A Journey Into The Sun Reveals All

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Helena sat on the edge of a queen sized bed, sliding her feet into her knee high boots. Behind her, King Leo laid stretched out on the bed with both hands clasped over his head. She looked over her shoulder to glance at him with a conceited smirk, a trait that was foreign to her. The headboard he once rested his head against was torn off, leaning against a dented wall in the corner. When you had supernatural strength and rode the Minotaur of Crete to it's death, any woman would be capable of performing the art of the Amazons to perfection.

She was no Amazon, but they would have rose their kylikes in the air with approval. Ironically the wine-drinking cup depicted the performance itself, catching the attention of Aphrodite and Dionysus. Much like how Atlantis submerged into the Atlantic Ocean, their mattress sunk through the crooked bedframe. The wall once pressed by the headboard was riddled with punch holes and torn pieces of metal, capturing the intensity of the rodeo.

The depowered goddess turned her attention to gaze at the destruction they caused. The entire room looked as if Poseidon had struck his trident against the seabed, generating a seismic sea wave. It devoured the room, scattering their armored plates and personal items all around them. Much like how Herakles and Theseus wrestled Pankration into conception, the two wrestled areas of the room into chaotic art. It was not art that would be praised by the Muses, but art that would surely appease Aphrodite and Ares.

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In their passionate scuffle, the Planestrider and Prince of Power had furnished the room with large indents. That included the floors, which were now tiled with the same imprints. The scenery captured a battle for dominance between the two hybrid deities. Like a Greek Amphora, the destruction of the room told a story. Helena had pushed Leo into the wall with force, displaying the strength of being the first Greek and Norse deity to exist in the green follicles of Gaea.

Like the golden lasso that hung from her side, she jumped and coiled her legs around his waist. The aggression and burning passion she displayed should not come off as a surprise, seeing how the blood of Ichor; Æsir; and Jötunn flowed through her divine body. Leonel not one to be dominated by anyone stepped forward and slammed her back against the floor, causing her to erupt in laughter. The crowd applauded over the sexual tale, giving praise to Aphrodite and her Erotes.

"I told you I would wear something more loosely next time," She bantered, sliding her foot into her other boot. The brain child sounded less tense, her fair olive skin radiating in serenity. For once in her life, Eirene lent the former princess her aura of tranquility. She was no longer conflicted, or unsure of her future with the Prince of Power. She was no longer apart of the Sisters of Artemis, no longer bond to the sacred vow to abstain from carnal knowledge and courtship. Leo was changing her, giving her a life that was stolen from her by Zeus and those who sided with his crusade.

"As much as I feel alive when I am with you, I need to contact my companions from the Justice League Alliance. They must be searching for me frantically. Like a thief in the night, I left without saying a word. They deserve to know I am here, and why I left temporarily," Helena approached the side of his bed and leaned forward to plant a kiss on his cheek. She never told him why she had been staying here the last two days, how could she? She almost murdered her only friends with a risky plan. It was a sound plan that she formulated in seconds, yet it was just as dangerous as Hera driving Heracles mad.

The planestrider did not want Leo to see her as a monster, one that could not be naturally controlled. She had two days to gather her thoughts and decided her heart-piercer deserved to know why she never took her vambraces off. If she kept the truth from him any longer, it possibly could endanger him and those he cared about. Pulling away from her embrace, the floating winged companions of Aphrodite erupted into hearts and left the scene. Their quest to open Helena's heart had succeeded, succumbing to the volley of heart-shaped arrows.

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Rising from the bed, the brain child put on her red tunic that ended in a multi-paneled mini-skirt. It would have been an embarrassment if she called her friends with her breast exposed. Bringing her forearm to her lips, "Tap me into the watchtower monitors." Her gleaming vambraces split apart like a compartment. Hephaestus had modified her forearm guards when he revisited the two. Not only did he made the two divine guards more advanced, he gave them the resources they needed to sustain an army against the Imperium.

A holographic computer illuminated from the exposed section and immediately began contacting the members of her team. If Superion picked up with the team behind him, she would greet the Man of Steel. "Superion…" She nodded awkwardly, not sure how to explain her sudden disappearance. Her electric blue eyes darted to Knight Hunter, one of the newest members of the team. It was because of her risky plan that he almost fell pray to her. "Knight Hunter I...." Her gaze dropped, despising what she almost did to him. Mister Surreal came into view, making things even more awkward. The two have grown more acquainted with each other from their encounter with Ares, discussing philosophy and other forms of literature. "That wasn't me. I never meant to attack you, Horkos as my witness,"

Helena avoided apologizing, not because she suffered from hubris as many did, but because she had no choice but to remove her vambraces. "I hate what I am without my forearm guards, and I hate that I almost killed you. Forgive me," She gazed at him with sorrow in her vibrant eyes. "As for why I left without saying a word," The planestrider turned her focus on all her teammates. "I needed time to gather my thoughts. I could have injured one of you, or worse. I am aware there is no excuse for my unannounced departure, but after you all witnessed what I truly am and what I did, I thought it was best to distance myself," She frowned, clearly remorseful for her uncontrolled behavior.

"If you all would have me back, I would gladly explain why I made such a dangerous move. We can discuss the nature of my barbaric state, and how we could prepare for it in the future," Helena looked to Superion, hoping he would agree. It was the Justice League Alliance that took her in and gave her a home after her encounter with the God of War. She owed them a great deal and was starting to consider them more than just companions. "If you all agree, do you mind if I bring a guest? He is important to me, and I would love to introduce him to you all." The depowered goddess looked over her shoulder at Leo with a look that read "We will not wrestle over this." If the team once again came to an agreement, Helena would ask Thunderstorm to open a portal.

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The Augusta Space Station

The scent of carnality hung in the air as Leonel admired the soft glow of light stroking the skin of Helena's bare body. The Prince of Power had seen many a sight in his years. He'd seen the dying light of stars collapsing into monsters of gravitational gluttony, and even an entire universe losing it's mind, body and soul to the rising tide of maximum entropy. Yet as he lay there, mouth pulled into the curl of a shameless smirk, and his eyes tracing the curve of Helena's rear, few things held his attention with more power. More power than that which turned stars into cosmic wells of bottomless pits, and more power than the thermodynamic death that he - and only a handful of immortals - would live to see.

"I told you I would wear something more loosely next time"

"A woman of her word", his voice teasing, and his smile daring. Smacking and gripping her rear with the heat of the Sun, Leonel felt her lips graze his cheek, and their moment cooled as word of her team - the Justice League - flowed out her mouth. So as Helena dressed herself, so too did the Hyper-God. A white cape flowed from his shoulders like the folded wings of an angel, and his armor gleamed with regality. And as he hovered above ground, Leonel caught the names echoing out Helena's mouth. Superion, Knight Hunter - names he did not recognize. But as he folded his arms behind his back, it took his brain little time to race through the logical consequences of the statement the situation had presented. They were Helena's teammates, a conclusion Helena herself confirmed as she spoke on. The unspoken words behind her glare however, did not concern him.

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"I don't care that you want me to go with you", he made clear as they locked eyes. "But that talk about your forearm guards has caught my attention. Sounds concerning", he stressed, "We'll talk about that sometime later though". For now, Leonel pulled his thoughts back to Helena's team. In a few seconds, he'd meet eyes with them for the first time. Thus far, he'd met Matthew and Thunderstorm. But the rest? He was curious to see if they were as advertised; prominent heroes on Earth. Revered, respected, and ready.

"So, what should I expect when I meet your friends? Proper warriors or the optimistic truth and justice idealism of most heroes? Neither, maybe? Something strange, perhaps?", Leonel teased, his amusement held behind a playful smile.

"Kidding, of course. I'm sure they'll be fine. Matthew and Thunderstorm were".

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Posting Order: Shield-Maiden, King Leo, Superion, Mr. Surreal, Knight Hunter, John Taylors, Blubber, Queenmaker

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Superion enters the Hall of Justice with the round table directly at it's center with the large letters displaying 'JLA' on it with twelve chairs around the large table, very much like Arthur's knights of the round table from the legendary tale. "And last but not least, the Hall of Justice. I hope you enjoyed the tour, my friend. I'd like to welcome you officially to the Justice League Alliance."

Superion says to the newest member he has recruited. She's a master marksman bordering on a meta-human aim and perhaps even on that level. She's quite impressive with that bow from what little the Man of Steel has seen.

Since Thunderstorm, Flash Lightning and Green Sentinel are here, he decides to introduce her to them. Each hero in turn offers to shake her hand, smiling politely and being very warm in their reception. IF the other members are here as well, then Superion also introduces Queenmaker to the rest of them as well.

Superion is sure to give Blubber that customary hug since he likes them so much. Plus, Superion greets his other friends all in their turn and saying it's great to see them again. No sign of Kon anywhere right at the moment but sometimes the Man of Steel has the dog be watched by Paragon and even his son Kid Superion over at the Academy.

Superion's thoughts eventually head towards Helena. After the Cyborg Superion incident, he had taken her to the med bay. But ever since then, they haven't spoken and he hopes she's okay. She left unannounced and Superion's concern for the well being of such a great warrior has been on his mind ever since. But, due to his own experiences, he figures that Helena needed time to think and time away. Jessica Jordan, otherwise known as Green Sentinel, turns towards the team leader to inform him they are getting a communique from Helena. "On screen." He says and walks to the big screen at one side of the room to see Helena's beautiful face displayed on it. Hands on his hips, Superion watches her.

When Helena greets him, Superion nods in respect and smiles. They may not have known each other for very long but he's already come to greatly admire her as well as call her a dear friend, "Helena, it's good to see you." After this, he let's her address the others, not wishing to be rude by interrupting her since she's looking a bit guilty right now.

"I needed time to gather my thoughts. I could have injured one of you, or worse. I am aware there is no excuse for my unannounced departure, but after you all witnessed what I truly am and what I did, I thought it was best to distance myself,"

Superion smiles, speaking for himself, and waves a single hand as if dismissing what she just said, "I can't speak for the others, but I understand, Helena. I'm just glad your okay and am very happy to hear from you."

Thunderstorm voices a similar opinion as well, but since Flash Lightning has never met Helena he remains silent as he stands to the side, eating a large box of delicious doughnuts. He offers half of them to Blubber since the two heroes have the largest appetites. As for Jessica Jordan, she's also never met Helena. She's just here to fill in for Hal who happens to be on a deep space assignment and asked her to fill in for him. She smiles, though, anxious to meet such a proud and noble warrior such as Helena.

"If you all would have me back, I would gladly explain why I made such a dangerous move. We can discuss the nature of my barbaric state, and how we could prepare for it in the future. If you all agree, do you mind if I bring a guest? He is important to me, and I would love to introduce him to you all."

When Helena's gaze rest on him, Superion nods his head again, "I can't speak for the others, but I'm more than happy to accept you back, Helena. As far as I'm concerned, your always welcome here."

Thunderstorm speaks now, raises her hammer to her fellow warrior in arms, "What Superion said."

Flash Lightning and Jessica speak, "We've been looking forward to meeting you."

Superion waits for the others to voice what they think, weather it's a concern or giving their okay for Helena to come back. Perhaps both. If everyone agrees, then Thunderstorm hears Helena's request to open a portal and nods. She spins her hammer around and around and such speeds even Flash Lightning has trouble seeing it in motion. A portal opens up for Helena and King Leo to step through and should both heroes come through the portal, Superion steps forward to offer his hand in friendship and a handshake. Smiling to her, he says, "Welcome back, Helena. Whose your friend?"

If introduced to Leo, then Superion offers his hand to the King and smiles warmly at the man, "Welcome, Leo. I'm Superion and this is my team."

