Alex West: The Fastest Man Alive

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Run. Alex. Run.

Those were some of the first words Alex can ever remember hearing, his mama spoke to him in a soft whisper. She would gently run her hand down his head and hold him tight and let out a whisper that sounded like it belonged to a ghost...A ghost...

You can fight past all the world throws at you. All you have to do is run.

Alex ran when his mother and siblings were killed. Alex ran away. Distance was all that mattered. Alex wasn't stopping for anything and he sure as hell wasn't going back to rescue them. Psshhh. Like Hell...What was Alex going to do? His childish eyes stayed glued to the highway as he bolted away from the fight while the world passed in a blur of red and white lights. The seven-year-old leaned forward to turn his speed up. In that instant he lost the opportunity to evade a newly broken-down car without it's lights off. Even if he had been paying attention he would have been hard-pressed to make the maneuver. As it was the young boy barely had time to scream before the car knocked him back and sideways causing him to tumble backwards several miles. The boy tumbled over and over into the highway before coming to an absolute stop. Silence; it scared Alex more than the pain. He felt fear. Alex felt the panic begin like a cluster of spark plugs in his abdomen. Tension grew in his face and limbs, the kids mind replaying the last attack. His breathing became more rapid, more shallow. In these moments before his own personal hurricane, Alex understood why he needed to go back. He hits a speed he had never reached before as he blistered the road as he raced to get back home ignoring the pain. He pressed on the little earpiece in his ear as he called his mama; no answer. He called again, his heart racing faster - no answer. Again - no answer. Again -no answer. No Mama. Alex's green eyes scanned the world around him for a trail of lightning a sign from his father...but he saw nothing. The panic grew. in seconds he was in front of his house, watching...slow motion. Stop motion. No. Motion. He saw it all. The light leave their eyes, the subtle grayness of their skin as they hit the grass lifeless. The marks around their necks that suggested a high-velocity snapping. His father...lying there helpless. Unable to care for his only surviving child

To slow. To Late. ToSlowToLate

So Alex ran to the League Of Darkness when they offered him a way out of his darkness. A way to harness his pain and use it on someone else. He still can smell the sweet and sickly stench of smoke and metal from the forges up deep in the mountains. The Slick and metallic taste of blood. Alex was running. But he was running a race for someone else. Something else. So he left. His race was his. And his alone.

Alone. Alone. All Alone.

Alex remembered the night Thomas found him. It was raining...except it wasn't just rain, it was a downpour as heavy as the 14 year old Alex had ever seen. Walking through a waterfall couldn't get any wetter. The drops struck the already wet sidewalk, pitting the surface like they were bullets from above. There was no harm in it, Key City would be just the same after the storm had gone an passed. But by then it would have washed the evidence down the storm drains. He scowled into the dark of almost noon, his mood a perfect mirror of the sky above, but then he struck the shoulder of a savior, of the Crimson Knight himself. The Outlaw in a red hood. Thomas taught Alex how to fight and survive, how to use his power. How to become a hero. For the first time since he was 6 Alex felt...happy. But all good things must come to an end.

Death. Death. Death.

A battle. A war. So many dead. Thomas Dead. Damian Dead. All of his Allies..dead. They lie like dolls over the grass, limbs at awkward angles and heads held in such a way that they cannot be sleeping. These bodies, once the repositories of people Alex loved, are now abandoned shells left to rot in the open. Who will bury them and weep salty tears onto their grave? Who will send them away with a love song and kiss the breeze that carries them heaven-bound? Likely no-one at all. Some will be consumed by the wildlife and others simply decay, slowly giving up their flesh to the soil and showing their white bones to the sun, because Alex couldn't bring himself to do it. He couldn't touch them knowing that they wouldn't respond.

So Alex ran.

Run. Alex. Run.

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Pounding in his ears, lighting his blood on fire, he raced away to the only place he felt safe. The last place he had felt truly loved. The 16-year-old speedster set foot inside his old house and sucked in a deep breath as he remembered everything that had happened here. The good and the bad. While Alex was drifting around in a daze his foot got caught on a crumpled piece of paper. Picking it up he saw, and he remembered his siblings dream superhero costume. Burgundy and white uniform, with a silver lightning bolt in the middle, with an exposed top so that their hair could run as free as they did, they were going to be a matching set. The Tornado Twins. But time was to short. Alex found his suit changing. He felt a silent unheard dream coming true. The dream of two children.

Time. The answer is in time.

