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A New Beginning

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Previously holding a minuscule number of shares within Kamelot, the company's (former) executive assistant rose to prominence within the business soon after the death of Andres Knightfall, provisions in his will giving apparent direction that Antonia Dain was to receive the entirety of his business assets upon his end, thus propelling her to a seat in the boardroom, after which a series of events left unknown to most of the world guided her cautiously to the position of majority shareholder.

After the assault by Amaranth and his allies shattered Kamelot and its champions defeated and fragmented, a new "executive liaison" was appointed in Quintus' absence to help the then struggling company back to its feet. In spite of whatever efforts were made, Kamelot never returned to its former glory, creating the ideal environment for those looking to make gains...Well, provided they knew what they were doing.

With her familiar name and face in tandem with previous hard work and achievements having already won the hearts of the board members, Ms. Dain took the failing company by storm, at least behind the scenes. Deliberately working with the Shark repellent measures Quintus put in while simultaneously capitalizing on the suffering state of the business, ingenuity combined with perfect utilization of pathos in the board, and a number of shady deals and practices involving inside information along with subtle manipulations, allowed for a relatively simple, assured victory for the former executive assistant.

Subsidiaries and Holdings, Other Operations

Ambrose Foods

Involved in production and distribution of food and drink products. Generally known for providing low cost goods to those in need, AF frequently partners with other humanitarian organizations, combining rapid response with considerable pro bono manpower. A mostly humanitarian effort, Ambrose Foods, while considered a general success, is only moderately profitable.

Exemplar Logistics & Shipping

As the name indicates, EL&S Handles logistics and intermodal transportation services for almost the entirety of the conglomerate, as well as some other organizations. It is largely responsible for rapid response times for the rest of the company. In addition to shipping and management of physical resources, management and consulting for more abstract resources brings in a healthy revenue.


Quite a while has passed since the heyday of Peak Industries, and not a company since has quite been able to fill the vacuum left in the sector of defense technologies. The acquisition and development of Caliburn represents Avalon's primary attempt to keep control of the market from falling under the influence of a single questionable power. Although boasting hypothetical capabilities far beyond that of the typical company, in addition to the low starting point, a certain hesitance concerning integrity has prompted Antonia to keep a tight lock on what is allowed to be released into the market. Thus, Caliburn is not yet fully remunerative.

Dain Industries

Plainly stated, Dain Industries deals in energy, utilities, and mining, working primarily with traditional energy sources, but experimenting more with alternatives. Looking into areas with lots of cheap land and high amounts of resources, and few regulations, the establishment of mines worldwide provides a decent source of natural resources. Beginning with a focus primarily on electricity, copper mining, and natural gas, Dain Industries looks now to capitalize on the high frequency of destruction from metahuman and other related/unrelated conflicts, turning a more focused eye to infrastructure, enabling a steady source of income from contracts in reconstruction after incidents from particularly volatile (as well as heroic) types.

Knightfall Aeronautics

The (former) branch of Kamelot concerning air and spacecraft. Left relatively untampered with, in respect to Andres Knightfall, who was the most invested in this branch, Knightfall Aeronatics underwent the least change when the company was acquired, maintaining much of the same aims and design, but arguably more exclusivity than before, Dain herself oversees all contracts before they go through.


When hearing "so good, it's magical," in reference to a company working with products from information technology to medical advancements, pharmaceuticals and biotech (and pretty much anything else they can get approval for), most would assume the use of light-hearted hyperbole for marketing appeal. This is done with intent. Behind the scenes of the cheesy slogan, unbeknownst to those outside this particular branch, those working within really do experiment not only with various branches of science, but also with elements of esoterica, working to combine technological and other advancements with these esoteric arts for potential advancements exceeding even what natural science could bring. Headed by Manami Kitajima, Magitek could be considered the favored enterprise within the conglomerate, much like Knightfall Technological Research & Development was to Kamelot. Indicatively enough, on her way to buying out the company as a whole, the first thing Dain did was merge KTR&D and CytoTech into the newly founded Magitek company. Magitek, in fact, has a hand in developments from all branches and subsidiaries, overlooking plans as they are followed through and often receiving a final say before any effects are made live, also receiving a portion of the profits from whatever benefits its input brings about.

Avalon also offers opportunities for internships and a number of scholarships for students, as well as private loans for various purposes.

