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Grimm City 630 am. (The First Attack)

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At first, it seemed like an accident...the bridge simply gave out, but eyewitness reports confirmed hearing an explosion just before sending 112 people to a watery grave. Within minutes the local news stations arrived on the scene with investigators looking into the "Possibility of a Terrorist Attack" but the bridge was an only a microcosm of the things to come.

Positioned in a hotel on the far side of town Ada stood on the balcony overlooking the city with both Cherie and X standing silently in tow.

"It.Is. Marvelous." She sighed her ears toward the jarring sounds of police sirens. "That my students are the sounds of a reactive city" Pushing away from the balcony her eyes then turned to them with a lust for perfection in her iris.

"The streets of Grimm shall soon be lined with those responsible for its despair. Unavoidable wages of evolution. If you listen just slightly, you can hear the city slowly coming to life. She is aware that she is dying, but she's also aware that a savior has cometh."

The Second Attack (6:30 pm)

Throughout the course of the day, the new stations replayed the events and confirmed that the attacks were indeed terrorist attacks; however, as expected they couldn't credit any specific group with the attack because they truly didn't know. The second of Ada's attacks were underway, not nearly as bloody as the destruction of the bridge; but an attack that'd be instrumental in the long run.

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Clinging to the faith that Amin's group had already been staged at the city limits, The Poetic Assassin gave the nod to X, who was awaiting orders at Ada's warehouse.

Hitting a remote start, the EMP exploded sending a wave of electromagnetic energy across the grid looking to take out anything thriving in modern day technology. Just as the sun began to settle beneath the horizon, The natural darkness eclipse the city and set the stage for the 3rd and probably the bloodiest attack yet.

The Third Attack (11:11) Pm

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Ada need not be present for what came next, but she was. X had her orders, Lyn had her orders and like always Amin was here to ensure success.

Before them Ada stood uncharacteristically holding a pistol yielding to their fabricated war cries.

Those that initially resist the powers of her telepathic seduction were ultimately spared thru death. Those present here? They would kill their families, burn the communities all with the false hope that they were somehow saving their city.

"Go. Out into the veil of darkness...and save your city" She commanded, causing the riotous crowd to disperse in violent fashion.

"Grimm City, Evolution has passed you by."

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ℜ𝔞𝔡𝔦𝔬 𝔖𝔦𝔩𝔢𝔫𝔠𝔢

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"Grimmwald! Mummur!" Three-eighty lead sprayed the steel table and drowned out his next words. "Apex? Anyone? Hello?"


Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned

~The Second Coming; C.B. Yeats

The towers were down and Hawkshade's radio didn't have the range to reach his allies in Gothic, NYC and Metro City.

"You gonna die now bitch!"

A smoke grenade sailed over the table and filled the room with thick smoke. Another burst of gunfire, then gagging and vomiting as the CS gas grenade Hawkshade had set off under cover of the smoke went off. They stumbled through the smoke, blind and in agony while Hawkshade stalked through the cloud of toxic gas with a purpose and heavy fists sent guns bouncing from numb fingers and man after man dropped limp to the ground as an assortment of strikes and choke holds left them unconscious.

Handcuffs and duck-tape did the rest. When it was done the vigilante walked to the rooftop and looked out over the darkened city. It was midnight. He heard howls and screams and gunfire as one of the bastions of civilization fell into darkness.

This is it. This is what was coming.

He smashed through the window and landed in the alley below, hopped onto his bike and was off-- he had to cut to the heart of the cancer that plagued Grimm and tear it out before the dragon of chaos dragged another city into hell and madness.

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Grimm City B.A. (Before Ada)

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"We apologize for the inconvenience," Sabrina apologized for the rushed nature of this meeting. After probing the mind of her frenemy Laughlyn, Sabrina and her sisters had discovered the emergence of Ada Guillaume. With a history of violence and pseudo revolution through indoctrination and manipulation, she was a threat that lingered about unchecked for too long.

"We're usually so astute with our business." Samantha rolled her eyes as she kept pace with her sisters. She was exhausted from the months they'd spent destabilizing the community's faith in law enforcement and its prison system. For once she was excited about doing something proactively dangerous. She salivated at the prospect of hiring someone else to do their dirty work. It was new, it was different and most of all it was risky.

"It's why we're willing to pay your fee if it means taking care of our problem." When Alana spoke, Sabrina and Samantha found their gaze collectively locked on their guest. "So, what do you say? Are you in @_dirge_?" As a telepathic collective, the Zeraz sisters could ease the tension in just about anyone. Maybe even forcefully suggest he agree to their proposal? His decision would determine their next move.

Grimm City A.A. (After Ada)

I'm not proud of what I've done. So, I don't pray for forgiveness. I've accepted who I am. So, I don't look for absolution. All I want is the opportunity to change this city for the better. I want to be the hero I didn't have as a child. I want to be someone who will do whatever's necessary to change the circumstances that have stifled Grimm City. I NEED to change Grimm, but have I been going about it the wrong way?

No Caption Provided

"This woman comes into my city, my goddamn city and thinks she's some kind of Picasso?" With under five percent of the population supported by Dominus Technologies, the unforeseen EMP attack left the remainder of Grimm without means of communication and in some cases...survival. Bridges exiting the city were pretty much gone and anyone trying to escape was met with resistance.

"I don't understand like who does she think she is? She doesn't even live here!" Months ago, Brian investigated an old Animus safehouse in connection to stolen supplies being sold in Emerald City. An old adversary of his father's, Clarice Michelle, was working alongside local heroes and supporting its people before she strangely shifting focus and involving herself in a fight against the terrorist faction associated with Ada. Although he only knew of this woman through blurred footage and rumors, it wasn't until Lyn looked her in the eyes that Brian could put a face to the chaos.

"She's on some Kony 2012 bullshit with that child soldier stunt I heard about. It won't be happening here. I won't let it." Now she was on his home turf causing a scene. The few working camera operating systems placed Ada in the ghettos of Grimm City, using some sort of telepathic mechanism to command his people to harm themselves rather than come together against a common enemy. Her tactics bothered him. This wasn't the way he went about his business and Brian wouldn't sit down and watch his world burn.

"Computer, activate the Dominus protocol. Interface my neuro pattern with any working piece of Dominus Technologies." When he blinked, a grid of visuals from across Grimm City projected before Brian's eyes.

"Focus on quadrant four, the man on the bike. Scan for tech that we can potentially integrate a communication link with. Maybe we've found ourselves the right kind of poster boy." From the comfort of his apartment studio, Brian peered from the balcony as he watched a fire engulf a toppled car down below. The flames set a mood for the night and with a glass of whiskey on ice in hand, he let out a disgruntled sigh before swallowing it whole.

"Ask him if he'd like some help saving Grimm City. Brian Newcastle to the rescue."


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Rhetta Peake sat quietly in a chair in the living room of the little Grimm City property, reading an article about the Korean War in a 1953 issue of Time Magazine. She had spent most of the 1950s doing what almost every other woman in the 1950s had been doing - raising a family, being a model housewife. She'd kept up with the news as best as she could, but mostly hadn't concerned herself with it. Now, with more time on her hands and no family to care for, she'd pulled down the boxes of old magazines from the attic and started going through them again, remembering what she could.

The little house in Grimm City was only one of the properties that she was now sole owner of. None of them were exorbitant, but she and Johnathan had kept modest homes in many areas. It had been necessary, when they'd begun moving around so much. Grimm had been... one of Rhetta's favorites. It had been easy to return to. People in Grimm City tended not to ask so many questions. It wasn't like London or Atlanta, where everyone was a busybody. A lot of the residents of Grimm had secrets to keep, and didn't get too fussed about other little things, like a woman who never seemed to change.

The clock on the wall ticked to six-thirty, and the first two quarters of the Westminster Chimes played with comforting familiarity. After so many years, Rhetta hardly even heard it, and would have paid it no attention whatsoever... except that was when the lights went out. She glanced up in surprise, then lay the magazine aside and rose to peer through the curtains across the street. The lights had gone out everywhere.

How strange. In the dimness, she opened the drawer of the end table and fished out a packet of matches, turning up the wick on the oil lamp and setting it alight. Electric lights were simpler, but there was a comfortable familiarity to the steady glow from behind the hurricane glass. Some nights, she preferred lamplight for her work. She thought little of it, and sat back down to read again, finishing a few more magazines. By night when the lights still hadn't come back on, she decided in favor of investigation, slipping into shoes and a peacoat and tucking a satchel over her shoulder. Like most women's purses, it contained a variety of oddments that she would deem critically necessary, but others would malign as useless. In Rhetta's particular case, it was mostly little bits of clockwork - gears, wires, tools to work them, all carefully packed into individually sewn compartments. There as well were some of her more portable works - a few small birds that lay still at the bottom of the bag, their springs unwound. She pulled one out, a little bluebird, and wound it with a clock key so that it fluttered to a semblance of life, and perched on her shoulder. Should she need an extra pair of eyes, she could send it out.

Towards the city centre she traveled, and it wasn't too long before she was able to discern gunfire. She slipped out another clockwork bird - a tiny brown hummingbird, quick and unobtrusive, and wound it up, sending it ahead as a scout. The riots had started. The proper thing to do, of course, would have been to go back home and wait patiently while it was handled.

After ninety-eight years, Rhetta Peake had grown a bit tired of the proper thing to do. This time, she was going to see what it was like to get involved.

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A Precursor To War.

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"Dirge huh."An old moniker given to the Irish Drifter back when he was making his bones in Gothic. A name he hadn't heard in some time. "It'll do for now."Vincent didn't care if they knew his name or not. In today's world, keeping one's identity a secret was next to impossible.

The current Shaytan rose to his feet and crossed his arms. His dull, sightless eyes shifted from each individual that made up this trio.

"I'll accept the contract. But I want more than the alleged price. I would like to put down roots. Maybe give some of the people of this...fine city a chance at a better life. Perhaps they could be of use to you three and your future endeavors."He unfolded his telescopic cane and now leaned on it.

He flashed a smirk. They had to be desperate meeting with someone like The Dublin Devil. Perhaps they planned to use Vincent and his League as a scapegoat if things went south. That's usually how the rich and morally questionable operated. But that didn't matter to Vincent. At least, not in this moment. For starters, he was back in a familiar element. Urban warfare amongst armed men, metas, and mutants. No convoulted boogeymen, and best of all, no Magic. It almost made The Devil's Head giddy. But he let nothing show, he had an image to maintain.

"If you find my terms acceptable, hand over the file you have over said target and we'll start scouting out your city for possible ambush sites. After all, knowledge is a weapon."

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@_dirge_: @clockworkwraith: @dominus_: @hawkshade: @ada_guillaume:

"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..."

-Milton, Paradise Lost

Not that Dog had ever read any Milton, or much of anything else, for that matter.

The story of his long life was written in blood, not ink, and he was adding a few new chapters, tonight. This was probably about the closest his mind could approximate to heaven: civilization under assault, a populace seemingly gone mad and turned upon itself, chaos, anarchy, and open murder in the streets...yeah, good times. The savage mutant was splattered in blood from head to toe, his blonde hair dyed crimson. Most of his outerwear had been shredded by bullets and blades, and he presented the figure of the true primordial savage as he helped himself to a rather expensive bottle of bourbon from the bar he had sauntered into like it was Happy Hour instead of Judgement Day.

Behind the bar, the bartender lay, his corpse cooling on the floor after someone had bashed his brains out. Dog had no idea who had done it or why, and he didn't really care. Heck, he was really only mildly curious as to what all this insanity was about; all he knew is that it was an all-you-could-eat buffet of murder in Grimm City, tonight, and he was a true gourmet.

His nose twitched as he caught a scent. stepping over to one of the larger tables, he flipped it over with one hand, exposing the terrified waitress who had been hiding beneath it. Dog chuckled. If nothing else, she was easy on the eyes, and the short shorts and tight tank top she was wearing no doubt would get her plenty of tips from drunken, lecherous patrons on an average night. Now, they just made her look vulnerable. Dog had a thing for vulnerable, but not in the typical way.

"Get up, sweetheart," he growled, gripping the terrified woman by the wrist and pulling her roughly to her feet. "Ya know how to cook?" When a petrified shake of her head, indicating the negative, was all he got by way of an answer, he grinned, but it was not a reassuring smile. "Then it's time to learn, babe. Adapt and survive. Cook me up some grub and I might let ya live. Do a good enough job and I just might take ya outta this dump with me." The fear remained in her eyes, but she nodded in understanding and crept into the kitchen, as Dog settled into a booth and took a long drink from his bottle.

Yeah, if things stayed like this, he just might have to make this city his new home...

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Michael Whitaker had become a forgotten face, a shadow in the day, and another faint sound in the dead of night, since his time on The Force. The man formerly known as Detective Whitaker had destroyed the traces that grounded him in the system. To say his last mission with The Force changed him would be an understatement, to say the least. The Loss of Daniel Womack and the shadiness of The System, and its inability to serve Justice had shaken the foundation on which Michael had built himself up. He could no longer idly serve the citizens he was sworn to protect and could not stand to continue to go through the motions. He ended his ties with The Force, even with each of his peers he had grown close to over their time serving together. Last he checked Castillo had recovered with Crews standing beside her hand in hand. As for Brian, Whitaker's visit him were less friendly. Michael had believed the young Newcastle to be a suspect in the death of Daniel Womack, to the point of almost obsessing on bringing the Newcastle down himself.

