Age of Absolutism

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 Not long ago; there was a climatic final battle between the forces of good, and the ministers of evil; contrary to what holy relic says, evil won, there was no beast; there was no Apocalypse, just a world ready to rebuild its self; and it did. The faction that won called it’s self the Cabal, it was composed of Many members but the true workings of this group was controlled by a select six or seven.   They were responsible for restricting Freedom of opposition, Press, Right to bear arms, even religion in some areas. However what most gained from this “union” was a Utopia, wars had ended, boundaries were nearly dissolved, the cost of living went down greatly; these “Villians” as the world had once deemed them had ushered the world into an age of peace, not seen since 1929. Those who were against the new regime retreated to the slums; planning there next moves. Many of these resistance members settled down into modern society accepting the rule; other were biding their time, a waiting for the dynasty to start cracking, little did they know, the cracks were already becoming visible.

Sha looked out over Solace City; she just imposed a new law that anyone with Disease, Must be sent to the hospital to be made sterile. She would soon be injecting the citizens of Solace City with Ninjan Blood; trying to craft them in her image.   Physical sex was outlawed, she felt as if the exchanging of the body fluids propelled people to develop an opinion about certain things. New Stations were also shut down; as a matter of fact the new paper was outlawed in all of Solace City. Women needed licenses to carry a child; Children in elementary school was taught to greet people with the phrase “Laih Sha” which meant “Grace to Sha” anyone who didn’t was thrown into a “rehabilitation center”. She had her own “Girl scouts” they were simply the league of Sha’s only it was reserved for Children age 10- 15, and admission was mandatory. Many of the girls in this group became pregnant; which she anticipated. These babies; were given shots to involve into full grown Ninjans by the time they reached age 7. She was insuring that her legacy lived on; Sha or Queen Ninjeta as she liked to be called, succeeded in controlling the lives of everyone in Solace City.

She smiled at the masses of people going about their day, “LAIH SHA!” they yelled waving at their glorious leader. It had only been months after her highly public marriage to Feral Nova; which shocked many but the basis of their union was to strengthen “Women hood”, Sha didn’t know what Nova’s true feelings on the Cabal was; she was a member but she was often quiet at the meetings, as if she didn’t agree with some of their plans. Sha didn’t agree with most of their plans but she knew that the members of this cabal had as much influence as she did; and no one wanted to shift this balance of power. Many of her closest advisors came to her with worries, in the form of dreams saying that there was a member of the Cabal; giving away secrets to those in the slums; it was a problem and one of the reasons there was a meeting being called.   A few weeks ago a member of the Cabal Lord, Marcus was ambushed while awaiting ammunition from Solace City; there was a group down below taking credit; but this act made all of the members cautious of her movements. Whomever did this to Marcus, knew where the weak points of this Tribunal was; and they were planning to strike it; whilst it was killing it’s self.

Walking back into her room, she removed her white coat, and then walked on to the teleported, this device was created by her scientist, to teleport the members from where ever they were to a place known as the “Grand Hall” this is where the members met.   Her Ninjan Blood began boiling, she wanted nothing more than to eradicate everyone living in the slums, but her focus was quickly shifted to this Cabal meeting as she was almost sure the members would point fingers at each other.   

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Not so long ago...

The battle was over. 'Evil' had won this day. But for one young boy, it seemed like victory came at too high a price. Damian Rayne never wanted world domination, like so many of his co-workers. He did not thirst for blood, or the destruction of all mankind. He did not even desire power, though ironically he possessed more raw power than most could ever dream of, even his own people, the fundamentalists. The boy who called himself Hesperus never asked nor wanted for any of these things. All he ever wanted was freedom. 
There was a prophecy told about the boy called Hesperus, many years before he was born. The prophecy foretold that one day, two children would be born. The mark of the crescent moon would mark their arrival, and these boys would usher in a new age in the history of fundamentalists... Though they themselves would not live to see it. One was destined to be Lucifer, the Morning Star, harbinger of the day of destruction. The other was fated to be Hesperus, the Evening Star, who would end the apocalypse with his own blood. Both of the children would die for their respective cause. 
Damian named himself Hesperus for this reason, adamant that he would never seek to destroy the world. He believed with all his heart that the other boy would be Lucifer, and that in order to avoid confronting his destiny altogether, all he must do is kill the other child. And as soon as he was old enough to stand, the boy called Hesperus was taught how to achieve this goal. Under the tutelage of Surreal SaDiablo and his father, Thomas Rayne, Damian would learn to cripple men over twice his size. Back then he was known as a giant killer, the five year old child with the skill of twenty men. At the age of ten, Damian's life would change dramatically. 
He met the other child, a boy named Jason Dodd, who was also known as the superhero Eclipse. Naturally, both children believed the other to be Lucifer, and fought to a standstill before Eclipse retreated. That same year, Damian discovered the true identity of his mother: Surreal SaDiablo. His childhood friend and teacher, the only person to ever love and respect him. Though he would never admit this, the boy called Hesperus was overjoyed. This joy would not last long. 
A war erupted between good and evil, heroes and villains, and all those in between. In this battle, Damian saw the downfall of his great enemy, he saw his lifelong mission accomplished by some nameless rogue, himself slaughtered by the Champions of Peace, seeking to avenge their leader and win the battle. It was a noble effort... But it simply wasn't enough. 
So transfixed by the event, at the very idea that he was now free from his destiny, Damian was hit by a stray projectile. He fell unconscious and was taken back to the stronghold of the villains. When he awoke, the battle was won. But they were casualties. Thousands of them on both sides. The villains had succeeded in their ultimate plot. Yet for Damian Rayne, this was the worst day of his life. Among the many casualties he neither knew nor cared for, was the one woman he truly loved was taken from the world. Surreal SaDiablo was dead. 
Damian had lost everything. His mother was gone and, though he was at first pleased to be rid of Jason, he had lost his purpose in life, his motivation. He only allied himself with villains in order to succeed in his own goals, to get what he really wanted... To be free. Now living in a world ruled by fear, a world controlled by criminals, Damian realized he had destroyed the only hope he had of true freedom the moment he chose his side. His allies celebrated their victory, finally triumphant and ecstatic at the fact that they had succeeded. They had their power they desired; their thirst for blood was sated; and they now dominated the planet, ruling over all. 
The boy called Hesperus never asked nor wanted for any of these things. All he wanted was his old life back... 
All he wanted was his mother. 


In the aftermath of the great battle, Damian SaDiablo discovered that he, the sole heir of Surreal, the Black Lotus, had inherited the League of Assassins. With no hope of ever establishing a normal life, the young SaDiablo relished this gift and threw himself into his work. Firstly, he established his control. Son of the Black Lotus or not, many of the League were fully opposed to the idea of being led by a ten year old boy. Damian quickly silenced these rebels, challenging each member of his guild to combat. One-on-one, without resorting to his powers, the boy formerly known as Hesperus defeated each and every assassins in his league and proved his worth as their leader. There were, of course, still mutterings and doubts about his abilities, but Damian always enjoyed dealing with those who questioned his authority. He was christened as the White Thorn of the League of Assassins and continued his mother's work excellently. 
Hidden in the snowy mountains of Asia was the fortress of the White Thorn. Dressed in his ceremonial garb, Damian sat on his throne and listened to the reports of his agents. To reflect the change from Black Lotus to White Thorn, each assassin now wore a pure white uniform with a red belt, accompanied by any splatters of crimson blood they picked up on their travels. They still had darker suits, if their missions required extra stealth, but for the most part their was the new attire of the League. The Thorn himself had long ago abandoned his colourful costume, intended to be a twisted reflection of his enemy, and now wore long white robes, with stripes of blood red adorning the edges of his suit. His green domino mask had been replaced by a white scarf, which covered the top half of his head, reaching down to his nose and tying up at the back of the head. The eye holes were surrounded by red circles and the child still carried his regular weapons, his daisho, a katana and a wakizashi. 
Nodding his head in approval as each assassins reported the success of their mission, Damian's interest was piqued as he saw the approach of his most loyal servant, a man known as Tai Guay. This particular agent had mutant powers to go along with his skills as a killer, and was stationed in America, to spy on the villains who now ruled this world. He was required to teleport back to headquarters and inform his leader of anything significant. "White Thorn." Tai bowed low, and Damian indicated that he should rise, an eagerness in his eyes. "Lord Marcus has fallen." 
The White Thorn responded with silence, his hand covering his mouth as his mask hid his eyes, disguising whatever emotions he may have felt at this revelation. He sat, deep in thought, as Tai waited patiently for his master to decide what to do. Suddenly springing to his feet, the young assassin looked down from his perch at his subjects, commanding in an authoritative tone: "Gather our forces. We head for America as soon as time permits." As Tai bowed and went to summon the rest of the League, Damian sank back into his chair, thinking again as he mumbled to himself. "It was only a matter of time... Peace is fleeting... Soon chaos will reign once again."
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 The ovation was defining as Jean Luc LeBeau emerged from beyond the purple satin drapes to address his nation, the Dark Utopia. Hand in hand with his loving daughter, Angelique, they were showered with flowers and cheers of admiration as they were hailed as the Desert Messiahs after leading the dark continent out of their virus war torn prison of history and into a new age of prosperity. Having  aligned himself with the now infamous "Cabal," Gambler and the Worlds most nefarious villains set aside their own ambitious goals of personal gratification in exchange for a singular objective. In doing so they systematically eradicated the hero population clearing the way for a new World order, a World of villainous innovation. Dividing up the globe in an effort to maintain some semblance of equality thus insuring, for however brief, a momentary truce between the ever suspicious Cabal. Through their unification they had achieved what once had seemed unobtainable, World Domination. The theatrical parade marking the one year anniversary of the War of Worlds was nothing more then a charade put on like the communist countries of old in an effort to appear militarily superior. Heavily vibranium armored tanks slowly maneuvered down the massive "Black Square" just outside the Capital of Utopia while identically uniformed assassins and soldiers marched alongside. Banners flying high dramatically swaying in the light breeze. 
Raising his left arm high in the air (having lost the right during the War of Worlds) Gambler arrogantly ushered in the fear driven praise while whispers of an insestual relationship between father and daughter flourished throughout the kingdom. In truth the sadistic Cajun, obsessed with the purity of his bloodline, sired his own child through the unmentionable courting of his own offspring. The result of the perverse breeding had produced several unspeakable abominations before finally achieving the perfect specimen. A young boy who had inherently been born with  the combined abilities of his parents. Secretly hidden somewhere within the illustrious halls of the Utopia, the perfect heir to the Living Legend's legacy.

Seldom seen, today marked the child's first public appearance as the King of King's personal guard carried the infant out next to his parents before handing it over to the malevolent dictator. With one arm Gambler thrust the child high into the air for the crowds appeasement welcoming yet another wave of false enthusiasm before handing the child over to Angelique and retiring back into his newly fashioned sanctuary. Only to be greeted by his apathetic servants, poking and prodding as they removed his blackhawk vibranium weaved body suit and replaced it with his aristocratically decorated robes. "Sir, your meeting with the other members of the Cabal is about to begin. Should I..." but the servants sentence was cut short as a swift backhand sent a stream of crimson flowing from his mouth. "Silence. I need not be reminded of my day to day affairs." he snarled before making his way over to the teleportation module. A modern marvel of technology courtesy of the Ninjeta Queen herself. Stepping through the dazzling array of gel like illumination, the Cajun was instantly transported to the fabled "Great Hall." Instantly his eyes fell upon the remarkable Ninjeta beauty. With a placating bow Gambler smirked, "Your majesty. Appears you and I have arrived...early no? No doubt dis meeting is designed to discover who, or who(s), responsible for Marcus' untimely demise?" he stated before situating the back of his robe as not to sit on it.

The Hall was an architectural masterpiece with flawless angels and designs. Some considered it to elegant, to dignified for those villains who were simply slaves to destruction. Yet its precise construction gave it the authoritarian essence essential for such an epileptic group of evil. Each chair had been specifically tailored for each member of the Cabal. The seating arrangement never altering, never deviating from tradition. Safeguards had been installed to insure no physical altercations could unfold if a discussion or member were to lose control within the sacred chamber. Helping ease the natural tension that undoubtedly clouded most of Cabals clandestine meetings.

Completely at ease, Gambler nonchalantly pored himself a drink before offering one to the Queen. As the Cajun brought his golden chalice to his lips he paused, "So tell me chere, who exactly did it feel to crush Marcus beneath your boot heal?" he antagonized.

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"Test subject 3,955 has been processed and is ready for shipment. should we send this batch to Mr LeBeau as scheduled master?" The robotic voice held no emotion as it finished the latest solider. An elite force genetically engineered by Sinister from the world's greatest fighters. Now that Utopia had been accomplished they needed a sufficient force to police it. In their own image. To maintain the new laws set by the world's true leaders. The Cabal.

