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They all left her at some point; all turned their backs on her… her heart beat pounded in her ears as Ares and Arrow fought she watched them, purple tears streaming down her face.  The earth shattered around her as they fought, totally unaware that the newly reborn daughter of heaven and hell and come to find her uncle, only to find the truth wrapped in pain.

Her powers finally restored to her, the psychotic girl the world adored heard the words spat out of Ares mouth as he fought with Arrow “she is your daughter fool, I took her to repay your debt to Olympus” shock had rocked through the tiny body as the words washed over her, the truth clear as day to them both.

Large purple eyes dragged themselves from the man who had tortured her with his control, her desperate need for love always taking her back to him, to the man who had always been more of a father than a friend. Arrows face showed no emotion as he drove the spell home, shattering Ares and causing him to become human, nothing… no smile, no joy nothing. She realised he was yet another person in her long life too despise her existence.

Running through the portal that ripped into the side of Ares kingdom the daughter of Final Arrow raced through the shadow realms her pain and anger driving behind her shattering the portals as she roared through them. Finally entering the deepest pit of a realm she made her way to the door she was searching for, a simple wooden door with a brass handle knocker. Wiping the tears from her face she grasped the knocker and pounded three times. A slit in the door snapped as red eyes peered through it, widening at the girl the door opened and a small red demon stood smiling at her.

“Daughter of Heaven and Hell alike, you have come here for what reason?” he looked the girl up and down, her torn coat and dress hanging from her form “they all hate me gladerikc, all of them” his small eyebrow raising he looked over the child he had known her whole life and sighed taking her hand and leading her inside the massive door that lead to the deepest pits of hell. “You finally found out who your true father was didn’t you child” nodding as tears began to well up again she bit her lip controlling the pain. Nodding he patted her shoulder and began to prepare the spell that was promised to her as a baby, she had assisted him once, found him and saved him and he promised her something no other could ever have unless they had the powers that flowed through her tiny figure. He had known the first time he met her in the shadow realm that Arrow was her father.

“They have never appreciated you have they little Rina, never loved you,  for you scare them all, scared them and drove them away. It is time you showed them who you are, what you can do” he began to weave his own power over the girl, Arrow had screwed him over hundreds of years ago and he knew this girl would one day be his only way back at the creature who had turned him into a toad of a demon.  Her mind was always her biggest weakness, shattered from birth by the powers and manipulations of the greater gods and powers of Olympus. His simple spell wove its way feeding into the girls already broken heart and mind “it is time you really showed them what you can do isn’t it little one, showed them that you can do what they have never achieved, truly destroy humanity” looking up Rina’s purple eyes shone as the spell settled itself into her mind, disappearing from all detection as it nestled there deep in her psyche fed by the pain her family and friends had caused her over time. “Do you think it would show them? Show them what I can do and just how much they should never have hurt me the way they did?”Nodding as he led her down the dark hallways to the great room he smiled at her and pointed at the massive alter that lay in front of her, the gateway to the deepest pit of hell dimensions. “this will give you that power little one, the power to control and destroy” watching her as she stepped forward he handed her a small sharp blade “you must give of yourself little one, you must give something of yourself “ rolling the blade over in her hand the daughter of Heaven and Hell walked to the massive gate and ran her hand down it “I can hear them glad, hear them calling to me” the small demons mouth dropped in shock, none could hear them, feel another dimension she was more powerful than he though “they want my sight, they want my vision of them” raising the knife to her right eye she stabbed at it, piercing the ball and ripping it of its socket blood pouring down her face as she stepped forward and threw the offering into the fire burning bowl burning at the base of the gate. Thunder roared through the room as the gates opened, stepping through the shimmering blaze of fire Rina’s hair began to change replacing the multiple colours into a solid white, her body sucked forward as she walked til finally only an ankle was seen as she was eaten by the massive gate.

One Month later

The crowds screamed as the President of the United States body exploded into a massive winged demon, its flesh dripping its breath roaring as it devoured all in its sight. Blood flowed down the streets as the creature ripped arms and legs off the reporters and pedestrians it got its clawed hands on.

A shrill whistle halted the creature as it flew to the nearest building and landed wrapping its wings around itself. The scene was copied all around the world as leaders of each country changed to demons, beasts of various forms each eviscerating any in its way. New stations around the world screamed of the horrors that had started and finished as abruptly as a whistle, armies where doing nothing screamed the news casters, reports flying in that even the police remained still during it all.

Each of the creatures sat on a tall building in each country just sitting, as still as a statue people ran below, shops pillaged as the fear increased with every response from the news and every radio report, no one was trying to stop these creatures nothing was stopping them. Where were the heroes? Why were they not stopping all of this? Fear ran through each human, fights began to break out as everyone reverted back to the need to protect their own chaos reined.

As suddenly as it all began it seemed to all stop with a single sound split the air a laugh a high pitched tinkle of a laugh adults head swung trying to find the source of the sound until they all noticed the children, hundreds of children had appeared in each square in each country laughing. Their laughter became louder and louder as the adults shook them, yelling at them to stop, smacking their faces anything they could do to get them to stop.

The sound stopped as quickly as it had began, each child completely frozen, terror gripped the people around them as they watched the innocent eyes, innocent forms standing clear and still in front of them, as people began to approach them again they spoke “typical, typical of all of you, your faced with death and pain and you turn on each other, you turn on those that you love even. What use is humanity I ask you?” their little faces showed no change as the voice flowed out once more “anyway I go off topic, I Desiderina, the girl you all mocked, the girl you all left behind and ignored is going to kill you… one by delicious one”  the children giggled “I have used my little friends here” the children paused “well not THESE little friends, they are just like human radios, I mean my scary, bitey little friends who can control your brain! I have used them to take over your leaders, your armies anything you need to stop my friends from eating each and every fleshy one of you and best of all… there is nothing any of you can do… how funny is that?”  the laughter began again, growing and growing as each of the children’s mouths began to stretch, stretching out across their head as their skin began to peel back off their faces, down their heads and over their bodies. Shock and horror held the adults rooted to the spot as the sky above began to swirl, red and gold mixed with black thunder boomed as creatures of untold horror flowed through the massive gate she had opened, hundreds upon hundreds of them flying down onto the earth, each a different shape, different type. Bodies fell out of the sky like rain as the creatures had their way with each and every human in their midst.

The Chaos had begun and it was now that the child of Final Arrow awaited their response, she hid where she knew they could not find her… waiting, waiting to see what they would do.

Who of her old friends would come to find her and who would try to kill her?

Just a small add on

Demons: The demons  have taken over and killed the leaders of the world, all the demons have powers of some sort and each demon is different and may take control of a country by fear or simply kill anything that moves, it is up to you guys how you see them but they are not< one shot easy killed demons these are hard core apocalypse demons. The demons also control all of the armies, police everyone, they have taken control of their minds, so some humans will appear normal but are actually demons! Good luck and play nice guys.

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Shortly after the demons took over the world leaders....
There was not a rain cloud in site but the day seemed gloomy and dark. Every corner was painted in blood for the devastation these monsters had caused.  Many words could have described the world as we saw it  today but the most appropriate phrase that came to mind was "hell on Earth". Demons of all kinds terrorized the planet. Swarms of hell hounds ravaged through the streets and the innocent people of the world were not just victims they had become pawns. It seemed that the heroes that protected the world had given up on it due to no apparent show of force. The News stations, radios and people that had managed to survive the short but impacting catastrophe were all sending out a call to the Heroes asking for help and when it was not responded to immediately their fear drove them to question the courage of their protectors. It was very unfortunate, what the the people did not understand that in times like this, times of war you needed a plan......
Veritas Tower, Orlando FL
The team had assembled once again and this time it was different. They all seemed to be on the same page with what needed to be done to protect the world. Still they had their inner issues but this would be a Veritas team without a little inner drama. All gathered in the War Room of the 5 story building that most members called home they see their leader Kurrent about to brief them on the situation after he had decided what direction was best for them to take....
"I don't have to tell you what is going it is obvious. Outside our very own walls, on our planet Hell has decided to come in and do what ever they want. Well I for one say FU@K THAT! The plan for you guys is simple after this meeting you go out side and send everyone of the Monsters right back to where they came from but we cannot be afraid, these are Demons we are dealing with. They feed of  fear and turn it against you.  My mission in this will be different then yours. It will be necessary evil that I cannot ask any of you to do so i will do it myself. Believe in yourself, protect the people, show the world that they are not alone and that Veritas will fight for them. These bastards wanted to unleash hell on us well we are going to do it to them right back......Make it hurt team" 
With that he dismissed the eager and battle ready team. They will show the people that they were protected, that the word Hero still meant something but Kurrent his part in all of this was a little more complex. As the members gathered out of the room The Electric Ace stopped and turned to the one person that was vital to his mission, Despair. 
"Hey Despair I am going to need you for something"
He led her to another room so that they can speak in private and began to speak in a whisper. "It's crazy out there huh, since this started happening I have been doing some research, trying to figure who has the power to pull something like this off. The list is very short, Hades perhaps but this does not seem up his ally, Kiara Sullivan but last I heard she was fighting the fight. Final Arrow though, this seems like something he would conjure up. Their is only one place I can think of to find this guy and set him straight. So Despair.....I need you to teleport me to Hell!"
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"They say that heroes never die. That you can do anything to them, shoot them, stab them, kill their families and friends and they'll keep coming. They will take everything that the world has to throw at them and they wont stop until evil is vanquished. That even if you anihilate them, even if you kill them and burn their body until it is nothing more than ash, a hero never dies. That cetain indescribable something that drove them, that pushed them onwards, that made them a hero, will survive. Men die, but heroes live forever. In the minds of those they protected and in the hearts of the generations of heroes yet to come. Andferne was such a hero. He took everything that Gambler had and he kept coming, shot and gored and ripped at so much that he couldnt fall down. Even though he's off on a one way tour with the KIA travel bureau he's still standing and so he will never die. But all of that, that spiritual, moralist propaganda is a lie. Heroes die just like anyone else. You cut them and they bleed. You can break their hearts and leave them as empty husks. Nos es totus damnatus. That hero, the one they build a statue of in central park and have a parade for every year. He's dead and in the ground, taking a dirt nap and nothing will ever bring him back. Dead is dead."
Switch laughed. A horrible, burbling, choking sound as whiskey or gin or whatever the hell he'd been drinking bubbled out of his mouth and spilled down the rough stubble that covered his chin. It was his third day drunk, or was it his fourth? It was impossible to tell when the hours bled into one another and everrything was seen through the haze of alcohol and cigarette smoke. He slept when oblivion overtook him and when he wasnt sleeping he was drinking. Right now he was awake, and on the ground somewhere, somewhere cold and he was talking to about half the population of New York as they slept. In the morning they would wake up and remember nothing of the dreams they had. They would make their coffee and eat their breakfast and then go into work like good little ants and they would wonder as they sat at their desk. Why do I feel so cold today? 
Switch was what happened when heroes didnt die. When they lived on where by rights they should have breathed their last. It happened occasionally. A hero would fall off the wagon, lose the plot and just crumple in on themselves. The strain of fighting the good fight becoming too much. For five years he had lain in the gutters that he now called home and drank. He drank to forget, he drank to numb and he drank to find peace. There would be no climactic final battle for him, no grand no funeral, no eulogy on the front page. Just a death in ignominity and six feet of soil in a lonely graveyard somewhere.

He felt rather than heard the children as they spoke. He could feel their confusion, their desperation, their simple cries for their mothers. Then their deaths scored through the collective consciousness of humanity and pain rushed in to fill the void that they left. Pain like nothing Switch had ever known. He screamed and rolled sideways, curling up into a ball as his mind burned. The most powerful psychic human that had ever lived felt what it was like to die in agony a thousand times over in a second. For long minutes he didnt move, only the panting of his breath breaking the deathly silence. Slowly, tentativly, he uncurled, relaxing muscles which had been tensed in pain. There was silence now in his mind. He couldnt hear anything. For a moment he panicked, then remembered that it was what he had wanted all along.  
He sat up awkwardly, his limbs unresponsive and shaking after the sudden onslaught. He had vomited down himself and voided his bowels. The front of his tattered, grimy trousers were wet with urine and he felt a moment of disgust. He had to get home, he had to change, he had to sober up. If only to figure out what was going on and then begin his descent anew. He staggered upright, the stench of his clothes making him retch emptily now that his stomach had already divulged it's contents. With faltering steps he reached the corner of the street he was on and realised that he was only about fifty feet from the tennement block that he called home. He set off. Each step an effort. Fifty feet felt like fifty miles, but he made it. Then he sank down in the elevator and fell unconscious again.

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The crisp green land splattered in blood as the hell hounds tore into the secret service, who fought endlessly to protect the vice president, gun fire was muffled by the screams of the men. Inside the powerful building stood the man they where sworn to protect a smile across his devious face as he watched the massacre in front of him, little did they know they fought for nothing, Rina Redhead had taken everything into account when she launched her plan. Washington sat ablaze and now the one man they would turn to was their enemy. He sat in his ivory building and in the moment he thought he was untouchable, but he was wrong. The shadow cast by the white house began to spark with purple lighting and then he appeared, The hell hounds shifted from the remaining body guards and tore across the ancient lawn towards him. The Vice President watched and hissed, it was him but there was something different he did not look the same as they said he would. The hell hounds pounced and he simply walked into them and did not even move, the sky had turned dark red from the portals that had opened all around the world, the demon watched as they simply bounced off him, a red mist seemed to prevent them from making any contact.  Bullets sounded from behind him turning the two main doors to the oval office broke open as three secret service officers landed in front of him, “Ello” the crafty Cajun smiled as he entered the room, at his feet rested the golden eagle, The Illuminate had moved as soon a the children had began to speak, they felt the magic of the world change and each moved to gain a foot hold where they could fight back, Gambler and Arrow had taken the heart of America in order to gain a strong hold and control the tide of the battle, but where they to late as the world had already began to fall into darkness. The world would have to turn to their villains to fight the battle they where unable to fight themselves.

He looked past the vice president and out the window “Do excuse the mess, ” twisting his head back around to look out the window he watched as Arrow lifted his bone hand and then closed it, the Hell Hounds all howled at once and then fell to the floor a small line of blood tickling from each of their mouths. Turning back to Gambler the Vice President smiled, his body began to shake uncontrollably and the perfect black suit he had been wearing tore down the middle to reveal his true form, two black wings sprouted from his back    and his body turned a dark red as two horns broke out of his skin, his fingers grow as did his nails. Gambler nodded “Do you think that impresses me?” The Vice President moved faster then the human eye, but Gambler had already flipped back and stood ready, over the years Gambler had faced them all, Magneto, Akira, Arrow, Darkchild and why did he push his body so hard, why had he trained past what any other human had. It was for these moments when all else would run, he stood and he fought against the monsters that knew only how to breed fear into the hearts of men, but when they faced the brave that is when the real battle would start. They traded blows each as skilled as the one before, the Demon was more powerful then Gambler but he kept pushing.

Arrow stood on the lawn his head looking up at the portal, the last group of men had their guns trained on him, but he did not even blink. The glass of the oval office broke as the fight continued behind him, the men lowered their weapons and headed towards the white house but Arrow did not move his focus lay above him as five black lighting bolts hit the ground around him. From them came more demons their bodies black but their eyes a deep purple, they all hissed at the same time “arrrooowww” and then they attacked all at the same time and still he did not move, they covered him pushing to the ground and tearing at his body.

The oval office was destroyed as Gambler stood holding his left arm, a thick line of blood ran down his index finger as the demon flew straight at him “Did you think you could beat me mortal.” Gambler turned and the demon missed him just at the last moment and then it was over as the demon head rolled at the feat of the body guards who had come to stop him, Gambler turned to them ready to fight and they lowered their pistols.

A blinding ray of purple exploded at the front of the building, Gambler slowly walked over and looked out as each of the demons where thrown from Arrow a giant purple shield sparked around his body. “What has become of you old friend” he said to himself as he watched the demons burn upon Arrows touch, the body guards walked up behind him “What do we do sir?” Gambler laughed and placed a hand on the mans shoulder “Survive my friends that is all we can do”. Walking out of the office Gambler made his way to the lawn and they followed. As his feet touched the grass Arrows head turned and looked at him. “Do something about the portal” Gambler ordered and Arrow flew upwards the sky sparked with red and black lighting. Arrow seemed to touch the very fabric of space as he reached out, to the human eye it looked as if one large portal had blacked out the skies but in fact Rina’s spell had cast so many ripples in the fabric of space that it was in fact millions of small portals all spanning the very face the earth. Twisting his hand a red lighting bolt struck the dark lord and a small hiss escaped his lips as another one struck him.

Gambler kept his eyes on his old ally, Arrow had changed so much after brining him back, his soul was gone as was any emotions that lay within his old body, He looked at his old enemy and rival and could not believe how far the two of them had traveled. Turning away as another bolt hit Arrow he looked at the men “All your commanders are under her control, you take your orders directly from me, understood!” They all nodded “Broadcast on any channel, that this is where we draw the line, this is where we will fight back. There is no running there is no surrender, we have one option and that is to fight. Tell the heroes and the villains that this is the moment where they must side with the devils they know, rather then lose everything.” A drop of blood fell between the guard and Gambler that forced them to look up.

The sky began to swirl from darkness and a single ray of light broke out as Arrow began to fall, his body landed and as the dust filled the air the blue sky began to show over Washington, but Gambler did not look at the light he had created but the darkness that still surrounded it, The Illuminati had sent a sign that they where going to fight but in doing so had sent a beckon to every other demon out there, he could only hope that the single ray of light in the darkness was enough to help turn the tide of the world, turning to the men “Help him to his feet for god sake” they ran to Arrow and helped him up “You did well old friend but the battle has only just began", Arrow pushed the men aside and stood next to Gambler ready for the hell that had been unleashed on the world.
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Today was a beautiful day in Orlando. The gentle breeze caressed the skin as the powerful rays of the sun illuminated the sky, delivering warmth to all under its golden glaze. The air was dry and not a single gray cloud hung in the baby blue sky.  Who would believe that such a gorgeous day was destined to be ruined by the ever existing threat of extinction. In a world with heroes mass murderer and death was something to be expected on the daily basis. Yet people always found a way to be afraid and what not. But not Kadaj. In his timealive he'd experienced happenings such as this so much he'd became desensitized to it. To him the demonic invasion was nothing more than a minor nuisance that would be solved in due time. Nothing worth shedding a tear for. As sat in the mess hall of Veritas Tower he watched people all over the news crying and fleeing for their lives he laughed uncontrollably. "Man, these losers really get into the moment." As the camera shifted to the scene of children laughing in the same manor as he Kurrent called for a meeting in the famous War Room. Kadaj shut off the television and made his way to  War room. 
"I don't have to tell you what is going it is obvious. Outside our very own walls, on our planet Hell has decided to come in and do what ever they want. Well I for one say FU@K THAT! The plan for you guys is simple after this meeting you go out side and send everyone of the Monsters right back to where they came from but we cannot be afraid, these are Demons we are dealing with. They feed of  fear and turn it against you.  My mission in this will be different then yours. It will be necessary evil that I cannot ask any of you to do so i will do it myself. Believe in yourself, protect the people, show the world that they are not alone and that Veritas will fight for them. These bastards wanted to unleash hell on us well we are going to do it to them right back......Make it hurt team"  
Upon hearing Kurrent's plan for how to deal with this situation Kadaj thought, "Okay, Kurrent's takin' to many shots to the head lately. He wants us to go out there, where potentially more than a billion demons are, and fight all of them? If he didn't want a team to lead anymore he should've said so, not send us on a mission that will be the death of us!" Walking out of the room he heard Kurrent call to Despair, one of the older members of the group. As he left the room Kurrent and Despair followed behind then turned into a doorway. Kadaj dissolved into the air and slipped into the room the two stood in. Wading about in the wind he eavesdropped in the conversation. Upon hearing Kurrent's request Kadaj returned to his physical state, standing across from the others. With his arms folded along his chest he gave Kurrent a look,  

"I knew you were crazy man, but I didn't think you were stupid. Now I'm all for taking down bad guys and what not but thats a bit extreme. First and foremost, all the demons up here are probably gonna be down there. Plus, their gonna be ten times as pissed. Second, you can't beat the ruler of hell in hell! His power is nothing up here compared to what it is down there. Third, going BY YOURSELF is not happening. I'm coming with you since I know your not gonna back down. If you wanna fight me on it then go ahead. But the end result will be the same. I'm not gonna allow you two to go in their without any support." Looking back and forth at Kurrent and Despair he awaited there responses. The clock was ticking and pretty soon this whole situation would be out of their control if nothing was done about it. Though Kadaj was not absolutely sure about Arrow's involvement he was sure that he had the power to end it. If they could beat Arrow into submission maybe they could get him to put an end to this...

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 Not long after the Takeover.

The earth had either saw the final battle between good and evil, or maybe good never put up a fight. The barren land reeked of fear, there was a slight voice calling out, this was the very hoarse voice of people still trying to fight, Was it pointless? Was organized religion wrong? Or was the war just beginning of a war that would produce, the death of mankind all together? No one was sure…

 Outskirts Solace city

A blue light parted the dark storm clouds, the land beneath her feet felt old and worn out, as if it could give in at any moment. Her heart sank, as she looked out at the city formerly known for its Solace to see flames and hear the screams of people whom would no longer be living. Abandoning her own moniker for 2 months she paraded around the world as Sha trying to keep the memory of her dead mentor alive; however a “Portal” appeared on a Ninjan planet called Xiox which made a god send her there.

On Xiox she was not able to save the planet from the demon invasion, and she was forced to retreat. Maya fell to her knee’s sobbing while digging her hands into the tarnished soil, that was once home to watermelons and pumpkin patches.   Taking a look into the sky she felt a funny feeling, one she had not felt since her days with the vine Prodigies. Maya gripped her head as a weird voice ripped through her cerebellum.  “ Desiderina, the girl you all mocked, the girl you all left behind and ignored is going to kill you”.

The pain was unbearable, but she was more focused on the message that was implanted. “Desiderina?” she whispered trying to get a grip on reality. “No…I can’t be losing my mind again!” she screamed gripping her head again, as the monstrous murderer that she became beckoned at her. “Lone…star” it teased her beating her down until she lay parallel with the ground. As she tried to fight back the urges she heard a familiar voice call out.

“Maya!”   However when she turned around, her world went black, and she was standing face to face with a man she had forever indebted herself to…Andferne. He was still wearing his Patriotic Uniform, but he had a glow shining around him like a rim.

“Maya, listen to me Stop fighting yourself!” The tears overpowered her she shook her head ready to give in to the powerful jaws of Lone star.  Andferne took Maya’s hand and then hugged her, as she buried her face into his chest, the feeling disappeared.

“I’m not disturbing anything am I?” Both Andferne and Maya turned to see Sha standing with her hands a crossed, with her famous smile on her face. Maya quickly detached herself from Andy and jumped into sha’s arm’s. The embrace was soothing for Maya’s soul. “Andy’s right honey, it’s time for you to transform yourself into the person YOU want to be.” Looking at Andy and Sha, Maya replied.”How am I supposed to do that?”

Andy placed his arms around Sha, who still had her hands a crossed and replied with “Well you can start by opening your eyes”

Maya’s eyes crept open just a little bit, she finally managed to sit herself upright while rubbing the dirt from her face; “Was it all a dream…it felt so real” Maya placed her hands on her face trying to sort things out, when she felt moisture drip down her shoulders. “What the HELLLLLA!!!!!!” She screamed rolling out of the way. “A demon!” she screamed, trying to make herself believe what she was seeing. It looked hungry, it moved towards Maya, while she in turned moved backwards.

The beast now came at her full speed, lunging, Maya had no time to think? Who was she Maya or Lonestar? As she jumped back and released a barrage of explosive stars into the face of the unholy son, she landed ready to fight with a new found intensity. The beast faltered, however it fell when Maya used her sword to remove its head. She knew that killing these beasts won’t be that easy again thinking was in order.

Trying to find anyone with information on anything she walked the desolate streets of Solace, there was Solace alright. “Hmm maybe everyone’s dead” she said taking refuge in a building. The place was an utter pigsty, everything was turned over and the smell of gasoline filled the air. Maya really couldn’t do anything but look around until she saw a pair of legs sticking from under a piece of the roof. She cautiously removed the roof fragment and nearly died inside.

“m-mom!” she screamed, startling the woman, she had lost a ton of blood and was clearly not going to make it. This woman had adopted Maya and made her something, from nothing; only to be nothing again.

“Mom….w-what..What happened?!” Maya asking trying to grab some answers. Maya placed her hands on her mother’s wounds and began to heal the damage. “w-well, the demons….got o-our leaders, then Des..Redhead…” before she could finish something was lodged through her head, it looked like a nail. Maya turned around to see the demon whose head she had cut off earlier, she had failed to kill him, and he succeeded in killing her mother.

“no…”  she whispered trying to separate herself from the mammoth of a being. She kept backing in to debris, until she hit a wall. The beast’s shadow took her first, soon he’d have her in his grasp, and her young life would end.

(Sniff) “What’s that” Maya said thinking to herself . “Gasoline!” Maya aimed her hands forward and aimed at the floor and just like that the building exploded. The blast ripped through the southern part of Solace city knocking Maya on to the outside road. However she was spared thanks to her healing factor. As she laid in the streets awaiting for her body to fully heal she remembered, she was the top diamond, and Desi was the top Ruby, even from the days of the vine prodigies, they were destined to have this battle.

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"I'm out of ammo here!" Winston yelled along the thick yellow battlements, waving his empty assault rifle in dismay before turning back around at the sound of a horrific screech. The demon plucked him up into the sky before he could even see it, but now held in its grip, its talons trying to dig into its gut, Winston yelped as a gigantic maw opened above him, like a gaping hole filled with rows of saw-like teeth that dripped saliva over his face. Flailing, Winston with one hand attempted to pry himself from the beasts grasp, though it was much too strong for that, gathering his wits for a second, Winston focused his abilities, causing every cell in his body to undergo mitosis in essentially an instant, forming another perfectly identical Winston, also dressed in the full body covering synthetic black suit, who now hung off of the beasts large and incredibly muscular arm. The beast began its descent, landing upon the outstretched arms of the 130 foot tall statue, Christ the Redeemer, which overlooked the once beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. Now perched, the demon greedily stuffed the Winston in its talons down its throat, blood flowed from gill-like slits in the beasts neck, trickling over its skin to make it shine a dull red as the Winston now inside of it was horrifically shredded. The other Winston on the other hand was unsure if he'd even been noticed and using his suit, which had been crafted using alien technology to greatly increase all his physical attributes, he recklessly shoved his right hand into one of the gill like slits. The creature shrieked and flew off  immediately, with Winston dangling off of it, his hand slowly tearing at its neck under his own weight. The winged beast was the size of a horse, but its short stubby arms couldn't reach back far enough to claw at Winston. With a grin on his face now, Winston pulled himself up so he straddled the back of the creatures neck and he proceeded to gouge at its bead-like eyes as it shook violently, trying its best to throw him off before it nose-dived into the waters of the lagoon, forcing Winston off with the impact of the water.  
It was ice cold in the once pristine waters of the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, its blue hue having turned to a deathly black since the rise of the hellspawn. Winston came to the surface gasping for air, his head was pounding from the fall as he looked upon Rio, the city was in flames and the only noises that came from it now were bloodcurdling screams. Winston shuddered and began to swim to shore when he felt a slight tug on his leg, though before he could truly react Winston was lifted several hundred feet into the air by a colossal tentacle and hurled out towards his destination in the city, smashing into the concrete wall of a tall apartment complex, the impact killing him instantly. 
Twenty eight Winsti stood on the battlements of their Rio mansion, unloading round after round of ammunition into a small group of demons below them who tried furiously to claw their way up the walls, though even the demons stopped to stare at the gigantic abomination that arose from the Lagoon, a mass of tentacles which were themselves covered in spikes and eyes and toothed maws, it was blacker than the waters it emerged from and it continued to rise ever higher into the sky, even after it had fully escaped the cold of the lagoon it floated upwards, casting its huge shadow over the city below it. It seemed it had replaced the sun, which had gone into hiding behind the clouds some time ago. The Winsti swore as the tentacles slowly untangled themselves to reveal feet, then arms, the breasts before finally releasing the giant beauty of a woman within, she would have been comparable to a Venus but for the throng of a few hundred tentacles that protruded from her back and sides. Floating in the air, the demonic beauty looked down on the city in silence before sending its writhing tentacles down into the streets, where they cut and beat and engulfed all they found, demon and man alike in a totally uncontrollable fury, tearing down buildings and lashing out at everything. 
"Well, we're mighty f*cked." One of the Winsti laughed nervously. 
Inside the mansion, even more identical copies of the young man ran around, going through a library of books on the occult, flicking through news stations and ensuring his experiments were remaining intact throughout this ordeal.  "Demons, demons, succubi? Demons, aha, Hell...well how the f*ck do I stop them coming out of hell? These books are blimmin useless!" One of the Winsti cursed in disgust as he slammed another book down on his crowded desk.
"We need to go find someone more knowledgeable then ourselves on this matter, man." Muttered another clone, his head deep in a book of occult spells. 
"I tried, we can't reach that angel hunting lot we were selling sh*t too.
"It's not like they're the only people that know about magic, oh wait we don't know her number, um, we could always send out a transmiss-" He was interrupted as four Winsti tumbled down the stairs from the roof, they were bloodied and screaming and frenzied, one of them got to his feet and immediately started firing off his weapon before one of his 'siblings' got up and punched him before turning to the many more clones that stood about reading books. 
"We have to get out of here." He muttered, before a thick tentacle appeared from the darkness behind him, the eyes that covered it blinked a few times, before they each focused on a different Winston. The tentacle made a gurgling sound as a mouth on its side opened up, its teeth were like pins but they somehow managed to give the maw a devious smile as a small amount of drool dripped onto the Winston who'd been talking. Before he could even turn the tentacle smashed him into the ground, the spikes that lined it broke against his protective suit, but the impact was still enough to break some bones. The other Winsti panicked and fled down to the lower levels, the ones with guns firing at the tendril as the it slithered around, though the bullets seemed to just bounce off. The front door burst open and a mob of demons swarmed in, following the clones down the stairs, though those at the bottom quickly locked the door at the first sight of the demons, leaving two of their brethren behind it.
In the lower levels many Winsti converged inside a large room-sized machine, some with guns, others with stacks of research. It was an improbability teleportation device he'd helped construct whilst offworld, technically it could take him anywhere, so long as he didn't mind where that was as he had no power over the destination. "How do we know we won't end up some place worse?
"To be honest," One of the Winstons grinned as he flicked the switch, "We don't."

