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The mood was a terribly gloomy one as the senior heroes stood around the circled table trying to appease Ziccarra. They could see the intense anger in her eyes; if looks could kill her pacific blue eyes would’ve drowned all in attendance.  “You guys are telling me to be rational, when I have to explain to parents why there children are hospitalized.”  She spoke in a terse and agitated manner.  “Sha, we understand your angry but I can’t release the name of the man responsible…the police are handling it”. These were not the words Z wanted to hear; there were 7 girls raped; 3 wounded and 2 dead thanks to this negligent male. All she could think of was her closest friends back at the HQ; Stephanie and Cass, the looks the gave her when she returned to the carnage was enough to reopen the darkest pit of her mind. Z’s eyes began to flash a ruby red; the distain she had for these people in attendance began to grow. “We set this system up so that we would be the senior heroes in charge of the juniors, you have allowed a man called a hero to defecate on the L.O.V.E holy grounds violating ours laws and you offer him clemency?” Z said balling up her fist, as she did so a dark presence slowly began to creep into the room suffocating those who were strong enough to withstand it. “I’m casting judgment on this day…in the near future the male species will be extinct”.

Z went to the one place she knew, no one would find her at a place so sacred to her she told very few people about. This was the gravesite of one of the victims, someone she held very dear to her. “Maya…” how could I’ve let this happen to you” she said falling down to her knee’s breaking into somber tears.  “I promised to protect you…so I put you in the only place that made sense…The L.O.V.E HQ; under the watchful eye of Cass and Steph you blossomed into a wonderful side…hero, you blossomed into a wonderful hero.” As she continued confessing her transgressions anger and guilt began to purge the only good feelings she had left from her soul. “I had someone to love; you were like my own child.” She couldn’t hold the anger back any longer, it was slowly eclipsing her soul soon she saw nothing but blood, if the rest of the heroes were going to protect the male, then that meant there was an injustice being done. “An injustice here is a threat to justice everywhere” Z said rising from her downed state. “I will avenge you” she said kissing her best friends tombstone; rising to a low levitate she finally flew off in the direction of her high end apartment.

Months later

“Y-you can’t do this” Ziccarra stepped through the doors of the congressional buildings backed with her army of young L.O.V.E operatives pulling security around the whole building.  “Good evening, congressmen I do hope we can make this meeting a swift one” she said taking a seat in front of the newly elected President. “I trust you received my declaration” she said crossing her legs and positioning her hands on her knee caps. “I have read your declaration, I’m sorry I simply cannot give you land that discriminates against a whole species”. Z let out a long exasperated sigh, her level of irritation skyrocketed within a matter of moments.

“I read the letter about your best friend and I’m sorry but I simply cannot grant your request; the tax payers would riot” the president said surrounded by hundreds of his closest body guards. “You guys funded mind control projects, an expedition to find Noah’s Arc and the Garden of Eden and you’re telling me the taxpayers would be mad? I hear an excuse” Z said standing up with her eyes flashing red.

“I didn’t come here to take No for an answer” she said slowly stalking the podium; the imminent threat caused the alert secret service to brandish their 9mm. “It’s a shame that evolution has taught you people nothing” Z said with her eyes flashing with a silver discharge. A swift swipe of her hands saw the secret servicemen turned their own weapons on themselves.

Z blinked her eyes and in an instant they all blew their own brains out. “Now…a new age is beginning” Z said imposing her now demonous figure over the president.

1 year later.

There was a huge uncertainty cast over the U.S in the months following Ziccarra being elected president. She chose an all-female cabinet, and imposed totalitarian ideals across the U.S the institution of slavery was reinstated for a short period of time; most males who couldn’t fight it were involuntary made sterile.  The components of the army were stripped down so that the Amazons took command. The changes imposed were setting up the Liafador presidency for something big, everyone knew it.

“So it’s finished” Z said turning to look at The Fire Goddess, the both of them watched in awe as a normal human woman was implanted with a Ninjan Gene. “This’ll do what?” Stephanie asked intrigued. “It’s a DNA modifier… It’ll allow ordinary women to conceive children without a male. The select people whom happened to be in attendance were all left bewildered. “Wait what?” one of the young L.O.V.E members asked. “Nova… pass the order on to Cass and on to everyone else; no more mating with the male race…it’s an order from the President”  Z left the laboratory walking closely with two of her key officials. They had been working closely with her since she assumed the role of the Presidency.

“Give the order…get rid of the males…all of them.”  

Within hours, The Amazonian Military Units began to rush through the streets in every Major American City; with one objective. The extermination of MANkind
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Nowadays: "We know who you are.  We know what you are.  Why is it that you act so wild?  It doesn't make any sense.  Isn't this what your kind has always dreamed of?  Immense amounts of pleasure with no males around.  Isn't it?  Isn't it?  Why don't you answer me!  You're one screwed up person.  What you've done is inexcusable.  It goes against everything we've fought for as a people, as a freaking nation.  Goddammit.  Look at me when I speak to you!"   
Spit on pale flesh.  Kind of disgusting but the slash on her face is enough of a distraction.  A wound that's healed, but remained for reminder of twisted days prior.  Its rather sad.  Using the pain of yesterday to fuel the hypocrisy of today.  Then again it makes up for the boring conversation.  Makes one wonder how and why she got it.  Probably deserved it though.  Who wants to live with a nagger.  Mostly cause they can be very naggy this time of year.  Scratch that, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year.
Dip. Dip.  Till you die....watch her move as you cry.

