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"a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads… The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born." --Revelation 12:1-4

New York, almost twenty years ago…

The woman sighed, pulling a soft, golden lock of hair behind her ear as she poured over her books and notes. She was on the fast track. Young, beautiful, naturally intelligent. But there was still a lot of work to be done. The determined mutant refused to take a break from her continuing education despite being nearly nine months pregnant. She knew stress could influence a growing fetus, but all her other precautions surely made up for it. As if in response to her thoughts, the child within her moved. Her blue eyes descended from her work, her hand resting upon her enlarged stomach. "I'm doing this for you, for us, little Sophia. We will do great things. When I pass, you will be my immortality. We are the future." Her ruby lips curled into a soft smile, her otherwise icy eyes warming to a gaze of maternal love that betrayed all her cold calculations. There was a connection between the two, more so than even most mothers and babies. As long as they were connected, they had a psionic bond. Thought the growing life had no words, there was an unspoken communication between them. "You're right. All minds need rest. Even ones as powerful as ours, my Brainchild." She carefully stood from her chair, balancing the weight of two on her slender, bare legs. The white lace of the maternity nightgown brushed softly against her thighs as she closed her books and made her way to her bed. The young woman turned out the light and crawled under the sheets, her lids closing over tired eyes.

The sound of a voice came over the static. "Wait until she is unconscious. This is not one you want to engage directly." A group of armoured men sat in a disguised vehicle outside the apartment listening to the remote commands. "Incapacitate, and bring her to base." The darkly clad squad quietly made their way from the truck to the building, avoiding any nighttime gazes that frequent the city. One scaled the complex and removed the window allowing access to the room. He tossed in a smoke bomb filled with a formulation of knockout gas. After donning a mask and entering the clouded room, he inspected the woman for her vitals. Her eyes flung open, the whole room seeming to tremble before going still as her lids inexorably fell over her eyes, lulling her into a drugged stupor. A second man joined the first to pull the pregnant woman from the bed and place her on a stretcher. Using a system of stationed pulleys, they gingerly descended the body down to their waiting comrades. The patient was quickly placed inside the vehicle, the squad resuming their positions seated within, before the driver pulled away from the scene.

Roughly forty years from then…

"The Human-Mutant wars have wreaked devastation across much of the globe. World leadership is in shambles and the UN has decided to take extreme measures in sequestering mutants into camps for their own safety as much as for the safety of others. Predictably, most of the "homo superior" population as they sometimes refer to themselves reject this fate and continue to fight efforts to contain their species. Terrorists from both sides have grown from extremist factions to the general battle lines chosen by Earth's inhabitants. There is no middle ground anymore, and…" The reporter paused in her account to press a finger to her ear. "We are just now getting word that mutant supremacist Andrei Volkov, known by the code name "Molotov" has mysteriously died while rallying a future assault against the Kremlin. The Anti-Mutant World Order is claiming this as well as many other shocking assassinations." A clip aired across the channel of a man lit from the back so his features were obscured speaking on behalf of AMWO: "This is one of many preemptive strikes we have taken. What happens when you run out of leaders? Will we start targeting civilians who might rise to the cause? Do not question our resolve. We know who you are and where you live. Your best chance is to turn yourself into the camps. The strongest among you are no match for our ultimate weapon. You mutants claim to be the future of evolution, but I have seen another where the mutant race in its rebellion goes all but extinct. Turn yourselves into our authority, and you may be granted mercy for simply being born as enemy combatants. Will will send out armed escorts to bring you to your final destination. I urge you to accept. The choice between safety and freedom is yours. Long live humanity."

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Years ago - Beginning of Mutant Vs. Manhood War:

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"And that lone wolf there is the team's wildcard against those goddamn muties. We don't know his name, he just likes to be referred to as Nobody. Never missed a shot, not one goddarn shot. He's also known to minimize the waste of bullets, so, ya know, a big leagues member." Sargent Johnson states, trepidating finger narrowed toward the lonesome figure, mahogany threads of hair buffeted by the serene zephyr. War delineated humanity repeatedly, outlining its veracious nature thoroughly and those men were mere pawns, hired names, proficient, renowned, bloodthirsty mercenaries, yet none as cold-blood as Nobody. All had a past, a family, after all. The smoldering cigarette corkscrews betwixt roughhewn fingers, a petite smoke curtain veils the forthcoming mission, just as it did to the upcoming future. Eyes gaze the majestic horizon, the sun outshining each Jeeps' coruscating headlight, the somewhat cantaloupe sky subdued peaceful azure, postulating for carmine blood to taint the sandy soil.

He puffs the cigar, left upper and lower lips curling upwards and forming a sadistic grin. He savvied this was an unfair clash, so ridiculously based on uncertain certainties. Money's influence thundered, a high-pitched voice inside a killer's insane mind. Speedsters, optical laser blasts, utmost strength, acid spewing, he had given most sorts of mutants a beauteous grave as enthralled eyes just scrutinized his cunning mind, names carved at stones under the classical 'R.I.P.' message. Barely did most acknowledge, he envied the victims. All men would come, all men would, eventually, go. All could be forgotten, except the carved name immortalizes them, metamorphoses a nobody into somebody who shall be remembered. And who was he? Lucas Blake, Gabriel Stone, Jameson McCarthy and a wide selection of fake identities. That was him, a gargantuan lie engineered to murder first, ask second. Clockwise hand cleaves the pistol, fingers envelop the trigger. A wrathful countenance forms. Did those mutants deserve death? Most likely not. Absolutely not. Was he so easy to control? The nameless, seemingly untamed assassin bound to money as a paralyzed kid is bound to a wheelchair? There was no time to reflect as he expeditiously drew the weapon and shot an incoming mutant down, it rallied faster than a Ferrari toward the ambush. Blood sufficed the emptiness once again, money completing the minor gaps.


No Caption Provided

Another sip. Fourth glass gulped swimmingly by the nameless figure. Eye undeviatingly stares the amber walls, which sluggishly suffocate him. The turned on television enlightens the abecedarian, petty, deplorable apartment. Confined to its apparent simplicity, a man swallowed sadness alongside each Black Label bottle and painkiller pill. Hearkening attentively, vigilant eyes fathoming the room before resetting toward the pouring, gelid liquid. He had retired for some years now, the infamous mercenary Nobody, now little more than an uncharted bum. They had taken all from him since he permitted a pack of mutant children live. Even the barbarous man he had became knew where to draw a line and kids weren't anywhere near it. Bank accounts erased, contacts neutralized. He did what he was the uncontested champion at: being nobody. Out of sight, out of trouble, he awaited the thorough chance for revenge. His belongings confiscated, his honor ravaged, his ears lacerated by abhorrent news day after day. The bloodshed had gone too far.

"Yes, turn yourselves to the nearest camp and watch as neo-nazis teach y'all how to use gas showers. A one-time only experience. Like any mutie would buy that shit, they may be dumb, but not that much. No one is so imbecilic, actually." The wry statement resonates, the heavy voice weighed by past sore and ire, perhaps even a little disgust for participating tremendous carnage. "War. Perfect excuse to put a gun at murderers' hands and point them what to destroy while catapulting a greater scheme from behind the scene. Politics. And I played the role they wanted me to. Made it rain blood, innocent blood that never had anything to do with extinction. If there's someone guilty, it's those motherfuckers that keep fighting greater forces instead of attempting to live along with them. We all bleed the same, but some take more time. And, in all honesty, mutants could have erased us ages ago if they wanted. Poor things barely fight back. But what do I care? What do I know? I tell ya, nothing, that's what I do know. Not even my past. Not even that." The screen soon encounters a soaring, glassed surface of a cup, disrupting upon impact as shrapnel scattered throughout the small room. "Ah, I would gladly put a bullet through one of those bastards' heads. Give me a good weapon and a high edifice and I do it free-of-charge. Murdered another dude, threatened thousands more. This will end horribly, I can see. Muties retaliate, humans kill more, UN pretends not to see it. Someone should do something. Someone, not Nobody. Nobody needs to sleep." He said, a ghost laugh coming right after. And so he arose, directed towards his excuse of bed. Never a man of initiative, not after he defected his squad and retired the suit.

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The Past: Undisclosed Location

Some hominids are blessed. Yet others are damned. Such as it was with the cursed, mutant race. There came a time in the globe's past when humanity struck. They hunted. Killed. And imprisoned. '.....', the whispering breath of his dying brother still burning within his mind. The memory of holding his pallid, lifeless body as he cried his despair at the night sky, burning even hotter. They stoked the flames of eternal indignation within his heart when they peppered his brother with a hailstorm of unholy gunfire. And then she was brought before him. A tied burlap sack concealing her features. She was still young the night she was ravaged before him. She was innocent and guileless. A tenderhearted beauty that had much to offer to the world. She was taken brutally, defiled without mercy and left dying before him. So savage was her violation, her agonized, unanswered screams resonate still as shrieking winds that haunt his mind.

Now, the boy had no one. Brother and sister, his only familial warmth, taken from him, taken by humanity. Humanity returned. And unleashed upon the boy a beating of such bloodthirsty savagery that the violence of his sister's assault, his brother's execution, paled in comparison to the carnage that he was damned to experience. They laughed murderously as they plucked out the eyes of the wailing boy with their thumbs, his tortured, desperate cries lasting long into the night. He was drenched in blood, disfigured beyond recognition, broken, seemingly beyond biological repair. He was left to die on the dusty road alongside the brutalized bodies of his siblings. But as fortune would have it, as cruel and twisted as it manifested, he was saved, saved by the involuntary awakening of that which humanity feared, mutation. No longer was he the wailing boy. For that, that was the night in which the Hound was born. The Hound of the Ostracized. The Hound of the Damned. The Hound, of Justice.

Present: Wall Street, New York City

No Caption Provided

Pandemonium had erupted. His paramilitary, X-Gene harboring followers laying waste to the policemen and the encompassing humanity with the same mercy that he had been so cruelly offered by those who took his family from him, Autocrat spoke not. Six feet and four inches of three-hundred and forty eight pounds of genetically accumulated muscle guided itself through the densely populated streets with militaristic swagger. His visage veiled by a peculiar mask of curious design, his hulking frame adorned in militaristic garments, the Hound of Justice rose to the improvised podium, the domineering projection of his aura silencing his followers and halting their savagery. There remained no humanity in the streets. Only the Hound and his wolves, and his freed mutant brothers and sisters ready to be rallied to his cause. The cold, calculating edge of an apex predator defined the petrifying gaze cast by his indigo eyes.

A partially distorted, menacing bass from his mask's speech synthesizer lacing his voice as he began, a megaphone brought close to his mask as his words broke free. "They ostracize and imprison us. Experiment, torture, and kill us. They commit racial crimes under the false pretense of preventing us from becoming a threat", he paused. "CRAVENS!", Autocrat roared with sky-shattering fury. "PRETENDERS! They butcher your children! Rape your sisters, and imprison you all in the name of peace? No...", a ghost of a laugh escaping him, "No. They fear us. They address me, and demand that I cease rallying you, my brothers and sisters to our cause", a subtle shake of the head, "Men demand nothing from God. They pray. So I say to them. Pray that soon I will be struck down. Because I will not rest until I wipe out this plague". For a moment, he was taciturn, gazing upon the features of those who would wage war for their collective freedom.

"There is no peaceful resolution. The United Nations' recognize this. Politics is only a means of avoiding war. War that I will bring to every nation until I stand over the grave of every dead president", he promised. "My brothers, sisters, there is only one key to our goal. Power. Humanity questions me. They tell me that there is no meaning to mutant power in a world dominated by them, the evolutionary degenerates. And so I tell them. Lose your siblings to a choreograph of brutality! Find yourself beaten to an inch of your life! Watch your race brought to the f*cken brink of extinction! And then, then! Tell me, what has more meaning in this piece of shit world than power!?".

"Brothers. Sisters", his composure regained, the Hound declared. "I will bring justice. Why do nations have militaries? Why do they need a police force? There is one fundamental truth of politics that these animals understand. Justice is meaningless without power". And in time, like a mist that had come, the Hound and his wolves had vanished.

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~The following is a paid advertisement~

Do your part today. Register your child as a Superior Sapien
Do your part today. Register your child as a Superior Sapien

Land of the free and home of the brave, a slogan that now belongs to us all as rightful inheritance of the World. Thanks to the dedicated men and women of the Anti-Mutant World Order, we no longer live in a bubble of fear and uncertainty. Cultivated by the so called Children of the Atom as they sought to facilitate our extinction. With over a thousand state of the art mutant reservation camps stretched out around the globe, we, the dominate species, are finally free to pursue our god given liberties as members of the human race. But the job is not done, there is still more you can do. Here at the Genetics Science Institute, we continue to strive towards unlocking the true "natural" evolution of the homo-sapien genome. Our Superior Sapien program continues to be on the cutting edge of anabolic cellular improvement, so remember, do your part. Any household with more then one child, report to your local GSI laboratory and register your donation. So that we may continue to build a mutant free society for all. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

~This advertisement has been paid for by the AMWO in cooperation with the GSI~

The commercial that could be seen every hour on the hour, was unceremoniously silenced as a crescendo of broken glass echoed down the otherwise peaceful street. A partial concert brick having impaled the flat-screen window display left little doubt as to its original point of origin. "Are you mad?!?! Are you trying to get us caught?" questioned an agitated mutant. Clutching his would be partner in crimes arm with expressed disbelief. "Get off me. Fck them and fck their commercials." bravely responded his partner in crime. "Dont be stupid, we're just suppose to slip in, grab some components, and bounce. Not stage a goddamn two mutant protest in the middle of the fckn street! You better stop letting those militant freedom fighting mutants get inside your head. You aint Autocrat, we aint wolves. And this aint New York City. This is Idaho, they round up and kill mutants on game shows here you dumb sonnovabitch. Now come on, lets get this over with."