But time had passed since then, Michael had decided to focus on other issues, but never forgot the promise he had given to the lifeless body of Donut Danny. “Danny I promise I’ll find who did this.” And although his focus was elsewhere he never stopped playing this over and over in his head. Brian Newcastle would pay for his part in the death of an innocent man, even if it took years and years to bring him to his knees in the face of Justice.

But the Newcastle had time to breathe at least lately. Whitaker had felt a slight shift in Grimm, causing his now almost obsessive nature to find answers to find out what was happening in the city. A few beatings here and there, when that didn't make them talk usually facing death scenario like hanging outside of a skyscraper's window usually got a scream out of them at least. Now it's true the lower beings of the criminal totem-pole know mostly what they are told, but even they know when their way of life is changing and when their domain is close to being taken over. The shell of a man they are, are always prepared to adapt to a new regime if it meant survival. Even though they made wild guesses one after another, a few things were certain. There were going to be some changes, some shifts in balance, and soon. And that's what Michael feared. Criminals weren't exactly the diplomatic type, they didn't peacefully sign away their territory or kindly take what wasn't theirs. No. When change came for them, chaos followed, and blood soon after that.

Whitaker wandered around the city like a steel ball inside a pinball machine, bouncing back and forth, up and down, and around trying to gather whatever information he could, but it was endless. The new regime had covered their tracks and the criminal henchmen eventually shared no new information. Now, all Michael could do was wait and react. So, he did.

Until 6:30 AM, a bridge had believed to have collapsed, but after multiple witness accounts on hearing explosions, some even screaming that they had seen what seemed to be a controlled demolition of the city entryway/exit. Michael felt the urge to study the bridge himself, but he knew the heat that would be surrounding the place especially right after the incident. So, he watched from a distance, and he saw continuous reporting from the media on site, Emergency personnel keeping a safe perimeter around the area, and God knows who else might be watching. Whitaker wrote what he did know in his notepad. If someone looked at it, they would probably have a tough time deciphering where one line started, stopped, and where it continued. Cases meshed together to a stranger's eyes, but to Whitaker. It was like reading a children's book.

Grimm City, 6:30 AM, Bridge "collapsed". Multiple Eyewitnesses believe explosions to be the reason for its destruction. Bridge importance? Entry and Exit, to and from the city. Possible diversion to draw Emergency personnel to something of importance, but not the main focus. Media Coverage surrounding the perimeter. This may just be the beginning of the change that the minions have been expecting. Further analysis of the bridge needed.

Whitaker waited patiently for the crowd to die down, but hours went by. 12 to be exact. His obsession and new training had strengthened his ability to stake a place out without food, water, or even the need to use the restroom. He could stand in one place, analyzing it over and over for days on end, if it didn't seem so creepy to a normal person it would probably be given a spot in Guinness World Record. The Scene's Focus didn't die down until the city's electricity cut off. Building by building, streetlight by streetlight, machine by machine until the whole city was pitch black. If this scenario was scheduled it would be very peaceful to see the night's stars covering the City, but there was no way this was planned, at least not by the right people. The Man formerly known as Detective Whitaker used the moonlight and a lighter to give him enough light to once again to put things on paper.

6:30 PM, 12 hours from the destruction of the bridge, the whole city has gone dark. By who? Unknown. The Media are being evacuated, Emergency Personnel is being separated to try and help. Police Forces being halved by crime and by patrol and protection. Others are being rushed to hospitals and fires to assist in any way that they can. Besides a few guards, the Bridge is completely empty. They have pushed back their perimeter. Opening the bridge up for further analysis. Whatever is happening right now, it's planned and it has just begun.

Whitaker made his way to the bridge, he kept watch of its patrol now. Studying their steps, how long it took to get to one another, and even their mistakes. Michael would on a consistent patrol have 12 minutes to analyze the whole place, but every third rotation, one guard would have to take a piss, possible urinary infection causing him or at least urging him to handle it every third rotation. Leaving the other guard to cover his section until he gets back. Average Pee time; 2:42. Average time to meet with his covering guard and readjust their rotation 1:11. Giving Whitaker almost 16 minutes to get on, analyze, and get off the bridge.

The Detective took his opening and carefully rushed onto the bridge, his steps were quick but quiet and precise so not to destabilize the bridge once again. He was almost peering over the water when he kneeled down to study the case. 3 minutes down.

10 minutes left to make a quick analyze, and 3 minute grace period to get out of the patrol area. Given the eyewitnesses hearing and a few even seeing explosions, Michael brushed several spots on the edge of the bridge. Even just his ability to get this close to the edge swayed him towards this being a controlled demolition. There was no real give to the bridge. It stood strong right under his feet. The Bridge was an in and an out and by knocking it off, well you cut off ties to the outside world as for the inhabitants. Nowhere to run and only so long you can hide. Whitaker looked down below him, the waters must be freezing, no way to swim out, if someone even tried to leave this place it looked like they would die trying.

The bridge was destroyed, believed reason controlled demolition, followed by the electric outage. No way to evacuate mass amounts of people from the city and No way to bring help into the city. Grimm City is on its own tonight.

Whitaker had seen all he needed to see, he left the bridge with three minutes to spare. There were bigger things at hand, the game was just beginning, and Whitaker had no doubt that Newcastle would have a hand to play.

It seemed night time was when the freaks came out and decide to announce phase two of a new regime. Chaos. Forces were being spread thin and losing battles left and right, but Whitaker had no time to help. It means nothing to help a man in battle if it means he loses everything in the war. Whitaker evaded situation after situation through creeping through shadows, running on rooftops, and even hiding in dumpsters for them to pass. Was it the brave thing to do? No, but it was the smart thing to do in his eyes. He would gain nothing in beating down a few henchmen, the real threat was his focus, and as he stood close enough to lay his eyes on Dominus Tower, he knew Brian would at least have a hint to who that was. With his resources and influence, there was no way, he would allow someone to come into "his" city without noticing them.

"Tell me what you know."
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@clockworkwraith: @_dirge_: @detective_whitaker: @alpha_dog: @hawkshade: @ada_guillaume: @dominus_:

Grimm City

Glimmering chandeliers, perfumed air, beige walls, and doors of freshly varnished wood. Amin's hotel suite embodied the finer things in life. A dark suit clung to his muscled frame, and the red velvet-covered chair caressed it's Ermenegildo Zegna fabric as he shifted in his seat. Like his twin brother, Amin was a great bear of a man. Drumming his fingers on the soft armrest of his chair, he gazed past the servants Ada used to speak to him. Her mind would reach out, pierce into theirs, and they would parrot her words. Quiet as his steely eyes stared at the glass doors of his balcony, Amin waited for the city lights to go black. He blinked his eyes, and the dark had come. Electricity was cut, no air conditioner, no light, only the night of a city at the mercy of metahuman terrorism. Terrorism was how his brother became the scourge of the world.

"Light the candles"

Satar was the terrorist, Amin the Lebanese mafioso. He controlled Grimm City's borders. "Light the candles", his voice pierced, deep like thunder, cold like ice. Like dogs, the servants did as they were told, disturbing the stillness of the air with the flick of a lighter and stroke of a match. Fires crackled into life, and Amin's face caught the warm glow of candlelight as he lit his cigar. Elsewhere, men and women roamed the city's borders, their frantic footsteps echoing in the night till gunshots rang in the dark like a cruel serenade. Bodies dropped and the irony scent of blood hung in the air. Members of Amin's assassins guild, La Société, moved in crowds disguised as civilians.

They looked like mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, sisters and brothers. Mothers and fathers who shot dead those who dared cross the city's border to flee. Their sonar senses, gifts from either X-Genes or Konite, caught the approach of those driving and running for the border in the dark - and greeted them with gunfire. Their role was simple. To shoot dead those who dared cross the city's borders.

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"It is not a matter of who I want you to kill, rather what. Grimm City has been corrupted for years, the people here are behind the evolutionary curve; It will be our job to ensure it gets reset. Back to an even playing field. So Ms.Nell, I want you to murder Grimm City. Only then can we truly start anew."

"So Ms. Nell what's it going to be?"

Western District

No Caption Provided

Echos of a high pitch laugh echoed through the streets as Laughyn and her group of thugs roamed through. In her hand was her trusty splinter as it was stained with different shades of crimson. It was everything she hoped and dreamed! The city was in chaos, people weren’t scared, or crying out for help. Oh no, there was killing, all around, bodies littered the streets as the gutters ran red with blood. No electricity? No problem! The city was burning too! It was like a being at the beach and sitting around a campfire! Only the campfire was around YOU! You didn’t need a flashlight or a lamp or a heater for that matter! Fascinating, simply fascinating. It was as if All Dat Ass (aka Ada) had caused the people in this city to go more insane than herself! This was great! It was liberating, it was-

“So boss… what do we do?” One of the thugs asked.

No Caption Provided

Laughlyn stopped in her tracks, snapping her head to the thug who interrupted her thought process, only to realize… “Gee, I hadn’t thought that far…” she paused for a moment, rubbing her chin with her free hand, leaving a smeared blood mark on her pale painted face as she snapped her fingers, as if a light bulb lit over her head. “I know exactly what we’re gonna do! We’re going T-Rex hunting!” She lifted Splinter up, holding it as if it was a shotgun as she made the motions and noises as if she was getting ready to fire it. "And I know exactly where one is hiding... right over.... BAM!" She quickly shifted her 'gun' in the direction of where she escaped just a few weeks ago... Grimm City Asylum. It was in the same district, it was perfect, she knew she chose this area for a reason.

Grimm City Asylum

No Caption Provided

The warden thought she was safe in her little castle that had depowering mechanisms, little did she know the EMP would take it all out. She walked into the Asylum with inmates already broken out as an all out assault was in the process. Guards, patients even visitors were fighting among each other. Laughlyn giggle with glee as she held fast to her baseball bat with both her hands. “Alright boy’s!” She marched forward into the chaos. “BATTER UP!” She yelled as she swung her bat, slamming it into the back of the head of one of the guards, causing them to slam face first into the ground. It didn’t take long for Laughlyn and her merry gangster men to take over the Asylum and convert a lot of patient’s to her cause. Most of the guards she killed, the ones who didn’t listen to her anyways.

But the question was still there... where... was... the T-Rex. "Five lollipops whoever can find me T-Rex Tiff!" She held out several lollipops from her hand, raising it up in the air only to gain several confused staires from her followers. "Ugh, fine, Warden Barden" she said disappointed that no one else knew of the nickname she gave Barden during her time here.

"She's in the armory!" A voice called out from within the crowed. "With Ricky and some other guards, even some patients who helped!"

"Give that person all the lollipops!" She tossed several handful of her candy to one of her thugs. "AND some gum too!" reaching in her other pocket she pulled out several loose wrapped bubblegum out and threw them at him. "LETS GO!" She yelled out happily, literally skipping off in the direction of the armory with her thugs following behind.

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@laughlyn: @amin_karrit: @detective_whitaker: @alpha_dog: @_dirge_: @clockworkwraith: @dominus_: @hawkshade: @ada_guillaume:

Grimm City, 7:24 AM. After the first attack...

No Caption Provided

When Sarah is not working as a Mercenary, she finds odd jobs here and there across the world. In Grimm City, she's working as a fisherman catching fish. It doesn't take long before the radio crackles to life to inform her, and any nearby listeners, that a bridge has collapsed. Sarah doesn't think anything of it until she stops short. She asks what bridge collapsed and it's confirmed it's the one leading out of town. There are other ways to leave but that is, was, the most direct route. Thinking nothing of it, she goes back to work.

After the Second and Third attack...

No Caption Provided

Perhaps Sarah should have done something when she learned these were terrorist attacks, but she figured some hero would swoop in and save the day. By the time Sarah makes the decision to investigate this, the third attack already commenced. She now finds herself trapped inside a city in which everyone is killing each other and burning everything. From the way the people act, it's as if someone is mind controlling them. Sarah cannot fight a city, there's no way she can do that. Not even with the power of the Thunderfist. She doesn't even know who is behind this, otherwise she might have a chance to strike the head and save some lives. But she is left in ignorance. There is only one thing left to do. Leave the city. And she has just the ticket out of here considering her job as a fisherman, but first she has to see if there is anyone who needs help. Anyone who can be taken with her, who won't rip peoples throats out.

As Sarah dresses in her outfit as the Immortal Weapon, the Thunderfist, she hears over her radio receiver inside her masks ear a man's voice:

"Grimmwald! Mummur!" Three-eighty lead sprayed the steel table and drowned out his next words. "Apex? Anyone? Hello?"