The Building Itself

Unlike her predecessors, who held to the same land (where The Peak/Kamelot once stood), with the thinking that it was best to remove negative previous associations with the company, the new main headquarters was moved to a location in Los Angeles, the previous location having been scheduled to be destroyed and the land it stood on sold for a profit. Although all of the biggest meetings are held in this new HQ, in order to minimize liability in the case of an accident, each subsidiary holds a separate location elsewhere, at the behest of the active department head. Some, such as the Magitek company in Japan, are located overseas. In addition, many meetings are held with one or more members in separate locations, communicating through Skype, conference calls, or some other method of distant communication.

The building is approximately 1,200 feet tall and contains 80 floors. It houses work areas for each department, providing some accommodations needed in case work needs to be done within the building, as well as laboratories for testing or further studies run by Antonia or other teams of scientists.

The ground floor, housing such things as reception and a public commissary/cafeteria, is nostalgically modeled in many ways the same as the Kamelot of Knightfalls and is, in terms of security, the lightest and most lenient. Anyone (barring special sanctions) can enter this area, and upon entering the building, the first area one comes into contact with is reception. To proceed further, acceptable statement of business and admittance is required.

Reception Area
Reception Area

Likewise, most anyone can gain access to the ground floor commissary & cafeteria, and although a wide variety of foods, from a simple snack or sandwich to a fully cooked, full course meal, may be prepared, you pay for time and quality. Alternatively, there is also a buffet for those who prefer self-serving. Rumor has it, as good as things would appear on the ground floor, they don't even compare to the employee-only areas.

Commissary & Cafeteria
Commissary & Cafeteria

The "public workspace" extends up to the thirtieth floor. These areas are, in actuality, not all completely public, but meetings with those outside of the company, as well as scheduled tours for general public, may go up to this level and no further, unless otherwise specified. Not to be wasteful, these floors are used for work, but only those projects developed and considered allowable for the outside world. On each floor are lavatories, laboratories, and lounges, as well as unique rooms individualized for the various subsidiaries and departments.

Beyond that, private projects take place away from the prying eyes of outsiders, and scientists are allowed to express their unbridled curiosity, largely unhindered by the constraints the world imposes on the scientific community for discovery.

A Private Lab
A Private Lab

On the first floor, as well as every floor number divisible by three and connected to every laboratory, there is room for an infirmary and emergency medical equipment in the case of emergencies. This is to ensure the possibility of care for any nearby injured both inside and outside of the building, as well as accounting for incidents resulting from deliberate experimentation on behalf of individual departments. Each infirmary from the first to the thirtieth is provided stock by the company itself. Above that, the department heads are held responsible for allocating resources and funds to the medical areas, accounting for any materials not included or, conversely, extra inclusions they wish to provide, of course, overseen and checked by Antonia herself as a measure to ensure nothing is too poorly maintained in the name of cutting costs.


The seventy-ninth and eightieth floors are reserved for Antonia's public executive offices. She alone is allowed to come and go as she pleases. Others may be allowed at her discretion, but this far, the only glimpse anyone has received of either of these floors since the building was constructed is the wall behind her when communicating via video conversations. Both floors are, in fact, constructed with a set of defense measures, including lead-lined in order to make trouble for intruders from the outside.

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The Cave

Inspired by Quintus Knightfall's secret hideaway, Antonia constructed, without the knowledge of anyone else in the company, a base hidden deep underground for those operations deemed too secret even for her secluded offices located aboveground. Aside from herself, only select friends and acquaintances are trusted enough for her to willingly give clearance. In addition to the secret of the cave's existence, the means to reach it are few, confidential information. Inside are Antonia's own private laboratories, controls, monitoring systems, and more. This is where she holds equipment for what she calls "extracurricular activities," namely those involving vigilantism. A series of connected platforms blended with natural architecture, below is a deep, black abyss. What, if anything, is down below, and where one should land if they fall, is a mystery.

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The Power Source

To hold up appearances, Avalon runs on electricity just as any other building might. However, in the case of a power disruption, especially a deliberate outage in the wake of an attack, emergency power is provided via a particle accelerator remodeled after that given to Antonia by Andres Knightfall sometime before his death. Capable of unheard of energy outputs made possible primarily by high-speed collisions, this also powers the automatic defenses of the building whenever they should be engaged.

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The A.I.