Stepping through the shattered opening leading into the electronics outlet, the mutant duo began rummaging around in hopes that they would be able to liberate a small itemized list of essential parts. Their motivation for such a brazenly deadly task was unknown. Perhaps they sought an easy way of elevating the monetary distress that plagued all mutants under the thumb of the Anti-Mutant World Order. Desperation can be a poisoning fuel of ambition for the underprivileged.

"Sssh, you hear that?" shining lights and the sound of helicopter blades rendered the question moot. Offering just a quick glance at one another with the understanding that their options were limited, the mutant transgressors bolted towards the door. Bursting out into the street and unleashing their individual mutant abilities, flinging fire and ice in all directions with their backs against eachother attempting to stage their last stand. But specialized armor and equipment for not only emergency personnel, but the average citizen, had leveled the playing field against the common mutant threat. What had truly put the homo-sapien species over the top however remained to be the GSI's government funded and UN sanctioned Superior Sapien program in connection with a top secret mutant program. Bio-engineered humans who's extraordinary abilities had instantly turned the tide of the war decades ago. Allowing the modern governments to implement tactical relocation for mutants as well as complete eradication of the more powerful mutant radicals who refused to bend a knee or voiced the political agendas for a free mutant society.

No Caption Provided

"You'll never get me in one of those camps! I'll die first!" roared one of the mutant combatants. In a blinding blur and disturbing bone breaking melody, the atmosphere shifted and the fighting paused. An oversized hand now clutched the twisted neck of the defiant mutant, finger's stretched across the entirety of rippled and contorted flesh. "So be it, mutant." The standardized S across a sea blue uniform spoke louder then the mountainous man's words. Sending the surviving mutant into a panic stricken heap on the ground as he pleaded and begged. "Please! I have a wife. I have a little giraaaaaaaacccck." His words morbidly melted into a chilling collage as a ghoulish result of having his head slowly stepped on, and into, the concrete until it could no longer withstand the superhuman pressure.

Nodding compliantly towards the undaunted officers, the Superior Sapien rolled up his sleeve to reveal several rows of tally marks. A 1,000 to be precise. And as illumination began to engulf his eyes and release a surgical stream of heat across his forearm, the tally then read 1,002.

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Pyrrhus Hawkins was just siting in the cockpit of the BlueHawk just thinking about one thing.That one thing is why is this happening first place, this Human Mutant War as they called seemed to be not needed for this day and age but here we are .This bugged the Hero of Hundred Worlds for sometime now after hearing the news he was going back into the Atherium Sector of space and get away from this mess , but when there is a war there always innocents getting killed no matter what side that they are on.The VoidHawk just sat there thinking about his next movie he knew that he would never actually join a side and the Circle wouldn't let him anyway.Then a light blub idea came to him , he would be neutral and try no he will help as many people that get in the cross fire.

Pyrrhus nodded at the choice he made knowing that he might die in this fight but in the end so would a lot people .Doing a quick systems check to make sure that the BlueHawk was ready to get the party started .He made sure that the hull of the star fighter was also in top shape for this upcoming fight that he may be going into in the coming days on Earth.

Engines Systems....Green

Weapons Systems....Green

Hull Integrity....100%


"Well, I'm glad that I got that upgrade when I did or else I might be in a little trouble now."He smirked at the out come of the systems check. The man from space moved around a bit in the cockpit to blood flowing because this maybe a long flight to get to where ever he need to go.Press the right buttons to get the ships' engines started to get into flight mode.The roar of the engines could be heard a mile away maybe two if you have good hearing.


No Caption Provided

Man was he getting old was his first thought when looking at his refection .He was 59 years old and still strong enough to fight the good fight.He saw that his hair was mostly brown but he saw a few gray hair's on his temples."Man... I'm getting old."Saying in a laugh that some would consider a jackel's laugh. He saw that his skin was getting wrinkles on his face .He wore a a blue leather jacket instead of his usual red and still had his enhancements in him.He made sure that he wore nice cloths or some back in the day would consider old people's cloths to these young generations.The gravity boots were still on him and long

He had been fighting in this out of control war or at least he thought it was out of control.He had been trying to recuse people from the fighting only to be attack from both sides..well he should of saw that coming a mile away.He made friends with the Mutant Resistance because he saw them trying to save as many people or at least Mutants as they could .

He had been in New York City for at least a day now trying to keep a low profile but there were times that he was suspected of being a mutant supported and also killed .The place he was in was a small spartan hotel room .He walked out of the bathroom and checked his watch.He taped at it couple of times to see if it was working or not.It was working and he gave a sigh ."That was a close call this was my favorite watch." He walked over to the hotel bed to see his cloths and equipment.He had been told that there was something going to happen with the mutant resistance but he didn't know what.The only thing that he was told is to wait until he was called. Calming walked to the other bed in the room and just fall backwards on it and just lad there for the call.

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The Present...Puzzle's Point...

Peril, chaos and death plagued the planet...All for Ossa to see with his pale eyes. The alien had given up his white visage long ago, his green form now the sign of his sorrow, his lack of caring. The Point stood as tall as it always did from years ago, but now it was nothing but a way to observe the suffering down below. It was only those alien eyes that could morph a magnification strong enough to see blood spilled, a purge of sorts.

Ossa had failed these people, and peace was nothing but an after thought at this point. "I'm..Sorry...So sorry.." Ossa muttered with a chocked up voice, covering his mouth with his green hand and continued to watch in silence, having lost the will to intervene..The will for the fun and games.

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- Sector Omega - Undisclosed Location -

''Could you be a good boy and fetch me new samples from the sebjuct 51, mr simmons.'' Doctor S. Chilton grinned leaving out his shiny teeths that looked brighter on the white shirt he wore. ''Off course, sir!'' Chilton didn't take his sight out of the giant monitor as he sent the boy out with a simple hand gesture. On the enourmos monitor, there were live data flow from the many ongoing experiments. All the associated data were situated under the subjects photo and short summaries. This lab-office belonged to only Doctor Chilton as the head of the Omega Unit. His job included the control of the data flow and routine exeminations of the subjects once a day. His lab was big but still it was nothing compared the center labs where most of the scientists had worked.

Chilton heard the knocking on the door and as he turned a man got in quietly. Standing before him was one of the head engineers of his unit. The engineer stood as still and strong as he could but his vaguely bent head and trembling hands were giving out the fear that he tried so hard to hide. Chilton's piercing blue eyes looking straight forward to the man, he got closer. ''Have you fixed the problem with the generators?'' The man gave a simple nod. ''Yes, sir! There had been an abnormal increasing of energy levels momentarily that our eyes missed but we...'' Chilton interrupted his talk. ''The reasons are of no importance to me. Just make sure that it never happens again.'' Chilton took a few steps forward defying the man's personal space. ''One last thing. Find me whoever's responsible. I don't care who as long as I have a person to blame. If you don't that person will be you.'' Chilton grinned waving his hand towards the man. ''You're dismessed.'' Chilton waited for the man to leave before leaving his room for his routine examinations.

Chilton walked the corridors accompanied by the little robotic computer that he named after his dead daughter Rebecca. The Sector Omega was build for the experimantations of the most 'interesting' of the mutants chosen for higher power levels, different biologic structures but the ones they took more interest were omega levels. Sector had many subunits, the one that Chilton controlled were limited with roughly twenty mutants which included a few omega levels as well and Chilton only worked with the most promising ones. This routine was about walking from one subject to another, commanding Rebecca to do analysis and controling the machinery that held all the mutants in a stasis.

Chilton passed the odd looking mutant and stopped at another. ''Tracy. Codename; Sceptor. Start analysis.'' While the robot does it's work Cihlton felt disgusted by the sight of her blue skin. Most of the patients were disgusting for him. The mutant race was nothing more than a stain in humanity that they started to rightfully clean. The analysys finished and Chilton passed her. ''Mycroft. Codena...'' Chilton stopped for a second and passed. The robot though made a ringing sound which startled Chilton. 'Alert! Unsual heart rate on Subject X! Attention required!' Chilton scowled. ''Maximize the sedative and minimize the heat.'' Chilton looked behind the glass to the suspended man before him.

''Rebecca, give me an update on the subject's condition.'' Chilton turned to the robot only to find it shaking uncurbed and as he turned back to the man Chilton's piercing blue eyes met with Mycroft's rege filled eyes ''N...'' Feeling of a lump in his throat didn't let him speak. The robot exploded inside out. Chilton's piercing blue eyes met another set of blue eyes filled with untamed rage. When the air lock started moving Chilton took a few steps backwards before losing control of his body. With an intense horror, he watched as his 'subject' slowly left out his stasis cabin. ''Hello, Stephen. It's time we talked face to face. Don't you think?'' Before Chilton there was an old man whose hair lost it's colour long ago, whose face had some wrinkles showing the life he lived but with his anger filled eyes that was a man that put fear to his enemies. Chilton could feel the force that traveled in his body, the same way he felt the force that was holding him still. Chilton was motionless against his own will as Mycroft got closer to him, defying his personal space. Mycroft grinned putting his index finger on doctor's chest and slid down before stopping on his stomach.

''Bowels in or bowels out?''

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Somewhere off the Ivory Coast
Somewhere off the Ivory Coast

Salt tainted waves crashed against a rusty steel hull effortlessly slicing through South Atlantic Ocean off from what use to be Africa's, Ivory Coast. The 'Dark Continent' now nothing more then a radioactive wasteland filled with withering and contaminated mutant, and human, corpses. Fallout from a reputed mutant uprising 40 years removed. But the truth, as is so often the case, had been revised and altered. Authored by a maniacal political infrastructure content on being in the pocket of a radical organization, who's sole purpose was, and continued to be, the unmitigated eradication of the mutant species. A more accurate assessment would have told a story about a mass mutant exodus. Refugees seeking asylum in the only country the homo-sapien collective willingly ignored, treated as irrelevant. Disease, war, famine, and genocide had ruled Africa with an iron fist. So in the beginning, the Anti-Mutant World Order were only more then satisfied with this mutant migration. It was clean, it was efficient. It wasn't enough. Africa began to thrive under the unified banner of human mutant relations. Their symbiotic uniformity had begun to revitalize not only the land, but hope. Terrified by the possibility of a peaceful mutant/human nation and the inspirational movement it could cause, the AMWO began painting the country as a threat to international security. Initiated by numerous 'False Flag' events using the poster child for anti-mutant sentiment, Quintus Knightfall. Who's ostentatious assaults against high profile politicians and World leaders made it all too easy for the AMWO to sell to the U.N. So on June 1, 2029, under the fabricated notion that the whole of Africa were amassing a militant mutant army the likes of which the World had never seen, the U.N. sanctioned the use of nuclear weapons, and destroyed the birth place of human civilization. Millions perished, and the act was quickly deemed a historical success; even though 25 years later an unbreakable black cloud lingers in the atmosphere above the radioactive continent, and the geological effects continue to spread. The ramifications of this celebrated holocaust will never fully be understood.

Quintus' long pearl colored hair angrily danced off his shoulders as he stood along the port bow of the decaying navel vessel, silently observing the forsaken coastline. Crestfallen facial lines forever marking his unspoken regret and mournful sorrow, consciously aware of his shared responsibility in regards to the horrific sight before him. ~Your sacrifices will not have been in vein my brothers and sisters. I promise you.~ speaking softly to himself. Perhaps seeking to appease the restless ghosts who's plagued his dreams and every thought.

Though far from beaten or broken, the endless battles and wars had never the less taken its toll on the Knightfall Patriarch's physical and mental being. On the outside, his telekinetic grandeur had prolifically ascended to an unimaginable summit. To the point where a seemingly extraordinary task such as continuously propelling the decaying 844 foot, 40,532 ton aircraft carrier across the ocean, was as remedial for him as drawing breath. Inside, however, the genetic taxation his mutant physiology had imposed on his body had extensively damaged his heart. Aided by a punctured lung that had never fully healed, it was now a question of when, rather then if, the Knightfall Legend would fall.

Haven given a final glance, Quintus descended down into the deepest, darkest areas of the vessel. Compartments so far removed from the miniscule number of mutant passengers on-board that the hair raising screams of the recently captured AMWO officers could not be heard.

No Caption Provided

Stepping through a cramped metal doorway into a room of unspeakable torment, the Xsoteric Prophet pulled his boot length cape closed around his body and said nothing. Simply stared ahead at the chained AMWO's hanging from the ceiling and basked in the consumption of fear resonated off their battered ruptured bodies. Until finally he decided to alleviate the uncomfortable silence by tilting his head back towards the shadow corner of the room. "I will need your assistance for this, brother." returning his focus back to the bloodstained prisoners. "Now then, tell me everything you know about the human's, secret weapon."moving in close. Endorsing an aggressive invasion of space.