Sarah has no idea who that is, but someone out there needs help. Thank goodness her tech is protected from EMP attacks. Everything else is fried and out. Which explains why her radio receiver is still working. She probably should keep radio silence but she has to try and contact whoever spoke through the radio. So she answers back on the same bandwidth, "This is...someone who can help. Whoever that was that callled to see if anyone is here, well...I am. Show me where you are, I'll come for you."

Yeah, like that is going to do any good! They might think she is some kind of villain out to get them. Sarah has to roll her eyes at what she just tried to do. With a sigh, she climbs out her window and makes her way to the rooftop. With the EMP, her motorcycle won't work. So, she begins leaping across the rooftops and making her way through the city the hard way. She's not trying to leave the city just yet, but to the source of gunfire further in. Maybe she'll get lucky and end up with the man who called over the radio.

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𝔘𝔫𝔩𝔦𝔨𝔢𝔩𝔶 𝔅𝔢𝔡𝔣𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔬𝔴𝔰

No Caption Provided

The first call came in as Hawkshade kicked open the rooftop fire exit of MicroTech™ Towers, one of the tallest buildings in Grimm City and jogged to the roof.

Someone named Brian Newcastle. Do I want help saving the city?

"Yes I do." He growled over the subvocal microphone built into his cowl.

Hawkshade's Strigidae cowl was the one piece of advanced technology left to him. He put it to good use, standing on the edge of the sky scraper's roof and activating the thermographic display mode which let him see in the infrared spectrum.

The world became a rainbow of red and green and orange glows as Hawkshade saw the city in glowing heat patterns. He could see distant mobs of rioters as hundreds of glowing dots clumped together and moving across the heated asphalt of roads and highways and his gaze swept in a three hundred and sixty degree pattern from east to west.

"Listen. Newcastle or his representative or whoever I am speaking to." He performed a quick set of mental calculations, triangulating his position against that of the heat patterns he had observed to generate latitude and longitude of the groups of thugs, gangs and rioters. "I have the coordinates of a groups of rioters. They're destroying this city, block by block. I don't know what your capabilities are but I can't be everywhere at once. If you can contact other vigilantes, law enforcement, private security services, the police, whoever, give them these coordinates."

He begin reading off a list of coordinates as well as the rough size of each group. "There's a large group congregating on the Asylum. I'm headed there now, Newcastle."

The second call came in as he was exiting the building and leaping onto his bike once again.

"This is...someone who can help. Whoever that was that callled to see if anyone is here, well...I am. Show me where you are, I'll come for you."

"This is Hawkshade. I don't know who you are but I'm headed for the Asylum. If you want to help, meet me there."

Then his bike roared as he hit the interstate bypass at ninety miles an hour, ripping past an overturned ambulance being looted for needles and morphine and the burning skeletons of cars.

Fifteen minutes later he kicked the kitchen door of Grimm Asylum off it's hinges and sprinted into the wild melee inside the cafeteria, sending a CS gas grenade bouncing across the floor and dozens of super-criminals, madmen and even guards gagging and puking their guts out onto the dirty tile as the chemical burned their eyes and throats. Hawkshade waded in, fists and feet flying as battered his way through the insane brawl, leaving a string of broken legs, shattered teeth and cracked ribs behind him, unphased by the CS gas due to his practice of Mithridatism.

Each cell block was a battle and Hawkshade fought through them one by one, making his way toward the armory. What kind of damage could these animals do with real weapons? Plus he needed to replenish his supplies of tear-gas, flashbangs and smoke grenades.

He kicked down the door to the hallway that lead to the armor and was greeted by a bizarre sight; a large group of dangerous thugs lead by small girl with a lot of makeup, hair dye and a baseball bat.

What on earth..

"Where do you think you're going?" He snapped.


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The King in the Castle


Haven't I shown my devotion to this city? Yet, despite all my efforts, people continue to disregard the Newcastle name. It's clear he's not from around these parts. How I hate tourists.

"Thank you for the coordinates, but trust me when I say I've already got my eyes on my people." As Brian walked inside his studio apartment from the balcony, a sphere of holographic footage projected around his head.

"It's how I found you." In the time since the bridge collapse, the Newcastle legacy had taken notice of the jagged pattern of Ada's normally clothed assailants. They were intelligent in the way they went about intruding his home. They even walked on the streets like telepathically inseminated victims, but their attacks were too focused.

"So, whenever you're ready to fight the person behind this attack, hit me up." As their conversation came to an end. Brian focused himself on the intensity of their efforts. As a former meta human detective, he could see defensive maneuvers keeping the innocent from escaping this hell on earth. It was an impressive strategy, Brian thought. Organized disorganized terrorism.

"Computer, link me to the open market webpage. This Hawkshade guy is right. We need all the help we can get." A simple conversation with a stranger had further convinced Brian of his choice to involve himself with an otherwise unknown part of the internet. With an agreement to @_dirge_'s terms settled, the self professed intuitive intellectual believed he'd made the right decision with his secondary investment.

"Deposit the first half of @rosso's payment into her account. I need her to track down and put down whoever (@amin_karrit) trained these dogs on my block. Patch her into my feed when she's ready to talk details." On the surface, Brian appeared rather collected for someone with a half empty whiskey bottle on his counter. Behind his commands, however, was a worried boy afraid of losing his home...again. Experiencing these last six hours lead him to drinking rather then taking his prescribed anxiety medication.

"The shit I go through, man. Always got someone testing my goddamn nerve." Brian was rattled. With his sweater's sleeves rolled up, his slicked back hair loosening into unruly curls, the billionaire heir felt like he had no room to breathe. He knew he had to be everywhere and nowhere at once. And he knew there was an unauthorized citizen (@detective_whitaker) standing just outside the perimeter of his company owned property.

"God must really have it out for my ass," Brian couldn't help but laugh as he situated himself beside the kitchen counter. He was so overcome with laughter that he didn't bother using his brain's neuro software to identify the trespasser. Why, because the posture and the fixated glare from this masked vigilante evoked such palpable conviction.

"Trying to bring back ghosts from the unemployment list. Shit, I crack myself up." Brian was mystified, because it was a palpable conviction he hadn't seen since he last spoke to Detective Whitaker. That man was so fixated on revealing the truth behind Connoisseur's Grimm City attack and the subsequent death of Officer Daniel Womack. He was a troubled soul that even Brian couldn't save. And now he was here, maybe six months earlier for Halloween, trying to get an adult to answer the door.

"I'm not taking visitors, tonight!" Brian walked out to his balcony once more with a bottle in hand before tossing it over the scaffolding and onto the concrete below. As the glass shattered and splintered, Brian's earthly green eyes watched the shards flail in the direction of his former friend.

"Even if I was into costumes, we wouldn't have the time." There were exactly six floors before Brian's balcony apartment. Six floors with a number of Dominus International's security detail that Whitaker would somehow have to get past

"I'll do you a favor though. I'll turn of the tech system." He was lying. There wasn't enough power to activate his security system. He was lucky he even had internet access. "If you can get up here, we'll talk like men or whatever the hell you're suppose to be." He smiled as he waved goodbye, returning to the comfort of his studio apartment and plopping himself onto his living room couch.

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@hawkshade: Thought I would keep it short and intimate since it's our first meeting xP

“I can smell her.” Lyn took in a deep breath through her nose as she pulled out a lollipop from her backpocket, unwrapping it as she gave a snickering grin. “We’re close to the armory. Should be just down this hallway!" She began giggle her body become stiff with joy. “I’M SO EXCITED!” She then jumped up, only to have her joy suddenly interrupted.

"Where do you think you're going?" He snapped.

Ew, what are you?
Ew, what are you?

Lyn’s head snapped over to the direction of… wait… what in the world was THAT? Catching the loose attention span of the Mistress of Laughter, Lyn turned her entire body around to face… what was THAT? “Ew, what are you?” Her head tilted to the side. “Wait!" She interrupted before he could even begin to answer. She turned her head to her henchmen. "You guys see that too, right?" She whispered to them.

He looked a little confused at her boss lady. "The weird guy in the bad costume? Yeah, don't you?"

"Well duh, but I've been off my meds for a while." She whispered even more softly, only to get a cringing look from her henchmen. She then quickly turned back to the masked individual, as if she never looked away from him. "OOOOHHHH! Lemme guess! OK? I LOVE Guessing games!” Lyn actually began walking towards the unknown masked individual, completely deviating from the path she was currently marching down with her shoes lighting her path due to the lack of lighting from the blackout. “Are you… a demon? Wait, no no no… a Bat? Na, too dumb, maybe a cat? Na too obvious… hmmm maybe… OH I KNOW! A puppy! You have ears like the doberman pinchers!” She pressed both hands against her ears, making a fist with her index finger sticking up, mocking the unknown man’s cowel. “Look! Now we’re twinsies!” A huge smile appeared on her face with her lillipop stick poking out from between her lips. "Where do you think you're going?" Her voice rumbled as a horribly awful impression of her newest friend. "Not bad huh? It only took me two seconds to be able to do that!"

“I’m Lyn, short for Laughlyn.” She actually introduced herself. “These are my minions! Bob, Bobby, Bob-O… actrually I don’t know their names.” She admitted shrugging her shoulders only to get a groan of embarrassment from her men.

“They were just given to me, but anyways! You asked me where I was going! I’m hunting a T-Rex! Maybe you’ve heard of it? T-Rex Tiff! Ugly b!tch if you’ve ever seen one! Were you a patient here too? You must have been to be willingly walk around in that thing. Wanna come with!? I promise to share and let you get a punch in if you want! I mean, Ada sent you, right?"

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Hawkshade blinked. "A T-Rex? And what's wrong with my costume?" He scowled. Who was Ada and why would she have sent him? One of Laughlyn's hallucination or something more sinister?

"You know what, never mind. You clearly need psychological help. Therapy. Medication. Maybe a straight-jacket to stop you from adding a fifteenth color to your hair."

The bulky vigilante reached behind him and took out a pair of handcuffs. "These are for you. Tell your bondage party to turn around and cuff up; from the way they're dressed I'm sure they enjoy being handcuffed by men in black leather so I know that won't be a problem for them."

He threw the handcuffs on the floor and pointed at them. "Put those on Lyn."

Hawkshade was outnumbered twenty-to-one at least.

He knew a supervillain when he saw one.

He knew they weren't going peacefully.

As the handcuffs clattered across the floor, ideally catching the attention of the gang, one hand snatched a flashbang from his utility belt and sent it spiraling into the group of tough looking thugs.


The hallway amplified the blast and the wave of sound was shockingly loud, enough to cause temporary hearing loss and disrupt the fluid in the ears, making it difficult if not impossible for those effected by it to balance until they recovered. In close quarters the flash was bright enough to overload the photoreceptors in the eyes and induce temporary blindness.

Hawkshade's old Strigidae cowl protected him from these effects and he exploded into action. Thinking (perhaps unwisely) that the muscled thugs were the greatest threat he charged straight past Lyn and flew into the pack of thugs, fists and feet flying as he laid out man after man like a scythe cutting through weeds.

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Whitaker stood outside the building, trying to figure exactly how he was going to go about this. He had tried over and over to come up with different ways to infiltrate the Newcastle's safe haven, but tonight's scenario was completely different, something he hadn't even thought of, but to be honest, the chaos if anything helped his chances of getting in and getting out.

Advantages of tonight? Police and other justice forces will be scattered, leaving Brian's own security detail to keep a lookout and protect for at the least an unknown extended amount of time. Way longer than their average time of being able to respond to the area, which on their average day was 8 minutes.

Whitaker had pulled some fire alarms and started a fight or two outside of the building, harmless crimes. One time there was even a head-on collision right at the building's doorstep, but Whitaker had no part in that fiasco, pure coincidence. If he could've staged it safely and to a tee, he probably would've, but someone above gave him a freebie in his eyes on that one.

Brian's security detail will be on high alert with everything going on, possibly not even prepared to handle a situation like this. The city wasn't even prepared to handle this situation. A bridge exploded at 6:30 this morning, the city had gone dark twelve hours later, chaos had erupted at every corner, no one, except the attackers themselves, could've been prepared for this. If Brian is, well then he is a serious suspect.

Although Whitaker would love to see the young Newcastle behind bars for something like this, only cementing a serious trial on his hand in the death of Daniel Womack, the feeling was all off. It just wasn't Brian's M.O. There was some good that came from Brian's involvement or at least the media focus he got after being on the receiving end of Chaotic Grimm Attack that happened not so long ago. Yes, his media exposure boosted his city influence and led to him being a key piece in the city's overall protection with Dominus International, but he had also spread an overall community feeling to the dark city and tried to help others in different ways across the board. If Whitaker didn't know what he did behind the scenes, he'd probably align himself with the Newcastle or at least applaud his performance, but Brian drew a line in blood long ago and it wasn't going to be wiped clean simply because he was playing nice as of late.

That's when the former detective heard a faint yell from above him, no doubt it was his target even if his speech pattern was a bit different than usual. "I'm not taking visitors, tonight!" Whitaker looked up just in time to see a bottle soaring right at him. He quickly side-stepped to dodge direct contact from the bottle, but not far enough to get away from the bottle shards that spread after it clashed with the concrete ground. They and the bottle's liquid splashed partially on Whitaker's slacks and shoes. The Detective bent down over the bottle, using his nose to identify what exactly he had just been splashed with. "Well, that explains the slight change in speech." Alcohol. Brian was still understandable, but for a man who articulated and enunciated with precision, he was just slightly out of form. Still capable of speaking to mass audiences, but was slightly off to Michael who had studied his speeches.

