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They said it couldn't be found. No, worse, that it didn't exist. But I knew it existed. I knew that I could find it if I tried. And I did. I found the time particle, I created a manifestation of time himself even. Space warping is but a toy now! Time manipulation is no longer a theory in my head. With this, I can do so much more than my friends ever thought possible. Those bankers mocked my genius because they didn't believe I could manage the things I promised physically and mentally. Just because I'm a human doesn't make me less than the rest of you. Doesn't make me weak. Perhaps my body, but not my mind. When you know you can't compete in body, train your mind. Exercise it until you've reached the peak of human potential, then crush it. Destroy that record, that's all it really is. An IQ of 200, pish posh! Let's multiply that by five! Do it! Then, when you've reached that point. Do it again. Keep them on their toes. Humanity isn't weak. We are the ones who could wipe out everyone if given time, we are the survivors, the adaptors, the ones who can be destroyed than rise again like a phoenix. Don't underestimate us. And to the humans, never underestimate a farmer, nor a child. For that is an age of invention, and a place of imagination. That is my history, and that is the origin of my genius.


Just a little bit in Winters mind. He discovered something he calls the time particle allowing him a multitude of time related effects, enhanced when linked with the Vikingr particle in fact

And yes, he does have an IQ way over 200. More will come of this later, I have a plan.