Several hours and screams later, Quintus emerged in the Captain's wheelhouse. A small collection of disfigured but up to the task mutants sat throughout their designated posts. Slowly moving his gloved fingers off to the side, the radical mutant moved not the wheel, but the entire ship towards its newest designation. A small trickle of blood noticeably racing from his nose "Where are we headed?" asked an inquisitive sonar shielding mutant. "We're going home, my dear friend. We're going home."his answer fueling the unison of wide eyed glances and disbelief. "You mean we're.....we're going to New York? But thats suicide....." Anxiety prevalent in the mutants response. "No brothers, sisters, I assure you, it is not. New York is not where we shall find death,it is where we shall find life. The only life that matters now......."

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No Caption Provided

He sat upon his throne - if the pitiful chair could be called such a thing; a troubled and worrisome look covered his face. It had been many years since the war had began, and he had spent even more time attempting to travel back through time to prevent this event from ever occurring with his incredible Wanderer abilities. But it seemed that the boat was ever true to its course; changing the past in any such way always resulted in the same outcome - this war was unavoidable.

It was likely he was the oldest mutant left on this planet, born in a time when the lands of the world had still been left undiscovered. He had not aged a day since his abilities manifested, but yet, the stress and everlasting conflict seemed to take a toll. His appearance had changed drastically; the signature robes and light, agile clothing of the Wanderer had been long since forgotten. Now he lay covered in his natural bone armour like a hardened warrior - he looked opposing, menacing and the humans feared his name. His once cheerful, energetic and charismatic personality had also been discarded with his simple, but elegant robes and clothes. He was now stern, stiff, and respected.

He shifted lightly in his seat, his helmet began slowly retracting back within his skin, showing his face. It was as if he were another man; his face covered in ornate, yet simple tattoo's in tribute of his fallen brethren. He opened his mouth, the words lingering on his dry lips as the mutants before him lingered to hear.

"My fellow mutants, my family...we have fought long and hard. We have lost a lot; our homes, our families - we are losing our way. I have asked much of all of you and I pain to ask anymore, but yet again, I must call upon you. An attack is imminent on New York City, a mutant lead attack. It will be our biggest fight since the earliest days of the war. I will not force any of you to come, but who will stand and fight for our race, for our homes and for our families?"

A massive war cry erupted from the crowd of mutants before Valken; a sound he had not expected hear. However, this unexpected sound caused something to appear on Valken which had not shown itself in many years. It was a smile.

"It's time to end this war once and for all!"

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Several years ago

"Take the serum Cassius" , "I dont know what it will do to me, it will be my last option."

6 months pass

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"Your reilient but foolish mr Knightfall, your silence buys you and you friends nothing but more suffering. You can end this war now by simply uttering the answer to one question, Where are they?."

His body broken but his mind remaining focused he would not sell his family up river even at the cost of his own life. Soon they will come for him and then he would show these people how to really make somebody talk. Soon they will arrive, soon.

Months pass and wounds heal up and are re opened, the crimson knightfall left in the dark his will pretty much all that was left of the man that entered. "Good morning again, mr Knightfall. Its another lovely day here isnt it?. Oh i have good news for you. We have a friend of yours." A smile spreading across the cocky guards face as he gently lays the knightfalls knife in front of him. A few strands of red hair and fresh blood clinging to the end of the blade.Dripping on to Cassius lap "She really is a beautiful women. And so much more polite."

Gritting his teeth and starring the guard straight in the eye Cassius anger barely restrained within his abused form. "I dont know what i enjoy more, the fact that i get to spend time with her or that i get to use your own toys to do it. Now tell me what does this do? , i think i shall try it next"

A smile spreading even further across the guards face as he span a vial in his hands,the side marked with the flamboyant signature of Andres Knightfall. "Its... its a truth serum." the guards smile slipping in suprise "You think i would buy that?, all this time nothing then this little tid bit. I think your worried what will happen if i give your sister a little prick with this thing." Months of pressure suddenly boiling over "You want to test it do it now, becuase i swear to you by the end of this day i will tear you f*cking throat out". "WELL WELL WELL MR KNIGHTFALL seems you have suddenly become quite the conversationalist, but its to late now your sister will do the talking for you both."

The unamed guard standing up and walking towards the door. Cassius hostile tone fading back to a more even tone knowing his anger would do Ellie no good "they are in Spain. Near Barcelona" the Knightfalls tone even and steady revealing the truth of his statement. "That vial is a weapon you inject a mutant and you will blow this place sky high. Its an explosive mutagen. You inject Ellie with it and she wont be able to answer a dam thing. It will kill anybody but me, as its made for me." Spilling his every piece of knowledge trying to buy more time. "The only person who you can test that thing on is me. So do it.." Tilting his head to the side gesture for the guard to just do it. "What do you lose?, as you said this may be the last useful thing you can get out of me. Read the dam vial it even says its for me on it"

Stopping in his tracks and walking back towards the bound and stationary Knightfall, pausing for a second and reading the side of the vial looking down as Cassius continued to offer his neck ready. "What the hell, you will be dead by the end of the week anyways" pushing the needle roughly into Cassius neck and injecting the whole vial in one rapid hit. Cassius instantly and violently going into shock.The Knightfalls whole body creaking and cracking, his eyes rapidly darting around frantically his mouth foaming as his every fibre shook and warped in a near instant. The light in the room begining to flicker on an off as the knightfalls body suddenly come to a rest.

No Caption Provided

A brief silence broken by a thunderous crack as white liquid suddenly pouring out of every inch of the bound knightfalls skin hardening and fading to differnt tones setting hard as stone. His sudden change in weight causing his bonds to shatter his body falling to the floor. The little light left in the room fading to a complete shadow. Piercing yellow eyes appearing as the only source of light in the black.

The darkness suddenly coming to life as another pair of eyes opened and another and another. Monsterous sounds coming from the nothingness between the guard and each of the four walls of Cassius cell. "Tear this f*cker apart" the last audiable sound before the shadows attacked.

The sole bulb flickered back to life reavealing the slaughterhouse around Cassius. His body covered in an errie coating his hands clawed and dripping. A dark smile spreading across his face as he walked over to the source of light and crushed the bulb between his fingers. The room filling with demonic eyes once more cassuius was surrounded by a legion of claws and fangs "Kill them all, leave nothing"

The knightfalls mind focussed on Ellie, its thoughts taking form and his form fading into shadow instantly appearing elsewhere. A metalic table topped with the bound body of his sister. Ripping the metalic bonds from her flesh and placing his cold hand upon her neck. A faint pulse barely registering as his his face faded back to normal "Ellie?, Ellie? can you hear me. It's Cass i got you." His sisters eyes twitching but barely. Picking her up and cradling her aginst his chest Cassius walked from her cell and out into the corridor. The silence of her cell instantly broken by the demonic mayhem of Cassius creatures assult all around.

"Outside" a clear and simple thought bringing the two knightfalls free from the chaos into the shadow of a large tree. Looking down at his near motionless sister Cassius called to her once again "Come on Ellie we are out, we are free. Dont do this" Laying her down on the grass the wind catching her hair. Cassius frantically checking her over trying to work out why she wasn't responding. His field training giving him nothing, no obvious potentially fatal wounds, pulse fading breathing shallow. Her shallow breathes hulting causing the crimson knightfall to spring into action pumping his arms hard on her chest and breathing great burst of air into her lungs. His every fibre strained as he tried to get a responce.

Minutes pass, cassius falls to his knees his head hanging his hands outstretched. He had no words he barely had the will to get up. But somewhere in his mind he reached out "Quintus"

The shadow of the tree fading as Cassius found himself once more in the pressence of his brother carrying Ellie in his arms "They killed her," his eyes streaming as he craddled her lifeless form.

No Caption Provided

Off the shore of New york years later

A lone and battered man hanging by his wrists in front of the two brothers. A simple gesture of both their hands bringing sickening sounds and screams as his bones twisted and popped, his blood suddenly thickening and oozing from him. The twisted tortuous methods continued till every once of information was gathered. The mans final breath ripped from his chest by a small fanged goblin like creature "Eat" Cassius sole word as the two brothers left the room and headed to their next objective. Walking in a controlled mutial silence preparing for whats to come the two Knightfalls stood looking out from the sea upon their former home.

"I will go ashore at dusk send the rest of the forces behind me."


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Before the War...

Years before the armies of Valken and Quintus decided to move on New York, there was an even greater mutant kingdom.

Originally known as the Rings of Jupiter, the relatively small empire once consisted of less than one hundred mutants. It was a selective group, as their leader allowed only the most powerful mutants into his kingdom, in an attempt to find a woman powerful enough to give him a worthy heir. Jupiter found that heir in the hero Eclipse, a former Champion of Peace who eventually took the throne from his tyrannical father and transformed the Rings into a safe haven for all mutants, not just those strong enough to earn their place.

Early in his reign, the hero used his command of gravity to save Earth from an oncoming meteor, an act of heroism that did frustratingly little to reduce the anti-mutant sentiment towards Jason and his subjects. Tired of being despised by the world, he flung the asteroid into a low orbit within the planet's atmosphere, where it became a new home for Eclipse and the Kingdom of Phosphorus. As the shadow of their home passed over the ground below, it became a constant reminder of the power that mutants held.

No Caption Provided

"I'm getting tired of these meetings, ambassador," the lord of the asteroid sighed, looking at the human below from his perch atop his throne. "For the last time, we have no demands. My people simply desire to be left alone."

"And yet you hold your home above our heads like a nuclear missle," the US ambassador responded curtly, as she stared back at the mighty mutant. Despite her diminutive frame and the king's raised throne, she managed to find a way to look down at him, rather than up. It was known to the humans that, while Eclipse did not seek conflict, his home was a threat to the safety of the planet. It was held in orbit entirely by his own power over the gravitational force and, if he were assassinated or otherwise incapacitated, the entire asteroid would plummet down into the Earth and cause a global extinction.

This was not entirely accidental.

"I don't know what to tell you, Ambassador Williams. You refuse to grant my people any sovereign territory on the ground, so this is really all we have. And, so long as you don't attempt to interfere with us, we are no threat at all." The former superhero had changed significantly since his early days. While the threat of wiping out all of humanity was a fairly extraordinary bluff and something he would never follow through on, the fact that he was willing to make such a threat was a sign of how far he was willing to go to protect his people.

"This asteroid is home to some of the most powerful and dangerous mutants in the world. On this rock you have children who are capable of warping reality; manipulating the very building blocks of matter; and otherwise causing genocide with the blink of an eye. You yourself are the son of one of the most powerful mutants ever recorded, with near limitless destructive potential. Stop pretending that you are not a threat, because that is a lie. You are a threat to the security of this planet by the very nature of your birth."

"You're not taking them." Eclipse knew what she was after. He held his head in his hands, refusing to meet the piercing gaze of his adversary. Many times she had come to his kingdom in an attempt to facilitate the transfer of several of his subjects into the custody of the United States of America. "They are my people and this is the safest place for them. If you take them to your labs, experiment on them, lock them up, that is when the genocides start. Right now they have no reason to use their powers for destruction." He finally looked up, watery eyes pleading with the ambassador. "Don't give them a reason."

The dumpy little woman closed her eyes for a moment, as if what she were about to do caused her pain.

"I'm sorry, Lord Phosphorus. This was your final chance to co-operate." Activating a switch on her watch, the woman dissipated, teleporting to safety as the assault began.

It was a sudden, unexpected and brutal attack. Everything started to shake as Jason ran out to the edge of the asteroid, watching in horror as an army of mechanical monsters rammed into his home from below. Calming himself, he raised a hand in their direction, confident in his ability to manipulate the androids with his power over electromagnetism.

No Caption Provided

He reached out, sensing their magnetic presence, ready to seize control... Until suddenly, his senses were overpowered with an unrelenting agony. Finding himself flat on his back, blinking through a mask of his own blood, he looked down to find a bloody stump where his hand had once been. His entire right arm was stretched and distorted, as though his hand had been pulled off by some invisible force.

That force promptly revealed himself.

Spitting blood and teeth out of his mangled face, the broken king looked up to see the Superior Sapien standing over him. A splotch of red could be seen on his forehead, not a wound, but a souvenir from his blitzing headbutt directly into his enemy's face. In his right hand he was clutching another souvenir, holding the hand of the lord, like some twisted version of a handshake. Eclipse tried to move, but found that the force with which the Sapien had headbutted him into the ground has cracked his spine.

Knowing that he had only moments to live, Jason channelled all his remaining strength into his powers. Attempting to blast his attacker away with an intense gravtiational pulse, the paragon of perfection continued to fight through the stream of gravity, walking slowly towards the crippled hero as the power increased. The muscles in his legs were tenses and straining, but none of that effort showed on the man's face. Aware that his end was inevitable, King Phosphorus released everything he had in a final blast of energy. The Superior Sapien finally betrayed the strain on his face as he tore through the barrier and plunged his fist into the heart of the king.

No Caption Provided

The attack on the asteroid continued as the Sapien threw the lifeless body of Lord Phosphorus to one side. Androids positioned themselves below the rock, supporting it as the man who had been keeping it afloat passed away. Blitzing through the rest of the home, the human's attack dog eliminated some of the kingdom's biggest threats individually, then vanished as quickly as he had appeared, allowing the robots to finish their work as their propulsors rocketed the entire structure skyward. Breaking up as it was forced out of the atmosphere, the shards of the once great kingdom drifted off into the black of space, taking its citizens with it as the vacuum pulled the life out of them.