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0900. The demons won....the humans? They lost.


 1000. Vertias Inc. Headquarters: Orlando, Fl.

Giuseppe now living as an America prefers to be called "Joe". It makes him feel more American. Well, Giuseppe is currently living in Veritas Tower after recently serving in Afghanistan. He called in an old friend, Kurrent, for social purposes. But, Kurrent had another offer. Kurrent asked him to join his team and even offered a room in the tower for him. Giuseppe figured its better than living a normal life. Not once in Giuseppe long life has live a "civies" life. He has always been a soldier. A Warrior. Always working for the military. He's seen Empires Rise and Fall, the Rise of Nation-Stares, the Fall of Nation-States, and the Rise of Countries. But, he has never seen the Fall of Humanity. That's just a whole 'nother ball game to him. And he wasn't going to have. If humanity will fall than he will fall fighting. Kurrent had called a meeting in the war room and Giuseppe answered. 
"I don't have to tell you what is going it is obvious. Outside our very own walls, on our planet Hell has decided to come in and do what ever they want. Well I for one say FU@K THAT! The plan for you guys is simple after this meeting you go out side and send everyone of the Monsters right back to where they came from but we cannot be afraid, these are Demons we are dealing with. They feed of  fear and turn it against you.  My mission in this will be different then yours. It will be necessary evil that I cannot ask any of you to do so i will do it myself. Believe in yourself, protect the people, show the world that they are not alone and that Veritas will fight for them. These bastards wanted to unleash hell on us well we are going to do it to them right back......Make it hurt team"      
Kurrent gave his War-Time speech. Caesar and Napoleon gave better. But Giuseppe wasn't here to judge. But then Giuseppe heard Kurrent called Despair over. And listened to Kurrent conversation with him. 
"Hey Despair I am going to need you for something" He led her to another room so that they can speak in private and began to speak in a whisper. "It's crazy out there huh, since this started happening I have been doing some research, trying to figure who has the power to pull something like this off. The list is very short, Hades perhaps but this does not seem up his ally, Kiara Sullivan but last I heard she was fighting the fight. Final Arrow though, this seems like something he would conjure up. Their is only one place I can think of to find this guy and set him straight. So Despair.....I need you to teleport me to Hell!"      
Giuseppe walked over and said: "If you're going to hell, you're going to need firepower."

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Screams were everywhere filling every hallway, he could hear the grunts an yells of his fellow men but he was chasing after a demon who had already attacked him  Snapping his fingers five undead burst from the ground and kept at his pase " Ralph, find that damned thing and keep his attention with you. They filled the entire damn White house within moments, I am not going back to hell." With a nod a taller undead leaped at the ground almost diving and it sunk into the ground and the others followed Jake. Running around a corner a guard stood blocking the way of Jake "Get out of the damn way you sod! Cant you see that..." Jake walks closer to the guard putting a hand onto his shoulder and suddenly his body fell in two pieces. Jake leaped backwards hissing "Damn demons, make those like myself look bad." 
From behind him a labored breathing scrapped the back of his neck "You do that all on your own Jakey poo." Eyes widening he swings without a second thought bringing an elbow up towards the beasts face only to be caught mid strike. "Such a waste that your queen gave all of her hope in you. Ezmerelda wishes to see you little one, shes been screaming your name in the pit for all these years." Lifting his legs up he kicks off the demons chest an flips backwards landing with a long skid, with a smile he says "Well when you get back tell that bitch that shes going to be waiting for quite sometime to speak with me." As he stares the demon down he can hear the guards ear piece screaming, someone was screaming for reinforcements. And another had said the names Arrow and Gambler "Need to get to them, figure out where everyone else is. Where the hell is Ralph?" The demons mouth foamed with ooze as it stared at Jake "No more words, I havnt eaten in quite sometime. And Last time I had a vampire she tasted quite nice."  within the next instant the large demon was moving fast swiping with its claws at Jake.
 Using his shimmer he avoids all the swipes looking for his undead who had disappeared as he turned the last corner, taking his attention away from the demon it slaps his chest leaving three long claw marks. With a second move it grabbed his shoulders an slammed him hard onto the ground an pinned him down "So easy this was, Ez told me you were quite a match even for me. She must have been exaggerating." The demons mouth almost unhinges as it lowers its head closer to Jakes and all he can do was smile "That cold hearted bitch, she told you all of my powers. But forgot to tell you, but this is nothing new...shes always been a WITCH!!" Pushing hard off the floor Jake forces the demons mouth the slam shut with his skull cutting the top of his head wide open, its teeth shattering as his jaw slams shut. A roar of anger flows from the demons mouth as Jake stands in front of him with a wide smile, grabbing the dead guard he clamps down onto his neck an drinks. "She always forgot to mention Im not at my peak without a good drink or a thrust. And since your not my type...Ill stick with the drink." Energy began to pool around Jakes feet, green slime oozing up from the ground beneath his feet and slithering up his body. Soon it covered everything except his mouth and eyes, and his blood red eyes stared into the demons soul. Using his now boosted abilities thanks to the necroplasm he screams forward slamming a fist into the demons gut, and then bringing a fist to the bottom of its jaw sending it backwards. It soars through the air down the hall, as it flies it opens its eyes finding Ralph standing with a large piece of metal. Swinging hard Ralph hits the demon like a baseball sending it back towards Jake.  Who now was running towards the demon his fist pulled behind him "Give my regards to the bitch when you see her alright. But now I have somewhere to be, and I gotta boot you outta the house." With a scream he thrusts his fist forward slamming into the demons stomach hanging mid-air on Jakes fist for a few seconds its back explodes as blood covers the hall. Blood bursts like a torrent from its body and turns the once white hallway into a hallway of blood an gore, dropping the demon Jake falls to his knees an breaths hard "WHAT THE HELL!!! That actually worked?!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA so the body was truely dead, was going on a hunch that the demons themselves were dead. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA It actually worked time dont put all of power into the necro." Ralph helps Jake up from the ground before turning back into skin an bones an falling into the ground. Cracking his neck Jake shakes the ooze from his jacket and heads towards Arrow an Gamblers direction.

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Pacing back and forth in the cramped Warroom in the makeshift HQ the members of Veritas were forced to call home, Pulsar waited for Kurrent to come in and tell his team the battleplan. The feel of the black and red suit Kurrent had designed for him irritated him. No wonder why he choose a life of crime. At least the damn tailors knew what they were doing. And he didn't have to put up with the constant saving of lives. Veritas was lucky they had information he desired or else he would burn their goddamn tower to the ground. And to hell with whoever was inside. Pulsar was used to blood being on his hands. The blood of a hero wouldn't mean much to him, but the information they posessed was worth selling his services to them for the time being. Even in times such as these. The streets were filled with blood. Death was around every corner and Kurrent had them held up in their shitty litte tower. Some f*#king heroes they were. The more time that passed, the more blood was being shed. Pulsar was sure Kurrent knew this, but he made no move. The man was a legend in the business, but right now he was dropping the ball. And Pulsar was of a mind to tell him about himself. 
   It had been three months since Pulsar had found the former globe trotting hero and offered his help in exchange for information as to the whereabout of the former boss, Nightwolf. It had been on his mind ever since he last held Kenia. The only person he had with any regard. The only person he ever truly loved. Pulsar know that Nightwolf was a man who paid all his debts. And, Pulsar was just another name on the list. Nightwolf had told him that leaving him would force his hand, but Pulsar had long given up the notion that life meant anything other than pain. Kenia was beginning to change that until one day, she was gone. No dear John letter. No nothing. Just gone. All he found was a note that read, "I'll aways be one step ahead of you, Pulsar. And so will she. Connor" The bastard had the nerve to sign his real name on the note. It was then that Pulsar realized he would need help. And as hard as it pained him to go to him, few had amassed as much information of super villains than Kurrent. The hero had little to say to him when he asked to speak with him, but Pulsar wasn't going to be turned away. Veritas had resources he didn't and he would have sold his soul to the devil for a chance to have his revenge. And Kurrent demand was such a simple one. He simply desired his services. He knew Pulsar had distanced himself from most of the villains of the world, whether by choice or the fact that they had no direction. Either way, busting their heads don't mean squat to him. In fact, it would keep him in practice for when he finally caught up with Nightwolf.  
Turning towards the sliding doors the lead to the hallway, Pulsar watched as Kurrent walked into the warroom with a grim look on his face. The demons had all but created Hell on earth. And it was time for them to take back what was theirs. 
"I don't have to tell you what is going it is obvious. Outside our very own walls, on our planet Hell has decided to come in and do what ever they want. Well I for one say FU@K THAT! The plan for you guys is simple after this meeting you go out side and send everyone of the Monsters right back to where they came from but we cannot be afraid, these are Demons we are dealing with. They feed of  fear and turn it against you.  My mission in this will be different then yours. It will be necessary evil that I cannot ask any of you to do so i will do it myself. Believe in yourself, protect the people, show the world that they are not alone and that Veritas will fight for them. These bastards wanted to unleash hell on us well we are going to do it to them right back......Make it hurt  team!"

This was what he was waiting for. How cared if the demons were capable of killing thousands on a whim.  That's not what this is about. This was about  kicking these hellspawns azzes all the way back to Hell. At least that's how Pulsar saw it. He could care less about the lives that were taken. Man, Women, or Child. No one knew when it was their time to go. The weak deserve no quarter. No measure of kindness. They didn't even deserve a quick and painless death. When has death ever been quick and painless? That is a falsehood that stupid people cling to. Every day a person lives, they're one day closer to dying. No need to kid ourselves about it. This battle had one of two outcomes. 1: they drive the demons back and reclaim the world as their own or 2: they fail and are all killed. Even if they win, massive amounts of blood will have to be shed. Blood that few would be able to live with themselves with after it happened. Pulsar was just happy that he wasn't the type to lose sleep over something like that. 
As his fellow members of Veritas began to shuffle out the room, Pulsar followed but unlike the rest of them, made his way to the roof. It was a beautiful day. Or  at least it would have been if the smell of death wasn't so strong. The smell of burning bodies was so strong in the air that it was almost as if he was standing on top of a freshly burnt corpse. If he had been any other hero he would have had shed a tear for all that had past and all that was to come, but there was still a part of him that marvelled at the sheer fact that someone had this much hate within them to unlease this much pain and sorrow into the world. As he eyes began to glow with energy and a glowing white haze of energy covered his body, Pulsar was lifted into the sky. It was time to beat back all the things that go "Bump in the night" with extreme prejudice. And if that didn't work, maybe whoever was behind this was in need of another capable ally. 

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 Scattered candles illuminated the room, lending a soft golden glow to everything they touched. Sweeping her long dark hair out of her eyes Tlieso gazed down at the man she loved, a relaxed smile coming to her face. Leaning down she kissed William softly before sliding onto the mattress with a pleased sigh. Stretching out beside him she pulled the silk sheets up after retrieving a pillow that had fallen to the wooden floor. She was drifting off to sleep when she heard the television mounted on the wall click on, the sound of fighting and gunfire blaring out of the speakers. Pulling the pillow over her head she tried to go back to sleep when the Hunter nudged her. "I've already seen Dog Soldiers."

"It's not a movie." His words were muffled by the pillow, convinced she heard him wrong she sat up and looked at him in confusion then followed his gaze to the screen. A terrified reporter in America babbled almost incoherently about demons and the President. "That's no where near here. Let America deal with their own problems." Laying back she watched with disinterest as the image on the screen spun to show a group of children speaking in unison.

“typical, typical of all of you, your faced with death and pain and you turn on each other, you turn on those that you love even. What use is humanity I ask you? anyway I go off topic, I Desiderina, the girl you all mocked, the girl you all left behind and ignored is going to kill you… one by delicious one”

"Did they just say Rina?" Tlieso glanced over to see Hunter nod, his attention riveted to the screen "What the hell is she doing?"

The children continued to speak in monotone as a terrified scream came from the other side of the house. Leaping from the bed she grabbed a robe off the floor and sprinted down the hallway with Hunter close on her heels. The wailing grew louder as they entered the kitchen to see her chef Shiori staring in horror at her two young children speaking in monotone. Hikari and Hisoka were were four years old, their small faces blank as words from Desiderina continued to pour from their lips. Tlieso shivered as a prickling sensation ran up her spine, the children fell blessedly silent, only the whispered prayers of their mother breaking the silence. Then the children opened their mouths once more in an obscene caricature of a scream as their flesh began to peel and fall from their bones. Bile rose in her throat as she stared at their remains, they had been born in this house, she had watched them grow and blossom and now they were dead. All because Rina felt neglected. Struggling to control the rage inside her Tlieso reached out to Shiori, pulling the devastated woman close as Hunter moved them out of the room. Gathering the members of the Bayushi Clan together, they discussed their options and gathered needed supplies and weapons before she moved them through the shadows.

Omamori hung in every window and over every entrance, their brilliant colors hiding the prayers of protection contained inside. The air smelled of wood fires and decay. Standing in the doorway to the ancient shrine Tlieso rested her hand on the head of the Jade Kitsune statue that silently guarded its entrance and watched the city burn far off in the distance. As soon as the shockwaves of Rinas actions had hit Kyoto she had taken those closest to her and came here. A sharp cry broke the eerie silence, peering into the darkness she could see several small forms moving swiftly around a large demon. Their Jade blades glowed dimly as the ninjas attacked the Oni, twirling and slicing they danced around the repulsive beast until it's head was severed from it's warty body. Far from civilization the demons were fewer here so they were given respite between attacks but it was still far from safe. Too many of her Clan had already been lost, and all because of a child's temper tantrum.

Her hand closed tightly around the Jade Scorpion on the silken cord around her neck as her thoughts turned to Desiderina. Any fond thoughts of the girl that still remained were slowly being eaten away by the nausea that filled her stomach when she thought of the devastation Rina had wrought in her life and in those around her. Tlieso's muscles tensed as she once again cast her thoughts out trying to once again to contact the the angry Princess only to get the same results. Emptiness, nothing. Not even the chaotic feedback she had gotten in the past, before Hell took up residence on Earth. The world could burn but she would be damned if she let that brat ruin what was hers.

Behind her something moved in the darkness, it's long strides quickly closing the space between them. The tension in her body melted away at his touch, leaning back against his broad chest Tlieso closed her eyes as he wrapped his arms around her. Silently they stood and just for a little while she could forget that the world was falling into ruin around them.

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“Empty spaced fill my heart with holes….distance faces with no place left to go..”


It was the thing that filled her should that filled her up. She was a mere shell that when opened was empty inside. Yet what was emptiness? It was incompleteness. She was a mere ghost walking down the empty halls of mere memories. What had been was now a whisper what was was a vapor and what was to be was set in stone. For what is what was…for that was yesterday. A hero despite what they say will eventually be forgotten. Eventually all is lost and emptiness supersedes all.

Her voice rang through the room. Tables and chairs filled with men sat with smug grins on their faces . They sat leaning back staring right before them.   Her voice rang through the room filling the atmosphere as she sang her heart out. Her body shook like the waves smooth in time and her voice like the wind running through a meadow. She stood on stage mike held tightly in her hand as she flung herself on the stage perfect with precision yet raging like a boat at sea. She flung her hips slowly smoothly like rain rolling down a roof. Her hair faired on the multicolored lights that shone upon her face.

Her black mini skirt slid down her hips hardly covering her thighs. It slid down her waist like silk and clung to like a second skin. She wore black bractless on each wrist with metal studs separated on them. Her shirt was a bright purple with thin straps going over her shoulder. It slapped closely around her breasts exposing her midriff. Her hair was lose and slid down her shoulders. It was long and white like a cloud floating in the sky. Her light skin was illuminated under the bright lights placed above her.

Her feet glided like air on water as she slid from one end of the stage to another. She swung her head slowly as the strands of hair slid down her front face blocking her emerald eyes. Her lips almost touching the mike as she slid both hands around it pulling it toward and from her as the beat in the music sounded. As the sound thudded through the speakers she put all her heart too in it as the music began to slowly reach its end. Coming to the edge of the stage she knelt down staring at the audience of enticed men before her. “Baby and yah might still have me…..”

As her words drifted off to silence it was soon shattered as the clapping of hands filled the room. Slowly the velvet red curtains where drawn and the crowd shouted for an encore. The girl behind the curtains stood therefore a few moments taking in the glory before it began to fade and her foot steps could be heard as the echoed down the stair ways. She brushed aside her locks as she slowly slid her hand into her pocket and pulled forth a hair band trying up her hair.

Walking into her room she quickly shut the door behind her as she sat onto a stood. Gently she crossed her legs and rested her face in the palm of her hands. Staring at the picture plastid on the back of her door thoughts ran through her mind. Quickly she reached for her black leather gloves lying on the table and slid them onto her hands. Taking in a deep breath she ran her hands through her hair. Removing   her purple shirt she slid on one similar to it but black.

“Where to begin” she thought a moment yet her thoughts where swiftly interrupted with a loud knock on the door. Letting a sigh out she spoke “Come in…” as soon as those words slid off her lips the door slowly opened as a young man peeked his head through. He smile slightly as his whole body fully entered the room. Instantly she got to her feet brushing her hair back with a nervous expression on her face. “Y…yes” she said stuttering still looking at the man. “I…well…I wanted to say hi” he said raising his hand and waving at her. She chuckled slightly at his gesture as he took another step toward her. “Well you have said hi…you should probably go..” she said turning her head aside as her hair flew behind her.

Walking up till he was only inches away from her he took her hand and slowly lifted it up. Eventually her eyes met with her as she spoke once more in an concerned tone “P..p..please.. Don’t come any closer…I” “Shhh” he whispered as he slowly leaned toward her. Unable for any more words to exit her mouth for a brisk moment their lips touched. Her eyes slowly closed as she felt the heat off his lips yet as close as they touched a surge of power entered through her as she pushed her hands against his chest and fell backward against her dresser.

She watched as the young boys body fell the ground motionless eyes open no longer breathing. Her breathing soon became hard as she crawled toward the man’s body and placed her on his face. A tear slid down her cheek as she sat against her back wall and curled up against the wall. As the tears began to build up in her eyes. “Anna!!!” she shouted wiping the tears from her eyes. Moment latter a woman entered the room as her eyes were diverted to the dead body lying on the floor. “Not again” the woman moan kneeling down beside the body as she tied back her hair. Slowly she looked toward the young girl as she asked “Alex! Why? You know what happens you know!”

Hours latter

Alex sat onto of a small bed as she placed her face into her hands. The lighting was dim and her eyes where shut due to the fact she had a large headache. Across from her sat Anna a close friend of hers ever since she arrived. Both woman where seated across from one another as silence drifted between them. Eventually Anna gained the strength to speak “Alex…you know what you are capable of..yet…why!” her voice was annoyed as she stared at the little girl. “I…I did couldn’t risk it I needed to know!” she pleaded as she wiped her eyes from the dry tears. “Every time you say that and every time another man dies!”

There was a brief moment of silence just before she replied “I just…needed to know if he was the one…” “and what about when he’s not huh? You can’t go around killing every guy with a kiss Just cause you think he’s the one!”   With that both vipers retracted and drifted in a deep silence for minuets on end before Alex stood to her feet finally speaking “You do not know how hard it is for me to never be able to get close to any one because if I dare touch em’ they die!”   Anna got to her feet as well as she placed her hand on Alex’s shoulder for a moment and spoke softly “Does that justify the killing o innocent men just to satisfy your curiosity?”

Slowly the ground began to tremble as Alex clutched her fist and shouted “I’m sorry I…in a situation like that I can’t help it I mean my mind says that this is the one man and if I ever where to hold back the question would always haunt me! Could it have been him?” As tears slid down her cheeks she briskly wiped then and without another word she exited the room and grabbed her things and cashed out.

“Dear Diary….what can I say traveling through time gives yah loads of De Ja Vu and a massive headache to count that. Been here several months still no singe of the murderer beginning to wonder if I’ll ever catch that bastard killer.” There where her thoughts she enjoyed pretending like she had a diary. Alexandra or better known as Alex stood in an alley way somewhere in NYC. Her shoulders where leaned against a damp stone wall as she watched several rats run by her feet.  There was a cold chill in the air as she could hear screams coming from not too far away.   A sigh escaped her red lips as she prepared to check it out but then a young little blond girl stood blocking her exit. “Hay…miss you should go…” but before Alex could make any motion it spoke.

“Typical, typical of all of you, your faced with death and pain and you turn on each other, you turn on those that you love even. What use is humanity I ask you?” “Trust me….I ask that question all the time…” she murdered watching the little girl as she continued to speak “anyway I go off topic, I Desiderina, the girl you all mocked, the girl you all left behind and ignored is going to kill you… one by delicious one”   the blondy giggled  “I have used my little friends here” The girl paused a moment as alex took a closer step before she jumped slightly due to it begin to talk again “well not THESE little friends, they are just like human radios, I mean my scary, bitey little friends who can control your brain! I have used them to take over your leaders, your armies anything you need to stop my friends from eating each and every fleshy one of you and best of all… there is nothing any of you can do… how funny is that?”

Alex stood there her eyes wide as she smiled “Actually that’s hilarious….”   As those words trailed off and silence emerged she rushed toward the child trying to snap the little girl out of what ever she rushed toward the child and gripped her by the arm. Suddenly terror ran through her as she discovered that her had was fully exposed and coming in contact with the girls skin. She tried pulling away but he hand appeared glued tightly to the child’s arm.   Pulling with all her force she soon noticed the sky changing to that of a crimson and sun gold. But her eyes where soon diverted to her hand that suddenly faded to that of a color black. Soon enough her entire right arm was black, as if absorbing something from the child yet not harming her outward appearance.

 “What’s going..,” but before she could finish there was a sudden surge of that like electricity that sent her flying like a knife against the stone wall. Her body soon slumped to the floor as she laid there in total shock laid with her eyes up. From what she saw creatures….like she had only seen in her nightmare appeared creatures of darkness creatures that she was familiar with at a very young age. Feeling the sting from her hand she looked over to it to see that nothing was apparently wrong with it though when she looked to the girl…all she saw was a pile of ash and rotting flesh.

Blood slid down her brow as she could not stop staring at the thing perched above. Its bright yellow bulging eyes glared down at her, green vapor escaped its nostrils as it stared enticed by her. Its long black scaly tale swung like that of a timer. Back and forth back and forth almost memorizing. Ashe watched as its mouth opened slightly exposing its daggers that it held within its mouth.   Yellow saliva dropped from the creatures and fell upon her stomach as her shirt began to erode. She assumed that it’s liquid inside the mouth was like acid burning away any thing it touched. “Please…if your going to kill me demon…do so” was all she said

Moment latter the beast lunged at her dinging its talons into her shoulder she cringed in pain, yet she screamed as in one foul moment ripped open her stomach as it began to chew on it. The pain was beyond imaginable she would rather have killed herself than live through this agony.   She was unable to move unable to speak only stare at the beast devoured her insides. Blood sprayed on her face that of her own flesh and grip was scattered on the surrounding floor.

Suddenly bright blue ball appeared in the same had that had turned back. She diverted her eyes toward it before shutting them and whispering something under her breath.   With what strength remained within her she sent the orb toward the beast its bright light scared the creature off as its wings thudded through the darkness. Yet strangely it fled without even a little of a fight…not that Alex could give one.

Moments turned into minuets as she laid there lifeless and unmoving the smell of her own burnt flesh could be scented from miles around. Her eyes stared aimlessly at the sky above unable to divert unable to gain the mover to even move. “If I am to die kill me but if not then do something!” she finally shouted her voice echoing off the stone cold walls surrounding her.   Yet she would have wished she was dead than face what happened next.    

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Recon stood in the doorway looking over his empty quarters, there was nothing in his quarters, except one single bed, wardrobe and then just the cold polished hard wood floor.  
Few minutes later of staring in the empty room and standing in the doorway, his phone started ringing, he had a meeting today with the team, he doesn´t often remember these things so he put his phone on a specific time, he closed his eyes and sighed, picked up the phone from his right pocket and shut off the alarm. 
He walked down the hall to the War Room on the 5th floor in Veritas building. Walking down the bright hallway, on the white walls were paintings and portraits of former and current members of the Veritas, someday Recon would be on there. 

"I don't have to tell you what is going it is obvious. Outside our very own walls, on our planet Hell has decided to come in and do what ever they want. Well I for one say FU@K THAT! The plan for you guys is simple after this meeting you go out side and send everyone of the Monsters right back to where they came from but we cannot be afraid, these are Demons we are dealing with. They feed of  fear and turn it against you.  My mission in this will be different then yours. It will be necessary evil that I cannot ask any of you to do so i will do it myself.  Believe in yourself, protect the people, show the world that they are not alone and that Veritas will fight for them. These bastards wanted to unleash hell on us well we are going to do it to them right back......Make it hurt team" Kurrent said, to us in the War Room.  
Some of the members walked out of the room and few stayed, Recon was one of the guys who walked, Recon had watched the news earlier, the demons had taken over the world for some time now, he has fought demons before, they don´t just die in a single shot, it takes lots and lots of firepower, that´s why he uses sword and knifes, he uses guns mostly but, if he uses guns that´s just for to make a distraction or he is trying to making minor injuries and then he comes in. He hopes that they won´t split up, because maybe there is a queen or even a gate to hell, or as Recon calls it, Gate to Oblivion, he doesn´t know what "Oblivion" means, but it´s a cool line, well Recon´s thinks that. 
He heads to his quarters on the 2nd floor, on his way there he looks once again on the portraits on the bright wall, he closes his eyes and shakes his head and then starts walking towards his quarters, when Recon is at the doorway, he put his right hand on the doorknob and turns it slowly, opens it and heads to the wardrobe. Opens it and there are two types of clothes hanging there, formal suit and mission suit. He took the mission suit and he dressed himself to it.  