Examining the readings on his chart Sinister smiled, revealing his wickedly jagged teeth beneath is dark lips. His pale white skin a sharp contrast to his obsidian lips and crimson eyes. "Yes. Ship them as planned. Mr LeBeau will be well pleased with the latest upgrades. Run the tests and ensure that Queen Zicarra's shipment is on time. I would hate to have such a beauty as her displeased with a late arrival". He turned and exited the laboratory, passing by hundreds of testing tubes containing the super soldiers he was creating.

Settling into his chair at the command center of his newly squired fortress he reached up and grabbed cerebro. His device that amplified his telepathic ability to insane levels. One that would let him scan the entire world and creep into anyone's mind at any given time. One by one he began to search for resistance. Any hint or clue that lead to behavior outside of their laws. It was then that he picked up the signal. A young teenage boy full of life and fight. Rebelling out against his 'oppressed' life under the rule of the Cabal. Mentally Sinister sent out a message and not five minutes later three of his genetically engineered soldiers appeared from nowhere. Almost as if they had traveled through the shadows. The boy's eyes widened in fear as he gasped. His freight overtaking him as he panicked and dropped the spray can he had used to deface a poster of the Ninjeta Queen. The boy didn't even have a chance to scream as his life was cleansed from this world. Their world.

"No sin will go unpunished. For I see all, and know all. Our rule is absolute". Hours went by as he scanned the entire world. Sinister knew all too well that the tighter the Cabal clenched their fist in domination the more rebels would slip out from their fingers. It was his job to weed out those who might entire an uproar against their reign. To stop it before anything major happens. He knew all too well what the heart of a hero can do. The inspiration, the dream. Hope.

His mind washed back to the final days of the old war. Where the villains had finally taken down the last of the true warriors. Of the heroes from a lost age. He remembered their determination and drive for what they thought was right. The cause they fought for was futile, but yet they fought on knowing nothing but death awaited them. Hope is what drove them on. Hope was the most dangerous adversary..
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 Her long pale fingers slipped inside the tiny girls body, as she licked the pure flesh, the girl whimpered in pain as Rina’s mouth hummed, the young nubile body shivering in fear as the Goddess of Chaos kissed the child’s innocence from her. The Goddess of Chaos's body knelt at the bottom of her fathers great throne the tiny child gripped in fear and Rina's magic pushed against the great chair, tears streaming down its tiny face, its body barely that of a dolls.

A cough from the door way made Rina growl from between the soft white legs, her head lifting as the girl tried to struggle out of the powerful grip Rina had on her small arms. “What is it" the creature in the doorway lowered its grotesque head at his mistress avoiding the eyes of the the small group of naked children who shivered and whimpered from the corner of the room, chained to the floor their ages ranging from 4-9 the fear in their eyes glowed as they watched the interaction, their little eyes full of pain. Limping across the floor, its one long arm dragging on the floor as its mangled body tried to carry the huge lump on its back, deformed and hideous.

Breathing raggedly as he got his voice the creature spoke with a thick accent as its tongue attempted to form words against a mouth with a handful of rotted teeth “Yooouuu asked me to tell you to go to the meeting with the Caballl” he shivered slightly as Rina ran a hand up the girl’s body, across her tiny nipples, her face pressed into the girls neck as she lifted a finger to her black lips, wrapping her tongue around the tinted nail wetting it before lowering it to slip slide down the tiny girls whimpering body her focus only half on the messenger as she continued with her fun.  

 The creature watched, its breathing ragged as its arousal became obvious, Rina raised her head and saw his attention, a smile playing on her lips, her naked body covered in blood and dirt, her hair a tattered tangle of dreadlocks, purple eyes glowed as they fixed on his “thank you my darling,  please rouse my father he is meant to accompany me”  her voice commanding and strong belying the psychotic darkness that hovered in her eyes, She turned back to focus on the child but growled when she saw he still standing in the middle of the doorway “WHAT ELSE?” her anger made the room crackle with purple sparks “Mmm myyy lady, he... he.... isssss…. Missing…” his voice broke as her anger ripped through the room, rising quickly from the chair, her hand slipped loose of the child dropping her to the floor, a loud crack as the tiny skull hit the edge of the stone chair. A deafening scream wrapped around the room “LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO” she roared facing against the deformed thing, falling on the floor trying to back out the room, his claws scraping on the stone as she strode across the stone, the shadows lifting her up and over as she grasped his head and ripped it clean off his body, his spine snapping, she hurled the head at the wall and kicked the body.

Smoothing down her hair with blood soaked hands, she bent and picked up his skull raising a finger and waving it at the severed head “You know never to disturb mummy's play time Archer, it’s your own fault you were punished” Kissing the cheek of the head she drop kicked it out the doorway and laughed loudly as it bounced out the window down to be fed on by the mass of souls below in Hell. Kicking the body aside in disgust she skipped back to the throne and squatted beside the child’s body, sighing heavily as a child would if a toy was damaged “how sad, I was just starting to enjoy you” picking up the limp tiny body she passionately kissed the dead girls lips before laughing and flinging the form behind her, the sickening thud sounded around the throne room.

The daughter of Arrow grinned as she moved to choose another to play with before stopping as if a sound had rung in her head “darn” she muttered as she clicked her fingers, purple smoke swept up from the floor, with glittering shadows wrapping around her light filling the room before darkness wrapped again . Summoning a mirror she looked at her now clean and dressed form, the black latex panties and bra wrapped in a long cloak, her long legs encased in boots her hair flowing down her back she grinned as she leaned forward to kiss the mirror “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the evilest of them all” high pitched laughter swept around the room as she disappeared, the children cowering in the corner as the room emptied, their cries the only sound to break the screams of hell that could be heard outside the dark walls.

Far away from the gates of hell the psychotic girl made her way into the meeting of the Cabal "NEVER FEAR THE FUN IS HERE" She laughed as she took the offered seat beside Gambler, "welll if it aint daddy warbucks and Queen boobies" her laughter continued as she began wrapping her fingers on the table as she awaited the others, humming a tune under her breath.

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His right arm hang over the leather rail of the dark red couch, his left hand rested on a nearby crystal table adorned with the most beautiful carvings of roses. His head leaned against the back of the couch making it seem his eyes were fixated on the ceiling as his finger slid across the crystal tabletop in search for his glass that was filled with the reddest of wines. The tips of his index finger and thumb grasped the stem of the glass bringing it in front of his mouth and as he brought his head into the correct position he swirled the wine in the glass taking in the sweet scent of the alcoholised grapes.

A smirk came to his face as he saw a young boy looking out from over the balcony behind the long white silky curtains watching the green scenery unfold in front of him. Raising himself from the couch he walked over towards the young boy, his long decadent velvet red robe sliding over the ground behind him as he dragged it along over the marble floor. His bare muscled chest was showing under the robe, over the years his body and his face had lost none of its splendour. As he stood next to the young boy Emile ran his hand across the boys blonde hair “beautiful, isn’t it.” He said as he took a small sip from the red liquid letting it roll in his mouth to get the full flavour explosion. The child merely stared in front of him, his eyes were lifeless and every emotion that were to show in a child’s expression had long since faded as if he had never experienced them. “Come Dominic, we shall honour your mother with our presence.” An eerie smirk came across his face as he stretched his hand towards his young son. It took several seconds before the boy realized there was something asked of him, without looking at his father he grabbed his fathers hand walking alongside him with those same apathetic eyes.

Armours of ancient knights and samurais decorated the halls as the boy and his father made their way through them until they reached two large wooden Victorian styled doors. Two guards dressed in flamboyant red outfits bowed and opened the door for their master with a soft creaking sound of the wood. A large canopy bed showed itself as the figurehead of the room, two large open balconies let in fresh air as the curtains were mere playthings for the wind. Several technological inventions graced the side of the bed with tubes, pumps and distillation devices working around the clock. It would seem like a mad mans laboratory if the engineered devices weren’t decorated with gold trimmings, bound together by lace. In the middle of the bed laid the once so beautiful yet dangerous queen of hell, yet her beautiful brown hair had faded to a dull grey, her once so youthful skin had turned wrinkled and old. “Kiara, my love..” A soft whisper escaped from Emile’s lips as he took a seat by her side, the back of his warm hand sliding across the cold skin of her face. It had been years since the two once fierce lovers had been in an embrace, the love had made room for a distorted view of caring. It had been no secret that in Kiara’s blood housed the gift of life, something she had used on him unwillingly every night they shared together. It had driven him to the point where he was addicted to his own youth, his lover began to suspect this and tried to help him, but after the birth of their son everything changed. Dominic became her only love, the love of a child overthrew the love of the husband. It drove Precise mad with rage and desire and one faithful night drove him to a heinous act. He took their son and threatened to kill him if she would not grant his desires, she was drugged by his scientists and ultimately enslaved as they began their work on their formula of youth. For years she had been tortured with samples of her blood being tested everyday with the help of Mr. Sinisters designs. For all those years she remained bound to her bed while her son grew more distant from the world with every passing day.

“You seem pale my dear, I do hope you’re not trying to deprive yourself of your life” Emile motioned for his son to come closer as he sat him on his lap. Taking a letter opener from the nearby table he brought the knife to the childs throat slighty cutting him open barely missing the vein. A trickle of blood escaped from the boys neck as his mothers eyes released a tear being unable to retort. “Don’t you value your son more?”. Precise asked while taking the rose from the front pocket of his robe and catching the boys blood on the petals before stroking the rose past her face catching her tears. Placing the crimson rose in the boys hair he ordered him out of the room focussing his attention on a valve that contained a purple liquid. With a sinister grin on his face he opened up the tap so a drop fell one at a time as he placed his finger underneath it. Rubbing the life-giving liquid between his fingers he brought them close to his mouth before smearing it across his lips instantly restoring his chafed lips. With the live-giving liquid adorning his lips he gently placed a kiss on his wife’s forehead as her wrinkles slowly began to disappear “Don’t leave me yet my love, things are about to become more interesting”.

Several hours later his muscled physique was graced with the black vibranium costume granted to him by Jean Luc as several servants dressed him and decorated the costume with various gold trimmings. It wasn’t much later that he emerged from the teleportation device shrouded in a long black cape. Jean Luc, Sha and Desiderina had all taken their seat at the table of the Cabal. Walking around the table he found his own seat at the table, dark red leather decorated it, the empty chair of his wife next to it. As it had been empty for years. “As usual I fear my wife couldn’t make it. Her duties keep her somewhat occupied” His voice sounded with a certain hint of sarcasm yet lacking any sense of real emotion.

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The pale body stood in the shimmering light of the black walled room she now found herself in, the light was coming from a hole in the roof above them. Her body trembling in the cold night air, whimpers filled the room; her first instinct was to cover all that was showing, hiding her body from the eyes of her parents, trying not to look directly at them. Six silver hooks suspended each of them up, blood dripped slowly on the floor as he watched her, his eyes focusing on her. She thought he was an angel come to save them from damnation, his two crimson eyes focusing on into her, breaking her soul with each layer. “Have you picked” he whispered as he ran a pale finger over the body over her mother, tracking her spinal cord, he spoke without even looking at her. “Why”, he ignored her words an appeared at her side. Licking her ear lobe, she pulled away from him and he pulled her closer, “Behave” he said pointing at her two parents.  Her name was Alice and her parents Tom and Mary; they had fled most of the bloodshed over the last five years. Alice would have been in her first year at college, she never knew love or the touch of a boy. She could barely remember a time when they would have prayed for someone to save them.

The tears dripped down her body told her to stand, ordering her to dance for him. She cried the whole time as she was humiliated in front of her parents. The puddle of blood under them was now a dark crimson, he had cut of their eyelids before he had even hooked them up forcing them to watch everything he did to their precious little child. Her mother screamed as he took her in front of them, her father shock with rage as he watched his daughter lose her innocence and he smiled, he pulled her body so she would face them as he continued behind her, his eyes locked with the parents, she begged them to help her, clawing at the floor in front of her, trying to break free of the grip he held over her. Alice’s whimpers echoed her mothers, as knife appeared into his ivory fingers and he slipped it between her ribs, the gurgle of blood continued to spurt from her mouth as she entered a death shake and he continued with the desecration of her body, slipping his hand into the fatal wound and then up to his mouth. When he finally finished he stood, cleaning the blood from his fingers over his now naked body.