Thunderstorm has already met King Leo and she approaches him, bowing her head respectfully with a smile that graces her lips before offering her hand for a handshake, "Nice to see you again, Leo." Then Lara looks at Helena whom she has come to greatly respect as a fellow warrior. She offers the woman a handshake of her own, "Helena, good to see you again! It's been too long." Thunderstorm gives Helena a nice firm handshake.

Flash Lightning and Jessica also introduce themselves to Helena for the first time, saying that it's very nice to meet her. They also introduce themselves to King Leo as well.

After everyone has had a chance to introduce themselves to Leo and greet Helena, Superion introduces Queenmaker to both Leo and Helena, explaining that she is the newest member of the team.

Unaware that Leo has super hearing, Jessica whispers in Thunderstorm's ear with a smile on her face and a hand on the right side of her face as if to block onlookers, "Leo's pretty cute!"

Thunderstorm smiles in return, whispering back with a wink, "I know, right?"

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It had been two days since the attack on the JLA moon base had occurred, and the effects of it on the esteemed mage would hardly simmer down in the slightest. Matthew's mind and body were still weak, and they had were on the brink of collapsing after he had pushed himself to the very edge of his ability in his mad search to find answers. With all of the recent events taking place on Earth and the cosmos at large had coming into view of Surreal's watchful eyes, he made it his personal mission to see to it that all that could be done to prevent further damage to from occurring. Despite the ailments that he had received while battling the one who had posed as the leader of the society of heroes, the sorcerer would work just as studiously as he ever had as he searched for a solution. Not being one to rest when he felt that matters were of grave urgency.

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His weak hands were sprawled on the ends of a scroll of Sanskrit passages as he his tired eyes would pendulate back and forth two both ends of the ancient text, his nimble yet troubled mind taking in the knowledge that it possessed to the best of his ability. After hours of going though various scrolls in conjunction with what he had in hand, the magic wielder would his labor to be fruitless, causing him to put the scroll back onto the table before him. He almost wanted to be angry, but any emotion that he felt would be crushed by the overbearing weight of disappointment, ironically being the only thing that the texts had offered him in his pursuit of understanding. Matthew eased back into the chair that he had been sitting in for the past few hours, taking his hand to his face as he massaged the bags under his eyes.

Sleep had alluded him ever since he awoke from what could only be described as a hellish fantasy. His thoughts would turn to the various sources and practices that could be considered viable options to a lunatic, but based on his current mental state, that would was not far off from what he was. As he began to contemplate new ideas to approach the various problems that he was faced with, a small beeping from a metallic device on table would call out to the mage, prompting him to take his hands off his face and check the announcement. The device would display a message that the JLA had been summoned to the Hall of Justice, Mister Surreal being one of its core members. Without a moment of hesitation, the mage would call his blood soaked cloak to his shoulders and rip a hole in the space-time continuum straight to the table that held a place for each of the team's members.

As he walked towards the round table of heroes, Surreal would politely greet the new faces that came into his line of vision, with the nod of his head and a faint smile on his face. Taking a seat at the table in his designated position, he would rest his eyes for a brief moment as he let a silent sigh. The feeling of being at the table was in a way relieving to the sorcerer. While wanted to continue studying the hundreds of passages from the countless books and scrolls that lay within the walls of his labyrinth of magic, he knew deep down that it he was only making progress in his descent into madness. As he recollected his thoughts, he would be sure to send friendly smile Blubber's way as a sign of his very much peaceful attitude towards the plush figure. Turning his gaze back to Superion, Surreal would be sure to offer his own statement of congratulations to Queenmaker, if she was introduced.

Once the open social exchange between the heroes had concluded, the magic user would turn his attention to the large screen presented to the syndicate, the sorcerer clasping his hands together in his lap as he titled his head upwards. Moments afterwards, Shield-Maiden's face would appear onto the screen, the reaction from Mister Surreal being the gap between his eyebrows shortening and him leaning closer to the screen. Though it had been only a few days since the demigod was last seen, she was on the sorcerer's mind. He wondered if she had disappeared as a result of her actions, albeit, when they were not within her range of control. Though he had not known her for an awfully long period of time, he knew her well enough to have the knowledge that she felt awful for her actions. He would have gone off to search for her, had he not been so busy with his suicide attempt.

When she noticed him in the room and began apologizing for the events that occurred that day, Surreal would offer a look of compassion and forgiveness as he sat patiently, gazing at her with emerald eyes. Thunderstorm would be called by Shield-Maiden to create a portal for her and her "new friend", it would of course agree with the sorcerer, seeing as how his ability to create portals was inferior to hers. As the demigoddess would step through, the mage would see her arrive with a familiar face, bringing a new sparkle in his eyes. "Leonel, welcome." He would bow his head before the Hyper God to signify his admiration for him. While the Sorcerer Supreme didn't necessarily have the obligation of treating the prince in this manner, he would nevertheless respect his position.

Turning to the missing heroine, the sorcerer would give her a friendly smile as his demeanor would only continue to become more pleasant. "Hello, Shield-Maiden. I hope that you're in good condition." In truth, he had been worried about her absence when she left so abruptly, but now she seemed...different in a way. Taking a good look at her with a slight frown, he would try his best to determine what it was. It was an odd sensation to be sure, and while he couldn't place his finger on it. Surreal could sense a change in his allies' presence, one that compelled his curious mind to think of various explanations. But the magic user soon discarded the train of thought as he would make himself return to his more relevant thoughts, and with it, would allow his visage to return to a more open appearance as well.

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Distant laughs were all Chris heard as he stared down the large, green monitor that stood before him. A long, empty loading bar stretched the entire screen with the words “Encrypting . . .” digitized under it. How long he has been sitting there is unknown to both him and the other members that were couped up in the cave with him. Green, digital lighting reflected of his blue eyes as he kept on staring down the ten letter word laid out in front of him, ignoring the sidetalk the others were having. What he was encrypting was also unknown to him, but whatever was stored in the drive he took, must’ve had valuable information stored in it if he had to go through months worth of hassle just to obtain it. Despite his dreadful glare at the large monitor, Vasquez was not at all paying attention to it, nor was he paying attention to the now turned yells that rung behind him. He was lost in his mind, replaying the very moments that occurred in the Justice League Alliance watchtower. Chris could almost feel the moments happen again as if he were reliving the entire scene over again, a dreadful scene. Broken ribs coupled with a fractured back, Chris’s whole upper body screamed in pain, but he didn’t. The man under the mask didn’t once flinch to the flashback experience, yet he still felt slight reenactments occur within him. Or was it just all in his mind?

Thankfully, his deadly reenacting trance was broken by the slight nudge that grazed his shoulder. “Huh?” Chris looked over his well-toned shoulder to only see the last person he thought would be there, Will Aka, The Red Jay. “You okay?” The teenager asked with the rest of the family behind him. The tall, dark, muscular one that stood to the right of Will, leaned on Chris’s desk also looked at him with worried eyes, that one was Damon Aka, Ninja-X or Ninjax. The last of the trio, Sean Aka, Agent 27, stood behind the other two, not even batting an eye at Chris, and neither did he. “Yeah, I’m fine...Just needed to-” The metal warrior’s words were cut off as a blaring call emitted from the screen in front of the four. It was a call from the Justice League Alliance, and they were meeting at the Hall of Justice. Without hesitation, Chis stood from his chair brushing past the other three and began walking straight to the cylinder glass case that held his uniform. Four glass cylinders were each formed onto a separate platform, making a simple curve while Chris's case stood near Damon’s and Will’s. “You going back to your super friends?”

A grim voice finally spoke from behind Chris, and he knew exactly who it was. “Yes Sean, they need me” Chris didn’t even care to turn around to face the Agent of Spiral, he just looked at him with the reflection that bounced off of his case. Sean didn’t care to say anything more, he just scoffed and walked away, which only left Will and Damon. “You guys gonna try stopping me from going to?” This time Chris looked behind him at his two teammates giving them each a quick hard look. The two looked at each other than gave Chris another, shaking their heads simultaneously. “Good.” Chris lastly turned back around at the glass case as the two began walking their separate ways. The formed Red Jay pressed his hand against the glass case, activating a scanning procedure. A full handprint scanner trickled through Chris’s hands before finally opening itself up to him. There stood Chris’s prized Knight Hunter armor, why it was praised so much by Chris was and is still unknown, but maybe it had a deeper origin than one would care to look past.

The armor, scarred with tears of battle. His helmet, cracked, dented, but overall: Worn out. Just taking a quick glaze at the torn armor, he already knew he was due for an upgrade. The suit was outfitted with what was considered cutting edge equipment, but now, seeing people fly around in Armored suits, only left Chris to consider whether or not stepping up his game. But it wasn’t just now that Chris thought of this problem, it has come up in his mind several times in the past. The truth was, for months now Chris has been working an a new prototype suit, something that both costed a fortune, and also his time entirely. Even before the event of an evil Helena attacking Chris, he’s been working on this little project of his. It required his everlasting effort, patience and time. Never has Chris seen the sunlight since the tragedy at the JLA moon base, only the grim darkness that laid within the caves depths. But now, seeing the message from he could only assume to be the leader of the JLA, Superion, the Knight would have to step out of his cave once more. He clipped on the gear price by piece, hopping onto his bike.

The dark avenger rode from Gothic City to the legendary hall of Justice. Thousands of miles between the two yet it felt to Chris as if he got there in a few minutes. The second he got there, his eyes glazed over the shiny monument, his helm was set safely in the backpack he was wearing, while the rest of his uniform was fitted onto him. Chris walked into the building, pushing past its large golden doors. Walking towards the round knights table, Chris realized a few new faces he has never seen before, most notably Queenmaker. He gave the archeress a welcoming smile along with a nod, before scanning the rest of the heroes in the hall. After the events that had occurred in the past two days, Chris didn’t know what to think of the group anymore. He had once looked up to them, like they were above everyone else. But now, sitting in the same room with his past heroes, he came to realization, they were all normal people, like him, some more than others though. There was a woman with a mace, another with a green ring, but looking past these powerful artifacts, Chris knew deep down they were just like him. His elbow sit on the table with his head resting on it, the large screen that laid on the wall of the hall of heroes came to life, with the woman that almost laid him to waste on the other side.

The goddess than to explain her reasons of her inactivity and her absence of the League, also giving Chris an apology or what seemed like one, which he gladly accepted. “Really, It’s no problem.” Four simple words left his mouth as he was now sitting up straight in his chair, allowing the others to speak. After the talk between the members concluded, the man of steel opens up a portal, allowing Helena and her Guest to come through. IF the two came through the portals, Chris’s eyes would widen at the sight of the towering, six foot five, King Leo. The man was taller even taller than the man of steel himself, and Chris could only sit there in silence. But the sight of the towering man didn’t frighten nor intimidate him, instead, he respected the man. Chris got up from his seat walking towards the now greeting sorcerer and Hyper God, “Figure out this guys name: Check” The metal warrior took a mental note with a slight sarcastic tone. Seeing the grand sorcerer bow before Leo only made Chris do the same, not cause he wanted to copy what Matthew was doing, but he just guessed that if The Sorcerer supreme bows before Leo, so should Chris. Feeling a wave of awkwardness flow through Chris he quickly stopped before giving Leo a quaint smirk, “Oh, uh sorry.” Chris switched up his awkward gestures to a more relaxed fashion, “The names Chris” Chris held out his hand for a simple shake of hands, whether or not Leo shook it was up to him, cause nothing would change within his decisions. Chris then looked back at the once missing member giving her a quick acknowledging nod, “Hey, Good to see you back.” Despite the tussle the two had in the past, Chris was already willing to forgive her since she actually had a good reason for attacking him, a reason he fully understanded.

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John Taylors lied in his hotel room writing in his new "Diary" that a book keeper had suggested for him, this journal could help John keep track of his human progress as he lived among them, and it had been suprisingly helpful. He found that he enjoyed writing, and his english was improving greatly.