War had begun.


As Quintus Knightfall's floating fortress changed course towards New York, one of its passengers felt a pang of fear pierce her heart.

She knew that war awaited them there, that there were people there who were not only hellbent on destroying their entire race, but had the means to do so.

And she knew that one of those people was the monster who killed her father. The one who killed her whole kingdom.

No Caption Provided

Heir to the throne of Phosphorus, Esther Oakes had been saved by her father as his final act. While he appeared to spend his final moments fighting off his murderer, in fact the bulk of his power was spent mentally locating his child as he used his abilities to send her to safety. Arriving in the safe hands of Quintus, the girl spent the remnants of her childhood as a member of his colony, knowing all the while that she had been robbed of her own.

Now, she had a chance to put things right, to seek vengeance at last. She had a chance to put things right. It was not a chance she intended to waste.

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"Brainchild activate." Sophia's eyes flung open. The voice of a man had commanded her from her slumber, the echo rumbling through her cerebral cortex. The cold, bright light burned the retinas of her bloodshot eyes. Her stiff body unfolded from its fetal position. The blonde woman rubbed the bit of drool pooling at the corner of her lips. One of the unpleasant side effects of the psychotropic drugs. So was the fatigue. She wanted so much to sleep. So often she wished for death just so her mind could rest. The implant penetrating into her skull released a jolt of electricity. Her body tightened suddenly as she nearly bit her tongue. "I'm up." She whispered over a parched tongue. She stood to her feet, her small frame donned in a white uniform emblazoned with the AMWO's logo upon her breast. Her golden locks hung casually around her pale face. Her light blue eyes adjusted to the stark light. The M brand over her eye was her scarlet letter, that she had been born defiled by her genetics. The soles of her fabric shoes padded softly over the frigid tile as she made her way to her position. Sitting within a rigid chair, a metal cap descended over her head. It locked into her implant to secure the connection and amply her range of abilities. Sequestered away in her fishbowl prison, she had no contact with the outside world... until she was connected to the machine. Sophia's enhanced brain released pulses of psychic energy. Had she been fully lucid, the extra sensory perception would have given her a good understanding of the images outside. She closed her eyes. She tried, tried gather her thoughts to comprehend what was written in her mind. The brainchild was aware of an approaching force. She felt sick, powerless. What horrors would she be required to unleash upon her fellow mutants today?


Drones circled in the high atmosphere relaying their images to the ground station below. "Sirs..." an armoured human pushed his way into the subterranean office. His nervous gaze fell upon the board of the Anti-Mutant World Order.

"News, Gates?" A gray-haired man tapped the alloy desk in irritation at being interrupted.

"We have reports..." He distributed the files amongst the five seated at the table. "The mutants are rallying an attack."

One of the men pushed up his spectacles to pinch the bridge of his nose. "They've tried a frontal assault before. We can handle them."

"This is a far more substantial threat than previous encounters. And Quintus Knightfall is among them."

A cackle rang from the farthest at the table. "Quintus. The Knightfall is part of a dying breed. We have our own!" He threw up his hands with a grin. "New and improved. The next generation. And most importantly under our control. Between our human armies, super soldier experiments, and the Brainchild project, they stand little chance, whatever newly minted mutant messiahs happen to be among them." His eyes flashed under his metal cap. He was Dr. Valerius, the Voice within her mind. "Let's give them a warning shot." His lips pressed together stretching into a sinister smile as he tapped his metal-clad temple. "Into one of their comrades."

At his command, the invisible psionic grid passively charting the area outside weaponized. A mutant on the bow of the dilapidated vessel approaching New York went rigid. His jaw tightened, his body lifted into the air for the mutant transgressors to see. His arms were extended out beside him, a look of wild fear in his eyes. He was prepared to give his life for the mutant cause, but he'd never imagined it like this. The natural force of attraction that held the molecules of his body, the fabric of his meager existence, was severed. The martyr was vaporized, his entire essence dispersed into the atmosphere. Thus would be the eventual fate of all mutants in the AMWO's eventual design. That they would become nothing. The time for dancing about camps and wars was over. Humans or mutants would ultimately be obliterated, if not both in this struggle. Let the final extinction begin.

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There was a dimness in the underground cavern's means of illumination. The Hound of the Ostracized was no paragon of wealth. His base of operations was not a grandiloquent city of silver with the enrapturing aroma of perfumed air. No. This infrastructural complex was likened more to a kingdom of slag and hyperborean air. Not unlike a place that had known only desecration prior to it's colonization by his hand. Washed in blood and even smeared with excrement, it was once the foulest of places. Through renovation, it was only made... decent. Many hours had come and gone since his previous declaration in the city of New York, his promise of revolution to the mutant populace, and his threatening address to the humanity that would dare stand in their way.

There rested no doubt in Autocrat's mind that in due time, his declaration would become public, and garner both support and notoriety. Enshrouded in mild calignosity, the Hound of Justice's hulking frame guided itself through a forsaken hall, his footsteps dripping with a nonchalant yet somehow militant swagger as the grip of both hands casually coiled onto the sides of his armored vest. In this momentary quiescence, memories of his ascension into who he has become flooded his mind, his first act of vengeance against humanity. He remembered clearly, as if it had taken place a day before and the scent of their blood was fresh on his lacerated flesh as a necklace of their heads tied together by dry hairs hung low from his thick, muscular neck. He recalled those memories in silence.

'I had no followers then, no fanatical cronies or paramilitary monkeys that knew my plight. I faced them alone. The soldiers who so cruelly took my siblings from me when I was but a boy. Heh, the carnage that I unleashed upon their camp is to this day, the most inhumane incarnation of brutality.

'With my bare hands I tore open their throats and forced the others to bathe in their fallen comrades' blood before I plucked out their eyes as they cried for mercy. I answered their cries by smashing my fist squarely into their face, splattering their heads into an unrecognizable mess of blood and grey matter.

'But I was not finished. Those that survived would know my sister's pain. With a wooden staff found in one of their tents, I violated them with the same brutality that she herself had been violated, and gave no sympathy as they wailed and screamed. I laughed no murderous laughs because this was an act of vengeance, not mindless homicide.

'The violence they used against my siblings paled in comparison to the brutality that I brought. I had achieved my justice. But only because my power was greater than theirs. It was in that night that I realized that in life there are no truths but thwo. That without power, justice has no meaning. That in this life, the only truth is power'

There was an assault to be planned, and allies to be amassed, most prominent among those was Cassius Knightfall. A reputed pro-mutant revolutionist with a history of expertise in guerrilla tactics. He would prove to be an invaluable asset. And so, contacting him had become the priority. And as per the Hound of Anarchy's instructions, a unit of his followers departed to locate Cassius and hold talks with the rogue Knightfall.

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Astonished, confused, and frightened, the Knightfall's small mutant marauding brotherhood silently stood in a circle atop the floating vessel's deck."Wh....wh...what was that? What happened? WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!??!"screamed the panic stricken radar specialist as his brother unimaginably evaporated. Spontaneously vaporized and swallowed by the atmosphere in a small and disturbing display of the AMWO's extraordinary power. For some it was a sobering reminder of just how hopeless their plight was, alleviating any prior notions in which they survived the impending conflict. For others, such as the Xsoteric, it was a replay of brutality witnessed numerous times throughout the early stages of the war. Having lost his vaunted Mamba's and members of his Black Eden Estate in a similar fashion. But their sacrifices would not have be in vein. For years, decades even, the Knightfall Polymath had judicially researched every lead, every myth, every shred of evidence pertaining to the identity of the human's secret weapon. And now on the precipice of extinction and ultimate annihilation, he was close.

Returning to the ship's wheelhouse and his customarily recognized slouched seated position, rested chin in hand, Quintus needed a moment to steady his mind. A small unassuming mutant who's facial disfigurements were, sadly, not the result of her mutated heritage, approached from behind. Meekly whispering,"Is it time?"To which the Living Weapon smiled and nodded. Allowing her to braid two strands of his winter colored hair along the sides of his face in a traditional Mohican Indian fashion."Thank you."

Meanwhile it seemed as though the World's collective mutants had all designated this day as the day they would converge on the human stronghold in New York. Even Cassius had expressed his intentions of leading a charge into New York before the sun ascended above the smug-line and skyscrapers. Quintus had no reservation in his tactical savvy brother's strategy, but he himself had other matters to attend to before charging into battle. Mutants had tried and failed countless times in their siege like efforts. Heavily fortified and smothered by superior sapiens, soldiers, and Brainchild, a mutant capable of extinguishing life with but a thought, a more surgical plan needed to be implemented along with the traditional aspects of guerrilla warfare and charging assault.

Having returned to the bow of the vessel alongside Cassius, Quintus smiled, "We've come along way you and I." pausing, almost foreshadowing the inevitable conclusion that they would never see one another again."There is something I must do before I can join you and the others. But I will be with you in spirit. Good luck, brother." And with that the Knightfal telekinetically elevated himself off the vessel, floating towards god knows where for god knows what.

(sometime later)

@_nobody said:
Someone should do something. Someone, not Nobody. Nobody needs to sleep." He said, a ghost laugh coming right after. And so he arose, directed towards his excuse of bed.
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"I agree, someone should." his voice broke out from the shadow plagued corner of the former lone wolf's dilapidated room. Before turning on the solitary lamp sharing space with astray filled with partially smoked cigars, and then rrubbing his fingers together in disgust. "Forgive the intrusion but I simply do not have time for social protocol. My name is Quintus Knightfall, and you are...well, you are many things. But I am here to offer you a chance to redeem yourself. To make a difference. Unless of course you'd rather stay here and drowned your sorrows." looking around the small room at the tell tale signs of depression. "My people can not win this war, they wont survive it. You were a soldier in their army, in their brigades. The AMWO have a secret weapon, a mutant if you believe the tales. And I think you know where they keep it.......please.....I need your help...."

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@autocrat: @the_xsoteric:

6 months after Ellies death

"Tell me where he is" "AHHHHHH" "TELL ME!"

video games animated GIF

Cassius eyes glazing over in golden hew as he fixated his inhuman gaze at the badly beaten guard "Where is Andres!, where is he?" A second and third pair of golden tinted eyes suddenly appearing in the dark as if they simply formed from the nothingness of the shadows. "So far i have been nice, but my friends here are hungry and they dont very much care if you talk or not. If you dont speak now you wont get another chance, now i ask you again. Where is Andres? where is my brother" a muffled wimper coming from the guard as the inhuman hisses of Cassius demonic allies inched closer to their would be snack. "I swear i dont know, iam just a guard." Cassius stood from his chair taking one last long glance at the man in front of him, he was almost certainly telling the truth but that wasnt enough. "You have no information, no rumours nothing. And thus i have no use for you." Gesturing to the foul creatures at his feet before walking out of the door. Leaving the guard to his fate

Feast of the Minions
Feast of the Minions

Standing amongest the human wreckage his assult had brought the smell of offal and the blood soaked floors, barely phasing him anymore.

Looking down at a map of the United states various states marked out in black. Next stop Georgia "I will find you brother and the people that have you will pay dearly. I promise"


"Our journey doesnt end here Qunitus. Now is the time we show our true colours. I Shall come find you once the city is ours." Cassius words lingering as he disapeared into the dark, instantly appearing at the docks walking calmly with two old firearms at his side as he strolled calmly into the street and sampled the familiar smells of home. Tempted to seek out his targets and go to work he smiled at the thought of bringing a one man war to the city. But this was a game for keeps and he knew the tactics to win an urban war even when the stakes where far higher and even better he knew of a guy who thought likewise.

His mind focusing on the hulking form of a masked man his apperance etched at the very for front of his thoughts. Locate this man and then light the match. Two feared and well respected anarchists masters of unconvential combat shared the same circles for many years but never crossing paths. Today finally being that day.

"Hey!, hey yo, our boss wants to see you." Calmly turning to the source of the oddly misplaced accent "He a bald guy in a mask?, If not i'am not intrested" Cassius smiled as he reconised the man from his targets earlier broadcast. "Show me to him". Walking through the sewers to a metalic walk way, along the walk way to a large open concrete room finally coming to two chairs placed in its center. One in the light, one in the dark. Taking his prepared seat and waiting for his host. A few pairs of eyes spawning around him

"Would you like a drink mr knightfall?"

"Sure i could have one, this is a meeting i have waited alongtime for. Oh and some water for my pets"

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Luminescent fiber-optic coils snaked around an otherwise dimly lit room, filled with state of the art quantum processors. Each one contained enough computational power that its artificial intelligence transcended the boundaries between man and machine. Engineering made possible through exploration and experimentation of mutant technopaths in an era before the war. A global network unlike anything modern technology could produce and under the strict authoritative rule of the AMWO, who's sole objective was to usher in a mutant free age of human prosperity. A New World Order. And with the exception of a handful of battle-tested revolutionaries, they dream was close to being a reality.

"We have placated them long enough. I do not feel comfortable allowing them to get so close, not now. We've worked to hard for our own pride to be our undoing. I'm sending him in." growled the cigar injured voice of an older man behind a veil of shadows. "I agree." chimed in another aged voice concealed by moderated darkness.