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The earth screamed. Screamed from its deepest bellow out in pain and agony. Since the portals had opened she did not have a single minute of silence. Everywhere the manyfold gaping maws of hell opened and added a new verse to her opera of suffering with the cacophony of hell. It wasn't only the suffering on earth that they brought. No, it was also the torture of billions over billions of souls caught in heaven for all eternity. The worst of two worlds. And though the sadistic demons proceeded in rippin people away limb by limb and feeding on their intestines while they were still alive it was Despair who lay in her room in fetal position and felt every single pain like her own. Maybe even worse. Crying she held her head and tried to fend them off, the terrible images that the emotions brought her, how lovers lost each other in the mad carnage outside and how aprents were seperated from their children when this horrible massacre took place that Desiderina called "her message". 
The shock was without equal. Feeling the horror of the parents as the weird smile of their children opened wider and wider till their skin cracked, see it rip around their little skulls and sliding down their little tender bodies eyyposing thier bones and muscle till it lay around their feet in a bloody puddle was almost too much. Her sanity hung on a single string short of forever disappearing into the black void of madness. How she kept it was a miracle even t herself. But maybe going mad would have been a salvation? For a second she considered simply letting go, it would be so easy, not having to care about anything even more, just surrendering to the constant pain to be free from it. But then something deep inside her, that little girl who had started this journey for a reason, who had learned all that magic not out of egoistical means but for the greater good, to protect society from herself, to redeem it by redeeming herself, cried out. If she went mad she would drag the whole world with her as she lost the little control over her vast empathic abilities that she had. Madness would sweep over the earthThe sound echoed through her whole self, reminded her that all this had not been in vain, that she was already better now and that there was still a long way to go, a way that she would go further so that not all the sacrifices had been for nothing, a loud and valiant "NO!!!" within her. And this no gave her strength, let her carry on and struggle to keep her mind, made her fight the influence till she finally had it turned down to an almost bearable level. Using all of her strength of will she forced that beast down her throat again that threatened to claw its way up and out of her mouth. She still felt every person's pain on the globe but it was more like a debilitating migraine instead of a glowing drill that was forced into her head through her eye.
Only now did she notice the Veritas communicator in her room beeping. Untiringly the little blue light flashed again and again and cast light on the dozens of bookshells containing classical gothic novels and ancient tomes on light magic within her room. The annyoing little beep echoed through the room invading her aching head like the demons tore through earth's defenses. Over and over it repeated this vexing till the Angela Atra lifted her lifted her strained body from the bed, took it and left the room with a graceful stride that was so much inborn to her to seek up the coonference room of the Veritas Tower, her skirts moving around her like shadows as if to hide her beauty.
Only moments later she sat among her other team comrades and listened to what their team captain had to say. Pictures of a burning world flickered over the screens and delivered a fitting contrast to his words. Artificial lights casted grim lights on an even grimmer face, highlighted and stressed the lines that not time but  experience had dug into his face and the numerous scars that graced it as he explained the situation to them. For a long time Despair had admired the Most Electrifying man nearly bordering a crush that a teenager might have felt for a popstar but she knew she could never even hope to be like him. On the other hand she never wanted to be. She simply admired the courage and the determination that the leader of Veritas Inc. showed even in the face of hell on earth. His well chosen deliberate words inspired zeal and motivation in the team as his strong voice vibrated through the room enlightned by the flames from both, the television and the outside as New York underwent its own little transformation into an inferno. 
 "I don't have to tell you what is going it is obvious. Outside our very own walls, on our planet Hell has decided to come in and do what ever they want. Well I for one say FU@K THAT! The plan for you guys is simple after this meeting you go out side and send everyone of the Monsters right back to where they came from but we cannot be afraid, these are Demons we are dealing with. They feed of  fear and turn it against you.  My mission in this will be different then yours. It will be necessary evil that I cannot ask any of you to do so i will do it myself. Believe in yourself, protect the people, show the world that they are not alone and that Veritas will fight for them. These bastards wanted to unleash hell on us well we are going to do it to them right back......Make it hurt team" 

 Like the others Despair stood up ready to do her part. She abhorred fighting and the violence that necessarily came with it, sometimes she even wondered why such a hard physically orientated team like this had chosen her at all, but she was willing to do what she had to do. Banish, burn, destroy. Slowly the aggressiveness rose in her, the memories of Ninjeta and her perfect black lips parted over equally perfect white teeth. How the hatred of the Ninjans had infested her and had driven her over the edge, how she had exploded in an orgy of violence, burned bodies of young promising lifes littered all over the place, the ground not soaked by blood but scorched by her own energy. Her own power fed of that feeling and intensified it, pushing it to new heights and she could also see how it further motivated her brethren. She was short of running out of the room leaving nothing but a hint of patchouli behind that told of her presence, being gone as a wraith of blazing black skirts and a trail of emtion behind her as she felt something touching the sooft white skin of her arm.
Kurrent's hand. Strong, firm and tall the leader of Veritas stood there and fixated her with his bllue eyes till they met her own. Still he emanated the same respect inducing aura like before and the strength of personality that came from him succeeded in calming her down as his eyes locked with her continued to keep her locked in his stern gaze.
 "Hey Despair I am going to need you for something
... It's crazy out there huh, since this started happening I have been doing some research, trying to figure who has the power to pull something like this off. The list is very short, Hades perhaps but this does not seem up his ally, Kiara Sullivan but last I heard she was fighting the fight. Final Arrow though, this seems like something he would conjure up. Their is only one place I can think of to find this guy and set him straight. So Despair.....I need you to teleport me to Hell!"

While he spoke he carefully guided her into another dark room, all the hairs on her slender body were erect by the tension that she was fully aware of. His rough whisper, result of many a good whiskey and many a good cubana cigar, only intensified the whole situation as she hang on his lips while he was speaking. He could not be serious. That was pure suicide. For sure it was a mission of highest priority, unavoidable even, but hell's demons, the stronger ones who had not manifested yet because the level of carnage was not big enough yet, would rip him to pieces once he set a single foot into this realm of brimstone and sulphur with the tar covered ground. That was if she did not go with him. The beautiful pale mutant was sure the world could not go on without one of its greatest heros. The Master Of Levis Tractus had to be there and so Despair had to go with him. Gathering all her strength she gulped hard and nodded. After Giuseppe's and Kadaj' ssurprising arrival and the soldiers' offers, though she would rather not have called that an offer but more of an delusional inversion, she had to concentrate again before she could answer with the highest level of seriousness and self confidence that was possible under these circumstances:
"I appreciate the trust that you two heroes place in me and will do my best to justify it but I am direly afraid you are not aware of the thing you are asking. Hel is unlike any other place and I have only access to the light realm. That does not mean I cannot bring you there but you should be exceptionally sure you want to do this and even if you are there is no guarantee you will survive more than mere minutes there. Your sacrifice as willing as you might be to bring it might be very wellm in vain. I know this will not hold you off in your heroic endeavours to save the world but I beg you to think about it again? Are you really ready to throw your life away for nothing, to risk your very souls being damned to an eternity of suffering even? No matter your answer I will accompany you on any path you choose, be it the road to hell or the one to war with the pputside. I still adhere to our old motto "Veritas Unite". It is your choice of the three of us risk our lifes on this. I will need one hour to prepare the ritual and ask you not only to leave me alone but also to hink about the consequences of your choice once more."
As the three heroes left Despair alone in the dark room she felt the whole burden of her appointment last on her. The world's fate once again bearing down on her slim alabaster shoulders. She could only hope she would not break under it...
One hour later:

They had returned. Heavily armed with pistols, batons, knifes and machine guns as well as great conviction they had returned. Despair was indifferent to that matter. Dying in hell or dying out on the streets did not make much of a difference to her. For the past hour she had laboured over ancient tomes on dark sorcery, material that she would not have even touched earlier, to find a formula that would literally send her to hell. Now that she sat in a pentagram with glowing runes inscribed in animal's blood and rare inscence from the black continent Africa all that didn't seem to matter anymore as the dark magic surged through her and whispered enticing things in her head. Externally she was silent and calm but internally a brutal fight was staged in her, the dark energies of the black magic against the searing cleaning energies of the light arts that she usually practiced.Like the Yin/ang symbol the two tides raged in her and fought over control the black magic trying to corrupt her from within. The dark arts were truly something fearful but at the same time so fascinatingly powerful. Finally she could understand how some people could give up their souls and more to wield such power. It needed all of her strength to utter the formula and while she did that slowly the void of the dark magic crept into her eyes coloring her normally blue eyes covering it like with black tendrils. Finall her outfit and her soul were in unison.
"Ex loco in alienum transiemus. Portem, oh magni spiritus, liberare rogo. Apud inferos ambulare et eum capitem ingentem videre volemus. Portem liberare ad secundum rogo. Ad tertium. Ad quartum. Ad quintum."
With each call she snuffed out another candle at the edges of the pentagram. One, two, three, four, five and the light in the room died. For a moment Despair felt like loosing herself in this ocean of darkness, all that was good in her being snuffed out like those candles. But then something rose in her, a bright light that burned the corruption away and saved her, left her free from the alien influence again. It seemed an eternity before she could open her eyes again but then she could see she had been successful. A dark vortex of energy swirled infront of her, their own little portal to the realm of the eternally suffering. The acidic biting smell of sulphur was not the worst that exited it, not even the image of the boiling tar on the ground or the flames in the background. No, it was the sound of the damned themselves bidding for mercy or even another death coming out of it. For Despair it was even worse as she noticed the feelings that she had sensed were but a poor example of the real deal, of the mental torture that only hell could bring forth. And as if to mock them the portal had manifested right infront of a statue of the old ruler of hell, the horned man Lucifer himself. Mockingly he stood there in his brassen glory with a cocky smile on his lips and his arms crossed as if to challenge the heroes. A challenge that those were only too willing to accept.
Shakingly and weak Despair came to her feet to make a short bow before her Kurrent, Kadaj and Guiseppe and said:
"Your humble servant named after one of the ugly sisters has created a portal as you have asked from her. Now that you finally have your own personal gateway to hell all of us can eagerly walk into Final Arrow's domain and challenge this ancient entity that beat Satan himself to find a glorious and deserved fate. It has been an honour knowing the three of you, gentlemen."
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All hell broke lose.........literally huh go figure. You don't need any other words to describe the chaos being reigned down by the dark children of the Devil than that. It's almost as if the human race as a whole psychically knew such a thing would occur and spent some time coming up for the sentence a witness would use to describe what they saw when the dark place that all humans of any race, sex, creed or religion fear tore a whole in the world and ripped its way into this plane. When the world would be walking side by side with its nightmares and when it most feared for its own destruction because how can you truly fight a nightmare........lets find out! 
Its times like this its good to work with others. Having resources you can count on from others. leadership, strengths, powers, willpower all these things you can find from other people. Its the strength you gain as a unit that makes things possible. On your own you can only go so far but as one with others you can do the almost impossible.  
"I don't have to tell you what is going it is obvious. Outside our very own walls, on our planet Hell has decided to come in and do what ever they want. Well I for one say FU@K THAT! The plan for you guys is simple after this meeting you go out side and send everyone of the Monsters right back to where they came from but we cannot be afraid, these are Demons we are dealing with. They feed of  fear and turn it against you.  My mission in this will be different then yours. It will be necessary evil that I cannot ask any of you to do so i will do it myself.  Believe in yourself, protect the people, show the world that they are not alone and that Veritas will fight for them. These bastards wanted to unleash hell on us well we are going to do it to them right back......Make it hurt team"   
Midnightist stood in silence as he contemplated what Kurrent was planing. He had worked with him enough to know exactly what he always felt like doing. He knew the stupid and smart plans he would be making. He waited to see if his years as his friend and comrade had done him any good and if he was right in the thought that Kurrent planed on doing something stupid.  
"Hey Despair I am going to need you for something ... It's crazy out there huh, since this started happening I have been doing some research, trying to figure who has the power to pull something like this off. The list is very short, Hades perhaps but this does not seem up his ally, Kiara Sullivan but last I heard she was fighting the fight. Final Arrow though, this seems like something he would conjure up. Their is only one place I can think of to find this guy and set him straight. So Despair.....I need you to teleport me to Hell!"     
"Yep stupid." The Medium Noctis waited patiently and silently just standing guard as his team got ready and moved out. He watched as many of the team members left and he seemed to do the same going out into battle against these unholy dark forces, but in reality he had not. Like one with the darkness himself he hid in the shadows so effortlessly it was amazing no one some him in the corner. It took Despair an hour to finally create a portal to hell. D@mn she's powerful. I can't even image the forces she had to channel to break reality enough to get a working hellgate open but she did it.  "
 "Your humble servant named after one of the ugly sisters has created a portal as you have asked from her. Now that you finally have your own personal gateway to hell all of us can eagerly walk into Final Arrow's domain and challenge this ancient entity that beat Satan himself to find a glorious and deserved fate. It has been an honour knowing the two of you, gentlemen."     
Kurrent and  Giuseppe got ready to enter the portal and fight the harsh jungle of evil that stood before them. It was a sign. Midnightist knew he was ready to reveal himself. He walked over to the duo and placed his hand on Kurrent's soldier. He looked at both his friends. Like normal he stood quietly being a brave fighter and loyal friend. He balled his right fist up with no hesitation at all and joined his flesh and bone with Kurrents stomach. 
  He got his left hand ready and quickly turned around and introduced his fingers to Giuseppes jaw. Both were still standing but had learned their individual lessons. "Thats for you idiots thinking I would let you do this without me.


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 The cold night air came alive with the roaring of flames crackling into the darkness. Pillars of smoke filled the sky as a mucky haze settled lower. Cries of anguish screamed out from everywhere as the Temple grounds were in utter chaos. There curled up in the center of the training grounds was their savior. Their 'Chosen One'. His body was caked in dried up blood as he heaved, another gush of blood pouring out from his mouth. Puddling underneath him in what appeared to be a beaten form. His lip was split wide down the center, a gash racing across his nose which oozed out blood of its own. The brow on his right heavily bruised and swollen, almost to the extent of shutting his eye. Which was already bloodshot, the vessels popped. Gazing up into the sky the moon itself seemed to be washed in blood now. His skin seemed to crack and peel where it was not covered in blood, losing its normal tone and seeming a pale white. Cho's body was littered with cuts and gashes down to the bone. He had no strength. So many had died, he had failed to not only save his people. But now the world.

"Master!" echoed the scream as Cho shot up from his bed. His body was drenched in sweat, his breathing frantic as it came in short gasps. It had seemed so real, he could feel the blood dripping from his body and the claws rending his flesh. But it had all been a dream, a vision. Sitting up more his hands covered his face as he took in a deep breath. They were coming more frequent now, his rest becoming reckless. Turning to look at his alarm it was only 4 a.m. with a sigh he threw the covers off and rose to his feet. "No better time than the present" his voice only half serious as he dressed himself. The way he decided to look at things was the earlier he was woken, the more training he would just have to get in. To stop that dream from ever coming true. He would be ready, no matter the costs.

Three months had passed since he left the island of the Sacred Order. The Grand Master forbidding him to leave, but then allowing it for he knew the bond he shared with his Shotokan Master. Cho had managed to arrive in time to attend his funeral. It was a good death he kept trying to tell himself. He should be happy, proud. But part of him wanted to avenge his friend. To get revenge for his father. For he was the closest Cho ever knew to one. His only solace came with seeing how the entire world looked at his death as it was their own son. It was a good death.

Things never seemed to be peaceful in these lands. Not long after the ceremony had ended the city of New York was rocked by numerous explosions. In their wake created a horde of super powered Zombies that laid waste to thousands of lives. The city still had not recovered completely, more and more turned up missing or were found dead. Now disaster strikes yet again on these fragile people. Demons had taken over and now ruled with an iron clad fist. People were afraid to come out from there homes. Those that were not set to flames anyway. Some powerful being known as Rina seemed to be the cause behind this havoc. If the world still needed heroes, it did not have to look far.

Night after night Cho raged a brutal war against these creatures from the abyss. He knew that each night he had to be careful with going home. There could be no chance that a demon followed him and killed him in his sleep. Or gathered others to fight against him in numbers that he might not survive. He would not bring that fate to the Dojo in which he slept. They had been kind to take him in, giving him a room in the back free of charge. A favor to the Grand Master he called it. Still that did not make Cho feel any better, being handed something with no work. So for that he protected them, he kept that neighborhood safe as best he could.

Screams echoed out of the alleyway as a young blond haired girl ran for her life. Just a dozen feet from the ground came a diving demon towards her. Its long sharp teeth were dripping of poison, the beats fangs looked as if it could rip a grown man in half. "Ha-Do-Ken!" yelled a voice that scared the frightened girl even more. A blazing blue ball of energy soared into the air past her. She tripped and fell, he dress tearing in the process as he tumbled down onto the ground just in time to see the crackling energy connect against the Demon. It roared in defiance at the blast struck its wing. Ripping through it and sending the monster down onto the ground. Forcefully a hand pulled her back up to her feet and yelled at her, "Get out of here now!". Standing before he was a figured plucked right out of a martial arts movie. Not wasting any more time his fists charged with that same glow and he leaped towards the Demon. His strikes quick and precise as each and every touch seemed to cause the demon great pain. Its skin boiling as the wounds opened up. Cho had fallen into his trance. He was no longer a boy. He was the Dragon.

The demons pain called out in agony, a cry for help. The Dragon had done this dance before, in just minutes the place would be surrounded with more of these monsters. The scouts of the demonic horde. If he was not safe soon after the shock troopers in the force would arrive. He had to finish this one and get the girl to safety, she was not heeding his warning.

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It was an impressive display of loyalty as members of the Veritas team came in refusing to let Kurrent walk into Hell itself without them joining him. This was a mission that The Electric Ace had to mentally prepare himself for and the fact that his teammates showed they would follow him to the worst place in existence said a lot about the team dynamic.  After speaking with Despair the members that were going to take the evil trip had an hour to prepare. Weapons were gathered, prayers were said and plans were made. The mission was to find Final Arrow and make him reverse all the wrongs he had caused. It was a lot easier said then done but the team had  a determination about them. They knew that they had to fight like it was their last day on Earth because it literally was.
One hour later
In a native tongue Despair recited an incantation designed to send the herself , Kurrent and the two other members of the team to the Underworld and in an instant the taxing task on Despair brought the team to the worst place in existence the home of Final Arrow. The light had blinded him and the trip left a pain in his stomach almost as if he had been punched. He couldn't imagine what other pain they might feel in the wretched place  or if they would even make it out alive.
The portal that Despair had made had left her weak, by the way she was talking it was almost as if she was about to die. Immediately Kurrent noticed his teammate and move near her to assist disregarding the foul stench and the creatures that were already circling around the team of Veritas. Still something was odd the portal seemed to still linger and a familiar voice traveled into Kurrent's lobe. It was Midnightist. His presence was a helpful one like always but his timing was not the best. Hanging out with Despair for so long you learn a few things and a very important lesson is that spells need to be exact . If if calls for 4 people only 4 people will travel. Upon looking at Midnightist Kurrent knew what was going to happen he felt it. Someone was going back through that portal and that someone ended up being him....
In the blink of a eye Kurrent was blinded again. When he opened his eye he was back in the Veritas Tower at exactly the location that Despair had sent them off in. The anger built inside of him quickly. He had teammates in hell with no way to get back. Quickly he spoke into his watch but he could not reach any of the members that were in the Underworld. So the next thing he could do was try and make a telepathic link with Despair. Trying his hardest he cleared his head, closed his eyes and mentally began to say "Despair if you can hear me I am back on Earth continue with the mission until you are strong enough to bring everyone back"  After he opened his eyes, he saw a table in front of him. Gritting his teeth he flipped the table out of frustration. He should be there this was his mission and now 4 members of his team were in Hell of all place.  Breathing heavily he tried to gain his composure and knew that the rest of his team was outside fighting demons. "I gotta get out there" he thought but his thoughts quickly changed when he felt blistering heat on the back of his neck that came from a large demon that had breached the Veritas HQ

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 Once again the Earth found itself embroiled in turmoil as the deadly daughter of Final Arrow, known as Desiderina Redhead , had unleashed death incarnate across the globe. Systematically wiping out the World leaders and high ranking political figures.With an endless legion of demonic creatures at her disposal, the malicious mystic had unbound the natural order of the Universe as her powers surged to an astronomical proportion. The World simply could not contain such unbridled power and magic. Causing devastating weather anomalies across the globe. Deadly hurricanes ravaged the Midwest destroying everything and anyone in their paths, while immeasurable tidal waves wiped out entire coast lines. The sun had shifted colors seventeen times since the beginning of the apocalyptic day while sharing the same area as the moon, which was visibly being torn apart.

At the epicenter of the conflict stood two life long rivals, one time brothers, and future kings, Final Arrow and Gambler. With a small contingent of loyal Illuminati Knights, decedents from of legendary Templar's, they attempted to establish a command post at ground zero. The newly resurrected King of Kings had barely had time to adjust to the land of the living before the World began to eat itself. Luckily, alongside Arrow, they had established an illustrious underground organization shrouded in secrecy. Now do to the war, they had been forced to reveal themselves sooner then anticipated. The press' coverage of the newly reveled group had been highly instrumental in painting the group as heroic individuals who were dedicated to the salvation of the World. And with two of the greatest manipulators ever to walk the Earth counted among their members, the Illuminati was taking full advantage of their mislabeled statues. 

Washington D.C. had been completely overrun by the dark forces of  Desiderina Redhead , the White House had been destroyed and the Washington Monument had been redecorated with the decapitated heads of the fallen. Despite facing overwhelming odds the Illuminati had managed to secure the Pentagon which was now under the protective spell of the true Shadow Manipulator, Arrow. From high above one could see the bloody outline of a massive pentagram that temporarily kept the demons at bay. Inside several survivors frantically tried to keep their wits about them. The irony of protecting the weak was not lost on the Cajun, but for the time being, his focus was on more pressing matters."We need to gather our powerhouses here in DC. Combat magic wit magic"The Illuminati boasted thee single greatest collection of magic users ever to grace one team, and Gambler knew they were the only force capable of confronting the mad mystic.

However with Desiderina in complete control of the military and other key municipal federations around the World, communication was all but impossible. Suddenly the crafty cajun began to smirk as he turned to Arrow. "I need you to leave dis place old friend. Go and gather our forces and bring dhem back here." Arrow paused for a moment, not as an emotional response, but because the decision was not a logical one. In order for him to leave he would first need to take down the mystical barrier. "Just do it mon ami, I hold dhem off as long as I can." Without a word Final Arrow subtly bowed before vanishing. Almost instantly the horrifying screams of the demons rushed through the Pentagon like a nightmare come to life. And as all manner of demon speed blitzed the survivors, Gambler drew his sword and smiled, "You aint got what it takes."

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Making his way through the air, Pulsar could see nothing but death. It was everywhere. On every block, it was there. Demons where it harbingers. Scores of them littered the streets. He had never cursed himself for his gifts before as it that moment he wished with all his heart that he couldn't see the pack of demons below him cornering what looked to be two young women dressed in school girl attire. They couldn't have been any older than twelve, Thirteen the most. It took him a few second before he realized he had completely stopped fly through the sky and was floating in the same spot. His time around those Veritas chumps must have been making him soft. So what if they were only children. The world was a harsh and inforgiving place. better they die now then have to live in a world full of people who relish the idea of dashing the dreams of the innocent, and twisting them into...what he had become. 
As the demons danced and clawed at their meal, Pulsar could see the eyes of one of the little girls as she looked up as if to ask God why was this happening to her? She had the most beautiful greyish green eyes. Even at his height, he could hear the sounds of the rabid demons. They were overcome with delight. Then the unexpected happened. The Girl's watery eyes fixed directly on Pulsar and a tear dropped from her right eye. It was as if time stood still at that moment. The girl was actually looking at him and in her own way plead with him to be saved. It went against everything inside him to help her. Hell, it went against everything inside him to help anybody, but right now as he looked into this child's eyes he knew what needed to be done. This was Veritas work. And as such, it was his. 
Swooping down at break-neck speed, Pulsar shoulder tackled the demon he heard cackling with glee. he couldn't believe he was doing this, but now wasn't the time for thinking. It was the time for mindless violence. Covering their eyes from the white light that surrounded him, the demons, like rabid dogs, kept clawing at the girls. They weren't going to let their meal get away from them that easily. He could feel the heat coming from off them. It burned bright heat to his eyes, but it felt so cold. Like the heat  was just an illusion. These creatures knew nothing of warmth. All they knew was desire. The desire to destroy. To tell, use, and destroy as they please. he had more in common with these creature than even he would like to admit, but right now, they were the enemy. And enemies of Veritas were to be put down fast and hard. "All right, boys. As you can see, this is Veritas turf. Move along and I won't have to kick your azz back to hell."  If the demons heard him, they made no indication of it as they stopped covering their eyes and rushed after him. Great..Just Great, he thought. They just found a bigger meal. With sparks of energy shooting from his eyes, Pulsar closed his hands into fists and put them up to protect himself. It was go time whether he liked it or not. 
As the three demons jumped towards him, Pulsar could only punch at them once. The little buggers were a lot faster than they appeared. And while they were small in stature, their strength rivaled his own. Spinning his body around to shake them loose, Pulsar grunted like a madman. "Get out of here, girls. I'll take care of them."  It was no use. The girls were in shock from their traumatic encounter with these demons. His only chance at saving them was to take the demons away from them. Slowly rising into the air, Pulsar could feel the demons' clawed hands tearing through his costume. They were strong little bastards, but he had fought stronger. As he lifted himself higher into the air, he grabbed one of them around the neck of one of them with his left hand as he charged up his right hand with pure photovoltic energy and began to punch it in the face, causing it to yelp more like anger than sheer pain. The demons began to slash at his arms as he continued to punch the one he held. There was no way he could win this battle as it were. He had to do something to turn the tide of the fight and quick. Flying at full speed as he held out the demon, Pulsar smashed down into the roof of an old warehouse building. It wasn't much, but it was enough to pry the other two demons grasp of him. Spitting in the face of the demon he still held on to by it's neck, Pulsar tossed it down into the body of the two demons that were just clinging to him. He needed to change his plan of attack. Fighting like this would only get himself killed.  
Clicking the Veritas com link in his collar, Pulsar spoke into in with urgentcy. "I need back up ASAP. Any Veritas members in the area of the old warehouse district get here ASAP. Things are getting thick over here." Just then out of the corner of his eye, Pulsar could see demons crawling all over the old warehouse. The place was crawling with them. If his Veritas teammates were going to get ther it had better be soon. Or else he was next on the demon buffet.   
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1 or 2 hours ago

   "Contra malo illum ferrum encanto. Lux alba tuum proteget et inimicos tuus necat" bright light came from Despair hands as she said those words, the bright light came from her hands and onto the blade that Recon was going to use in his battle, she had already done the sledgehammer that was for Pulsar.  
Recon raised his eyebrow as he looked at Despair. "What was that?" Recon asked Despair as he looked at the glowing sword. "That? That was Latin." Despair answered. 
Still holding her hands over the blade and saying those words over and over again. 
"Okay, I´m done." Despair said and lowered her hands, she took a deep breath, Recon walked up the the table and got his hands on the glowing blade, the blade was a beauty, the shape. He was making his way towards the door to go and find Pulsar, where ever he might be.  
"Recon!" Despair said, walking up to him, she laid her hands on his cheek. "Good luck!" she said, with an infinite sadness in her eyes. Recon nods and walks out with his glowing blade on his back and the sledgehammer on his back also but under the blade. 