"You're a freaking stripper.  Scum of the Earth.  Most wanted woman in all of America since the age of eighteen.  There isn't much too you but a size twelve waist.  Tell me.  Tell us.  Tell us, how you've made it so far in life with absolutely no education.  Was it daddy's endless flow of cash?  He's gone now.  Jonathan, Noah, all of them are freaking gone.  So, explain how you did it or else.  Tell me how America's little sweetheart became what she is now."   
She hasn't been loved in such a long time.  Chapped lips say it all.  Not enough licking to keep them moist.  Now that, that is funny.  Bunch of hens all of them.  Gone crazy since the new order of things.  Roles have been shifting.  Men falling like dominoes.  Its not the way it should be.  Men and women.  Yin and Yang.  Vice Versa, their all the same.  One needs the other, and the other just the same.  Misery, death, blah, blah, blah.  Stop blaming the other when oneself must check the mirror.  Life is a crime if not spent right.  Don't look for the wrongs.  Please look for the rights.  
Drip.  Drip.  Till you're dry....what else do you have but a sty? 
"It's been twenty-seven hours since the extermination.  The entire male species eliminated in one clean sweep by the Amazonian Military Units.  For months the only revolt as been from the pathetic squirrels we call mankind.  And we as women, honestly believed the anxiety and turbulence was over.  That crime would become non-existent.  A style that would fade away and be engraved into our textbooks as past tense.  But the first day after .  The first day after and you come along.  All high and mighty.  You come along after years of retirement.  That hair of yours.  Well you shoulda dyed it you stupid whore!"   
Oh me, oh my, that is just disrespectful.  Her condescending attitude was tolerable but sheer slandering of one's name, it is insulting.  It makes a well-rounded woman want to cry.  Haven't these women heard of the truth?  Imperfection is beauty.  Madness is genius.  Somebody special better get these hens a dictionary, a thesaurus, something educational that may require crayons.  Elimination of another is not the way to act out one's insecurities.  It is the exact opposite.  In fact it gives the men what they want.  It proves they had superiority over women all along.  That that'd resort to death as their only victory.  Men are smarter than women believe.
Skip.  Skip.  Skip the town.  Nobody wants your ass around.  
"The infamous redhead from beyond.  Do you know why you're here?"  
Rhetorical question that she wants answered.  In order, to cause confrontation.  She's itching to hit someone.  Wasn't able to hit her husband of six years who use to abuse her ever so constantly.  Wasn't able to hit the gangsters who raped, gagged, bound, and shot her daughter three times two in the head.  Its saddening but oh well that's her own fault.  Nobody told her to stay with a crazed man.  She had many opportunities to run away with at least an ounce of dignity.  Nobody told her to move into a neighborhood where she knew absolutely no one but a drug dealer and her retard of a boyfriend.  Mistakes of a woman are always blamed on the man.  Unable to accept the shit they've cause.  Unable to withstand the cards they've been dealt.
Aint it enough, that you walk the walk? 
"Hello?  Earth to Clarice.  I know you can hear me.  This is your last chance.  Admit your crime and we look the other way.  Act obnoxious and we'll be sure to alert President Ziccarra of this atrocity you willingly committed in the eye of the public.  Rumors are spreading fast.  We can end it if you just cooperate and do as we ask." 
She hates the silence and her partner walks out the room.  From the glass the women watch as she hits with such animosity.  A call is sent out to the higher authority.  News spreads quickly.  The entire state will soon know.  They'll know of the crime Clarice Michelle as done against the collective of the nation known as the United States of America.  Which once stood as a beacon of hope.  Where many minorities could arrive to explore the idea of freedom but no.  No!  She's taken it all away from everyone.  From husbands, fathers, sons, grandsons, uncles, nephews, innocence.....she must die. 
Aint it enough, that you walk the walk?   
Aint it enough, that you walk the walk?  
Aint it enough, that you walk the walk? 

"You freaking whore!  Your crime makes no sense but I know you.  I've watched you on the news.  Clara Mass.  Well-known heroine.  Former mercenary for the government organization known as Sector Eleven.  I've read all the dossiers.  Why aren't you fighting me?   Oh, I'm so sorry I forgot.  Your sexuality believes yourself to be a part of the male species.  Is that right?  I'm right, aren't I?  Stupid lesbian, gonna die without any last---"  GLUCK!
This is enough.  I tolerated the investigation.  Hoped by hearing their own words, they would realize the stupidity escaping their narrow throats.  But bring up what I fancy and breathing will not be a capable ability.   Yes, what I did was out of character but it was a protest.  I lead the underground.  Been leading since Ziccarra upstarted that silly campaign of her's.  Woman should of been assassinated the moment she opened that mouth of hers.  Queen of Ninjeta.  So, fucking what?  I am the granddaughter of Hera.  And my destiny is to rule this plane.  It is about time...I fulfill my destiny. 

Riding a stick they don't got....  
Riding a stick they'll never have....
You are you...always stay true....... 
Never will you ever go blue.....

Her throat is crush with the slightest of ease.  Clarice laughing in ecstasy for she has murdered.  Murdered a deserving soul.  The frightened women ready their weapons, but they are no match for the momentum that shall come before they.  Headaches triggered by the glance of violet eyes.  Glass shatters.  She hops onto the other side.  She kneels down to the woman in charge.  Pulling her backwards from her long blond locks.  Lightly kissing her, Clarice leaves of message of what will undoubtedly come.   
"Tell her.  Tell everyone.  The men are a coming.  And their voices shall be heard." 
She walks outside.  Cigarette in hand.  Blunt blowing like nobodies business.  Crimson hair shinning with the sunlight.  Violet eyes illuminating in such excitement.  An ebony Hyundai pulls up on her backside.  She bends over as if nothing shady as just occurred.  The town is steady.  No one can move a muscle.  Her powers are everywhere.  Once the news is out, she'll run this town. 
"Wait a bit and you'll all the pussycat you desire."  She playfully winks. 
"Where you going next boss?"  Asks the concerned Michael, her best friend of multiple years.  They had a thing once.  Maybe even a baby, but that's another story to tell. 
"Ziccarra.  She'll notice our operation soon enough.  Get out as soon as playtime is over.  If I woman honestly says no to sex, don't do anything.  Slap some sense into her.  Taking the younger ones.  Those are the one's itching for some one on one action.  Meanwhile, I gotta take the fight to the Queen before shit gets to wild.  I won't allow the world to get any crazier.  Gotta cleanse it.  It's what I gotta do." 
"Should I come with?"  He wants to hold her hand.  Tell her that everything we'll be fine, just as long as they stand side by side. 
"No, I gotta do this alone my love."  And so she walks the walk, no one else will do.  Little does she know the car follows as silent as the whispers within her head.
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What happened? What became of man? All the sweat, blood and tears they put into protecting them and they turn on the hand that feeds them? Stephanie’s emerald eyes shift around, not really focusing on anything but simply thinking as she stood in the same room with Ziccarra and one of the other young L.O.V.E girls. The Fire Goddess mind was drifting back to that fateful night… when everything would change.


