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Havok watched them fighting the cyclops but couldn't be bothered to help.... he was enjoying his beer he stood up and walked over to arrow DC and spec's "so how's it going Arrow ?"

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The elf pointed the arrow at Akwa.

"I finally have you cornered, Akwa. After all those years of searching for you to get my revenge, I should've known I would've found you in a brawl." The elve's words stank of hatred.

"Now look here, Pelanius," Akwa started to say but one look at the elve's enchanted bow shut him up quick.

Pelanius sneered as he advanced on Akwa. "Any last words, Bubbles?"

"Yeah. Attack" replied Akwa curtly.

With a puzzled expression, Pelanius began to say "What does that mean?' but was cut off as the rest of Akwa's water gang-bashed him.

Akwa laughed as the elf was torn apart. "That'll teach him to pick a fight with me."

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Cryo readied himself for the upcoming fight. He reached into his messenger bag, which he kept with him at all times, and pulled out a small canister of blood. "Dead Man's blood. Perfect."

Dead Man's Blood is poisonous to Vampires, another trick he'd picked up from John Winchester's journal. Cryo's bag also held numerous other gadgets he himself had made.

Before he was about to jump off the rooftop, he heard what seemed like an attack. He ran over to the opposite edge of the roof and looked down to see the bloody remains of an elf. Then He saw the people who did it to him. Not even people, Water spirits. Then he saw their leader. "Akwa..." He said to himself.

Cryo turned and began walking to the side of the roof near the warehouse. "They disgrace the element of water." Cryo said, jumping down to the ground and running over to the warehouse. He looked into the windows and found three humans chained to a wall, and a few vampires around them. One, Cryo could see, was loading a gun. "The Colt! It's real!"

The Vampire took aim and fired, the bullet piercing the man's heart. Another Vampire slowly crept up to the human and said,"How do we know if he's really dead?"

"Watch it!" Another Vampire yelled,"Don't break the Devil's trap!"

Cryo looked at the floor around the humans. A giant pentagram surrounded them. "How'd they know about a Devil's Trap?" Cryo said. He thought only Hunters knew of a Devil's Trap.

Then a cloud of Darkness shot out from the human's body and flew off into the distance, almost seeming to scream. "That's how we know." The vampire who looked to be the leader said.

They're demons! Cryo thought to himself. "Time to see what these Blood suckers know." Cryo said as he climbed up the edges of the warehouse and crept onto the ceiling, his claws digging in so he wouldn't fall. He quietly placed small flood lights around the warehouse, near the windows.

Cryo jumped and landed between the Vampires and the demon's host bodies.

"A Werewolf!" A Vampire yelled. "Well, At least you Vampires are good at stating the obvious." Cryo held up his watch and pressed a button, lighting the warehouse with floodlights.

The vampires hissed and covered their eyes, the light blinding them for a few seconds. During those few soconds, Cryo took the chairs that were in the warehouse, as well as the chains inside, and strapped the Vampires to the chairs so they couldn't escape.

Cryo pressed the button again and the flood lights shut off. The Vampires squirmed and writhed to be set free, but it was no use. Cryo set down his bag and pulled out a knife, throwing it down on a table and making it stand up. Then he took out the jar of Dead Man's blood and placed it next to the knife.

"Dead Man's Blood!" The same Vampire yelled. Cryo looked closer at the Vampire. "Are you like...retarded or something?" Cryo shook his head and opened the jar of blood, dipping the knife in it. He walked over to the Vampires, knife in hand, and said,"Ok. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. I'd rather do it the hard way, but either way works. You're going to tell me what you know about this gun. Then you're going to let me have it."

"Never!" The vampire yelled again. Cryo turned to the vampire,"Woud you let me finish?" He turned away and said,"Now, where was I. Oh, yeah. You're going to tell me about this gun, then you're going to give it to me. If not, well, I'd rather let you figure it out yourself." Cryo laughed.

"You'll never get it! Never!" The annoying Vampire said. Cryo turned and began walking over to the Vampire. "You know what? You're really getting on my nerves!" He grabbed the vampires neck and slit it. Not enough to kill him, but just enough to send the dead man's blood coursing through his bloodstream.

The vampire spasmed and slunk over, dead. Cryo turned to the other vampires, satisfied. "Who's next?"

"It can kill anything! That's all we know!" Cryo walked over to this vampire and ran the edge of the blade along her arm, scratching it and making her cringe from the blood. "Yes..." She said exhaustedly,"That's it!"

"Fair enough." Cryo said. He then slit the throats of her and the other two vampires with the dead man's blood and killed them.

"Sorry, mates. Nothing personal. You were just on the wrong side. Cryo grabbed the gun and, seeing it still had some rounds left in it, held it up in front of the other two demons. "Give my regards to the Hell."

Cryo took aim and pulled the trigger.

