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Aurora - Mobile Base
Aurora - Mobile Base

A large mobile base built by the combined efforts of Achilles and Thee Champion, Aurora acts as the American God's primary residence, as well as the mobile headquarters of the superhero team; Alpha Guard. Found drifting across the sky during night and in harsh corners of Antarctica during day, Aurora is not only home to Achilles, but to his starship - the Blue Eagle - and many a technological and scientific marvel man has never beheld.

⍟ The Team - Alpha Guard

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Although initially built to accommodate Achilles and his helper-bots, Aurora has since come to serve as the mobile headquarters for superhero team - Alpha Guard - consisting of Achilles himself and the following, all of whom are equipped with teleporters linked to Aurora itself:

  • August Hearst: A Norse god of noble lineage and thundering might.
  • Duchess: A Venusian warrior draped in the beauty and starlight of a foreign cosmos.
  • Apex Predator: An emerald titan whose strength and heart know no bounds.
  • Ren: A spy with the cold focus of an assassin, the golden heart of a hero, and the power of mutant genetics.

Assembled as an answer to the power mad despots roaming the cosmos and metahuman terrorists ravaging city after city, the Alpha Guard fights for the survival, prosperity and self-determination of mankind, and plans for future threats both real and imagined.

⍟ The Vessel - Technology & Internal Layout

✬✬ Armored-Xeno Hull ✬✬

Resilient and well-armored, Aurora features a hull forged from an element called "Xeno" mined from a different universe altogether. Comprised of exotic matter found only in the universe from which it hails, xeno is - at the quantum level - made of only one type of quantum as opposed to the usual four. And past the quantum level, xeno only features one color of gluon, all of which combine to create an element with strange and unique properties. Lightweight and capable of annulling most conventional objects/forces that interact with it, xeno exhibits absurd strength and durability.

Sheets of xeno woven with a diamond chemical vapor deposition are crushed into super-dense layers to create a bulletproof, explosion-proof, ultra-durable, weather and temperature resistant material for Aurora's hull.

✬✬ Flight-Tech & Power Source ✬✬

Bearing greater similarity to a superstructure than an actual vehicle, Aurora requires non-standard sources of energy to make operations possible. For propulsion, the vessel uses large deuterium-tritium fusion reactors kept in vast chambers. These fusion reactors power many of Aurora's fundamental systems, including several aft-mounted plasma engines that propel the vessel. Furthermore, Aurora uses non-reactive fifth force drives for standard maneuvering, hovering and general anti-gravity purposes. The fifth force in question is a telekinetic fifth fundamental force responsible for countless anomalous observations that modern science is unable to reconcile with existing theories.

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A vast and powerful force to whom atoms respond more strongly than electric forces, the fifth fundamental force transmits an enormous of energy which most often manifests telekinetically. Aurora's fifth force drives act as receiving and transmitting devices of the fifth force by bearing technology that is uniquely sensitive to the properties of the mysterious fundamental force. In addition to it's deuterium-tritium fusion reactors, Aurora is also home to nuclear reactors powered by a mysterious mineral by the name of astronium. Found in the same universe from which xeno hails, astronium obtains superconductive properties from mineral refinement. By relying on the superconductive properties of refined astronium, Aurora's nuclear reactors use the mineral as a powerful fuel source.

However, instead of doing so via fission or fusion, Aurora's nuclear reactors use astronium as power converters, directly converting an unknown percentage of the mineral's mass into energy.