One year ago


The entire L.O.V.E HQ was silent as the team of young girls and women slept peacefully after a long hard day of training. Stephanie and Cassidy were in charge of the group of girls while Ziccarra was off taking care of personal things, and everything was going fine, the girls were full of energy and egger to learn from the experienced heroes. This group of L.O.V.E members seemed to be the most promising yet, and it wasn’t just her that saw it, so did Cassidy and Ziccarra. She even brought her own daughter, Hotaru into the group, who she knew would flourish into a powerful hero. Everything was going perfect. 

Stephanie and Cassidy were the only one’s awake at the time, it was 2:45am, and the duo were busy talking about what activities they were going to have going for the girls later on that day. Nothing out of the ordinary, until…

Everything happened so fast… to this day, she still couldn’t figure out HOW they got INSIDE the HQ, bypassing their security system. They heard a terrifying scream from one of the younger girls, and the two heroes rushed off without a second thought. But as soon as Stephanie stepped out of the room she was in, a flash grenade blinded her and then a smack to the back of the head, forcing the hero down to the ground. She could hear them chuckling, laughing at her as she was disoriented and confused on the ground, without a second thought she became aflame, the man who was looming over her caught on fire, runny away and screaming in pain while another one was ready with a fire extinguisher, trying to put out the hero. She was so busy trying to figure out what was going on, she didn’t know what was going on with Cassidy, but she could hear more girls begin to scream and cry out for help.

Who was attacking them!? Hellfire Club? Vine Villains? Tenebrasque In? No… none of them were THIS sinister, to attack the women at night without a forewarning. Then… she heard her daughters voice.

“GET OFF MY MOM!” Hotaru jumped into the scene with Honor Girl by her side, knocking the group of men who were attacking her mother out. 

Finally coming to her senses Stephanie stood up, anger burning her eyes as she looked at who were laying on the ground before her. Men… ordinary men. Stephanie’s jaw clenched with anger as she looked up at the two girls before her. “Feral Nova, their attack all the other girls, their… their…” Honor Girl was in a panic, overwhelmed by the situation.


“Go! Help the others! I’m going to put an end to this NOW.” Stephanie grabbed one of the conscious men by their throat. “WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!” she yelled out, her hand burning the mans neck.

“ECK! N-NO ONE!” the man’s breath stuck of alcohol. Drunks? They were being attacked by drunken men!? “We just… wanted to have some fun with you ladies, show you how its like to be around REAL men hehehe....” He chuckled out.

“FUN!?” Her blood boiled over as the mans’ head suddenly explode. The group of men that were around her screamed in fear as they began trying to rush out of the building. But she wouldn’t allow it. Letting out a ear wrenching roar she erupted into an explosion, careful enough that the girls weren’t harmed by her flames, but ruthless enough for all the men within range to be literally turned into ash. 

When the flames died down Stephanie fell to her knees, breathing heavily, her body trembling still with anger. Coming into the room she was in, Honor Girl came stumbling in, who was bleeding from a wound to the back of her head. “S-stephanie.” She mumbled as she fell to her knees, tears falling from her eyes as she began to sob. 

“Its ok Nicole… its over.” Stephanie took a breath as she forced herself up from the ground, her expression cold, still filled with anger. 

The young teen shook her head. “Hotaru…” she whispered. “They killed Hotaru.” 

Her entire body went numb… her only daughter… dead?

The two girls went off to help a group of younger girls who were being raped by the men, and when Hotaru and Nicole stopped them… they weren’t too happy. Hotaru was easily able to handle herself and the men, but Nicole, just being human, was overwhelmed. Being knocked over behind the head and forced to the ground, a man was about to force himself on top of her, but Hotaru stopped him, so distracted by screams, cries for help and the mission to save the girls AND now Nicole, she didn’t see another man come up behind her and slit her throat, causing the young ninja to bleed out in seconds.

It was that day… that Stephanie Ardor swore to never protect another man again… instead… she swore to see the death of all of them. Since the attack on L.O.V.E HQ, Ziccarra, Cassidy and herself managed to take complete control over the entire country, with Ziccarra as president of the entire USA. The group filled with bitterness, have only been allowing men to live so far, for only reasons of reproducing, but from what the now Ninjan Queen had been recently talking about… they might not even need them for THAT.

“So it’s finished”


Stephanie snapped out of it as she heard the Queen’s voice. “This’ll do what?”


“It’s a DNA modifier… It’ll allow ordinary women to conceive children without a male.”


Stephanie’s eyes widen. She knew female Ninjans could reproduce on without a male, but… she never would have dreamed that it could have became a reality for normal human females. This meant only one thing…


“Nova… pass the order on to Cass and on to everyone else; no more mating with the male race…it’s an order from the President. Give the order…get rid of the males…all of them.”  


Bowing her head to the Queen she walked off in another direction from Ziccarra, making her way to the communication room. Standing before the video transmitter she pressed a couple of buttons as Cassidy suddenly came to view on the screen before her. “Cassidy, Ziccarra did it…” she paused for a moment. “We no longer need the male’s for reproductive purposes… by order of President Ziccarra… exterminate any and all males. No exception.” She spoke with a bone rattling chill in her voice. Flipping to other video channels after telling Cassidy the news she began to spread the word around the United States, males… where now obsolete.

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"Alceus!", a female voice echoed across the jewel encrusted halls of Olympus. The sound of nearby footsteps grew louder with every passing second. Mighty Alceus could hear it, his extraordinary senses have never fooled him. He however, did not seek out whoever was calling for him despite the voice carrying a rather alarmed tone. Quietly sitting near the edge of a cliff, his near-unbreakable helmet in his arms, a calm but serious Alceus gazed into the divine skies of the Olympian dimension. The cold air touched his skin as the sky's visibility began to fade. Something was on The Champion's mind, even a moron would know that something has deeply upset Alceus. Soon a cold gust of air gently slapped him across the chest, not even managing to grab the heroic god's attention. "This.. this really is something", he sighed disappointingly. "Alceus!", again the voice called him, the approaching woman was getting much closer. No longer than a mere minute afterwards, the woman had finally encountered Alceus, the skies of Olympus had become dark, stars from across the universe covered the night sky as they were forced to share the sky with mysterious rainbow colored lights found only in magical dimensions. It was none other than Athena who had sought him out, "This has gone too far", Athena said, sitting beside her brother. "I know that for the time being, Zeus has forbidden our interference with the mortals but what is taking place on Earth, it must stop. Mother Gaia would not want this, to see one of her creations on the brink of extinction", Athena said, speaking on recent events on Earth that included a drastic change in leadership and a new-found objective from the woman of Earth to kill every single man on the planet. "But what can I do? As much as I want to be down there to put a stop to this nonsense, my father won't allow it", Alceus replied, frustrated over his father's decision to temporarily stay out of mortal affairs.