Whitaker decided not to pay attention to him, instead, he sang to himself to tune out the constant yelling. It did no good to focus on him, first, he would have to figure out how to get through the security detail. Whitaker walked towards a side door, looking at the key scanner repeatedly until finally grabbing a plant decoration and shattering the glass. The already on the edge security detail would probably overact to the situation given the chaotic circumstances that surrounded them, relieving focus elsewhere. Whitaker ran away from the side door, but not before chunking in a Hornet's Nest Grenade. To draw even further attention to the area and to extend their time dealing with the issue, it's one thing for someone to break the building's glass in all this chaos, but to have stun pellets flying through the air, well then maybe someone's trying to attack who's ever in the building.

Loading Video...

Whitaker rushed to another entrance, sure there might be someone guarding it, but their unit was focused on other matters and spread thin. As for the building's security measures, they would've activated long ago if they were working, especially on a night like this. It was a clear shot to Brian, all Whitaker had to do was stay hidden. What could he say, he liked the shadows. Before the detective could even enjoy giving the security detail the runaround, he was already outside of the Newcastle's door. He ran through several issues before proceeding into the Devil's Domain.

The security detail is still active, it won't be as easy getting out as it was getting in at least not the same way. He knows I'm here, maybe not who I am, but he knows of me being here. I'm armed, but not near enough to deal with the whole building should things get too hostile. I'm walking straight into his territory. He knows the terrain, he has all the aces up his sleeves. He's not the main focus. He's not why I'm here. He's NOT why I'm here. HE'S NOT WHY I---

"Come in." Whitaker opened the door just as Brian's invitation instructed. He had waited so long to be face to face with the devil, and never did he expect for him to casually invite him into his throne room.

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While the streets ran with blood to a symphony of laughter and screams, Valentina dressed herself in low light to the sound of Rachmaninoff's 3rd and the man-made scent of strawberry fields – thank God for her love of scented candles. Since she'd gotten off the boat America had been a real disappointment. So far she had nothing to show for it but a cheap motel to wait with her few belongings while her contacts were finalized.

The power had gone out while she was in the shower, inadvertently shutting off the hot water (thankfully no one was around to hear the shriek). She had assumed this to be the work of her soon-to-be employer, part of his personal agenda, but when the DT radio chimed she was somewhat surprised.

<Oh? I thought I was a "criminal" in this country,> she thought. <But being savior could be fun too.> Either was fine as long as there was cash involved.

She answered as soon as the payment cleared, stressing her native accent somewhat and breaking her English, in playing on the common American ideas of foreigners - especially foreign criminals. Exotic. Mildly confused. Extremely dangerous. "You wish to talk details, yes? Then we talk. Perhaps you have some useful information for finding this...dog-man...trainer...person. Name, or face, perhaps. I track, I kill. No detective. Cannot be searching bales of hay for needles. You understand, yes? Good."

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Her eyes shifted down to the handcuffs. “What? No drinks? What fun is this? I don't even know your name!” She laughed. Or at least she was, until he threw something on the ground, it let out a blinding flash behind her at her minions. The loud BANG however, caused Lyn to stumble forward, her ears ringing. “UGH!” Lyn suddenly realize… this pointy eared masked man, wasn’t here to be her BFF! He was here to be her BEFL! BEST ENEMIES FOR LIFE!

No Caption Provided

“YOU’RE NOT MY FRIEND!” She roared, anger in her voice as she grasped the cuffs in her hand. Her once hysterical laughter was replaced with an irritating growl. She turned around, one hand covering her ear as she used her other hand to pull out BLAM-O. “YOU’RE MEAN!” She then began to fire her bullets at the ugly dressed man, accidentally shooting one of her own in the process. “KILL HIM! AND SAVE ME HIS MASK! IT'S UGLY BUT I LIKE IT!” She yelled at her minions as they were still trying to recover from the flashbang while Hawkshade was already on the attack.

While he was busy with her men, she took of running, her shoes lighting her path as she darted down the hallway. Frustration in her eyes as her eyes fixated on the armory door. “AAAAHHH!” she ran up to the door, firing at it with the last few bullets in the chamber. Piercing into the door as she closed the distance with a swing of her bat. Slamming it over and over again into the door. “SOMEONE ORDER A PIZZA?!” She screamed, frustrated with the situation as she began to throw herself into the door. “GET OUT HERE YOU T-REX, I'M TO KILL YOU AND STRING YOU UP BY YOUR LITTLE ARMS ON THE FLAGPOLE AND MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF YOU! AND I'M GOING TO RIP RICKY'S PORNSTACH AND KEEP IT CAUSE IT'S REALLY WEIRD AND I LIKE IT!”

Pulling out a magazine, she reloaded BLAM-O, this time standing in front of the door as she extended her arm and aimed the gun right at the lock of the door. Firing it not once, or twice but four times until the handle from the door fell off. With a hysterical laugh, she pulled her body back as she lift her right leg up and kicked it forward. Kicking the door open, she began to annoyingly hum the Jurassic Park theme song. “Welcome to… Jurassic Park.”

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@clockworkwraith: @_dirge_: @alpha_dog: @amin_karrit: @hawkshade: @detective_whitaker: @rosso: @laughlyn:

I think we might need it
I think we might need it

"Mmm..." She grunted standing in the middle of both X and Cherie; her slight groan of worry drew the eyes of both her students.

"You know those movies when the police are interrogating a suspect? There is a mirror; for which people on the outside of the room can see. Well, my telepathy isn't like that, when I was inside of that lunatic's mind...there was someone else there. Someone who now knows who I am." Cherie moved forward wondering what the course of action would be.

"Now, Now. We have no reason to fret, we still have the higher ground. I have too much influence within the order for them to simply allow me to fail" Ada reassured, moving around them both with her hands on her temples reaching out to Amin. @amin_karrit

"I will be on the move shortly. There's a situation that needs my direct intervention. You are welcome to follow of course." like Ziccarra before her, Ada could use her telekinesis as a homing. Like now it was easy to tell where in the city Lyn was, but she hoped to see further than that. She wanted to find the person that peered thru Lyn's mind and found her.

Then--she'd kill them.

"X, I know It's a bit early, but begin prepping our ace in the hole. I think we might need it"

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Her orders had been given, as a programmed assassin, she could not deviate from them. She could assess the situation for herself, but she physically could not go against the commands of her employer.

For safety measures, she traveled high above the conflict. Innocent people were being slaughtered in the streets, in their beds, and in their prison cells. There were a point and time when the city seemingly screamed out at the same time.

A woman that'd never been in a physical fight caused all this chaos. But almost on schedule Ada's layout of the plan was happening almost to a T give or take a few hours.

Unlike in Africa, where she allowed the Crusaders to locate her; here someone did it as a third party. In the grand scheme of things, it seemed as if Ada and whoever were fated for a clash, by now someone could've recognized the approach and likened it to South Africa.

X was here to give Ada the one up.

Trying her best to stay stealthy across the Grimm City streets, X leaped building to building until she got to her destination. This was the warehouse where it all started, on the outside it looked condemned, but on the inside, it was holding the last bit of resources gifted from the order.

Dropping thru a hole in the roof, X startled the guards positioned to stop anyone from entering.

"Hey uh, what da heck are we guarding anyways," One of the guards asked, drawing an intense glare from X. Truthfully she didn't know, The Weapon was prone to finding out things on a whim, but she was the only model of the Lethal Weapon program that had not been recalled.

As she opened the old U-haul truck, her eyes bulge at the sight of a truck filled to the door with the deadly nerve agent--Sarin.

"You." She finally said pointing to a guard "Drive" As much as he tried to, he couldn't resist X's mental persuasion. As he jumped in the driver's seat, she commanded the other guard to lock her in the back with the gas canisters.

"I don't care what's in your way, you drive until we get the ok" X commanded again, as the driver peeled off. Through the streets of Grimm with a van filled with Sarin.

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@ada_guillaume: @clockworkwraith:@alpha_dog: @amin_karrit: @hawkshade: @detective_whitaker: @rosso: @laughlyn:

No Caption Provided

While his cadre of shadows patrolled the rooftops of Grimm city. Their leader was more or less indisposed. They had received their orders from their Shaytan. Their task was a simple one. To stay out of the fight until their target revealed herself. If they were lucky, the would be heroes fighting for the downtrodden of Grimm would flush her out like the dogs they are. Then, all they needed to do was wait for the opportune moment to strike.

The Devil's Head on the other hand took to the streets. The Mark needed to be fed, lest he lose control and give into his murderous impulses. And so, Vincent indulged his bloodlust on a would be gang. They were surprisingly well armed for local thugs. Then again, this was Grimm. Like Gothic, hardware wasn't that hard to come by. All one needed was a good tip, or a benefactor to supply them with their ill gotten toys.

Finally, Vincent caught up with his silent killers. His cursed eyes absorbing the minute details of their surroundings. "Any word from our employer?" His second, Mia, shook her head. "Nothing yet. There was something about a large group gathering around the Asylum. But it wasn't him. Your orders my Shaytan?" Vincent crossed his arms and cast his gaze back down to the burning streets of Grimm. How it reminded him of Gothic. He shifted his crimson gaze from the firefight below to the dozen shades now awaiting their orders.

Vincent turned to Mia, "I need you here on comms. Information is vital on the battlefield. As for the rest of you. Split up into to four groups of three. I want two groups posted around the Asylum. Your not going in. Just monitor who's going out. If you see her call us in. As for the rest of you, continue to patrol the city but do no engage. Not unless you're left with no other option. If you do spot something suspicious then follow. But do try to stay in contact. Keep in mind that the EMP did a number on our long range comms."

With their orders given, the shadows took to their assignments while Vincent's gaze returned to the war below. The fire in his veins was still there. Perhaps using The Mark was not the ideal tactic. Oh well, to late now.

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The "Heroes" for Hire?

No Caption Provided

One year ago, during a mission, Brian suffered a shoulder separation, concussion, and orbital fracture. Since then he's been using hydrocodone-acetaminophen for the aching pains he experienced during cold weather and rain. It's kept him out of physical activity, but Dominus International's integration in Grimm City had given him the opportunity to be just as involved as any other vigilante.

"@_dirge_, my bad for the holdup. I've been so caught up, but I've gotchu. I'm sending photos of Ada Guillaume from my security feed, but I need a favor." He paused, security feed from his estate's entrance showed shattered glass and smokescreen obscuring his view. The strange assailant from outside was making his move.

"There's been, um, some suspicious activity in the downtown district. A person (@lethal_weapon_x) trotting atop rooftops like it's dance, dance revolution. It may be nothing, but I don't need more distractions in my city. If you could send some of your crew for some recon that'd be dope. I gotta go. So, hit me up on this channel if you see anything that might need our attention."

"@hawkshade, you're at the asylum with an old friend of mine. Well, kind of." He brushed his fingers throughhis hair, he was beginning to worry about the situation downstairs. His stupid security team was gathering together for a coordinated defensive maneuver for the masked assailant but failed to realize his attack was a distraction.

"Freaking idiots. I deal with idiots, Hawkshade, it was Hawkshade right? Well if you need help. Just know @laughlyn is predisposed to telepathy. She's got no sort of defense for it. If you need the assist. I'd be more than happy to have my people concuss the clown. She's more trouble than I'd like." Brian clutched the arms of his recliner couch, staring at the wall with such contempt. With no more anxiety medication to calm his nerves, he was forced to deal with the growing concern of his estate's intruder.

"@rosso, the person (@amin_karrit) I have you looking for might be in a hotel or motel. I can't differentiate between the two. There's only a handful of establishments that haven't purchased my tech. My Dominus Protocol discovered an unknown visitor in the downtown district. I can't quite place him/her, but if you want a distraction. I could have a Grimm City Asylum hit with your name on it." Before Brian named the person he wanted to be neutralized, he could hear the footsteps of his intruder stop at his door.

"Come in," When he entered his studio apartment, his intruder would see Brian in a disheveled manner. He wore a crewneck long sleeve shirt with thumb holes and ripped skinny jeans stained by some of the whiskey he spilled on himself whilst throwing the bottle at @detective_whitaker. His eyes were strained, exhausted and stressed from the hours spent surveilling his city.

"God knows I've been waiting." He clutched the rosary around his neck, kissing it gently as he said a prayer for the willpower to continue in spite of what was to come. "Waiting for you to finally have the balls to come to me as a man," He was angry about his predicament, but he couldn't hide any longer.

"Always watching my back. Afraid of some boogeyman with a half-assed vendetta." Dominus Tech had been following Whitaker since the scene he made at First A.I.D. Labs some months ago. It was an argument that ended with Whitaker's refusal to work for someone like Brian Newcastle. Whitaker found some way to disappear off his feeds, but Brian knew it was only a matter of time until he made a move. And now he was here in the flesh wearing that. Brian couldn't even describe what that even was. Whitaker looked like a 1950's nuclear family man. He knew he was an old fashion kind of guy, but goddamn this was sad.