Submarine, John Taylors Data Log. A.K.A The Fishes Diary. (Written 15 mins before going to Hall Of Justice.)

Thunder boomed in the sky as lightning tore through the clouds as if the Greek god Zeus opted to rip the sky apart. But my enemies didn't have to worry about an attack from above...they had to fear the prince from below. It had been two days since the battle within the JLA, I had only entered during the end of the battle but I had seen the toll it had taken on all of the others. After introducing myself I vanished, deciding it would be best to distance myself from the others until I got a better handle with life on the Surface...so here I was, standing on a submarine in the middle of the North China Sea where 12 armed mercenaries were trying very hard to kill me....it seems like the Surface dwellers are very keen to keep shooting even after you prove that your skin is immune to the projectile they call "Bullets". Standing on the hull of the humans "Submarine" I would unsling my Royal Trident Of Neptune, the sign of my status as a prince and give all of them a stare.

I would say something very interesting and cool, like "Backpedal this vehicle now!" I then realized I had used the wrong term by the way their faces would rise into a smirk as I said "Backpedal" I instantly corrected myself still trying to adjust to the shift between Atlantean and English. "I meant Stop this vehicle! Or I Tempest will halt it for you..." That's when I came across the knowledge that even after you tell them to stop and give them the very fair warning, they always refuse to listen, thinking they can best you. Well, I did give them a warning, and they chose to ignore it..

So as I began summoning the powers of the Prince, they would open fire BEFORE I could summon my power...SOOOO disrespectful! At least in the trench when I got sneak attacked it was by sea creatures who were feral and didn't know better! The way they ganged up on me with their Surface weapons was dishonorable to say the least, the bullet's bounced off of my chest with not effect but STILL, I was very upset. So with a raise of my Trident I would shout at them scolding them for their rudeness. "Have you never heard of honor! How dare you strike me while I was gathering my power...! You wish to combat the Prince Of Atlantis? Then so be it..."Hold on, I shall be right back. I need to consume some Surface food.

John Taylors Room

John would put the journal down and push back from his desk as he looked around his hotel room with a quirked eyebrow "Soooo...Humans have a food called a Cheeseburger? I hope it's better then the Seaworms mother serves..." John would walk over to his fridge and grab a cheeseburger and place the patty in the oven letting it cook. After a few long minutes John would pull the patty out and assemble his burger and take a larg bite. His eyes would widen and his hands would shake visibly by the utter excellence of this Surface food! He would scarf the rest of it down and pull out a jug of "Milk" and down must of the drink. "Wow...These Humans do have some incredible things here. That was delicious!" The young Prince would back over to his desk and take a seat, picking up his quill "Pen" and begin writing once again.

Johns Journal (Continued)

No Caption Provided

So, where was I? Oh right. I told those criminals off so well I'm pretty sure my mother would be proud, So after my very Princely: You wish to combat the Prince Of Atlantis? Then so be it..."I would race towards the first mercenary was positioned and I would crack his face with the butt of my trident instantly introducing him to the realm of Hypnos. My second opponent was much more intelligent and sought to flee from my wrath, but Alas I needed to set an example. With a thrust of my Trident it would appear deep in his calf as he screamed in pain. My face would be steeled with resolve as I sought to get my mission completed, with a large leap that would make even the most athletic of humans jealous I would pin target three against the wall of the submarine and cut off his stupidly needed air supply. I would watch the rest of the men flee, and a small smile would cross my lips as I reveled in the fact that they were rightfully afraid. They had dared to use the Ocean as a playground for their illegal activities, and I would be damned if I let this happen...the Ocean was my families domain...and I will not let anyone conduct anything harsh or harmful on it's waters. So with a raise of my hands, a large swirling tornado made completely out of water would erupt in the oceans...I was controlling the water effortlessly with a wide smile on my face as I felt the wind whip through my hair, I ignored the screams of the criminals as I powered up the storm even further. Lightning began to crackle even harder around my self made storm of destruction.

I wouldn't even glance up as the submarine itself began flying into the storm, instead grinning and strapping my Trident to my back. "Enjoy your swim Surface Dwellers." Leaping off the deck I would dive beneath the waves and shoot through the water like a bullet shot from a top grade Atlantean Plasma blaster. Despite the deadly storm, no one would be dead or horribly injured, and I had called the nearest form of law enforcement. It was a pretty good day after that...I had Ice Cream once I got back to New York City. It was very good.

Oh dang, I have to take my leave. My comrades are trying to contact me. Untill next time. -Sincwereily I mean -Sincerely John Taylors.

Hall Of Justice

I grabbed my Trident and tucked my journal in my bag as I created a portal with my Royal Trident and walked through to the Hall OfJustice. John would notice Shield-Maiden and some stranger along with his other comrades Knighthunter and Mister Surreal. And standing next to him was Superion himself, along with several other heroes and a female with a bow and arrow. He would walk up to the Leo and introduce himself, offering his arm for a clasping "Hello. I am John Taylors. The Prince Of Atlantis. Pleasure to meet you." Turning to Helena he would give her a smile, he wasn't there when she turned crazy so it wasn't his place to judge her. "Hello Helena, it's good to see you again." Looking at the others he would say with his head cocked to the side "So, why have we been summmoned?"

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Blubber was beside himself. He was sad, confused, unsettled and any other negative emotion he could feel. Just a few days ago he was traumatized, as he witnessed a horrific act when the one woman he cared about as much as his Mom, violently attacked one of his teammates, and even worse, a friend. The saddest part was not that she attacked Chris, but it was the way she did it. She was forceful, barbaric, with a dark blue energy resonating around her, and two soulless eyes filled with rage. It took everything Blubber had, just to forget the way she looked, for to him it was the stuff of nightmares. He was so visibly shaken he couldn’t bare to be around people, let alone join in a hug, for every time he closed his eyes, all he could see was Helena kicking Knight Hunter in the chest. So he ran to the only place that gave him comfort, and after politely taking his leave from his teammates, he dragged his plus size frame down to the Kitchen. Still moping around he entered the sliding doors, with his head down, he sat next to the largest replicator, hoping and praying that tons of junk food could fill the hole in his heart!

For the next few hours he tried anything, making one request after another, with each one more outlandish than the next. The fact was, he wasn’t hungry, not in the least, he just wanted anything to occupy his mind. It started simple with, “Three scoops of ice cream, mixed between chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, on top ofafive inch deep cone,with exactly thirty plain M&Ms on top!” But when that wasn’t enough he got more outlandish with his order, “A three layer chocolate cake with one layer Peanut Butter, another Butter Scotch and the third Banana Pudding! All one inch thick!” But sadly enough, the replicator produced everything requested, perfectly designed right down to the prescribe temperature. Regretfully he would eat the meal with none of his trademark joy or boyish glee, instead it was more of a chore than anything, leaving him more depressed than when he came in. It was then after he finished off his last order, a mix of pancakes, doughnuts and peppermint candy, he realize this was no longer working for him, and if he had any hope of cheering up, he needed to do something else!

Immediately, a look of joy crossed his disheveled face, as his mind raced to the command room of the Hall of Justice. The one place he could consider himself an equal in the eyes of Superion and the other heroes of the J.L.A! Already he could picture himself sitting in his extra widened chair, spinning around as he would pretend to talk with Superion, over some new and dangerous threat to mankind! With a skip in his step, he shuffled off to the main room expecting it to be empty, except for someone like Apex on monitor duty. But as the double wide reinforced doors opened after a vocal and other invasive scans, he beheld the sight of, not one, not two, but three of his fellow teammates, hard at work inside. Once again he felt uplifted as his massive girth, became more light and fluffy, as he finally realized that what he needed to cheer up was nothing more than, friends. As always he greeted Thunderstorm, Flash Lightning and Green Sentinel in his usual way, filled with hugs and “I Love You All!” That soon turned into several, “Is it true you...” and other “Can you really....” questions. But that all came to an abrupt halt as two new figures made their way into the room, one of which being his idol Superion!

Standing at the doorway, towering over a younger woman with an impressive bow in her hand, was Superion, whose presence alone made Blubber giggle in joy. It was then his idle spoke up, welcoming the archer to the team, with a profound "And last but not least, the Hall of Justice. I hope you enjoyed the tour, my friend. I'd like to welcome you officially to the Justice League Alliance." Once again Blubber perked up as he danced his way to his idol on his tippy toes, hoping to be the first to greet Superion and his new friend. As always Superion was sure to give Blubber that customary hug, knowing how much it meant to him, leaving the ton of fun hero so happy that he finally forgot all about Helena, and instead was fully focused on the team. With a wide smile he thanked his idol, glowing in the joy of his presence, then turned his full attention to the newest team member. Hoping for a hug he raised his arms to the side, while joyfully saying, “Welcome to the team!” Then if all things go according to plan he would ask, “Would you like a big oldBear Hug?” By now Knight Hunter and Mister Surreal had entered the mighty chamber, and along side with Thunderstorm, Flash Lightning, Green Sentinel, Superion and his friend, all began introductions with one another, in mutual respect. But none of that matter to Blubber except for the friendly smile from Matthew, plus the answer from the archer if he could hug her!

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Suddenly, a bright light shone from a consul, followed by a low beeping sound, and immediately Green Sentinel informed the team that they were getting a message from Helena. Taking his place as the team leader Superion signaled for Jessica to patch it through, with a quick nod and authoritative "On screen." Immediately, Helena’s face was in high definition, on a giant screen for all to see, and as Superion proudly remarked, "Helena, it's good to see you" Blubber quietly sunk to his seat, with his head down low trying to avoid eye contact. Unfortunately for him, Helena gave a short but elegant speech over her absence as well as a passionate apology for her action, and even as Chris was forgiving her, Blubber sunk lower into his seat. For in his own little world, he was hearing every word she said, but he was not listening. For no matter what she did or said, he could not get past her previous actions. In the end Superion welcomed her back, as well as the other members, with only Blubber quietly objecting in silence, and had it not been for Flash Lightning offering him some delicious doughnuts, who knows what he may or may not have said.

Eventually it all came down to Shield Maiden’s plea, as she promised to explain to them all just why she did what she did. However, it was seemingly out shinned as she mentioned “If you all agree, do you mind if I bring a guest? He is important to me, and I would love to introduce him to you all.” Once again the command room was abuzz with expectation, as they all were happy to welcome her back, as well as her mysterious friend. Even Blubber was excited at the thought of a new friend, and as he dreamed of the new friend being a huger, he manage to get over his fear of Helena. After a few seconds of deliberation, under the guise of Superion, the team agreed to allow Shield Maiden and her friend access to the station, without any protest from Blubber. For in his heart he believed that if Helena was to go wild again, it would be best if the J.L.A. was there, in case she needed to be stopped. With a massive display of power from Thunderstorm, she began spinning her hammer around and around, at such a speed that even Flash Lightning has trouble seeing it in motion. Then, like a gift from the Gods, she opened a portal between the two realms, allowing Shield Maiden and her friend to step through.

In a brilliant display of light, Helena was the first to step through, and was immediately welcomed by Superion. Then like a family the rest of them did as well, as Flash Lightning and Jessica mentioned, "We've been looking forward to meeting you." As for Blubber he remained in the back. Slow and methodical he rose from his seat, only to join the others, but made sure to stay out of hugs reach. Should Shield Maiden look his way or nod in respect, Blubber would return in kind, but it was clear to everyone in the room, there was something off with him. For the most part he kept his distance, while not saying a word for or against her, hiding as just one of the crowd. The only emotion he could feel for the demi-god was an abundant wealth of pity, based off the idea that if she was truly sorry, she too would feel the pain he currently feels. It was then another figure stepped through the portal, standing tall with the same chiseled features as his idol Superion. The man moved with a sense of nobility, far above anything Blubber had seen before, leaving the ton of fun hero speechless. Immediately, the team introduced themselves, some even calling the stranger by name.

