting until all of a sudden, as it seemed that the firefight was endless, the Henoshan soldiers seized fire. The dark jungle grew silent for moment. It was something very unusual for O'Connor that there would be sudden silence after intense fighting. Then, from almost every side about twenty men armed with rifles at the ready surrounded the them, and began chanting proudly in their native tongue. A leading officer stepped forth with a freshly deep noticeable scar running along his left cheek and paced back and forth in front of his new captives indulging himself in his capture. O'Connor stepped out of the stones and stood alongside Gripper and Hawkins as the Henoshan militant was approaching along with three of his soldiers. "You men been big trouble, but now you three are mine." He spoke. "“You three now prisoners of Henosha military! You come with us to base were we deal with you then.” Then Jack turned to O'Connor, "I sure hope that back up you told us about gets here soon Sonny, because I'm not to thrilled about our predicament.” There was not much for O'Connor to say to the Gripper, for he was fully focused on the present threat and also hoped that the backup arrived soon. However, after jack had spoken, the military leader signaled another, that immediately jammed the butt of his rifle into the Gripper's mid-section. As Jack fell to the ground the scarred soldier shouted out “You three not talk unless spoken to. You do what I say when I say.” He then locked eyes with O'Connor, who glared at him. “Do you understand?" the Henoshan officer spoke as he held O'Connor at gun point.

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It was the type of scene that gives goosebumps just by watching. Two military commanders, each one armed, pointing each other with their weapons as they stared at each other with hate, like when two male lions, both leaders of their pride, are about to face off. "You expect me to tremble before you?" O'Connor spoke and looked at all the Henoshan soldiers that surrounded them. "I see a cavalry of men, fighting for one man's greed. There is nothing impressive about that." "Careful soldier." The Henoshan spoke. "I can kill you here right now!" "So can we." O'Connor responded, ready to pull the trigger from his carbine riffle.Then, Just as the two seemed that they were about to gun each other down, all of a sudden the Henoshan soldiers were hit by a missile. Everyone looked up an it was a VTOL 600 Warship, a Special Warfare Command aircraft, Attacking the Henoshan army. The Henoshan rushed back to his soldiers as O'Connor attempted to help Gripper get to his feet. More fighting warships made their way into to the scenario as the Henoshan cavalry retaliated opening fire from their machine gun-mounted jeeps. There were explosions all over the place, east and west. The team of heroes had to get out of their as soon as possible, with O'Connor leading them to a helicopter that was landing nearby, ready to for pick-up and once being picked up, the team would be taken to the Special Warfare Command military base, near the Henoshan border.

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He didn't not know what is going on first him and the other guys were having guns pointing at them and now ,well this happen.He saw as O'Connor and the Henoshan Commander , it was something out of a old western show.The sight of the two guns pointing guns right at each other gave Pyrrhus an uneasy feel from just being in the same area as the two men.What he could do is help out by using his alien augmented body but he had a feeling that O'Connor had a ace up his sleeve or at least he hope he did because if he didn't well he might not make it out even if he had his Atherium tech on him.What he could do his if he was fast enough , could call his starfighter , the BlueHawk and put it in auto and get them out of this mess.Just when things were at there worst , it jumps up a notch by a huge margin and then a gun shot echoed , then all hell brook loose.

The next thing that Hawkins know what a very out of the blue firework show. Missiles flying threw the air and hitting Henoshan troops like a water ballon hitting ants.The area was in chaos with explosions and more Henoshan soldiers are coming in there jeeps but only to be stopped by the dangerous fire power that seemed to be endless , coming from the new attackers .Pyrrhus noticed the ragging fire that was forming around the area from the missile strike.Hearing the should yelling belong to the Henoshans while trying to get some in order from the surprised attack.The warships seemed to catch the Henoshans off guard for now at least .

He was looking at the chaos around him and didn't think to see where the other two went .The Star Captain did not recognize the warships but it seemed that O'Connor might know about them. Quickly looking around and spotted them going into the same direction where a helicopter was in.Could this been a way out, Pyrrhus thought while he got up from the ground and started to run for his life , while trying to putting way his anti proton pistols. "Don't forget get aboutme ." Pyrrhus screamed while trying to run towards the helicopter.He did not want to b left behind here and get killed on either side now, he had a lot of things to live for , well for him anyway.

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The last thing Jack remembered was a cheap shot to his ribs just before he fell down hard. Even though it was not one of the hardest hits he ever took, it was still enough to keel him over for a while. What happen next was an organized case of chaos, for during the time it took Jack to get back on his feet O'Connor's back up arrived and in numbers. In seconds the sky filled with Special Warfare Command aircraft that launched missiles on the Henoshan soldiers, killing off a third of them in one strike. As the war continued shots rang out from both sides, but O'Connors top priority was to get his immediate team to safety. While giving Jack a fellow to lean on, the Sergeant began making his way to a helicopter nearby, with orders to evacuate the team and take them to the Special Warfare Command military base, just outside the Henoshan border. But as they ran through the jungle in haste, Hawkins assured his spot on the evacuation ship by shouting out loud "Don't forget about me!"

Once on board and heading off to safety, Jack spent the time getting some well needed rest while O'Connor was still following military protocol. As for Hawkins, he spent the time doing his own thing in his special way, despite the soldiers already on board asking a hundred and one questions about his technologically advanced gear. Still, the soldiers on boards main concern was for the safety and well being of the men they had just evacuated and because of that the three heroes were treated like royalty.