"So, come in. Grab a seat. There are some drinks in the fridge. Get some beer for us, would you? I'll let you say your peace, but we can throw hands or whatever the hell you've got planned afterward." He was so angry, Brian was seething at the mouth, but he'd have one last drink if this was going to be his last night.

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Grimm City "Botanical Gardens"

No Caption Provided

The Botanical Siren took advantage of the ensuing chaos and crafted a massive garden in the middle of Grimm City business district. 5 miles of thick deciduous forest, however, the appearance of a forest was just an allure, on the inside Aspen created modern marvels in the form of massive carnivorous plants.

As much as Aspen despised humans, she hated senseless violence more, the innocent of Grimm routinely entered the forest looking for salvation, and the Marijuana Mistress supplied it.

Her plants devoured the mind-controlled gunmen, without too much issue, and as payment, she minds controlled them herself and made them slaves to the up-keeping of her garden.

"This was really such a win-win, wasn't it baby" She crooned running her hands across the snout of her hungry beast.

The only reason Aspen was even in this city because of Laughlyn. She'd tried to rob a bank in Expendaville, and low and behold Lyn tried to rob the same bank resulting in them arguing, a 15-year-old get-away uber driver with only a driver's permit.

The exact details were a blur, but she wanted to make Lyn pay. Just as the seclusion seemed too good to be true, Belle's eyes glossed over indicating that there was now a long-range telepath at play.

"Aspen Denver, I have use for you" The woman spoke directly into her mind, the intrusion shattered the control Aspen previously had on her captives; which made them freak out and be devoured by the carnivorous plants.

"Darlings, your mother calls. Talk to me, babies!" Aspen's eyes closed as she gained intel, she could communicate with and through plants. With the electricity down, it was pretty much easy to filter the communications, subtract that by how many people actually did it in the presence of plants, boom. She had the person she needed.

@dominus_"It appears, our Chess game is coming to a close. Nothing around you is safe from me"

Ada spat, using Belle's ability to speak thru the plants. The Poetic Assassin wasn't a combatant, but she knew how to find the people to fight for her. Relinquishing direct control, for now, Ada supplied Belle with a block on instructions to execute.


No Caption Provided

Aspen's roots scaled the side of the building allowing her to lunge onto the rooftop next to a heavily armed man. "You look like a man that can make an honest woman out of me, too bad I'm not looking for a man" She hissed trying to distract him long enough for her massive tree-root to emerge from under him trying to grasp hold in an attempt to squeeze the life out of him.

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@dominus_: @laughlyn:

Fists flew and man after man dropped until the group rallied and begin to swarm the vigilante. He stood his ground, trading blow for blow, lip smashed, nose bleeding and shirt torn in the wild melee. Suddenly gunshots rang out, bullets hissing past his arm as he instinctively threw himself to the side.

Several of the thugs were hit. A bullet grazed Hawkshade's chest and left a red welt that oozed blood. There was shocked silence as the men realized their boss had gunned them down but it didn't last long; Hawkshade took advantage of the pause with a flurry of heavy blows that dropped the rest of the men.

Then he crouched beside the wounded men, yanking a few medical supplies from his utility belt and tearing their shirts open to see their wounds. Emergency services were a long way away.

No one else dies.

Bandages and superglue were all he had but he stopped the bleeding as best he could. "You." He grabbed one of the dazed men. "Put pressure here."

Then he was up and gone. Whatever Laughlyn had planned for the warden probably wasn't a bucket of laughs.

His radio crackled with static and @dominus_'s voice came through as he dashed through the Asylum.

"Hawkshade you're at the asylum with an old friend of mine. Well, kind of."

"Freaking idiots. I deal with idiots, Hawkshade, it was Hawkshade right? Well if you need help. Just know Laughlyn is predisposed to telepathy. She's got no sort of defense for it. If you need the assist. I'd be more than happy to have my people concuss the clown. She's more trouble than I'd like."

"No." He growled. "No telepathy." He didn't trust this mysterious Newcastle that far but he filed away the information on both Laughlyn and Newcastle's powers.

In the chaos he had lost track of the insane woman. He turned his cowls audio magnification up and slowed to a brisk walk as he turned his head from side to side until-- there--


Luckily for Hawkshade no one had told Laughlyn about her inside voice.

He turned the sound back down and exploded into a sprint that carried him down the tile floors and around corners until he passed a door with the lock blown out.

Gunshot. She's still armed.

The six foot four man entered the room at a dead sprint, spotted Laughlyn and drove his body through the air in a flying tackle toward the woman, aiming to pin her gun arm at her side with his and smash her into the tile floor with enough force to knock the wind out of her.

Restrain her before she hurts someone else.

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Dog darted between the first two toughs, claws slicing their throats to their spinal columns. As he brought his lethal appendages sweeping down on the one standing directly in front of him, opening his torso from shoulder to groin, he glaced back over his shoulder, noting that his waitress had immediately dived under the table, having the presence of mind not to scream and draw attention to herself. Smart.

The five toughs had barged in moments ago, and were obviously surprised to find the massive mutant relaxing and enjoying a meal in the middle of the metropolitan Armageddon that had enveloped Grimm. They clearly didn't recover from surprise well, as three of them were now dead before the other two could even react, one taking a wild swing at Dog's head with a baseball bat while the other fumbled with a switchblade. Dog swatted the swing aside with one vibranium-sheathed forearm, before locking a hand about the attackers neck, hoisting him off the ground, and driving the claws of his free hand into the other's torso once, twice, three times, making a sound like someone was driving gardening shears into a side of beef.

His companion dropped his rather unimpressive blade and turned to flee, only to be borne heavily to the ground by the savage monstrosity's body after less than three steps. His screams faded to an agonized gurgle, and then silence, as Dog proceeded to field-dress him from behind.

He stood, grabbing a tablecloth and using it to wipe the worst of the dead men's blood from his claws, as he watched his new friend timidly climb out from under her table, shock at the scene of visceral violence that greeted her. "C'mon, sweet pea," Dog growled, grabbing her wrist roughly and pulling her towards the door, "time we found a new party." He had no idea who the dead men who interrupted his dinner were, and he didn't particularly care, any more than he cared about what exactly had plunged the city into chaos.

He was having the time of his life.

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For the 3rd time in under an hour, Ada's heels click toward the balcony. In all this madness, in all this destruction, she remained completely calm. She stood just listening, her figure lost in the cover of darkness; every now and then her ears would perk act a specific scream pitch.

Oh, how she'd love to view the details of such a wretched shriek, a knife to the stomach? Perhaps someone was being set ablaze? It didn't matter. She could never truly care because in her mind these were the weaker elements of Grimm being strategically exterminated with no discrimination.

Lyn was bunkered deep into the Grimm City asylum, her exact contributions were lost mainly because getting inside her head was like trying to solve a Rubix cube.

X was maneuvering around the city in a truck filled with sarin, It'd only take a small crash for the contents to be released to the entire population. While that way wasn't preferred, it was still a course of action. Of course, she preferred the initial plan which saw them distribute the toxin into the exhaust vents of a nearby powerplant--maximum exposure.

Belladonna, though she was "acquired" mid-way through the night was positioned in downtown Grimm City, thru her ability to communicate with vegetation Ada learned of her opposition. A man that apparently worked with the telepaths that previously probed Lyn's mind. The thought of being opposed drew a stoic smirk from the Poetic Assassin. How Admirable.

Amin, of course, made his presence known through his crew, however, he had yet to actually manifest himself; but he was here. She knew it.

With all the spades stacked against them, how could the Son's of Grimm actually win this conflict? They couldn't such extreme measures would not be solved by violence; violence was just a precursor. Nearly every revolution in history was started with violence but finished with litigation.

"Cherie, We're leaving" Ada commanded, dropping her glass from the balcony to the streets below Ada took hold of her coat, and made for the nearest flight of stairs.

My master...
My master...

The Poetic Assassin along with her trusted assistant dawned their "Cardinal Gear" and ventured out into the streets of Grimm.

Cherie was formidable enough to take care of herself, Ada despite not using the bulk of her true abilities, could still sway people with the softness in her voice.

"Ma'dam Ada, city hall is this way" Cherie explained gazing upon her completely confounded.

"Ah. Yes, you see we're not going to city hall. No one in their right mind would be at the perceived place of power at a time like this." Ada responded before continuing her stroll down the street.

The tale of the streets change drastically within a matter of hours. From the balcony, this street overflowed with life and activity; in the aftermath, it'd had been reduced to a shell of its former self, buildings were gutted, bodies lay in the street face down--with no reservations for age.

"Here we are" She called out as the two woman stopped before a bank. "But, I'm confused...why are we here." but the loyal assistant's voice fell on death ears.

"I absolutely detest using my powers" She griped just as her eyes glazed over before pushing the door in with her telekinetic might.

"In order to bring down a society, you never start with the government. Always start with the bank." Ada instructed moving towards a lone security officer on the farthest side of the room with his weapon trained on Dhalia.

"Officer, I mean you no harm. I'm willing to bet this bank has ties to very affluent members of the Grimm City society. I come bearing a warning. My master's wrath will cease at first dawn. During the daylight hours, Your City's legislature will have time to turn over the city to Dominus International. If his demands aren't met by sundown tomorrow...we will gas Grimm City. Please, pass that message on if you will."

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The Dublin Devil tilted his head as this mysterious woman came into view. She said some words, Vincent said nothing in turn. He did reach for the hilt of his sword, but aside from that, he remained stationary. With his enhanced hearing, Vincent could hear and feel the vibrations coming from right underneath him. He had enough time to react to it, but he chose not to. This combatant didn't know who he was. Or what he could do. And usually, the opening move in any fight is a feint. Her opening remark was clearly meant to throw him off.

His red eyes now bore into this woman. Seeing what she'd do next. Vincent had hoped that she would've been the type that needed to get the last word in. To get in close and whisper sweet nothings into her victims ears. Most killers want that validation. The best didn't need it.

Vincent realized that there would be no whispers as the giant root like tendril finally tore through the ground and surrounded him. The pressure was intense, he could barely breath as the giant root's constrictions further tightened around his body. The Blind Mamba let out a smirk as his dark sense of humor took over. It frailing figures, someone tries to off me like a snake would off their prey. At least there's no venom.

With his left hand, Vincent struggled to reach his for one of the incendiary grenades strapped to his belt. He let out a groan as he finally grabbed it. He felt something pop, and then pain. It must've been one of his ribs. He'd heal. In the next instance, Vincent began to meld through the shadows.

He'd appear just right outside of her peripheral vision. He quickly drew his sword and struck at several angles. Some slashes came from up high, others down low. He wasn't certain if any of his blows actually connected, but that wasn't the point. The point was that he had pulled the pin and dropped the incendiary explosive at her feet. The sword play was just for show as The Devil's Head did a back flip off of the roof. During the free fall he heard his employer cut in. Vincent responded while in mid fall.

@dominus_" Consider your request done. But there's another piece on the board. Some woman with a green thumb. Not sure if she's still on the board now."

No Caption Provided

The Devil's head launched his grappling hook, anchoring his line while body was jerked and swung through the window of the nearest building. He landed amongst the shards of broken glass. "Mia, patch our employer's orders through to one of our three men cells closest to that area. Get eyes on that woman.""What about you?"Vincent cocked his head up to the rooftop now incased in flames. "It's complicated."Vincent murmured as his hand clutched the hilt of The Devil's Fang.

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Whitaker walked in. He wasn't nervous, Michael was sure that Brian would be alone, his personality wouldn't have him dealing with this night in close quarters to someone like a henchman. He wasn't cautious either, although Michael had every right to be, with their kind of relationship. No, the Former Force Agent just walked in. One foot after the other, and once he had enough room to close the door behind him, he did, quietly. Never once taking his eyes off Brian. Not out of fear, but out of slight shock.

When Whitaker had run through countless scenarios in which the two would come face to face together. He never believed it would happen so easily like this, and definitely didn't imagine Brian would be in the state in which Whitaker found him. The man before him was completely different from the Brian Newcastle that had taken shape ever since he was informed of being the biological offspring of Tomas Newcastle, no the man before him looked closer to Brian Maddox, Force Agent, Adopted son of Captain Maddox. This wasn't the Charismatic Concoction that Brian had turned into after taking over Animus Corp and being a constantly present figure. Brian had turned into basically an icon, since his time in the limelight, speaking on the betterment of Grimm, with his technology and company becoming household topics of conversation and protection of the city as a whole. He was dressed in casual clothes, unlike the suit and tie outfit he had been known to wear as of late. His clothes were ripped and stained with alcohol. If Whitaker didn't know him and they had met out of this building, he would look like another civilian.

His distress in their present situation didn't help. Sure, here they were in one of his buildings somewhat away from all the chaos, with no one significant, at least for them, to worry about, but he was distressed. The smell of alcohol in the room's air and the stains on his clothing confirmed Whitaker's belief that Brian had been drinking thus the broken bottle and subtle difference in the way he spoke. He also looked somewhat drained as if his body was tired, but he wasn't allowing himself to rest.