All functions not manually controlled within Avalon are maintained by a smart artificial intelligence most often referred to by Antonia as Aeon. Connected to the building by no discernible means via hardware, there is almost nothing to suggest the AI is tied to the building in any way. Although capable of mobility and controls outside the grounds of Avalon, most people within the company, save for members of the board, are unaware that it is even there, and even fewer - that is to say, only one - are aware of the truth behind it.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, it is, in fact, a complete replication of Andres Knightfall's consciousness fed by the direct upload of the Palabra del Dios into a quantum computer. While understanding the importance of maintaining Andres' mind as closely as possible, there are minor adjustments, such as the potential selective elimination of emotions, dispensable at Antonia's will, in order to provide defense against attackers using empathy (looking at you, Shini-Shiho) and to prioritize defense of Avalon and its denizens from the likes of even those Andres considered dear friends in life. Aside from minute deviations and possible alterations, with every memory and piece of knowledge Andres ever held, Antonia possesses a potentially perfect replica of the Knightfall A-Lister's consciousness.

Typical Defenses

Hoping to prevent another incident like the Amaranth-led assaults befalling both its spiritual predecessors, fueled by Antonia's obsession with perfection, Avalon boasts defenses building upon those instituted by The Peak and Kamelot. In addition to internal lockdown protocols, activation of magnetic fields may be used to keep persons and things inside or outside of certain areas, also serving as a barrier to attacks and general protection from The Ω Protocol. A little-known secret is that, somewhere within the building, source particles are located, though for what reason, exactly, is unknown. Measures have been taken to inoculate Avalon from attempts to get a view from the outside as well, including windows doubling as reflective surfaces in the vein of two way mirrors, complemented by holographic projectors allowing the selective display of fabricated events, typical or otherwise, for the outside.

For the occasion that a VIP or other outsider (such as intruders or inspectors) should visit one of the higher levels, there is what is referred to as a "dynamic defense." Inspired by certain deviations on the thoughts of moving skyscrapers and memories of "hammerspace," potential for the building's internal spacial reorganization, as well as a system of doorways for individual controlled instantaneous travel, is manned by the intelligent A.I., or manually at the will of employees with a heightened degree of authorization. This defense reroutes power to achieve reorganization possibly without disrupting inner workings or even immediately notifying those inside or out that anything has changed. Most familiars inside simply assume they got lost or took a wrong turn, lightly joking how "the CEO is a scientist, this place is a maze and we're the real lab rats." It is entirely possible for one to unknowingly walk into a completely different floor and be none the wiser, considering most hallways look the same.

Controlled by the virtually omnipresent A.I., hidden within the walls, and emerging only when necessary, are mechanical shooters of bullet-like projectiles. Dangerous enough on their own, in addition to wounding shots, though generally reserved for higher profile cases, they are capable of dispensing specialized, more lethal projectiles which function to enter a hostile's gravitational field and decrease the outwards pointing forces of a body's internal pressure, allowing the inwards pointing forces to cause the target to gravitationally collapse into nothingness.

In light of a number of intrusions via teleportation and other alternative means, one of the latest implementation in Avalon defenses incorporates instantaneous reactions and replication of the zero field control to deter such intrusions. Upon detecting a threat or unwanted presence, the AI is able to instantaneously determine identity and threat level and may act accordingly. Most often, this may include transposing another object with physical mass into the space, thereby preventing occupation of the same space without harm done to one or both objects (depends on what objects are interacting), or otherwise manipulating and displacing all mass in the target area (i.e., the intruder's entire body mass) elsewhere, removing them from the building via another form of teleportation, forcibly removing trouble from the building.

Unbeknownst to most, for security reasons both the main office and the underground cave are on an entirely separate grid from the rest of the building.

[In addition to typical security, I am in the process of noting my "Anti-Amaranth security measures," since he kills corporations.]

Note: We are a high class corporation, and every one of our employees must, among other things, pass a grammar test in order to gain and maintain their position within the company. We won't hire idiots.