Somewhere above the Earth:

No Caption Provided

Muscularly defined arms remained stoically wrapped around a hulking chest, obscuring the symbolic S itched along the trademark uniform, as the Superior Sapien meditatively hovered in the empty void of space. An incalculable number of voices and sounds continuously echoing inside his sub-conscious while his eyes remained closed in order to thoroughly examine the significance of each and every one. And then, suddenly, his crimson hued irises flashed open before leaving nothing but a colorful blur in the wake of his prior position.

The Earth's atmosphere manifested in a fiery cocoon around the ultimate weapon's figure, while violent winds whistled and increased in its intensive pitch as maximum speed breached the sound barrier. Like a rocket shot out of the heavens the Superior Sapien drove straight through the center of the Knightfall's docked ship. Scattering metallic debris in every direction with deadly consequence. Laying waste to every mutant unfortunate enough to have stayed behind with the vessel through disturbing acts of violence. Ripping, burning, crushing, and snapping, bone and flesh in a display of effortless power.

Grabbing what he perceived to be the weakest mutant left alive by the throat, the Superior Sapien remained silent. Peering at the terrified survivor through cold shark like eyes before finally demanding, "Where are the Knightfall brother's?" Turning the mutant's head slowly from side to side as if inspecting for something. "You do not wish to betray your brethren? Admirable, but mistaken."dropping the mutant to the floor. "He's all yours" speaking off into the air. Initiating Brainchild's introduction into the mutant's mind. Blood began to pool along the lower eye lids and stream from the nostrils as the human's secret weapon probed deeper and deeper. "I have Quintus' location, but something is blocking my abilities, I can not seize his mind. You'll have to go their and deal with it...."

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Before the planned New York assault

Ashes colored the air with a mournful grey as Ben walked past. Once, Bourbon Street had been home to rude tourists emptying their wallets on cheap booze and cheaper hookers. It'd been loud and obnoxious to any actual New Orleanian, but people had fun there. Now? It was cinders. AMWO soldiers, mutants, and sapiens alike lay dead in the streets. Helmets were permanently fused to cracked, charred skin. Clothes were singed and skin melted off bone. Everywhere around him entire areas were leveled with smoke drifting up from craters. It wasn't just Bourbon Street, either. Only a tiny fraction of New Orleans still remained. He'd done most of the heavy lifting, setting off chain reactions. When the first explosions had gone off the night before, militant mutants of all power levels had stormed the illustrious city. Fire had given fear to the human soldiers, smoke disguising his mutant brothers and sisters.

New Orleans, despite it's heavy AMWO garrison, had fallen by daybreak. The attack had been a gory, horrific mutant blitzkrieg. Near half of Ben's forces had died. A few of his best soldiers, at that. But each mutant death had been repayed tenfold in humans. He'd regretted the unnecessary casualties, of course. Kids, the defenseless, the few humans who truly had no care for the anti-mutant regime. Unfortunately, they'd died with the rest. With the enemy getting smarter at taking mutant opposition down, he had to hit fast to succeed and get out alive. That left no time for evacuating innocents and sympathizers. Especially when they could turn on him at any time. So he'd razed the city in a blaze of death and violence. Now, the Birthplace of Jazz was a series of torched holes and craters, with the odd string of battered buildings here and there.

Now, drawing close to the NY assault

Away from the constant watch of the AMWO, Ben had scattered his forces along the NY coastline. All of his men had called for a reprieve afterward New Orleans, to rest and tend to the wounded. With talk of a massive strike against New York, though, he'd been forced to continue on. Teleporters cobbled together by stolen AMWO tech had been used to transport his forces en masse. At each camp, a mutant was on constant alert, keeping their presence masked. Ocean winds batted at Ben's face as he sat in front of a blazing campfire, contemplating the next move. Rumor among the resistance had it that the Knightfalls were planning something. Where they went, people followed. If he was right, they'd have a sizable force to commit to the assault. With the dwindled force he had, Ben would get massacred if he attacked now. His only hope was to wait for a signal, for communication from the resistance.

When word came, he would strike New York with the power of a wrathful sun.

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"I want justice, Cassius. For our race. So that we may, as evolution intended, inherit this broken world"

The unglamorous stage for their anticipated encounter had been set. Within the thick confines of a dimly lit room devoid of decor or any ornamental aesthetics, a blemished argent table sat, positioned in it's center. One of two chairs was empty, the other? Occupied by renown guerrilla expert and morally ambiguous mutant revolutionist, Cassius Knightfall. Sealing the room was an armored door of fortified metal alloys. And behind it, his hulking shadow lurked, the calignosity of his feet under the door heralding his expected ingress. With a temperance deceptive for a man of his... inherent indignation and leviathan frame, Autocrat pulled the weighty door open in a moment of tame quiescence. Cold, unblinking indigo eyes met Cassius', not with cordiality or civility, only acknowledgement.

There was an oppressive aura all about the Hound of Justice. His intimidating presence exuded an air of authority and power, one that silently asserted his dominance over all who come before him. Quietly shutting the door behind him, cultivating an atmosphere of required privacy, Autocrat militantly stepped forward with domineering swagger, his colossal frame radiating suffocating body heat that seized the corners and physical dimensions of the room with an iron grip. "Cassius", the distorted, intrinsically menacing bass of his voice began, "I've looked forward to a prospective meeting with you for some time now". There was no note of admiration or implicit commendation in his words, the audible edge bedecking his voice was that which it always was, a tone of boredom and aloof self-assurance as what he uttered was a stated fact, not indirect flattery.

"I", Autocrat resumed, calmly pulling himself a chair, "Will be brief... relatively speaking". Meeting the rogue Knightfall's gaze, the Prophet of the Ostracized voiced the respect he harbored for the former dormant mutant. "I respect you, Cassius. By awakening your X-Gene and realizing your inherent genetic potential, you have harnessed what you were predestined to. More importantly, you've grown aware of the greatest and only truth in this world. That without power, one has nothing. And that with it, justice can be imposed on those who have wronged us. Though it is only through the strategic and tactical implementation of power that it's true meaning can be unveiled, and it's true purpose served".

"There is no riper target than New York on this forsaken world. And no greater means than war with which to bring forth the era when mutant-kind inherits this Earth. War is our greatest tool. Diplomacy is no longer an option. Politics is nonexistent. There is no compromise. But to execute this plan to perfection, I need a savant. Someone with intimate knowledge of the art of warfare. Humanity has greater resources, their equipment is beyond the potency of ours and they numerically eclipse us. But there is no mind greater than yours with respect to dismantling larger units. A need a guerrilla master".

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"I expected many things from you but never flattery. I know of your work and your reputation well have heard a few tales. The man i have heard of appears just as able to use his own tactics including my preffered guerrilla methods to separate subvert and subdue our mutial enemies. But i will take your attemps to nuture my ego with good humour. I assume your have a plan?. My current course is somewhat different than you would probably expect, but i have a score to settle and the best way for me to do so in the case maybe going loud. But i have a few ideas on how best to help bring this mockery of a free city to the ground. Excuse me for a second" The darkness consuming cassius solid form leaving a brief void before he near instantly returned to his seat producing a map as he did so.

Laying it out in the space between him and the hound of Justice his clawed hand fading back to a more natural skin like apperance as he pointed to a refrence on the map. "This is where the largest power spike in the city is, my brother and i believe it to be a major point of intrest. Potentially the base in which the humans are building their next supersolider mutantkiller project. My current plan is to go here to shut the power down to this part of the city allowing myself and my brothers army to shut the place down with extreme hostilty. But its likely this place is heavily protected. So beforehand i have located 3 other targets to attack first. If we can strike systematically with synchronized attacks on these locations we can draw some of the defences away. We need three small well armed strike forces, familiar with the networks beneath the city and the three best drivers you have to take this targets. Teams will attack and defend locations for as long as possible using either the streets and the driver to escape or lead our enemies on a merry chase through the tunnels beneath the city. Once the enemy reveals its strenght to us we then take the power and take this building. What do you think? you where expecting a more stealthy approach i gather?."

Leaning back into his chair ready to hear the opinions of the hound a man who he expected to have his own ideas on how to take the city down.

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"Thank ya for knocking." Nobody grinned, he had an odd sentiment of loneliness, indeed, he arose on it, he savvied when he was not alone. The left edge of his lips curled upwards as he lit up a cigarette. "I know who ya are, the reason I saw many men die. And now ya are here, asking my help and spitting a shitton of truth. Well, ya just missed a point. I am loads of things, but I ain't the same murderer. I know y'all suffered, y'all are suffering and y'all will suffer, still, I just..." He halted a jiffy, reclining on a chair. "I've seen too much. And even if I wanted, they stole my equipment." Nobody did not deny the veracity of the secret weapon, he had heard stories amid the front lines, never sure if only stories to frighten mutants or the sole way of ravaging the superior race. "Besides, who knows if I was told right? All a shoot in the dark, way too risky for any of us. Unless ya still have a gigantic army."

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"I was expecting a guerrilla approach". Autocrat answered with blunt nonchalance, his distorted, profound voice dripping with a characteristic aloofness. "And it is exactly what you have provided", he pointed out, his mind fully registering the tactical implications and benefits of Cassius' opted approach. "An effective approach. It seeks to capitalize on our superior maneuverability as a smaller unit in comparison to the larger one subservient to the commands of humanity. Skilled drivers facilitate the 'hit and run' nature of this operation, while our unit capitalizes on our superior knowledge of the city's layout for tactically motivated environmental exploitation". Cassius' course of action was as impressive as anticipated.

The rogue Knightfall's guerrilla instincts beguiled him into adhering to certain fundamental rules of warfare set by historically revered general, Sun Tzu. An adherence that was perhaps exemplified no greater than in the Knightfall's intentions to deprive their adversary of electricity, of their sources of power, stripping them not only of the foundation of their technological means, but in the absence of light and detection equipment, causing sensory disorientation and disorganizing the enemy ranks. All to ensure that the vulnerability of their targets would be exposed to the opportunistic, predatory pounces of not only he and his infamous brother, but of the Hound of Justice as well. "What else do you require for this dubbed 'Siege of New York'?".

Success was their only alternative. Failure had become a foreign demon to them, and like politics, it's usefulness was no longer palpable in this day and age of hopelessness.

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@autocrat: @the_superior_sapien@brainchild@the_xsoteric

"I'm glad my plans suit your pack, but i have two small final details i forgot to outline in my inital outline. If the primary target doesnt fall within thirty minutes set explosives at the three distraction locations. Have your men pull back level the locations and lead any remaining resistance through the tunnels as previously discussed. If the primary strike team fail and the extra sites are blown but the power reamains out prepare a armoured truck and station it here, fill it with as much explosives you can and have one man ready to hit this point at 0300. I like to have a failsafe do you think you have a man ready for this mission? its a failsafe but would mean certain death should he be called upon."

Cassius knew what he asked of the hound of justice the thought of possibly sending a good fighter to his certain death was what was needed however. "I have lost many things in this war, we all have lost much. But tonight with either our success or this person sacrifice we will end this war."

Extending his hand ready to seal the deal of this new found alliance and ready for the siege of New York.

0300 Ready to strike

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The shadow Knightfall sat high upon a perch looking down on his target. A vast digital clock visable on the horizion counting down to the start of the mutant assult. Waiting surrounded by a collection of his allies from the dark he sat restless itching to get to work. This would be the start of the end for this city, the mutant haters and anyone who stood in his way. Soon they would know once more what it was to be truely afraid of the dark.

The silent face of the digital clock finally ticking over sending the knightfall plummeting from his ledge towards his target the creatures of the dark at his back. As he fell the sound of sirens started up in the distance bringing a smile to his face. Crashing through a rooftop window his movement suddenly switching as his form rushed from a nearby shadow catapulting him forward through a door. Whilst he had mastered the laws of the darkness he still had no sway on the laws of momentum and his fall speed was carried with him.

Shattering every bulb in sight as he walked rapidly towards the center of the electrical grid. Kicking the door firmly off it hinges insnatly his minions swarming through the shattered door frame closing in the opperatives within. A chorus of screams suddenly blasting in the air before their sudenly gargling end brought a chaotic silence as the minions and their master turned their attention to the electrical equipment in front of them. Slamming his clawed hands into the opperating desk and tearing lumps of wires out with each strike. The remaining lights flickering and fading into the dark. The city that never sleeps faded along with it into a deep and all consuming dark. "And now to the real task at hand"

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Fading into the ether and appearing again at street level, walking calmly up to the front door of his primary target. Drawing his pistols setting lose his minions cassius reached out a with the shadows lifting a nearby car high into the air. Chaos errupting around him once again as the creatures of shadows bit clawed and mauled at everything in their path. Drawing closer to the now apperently defencless building flinging the skyward automobile through the plate glass entrence and steppingover the freshold.

"Lets see what the b#stards are hiding in here"

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The physical scars were visually obvious and no different from most survivors trapped in the nightmarish World that had become their reality. But the former soldier's psychological wounds were anchored by an erosive sense of failure, perhaps even regret. Until drowning his sins at the end of a bottle had become a tactical retreat that allowed him to sit on the sidelines absent any morally conflicted sense of awareness.

Moving over towards the window pulling down the stained bed sheet in place of a curtain, Quintus carved his arms behind his back. "Thats where you are wrong. Risk is all we mutants have left. And right now that is exactly what we are doing, risking it all. This is the end game win or lose."turning to socially great the weathered and worn man's face, a slight scuff briefly escaped the Knightfall's forced smile. Expressing the faintest hint of defeat. "I wish I could offer you some awe inspired rallying speech that would pull you out of this self-induced pit of surrender, I honestly do. The truth is though.......I have no more inspiration to give. You're my last ditch effort. Without you and the knowledge you indirectly posses this battle wont be a battle at all, it'll be a slaughter. Please, help me.......help us....."