All of it bothered Whitaker. The strained eyes, the drinking, the casual wear, all of it made Brian look....Normal. It humanized the bastard and Michael couldn't stand it. Whitaker had devoted himself to bringing the Devil down and right now Brian looked more like a Fallen Angel with Broken Wings rather than the ruler of Hell. As if this was the same man who served alongside Michael Whitaker rather than against each other. The same man who, He and Whitaker had shared their first day on The Force together. Michael wondered briefly what it would've been like if Brian had never found out about his lineage, if he never took part in the Chaos that struck Grimm City that night, and if Whitaker never believed with certainty that Brian murdered their friend Daniel Womack.

The thought of Danny smacked Michael back into reality, at the end of the day, this was Brian Newcastle, and he did believe with certainty that he murdered Daniel Womack. So, instead of walking over to the fridge, and getting them beers as Brian idiotically stated given their history, Whitaker just stepped closer to him. Not in a hurry to pound his skull into the floor as he had thought of several times, but stepped closer to him as to just speak. It's true Brian wasn't the target, but he was important, at least for now. Whitaker finally spoke up behind the mask, fully aware that he knew Brian knew who stood before him and aware that the Newcastle wouldn't turn him in at least not as of now, it just wasn't Brian's style, he'd wait tactically to use Whitaker's identification against him or for his own cause.

"I believe you've had enough. If you want to drink yourself into death after I'm gone, I'm not going to stop you, but I didn't come to share some beer with you like partners getting off of a shift. I didn't even come for you....not exactly. Believe it or not, I came to talk and no matter how much I know we would both like to beat the other one to a bloody pulp, I'm going to do just that. So, what do you know Brian?" Whitaker needed Brian's eyes and resources tonight if he was gonna find a source, and even though it pained him to be looking for help from Brian, Grimm's present situation and the lack of time called for Whitaker to be civil with the devil.

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“GET AWAY LYN!” Ricky, a guard that she got to know during her latest stay, yelled out, holding his gun out with Warden Tiff behind him.

“Rickyyyy why you gotta be like that, I thought we were friends?” She smiled, holding her own gun towards him. Her finger began to tighten around the trigger as her grin and eyes widen. But before she could pull the final trigger, it felt like a linebacker freaken slammed into her back.

“ACK!” she threw her free arm underneath her as her armed hand was pulled behind her. Her free arm cushioned the blow, but her head slammed into tile ground. A CRACK HEARD as she laid still for a few moments, face first on the ground. A puddle of blood began to form underneath her face from a broken nose that she received from the sudden assault. She laid still for a few moments, the grip on the gun lost as it fell out of her hand.

“WHO ARE YOU!?” Ricky yelled, shifting his aim to the masked hero.

“You idiot, that’s our hero, put your damn gun away.” Tiffany Barden spoke up, reaching up and slapping the gun down. “Thank you for your help. When the power went out, the patients went on a mass riot. We lost a lot of good guards tonight.”

But throughout this, the former high school teacher was grinning to herself. Her vision was filled with crimson as she pulled something out from her pocket with her free hand, a single pellet. With the little strength she had, she would attempt to smash the pellet into the heroes face, a pellet that she named Giggles N Shit. Filled with Nitrous Oxide, aka Laughing Gas in hopes to distract him. If it worked, she would wiggle out of his grip and make a stumbling run for it, trying to leave the asylum to lick her wounds and fight another day. If not, she would simply be stuck, now a prisoner of the hero as she would kick and scream for him to let her go.

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A guard yelled and a gun slipped from lip fingers. Hawkshade nodded his thanks to the Warden. "Anytime Warden." Still on top of Laughlyn the big man looked around for the gun and then kicked it away with a worn boot.

His chest rose and fell as he took deep breaths to recover from the brawl, followed by his sprint to save the Warden.

Then he turned his attention to Laughlyn. "Who are you?" He said. "Who do you work for?" Prior to the madness that had descended upon the streets he had been on the trail of a criminal conspiracy that involved at least one of Grimm's gangs and a murder disguised as a suicide.

Perhaps Laughlyn was unrelated. Another supervillain taking advantage of the chaos. No conspirator at all but a woman with severe mental health issues.

Or perhaps she was part of some complex plot that remained just over the horizon. A puzzle he couldn't solve. A web woven by some invisible mastermind and he was here in this asylum blundering his way through instead of confronting the spider at the center of this web.

"TELL ME!" He roared, voice echoing through the small room and as he spoke he looked away to draw another pair of handcuffs out of his homemade utility belt and as his attention was diverted Laughlyn struck. A small pellet was crushed against his face. Hawkshade was inducted into the practice of Mithridatism at an early age and had built up a resistance to many toxins, irritants and sedatives over the course of his life. Nitrous Oxide was not one of them.

The room spun and tilted. Hawkshade found himself laying on his side, disoriented and confused as Laughlyn made her escape.

"-are you okay?"

The Warden was standing over him. Hawkshade pushed himself to an elbow and then staggered to his feet, reeling as the room wobbled around him.

"Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine." A headache started and he felt nauseous. "She's gone. I'll finish off the riot. Warden, have your men ready to handle prisoners."

"You? There's just one of you."

"You only have one riot." And with that he was gone, heading into the depths of Grimm Asylum to quell the riot and bring order to the chaos.

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@rosso: @_dirge_: @ada_guillaume: @dominus_:

The air was still with silence, and filled with the strong scent of cigar smoke. Seated while candlelight flickered around him, Amin felt the whisper of a familiar voice on the doors to his mind - and smoked his cigar as Ada spoke. "No, I will stay", he answered, his voice as deep in his mind as it was in the air. "It is better for the plan. It will make things difficult for the enemy. Because they know you are working with someone, but they do not know who. They find you with no one, and they will not know who you are working with, and where your partner is". Sucking on the end of his cigar, Amin rose to his feet and walked towards the balcony's glass doors as he breathed out a cloud of smoke.

"You know this"

"If your things do not go well there, tell me and I will come for you. You know this". The Blue Gangster said nothing more, and instead passed his eyes over the city's black skyline. No electricity. Complete chaos. The headlights of rushing cars seemed like fireflies from where he stood. They might as well be insects, Amin thought, of the people driving their cars. For now, he simply stood, one hand in his pocket, the other holding one of Cuba's greatest exports. He didn't need to be anywhere, and no soul but Ada yet knew where he was. But elsewhere, his order of faceless killers kept Grimm City's borders under tight control, with the flash of a sword's glimmering steel, and the buzz of a fired round. But conflict was minimal, few dared cross the city's borders with the smell of blood hanging so thick in the air.

But heroes came in swarms, and Ada's attention had already been drawn. Perhaps soon he too will be drawn out to intervene on her behalf. After all, the League of Shadows now roam the dark streets of Grimm..

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She waited in silence for several seconds for him to finish giving word on the second job. When no further information came Valentina sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Hotel or motel? ""Might be?" What kind of criteria is this? The information is all incomplete.

"So I am searching for needle in bale of hay. Should double my rate." She threw it out as an off-hand remark supposedly to herself, but left the comm on for the while, hoping he'd catch her reprimand. She may have been partly to blame for accepting the job so readily, but that was different. She needed money, badly. Didn't count. Besides the city was his investment, right?

Still, best not to gripe too much. If there was one silver lining in his disorganisation, it was that it probably meant he had trouble keeping stable relationships. She could play with that. He had enemies who were plentiful, powerful, or both. Good marks for a repeat client (or target). He was emotional. Enough to throw a second job at her on a moment's whimsy. Also useful. And dangerous, should it ever be turned against her.

Someone must have really pissed him off. But for now that person was not her, so Valentina could at least make herself useful while waiting. There was no time to go zipping around every hotel and motel in the city anyway. Meanwhile, she could use the distraction and pick up another guaranteed check while waiting for the big fish (@amin_karrit) to reveal itself. And the best part? The Asylum was fewer than three miles, or several blocks, from where she stayed. Roughly eight minutes following normal traffic laws.

Probably why the rates are so low.

She didn't bother packing her things into a safe or trunk. Obvious containers of valuables just get broken into. Her most precious non–job-related items, bagged and sealed, ended up in a dumpster out back.

Eight minutes?...I can make five.

Tires screeched as a van - old, black and red faded paint, relatively inconspicuous save for the driver's choices - skidded around the corner, pacing nearly double the legal speed limit.

Still no word on the contract? That was just fine. With the ongoing chaos she'd just take care to put holes in anything unusual (@laughlyn@hawkshade) that crossed her path.

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He wasn't the talkative type, such a shame. Under Ada's mind control Aspen's sole objective was to disrupt enemy maneuvers but like Ada, Aspen wasn't much of a combatant more so a petty thief. As her, beautifully crafted Vine constrict his body the Marijuana Mistress couldn't help but smirk--she'd found some use in this chaos. "Now...who do you..."

She had to stop and double take, the man was gone. Or so she thought, his sword cut right through her first layer of clothing drawing blood underneath her green onesie; there was no time to evade anything, but her "children" had her covered manifesting in thick vines sacrificing themselves to be cut down as Aspen tended to her leaking wound.

Her emerald-tinted eyes caught the device just as it made contact, as soon as it made contact with the air she was on fire. Initially there was a shock state brought on by the dangerous amounts of adrenaline pumping through her body. Of course, once she was able to finally process what was going on; Aspen let out a wretched wail as the haze of Marijuana interlope with the heat booming from her body.

Doing what she could to free herself from the flames...she too leapt off the building hitting fire escapes on the way down. Plowing into the concrete she worked up enough wherewithal to roll back and forth in the nearest puddle. Ada's mind control had been shaken, but the pain from the flames was only just beginning. She'd heal with the sun of course, but for now the human side of her couldn't bear the residual pain causing the Red-haired Botanical Siren to pass out.

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Hallway by hallway and cell by cell Hawkshade stopped the riot. His knuckles were raw and bleeding and broken teeth stuck into the leather of one of his gloves. His knee hurt, his chest heaved with fatigue and muscles burned with exertion. His stocks of non-lethal grenades were completely drained before it was done and he had to return to the armory twice to restock on smoke, flashbangs and CS gas.

But it was done. A hundred and twenty seven of the criminally insane were restrained upon the floor, in various states of consciousness and unconsciousness.

There was still a city to save. The vigilante exited the building at a slow jog, recovering his wind by means of breathing exercises and climbed aboard his bike. It roared to life and he was soon rolling toward the exit when a van almost ran him over.

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" He shouted over the growl of his engine, having no idea it housed an assassin who meant to take his life.

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Everything's Grimm

"Don't walk into my home with that holier than thou attitude." Brian rubbed his eyelids with his sleeves, trying to make sure what he saw was real. After hours of handling an insurmountable amount of stress, the Newcastle legacy wasn't in the mood for late night hallucinations.

"You're over there talking about what I know, but you won't share a drink with me? That's some really funny shit." Brian let out a short-winded laugh, but it couldn't conceal the tears sliding down his face or the lingering scent of whiskey oozing from his pours. He knew he was above the mediocrity of self-deprecation, but even he could experience the nagging feeling of defeatism. If he could scream, he would. Hell, the appearance of @detective_whitaker gave him plenty of stress relief ideas, but he wouldn't.

"I'm trying my best to save my city, but my people are turning against me." He didn't know how he was made, but Ada Guillaume had figured a way around his intervention. "They think I'm the one behind all of this. Like I'd purposely destroy my home." With all of his might, Brian brought himself to his feet. He stumbled, at first, but found his footing as he walked toward his uninvited guest.

"Did you know I developed the Grid?" After inheriting his father's tech company, Brian started integrating communication networks and security feeds into the framework of the city. It's helped family's stay in contact with one another during situations like this. It's also helped him keep tabs on the person behind this mess, but he's starting to here chatter.

"I'm the reason people can even talk to one another and now they're saying Dominus International is behind all of this!" These accusations were intolerable. Allegiance to his brand was fading and Brian could feel himself losing the devotion of his people. He could see feeds from A-X Phones across the board turned off by their users. Like cracks in a mirror, trust in the Newcastle name splintered.

"Now you're here. Asking me what I know. Well, let me tell you this. Everything's grim and you're gonna help me fix it." At this point, Brian stood toe to toe with Whitaker. He was just a few inches taller than him, but it didn't stop Brian from looking down at his masked guest. He even smiled before taking a few steps back.

"The Grid can see through any webcam through permissions from its user, but I've since overridden those data walls after the EMP attack. Since then I've been able to create communication lines with certain individuals helping me quell this attack," Brian was beginning to find himself in the presence of his company.

An almost nostalgic feeling came over him as he activated his neuro network interface. By placing his fingertips over his eyes and thrusting them forward, Brian was able to bring about a holographic rendition of what he saw in his eyes into his living rooms quarters. He wasn't sure how Whitaker would react, but for him it was like he was catching up with his old partner on an ongoing case.

"Wait, what (@dirge_)?" It only took a few moments after reconnecting to the grid that Brian understood why communication lines were disconnecting. It was the actions of Laughlyn's botanical bosom buddy, Belladonna.