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Blubber, of course, had never met the stranger before, and should he be a recognizable or household name, it did not register, for Blubber was in such awe! Either way he used his mighty girth to force his way to the front of the crowd, while never once looking in Helena’s way. With every joyful step forward, he would flutter his hands up and down while muttering louder with each step “Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!” By now he was in hugging distance with his arms spread wide, and a boyish grin upon his face. To the rest of the team, with the exception of the female archer, it was a normal reaction for Blubber to have, but as he drew closer to the regal stranger, it would be curious to see his!?! But before anything could happen, Mister Surreal made it a point to bow in the Hyper God presence, to signify his admiration for him. At the same time Knight Hunter did the same. With no idea what was going on, Blubber too bowed his head before the stranger in respect, with his head tilted to the side so that he could talk to his friend Matthew. In a soft voice, still loud enough for the whole room to hear, Blubber just had to ask the Sorcerer Supreme, “Is he royalty or something?” Then in a case of perfect timing, just as the smell of fish swept the room, Tempest joins in with a renowned, "Hello. I am John Taylors. The Prince Of Atlantis. Pleasure to meet you!” Completely overwhelmed with the situation, Blubber quickly rephrase his question, this time to “Wowis everybody around hereroyalty?!?!” Then, as only Blubber could put it, he finishes his inquiry to Matthew, with a loving tone, “Do you think they could Knight us?Because that would be so cool!

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It was nothing more than a haze the day Mr Dreamy came flying down to talk to her. He was like a chiseled dream - lats, pecs, and arms all just rippling through blue mesh and that red cape. He could have asked her anything and she would have said yes. She held back the urge to bite her lip with desire. She was a professional. A highly trained government agent. There was no such thing as want. There was only the mission. At that moment though, she wanted the mission to be him. It took but a second when she realized what he was offering. It was more than she had ever expected. He was offering a seat at the table. Who the in the world would turn down an offer in the Justice League?

She had made her way to the Hall of Justice - the dream still lingering over everything. She would be amazed at its golden doors and everything that followed. It wasn't until she saw it when she realized this was no dream. It was her name etched in a gold in the back of a seat. How could she be so worthy of a position. She would slowly race her hand upon the cold marble table to physically touch greatness. She wanted to just lay on top of it with glee as she was now part of the team.

As members began to appear, her mind could do nothing but analyze and assess each of them. She was a person with a bow and arrow. Sure, she never missed but what was it compared each of them individually. A wizard appeared, his cape flowing in his trail as if it were alive. And then came the Gothic myth in armor and all within hands reach.

Hands reach was all that was needed as the massive friendly member known as Blubber asked permission for a hug. She could do nothing but oblige. Though she was a trained agent that could take out a small army, deep down she had discovered a part of her that she had forgotten long ago. All it took was this moment. At this moment she was like a little kid in Disney Land, as she would grasp the big fella with a wide smile as he began to be engulfed by his mass. She tried to maneuver folds and masses and it was like an endless sea of skin. She could nothing more than giggle. It was

then a portal opened with the rush of salt filling the air. Prince of Atlantis is what he introduced himself as and the wonders kept on coming.

There was talk amongst the members as he recognized the member known as Shield Maiden came on the screen. She had seen her on television here and there and was not up to date with why she was seeking permission amongst the others, but it was permission that was granted. There was a tear in the air as two people came across another portal. Obviously she needed the team travel discount if every member would travel by such means. Shield maiden would step through it, a beauty if she would easily recognize. The man that followed her even more of a physical personification of perfection than Superion. The mage would bow as would the Gothic Knight, she just following everyone not wanting to start some intergalactic incident with bad behavior.

She could do nothing more than giggle softly as the loving Blubber would state what exactly what she was thinking

Do you think they could Knight us? Because that would be so cool!

She knew what he meant. Even though no sword graced her shoulder, she felt like a paladin amongst the Gods.

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Superion welcomed her back with open arms, and with that a pound was lifted from her shoulders. Only but a pound, seeing as how the depowered goddess carried immense weight over her hourglass figure. The burdens she bore over her shoulders, they sprang when she was just a child. How she managed to sustain her sanity for seventeen years puzzled even Daedalus, Father of the Labyrinth. Helena was not blessed with the endurance of Atlas, or so she believed. Given the life she was forced to live, she should have experienced a mental breakdown by now.

All she knew for certain was that her trials and tribulations refined her in such a way that mimicked the process of pottery. While the Man of Steel extended his courteous behavior at her, she could see in the faces of some of her teammates they were afraid of her. Grant, also known as Blubber, was unfortunately one of those teammates. She noticed his adorable pudgy face would not even beam up at her, which was unusual given that he was inspired by the exaggerated "Shield-Maiden" tales fabricated by the media. Grant was also as loveable as the Hundred-Handed Ones, also known as the Hecatoncheires. Whenever he saw someone he cherished, he would smother them in Hera's motherly embrace.

Though the Queen of Olympus would likely reject the rounded hero, deeming him too "imperfect" to be part of the divine family. At the moment in which she stood, Grant offered no hugs. Helena's youthful face fell with a sadness so profound, it reduced Akhlys to a stream of blood tears. The thought of losing one of her companion's trust did irritate her Achilles Heel. Not because she was filled with remorse for removing her polished vambraces, but because she knew her tactical decision would traumatize some of her teammates. The Agents of Ares, also known as his Retinue, had left the battlefield victorious that day.

She vowed once she was done explaining her actions and the nature of her true self, she would personally talk to the mortal cyclops. He was uniquely different from everyone else, and she understood this. Being patient and making sure her words were clear, concise, and passive was the best course of action when speaking with him. If she had to speak in a way he would understand, she would do that to clean up the battle the God of War exploited.

Thunderstorm, an Asgardian warrior who refused to leave her side during their unpleasant encounter with Ares, stepped forward and whirled her hammer at such a velocity, it disrupted the JLA's main computer for only but a brief moment. A vortex of moving electrons and neutrons appeared in the center of the room, blowing her black hair in a series of waves so it looked like the flowing River of Woe. The female Thor raised her hammer and gave her a warrior's salute, supporting Superion's decision to allow her to return. Helena returned the gesture with a nod. "We all will reunite in just a moment." She concluded before commanding the forearm guard to close the hologram, leaving her and the Prince of Power alone.

The brain child of Athena peered over her shoulder as soon as Leo teased her about the philosophies of her companions. She uttered a chuckle, shaking her head with amusement. "You would ask such a question," It was not too long ago when the two discussed the principles of altruism and ethical egoism outside of the room in which they now shared. The two were like Plato and Aristippus, holding two different outlooks of life. Leo expressed his distaste for the clutches of altruism, while Helena did NOT reject individualism entirely. She liked to believe she was reforming altruism, making it more logical and balanced.

"Well, the first thing you should expect is to be showered in praise. I mean, what's not to glorify?" She turned around to face him with a playful smile, drizzling her own specks of endearment over his impressive stature. Leonel stood upright with an assertive look plastered on his face. The way he held himself: Shoulders squared away, chest forward, chin elevated, was glorious enough to make the tales of Commodus fade back into Roman obscurity. "But yes and no. We're a diverse group, meaning we all perceive the world differently. Some of us stray toward the ideals of Areia Athena and Zeus Xenios (Truth and Justice), while others stray toward the path of Mars. Then there are members like me and Mister Surreal, who stand in the center of a crossroad."

She explained, even though the two were obviously poking at each other. Helena was careful not to honor Hekate as the Goddess of Crossroads, seeing as how she learned the mystical witch played a part in the prophecy. "Shall we meet them?" She gestured at the crackling portal with a smug smile. The Planestrider who believed she was a demigoddess wanted so desperately to know his first impression of her teammates. Before she could turn to face the portal, Helena silently called upon the Sword of Valhalla with her arm stretched out. Tearing through the fabric of reality from beside her; the enchanted sword whistled through the air, rotated from the point to the hilt, and into her clutches.

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The depowered goddess then made a small incision into the wall that guarded their reality, and slipped her hand into the wound. One by one, she pulled out pieces of divine equipment as if she were surgically removing guts from a mortal body. The Breastplate of Niðavellir fit perfectly over her torso, twinkling ever so mysteriously like the white stars in the night sky. The Tiara of Athena slid into her forehead, capturing her majesty and nobility. The Lasso of Apollo, looking as if it had been graced by King Midas touch, hung by her side. The Shield of Knowledge strapped over her back greeted the Prince of Power and even whispered "We both know you rocked her boat," The sculpted face embedded in the center of the mystical shield winked.

Now fully geared the two warriors entered the vortex made by Thunderstorm, striding out the other side like the Emperor and Empress of Rome. The two mirrored Augusta Livia and Emperor Augustus, exiting the portal side by side with dignity and high self-esteem. Despite her glorious outer appearance, Helena still suffered from the trauma of her past. She was still learning to let people into her life, to let go of her lone wolf nature. The Justice League of Alliance swarmed the two unofficial couple like the Sisters of Artemis would, filling the air with praise and welcome in the form of arrows.

The Planestrider shook the hands and greeted some of the team's newest members, particularly the shaded archer and the one who claimed to be a Prince of Atlantis. She thought Atlantis had fallen to Attica, or at least that was alluded by Plato. According to one story, Atlantis had succumbed to Hubris, and lost favor with the Olympian Council. Because of this story, many of the citizens in Atholis spoke ill of Atlantis. Not one to live in the past or entertain unsubstantial rumors, Helena introduced herself to both Queenmaker and John Taylor in a polite manner. "Helena Troy, Daughter to Athena and Ivar the Wise, and Princess of Atholis. Welcome to the Justice League of Alliance" She repeated herself to the other two newest members, Jessica and Flash Lightning.

Helena approached the Sorcerer Supreme who greeted her, placing her hand firmly on his shoulder and giving him a friendly smile. "I am well, thank you." She would never forget his selfless act during their encounter with Ares. Superion then approached her, and the two greeted one another. She had much to thank him for, and would never forget his strength in character and physique. "This is Leonel, he's my..." The depowered goddess glanced at Leo who was being worshipped by her teammates, her fair olive skin burning mildly. The two have yet to declare themselves a couple, and she did not want to add any titles if they were still exploring. "Associate. Me and Mister Surreal are working with him to destroy an Ancient Power, one that is devastating much of the Cosmos." A half-truth, as the two were acting as a couple more than associates.

The Princess of Atholis noticed a huge lump snooping past her every chance he had. It was quite funny to watch, yet woeful. Once all was said and done, Helena banged her sword against her shield to catch everyone's attention. With everyone now hopefully facing her direction, she would strap her shield over her back. "Now that I have all your undivided attention, let us discuss why we're gathered here," She lifted her forearm, showing her polished vambraces. "As you all should be aware by now, we were attacked by a cyborg impersonating Superion," If anyone was not up to speed, she would allow Superion or Mister Surreal to do the honors. "The cyborg blew a hole through the ceiling in an effort to retreat, inhaling everything into the vacuum of space. To avoid being devoured, I coiled my lasso around a fixed computer system and watched as he fled away with our vital intel. I knew the stem would not support my weight any longer, and I did not want the impersonator to get away. Now this is where everything goes wrong," She looked at Knight Hunter and Blubber with remorse.

"I was not aware I could survive the lack of oxygen in the cosmos. I have never been to space until I joined the Justice League of Alliance. The cyborg was getting away, and we were in the middle of being invaded. It would have been foolish of me to take a reckless risk and discover if I could. So, I removed my vambraces," She showed her forearm guards again. "I was given these when I was just a child. I recently discovered Hephaestus had forged them for me to contain what some of you witnessed that frightful day. My mother who I also recently discovered was Athena all along, warned that within me was a power so intoxicating, it would consume my mind in a matter of minutes. When devoured I entered into a state of frenzy and destroyed everything in my wake, friend or foe. The power increased my strength and gave me almost any power I desired, but at the cost of my humanity and intelligence. The longer I stayed in this state, the stronger and more dangerous I became. So what you all saw that day was not me, nor did I mean to hurt any of you." Helena meant that sincerely.