Smirking, almost slyly, Athena revealed an interesting piece of information. "Well, from what I've been made aware of, it was not father who first decided to let this happen. It was Hera. For in men, Hera saw father's genetic code. She saw many of his bastard sons come and go, a testament to his willingness to break the vow's of his marriage with her. All Hera saw.. sees in men are betrayers", Athena said, surprising a stunned Alceus who really only saw Hera's hatred focused on his brother Hercules. The Goddess of Wisdom continued, "She doesn't mind seeing all of them eliminated. In fact, she might even attempt to move this ridiculous campaign onto the halls of Olympus. I can convince father to let you fight but you must lend me your helmet. It'll channel all of my knowledge to father and then he will see the truth", Athena smiled, quickly taking Alceus' helmet and running off in search of Zeus. "I hope her plan works. Although Athena's never been one to fail", The Champion thought, somewhat confident in his sister's plan. Entering the throne room, Athena wasted no time, aware of the urgency of the matter, "Father put this on. It is important that you do what I ask without question", Athena said, sounding demanding in her approach. At first, confusion invaded great Zeus' mind but he soon took the helmet from his daughter's hand, setting down his silver lightning-bolt shaped spear. Putting the golden helmet on, Zeus' mind was astonished, his knowledge widened however, the brief moment of astonishment came to an end as with this new knowledge, he discovered an ugly truth. His frown was evidence of this. "You must let Alceus fight", Athena said, looking her father in the eye, showing no fear. Silently nodding his head, Zeus removed the helmet, tossing it over to his daughter as she left the throne room, returning to Alceus. Though she her plan has succeeded, Athena may have just strained or even broken an already damaged marriage.

Taking his helmet, a curious Alceus was on the verge of asking how his sister's plan had played out but the moment he spotted her smile, he knew it was nothing less of a success. "Thank you Athena", valiant Alceus smiled, putting on his helmet. And before he could depart on his heroic journey to the mortal world, Alceus was halted as Athena grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him towards her as she quickly wrapped her arms around him. Hugging her brother warmly, Athena being a cautious individual did not hesitate to warn Alceus of the danger that he will surely face. "Don't take anything too lightly brother. This is a dangerous mission you are heading into. Remember, don't always think with your fists, your mind will serve you well. I'll be telepathically communicable if you require my assistance. Good luck", she warned, letting go of Alceus who assured her that he will be fine, "Don't worry Athena. I know who I'm dealing with here", brave Alceus replied, determined to stop this madness. His eyes glowing a bright blue energy, The Champion blasted into the Olympian sky and towards the godly dimension's colossal gates that separate Olympus from the rest of the universe. Luckily, the gates were specifically built to keep out any dimensional energy that might corrupt the Olympian dimension, so Alceus was in no danger.. for now. Returning to the universe, the powerful Champion didn't hesitate to fly at full speed. Reaching the speed of light, mighty Alceus headed towards the planet Earth, his intentions clear, his mind calm, and his heart was as determined as ever. "I'm not going to allow my species to perish in war in slavery. This is the end", Alceus said just above a whisper. After finally returning to Earth, the Son of Olympus landed on Athens where he was quickly confronted by a group of muscular Amazons who claimed to be sent by Hera herself to bring an end to Alceus' life. "Yield or die!", they warned. Tightly clenching his fist as a violent outward flailing aura of energy began to radiate around him, Alceus' aura flung pebbles, and rocks into the air as the air grew violent around him. He was angry, "Get out of my way".

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Inside Daniel's garage



Levina sat silently in the group’s little HQ, looking at the ground, her entire body and mind exhausted from everything that has been going on for the past year. She was there it when it all happened, when the L.O.V.E HQ was attacked, and was one of the few girls who were actually raped by the men. She still had nightmares to this day, she was sleeping in bed, in the same room with another girl when she felt a hand slam against her mouth. She tried to scream and fight him off, but without her powers activated, there was nothing she could do. The smell of a mini bar lingered on his lips as his hot breath hit her ear, his free hand roaming along her body while she then heard multiple other girls begin to scream out. She began to pray that this was just a horrible nightmare that was going to go away, but it didn’t, it only got worse. But after everything that was done, the leaders (and most of the super female population) of L.O.V.E went on a crusade to kill every male on the planet. At first she thought it was a joke… kill every male on the planet? That sound insane, blame the entire male species for what only a handful did? She quickly pulled away from the fellow heroes when Ziccarra (and the other female heroes) began taking men into slavery. Even though she was one of the girls who were rapped, didn’t mean she wanted every male in sight to be punished.

She saw it first hand when her friend Michael was beaten into a coma by one of the many females who were swept away from Ziccarra’s influence. Her friend simply walked into an internet café, and logged into his all time favorite website, ‘supersexyfemales.com’, do to ‘research’. A patrolling female police officer who was on a coffee break saw this, became enraged and began yelling at him, calling him a ‘pig’ and other names. When he tried to defend himself the woman quickly retaliated and began to beat down upon him until she thought he was dead. Luckily he was still breathing… but has been in a coma ever since. Because of that, she vowed to continue to help protect men, even against some of the most powerful women of the world. She had been able to protect her own city from Ziccarra's grasp, defending any forces that attempted to take over, and protecting all the male at the same time. It was an exhausting job, and allowed almost no sleep or down time, but she felt responsible in a way, being that she was female.


Her eyes jerked upward as she looked over at Daniel who was pointing at one of the monitors. It looked like there was a male, dressed in elegant glowing armor standing in the middle of the city Athens. “He literally just fell from the sky like… two seconds ago. I tracked him down via a satellite feeding.” He then changed the view of the camera and showed that there was a group of women already surrounding him. “And looks like he’s in trouble.”

“Athens huh?” she whispered as she stood up, she heard of the amazons taking over the entire country of Greece thanks to Ziccarra’s influence and now this man was about to challenge them. 