✬✬ Miscellaneous Technologies ✬✬

Among the countless technologies of Aurora are waste-consuming nanites, helper robots, virtual intelligence computers, holographic systems, auto-piloting systems, fifth force-powered force fields and barriers for armor and hull-reinforcements and so on. Aurora features an incredibly sophisticated scanning system, one which includes a vast range of passive and active scanners ranging from visual, thermographic and radio detectors to radar and laser detection. This scanning system provides long range topographical scanning resolutions and can deploy a multi-static grid of radar-emitting nanites that deliver a digital elevation model at 15 meters per pixel resolution.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

For slower scanning and rendering speeds ideal for geological and biological prospecting, as well as archaeological research and long-term security surveillance, the scanning system can lower to 0.001 millimeter per pixel while the spherical geometry of it's multi-static grid enables exceptional cross-sectioning and a stiff resistance to electronic countermeasures. A secondary set of nanites manifests as a nano-filtering system that eliminates airborne toxins and enemy nanites. Furthermore, they recycle exhaled carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. A tertiary set of nanites are deployed as espionage units that use an algorithm which incorporates sound to read passive sounds through video to analyze the imperceptible vibrations made by sound waves on surfaces.

When paired with their electroacoustic transducer technology, these nanites use the algorithm to turn imperceptible vibrations into audible sounds, enabling them to recover the intelligible speech from a group being recorded some 40 feet away behind soundproof glass. And because the best results need the video's frames per second to be higher than the frequency of the audio signal, these nanites also work as high-speed nano-cameras.

✬✬ Decks ✬✬

As a ship, Aurora's internal layout is organized in decks, all of which are as follows:

  • Achilles' Quarters:The first and topmost deck of Aurora is completely taken up by Achilles' quarters. It is located directly under the exterior pressure hull. Beyond standard comforts like a bed, bathroom, desk and furniture, the American God's quarters possess a private terminal for basic communication and ship monitoring purposes.
  • Data Center: The second deck and one of the largest is home to Aurora's research and tech labs, communications room, bridge, primary airlock, and so on. From the bridge, Achilles himself or Aurora's virtual intelligence computer systems can pilot the vessel while engaging in communication with the roaming helper bots. The control panel next to the pilot's seat can be used to open and close the hull's fifth force shields.
  • Team Quarters: Aurora's third deck features observation rooms, the Alpha Guard's quarters, life support systems, bathrooms, the main battery, the medical bay, kitchen, and so on.
  • Drive Bay: Here, drive cores and a string of Aurora's robust engineering is housed.
  • Hangar: The lowest of Aurora's deck is the hangar, wherein the armory can be found, as well as the Blue Eagle.

⍟ The Fortress - Security & Defenses

✬✬ Stealth Systems ✬✬

Despite it's size being comparable to an aircraft carrier, Aurora exhibits powerful stealth technology consisting of various systems geared towards limiting the sound, light and heat it generates. Firstly, Aurora incorporates vibranium-based stealth systems to absorb the sound waves the vessel produces. Secondly, Aurora makes use of a photonics stealth system that temporarily stores the photons the vessel generates, preventing it's light from reaching eyes etc., affording it short-term invisibility.

Finally, because the heat generated by it's on-board operations renders it easily detectable to thermal scanners, Aurora's third stealth system can temporarily store the heat it generates in lithium heat sinks kept deep within it's hull. However, the stored heat must eventually be radiated lest it run the risk of scorching Aurora's insides via heat accumulation.

✬✬ Armament ✬✬

In addition to standard military armament e.g. EMPs, ship-to-ship missiles and so on, as well as more exotic variants such as particle beam weaponry and fifth force cannons that project powerful telekinetic blasts, Aurora also features large magnetic cannons. These cannons fire massive metal slugs via a linear arrangement of magnetic fields coiling down a long shaft to increase the slug's velocity and consequently, it's kinetic energy, to monstrous heights. The slugs themselves are depleted uranium cores jacketed with ferric lining to magnetically propel them.

The second round of Aurora's weaponry however, is subtler. A network of deployed nanites swarm enemy ships before bursting into stormy electromagnetic clouds of energetic particles which burn out the electronics in enemy ships to render them impossible to pilot. Aurora is also able to fire missiles which produce ultrasound waves meant to disorient pilots with crippling headaches and nausea.