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"I don't know why I was born with this curse, my mother never gave me any answers. All I know is that I am sorry for never getting the chance to warn you all. But in my defense--" Before she could add more context to the situation, the golden lasso beside her waist suddenly lit up the entire room in the sun's raise. Compressed hydrogen atoms "fused" together, creating helium inside the intertwined lariat. The lasso glowed bright yellow, rising in temperature and glory. What was once an ordinary rope was now an illuminating lasso flowing with plasma. "D-D-Delphi?" Helena stuttered, glancing up at her teammates in a state of shock. She reached for the gift of Apollo with hesitation, her hand carefully removing it from her side and lifting it for all to witness. Eerie whispers of a man so ancient and powerful could be heard coming from the strands of rope, it sent chills down the spine of those who listened.






King of the Cosmos,

The Dark One


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@superion_prime: @mister_surreal: @knighthunter: @john_taylors: @blubber: @queenmaker: @shield-maiden:

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Passing his gaze over the halls and those who had made it their home, the Hyper-God met eyes with a caped Samaritan he could only assume was the leader. After all, why else take charge of the impromptu meet and greet if not to make clear the weight his authority held in these halls? And as words came to pass, Leonel's suspicions held true.

"Welcome, Leo. I'm Superion and this is my team"

"A pleasure, Superion", the Prince of Power answered, white cap rustling and swaying as his hand moved to welcome Superion's with a firm shake. Then came Thunderstorm, a warrior with whom Leonel once toured the cosmos in search of allies able and willing for the coming war with the Abyssal Imperium. Matching her smile with his own, the Prince of Power shakes her hand as he had Superion's, "Likewise". Others stepped forth, and Leonel greeted them all the same, save for Matthew. To the Sorcerer Supreme who so humbly bowed to him, Leonel smiled and a glimmer of amusement broke through the knowing depths of his eyes. "The greatest sorcerer known to man, bowing. I should be pleased", he joked, "But we're friends, so I can't be too pleased. It's good to see you, Matthew".

As all others came forward, Leonel afforded them a standard greeting, a handshake here, a nod there. Yet as a man of improbable girth waddled with a child's desire for embrace, the Prince of Power raised a brow and readied an arm to keep the man-child a fair distance. Though as he bowed and his childlike impulse faded, Leonel crossed his arms over his chest, and his ears caught the man-child's voiced curiosities about being knighted. "That, large one, would be a disservice, don't you think?", he paused, "Like your teammates, you're Earth's sword and shield when shit goes south. You've already been knighted, by your great deeds". Soon, his words faded, replaced by Helena whose noble heart compelled her to explain the frenzied madness that had flung her into battle against her own friends.

That Helena's skill with her own power was so poor as to allow a bestial rage to drown her sense of reason was concerning. Leonel's thoughts however, were shoved to the background as his face caught the golden glow of Helena's lasso. She was shocked, stuttering, and a voice too quiet yet too loud floated to his ears.

"King of the Cosmos"

Leonel scowled, and muscles that could lay waste to worlds tensed. "What does this mean?", he questioned, meeting eyes with Helena as though her gaze held an answer.

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(OOC: I'll be switching characters when I post to give them all a chance to be used, but I will be responding as ALL my characters under one character so no need to wait for me to post as my other characters as I am doing it all at once under one character per post).


Posting Order: Shield-Maiden, King Leo, Superion, Mr. Surreal, Knight Hunter, John Taylors, Blubber, Queenmaker

Jessica giggles from Blubbers enthusiasm, hugging him back and greeting him in return with almost as much as energy as he does. She tries answering any questions he has as simply as possible while Thunderstorm and Flash Lightning let the science whizz handle him even though the two greet Blubber as well but not as much enthusiasm as the big hero. They are somewhat relieved when Superion enters the room with Queenmaker.

Superion smiles, seeing Blubber's day brightened by their customary hug. He notices the big hero looks a bit ragged around the edges so the Man of Steel knows these hugs help him a great deal and that is why Superion gives them. He knows he inspires Blubber and he also knows the big man with the heart of gold learns from his mistakes and tries to better himself. True, Blubber may seem more like a child mentally, but to Superion it doesn't matter. Blubber is a true hero through and through who has shown himself to be as effective at combating crime as any of the others.

Because Superion was busy with Helena and Leo, and also being in front of his teammates, he doesn't notice Blubber being silent and sullen. Otherwise, the Man of Steel would be concerned. So when Blubber makes his way to the front to greet Leo, Thunderstorm and Flash Lightning both get bumped, but they don't seem to mind since the huge man can't help himself, plus they both happen to appreciate his enthusiasm. That's when Superion notices Blubber doesn't even greet Helena, doesn't look at her and that is when the concern sets in. The Man of Steel's baby blue eyes go from Helena's sullen, sad, face, to Blubber. But now is not the time to address such concerns. He knows what has happened between them and it is up to them to deal with it, unless it becomes a problem that affects the team.

But once Helena bangs her sword against her shield to get everyone's attention, Superion, Thunderstorm, Green Sentinel and Flash Lightning look her way and hang on her every word as she speaks.

"As you all should be aware by now, we were attacked by a cyborg impersonating Superion,"

To those not aware of what had happened previously, Flash Lightning hands each one who is not in the know a folder with the necessary information that tells them a summary of the events. All in the blink of an eye. Superion notices the guilt cross Helena's gorgeous features and he has no need to forgive her since he understands. And should Helena lock eyes with him, he gives her a look to communicate that he does understand. Thunderstorm, Jessica and Flash Lightning were not here at the time so they have no need to forgive Helena, but they do accept her and feel sorry she had to go through such a thing.

And then things take a turn for the weird when Helena's lasso begins glowing, as well as speaking simple phrases while radiating heat that feels nice and warm. Almost as if the lasso was a warm fire place and Jessica wanted to snuggle up next to it but that would be all kinds of awkward.

"What does this mean?"

"Ohh, fascinating!"

Superion wants to know the same thing and was about to ask Helena a similar question, but Leo beat him to it. He, along with Jessica, Thunderstorm and Flash Lightning are curious as to what this means. Being a scientist, Jessica thinks that Helena's lasso must be some kind of machine with an artificial intelligence. Nanotechnology at work? But it's a rope. "Ohh, fascinating! I didn't know your lasso had an artificial intelligence! That's awesome! Sounds like some kind of mission and hey!" Jessica bumps Mr. Surreal's shoulder with her own, adding a smile, "Your name was mentioned, you must be popular."

Thunderstorm leans in and whispers in Jessica's ear, "This is serious, so a little less enthusiasm, okay?"

Jessica's face falls, but she nods in understanding. She's just excited to go on a possible mission is all. She whispers back to Thunderstorm, "O-Okay."

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The respectful bow of the Warrior Mage in the presence of Leo had resulted in various other members of his alliance to do the same, much to his welcoming surprise. As his eyes would glance around the environment to see all who would mimic his actions, the plump hero known as Blubber would of course go into one of his childlike rants, an action that took the mage by surprise. As he watched Grant go on the idea of gaining a knightly by the hands of the Hyper God, he would almost chuckle, but I instead give something a smile humorous smile at his behavior. Turning back to The Prince of Power, he would find his response to be quite interesting for several reasons. The first being the sorcerer's decision to bow before him, one that Leonel seemed to find somewhat humorous despite the nature of the action.

It was common practice for the Mister Surreal to bow before associates of Leonel’s nature, so him responding in that manner would cause Surreal to quirk his brow in interest. The other part half of it was Leonel receding to them as “friends” despite having met only briefly in two encounters. While in that time, the sorcerer has gained a great amount of respect for him, he wouldn't use that word in order to describe their relationship just yet. In truth, he had very few friends, the simple reason being that he simply wouldn't allow himself to, even after the process of gaining the sorcerer’s trust. The deeper reason begin this choice was unclear in his complicated mind, trying to understand it was an exercise in madness for even the most intelligent of beings. It was something that should be brushed off as quickly as Surreal’s over analysis.

Why thank you, Leonel. But we both know that isn’t true.” He said referring to the praise of being the “greatest sorcerer known to man”, Reed something that he felt was said to him far too much for his liking. “It’s good to see you too.” His bearded face would give off a friendly albeit faint smile as he looked back at Leo and all of his splendor. Helena would approach him in response to his greeting to her with a firm hand, causing him to nod slightly as he gazed into the Shield-Maiden’s oceanic eyes. He was pleased that she was alright, he had grown quite fond of her as a colleague ever since they were able to get more closely acquainted, and he considered her to be close enough companion with the JLA. However, it was not the time to be assessing relationships, but the time to listen.

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His visage taking its natural form with a wrinkled brow and hardened himself cheeks, Mathew would pay great attention to the Shield-Maiden as she would go on to brief the team. As the heroine went to explain the nature of her vambraces and in turn her reason for removing them did the cyborg, Surreal’s eyes would turn to the shimmering objects in interest. You His gaze shifted back to the woman who wore them, softening in understanding as disclosed the conditions of her unique “curse”. But as he would nod in compassion, Helena would begin to stutter, catching the mage and likely others in the room as he normally fluent speechless would be broken up so abruptly. Only moments later, the very light from the sun would shine from her lasso, causing the sorcerer to shield his eyes as with one hand as he would turn away slightly.

He would curl his free hand as he squinted in response to the blinding light, preparing himself for whatever could possibly manifest from the situation, but he would quickly put aside thoughts of defensive measures as he, and the rest of the room, would be exposed to a barrage of cryptic messages resonating from the divine tool.






King of the Cosmos,

The Dark One


All of the words that flowed out of the instrument had garnered the Master of the Mystic Art’s utmost attention, already forcing him to ponder the meaning behind them. But it was when the words “Surreal” was said. His moth would open ever so slightly as he considered how he could tie into all of this, if the word was directed at the Sorcerer Supreme himself. Green Sentinel seemed to think so, with her giving him a nudge and the immediate assertion that it did indeed refer to the mage. Him reacting with nothing more than a slight nod as his eyes scanned the object. While Leo would turn to its owner in an attempt to search for answers, Mister Surreal would slowly turn back to the group of heroes to see if they had anything to say about the matter. “Everyone, what are your thoughts on this?

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Once after he most awkwardly greeted himself towards the Hyper God, Raul takes a few steps back allowing the others to introduce themselves. A few others did so, but only one managed to gain the Metal Warriors amused attention, Blubber. The man of unthinkable girth began greeting himself towards King Leo, in a more, unprofessional fashion. With a small smirk and slight chuckle, Raul strides over to the "Knights Table," leaning on its base. Words and other forms of contextual sound filled the room, and Raul just stood there, silent as a mouse. Horrific tragedies weren't one of the things he isn't familiarized with though never in his life would he be used to them. For the moment, Raul used the time to quickly analyze the other global heroes that decided to take part in this somewhat "journey." Raul himself hasn't been on the team for a long time, unlike others like Shield Maiden or Mister Surreal. Though he has been there long enough to know without them, the world wouldn't be as it now, well some would beg to differ. Many distinct and unique individuals walked the hall, but only a few caught his battered eye. Some like the Green Sentinel and Thunderstorm caught his glimpse, mostly due to their brightly fashioned appearance, all the while, he longed to be back home.

As he stood like a ghost among heroes, Raul gave off a slight stare at the once corrupted goddess. Despite what has happened in the past few weeks, Raul was not mad nor was he lusting for revenge; though there was just a small part of the Arguello that held a grudge. Snapping his direction from Helena to the newer member of the world famous "Superhero Team" - Queenmaker, Raul acknowledges her presence with a passive nod towards the archeresses direction. Soon, his silence manner was finally interrupted by the loud sound of Helena clanging her divine sword against her shield. So snapping his head towards the goddess, Raul - as everyone would've done, gave her his utmost attention.