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Alex left. He left his time period and rocketed to the past where he could fix things, set everything up to work in his favor. 2019 was his home now. And he arrived in a blaze of lightning. Along the way he met people. He made friends. He made enemies, he went to school. He was hated by his peers and loved by the world. Velocity, the Newest Speedster on the block. Equal to Flash Lightning. The young man ran his race. Fought foes, found love. But in the end, he had a goal. Save his family. He accomplished said goal, he managed to change the timeline, stop his family's murders. He ran his race. And he was happy.

Done running. Finally done.

But no speedsters race was truly over. Alex got a call, his friend was hurt. A deep sleep. A trance.

Run Alex Run.

The girl of his dreams the girl he loves, he can't let her go.

Run Alex. Run.

A planet called Kalar, overridden by a vast intergalactic army.


Chaos incarnate. Threatening his friends.

Don't stop Alex. Keep running. Keep pushing forward.

And finally here he stands now. His fathers inches away, telling him he's leaving. He's going to fufill his life. Get married. Fall in love. Alex sighs and his head bows to the ground scraping the abyss. His mess of orange hair usually vibrant with life, droops with sadness. "Dad. No. You can't leave."

A scarlet hand falls gently on his shoulder as his father looks at him with a twinkle in his eyes, his mouth curling into a smile. His face shining with pride "You have to let me go, Alexander. Keep pushing forward. Don't stop running. You're my son. I love you." Wallace refused to look away from his son, even as his lips trembled and his shoulders heaved with emotion, unwilling to back down. Flash Lightning's dark lashes brimmed heavy with tears; his hands clenched into shaking fists, in a desperate battle against the grief. A lone tear traced down his cheek, and just like that, the floodgates opened. He wept, tears streaming from his deep green eyes, loud, heaving sobs tearing from his throat, and still, he did not look away. He clutched his son close. Pulling him tighter then the Speed Force pulled a speedster at lightspeed. The duo had been through a lot together, they had fought the Reaper together, Alex had brought back Lucy. He was Wally's son. His blood....his Legacy.

Through it all Alex did not cry. He stood there as still as a rock, as empty as a shadow. His arms limp at his sides and his eyes the palest green imaginable, Alex had all the emotion of wet concrete, his facial muscles just as loose. There was no anger, no sadness, no joy or resentment. Just...empty.


He felt the release of his father, his hand slipping away.


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He heard and saw the crackle of electricity as his father sprinted away to live his life. To start again, and fufill the loop. Alex felt his legs move even though he didn't even realize it. He felt the sonic boom but didn't hear it. All he was focused on was his father. The Earth split underneath his boot, Alex's legs a torrent of motion, a keg in the wheel of time. He pushed foward, faster than he had ever gone before. He caught up to his father. He screamed. "DAD NO! DON'T LEAVE! PLEASE!"

He sprinted forward and clasped his hand on his fathers forearm; refusing to let go. But Wally looked at him deeply, "Alex, it's time for you to let. Go. And move on with your life. Pursue your dreams, you do not need me. You're the Fastest Man Alive, I need you to be the hero I know you can be. The hero your mother knew you would become. Let it go now Alex, let it go."

As they approached light-speed and the Space-Time barrier Alex felt his grip on his father loosen. With one final moment Wally placed something in his sons' hands...a ring, with a golden lightning bolt engraved in it.Then he was gone.

Alexander skid to a stop somewhere in Africa, the stars shined like suns, the sky was as black as onyx. And Alex felt himself clench up. Then Alex cried. And When he cried there was a rawness to it, the pain was still an open wound. He would clasp onto something for support, anything, a withered tree or the hardness of a rock, and then his whole body would shake. The sobs were stifled at first as he attempted to hide his grief that was visible to no one, then overcome by the wave of his emotions he would break down entirely, all his defenses washed away in those salty tears. As much as he tried to hold it in, the pain came out like an uproar from his throat in the form of a groundshaking scream. The beads of water started falling down one after another, without a sign of stopping. He hit the rock and continued to scream, the sobs wracked against his chest. The world turned into a blur, and so did all the sounds. The taste. The smell. Everything was gone. Alexander West slid to the desert ground. His dream of becoming the Fastest fufilled. But all it cost him was the very person he fought so hard to return too.

And before he drifted into unconsciousness he muttered heartbrokenly: "Alone."


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Disclaimer: Paragon gave me permission to use Wally Walker as an NPC

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the stars shined like suns

It would be awkward if they didn't. Kidding, LOL. Loved the blog post.