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@pyrogram Soz kinda long

"As long as the universe has existed, so has the struggle, the battle ringing through time, good and evil. The forces of evil, some malicious and power hungry clinging to their warped sense of morality believe they are right and we should kneel before their superiority."

"Some believe in extermination of those who are different, feeling they are the only ones worthy of survival."

"Some are desperate to become what they once were, they will scratch and claw, betraying whoever puts false hope in them, believing that they have the right to live again."

"and some only believe in one thing.......chaos"

"Sometimes they put aside personal differences, believing that they can achieve their own goals together, alliances can never last forever, sometimes alliances are broken, bridges burned, groups imploding from ego's or actions and sometimes they explode taking all those around them with it. We are witness, we are the forces of good."

"The Firebrands, Crassus Calco The Undead Emperor, born into Roman aristocracy he quickly excelled through the hierarchy, he traveled to foreign lands conquering as he traveled, rarely soiling his hands he left the combat chiefly to his vast army, he discovered secrets of dark arts and deception, upon his return to Rome he became the right hand made of Julius Caesar, he continued training in combat and dark arts, he eventual usurped the throne after secretly orchestrating the murder of Ceaser, he became the new emperor but not for long the same forces that he conspired with were eager to take him out of the picture, foreign witchcraft in his wine left him unable to fight back, he was pushed from the rafters in the ancient coliseum, circled by lions he attempted to draw his blade, only to find his belt empty, they began tearing him to pieces darkness approached but then.......... a hand reached out, he had a new calling."

"Satanus Lord of Evil, A disturbed Angel, A heart filled with darkness, A troubled mind and the power of the heavens to exploit, he fell to earth and so did evil and despair, he has been slowly trying to conquer the worlds for himself but the forces of light continually thwart his plans, he is now weakened but by no means weak, he will take any alliance needed and sooner destroy the world rather than see it fall into any hands other than his own, he is powerful and he has the desire to rule or burn."

"Sterling Boothe The Man Who Betrayed Humanity, No one really knows when the Firebrands really began but when they did their was a Boothe there to unite them, A family with a rich history of depravity and carnage to it's name, Sterling Boothe is the next in line and some would say the worst yet, he has traveled the world over searching for knowledge and power, he has committed crimes that could put a hundred men away for a hundred years but none that ever see a courtroom, why is he the way he is, was it the death of father, the life he was forced into at such a young age or how he seemed to embrace that life with open arms, all that matters it thats the way he remains."

"and Eldruid The Lord of Vampires, he is thousands of years old and one of the greatest warriors to ever unsheathe a blade, originally a soldier of faith driven insane by the burning of his village by neighbouring barbarians, he left alone slaughtered thousands of men, women and even children, his bloodlust and rage consumed him, he wasn't content with this carnage, he wanted the heads of those who gave the orders, he trekked on foot across empires killing indiscriminately and feasting on the flesh of whose he deemed 'food', by the time he had reached the empire he was different, paler and so much stronger, he was faster than any of his opponents army, tearing necks and drinking the blood, at this point he was no longer a man, the vengeance had made him something more, much more."

"but what is it they seek, why have they co-existed for so long, it is a doorway, to a dark dimension the dimension of the nameless ones, they have long searched for a way to free these creatures, creatures that turn human's into slaves and at long last it seems Eldriud and Eldriud alone has found the last artefact needed to free them, he has betrayed the rest of the Firebrands and plans to use it alone, to control the world."

"The forces of light stand in his way, soldier of fortune who risk everything to do what is right and absolve themselves of past sins, some will be chosen, champions of light selected for their bravery and fortitude and some will simply be willing, these warriors will decide the fate of history and the world!"

Angel finishes reading the page aloud to Zaniel, he looks over to him "No pressure or anything.", Angel joked but he still had a deep and painful tone to his voice, "We need a fast way to Japan. I'm pretty sure Boothe will already be there by the time we arrive. We need to be swift and we need strong, this is no longer a bounty, this is no longer about redemption, it's about saving us all from damnation."