After a short flight, the aircraft finally landed at the Command Base. From the outside it looked no better than the rag tag camp from where the mission started. There was nothing more there, than a few pup tents held together with tape and spit. The place screamed of inefficiency. But as the team walked forth into the camp Jack felt a slight jolt of electricity flow through his body. It was then he saw the camp for what it was. What Jack walked through was the edge of a holographic projection hiding the true sight of the Special Warfare Command Military Base. The true sight of the base was a testament to modern day technology mixed with military order. The land was covered with gear straight out of Star Trek and Star Wars. Men walked by, with weapons that looked like prototypes of Hawkins, while others drove tanks that could take out an entire city. But beside the man power that the base provided there were also buildings filled with the highest caliber of computers that could be transported. It was so overwhelming to Jack, that he had to rub his eyes twice just to take it all in.

But before anyone could say a word, an American soldier with medals up and down his arms stepped forth and threw O'Connor a spot on salute. Afterward he reacted to the Sergeant as if they were the best of friends as he dropped the stiff act and laughed at something one of them said. In the mean time several lower ranked officers rushed up to Jack and Hawkins with orders to supply them with anything they needed. In jest Jack humorously asked “I would love a good steak.” to which one of the soldiers replied back “Filet or T-Bone?” But as Jack and Hawkins were being taken care of like A-list celebrities, O'Connor was ordered to report to one of the main tent like buildings for a update on Nam Drakhart, and from the look of the officer calling him in, it was not good news.

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It was not long before they arrived at the military base. Once there, O'Connor was greeted by his comrades while Jack and Hawkins were given attention. As O'Connor took a brief moment to speak with some of the commandos, he was ordered to report to one of the main tent like buildings for a update on Nam Drakhart. O'Connor went to the nearest tent like building to meet with Colonel Harrison, who called him over. "The only thing I know about Drakhart is that the man is ready for us." O'Connor stated as he began to speak. "There was a heavy compound at the prison camp and they called in for support as we were only able to rescue half of the prisoners there, due to a disturbance." Colonel Harrison completely understood O'Connor. He knew the man since he first became part of the Special Warfare Command and throughout his entire service, he never disappointed his superiors. Harrison had a huge amount of respect for the war veteran and as a former militant himself, Harrison knew the hardships the soldiers go through whenever they go on a mission or simply in an all-out battle. " I understand." he said, " Fortunately all the prisoners were rescued. The other half that was left behind were rescued by one of your allies, a man they call "The Nobody". He led them to one of our helicopters and after that, he disappeared." O'Connor was relieved when he heard that Nobody had rescued the other half, though his roundabouts were unknown.The two continued to talk about the war in Henosha and the missions that were going to undertake. After finishing speaking with his superior, O'Connor left to his tent to get some rest after a tough day. It does not matter how strong and powerful one might be. O'Connor is a die-hard modern-day warrior yes, but the human body has its limits. O'Connor's body was sore, and the man was completely exhausted after taking so much fight throughout the entire day and night.

A Sudden Attack

A few hours passed since O'Connor and his allies arrived at the military base. The sun had not yet risen when the Henoshan military made its way to the Special Warfare Command and launched an attack on the military base. The soldiers prepared themselves for battle preparing their weapons, tanks, artillery, and everything they had and retaliated against the invading army of Henoshan soldiers.

No Caption Provided

O'Connor was among the first to step into the battlefield along with his team, The Wolf Pack, a platoon that consisted of twenty highly trained soldiers, armed to the teeth with M-16s, Handheld M134 Miniguns, and so forth. Before he had made his way out to the battlefield, he first searched for Jack and Hawkins and told them about the sudden attack that had just taken place. "You two need to prepare yourselves. The Henoshan army has just launched an attack and we're going to fight them with all we have. If you want to fight with us, you're welcome to do it, but get ready." Now should Hawkins and Gripper agree to join, the two would accompany him along with The Wolf Pack and fight a seemingly endless battle outside the military base in the shores of Henosha.

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After having one of the greatest steaks of his life, Jack needed to get back to the mission at hand. With a full belly he exited the mess tent just in time to catch the allied soldiers preparing for something big. All around him soldiers ran in military fashion gathering up weapons that they locked and loaded while manning every moving vehicle in the compound. Jack, however, managed to grab one of the soldiers running towards his assigned post and instinctively asked “Hey there Sonny, what in tar-nations is going on here?” With a look of a dedicated soldier bravely heading into the gates of Hell, the individual replied back “Were being attacked by outside forces! As a civilian I must insist that you take cover while we return fire!” The soldier then double timed it to his post while caressing his weapon in his arms

In a state of confusion. Jack looked around trying to get a full grasp on the situation when from behind he recognized a friendly voice. In the midsts of an all out war, O'Connor took the time to flag down the four armed fighter to explain in detail what was happening, “The Henoshan army has just launched an attack and we're going to fight them with all we have. If you want to fight with us, you're welcome to do it, but get ready!

Immediately Jack replied back proudly “We've made it this far together, might as well go the whole ten yards.” At that point Jack mentally commanded his four mechanical arms at the ready and stood ready for battle. “You just tell me what to do and I'll back your play, Sonny.” But just as he was getting ready to do his part, his face quickly turned red as his body began sweating profusely. He then fell to the ground twitching as his arms recoiled back into him. Luckily a field medic was on the scene which immediately gave Jack a once over, and in doing so discovered a enormous infected wound located on the same leg Jack injured earlier in the mission. The medic then looked back to O'Connor and regretfully replied “Master Sergeant, this man is suffering a major case of radiation poisoning. I don't know what happened to you men out in the jungle but this man needs immediate medical attention now or he may not make it.” The medic then injected Jack with a few syringes he had in his kit, then summoned a few more men to help carry Jack back to the base Hospital. As they carried him away the chief medic followed to render Jack all the aide he could but he still needed to give the Sergeant his full diagnosis, “I am positive we can save him but for the time needed to treat him, he will be out of commission for the rest of the mission. Sorry Sergeant, that is the best I can give you for now!