  • This is the thread for the main headquarters, located in Los Angeles. Anybody can visit (though I don't expect much of that), but not all areas are open to the public. Ms. Dain takes meetings by appointment or her own volition.
  • The locations of the individual subsidiaries and holding companies are scattered. In the event that anyone should wish to visit any of them, probably a PM and after that, Locale Anonymous or another thread would be appropriate.
  • You can attack if you want, I guess, but I'd prefer not to destroy my building right away. [But PM me if you have an idea, and if it's good enough and/or I like you enough, I'll probably say okay, after a while.] Sell security reasonably. Not the security guys security; do whatever you want to them, if you're that powerful or skilled or whatever. But for certain more sophisticated forces and security measures (if I ever get around to feeling like making them), a "no bunnying" policy may be adopted.
  • No godmodding. That includes, especially so, of information. Your characters are not automatically aware of secrets, no matter who they are. No automatically knowing the security measures or defenses, no automatic spying inside the building, nada. If you think you might be overstepping, err on the side of caution. Ask, and if you have a pitch and I like it, I'll probably say fine.
  • General CVnU rules, however, do not apply. Consider this a dead zone for that kinda stuff. [Kidding. The rules do apply.]
  • Thread owner reserves the right to refuse anyone's acknowledgement/RP, for any reason or no reason. "Impero rules" (as I have now coined the term) apply. That means if you show up and I deem you a nuisance, your post may as well not even exist. [That means - and especially so - you, Nerx.]
  • Other than that, this is a No-Fun Zone. So don't have fun!
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Ah, so that's why you wanted Source Particles! Nice work ^__^

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@clara_mass: Thank you!

You want in? I'm not sure what that means and that makes me nervous. But.....You sent the PM! To me. Please?

@inner_demon: Thank you. I'll meet with Beremud and we'll discuss my imprisonment over lobster (before he disappears inexplicably).

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@mercy_: Hehe, thank you.
Add me to that other PM and we'll talk, if you really do.

Oh, Elsa.

@beremud: Fair point. Okay, I won't organize a disappearance.

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@antonia: One good turn deserves another.

Calls off the saboteurs.
Calls off the saboteurs.

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@beremud: Yes, absolutely so.

Secretly leaves the hackers in place anyway.
Secretly leaves the hackers in place anyway.

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@_goliath_: One of these days I'll drop some giant robots on the planet for you to have some fun with. ;)

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Oh my. A Duchess commendation? If I wasn't feeling special before, I am now.

@valerie_huntington: Really, though, thanks.

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An identified intellectual, futurist, and innovator, the Mercurial Madridista, affluently adorned in the sartorial suavity of Ermenegildo Zegna, partakes in the continental peregrination from Spain to the United States. With the highly publicized emergence of Avalon beguiling his attention, the perpetually dapper Madridista, particularly intrigued by the Knightfall Aeronautics subsidiary, formally requests a meeting with renown entrepreneur Antonia Dain. Emerging from the posh interior of a midnight-blue Mercedes-Benz limousine, Santi Porthos charismatically sets foot inside the grandiose infrastructure, the citrusy flair and aromatic titillation of Dior Homme Cologne atmospherically announcing his anticipated ingress.

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@la_espada: The trials since the fall of Kamelot and subsequent rise to prominence did little to change Antonia on a fundamental level. Possessed of the same meticulous work ethic that governed her when she herself was merely an assistant, whether by purposeful demonstration or accidental force of habit, the CEO had become known for showing up her own receptionists, making their presence somewhat redundant. She was already at ground level when the man with whom she'd scheduled the meeting arrived, admitting him with a punctual greeting. "Mr. Porthos. Welcome to Avalon," she started with a measured smile. "Do you mind if we walk and talk at the same time? That way we can cover things more quickly." With that, she had begun to start off already, at the very least leading away from the public area.

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Meeting the Avalon CEO's tame smile with one of gallant magnetism, Santi issues a subtle, introductory inclination of the head, "Gracias Ms. Dain", showcasing his gratitude with captivating sincerity, the Spaniard continues, his steps two feet behind the prospective entrepreneur as per the demands of his gentlemanly mannerisms. "I don't mind at all bella", coolly dismissing any perceived discontent with conversing as they walk, the Posh Prophet begins. "Tis quite impressive that you've managed all of this. This had become quite the financial disaster in recent times", he pointed out, "But a touch of brilliance did away with that, no?", half-teasing, half-commending Antonia's laborious efforts. "My first intention was to buy some stock but I've found myself particularly interested in your Knightfall Aeronautics subsidiary".

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@la_espada: "Well, luckily I was possessed of a few distinct advantages over those who came just before me," she responded back, lightly tapping her fingers to her temple. Leading him to an elevator on the far side of the room, she stepped on, waiting for his entry to begin the ascent, sending the two of them to the thirteenth floor. An amused but somewhat bittersweet smile became apparent on her face as he spoke, his words and overall manner reminiscent of the late Knightfall who previously dealt in the Aeronautics industry. Something about Spaniards and space, I guess, she joked in her head before shaking it off and proceeding down the hall, motioning with her eyes for him to follow. "And would I be correct in assuming that, by this visit, you're not hoping for a simple investment in Aeronautics? Please, elaborate."