  1. Standard RPG rules apply e.g. no godmodding, no-selling etc.
  2. This is a character base/team base. This is an enormous ship that's often drifting through the night sky (upper atmosphere), so it's not too crazy if your character got curious and decided to show up.
  3. During daytime, the ship is landed in Antarctica, so unless you frequent Antarctica, you'll probably only see this thing at night.
  4. If you want to attack this location for whatever reason, shoot me a PM on this account or on Grimmwald, King Leo or any of my other alts that I'm active with.
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This is awesome, Impero! Good job! ^_^

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Yes!!!! This is such a well done thread. I love it ^_^

Them armaments though!
Them armaments though!

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Amazing, as with all your projects. Maybe Helena might visit when she finally accepts the title “Shield-Maiden” and her fate ?

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Question: Are you in any field of science?

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@thesentinell: Math and economics (which I consider a science, LOL).

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*One shots ship*

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@8th_wonder: Cool cool, do you think you could explain to me the full details about this fifth force in DMs, if you have a chance! (Economics is a science XD)

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Well this doesn't certainly look like a home-base for a superhero team.

Awesome work. Should be proud of it.

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@8th_wonder: I've gotta say, I love the location. And your take on Captain America.

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Impero this is legit! Im excited to see what you planned for this!

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Well, that's one way to get me to wanna meet with you. I like shiny new places.

And someday, after it's long abandoned, it will be mine.

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"Aaron 'Crusher' Creed"

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The name echoed long and loud in the American God's mind. It gave him no impression of a man inclined to surrender to reason, but instead - a vile opportunist whose joy comes from the power he holds over those weaker than he. So as Achilles strode through the armored halls of Aurora with Apex, the Emerald Titan, by his side, he glanced at an unconscious Aaron Crusher. Held inside fields of virtual particles popping in and out the folds of reality, Aaron Crusher was in a prison that few forces could breach. Arms crossed over his chest, and his face writ with a quiet but steely intensity, Achilles gazed upon his prisoner with contempt.

"So, this is the man who enjoys absorbing people's powers to then use and abuse them according to his and the Ghosts' needs", he paused, as though he were waiting for Apex to confirm what he'd already been told. "If his liberal use of that power-set tells me anything, it's that he feels a rush when he gains power - especially - if it entails stealing someone else's. Make himself strong, and the other person weak". Interrogating him then, became an easier task. Uncrossing his arms, Achilles took a short step forward. His face caught the cool glow of the virtual particle fields, and he crouched before Aaron 'Crusher' Creed like a father intent on taking his son's favorite toy.

"We're going to make him feel powerless".

Aaron was a metahuman. A mutant? Half-alien? The superhuman product of experimentation? It didn't matter. His body hosted genes necessary for the expression of his powers. So, with a gesture to Aurora's V.I., Achilles' instruction rang clear. A stream of nanites flowed through the air, and for the tick of a second, they were allowed past the virtual particle fields. They'd glide into Aaron's body, cling to his cells and de-power him by altering his DNA sequences.

"Wake up, Aaron".

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This place is a wonder to behold and few hold the splendor that Apex sees as he walks by the Dreamer's side. The Green Titan has traveled all over the world and seen many wonderful, as well as beautiful sights. But the Aurora is one of the few things that stand a mark above the rest. Apex can only wonder what technological wonders this place holds. It's like stepping into an epic sci-fi movie.

Apex is grateful it's halls can accommodate his massive size and height. But when he follows the 8th Wonder through a door, he has to bend his head down a little to enter the room. Once Aaron is set up and his powers stripped away, Apex nods in confirmation to what the Star Spangled Saint says about Crusher's cruel enjoyment of absorbing another's power but he remains stoic and says nothing other than a simple nod.

"If his liberal use of that power-set tells me anything, it's that he feels a rush when he gains power - especially - if it entails stealing someone else's. Make himself strong, and the other person weak."

Upon this second statement, however, Apex makes a comment, "And the more powerful one is, the more of a rush he feels." He says, remembering when Crusher absorbed his powers and the rush it sent through his body. But despite this, the Green Man of the woods still prevailed over his opponent when they fought earlier.