With that said Jack was off to the hospital as many other allied soldiers would soon follow. But from deep deep inside him Jack refused to give in so easily. With his last bit of strength he reached out for O'Connors hand and in a raspy voice he said, “You go and win this (cough) battle for us good guys, you here. A lot of people are counting (cough) on you. Don't you dare let them down.” Overwhelmed with fatigue he finally passed out as he was remove from the battlefield. To some he was a hero, to others a friend, and as his time in this story has come to an end, his name will always be remembered.

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@gripper: @_braveheart_:

All Pyrrhus did when he got off a helicopter was sit down on a what it seems a crate that would hold him but was stopped when the military here started to talk about what is going on.The Captain of the BlueHawk was silent when this happen inly giving a few nods here and there .He need some type of break from all the running and try not to get killed back in the jungle.It was a crazy couple of hours with him and the group fighting off giant bugs that could eat people, dinosaurs both big and small and finally what ever happen an hour ago was pretty much insane.He deactivated his Alpha-12 that was over his sweaty face and finally get some fresh air finally. The fresh air gave him a great feeling with the cool air that was seemed to give him a second wind.He didn't want to eat something but he might get some water bottle if they even have that here.This became one the best breaks

He slowly on got off the crate and then a couple of guys took the crate away right behind.Now he had to get ready but he didn't need a lot of weapons at all to be frank.He look around confused about what to ask for water but after a couple of minutes a friendly sergeant gave him a extra bottle of water .He took a sip of it , it wasn't the best he has ever tasted but it was good enough for him.He was about to take a good walk around the base to check out the defense but then something caught his eye.It was Jack and O'Connor walking to what it seems like the medical center of the base. He could go over and check it out but it seemed that they are doing or he could check out the base defense like he was was plan to do at first.After he stared at that a while he now need to find the bathroom because if you gotta go, you gotta go.

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Alix stared intensely at his computer screen for hours, as he passed the time doing what he loves most research. By now his eyes were worn out from his non stop staring at the big screen, but his dedication to knowledge out weighed his personal discomfort. At this time he focused on a little Province known as Henosha, more importantly, the acts of a brilliant but sadistic dictator known as Nam Drakhart. It was the perfect scenario for him to study, for not only was it a military interest, it had the potential to be a world wide crisis. Usually it was no more than a blip on his big screen, a level four concern on a scale of one to ten, but it was the more recent activities that gathered his full attention. Up until forty eight hours ago, the detail showed nothing more than high levels of radiation and small rebel forces scurrying around. But now there were signs of WAR.

According to satellite readings military movements had increased up to seventy percent while at the same time huge explosions were erupting throughout the jungle. Unfortunately, at the time Alix could not get clear images of the grounds activities, mainly due to the fact that the area was covered with radiation, which has a nasty effect on disrupting satellite feed. Still it was obvious to anyone that the skirmish had turned into a war, which meant sooner or later Drakhart would respond, and that meant nuclear weapons. It was the one constant on any planet, people would fight and people would risk anything to win, even if that victory had a life time of repercussions. The scariest part of it all was that during the Major's research, it showed that the Dictator Nam had no remorse to using such weapons or upon whom he used these weapons against.

After a quick slamming of his fist against his chair Alix leaped up and declared “Looks like I'm going to war again. I only hope I stop this Dictator before he pushes the button and sends this planet into a World War III.” With that said the soldier from another world pulled his mask over his face and suited up. Then, after a once over with his gear and artillery, he loaded the exact position of Nam's mansion into his teleporter and in an instant was off. Normally during these teleportations Alix would feel nothing more than a second or two of numbing bliss, then simply reappear at his new location, but this time something was off. Instead Alix felt his body being ripped apart from inside out. His every cell felt like it was exploding out of his body. Then just as the pain started, it stopped and Alix found himself not in Nam's luxurious palace, but instead a top notch military installation located deep in the jungle, in the midst of preparing for a heated battle.

Immediately Alix ready himself for combat but before he could even raise his shield, five American soldiers surrounded him with their guns aimed directly on him. The one soldier looking him dead in the eyes began barking the orders “You got five seconds to explain how you got here mister and buddy you just wasted three.” But Alix didn't flinch, in fact he didn't look away or even blink. Instead he handled the situation with a calm and cool demeanor. While stalling around for an answer, Alix couldn't help but notice the advanced technology stored within the camp. It was then he figured out that the camps tracking devises mixed with the locations radioactivity must of some how through off the signal of his teleportation devise. Still that knowledge wouldn't help in his present situation so instead he spoke up to the leading officer and said “No disrespect soldier, but I know a thing or two about protocol, and my bet is you can't lay one finger on me, because your primary orders should be taking me to see your commanding officer.” With that said Alix awaited to see where and to whom he would be taken, all the while trying to come up with a new plan to save his neck.

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@major_blackstar: @shadowswordmaster:

Just as he was about to take part in an epic battle, Jack The Gripper suddenly fainted and instantly he was given medical attention. The military doctor discovered an enormous infected wound located on the same leg Jack injured as the group was making their way to the P.O.W camp the day before. The medic told O'Connor that the man needed to be kept in the hospital room and receive medical attention, or otherwise he wouldn't make it. Hawkins was also nearby and saw the infected wound on Jack's leg. With his last bit of strength he reached out for Master Sergeant's hand and in a raspy voice he said, “You go and win this (cough)battle for us good guys, you here. A lot of people are counting (cough) on you. Don't you dare let them down.” Then, he passed out and was taken to the medical center. He was not worried about backup at all, but besides an ally, but even though they did not know each other for long, O'Connor also saw Jack as a friend, a man who never hesitated to fight alongside like any other bravehearted soldier. "You can count on us." O'Connor spoke as Gripper was being taken.