"Find files on the marijuana mistress," Brian's command brought forth a myriad of videos depicting frantic firsthand accounts of the woman's manipulative behavior as well as conspiracy theories that suggested she could hear through plants.

"Shit, shit, shit!" It didn't take long before the self-anointed King of Grimm pulled his botanical decorations from their pots and tossed them off his balcony. "I need you to bring that woman to the following coordinates." As if this night wasn't already rattling his anxiety, Brian quickly took notice of @rosso crossing paths with @hawkshade.

"Wait. Wait. Don't shoot. Don't move. Don't even blink. I'm sorry that I've been wasting your night Rosso, but the target (@amin_karrit) in question has been hiding like a child during a game of manhunt. I need you to follow the coordinates I'm about to send you. I promise that every moment you spend with me will profit." Brian hoped his message would translate to Rosso before she engaged with the caped vigilante, but he needed to be sure.

"Hawkshade, this is Brian Newcastle. We can deal with Laughlyn later. If I'm being honest I need you in perfect condition, because it's about time we take down the woman behind all of this. Meet me at the following coordinates and we'll find a way to take this tyrant down...together." Brian cupped his hands on his mouth as he tried to steady his breathing, the prospect of bringing them all together inside First A.I.D. Labs was dangerous considering it bordered on the Honor Valley River beside the destroyed bridge that led into Gothic City.

"Maybe you've got every reason to knock my teeth down my throat, but I'm asking you..." Brian glared at Whitaker with a slither of personal contempt, "Will you help me save this city?"

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The SWAT vehicle barreled down the road like it had somewhere urgent to be. It didn't, or at least its occupants didn't. As far as Dog was concerned, they could stick around here until this riot (or whatever it was) either burned itself out or stopped being fun, and it didn't look like either of those were going to happen, anytime soon. His passenger, on the other hand, would have rather been almost anywhere else, and was already planning on relocating to Glade City if she survived this experience and managed to escape.

It really was a luck find, this van. The careless officers had actually left the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition. Granted, this was because one of them was still in the driver's seat and the rest were in the back, but that had been easy enough to take care of. Dog's only regret was that the radio had gotten busted during the fight, and the spin around town would have been nicer with some classic rock in the background.

Up ahead, he spotted a group of armed thugs, surrounding a fallen form on the street and raining merciless blows down on it. "Buckle up, sweetheart," he said with a chuckle. "We're gonna hit some speed bumps." As his unwilling passenger gripped her door handle and squeezed her eyes shut, Dog plowed the heavy vehicle right into the group at 60 mph. Good thing the wipers still worked.

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Four and a half minutes, Valentina counted, satisfied as the asylum appeared on the horizon. Heart still racing, manic smile plastered on her face, only then since she began did the speedometer drop (slightly) below 60. I love this country. And the revelry was just beginning.

She'd have to be completely blind to have missed the vigilante speeding toward her on his bike. I recognise that look. The uhh...uh...Hawkshade! The one from the internet. Was that the contract Newcastle mentioned? He never finished, but...

Valentina shrugged. Worth a shot. First off, he could be. And even if he wasn't Newcastle's target, the Vigilante was an opportunity she couldn't pass up. She swerved left to cut him off—just too late. Shit! Missed. The van stopped. Shifting gears, whipping the wheel this way and that, Valentina pulled a three-point turn as quickly as possible in the cumbersome vehicle, and downed the window while speeding after him.

But she'd never catch a speeding motorcycle in the Oldsmobile Mk. II, she knew. At least, not with good tires. But can you outrun my gun? Whistling the tune to FTP's "Pumped Up Kicks," the Scarlet Assassin opened fire on the motorcycle, haphazardly swerving through the streets, concentrated more on aiming than driving.

That was, until her employer reopened the lines of communication to call them off. Valentina sighed, then smiled as her fortunes seemed to reverse once more on a dime. "I'm to be paid just for going to location? What is it?" she asked, somewhat sceptical; although she'd already altered her course and determined to leave the vigilante alone unless he himself sought retaliation for her somewhat misguided attempt on his life.

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As the two stood there in the room, anything could've happened after Whitaker's initial statements. He wasn't sure if Brian was going to leap at even the mention of the two of them beating each other down, so he kept some distance from the somewhat unstable protector of Grimm. Then Brian replied with pointless statements and Whitaker believed it would be himself throwing the first swing just before he left the room to find out the source of the chaos on his own, but then Brian spoke about his attempt to save the city and Whitaker refocused into the conversation.

The City had somehow come to the belief that Brian, their newfound 'hero' was the mastermind behind all of it, and if Whitaker was honest, he wouldn't have put it past Brian. Not to say Brian was the blowing up bridges, causing riots for fun kind of man, but Brian was tactical, at least in the eyes of Michael.

Whitaker believed at one point that Brian might be behind the chaos, some of it made sense if he tried to bend reality to fit his perception of Brian. The Bridges blowing, the Chaos ensuing, and the Crime elevating with little to no Emergency personnel to put it down, why wouldn't Brian do it? It could very well fit a motive of his.

There was no denying the Previous Attack on Grimm City, cemented Brian Newcastle and his company's participation and influence in a number of things like the city's safety or some would even turn that around to say his control on the city.

So, it wasn't far-fetched to Whitaker to believe Brian could be a suspect in all of it, but it didn't sit right, not with the other variables. The common thugs speaking about changes soon to come, their irresistible need protect themselves when it did come, and most of all Whitaker's whole interaction with Brian up until now. From the looks of it, it was as if Brian was crumbling just as much as the city was around him, and in a way he was. The City had entrusted Brian and Dominus International to keep this city safe and here everyone was, in a situation just as, or worse than the previous attacks. The Fall of Grimm would mean the failure of Dominus in the Public Eye, and maybe Brian knew it, that's why Whitaker found him with restless eyes and alcohol stained clothing.

"Did you know I developed the Grid?" Brian rhetorically asked his company and Whitaker did. It was somewhat the main reason he was here in the first place.

"The Grid" - a series of communication networks and security feeds through the city

The Grid's presence in the city allowed not only people to communicate with each other throughout this chaos, but it also did wonders for tracking someone or even just finding out what exactly was happening throughout the city. Clues, actions, alliances, everything could be figured out eventually with it, and Whitaker hoped it wouldn't fail him in finding a true suspect.

Brian once again spoke about the city's wavering loyalty to his brand.

"...Everything's Grim and you're gonna help me fix it." The two stood face to face with one another, Brian a few inches taller than Michael, but nonetheless, Whitaker didn't shy away from the close confrontation, instead, he stood looking right back into the eyes of the Newcastle unwilling to give an inch, and for a second it looked like Brian was just as stubborn, until he gave a short-lived smile and step back.

"The Grid can see through any webcam through permissions from its user, but I've since overridden those data walls after the EMP attack. Since then I've been able to create communication lines with certain individuals helping me quell this attack," Whitaker somewhat let this invasion of privacy slide, deciding that it was the best for now. Just then, The King of Grimm with a short extension of his hands and arms placed a holographic rendition of bits and parts of the city.

There were no doubt blind spots in the city, probably a result from numerous things, but most importantly what Brian spoke about, the city had betrayed him.

Whitaker stepped forward, trying to get a closer eye at exactly what he was seeing. Before he knew it, he was standing beside Brian rather than across from him, and his brain couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity as the two looked at the case before them like they had done times before on The Force.

Brian's voice once again snapped Whitaker out of his thoughts. He was conversating with somebody, most likely one of the individuals, he had spoken of just a moment ago. Then there was a mention of the Marijuana Mistress, and considering Brian's reaction of throwing plants and the sorts of his balcony in a hurry, Whitaker was sure of who they were speaking of. Whitaker's somewhat obsessive note-taking didn't just stop at Brian, sure he had probably filled pages with the Newcastle, but analyzing or at least taking notice of people didn't stop at him.

Aspen Denver AKA the Marijuana Mistress or sometimes referred to as Mistress Nature - a superhuman woman with the ability to control plants to the point of being labeled America's most-wanted Eco-terrorist and possibly able to speak and listen through plants.

Which explained Brian's rush to throw the plant-like decorations off the balcony. Then Brian ordered the other person on the comm line to bring her to certain coordinates. Whitaker almost exploded with his two cents, if Brian hadn't fully planned the action through it could mean losing someone on their side, to say the least. If he was bringing her to them, they or at least Whitaker was ill-prepared to deal with the Botanical Beauty.

An in a short instance, Brian switched to someone else's comm line. Someone named Rosso, and with Brian's mention of a profit, it was no doubt this individual was paid help more than doing this out of the goodness of their heart. Making a quick note in his head to write down, whenever he had a chance.

Rosso - a possible paid affiliate of Brian Newcastle. Alliance possibly untrustworthy.

Then there was a mention of two names, Hawkshade and Laughlyn. It seemed the two of them were opposing forces with Hawkshade, rumored to be a masked vigilante of some sorts, being on their side, because to oppose the Mistress of Mayhem, Laughlyn was always a good thing. If Chaos had a pretty face and a baseball bat with a weird sense of humor, then that would be her.

Of course, the two Mistresses would be working together, but no doubt they weren't the masterminds behind the scenario. They were solid muscle in the overall plan, but they too would have to be dealt with.

Whitaker looked at the Holographic model of the city, looking at the coordinates Brian had just given them. "That's First A.I.D. Labs."He thought to himself. That location as a choice was idiotic in the eyes of the Former Detective for various reasons, first of all, if the EMP affected that building just as the one he stood in right now, all the building's security measures would be pointless. Second, the city was pointing fingers at Brian as the mastermind behind the attacks and whoever caused that did so purposely. Third, they were sitting ducks if they got caught out, with the Bridge blown, they limited area to escape to, it made no sense to Michael and he was sure Brian didn't want to have to do it either, but a uniting the front was better than having divided individuals. Michael realized Brian was trying to make the best out of the situation, and if that meant taking a big risk to get a big payoff, he was ready to do so.

That's when Brian finally turned back to him, once again, they stood face to face and Whitaker knew what he was about to ask. He was going to ask the very same thing Whitaker had come over here to demand, them working together to stop this. They look back at one another for a second after he asked, and Whitaker realized he was gonna have to put aside Danny and his vendetta against Brian, and he extended his hand knowing that he had no choice. "Call me, Enigma." Although Whitaker would've like to believe this band of misfit heroes would be trustworthy, he knew reality demanded otherwise. He gave a false alias to Brian in hopes that his former partner wouldn't disrespect it, at least not for now.

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5:45 AM, Grimm City, St. John's Cathedral

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Following Ada's field trip to the bank, the Poetic Assasin moved under the waning blanket of the night to the basement of a Cathedral not too far from both the bank and her hotel.

Ada came to a halt just before a crucifix before she was joined by hooded members of the Order. She was supposed to rendezvous with Wesely Weston, the Order's leader; she recognized these men...they were not his. Ada's eyes scanned the cathedral with interest, it's presence here was odd it being an Eastern Orthodox church in a city like Grimm. Before the Lethal Weapon program, Ada's family were the religious sort, adamant practitioners of Catholicism; they still believed the ideologies that the Eastern Churches practiced were archaic and mundane.

The bishop of this dwelling was long gone, like his congregation, he fled fearing for his life. Ada like the Pope her persuasive tactics engineered another flawless infiltration, however, she wouldn't claim victory--not yet.

"Our job was to infiltrate this city. I have done that." Ada said finally turning to her small group of underling. They were chosen to be apart of the Grimm City Initiative, a program the Order launched to maintain a stronghold in Grimm after Ada's attack.

No Caption Provided

Ada's guards quickly took defensive positions before realizing who this newcomer was. Their swift reaction was a testament to how well trained the Order assassins were. "Jameela Sircar" Ada whispered.

She didn't need to turn to greet the fellow Order member, rather she knew the hulking shadow creeping upon her from the floor.

Jameela was the "Horseman of False Flags" these men where undeniably hers. When Ada's portion ended, Jameela would take over to oversee operations. They didn't like each other Ada and Jameela, they were the modern-day personification of the British-French Rivalry.

"My-My Well done Adaline." Jameela applauded sardonically. "That's two successful operations back to back. I am Impressed." Her annoying British Accent almost drew a reaction out of the Poetic Assassin, but Ada stayed to form.

"Jameela, only you would consider this a victory. Prematurely. I suppose your English pride runs deeper than I originally thought" Ada spat turning her shoulder to give the hulking 6'1 woman her attention.

"Besides, you have your orders. I suggest you move out, I wouldn't want anything to happen to you." Ada threatened moving pass both Jameela and her men. "He can't protect you forever you know, He's a fine man, but Amin Karrit is no Quintus Knightfall darling."

It was a running gag within the order that Amin was carrying Ada, much like they believed Quintus carried Ziccarra during her tenure.

"Oh no Jameela, he's worse"

Grimm City 6:15 AM

No Caption Provided

"It is at this moment I decree no more" Ada's eyes glazed over with a pulsating purple hue, her mind immediately connect with the plethora of people she controlled and relinquished control of their minds.