While Helena breaks down what Raul has already utmostly experienced, Raul himself kicks off of the table he was once laying on and stands side by side the heroes he now worked with. Though before Helena could say anymore, her golden lariat begins glowing bright as ever, which only caused Raul to cover his eyes with his arm until he dropped them again.






King of the Cosmos,

The Dark One


Oddly enough, the divine lariat speaks, and even weird, Helena knew who was talking. Though it is not expressing his name nor some others, Raul raises an eyebrow inquisitively with a lowly grin. “Everyone, what are your thoughts on this?”The sorcerer supreme spoke as well after Leo himself has, though unsure of what they have just experienced, Raul commends Surreal with a shrug.

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John gazed around the room and observed his company. His eyebrows raised and his mouth rose slightly when he looked at the group of surace dwellers in his midst. There was the "Fastest" Man Alive, along with a very tall woman wielding a hammer; then next to her stood a woman clad in emerald and black. The others he knew, but there was one woman who was new...John guessed that she was a newer member of the team like him. But These were the strongest warriors the surface had to offer, and John would admit that they were quite a group. Then someone spoke and Johns eyes slid to them.

"As you all should be aware by now, we were attacked by a cyborg impersonating Superion,"

Then in a blur of motion and a flash of light there is a folder in his hand. And he'd begin flipping through it's contents, reading through the folder John would pore into every detail, going over it with his full attention. He could hear mutterings of those around him but he paid them no mind, simply blocking them out of his mind. He had been called here for a reason, and after hearing Helena's extreme apology to the others John wished to divide his time elsewhere. The sea called to him and he very much wanted to return there, after being seperated from his mother and thrust somewhere completely unknown to him John simply wanted to find a place where he could fit in, and he was even more lost on the surface. But this "Justice League" had welcomed him with open arms and had given the prince a belong, but he wasn't needed for this meeting. He hadn't been involved in the battle with the Cyborg Superion and he had not been present at the time when Helena attacked the others. Putting the folder down on the table John would speak in a tone that was loud enough for the others to hear. "Well this has been a pleasure, Shield Maiden, I have not known you for very long, but it seems that you care very deeply about these people, I hold nothing against you. But I must be taking my lea-"

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John's voice would cut off as soon as Helenas' lariat began glowly brightly and the young Prince's head would sway in that direction. His could hear the exclamations between the others. Then a voice hissed through the air and Johns' eyes would widen slightly, his icy blue eyes rising to attention.






King of the Cosmos,

The Dark One

With several mutterings John would lift his head and respond to the green woman.

"Ohh, fascinating! I didn't know your lasso had an artificial intelligence! That's awesome! Sounds like some kind of mission and hey!"

John's voice would ring out and he'd say simply " By Neptune this is not good" He'd push his hair to the side and shake his head as another voice rang out in the sudden silence that had ensued in the area.

“Everyone, what are your thoughts on this?”

John would look at the Wizard and shake his head with a shrug of his shoulders, but then as he though on it he would recall his studies, most thought that Atlanteans were like fish, and that their knowledge was simply based of of Poseiodon, but those people would also be the ones to forget that the Atlanteans were once Greeks. Johns voice would once again break the silence as he spoke "Some of these words are foreign to me, such as the term planetstrider. Others are very clear, such as Delphi, famous as the ancient sanctuary that seated Pythia the Oracle of Apollo, which would make sense for the next two lines." Turning to Surreal he would nod to him "The next line speaks possibly of you. And as for the King of the Cosmos only two people come to mind. Either Zeus, King of the gods, or Kronos, the Lord of the Titans."

Turning to Helena he would speak to her with his eyes signaling how deeply bothered he was by what her lariat was speaking "These last two lines bother me the most. "The Dark One" I-I'm not sure completely? It could be Hades..." Then John's eyes would widen as he recalled the last line, he could feel his blood chill as if the cold water of the ocean was finally deciding to chill his body.


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John would curse softly in Atlantean and he'd lock eyes again with Helena "Erebus? The Primordial being of Darkness?" Deciding that this was no longer just a group meeting John would summon his armor and with an outstretch of his arm, John's trident and sword would shoot into his hands like missiles. "Anyone else have anything to add?" He'd look at Helena, Leo and Matthew in particular. He was new here, he had no sort of standing with these people but he was going to show them he was worthy to be among them. That the Prince was more then a pretty face. Strapping his trident to his back he would do the same to his sword, attaching it to his thigh. The others may not have known it, but John had the undying sense that there was a battle insuing, and Helena was at the thick of it....and now so was everyone else.


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Bowing with great respect, Blubber kept his head low and his hand extended outwards with the palm down. Why you ask, because he saw someone do it in a cartoon. For all he knew, the man before him was royalty, and in Grant’s mind, that made him better. Still that could not stop him from saying what was on his mind, and although he did not yell it out, everyone in the room heard him say, “Do you think they could Knight us?Because that would be so cool!” But surprisingly enough the Hyper God looked down upon him with a pleasant look and said for all to hear "That, large one, would be a disservice, don't you think?", he paused, "Like your teammates, you're Earth's sword and shield when shit goes south. You've already been knighted, by your great deeds!" Immediately, Grant giggled as he rose to his feet, but made it a point to ask Mister Surreal on the way up, “am I the sword or the shield?cause I see Helena as more of the sword!” Either way Grant was pleased that the King liked him and for Blubber that was all he needed. But just before stepping back into the ranks, it was obvious to all, there was something perplexing him. He kept darting back between the Hyper Gods side and the rest of his team. In the end he goes back to bowing before the King, just so that he could get close enough to whisper, then and only then, he would whisper, “Um, You said a dirty word!

Suddenly, the room came to life with the sound of a loud ring, as Helena banged her sword against her shield, to catch everyone's attention. Immediately, Blubber sank to the back of the room where he stood next to Queenmaker, mainly because he wanted to stay far away from the Demi-God as he could. For in the back of his mind, he was still afraid of her. For every time he closed his eyes, he would see Helena in all her fury. But by shear luck, just as she began her speech about the Cyborg Superion, Blubber caught her giving him and Raul, a special look, that came straight from a place of love. Immediately, Blubber sighed, as he felt her love, but didn’t know what to do. Half of him wanted to run up there and hug her, while the other half wanted to yell, “Yeah well you still hurt us!” But before he had time to choose, a brisk wind blew by him and before he knew it he was holding a full dossier on the events, complete with all of his own description of what he saw happened. But what made him happy was when Flashlighting handed out the folders, he made sure that Grant’s was complete with pictures and small words, just to help him keep up. Therefore, as he looked over to see the speedster still sitting in his chair, Blubber made it a point to mouth the words to him, “Thank you Flashlighting! You’re the best!

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Finally all eyes were on Helena as she began to explain her actions and more to the point her apology to the team. Already Blubber was thinking the worst. For as far as he knew she may be planning to resign and despite it all, deep deep inside he cared for her. So just as she opened her mouth, he tried his best to listen to her every word and not let his mind wander as it normally does. For the next few minutes, she pours her heart out, telling of her cursed life and her Vambraces. But it wasn’t until she said, "I don't know why I was born with this curse, my mother never gave me any answers” that she finally got through to Grant. For the first time since Helena removed her Vambraces, Grant could look upon her with the same love he use to. Inside his heart sank. The very idea that she was curse from birth and that her mother remained silent, was enough to make the ton of fun hero cry. For Blubber could connect with her on an emotional level, as he too was born ‘Different!’ It wasn’t his fault, just like it wasn’t hers. They could only play the cards they were dealt and although Helena’s actions were far more destructive, he found it in his heart to forgive her! But just before he could run up to her and give her a double stuffed Bear Hug, Tempest chimed in with his own opinion. But before he could finish his sentence, he was out shined as Helena could be heard stumbling over the words “All I know is that I am sorry for never getting the chance to warn you all. But in my defense......."

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Suddenly, the room was lit up with a bright and powerful glow, as Shield Maiden’s golden lasso shined brighter than ever before. Even in the back of the room, Blubber could feel the warmth from it, but he could also feel a strong chill running up and down his spine. Going off impulse alone, Blubber felt this was an attack and immediately moved into action. Seeing as how Queenmaker was the closest, he lunged at her, ever so slightly, to protect her, but after realizing that this was NOT an attack, he humbly looked to the archer only to whisper “I um, thought shewasremovingherVambracesagain?!? But lucky for him he was in the back of the room where no one could see him, other than perhaps Helena, Leo and of course Queenmaker. Suddenly an angelic voice rang out from Shield Maiden’s lasso, engulfing the room with its awe, saying nothing more than, “Planestrider, Delphi, Prophecy, Apollo, Surreal, King of the Cosmos, The Dark Oneand finally Protogenoi!Immediately, everyone in the room was trying to make sense of the words, putting there own spin on the definition, even Leo who made a slight nod to the Demi- God over the word “King of the Cosmos!" But it was Jessica, the Green Sentinel, who broke the tension in the room by jesting, "Ohh, fascinating! I didn't know your lasso had an artificial intelligence! That's awesome! Sounds like some kind of mission and hey!"

Naturally Blubber laughed as well, embracing the light side of the dilemma with his own natural boyish charm and was even the first to shout, “Mister Surreal’s name was in there!” But the fact was he was absolutely clueless as to what was going on, or that the lasso was foretelling a prophecy. All he knew was something important was going on and he was now a part of it. In the mean time, the team spoke even with Jessica saying the same thing Blubber did. But it wasn’t until Tempest spoke up that the mood of the room changed. Beginning with a " By Neptune this is not good!" the king of Atlantis began divulging his take on the words, adding to the fact that Atlantis is associated with the Greek Lore. He then goes further into detail breaking down every word he could, until ending up with the theme, that the words are foretelling a Greek tragedy! At that point he out stretched his hand and summon his weapons and gear to him, convinced he was in for a fight. But as he stands there in all his glory, he boldly speaks up to rally the troops, "Anyone else have anything to add?"

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Once again the team was deep in discussion, as many of them geared up for battle. Normally Grant would rotate towards his hero Superion, just to be in his presence. But instead he offered Queenmaker a hug, followed by a lengthy “so what do you think is going to happen?” But the moment their discussion ended, he slowly moped his way over to Helena. Not sure what he would say when he reached her, he began practicing his forgiveness. But every time he got to the point of her tragedy he would get all choked up. In the end he approaches her with his head down, looking at his feet as he makes circles with his toes. “So um, Shield Maiden,” he says awkwardly, “I don’t know if you noticed it, but I was....” unable to continue, he quickly changes the conversation, “I just want to let you know....I well, I forgive you!” With that said he looks her in the eyes to share the love in his heart and finishes, “So I was hoping we could still be friends?!?” He then does as he always does and spreads his arms to his sides, “So can we hug again and forget the past...” he smiles again being in her presence “cause I’d really reallyreally like to start over and HUG!!!!

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@shield-maiden: @king_leo@superion_prime: @green_sentinelx: @mister_surreal: @knighthunter: @john_taylors: @blubber:

The sudden bright burst of energy from Shield Maiden's lasso registered quickly on Jocasta's optical contact lenses, though the enhancement were not necessary to notice such an unexpected shift in the area. The illumination sparked like a mini-sun gaining everyone's attention, cementing their focused when the lasso itself began to speak. Her eyes concentrated onto what her ears were hearing, her breathing settling to a shallow gasp all while her right middle finger quickly yet slightly twitched to ready itself to grab one of the notches at the end of her arrows. It was a subtle move which became like a reflex to her, as was her left shoulder shifting forward to ready itself for the aim of a possible shot while her feet shifted to bear more weight on the rear to create a more stable foundation. It was just but a second, but her mind had already visualized the target (the lasso or possibly even Shield Maiden) in her mind numerous times. She would have even used Blubber's massive size as a position to launch any possible attack. She would be damned to take a beating on the same day as her admittance to the team.

