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The battle had been long, hard and exhausting. Superion had a few broken ribs, along with a black eye. The other guy? Not a scratch. But that easy to explain since he took Superion's powers away from him. The solar suit the Man of Steel wore was taking too long to recharge his cells. Right now, he was only at enhanced meta-human levels. Not nearly enough to beat his adversary.

And that was his name, too. Adversary. Black hooded figure wearing minimal body armor. Superion tried fleeing, managed to get away but now he was found again, clutching his side. Clenching his jaw, he looks at Adversary with steel hard determination, "Let's do this."

Superion swings a punch but Adversary blocks it before giving the hero a head butt. The hero falls on his back on the ground, nose broken and bleeding. Then the Adversary grabs Superion by the shirt and pulls him up towards his face. "Give up, Prince Kallus. Surrender to me and I might let you live."

Wait...what? Superion was a Prince?! Indeed he was. The last of his family line before they were all murdered, "No." He barely manages to get out.

"So be it." As the Adversary pulls back a fist to strike the killing blow, that's when a diesel truck honks it's horn. Adversary drops Superion, who dodges to the side. But the Adversary turns around and looks just in time to see a diesel truck slam into him and into the side of a building. The driver, Lois Knight, is barely conscious as she manages to sputter out, "Run...Superion, run!" And then she loses consciousness. Who was Lois Knight? Ace photographer for the Daily Observer, sister to Hal Knight who was currently Green Sentinel and Superion's love interest at work while he was Clark Lane.

Superion doesn't need another word of warning as he picks himself up and flees into an alleyway, clutching his broken ribs. The Adversary pushes the truck out of the way before pursuing his prey. Superion trips and falls, grabbing a pipe and partially crushing it. His full strength still hasn't returned but at it was something. At least he will go down fighting as he faces his enemy.

The trap Superion had set up early, one of them anyway, goes off as the Adversary steps into it. A machine pops out of a wall and starts draining the Adversary of his powers. But the machine is destroyed before the process could complete. But at least it was enough to even the odds as Superion takes that opportunity to slam a fist into his face, sending him flying back. The battle goes back and forth, but eventually it is Superion who emerges as the victor. The Adversary is taken to Stryker's Island Meta-Human prison while Superion checks Lois into the hospital where she will make a full recovery.

Sometime Later...

A city saved, potentially an entire country, and Superion was given the key to the city as thanks. A press conference was held where Superion thanked those who helped him against the Adversary, especially Lois Knight. Superion had won the admiration of an entire city and now he will try and work to save the world.

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Might want to rp with him using Draco_trace at some point.

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@anonymous3: Why, so I can "trace" him? Hehe. Kidding.

I would love to. Just let me know when you want that. ^_^

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@superion_prime: Lol, well i did intend it both IC and OOC as a pun.

Sweet! I'd be willing to actually do it anytime, the only issue would be if I was the one who needed to set it up. In which case it might take a few days.