“He might appreciate some help.” He looked up at her, waiting to see what she would say.

With a smirk she chuckled. “Do you even need to ask?” she looked back down at him.

Daniel stood up as he handed her a backpack filled with lead acid batteries and copper wires hanging out of it, something that Michael came up with for her when she needed to travel long distance in a short amount of time. Slipping on the backpack she began wrapping the wires along her wrists as Daniel began calculating the amount of energy she was going to have to use in order to get to where she wanted to go, without overshooting into the middle of the ocean.

“Ready?” Daniel asked.

Doing some minor adjustments to the backpack she gave him a thumbs up. “Ready.”

“Alright, Voltage Team Go!”

With that she threw out her arm as a stream of electricity flew from her hand, while jumping upon it. As soon as her feet made contact, she was traveling at the speed of light to her destination. Using the amount of power Daniel told her to use, she suddenly cut the stream of electricity off, and went running forward as everything came into a focused view. She was literally face to face with an Amazon.

“GET THEM VOLTAGE!” Daniel was heard in her ear piece.

Pulling her fist back she slammed it into the commanding Amazon, she was coming in so fast, it was impossible for the followers of Hera to dodge. The Amazon’s head jerked back and the force of impact caused her to literally fly back about five feet and into her fellow amazons. With laugh she turned around to look at the man who came from the heavens to help save mankind.

“I know you could probably handle yourself.” She said as she walked up to him. “But what can I say, those women are b!tches and I couldn't help myself." she chuckled to herself. "Name’s Hi Voltage, now how about we save the world?”

Daniel interrupted. 'Levi, your going to want to hear this.' Typing could be heard in the background. ‘I just picked this up from a live feed being sent out to every major city controlled by Ziccarra.’

“Put it through.”

'We no longer need the male’s for reproductive purposes…' it was feral Nova’s voice, both her and Dark Huntress were Ziccarra’s right hand women. 'by order of President Ziccarra…. Exterminate any and all males. No exceptions.'

Voltage legs almost went out on her when she heard that. She looked up at her new friend with worry in her eyes. “We have our work cut out for us my friend…”


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Current Time

The order had come through. Passed down by the President herself. Aliana had been raised at the heels of her, her mother one of her most trusted Lieutenants. But something that Cass had done for her children was to make sure that they'd had a wide and varied education. Despite her own ideologies, she'd always wanted her children to have the freedom to choose their own way. Aliana and Thomas had gone two separate ways in their own personal beliefs. They may be twins, born less than a minute apart, but they were not the same - not anything close to it. They were the antithesis to each other. Tom thrived on mayhem, bloodshed and chaos, Aliana preferred order and logic; there was a solid reasoning behind every move she made. The two had first come to serious blows during their time in the future with Constantine. Altogether, they’d been gone for two years time for everybody they’d left behind, but it had in actuality been seventeen years for them. They’d returned home on the eve of their eighteenth birthday and been filled with knowledge of a possible future. Knowledge that nobody should have had the burden of bearing.

Their first altercation lay at the hands of Tom. It was their sixteenth birthday and they’d spent it on a beach in Brazil. Gallivanting in the waters and lounging in the sun. There had been nary a worry in the world. For that one moment in time, everything had been put on hold and they were the only two people in the world. Already their powers were beginning to fully manifest and develop. Aliana had the ability to copy techniques, skills, knowledge and power from others. Thomas had kinetic absorption and manipulation. It suited their personalities in that Aliana was a tactician and subtle with her powers and although Tom was every bit as good a tactician as she was, he had the unfortunate habit of charging headlong into things. In addition to their natural mutations, they also had access to a small host of other powers. Handed down from their Kryptonian lineage, they both had enhanced durability and the use of what their grandfather had deemed ‘heat vision’, which was actually a concentration of kinetic energy dispelled from their eyes.

Two Years Ago

It had been a lovely day, a lazy one, and the twins were wrapping it up with a dunk in the gulf. But something lovely had turned nasty. Out of the blue, a hand had reached up from the depths and grabbed her ankle, trying to drag her under. It was a game that she and Thomas had played before, but this time he was deadly serious. It was a momentous struggle between the two of them and Aliana finally escaped after bearing down on her assailant’s head with the heel of her foot. Broad strokes took her to the shoreline with record speed and she’d fallen to her knees on the sand, coughing up the remaining water in her lungs. As she looked over to her right, her brother walked out of the water, a mischievous gleam in his eye. “What the actual fck, Tom? That wasn’t funny!” She was utterly outraged.

He shrugged nonchalantly as he made his way over to their towels and gear. “Didn’t you learn anything with Con? We have to take our opportunities for amusement where we can.”

Her eyes rolled at the mention of their beloved Constantine. They’d gone on adventures through time with him for years; he was the man who’d practically raised them, while at the same time obeying their mother’s wishes that they have a varied degree of education and training. Still, nobody had ever explained to the two of them why it had been necessary for them to go with him. “You have got to…you know what, Tom. I’m done with you. You’re into games and manipulation and flexing your big muscles. You’re my brother and I love you, but I don’t particularly like you.” She pushed her soaking wet red hair out of her face and stared at him, the anger more than evident in her peculiar purple eyes. “You’ve done this for years and I’m finally calling you on it. It’s one thing when we’re children playing games and trying to one up each other, but I’m sick and goddamn tired of you putting my life on the line for a cheap thrill. You want to play games and push people to their limits, to find some new playmates. I’m done with this, I’m done with you. I’m done with everything. “Bending down in a rushed movement, she grabbed her towel off the white sand and wrapped it around herself, walking away from him.

“You’ll come back, Aliana. You can’t make it without me. We NEED each other. We’re all we’ve ever had!” He was desperate. For all his scheming and for all his flexing of wit and powers, Tom had never truly been without her. But she didn’t turn around, she didn’t go back, she continued walking, strong in her convictions and sure in her beliefs.

Two Years Later - Current Time

They’d both made their way back to current time, to the complete and utter astonishment of their mother, who had aged only two years from the day she’d regretfully sent them away. Aliana had made her way to the fold, to her mother’s side and to the side of everybody else. Nobody quite trusted her. She had been the subject of very heavy suspicion at first. Tom had immediately made a name for himself as a master manipulator and villain, the likes of which had not been seen since the peak of Gambler himself.