He stood in front of the mother whose head hung low tears dripping into the open wounds round her eyes, the father swore at him cursing his existence. Their only daughter lay laid lifeless staring at them; he walked over and cut the father down with a wave of his bony hand. The man tired to stand but his legs where shaking and the tears took over, tears of rage mixed with the pain of his daughter’s death. Arrow moved over to him and he began to float, his body routing like a roasted pig, with each turn his body began to peel like a fresh orange. Mary lifted her head as she watched her husband peeled in front of her, “stop” she whispered her throat raw from the pain of screaming and begging “please god stop.” Arrow walked over and picked up a line of the fresh skin and held it above his head before lowering it in to his open mouth, she could see the edge of his mouth twitching into a smile as he devoured the skin of her husband, waving a hand a small table appeared with a fork and knife and he began his meal of the night, never taking his eyes off the women as he ate.

She tried to scream but she had nothing left, her husband was now a mere body of fresh pink muscle, Arrow let the body fall to the ground with a thud. Vanishing the table in front of him he stepped on the body and walked over to her. “Well what shall we do now.. “ Cutting her down she fell to the ground and found the strength to stand and run to her daughter’s body, somehow clasping at any hope she had left that she was still alive. Arrow once again ignored the show of affection and continued standing in the moonlight that now danced over the hole above them, his white body now covered in the blood of a single family, his smile highlighted even more by the splatters of blood from his meal. “Do you dance?” Mary’s eyes where full of fury as she snapped up to look at him, but found herself caught in his vice like grip pulling her against his body.   He began twirling her round and round, her head shaking from side to side, she tried to fight but he was going too fast and he was too strong. His laughter mixed with her sobs, creating its own song that he now made the rhythm to. He stopped under the moon light “I have given you a show, a dinner and dance a fine first date..Do I get a kiss?”

Leaning in she began to shake trying to break away from him with everything she had, clawing at his face, but his lips caught hers and his spell taking hold, if she had eyelids she would have closed them, for a single moment she forgot everything around her and there was only him, his touch, his smell and the taste of metal in her mouth as he ripped the tongue free and spat it to the floor beside him. Her mouth filled with blood from the wound, she began to wake from the spell but he kissed her again, her blood filling his mouth and he watched as the life drained from her eyes and her body went limp. Letting her go she fell next to the others and he smiled, his teeth stained with the taste of life and he laughed happier than he had been in awhile. “A fine first date Mary. Now I wonder if the mother is as good as her daughter.” He hovered over the body for a moment, licking the holes the hooks had left , her body was void of life as he finished his sins and finally it was over and he stood, with a wave of his hand he was once again dressed in a fine suit and a smile from ear to ear.

With another wave the bodies vanished and from behind him a women was crying as her parents hung in front of her, his eyes danced over her body as it moved in the moon light and he licked his lips. “Hello Dawn, I want you to pick which one of your parents die first.” He wondered what horrors he would do to this family perhaps this time he would have his way with the farther as the other two watched...After all the night was now endless, as where the horrors he could fit in it. But what was the point if no one was truly shocked by his actions any more, if there was no one to try and bring him to justice, there was no heroes to stop him and Arrow wondered was it even worth it any more,did anyone even care about the horrors they created...

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'Don't take the easy way out Stephanie... fight the good fight, be the light.' the last words of NeVann, her long time friend, echoed in her mind. It had been YEARS since the 'unkillable' shinobi died by her hands, years since the war between good and evil took place and years that she betrayed everything that was considered 'pure' and 'good'. Stephanie used to be a hero... when it actually meant something, protecting the people from 'villains' and attempting to keep the 'peace' in the world, when in reality, as long as there were both heroes and villains... there would never be any REAL peace. She came to this realization with the help of Ziccarra, a woman she had always admired for her power and leadership and someone who was more than just a friend to her, she left the world of 'heroes' and stepped into the boundaries of becoming a 'villain'.

The final war was such a blur to Stephanie, everything happened so fast...  villains managed to recruit some neutrals and heroes that lacked morals, offering them money, land, anything they wanted for the help of the downfall of heroes. Their numbers doubled by the time the war started, and there was no warning... it just seemed to explode into an battle of betrayal and blood. One by one the heroes and the neutrals who aligned with them began to fall, giving literally everything they had on the battle field until there was nothing left. Stephanie herself took out most of the old We Are Legend members, killing them without hesitation. She needed to be ruthless, have no mercy, and most of all... not to hold back.

After the War, Stephanie didn't want to rule her own country, or even state, she just wanted one city... Los Angeles. So she did take it, and renamed it, La Prosperidad. There she ruled rather successfully through fear. Anyone who crossed the Fire Goddess would be burned alive in the middle of the city by Nova's hand, showing the people that Stephanie was not going to tolerate disobedience. Even though people feared to live in the city, it was one of the few cities that didn't cost a fortune to live in and it was rather prosperous . Jobs were always there for the people, schools were always filled with children, everyone had a home to live in, and crime rates? Other than a couple of nuances resistance making an appearance every now and then, there was none. Everyone seemed to be happy, and rules... well... Stephanie didn't really change any other than having a curfew at nine o'clock. She also made sure to patrol the streets daily, showing her people that she had an eye on everyone. But everyone seemed happy with this peaceful city.

During this time, Stephanie and Ziccarra (or Queen Ninjeta as she liked to be called) still kept in touch, exchanging visits for... personal reasons and going out on trips together, alone. It was no secret that the two were in love with each other, but it still shocked everyone when the two married, allowing the entire world to see. Nova then moved to Solace City, to stand by the side of her wife while she ruled. Now THIS city... it was ruled with a iron fist. Some of the rules made Nova laugh, like the 'Laih Sha', Stephanie couldn't help but chuckle every time she heard it, and other rules like... no physical sex... annoyed the hell out of her, Sha had always been apposed to it, even before the war, but now... they couldn't do anything other than kiss and even though that was nice... she still always wanted more.

Then there was the whole Ninjan babies, kinda grossed her out. Children from the ages of 10-15 becoming pregnant... giving birth to children who where then poked at with needles until the age of seven... she wondered just how far gone the old Sha was sometimes. But maybe becoming slightly crazy is what came with becoming a ruler like herself.

Then there was the Cabal... made up of the most notorious 'villains' of her time as a hero. She didn't trust any of them... who could she trust other than Ziccarra? No one. During their meetings Stephanie just sat in her seat, listening carefully to their plans, never really giving her input, or even sharing ideas, she just... sat there looking at all the crazed people most of the time. But she didn't dare state that she was opposed with their plans, some of them (if not all) still weren't fully convinced that the Fire Goddess was on 'their side' even after the war, some even questioning her alliance. There was a time she was even accused of being a traitor and feeding information to the resistance... when this was proven wrong... well... lets just say Sha had her way with them.

Now, was it true then? Had Nova been taking the 'easy' way out all these years? She sighed to herself as an man walked into her private room.

"Excuse me, Fire Goddess." He spoke and Stephanie chuckled, Sha was convinced that if she was going to be called Queen Ninjeta, then Nova was going to be called Fire Goddess.

"Yes?" She responded as she stood up, her elegant robe was simply hanging on the chair she sat on.

"The meeting with the Cabal, it is about to begin." his eyes were to were to the ground, his hands frigidity as he struggled not to look so nervous. Everyone who worked for Sha had become on edge since her marriage with Feral Nova, mostly because... Stephanie was a very jealous and paranoid spouse. Anyone who looked, spoke about her being beautiful or out of term about Sha while Stephanie was around, she would kill them without warning, turning them instantly into ash. It had gotten so bad, that she even kept a trophy case in her room filled with urns, filled with the ashes of those who Stephanie felt, 'threaten' by. No one was allowed to love Sha... no one but her.

"Yes... thank you." she spoke as she began walking up to him. "And my wife?" She stopped just a foot away from him, her emerald eyes looking into his.

"She's already there my Fire Goddess." Sweat began to form across his forehead, every second he stood by her was a second longer than he should have.

"Your sweating..." she mumbled. "Is there something you need to tell me?" She glared at him.

"N-No, I-I'm just a little warm, that's all." he stuttered with his response... that meant one thing.

She grit her teeth. "Have you been thinking about my wife?!" Her voice echoed throughout the building.

His eyes widen with fear. "N-No! I haven't, I swear on my life!" He backed away, panic in his eyes. "She is yours, and yours alone, I would never even THINK about trying to take her from you." he dropped to his knees, praying a God, ANY God that she wouldn't kill him.

With a sly grin she ran her finger across his cheek, leaving a scorching mark as he yelped in pain. Bringing her finger back to her nose she smiled as she smelled his burnt flesh. She seemed satisfied with his answer. "Good." and with that, she simply walked passed him.

It was time to go to yet another meeting with the Cabal at the 'Great Hall', she made her way to a glowing red portal inside another room, she took in a deep breath. She HATED these damn meetings... but she knew she had to go to them, if not for herself, then for Sha . She took a step through the portal and with a red flash she was now standing the hall, her expression was blank as she looked around. Other members had made their way into the hall, Jean, Desiderina, Emile and of course, a smile then came upon her face, her love, Sha, were in the hall already.

She walked in silently and made her way behind Sha, gently running her fingers along her shoulders. "Good to see you love." She leaned in from behind and kissed her wife on the cheek. Since she first laid eyes on the Ninjan, Stephanie fell in love with her. Her slender yet built body, her power, her demand for respect and authority, everything about her she loved, and now she was all hers. Walking away from Sha she then took her usual seat next to Emile. She figured some sort of small conversation should be in order. "How's the wife and son?" She asked Emile with a playful smirk, already knowing the answer. These group of people were so twisted... so crazed with power... she had to be careful with what she did and didn't say.

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The epic battle that brought what was today, it was something to be marveled at. The way the ones who chose to make their last day on earth one of fighting, the way they fought it brought smile after smile to the Dark King. The Cabal as they called themselves found it much easier to bring all the heroes to them that fated day, The Dark King he stood in the front lines much like his brethren. Toe to toe with the heroes, each giving their last breathes to stop them. With a smile he raised his hand into the air, above the city that became the battle ground a large collection of every energy he held within his body hovered. The heroes knew what was coming but none left the field, they continued their onslaught into the deepest part of the armies. From every corner of the world the most vile men, women, and demons came together for the epic fight. In one epic move a third of the heroes armies were wiped out, the good people of this world were gone without a moments reaction. Soon the true evil took control, the hours following both Darkchild and Queens’s epic mighty moments in the battle the day was won by them. Evil had finally won; Darkchild became the self appointed Dark King of France within 24 hours of the defeat of Vine Cities heroes. France was rebuilt into a darkness ridden country, the Dark King ruled over his new country with an iron fist. Punishing those he deemed “Impure” with hate and disdain, they were the higher archy now evil had truly won and no one was going to stop his continued reign. The only people to come up against his own rule were the others of the Cabal. Each had their own distinct way of ushering the new world order, butting heads from time to time but nothing ever became of it in the following days. But each made a plan to get rid of the others and Dark King was no exception.

Darkchild ushered for his servant Gray Fox, who came without delay to his masters request. Darkchild sat upon his throne his wife Child of Darkness sat beside him, Gray Fox knelt before him before looking up “We have found some of the people who live in the slums desecrating your holiness’s statue.  Darkchild smiled nodding his head as three individuals were brought before him all with caps over their heads. Darkchild leaned forward removing one of the individuals caps; they were meta-human ones who did not believe the world should be run by such evil men and women. This one was male, Darkchild waved his hand and the others too had their caps removed each showing distinct physical mutations. One looked as if it were a combination of lizard and human Darkchild smiled to this one “Come forth.” The woman shook her head, only to be shoved forward by Gray Fox she staggered before standing up straight. She glared at Darkchild he smiled before he spoke “are you from a family that look like this?” she nodded “My father was known as Chameleone, he died...honorably the Day Hope Died.” Darkchild smiled to the name of that very rewarding day, they had given it a name something he hadn’t known of. “Your father was Cham? Hmm well then I should give you something rewarding of your fathers honor.” She looked at him with confusion; within a blink of an eye blood splattered the faces of the other two. The woman stood for a few seconds before she fell in two pieces, split down the middle by a long tentacle that now wrapped around the base of the throne. “That was a poor excuse for a child born of Cham; she held no power only the ugly visage of her father.” The other two stood up arms tied behind them they leaped towards Darkchild. Justice lifted her hand a shadow wrapped around one of them squeezing until his insides burst from every hole in his body; she dropped his mangled remains to the floor. The sound of blood stopped the other as she looked down to her fallen friend; he stood motionless before bringing up phlegm from his throat and spitting it onto Darkchilds face. Justice went to react only for Darkchild to stop her; he wiped the spit from his face and smiled wide. “Gray?” Fox looked to Darkchild in attention “Put this one in the third district, she’s very pretty. Maybe through sex those who live there will show their appreciation for me and work harder at building don’t you think?” Gray Fox smiled slamming his hand into her neck knocking her unconscious. He dragged her out of the throne room then once outside the room tore her cloths from her body. He tossed her to the nearest guards telling them “Get her prepared; make sure she’s wide enough that more than one can be serviced.” The demon guards smiled dragging the woman to their quarters.