O'Connor could not waste anymore time. The Henoshan military was attacking and the Special Warfare Command was taking the fight to them in the shores of Henosha. He quickly gathered the Wolfpack and soon headed out to the battlefield. As he made his way to the scenario along with his comrades, he saw another platoon having detained a man, who which just by looking at him, O'Connor was able to tell that this certain individual was a highly trained soldier ( in reference of @major_blackstar). As much as he wanted to know what was going on, there was a battle going on, a battle which he and his team had to be involved in. O'Connor had no choice but to continue his way. Suddenly, a missile hit the area where the soldiers and the new combatant were and they immediately turned their full attention to the Henoshan helicopter that was coming their way. This was the perfect chance for the new soldier to take action in whatever form.

O'Connor and his men made their way close to the beach, hiding behind a sandbag wall, created by the Special Warfare Command troops for field fortification, as a defense where they engaged fire against the incoming troops. O'Connor killed a large number of Henoshan soldier, but compared to the number that were coming, it was not enough. So far, it appeared that the Special Warfare Command was gaining the upper hand against the Henoshan military, but the Henoshans showed no signs of giving up. The sky was covered with helicopters firing at one another and explosions almost everywhere in the shore. Nearby, there was a jeep mounted shield equipped mini gun which no one was using. It was the perfect moment for either Major Blackstar or Hawkins to take position of it and open fire on the Henoshan military and kill a large number. Nearby the jeep was a shoulder-launched rocket weapon, a weapon that has a maximum range of 500 metres (550 yd) against a tank-sized target. The jeep mounted machine gun and the rocket launcher were two weapons available for Hawkins and Major Blackstar, weapons that can give any soldier the upper hand in a battle.

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@major_blackstar: @_braveheart_:

He just got out of the bathroom when he heard a commotion going from somewhere to the east of him.Maybe someone came by and caught by the base guards ?He wonder about while he started to walk and find O'Connor , the host of this party.The sound of the base was a bit active but at the same it seemed quite to him.The mood seemed that there were expecting an attack.

When walking around the base he saw Jack badly wounded and O'Connor , he could hear very few things coming from Jack.Seeing Jack grabbed O'Connor's arm and said something to him but it seemed to be about finishing something, maybe this fight ?Now was not the time to stand around there but for action, Pyrrhus thought while activating his space alien tech , that was behind his ear.The Alpha-12 materialize around his head and the HUD light up with life.It was now or never and he was going to help O'Connor and the Wolfpack and finish this jungle businesses.

He hit the sandbag wall hard because he ran fast enough to get caught up with the Wolfpack. Man ,those guys were fast he thought while he was run to them.While was in cover he saw that the attack was going up a level with the missile fire and the freaking helicopter coming right at them.He took out both of his "space guns", which is a name that he gave the anti proton pistols.Poking his head up from the sandbag walls and seeing the Henoshain army coming right at them.

The sound of battle was everywhere with the skies themselves on fire with air to air combat.He was still with the Wolfpack and the other defenders that were there fighting off the invading army.Hawkins would fire burst of the red hot anti proton right at some soldiers but it seemed to be endless with more coming.If there was one thing that he didn't like , it was being here without his interstellar star fighter , The BlueHawk but he made the choice on leaving it in a safe place.

While ducking behind cover of the sandbag wall is where he saw a heavily armored jeep.He was in no place to take it and he was busy firing at the charging soldiers but maybe , Pyrrhus thought.That the one guy he saw a while back could take care of it.When he thought of that a Henoshian attack helicopter , which look like one of those Russian helicopters , MI-24 Hinds .And from the looks of it , it took a shot right in the cockpit.

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The Major stood strong in the face of danger. His eyes locked firmly on the threatening soldier in front of him. Alix knew he was in a dire situation so he needed to choose his words carefully. With a bit of grit in his voice he proudly declared “No disrespect soldier, but I know a thing or two about protocol, and my bet is you can't lay one finger on me, because your primary orders should be taking me to see your commanding officer.” But before anyone could say a word, the unmistakable sound of an incoming missile whistled over head. With only seconds to react Alix cocked back his throwing arm and in one glorious heave launched his shield upwards just in time to not only hit the missile, but deflect it in such a way that the missile exploded safely above the mens heads, high in the air.

But that was not all. In the few seconds it took Alix to throw his shield, he also made his aggressive move against the five soldiers surrounding him. First he placed all his weight on his left foot allowing him to kick the one soldier behind him hard in the stomach. Then still in motion, he reached out with his left hand grabbing the rifle of the closest soldier to his left, then used it as a bat to knock out two others. Now with only two soldiers left Alix finished with his jujitsu only to raise his arm upwards grabbing his shield as it came back down, then spun around hitting one more soldier in his side. All that was left now was the one soldier facing him and Alix had a special plan for him. Still moving incredibly fast Alix used a special technique to disarm the last soldier by reaching out under the extended gun, only to reach up near the wrist removing the gun from the enemies hands and safely holding it in his.