Tom had started his life in this world by launching a smear campaign against their mother in an attempt to invalidate her position at Starks Enterprises. It had ultimately proven unsuccessful, but it had gotten him noticed and his foot in the door. Everything he’d done after that had been a precision strike in the direction of his sister. Every civilian she’d befriended had ended up mysteriously dead or strung out on an inexplicably addictive designer drug. She had no doubts that her brother was the one behind it, as well as behind the nefarious transfers of some depleted uranium. He was playing with the big boys now and doing everything he could to let Aliana know that he hadn’t forgotten her.

It was the night of their eighteenth birthday. Everything between them seemed to elevate around their birthday. Aliana was expecting something from him, something momentous. This was, after all, their ushering into adulthood. It was also the night that that Ziccarra announced the breakthrough in technology and issued the extinction notice on the vast majority of the world’s males.

Aliana stood on the balcony that extended from her bedroom. The floor to ceiling glass doors that led into her bedroom were open slightly, the purple silk curtains billowing outwards in the cool evening breeze as the full moon beamed down on her rust red hair. A black Kevlar weave suit clung to her lithe and nearly thin body. She mirrored her mother in that she was short and slender. She also mirrored her mother in that she did not go anywhere unarmed. There was a say strapped on either thigh, a backup gun by her ankle and another slung across her back. She was expecting her brother and she was loaded for bear.

Out of the blue, there was a clicking noise on the glass. It had been designed to catch her attention and she knew that, but she couldn’t prevent herself from turning around to face the doors that led back into her bedroom. There was a nearly inaudible thud as somebody landed on the thick stone railing of her balcony. Spinning back around once again, Aliana looked at a man she barely recognized. It was her brother and he was wearing a costume. It was a deep red, nearly black and it covered his entire body, face included. The only thing that she could see of him was his sea green eyes and a wisp of the dark red hair that he’d inherited from his mother, the hair that he’d always hated. There was a devil’s horn insignia on his chest and she couldn’t help but chuckle to herself, even going so far as to bring her hand up to her mouth to stifle the laughter.

“Is something funny, dearest sister?” His voice was growly and almost guttural.

“Oh no, nothing at all, my loving brother.” She snickered slightly. “So…I hear they call you El Diablo now? How…sadly pedantic. I’d expected bigger and better from the big, bad drug lord.”

“Oh, yes.” His voice was as equally taunting as his tall, muscular frame aptly did a front tuck roll off of the balcony, landing swiftly on his feet not more than three feet from his sister. “Because Echo is so unbelievably original.”

Her eyebrow arched in an exact copy of the way their mother's did. "You're here for a reason, Tom. You've spent the last two years taunting me and making it clear that it's now your mission in life to irritate the living daylights out of me. And I've stopped you at every turn. What gives? Did you get tired of the game? Did you come to turn yourself in?" A gleeful smile crossed her face, displaying her two dimples and she spoke again, her voice lowered. "Did you come to beg for us to spare you?"

"No. I came for none of those things. It's quite evident that the President plans on obtaining full control of the world and turning this place into a semblance of an Amazonian paradise in the aspect that there are no men allowed. It's sad that her vision is so stunted. There are men in this world who would have faithfully stood by her because they believe in bigger pictures and will do anything to survive." His arms crossed over his chest as he looked at her disdainfully, much in the manner that a teacher would when scorning a student.

"You have absolutely got to be kidding me with this bullsh!t, Thomas Starks. You are like ALL men. You will stab the back of those closest to you in order to get ahead in life." With that, she began to go down a mental list. "Kaligar did it when he went back to the Ferravians. Jean did it to every woman he's ever known at every turn and Mom was either too blind to see it or too weak to walk away. Dad did it when he made no attempt to regain his memories. We were NOTHING to him, Thomas. Constantine did it every time he had to save the fate of history and the future itself and we weren't allowed to come. Every man we've ever met has betrayed us or somebody we love. You're all despicable, disgusting creatures."

He cut her off right there, stopping her before she could continue with her tirade. "You're a silly little girl, Aliana. We may be twins and I may technically only have 47 seconds on you, but you're stuck in the past..."

Now it was her turn to cut him off. Her voice wasn't loud, it wasn't raised, but every bit of emotion that she owned was clearly evident in her tone. "Have you ever shown me any different, Tom? From the time we were children. You were my best friend. You were my brother. Oh my god, I loved you more than I thought the heart was capable of loving. We had a bond, one that I thought was unbreakable. But something happened to you. You went wrong somewhere. It breaks my heart to look at you." In that one moment of weakness and honesty she looked at him with her heart in her eyes. It was all she could do to hold herself back from throwing her body into his arms and hugging him like the world was ending - which for one of them, it was.

"I know why you're here." It was a whisper, barely audible. "You're going to take me out. If you can't move into the new world order, than neither can I. Right?"

"Yes." It was a simple answer said in a voice as quiet as Aliana's. They'd both been working towards this point their entire lives. The night of their ascension into adulthood and there was every possibility that neither of them would make it there.

He drew the katana from his back in the exact same second that she went for her twin sais. The blade was thrust directly at her face and she caught it with the sai, twisting it and nearly forcing it out of his hand. While she was distracted with that expert maneuver, he let loose with some of his stored kinetic energy, directing a blast at the small of her back, hoping to knock her off her center of gravity. But Aliana was able to read his moves, hell, she HAD his moves, and she bent down, her body bending in half and her back nearly touching the ground. The energy shot right over her and took a chunk out of the stonework on the side of the building.

They moved in a series of moves that were akin to a macabre ballet. Each took hits, each dealt damage. They wore each other down in this nearly synchronized choreography. Each knew the other as well as you could possibly know a person and they had trained with each other for their entire lives. This couldn't have been harder for them to one up each other. They'd exhausted their powers after a round of full energy bursts towards each other that had decimated most of the surrounding stonework and sheared off the entire outer half of the balcony.

There were no words spoken between the two of them, there was no time to think to comprehend speech. It was simply a poetry of movement. Aliana was beginning to get to the point of thinking that they were simply too well matched and that they'd continue going until they were both at the point of complete and utter exhaustion. And then she saw it. The opening that she needed to well and truly end this. All it took was a single feint for him to thrust forward with his sword, trying to run it through her heart. She grabbed the flat of the blade between her gloved palms and wrest it out of his grip. She re-adjusted so that she now held the hilt of her brother's sword, the one that had once belonged to the King of Kings himself.