Three hours later, Tokyo Japan

"Mr Boothe, I thought you had a tad more firepower than that." Calco materialised on one of Boothe remaining troop transports, A gathering of the worlds most dangerous mercenaries, men with a death wish, murderers without remorse or fear, "It was the boy, he's seems to have figured it out.", Calco looks shocked by the news, "An unexpected turn of events, was he with him.", Boothe looked confused by Calco's answer, "What do you mean by 'him'?", Calco responded "So it seems you are not as informed as I thought, the man from Olympus, the man once that was once poised for greatness, for royalty. He could have an army at his disposal.", Boothe looked down, "Not that he would need it. We can't go back now." They arrived at Eldruid's palace, "Alright gentleman, lock and load, here we go." The army surround the palace, Calco begins to coat the entire building in some kind of white glow, it begins to wear away at the door, "Alright men breach and clear.". The door is laced with powerful explosives, BOOM!*.

Eldruid sits alone in his throne room, he grasps a katakana at his side, he hears the explosion. "Rise my children." The entire floor of throne room breaks open as hundreds of undead samurai rise from the earth, he stands to his feet and unsheathes his blade, he walks over to a chest and incites a incantation, now that all the Firebrands were about to be in the immediate vicinity the portal could begin to open but it could not be disturbed, he opens the door leading to Calco and Boothe, "So do yo have anything else to add other than that hocus pocus outside." Boothe said to Calco, "Much more" Calco raised his arms high in the air as a whirlwind of locusts seemed to birth skeletal centurions out of thin air, "Now is the time to be alive huh Desi."

Meanwhile in the air above France

"I want you to know, if we don't make it out of this, it's been an honour to fight with you, partner." Angel looked over at Zaniel, Japan was eminent the day of judgement was here.

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Zaniel clutched his blade ready for this conflict knowing it would be one of the greatest, and undoubtedly hardest he would ever have to endure, over 500 years of battle and tediously tiring training had prepared him for this battle - This was his destiny...this was his redemption in the wake of damnation. Was this his purpose after-all? Had he been banished to serve in this battle all along?.....Zeus worked in strange ways, ways in which Zaniel could only hope to imagine. Zaniel looked towards Angel, his face ready for combat "Thank you - You have shown me what a true Angel is, what a true hero is" He patted the man on the shoulder "The feeling is mutual my friend, I only hope that Zeus and whatever pantheon you belong too is looking down on us" Zaniel withdrew his sword from his hilt, resting it on the ground like a walking stick "Let's save the world...and if we do, Back to the island for some shots..." The Angel of Luck would never truly change....not that much, his virtues and attitude may, but his character would always be one of playfulness regardless of the situation.

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Meanwhile, The Japanese Army Headquarters (Translated to english, duh)

"We picked up the seismic activity here." The scientist points to one of the Tokyo side streets, "where it seemed to stagnate for a few seconds, only to retreat". The army generals sit, absorbing the words of the scientist like porous cloths, "So is this thing likely to return?"the general asks if a gruff tone, The scientist pulls up another chart, a cross section of the earth and some sound readings, "It burrowed back into the earth while.........screaming, 'Betray me!', from the trajectory we can expect it to resurface in a matter of hours and from the readings......it's not going to be alone."

Back at Angel and Zaniel's plane

"We will be arriving at Tokyo Japan in an hour and a half." The intercom crackled as Angel and Zaniel waited patiently, surrounded by troops of Zaniels selection, they had no time to lose but still had time to wait. Angel looked over to Zaniel "Hey", Zaniel took his head out of his hands, "You got anything to come back to, like a family or a girlfriend or something?" Angel had realised the two of them still didn't know much about each other, this seemed like a better time than any to change that.

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Taking his head out of his hand he looked towards Angel, his face a little glum thinking about it "Ah....Back in the Heavens?...I don't have much anymore man" He sighed "I have a brother...he is not like a brother though...the rest of my family have dismissed me since the banishment...I have nothing back in heaven, nobody" He closed his eyes "Back here? I have Heron...I had Zoe...she was my girlfriend..Was, that ended sometime ago. I think me being an Angel scared her off, or a few other complications..." A group had been hired to kill Zoe and Zaniel, ever since their relationship could have never happened "I don't have very much to go back to, just my thoughts and island" He looked at Angel "Your family...they died didn't they?"