Now with the odds in his favor, Alix held the gun firmly towards the one remaining soldier and intimidatingly cocked the gun. He was ready to begin to interrogate the one soldier for as many answers as he could get, but then the soldier did the one thing the Major never expected. Instantly the one soldier threw the Major a salute and began to laugh. “I don't know who you are fellow but you sure ain't no Henoshan.” Confused Alix asked back “What do you know about the Henoshans and what do you mean?” As the other four soldiers were now getting back on their feet, the one soldier replied “Because you saved us from that missile. Everybody knows that the Henoshan would sacrifice their life just to take out an enemy, but instead, you saved ours.” He then went into detail about the present battle, as well as the master plan to take down the Dictator, or as much as he could divulge without giving away military secrets. He ended his rant with, “and with your moves we could use your help.” Going with his gut the Major handed back the soldier his weapon and proceeded to shake the hands of each individual soldier.

But as soon as greetings were given the one lead soldier, who identified himself as Private Clint, gave the orders “Platoon lock and load we have a fight to win!” Immediately the five men jumped on board the nearest jeep, with Clint behind the wheel. He then looked back to the Major and with a sarcastic tone asked “Well soldier are you coming or not?” With a huge smile on his face Alix jumped aboard the jeep behind the vehicles mounted mini machine gun and replied “Yes sir, and feel free to call me Blackstar!” Then leaving behind only a trail of dust the jeep rolled off to the shore with six men ready to fight.

Upon reaching the shore the area was covered in a thick cloud of gun smoke as shells exploded all around. The one soldier Clint referred to as 'O'Connor' was now standing strong behind a wall of sandbags next to his top notch squad 'The Wolfpack.' Each man was fighting with the heart of a lion blasting away against what was clearly an overwhelming incoming force, but still the Allied soldiers would not give up. Instead they fought harder, following the same desire to win as the one called Hawkins, who continued to fire no matter what. Upon assessing the battle both the Major and Private Clint noticed that although the incoming forces where entering by shore, the overhead attacking helicopters flew in from inland. This was leaving the allied forces vulnerable to their rear. From above waves of choppers which look like MI-24 HindsRussian helicopters, flew in low launching a full load of both missiles and bullets, plowing the jungle shore to pieces. Immediately Private Clint jerked the wheel turning the jeep to the side, where he pointed up and yelled “Men open fire, We need to take those Choppers out, and I mean NOW!

Upon command the men jumped out of the jeep and took a position behind it. One by one they fired their weapons causing minimal damage. When all of a sudden Alix gave the command “Men we need to get those helicopters flying in a diamond formation, so that if we take out the lead the others will crash into it!” Gaining the confidence of the men, the Major continued with his plan by saying “I want you guys to shoot wide forcing the helicopters to close in their ranks. While I take out the lead with (he taps the jeeps mounted mini machine gun) this baby!” As the plan went into effect the soldiers did as commanded with suppressing ground fire, but now it was all up to Blackstar. With determination in his eyes he pulled back on the trigger firing off close to 6000 rounds per minute. With each shot he got closer and closer to his target, finally hitting it head on. With one lucky shot he hit the cockpit sending a bullet through the front glass and then through the pilots skull. As planned the lead helicopter began swerving around only to inevitably be hit by several of the following pilots. Now with a short break in the fighting Alix once again spoke to the soldiers this time in a concerned tone saying “Looks like we took out a few of those enemies but they won't fall for a ploy like that twice. If we plan to win this battle we are going to need a lot more ammo and one heck of a plan!

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The fight was getting more intense every passing minute. The Henoshan soldiers fought unwilling to back away from the battle, with artillery of their own, helicopters, and tanks, while the Special Warfare Command did the same. O'Connor continued to open fire against the Henoshan soldiers as Hawkins came by and fought alongside them. The man had proven the sergeant that he was a man with a huge amount of valor with just going through the very tough challenges that the jungle gave them and continue to fight, which is something not every soldier is willing to pull off. Besides Gripper, O'Connor considered Hawkins as a friend and worthy of the medal of honor.

As for the new combatant (Major Blackstar), he was having hardships of his own in the middle of the ensuing battle. He used his powerful shield to not only protect himself but to protect the five men surrounding him from a missile drop. Then, he disabled the men using his combat skills, but the remaining soldier, Private Clint, formed an alliance with him. Major Blackstar proceeded with shaking the hand of each one of the four soldiers, though they did not look at him with good eyes. The major and the small group of five soldiers went to the shore and there, they fought valiantly in the open field against the Henoshan army. O'Connor noticed the new soldier working alongside with the five Special Warfare Command militants and was impressed as he saw how he brought down one of the helicopters, which collided with the helicopters that were following it, causing great destruction in mid-air. The Major once again spoke to the soldiers this time in a concerned tone saying “Looks like we took out a few of those enemies but they won't fall for a ploy like that twice. If we plan to win this battle we are going to need a lot more ammo and one heck of a plan!” Then, one of the soldiers who the Major was with approached behind him and holding him at gunpoint, he said "Who are you to give us orders?" Private Clint noticed the man pointing Major Blackstar with his gun from behind and he yelled out "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HE'S AN ALLY!" The soldier responded. "Let me kill him." Then another one of the platoon walked over towards the Major also pointing his weapon towards him and spoke, "If you even think for one second you can just come here and give us orders, you're DEAD WRONG!" He continued, "You put your little Jackie Chan fighting moves to good use, I'll give you that! But son, you just made the wrong people mad at ya!" Then,Private Clint stepped in and yelled out, "EVERYONE SHUT UP! THE FIGHT IS OUT THERE! THE HENOSHAN SOLDIERS ARE GOING TO KILL US IF YOU CONTINUE FIGHT LIKE KIDS! DO YOU WANT THAT?" After the man had spoken these words, the soldiers turned away from the Major and went their own way, unwilling to listen to any of his orders. Then, Private Clint spoke a few words to Major Blackstar before continuing to fight, demonstrating comradery, "Don't listen to them. Let them go their way, for now you and I will work together." Private Clint was definitely willing to fight alongside Major Blackstar since he found him to be a great soldier.