The roar and the screams that the demons made when Recon thrust the blade inside the demons heart, in a few seconds the streets were crawling in demons and these big spiders who suck your blood or rip your head off and take out your heart and lungs and most of your innards. 
Few demons came running towards them, Recon had been killing few in about half an hour, he knew they weren´t dumb, well some of them were, if they wanted really to kill me. 
As one of the demons jumps towards him, with a loud roar and bloody eyes, the tail twirled in the air as it jumps with his hands first, Recon smiled through the mask and jumped in the air, suddenly everything went in slow-motion to him, Recon landed on the demons back as it was still in the air and put his blade and stuck it in to the demons back and cut it in two parts. When he landed on the ground, his head was down and the left hand on the ground while the right hand was in the air holding the blade tight in his hand, sweating through the leather glove, making him to make a fist more often, when he looked up a demon came right at him, he raised the blade, and still in crouch stand and pointing the blade up, put it was still in the middle of Recon´s face, just a few centimeters away from it, the demon landed right on the blade, the blade went between the demons red eyes and cut him half, the blood from the demon splattered all over the place and on Recon´s outfit, good thing that the outfit was made out of very rare and strange cloth, made by Despair. If it was just normal cloth, the blood would eat through the clothes and try to make it deep inside the skin.  
As Recon stood up, in a battling stand, the outfit was now more red than it was black. Looking up seeing more than hundreds of demons running towards him, in all sizes, little or small. 
Suddenly his com link started ringing.  "I need back up ASAP. Any Veritas members in the area of the old warehouse district get here ASAP. Things are getting thick over here." voice of Pulsar was heard through the com link, the warehouse was just few blocks away from his location. 
He put his sword on the back and ran towards the warehouse, jumping on some demons and dodging few of them.  
Few dodging and jumping later, he was at the warehouse district, where he saw Pulsar way over there, he pulled up the blade and ran towards slicing the backs of few, to get his way towards Pulsar. 
"I´m here, Pulsar." getting into battling stance, Recon took up his M9 and started shooting at few "spiders" in the head to make them drop down, not dead just minor injury.  
"Anymore of our teammates coming to help us out?" Recon asked Pulsar as he shoots still. And when he´s done with the magazine he throws the pistol to his right and takes once again his blade up.
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Demons engulfted this city, their screams in full tact as they tore into another innocent man. A father cries out in pain, the hell-hounds massive jaws flashing their fangs before feasting upon the man's stomach. Tearing out his organs, spitting out what they did'nt like and devouring the rest.   Tonight, a mother and child will lock their doors and sit and wonder where is our father? our husband? 
Just before they fall to the same fate.
Atop a cross that sat on a church...was Drifter.  A man of six souls, the current of which being Vincent Torez. A serial rapist as well as a murderer who took great delight in torturing his victims. Tearing out they're jugular veins and then singing to them a song, pleading with them to follow along. Vincent was no Angel and neither were the murderers and sinners that lived within the body touched by Hell. Being atop this holy ground nearly burned him, but he did'nt care.
 The Drifter freefell from atop the church, shooting down the side of it, the stained glass windows passing by at phenomenal speeds as he rocketed down.
The streets beneath him felt a thud as he landed, leaving a small crater in the ground. A demon would soon show his true form, a wolf in sheep's clothing in full view as a man tore his business suit up and threw it to the ground. The man's skin pigmentation changing to that of Scarlet and Horns now protruding from his head. Screaming at the top of his lungs a scream only a hellhound could produce. 
Drifter's body now swirled with white and grey where once was pure black. A change in heart perhaps? 
None of it mattered, because as the demon circled Vincent, his mind could only flash backwards into the things that his team-mates had done to him. Mocking him, channeling their frustrations and angers onto him. For too long,  he'd sat and been a one trick pony underneath the big dogs. Hiding behind the facade of cowardice for too long, Drifters of all generations have been pushed around, and been second place. The silver medal of all the whores and politicians.  No longer.  No longer.

Drifter grabbed his sword off the holster on it back, The Iron Cutter. 
Humming in perfect harmony with the Demon's power. taking a slice at the demons head only to have the sword miss. The demon bellowed a laugh as the sword missed it's mark, with a quick movement, the demon swatted Drifter away before carrying his own body on hooves into the city in front of him. Washington would be his playground and Vincent Torez was only a piss-ant to him..
Thrown into a dark alley, his body pressed against a garbage can. Drifter charged towards the demon, shooting a web of darkness from his hands. Blind siding the demon before jumping on it's back, pulling the webs upward so as to pull out his black as coal eyes. The demon screamed in agony as his eyes were torn from their sockets, once more he threw the Drifter into a building. Green blood pouring forth from his empty sockets as he screamed
"Today, you learned that meant all of jack sh!t" Drifter said as he came to his feet.
The demon fell on it's stomach, with it's legs cut off by the Iron Cutter and it's eyes gone.  
"You're a mess" Drifter said confidently as he walked into the distance. He was a hero now, and nobody was gonna change that.

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William sat on the edge of Tlieso's bed as he prepared his equipment and got dressed.  Without a doubt, Wolf Pack had been alerted of what was happening and were making preparations.  As he continued to get dressed, the Hunter made contact with the members of Wolf Pack and had given them detailed instructions.  Positions of leadership were delegated to Risky, Sylver, and Hawk during his absence; and he was sure that they could operate the team prior to his return.
Standing up from the bed, the Hunter then put on the top of his Wolf Pack uniform and zipped it up.  As he gathered his supplies, he could not help but recall the look he had previously seen in his lover's eyes.  He did not need telepathy in order to know what his lady was feeling - the pain and sorrow that had begun to permeate within her soul.  Tlieso's clansmen had used their jade blades to bring down a mighty demon.  However, this was a battle that they could not keep up on their own.  These demons were like nothing Greystoke had ever seen.  Though most of his supernatural battle experience had dealt with vampires, he knew a small portion about demons and their ways.  Immediately, he knew that defeating these creatures would be no easy task.
After William had finished gathering his weapons and equipment, he took his boots and left Tlieso's house.  Inside the house, she was nowhere to be seen; but the Hunter followed her scent all the way into an old shrine.  As he stepped into the doorway, William saw his lady standing in the darkened place of prayer with her back facing him.  Slowly, he walked over to her.  Yet, just as he was about to say something, Tlieso leaned back into him - resting her head upon his chest and pulling William's arms around herself.  Though they needed to quickly get ready, Greystoke chose not to say anything.
With all the chaos going on in the outside world, the two of them remained in the darkness.  A unification of East and West, they stood closely to one another.  William knew what his lover needed and therefore he gave it to her.  After a few minutes of just holding her in his arms, Lord Greystoke turned Lady Tlieso around and looked into her eyes.  He then gently reached up and placed his hand on the side of her face, rested his forehead against hers, and closed his eyes.  Originally, he was going to leave Tlieso and her clan to face this threat alone.  He was going to lead Wolf Pack into battle elsewhere.
However, as he stood there holding onto his lover, he felt her pain.  William knew that Tlieso would need to stand against a tide of insurmountable foes.  "My lady....." he said, breaking the silence.  "Whatever you need to do..... wherever you need to go.....  I will be right beside you."  He then opened his eyes and looked deeply into the eyes of his lover.  "I will aid you with every last movement of my sword.... with every ounce of strength within my body..... until my last breath.... and with all my heart."  With those words, he gently kissed her.  Then, with a determined look in his eyes, he said, "Now, let's show those creatures the true meaning of pain."
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John Daniels threw off his bloodied and tattered suit jacket as he shambled past the Lincoln Memorial, his tie fluttering in the wind. The elderly man was dripping with sweat, the reason being the source of the furious screeches that echoed around him. Not far behind him was a mob of about eight demons, which sprinted (or galloped) after him, their claws shining a dull red with the blood of others like John. John himself was out of breath, knowing he was unable to escape the fiends he turned around to face them, closed his eyes, fell to his knees and even though he had not been a very religious man, John prayed for some peace. Then something rather unexpected happened, there was a crackle of bright blue energy in the sky, before a large mechanical box, roughly the size of the average room fell from the air, landing directly on top of the oncoming mob of demons with a sickening squish. John was startled beyond belief as a young man dressed in a tight-fitting black costume stumbled from a door in the room, obviously fairly dazed and muttering about the landing. 
One of the demons had been fortunate enough to be slower than the others due to its rather immense obesity issue and was thus lucky to escape their fate underneath the improbability teleportation device. This creature might have passed off for a human were it not for its monstrously large gut, pale white skin, gigantic bulbous eyes and the fact it was splattered with blood. It ran in a rage at the youth from the machine with its arms outstretched and John managed to croak out a "Watch out!" to the boy, though it  may have been futile. Winston ducked low under the demons arms, thrusting his elbow into its gut with sufficient force to not only wind it but also hoist it, dangling into the air for a split-second long enough for him to follow through with a punch to its throat. The impact shattered the demons neck and sent it sprawling. Knowing well enough to at least double-check, Winston walked over to the demons still shivering body and stomped its head across the ground. "Th-that was amazing, thank you! Oh thank you so much!" John began to practically weep with joy. 
"Um...that's okay?" Winston shrugged as the rest of his identical duplicates walked out of the box. John was beyond confused now, though luckily his euphoric realization that he might not die today stopped him from thinking too hard. 
"You've come to help me right? Please? You've got to help me, I-I hear it's safe at the Pentagon, we can get there, I can take you there.
"The what?" One of the Winsti muttered, though another nudged him and pointed at the statue of Abraham Lincoln they now stood before, "We're in Washington?"

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 “All those tales told about the coming of a New World Order are true”
Four Years earlier in a security bunker
Sean watched from his delegate Seat, as the leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood up to discuss what events would take place in the following months. (Translated from Iranian) “I believe that in the wake of this new world Order that one of us should fake death and return as a hidden supreme ruler.” Sean who was sitting a ways back, paid close attention to the events unraveling before him. 
“We must credit former U.S President Bush for his work with the Katrina crises.” Sean watched as Bush took the stand and *gripped his fellow brother.
“I think voting for a supreme ruler would be the best idea for now.” Bush stumbled over his words, much like he did when in office however, he was more poised when walking and more direct with his words and mannerism. Bush moved back towards the middle of the stage and asked a question open to the forum. “What next?” a few people murmured answers but no one answered the question with confidence. Sean stood up with his eyes locked on Bush. “I’ll tell you what we do” Sean said walking with an aristocratic step towards the stage. “We infiltrate the one thing that Americans do and listen to so much” Bush looked at Sean awaiting an answer. “It’s time we put those bastards at the NSA to work, we infiltrate the Television, so we can know who is doing and saying what” Sean said with a smile on his face. “Then show it subliminally in the music, just to taunt the Conspiracy theorist”. Tony Blair stood up with a question he seemed to doubt Sean’s plan. “How are you going to get the WORLD to go along with this faulty plan of yours?
Sean removed a cigar, lighting the tip and releasing the aroma into the air, he just continued to puff not even worrying about the question, he titled his head up just a tad and released the fumes from his lungs. “We switch the Tv’s over to digital… by using a box that can convert information from analog.” Sean said acting as if he didn’t care about what he had proposed. Blair asked another question still trying to put down the idea. “What if they say no?”
The master politician known as Sean was quick and precise with his words. Sean removed a U.S dollar from his wallet and burned it with his Cigar. “Trust me, Mr.blair they can be persuaded.
As the meeting was letting out Sean, was approached by Former President Bush and President Obama. “When the time comes Sean, you shall be our ruler.” Bush explained while patting Sean on his shoulder. Bush and Obama escorted Sean into a chamber where a new suit was being made. Sean marveled at the site, he knew what his forefathers had waited for would be possible in to coming years….

The E.D.I.T Tower
“Good meeting? Paige; Sean’s wife remarked as he sluggishly walked through the doors with a petulant look upon his face, he had the look of victory and gaze of devilish seduction.
“Pretty good I’d say” he said retiring to his quarters.
Washington DC. 4 months later
“Miss Banks!”, Editman screamed trying to keep her away from the windows. The blood demons had penetrated the fortress at the pentagon keeping their relentless assault going for 20 hours, Sean finally had to concede defeat.  He was sure there were others, but he lost contact with them.
His suit had been damaged almost to the point of no repair, but he promised his life to Ms. Banks that he’d get her out of the situation alive. “Editman can’t you do something!”She screamed still scared shitless. “My suit isn’t really made for demon attacks I’ll have to check my warranty for an upgrade” he said sarcastically. Both of them were out of breath, as if they had been excising, Sean was a tad on the edge, and his jumpiness had increased when the ever present growls stopped. No sound, he wasn’t sure if it was his ears, but he knew that the nose those demons made were inaudible.
“What’s wrong?” Miss Banks said but it was as if she was speaking a different language. He didn’t know what happened but he knew they could no longer stay in Washington. Removing a pen and paper from the desk top he wrote down what he needed to say to Miss Banks.
“Ok listen or I guess read! For some reason the sound waves that we make are not being carried in the current frequency, so you’ll have to do as I say. “Take this gun and watch my blindside, if you see any of them beast make them bastards eat lead, JUST KEEP FIRING! I need some time for my cannons to charge up” Miss Banks took the note and pen and wrote back. “You need to work on your Punctuation” She smiled but then agreed. Editman stood up ejecting a 44 Magnum Desert Eagle.
He slowly crept out the door of the office scanning both areas side to side. He then activated the sequence for his cannons.
Ms.Banks (Whose First name is Ka’lyn). Clutched the gun in her hand, with her body turn towards Sean’s back, from far down the hall she watched a black portal open; the fires of hell manifested a horde of hells solders, not even thinking she just continued to fire. Meanwhile Editman’s cannons were about 70% of the way done, he needed them at max so he could shoot right through 4 walls, to the outside. The beast got close a bead of sweat could be seen rushing down the neck of Ka’lyn. As Sean released his cannon, the rich sound that had been previously discontinued return to them with the sound of a shattering explosion. Turning around, he grabbed Ms. Banks and quickly flew off into the air, as she clasped his neck from the air they watched what the eternal Damned had done to the once “Capital of the freeworld”
“Where are you taking me” she said a little concerned for her well being. “Not too long ago, the Illuminati of the world, approved a place called nation X, when we imposed a new world order, that’s the place where we were to govern from, not it’s a safe haven”
Sean flew right past the white and frosty clouds until he could see the massive floating city. “This is it Edenia Capital of Nation X”

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There comes a time in villains life where powerful emotion dominates over logical thought. This mental takeover lead to dangerous action on the part of the villain. Whether its too enslave the entire planet or to destroy it in one foul swoop the devastation is massive. Heroes. The culmination of all that is good and just in society. This class of beings is held to the highest standard possible and when the villains commit dangerous acts it is their responsibility to handle the situation in an approved manner. These factions rule the planet in their own unique way. Destined for eternal struggles the lesser beings of this world can only watch as the place they inhabit is either brought down around their ears or uplifted  to greatness. 
"I don't believe it.."
Light uttered as he watched the childrens skin peel off their body like a fresh banana. The group kids dropped to the ground in a heap of flesh and blood. There was no reason for this that could be justified. The murder of adults can be understood much more easily simply for the fact that they're intention maybe be cruel and unwarranted. Yet by any means such occurrence are unacceptable. But to slay children in the streets was beyond unacceptable. It was a tragedy in itself. "This is no run of the mill evil." Light was devastated by what he saw and a look of horror was written across his features. His eyebrows were raised crating ripples along his forehead. Grabbing Andferne's shield, Light made his way out of the ICE Mansion and made his way around the exterior of the complex.  
He stopped in front of a giant robot, a transformer to be exact. Its blue metallic armor glistened in the sunlight. Attached to its arms were large weapons such as repulsor lasers and machine turrets. Twin turbo engines were lined up along its back and what looked like airplane wings protruded from its shoulders. "Icebird Activate!" On the spot the transformer sprang to life and looked down at Light who was many times smaller in comparison. "What do you require Light of the Ice Dragons?" Icebird's voice was automated and mechanic in sound an pitch. "I need you to fly me to New York we've got a world wide crisis and I wanna find some aid. So I figure thats the best place to start." Immediately Icebird's body began to shift around until it transformed into a black and blue jet. A set of steps emerged from the front of the jet and Light stepped inside. The stairs folded back into the jet and its engines started up. With burst of flames and roar of energy the jet took off into the sky, headed towards New York City. 
As the jet scoured the skies Light watched the monitor. The demons were all scattered around the city wreaking havoc and destruction. Screams penetrated the hull of the jet and Light's emotion began to stir. All he wanted to do was lay into every demon he could find. Beat them within an inch of their life and when they were on the verge of death he would interrogate them. Only they could know where the mastermind behind of this was at. On the monitored he saw a familiar figure. This person was from Andferne's funeral, the only one he did not recognize as well. A girl was a small ways off from him, still in harm's way. Behind him a sly demon charged ever so quietly trying to sneak up on the man. "Icebird hover up here I'm gonna take the express route. Be on alert, some of these demons can fly and I'm gonna need you to extract us in a few." Icebird pulled to stop in midair and opened the bay door. Light got up from his station and sprinted to the back of the jet. Looking at the parachute he thought to himself, "No time."  With a valiant leap Light exited the jet and plummeted down to ground below. "Gotta aim this right." He said adjusting his position in the sky. The demon was closing in on the man. Drool leaked from its mouth as it began to try and pounce on its prey. The demons claws extended and its opened wide. Just as it was going to sink its sharp teeth into the man's shoulder Light hit him like a bomb. His boot collided with the beast head and drove it straight into the ground. The power created from the fall cracked the concrete and sent a vibration through the area. Blood sprouted up and fell round back t the ground. Light rose from a crouched postion stepping out of the small crator he created and faced the man who looked like something out of a karate movie. "We need to get her to safety."        
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Wallace Manor House- London, England

Scott rushed down the stairs, he was late. Leaping two steps at a time he bounded down the grand staircase in his fathers second house, whilst pulling on his nice jacket. He jumped the last four steps and slid on the waxed floor, he was looking for his new Italian shoes, so was currently sliding in the socks that his daughter had bought him for Christmas, they had emoticons in different colours on them, Scott rather enjoyed the novelty. What can you give a man who has everyone?... his daughter answered with socks, he chuckled at the thought. How much he loved her and all his children. "Darling!?" he called, he was unsure what room she currently resided in, but he could smell her scent on the bottom floor. He started wandering, a sheepish look on his face. Appearing in each door way looking for his beloved, "Darling, have you seen the shoes you bought me?" he asked, again, no reply, "darling?" he was concerned now but with her voice came assurance, "Scott... Scott get in here, you need to see this" she said, her voice feeble, Scott once more wondered what was happening. Realising she was in the kitchen he made his way through the first living room and to her side.

She was sitting on a stool, arms on counter, resting her head on her hands, eyes wide with shock, her flowing brown hair swinging in front of her, she didn't even bother to blow it out her eyes. She seemed frozen, Scott followed her gaze to the television, on the screen was a live report straight from Ten Downing Street, inside there appeared to be a commotion, the reporter babbled frantically as inside the house came gunfire, along with flashes of light, that seemed to be fire, screams could be heard on the inside, the whole house sounded as though it was cracking right to the foundations. The sound of shattered glass bought the cameraman's attention to go to the top left hand window, from which fell the body of a British copper, on fire, straight down onto the spiked railings surrounding the house, which caused the reporter to throw up. The camera turned to see police pushing through the crowd and heading toward the door, one man slipping on sick, they pushed the door open and closed the door behind them not before the camera caught a glimpse of something red and scaly. There were several crashes, cracks and shots before it went quiet... then with a loud boom the black door came off it's hinges, killing a few in the crowd, as several policeman were thrown through it, to lay in crumples on the floor, at that moment a red, dragon looking creature broke through the door which was much too small for it.
The demon paused to give itself room to breathe, spreading out it's wings, it roared ad with a whip-crack of it's tail, the reporter was killed, blood spraying onto the cameraman, the demon carried to slaughter humans with it's tail, tearing apart anyone it could reach, the cameraman did his best to get out the way but the demon was ready for flight and jumped forward picking up the man with a clawed hand, he was whisked into the air, blurred red was all the camera caught, then a flash of crimson liquid and the camera fell, cracking the screen as it hit the concrete, there was a loud thud and the top half of a battered and bleeding man came into view, before it cut back to the BBC studio, the two presenters and guest were staring in shock, the female reached behind the sofa and threw her guts up, then there was an uproar from management as to why they had not cut to the studio earlier, before it cut to a 'we are receiving technical difficulties' sign. Scott and Gemma looked at each other, both ready to speak, neither sure what to say. The silence was broken for them as the front door was loudly opened and the sound of footsteps rung throughout the hall, "Gabrielle, Xander... Get down here and into the  kitchen now!" boomed Scott's voice, but Scott was not speaking. Gemma and Scott alike anxiously awaited as they heard footsteps and doors opening toward where they stood. Scott was about to go to the kitchen door when it was opened and he was confronted with a familiar face, Constantine. It was true Scott had been Constantine for several years now, until a few months ago, at the end of the hunting of Wolf Pack, when he was confronted by the man he stood in front of now. He told him many things he didn't want to hear, but knew he must, the truth of what was to come in his lifetime and offered to take over all that was Constantine so he could spend time with his family. Now, quite literally, a new him roamed the streets fighting crime, whilst Scott stayed the billionaire, business, family man.

Scott was thankful for the opportunity to be with his family more, but now lived fearful of what may come, still he couldn't worry about that, there were bigger things at hand, like the death of the Prime Minister. "You," Scott said, "me" came Scott's voice, with a wink from Con, "sorry bout the voice," he said, now with more of a London accent "just I need the kids to get down ASAP", Gemma looked upon the scene with confusion, and turned to her husband, "who is he?" she asked in hushed tones, Scott turned to her, "that's him" he said, equally hushed "you know" raising his eyebrows to remind her of a previous conversation. She understood instantly and at that moment the back door to the kitchen opened and in walked their kids, Gabrielle and Xander. They didn't even notice that Con was stirring something until they heard a raven skull hit the china, "just stand still" he told his children, they looked to their father who reassured them to do what he said. Con pulled out a bubbling purple syringe and emptied the contents into the bowl, which then turned toxic green, no one noticed the kids standing extremely still, opening their mouths about to voice something when Con poured the potion down their open mouths, half a bowl each, Gabrielle let out a giggle but stopped as Con finished pouring. He stood and smiled at his work, then the TV became louder to hear a report of kids all around the world speaking in unison, Con had magically lounded the sound as he knew what question Gemma was going to ask.
"Let's go" he said, and left the room, "my x-box is..." but Xander was cut off by Con, "not anymore". They passed out the various rooms and into the hall, going the same way that Con undoubtedly had come in. Entering the hall Scott could see his own squadron lined against both doors, two troops of six men, all with C.A.P.E.S emblazoned on their chests and APD on their arms, which Scott recognised as  Apocalypse Department immediately. Different to AD, which was Alien Department. Scott nodded to commanding officer Sgt. Brooms before the family and Con followed the troops into two squad cars, connected by a teleport cable, something Scott created to teleport several personnel at once as long as they were attached to the main teleporting object. Eight troops got in the first car and four (including Brooms) along with the family and Con got in the second. Pulling out into the street It appeared that the children were still talking and the police were doing nothing about it, even though parents thudded on their chests. "They're possessed" Con said, as the family stared, though Scott already figured that much out, what he didn't know was who was responsible for all this. Scott was about to ask when "Desi Redhead is behind all this... finally snapped I s'pose, being Final Arrow's daughter and all," Scott just looked at him, knowing that Con knew he wanted to know why, the attempt to speak was futile now, "because she's a sick child" Scott decided to butt in, "exactly that's it... she's a child and a fairly mistreated one at that, not even Arrow's daughter would deserve that" the half-conversation was interrupted by several screams and the cringing of the men inside the truck, outside they watched as all children peeled backward and died. All eyes widened and the family turned to Con, who answered the unspoken question "they're safe. All your family members of four to ten were given the potion, minding that was only about three other members- and yes Will is fine at Hogwarts" they sighed with relief, "mind you I almost didn't get here in time for you, had to go back just to make sure It wasn't too late... don't be surprised if you get a few nasty glares, as far as I'm aware your family have the only children left in the world" now that was a thought, and as the people inside the truck continued to talk Scott stared out the window and pondered. Con teleported the two trucks (thanks to the cable), a block away from their destination. Outside Scott could see his men controlling the streets, the replacement police/army when there were none, by now they'd have half of London covered. It was strange seeing your orders put to work by someone who was not quite someone else. Out the window Scott could see his company building tower over them and, as the basement garage opened, the two squad cars entered. A Wallace safe haven.
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Chengdu, China

It was all the same thing here, now and then. Ever since those damned people started doing the wrong thing. Everywhere she turned, there were these... things. Oni... That was the Japanese word for a demon... Japan. How she missed Japan. Ever since Jin Huang had turned away, ever since he'd taken the road... The one less traveled. It didn't matter to her. She moved on through the throng of people, Chengdu being a populous city. As a small Chinese man bumped her arm and spun, snarling, she walked on without a glance. She knew he'd take offense, she knew he was this... This oni. But she couldn't stop. She could only hope the twin katanas strapped across her back would deter the offender long enough for her to make it to the transit station. She knew he wouldn't let it go. He tapped her shoulder with enough force to remind her of his... Endowment. She turned slowly, her gray-black eyes still on the cold concrete of the sidewalk, her peripherals searching for any route of escape. It's Japan all over again. 
"I do not want any trouble, sir... I am merely a traveler passing through Chengdu..."  Whether he believed her or not, he made no indication. His hands came up in a fighting stance rarely seen on the human plane... Comminus. She watched in confusion as he took a stance she'd never seen, but she unsheated her two unnamed katanas nonetheless. She knew it would get bloody, and she knew it would take everything she had to even escape this demon, so she planned ahead rather well... and it didn't matter. 
The demon launched forward with otherworldly speed, and it caught Rin off guard completely. It'd landed a flurry of blows on her before she'd even swung her katana, seeming clumsy and unskilled in the face of this demon. She rocked back, completely stunned, and the demon landed a kick that shattered the ground he was standing on, but not Rin. The passersby were just that, and they continued to pass as if nothing was going on... They were with this attacker. 
Rin landed in a building the hard way, brick falling around her like a winter snow. As she stood back up, aching, she knew her window was closing. She drops the small ceramic ball filled with light blessed by the Dalai Lama himself, and when the light cleared and the oni got his demonic senses back, she was gone. 

China's Border, hours later

Rin plopped on the ground, exhausted, knowing full well the underworldly denizen didn't follow her. She had to get out of China, she had to find a way to the only safe haven on Earth... But she wasn't sure where that was... 
"Another time." This was the first time she'd spoken allowed since trying to dissuade the oni... And it startled her....    
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 Tlieso unconsciously rubbed the back of her neck as she spoke, gazing up into the much taller mans eyes. "The only creature I am concerned with at the moment is Little Miss Desiderina. My people are as safe as they possibly can be, I have complete and utter confidence in their abilities." Stepping away from him with a grim smile she walked back inside the ancient Shinto temple, deep in thought she stopped halfway across the stone floor her eyes distant as she probed once again for any trace of Rina's energy. Her rosebud lips parting in surprise as she felt the faint traces of a very familiar energy wash over her, one she had not seen in some time. A wicked darkness crept along the edges of her psyche as she focused on the energy, trying to determine it's location when suddenly it was clear, shining like a beacon in the darkness. Triumphantly she turned to William, her green eyes shining, "I know how to find her. We have to go to the Pentagon."

Walking further into the temple she mentally summoned the Chunin of the Bayushi Clan, Aramoro would follow her orders without question and lead in her absence. Appearing silently before her he bowed deeply, acknowledging her silent instructions, "Hana wa né ni kaeru."

"Hai." Tlieso bowed in return before dismissing him. Battle armor hung on pegs along the wall of the small room. Stepping over a low wooden bench she silently prepared for the battle ahead dressing in the black Kevlar and fastening her hair up with several long Jade pins. Gathering several small felt bags off a shelf she tossed one to William, he caught it easily and looked at her curiously. "Jade powder," she poured a small bit of the luminescent green powder onto her palm, "Rub it into your wounds if you get bitten or gashed. It burns like hell but it will kill the poisons some demons possess." Crossing the room she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him hungrily. "Thank you for coming with me."

"You don't need to thank me." He smiled down at her, running his thumb gently along her cheekbone. Taking his large hand in hers Tlieso guided them into the shadows, emerging later on the other side of the world in a marble floored hallway. Blood splattered the walls and indistinguishable bits of flesh littered the floor. A deep snarl sounded behind her, smoothly unsheathing the Jade katana at her side as she whirled to face the demon. Prowling the hall on all fours, it lifted its massive horned head to stare at her hungrily saliva dripped from it's gaping maw and splattered onto the marble floor with an acidic sizzle. The smooth gray stone pitted and scarred in it's wake. It's alligator-like tail twitched as it prepared to spring at them. "Baku no Oni," she whispered, "It's claws are tainted." The leader of the Wolf Pack nodded, his wary eyes never leaving the hellbeast before them. With a roar it launched itself at them, crouching in the narrow hallway Tlieso sliced at it's legs as William embedded his broadsword into it's skull with a wet cracking sound. The Baku no Oni's limbs convulsed as his blade sliced into it's brain stem and severed it's head cleanly from its shoulders. Flicking the black blood from her blade, Tlieso examined the darkening edges of the Jade weapon with a frown as they continued towards the oak doors at the end of the hallway. The contact with the hellspawn was beginning to break down the gemstone, it's usefulness would not last much longer before she would have to replace it.