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Quintus had dealt with years of his own self-degradation and internal blame. Understanding and excepting responsibility for his role in fanning the human/mutant flames of prejudice resulting in the current state of the World. And yet, here he was, still fighting the fight in hopes of some semblance of atonement. His only hope was for Nobody to come to the same realization. And quickly.

Just the slightest shift in the tension filled atmosphere perked the Xsoteric's ears before a crescendo of glass imploded through the dimly lit room. The force of which had blasted the Knightfall Polymath through the far wall in a violent entrance orchestrated by the Superior Sapien. Floating just inches above the unwashed carpet, arms folded and cape elegantly flapping around the ankles. "Conspiring with mutants is a criminal offense." he wickedly grinned. "Punishable by death......"

Meanwhile, the Knightfall Shadow and the Architect of Guerrilla Warfare, Autocrat, had begun implementing their revolutionary siege. Cleverly cutting the power before executing an unknown but undoubtedly brilliant attack. The stage was set, the end was here, and nly one species was going to make it out alive.

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Names were irrelevant. Ages. Friends. Family. Everything, everything in this world had boiled down to one simple thing. Us vs Them. Mutants vs the World. It was a hard life, an unforgiving one, but it was the one that the woman formerly known as Melania knew.

But Melania had died years ago. Set afire in the blaze of her home, the smell of burning human flesh ripe in her nostrils. All semblance of who she had been was literally and metaphorically gone in the ashes.

In her place stood Tempo. Brutal. Relentless. A consequence of this world, and a meter out of justice. For in her eyes, the only justice was repaying fire with fire, and by the time she was done with her work, mutants would rise and those who had oppressed, raped, murdered and tortured them would lay in ashes, dust beneath her feet.

Magenta light illuminated the darkness cast over the city by Autocrat’s cohort Cassius, resulting in a grim smile spreading over Tempo’s drawn features. She knew her part in the initial pieces of this plan, a part that she had gladly volunteered for.

The right hand man of the feared and famed Autocrat, the enigmatic killer known as Tempo had carved a name for herself in the resistance - a name that was literally and figuratively carved in the flesh of those who would stand in the way of equal rights, of those who thought it wise to enact grievous atrocities against them.

Her powers allowed her a myriad of abilities, and she was about to utilize them in order to penetrate the building where Brainchild was being held and form a visual and virtually recorded floorplan utilizing tech that had been established by Ellie Knightfall prior to her tragic death, one of the turning points in the war.


She appeared on level seven. Clad in a specially developed nanotech suit, she appeared invisible to most security systems - but not entirely so to one of this caliber. However it was not her stealth that was the greatest asset here, it was the pure speed with which she teleported.

Using the special ocular implant that transmitted to a receiver, the entire floor was cataloged in seconds. This repeated for the next eleven floors, as she sporadically ported from one random designation to another, having worked out an order to perplex the analytical pattern-detectors on the security team.

Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink.


Blood streamed from her shoulder, the result of a specially designed weapon that had seared through her skin, cauterizing its own wound as it did so, potentially leaving behind traces of her DNA for study.

Tempo didn’t scream, she didn’t wince, she didn’t show any outward indication that she was in the immense pain that she was with the clear slice across the outside of her shoulder, the divot of skin and flesh missing.

Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink.

She continued, again, again, again. Pushing herself harder than she ever had before until she finally breached the walls that contained the ultimate weapon, the Brainchild. She locked eyes onto her for but a moment, knowing the inherent danger of her premeditated presence there, before retreating again.


One final jump and her mission was completed.

Teleporting to the exact location of Autocrat, her most trusted confidante and beloved general, Tempo stepped through the portal, weariness imbued in every motion, seeping into every bone. She had taxed her energy in a way she never had before, but with necessity for their mission.

Sliding the miniscule chip from a device in her suit, she wordlessly handed the feared and revered Hound the blueprints for the main target of their siege, fighting the urge to fall to her knees and collapse due to exhaustion.

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@cassius_knightfall: @tempo_:

Base of Operations, New York

It was imperative that the uncanny mutant collective execute their plan without tactical disruption. There was to be no tolerance for miscalculation and the subjection to subtle errors. Many a philosopher ramble about perfection as a concept of pure fabrication, unobtainable, beyond the reach of the puny, expendable, simple minded mortals. For their race's salvation, today mutant-kind would have to be nothing less than paragons of perfection. "My boys are well equipped for the terms of your mission, Cassius. It will be completed without fail, I can assure you", Autocrat calmly affirmed, his hulking frame tamely rising from his seat, casting a partial shadow across the enclosed room, the shadow of he who will annihilate the colonization of mutant-kind.

Resolutely meeting a seated Cassius' gaze with his own, Autocrat's unblinking, indigo eyes projected his inherent conviction. "This siege is for the soul and future of our people. To bring an end to this era of racial assassination by removing these evolutionary blemishes from the world we are predestined to inherit". His declaration dripped with ideological resolve and messianic character, perhaps even arrogance, a trait of every self-proclaimed prophet it seemed. "I am a warrior prophet, Cassius", the Prophet of the Ostracized, their messiah, "My following is a fanatical one. And as with every fanatical following, they strive to become what their messiah is said to be. As the followers of a warrior prophet, my... heh, boys will give their lives for this siege. They will sacrifice themselves in the same fire that will burn the evolutionary pretenders".

Relaying his collaborator's instructions to his paramilitary subordinates, tasking them with the duties required by Cassius' plans, the Hound of Justice made his depart, there was one more he would have words with.

--Location, Unknown--

"Your resources have dwindled, and the world believes you to be dead"

Enshrouded in darkness and sporting a layer of metallic grimness, this seemed a headquarters more befitting of Autocrat himself, or perhaps even more befitting of his mentor, the infamous Brahma Bull. With iconic, militant swagger, the Hound of Justice domineeringly strut all about, asserting his dominance and authority over a domain devoid of sentient presence, taunting it's defenses to assault him with greater ferocity as bullets ricocheted his juggernaut-like physique. "Your resources have dwindled, and the world believes you to be dead", he mocked, verbally drawing out the domain's architect, a tall, enigmatically attired man of greying hair. "These are difficult times", the man answered, his voice resonating with subtle irritation. "I had hoped you were dead, Autocrat", he jabbed, his features grinning with venom.

"Ideologies are beyond the touch of death", the Prophet of the Ostracized coolly declared, taking a greater step forward, his bold, assertive nature doing little to disarm his acquaintance's composure. "And what ideology would that be? Your greedy hunger for power?", the man questioned, garnering a relaxed fit of dismissive laughter from the Hound. "It's not greed but not necessity. Power is everything. It is the tool that will destroy and corrupt the influence of humanity, and forge the future of mutant civilization". Autocrat's justification however, drew only a scoff from the man, "Pfft... power, power is-", a scoff interrupted by the Prophet's indignant roar. "EVERYTHING! Power is everything! Tell me, what has more meaning, more relevance than power in a world where a child must watch his siblings die, his race brought to the brink of extinction and enslavement? They fear us because of our POWER!". Retaining his calmness with abnormal rapidity, Autocrat continued, "You are so removed from what is happening that you cannot see that I am what the Arcani once believed you to be, a prospective messiah for a dwindling people".

"I have come for one thing, and one thing only. Make one more contribution to your race, then you may forever fade into this pit for all eternity", the Hound paused, extending his open palm in a demanding gesture, "Give me the God Virus, Andres".

Base of Operations, New York

Returning from his cabalistic peregrination, the Hound of Justice's ingress occurred in simultaneity with Tempo's. As his cold, predatory eyes laid upon her weakened, struggling frame, he inquired, "Do you have it?". His question met with the handing of a technologically innovative chip harboring invaluable information on the layout of their iconic Siege's primary target. "Well done", he commended. "Rest. While Cassius and the rest of my subordinates complete their tasks, I will need you by my side for my involvement in the Siege". Raising his left fist, a syringe containing fluorescent liquid lifted into view, "The power to rewrite genes, is now mine". Now? The girl.

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@cassius_knightfall: @tempo_: @autocrat:

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The Anti-Mutant World Order had grown, grown and grown some more until they had managed to create weapons which even this world were not ready for. They had outgrown mutant kind’s natural advantages through sheer intelligence and militaristic might. Now he stood, AMWO’s prized jewel in the fight against the mutants. His name was simply Enforcer. Made from a synthetic metal said to have originally fallen from space, a self-repairing, and some had said, it was even a living metal. It was AMWO’s ultimate weapon.

Looking down, the Metallic Mauler cocked his gigantic weapon as it looked ahead, addressing the many soldiers plastered around New York. “There’s a thin line between being a hero, and being a memory. Today, my friends, the mutants will rise and they will fall,” It paused, taking a humongous step forward and causing a massive crater in the ground as it done so, the titan knew something was approaching, but what? “Destiny has led us to this moment in time, generations of fighting, decades of bloodshed, all come down to this moment. Do not fail brothers, for your failures will be written in history for eternity.” Its eyes glowed. “We will win.”

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In the Hotel Room

Pyrrhus thought that he heard some noise coming from the outside.He slowly got up from the nice comfortable hotel bed .When he open up the window and saw what looked like some sort of commotion going down in the streets.How long have I been a sleep is a thought that came to his mind but also was it time ? He went to Hi tech phone that had the early classic as the people called them nowadays .

Nope not a single message."Well looks like it not my time yet."The Old man from space yawn as he walked towards his bed again."Looks like I can sleep some more."He continued to mumble while he went to to bed to take another nap.He lay his head on the pillow and he fell a sleep dreaming about chocolate chip ice cream space ship thing.

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Ben looked on from a hill as light after light in the city that never sleeps went dark. A grim, heavy weight settled in his gut, and he knew good people were about to die. Turning, he made his way back to the main camp. Forces had amassed in secret from all over. Mutants too savage and mindless, or too weak and intelligent, for the Knightfalls. People who used to be patrons of Mutie's, but had fled when AMWO supporters razed it to the ground. The memory nearly gave him pause. While he had ascended to virtual mutant godhood that day.. he'd watched his brother Frank get disemboweled in front of a live crowd. Shaking away the grisly images, he shouldered into the command tent where his finest were gathered. Motioning over to a glowing blue holographic table display, he began.

"Before I get on with this, know something. A lot of you are gonna die. The AMWO's got New York in a vice with all of their shiniest toys." Waving his hand, the display brought up a hostile red map of New York. "Whatever the Knightfalls and theirs got planned, it just put the power in the city out. We're.. gonna light things up again." With a fiery snap of his fingers, edge of the city turned a bright orange. "Whether we do harm or good, we're gonna play the part of the visible invaders. This Siege ain't just to take New York. The resistance has something planned, which I'm not privy too apparently.." A fact that still embittered him. Razing New Orleans ought to have earned at least some of their trust. "But whatever it is, it's important. The AMWO's throwing down the gauntlet. We're gonna melt that shiny, mutant-hatin' gauntlet to ash." With a motion of his hand, the orange expanded into the holographic replica of the city. "We hit harder and faster than New Orleans. Don't give 'em time to bring out the big guns." And as much as he hated to say this, "Kill 'em all. Like New Orleans, we ain't got time for civilians. They get in the way or try to fight, cut 'em down and move on to the next target. We mobilize in thirty, strike ten minutes after that. Dismissed."

With that, the defiant sun mutant went to prepare for their part in the Siege.

Forty minutes later, camouflaged South of New York

If there'd been a weight in his stomach earlier, it was a deathly tight knot now. AMWO forces had retreated and built up barricades around the city. Meanwhile, his men waited anxious, powers flaring and guns loaded. With a heavy sigh, he pulled the radio up to his mouth and spoke, broadcasting perhaps his final speech to his men across secure radio waves.

"Alright troops, listen up. In front of you is a bastion of human oppression. Behind those barricades stands those who would deny us personhood. Would would kill our species out of fear of our power. But NO LONGER! Now we strike with the fury of mutantkind scorned, and we will show the humans that they can either accept evolution and progress, or die out a pathetic, bitter memory." Standing, he gazed out at the fearsome gun emplacements decorating the barricades. "Many of you will die in the name of homo-superior. Your corpses are gonna be vaporized if you're lucky, butchered if you ain't, or just forgotten beneath the rubble. But your contribution will not. If you die today, you die in the name of mutant survival! You die so that generations of mutant children may live! YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN THIS DAY, BE IT IN INFAMY OR IN FAME. WHETHER WE WIN OR LOSE." When his voice reached a crescendo, he pointed forwards as brilliant orange flame enveloped his body. "ATTACK!"

All at once, a veritable legion stormed the barricades. Bolts of energy blue and green and purple flew by, accompanied by jets of flame and bolts of lightning. They were met with gunfire, and joined by screams of anguish as attacks on both sides hit targets. Eventually, it all blended together into a maelstrom of mutant and human fury. And Benjamin Lang, the mutant Apollo, stormed forwards to bring a new dawn to New York.