Apex likes the statement of making him powerless, more specifically the 'we' part. He already feels like a part of the team. Aaron awakes soon after this, puzzled at first as to where he is. But then he lays eyes on Apex and the 8th Wonder. He tries to break free but with his powers gone he cannot. Apex glares down at him with barely controlled anger. Always hunted by these freaks. Always forced to fight or flee, to survive and fight another day. Always in a state of surviving just one more day.

Apex clenches his jaw, but then he speaks, "The Ghosts made a mistake not putting a bomb in your head." It's something the organization has done before. Apex knows since he had to resort to drastic measures to remove his own. But Crusher smiles, he actually smiles. When he speaks, his voice is like gravel scraping against metal. It's not pleasant to hear at all. "I removed it."

Apex figured as much. But that was a mistake because now the Ghosts can't kill him in order to prevent him from talking. It's almost too convenient. But maybe, just maybe, it's not. Crusher asks a question, "Whose your friend?"

"Hnn." Apex grunts, already annoyed with this interrogation. But an opportunity has come their way and he won't waste it. "We're asking the questions here, not you. Now..." Apex leans forward placing his face right up close to Crusher's, "Where is the Ghost's base?"

Crusher doesn't state as much but he's already feeling powerless. He's craving the power that Apex holds, but he's hiding it well so far. But how long will that last? "I ain't talkin'."

Apex is not surprised by that answer so he stands to his full height, cracking his neck and glances down at the 8th Wonder, "Your call, how do you want to handle this?"

Crusher smirks, eyes going from Apex to the 8th Wonder then back again, "What, he's your boss now?" He chuckles. Apex doesn't answer which prompts Crusher to ask, still smirking, "Cat got yer tongue?"

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Metro City

August Hearst had returned to his home and had thought about this newfound team that his fellow godling had assembled. It intrigued him, enough so that he pulled the communicator off of his necklace and examined it. Thoughts blazed through his mind, as quick and hot as lightning, the most prominent of them was Helena Troy. The woman she was searching for, a woman who held great value to someone else, a woman he was tasked to find. The Thunderous God figured that this team, this superhero group was his best shot of finding Helena.

And so the Prince Of Thunder thought of the Aurora...and in a flash of lightning he was gone....

Antartica, Above The Aurora

The sky of Antartica is consumed in numerous shades of grey and white and black. It looks like the sun has given up on trying to break through this iron curtain of clouds that it has become content to lounging out behind them. Then like a slap to the face thunder cracked the air as if the very heavens might split apart. It rolled like the ash cloud of a volcano, becoming a rolling booming rumble. It declared to all the raw power of nature and gave a fair warning to those of the ship below of the wrath that was to come. Then streaks of pure white crackled against the stormy blanket of grey, shrouding hot silver clouds with its blinding incandescence, emanating the might of an imminent tempest. Jagged bolts endlessly protrude, filling the sky with undying flashes of radiance and August shot into the ship.

Inside The Aurora

As the lightning Zig-zagged through the ship towards the 8th Wonder and Apex August would begin to pick up on their conversation and he guessed 8th and someone else was undergoing interrogation.

"Cat got yer tongue?"

No Caption Provided

And with that final flash August would appear next to the heroes standing directly next to them, his eyes would be filled to the brim with electricity, the room would sizzle with energy and lightning would bounce around everywhere potentially striking and shocking Crusher, but completely ignoring 8th and Apex. The Prince Of Lightning would open his hand like a blooming flower and suddenly the Legendary and Feared weapon Dáinsleif would suddenly enlarge in his hand...but this time the Axe form would blossom into August's hand. The blade sharpened to impossible points, dangerous, rippling with power, and promising death to any who got in its way.

No Caption Provided

The God's armor would envelop his body as he glared at the Crusher, with a narrowed eye, then without turning away he would speak to Apex and 8th. "Perhaps you would like a hand?"

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I love this thread ?

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  • Duchess: A Venusian warrior draped in the beauty and starlight of a foreign cosmos.