Darkchild looked to his loving wife who licked the blood from her finger tips, he smiled then the smile turned to a frown. He thought of that day, and had some form of remorse because now there was no one to torture. No hero to corrupt, no hero to rape, no one to crush utterly now that remains was the Cabal and those like them. He leaned back into his throne then smiled slightly “Guess that leaves just them, wonder who will cave first huh?” Looking to his wife as he spoke, she smiled looking to him blood trickling down her lips “I say Queen decides her race is tough enough to go up against the rest of us, and then she betrays us all. So Queen will be the one to break the levee and I see it happening very soon.” She leaned closer to her Dark King “What do we do then my lover?” Darkchild snapped his fingers a dark figured man steps from the shadows his eyes red just like Darkchilds “Then we show them that our family has grown powerful.” 

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 As she sat in her chair with her legs folded, her mind continued to replay the events of earlier.   A local radio station had been openly speaking out about her; Her Sigma army rounded them up and made them bite the curb; Sha herself kicked every last member in the back of the head; while they did so; all of this was after she had made them watch their families drown”. Fear is psychological; if you can place yourself in someone’s mind, you can instill paranoia; one that makes one believe they are inferior; The Nazi’s mastered it, the Whites of the segregation area mastered it, and the Cabal mastered it. She stood appearing as a pure entity in her all white attire, adjusting the strings on her corset, running her hands through her hair she let off a sigh; but was quickly alerted to the sound of the teleported. Through the blinding light Gambler appeared; he bowed gracefully which caused the Queen to crack a smile.   Your majesty. Appears you and I have arrived...early no? No doubt dis meeting is designed to discover who, or who(s), responsible for Marcus' untimely demise?

She said nothing only giving him a slight nod; with the help of this Cabal she had dispelled Chaos, they knew they would need the raw power of the Ninjan Queen, but Chaos was not going to be cooperative; It was Arrow who dispelled her, ultimately sucking Chaos into himself. She was grateful but she felt somewhat insecure without that looming presence to back her decisions. “You’d be correction in your assumption Jean, I fear that we may have a traitor among us” she said declining the drink.   "So tell me chere, who exactly did it feel to crush Marcus beneath your boot heal?"   Ziccarra let out a smile, this time removing her coat and placing it behind her chair. “While Marcus, and I were never on good terms, I think it’s pretty much known that I don’t need to go behind anyone’s back to do something, if I wanted him dead, I would have killed him right here in front of you guys”; She said walking around the room, finally before presenting herself right in front of Gambler; placing her hands around his neck, pressing her breast on his chest. “You know…Nova and I never had that…honeymoon” She said gazing into his eye’s this moment was ended when the irritating voice from Rina’ penetrated her ears. “If it isn’t daddy warbucks and Queen Boobies”.   Sha detested her, she would have loved it more; if it were she they were discussing about; rather than Marcus. “Rina….ew” she said turning with her face scrunched at the demon spawn. As she sat back down in her seat, Emile Chabot arrived, taking his seat; she actually didn’t expect as many members to arrive; seeing as everyone’s ego usually intervened. “We’ll wait just a tad bit longer before we begin this meeting” Sha said pressing her breast up again; as she did so the owner of the breast came through the teleporter; her Wife Feral Nova. “Good to see you love” Nova said running her hands across Sha’s shoulders. “Hello beautiful” he said accepting her kiss on the cheek.   Sha finally rose to her feet to address the Cabal. “As you all already know Lord Marcus was murdered, found dead in Solace City; a group in the slums are claiming responsibility for this kill; but… Marcus was a Pre-Cog he would have saw this coming; his death would have had to been orchestrated by someone reckless enough to strike anyway…” she paused, staring at Rina for a prolonged amount of time. “Or maybe they were assassins? She said glancing at Emile and then over to Gambler. “What I’m getting at is that whomever killed Marcus, isn’t the problem, the problem is they are being aided by one of us; which means someone…ladies and gentlemen is against the Cabal.

She didn’t know this for certain there was a number of factors that could explain how Marcus was killed; Also Arrow and DC weren’t present so it would be fairly hard to persuade. “I for one, Vote we get rid of that pompous idiot, Darkchild and his b!tch; both are completely repugnant and in my honest opinion the weakest members of the Cabal; and as the Weakest I believe it was he whom acted against Marcus” Sha said moving around the table finally resting herself in the lap of Nova. Resting her arms around the neck of the Fire Goddess, she kissed her rather sloppy on the face.   “My darling, these talks of politics has me in the mood; for…love” She said smothering her gigantic breast in the face of her lover. Bending backwards onto the table the sultry Ninjan Queen spread her legs wide in front of Feral Nova revealing her dislike for undergarments. It was at that moment that one of Sha’s business partners’s emerged via a telepathic image; he had not said anything only making his presence known. “So…What do we do about this problem?”Sha said sitting back in Nova’s lap this time, with her wives hand Under her skirt. 


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Emile smirked back at Nova while running his hand through his long black hair. “How’s the wife? Tasted her yet? You know, with all her little rules involving sex.. or are they only in effect for you” he responded to her on a sarcastic tone nodding towards Sha enticing Jean trying to get under her skin, something she wasn’t allowed to. There was little trust between any of the cabal members, they all had their own agenda. But the fire goddess was different from them, no matter what heinous acts she executed there was still part of her, however abysmal, that needed to be the hero. He knew her for a long time and never had he seen that part of her extinguished. It seemed that the only thing that kept her heart truly burning was her wife.

“Or maybe they were assassins?” Sha said as she wrapped her legs around Nova putting a stop to their little rivalry. “Perhaps.” He smirked at her “but I’d have more class than to kill him like that, it’s no secret we were rivals like any one of us are but I’d still show respect towards my kill” He focussed his attention to the dark lady playing with her darkness “Right Rina?” He raised his eyebrow at her showing his contempt for her. He watched as the hand of the fire goddess disappeared under the skirt of the Ninjan Queen. Not long after, a trail of moisture appeared from under the skirt forming a slight trail over the decorated chair. Sliding his finger through the moisture he brought it to his mouth tasting the sweet liquid. “We all hunger for different things..” He said with a charming smile on his face. He focussed his attention on Nova for a while watching her anger for him grow before turning his focus back on the matter at hand. “I would be more worried about the people that haven’t shown their selves. Darkchild’s power is growing and he seeks to expand.. Question him”.

He waited for the meeting to end and hear what the other members had to say before rising from his chair. “Before I forget, I brought you a present milady.” He took a small bottle out of his pocket and popped the cap dipping his finger into the purple liquid. Gently he placed his finger on the Ninjan Queens neck and formed a trail from her collarbone to her luscious bosom all the while keeping his eyes on Nova. Her skin and all that surrounded it immediately gained a softer touch and felt rejuvenated. He placed the bottle in front of her and softly kissed her hand “It has been a pleasure.” He gave a glance to Nova “.. as always”. His aim was to rouse the jealousy in Stephanie, hoping she would lash out at him in the future.. something he could use to his advantage to break her bond with the Queen and weaken their grasp over the Cabal. As the final words were spoken he prepared to take his leave from the meeting.

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Days after day upon hours Sinister scoured the world for those who dared oppose his Utopia. It was a daunting task but one that secured his position underneath the Cabal. A group of the most notorious villains who now ruled over the world. It was because of this and his constant supply of soldiers that they allowed him to continue his experiments. Now he was to find traces of what happened to Marcus, the suspicions of betrayal amongst the Cabal was at an all time high. Even if one of them had not orchestrated the events one of them would surely use it to their advantage. To gain a stronger foothold over the others. The question was not when one of them would do it. As it was unavoidable with a group consisted of the more sadistic people on Earth. The question is which one of them would be as bold to strike first..

His mind was enhanced by Cerebro and he continued weeding out those who would resist. The machines knew not to break him from his trace, so when he heard that metallic voice he broke contact "Sinister, Test subject Alpha has escaped". The mad scientists face burrowed into a confused look which quickly grew to anger as he yelled out "What do you mean escaped! He was DEAD!" His voice seemed to be leaking with vile intent as he threw off the Cerebro machine and grabbed his datapad smashing away furiously at the controls. "Bring up the footage on screen. I want everything!" he screamed once more as he stared upwards.

The test subject was there, then one minute he just vanished.. but how? That wasn't possible. The control readings showed no signs of life until.. Sinister's eyes widened as he say the charts readings. "Who confirmed this dna splicing to be applied to test subject Alpha?" "You did master it was in the database". "no..." he whispered as his eyes closed and a long frustrated sigh filled the air. There was a traitor amongst the Cabal. For only someone with the whereabouts of his base and the access codes could of gotten into his sanctuary. And whoever it was knew how to stay unnoticed as not once did they appear on his camera's.

"Test subjects 2030 through 2245 have gone offline" replied the artificial intelligence as it gathered the Intel from around the world. "What!" demanded Sinister his demeanor pissed at how such a feat could be accomplished. "Another batch of the subjects have been lost master. Something is hitting your experiments. And efficiently sir". Reeling in his chair Sinister punched up more command passwords and began his search. Dozens, no hundreds of his test subjects were being demolished without any trace. Someone, or something was wiping them all out. "What the hell is going on!" he voice a little more worried this time.

Switching his approach he brought up the readings to test subject Alpha. Underneath the radar Sinister had still been experimenting with his dna. Trying to find ways to improve it and create the perfect soldier. Unknown to the rest of the Cabal he had been splicing their own dna into the subject to try and further him physically and mentally. Somehow a sample if Kiara's dna splicing had been infused with the test subjects. That was the catalyst. That is what brought him back to life. His voice was little more than a whisper when he put it all together "What have I done..."

Screaming out he yelled towards his helper. "Destroy ALL evidence. Get rid of it all. We can't have any trace of this coming back to us. If we do we're doomed!". Frantically he began to delete his files and recordings. But then a voice broke him from his hurried work. "It's too late for that Sinister". That voice, he knew it. For the first time in his miserable life chills shot up his spine. "Your evil ends now" the mysterious voice was stern and confident. Moments later Sinister's lab was in complete ruins.

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Music played through her head as they all swanned around her, each of them trying to one up the other with insults and jibes, the only thing that caught her attention was the delicious smell of woman as the Queen spread on the table. She almost climbed across the marble to grab a taste for herself, but was distracted by the pretty one as he spoke to her. Her eyes grazed over his fancy suit and pretty smile, her fingers twitching to rip it open and take a well-deserved crap in his mouth, but for now she had to play nice.. Why? she had long ago forgotten, her whims simply dragged her where she needed to be.. Looking across at Emile she opened her mouth in a wide smile, the cherry lips spreading as she took a deep breath and burped at him.

Laughing she jumped out of the chair and climbed on all fours across the table, edging onto Gamblers lap she kissed him on the cheek, wet and loud, watching the others as she dragged her tongue along his jawline “You still love me don’t you daddy warbucks?” giggling manically she climbed off his lap and glided across the floor shadows forming at her feet, they moved her legs along the ground like an eerie conveyer belt. 

 Sliding along to block Precise’s exit she reached down and stroked the front of his pants “say hello to your son for me won’t you” turning sharply away she floated out the doorway, rounding to face the group “you think I was the one that killed this person? Think all you want, but may I remind you...” she turned again her small butt swinging as she began to disappear in a cloud of purple down the hallway her voice echoing behind her “I’m not the one who misses chaos” kissy noises sounded along with a high pitched laugh as she evaporated. 


Clouds of purple washed over the street as citizens moved aside, their bodies dragging from years of turmoil and control, no fear escaping their hearts at the appearance of the Goddess of Chaos, she walked with precision down a lonely street, the rats skittering out of her way as her boots clomped, annoyed at her father for setting up magic barriers she despised walking. Reaching the hefty red metal door she raised a hand and passed it across a symbol, then moved her hand to another one and another until all six had been activated the door swung open, the stench of death, blood and tears washing over her like sunlight on a morning flower “heaven” she whispered as she passed through the doors, slamming shut behind her she could hear the screams as she entered the dirty warehouse, chains and hooks hanging from the ceiling, sawdust covering the floor. Entering through a side doorway into the "draining" room of the old slaughter house, a deep pit of iron with a grate at the bottom, smiling at the bodies hanging from the ceiling she paused to watch her father dancing with the corpse of the girls mother. Music sounded from an unseen place as the tall pale man moved, shadows swooping around him he barely looked at her as he whispered “Hello my dearest, how was the meeting?” shrugging her shoulders in reply she sat cross legged on the air tucking her hands between her legs as she watched him dance, his hands fondling over the womens body, dipping his fingers into the blood and licking it off. His muscular bare chest glowing in the light filtering from the one window in the great room.