Two well armed men stood outside the door, watching their approach cautiously they reached for their weapons. Tlieso and the Hunter smiled at each other conspiratorially before she grabbed his forearm and they disappeared into the shadows, emerging on the other side of the door. Raising her hands in a gesture of surrender Tlieso walked slowly towards the charismatic King of Kings. "We're not here to fight, I just want to talk. I need to know where Arrow is. Please." When Gambler smiled his trademark Cheshire cat grin she relaxed, it had been a long time since they last worked together and they hadn't parted on the best of terms. But they had been close once, very close and Tlieso was counting on that to help her.

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Switch was jolted awake by the sound of a door opening, then the sensation of being dragged accross the floor by his armpits. He mumbled something incoherent but didnt have the strength in his limbs to move on his own. Whoever, or whatever, was dragging him made no reply other than to open another door and throw him down onto cold tiles. Then a sudden explosion of freezing cold water slammed into his back in a jet that too his breath away. With an effort he managed to roll himself over and sit up. He was sitting in a walk in shower, with the head pointing at his legs now and a woman standing over him, watching the doorway. The filth from his clothes was running off him and down the drain and it was almost like he could feel his soul starting to clean, to lose some of its tarnish. 
"Why did you help me?" He asked, his voice hoarse after going so long without use. 
The woman gave him a cursory glance. 
"I couldnt just leave you in the elevator. Now clean yourself up, I'll fetch you some clothes. Your appartment is 402 right? " 
He nodded and dug in his pocket for the key, tossing it too her and then slumping back into the water. She left soundlessly and after a few moments he started pulling off his now sodden clothes. They were torn up, little more than rags in places, and the body that they hid was in little better condition. Sores covered him and bruises that never seemed to heal, he could wiggle half the teeth in his jaw and his beard was ragged and patchy. He fiddled with the controls and finally got the water to heat up, feeling creeping back into his body and with it a host of aches and pains. He had been treating himself like crap for too long, but everything seemed to be there. He found a razor, it was a womans but he didnt care, the beard had to go. Almost ten minutes later he felt more human, more alive. He got out of the shower and stood naked in front of the mirror.  
At some point the woman had returned and left a pile of clothes on a chair next to the door. A suit, complete with a tie. Not the sort of thing that you imagine yourself wearing during the apocalypse. He pulled them on, even the tie. It made him feel better just wearing it. He hadnt worn this suit for a long time, years even. He'd been a person back then, a fully functioning psychotic with a taste of blood, but he'd been loved. Pushing away the memories he left the room. The woman was standing at the window with her back to him, looking out at the burning city. It looked like things were getting pretty bad the closer to central park you went, but the chaos hadnt reached them yet. Switch hovered, not sure what to say, but finally settled for the basics. 
"Thank you. For helping me I mean. Not many people would have done that, especially now. Im Jon by the way, I dont know your name." 
"Eve. As for helping you, if I didnt then I would be no better than those things out there." 
He nodded and then grasped his stomach as sudden cramps gripped him, forcing him to double over. Eve turned and regarded him critically. 
"How long since you ate anything? Three, four days?" 
Switch nodded. He felt faint and weak, a shower and clean clothes could only go so far. She guided him to a seat at the small table in the kitchen and busied herself cooking. It was a simple affair, bacon and eggs with thick slices of soft, white bread and tomato ketchup. Switch couldnt remember the last time he had tasted ketchup. The flavour was so strong that it hurt his mouth but he kept eating, feeling real strength returning to his stick thin body. His appetite sated for now he looked around properly for the first time, feeling distinctly out of place in the home of a total stranger. Eve was back at the window, the light of the fires reflected in her eyes. There were tears running down her face. Switch approached gingerly and reached out to touch her arm, but before he could make contact she jerked away, suddenly wiping her eyes. He made up his mind. 
"I have to go. I know people, people who can help, people who cant save us all. Hell, Im pretty sure I know the person who started all of this. I need to see if I can help." 
She gave him a wan smile. 
"You can help." 
He turned and walked away, letting himself out of the appartment quietly. Out on the street he reached into his pocket and pulled out the packet of cigarettes that he had transfered there from his old clothes. There was one left. He stopped momentarily and then grinned, slipping it behind his ear and throwing the packet away. Time to go to work. He started walking towards the fires, down towards the river. Just a skinny man in a suit and basketball boots. People rushed about him but he never once looked back. The appartment block he had lived in for the past five years would be destroyed later that day, just one among hundreds. Rescuer's shifting through the rubble would never find the body of a woman matching Eve's description, indeed there were no records of her as ever having lived there. Just one more unanswered question that would be forgotten about in short order.

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The icy chill or night began to settle in as her lifeless body remained untouched unmoved the entire time. Though night was briskly approaching the blend of gold and crimson remained plastered above, She felt frozen in time, for she had lost track of it. Her body remained cold for some reason, she cold feel her heart begin to beat slower and slower, she excepted death to be soon. Her skin became pail, and moist as the liquid in her body began to purge itself. She could feel the hard stone pavement underneath her body.

The demonic massacre continued with out hesitation. As she could hear the cries of the many innocents that where being slaughtered mercilessly with out hesitation. Blood flowed like a river through the streets its red color staining all that was in its bath. She could hear the shrikes of the demonic creatures that squealed in delight as they dug their claws into human flesh. Slowly she moved onto her side to observer the monstrosities commencing. The streets where covered the limbs, bodies rotting and or burnt flesh. The smell was beyond any thing but she knew it would all be over soon.

She slowly lifted her head as she stared at the damager done by the demon. Her internal organs along with chest had been ripped apart, the skin scattered and the blood almost dried up. Logically she was suppose to be dead…but she was not. She moaned in pain as her head fell back against the cold floor, as she began to slowly lose consciousness. She began to feel numb as her iciness and her own wounds took over and death stood waiting to consume her soul. She could even see it.

The black reaper standing before her, eyes empty weapon in its hand ready to snuff out her soul any moment. She laid looking right at it too weak to speak to weak. The only thing she did was close her eyes. For a few moments she expected to die to slip out of life and out of her body and die like so many people that she had seen. She remained like that for a few moments until an eerie voice, a voice that was like a dagger in her heart spoke. “My child”…

Her eyes instantly shot open, like a surge through her body she snapped out of her lifelessness. As her eyes embraced the dim light that resonated from the sky she squinted slightly staring at the silhouette of a man set before her. Her heart even bloodless began to beat again a cold sweet over took her already drenched body as she began to shiver. The being standing before her had a dark oar that surrounded him. His black empty eyes mimicked that of her own: lifeless. He was dressed in a black robe with a crimson cape and hood. His face was unable to be seen though she knew the man behind the hood.

Her breathing became quick paces as she gathered her strength to up herself up as her back was against the stone of a tall building. The world around her seemed to fade away as darkness slowly crept in. like storm clouds on a clear night, like a wolf digging its claws into is prey. Darkness: it would never relinquish its grasp. Her eyes faded to emerald as she stared at the creature before her. Eventually after a long pause of silence she spoke “Go back to the abyss where I sent you!” A dark almost demonic chuckled sounded from the hooded man as he folded his arms and stared down at the young girl.

“Arrogant just like your mother, I enjoyed that about her…” the moment the last word escaped his lips she let out a low growl from her moth as she glared daggers toward him. If she could she’d rip his throat out and eat his heart. “You speak as if you cared!” she shouted, and as she did pain surged through her body. “Oh I cared…that’s why I am here…to say you”. Her curiosity was suddenly peaked as she let out a deep sigh. Feeling a sting in her throat she began to cough up blood until her hands where drenched with the stuff. Placing her hand on her mouth she gave him the glace telling him to continue.

“I’m going to save you….in exchange for this you need to give me one thing” Removing her hand and wiping it on her tattered jean skirt a dark smile formed on her face “Please…with all due respect father…I’d rather die than be in your debt.” Under his hooded masquerade he smiled, as he knelt down on one knee placing his hand on the side of his face. In disgust she pulled away, spitting her blood in his face. Retaining his composure her wiped his face with the back of his sleeve and stood up to his feet once more “My dear….I was not giving you an option, I will save you and in exchange you shall do my bidding.”

Her eyes widened as she slowly pushed her tattered back against the stone wall, while placing her hand on her stomach stopping from her own flesh and muscle too fall. “Never” was all she was able to say trying to remain balanced. He shook his head as if disappointed and sighed deeply. “You where always stubborn” with those word her extended his right hand and clutched her, his nails digging into her neck that he grasped. Gasping from air she quickly slid her hands to his arm attempting to break his tight grip. Her eyes where frantic in fear, the fear that she had constantly been trying to hide all this time.

“You monster!” was all that escaped her lips. Another dark chuckle came from his darkened face as a sinister smile formed on his lips. “I am so glad we agree on one thing…Now…let us begin”. As those words drifted on the air he moved his left hand and placed it on her already blood stained chest. Applying great force he, in one swift act moved his hand and dug it deep with in her flesh till he was able to clutch her heart. She would have screamed, she would have cried out in pain yet his clasp to tight for her even to breath.

Removing his hand briskly still having his hands wrapped tightly around her heart he thruster out removing it entirely. Blood spewed on his shrouded face as she remained there, pinned watching her own heart being ripped from her. She thought she was dead she wanted to die, for death would not have been as vicious as this. Her mouth was open yet no words escaped from it, only blood flowed. “I thank you….my daughter”. With that he slung her body aside against the wall. She slumped like a sack of flower on the floor. Her body laid in a twisted form yet her eyes never wavered from him.

She could feel the cold pain of unconsciousness descending or death which ever came first. She no longer was breath only grasping lightly onto the only air she had in her lungs. As that began to run out every thing around her began to grow dim as darkness crept itself inside her soul. She took one last look at the world around one last look at the man she called father and one last look at the heart that she from this point onward would never have.

Hours latter.

She moaned.

Like that of a cow about to be slighted her voice struck the silence like a knife in the back. Her moan, like a cold gust of wind as it flowed through the dead leaves of a fallen tree. A moan of pain and agony, like of a small child crying for her mother, wishing for comfort yet getting none of it. Pain swept through her small pale body, like a flood of water. Her small body laid across the same cold floor that reeked of blood and had crimson red stained on it along with the walls. If some one was to look they’d say it looked like a torture facility and truthfully it had been that for the girl known as Alex.

Finally her black eyes flickered open as she found herself staring, with out a single blink at the sky. Her thoughts remained in a jumble and her mind clouded with screams and visions of the creature that first attacked her…..and then the second. Her eye lids flickered open and closed as she slowly turned her head looking at her scared and blood covered arms. The laid there like lifeless limbs of a tree. The moment she tried to move them was when the hell started. A sting of pain flew through her spine as she moaned in pain shutting her eyes trying to block it out.

Taking the hit she gritted her teeth as she slowly sat herself up using the back of her elbows. Biting her lip she moved both hands in front of her staring at them trying piecing the pieces of what had happened to her. She didn’t know what happened. For the last thing that she recalled was staring at her father clutching her heat and then fading into death….or did she? Quickly her eyes darted to her chest and to her astonishment the flesh was still there all of it. If she did not know better she would have called it all a dream but it was more than that.

Suddenly it hit her, like the cold gust of wind that over took her: She was not breathing. Going into shock she began forcing herself to take in breaths of air and then letting them out. Her hands wrapped around her neck as her eyes remained wide open in terror. As the shock turned into anguish she began to breathe violently forcing herself to do so. After a few moments of that she moved her hands over to the left side of her body where her heart was suppose to be situated. She froze as she found not beating. Rapidly she held to her right hand trying to get a pulse of blood any thing, but there was nothing. Her body had stopped working stopped moving. Every thing had stopped, the conclusion: She was dead.   

She felt skin instantly wanting to puke; she opened her mouth awaiting fluid and remnants of food to be excreted. When it did not occur she began to gag, her right hand digging into her neck as if forcing it to do some thing, yet it did not. Realizing that nothing was happen she began to d CPR on her chest hoping she’d feel some thing any thing. Her gags turned into a violent fit of coughing as she fell to the floor her nails digging into the icy solid floor. In her insanity she started scratching, moving her nails against the cemented floor trying to get a reaction in her.

Finally screams echoed from her mouth as she laid now fully on her back her body outstretched screaming. The scream of some thing inhuman some thing demonic. It was a shrike of pain a call of terror. Her cries where like that of a banshee if not worse. Eventually after her fit of fear had slowly passed she just laid there, motionless for what seemed a life time. Her eyes not needing to blink stared up nonchalantly at any thing that would catch her gaze. “What am I doing” those words soon left her mouth as she slowly and silently got to her feet. Taking in a deep breath (even though she didn’t need to) she turned around to observe the alley way that had turned into her own personal torture chamber.    

Her eyes quickly dashed over to where she had been laying to find the ground eroded. Her mind was racing once m ore as she took a step back. Due to the slipperiness of the floor she fell backward, but used her hands to support her. Shaking her head trying to get a grip of herself she instantly heard a hissing sound resonating from her hands. Slowly her eyes slide as she stared once more in astonishment. Viciously she got to her feet pulling her hands away observing that she had done. The places where her hands once laid was now an indent in the floor.

Brining both palms to her face she stared a moment as she began to force herself to breath once more.   Slowly she walked over to the tall monolithic stone building that had endured her turmoil saga. Outstretching her hand she could see here entire arm vibrating in fear. Desperately trying to get a grip on herself she placed her flat hand against the wall. Instantly the rock began to burn away like acid, as soon as her eyes saw this she retracted entirely clutching her wrist. “I’m a monster” was all that escaped her lips as she stared for a moment in sudden fright. “Every glimpse of humanity that I had with in my….you life, my heart and now my powers affect more than organic matter! It affects anything!”

Calming herself she exited the ally way slowly walking to exit city of NYC. She saw that the demons devoured the humans, woman first then the men. Some of the mothers where too traumatized due to watching their children explode to do anything. Yet she understood, what they were saying, the demons. Her eyes found their shrikes appealing for some reason. She wanted to block it out to block everything out but she could not.

Eventually she found herself in a pasture somewhere. She could feel the soft breeze coming from heaven. Her white locks of hair blew behind her back, yet they retained the speckles of blood that had been spattered on them. Alex didn’t know what to do now. Her powers had become worse, the demons where no longer attacking her, as to why she didn’t really know and all her body functions had stopped. “I wonder if I have a soul” she whispered as in her zombie like state continued her slow trek. Before her she saw a small farming house and for some reason she walked toward it. When she was in sight a man exited the house and approached her holding a gun in his hand “What do you want her girly?” she stared at him slightly distracted by her thoughts but answered “I…I need” her words where cut of as she swiftly lifted her hand and wrapped it around his arm. Instantly a burning sensation swarmed through his arm eventually consuming his body. From his arm onward his entire   body soon resorted to ash while Alex watched.

A sudden jolt of power came to her as she staggered backward a moment. Looking at her previous wounds they had healed, and the pain had ceased. It was then that she finally realized that due to her being dead she still needed a substance to continue functioning. Ergo her ability of absorption acts like the digesting system and heart. In order for her to sustain her existence she was required to consume living humanoids daily to keep her strength.

Yet she could not believed what she had done, never not once had she intently done that to anyone. When she reached her hand it felt like instincts like that was what she was suppose to do when truly she never had.  Swiftly she began to run trying to get a grip of herself so she’d do no harm. Her powers where dangerous she didn’t want to become this! She didn’t want to be a monster she didn’t want to be evil she just wanted to get away far away from people, her hands decimated anything with a single touch.  Especially since now fabric could ever glove them.

Yet little did she know she was running straight toward Washington DC.    

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Hong Kong

The Green Dragon herself had no reverence for the events taking place in the globe. Her city continued everyday life by her will. She had personally captured one of the demons and tortured it in front of the city, showing to her people that she shall not be taunted by the evils done by the Western Hemisphere.


“Miss those beast have been tearing this city apart…, pretty soon they’ll come to the capital then what!” Zing sensed his fear a trait she hated more so than thievery. “Are you saying you want to run? Go ahead I won’t even stop you” she said filing her nails as she watched the city of Hong Kong from her penthouse.

“The moment you step foot outside those doors those demons will smell your fear, the very potent aroma of Cowardice shall entice them, and then they will dine on your soul, leaving your carcass to be picked at by scarabs and Spiders.” Her words caused him to shiver a bit, but she continued. “You know what they say about a man that gets his spirit taken by a demon…?” She said this time with a smile on her face. “Your family’s blood shall forever entice them, and until you’re extinct you shall be taunted by the unholy.”

The man seemed to not be scared by her stories, she knew he was going to go. “Well then take this” she said handing him a BLACK ROSE “It’s a parting gift” she said removing her clothes. She slowly waded in a pool of water which eventually released a steam that encompassed the whole room.   After spending a few moments underwater, she reemerged wiping the water from her face and laying her head back on a water pillow. A Loud snort and release of mist came from a beast behind her. The Demon seemed to stand attentive to her waiting like a sentry for a command.

“Hello my love…” she said stroking the unholy creature. “Kill him” The beast leapt from its crouched position and flew out the window. A maid brought in three lines of dope and laid them beside the pool. Using her right hand she closed her right nostril and then snorted the powder, the forbidden ecstasy hit her instantly, feeling her mind with thoughts of grandeur.  Her maid eventually began to remove her clothing as well; she entered that water and moved close to Zing with an innocent smile on her face.   “My liege, you’ve become poessed by a demon” the woman remarked, referring to Zing’s deadly dark gaze and her flimsy demeanor. “Darling, I’ve always been a demon” She replied stroking the woman.

Later that day, in a bunker on the Northside of Hong Kong.

“What does it do” One of the Vice Lords asked trying to make some sense of the funny looking machine. Zing stood in all white with her hands on her hips and about 80 of her closes body guards with her. “I’ll show you” With a tilt of the head, she made her assistant type in the coordinates. “Using the World’s Satellites, we can fire cannon with as much impact as the atom bomb on any place on earth watch.”

Everyone in the room placed on a pair of black glasses. Zing took note to this; “Now for you to truly witness its power there must be a constant” Zing took the glasses from her assistant/maid. Who quickly protested. “What are you doing?” Zing smiled and walked back to her original position and laughed. “It’s Murdah!” she said as the blinding light came from the heavens and shot down towards the city. The heat coming from the machine sucked the moisture from her eyes and then eventually her body, this was nothing compared to what it did to the people of Southern Hong Kong. Total destruction.

The Vice Lords Marveled at the power of the weapon, however now some questions were raised. “Does Rina know about this?” Zing tilted her head back with a cigarette in the side of her mouth. “She will soon enough…” her demon beast had returned to her with a black rose in it's mouth.
"Good show, whose hungry?" she said smiling. "What plans do you have for it" The leaders of the Yakuzas stepped up and asked. "Well I can honestly say I don't know, but if memory serves me correct those demons can command armies. What i want is a completely Eradication of EVERY super being that isn't in coherence with Rina."  Zing removed her green dragon blade, the green aura that it gave off put everyone in some sort of trance for 5 seconds. "Now Pack it up, where going to Japan!"

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China's Border

Rin had made it and collapsed, and now she was awakening to find herself untainted, uncaptured, and oddly stranded. As she recuperated, her mind returned to when she was abandoned last time... She lost the will. Then she got it back. She stood on legs that felt like lead jelly, and surveyed her surroundings. And she knew. She knew the oni were watching the border, she knew they weren't going to let her through. And she thought... She would have to turn back. Maybe she could find aid in China, one who could... One who could remove her from this place, maybe one who knows a haven somewhere other than China. She turned towards the land she just ran over, and she began her trek... Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong, Days Later

It didn't matter to Rin, not anymore. She was exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and in some serious need of attention. She could've killed for the amenities she wasn't receiving, and as horrible as that made her feel, the world was in scourge... To survive in war, you must take what you need and guard it like it was your only son. She continued her path unhindered, though she drew more than a few cursory glances, especially wearing only a hide tunic, which was tattered, and two beautifully crafted katanas...  
The beam of light that hit the southern part of Hong Kong, where Rin was, never even entered her line of vision, but when it hit, Rin was down. For how long, she did not know, but her body felt as if it had transcended the physical realm... She was in Shambala... She was... Alive. Her eyes opened and her lungs sucked in singed air, the feeling tearing at her torso like needles through baby flesh, but she knew she'd survived. Which was more than any one thing in Southern Hong Kong could boast... Stones were dust, bodies were liquid vapor, the very air itself was barely existent. She'd only experienced a shortness of breath like this twice in her entire life, and both times had left her morally and mentally destitute. Chalk this to a third. 
Omens. They are the true driving force for any reason hero, and bad omens are usually more prominent than good omens. Rin forced herself to sit up, to examine the damage to her body. Her hide tunic was obliterated, and her nude body gleamed in sweat and drying blood, but her wounds were quickly healing. Besides the massive aches she would have, she would make it. She stood and took measure of her surroundings. She wasn't going to find clothing here, not a chance. She headed off towards the northern part of the city, praying that her nudity didn't attract the wrong kind of attention. She looked down to the katanas, examining them for damage. She knew they weren't damaged in the least. 
Something told her that after she got her clothing, she would leave China. She wasn't sure what omen made her see it, nor was she sure where she would go. She would commune, she would ask... She would go to Japan. 
She would return home. 
If that's what you call it. 

Small Ship to Japan, next day

The waves churned viciously, and Rin knew she'd have storms on her hands. Somethings were omens, and others were just bad luck. She wasn't sure which this was. 
What she was sure of was that something was happening to the world, and it was growing at an accelerated rate. In order to save herself, she may have to lose herself. In order to preserve what she loves most, she may have to destroy it. 
"Paradoxes are the stepping stones of oni."  
She knew what awaited her in Japan, deep in heart. But she didn't really know everything. 
Nobody does. 
She slept.
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 The bar was small. Poorly made tables and chairs were scattered across the worn down, bamboo scattered floor. Stools lined the bar behind which stood the middle aged bartender. He was below average height with balding, thin, grey hair and he stood, perpetually washing a glass with a greasy cloth. Like the rotting wallpaper peeling away from wall he too stank of alcohol. He walked to the far end of the neglected bar, glass in hand, slinging the greasy cloth over his shoulder as he went. He placed the glass up onto a high self on the wall behind the bar, beside a myriad of half empty green and brown home brewed rice wine bottles before he hobbled from behind the bar through a dark swinging door into the storeroom.

Two customers sat at a table and watched the barman as he walked out. Their conversation drunkenly stumbled between laughter and uncontrollable sobbing. While one man rubbed his bald head, squinting with laughter the other used his ragged, white, sleeveless shirt to wipe away tears from his eyes. They grew rowdy in the lack of the bartender’s presence and knocked an empty wine bottle off their table. It smashed on the floor. Both jumped in alarm at the sound of the bottle breaking but then turned to each other and threw their heads back in laughter. The dim candle light from the various lanterns hung around the room glinted off the slime from their yellow teeth. They laughed hysterically forcing themselves on and on as if laughter was as precious as gold. It was however cut short as the bartender reentered through the doorway carrying a basket full of yet more dirty glasses. The men looked awkwardly at each other and resumed sipping their drinks and talking about nothing. The bartender, seeing the broken glass below their table, spat at the men in a foreign language and then continued behind the bar. Taking the damp cloth from his shoulder he began washing the glasses from the basket glaring at the two men and throwing an occasional glance to the man sitting at the bar as he stirred from his dormant position.

He ran a hand through his unkempt, long, knotted, brown hair and swept it to the left. It tumbled down in thick waving strands just covering his ears and obscuring his left eye and brow as he slouched back over the bar. In front of him sat three greasy shot glasses, all empty. On either side of these the man stretched his hands out over the scratched and badly varnished surface of the bar. He breathed heavily and motioned to the bartender to refill his glasses. The Bartender put down the cloth and the glass he was working on cleaning. Taking and uncorking a bottle from the same high shelf he had put a glass earlier he refilled the slim shot glasses with the thick black rice wine. The customer rooted in one of the deep pockets of his long brown coat and pulled a group of coins out. He tossed them on the bars surface in the bartender’s direction and with unsightly speed the bartender scooped them up and tucked them away behind the bar.

On hearing the clang of coin on wood one of the men sitting at the table attempted to stand up. He leaned heavily on the table as he stood, the table creaking under the effort. His legs trembled and as he let go of the table his knees buckled. He fell stumbling and crashing into several chairs and a table, knocking all over, before he hit the ground. He began to see the humor in the situation as he saw his friend slapping his leg and crying with laughter, he still being seated at the table. He began to chuckle. The Bartender however slammed his fist on the bar and began to scream at the man lying chuckling on the floor amidst the mess he had made. The man on the floor began to laugh harder in response to the bartender. The bartender eyes bulged as he shouted at the man. He put his hand below the bar and reached underneath. Returning his hand above the counter he placed a small black revolver on the bar. He man lying on the ground immediately stopped laughing. His friend jumped to his feet putting his hands out and talking to the bartender in a low voice. The bar tender stared at the man on the floor. A vein in his forehead throbbed as his unblinking eyes bored a hole into the man. The man on the floor was crying and sniveling obviously trying to plead with the bar tender. His friend too was trying to make an attempt to communicate with the bartender but his expression was unflinching and steely. The Bartender slowly took the gun up from the bar into his hand. Seeing the bald man standing and moving from around the table his head darted in his direction. His hand to jerked and he pointed the small oily weapon at the bald man now standing in front of the table he had been sitting at. The bald man pleaded with the bartender and eventually as the bartenders resolve did not weaken he withdrew a small satchel out of a pocket of the tattered short he was wearing. The bartender lowered the gun as the man gestured that the bartender could have the satchel of money opening it and showing him the golden and silvery contents. The bartender extended his free hand and the man threw him the money. He jostled the small bag around examining the contents before putting the gun down and away under the bar. The man on the floor slowly stopped sniveling and wiped his nose along his bare forearm. He looked up thankfully to his bald friend and made to get up from the floor while the man in the coat sitting at the bar finished the contents of another shot glass.

Before any of these inhabitants had another chance to move the door into the bar burst open. A swath of the old, stale alcohol caked air rushed out of the open portal as the night’s humid sticky breeze rolled in. Two young women leaped through the doorway and slammed the door shut behind them. Both were panting heavily. Both women were covered in cuts and grazes. Thin streams of crimson trickled from their faces, arms and legs flowing down the contours of their bodies.  Their cloths too were shredded and they had the look of fear in their eyes as if they were being chased. The younger of the women, no older then eighteen urgently limped to the bartender her leg bleeding badly. She was hysterical. Tears trickled down her cheeks and cascaded off her chin onto the floor. The bartender was visible taken aback by this abrupt entrance but then shook his head reaffirming his wits about him. He looked the crying woman up and down before shaking his head and waving his hands at them in a gesture to leave. The women at the door having caught her breath now joined her friend at the bar. She began to beg desperately, pleading with the bartender. The bartender’s expression was steely however and he continued to tell them to leave. The women who had just come from the door rummaged through the rags she was wearing and produced a silver and emerald encrusted broach. It was in the shape of a lily and no sooner had the woman produced it then it was in the bartenders hands. His expression changed from unemotional to one of intrigue as he inspected the broach. He nodded his head as he examined it and then turned to the still crying women. He pointed to the storeroom door and gestured for them to go in. Both women were overcome with joy but there was still fear present in their eyes. Still crying but now bowing in thanks they hobbled and limped past the man on the floor over to the storeroom door and through disappearing into the darkness behind them. The drunken man who was still on the floor sat up and scratched his head. He looked quizzically at his friend who was still standing in front of their table as if to say what was that about?

Suddenly the thick and heavy iron taste of blood filled the air of the bar. The door slowly opened and three men, all in uniform, all carrying small automatic weapons, stepped into the room. They looked around. First at the man sitting at the bar, he still hadn’t lifted his head, then at the bartender, the broach had now disappeared and he swallowed heavily looking terrified at the three men, then at the man on the floor and his bald friend who was still standing both like the bartender looking terrified. One of the policemen who had just entered walked over to the man on the floor and while the other two took seats at the bar. They ordered drinks and the bartender served them nervously smiling as he did so. He had begun to sweat. The other third policeman walked over to the man on the floor. He reached for the baton on his belt and began to unstrap it. The bald man, watching the policeman walk by him, towards his friend spoke out and put his hand on the policeman’s shoulder. In a flurry of wooden splinters and broken glass the policeman was holding the bald man in the air by his neck. The bald man squirmed fiercely but the policeman was obviously freakishly strong. The bald man let out a hoarse shout calling for his friends help. His friend, frozen to the spot, looked on terrified at the scene which was unfolding. Again the bald man, struggling for his life, shouted out for his friend. His friend scrambled to his feet and looked up again at his friend. He whimpered and ran out of the building.