On point.

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@apex_predator87: @august_hearst:

The steel in Achilles' eyes was razor sharp, and threatened to pierce into Aaron's soul the longer his gaze held. Standing to the peak of his height, the American God folded both arms behind his back, and caught the loud crack of a thunderbolt piercing the sky overhead. The taunts flowed out Aaron's mouth, but Achilles stood silent and indifferent, as though he could not hear him - or as though Aaron were too small to be heard. Arcs of electricity crackled here and there, heating the air wherever they surged - till finally - August flared into view.

"Perhaps you would like a hand?"

His words rumbled low and deep like the thunder at his beck and call. "Of course", Achilles nodded, calm and determined, like a lion and his pride staring down a limping gazelle. With a raise of his hand, a mist of nanites clumped together, forming a syringe that now gleamed between his thumb and finger. Inside the syringe flowed a serum of nightmares. One of dopamine, and a chemical agent that preys on the basolateral amygdala's BDNF protein to incite and magnify one's greatest fears. Grabbing Aaron by the jaw, Achilles dulled a strength that made dust of mountains, and injected the fear toxin into the back of Aaron's nucleus accumbens.

The seconds would tick away, and a crippling unnatural fear would swarm the Crusher's mind and soul. "August", Achilles began, the syringe vanishing from his palm, "A storm so frightening that this man feels the thunder in his own chest should do". Passing his gaze over to Apex, the American God nodded, "I don't intend on giving him his powers back, but once this is over, let us know what you want done with him. And if I forgot to do so before, I should introduce you to our teammate", Achilles paused, glancing back at August and gesturing from one to the other, "August, Apex. Apex, August".

"We'll have a good talk later. For now, we've business to attend to. So, Aaron", Achilles crouched, the intensity boiling over like a silent storm, and his finger lifting Aaron's chin till their eyes met, "Your mind's turned against you, you're powerless to stop us, and your lack of a conscience is staring you back. Be a good boy, answer all of Apex's questions, and tell us everything about the Ghosts".

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It looks so good with the team segment :D

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No Caption Provided

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@august_hearst: @8th_wonder:

With Apex's enhanced senses, he can hear it and smell it before the person actually comes. The very air seems to be charged with electricity. Something is coming. No sooner does Apex think those words does a man appear in a shower of sparkles and otherworldly lightning. This self proclaimed god and son of the mighty Thor is an impressive figure to behold. Armor, it seems, made from the finest blacksmith, the axe that doubles as a hammer is of the finest craftsmanship and the presence this man gives off conveys one of power and respect. His voice tells of an accent Apex cannot place, but a voice that is like a prince. A prince of power.

Crusher has never been one to be intimidated by Apex in their history of the rivalry between them. But the Green Titan's purpose is not to intimidate him, but to get information. He can do that in any number of ways, but they are inside Achilles home and Apex respects the man enough to play this out the Dreamer's way and not his own. As it turns out, the fear toxin introduced into Crusher's system is something that Apex didn't even think of as an option. It's a clever move and he is now coming to the conclusion that he does not want to mess with the 8th Wonder. Apex has a newfound respect for the star spangled wonder.

When introduced to August, Apex nods in respect to the man, "August."

At first, Crusher shows no fear of being injected, doesn't ask what it is and says nothing. At first. But the seconds tick away and the fear toxin works it's technological wonder inside his body, heightening the fear part of his brain to phenomenally high levels with each passing second. His world becomes a world of fear and nightmares as he starts to hallucinate, to see things that aren't really there and the things that are here are seen in new nightmarish ways. Crusher tries to fight it, but he cannot. The more this toxin works it's magic, the more Crusher is panicking and struggling in his restraints. But he's powerless...powerless...He can barely contain himself enough to stop from screaming.

And then when Achilles brings his face close, saying those commanding words, that finger under his chin, Crusher sees him as some kind of hideous monster from some folk tale. Fears of being powerless, he begs for his powers to return but Apex ignores the pleas as he looks upon his longtime foe with absolutely no pity at all.