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"Hm, lucky girl", a daintily rapturous smile adjoined to his cheekily escaped words. Insouciant footsteps following behind the cordial woman, sapphire blue eyes coolly surveying the technological architecture of their ambiance as they converse. "You would be si", the Madridista confirmed, hands flippantly fit in the silk-lined interior of his Zegna dress pants' pockets. "I'm an innovator my dear, an intellectual. I have a profound appreciation for the pursuit of knowledge and scientific development. Particularly space.. obviously", he subtly jests with cosmopolitan charm and panache. "I will be blunt with you, Ms. Dain. I'm interested in heading the Knightfall Aeronautics subsidiary. It will be in capable hands bella, I can assure you. But", he pauses, "I understand this is quite the bold request to make. But you cannot go too far with modesty, no?", an electrifying smirk complimenting his words' conversational savoir-faire.

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@la_espada: Following his elaboration, Antonia gave pause for a moment, staring at the space in front of her with a satisfied smirk. "Mr. Porthos, false modesty will get you nowhere in this world. I'm glad you understand that." Then she continued down the hall, ensuring he should get a good view of the public labs on the floor, several indistinct and a few more potentially noticeable projects in the works for less specialized audiences. "I'm glad you're so certain of yourself. Your predecessor would love it. Rest assured you'll have your chance to prove it," she gamed, casting a playful wink over her shoulder. "But of course we can't just let anyone waltz in with confidence and hand them a high profile position in the company." At that, she stopped and turned to face him directly, gazing expectantly. "We'll need a copy of your credentials for records and review. How soon can we expect that?"

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@antonia: (His predecessor would indeed ;)

While remaining appropriately immersed in the diverting banter, the Spaniard's visually sharp, cerulean eyes took in the picturesque sight of the displayed laboratories, his bio-electrically aggrandized mental faculties feverishly processing, analyzing, and comprehending the visually acquired information. "Those are very impressive projects, Ms. Dain", Santi sincerely complimented, betraying no obvious impressed disposition despite genuinely being so, a subtle curl of the lips serving however, as a somewhat obscured indicator. "But of course bella, that would be detrimental to the business after all. But I will be a benefit", reciprocating her playful wink with one of ocular dynamism, his left hand emerged from his pocket, an alabaster iPhone 5S in view as he instructs his limousine's chauffeur via text message to set foot inside the building with the brought copies of academic and business credentials.

"My chauffeur, he is in the reception area with the copy, a bachelors in economics and a doctorate in business administration, both from the University of Cambridge. Tis best to come prepared to these things, no?", he suavely remarked, "With your authorization, he can be escorted to this floor. But I sense that something more demonstrative would pique your interest". His sapphire blue eyes transfixed on the sight of one of the laboratories dabbling in quantum-mechanical phenomena. "Perhaps, Ms. Dain, something involving quantum mechanics? If you, and the gentlemen over there, don't mind of course", his mouth augustly curling upwards in a smirk of sportive enticement as he turns to face the Avalon CEO.

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@la_espada: [Commencing conspiracy theories...]

Delighted with the turn of events, and more so by the implications of Santi's preparedness, she responded with a gracious nod. "I'll have my personal assistant bring them up," she stated, using one of her free hands to send a quick text to have him met in the lobby. Ever curious by the promise of demonstration, the possibility that he may take a hands-on approach in applying expertise made him more and more valuable in her eyes. "Please, do. They don't mind," she stated in a slightly raised voice, as if to command the men at work to be compliant, in case their tendency to be possessive of their work should create a hostile environment and bad impression. Waving him into the lab, Antonia followed closely behind, motioning the others aside with her stare. "Don't hesitate for anything. If you need anything, they'd be happy to oblige."

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@antonia: (LOL..)

"Muy bien bella". Following her lexically awarded authorization, Santi flippantly approached an untouched whiteboard, his left hand reaching for a vibrant, rubicund marker. "Gentlemen", issuing an urbane nod of socially captivating courteousness in the scientific collective's direction, his dynamic, cerulean eyes however, primarily attentive to Antonia's, the Madridista began, turning round to face the unblemished whiteboard. "I'll try to keep this relatively engaging", he winsomely remarked, a cavalier smirk bedecking his impeccable facial features. Trailing the marker along the whiteboard's surface, drawing clear geometric illustrations and diagrams as he speaks, the Spaniard maintains a captivating degree of social magnetism to counterbalance the atmospheric austerity of the situation.