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“Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me HAPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY TO ME” paused “geez mum you didn’t get me anything at all?” her hand rose as she watched the red haired woman hanging from the roof before her, grabbing the woman’s bloody chin she bent close to her mouth as she whispered “that’s” BAM the girls fist slammed into her mother’s gut “not” BAM “very” BAM “NICE OF YOU MUMMY DEAREST” spit dropped out of her mouth as she screamed.

The woman the world knew as Lady Redhead shifted slightly her body swinging as she tried desperately to bend and ease the immense pain in her gut, her daughter had finally flipped and there was nothing she could do.  Rina had ripped her powers from her the minute she captured her, human and powerless there was little the woman could do.  

Jumping across the floor Rina span, her pink dress swirling as she did, spinning and spinning on the spot blood from the knife in her hand spattered across the walls. Tears streamed down the mothers face as she watched her child, once again whispering his name “Arrow… wont you come…. Please help her….” Freezing Rina spun back, appearing beside the crying woman she slashed at her mother’s cheek screaming “STOP SAYING HIS NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!” anger and pain flashed traversed the girls face, purple tears welled in her eyes, before the spell strapped tighter to her brain and once again she was back into the maniacal revenge world she was trapped inside.

 “Bad bad mummy! Mummy bad! bad mummy! That’s what you are!!” spinning inside the large cave her long white pigtails flapping against her cheek as she span “bad rabbit mummy bad rabbit mummy”

A sound echoed through the cavern as the spell above her began to shift “dammit” she muttered as she ran up the stone steps, pushing the white door open on the world she had built for herself. Skipping through the perfectly decorated white picket fenced house she ran outside as the sound of lawnmowers hummed through the warm summer day. Bodies lay on all the lawns, hoses abandoned, children, women and men all lay motionless on the ground. Closing her eyes Rina focused on her spell as the world around her shimmered, flashes of Blood Rivers and heat, demons clambering around all shimmered behind the world placed over it all as the spell fixed itself.

When she opened her eyes they all returned, a happy picture of suburbia fathers mowed their lawns, children played and mums in perfect dresses baked. They all waved at Rina as she walked back inside, her smile widening as a woman in a purple dress greeted her at the door “hello darling would you like a glass of milk with your piece of the birthday cake?” Rina grinned as the woman hugged her shoulders leading her to the kitchen where a smart dressed man and little boy sat waiting for them “HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINA!” They all exclaimed as she sat to blow out her candles, smiling at the perfect world she had created for herself.

Hours later

Her mother groaned behind her as she spoke the words of the spell, shushing her she continued shadows flowed around her as a hole opened in the side of the cavern shimmering in the light, darkness and screams echoed through it as she stepped onto the earth. Demons plodded past as she walked skipping through the carnage she had created. The once great and powerful United States now the picture of an apocalypse, buildings destroyed cars upturned, fires raging and people screaming as demons carried them off.

Skipping from building to building as she jumped through it all, jumping across the land she stopped outside the massive VERITAS castle, dropping low she watched them through the walls as the young witch sent the teams down to Hell, giggling to herself as they all swept forth, guns in hand to deal with the evil menace that was terrorising the world. Snapping her fingers she watched as Kurrent was thrown back from the entrance of the dimension, shutting it behind him as he staggered back speaking into his watch and desperately trying to contact his team mates.

The large handsome man was the picture of a true hero, all power and strength as his brain worked over all his options, snapping her fingers again the massive sulphur demon appeared behind him, spewing sulphur fire onto the floor the demon began to advance as Kurrent span around, his weapon out and firing off as he did, the demon screamed as the bullets pierced its flesh, its gigantic hands ripping at his gut as attempt after attempt to grab him failed. The electric Ace put up a battle of speed and strength; flipping around the room, he managed to slash at its face and leg before rolling onto the ground and grasping for safety through the house.

Watching him was like watching a fine piece of art, skill and talent outshone the beast as it attempted to grab him. Smiling as she watched him attack and defend, it amused her no end summoning popcorn she chewed on it as she watched him, applauding his attempts as she did after a time she grew bored. Flinging the pop corn away she snapped her fingers, a portal span behind his head as the demon jumped, tripping over his footing Kurrent was thrown backwards into the void.. his voice echoing as he fell “aww fu*k”

Skipping through the dimensions she landed in front of the pentagon, her armies around her bowed as she walked. Looking up at one of humanities greatest creations the Pentagon, looking up she could feel her aunt, the woman who had always been more of a mother than that vampire whore who spat her out. She could feel him too, the dog, the one who dragged Tileso away from her.

Rinas heart froze over again as she walked up to the entrance to the pentagon, raising her arms she flew up into the air hovering at the window cloaking her body. Her purple eyes focused on him, the king of kings, the one person in her life she thought maybe… maybe would be the one to support her and back her up. She wanted him to see, to see what she could do and to approve, for some reason she wanted his approval more than any others. His coat flapped around him as he walked pacing the office, owning the room with grace and power, Tileso and Hunter stood in front of him listening. Hunter’s whole body was prepared for a fight and he could sense her presence even if he could not see her. His arm was wrapped around the assassin’s hip as he listened to Gambler, his lips parted as a soft growl emanated from them. Tileso held pain and anger in her eyes, her beautiful face marred by the misery Rina’s actions was causing the world.

Gambler turned to face the window as he spoke, placing his arms behind him she grinned as she dropped the spell revealing herself to them all. His eyes widened as she flew through the window, her long hair flowing behind her a she flipped on the ground. Raising her hand she threw Hunter and Tileso against the wall pinning them both with her power. Flipping her middle finger at them as she stuck out her tongue she grabbed the king by the cuff of his shirt and disappeared from the room.


“uncle GGGG Uncle GGG” smack she belted him across the face “OH MY GOD wake up already” as his eyes opened she bent down to smile at him waving as she crawled onto his lap wrapping her arms around his trapped shoulders. “Finally your awake, I didn’t think I could hold off much longer!” jumping up she spun around with her arms out shouting into the air dramatically “welcome to my kingdom oh king of kings” giggling she dropped her arms and watched him struggle in the massive granite thrown he was sealed into. Her smile faltered “you’re not happy to be here?” pouting she scratched under her eye patch as she bit her lip, in a flash his body relaxed as his trademark smile appeared “of course not chere, tis a pleasure to be ere” smiling she jumped up and kissed him on the cheek before skipping across the cavern floor passing her mother whose body hung from the roof, blood dripping off her body as the wind swayed the chains.

Landing on the highest part of the rock cavern Rina coughed as she stood, awaiting Gamblers attention. “and now ladies and gentlemen for the main attraction, the one you have all been waiting for!!!!“ a round of applause could be heard around the cavern, echoing from nowhere “ the electric ace himself the hero of heroes the leader of VERITAS KURREEEENNNTTTTT” she squealed with delight as she clapped her hands revealing Kurrent hanging from the roof, his body battered and bruised, his right ear hanging loose of his head his right foot removed and fingers from his left hand missing.

“What do you think of me now?!” she screamed into the air with a flourish Final Arrows hat appearing on her head as she bowed to the king of kings and her mother the sad little audience to this play that was getting serious fast.

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The streets were seething with a mass of humanity, clawing at each other in a frenzy as they tried to flee the city. There were none of the apparitions in sight, but it would only be a matter of time. They werent methodical in their slaughter, they just struck where there was the most people and kept killing until nobody remained standing. Then they would move on. Switch struggled against the flow, but was in danger of being pushed down and trampled. Faces flashed past him, frozen into masks of terror. The dark sky was a brooding, open sore, weeping streaks of yellow through the clouds. Of all the things to have happened today, this was the most terrifying, it was the sundering of normaility, the proof that whatever was happening was unnatural. It was a constant reminder that this was not something that human being should ever have to deal with. Not for the first time Switch found himself wondering if the world would be a better place without meta humans. Maybe if there was no heaven or hell, no super strong men and women things would be less unforgiving towards the common man.  But no, he couldnt believe that. Not anymore. People needed heroes. 
A shudder ran through the fleeing crowd. An almost imperceptable increase in the sound of screaming. Switch felt the terror of those around him redouble, cloud their thoughts even further and drive them onwards. He tried to keep going forwards but after only and instant he was pushed aside and then dragged along, his feet barely touching the ground for a hundred feet. He managed to wrap his arm around a lampost and was pulled clear of the crowd. Breaths coming in strangled gasps he clambered up on top of a car to look out over the heads of the fleeing people. What he saw chilled him to the bone and he felt the first silken touch of fear on his own heart. 
Moving down the street were a pack of creatues, creatures unlike anything he had ever seen. Many jointed legs, taloned hands and barbed tails festooned a myriad of monsters from the darkest pits of hell. They moved with a total lack of predatory grace, but that didnt mean that they werent effective. Bones snapped and blood sprayed as they ploughed through the refugee's with sickening haste. In ten seconds they would be on him and there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. A simple man couldnt stand against such brutal strength. He tried to think, tried to act, tried to do anything but stand in numb terror as death incarnate stalked towards him. One of the monster's eyes alighted on him and it pounced, letting loose and howl that dropped Switch to his knees. But no teeth tore into his flesh, no claws ripped him into bloody chunks, nothing. 
With an effort that almost stopped his heart Switch looked up to see a scene acting itself out in front of him in silence. From a side alley half a dozen men and women were spilling out into the street. They wore dark fatigues and carried a myriad of weapons which were being put to good use agains the monsters that were assailing them. The beast that had attacked him was little more than a dark smear on the road. Lumps of hair and meat and fragments of bone all that was left of it.  The sounds of fighting slowly came back to him as his ears adjusted, a keening noise telling him that he would never again hear sound on the same pitch as the demon's howl. 
"Whiskeyjack, ninth squad, Bridgeburners. No need to thank us son." 
Switch turned at the sound of a gruff voice. Its owner was a man of about fifty, with salt and pepper hair and cold blue eyes. He was dressed like the others who were still fighting, an assault rifle held loosely in his hands and at his waist an arcane looking sword thrust through a loop without a propper scabbard. Switch nodded. 
"You seem to have some experience at dealing with these things." 
A ghost of a smile flitted across the older man face. 
"You could say that." 
The last demon was put down, a big man throwing aside his rifle and beheading it with an axe that was larger than Switch himself. The old man who called himself Whiskeyjack walked past Switch as he got down off the car. The street was a charnel house, bodies and bits of bodies, human or otherwise lay scattered around and the iron stink of blood filled the air. The squad of Bridgeburners were assembling further down the street, checking gear and reloading weapons. They had the look of professionals who were totally at home in their environment but Switch could hear the faintest whisper of their thoughts. They were as terrified as he was, the only difference was that they were harnessing their fear to keep them moving. He looked about again, spotting a small shoe, the type that was made for children of less than a year. It was unblemished by blood or other filth, but the mark of a talon slashing through it could easily be seen. Something broke inside Switch then. Snapping and fragmenting apart only to be welded together again by the heat of his anger. 
"No one else dies today. No one."

He span towards the soldiers.

"You! All of you are coming with me and were going to stop this."

He pointed to one of them, a tall, slender man with feminine hands who didnt carry a weapon.

"Youve got magic, I need you to move us somewhere."

He turned and pointed to the Statue of Liberty, standing tall as it always did, even amidst the slaughter. For a moment nobody moved, then Whiskeyjack spoke up.

"You heard the man Quick, take us to Lady Liberty."  

In a flash they were gone, magics whisking them away and leaving the street deserted. Other than for a lone woman. The first woman. Eve.

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 A thundering clap snapped out from just behind Cho as he turned around. Someone had just fallen from the sky and drop kicked a Demon who had been trying to sneak up on the young Karate Hero. Turning to him he spoke "We need to get her to safety." He stood there for a second as if he recognized him on sight. Sure the two had never met before, but the shield he carried was unmistakable. He would know that shield no matter if it was stained in blood and covered with dirt. This was a legendary Ice Dragon, he smiled and laughed inwardly just a little. This was Light. "You sure do like making an entrance. Andy was right about that". Turning his attention back towards the first demon he readied himself.

Cho watched as the winged demon climbed back onto its feet. Not wasting any time he leaped back into action, fists charged with his spiritual Chi energy. Blow after blow left trails of a light following after as they came in quick succession. The beast roared in defiance and lunged forward towards Cho. Trying to snatch him up in its mighty claws. On instinct he dropped down, his legs splitting down either side as he punched up forcefully. He had no idea if the demon had testicles, but his strike was true. Feeling a sickening crunch against his blow. Just as Cho had dived down a red and white swirling disk flew overhead with a dizzying effect. Disoriented from the blow Cho had just delivered the demon could not recover fast enough, the shield cleaving straight through and severing its head. A dark green gush poured out as the creature fell lifeless to the ground.

As Cho rocked backwards onto his back he spun his legs and hips around. Two quick rotations and then he sprang upwards into the air and onto his feet. As he caught sight of Light he had already started combating the demon he had gotten the drop on, literally. Straight punch came out fast as he watched the Ice Dragon battle. Weighing his combat prowess for those few moments. Then there was a clashing ring as the shield hit against the side of a building. Its trajectory changed suddenly and was now headed back towards Light. With one outstretched hand he caught the star spangled shield of Andferne and spun around with it. Continuing the momentum of the shield he lashed out towards the Demon once more, catching it squarely on the head. A large gash opening up as the green ooze dripped down from the wound.

Not missing a beat Cho moved into the action beside him. His fists began to charge with a brilliant light once more and as he moved in close he punched towards the demonic creature as he soared into the air. "Sho-Ryu-Ken!" cried out Cho as his fist spliced the beats chest, opening up a huge hole as it was flung backwards. Crashing into a dumpster with enough force to crush it. As Cho landed on his feet both he and Light searched the area around them. Looking for any signs of more demons barreling down on top of them. They needed to get out of there, and quick. It was time to grab the girl and go. Just as Light was about to step forward to help her out Cho grabbed him by the arm. "No wait!".

Under his breath he cursed himself. He had gotten so worked up for the fight he had not paid attention to his Sight. The gift that he was born with that showed him a persons fault line, their shatterpoint as he called it. "That's no girl" he said in a low worried voice. He had been set up. The demons were getting smarter and aware of his activities it seemed. For this girl was a demon, a shape changed who had laid a trap. With a rushed sentence he turned to Light "We need to get out of here and quick".

But there was no time. The 'scared' fragile little girl began to laugh. Save her voice was not sweet or innocent, it was not scared or worried. Her voice came with a confident laugh, one that crackled and echoed throughout the streets as he body began to shift. Her cloths started to rip and he skin peel. In a matter of moments her into body had grown the size of a building. A large giant tail sprouted out from behind the now massive four legged monstrosity that was before them. Two long necks weaved up and down ending with a reptilian head. Its eyes settling onto the two would be heroes. "My trap had been for one. Lucky me, I now have two for dinner". With that the two mouths opened up wide, two huge bursts of fire erupting from it. The flame sizzling and melting the portions of the building that fell under its wrath.

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 The two policemen were talking casually to the bartender. He was talking back but it clear to everyone was not comfortable with their presence. His eyes kept darting up to glance at the bald man pinned to the wall. You could hear his wheezing breath being choked out of his throat as the fingers which gripped his flesh clenched ever tighter. You could hear the thumps as he kicked the wall behind him struggling for survival. You could hear the capillaries pop in his eyes as the oxygen was cut off from his brain and hear it shutting down. You could hear the body fall clumsily to the ground with a thud and see the third policeman taking a seat beside his two cohorts.

All three began to interrogate the bartender. The bartender growing ever more edgy with each question they asked. The policeman closest to the man in the coat looked over at him and asked him a question. The man did not respond keeping his head down. The policeman look irritated but then began to laugh,

“Agh, you do not speak Korean!” He sniggered narrowing his eyes, “Do you, Spectrum?”

The man in the coat drained the contents of the last shot glass and returned it to the bars scratched surface.

“What’s it to you?” was the response that came from the almost stoic man.

“Oh nothing to me, nothing at all.” The policeman giggled, visibly amused with the conversation he was having. His other two counterparts were continuing to talk and now jeer at the bartender who was looking increasingly alarmed.

 The policeman resumed the conversation now in a slightly more serious tone, “They want to know if he has seen the two girls, has he? Have you?”

“You already know the answer to that,” Spectrum answered “don’t you?” He slowly sat up and looked at the man he was talking to. He was less of a man and more of a monster. His eyes were completely red except for two inhuman white pupils which swiveled madly inside his eye sockets. His skin was white like chalk and his short white hair greasy and falling out in clumps.

“Maybe so but what is life without a little foreplay!” The policeman giggled. His thin pale lips curled upwards revealing his rotten black teeth. He turned his head to his associate beside him who was just as grotesque as he was in appearance. He said something to him in Korean and then produced a large gold brick and put it on the bar. The bartender dropped a bottle of rice wine he was holding in surprise when he saw the gold brick. All three of the policemen began to laugh. The bartender looked at each of them. He began to laugh nervously looking at the brick and then back at the policeman. The officer closest to Spectrum pushed the brick towards the bartender. The bartender picked it up hesitantly. He stroked the block of precious metal and weighed it in his dirty hands. He looked back to the policemen. He began to smile and then he swallowed hard. He put the brick underneath the bar and nodded his head towards the storeroom door. Two of the policemen stood up and left the bar and walked into the storeroom.

“Will you not join us, no?” The policeman asked Spectrum with mock innocence. Spectrum got off his stool, turned his back to the officer and walked towards the door to leave. The policeman too left his stool and made his way to the storeroom laughing maniacally as he did so.

Spectrum left the bar with the sound of a young woman’s screams rattling in his ears.

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 A dark blue dressed man emerged from the dark portal into the mortal world only minutes ago.  His body was shrouded in a golden cape, his sun coloured helmet was held under his arm. His long black hair wavered in the wind as his eyes fixed onto the mountain range before him. He could feel the magical energies around him build up, connecting to his very soul. The years of training with the Order of the Magi and his encounter with the Elder Gods had strengthened his resolve. He was no longer a mere human.. he was an avatar of the Elder Gods. Hatred, lust for power.. those words had no meaning for him anymore. His task was to face the universe’s cruelty, to make it tolerable for people to accept the reality of their existence, to help those in need.

His fists crackled with blue sparkling energy, when he slowly opened them his entire body was engulfed in soft glowing blue energy. His feet felt no ground as his body lifted itself from the ground. The blue energy separated itself from his muscled body forming a figure of its own. His mind transferred along with the energy, he looked at his own lifeless body floating in the air. The blue energy formed a large cloud spreading out over the green grassy plains only visible to those with mystical abilities. In this form he was one with the magical energies of the world. He could not manipulate it in this state, merely observe. But he could feel the agonizing pain of the world as the blue cloud dispersed along the green fields. Small blue particles glistened in the light of the moon. It felt as if his corporeal form was being ripped apart, the whole world was in pain. ‘AAAAAAHHH!!’ He yelled out in horror but none could hear him in this magical shape. Every part of him felt like it was burning in the hottest hellfire of Hades himself. With one conscious thought he commanded his soul to return to his body, the blue particles swirled around the grassy plains in circles before shooting towards the magical protector filling his entire body. The shock and pain was so great that his body gave way until he ultimately fell to his knees coughing up his red crimson liquid as his helmet rolled along the grass. Something so terrible had happened that the world shared in its pain. It had to take an event of enormous magnitude to cause this to the magical energies. So this is what the world had come to in his absence? A pool of festering hate and destruction that had waged in his own heart. But no more, he would not allow it to happen.

He wiped the blood from his mouth with his yellow gloves leaving behind a red smear on the soft fabric. He grabbed his helmet as he pushed himself of the ground, his face showed a look of determination. As he stood up his long black locks of hair shrouded his face, the only thing that pierced through it were his eyes that lighted up in a light blue glow. He slid his helmet over his head, his eyes shone from behind the holes of the golden coloured mask. ‘Tonight these demons will learn never to invoke the wrafh of a sorcerer’. He stretched his arms forward, the palms of his hands closed together before stretching them outwards to the sides. A bright yellow portal formed in front of him, a burst of wind emanated from it blowing his long yellow cape wildly behind him as he stepped through the portal. A bright flash of light emerged from the portal as he stepped from the other side. He had left the mountainous environment of Tibet behind him as he rested his eyes upon the city of Lille in France, his city of birth. Lights flickered all over the city below him as he hovered a mile up in the air, large parts of the city were shrouded in darkness. He could feel the evil roaming the city, but even without magical powers you could hear the screams of pain and horror that would strike fear into any mans heart. Demons of various kinds and shapes feasted on the flesh of their victims. ‘No..’ He whispered from behind his helmet. With all the speed he could muster he flew through the clouds leaving them to spiral behind him as he pierced through the sky racing towards his sisters home. The streets were littered with debris and ripped apart bodies.

The anger built inside his heart as he gazed through the window of his birth house. His sister Emma, her husband and her little girl were pressed against the wall with the help of dark energy. A bloodied demon feasted upon a corpse of a small child still twitching its legs. The red fluid formed a puddle for the demon to bathe in. Without any hesitation Precise called upon the ambient magical forces as his hands lighted up with an orange glow. With both of his hands stretched outwards he blasted a beam of concentrated magical energy through the shattered window straight for the demon that blasted him through the other side of the house. ‘YOU DARE?!’ Precise roared out. Enraged he flew through the window with tremendous speed as he grabbed the burning demon by the neck and slammed him into the wall repeatedly as the demons claws slashed wildly at his body causing blood to stream from his wounds. The strength of the demon was tremendous as he backhanded Precise away from him. His magical barrier took the brunt of the impact as he was slammed into the wall. ‘Bonds of the sun! Come to my aid!’ Precise yelled out as three magical rings emerged around the demon made from fire as hot as the sun itself burning into the flesh of the demon until it ultimately fell to the ground roaring out in pain.

As Precise took in the scent of sulphur from the burning demon he rushed inside the house releasing the magic that held his family. ‘CONNOR!’ Emma yelled out as she dashed forward grabbing the bloodied corpse of her son. Her cries of grief filled the streets as Emile pulled her sister away from the dead body. He needed to get them to safety first as he called upon the power of the white realms. His eyes behind his mask glowed an intense white light as the entire family was engulfed in light and dissolved before him. They had been transported to a different dimension  completely made from light. There was no life in that realm, it existed outside the frames of time. Mages visited this place regularly to meditate. But he had no time to waste, the demons would have surely sensed his presence by now. He flew through the streets using his vision to engulf all innocents in the bright light that would teleport them to the white realms.

Large parts of the city were cleared in minutes as all civilians were teleported to safety until a demon consisting entirely from fire crashed into him from above. His cape seared into his flesh producing a stench fouler than the demons. The force of the blow made him crash into the concrete street toppling end over end. Dozens of demons of various shapes and sizes rushed towards him. He felt the teeth drive into his flesh, the claws scratched his skin wide open. His blood accompanied the dried up blood that already stuck to his skin and clothes. His cape and clothes were torn, his helmet slashed from all sides. Exhausted he summoned a magical barrier to protect him from the ensuing hordes of demons. With the final remainder of the mystical energy he called upon the power of the elder gods as his body turned into pure energy. With his hands thrust forwards the energy emanated from his body forming a dome of golden energy growing larger by the second as the demons attempted to claw through the barrier. After three seconds the dome simply stopped growing and shot outwards at an incredible speed blasting all demons back into surrounding buildings. But it did not hold them off for long as several of them raced back towards the sorcerer, trying to enact their revenge. But it gave him enough time to engulf his own body in the energy of the white realms. Exhausted and bleeding he fell down onto the white surface as the people he just rescued rushed towards him supporting him up. ‘What is this place? Where are we? What the hell is going on?’ Question after question were bombarded upon him. ‘Calm yourselves!’ He said in a firm tone of voice as he opened his mind for all to see in their thoughts. All information he knew was telepathically shared between the thousands of bystanders as he in turn gained their memories and thoughts. A spell like this was only possible when all minds were open to it, but at this moment… everyone wanted to know what was going on. ‘A powerful entity has unleashed its powers onto this world, you are safe here.. I need to go back. You help those who are wounded any way you can’. With those last words Precise was once more engulfed into the white light leaving the people behind knowing they were in safety. He was already exhausted but he couldn’t give up… he wouldn’t give up.

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His mind is disoriented from the travel. Despairs doorway shock him up to his very core. His eyes are burning from a great flash of energy that seemed to signal the success of the spell, but even though they made it it wasn't an easy trip. He has to take his mask of quick. He vomits out chunks of green, red and yellow. He spits out the rest not wanting to taste it. He wonders what he ate to make this taste in his mouth and then realizes the taste is not from food but blood. He wipes of a trickle of blood from his jaw. He then puts his hands on his stomach and feels the broken ribs. Two two ribs where broken when he came through.  
"D@mn I knew this wouldn't be an easy trip but d@mn if the spell did this to me what did it do to the others. I'll heal though I need to keep moving huh AAAGGH". He walks a few feet and feels his legs get tired from the stress of caring his body. His legs feel like they are both on fire and suffer from frostbite aswell. "Was it the magic or just being in hell no the spell something must have happened during the spell. D@mn we stressed Despair to I did I stress her too much she was ready and I screwed up I should have stayed behind huh I guess this is some form of punishment for wanting to be in the greatest fight I could image. 
He waits a few minutes giving his inhuman body the few moments its needs to recover. The strange feeling in his legs is still there but the pain is gone thats all he needs to keep moving and to try and find his teammates and recover from what happened. He hopes they haven't gone to far from one another he hopes that it might have just been a slight mishap and they haven't been thrown around the entire dimension and "we don't know where they hell they are he" He laughs a little at the joke he made not thinking about it at first but enjoying it none the less. 
He hides behinds a rock quickly and without sound or light. He looks over the shoulder past his cover and sees a horror you can only expect from a place called hell. He sees what looks like people be attacked by a swarm of demonic birdlike creatures eating at their flesh and tearing them to pieces without a break. It seems like an entire farm field of people suffering at the hands of these evil creatures. At first he feels sorrow but then realizes that this is hell and no matter how terrible it may seem almost everyone here is here because they deserve to be here. However he knows of a few people who came here by choice and unlike these souls will be leaving when they are done with this place. 
He stays low and he stays quiet with the intent to make no sounds or noises and not to be heard. He has training and great skill in this area. At times he has moved with just skills that not even super beings have seen him. Sadly he is steathly in the human world where the laws of nature are quite different and some rules do not apply. He is not able to hide from these creatures for whatever reason they can sense his presence, but it doesn't matter why now. The only thing he can do is run and so he does. A small group of the little flying demons break free from the others and chase him through the dessert of hell. He pulls out two modified G18 fully automatic pistol and kneels down in a targeting stance. He lays out a swarm of bullets to drop the beasts. Truly his skills and firepower makes the delay and slows them down but they do not stop and keep coming. 
He starts to move again because he cannot risk to stand still in the area. He doesn't know enough about hell to do any good to these creatures. He doesn't have any form of magic in which to fight against these forces and must only seek not to captured by them and join in the torment of their victims. He sees a pile of rotting bodies no doubt the souls the birds are tired of defiling and are let to rot now that their suffering has taken away their humanity and they lie lifeless. He jumps in and hides among the bodies so as to not be seen or heard. He hides and waits for the swarm to pass. They cannot find him he feels he is safe for just a little while longer. He crawls through the garbage pile of a grave and almost as soon as he is out of it does a hand grab him. It is one of the hands of the torn up bodies and it holds on to him like its life depends on it.  
The dead soul begins to speak "I can smell it all that sin all of those murders its what makes this place work we can all smell it I can save myself some pain by turning you over to this place and maybe spread some of my own pain. He looks behind him to see the bodies try and get up. they have begun to move and awaken like zombies out of a bad movie. They feel the evils Midnightist has committed and they now hunger for it. He pulls out a kukri knife and cuts off the fingers of the rotten soul and escapes before the others get him. He hears their screams as he runs and see the swarm once again pick at them. He sees that their bit of hope sprung from his appearance has made them a meal for the demons once again. He turns his back and keeps moving. He thinks about what the soul said and his words way heavy on his heart. He must now struggle with the idea that he too deserves to be in hell. He stops thinking of that and sees something he has been waiting a while to see Despair.