Meanwhile, O'Connor ran out of ammo and had to go find another weapon as his team continued to fight. He found a shoulder launched rocket launcher near where the team was an d grabbed it. Returning to his spot, he aimed at one of the tanks that was heading towards Private Clint and Major Blackstar, pulled the trigger, and blew half the tank into pieces, saving the lives of the two soldiers. The sergeant proceeded with reloading the rocket launcher and aimed at another incoming tank. The Special Warfare Command was doing very well so far against the invading army, but how long were they able to keep this up was a question that was yet to be answered.

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@_braveheart_: @gripper:

The siege seemed to grow more and more intense.He saw from the sandbag wall that had holes in it from tank rounds and other heavy weaponry going into.He had to duck more and take quick shots at some of the charging troops.The Star Captain could not believe that it has gotten this crazy but when ever there was a chance that they would think would win , the attackers would return in force.Hearing the sound of gunfire and the motors of the war machines roaring in the battlefield.From where his cover is , he could see the air battle over head getting close with the back and forth fire of the two sides.

Hearing the newcomer , Major Blackstar talking to a Private in a heated conversation in the middle of a warzone.This was not the good idea for this talk , he thought while ducking cover from a small arms fire.Seeing that the siege here didn't seemed to end and he was not a siegemaster of any type didn't feel like he had a plan.Making sure that his body was behind the sandbag cover and started to move towards O'Connor.Moving along side the sandbag wall and stop and hit the ground when he rocket hitting the sandbag wall seven feet behind him, where he was at.Didn't bother to look back to see the damage but a some of the soldiers on his side were there firing at the arm.He reached close enough to yelled at O'Connor who was firing at a second tank.

" I don't supposed you have back up coming ?" Pyrrhus yelled in a robotic voice, wondering if there was any type of back coming.Yelling from the safety from a the sandbag wall that seemed to be okay.In the Alpha-12 HUD he could see incoming helicopter that was in place to fire.Seeing this the HUD auto target and give a flash red warning on the HUD for a second.Switching the anti proton pistol fire to beam instead of burst.The alien enhancements in his body that was given to him by the Circle , and quickly aimed and pulled the trigger.The red and black beam streak across the battlefield and went right through the helicopter, making it explode."So are we going to get back up here or what?" Returning back to cover in the but not before taking his hand off the trigger and switching it back to burst.

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With the aide of a few soldiers, the Major successfully took down several enemy Helicopters all at once. He didn't do it for show, or respect, or even admiration. He did it because it needed to be done. But what he did not expect was venom from the same soldiers he just saved. Four out of the five men next to him were now enraged over the fact he bested them in physical combat earlier. For what seemed like an eternity the Major was held at gun point, threaten both verbally and physically, until the Major's newest friend Private Clint stepped up and defended him. In the midst of the heated argument the lone private continually shouted "EVERYONE SHUT UP! THE FIGHT IS OUT THERE! THE HENOSHAN SOLDIERS ARE GOING TO KILL US IF YOU CONTINUE TO FIGHT LIKE KIDS! DO YOU WANT THAT?" But despite his powerful words the four soldiers turned away and went their own way, unwilling to listen to any of his or the Privates orders. As they left Clint definitely wanted the Major to know he held no ill feelings at all, and in doing so said "Don't listen to them. Let them go their way, for now you and I will work together."

With a new found respect for the lone Private, the Major replied back “Never wanting to back down to someone is an admirable trait, but the wisdom to know when to yield is even higher. I hold no contempt for those men. For I feel if it came down to it, we would each proudly take a bullet for the other.” Now pumping with adrenaline the Private picked up a rocket launcher and two standered military issued machine guns, one which he handed to the Major. Then in a blur they moved in closer to the ranks lining up along the sandbags. Unfortunately, as in all battles, incoming fire comes from all directions, making it near impossible to see every incoming attack. As the Major and the Private where protecting their butts, they both failed to see an enemy tank closing in fast. But just as the one tank was about to fire upon the two, the heroic O'Connor stepped up and with one well aimed rocket launcher turned the tank into a pile of burning scrap metal. It was the first time the Major saw the Master Sergeant in action, and after what he had just seen, he knew full well that the Sergeant was the true definition of a “Heroic Soldier.” Unfortunately, now was not the time for a meet and greet, for now a war was going on, and from the looks of it the Allied Forces were losing ground on the left flank.

In a rush to protect it, Private Clint saluted O'Connor and reported “Don't worry about the left flank, Sir. Me and my friend here will help the soldiers there until reinforcements can back us up.We won't let you down, Sir!” Immediately, the Major and the Private joined up with the weaken soldiers that were fighting hard with their last breath. Some were suffering minor bullet wounds while other were past the level of fatigued, but no matter what they would not stop fighting. Upon the Privates arrival, the men gained a new level of hope and cheered out loud the Special Warfare Command battle cry. In a move to lift the mens spirit higher, Private Clint raised his rocket launcher over his head and with one shot blew away another Henoshan Helicopter that had been pinning them down. Again the allied soldiers cheered out loud as they watched the Helicopter plummet to the ground, taking out a large number of the Henoshan foot soldiers in front of them, in one huge glorious explosion.