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"Don't remind me.....I need to keep a clear head, ugh when all this is said and done I need a girlfriend, or at least A friend." Angel looks over at Zaniel who has narrowed his eyebrows, looking mired by Angel's statement, "You know one who won't shoot off to Mount Olympus for five hundred years before we can hang out again." Angel hangs his head, seemingly trying to make sense of the last three months of his life.

"Okay people a little under an hour till go time." The Intercom rings loudly through the cabin, interupting Angel in his thoughts.

"Hey buddy, d'ya wanna give your guys a little speech, get their spirits up, get them ready."

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"Sorry" Zaniel quickly changed the subject from his parents "Dude, I won't be heading to Olympus anytime soon, and even so - If I did I would come and visit, or hell even live here with my powers...there is nothing for me up in the big place" Frowning, his expression picked up "Yes" Standing up, Zaniel walked towards his eager solders, around 15 of his finest had joined them, coming to a standstill all saluted towards Zaniel and stood at attention as was the norm, "Men - You know your role - You are the best in Greece, Spartans - You are histories finest and you show this virtue time and time again, trained by Ares the God of War you are not normal troops, not normal humans" Pausing, being pretty bad at speeches, "You - Are Spartans!" Clasping his hands together as the troops cheered in agreement, he strut towards Angel, happy with his half-hearted speech. Knowing true soldiers like those behind did not need a speech, they needed an enemy. "I have never been good at speeches" He sat down back down beside Angel.

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"You did fine dude, you've done fine."


A small woman in a lab coat tinkers away in darkness, she takes notes and makes minor adjustments, whatever she is working on was completed a long time ago, she dusted it off for the twentieth time before stopping for a just a few seconds with a look on her face, one we all know, regret.

She sits back down as one of the army officials enters her lab, "Are you alright?"He asks with seemingly genuine empathy, "No I'm fine, now why are you really in here?", The official walks forward slowly and painfully, "Someone or more likely something has attacked Tokyo........The general wants project Rising Sun."

"It's not ready"

"It's not? or you're not?" She glared back at him, pain, anger and guilt in her eyes "I'll have it ready, can you give me a few minutes to prepare her?" The official nodded and left the room, the scientist sits uneasy in her chair, she looks over to the her robotic creation."I'm sorry Yuko..."

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"Dude" Zaniel looked over towards Angel with a curious face, again the thoughts came into his mind that the two angels hardly knew one another ,"How do you do it?" He looked down in deep thought, unsure how his best friend could sustain such a heroic nature in the face of this, and with so much tragedy in his life "How do you keep so...." He bit his lip unsure how to describe it "So hyped?" He smiled authentically, gripping his sword tight out of boredom and anxiety "You are always so happy and eager to help people...." Raising his sword to eye level looking at its perfectly crafted balance and sharpness "You have a good soul my friend" Lowering the sword he looked at his guards "Sometimes, Sometimes I wish I could go back..." A sigh followed "Sometimes I wish I never done any of this, never ruined my life...you know what dude?" He looked at Angel upset "I...I done a stupid thing again" He cleared his throat, clearly annoyed at his idiocy "You know I said I broke up with Zoe.....it was through text" A chuckle could only be heard stemming from his words, unknown to him that was the worst way to break up with somebody "Is texting a breakup THAT bad?...you ever had a girlfriend?" A nodded to himself "In five hundred years I have had my fair share, Angels..female Angels...." His eyes glistened for a second, knowing his true fate was with an Angel, not Zoe...however much it injured him mentally "I loved Zoe yet......we could never work..and Angel like me needs another angel or else" He bit his lip once more "At-least in my bloodline, we lose our powers forever...something about not being a deserter"

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Angel looks back at Zaniel, listening intently to his regrets, his tragedy, his past, looks down for a split second second and then looks back at his tortured friend, "I'm an optimist dude but yeah I've lost people" he sighs "and the worst part of it is I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.........I take things like this with a brave face because thats who I need to be now but we can't just tell ourselves it's all going to be okay, because we don't know that, Zaniel please..." Angel reaches into his pocket and takes out a small phone "Don't rob her of that chance."