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Jake walks towards the main floor of the Pentagon, he was given one task eliminate all that he could before returning to Gamblers side. He knew the cajun was arrogant but he also knew the power that was erupting all around the world. Sniffing the air he could smell the fresh smell of spilled blood, a body soars overhead and down the hall and out a window landing with a loud splat on the green of the front yard. Turning around he finds the very demon he had "killed" twenty minutes ago.  
"You really think that tiny little punch was going to end my life? You are sorely mistaken halfbreed, you were a mistake. That damn witch gave you more than you were intended, you were NEVER meant to live this long. She made a ultimate mistake in granting you your powers, she was punished for such a mistake. And I was sent here to bring you for your punishment." Jake now wide eyed surveyed the tiny hall and the hulking demon who wanted his spine as a toothpick and acted accordingly "Well Mr Dominatrix, I have been threatened with punishment by alot of women but today is the first it came from a males mouth. And I will soundly decline the offer as I am..." Jake without a second word leaps out the window and rolls onto the grass of the pentagon. Looking back and finding the demon didnt follow he taps a com link "Gambler come on this is ridiculous, these things are a little irritaing. Have you had any luck it taking any of them down?" Jake listened in closely he could hear Gamblers words and two others near him but nothing else only they were discussing something. Gambler had left his com on "Jesus christ that damn AHH!" The demon leaps from the window his hand growing large long claws the demon slams his hand down towards Jake, acting quickly Jake leaped backwards as the hand slams into the ground cracking the very earth beneath his hand. Looking from the ground to the demon the hole was still in its chest, Blood and guts slowly fell from the wound "You are a persistant little knat, why wont you just get to your knees and beg." Jake smiled "Ive never gotten on my knees for anyone before, and I wont for your grand ugliness." The demon snarls foam an saliva spewing from its mouth as it lunges at Jake, its claws exuding a energy with each slash. The grass beneath him wilts away  turns brown with every slash.
Luring the demon further an further into the yard of the pentagon he avoids the attacks with ease, the body the demon now has is finally shutting down. He smiles with each labored slash, but soon the table was turned for the demon. Stopping its attacks it fell to one knee an stared up at Jake "You really think I was sent here alone? You are a damn fool" Jake looked up to the sky as demons slowly decended onto the roof of the pentagon and all around them. The demon smiled as 30 demons all began to surround the two, all Jake could do as the world slowly became much tinier The ground beneath Jake shook violently and he stood with his arms crossed " I never go anywhere alone buddy oh pal of mine, I always come with backup." Snapping his fingers the ground burst in two opening a large canyon and bodies upon bodies launched from the ground and landing in piles of flesh. Jake looked over the demons shoulder gesturing for someone behind him, the demon looked to find Ralph with a wide grin and slam his hands to the ground. A large circle enveloped the entire courtyard and locked in place. Then Ralph fell to the ground in a heap of flesh, turing back to Jake the demon watched as Jake breathed hard an labored "I dont think that wicked b!tch of the west told you exactly I have acquired over the years I have lived. I fed upon a necromancer all those years ago after that wicked witch left me with this damn curse, and I have mastered the skills I gained from his blood. One of the many things is reanimating the dead, and dark magics very little but I know some. Welcome to what they call as a trap...your sod." Snapping his fingers once again hundreds of undead formed from the piles of flesh all around the courtyard all with blood red eyes "And when you reanimate long dead undead creatures they tend to come back...hungry." the undead scream and leap at the demons all around the yard. Some of the demons attempt to escape running into the shield that was erected an vaporize on contact. All the lesser demons fight for their lives as the undead attack an feed on them, Jake walks slowly towards the demon who attacked him an lifts his head up so he can look into his eyes "Did the witch really send you? Is she still alive in hell?" the demon shook its head "No...she was sent to limbo many years ago, I was told to use her name to crack your mind more than it already is. She told me to do this, it was that little brat. She ordered me, I swear would never have gone up against you on my own im a low leveled demon. She boosted my powers, this body is dying please heal me and I will tell you who it is controlling all of us." Jake looked into the demons eyes and put his palm to his cheek "I already know who it is thats doing this, her stench is everywhere all over you. And I am sorry to tell you but my powers." Jakes palm glows bright green and the demon begins to scream at the top of his lungs "They do not heal...only kill." Soon the demons falls to the ground his body burning in a green flame, turning he sniffed the air finding Gamblers scent. Snapping his fingers getting the undeads attention he began to run towards Gambler was "Follow me!!" tapping his com again "I think I know who is doing this Gambler, theirs only one person who would be able to do such things." Reaching the door he feels immense power and a wave of energy slams into the door he is in front of slamming him into the wall behind him. Lifting the door off of him he looks into the room finding Hunter and a woman against a wall and Gambler mid-air. Staring into the room he finds her and before he can get up Gambler and the girl are gone. Finally coming to his feet he looks around the room finding Gambler no where to be seen he looks to the two who were in the room "Well......were boned."
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Outskirts of Washington, D.C. (The Pentagon)

With his body pressed up against the wall by some supernatural means, the Hunter watched as his former rival was taken away by Desiderina.  Rina then took Gambler and disappeared just as quickly as she had arrived.  As she left, her powers released Lord Greystoke and Lady Tlieso.  William landed in a crouched position next to his lady.  After quickly looking her over for any signs of injury, he then helped her off the ground and stood to face the individual who had just come into the room.
"Jake Malcom..." he said in a low tone, slowly moving his hand towards the grip of his sword.  "Your reputation precedes you."  For a split second, the Hunter thought about engaging the vampire in combat merely for the sake of tradition.  However, he knew there was a greater threat at large and that Jake would serve a more useful purpose if he were kept alive.  Nevertheless, Greystoke hoped to face him in combat one day.
 "Well," he said as he turned towards Tlieso.  "I suppose we should get moving if we're going to catch up with that little b....."  In the middle of his sentence, the Lycan King stiffened his body and sniffed the air.  Pausing for a moment, he motioned for Lady Tlieso and Jake Malcom to be silent so that he could listen more clearly.  Just then, the Hunter's body began to tense up like a predator about to pounce on his prey as he let out a low growl.  He then looked up slowly and said in a calm tone, "We're not alone....."
Suddenly, an unearthly beast which resembled a large canine leaped out of the shadows towards Lady Tlieso.  In that same instance, the Greystoke Legend leaped across the room, reached out with his left hand, and caught the demonic beast by the throat just as it was about clamp its jaws shut around his lady's throat.  The creature thrashed wildly about as Greystoke held it up by its neck and clawed his face with its sharp talons.  Grabbing the creature's muzzle with his right hand, the Hunter sharply snapped the beast's neck and dropped it's lifeless body to the ground.
Cracking his neck to the side as his face began to heal up, he knelt down and examined the beast.  From the looks of it, the creature looked like a Doberman Pincer whose skin and other physical characteristics had been horribly changed by an unknown demonic presence.  Indeed, it had begun.  Animals were now being mentally taken over by demonic forces, having their physical abilities amplified, and being turned into demonic predators.  The raw bestial nature of these creatures gave them an insane boldness.  Immune to pain and fear, these creatures were made to ignore their natural instincts and embrace a new form of evil.
Just then, a loud howl could be heard in the distance.  It appeared as if all the dogs in the area had been touched with this new devilry.  Now, these demons had amplified the pack mentality of the creatures and had driven it to new levels of madness. Forcing themselves to break past the blocks set up by Final Arrow himself, the hell hounds had begun to tear their way into the Pentagon.  The cries of innocents could be heard as the creatures ripped them to shreds.
"We have to go... now." the Hunter said to lover in a serious tone.  Turning over towards Jake, he said, "You're more than welcome to accompany us.  In this situation, an extra sword would be most useful."  Whether Jake would want to go with them was entirely up to him.  However, William did not waste any time in getting himself and his lady out of there.  As they ran through that section of the Pentagon, the Hunter used his honed senses to detect any danger that might be lurking ahead.  The helpless cries of innocents alerted them to areas where the beasts were at work.
Alas, it appeared as if nearly every exit outside the building was blocked off.  Over two thousand hell hounds were swarming over the outside of the Pentagon like flies to rotting flesh.  The only other way of escape lied in the subway tunnels underneath the Pentagon itself.  Once there, it might allow a chance for them to make their way through the tunnels towards the Central Metro Station in the heart of Washington, D.C.  Whether they wanted to utilize Lady Tlieso's magic abilities or simply try to wire a metro, the tunnels seemed like the most logical means of escape.
As the group reached the point of the subway tunnels, the Hunter looked down at the long steep escalator system.  The device had been taken offline, so the steps were frozen in place.  Just then, more loud noises came from behind them.  As William listened carefully, he could hear groups of the beasts coming from both directions.  Indeed, the subway had to be the safest means of escape.
Looking back to Lady Tlieso, he gave her a nod and helped her mount up onto his back.  "Hold on tight." he whispered to her as Tlieso put her arms around his neck.  With that, William leaped out over the steep descent to the bottom - skipping all of the stairs and going straight to the bottom.  When he reached the bottom, the Greystoke Legend gracefully landed on his feet - a credit to his immortal lycan agility.  William then gently set Tlieso back on the ground and began to move towards one of the metro rail cars.
However, as soon as he stepped towards the rail car, a group of hell hounds came through both ends of the tunnel.  Saliva dripped from their snarling jaws and they cautiously moved towards them.  From behind, the two other groups of beasts that were chasing them came charging down the frozen escalator.  "Dammit!" William roared.  He knew it had seemed to easy.  Indeed, these creatures had actually set a trap for them.  "Stay close!" he said to his lover.  As nearly one hundred demonic beasts swarmed all around them, the Hunter let out a deep roar to tell the creatures to halt in their advances.  However, all instincts and reason had left these creatures; for demonic powers had now taken over completely.
The Hunter realized what needed to be done.  These creatures needed something to distract them away from Lady Tlieso.  It was time to fight fire with fire.  Throwing down his sword, bow, and quiver, William unzipped the top of his uniform and dropped it to the ground.  With that, he let out a loud roar as he began to make his full lycan transformation.  His muscles suddenly bulged out as thick, jet black fur sprouted all over.  His bones then began to change in shape and his facial features took on a more canine appearance.  His teeth sharpened and his fingernails grew out into his signature silver-colored talons.  When the transformation was complete, the Greystoke Lycan let out another thunderous roar towards the beasts all around.
While keeping his yellow-colored eyes on the beasts around him, William took Lady Tlieso and placed her on top of the metro rail car.  As soon as she was safe, the protective Noble Lycan lunged into the beasts.  With his enormous jaws, he crunched down onto the spine of one of the beasts.  His claws then began to rip and slash their way through the others.  The beasts returned the same kind of ferocity.  Their claws scratched violently, their teeth bit down with animosity, and their boldness knew no bounds.  Using his enormous strength, Greystoke would literally rip one of the animals right in two.  However, their bites were starting to effect him and he could feel weakness setting in.
At last, all of the beasts lay lifeless on the ground.  Turning towards his lover, the Lupine Lord groaned in pain before collapsing upon the ground.  As he lay there on the ground, the Hunter reverted back into his human form.  Panting like he hand never done before, William looked down at his wounds.  For some reason, they were not healing at their normal rate.  Some of them were healing, but others continued to bleed fervently.
Brushing his long hair out of his face, he looked back up with his lover.  Still panting with exhaustion, he was beginning to fade out of consciousness.  "Tlieso....." he said with a slight tone of delirium while breathing heavily.  "You have..... to get..... to safety...... More are.... coming."  With that, he began to crawl on his stomach towards her.  The sounds in the air and the vibrations in the ground alerted him to another wave of hell hounds that were approaching.  "I dunno..... how long..... please....."  With blood still flowing from his wounds, William suddenly passed out.....
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Cold wind buffeted Switch, pulling at his clothes and whipping his hair into his face. His eyes had an odd glint to them, but not one of madness. He span around to face them and explained what he needed done. The mage gestured and the ground tore itself upwards a few feet away, then another movement and he was gone. The other soldier's spread out and started making preperations which Switch dashed to the hole in the ground. Metal gleamed deep within the soil and he was forced to dig with his hands to reveal what he wanted. Liberty Island had once been a base for Veritas, Kurrent's government sponsored team. Switch had revealed a zoom tube, a method of transportation that the team had used to get too and from the island. Working quickly he pulled back a plate and dropped himself into the darkness. 
It was cold and dark inside the tube, but more than that it was still. Like nobody had moved inside for years. The air itself felt sluggish to respond to his movements. The tube was too small for him to stand fully upright and instead he had to run at an odd crouch. Nevertheless he made good time, reaching the main base without needing to give any identification or even being challenged. He hoped that the computer systems were still working. Down the the guts of the old base everything was pitch black. Switch found himself stumbling through a twisted maze of pipes, wiring and machinery all lying dormant and unused. Finally he saw the lights that marked what he was looking for. He pulled an oversized lever a few times to build up the charge, working by the light given off by the LEDs that showed the systems status, then he hit the start button. 
For a moment everything was silent, then a coughing, grinding noise as the generator spooled up. Lights blinked on, computer screens blinked to life and the air conditioning came online, breathing a welcome breath of fresh air into the unmoving corridors.  Wiping the back of his hand over his forehead Switch got straight to work. With an effort he delved deep into a certain General's memories, finding the central control room. Then with a sigh he was off running again. If what he was about to attempt worked, then nobody else would have to die in New York today. 
Unknown biological detected, attempting to run diagnostic...biological identified as CODENAME: Switch... 
CODENAME: Switch is not assigned access to this facility... please state purpose and proper clearence codes... 
Switch was panting as he ran, his breath coming in gulps that made it hard for him to speak properly. 
"I need all the defences up and running, clearance code is NAUTILUS." 
Working...code accepted...defences online...please state the nature of the threat... 
The control room was in front of him now and with it was the elevator that would take him where he needed to go. He dashed inside and hit the highest floor, feeling the car accelerate as he tried to get his breath back. Another delve into the General's mind allowed him to give the computer the information that it needed. 
"Threat is extra human, demonic in nature."  
As the computer processed the information he projected his mind into that of the soldier mage, he was ready, it was all down to Switch now. The elevator doors opened and the red sky glared at him as he strode out onto the viewing deck that had been built into the torch that Lady Liberty held aloft. The last thing he heard before the doors slid shut behind him was the computer advising gratuitous firepower in defence of the old Veritas HQ. As if pre empting what he was about to attempt clouds began to gather over the statue, lightning flicking back and forth occasionally and the wind driving itself into a frenzy. Fighting down his fear he climbed out of the observation window and clambered up on top of the torch, clinging to the blue hued metal to stop the wind from flinging him out and down onto the rocks beneath him. It was time.

Flinging his arms out and grinning Switch faced the wind. His eyes burned with an inner light as he used his power to reach out into the mind of every person within New York. It was a rush like no other. He could feel everything, hear and see everything, he was everywhere. Instantly he started to guide people to pre determined points where the Bridgeburner's were waiting to magically transfer them to safety. They were fighting magic with magic. Almost instantly the killings stopped. Desrina's demonic servants realising that their meals were being stolen they flooded towards Liberty Island to silence the man that was even now laughing in their heads. The defences cycled up and began to rain fire down on the otherworldly beings. Explosions blossomed along the river front, but Switch had already guided people away from those areas. From the plaza hundreds of feet beneath him twin linked chaingun emplacements slid out from underneath concrete tiles and cycled up. The weapons were meant to intercept short range rocket and missile attacks and so had no problems tracking the flying horrors that descended like a murder of crows upon the lone man at the top of the statue's outstretched arm. 
"I said nobody dies today!" 
The hundreds of police officers and other officials held spellbound by Desrina's power blinked, then fire was in Switch's mind. Burning him away and devouring everything that he was, voices whispered in his ear, promising failure and death to everone he ever loved. Slowly, inexorably, he was forced to his knees, bowing under the pressure that assailed his mind. 
"Come on! Dont let me down now!" 
His voice was lost to the howling wind, but the words gave him strength and with a scream he flung his arms wide again. He didnt know who he was talking too, his body, his powers, some God that he had never seen or believed in. Raw psychic energy spilled from him in waves, becoming almost visible. The spell holding peoples minds hostage was broken and they could move of their own free will again. These too he directed to the evacuation points throughout the city. Then exhausted he sagged, almost falling, but catching himself just in time. Slowly, painfully, he dragged himself back from the edge and propped himself up against the sculpted fire that adorned the torch. The demons attacking the monument screamed in anger and peeled off, disapearing into the blood red clouds. Switch pulled the cigarette that had somehow survived from behind his ear. 
"You've got a lot too answer for Desiderina. I just hope you can take your lumps when they find you kid." 
He lit the cigarette and took a deep drag. 
"Hell of a view."

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Beach, Japan

As her skiffy pontoon lands into sand, Rin sits up, her face hot with the sun and her muscles stiff with the trip. She looked over her shoulder, and she could've sworn she had seen the green glint of Ryujin before she had to blink. The sun was too bright. She stepped out of the boat, taking in her surroundings with a deep breath. Home sour home. She took her first few steps on Japanese land in years, and it felt... bittersweet. She didn't know where to begin, she didn't know why she was here. 
Or did she? 
She took a straight path, the very same as the path that brought her here... Of course, straight inevitably led to struggle. She'd been walking less than an hour when something flicked on her peripheral vision, something like a flash of lightning, something... Raijin. She spun quickly, katanas appearing in her hands, battle stance taken. The deity stepped forward and laughed a laugh that shook the soul of the world, and she instantly lowered her weapons. He was an ally. Or, as close as one can get in a world where any and everything is most likely demonic. He held out his hand. 
In his hand was a necklace, the pendant a grayish-silver stone cross, a symbol of hope and redemption in most nations of the world. He offered no words, nor any physical indication other than that she was to take the pendant and wear it. She did. 
She continued on her path with the ever-warm stone resting on her chest, cradled in between her smallish breasts. She felt calmer and more skilled than she ever had, and her vigour seemed renewed. She seemed to have not only replenished stamina, but increased stamina, strength, speed, and perception. She could smell the creatures living around her, could hear the beat of wings of birds, could taste the repugnant flavour of evil. She kept walking. 

Tokyo, Japan

She felt the true sensation now, the pendant was urging her towards morality. Every thought she had, of stealing and taking for her survival, it was countered by a burning sensation. She was ravenous, parched... She would know want. She would know desire. She would be cared for, she was not alone. Or was she? 
The oni stepped out behind her silently, and it knew she had no knowledge of her. How could a simple human know of its existence, having just stepped from an infernal plane? It approached silently, and it was met with a katana to the throat. Rin not only caught it by surprise, but she caught it by its throat. 
"Why are you following me, spirit, and what do you hope to accomplish by doing so? You get one chance to explain. Begin." The foolish beast mustered all of its gusto, launching a blow that would have shattered her bones. Would have. Somehow, her muscles exploded into action before her brain even registered the movement, and the demon lost its hand for the trouble. Nothing is more frightening than an enraged lesser oni. Except a rogue with nothing to lose but her already departing life. 
The oni raged at her, bluish-black blood dripping slowly from the wound. A wild claw caught Rin on the side of her head and tore straight gashes through her face. It healed flawlessly. The oni was again surprised by this lonely girl. Her mutation kept her not only young, but flawless. It lost its other claw. 
Rin launched a simple routine, now wielding both katanas as extensions of her arms. The demon, obviously not yet mature, nor particularly bright, was short work. 
A cross of stone? A thunder god as an ally? Rin only knew one thing now: Survival was becoming harder and easier at the same time. 
She continued her straight path, straight into the heart of Tokyo. The heart of her heart. 
Only time would reveal to her its secrets. Until then, she had two katanas, a stone cross, and the severed head of a demon. Now she needed a witch.
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"Well would you look at that." Winston smiled through his home-made contraption, a thick pair of mechanical goggles which glistened a dull metalic colour over his face, this device allowed him to witness the aura of those around him and right now he was looking through buildings down upon the Pentagon, where several incredibly powerful aura's stood. The two brightest figures suddenly dissapeared causing Winston to frown in displeasure, though several figures still remained, one he could recognise as a Lycan, another a vampire and another with vast magical capabilities, "Looks like this is the right way to go for sure." 
One of the other Winsti, with a gun slung over his shoulder and several folders full of paperwork under his arm, looked with immense wonder upon his own hand. Curiosity swelled within the elderly man named John who he'd rescued half an hour beforehand causing him to ask, "What are you doing?" 
This Winston smirked as a slight bulge appeared in his hand then dissapeared, before reappearing again, this time as a complete digit, a thumb protruding from the back of his hand, "I've been contemplating for a while about my powers, sure creating clones is useful, but it could be better, what if I could replicate body parts individually...what's the limit then." The Winston stood with a satisfied smirk as his empty arm split entirely down the middle, creating two entire arms on his right side, "Fantastic, here," he shoved his paperwork upon the old man, before repeating the process on his other arm. Now with four arms and the eyes of all his duplicates upon him, the arms in this Winston bulged as the muscles inside it were replicated and expanded, the skin then was also extended to deal with its increased load, "Isn't it brilliant, it works haha, it f*cking works." 
"Th-that is, um, fairly...fairly abnormal." John stuttered behind the folders.
"Don't you see?" The Winston with the goggles now walked over to him as he clasped his hand on the multi-armed clones shoulder, causing it to bubble into a proto-plasmic go as he was reabsorbed into him, "I counted four thousand, eight hundred and sixty-two demonic entities in and around the Pentagon, there's masses of them, a friggin' army, you want to get inside? I think now we can." 
"No..I-I don't understand at all-wait, four thousand?" 
"Here," All the Winsti began to pile their weapons and paperwork onto the old man, before they too were reabsorbed into the single goggle-wearing Winston, who then took his head-gear off and tossed it to the already overburdened John, "Watch." 
Winston began to physically deform as he replicated every cell within his own body, muscles spasmed as they grew to gigantic proportions, straining his suit which took a little time to readjust itself. Winston grew, his body tripling in size and then tripling again and then again until he was several stories high, the effort was obviously putting some strain on him as face was a caricature of pain, his eyes tightly shut and his lips pulled back into a snarl, though when the process was complete the young man erupted into a booming laughter, "No time like now to test out such a capability." 
Straining again, Winston managed to replicate himself, so a trio of giants stood, cramped together amongst the buildings near the Pentagon. The original collapsed to his knees from the effort, though he still managed to smile at the tiny old man before him, extending a car-sized hand out to him and nodding at him to hop on. John stammered incoherently but did as he was told and was promptly hoisted up into the air as Winston stood back up. The elderly chap looked over his mountain of paper-work into two gigantic eyes as inbetween them another huge hand emerged which grasped him, holding him against Winstons forehead before the hand began to be partially reabsorbed, forming a small cradle of a dark room in which John now sat down in in shock, dropping the papers all over the place. "You should be safe in there little buddy, at least until we get you into the Pentagon." Boomed his hosts voice all around him. 
Demons crawled all over the place outside the Pentagon, seemingly waiting for something. Hellhounds had broken into the place and were tearing it apart but the main force waited patiently and expectently outside. The huge horde seemed to sparkle under the crimson sky, their teeth and claws glistening with blood and drool, tentacles flapped about in the air where the winged fiends flew, some of whom were fighting over the corpse of an already dead man, which was torn apart in mid-air by the flock of beasts. Then a noise disrupted the almost meditative and certainly out of character peace of the demonic horde, a loud thundering crash which immediatly made their heads swivel to its source. A figure stomped through skyscrapers behind them, huge and daunting with a cheshire grin on its face which a black material soon enveloped, its mask being activated. The horde released a chorus of wailing shrieks of fury at the figure which seemed to stop in its tracks and crouch to its knees before reaching the mob itself and with this momentary pause the masses rushed at it, only to be taken by suprise as two more giants leapt over the back of their comrade, blotting out the sun as they sprung high into the air, before they came down ontop of demons with an earth-shaking crunch. Their feet were the size of buses, and they landed upon the tightly pakced horde with a bone-crushing thud, blood spurting out from underneath them as the fiends they landed on were reduced to an omlette like composure. The Winsti swept at the ground, flinging demons away like ants, kicking them up to a hundred feet into the air and stomping them into the ground. The tiny ghouls leapt onto their feet, teeth gnawing away at the black synthetic material that encased them, though it also seemed to protect them as the beasts struggled to even break it. The winged demons lunged at where the eyes on the giants should be, though the protective masks made their efforts fairly futile, and they were swatted away. One such winged demon however swooped down upon one of the giants, clinging to its mask and proceeded to vomit a horrific purple bile which bubbled and fizzed as the acidic liquid melted through the material, before melting away at the giants face. This Winston wailed as his left eye bubbled and melted down his face, he flailed around pathetically, though with each step he continued to add to the growing lake of blood at his feet as demons were squashed beneath him. Inside his dark organic housing, John was being flung about by his hosts movements, papers and guns were everywhere around him, when suddenly one of the guns went off, the safety hadn't been turned on and some paper, pushed by Johns foor, had jammed the trigger back. Winston yelled with the slight ping of pain, "What the hell old man? Don't fire any of those things in there!"
"It was an accident! It wasn't my fault! I'm sorry!" John yelled back as he pulled the responsible gun up and turned the safety on it on, though he was unsure if the giant could even hear him. 

The rather pathetically easy battle was interuppted by a roar as four gigantic demons emerged from behind the Pentagon, they were slightly smaller than the Winsti but were very powerfully built, with rippling muscles, they were supported by bird-like legs and their huge arms ended in crab-like claws, their faces were comprised solely of gigantic jaws filled with rows of gnashing teeth and in the middle of their chest sat a single eye which flickered between the trio of Winsti. These monsters stalked slowly around the building, continuing their roars of challenge as they neared the three, who now stood their ground, a mistake which gave many of the smaller demons a chance to start scaling their legs. When they neared them, one of the large demons leapt at the nearest Winston, who easily side-stepped the rather clumsy attack and delivered a powerful punch directly into its centralised eye as it passed him by. Obviously these fiends weren't used to fighting something their own size. The blinded demon flailed around aimlessly and was left that way by the Winsti as the other towering creatures approached. The demons began to circle the trio of clones, though by now some of the smaller demons had climbed high enough to get to the exposed face of the partially blinded Winston and they began to claw and maim his already horrifically scarred features. The wounded Winston screamed and collapsed to his knees as he tried to scrape away at his face, giving the larger demons the distraction they needed to pounce. The Winston on his knees had time to look up into the huge maw of the oncoming monster before it engulfed his head, tearing it clean off his body.  
The other two dupes proceeded to very rapidly trade a flurry of blows with their foes, dodging claws and snarling bites and landing several heavy punches which realy seemed to do little against their opponents. One of the demons thrust his claw at a Winstons neck, though the giant managed to clasp his hands around the beasts arm before it could reach its goal, the other Winston pushed its own gigantic enemy backwards and turned around to deliver an elbow into the other beasts outstretched arm, breaking it with a sickening snap, before turning back around in time to dodge another lunge from one of the creatures, which he then pushed onto the ground whilst it was offbalance. Straddling its back, Winston snapped its neck, whilst the other Winston kicked his foe with a broken arm to the ground and proceeded to leap onto it and deliver several furious punches to its head, shattering its skull. The blind demon now returned to the fray, still frenzied by the loss of its sight and it swept a clawed arm out at towards where it could hear the giants stood. Winston blocked the blow and grabbed hold of the arm before gracefully lifting his leg to put a foot to the beasts neck and with a strong tug on its appendage, intended to break the beasts neck, the arm simply popped off the demon entirely. Holding the arm, Winston bludgeoned his foe with it, knocking it to the ground. The blind and shrieking demon in its last efforts swept its other arm across, its open claw slicing effortlessly through Winstons leg, toppling him to the ground as well. This Winston shrieked in pain with a scream that was comparable to the demons own yells, before the only other giant demon still standing placed a claw around his neck and decapitated him. Blood flowed like a river outside the Pentagon.  
Now only two giants stood standing, a single demon and a single Winston, a slight bulge in his forehead where John was being held. The demon rushed at Winston, claws snapping as they came forth. Blocking and punching one arm aside, Winston caught the second one by its open claw, his hands partially inside it, trying to break it apart, though the claws strength proved too much. With a crack the bulbous crab-like claw clanged shut, cutting off the thumb of Winstons left hand and all the fingers on his right. Blood spurted out of where his digits should be in torrents which drenched the demons at his feet. With a scream Winston pushed back the beasts arms, grappling his own around its shoulders so its arms were pulled down and useless as Winston lifted it into the air in a bear hug. Winston began trying to crush the demon, though the demon elongated and twisted its scaly neck so its jaw could at least reach the top of Winstons head, where it sunk its teeth in. Winston could feel his skull beggining to crack from the pressure, and in a last ditch effort the cells on the top of his head multiplied. A huge arm burst forth through the back of the demons own head in a split-second and in another split-second it was reabsorbed. Winston and the demon both collapsed, completely covered in blood. With a pathetic whimper, Winston crawled through the masses of demons, many of whom were still trying to claw at him, over towards the front of the Pentagon. The bulge in his forehead opened up, allowing guns, folders and John to fall to the ground, before Winston too, collapsed. The giant was barely breathing when another, regular sized Winston was replicated to the ground by John. This Winston helped John to his feet with a smile and said, "See...Pentagon." Before again collapsing, the effort of all the strain had finally hit him. 
John looked around in wonder, he was in a sea of blood up that neared his knees, gigantic bodies littered his view. His time to stare in amazed confusion was interupted by a low growl coming from behind him, a demonic look dog, a hellhound stood in the doorway to the Pentagon. Swearing under his breath, John tried to stir Winston as he lifted him up out of the sea of red, slapping him, but getting no response. Slinging the youth over his shoulder, John reached out and grabbed one of the rifles he'd been given and fired into the hellhound as it lept at him, causing it to splash lifelessy into the blood lake before him. John dabbed the sweat and blood from his face with his tie, before picking up a second rifle. "I'm going to be ok, I'm going to be ok, I am going to get you out of here." John furrowed his brow as the survivors of Winstons slaughter waded through the red. Their demonic teeth chattering, their eyes focused more intently and hatefully than John had ever seen them before. John pulled the triggers and screamed, the recoil was immense and shook his arms uncontrollably, spraying bullets all over the place, though several did manage to hit their marks, sending some of the weak demons sprawling backwards. The front of the building was still open and the elderly man slowly trodded backwards inside, yelling if anyone was there, before finally finding a storage closet. He shrugged Winston off himself into the cramped compartment before again turning to the growls and shrieks of the hungry demonic entities which slowly came towards him. John sighed, closed the door to the closet, hoping the beasts hadn't seen Winston and then hailed the demons in bullets, many of which went wildly astray before he was torn to shreds by the fiends.
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Looking at Gambler he bowed as the giant purple shield vanished around the pentagon. Arrow watched as his old rival charged head long into battle and then in a mix of shadows and purple flames he was gone. Someone had entered hell and now stood at the foot hold of his old kingdom. It had been four years since Arrow had defeated Lucifer with his own weapon, capturing him in a living statue forced to watch as Arrow ruled over his kingdom, forced to watch as Arrow threw that all aside and yet still kept his evil fingers wrapped round the gates.