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@tempo_: @autocrat:

The humid weather was nothing compared to the blazing sun rays that touched her skin in the Crescent City. New Orleans, home to many and most of all, home to the legends of supernatural. Part of a faithful coven of witches that was the community themselves, these witches of New Orleans primarily the French Quarters were a forced to be reckoned with. The shape-shifting wolves had feared them, the undead blood suckers feared them, and even the frail fraction of humans feared them.

“To be reborn, you must have faith.” That was the Ancestral Magic motto. You reap what you sow, without sacrifice there is no gain. But their own political concern with the mutant problem that grew like a plague across the world remained untouched the witches, little did they know it would come back to bite them. But it wasn’t just the witches that would suffer but also other factions of the supernatural community within New Orleans. You reap what you sow, but nothing like this would ever prepare for what was to come.

Taking advantage of the human’s fears against mutants, the human faction within New Orleans that knew greatly of the darker side of their beloved city took into consideration in wiping their home land of the festering disease they called supernatural. Their one true goal was to kill the vampires, werewolves, and witches all together and they would succeed too.

This was the new world order; the Anti-Mutant regime had taken into effect. Those who we considered weak, average, normal, and those who we greatly underestimated now were their biggest threat. Aided with the resources to perform a mass genocide, the human faction began their first attack against the blood leeches during the day, when the sun was always their greatest enemy. Storming into their nest, the human released a multitude of various fire arms that level their sanctuary and exposed them to the bright lights that help reduced them to nothing but ashes. Knowing that some vampire resistance towards sunlight was probable due to enchanted rings, they enlisted the witches to help in their massacre. Ensuring them that this would help relief the two factions of the vampire menace once and for all in New Orleans as a whole, little did the witches know, and they were being manipulated. Their next move was to strike the werewolves, during the night of a lunar eclipse, the human parties descended into the bayou where a plethora of shape-shifters had lived and murder them all with a combination of silver and fire, and that was the end of the werewolves’ line once and for all.

The witches were naïve to believe that the human would spare them due to their so-called alliances, history was to repeat itself and the deal made with the devils demanded a high price. Orchestrating a false party for the witches to celebrate their alliance with the human faction, the great community of witches in New Orleans was gathered in the most ironic places of all, the Layfette cemetery which would soon serve as their resting place. When the sun died down and the party had just begun, the humans immediately took action. Taking the witches by surprise, hails of bullets struck their bodies and slaughters them all, not even magic could stop the monstrosity that the human faction had committed. Once they were done, every which in the Quarter was no more or so they thought, only four witches had survive that gruesome night.

Morning their losses, once the humans had left the murder scene, the witches returned. But because they drew power from the dead witches in their community, they had to consecrate the remains of all the witches that died, once done the last remaining witches were stronger than ever. The massive and collective power now flowed in their veins, all the witches who died and those in the past was now with them, all reborn with vengeance and carnage. Tracking the human council within the church that they splurge on their suppose victory, the last living witches took their approach with a full on assault. Barging through the church doors, the witches performed their spell in unison. One by one they fell, except for one. As she grew too comfortable with death it would now take her, but luckily she was spared and saved. A rift of magenta like colored energy opened before her and a female emerge from it, adorned in militia-like uniform with the scars of what humankind engraved her with now written all over her body. “Come one!” she instructed with her hand stretched out, taking her hand, the witch was now gone.

“They’re all gone…” she whispered to herself, crying inside while her tears couldn’t even be summoned to express herself correctly. “Take me back, please. I have to put their bodies to rest.” Her voice was weak; she had to consecrate the last of her fallen witch friends. “I will once it’s safe.” She didn’t argue back, she was too emotionally torn and in pain. All her friends and family were now gone, the entire community of witches were no more. She was the last one left, the constant reminder where she wished she had join them then continue on with the burden of being alive. Hours past and she was ready to returned to the church were the last of her fallen friends had remained. Upon returning through the magenta colored portal of energy, she gasps, seeing their bodies once again. Her hands covered her mouth and her eyes slightly tear up. “Take me to the cemetery. I need them there.” Doing as the witch had asked, within minutes the two living females and three dead witches arrive. Performing the consecration ritual, the witch had successfully laid them to rest. Their magic fled back into the earth and now it was time for the last living witch to harness that power.

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Walking to her family’s tomb she bent down on one knee and lit an incense stick on fire, blowing the flames away she placed in on an ash tray near the tomb. The unknown lady who had helped the witch asked what she was doing, as it was strange and unorthodox to her eyes. “I’m praying to the entirety of the ancestral witches, asking them to give me power. If I leave New Orleans ground I can’t practice magic. Our magic is tied to the earth and grounds of where our community is buried. If I leave I leave my power and legacy behind. But I’m going to ask that I take it with me all of it; to act as a living conduct for the magic in these grounds. There are no more witches in the Quarter; I’m the last of them in New Orleans. I’m going to need it all for what is to come.” Soon her prayers were heard and the ancestral witches had given her what she wanted, every witch who passed before her within New Orleans ground was now energizing her, the witch was now a living anchor for Ancestral Magic.


Many years have passed and the war between mankind and mutants was fully in effect. Several mutant figures had seemly died and vanish into thin air through the use of the human’s secret weapon. The witch known as Sabine was one of the strange anomalies among the mutant resistance team led by the Hound. Though she was not a mutant but a witch, Tempo, now her greatest friend had showed her kindness ever since she saved the witch. This kindness was returned as Sabine now fights for a dying breed wanting to seek justice.

“Are you all right?” she immediately asked, rushing towards Tempo’s aid as she had just collapse onto the floor from her mission from fatigue. After the fearless Hound instructed her to rest, Sabine took her friend to recovery, knowing that Tempo was one of their aces in this war and they couldn't afford to lose the teleporting mutant.

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@the_xsoteric: @the_superior_sapien:

An arched brow, a petite, pellucid droplet of sweat swirled, cascading through the maimed visage of a soldier, glassing thoroughly his scarred psyche, throbbing fingers against the rudimentary, unpolished, flawed surface of the wooden table, twitching clockwise eye, nigh blinking a few times. The evidence of dither augmented each delayed second. The snafued situation manhood projected itself into expanded and confronted no boundaries it could not overlap swimmingly. Conflict after conflict, bullet after bullet, the situation worsened. And Nobody had witnessed the carnage, lead massacres against innocent lives and simply looked down upon the apocalypse occurring beneath, charred corpses filling countless streets. The ghosts that haunted him even nowadays, years forth, and he had a final shot, a final bullet inside the magazine, just awaiting to abscond the circular barrel toward the flawless target with flawless timing, and it was now or never, redemption so nigh he could nearly touch it, feel his grasp encompassing the delightful freedom of spirit. Slender fingers tighten around a glass of Scottish whiskey, pulses surging leisurely as he elevated the cup with a hand, an impish grin emerging. "Fine, Quintus. Ya have yer man. Just tell me: where are we heade-..."

The wall outbursts, a smoke curtain ascends instantaneously, the puissance behind the dreadful crash was indubitably immediate as debris besprinkled throughout the abecedarian, mahogany room. A little blood dripped from Quintus, most likely wounded as he was hurled alike an American-football ball. Two fingers environed the annular cigarette, the same skeptical semblance garnished by a presumptuous grin. "Didn't they tell ya, super weapon, that interrupting a conversation is wrong? Or are the boy scouts just working on delivering cookies instead of educating?" The alabaster smoke vamooses from his lips forming ring-like figures whilst hovering above. "Well, at least ya knocked." Bobbing his head leftwards in a playful manner. "Oh yeah, I never experienced a near death experience, kiddo. Never seen nor shot a strong dude's brains out. The best outcome here is: ya kill me, I die trying to defend a race humiliated and nearly extinct by your bullshit, only honorable death I can see. Worst outcome is: I'm gonna get some blood from yer pretty face on my carpet. Either way, I'm good." The words are spilled from his mouth. His fingers slip through the protruding surface of the table as the other hand reaches a can of deodorant, a mere click and the substance evacuates its recipient towards the tip of a burning cigar, flames directed at Superior Sapien are formed, hopefully those would buy him enough time as Nobody expeditiously darted through the doors aback.

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Within the deepest level of the compound, the Anti-Mutant World Order's secret weapon sat seemingly unimpressive. Her tortured mind and body jaded the natural beauty she might have had. In another life she might have been capable of a smile, of laughter. The metal cap resting on her golden head laid her potent psyche bare. The Brainchild could mold the universe, but her potential was determined by her surroundings. Should another fate befallen her, Sophia could have been so much more than a weapon, than a slave. She could have been a creator instead of a destroyer. But this was all she knew. She couldn't stop this chain of events... not by herself.

@tempo_ The Brainchild's invisible psionic web ebbed and flowed through the compound like an organic alarm system. This was part of their design. She could "see" into the fabric of creatures with her unique sensation. Her eyes closed. The machine left her mind raw; every thought was pain. She could feel everything: the turning of the locks at the twisting of a key, the heavy breathing of the newer recruits as they radiated anxiety. Then suddenly, a new rhythm emerged. Her heart pattered in time with the temporal shifts. Blink. Blink. Blink. It was a young woman, a mutant. Her unique ability allowed her to breach the compound's defenses, slipping in and out of her psionic reach. Here. Her mind pleaded that the mutant would succeed in her reconnaissance and discover the Brainchild. Finally. Their eyes locked. For Sophia it felt like a pained eternity. Her blue orbs wordlessly spoke as they gazed deeply into the woman's green windows to her vengeful soul. The Brainchild wasn't sure how the mutants would respond to her discovery. Would they see her as a lost one of their own needing to be saved? Would she be a traitor to be destroyed? Or would she become a slave to their cause, a weapon to be used against the humans. One thing she knew, she could do nothing here. Whether she lived or died, she had to fix this. Her branded eyes stared, conveying all this inner turmoil in a glance. Help me.

The purple-haired woman vanished as quickly as she had appeared. Her job was done, but Sophia's was not. The concoction of drugs in her system working in tandem with the implant forced her to convey all information to her masters.

Meanwhile in the secret boardroom, the leaders convened. "There have been sporadic assaults on our facilities." One reported. "Get troops down there immediately."

"Brainchild, report." The doctor's words resonated through her skull.

Her words were soft as they were spoken through the intercom. "The mutants are here. They have infiltrated your base."

"What?" A general scoffed. "Why would they... sh*t. They are striking at our power sources. They'll drive us to auxiliary. We have to withdraw our forces to defend the main base."

"No!" A bespectacled man hissed. "I'm not letting these muties take one inch of ground. We'll wipe them out head on. We will not go on the defense. The @enforcer_ has been unleashed. I want this resistance crushed as an example to all the remaining freaks out there." He smashed a fist onto the desk. "I want the Brainchild on full alert. And let's turn these mutant prisoners against them." A sadistic smile curled over his face.

Within her solitary prison, Sophia tightened her jaw, her eyes clenched shut. "So be it." Her heart was wrenched with grief as she felt her power seeping into the bodies of her fellow mutants. An army of branded prisoners were released from their cells, marching not of their own volition to their deaths. Another horrific psychological game against the mutants as the fatal puppet show began, each prisoner moved like a marionette against their brothers and sisters, their powers at the disposal of the mastermind. They were not trained fighters, and any skill they once had was replaced with a zombie-like progression, a herd whose purpose was more to slow and demoralize than obliterate the oncoming mutant forces. They were disposable pawns to the AMWO as was the Brainchild herself. She could feel her mind barely holding together as her attention divided to control the movements of the prisoners. The offensive gesture was a gambit on the part of the AMWO. She hoped her fellow mutants would do what they do best: adapt.

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@enforcer_: @shadowswordmaster: @brainchild:

Cassius bloody advance through the corridors of the enemy stronghold suddenly brought to a abrupt halt. Heavy footfalls echoing through the meatgrinder around him. The enforcer project, the militant mutant had heard rumours of a metalic monster brought to life buy the mutant haters. A hate weapon used to round up freedom fighters and inprison them. Until now the rumours purely speculation, but speculation was enough for Cassius to worry. When he worried Cassius made plans, and this was a problem he had planned for. Whilst his brother the metallic meastro would simple pull this giant robot apart, Cassius as always had a more covert plan. Bone and sinew shifting to reveal a belt beneath the Knightfalls unique armour. Reaching to his side and grabbing his walky talky, rapidly raising it to his head.

"Look out the window, i'am not hearing you fire!. Use the thermite rounds, aim for center of mass. Keep him busy for a few minutes and then i will come and finish the job."

Placing the communictaion device into a jacket pocket and allowing his bone armour to flow back over his flank like a weirdly off colour milk setting hard within seconds. Refocusing on the task at hand the Knightfalls attention suddenly peaked by the sound of an elevator, the doors moving to the side revealing a sudden and worrying influx of oddly vacant people. Their clothes monotonal and dull clinical almost like they where patients of somekind. Moving collectively towards the Knightfall their movements almost collective as they suddenly began to alter their pattern.

Cassius clenched his fists as his body begain to shift as well liquid pouring down his arms and hardening at the tips of his knuckles. A spiracle spike forming on each of his hands arming the knightfall with bone lances on each arm, a flood of eyes forming behind him as his advanced. These where no longer his brother mutants they had no voice no expression almost like they had no soul. Broken mutants attempting to defend a broken ideal. A flurry of mercyless jabs showering the corridor with blood. Sparks screams and sickly cracks filling the dimmly lit corridor. Silence and shadow remaining as Cassius limped forward. A gapping gash glistening grimly on the Knightfalls thigh as he pulled himself into the lift. The lift closing behind him barely masking a huge rumble from the streets outside.