"It's almost go time people we got about fifteen minutes."

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The fallen Angel folded his arms leaning backwards into his seat, looking at Angel he could only help but feel a sense of pride knowing he had been fortunate enough to meet such a man. Looking up at the speakers as the pilot spoke, turning to Angel "You ready for this" Zaniel stood up and started pacing around the plane too agitated to sit down and relax, this could be the last true moments of his life. He looked up to where the heavens would be wondering if Zeus, his mother, his father and Kafziel (His Brother) were watching right now and wondering what the heck he was doing, hell...his life had gone so quick, what WAS he doing? He spun around and spoke quickly "How long have you been fighting these guys?" Referring to the firebrands.

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"Whoa whoa whoa whoa don't change the subject up on here bro, you derailed my vibe......call your fracken girlfriend already." Angel puts the phone in his hands and storms off in a huff muttering under his breath, he turns back around to see Zaniel staring at the phone, staring at the biggest mistake of his life, Angel walks back slowly and sits next to his friend. "Listen I'm sorry I threw that on you but........ she needs you to call, I don't have anyone to make that call to, I really wish I did but you still do." Angel leans forward and clasps his hands together "The only reason I can still keep going is ...... every day, every moment I keep doing this is another life shattering call that isn't made, another child who can see his family one last time, I know I'll never save everyone but...... I can do the best I can, that's all there is, for one day, one hour, one moment, I can make everything right. Zaniel you are her everything.... make this right." Angel gets up and walks over to the planes window as it overlooks Tokyo, he catches his broken breath and sighs deeply.

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Zaniel took the phone as he started at it dumbly walking towards one of the windows looking out at the sky, each building on the ground having it's own unique features, still it was only a distraction....he dialed the number as the plane started to near it's destination, calling anybody who may want to know.

Shortly after, he walked back towards of his friend quickly handing him the phone with a nod telling him the deed has been done. Sitting back down without staring he simply spoke "Thank you" Leaning back the fallen angel felt a sensation of anxious tension lingering in the air...both knew this could be the last journey and battle of their lives.

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Angel said nothing he only nodded.

Time seemed to stand still for a mere moment, for everyone, everything stopped, this was the calm before the inevitable storm, the eye if the hurricane.

Zaniels face was sunken and exhausted, he looked defeated but at the same time hopeful, he had lived for many years, seen many things and met many people, was he ready? He looked over to Angel face in his hands, pain in his eyes, he'd have to keep an eye on him, he never thought he'd be playing the moral compass but who knows, how much can one man take.

The scientist stood by her grotesque creation, dusting and fiddling, their was nothing left to be done, she knew that. Some things are so painful you just want to forget, some mistakes you make are forgotten, you can bury them so deep that you never made them at all but some times your not given that choice, sometimes you'll never forget your ghosts. "Forgive me."

So much blood had already been spilt, thousands of years if senseless death and needless destruction well culminate in this battle, Sterling Boothe had always enjoyed the taste of blood, seeing it spill on the ground by his own hand made him feel like a man. The motivations always power with these people, Crassus Calco the perpetual right hand had chose well in aligning with Sterling Boothe, though powerful he knew his forces were nothing in comparison to armies of Boothe and Eldruid, he would relish the opportunity to stab his new and old employers in the back, he was pretty experienced at that. Who knows why Eldruid wants the door open, he's never expressed any interest in total domination of the world before, maybe he wants the world for the vampire kind but who knows, from the stories people tell he never seems of a sound mind. Strangely Satanus had yet to make his presence felt, his armies were still trapped in hell but with his incredible power he doesn't need them, he can manifest himself into a thousand foot soldiers without breaking a sweat but he stays quiet, waiting underground.

That was about to change.

Angel seemed trance like on board the aircraft, from anyone else's point of few he was jittering from side to side like a chiwawa with parkinsons, really he was in magic moment, every minute an hour, every second a minute, every moment a lifetime. He's ready for this, too ready, who else is ready to die?

The calm before the storm, the eye if the storm......*CRASH!*........ IT'S GO TIME!

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Angel immediately falls out of his trance, remaining completely calm and still, he knew Satanus approached. "I'm right here b!tch..."