 The Shadows split and Arrow once again set foot into the brimstone, the heat was already taking it’s toll on the would be travelers and he could feel the air change as he arrived in front of Lucifer. Their bodies tightened and readied for an attack. Tilting his head he merely looked passed them and almost mockingly turned his back to the last of the VERITAS that had traveled so far to find him. His eyes focused on the old ruler of this realm, two pale fingers reached out and touched the forehead of the fallen one and in an instant the Angel stood a confusion on his face looking at Arrow and then at the heroes behind him, but all he saw was shock in their eyes too. 

“Arrow” he said his voice echoing his minds thought, Arrow lifted his hand to his heart and then pointed at his head. “You remember what we did to you.” All that came was a simple nod and then Arrows finger pointed at Lucifer and then back at himself. A cunning smiled broke on the angels face “Oh I see you want me to give you back your feelings and in return I get my freedom?” he said mockingly ignoring the heroes now watching the two immortals barging back and forth. Arrow shock his head and then pointed at the floor “You will give me back hell.” A single nod followed and Lucifer’s hand reached out and touched Arrows chest “A deal then a bargain between to devils” he laughed. As soon as the angel’s fingers touched a small explosion tore the two of them apart and Lucifer vanished.

Arrow began to change in front of the eyes of Despair and her team and then he stood his pale face returned to its former glory, long white hair sat at his shoulders and two black eyes stared back at them. Floating to a stand he ran a hand down the zipper of his long black coat, and his hips began to move as he twirled on the spot and then moved closer to Despair, the rest of the group moved ready to strike out against the dark lord. His hand wrapping into hers as he moved like a snake pulling her from the middle of the group and drew her into a dance, as they span his clothes changing back to what they once where, a black suit replaced the tunic he wore and a red tie sat against a white shirt, his hair became short and then he span her back into the group and stopped looking them over “Hello heroes” he smiled and shuddered his body and placed a finger to his lips. “Shhh I suggest we leave before you get yourselves killed” with that a portal opened behind them and Arrow was gone, reappearing at the pentagon “I Wonder if they trust me enough to enter that portal.”

Slipping into the world he watched a group of hell hounds close in on Hunter, the warrior had fought off all he could and now lay fallen at the jaws of hell. Nothing would have delighted him more to watch the dogs tear the wolf apart but then his eyes fell on his past love; the pain in her face seemed to strike at his very centre. In a flash he stood in front of Hunter, his hand raised high and once again their howls filled the air as they ran, skin tore from their bodies and black fur lay on the ground as he skinned them alive, the whole time his body moved as the blood sprayed over him, licking his lips he stood over hunter and then bowed down at the dogs ear. “Woof”, standing again he smiled at T and almost laughed at the look she gave him back. He had never told her the reason he left her and he never would, she was happy now with Hunter and for that he was grateful to him, but this was neither the time nor the place.

“Well she has created a mess hasn’t she?” Arrow said aloud watching America’s capital in flames “normally I would enjoy this, but it seems little Rina needs to learn some boundaries”. Turning to face Lady T he ignored Jake and slid over to her and vanished before he got too close and in his place a portal opened. Arrows voice lingered over it “Well this has been fun, but the real party awaits, some heroes should be arriving soon to deal with the humans, so if any of you….. Lovely people would care to join me at the main stage then just follow the red carpet. This world was different from the other hell dimensions he had travelled too, the only reason he was even to break the fabric of this dimension was because Rina had something of his, Arrow was impressed but his own daughter had tried to destroy the world his mother made, she was trying to break his “friends” and she had forgotten everything he had ever taught her. The ground beneath his feet began to crack as he opened his mouth a shock wave tore into the dimension knocking back any demon that had come near him since his entrance. “RINA DADDY’S HOME”   


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Sparta Il, 3 days ago.

 Everything seemed to be going great, Samuel had finally had a chance to return to his hometown of Sparta IL, Moriah was enjoying herself, and Samuel's lungs got to taste fresh air for the first time in almost 10 years. It was amazing at how long ago it had been since his defeat to G'Bandit amazing at how different reactions to the name Day Hunter were now. He remembered all those years ago when if someone said Day Hunter most people smiled, he would fight for the people and would do whatever it took to avoid involving them in any of his or the supers fights. Then after the COP era everything changed. When that sentinel caused that building to collapse on top of him and he was discovered by Dr. James leader of project W.A.R., when he was made a slave, a slave of his own mind and body. But now things have changed yet again, in Samuel's absence someone new stepped up and took the mantle. Only they ruined the name and ran it through the mud, the new Day Hunter was not worried about the safety of the people but the safety of his wallet, what made things worse was that it was Samuel's own illegitimate child, his own flesh and blood. 
Then came the imposture who brutally killed the second Day Hunter. The man who destroyed the name even more by cutting down the innocent. But last was the female, while she only had a short run she made a sizeable impact on the mantel. She made people question everything they knew about the Day Hunter. All of that changed now, now Samuel has the reigns again, and he intends to restore the mantel back to its former glory.
Of course Samuel new from the moment things were going right, something was going to happen, something big and like all things it did. And oh did it hit bigtime, a nuclear war seemed to be a better thing right now. You see something happened, something bad, and all the gates of hell opened and the demons ran free. Mankind wasn't ready and quite frankly neither were the supers, but now was the time for Samuel to rise from the ashes and protect the people once more. 


 Samuel had just begun to rebuild his armory when the attack came, nothing would be the same after this fight, he just knew. This was a war unlike any other, these weren't easy one shot killers, these...demons were hard to fight, and more importantly hard to kill. The police force was not able to help as they were just suites for the demons now, the people ran in fear and hid, Samuel was ready though and learning that his old team Veritas still existed made things better too. He had heard that a Veritas agent by the name of Recon was active in Orlando. 
"Babe you really think you should go out this early? You've not had much recovery time I just don't..." "Yeah babe I do think I should go. What do you expect me to do sit here and hide?" "No I just..." "Listen I understand your just worried about me but I've done this before I'll be fine." And with that Samuel slid his mask over his face and lept into his car. He turned the ignition and the supercharged V8 engine roared like a bear after hibernation. He then grabbed his old Veritas com link and starting scanning for any signal out there as he sped towards Orlando in his 69 Super Bee. 
"Hello? This is Day Hunter I'm searching for an agent named Recon. If you can hear this I'm coming to help but I need your location, Hello..."
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Vincent fell to his knee's in the middle of the road. He felt weak, something was happening inside of him...
Inside the Body's Mind

Vincent stood, his new white suit shining in the light. The bodies of the Gemini Twins stooped against each other at his feet.  In front of him sat the Siren, her scarlet locks glistening in the same light that illuminated Vincent's new found pure suit. She was tied down in a chair, Her mouth covered with duct tape, silencing her from even the most simplistic noises.  Vincent's hand changed to that of a talon as he cut through the rope that confined her as well as the tape that stifled her. "Siren, What has happened?" He inquired of her.  
"Skinner. He did all of this, you came just in time. It was you who made the pact with Final Arrow and as consequence, Skinner as grown more powerful..He's killed Tank and the Gemini Twins already."
"So we're the only ones other than him alive?" 
"Where are the souls going? I mean, they were already plucked from Hell."
"Arrow gave him the power to strike them down forever. Meaning if he kills you..."
"...I'm dead."
"Righ--"  She could'nt complete her sentence as she was flung across the room backwards into the hands of the masked mad-man that was Skinner. He took off his tattered ski-mask to reveal a deeply scarred hideous face, a smirk erupted on his pale face. Fangs emerging from his crooked smile as he took out his signature weapon of choice out. A small silenced handgun from the pocket of his long jacket.
"Vincent...Do you know what I'm going to do to her? I'm going to do what I always wanted to do to this god forsaken whore that I've been forced to share a body with. Not only with her, but with you...The eternal brooding archetype and the mysterious ways of the three c#%%s who wanted me to leave this body. You may have made the deal Vincent...but Arrow gave me the power. So I'm going to skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin her" He said licking his cracked lips. 
"NO!" Vincent said with a quick movement...
Outside the Body
An eighteen wheeler is quickly approaching towards the wounded hero who now is dealing with the madman deep inside his Hellspawn body.
With a quick movement, Vincent had shot off a white tendril from his suit, with a point at the very tip of it. Closing one eye, he aimed it for the heart of Siren, hoping to pierce Skinner's body in the process.
"I'm sorry Siren...I'm a hero now, I would've saved you but he had to be put down."
"I know Vincent, I understan---"

"Remember this day Vincent, I'm far from goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo---" 

He said as they turned to ash and floated into a white light above them. Vincent was free. He now stood, the rest of the bodies floating off in a white mist that cleared off the eerie darkness that once surrounded him.
The Eighteen Wheeler slams into him just as he regains consciousness. Quickly turning around so as his back is turned to the grill of the vehicle. He begins spinning a web of darkness from his hands, Drifter shot off the tendril to the left of him and to his right.
He cried out as he held on for dear life, stopping it dead in it's tracks.  Traffic pulls to a halt, and the people go stark mad after seeing the so-called hero, trying to save his own skin.
"Sorry" He muttered under his breath before slinging off into the distance.


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 Tokyo Japan, Sunday

Everyone sat meditating in their pews, the smell of green tea and dumplings readied in Soy sauce shed a delightful veil of succulence.  However this was just the reception for after the Pastor gave his sermon. The wrinkled, yet wise man walked back and forth preaching about the rapture, he could see that in these times, those who had managed to survive the iniantial demon attack, had quickly took to the church, because even when the attack happened, he didn’t have as many members as this. I his old age his hearing had gone but his sight was still sharp.   He dropped his bible and muttered some words that scared his congregation half to death.   “ ブラックロー ズ” (Black Rose) The churched looked around trying to fathom what he could possibly mean until he pointed to it. Embedded in the heart of the stone Jesus was a black rose.   Atop the church was a circular sunroof that let the sun come through and shine down on the sanctuary. However through these holes came the Might Green Dragon and her Army.

The Dragons began repelling down the roof landing on the floor in front of the minister. Zing simply surveyed the area, the whole church were looking back to see what was going on.   She was silent; she never said a word, not even addressing the minister. One of her closes henchmen brought a case inside an m24 sniper rifle.  “A rose can only hurt you when you touch it’s thorns, but when fired at 720 miles per hour…it can kill you” She aimed the weapon and fired at the man’s wife whom was sitting at the altar. The rose impaled her in the head, in one fell swoop she fell. The man’s cried out in agony to his fallen wife. “Go…Go to her” Zing said without the slightest hint of human emotion. The minister ran down the walkway and took his fallen wife into his arms. “Get rid of everyone except him” The army hoisted there shotguns and began firing aimlessly at everyone in the church. “You know what to do with them…” despite the blood and gore of the situation, the minister remained calm; he knew his fate would have been far worse than that of his church. Her army had laid the dead bodies parallel in a path; Zing stepped on them one by one down the aisle, she made her way to the stage where they were setting up a smaller and version of the machine she had in Hong Kong. The henchmen still behind her set the bodies ablaze. A huge stack of black fumes and ash spit from the sun roof of the church.   Finally the machine was set.

“Why do you do this devil woman I hope God sends you to the bottomless pit!” the minister screamed, in nothing but blinding rage.

“See my darling if you would have lost your composure earlier, you would have saved your church, what you just did was sin, your devotation to God has been tainted” she tapped his lips; the last thing she wanted him to do was repent. Her henchmen tied his body to the machine in a crucifix manner.

“What a more fitting way for you to be like Christ eh?’ she said smiling.   By now the fire had spread across the church, alerting the city of Tokyo of the fire, however with the demons out patrolling the city, there were no heroes.

“Set coordinates for the DC, fire when ready” Zing and her men stepped back into what looked like a burning dragon formation in the church, the flames quickly surrounded them, those paying attention to the heat were burned. The light came on, and in one instant, his body vanished. The beam was lost in the atmosphere, with Washington DC as its target.


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Her mind she was losing and her control was already lost.

Silence, dead utter silence swarmed itself around her. She could hear nothing but cries and shrikes of demonic flocks over head. Her mind kept going back to that moment, and the encounter of her father. His words his gestures trying to analyze what he really meant for a man such as him would not dare be blunt with her, He enjoyed tormenting his little girl. And now that he was dead she thought maybe that torment was over…she was wrong. She had been the one to kill him and that was her own mistake. Her was a monster both her mother and herself knew that. Why her mother would ever dare love that beast was beyond her knowledge.

But right now she didn’t have time to worry about the past, her father was no where to be seen and she had her own mission. What had occurred on this earth had been committed by one little girl. The name of that person Alex missed yet her power she did not. This adolescent youth had god like abilities beyond understanding and from what she gathered needed to be stopped. Eventually snapping out of her over emotional state she calmed herself and controlled the her feelings that where raging inside her like a storm.

Looking onward she saw nothing but a forest blazing before her. Thinking a moment she let out a deep sigh pushed back every thing that had happened and bolted to the skies. The wind hit her like an icy jab in the face. Ignoring the temperatures she flew at tremendous speed over looking the farm area. She knew where she needed to get, and it as not hard to get there. She could feel a large concentration of demonic hosts there along with the smell blood. No matter where she was she could always detect the sweet scent that the crimson liquid gave off.

Soon enough her eyes where laid upon the city of Washing ton DC. Most o fit was up in flames as demonic beings swarmed over the place like a dark cloud. She could hear the screams of the innocent and the cries and shrikes from the beasts. Her eyes laid themselves on the pentagon as she could feel the spiritual pressure from several individuals situated there. But before she could land herself her body was flung off cores. Feeling sharp talons being plunged into her back she became conscious of the demon that from what she gathered was trying to kill her. A smug grim appeared on her face as she grabbed his skinny little wrist and flung him toward the ground.

Yet he did not give up so easily and prepared to strike once more. Getting annoyed at the beasts persistence she unsheathed Gemini and swung it violently decapitating the beasts neck and making it turn into ash and scatter in the wind. Here eyes soon darted to her sword that she held as a surprised look formed on her face “Well….well finally after all this time you decide to let me use your power?” she asked with a smile before heading down toward the Pentagon. As her feet touched the ground they where instantly drenched in that of blood. Looking around her the streets where littered with that of dead bodies mutilated, ripped apart like they had been devoured by wolves.

She soon heard a low growl resonate behind. Swiftly she turned her neck as her pail locks of hair battered her face and her eyes came to rest on that of what appeared like…a demonic dog? She lowered her head shaking it slowly wondering to herself what other hideous creatures had this girl let lose on the world. “It’s getting harder....” she thought to herself as she charged toward the mutt thrusting her sword into its stomach. Flinging the dead carcass aside she looked toward the tall building before her as she began to slowly walk toward it. Using the divine power that Gemini had bestowed upon her she was able to create that of a shield of light surrounding and encompassing her body.

Holding out her sword she ignored the demonic swarms that surrounded, battering against the shield that she had formed. Eventually she broke through the door to find no one present, her strength was fading fat as she could not hold the shield and soon let it down leaving her vulnerable. “Just my luck huh?” she wonder to herself as the scents of many individuals swept into her nostrils. “Hunter….Lady Tlieso…Gambler…Arrow…Rina…Jake Malcom” these where names she had not heard in years.

These people where ledges they had impacted the future largely and obviously this was an event that occurred. “Damn…reliving the past…amazing” she spoke trying to calm herself. Originally Rapture was the daughter of two impacting characters in this time line. She was from the future…many years from the future. To her all of this wan history…but sadly she didn’t pay much attention in history class. That was why it was so imperative that she did not interact with any one from the past, due to it possibly and most likely altering her own future…but her future was not a nice place, and she had a mission, and intended to complete it.

Her following of the scents eventually lead her underground. She could hear and feel some thing was wrong. But before moving one inch her entire body stopped as she heard the vice of that known as Final Arrow. “Well she has created a mess hasn’t she?” she heat his voice echo off the walls. An eerie feeling over came her as she shivered. She had heard much about this man but to face him in right here right now…that was beyond her comprehension. She had to admit that never once had she imagined herself in this position. Yet breaking off her fantasies she brought herself back hearing as Arrow continued “normally I would enjoy this, but it seems little Rina needs to learn some boundaries” there was a brief moment of silence, for she did not dare and make her presence know….though it probably already was.

She was not one for steal really. Yet she heard Arrows voice one more yet slightly disorientating as she turned her face to look she saw something like a rip in time and space, some thing similar to what she had traveled through to get here. “Well this has been fun, but the real party awaits, some heroes should be arriving soon to deal with the humans, so if any of you….. Lovely people would care to join me at the main stage then just follow the red carpet.” With that there was silence. “On damn..” she said out loud.

For a few moment she thought of what she needed to do. Knowing fully well that she was not suppose to get involved she belated that order and stood in sight walking toward the rift. “Well no point in standing around doin’ nothing” she said keeping her hand close to her, making sure no p0hiscal contact was made she went through the rift with little to no hesitation. Dizziness struck as she steadies herself, she was slightly disorientated because of the travel but swoon regained herself. Yet soon her ears heard the boomingvoice of Final Arrow once more, and with his voice he decimated all the demonic begins that attempted to strike at him.

“ RINA DADDY’S HOME” sighing a moment she only hoped she had made the right choice in following this being. She could no help but wonder what the hell she was going to do, there was not much since she did not know the whole story. But she’d aid them despite every thing she was here for a reason and even if that reason was one of insignificance to these pillars of greatness she’d do so. Because that was who she was, a fighter. And form what she saw one of the biggest fights where about to begin.    

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 Pain. Before any other sensation, before any other feeling, pain was the one to penetrate the thick blackness that surrounded her and was obviously most convinced to greet her in this realm. A sharp, uncomfortable pain residing in her stomach and travelling up her chest and head like hooligans on a rampage tearing her apart from the inside. Only slowly did other equally unappreciated impressions add to the symphony of suffering. The stench of sulphur. The taste of copper in her mouth. The feeling of brimstone under her hurt hands. The screams of the tortured. Smelling, tasting, touch and hearing were the first of the usua five senses to make their reappeareance in her new found consciousness but seeing took its time. Thinking it was the star it waited till it was a divas turn to show up and make an impression on the audience, to add the last bit of vexing to a true horrorshow that would finally drive her as the one and only guest mad. 
Sadly this sense couldn't have been farer from right. In some sense it was not LIKE a diva. It was a diva. Greatly overestimating its part in the whole play it waited behind the curtains to make its big entry onto the stage only to wait too long. There was an undisputed star under the senses in Despair's tender body that seemed all too small to contain the five, let alone six. But this sixth sense was more powerful than the other five combined and showed an accordingly big attitude. And as it finally decided to show itself it degraded seeing to nothing more than a simple side character, a joke where it deemed itself a protagonist. seeing had taken its wait and lost, the unbelievable presence of the sixth sense flooded her mind and cosumed her, made her into a receiver for the things going around her making this a bigger horror than seeing could ever have hoped to. No seeing was not important anymore, it had to bow down before might of the superior sense, the source for her gift and her curse. Her empathy.
Hell was not only the realm of suffering. it was the realm of eternal suffering. Every single evil doer, every single miscreant, every single sinner burned here or suffered other unspeakable fates for eternity. Emotional pain of everyone who ever did something wrong since the beginning of time resonated in the place and made it more than mere words could describe. Billions were not enough to describe the numbers who faced punishment here. This number had to be invented first. Back then in school she always had had difficulties understanding how something could be "near infinite". No matter how big her IQ was the pure thought of something nearing infinity which was unreachable and ungraspable in itself sounded ridiculous. Now that the hurt of so many once living beings stormed in on her she finally understood. 

Once she had thought New York was bad. A place brimming with murder and crime, rape and drugs at every corner. New York as the seat of the Veritas HQ didn't seem to be the best idea with her as a member but now she recognized that it didn't have the slightest thing on a place that defined wretchedness. Like a bulldozer the feelings forced their way into her head tearing everything else to the ground till they had errected a skyline of pain and suffering, the epitome of eons of punishment. Madness was not enough to describe it. Lunacy was not enough to describe it. Again and not for the first time words, a medium she was so profiient with, failed her. So she chose another way of expressing her.
Still in the blackness of not seeing she could feel it rise inside her starting where the pain started and forcing its way up her esophagusas one big wave. Contractions brought it higher nad higher till it filled her mouth and wanted to get out with all force. She did not have the strength to hold it back, the only action she could take was to roll on the side not to spill the contents of her stomach over herself. Like a rainbow it shot out of her mouth, the froot loops she had had for breakfast and the pizza she had had for lunch with the other members of Veritas, a few friends sitting together to share a meal. Finally the last normal things she had in her, the last signs of normality that tied her back to the world, left her body to give her an greeting into this world, a quick salute to hell and created a disgusting puddle on the unnatural ground.
As the gift of seeing finally came back to her, almost shily lighting the world up around her knowing that it had messed up its own act, she couldn't do different than smile. The irony was just too much not to be cherished. Indeed it was so much that through all the pain, the depression that she felt she was able to laugh. A loud, honest laugh so uncommon to the place of the damned but yet so fitting to the situation. Long time since she had left her home in Chicago she had not laughed so intensly and though she didn't want it right now she enjoyed it as much as possible for she did not knew when she would have the chance to laugh so heartily. Her clear and high laughter formed by her angelic voice carried clear over the burning planes and even ripped some of the eternal inmates of this gigantic prison from their dreaded routine. Perhaps if they had known what Despair had done they would have joined her in her wild amusement.
She had puked right before Lucifer's feet.
The laughter shook her body to the core, making her shiver from the intensity and consumed what little strength she had left. Inch by inch she lost height as she folded down to bear the pain that still resided in her using the brassen statue of the former ruler of hell as a help, holding onto it not to drop to the ground instantly. It didn't take long before she sat on the ground and was caught between the two extremes that raged in her, the emotional torture of this place and the unexplaianble jovialty that came from deep within her. Tears of laughter and pain rolled down her face and created dark smear streaks in her white gothic make up. More and more of her energy was cosumed in that schizophrenic behaviour till she only lay there and chuckled slightly because she didn't have the strength to do more. All that happened around her she missed, not enough focus to pay attention to the seemingly incoherent words spoken around her and the actions of the shadowy figures that belonged to those enigmatic voices.

This was when she felt the hand on her shoulder. She was too weak to resist, had even lost the will to resist. The hand fared with her as it wanted, like the world had also always done, lifted her almost cautiously from the ground she had curled up on and swung her around. She had the vague impression of a body pressing against hers, wild white hair that flew through the air and created fascinating patterns with her own long raven hair where those two opposites met. how hell with its flames and torture pits turned around her in a swirling image but nothing that made sense. The smile was still firmly embedded on her beautiful pale face. It had been a mistake. She saw that now. It had been a mistake coming here in the first place. Kurrent could have made it, survive here in the harshest of all environments but she was too weak, to bound to emotions that ruled this place supreme and now she was doomed because she had thought she could have been a hero like him. How miserably she had failed. How low the once mighty light witch Despair had fallen...
Her merry go round came to a sudden stop when her play partner obviously had enough of swinging a nearly limp 17 year girl around and she somehow even manged to keep herself on her feet in a staggering way  taking from hidden pools of strength even she did not know she possessed. Around her the remnants of Lucifer's statue graced the landscape having landed there as the simulacrum of the former archangel had exploded. Flames were mirrored on the polished surface of the brass chunks and managed to capture her attention for one moment before her clouded mind managed to finally fous on her dance partner.
Before her stood the dark master himself, the one who had bested Lucifer in a battle for this god forsaken place, a monster so cruel his deeds had become legend: Final Arrow. A cocky smile on his face showing contempt for the feeble command of magic that she possessed and at the same time similiar to the smile of Lucifers face on the floor that had miraculously managed to stay whole he opened his mouth and let his dark, strong, respect demanding  but also eerie voice revebrate through his realm:
"Shhh I suggest we leave before you get yourselves killed”
And suddenly he was gone, from one moment to the other he had disappeared through that unresting violet orb that hovered there in the air. Like a maelstrom it hung there, waiting to devour her and spit her out in another place. The violet energy twisted and turned creating almost hypnotic patterns at times even forming the image of a screaming face. And who know, maybe it was. Portals like that need souls to work as energy. To the magically trained Despair it was clear it was a portal back to earth, one she was only to eager to enter before it closed due to its limited amount of energy being only subconsciously aware of her teammates around her stumbling in the same direction. She was fed up with this place, done after a few minutes and ready to return to what she knew but there was someone who had other plans. His voice was so powerful, his presence so astounding that it washed the dizzyness from her mind.

"I think you are wrong here, heros, but I have no problems with keeping you here..."

For a single moment she thought the statue of Lucifer had reassembled through some mysterious force but as she noticed the being standing there in the same manner as the statue was not of brassen tone but instead red. Instantly the awareness of what had happened overwhelmed her mind and as the hordes of hell, countless minor demons that were not on earth yet, assembled behind him it was sure without a doubt that the Horned Lord, Lucifer himself who had fallen from grace so long ago, had finally returend to the place that was his again.
Using the training of the light arts that she had paradoxically learned under another dark master called Darkchild she sought the white light within her mumbling ancient formulas under her breath. The result was most impressing. A solid globe of white light surrounded her and her companions cutting them off from the army of hell around them leaving only the horrible noises of the screeching demons with their flapping wings outside. It would not hold for long but it would suffice to uy them time. All that they needed. Teeth clenched and sweat on her forehead from the stress it meant to keep those demons outside she turned around to her team comrades to scream at them even neglecting her usual elaborated form of speech.

"This... won't... hold... for long... Get... through... this portal... Get... OUT!!!"