But the battle was far from over, as more enemy troops kept moving in from the shore. This time the Henoshans lead with a team of soldiers armed with flame throwers, burning forth a path for their heavily armored tanks. It was a different tactic than the routine machine gun soldier charging in, but still proved to be a dangerous threat. The Allied soldiers fought back, but any time they got close to taking out an enemy soldier the tank would open fire. It was at this point the allied soldiers realized they might be in over their heads. “Damn!” Private Clint declared, “If I hadn't wasted my rocket launcher on the Helicopter I could easily take out that tank.” In response Alix replied back “Don't blame yourself you did the enemy a lot more damage with the helicopter than you would hitting that tank. Still we need to stop that thing and fast.” He then looked at the newly inspired men and asked “Do you fighting men think you could preoccupy the soldiers with the flamethrowers long enough for me to get to the tank? 'Cause if you can I have a plan!” In unison they cheered “Easily” even before hearing the Majors plan and prepared themselves for their next assault.

After taking a few steps back the Major dropped to a three point stand then looked to his men. With a voice of pure confidence and one simple word, the Major yelled out “GO” and the plan was in motion. At that moment the allied forces raised their guns over the sandbags and let loose an impressive ground fire, startling the incoming Henoshan foot soldiers. At that same moment the Major took a running start towards the sandbag wall and the moment he reached it, he pushed off from his right leg, launching himself over four stories high. Now air born he easily glided over the heads of what was now a startled enemy force, to where he landed dead center on the top of the enemies tank. Alix had only second to act before becoming the target of several flamethrowers so with the time he had left Alix raised his shield over his head and slammed it as hard as he could down upon the tanks upper shell. Like a multi purpose can opener the shield ripped through the tank leaving a small gapping hole in its roof and two very surprised soldiers inside. After a quick grab from his utility belt Alix pulled forth two compact grenades and one by one dropped them inside.

With only seconds left Alix kicked it into high gear as he started running back to the safety of the sandbag wall. With each step his speed increased as well as his desire to survive. Luckily the allied soldiers paved him a safe way back home as they poured on the suppressing gun fire. Finally in one glorious movement the Major jumped back over the wall at the same time the tank exploded behind him, launching massive shrapnel towards any Henoshan soldier near by. Once back behind the wall the allied soldiers cheered in unison as they patted the Majors back. The battle was far from over but at least the soldiers were more motivated. Still at this point the Special Warfare Command was slowly getting out numbered, as well as running low on supplies. The men were still willing to fight to the bitter end, when all of a sudden Hawkins asked the one question every man was thinking "So are we going to get back up here or what?"

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@major_blackstar: @shadowswordmaster:

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The sun was now rising, and the country of Henosha awakened with a severe battle in its border, a battle which seemed endless to the soldiers involved, both Henoshans and Americans. The Henoshan military was attacking the Special Warfare Command with full force using everything it had, artillery and equipment of every sort, small and big. The Americans did the same, using almost every single one of their artillery, M113 armored vehicles, VTOL Warships (one of the deadliest warship variants in the military branch), Abrams battle tanks, and so forth. The Americans had superior equipment, but the problem was that the Henoshans were too many and spread across the shore like a plague.

O'Connor saw how his men were fighting and how Hawkins and the newcomer were taking part in this battle, using very strategic and at the same time barbaric tactics against the Henoshans.Then, Hawkins asked, "So are we going to get back up here or what?" everyone around heard Hawkins and looked concerned, even the newcomer. The group of twenty two men discontinued to fight for a brief moment, hiding behind the sandbag wall. The Special Warfare Command was already doing everything it could to drive the Henoshans out of shore, and the odds were overwhelming. Therefore, O'Connor did not know what to answer for a moment and kept silent for a few seconds, looking at everybody around. Then, with an optimistic grin, he said "We already have backup." Then men looked at each other with confusion. "What do you mean?" one of the asked "Our will." O'Connor responded. "When two dogs fight, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog that counts." With these words, the war hero tried to motivate the men to gain courage and continue to fight, for it was not in vain. A sergeant's job is not only to guide his soldiers to war, but to motivate them as well in times of war, when the odds seem to be overwhelming. He continued, "They may be more, but they don't have what we have, and that is faith, and honor. They let their country down fighting for one man's greed. Lets not fail our own!" Perhaps it was not the perfect moment to tell short sermons, but words like these are definitely what any soldier needs in times of war. For the moment, there was no turning back.

Motivated by O'Connor's words, the men rose back up, loaded their weapons, and engaged fire against the Henoshan army. O'Connor then spotted two wounded soldiers unable to get to their feet and tried to escape to somewhere safe crawling. He turned to one of his men, Weapons Sergeant Conrad Johnson, and told him, "I want you to cover me! I need to get those men out of the field. They won't be able to make it on their own." "Yes sir!" Johnson responded. The other men were battling the Henoshan troops and were not able to help O'Connor. Being the only one to give O'Connor support, Johnson incinerated the Henoshan soldiers as O'Connor hopped over the sandbag wall and rushed over to the wounded men, exposing his life. He saw Henoshan troops armed with flame throwers and released fire. The sergeant quickly pulled out one of his M67 handheld grenades and when he threw it at them, due to the fire, the grenade detonated causing a much larger explosion than what an M67 grenade usually causes when it explodes. The Henoshan commandos that were caught in the explosion were either set on fire, or were instantly killed by the explosion. As he made it to where the wounded soldiers were, O'Connor helped them get to their feet and took them to where the rest of his crew were as Johnson continued to fight.