“Daddy, why are you never as good to me as Gambler is to Angelique?” she asked pouting, before being caught up in his spell of music and death. Hell had no idea this was his little place of refuge, their great lord despised the Utopia, with no one of whom to truly frighten he was at a loss, and was often found in this space, playing with mortals that he had picked up from other dimensions. She let the music wash over her as she swayed in mid-air before being startled out of his trance to find him facing her, his eyes not an inch from her mouth as he inhaled her breath, the smell of child still lingering on her tongue “You’ve been bad again my dearest one” he sang as he picked her up and shoved her against him, grinding into her as he chastised her his tongue licking down her the side of her face as his hips swung in the rhythm of love. “You know daddy does not like you playing with your dolls, they are for you to treasure” the music swelled as the father and daughter danced on air, her lips on his chest as they moved lost in their own twisted world. Only the sound of the door being opened brought them back, the click clack of boots on steel brought them down to reality as they watched the creature enter the room “I truussst you have both followeddd our orderrrs” the creature hissed through a gas mask.   Rina rolled her eyes as her father stepped forward, she despised this creature and had little to do with her, daddy dearest handled all the families business. 

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 “How’s the wife? Tasted her yet? You know, with all her little rules involving sex.. or are they only in effect for you” 

Her emerald eyes glared at Emile as she glanced over at Jean and Ziccarra, her hands balled up into fists, watching the two as jealousy slowly began taking over. But slowly began to calm down, once her love began speaking.

“As you all already know Lord Marcus was murdered, found dead in Solace City; a group in the slums are claiming responsibility for this kill; but… Marcus was a Pre-Cog he would have saw this coming; his death would have had to been orchestrated by someone reckless enough to strike anyway…” The Ninjan's eyes looked over at the Queen of Chaos. "Or maybe they were assassins?" Nova's own eyes glanced over at Emile. “What I’m getting at is that whomever killed Marcus, isn’t the problem, the problem is they are being aided by one of us; which means someone…ladies and gentlemen is against the Cabal."

Stephanie was never good at playing detective, but she had her own suspensions. Gambler was always a wild card, she remembered back in the day, when she was still playing hero, he would usually side with the ones who were more beneficial for him, and was always thinking ten steps ahead of everyone else, maybe he killed him as a benefit for himself? Then there was Darkchild, he was never a man of code or really cared what everyone else was doing... to him, it was just survival of the fittest. Then there was Rina... she actually doubt it was her, if she wanted to kill a Cabal... she wouldn't have just killed Marcus. Or it could have even been those sewer rats, the rebellion

 Stephanie missed everything Sha spoke about Darkchild as she sat upon her lap. Her arms wrapped around her neck, friction being made as she pulled her into a kiss, only to be ended all to quickly for the Fire Goddess. “My darling, these talks of politics has me in the mood; for…love” Nova gave a smirk and opened her mouth to respond only to have her loves breasts pressed against her face, she was teasing her in front of everyone, and she was TRYING to keep herself composed, but she could feel her plus quicken with every second the two were together. Pulling away she then watched as her wife suddenly exposed herself to Nova. The Fire Goddess forgot to breath for a moment as lust came into her eyes. Taking a deep breath she could smell the sweet sent of her partner, her feral instincts wanted to pin her wife down on the table and give her the love she deserved.

But then her damn business partner's made themselves visible in the room. She looked up at them, glaring at them as Sha sat back down on her lap. Her hand under her skirt, Nova's fingers ever so slowly moving along her loves sweet spot as she smiled to herself. She could feel warm fluid drizzling over her fingers and upon the seat, and her stomach fluttered with excitement. She wished this meeting would just get over with already!

“So…What do we do about this problem?”

Her eyes then locked on Emile as he reached over and slid his finger through her wife's juices and savor the taste of her Ninjan Queen. She jaw tighten, her free hand grasping onto the chair rest as she struggled to keep herself from lunging at him. “We all hunger for different things.. I would be more worried about the people that haven’t shown their selves. Darkchild’s power is growing and he seeks to expand.. Question him” He then added “Before I forget, I brought you a present milady.” He took a small bottle out of his pocket and popped the cap dipping his finger into the purple liquid. Stephanie stopped pleasuring her wife for a moment as she watched him reach out and touch her neck! Was HE the traitor, and trying to attack her wife in front of everyone!? Her eyes turned into a crimson red, ready to push herself up from the seat and turn this man into a pile of ash. But she could feel Sha's hand press down against her, telling her to stay calm, and she did, she stayed sitting, but the lust she once felt was now clouded with anger and hatred. Her eyes locked upon him as he placed the bottle on the table and kiss her wife's hand. “It has been a pleasure.” Their eyes then locked with Nova's for a moment “.. as always" She watched him leave as she bared her teeth, a low growl formed in the back of her throat as she watched Rina leave as well. 

Her eyes then looked over at Gambler, she knew her love might have wanted to talk to him in private, and she WOULD give them a moment... but she knew Sha always had a thing for the King of Kings. So leaving the two alone... was out of the question. She then took her attention away from Gambler, and continued to stay seated, moving her fingers yet again, as she slowly moved her other hand under her shirt, lightly tracing her abdomen with her fingers as she slowly made her way higher and higher with every moment until they were just under her breast. What was really minutes the three have been sitting alone, actually felt like hours to the Fire Goddess, and she couldn't wait anymore. "Gambler, as much as I enjoy your company, my wife and I have some... personal matters we must attend to today" She spoke with a grin. "Please, give Angelique my regards." she spoke as she waited for the King of Kings to make his way out of the room as well as she looked at Sha's personal business partners, showing them to leave as well.

As soon as the two were alone Stephanie whispered in Sha's ears. "We're finally alone..." she took a deep breath, taking in her sent. "Come on, everyone is gone, lets forget about all this stress for a few minutes and play for a bit before we go back." her voice was filled with lust, she leaned into her wife, hoping she would be up for a little fun as well.

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 Not since the reign of the mad Roman Emperor, Caligula, had their been such an open display of sexual and often violent overindulgence. Each member of the Cabal's ecliptic personalty helping fuel their already insatiable obsession with entitlement, their unmitigated control having already been authenticated with the extermination of the heroes. But true to form those who covet ultimate power, ultimate influence, are often compelled to do so alone. Thus a member of the Cabal had been murdered, assassinated by an unknown conspirator hiding within the safety of the clandestine council itself. Igniting wide spread paranoia and accusations. "I for one, Vote we get rid of that pompous idiot, Darkchild and his b!tch; both are completely repugnant and in my honest opinion the weakest members of the Cabal; and as the Weakest I believe it was he whom acted against Marcus” Solace City's seductive Queen hissed. Unwilling to placate her feelings by hiding her true intentions as she openly suggested war against an absent member of the Cabal.

Seemingly in agreement the often diplomatic Precise weighed in, "I would be more worried about the people that haven’t shown their selves. Darkchild’s power is growing and he seeks to expand.. Question him." However it soon became clear that any substantial evidence as to who may have perpetrated the unexpected execution of the pre-cog was nonexistent. Relieving the Cabal of any further obligation to one another and thus signaling the end of the conference. Having been unceremoniously excused, the Aristocratic Assassin returned home to his self-proclaimed Utopia with a sense of urgency. Flanked on either side by his military council Gambler immediately began formulating multiple battle scenarios. The end of the Cabal was at hand, soon lines would be drawn, sides picked, alliances forged and broken. And hiding in the shadows the foundation of a conspiracy was beginning to take form. Even though the bulk of  suspicion had quickly been laid at the feet of the TB-In leader, Gambler's thought process took him in a different direction. Manipulation on such a scale would almost be to tasty for the ultimate puppetmaster to pass up. Final Arrow lived for such a stage. And with the Cabal serving as his audience who better then the master to usher in the final curtain call. "Contact Doctor Sin. I want a statues update immediately. We're gonna need his latest batch of test subjects if we are to endure dee coming conflict." Ordered the increasingly anxious Cajun. "Sir, Doctor Sin hasnt been responding to any of our communications. We've also seen an alarming increase in civil outbursts since this morning. Something, or one, is agitating the resistance."

There was nothing Gambler could do except subtly shake his head in disappointment. The World had been theirs, all of it. And now it was falling apart. They had become complacent leaving themselves vulnerable for such an intricate plot. Someone had been busy moving all the pieces into place before letting a glimpse of a bigger picture take center stage. Leaving the Living Legend caught of guard and outmaneuvered. "We have no choice, tis time for us to take dee initiative."

A few Hours Later

Mossan Nagant and his family had just settled in for their evening meal, much like their neighbors in the surrounding community. Their smiling faces glimmering in the refreshing candle light as they broke bread and happily recounted the days adventures. But the evenings blissful atmosphere soon turned to one of horror and panic as the ear piercing screams of the African Hyena resonated through the boroughs. Sending the residents into a comatose state of disbelieve as they were instantly transported back to the days in which Gambler's vaunted Rosasi Sands initiated widespread genocide. Utilizing the countries most hated and despised predator, the Hyena, to lead their assaults. Without warning the nocturnal canines came crashing through the side window of the Nagant family home. Their incredibly strong jaws locking onto the ankle of Mossan's unfortunate daughter, piercing her soft flesh before dragging her out into the middle of the street where her death filled screams were soon drowned out by the hysterical laughter of the pack. Her little limbs pulled, sawed, and torn in all directions. Her family unable to do anything other then watch.

Dressed in a khaki colored hunters uniform complete with a Marmot PreCip safari hat rolled up on one side, the King of Kings nonchalantly emerged in the doorway with his hands folded behind his back. "Tisk tisk tisk. Such a waste Mossan. Mothers and Fathers should never have to bury dhere children." he smirked while kneeling down next to the grief stricken man. "You still have one child left. Tell me who is fueling these uprisings and I shall spare her life..."

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Walking back through the teleportation portal he found two beautiful dark skinned women at his side caressing his shoulders while taking the weight of his long black cape from his shoulders.  “My lord.” A skinny old man bit through the pain of moving his aged joints as he kneeled in front of his master, knowing that a failure to do so would result in an untimely death. “I gained word from our accomplice, the plan has been set in motion” the old man formed a sinister smile on his face, but as he looked into Emile’s cold dark eyes it quickly disappeared. The Cabal member walked forward and grasped his jaw driving the cold adamantium fingernails of his glove into his warm flesh “Our? MY accomplice”. Quickly apologizing the man crawled backwards on all fours along a small stream of his own blood as the concubines watched in horror, knowing that one wrong word could bring an even worse fate. Throwing his bloodied glove on the marble floor he glanced at his concubine to pick it up “Where’s my son?”.

“He is where he always is my lord, the balcony.” Without answering he made his way to the laboratory where his scientists had been working day and night without rest. “Is it ready?” he said as he placed his hand on the shoulder of a bald man. The eyes of the man were bloodshot with bags under his eyes, his hand was trembling from the pure stress he had to endure over the last days as he picked up a syringe containing a vaccine. A glimmer of satisfaction formed in Precise’s eyes as he grabbed hold of the syringe and looked at the liquid inside “Distribute it amongst the men immediately and tell them to prepare”. Taking the vaccine with him he took of towards his son walking through the grand halls of his palace until he caught a glimpse of his son standing lifeless on the balcony watching the setting sun. It was all he did the last couple of years, seeing the torture of his mother and the ruthlessness of his father had driven out any sense of emotion or sensation from his body. As Precise walked up to the boy he placed both hands on his shoulders and turned him around while kneeling in front of him, softly wiping the blonde strands of hair from his face he kissed him on his forehead. “Come, let me see your arm. It’s time to help your father.” Stretching his arm out in front of him the cold steel needle of the syringe pierced his flesh releasing the blue liquid into his bloodstream. In truth it was a harmless vaccine that merely acted as an antidote for a powerful biological weapon. On the other hand it was made by his subordinates that acted like jackals hunting for any opportunity for taking control of the empire themselves. His vaccine could’ve easily been poisoned, but to show that fear to his people was to ensure his own demise. Instead he opted to use his own child for testing, his life was insignificant compared to his fathers longing for power.

Waiting several hours looking for signs of sickness on his son he finally decided to vaccinate himself. The design of the vaccine had been too complicated to make by himself, that’s where the genius of Mr. Sinister came in. Emile traded his wife’s live giving blood for the formula of the antidote. All of this had been in the planning for days, for the time he would need it. And now, with the death of the Cabal member Marcus had that day arrived. The day that the Cabal would fall apart was close, and he had prepared for it.

