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No more do people need to pay the expensive prices for electricity or fuel for a car. Winters Inc has now mass produced a new form of energy, clean and renewable. And even better? This energy comes directly from the very spinning of the Earth! Hard to believe? I'm sure it is. But the new energy adapters that Winters Inc has created now can absorb all that wasted energy that comes from the Earth itself.

But that is not the greatest part! Winters Inc now offers almost completely free energy for anyone willing to do two simple things a year.

1: Pay just $1 to Winters Inc which will then, in full, be donated to food for those who are incapable of getting it.

2: Don't waste that food you weren't going to eat anyway, Winters Inc now wants everyone to join in on Project Green (http://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/rpg-9/project-green-rp-concept-and-interest-check-1781622/#77)

Let's stop wasting, and start saving.