Should August bring out the requested Storm Achilles wants, should the Son of Thor do this in order to put the fear of the gods in Crusher's heart, then it works in spades and then some. But regardless if August does this or not, it's now Apex's turn to ask the questions.

Crusher sees Apex as a monster
Crusher sees Apex as a monster

Crusher sees Apex as a monster of the worst kind, a beast with red glowing eyes. A failed experiment of Project: Apex Predator and too uncontrollable to contain. He is Doom, he is the Destroyer, he is a force of nature, he is The Annihilator. And even though Crusher has no idea what happened to him, he looks up and sees Apex as the thing that Aaron fears the most. A creature that when killed comes back, stronger than ever.

Apex speaks, but from Crusher's perspective it is the Annihilator who speaks in a voice that is completely inhuman. That's when Crusher begins screaming so loud, Apex must clap his hand over Aaron's mouth so he can ask his questions, "Where. Is. The. Ghosts. Base?!"

Crusher stutters, but he gives the answer so readily that Apex has to tell him to slow down and repeat himself and when he does, the answer is this, "It's in...the jungles...o-o-of P-Peru!"

Aaron then gives a series of numbers that sound an awful lot like they could be coordinates. They likely are and Apex comes to that conclusion as he logs the numbers in his mind, memorizing them. Putting the Ghost's main base in the jungles of Peru is actually a smart decision. They can literally hide under all that greenery and foliage with no one being the wiser. A secret entrance would be extremely easy to hide there since the jungle can cover it simply by growing over it.

"Anything we need to know before we go there? SPEAK!" Apex demands and Crusher cannot deny the fear toxin, cannot fight Apex, he is powerless...he is crying...heart thumping in his chest so wildly he feels like it might burst!

"Super-Soldiers, b-b-both who love i-i-it and who a-a-a-re more like y-y-you, forced to b-b-be there. They will d-d-defend the place. Other defenses too." Crusher gives the details on the defenses. Force fields, plasma turrets, power dampening technology, soldiers wearing power armor with high tech weapons. But also something else, something that piques Apex's interest the most. Crusher reveals another bit of information.

"Elite is there, they--" Crusher doesn't get to finish as Apex interrupts him, "Wait...Elite is THERE?!"

Crusher nods, fearing spiking because of the last word being yelled. Apex speaks again, "What is she doing there?!"

And Crusher answers, stuttering as usual from the fear that is still running rampant throughout his body, shaking like leaf, "They c-c-captured her...torturing her...t-t-t-trying to r-r-r-reprogram her to w-w-w-work for them again...She's f-f-f-fighting them." At least, Elite was putting up some resistance before Crusher left to go find Apex.

This has now become a rescue operation with the double objective of destroying the base. Apex purses his lips, but he remains stoic. Those green eyes look to both Achilles and August, but they settle on the Dreamer, "Elite is like me." He may not have the best history with Elite, but the two are alike in several ways. Always hunted, forced to work for an organization that manipulates them. He's going to help rescue her and his mind is already made up on the matter.

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I'll get something up as soon as I get this Thomas post up,

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"August. A storm so frightening that this man feels the thunder in his own chest should do".

August would look at Apex with respect and nod to him, than gazing at the 8th Wonder August would nod "I can do you one better...Hold on tight." With a clench of his fist, August's eyes would go cloudly with the pressure of a storm,Dáinsleif was needed for something like this. This was just a storm...a storm that would make a normal storm look like a drizzle of rain. The ship would go quiet...the calm before the storm. Then a boom rolled across Antartica, announcing the start of what would be categorized as one of the most terrifying storms in history. The ship itself might stir in the strengthening gust, surrendering to the wind without a fight. Then came the first drops of artic rain like bullets to the roof. Outside the sky would turn dark, the dense black clouds shroud the light, casting Antartica in twilight, but inside the ship it is darker, almost black, but the glow of August's eyes illuminates the room just fine. Mere seconds later hundreds of screaming bolts of white-hot lightning split the chilly sky, and then it vanishes. The ear-shattering and panic-inducing thunder is only a second behind and the gale howled outside with the violence and raw power of an angry God. The ground rattles and the wind gusts bring iciness to the room.