"They still have power, so they have their own generator." Sinking into the shadows and appearing in the building sub basement his apperence instantly greeted by more apperently mindless mutants. Various unknown projectiles whizzing past the knightfalls masked head as the mutants fired upon him. Popping in out of their shadows moving between his targets like a grim spectre, every second wasted was a second the others didnt have. The power must go out and now. Reaching for his pistols and firing salvos of rounds into his targets as he continued to shift.


flying back from the shadow into wall as something firmly struck him in the chest.

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Through a spontaneous act of venerated savvy the war-torn soldier instantaneously engineered a homemade incendiary diversion. Manufacturing a miniature flame that, for all intensive purposes, would accomplish very little. A devilish sneer now formed along the flawless features of the Superior Sapien's face before protruding his lips, unleashing a sub-zero whistle of air to intercept the assault. Effective, but, predictable. Perfect timing coupled with the Xsoteric's uncanny anticipation ushered in his tactically astute counter, contorting and morphing the Superior Sapien;s frigid gust into a flash freezing maelstrom via telekinetic tampering. Momentarily encapsulating the monstrous mutant hunter's head in a block of ice.

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Pushing free of debris and pieces of furniture, Quintus rapidly scrambled behind Nobody. "We'll never be able to outrun him, not together. You have to get to the AMWO central hub, help my brother and the others get inside and shut down their secret weapon."placing a grateful hand on the retired warrior's shoulder, the Knightfall Patriarch nodded, "Thank you. You've given me something I thought I had lost long ago......you've given me hope. Now go, I'll buy you enough time to escape."

Shrugging off his trademark partial cape with a roll of the shoulder, the Living Weapon braced himself for the inevitable. A thunderous roar preceded the violently orchestrated re-emergence of the angered agent of death, who's blitzing flight into the hall and in front of the Xsoteric had ripped the paneling off the walls with nothing more then his flight based wake. "Pathetic. One mutant against me? Insulting." mockingly disregarding the legendary Knightfall. Only to have his arrogance squandered as the arrogant messiah smirked, "Funny, one human against me? I was thinking the same thing....."

The human mutant opera was reaching its climatic curtain call with astonishing flair. The battle for New York was a battle for the ages. History would remember this time as the beginning, and the end. All that was left now was to determine which species would emerge at the front and the back, of that particular sentiment.

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@brainchild: @tempo_: @enforcer_: @cassius_knightfall: @gloomix:

With the power of the 'God Virus' acquired from a disillusioned, reclusive yet surviving Andres Knightfall, Autocrat's plan to bend humanity to it's knees and reward him, and his mutant brothers and sisters their inborn right to inherit the world was nearly completed. There remained however, one more missing component, an elusive element to serve as the meticulous scheme's catalyst. This rumored Brainchild, humanity's most powerful weapon against mutant-kind, it... she represented the final chess piece in the Prince of the Ostracized's mission to bring forth an era of justice. Confident in Cassius' effectiveness as a guerrilla leader and the additional firepower his offered subordinates provided the rogue Knightfall, the Hound of Justice readied himself for the acquisition of his plan's crown jewel.

"There is no peaceful resolution"

For the time being, he would not physically immerse himself in the sociopolitical conflicts erupting in the ravaged streets of New York. His was a greater purpose. He would eviscerate the enemy's heart and mind, strike at it's center and do everything in his power to turn their trump card against them. The sacrificed men and women that would dare oppose his march would learn to fear him as an unrelenting god of war, a Modern Day Mars. His hulking frame stood before his rallied forces with militaristic swagger, both tree trunk-sized arms folded behind his back, further projecting his assertive, militant, and domineering aura. "Brothers... sisters", he began, the audibly prominent yet distorted bass of his resolute voice began, his cold, predatory glare transfixed on those gathered before him.

"Politics no longer serves a purpose when now the only recourse is war. In the streets of this broken city, our people unite under one banner to do battle against the most soulless of our hominid cousins", Autocrat paused. "Retreating is no longer an option", his voice was now raised, conveying an inherent character of power and authority. "Subservience to those beasts? No more. The life of a shackled and trapped dog is not ours to live. Their self-righteous hatred is what created us! The renegades! The ones who will bring guerrilla wars to the streets until they burn in the same flames we will sacrifice their children in! We will take this world like the Templars took Jerusalem. If we retreat, there will never be peace!".

"Feel nothing for those who will die in our war, this is the blood price of freedom! Is living our life in a hole and viewing the world through a crack the fate of our race?! Have the heart to die for your own, rage against the machine so that we may finally cleanse the virus from the circuitry". The morale, the indignation, the dog-like hunger of his cronies was roused, and as they ascended to the streets to burn humanity's throne, the Prince of the Ostracized remained within the encompassing walls of his undisclosed base of operations. The syringe harboring the God Virus resting in his firm grip as the calculating gaze of his chilling, indigo eyes met those of his most trusted followers, his two trump cards, Sabine (Gloomix) and Tempo.

"You have rested, Tempo", the implications of his words were clear, "And now I require you both", they were to accompany him. With his acquired knowledge of the architectural layout of the Brainchild's confinements, Autocrat concluded, "Tempo, take us to her, to the Conduit, to this... Brainchild".

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@enforcer_: @cassius_knightfall:

The man from space was slowing going to sleep even with the battle going on from outside the hotel.Man he was getting old if he was taking a nap during a battle , but then again he wasn't called on yet .He had a part of the over all plan but his part of it wasn't called on yet.He rolled over his left side on the queen size bed to get a better spot to lay in , when suddenly the radio went off on the other bed.

"Look out the window, i'am not hearing you fire!. Use the thermite rounds, aim for center of mass. Keep him busy for a few minutes and then i will come and finish the job."

The VoidHawk's eyes went went open, that was the signal that he was waiting for or at least what he was told to do.Getting up from the bed and stretching a bit before standing up on the floor."Okay now time to get to work." He yawned and moved in a fast paced to the other bed.He pulled over a big black that looked like a bag that you would put cloths in for a trip ."Okay let's see whatI have here, ohhh I like these." He whistled at the sight of the thermite rounds and the foldable sniper rifle , looked like a new model.

Putting the weapon together in the correct places and finally , a clicked sounds of the thermite clip going into bottom of the rile."This should be fun."He said with a warmed smile on his face.Holding on to the rifle with one hand while his other went to pressed a small button on the back of his ear.The the Alpha-13 materialize around his head.The Alpha-13 was a better version giving him protection of the head and giving a better sights for long range targets like the one he was about to do.The old man was about to moved to the window but they he went back to the bed and got an extra clip of thermite just in case and put it in his coat pocket. He with great delight holstered both of his anti-proton pistols.

He open up the window of the tenth story of the hotel and saw what was Cassius was talking about.Huge robot thing was on the streets and his "allies".The targeting system in the Alpha-13 circled in on the huge mecha.He made sure that he had the correct stance when firing .He brought the rifle up to to where is was line up with the Alpha-13 and aimed for the head of the mecha and he pulled the trigger.He fired six steady shoots of the Thermite rounds right at the head of the machine but instead firing right between the eyes he would fired right the eyes themselves , the neck , and the forehead of the mech a."Boom...Boom...Boom...Boom..Boom..Boom and BOOOM!!!" The Voidhawk blurted out when firing a round from the rifle hoping that it would be enough to get the big mutant killer mecha attention.

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@brainchild: @the_xsoteric:

Pulling himself up out of the shattered dry wall Cassius dusted himself down and looked across the room at the source of the strike. "Impressive strenght, normally i would like to enjoy the thrill of a fair fight. But this is the end game and you are stalling me." His hidden abilty spanning the gap between the two men and taking its silent hold. "You see whilst i am a master of the dark", stroking the side of one of his several minions as he talked and advanced "I have another skill one i use sparingly for such an occasion." Twisting his right hand the gesture met with an instant scream from his opponent as his knees began to buckle and crack twisting in a foul exhibition of contortion. "I hear knees are expensive, i will save you the bill" a loud crackechoing around the open void around the shadows. The crimson Knightfall stept up to the generator reached out his hands and pulled it apart. A shower of sparks cascading like falling stars onto the concrete before the tottality of the dark was once more complete.

No Caption Provided

Cassius eyes closed at the the world moved by his form appearing several floors higher. Lifeless cameras and heavy powered doors now powerless to their function allowing the continued aproach on his prime target. Walking evenly as the wound on his leg was all but now a distant memory his chest unmarked by the furrious kick hat sent him flying he came upon the last stand of humanity and the fabled center of their secret weapon. Beams of red floating through the dark and resting upon his armour.


Smiling under the cover of his dense bone coating the Knightfall vanished, instant panic spreading among the last of the armed guards. Appearing at the left flank of the gunmen burying his clawed hand into his chest the sickening sound of flayed and disembodied skin followed by the dull thump of falling organs. Vanishing once more into the cover of the dark drawing the reamining guards to panic, frantically firing in all directions. Apperaing in their midst slicing at throats and flanks, the rampant chorus of bullets brought to the silence of the dead. Reaching his bloody hand out and forcing the last door free from its vast metallic lock the lone Knightfall advanced.

His stomach instantly turning as the site of the secret weapon came into view his blood raising several degrees as he looked at the frail female form bound to the space in front of him. "To catch a mutant you need a mutant" the words ringing around his head as he tore the bounds free from. "I am here to take you away from this place. I assure you i wont hurt you." He to had been at the end of the govenments hospitality and he offered his hand. His armour shifting clearing the blood soaked bone and showing his true hand. As soon as their skin touched the darkness consumed them both and Cassius and his new found allie where on board his brothers vessell out in the bay of the city.

"Please excuse me i have a war to finish. You are safe here, take what you need." the last words of the dark before he vanished

Now to claim the city.
Now to claim the city.

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Before the Brainchild there stood a figure wrapped in darkness. It almost seemed like one of the creations of her tortured mind, and she was hesitant to address it. The shadows peeled away, and Sophia almost choked out the words as she felt the familiar sensation of relation. "I knew a Knightfall would save me."

Freed from her prison, the Brainchild knew what she must do. It would be the most arduous task she had ever undertaken. Having never tried such a feat before, she was quite certain it would be her last. Her mother was a telekinetic, her grandfather a time manipulator. It was time to live up to the family name of the house of Q. She would birth a universe. Her ice blue eyes closed, and the chaos of the war melted away in the solitude of her peculiar mind. Even as her body and mind were freed from the control of the AMWO, she allowed her mind to fly beyond the confines of mortal thought, beyond even the imagination of a half-mad blonde. It was time to go all the way down the rabbit hole.

It was as if Sophia saw herself from some third person perspective as her body hovered in a dream reality saturated by colours beyond the human spectrum. The woman drew the vibrant fabric of the universe to herself. With a blinding flash of white light and an explosion deafened by the expanse of space, she tore through the present and into the past.

Her body slumped on the pavement of a sidewalk. A buzzing street light glimmered in the drops of blood beneath her gaze. Feeling detached from the reality she saw, Sophia tried to wipe the blood from her nose, eventually succeeding in the fumbled effort. She looked up toward the moon in the night sky as she steadied her dizzy mind. The woman stumbled onto her feet, every fibre of her being telling her to fall over and die, to end the terrible struggle of her existence. But her iron will pushed her onward. She would not have her sacrifice or any others who gave their lives in the human-mutant be in vain. She would fix the past and save her younger self. Sophia only hoped she had been able to set herself far enough back and that she had enough strength to finish the task.

The Brainchild had arrived. The headquarters of the Anti-Mutant World Order stood in front of her... as before it had undergone its futuristic security makeover. It was just a shoddy warehouse with a few guards, nothing compared to the weapon they would create. Conjuring a psychokinetic ward about her, she kicked in the door with her psionically enhanced strength. There she stood, the blonde woman staring down her captors in an AMWO labeled uniform coloured with her own blood. A twisted smile spread across her face as a rage began to burn within her. The eerie countenance of the familiar creature with an "M" brand over her right eye coupled with her particular raiment froze the AMWO guards and scientists for more seconds than any had anticipated. But the stun was sort lived as bullets raced toward her slender frame. The Brainchild's face contorted; the bullets were refracted by a repellant gravitational force back into the shooters. With a slice of her hand, the occupants of the area were tossed like rag dolls into the wall the the force of a hurricane wind. She stepped through the pile of bodies, certain to kill any surviving, broken wretch. Again the blood flowed this time from her eyes and ears. She fell to her knees from the worst pain in her life. Her mind was fractured. She had never breached time before, and the temporal lag of her current state was slowly killing her. She didn't belong here. It was a crime against nature, and nature would have its blood.

Her face was drained of colour as she caught sight of her infant self. Pulling herself to her feet, Sophia fought the pain and weakness to reach her. A tear fell from the pools of her eyes as she took the baby in her arms. In that moment, all felt right. There was no pain, no torturous past. There was only potential in the big, blue eyes that stared back at her. But she didn't have the time. Every second she came closer to death even as she had saved herself. She dashed out of the warehouse, clutching tiny Sophia to her chest. The roads seemed to spin around as she grew dizzier. Her body fell before the steps of the church, her mind managing to catch the small child and set her before the doors. She rolled over on her back her blue eyes looking up at the image of a cross on the door. It is finished. Her eyes closed, her mind relinquished to the eternal darkness of the chaotic void.