A day later

Beautiful banners hung all over the city, false cries and deceiving tales of how great of a man Marcus had been were uttered all around him. Crowds had gathered to honour the man, but behind the scenes they were ordered to show themselves under the penalty of death. From the majestic gothic church the body of Marcus was carried by his loved ones and subordinates, his little daughter of only 6 years old walked behind the coffin hand in hand with her au-pair, tears welling up in her eyes. The charming assassin himself had taken place beside the large wooden doors of the church to pay his final tributes to the man he despised but nonetheless respected. Accompanied by his guards he looked around him to see if any other members of the Cabal had arrived but they obviously wouldn’t be dumb enough to attend the funeral with the Cabal in this fragile position. All the officials of Marcus’s district however had gathered in one location, with one press of the button the coffin would explode releasing a powerful toxin into the air that would kill anyone that had not been vaccinated in a four miles radius, making his district lacking any kind of political control and ripe for a take over. A smirk came to his face as he reached into his pocket of his black suit pulling out a remote no larger than a lighter. “Adieu mon ami..” he whispered as he let his finger slide across the grey steel button before putting weight on it. With a loud explosion the coffin exploded throwing its carriers as ragdolls into the crowd. A gaseous blue cloud formed in mere seconds and quickly spread out carried by a soft summer breeze. Panic broke lose as everyone tried to get to safety, the armed guards firing aimed shots at the crowd attempting to bring back some form of control but in vain. After several minutes of utter chaos the first signs of the virus started to show, disorientation. People were running into themselves, men were trampling their own children and women, soldiers began to fire on their own colleagues. The second phase were their organs that began to corrode, people cried out in pain as blood poured from their eyes, ears and mouth. The screaming was deafening as people clawed at their own skin to somehow stop the intense pain inside their bodies. The third phase was simply nothing, no shouting, no movement besides the trails of blood, no life but the birds in the sky that already began to peck away at the dead bodies. All that remained was Precise and several of his men standing amongst the dead crowd. Looking at the onslaught he had caused with just the push of a small button a sense of pride washed over him. “Broadcast the message.” Was all that Precise said as he walked into the church looking at the grand golden statue of Jesus crying blood, just as the thousands of people laying on the street. A message was broadcasted in the entire country showing the massacre that had happened and announcing their new ruler. It wouldn’t be long now before the Cabal would retaliate, the war had just begun.

Grabbing a red rose from his front pocket his kissed it and placed it on the altar in the house of God. “As your son died for you, my people die for me” bowing respectfully he walked out of the church and grabbed his cell phone from his pocket “Darkchild. It’s time we had our little talk..”.
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The previous day

At first there was silence, void of mind, body, and soul. He remembered that fateful last day, as his best friends sword was thrust into his midsection by the assassins daughter. His last words were not of anger or fear, but of hope. Redemption. To let her know and anyone watching that no matter what path you had chosen in life. No matter how dark or twisted it was, there was always another path. There would always be hope.

The beat of a heart broke the stilled silence, soon followed by another and then another. He gasped for air as he shot upwards breaking free from the restraints that held him down as if they were no even there, his eyes opening wide as he looked around. Tubes littered his body up and down that were all attached to various machines. The room was completely dark but didn't stop him from seeing, instead he could see the heat signatures from the machines and as his vision cleared and he blinked a few more times the walls vanished as he was able to see straight through them. In a hushed whisper he spoke "W-what happened? Where am I?".

Pulling the tubes from his naked body he stepped off the table and stood to his feet. He could feel something was different. The power he felt residing inside of him was like nothing before. The only time he had ever felt anything like this was during the Light Wars, where not only did he have a fraction of the Oracle Force and his two Lantern Rings. But mighty Mjolnir as well. How could this be he thought. Where did this power come from. It was then that he saw the chart. "Siniter.." he spat as he picked up the clip board. The stack of papers was thick but he found himself able to read them with alarming speed.

Test subject Alpha. "Sinister log 63. The new tests are promising. From his recreated dna I have been able to create an army of super soldiers like no other before. Splicing the Ninjeta genes into his system proved difficult at first. However that has never stopped me before. Finding a sufficient power source was more challenging. Luckily when Final Arrow had sent Asgard crashing down into the Earth in ruins I was able to secure the hammer of LstPaladin. For testing purposes of course.. Knowing I could not wield that power myself and with LstPaladin dead there was only one obvious candidate. Infusing that power into his body proved marvelous results. His body's density grew rapidly granting any clone I engineered from him superhuman strength off of the scales. His skin seemed to become impervious to mundane weaponry. Further testing needs to be done and with time no force will be able to stand against me. Not even the Cabal.."

The notes continued to read on and on as he soaked in the information. He was not sure how but he heard the faintest of alarms ring off, a metallic voice began to speak to Sinister. Not wanting to be found he began to run but saw that his feet had never actually touched the ground. He was floating there just inches above it. A strange look crossed his face and he then glanced upwards. In the blink of an eye he was gone, speeding through the facility blinding effect. Less than a second later he emerged from the darkness that was Sinister's laboratory.  He felt the sun cascading over his skin, warm. Soothing.

Rocketing upwards into the sky and beyond he flew closer and closer to this source. He could feel his body intensifying as he broke Earth's atmosphere. The sun seemed to be fueling his energy. Upon finding this out he closed his eyes and let himself go. He could hear it. Not just it, but everything. On the other side of the globe a mother was tucking in her son and singing him a lullaby. While a store's alarm cried out with gun shots firing.  With a whisper he called out "Come to me" his body a beacon. Millions if light years away two difference energies flared alive. One was an emerald green while the other a sky blue. Seconds later they soared through space and vanished. Only to appear moments later to his outstretched hand. On his left he slipped the blue and his right the green. Their energies fusing together and empowering one another.

With the rings adding to his power he began to scour the Earth obliterating any and every cloned soldier he could find that Sinister had created. He had no sense of time as everything around him seemed to stand still. First it was dozens, then hundreds and before he knew it thousands of the genetic soldiers had fell to his hand. He could feel his power waning his energy depleting itself from such a furious uproar. When the last of the clones had fallen he flew back up to the sun. Embracing its warmth like a mothers love. His power growing once more. Hour passed, and then he heard that all familiar voice...

"You still have one child left. Tell me who is fueling these uprisings and I shall spare her life..." His eyes shot open revealing the crimson color of blood his brow burrowed with a grim determination. In a flash he was gone, driving back down into Earth with a speed or urgency. Closing in on that voice as he listened to each and every syllable. Just three heartbeats later he arrived busting through the far side wall, coming face to face with his greatest rival. Gambler.

"Let them go" his words were stern and his glare leveled heavily on Jean Luc. Blue and green muzzles were formed mentally by his rings and strapping the jaws shut to the yapping Hyenas. "Back away from her and send your puppets home. I'm not here to fight unless you force it. We need to talk". He waited to see if he would comply with his message. The energy from his blue ring sending out a calming sensation, smoothing the hyenas.

He waited until they were alone if Gambler complied to his offer. If not then he would begin once he knew the child and her family was safe. "I know you Jean. More than you might think. A war is brewing. It won't be long and this precious Cabal yall have worked up since my death is going to crumble. Crashing down all around you. I'm asking you to stand and fight with me. Remember those days when you cared for something more than your own survival. The days when brotherhood meant more than someone to place the blame on".

"We ride together, we die together". With those final words he slipped the green ring from his finger and reached out with an open palm. Extending it to a man he knew who could help change the world.
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Sha entered an seductive and erotic trance, one that almost made her oblivious to the events going down in the room; for too long had she deprived Nova of her most inner pleasures; she felt it was time, time to allow her wife to enjoy the smell, the feel, and the taste of a Ninjan female…not without an interior motive however.   The meeting was starting to become exactly what she knew it’d be, a tattle fest; it was to be expected all of the people involved had seen the end of this utopia coming; they were at a point and time where they were appeasing each other.   As Nova tended to her bosom, she grabbed the back of her head and let loose an erotic love sound. It was Emile whom intervened on everything; taking his hand and stealing a taste of Ninjeta’s sweet nectar.   This was a quick flaw in her plan, but it’d work out for the best in her favor as Nova quickly took offense to Precise; even more so after he touched her neck and cleavage. In all of the excitement both, Precise, Gambler and Rina had made their exits leaving just Sha and Nova in attendance. "Come on, everyone is gone, let’s forget about all this stress for a few minutes and play for a bit before we go back."

Sha smiled seductively on the table removing her garments, her nipples stay terse from their earlier engagement with Nova; sliding off the table she grabbed her beautiful wife at the waist and then planted a tongue filled kiss upon her lips. She could feel the pace of Nova’s heartbeat getting faster, and she could also feel her own; as the two kiss Nova lifted her lover and place her back on the wall; Ziccarra smiled, the two continued and two they sexed each other to sleep; on the floor of this sacred room.   Sha had been the first to awaken; glancing down at Nova whom was resting across her chest she gave her a slight nudge. Nova stirred a bit but then finally woke, “Babe…it’s getting late...we need to go home” She said almost sounding as if the sex had made her human again.

Sha headed back to the table placing her clothes on slowly sparking up a conversation; “Did I tell you, I learned a new power”. Nova seemed to have trouble getting her clothes back on; the queen shook her head and walked over to assist. “Come on, let’s go” Sha said holding Nova’s hand in the process. The teleporter began to stir and finally the two girls where back within the walls of Solace City Palace.   As the two emerged from the teleporter, Sha’s advisor quickly stepped up to greet her. “Any word on who killed Lord Marcus?” he said looking down at the ground. “No Inzeo, but I suspect we’re dealing with a very powerful psychic, someone’s mind is strong enough to be un-detected by a pre-cog”. Inzeo then stopped looking a bit confused finally Nova had acknowledged the info she was told earlier.   “You learned a new power?” she said looking confused. It was at that point, the two women were in the middle of the hall and from all the adjacent doors, did soldiers with assault rifles, appear with Nova targeted.

Sha smiled and turned towards Nova with a menacing presence; “You suck as a wife; did you not notice, I’ve almost dropped 3 feet in height and I’m thicker now?” Sha said smiling, using her magnetism to try and push Nova back towards a wall. “A few nights ago, I was down by the docks; and I noticed Lord Marcus, and your cheating b!tch of a wife; they were having sex, in front of all their bodyguards, afterwards he slit her throat. Seizing the opportunity, I killed him and assumed the spot as “Queen Ninjeta”. Sha said smiling this time putting her hand up towards Nova’s face, generating a small magnetic force pulling at her skin.

Nova’s anger was reflected not only in her face, but on the melting pottery that was seen dripping on the floor. “I…Loved Marc….and you took him from me…” She said which caused Nova’s eye’s to almost dance with confusion.   She stopped to wipe her tears which then turned to unsuppressed anger, “All my intentions are to just kill you right now… but I think I’ll keep you alive…I’m going to bring this Cabal down…I can use your body as an ally or I can use it as a prop the choice is yours!” Sha said standing; a small device appeared on her skin and started flashing instantly changing her outfit, to the old red and blue Sha uniform. Finally the women revealed her identity, dropping almost a foot in stature, the young teen gazed at Nova with reckless intent, hoping that her answer was the right one. “In case you forgot, my name is Maya Lopez.”

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Darkchild smiled as he looked into the red blazing eyes of his offspring “Come forth my daughter, Jazmine come forth.” The shadows covering the slim body of his daughter folded around her hugging her body tight, her figure shown in full as the shadows pulled tight around every curve on her body. Nothing was left to the imagination, Jazmine much like her father was a lustful thing loving to show her body off to anything with a groin even her own father. She knew it perturbed him to see his little girl in such a way, he smiled forcing the urge to punisher he down his throat. She smiled bending forward in front of him bowing “Father, the others. They have joined together; you do know of this betrayal do you not?” Jazmine hated the fact her father conversed with such insolent children. She was nearly as powerful as her mother; she single handed could take down most of the Cabal. The thought of such mindless slaughter turned her on every time she thought of it, gouging out the Cajuns eyes were her most sought after dream. Darkchild snapped his fingers getting his daughters head out of the clouds. “Jazmine, I am no fool. I’ve known of this secret meetings between the others for some time, I’ve had inside information on these meetings for while now. We have a partner within one of the sects, he has grown tired of his leaders constant insolence. I expect to hear from him very soon now.” Darkchild looked to one of his guards who was staring at his daughter still bowing, her head between her legs she was licking her lips in his direction playing with her slender body. Darkchild furious slammed his fist onto his throne.