No Caption Provided

This was enough to make even the strongest of men quiver and question science and nature itself, someone on the influence of a fear toxin would be shaken to their core. There is a reason why people fear the storm, why the sound and sight of thunder and lightning inspires terror. If the Crusher didn't know THEN...he knew NOW.

Bending over to kneel in the shaken man's face, he would stare at him deep in the eyes. In complete contrast to the chaos outside August would be calm, with the chill of an artic gale. His voice would hiss like a frost giant but burn with the fire of Surtur.

"I believe you should tell them what they wish to know. Lest I toss you outside and watch as the winds carry you away." Then only after all the questions had been answered would August let the storm die down. The chaos would instantly retreat, as if it had never happened, leaving weather forecasters to scratch their heads in confusion. Then The Prince Of Thunder would would look as Crusher spilled all his secrets, and apparently they left Apex shaken to his core.

"They c-c-captured her...torturing her...t-t-t-trying to r-r-r-reprogram her to w-w-w-work for them again...She's f-f-f-fighting them."

August would clench his teeth and look at his new teammates. He looked at the broken man before him and gives him a scoff of disgust. Than he turns to Apex and 8th and looks at them both calmly. He was about to ask whether or not they were going to go after her but he never got the chance before Apex would practically answer it for him.

"Elite is like me."
Cannon Fodder sounds nice.
Cannon Fodder sounds nice.

"Then let us go and retrieve her." Though he had known 8th for a tiny period of time, and Apex even shorter, but he already felt as if they were a team. A group of warriors. Gods among men. The Prince Of Thunder and nephew of the Goddess Of War stood straight with purpose. "If we are traveling to enemy territory, it would be wise to take him with us. To provide as a guide, and even cannon fodder if it goes south." He'd give the prisoner a half-smirk and look to his compatriots seeing what they believed on the matter.

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Solid set-up and roster!

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Candis stood in one of the many corridors that ran back and forth through the massive spacecraft. The walls around her provided her a clear, unobstructed view of the endless galaxy beyond. Her thoughts however were not so clear.

She still had much to learn about the disciplines of her new reality. So far Achilles had provided her with shelter and safety, but inside her the fear of the unknown lurked like a lion pacing in its cage. What if she could not find a purpose in this new life? What if nothing would ever make sense to her as it had on Venus? These thoughts raced through her mind as her gleaming green eyes watched the stars pass her by.

Achille’s objectives for goodness seemed like a reasonable place for her to start making answers of these questions. But what of the companions he spoke of? Should she trust them as freely? Only time could reveal these things to her, she told herself with a determination to find inner peace in her new surroundings.

I wonder who I will meet here, and what similarities and differences they will share with my people.

The focus of her gaze shifted, from the void beyond her to her own immediate reflection in the window. Her hair glowed with a magic amber light, and her emerald eyes showed no visible pupils. She considered the vast differences between her appearance and that of Achilles. She considered how her visage might startle the people of his home planet.

Duchess of Venus
Duchess of Venus

On her Venus, a person’s physical form subconsciously took the shape of their soul's inner truth. She had known friends that mirrored the beauty of flowers or sparkling water. They appeared vaguely humanoid, but with an ethereal essence that belonged to an entirely different realm of being. However, all Venusians learned how to consciously change their appearance, and so Candis decided it would be best to find a style that would blend easily with her new fellows.

As she watched herself, the bright colors of her hair faded into a rich, dark brown. Her eyes, still brightly green, developed the natural structure of a human eye. And her skin, previously the shimmering light of a celestial paint brush, gave way to a softer complexion with golden undertones. As she took in the final product of her design, she smiled, pleased with the Earthly version of herself.

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