In that split second of time that it took for him to realize what was about to happen, their eyes met and he mouthed two small words. "Love you." But Aliana had no remorse in her heart as she thrust the katana through her brother's heart and then for good measure slit his throat. The arterial spray flew up and spread across her face, catching on the ends of her eyelashes and coloring her hair. It stood out in stark contrast against her pale skin as she simply looked down at the body on her balcony, the pool of blood spreading out around him.

Ten minutes later and she stood in front of the President herself. She hadn't cleaned herself, she was still wearing her brother's blood and she stood with his katana in her hand, his blood dripping off the tip of it and hitting the floor. The insignia he'd worn had been ripped off his dead body and lay clenched in her fist. She dropped it on the floor in front of Ziccarra before going down on one knee and holding her arm crosswise across her chest with her fist clenched in a sign of servitude. "My first sacrifice to your cause, Madame President."

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Face to face with a group of deadly Amazons, it was nostalgic but at this point it was also somewhat annoying. "Alceus.. our Queen Hera has spoken of you. She's told us of your constant disruptions of her plans. As her heralds, we are in man's world to bring signs of things to come.. she will rule over this world and she will not need a man standing in her way", a redheaded Amazon explained, holding a proud grin. She seemed to be the leader of this group, she was making all of the important announcements anyway. "Don't waste my time", a serious Alceus replied, he was honestly in no mood for nonsense. "You fool! You'll die for your insolence!", the Amazon shouted, unsheathing her sword at lightning-speed. Violently swinging her sword to the right side of Alceus' neck, the Amazon's intent was clear, she had no qualms with taking the life of another. "!", almost instantly spotting the attack before it even began, a battle-ready Alceus didn't hesitate to block the sword's swing with his powerful forearm. The moment that the sword's blade struck it against The Champion's forearm, it shattered into thousands of pieces. "I don't have time for this", Alceus said, voicing his opinion on his current situation. However, a shattered blade meant nothing to the proud Amazon. Throwing a vicious uppercut, she struck Alceus with a devastating blow but somehow the Son of Olympus sustained no superficial injuries and quickly countered with an earth-shattering punch to her abdomen, literally knocking the wind out of her. No more than five seconds passed before the Amazon lost consciousness and collapsed on the ground. And just as mighty Alceus was on the verge of engaging the other Amazons in combat, a yellow bolt of electricity shot down on the ground and from it emerged a girl who was face to face with one of the Amazons.

This girl, she was clearly a super-powered being, just the sheer amount of speed she displayed was a strong hint. "That was fast!", a speechless Alceus thought with surprise invading his eyes. "Who is this girl?", valiant Alceus wondered, not yet uttering a single word since the girl's arrival. And just then, in the blink of an eye, the mysterious girl knocked one of the Amazons into the rest of them with a powerful strike that moved at such blinding speed, even Alceus was impressed. "She must be like eighteen or something and she's making the Amazons look like fools", again the girl impressed the Son of Zeus. Laughing, almost triumphantly, the girl turned to speak to a still surprised Alceus. "I know you could probably handle yourself", she said, walking towards him. "But what can I say, those women are b*tches and I couldn't help myself", those words, they made Alceus smile. He descended from astonishing Olympus to defend his species and who would have thought that in all of this, his first ally would be a girl, most women at the moment would rather kill a man than fight beside one. "Name's Hi Voltage, now how about we save the world?", the mysterious girl suggested, introducing herself as Hi Voltage. Smiling calmly, The Champion replied, "That pretty impressive, how you defeated those Amazons. Those are some of the most skilled warriors ever and you just made them look like clowns", he just couldn't help praising Hi Voltage's efforts against the Amazons. One wonders how strong she'd be if she had full control of her powers. "Oh, I'm Alceus. Saving the world sounds pretty good right now", he chuckled, introducing himself as he extended his right hand for a friendly handshake. However, before Hi Voltage said anything else, she was suddenly, overcome by worry. Turning to look at Alceus, she was clearly worried as she spoke, "We have our work cut out for us my friend...", she must have heard something from the earpiece she was wearing, something truly disturbing.

Feeling the approaching energies of an even larger group of Amazons, Alceus nodded as he replied, adopting a more serious demeanor, "No kidding", they were marching towards the powerful duo. This was more like a small army of Amazons rather than a simple team of them. Their stomps grew louder as they were accompanied by sexist chants. "Damn..", Alceus murmured. Though he has no problem taking the life of those who are truly evil or push him over the edge, he was hesitant to kill any of the Amazons, he felt they were simply misguided at this point, perhaps channeling their anger at the male species due to a history of abuse from a select few of them, most famously his brother Hercules. But that does not imply that Alceus will not take them to the closest thing to death. Tightening his balled up fists, the courageous hero's body was surging with red electricity. "Stand back", Alceus warned, as he briefly glanced at Hi Voltage. The ground around him began to crack and break apart as pebbles continued to levitate around Alceus. In an instant, Alceus generated his immense god-like energy in the form of an intense invisible pressure directed at the army of Amazons. The amount of pressure concentrated was enormous, overwhelming really. It almost instantly knocked every single one of those Amazons into a comatose state. "I never thought the state of the world would come to this", Alceus thought, disappointed in the current events taking place in the world. Once he ceased generating the pressure, Alceus turned round to face Hi Voltage. "Although I had plan before this, I'd like to know what you have in mind. How do you suggest we put a stop to all of this?", Alceus asked with a polite smile, hoping that this alliance would be the answer to the world's current state.

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A line of men in civilian clothes, toting pistols and sub-machines stood rigid. Shock was smeared across there faces. A brown skinned woman in a glossy black catsuit aimed her fingers like guns with small pink lights glowing at their tips, ready to fire. "Don't move!" The Femme Fatale commanded, strutting down the line in her heels. "Move and I got bullet for your head." These men were survivors. Survivors of the Male Extermination bill Ziccarra proposed and passed herself. Like most men across the United States they hid and plotted on the underground. They managed to create a ghost network to communicate with one another and this woman found a channel. "Who am I speaking to?" The Hispanic vixen questioned, bathed in the monitors's blue light; she wore a smile of victory on her heart-shaped face.

