A.I.D. Technologies (CVnU Concept)

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Animus Reborn

"Hello, everyone. I didn't think it would happen, but today we're meeting the sole heir to the Newcastle fortune. He's much younger than his father was when he first introduced himself to the business world."

"Brian Newcastle, however, has much less experience than his father ever had."

**DISCLAIMER: A series of leaked government files revealed Brian to be the son of the deceased Thomas Newcastle.

"His father was the technological pillar of the United States for nearly 20 years. The corporate war between himself and his competitors did well for this country."

"From cybernetics to medical enhancements, Thomas Newcastle paved a brighter and cleaner future for this nation. At least that's what the public hoped to believe."

The Newcastle Legacy

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"When I see Brian, his youth is telling from the very moment my crew and I enter the corporation's hookah lounge inspired break room. He's wearing a pair of slim straight jeans, sneakers, a black shirt, and a gray rosary around his neck. The only thing that makes him look like an executive is the earpiece he's turned off to greet us."

Walking up to the camera crew with opens arms, the new money maverick firmly wraps his arms around his interviewer, "Welcome Mr. Richards." The embrace is short lived as the pleasant eyed company darling tapsRichards on the shoulder and ushers him to his booth. "It's nice to meet you if not surprising, considering the profile on my father."

"Mr. Newscastle your father's rise and fall was something I couldn't avoid writing about. It's something I'm sure you're happy about, considering my article revealed your inheritance."

"I mean I guess you could say that. I've never been happier in my life." With a slight squint of his green eyes, a warm smile stretches across the youthful face of Brian Newcastle as he takes a seat across from my team and me. His words, however, maintain a patronizing tone. An indication of his inexperience with masking feelings in the workplace.

"Of course, Mr. Newcastle. It's your happiness and eagerness to rebrand the Animus Corporation that has me intrigued. How do you plan on doing that? And how does the world trust someone named Newcastle, especially after everything your father has done?"

Board of Directors

Alana Zeraz
Alana Zeraz

"I owe a lot to the older members of the Animus Corp board. They could have fought my father's will of inheritance, but I was embraced like family. Alana Zeraz is by far the most transparently honest person I've come to know. She's a graduate from Harvard Law with a Master's in Journalism and Public Relations. Alana knows how to effectively communicate with the world and maintain the Animus Corp's credibility with our investors. She wasn't properly utilized with the previous CEO, but the new corporate climate has given her more freedom to work harder than ever before."

Erik and Marcus Galloway
Erik and Marcus Galloway

"Erik and Marcus are like Yin and Yang, but together they're unstoppable. Without their teams of coders and engineers, our A.I.D. Technologies Initiative wouldn't have happened. These two were there for the beginnings of Animus Corp. They had worked with my father for nearly a decade before realizing they had feelings for one another. Humble yet stern, I couldn't have asked for anyone to think smarter than the Galloways.


"Gemini is the head of the A.I.D. Technologies medical department. She's a mutant immune to hundreds of known diseases with capabilities that go beyond human comprehension. With her guidance and expertise, A.I.D. Technologies is working on a number of ways to advance medicine across the globe. She's quiet and doesn't talk about herself often, but Gemini is the sheer embodiment of living longer. A skill we hope to share with the rest of the world someday soon."

**DISCLAIMER: It's this confidence that's gotten him the support of the Animus Corporation's board. The only thing left is for the public to be fully convinced of the Corporation's next big endeavor.


"Mr. Newcastle. Your cadence and exuberance for the Animus Corporation is amazing, but how does this rebranding not sound like a quick cash grab?" A slight tick of an eyebrow, Brian breathes in and out before responding.

"You're cheating on your wife Mr. Richards. I know this because I was able to hack into your computer network. My team even pulled up phone calls detailing your phone sex shenanigans courtesy of the American government having spied on you during your little "All the Presidents Men" stint with my father."

The camera men are shocked to hear this information leaked. Mr. Richards, on the other hand, stands up and slams his hands on the table. He says something about another Newcastle with a god complex. He even swears to expose the Animus Corp for being a board of con men.

"Sit down." As an omnilingual metahuman with added power of persuasion, Brian speaks his commands into existence and Mr. Richards listens. "With the company's rebranding, I'm promising the world the chance to have their own information that isn't so easily accessible to others. I'm trying to build a world free of constraint and fear itself. And I'm pretty sure you're feeling both right about now."

"Funny, right?" He's smug, but rightfully so. "The way the world works, am I right? Say I'm right."

"You're right."

"Good. Now you and your boys are going to interview me about A.I.D. Technologies and you're going to love every minute of it. And I promise your wife won't ever find out about Lisa. As long as you support the cause, Mr. Richards."

A.I.D. Technologies

Life begins the moment you touch technology. From your first created profile to your first shared photo. No one exists until they've posted on the interwebs. Every friend request is your connection to the outside world. It's an establishment of your own personal identity.

So, there shouldn't be a safer place to be yourself than the internet, but our freedoms are constantly under surveillance. It's created an unhealthy paranoia for generations of civilians.

That's why the Animus Corporation has created A.I.D. or Animus International Division. This brand new initiative is meant to safeguard this world's creativity and personal information from those who'd use and abuse them.

Today, we're giving the citizens of the world the opportunity to purchase A.I.D. technologies. Protecting their self-made identities from being sold to the highest bidder is in our best interests.

With A.I.D. technologies, civilians can proofread character profiles A.I.D. has created based on their actions online and edit as they please. Customization of personal identity is important. Why, because only you know who you are.

A.I.D. is officially challenging civilians to work harder, think smarter and live a more fulfilling life. A life free of constraints and fear itself.

Embrace your truth! JOIN A.I.D TODAY!
Embrace your truth! JOIN A.I.D TODAY!

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You're right....I'm much more impressed by this one lol badass right here

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@jean_luc_lebeau: that's what I'm talking about! lol I had to stunt. Now I just need to start working with others and make some magic :O

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My baby boy!

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Could the acronym be any siller xD?

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A fitting heir to the Newcastle dynasty.

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@contingency: lol I know. a little silly to balance the seriousness >.<

@amin_karrit: thanks! now i've just got to put him to work

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I like this a lot! The name is great too, very comic-book appropriate.

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@supra-man: thank you. btw we gotta write something together soon!

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