The mage would break the tension for Jocasta with an open-ended question posed to everyone. The Green Sentinel would relax the mood even further with her comment about possible artificial intelligence. It would make Jocasta reveal an uneasy smirk as she definitely would have to grow more accustomed to the inner workings of the team. The Prince of Atlantis didn't seem to share the same thoughts of the others as armor and a trident amassed upon is body. The words which the lasso spoke had no context with Jocasta but apparently they were names to be aware of for the future. The jovial Blubber would turn to ask what would happen next. Jocasta strapping her gloves tighter should have been a clear sign the the bells of war were calling, but since she had just met Blubber she wanted to be crystal clear of what she thought. I think we are about to kick some major bootie, buddy.

She had fastened her belt just as she did with her gloves, waiting for some enlightenment of the next course of action. She would turn to the team looking for an explanation, For those that are new here, mainly me, am I correct to assume things are about to hit the fan?

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From the look on every distinctive champion's face, they were just as surprised by the enigmatic words that emitted from the illuminous lasso as she was. When the eldritch voice became nothing but a constellation, so had the glory of Apollo. What once illuminated the entire room in mystery and radiation had now reverted back to an ordinary golden lariat, losing it's fuel, and becoming nothing more than a black dwarf star.

It did not take long for some of the heroes to start looking to her for guidance, as if she were the Oracle of Delphi. Even the Prince of Power himself seemed to be moved by the oracular cipher, meeting the brain child's eyes with a twinkle of wonder. His mouth opened, his curious nature rivaling her own. She wanted to answer his question, yet her companions desire to decode the mystery uttered by her lasso pulled her attention from her love interest.

Their questions and enthusiasm had locked her in a chokehold, preventing her from relieving the tension through her mouth. Helena had longed for this day, but now that it was here, she was nervous to uncover the truth about her life. Why did Zeus sought her demise? Why were some of the most prominent members on the Olympian Council aiding her? Did Hekate go unpunished for her treachery? Was the witch referring to the prophecy when she warned the forces of nature were stirring in their sleep? Why did the eerie goddess need Richard's blood to aid these beings? Was she really fated for great things like her mother claimed? The burden on her shoulders had increased tenfold, the more she pondered in thought.

She wanted to allow the Spirit of Oedipus to guide her tongue, to solve the enigma, but she could not find herself to solve a puzzle she did not have all the pieces to. Even with her immense knowledge, ninety-nine percent of the words were vague, and for a reason. "It is best not to decode the message we have been given. While this is no prophecy, these words could potentially have more than one meaning," The depowered goddess turned her head toward the Prince of Atlantis and the female Green Sentinel, her electric blue stare jolting them awake.

"King of the Cosmos could be Chaos, due to the fact that his body is seemingly without end. The Dark One could be Nyx, Thanatos, Erebus, Kharon, or a different being entirely. While Hades does rule a gloomy realm, it does not necessarily make him the "Dark One." In fact, one could argue that Zeus is the Dark One from a certain point of view. Surreal could indeed be a reference to Mister Surreal, but what if it's a ruse? The Ancient Greeks did obscure their messages with ciphers. That is why I believe it is dangerous to attempt solving this puzzle without first consulting Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi."

She allowed her words to float toward anyone who was attempting to solve an unfinished puzzle. Helena personally observed the new additions to the team, because one seemed overconfident and the other was too enthusiastic about the journey ahead. She understood they meant well, but she needed them to slow down and be sober in thought. "With that being said," Her distinctive blue eyes fell on every warrior encircling the table, before finally landing on the Prince of Power. If there was anyone she wanted standing by her side, it was the man who was molding her into the woman she was fated to be. He was not her lasso, yet his words mended her wounds.

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"It is time we set journey to Delphi. I am aware some of you have recently been indoctrinated into our alliance and have questions, so allow me to bring you up to speed." After explaining why they were traveling to Delphi, the "demigoddess" hung her golden lariat by her side. It was then Jessica's comment about her lasso sunk in. She was right, since when could her plasma filled snare speak? The princess warrior doubted it was because of artificial intelligence. When she and her mother reunited again, it was another question she had to ask. Refocusing her attention back on her allies, Helena made her final words known. "Some of you have pledged to join me on this journey, but if you choose to disembark now, just know my opinion of you will not change. For those who will join me, I need you all to prepare yourselves for the worst. My mother claims Apollo will unveil the mystery surrounding my life, but we need to prepare for the possibility that Zeus is forcing me into a trap. Meet me in the teleportation room when you have gathered your things,"

The depowered goddess announced, exhaling with relief now that the meeting was over. She turned to the Prince of Power and managed to crack a weak smile. "Walk with me." The warrior princess silently mouthed, before moving toward the exit that led into the halls. If he followed her, she was hoping they could express their concerns and emotions. It was when she reached the doorway, Blubber came into view, and offered to reconcile with a hug. She understood his mind was different from everyone else in the room, making him not only unique and intelligent, but also tenderhearted. If she rejected his hug, he might assume she didn't want to rekindle their companionship.

"Of course, Blubber. I never meant to traumatize or hurt you, believe me." She embraced his cyclopean body, clinging onto his oversized gut. "When this is all over, we can "hang out" and understand each other better," Helena simplified her speech so she didn't confuse him like last time. If Leonel caught up to her, the warrior princess would give Grant one last hug, before leaving the option for him to join her on her journey. Despite his appearance and disorder, Blubber proved time and time again, he shouldn't be underestimated.

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@green_sentinelx: @mister_surreal: @knighthunter: @john_taylors: @blubber: @queenmaker: @shield-maiden:

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By the round edges of the table, the Prince of Power stood with a mind lost in a vast sea of thought. Between the ticks of a second, his brain raced to every possibility that came to mind, yet still found no answer - no concrete truth - to the voice that had whispered to them all. So, there he stood, a god - imposing and intelligent - completely subject to the mortal condition of not knowing what truly awaits him. Helena advised them to heed no part of the voice, but the strong gaze Leonel cast the demigoddess' way made clear a simple truth; it was not in his nature to ignore a thing so chilling. A voice that'd floated to his ear with such sinister glee.

The hardest punch is the one a fighter does not see coming. An invasion is most devastating when one is unprepared for it. Leonel would not be unprepared. To wait for another, for Apollo and an oracle of gods he found backwards, the Prince of Power could not. So as his mind raced to decode the voice's message, he glanced at Helena's lips as she mouthed her request.

"Walk with me"

Stepping into the air, Leonel hovered by her side, his cape flowing from his shoulders with a carefree flair in stark contrast to the soft scowl of his brow. "While the rest of you wait to consult Apollo and the oracle, I'll be decoding that message on my own. Because that shit sounded like a warning", he paused, a glint of certainty in his eye, "About what though.. well, you know better than I do". Though as Leonel held Helena's gaze, one he'd grown familiar and intimate with, her attentions swept to Blubber, and the Prince of Power watched on, more concerned with the musings of the voice than Helena's reconciliation with her teammate.

Allowing Helena her time with the powerful man-child, Leonel focused his senses on anything and everything, real and imagined. The subtle sounds about him. Apparitions shuddering and wading into sight. Perhaps the voice had returned, with a body to present itself? No, it was nothing, only the hypersensitivity of senses meant to soar through the cosmos for perception. But here, now, with not only Helena but his safety looming over him, it was impossible not to overthink. Even for him. So as Helena parted ways with Blubber, the Prince of Power glided after her.

"I'm not exactly walking with you but I'm here", he quipped, strong arms crossed over his chest, his massive shoulders shrugging as the cool confidence never left him, even in times as dire as the ones ahead. "And it sounds as though there's something you meant to tell me, away from your friends and colleagues. About that voice I imagine, maybe something else?".

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Posting Order: Shield-Maiden, King Leo, Superion, Mr. Surreal, Knight Hunter, John Taylors, Blubber, Queenmaker

Superion can't help but rub the corners of his mouth to stop himself from smiling when Blubber points out to Leo that he said a dirty word. Anyone else might have made a mental face palm, but not the Man of Steel. Ah, Blubber. Never change. The young hero was a bit naive on how the worlds works, so good on King Leo for choosing not to be offended with him. Already, Lucas respects the man. He conveys power by his mere presence and Superion can't help but notice that. He notices other things too, but it's not his place to focus on them.

When Blubber thanks Flash Lightning, he gives the huge man a thumbs up with a smile. For the most part, the man of speed stays silent and chooses not to voice his opinion on anything. Oh, he has his theories, but he chooses not to voice them unless asked.

Green Sentinel giggles a bit when Blubber and her say pretty much the same thing about Surreal's name being mentioned. She gives Blubber a wink before paying attention to what others say. She is particularly drawn by what John says about Neptune and this not being good. She listens with a scientists mind as he gives his theories after Mr. Surreal asks what everyone's thoughts are on this. Jessica is about to answer the Sorcerer's question, as well as Superion himself, when Helena says it's best not to decode the message just yet. Green Sentinel is disappointed, but the words hold untold wisdom. Almost as if Athena herself guided them. Helena's gaze upon her snaps her to attention and she gives the beautiful woman a nod of understanding. So, when John asks if anyone else has anything to add, Jessica shakes her head.

No Caption Provided

When Queenmaker asks if things are about to hit the fan, Thunderstorm speaks up, lighting appearing out of no where to coalesce around her hammer even as a smile appears on her full lips, "I hope so, I'm itching for some action, Queenmaker. Can't wait to see you in action too. I look forward to working with you." Thye warrior gives her a respectful nod. Even Jessica leans over and whispers to the archer, "Me too! That is one awesome looking bow!"

After explaining why they must travel to Delphi, Thunderstorm gives her undivided attention to Helena. Once the Planstrider has made some closing comments, Lara already knows she's going with Helena and aiding her in this fight. Now, though, the woman seems to want some alone time with Leo and Blubber looks sorrowful. So, the hammer wielding warrior chooses to respect their privacy by not intruding.

Superion, Jessica and Flash Lightning prepare. Superion tucks away that Blue Sentinel Power Ring he has inside his belt buckle while Flash Lightning makes sure his suit is up to his specifications along with some upgraded heat shielding. Jessica has been practicing with some shielding techniques to make them stronger.

Superion hears what Leo says about decoding the message on his own, but it's Thunderstorm who is the archaeologist and the one who is more curious about the decoding of this than Superion himself. Like King Leo, she'll also work on her own decoding. At least in her head. But she glances at Green Sentinel who has a fearful look on her face, "What troubles you?"

Green Sentinel looks over at Thunderstorm, "The Dark One, I...I think I might know who that is. Oh...man I hope I'm wrong." And the two have a private discussion between themselves on what Jessica thinks of this 'Dark One' and who it could be. What exactly they talk about will be revealed later.

Eventually, once everyone is ready, Superion is at the transporter room with the coordinates set and ready for everyone to go through and beam down there whenever everyone is ready.

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Thoughts of the cryptic message's meaning came in varying shapes and sizes when presented by the numerous heroes of the room, each slightly different than the last, but all reflecting their unique personalities and lines of reasoning. Some of the responses gave more potential context than others, while some were mere reactions to the strange events unfolding, but regardless of the room's current thoughts on the matter, each response of given would prove to be invaluable in the long run. In truth, the sorcerer didn't necessarily expect to find many concrete answers among them, but knew that it would encourage the free flowing thoughts and ideas of each of them to mingle in the atmosphere. Hopefully, inspiring them down the road.

Though, he did have to agree when Shield-Maiden projected and explained her thoughts of how attempting to decode the message at the time would not be the wisest of decisions given all the possibilities that the message itself could entail. Not to mention the endless possible reasons as to why each specific word was chosen by whoever had constructed the message itself. There was simply too much missing information to proceed with full decoding of the message at this time, as a person he knew once said, "You can't solve the equation if you don't have all the variables." Which is why taking the middle ground and simply allowing the words to sink in and stew for later use was the best option in the eyes of the mage.