The guard stood in attention as did his daughter, she made a face at him before turning around and walking out. She stopped to the guard an whispered to him, something Darkchild thought irritating she knew his hearing was superb. She whispered “This suit feels even softer than skin, let me show you.” She looked into his eyes hypnotizing him in her thrall; Darkchild smiled knowing that the man would have pleasures known to very few creatures of this world. Only to like the Mantis to have his head ripped from his shoulders, she was a true demon underneath her skin. The one thing he loved about his daughter was her true form, she took much from him when she was born an this was one of them. When she was in the heat of intercourse she will lose control of her body an transform into a towering beast of a woman, crushing the partner beneath her body before devouring them whole. She did have a sense of mercy, intoxicating the victims with pure sexual pleasure both physically and mentally using her pheromones. He was proud of the creature his daughter turned out into be, soon half an hour later the screams of pleasure an pure terror filled the castle.

With nothing more to do in the throne room he stood up, Justice reaching for his arm to make him stay. “The Queen Whore can wait, why don’t we…” Darkchild slaps her hand away; he knew that the coming days would prove more and more eventful than what has led up to them. Soon the most powerful men and women in the world would collide, he needed to be prepared. Gray Fox followed him out of the throne room as he made his way to his secret room, only GF was ever allowed inside. A large screen lit up showing the defenses of his country all around what used to be France were towers filled with the highest form or modern weaponry, he looked the weapons over then turning to GF his phone began to ring. “Fox, update the weapons daily once this cluster f#ck starts were going to need all the hardware operational.” Fox nodded typing in commands into the computer.

Outside the room Darkchild picked up the phone, only one person had its number. “We need to talk.” It was his partner “Well well, right on time. Your always Precise with the times you contact me, what seems to be the updates today. Did Sha finally kill that whore of hers? Did she…” Precise cut him off “I work for you simply to mediate things between the warring forces of evil. To keep them in check while also keeping my ass out of the fire, but today I learned that the fires going to get very hot very soon.” Precise then told Darkchild everything about the meetings between everyone. Marcus was dead he told him, a fact they were blaming on Darkchild. He spoke loud into the phone “I was not to blame for that insolent fools death; do not let the others believe this. If it was my plan to destroy Sha’s reign before today, I would of done it long ago and doing so without the need to be slow. Marcus would of died with the rest of her city not die first.” Darkchild knew if a war was going to happen he needed more, more for his army. “Precise, stick to your role in her circle. The moment you find your chance to get free of it, an wish to see her fall come to France. You will be protected, but like you said they want a war.” Darkchild took deep breath knowing his next order would start the ball rolling “They’re going to get one, Do not trust anyone. I cannot have you being compromised before this all takes off. Preparations need to be made an swiftly, go now update in the next 36 hours then decide what side your on.” Darkchild hung up the phone sliding it into his pocket, he stormed off slamming open the doors of his throne room. Justice stood up confused “What’s going on?” She looked worried “Is Jaz alright?” Darkchild nodded walking over to his throne an pressing a button, the throne lifted high into the air revealing a passageway down into the catacombs of the castle. Soon Jazmine walked into the throne room, sensing her fathers frustration an slight worry she followed.

The catacombs wound all through the bowels of the castle, bodies of heroes from the past lined the walls. A knock off trophy room for Darkchild, he walked his mind on what lied ahead he dismissed his families questions until they arrived to their destination. Pressing firmly on a stone door it slid open revealing a room filled with lost technology, weapons an computers from the Skrulls. They had attempted to invade shortly after the War, coming into direct conflict with the Cabal they were quickly dispatched by the combined powers of the entire circle. As the dust had settled that day Darkchild and his chief scientist Gray Fox took the Skrull technology into their possession. Using the technology they adapted it to the very foundation of France building tunnels underneath the entire country. Many of the tunnels collapsed after completion the strain was too much, an they hadn’t perfected using the tech yet. But soon Paris, Rouen, and Amiens all had the Skrull technology running below it. Darkchild switched on the computer that was hidden in this room, suddenly it whirred into power. The screen flickered on showing a schematic of what the tunnels an technology would do once it was fired on. The three regions Paris, Rouen and Amiens lifted from the ground on the diagram an hovered in the sky. Weapons formed on its base and all around the now mighty singular continent, the plan was titled “Atrum Castellum” Which in the Latin meant Dark Citadel.  Darkchild was prepared for war, if was to happen then he would be ready for it. He turned the engines to the technology on, they sounded into motion all coming online even after so many years. With the flick of a button they would rise into the heavens above an strike down any who opposed them, Darkchild simply waited for someone to make the first strike.   

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She couldn't tell how long the two were asleep for, but her emerald eyes slowly opened as she heard the soft voice of her wife. " Ok..." she took in a yawn as she gently picked herself off of Sha, stretching her arms abo ve her head as she slowly began putting her clothing back on, fumbling with some of it as she sighed.

“Did I tell you, I learned a new power”.

"Oh?" she responded, not really paying attention as she was still trying to get her bottom on. Her wife then walked up to her, helping her as she smiled at her wife. What would she do without her? Not even Stephanie could answer that question, or even wanted to think about it.

“Come on, let’s go” The two grasped each others hand as they stepped through the teleporter, suddenly arriving back in Solace City.

Suddenly Inzeo came quickly towards the two, he was the right hand of Sha when it came to her rule upon the city. “Any word on who killed Lord Marcus?” His eye's to the ground out of respect to the two as the continued walking through the hall.

“No Inzeo, but I suspect we’re dealing with a very powerful psychic, someone’s mind is strong enough to be un-detected by a pre-cog”

Stephanie's head jerked a little bit from the information as she looked over at her wife in confusion. “You learned a new power?” She thought since Final Arrow removed Chaos Black from her, that she was done developing 'new powers'. Ziccarra then stopped walking suddenly as Stephanie stopped as well, silence was looming in the halls as they were suddenly surrounded by Sha's soldiers, their rifles aiming right at The Fire Goddess. " Wha-? " she was confused as she let go of Ziccarra's hand. "Is this a joke?" She looked at her love.

But then a maleficent grin came upon Sha's face as she looked over to her. “You suck as a wife; did you not notice, I’ve almost dropped 3 feet in height and I’m thicker now?”

"Well... I thought you gained some weight... but I didn't want to piss you-" before she could finish she felt her body freeze in place as it was suddenly pushed back against the wall, her head slammed into it as she grit her teeth in pain. "Whats wrong with you!?" she blurted out, struggling to try and move. "Is it that time of the month already??"

“A few nights ago, I was down by the docks; and I noticed Lord Marcus, and your cheating b!tch of a wife; they were having sex, in front of all their bodyguards, afterward he slit her throat. Seizing the opportunity, I killed him and assumed the spot as “Queen Ninjeta”.

Stephanie's eyes widen in shock, was it true? Ziccarra was dead? Lord Marcus killed her?! Her blood began to boil, the tears that were building up in her eyes were instantly turning into steam. She felt the touch of the unknown woman against her face, using her magnetic powers to pull at her skin. Grunting in pain Stephanie struggled to try and gain control of herself, she couldn't even speak because of the hold the woman had on her. The pottery in the room began to melt as she could see the woman imposture her wife beginning to sweat. Her body began to shiver with rage, the glass windows melting, the carpet smoking, ready to catch on fire.

 “I…Loved Marc….and you took him from me…” The woman spoke with pain her voice. Marc? She killed him long ago to prove to the other Cabal members that she was still allied with them. But... she loved him? Who is she? “All my intentions are to just kill you right now… but I think I’ll keep you alive…I’m going to bring this Cabal down…I can use your body as an ally or I can use it as a prop the choice is yours!”

Stephanie grunt as she suddenly saw the woman change into the old Sha uniform. Her eyes widen in shock, there was no way... Ziccarra said she 'Took care' of the girl when the war broke out! There was no way she could still be alive... yet here she was, standing before her, in her deceased wife's old uniform. “In case you forgot, my name is Maya Lopez.”

"NOOOOOOOO!" It was like something snapped inside of Stephanie, her eyes turned into a bloodshot red as a blinding flash covered the area, the guards quickly shot at her but their bullets melted before they could reach her, their heads suddenly bursting open like a water balloon as The Fire Goddess broke through the magnetic hold. Rushing towards the blond girl as her hand wrapped around her neck, slamming her into the wall as she pulled back her fist. "YOU TRICKED ME!" Her eyes burned with anger as she let out a distorted feral cry and threw her right flaming fist forward. Standing there breathing heavily her hand was smashed through the stone wall, less than an inch away from Maya's head, but the powerful teen stood her ground, her eyes not so much blinking, as if she knew Nova wouldn't kill her. Nova's crimson demonic eyes looked at Maya with sorrow, pain and regret. Letting go of the girl, she dropped to her knees the now widow sobbed silently as she covered her face with her hands, tears seeping through her fingers as the room began to cool back down, the dead bodies of the soldiers laid upon the carpet around them.

A few moments later Stephanie finally regained control over herself, lowering her hands she slowly stood up, her head lowered to the ground as if she had been defeated. "Well?" She could hear Maya's voice, it was like nails on a chalk board.

"Why couldn't you have just killed me?" Her voice with pain, she looked up at Maya. "All I ask, is just one thing..." She could hear Maya scoff at her. "Where is her body?" The blond girl looked at her a bit suspicious. "I'm not going to try some crazy voodoo crap to bring her back... I just want to... say goodbye."

Maya looked at her, confused with anger. "She CHEATED on you, and you want to pay your last respect?" She blurted out.

"She was MY wife, and I don't care if she f#cked every man and woman on this Earth, I still would have LOVED her." She sighed. " I know that our marriage was just for politics and to have a strong alliance, that's it. I was just another pawn in her plan, I know and accept that." she whispered.

"She's in the ocean, by the docks." Her arms crossed along her chest.
"I'll be back in a bit... and when I come back... I'll do whatever you want." With that Nova walked off.

An hour later...

Stephanie sat upon her bed with the body of Ziccarra laying upon it. The cold waters kept the body fresh, and the fish seemed to have stayed clear of the Ninjan Queen because other than her pail skin and slit open throat... she looked the same. Gently caressing her dead wife's cheek, her eyes began to water as her heart twinged with pain. "I'm sorry..." she whispered. "I guess I should have been more protective." she chuckled to herself as she heard the door suddenly open, she knew who it was. "I'll see you again soon." Wiping the tears from her eyes she leaned in and gave a kiss to her deceased lover on the forehead before laying a blanket over her body.  Standing up she faced Maya who was standing before her, as if waiting. 

"I hope you have a damn good plan, because the Cabal... their not going to be very easy to take down." Her eyes focused on the girl, the weight of the world upon her shoulders.

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 Draped in disbelief, the Aristocratic Assassin cautiously reached out taking the emerald ring from the outstretched hand of the Iconic Ideal as he proposed a unified alliance. His nobility taking center stage as he effortlessly subdued the feral nightmares reducing them to nothing more then apathetic house pets. Bringing a subtle smirk to the Cajun's face before he unceremoniously dismissed the animals as well as his Rosasi Sands. "Tis been along time since these eyes have seen a true hero mon ami. And even longer still, since they have seen a.....friend." His words paying the ultimate respect to an adversary he had once considered a brother. "Dee Cabal has become a victim of its own success, a cancer dat must be removed. But if we do dis we do it all dee way. We spare no one. Blood in, blood out." Letting his ultimatum sink in Gambler turned to leave but suddenly stopped, "You should thank dat man Nagat. Dats dee man who's going to save dee World." Turning back to face the newly revived hero he nodded, "It'll be an honor to fight by your side. One last blaze of glory no?"

Making his way back towards his high rise Gambler took the opportunity to investigate the ring, slipping it onto his finger and admiring its simplistic beauty. Without warning the ring instantaneously annexed the Cajun's thoughts transforming the assassins subconscious into reality, releasing a massive wave of energy adding to the recent destruction. With a look of determination the Living Legend strained his hand as he clinched it into a fist gathering his concentration, producing a sword, then a shield, then a bow, and lastly a pair of kukris blades. "Interesting" he smirked, "Most interesting." As Utopia prepared for war the LeBeau Legacy, Angelique, and her father/lover, Gambler, sat silently in their new born child's room observing the infants innocence. "Where we ever dat innocent my love?" Angelique's question bringing a moment of clarity to the assassin, "No chere, we were born killers. Innocence was a luxury we could not afford. Perhaps dat is dee true LeBeau legacy, dee true linage we leave behind."

Hours Later:
The Cajun's command resonated throughout his troops communication lines as they descended upon Solace City. No doubt the highly advanced defense systems of the illustrious city had clocked the invading force from miles out. The Ninjeta Queen was as clever as she was deadly, and added by the state of the art Ninjeta technology Gambler's forces would quickly be decimated. However the assassin worried not. His only objective was to infiltrate the inner sanctum of the Queen's palace and quickly end her life before moving on to another member of the Cabal. Swan diving out of his helicopter just moments before it exploded, the assassin landed just outside of the imperial palaces towering doors. With the green lantern ring dangling from around his neck he smoothly unsheathed his blade before grinning, "I should have killed dis bitch along time ago."