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Akwa looked up and saw Cryo-Wolf jump above form rooftop to rooftop.

"Hmmph, werewolves. Always rushing off somehwere."

Akwa turned and saw the last survivor of the fire spirit gang.

"I'm going to let you live but you go tell the other gangs that Akwa's Amphibians rule this part of the city and if they come into our territory they'll suffer the same fate as this guy."

He held up the elve's severed head.

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#105 Posted by Tien Lung (1 posts) - - Show Bio

The figure walked up the chaotic streets of San francisco seemingly without a care in the world, his bare feet stepping over the occasional creature as he headed for his destination. From under the brim of his hat, he looked about. He almost laughed.

'Fairies? Pixies? Miss Alethea would be so amused by this' he thought. His nose twitched slightly. Certainly all the creatures that had come together in thsi world didn't belong there but he would wait until the signs from Heaven were right. Then, he would use the power he was given to help set things right and restore the balance of chi as it was meant to be.

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Akwa was in his gang's secret hideout, briefing them.

"This is our big mission, people! Were going to strinke those goddamn elve's where it hurts!"

Later that night, Akwa lead several shadowy water creatures outof the alleyway and out into Little Rivendell, the Elvish sector of the city.

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Smoke drifted gently from the gun barrel. The Demons' host bodies hung like ragdolls in little children's hands. The bullets were lodged in their bodies, one in one's head, the other in one's chest.

The two clouds of Darkness that were demons burst from the bodies and flew off into the distance, towards Hell. Cryo-Wolf looked at The Colt. It looked like a normal gun, but it had killed three demons, something a normal gun couldn't do.

Cryo opened the barrel and saw that there were three bullets left in the gun. He pulled one out and looked it over. They must've been made of silver, judging by the stinging it gave Cryo. This bullet had the number 4 on it. This made Cryo think. He walked over to the bodies and pulled out the bullets. Sure enough, these had numbers 1-3 on them.

Cryo began walking back to his bag and noticed an inscription on the Colt's hilt. Non Timebo Mala. "I will fear no Evil. Psalm 23:4." Cryo said, recognizing the saying. He laid the Colt on the table and took out a bullet case from his bag. He pulled out 6 normal bullets and loaded the Colt, removing the Colt's bullets and placing them in the case. He placed the case back in his bag and tucked The Colt behind his belt, covering it with his shirt.

Cryo took up his jacket and walked out of the warehouse, looking around to see that no one was around. Cryo began walking through the early-morning world, heading for Biggs shop.

Cryo opened the door to see Biggs asleep on the counter. Cryo snuck up quietly then slammed his fist down on the counter. Biggs shot awake screaming,"Maria! Maria!"

Cryo laughed as he watched Biggs realize he wasn't in his dream anymore. "Oh, What do you want?" Cryo leaned in close to Biggs and said,"So, who's Maria?"

Cryo laughed as Biggs mumbled something to himself. "Ok, ok, Bigg. Calm down!" He said, still laughing. "I just wanted to show you my New Colt." Cryo placed the gun on the counter.

Biggs eyes grew wide and he grabbed the gun. "You found it. You actually found it!" Biggs looked the gun over and then opened the barrel. His expression faded from excitement to confusion. "Where're the bullets?"

Cryo took out the bullet case and waved it in front of Biggs. Biggs threw down the gun and grabbed the bullet case. "Hey! Watch the Gun!" Cryo said, catching the Colt in mid-air.

"That's actually why I came here Biggs. Why are there numbers on the bullets? The ones that I used to kill the demons were 1-3. How many are there?"

Biggs looked up at Cryo. "You killed three demons!?"

"Well, a vampire killed one of them, then I killed all the vampires, then I killed the other two."

"Every Demon around here's gonna be lookin for you! The reason there are numbers on the bullets is because there were only 13 ever made. Yoou just used up three of 'em."

"And I have three of them in this case, so where's the other 7?"

"No one knows. You'll just have to find 'em."

Cryo looked closely at Biggs. "Biggs, these bullets killed Demons. Those things aren't exactly push-overs. What else can this gun do?"

Now Biggs became distant again, just like the last time. "I ain't sayin'. Now Get!"

"But Biggs-!"

"I said Get!" Biggs pulled out a gun loaded with silver nitrate bullets.

Cryo's eyes widened and he ran out the door, slowing down when he was a ways away from the shop. As he walked back to the subway, he thought of something. Why would Biggs have Silver Nitrate bullets to use against the werewolves? He's supposed to have UV rounds.

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Elvish blood splattered the walls as Akwa brought down his fist on the sleeping elves head. Akwa grinned.

His gang had spread out and had slaughtered several elves in their beds. When sunrise came they ran back to the old pool warehouse that served as their base of operations.

Later that day, the stories about the murdered elves were being broadcasted on all the News Networks. Akwa watched them, knowing that they'll never find him, the true culprit behind the recent Elf murders.