However, O'Connor saw another wounded soldier. This one was a young man,about 21 years of age, who had his left leg blown off by the bombs that the Henoshan helicopters were releasing from above. The bombing was severe, but O'Connor did not want to leave the young boy die. "Fire at the helicopters!" he ordered to Johnson. Johnson fired at the helicopters wildly aiding the sergeant, but then one of the helicopters turned and wounded him. O'Connor attempted to get to where the young soldier was, but the bombing engulfed the area where he was running and was caught by the bombs. "O'CONNOR!!!!!" His men yelled. They wanted to head over to O'Connor, but the firefight was heavy. The man was lying on the floor bloodied, unconscious, and seemingly dead. He saved the lives of many people throughout his time in the U.S Army, men, women, and children, something he was proud of doing. O'Connor had just saved the lives of two wounded men who were out in the open, but no one was able to save him from the enemy. He was still alive, but completely unable to move and his life was now on the line.

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@major_blackstar: @_braveheart_:

Well if he wanted an answer , he got one that is for sure.When O'Connor speech has ended a couple of the soldiers around him were ready for the fight again.To be fair , he should of know that this would happen in the first place but now was not the time to think about it.There was a defense that requires his help now but this battle seemed to be endless and having no back does make him worry about this whole thing now.He was about to talk again but then O'Connor being a good leader and solider was more important then him now and he better cover him.As O'Connor charged right into fire by jumping over the battered sandbag wall and try to save his men.

O'Connor was a couple of feet away from the sandbag wall when Pyrrhus slammed into the wall to get to cover.He was going to help out because he was in this now and is going to help finish it.He made sure that both anti proton guns in both hands and popped from the cover and gave O'Connor the cover he might need.Both anti proton pistols unleash burst of the red and black laser hitting a few soldiers before going back to cover where he could hear gunfire coming right at him.He was pretty much doing what he did last time which was playing a really intense version of that one groundhog game at the arcades.

He saw more helicopter coming right at them but more importantly coming at O'Connor.Hearing O'Connor scream to shot at the helicopters and they did.With the help of a couple of soldiers they did just that.Pyrrhus didn't know what the other did but what he did was the same thing he did last time , but with red and black burst of anti proton energy.Seeing the a two helicopters go down from the hail of gunfire and lasers both crashing a couple of yards away from them but now that wasn't the problem.The new problem was when they were taking down the helicopters O'Connor seemed to get stuck somewhere in the no man lands.This was not good at all they needed a plan but maybe he has an idea that could work."Okay here is what we are going to do here O'Connor is trap up there and need to be pull out,I have an idea but do you guys have an idea?"Pyrrhus said to the people around him to make sure that they knew what was going on.Timing was now the top thing to think about now and they need a plan fast.

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The fight was going poorly for the allied forces. They were low on ammo and spirit, fighting an unrelenting hoard at the cost of many lives. But just as the men were giving up hope, asking for back up, Sergeant O'Connor took charge. With a few well chosen words, he inspired his men to rally again with a burning fire that could not be contained. Once again his men were motivated to fight and win, working together as one and began holding the line. The battle was turning again this time in the Special Warfare Command favor but that didn't mean lives were not lost. On the other side of the sandbags, across the line, O'Connor spotted several of his soldiers wounded bleeding out. Refusing to let them dye he bravely charged forth into enemy territory to save them while being backed up by Weapons Sergeant Conrad Johnson. After a few minutes of glorious heroics, the Master Sergeant saved as many as he could only to be badly wounded at the last second.

At the exact moment O'Connor fell in battle his men looked lost. They had just witnessed an act none could ever conceive. Where it is known that at any time a soldier could fall in battle, none would have expected it to happen to their leader. The men continued fighting on but not with the same drive and determination they previously felt. The fact was they were looking for a man to step forward and take charge, but the man that normally did that was bleeding out several yards away. Alix could easily tell that the Allied forces were lost, and knew he had to do something quick. It was not his place to command, but he was damn sure someone would. Immediately he turned to his closest friend Private Clint, grabbed him tight and looked deep into his eyes. Then just to get his point across he spoke in short simple sentences, “Your fellow soldiers need someone to take charge. That is your leader out there. He is dying for the same cause you and every one here believes in. Someone needs to motivate them just like the Sergeant did before!” Alix then released his grasp and pointed out towards the battlefield where O'Connor was lying and said “You know what to do, Now do it!

Immediately the Private stood up tall and yelled, “Hear me soldiers of the Special Warfare Command. We are the best of the best, trained for any situation, right? Well that is our leader lying out there waiting for us to do something. I say we show him and those bastard Henoshans who we really are. I say we charge in now and don't stop until they're wiped off the face of the Earth. So lets GO!” Then without a second thought he loaded his weapon and charged straight into the gates of Hell. But luckily enough, his words reached the hearts and minds of his fellow men just as O'Connors previous words once did. Now they were motivated again to be the fighting soldiers they were trained to be. In one inspiring act the allied soldiers charged forth like an ocean wave over powering the Henoshan fighting force. The Special Warfare Command fought relentlessly killing enemy soldiers in numbers, while constantly forcing them back step by step. Even the boats the enemy retreated to were now burning hunks of scrap metal, leaving the Henoshans little to no options.

But amidst the carnage of war, Alix had one mission he needed to attend to personally. After following the allied soldiers across the line he immediately moved towards O'Connor. Even though they had never been introduced, Alix could feel a spiritual connection between them. Along the way the soldier from another world was forced to take out an enemy Henoshan, which he quickly did with either a bullet to the head or a decapitating swing from his shield. But the point was he wanted to be the first to reach O'Connor and lend him aid. Now with the war close at an end Alix stood over the body of O'Connor and in a true act of respect, reached out with his right hand, only to help him up. For he knew even if the Sergeant was badly wounded, it would not be wise to show that weakness in front of his men. Therefore Alix's gesture was just a sign that O'Connor had someone to lean on, someone that understood what he was going through, someone that respected him.