"Here I'm illustrating a hypothetical model for a unique quantum computer. For the purpose of maintaining this quantum computer immune to things like electromagnetic forces, let us comprise this model of electrically neutral particles, like neutrinos", pausing for conversationally necessary, attention-seizing effect. "These particles, as you gentlemen know of course, can only interact with weak-subatomic force and gravity. It can pass through ordinary matter unimpeded. And because quantum superposition is showcased by neutrinos, each neutrino in this hypothetical quantum computer can perform more than one task concurrently, as opposed to sequentially". Continuing, nearing his conclusion, the Spaniard turns round, meeting the eyes of those in attendance, a tame smile of enthralling pizzazz gracing his features.

"You are all men of science. Surely you know the kind of processing power such a quantum computer would be capable of. And surely you know of the possibilities of exploiting quantum superposition. I can understand skepticism however, this seems highly theoretical, no?", his inquiry, mildly rhetorical, his comely smile widening, "I'm afraid tis not mi hermanos. I mean, I have a fairly identical model, but only I used slightly altered axions instead of neutrinos. In fact, I've brought it here with me should anyone in particular", eyes dallying on Antonia, "Want to see".

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@amaranth: I swear when I saw the name there as the last post, I thought that's what was happening.

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@antonia said:

@amaranth: I swear when I saw the name there as the last post, I thought that's what was happening.

Haha, that's silly!


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@nordok: That's the worst kinda way you could attack!

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We mounted a little Shiho on the roof to take things like that.

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@la_espada: "No need to worry about them. It's their job to know this kind of thing. Go ahead, take them back to their intern days." Folding her arms, she watched him with an engaged smile, her own eyes practically freezing into lock on his movements and drawings, wholly attentive herself to his words. About midway through the explanation, however, though her ears remained properly focused on spoken word, her eyes, and jointly, her mind, diverted considerably more attention to the man himself. Her rational mind denied that she would even consider such thoughts, but some other indescribable part of her felt the similarities all too eerie. Nevertheless, she said nothing until snapping back to reality, in full, to answer his question.

Before she could respond, an intrusion in the doorway caught her attention. A young, blonde girl with blue eyes and an indistinct glare, holding a multi-tabbed folder, whom Antonia promptly introduced. "This is my personal assistant, Trinity Blue. And I assume these are the records?" The girl nodded absently, still glaring at Santi as if sizing him up, though she was promptly dismissed with a wave of the hand once Antonia held the records, before her tetchy manner could be too much of a problem.

"Please, go on," Antonia kindly invited him to resume from where they had been before the interruption.

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Though a more technologically appropriate example would be the expressionless Madridista Mask, the Spaniard's intentions of maintaining the secrecy of his 'Espada' identity hold greater priority over whether or not he manages the sought out high-profile position in the Knightfall Aeronautics subsidiary. "I appreciate the concern bella, but I'm not worried", his august features graced by a smile of captivating dynamism, "About them of course. These gentlemen, I'm sure know this, and share my.. enthusiasm". Tersely pausing following Trinity Blue's anticipated arrival, Santi met her profiling gazing with a quickly cast wink of fetching pizzazz. Shifting his attention back to the renown Dain, the Madridista continued, "This, is it".

Coolly reaching into his pocket, his right hand emerges with a minuscule, glossy onyx sphere resting atop his palm. "It works via a link to my brain. Tis commanded by thought", he paused, a picturesque, translucent holographic projection of crisp clarity generated before his sapphire blue eyes. Mouth curling with sportive charm, he continues, "Is there anything in particular you'd like me to demonstrate, Ms. Dain?".

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@la_espada: Shaking her head lightly as the girl exited, Antonia laughed internally at his reaction to Trinity's testy attitude. "It'll probably be a while at least before you'd get her to like you. She doesn't like anyone much yet."

A demonstration, logically, would be the final step in securing favor. There would be the time to review his documents, but aside from a few things to ensure, that was just a formality at this point. "Surprise me. And I assure you, there's no reason to worry at all about attention. I should be at least as invested in being attentive as these men, considering they should already know this."

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