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But his own thoughts would soon turn back to the Planestrider's words when she would relay the events that lead to her decision to take the group of heroes to Delphi and seek audience with Apollo. When all that was done, and Shield-Maiden would file out Leo and Blubber, Surreal himself would rub his chin lazily as he would consider how he should use his time. The sorcerer knew that ever since Athena had warned him about the danger that Helena was in, he would need to remain cautious and proactive about how he went about the affairs of such matters as the gods whenever he was involved. Beyond the fact that it would be his head on the chopping block should something happen to the demigod, he had made a personal promise to keep her from harm.

That promise would however extend to any and all people that they would find themselves affiliated with, which meant that he would treat everyone within their group as if he had promised the Goddess of Wisdom that he would take care of them. With that being said, he was always one to be wary when approaching these types of situations, and as such would use whatever time that he had to prepare in any manner that he could. "I need to ‘gather some things’. I'll meet back with the rest of you shortly." He paused. "...I hope." The mage would direct towards the remaining members of the group. And with that, he would levitate perform one of his famous exits, disappearing from the room through a hole of space-time.

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As he stood amidst the group of hero and heroine alike, Raul's own thoughts floated elsewhere. Thoughts firstly appearing as antagonizing replays of the exact moment, to literal flashes of blood and battle. Like a slideshow, images of his own blood and the sight of a raging Helena flashed in his mind, some images intense while others meek. But the pain was all the same. Though despite his mental battle against his own consciousness, Raul kept his tall posture and a devilish smirk, after all, he wasn't one to show pain - let alone around his own team.

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Soon before Helena's words came to a cease, Raul's thoughts beat her to it. And as the fog within his mind cleared and the pain with it, the Knight once again snaps back into reality, showing signs of no visible distaste as if his mental episode didn't just happen. With the conclusion of the team's little meeting, Raul disperses from the crowd himself and straight towards the main hallway.

The second he set foot in the hall of justice Raul was ready, though he didn't exactly know what he was ready for. But nonetheless, Raul strode over towards the teleportation room. It seemed he was one of the first if not the first to arrive, "now let us see what this whole ordeal is 'bout" The Metal Warrior spoke to himself, standing near the entrance of room eyeing its specs in all of its's cutting edge glory.

Without any sort of hesitation, Raul walked further into the room, awaiting the rest of his teams' arrival. He didn't exactly know what they - he was walking into, though with the context given from Helena's own fear and the calling of the entire team, Raul knew whatever it had to be, it wasn't good.

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John's lavender eyes gazed upon everyone in the room and he'd once again sit down. He had said his piece and he would now let the conversation and movement continue. While most continued to agree with Helena about not decoding the message, John's brain was firing with all of the possibilities, and he still couldn't shake the feeling that something terrible was going to ensue. John continued to sink deeper into his own mind, Were his thoughts visible they would be an inverse explosion, crazy chaotic turns and twists of light all coming together to just one idea, to just one word. Though they spin in a way that appears without design or logic, they always dance their way back to order, and John would nod solemnly. Almost missing what Helena said next.

"Some of you have pledged to join me on this journey, but if you choose to disembark now, just know my opinion of you will not change. For those who will join me, I need you all to prepare yourselves for the worst. My mother claims Apollo will unveil the mystery surrounding my life, but we need to prepare for the possibility that Zeus is forcing me into a trap. Meet me in the teleportation room when you have gathered your things,"

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John's eyes would lift and he'd narrow them slightly at her words. John didn't like traps, and quite frankly he didn't like the thought of this mission. The Atlantean remembered his studies, and that included those of his brother Greeks. The thought of potentially going up against the King of the Greek gods themselves unsettled the Prince greatly, but he was hoping he could count on the power and protection of The God Of The Sea: Poseidon himself. Helena summoned Leo and the two walked out of the room and John would take heavy note of that. As the others would dwell on her words and some would theatrically make their leave to go prepare for the ensuing mission, John would simply rise to his feet and stride out of the room not saying a word. The others would know he was going to prepare, there was no need for words in a time like this and so he said none. He'd head towards the exit and keep walking, he saw Leo and Helena conversing but still in his absent thought he wouldn't pick up their words, the only acknowledgment of their existence he would give would be a respectful nod to each of them...then nothing, he would continue walking.

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Most would call John's seriousness overkill. But That's okay. Because John knew that at times like this it would be insane to smile, to appease and pretend can't see the damage that could be inflicted like the Green Sentinel was doing. Sometimes you had to see the worst, because in that way you could at least prepare for every situation, and unlike Raul John wore his emotions on his sleeve, anyone could visibly see how intense his feelings were. But he would breathe in deeply and continue his walk to the teleportation room, and on the way he would shed his heavy armor leaving his under armor and tearing off the sleeves allowing his arms more mobility, the Sea Stormer would take in a large breath; John may have been a Prince, but he was a warrior and survivor first, he had to survive the depths of the oceans for since almost birth, and that included the mythical creatures that resided there, he spent most of that time living in fear of staying alive day after day, but that fear-fueled his drive for life, he strived to keep his life, and that fear made him stronger. So as he entered the Teleportation room he'd glance around at everyone and take note of their expressions and emotions. And he'd speak to everyone that was present:

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"Now I'm not positive if giving the peptalk is Superions job, and I'm not sure if any of you care for what I have to say. And I know none of you have known me for long. And trust me when I say I'm not the best at rallying together troops. But hear me when I say that I am scared. This mission could be dangerous, and people could get hurt...we could get hurt. But Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. And I want to tell you: Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it. That victory is around the corner, and we will taste victory...And it is an honor to journey with you." John would summon the tattoos that signified his arcane mastery and his eyes would begin glowing an even brighter shade of lavender. "I just hope the best for this mission, and I pray to Poseidon that Helena learns the truth."

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Blubber loved life like a child, never knowing how his joy infected others. To him, he simply acted from the heart, telling it like it was, with his somewhat naive mind. His only reward was the smile and hugs he received from others. Had he known one tenth of the love he inspired in others, it would mean nothing to him, for in his private little imaginary world, every one was happy all the time. It was because of this and this alone, he never noticed the chuckles from his friends when he corrected the Hyper God for cursing, or saying the same thing as another hero at the same time. All Blubber knew was that he felt he was doing the right thing at the right time. Had he been any other man, he might have relished in the moment, soaking up the praise and taking pride in the fact he was the center of attention. But not Blubber, all he wanted was to help others, not because he could, but because he should and the fact he spread love and joy along the way, was simply a bonus. But recently that had all changed, as his overly joyful nature now had a dark spot, in the one simple fact, he no longer felt that same joy when he looked up to Helena!

But for now the room was a buzz with conversation, with each member discussing their opinion. For the thirteen words from Helena’s lariat baffled them all. Some of them like John, Matthew and Leonel had limited insight, as they were called out, while others like Blubber could only guess. But oddly enough that was not Grant’s biggest concern. Unlike the others, who were already preparing for a battle, Blubber could only focus on the here and now. In his limited way all he could think about was his mixed feelings for Helena. For no-matter how he tried to hide it, it was obvious to everyone, he had trust issues. With his head down, and shoulder’s slumped, he slowly, awkwardly made his way over to the demi-god, while everyone else was busy with work. Finally after a seemingly endless walk across the room, he came face to face with her, with his lower lip trembling. Doing his best to hold back the tears, he finds the strength to utter the words, “I just want to let you know....I well, I forgive you!” followed by a passionate “So I was hoping we could still be friends?! So can we hug again and forget the past,” He finally finds the strength to look her in the eyes, “cause I’d really really really like to start over and HUG!

For the next few seconds Helena spoke, but to Grant it seemed like a life time. For in those few brief seconds, the demi-god bared her soul. Beginning with a soft "Of course, Blubber. I never meant to traumatize or hurt you, believe me." she embraced his cyclopean body, clinging onto his over sized gut. Immediately, Blubber giggled in joy, as he once again saw her as a person and not a warrior. He was so pleased that the bulges in his flesh began wiggling back and forth with excitement. He was so happy that he failed to notice the odd look from Leonel, and if he did noticed he might have cheerfully replied back, “Look She’s My Friend Again!In Fact She Is My Best-est Friend!” But the fact was he was happier now than he had been in weeks, hoping and praying that this moment would never end. But just when he thought this moment could not get any better, Shield Maiden spoke up again. With a voice filled with love, she wanted to make sure that Grant knew that she really did care for him and with a gentle touch she said, "When this is all over, we can "hang out" and understand each other better!” Once again Blubber was giddy with joy, so much that it overwhelmed his system. He wanted to say something like “Absolutely” or “You bet!” or even, “That would be swell!” but all he could muster up was a squeaky, “.....could we, maybe, go out for ice cream???

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Unfortunately, now was not the time for such discussions, as Superion informed the team they need to get ready to go to Delphi. In another tender moment, as everyone else was rushing around, Helena made it a point to hug Blubber one last time, before she ran off with her lover. In the mean time Blubber just stood there, basking in the glow of her hug, unaware of everything else in the room, when suddenly he was jolted back to reality when Mister Surreal commented "I need to ‘gather some things’. I'll meet back with the restof you shortly..I hope." Immediately, Blubber snapped to attention., even saluting the team as he said, “Me too! If we’re going to Del-Pie, we are going to need snacks!” With that said he took his leave and raced down the halls to the cafeteria. For the next few minutes he ordered every snack he could think of, from doughnuts to pop-tarts to ten different types of cookies, all of which he shoved into a pillow case, that he took from his bed. Inside, he felt content, as he took it upon himself to bring all the nutritional needs for the team. But in his rush to make it back to the transporter room, he failed to notice the delicacies of stacking one snack on top of the other, therefore as he made it back to the transporter room on time, he was holding a wet sack leaking chocolate milk and cake icings upon the stations floor.

But as the last of the team members entered the room, each ready for battle in their own way, they were unfortunately a group of people with extraordinary abilities, and not A Team! Although some of them had fought together, there were still some that the J.L.A. had not worked with and as important as this mission was, they needed to know they could trust each other when it came down to it. Even Blubber was aware of this and as Queenmaker entered the room, he casually remarked to her, “If it gets too dangerous we can watch each others back! Right?” But just before Superion was about to give a team rallying speech, it was Tempest that spoke up first. In one passionate, display of words, he spoke from his heart, beginning with a “But hear me when I say that I am scared. This mission could be dangerous, and people could get hurt...we could gethurt.” Then with all eyes upon him, he finished it off with a, "But Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. And I want to tell you: Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it. That victory is around the corner, and we will taste victory...And it is an honor to journey with you!

Immediately, Blubber was moved and despite the actions of the others, he started a slow rhythmic clap, that grew louder as he even stood up taller. For him and him alone, it was like that moment in time where one man’s clap would unite the others to join in and together, that would be as one. Again, despite what the others were doing, Blubber was so moved he almost cried as he shouted back, “That was so beautiful, Superion couldn’t have put it better.” Naturally he looked back over to his idol, with a nod hinting at , “you’re still my favorite Superion” he turned back to the aquatic champion only to say, “Trust me, I’ll do my best not to be afraid and just like a hero I will try to let my courage continue!” By now the rest of the team were responding in kind, but Blubber was unaware, for now he had only one question on his mind. With the truest of curiosity, he tried to gather Helena’s attention by waving at her from across the room. Unconcerned with what she was doing or even in the middle of talking to the Hyper God, he continued to wave persistently and even began raising his voice. For the fact was he wanted to ask her in privacy, “Out of curiosity, where exactly isDel-Pie?” Therefore, no matter what happened, he was determined to ask her that question, before stepping on the transporter and getting beamed away!