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     “I truussst you have both followeddd our orderrrs”   Arrow ignored her for a moment, still looking towards the empty hooks in front of him. His mind was flowing over the world, a battle had started one that he wondered if he should take action or remain and see where the house of cards fall. After all he had his own plans slowly working into action it would not be long now. In a instant Arrow was standing beside her, his body still the same as it was before, no muscle had moved, he had merely moved the world so she would be standing next to him, but from her eyes he had vanished and reappeared. His mind remained on Rina and how she had become so twisted, she once brought light into a often sullen world, but now she was powerful and something dark had broken in her, something he feared of his own making. Arrow would be the first to admit he often played games with his daughters mind, she wanted him and he played into that, a dangerous game. But she had forgotten the art to destruction, the simplest twisted could bring down the world and so far the infighting had already begun.

The shadows rushed towards him and acted as clothes for their master, a cloak of shadows covered his pale body as he turned to address her. “Orders?” his voice was mocking, “I did not realize you where my superior?” he turned to face her, “Be careful of your wording, dear Finder for next time I won’t be with mine.”  He began to walk out the room, her voice box hissing behind him, “Yes the deed is done, it should be made clear that I know you dislike working with me as much as I dislike working with you. The Baron was an interesting man that I had wished to kill, but you stole that moment from me. I am impressed none the less, you have held up well throughout all that is happening, I would not like to see that come to an end.” Pointing at the far wall a few almost lifeless bodies hung “They are what you would call Jews, do with them what you please I am needed elsewhere.” Arrow vanished before her leaving the Jewish family with the most powerful Nazi to ever walk the earth. He knew that she would call upon him when needed, his plans where unfolding and he would be stupid not to keep the Germans on his side, they both knew of the power each controlled 

Two doors powered over Gambler as he unsheathed his blade, next to him one of his men gave a small shudder as if someone had walked over his grave. "I should have killed dis bitch a long time ago." Arrow watched from the eyes of the warrior he had taken over, the man’s name was Leonard, he was twenty eight and had been training all his life to serve as one of Gamblers troops, he had dreams of dying in battle, sadly that dream was not going to come true. Arrow could already feel the body beginning to burn out. He turned to Gambler, he knew that the Cajun would already know that he had taken the body, he would have felt the shift in the air and the change of body langue  “Why are you so bold all of a sudden, old friend?” Arrows voice echoed from the empty shell of a man, Arrows eyes fell onto the ring around his neck. The blade narrowly missed Arrows head, “How ever so fitting, he lives” and the body of the Leonard fell to the ground as Arrow took his leave, it seems more was going on then the master manipulator knew. It was time to act and bring forth his own plans or all would be lost, he cared not of the cabal or the world he had helped made, there had been a reason he had stopped passing souls to hell.

He appeared in front of a grand hall, a guard removed his blade in an instant and had it pointed at the very place Arrow finally took form, his guards where well trained and had studied each of the cabal members with a smile, Arrow pushed away the blade. “He is expecting me, tell him I will be waiting for him in his hall. “ Arrow walked past the guard who bowed. They would have to work even faster now that Gambler had forced their hand, if the plan was to work, they would need to use Gambler’s attack as a chance to strike out against him before he thought of the same thing.   They had formed a unity knowing it to be a tactical move and for many years had built and delicate friendship, so he waited for Precise to return before making his move. 


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 The resurrected hero watched as the King of Kings cautiously took the emerald ring from his outstretched hand. Those that knew the history between the two might think what was going on. Why would Andferne, a hero of legend side with the most notorious villain of their lifetime. The answer was simple. He knew he couldn't win this war alone and in the time he was dead this Cabal had all but eradicated the heroes of the world. Asgard had fallen. Heroes had all but fallen off the face of the Earth. If he was to change fate one last time, then he would need the help of someone he could trust.

Trust. Its meaning can be viewed in different ways. Trusting someone to tell you the truth. To have your back no matter what. And trust that when it is all said and done that they will act exactly how he suspect. Trust is a funny thing when dealing with master tacticians and strategist. It is always about that chess board. Positioning your pieces to their optimal location for that final strike.

" Jean Luc. Before you go I have one more question to ask". Their words trailed on as they talked back and forth. This dark world was not going to be an easy fix and he still had a few chess pieces to put out. With a firm and final handshake the two parted ways, in the back of Andy's mind he wondered if he had made the biggest mistake of his life. But he knew that change came with a cost. One he would have to bare.

A sonic boom erupted through the air as he went flying. Traveling through the sky at superhuman level speeds. Nothing but a blur amongst the clouds as he made his way to his location. Staying hidden among the milky white clouds he used his superhuman sight to view the foundation below. There was an old well kept castle with numerous guards on patrol. Security to hold off against the utmost scrutiny. Changing his vision into another spectrum he pierced through the outer walls. Scanning each room one by one as he searched for what he was after.

Minutes went by until he found who he was after. His voice just a faint whisper as he spoke " What did he do to you..". With incredible speed he began to vibrate his body back and forth, but it was more than that. He was becoming not just intangible, but invisible to the naked eye. He knew that he could not keep this state for very long so he had to act quick. Swooping down out of the sky he used his current state to slip through the walls undetected and unseen. His feet never touching to floor as he entered the room of his desire. Kneeling down by her bedside he became visible once more. The back of his hand moved slowly against the raven haired woman's cheek. " Kiara. I know that you can hear me. Deep down inside that shell of yours I know that you can hear me".

Next he leaned in and whispered into her ear. The light from the single ring he still held in his hand began to engulf the room. He slipped it off of his own finger and gently set it in hers. Both of his hands clasping together with hers. " Wake up Kiara. The world still needs heroes". He could hear her heartbeat growing stronger by the second. Seconds later Andy was standing by a window in the far corner of the room. " Make him pay for the sins he brought to this world. To you.."

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It was hard for Maya to see why Nova loved her deceased sister so much; but she too knew the power of caring for someone, so she wouldn’t buy into it too much. While Nova was, tending to the body of Ziccarra; Maya sat on the balcony of the Palace in her guise, listening to the people below as the praised herself holy name. Her concentration was impeccable not even the persistent buzz from a fly could deter the psy waves her brain emitted.  The huge doors behind her opened, she could smell the sulfur filled step of Feral Nova. "I hope you have a damn good plan, because the Cabal... they’re not going to be very easy to take down." Maya turned facing Nova with an almost calculating smirk on her face. “I know that, but did you see it…I gave my speech and every last one of those members’ minds began to work in overtime about their allies, attack strategies; they’re all puppets to their own imagination; I’m pretty sure the Cabal would’ve been at War years earlier if you and Ziccarra hadn’t married.”   Maya looked around, the complex locking the doors and removing a huge map of the city. “We aren’t going to worry about Precise… I can kill him pretty quickly” Maya said not looking up from the map of the city. “What we are going to do is… attack in series” she watched as Nova looked a bit confused.   Although an explanation would have to wait, Gun shots off the far side of Solace city sounded as if they were cannons.   Closing her eyes and channeling her energies, she looked out past the walls of Solace City to see the 1 Infantry Battalion; fighting with an unknown group of uniform soldiers.  “It’s Gambler…” Maya said turning to Nova.  “In the throne room, there is a secret pathway, use that to gain accesses out of the Palace.” She said turning to her servants; glancing at Nova she asked her with a grin on her face, “I may not be Sha, but It’s time we kick this guy’s ass”.

“And now for my surprise…” she walked swiftly with Nova back to the throne room; opening up the secret path. “Use this to gain access to his rear; we can strike him at the same time” she said almost being knocked down by the sound of a gigantic explosion not too far from their location. Closing the door Maya sat on her throne.   Closing her eyes, she once again began to emit powerful psywaves; the purpose of this was to get a mental perception on where everyone in the palace was. “No one…” she said with a smile on her face. “UGH RSSKK….” She threw up a black mist; as her hands bulged, and her feet got bigger, her blonde hair, went short and almost red in texture as she sat on the throne, her throat was fixed with an adam’s apple.  Turning to the right, she had transformed perfectly into Darkchild.

Maya pushed her hands outward, creating a gigantic oval of Photon energy, the energy it’s self   pushed outward and destroyed the whole castle; bringing it down within moments.   Dust and smoke billowed into the Solace City skyline, causing those who weren’t running from bullets to stare and awe as their Queen’s abode was engulfed in infernal flames.   Walking through the smoke appearing as a Shadow first, Maya in the guise of Darkchild slowly stalked the Chesire Manipulator. She walked almost slow, and menacing with her hands in her pockets as if she had not done the deed. When she finally emerged she had a wide grin on her face, paying homage to vintage DC.   “Finders keepers Cajun” she said pushing her hands forward sending a beam of light energy towards him; she lead it to high as her eyes, locked on to what was dangling around his neck.

She didn’t know where he got it from, but it dismantled her whole Dark Child Psyche “No…” her guise broken, she stood with a vivid look of disgust on her face. Removing her Sword and shield, she walked forward; twirling her weapon in hand. “It’s gut   check time” she said spinning around aiming a shot from her shield towards his face.

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Hanging up the phone after his little discussion with the child of darkness a smirk came to his face. His empire was expanding. Alliances were forged, how feeble they might have been, but all of this left an empty feeling. The world had simply turned into a chess game with each member of the Cabal  being one of the pieces that made up the board, and it wouldn’t be long before one of them would say ‘checkmate’. Simply playing the game wasn’t worth it for him anymore, it was time someone cheated and flip the board.

Making his way over to his new palace with his guards dragging out the various bodies littered behind him he was greeted by one of his accomplishes “Sir, the lord of hell is expecting you in the main chamber”. His long white cloak fluttered behind as he ignored the guard and pushed open the large wooden doors where Final Arrow sat at the majestic round table. His dark demonic shadows were dancing around his body as his long grey hair hang across his face. “I trust you’ve been treated well” Arrow glanced over towards the guard that held a blade to him only moments before Precise’s arrival explaining everything that needed to be said. The man that sat before him held power beyond belief in the palm of his hand, one wrong word and the longhaired assassin would be snuffed out like a candle. It was one of the dangers hanging out with this crowd when he was a mere human, everyone outclassed him in a straight up fight. But his strength didn’t lay in his physical attributes, it laid in his observative nature, seeing opportunities where others saw only despair and loss. “It seems the Cabal is at a stand off. And pardon my choice of words, all hell is about to break loose.” A small grin appeared as he gazed into Arrow’s demonic eyes. “Frankly, I don’t care about this pathetic world anymore. Everyone is fighting over pieces of land trying to turn it into their little patch of utopia. What I want is the same as you’ve longed for. I’ve known you too long to not see that you’ve grown bored with the world at hand, you’ve stopped attending cabal meetings.. you hide away in your own hell, playing with lost souls for some light entertainment.”

He smirked before continuing, knowing very well he was on a slippery slope with his choice of words. “The world still needs heroes. Remember that? Those heroes helped provide some form of chaos in this world instead of everyone following each other around like mindless sheep. That’s what I seek, Chaos. And in that chaos to be on top of the food chain. To feel alive once more” He waited for Arrow’s reply if he would even get any. But before he could continue a message come through on his phone. “Sir. Your wife… she’s… gone. Half of your palace is destroyed, I’m sending the security footage to you now.” His eyes widened in shock as he saw a man dressed in the all too familiar red and blue clothing. A ring was placed on his wives finger before exploding in burst of violet coloured light destroying all the security equipment and turning the footage in an image of snow. “Sinister.. you fool..” his face showed horror at first before looking back at Arrow once more realizing his own skill to see opportunities where others saw only loss.

“I was going to say I have nothing to offer you..” He slid his phone over to Arrow where the video played continuously in a loop. “.. except for two souls. One of your former lover, and one of your archenemy.” A sinister smile crept onto his face as he stood up and walked towards the door “Stick around in this world Arrow, your boredom will soon be over”. As he turned around he faced the guard that so rudely received Arrow and slammed his hand into his chest, his fingers driving into the mans flesh while twisting his hand around ripping out a large chunk of flesh as the guard fell to the ground. Precise’s eyes widened having seemingly lost all of human emotion as a maniacal smile appeared on his face granting him the look of a madman. Licking of the blood of his adamantium fingertips he looked back at Arrow “Top of the foodchain, Arrow. Top of the foodchain”.

As he walked out of the palace he prepared his plane for departure. If there was any place this newfound hero could’ve been born it would be in Sinisters place of residence. And that would be where he’d find out who and what he truly was, and if his suspicions were correct.