"Yuri Stymest." A strangely handsome looking man replied back on the seventy inch monitor. His hair was styled in a blonde closely-cropped page boy cut, his eyes were a piercing smoky grey; and his skin, a light tone of brown. His square jaw clenched and he drew closer to the screen. "Explain, to me..." He paused. "What's your name...?" She flaunted her Hispanic heritage pronouncing her name with a strong Spanish accent. "Rosalyn Sanchez" Yuri mumbled something to himself and slightly nodded. "Alright, Rosalyn. Explain to me your point of contact?" She flipped her shimmering black hair over her cleavage and playfully examined the pink lights at the tips of her fingers. A few seconds later, her strawberry glossed lips curved into a smirk and she lowered her voice to a sweet seductive tone. "You ever heard of Venus in Furs, Yuri?" The men behind her attempted to hide their tails between their legs as they were subjected to Rosalyn oozing seduction. Women weren't easy to come across nor attract these days.

Yuri sat silent for a moment before he replied. "No. I haven't." He said showing interest in her reason for asking . Rosalyn didn't know the name of the males resistance, but she didn't care. She was confident her knowledge of there scattered gang was more than they had on her; and Yuri's answer confirmed her belief.

She seduced one of their drunk men on the street and he led her to a bar, through the basement and through a secret door to their underground base expecting the time of his life. She put him to bed with her fist instead."Well, Yuri. The Venus in Furs has a proposition for you." An intense glare flickered across her face."As of now you work for us." Yuri chuckled and flashed his charming smile, nobody told him what to do. Most definitely not traitorous females. Yuri answered with no deep consideration for her offer. "Negative, that base is the only one you just might get. You can try and get those men to follow you, but I doubt it." Rosayln nonchalantly examined her ruby pink nails and sighed.. "Listen up, Yuri. Here's how it's going down. You answer to Venus in Furs. Listen or die. Your choice." She shrugged and continued examining her manicure.

Yuri clasped his hands in his lap and said something to a guy listening to their conversation in the back, just as amused as he was at this foolish female. "Laugh it up, Yuri. I don't know if I'll laugh or cry when the LOVE raid your base in about half an hour. What a waste of support. You're in New York City, correct?" Rosalyn had the smug look on her face now, while Yuri looked concerned. "What's going on?" Yuri snapped at her. "Cough it up."

"Leave that base if you wanna live and head to D.C., we'll be waiting" She ended their video conversation grinning and logged off as a blonde and strawberry redhead strut into the briefing room. The redhead trailed her finger across the men's faces. "So, You work for us now." She teased giving them a waft of feminine scent. The scent they longed for.

Rosalyn leaned against the monitor as the army of men stared forward."The Queen is Dead." She said smirking at Clara and the blonde, Kelly. With the men on their side Ziccarra would resign in blood by the end of the month

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Z stood atop the U.S congress building with her cape blowing parallel with that of the United States flag.  Behind her head a mixture of tumultuous clouds and brief lightening joined together in sending a shady presence over her stature.  As her Ninjan Keen eyesight scanned the DC area; she could see her Amazons rounding up and executing the Males.  The bloods that course through her veins were as frosty as the wind chill. She didn’t care about splitting up families or if there were any children present.  She could feel the rebellious winds blowing all across the world; Amazons from Florida to as far as Athens were executing their planes for a total Matriarchal society. The L.O.V.E assault Squad was merciless in attacking cities with large male populations; they had been dispatched all over the United States some even planted within certain organizations claiming they were going to save Man.  Even though her anti-male sentiment was beginning to go global; there were people, groups and organizations rising up at this moment trying to spill her cold and venomous blood on the cobblestone streets. “Emerald” she said not taking her eyes off the calamity ensuing in the capital. “Someone is coming...move into place” Z’s young apprentice bowed from the innards of her trench coat and disappeared into a vivacious emerald light. “Clara Mass” she said smiling a devilish smile, Clara had always been a mere shadow, not even a fraction of what Z was.  “I should’ve squashed you ages ago” Z said placing her hands on the clip to her cape; with a lifting tug she removed the cape and allowed it to flutter down to the ground.  Jumping high into the air she came down with such a velocity that the wind could be seen breaking away from her.  From not too far she could sense the energies of both Aliana and Feral Nova; two of her closest allies.  Aliana was one whom she adored a lot; Z was a good friend of her mother Cass.

 Though Z did not ask, Aliana showed her a beautiful gesture of friendship by offering the dead body of her brother Thomas to the cause.  Knowing she had Lieutenants like she and Nova running around, there was no doubt in her mind that the total eclipse of ideals would come soon enough.  Z walked the streets in her Presidential Business suit; walking with a purpose as she took as step those watching her walk heard the sound of hooves hitting the ground. “Death rides a horse…”  One of the Amazonians remarked as the Ninjan Queen stalked the riotous streets.  Z was walking to the place she suspected that Clara Mass would come to contest their skills. With each step the winds blew; debris was swept off to the side of the streets, windows began to shatter and open doors began to bang on their hinges.

Everyone stood in awe as she continued moving  through the streets, in the heavens above the rain slowly began its decent upon the air; prompting the Queen to put her Light Screen on.  Rain hit the pavement hard and swift but none touched her it evaporated as soon as it smacked her body. “YOU BITCH!” a Man screamed streamlining towards her with a knife. He did his homework; he knew Her Magnetism wouldn’t reflect a pocket knife. “Who is this fool who thinks he’s God?” Pushing her hands forward she halted him in an aero shield powered by her sonic energy.  “I don’t want you dead just yet…You will hold the honor of being the last man alive.

“Continue with what you were doing, however let this man stand alone” Z said dishing her commands out to the Amazons.  Using her displacement of Light to her advantage she stood in front of a metallic statue down town; pushing light upon the statue she used it as a prism and began to teleport. This fast production of light caused multiple light incarnations of Z to be created. “Alright girls bring them in”. The Amazons began transporting all the males to the congressional buildings steps. Removing a Hattori Hanzo sword from her sheath she pushed it high into the air. “Momento Mori” Z said pushing a huge beam of Light energy to the gasoline filled pond in front of congress. The heat that seared from the pond were unbearable, this is what Z chose to be the death of those living in DC death by fire.  Awaiting the arrival of Clara Mass was something Z had set her mind on doing. As they burned men on live television she also wanted to show the world the extent of her Phenomenal cosmic powers.