The sun finally pierce through the darkness giving Grimm the first light it's seen in hours, with the cover of the night gone; Ada would have to transform into what she hated the most--a politician.

She didn't need them anymore, the Order was here and would continue to monitor Grimm City's progression from within; however, The Poetic Assassin had a few final loose ends to deal with.

The Sarin X was driving around being one, the precursors were faulty but they stood long to pass the recommended shelf-life pretty soon the integrity of the entire load would falter releasing the deadly gas into Grimm City.

The second was @dominus_ "I know you can hear me, so listen very well. I have given the cities Legislative branch an ultimatum. They will surrender this city to you by sundown If they do not comply I will finish this city. You will become the face of this monster; and if you don't I will make sure every man, woman, and child that dwells within these city limits pay for your insubordination. I will force the birds from the skies, and I will taint the trees. End your puzzling efforts to stop me, and accept the answers to the test. The ball is in your court Mr. Dominus."

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@rosso: @dominus_

A van swerved as he flew past it and Hawkshade frowned, glancing behind him as it made a three point turn. Maybe they want an autograph. Too bad. He had places to go.

Lead punched into the handlebars, nearly ripping the bike from his grasp and he swerved wildly as he fought for control of the bike while bullets ripped through the air around him. A hole appeared in the glass of his speedometer and the bike jerked as a round found his rear run-flat off-road tire.

Hawkshade leaned his muscular frame down to reduce wind resistance and twisted the throttle. The bike roared and surged forward and the van shrank to a dot in his mirror, then vanished.

Another criminal out for a joyride? Or something else? The vigilante snarled as he whipped the bike off the main road and tore through several side streets. Not the Strigidae. They wouldn't miss.

He'd have to deal with them later as Brian Newcastle's voice came through the cowl's radio.

"Hawkshade, this is Brian Newcastle. We can deal with Laughlyn later. If I'm being honest I need you in perfect condition, because it's about time we take down the woman behind all of this. Meet me at the following coordinates and we'll find a way to take this tyrant down...together."

"Got it." He growled in response and memorized the coordinates. GPS was down, as were nearly all electronics after the EMP. He would have to-

-the bike sputtered and died. He rolled to a halt on the sidewalk and looked at his fuel gauge. Empty. How? He looked at the tank where the last of his fuel dripped out through a nickle sized bullet hole.


He hopped off the bike and pushed it down the sidewalk to another car, sealed the hole in his tank with duck tape and epoxy, chopped a section out of a nearby water-hose with his knife, stuck one end into the cars gas tank, sucked on the other end until he tasted gasoline, spat and stuck the free end into his tank and siphoned fuel from the car until his bike was full.

When he was done he tucked a twenty dollar bill under the windshield wiper and called up the coordinates Brian Newcastle had given him. There was no GPS. He set on his bike, looked at the nearest street sign and then and closed his eyes, walking through the halls of his memory palace until he arrived at a door marked 'Grimm.' He opened it and a map of Grimm city flooded his minds eye. He marked his current location and then traced three separate paths to the address Brian had given him. Then he traced three escape routes.

Just in case.

Then he opened his eyes and was off.

Crossing the city took longer this time. Gangs were out in force now and the chaos had spread. Several times Hawkshade had to stop and rescue a civilian. Twice he stopped further murders by breaking up fights between rival gangs; whatever force had united them had come to an end.

He came across bodies. Runny nose. Liquid around the eyes. Drool. Vomit. Scent of feces and urine. Poisoned.

This must be stopped.

It took all night to cross the city. By the time he arrived at the First A.I.D. Labs the sun had risen. He pulled up to the entrance and activated his cowl's communicator. "Newcastle?" He said in his deep rumble. "I'm here."

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Rundown Starbucks

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“That stupid meanine hero!” Lyn yelled out, trying to clean the blood off her face as she was behind the counter of the small coffee shop. She just managed to escape that stupid, strong and mean hero, and came across this building. She didn’t like coffee, but damn did she love their cake pops! But she managed to rest here, and while her face and hand was sore, it wasn't going to stop her from what she was going to do next. “I thought we were friends!” She cried out, slamming her hands on the counter top. "I was going to even give him fashion advice! Like what's up those stupid pointy ear things? and all that black, he could use some periwinkle or something, you know? Like, how am I suppose to know he's a hero when he's wearing all black like a baddie?" Was that heroes name? Did she even get a name? Shoot... oh well, she could probably google this person later. But anyways, she was getting distracted! She had a back up plan, if things didn’t work out in the Asylum, like any good villain. “Bob!” She screamed as one of the few henchmen that managed to escape from the heroes assault, came walking up with a metallic canister on each shoulder. Each canister filled with Nitrous oxide gas, the same gas she used on Hawkshade at the Asylum, only in much larger doses. “Bobbie!” She screamed again, as another henchmen walked in two other large metal canisters were brought in.

“What are we going to do with all this?” Bobbie asked as he set them down while Bob was already drinking his freshly made espresso with his pinky up.

“You heard the couple here, before we killed them, they were heading to Grimm City High. Apparently it’s a sanctuary to people who survived through the night, filled with victims for the taking!” She gave a wide smile. “We’re going to give them the high of their life.” The Mistress of Laughter giggled as she took a bite of one of the many cake pops left behind. “BOB, BOBBIE, LETS GO! We're gonna be late for class!"

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On the other side of the bridge across from Grimm City 6am

No Caption Provided

The moment Ashley heard about the chaos that was happening in Grimm City, she rallied her nurses, gathered supplies and made their way towards the war zone. However, they were unable to get across the bridge. Unable to go in and treat people who are probably wounded and god knows what else. But that didn’t stop her. Made up of tents (after making a few calls and some man power) she created her own field hospital. Able to treat the few people who were managing to escape the chaos through either the water that surrounded the city or through other means. Most of the people were either wounded, exhausted, dehydrated or all three.

While most of her nurses were trying to adjust to the change in atmosphere, to the Reality M Physician, it felt more like home. Field Hospitals were what Ashley worked out of during the war time against Ziccarra and Alexis, so this? It was easier than doing an intubation without a glidescope.

Along with the ride with her, was none other than the recently resurrected CVnU Knightfall, Ashley, or more known to the rest of the world “Nicole” second cousin to Ashley. Taking a moment away from the chaos, Ashley met up with the young Knightfall who was busy standing before the fractured bridge that was lined up with police from the distance to make sure no one was trying to get across. “You ok?” She lightly nudged her younger counterpart.

“No.” She grumbled, and Ashley could see it in her eyes, the frustration. “We should be in there, helping those people.” She wasn’t your typical Knightfall either. Out of everything (aside from their looks) the two didn’t have much in common. But it seems like she could add this to the short list. The desire to help those in need, the desire to save. “People are dying and the government isn’t doing anything.” She pointed out to the city she was looking out at. There was literal smoke rising up from buildings that were still burning. Or smoke from who knew what else was burning.

“There are reports of hero sightings. Apparently Tiffany Warden of Grimm City Asylum, said a hero rescued her from a criminal that was trying to take over the facility.”

“One, one hero.” Nicole held up a single finger. “You and I, we could do some damage there!”

“Nicole, I can’t. I have to stay here and help anyone who actually makes it out of there.”


“HOWEVER!” Ashley cut her off. “I do know of someone who may be able to help them.” Nicole gave her a curious look as the Knightfall Saint motioned for her to follow.

Walking over to one of the tents, Ashley opened it up and when Nicole walked in, she was face to face with a costume made up of purple and black. “Wait…” her eyes shift over at the doctor.

You thought of a name yet?
You thought of a name yet?

“I know you found The Underground.” She began. “I know you’ve trained in the past and I know you’ve fought alongside with other Knightfalls. I know you’ve been wanting to go back out there and I think this might be the perfect time for you to go out there and find yourself again.”

The younger Knightfall didn’t say another word, instead, she gave her other world self a hug and quickly ran in to inspect her new uniform.

“So… you thought of a name yet?”

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Dear Diary, let's get down to business

It wasn’t that hard to get into the city. Aside from the bridge being broken, and the ships forced to stay docked, there were other ways to get through. Like swimming there. Or if your other world self was CEO to a billion dollar corporation, you could take a small private helicopter above the city and parachute in. Which is totally what she did cause… why the hell not?

As she began descending down into the city, the hot, black smoke, began to obscure her vision. Then there was the smell… it was… something she had never smelled before. If she had to use one word to describe it, it would be death. Her feet touched the ground, the blood soaked ground as bodies laid out all over the place. This wasn’t a warzone, it was a slaughterhouse. She needed to try and save as many people as she possibly could.

Pulling the chut off of her she began hearing screams from the distance, and without missing a beat, she took off running in that general direction. Turning the corner she found not one, but three men attacking a group of teens that were roaming the streets together. She quickly got into action, pulling out a bo staff from seemingly nowhere as she began to beat the grown men off the teens in a smooth combination of attacks, catching the men off guard and within seconds, they were laying flat on their backs.

Get to the Asylum
Get to the Asylum

“Get to the Asylum, it's a safe location for now.” Was all she could tell them. She began to realize, she didn't have much of a plan other than just to try and save as many people as she could. She knew the Asylum was saved by a hero from reports, so it should be safe. Guess she was off to a good start... for now.

“W-what’s your name?” One of the teens asked.

“Honor Girl” She smirked from underneath her mask.

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@dominus_: @xxbelladonnaxx:

She was a looker, that was certain. It was a shame really, Vincent couldn't meet anyone normal in this line of work. He gently threw the Botanical Siren over his shoulder and took off for the coordinates given to him from his current employer.

All around him, the city continued to burn. Gunshots and screams were a constant reminder that this fight was far from over. Vincent was a killer, but he had a code. No civilians. He wanted to find whoever did this. Find'em, and put'em down. Take their resources and use it to strengthen The League for the ongoing fight with Strix. And then, if he'd survive that fight, he'd leave. But Vincent couldn't afford to think that far ahead.

Utilizing his men on the rooftops to scout out Grimm, The Devil's Head grimaced when he had to change course. Each change put him further behind his schedule. Finally, Vincent reached his destination. "I'm entering with your package now."Vincent replied over comms. For all he knew, he walking into a trap.

The Irish Shade pushed open the first set of doors. He spotted an empty gurney and laid the unconscious body of the Marijuana Mistress upon it. After strapping her down, Vincent continued to the heart of the compound with her in tow.

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Rise Above Hate, Part 1

All I ever wanted was the chance to change the circumstances of my own life. The last name Newcastle gave me the power to do just that and more. As Brian Newcastle, I worked tirelessly to introduce Dominus International's First A.I.D. Labs into my hometown.

I thought it would inspire Grimm City. I thought it would show the city that there was a life beyond the cruelty of our streets. I know it sounds stupid, but I thought I could create the kind of hope I needed as a kid. And as I peer through the tinted glass of my limousine, a disgruntled masked vigilante studying my every gesture, I wonder.

Is this my fault?

Brian was discouraged. With members of the city council terminating their Dominus servers, there were blind spots in the city that he couldn't access from the grid. He knew there were faint whispers of distrust in his subsidiary company, but it wasn't until @ada_guillaume spoke to him telepathically that he learned the truth. This attack was a setup and if he didn't comply, his city would suffer for his pride.

"I don't expect you to like me, but we have an obligation to Grimm." He spoke to the Enigma (@detective_whitaker) with a sincerity emphasized by the closing proximity between the two. As they were encircled by his security detail, Brian walked shoulder to shoulder with his makeshift partner, looking to him with the same endearing nature that had won him favor within his community.

"Our government hasn't helped us. Have you seen any helicopters, special forces, anything?" As they approached the staircase leading to the front entrance of his facility, his personal hitwoman (@rosso) waited with an almost annoyed posture. He could tell she felt her talents were being wasted and for that Brian would compensate.

"It's still healing from an abused infrastructure. Dead presidents and piss poor international relations." It was a slight against his father. An aggravation with the world around him and as he pushed opened the doors of his facility, Brian guided his guests into the center of his facility where an elevator opened upon their arrival.

"It's the middle of the night. We'll be stopping in the Division One facility. Our medical division is running on a backup generator. There are showers if you want to get cleaned up," Brian casually peeled off his whiskey stained long sleeve shirt. As his rosary danced on his chest, Brian looked at his himself through the stainless steel of the elevator doors. In a moment of self-reflection, Brian smiled at the scars he'd been given from his youth and his time on the Force.

"You've got my permission to rest up, eat some food from the breakroom. Whatever you're in the mood for. I just hope you don't mind the room," As the doors opened, Brian and his associates were swarmed by members of his staff and their families. The number of pleasantries and thanks painted the King of Grimm as a saint walking among his devout. And for a moment the would-be hero played his role.

Brian smiled, he waved and he even comforted some of his more sensitive employees. It all ended when the trinity of telepaths known as Legacy approached from the sea of Grimm. In unison, they're eyes illuminated a static blue energy as their fingertips traced his scars.

"We've found @xxbelladonnaxx and her mind is interesting. May lead us to the rat's nest." Sabrina spoke into his ear but muttered nothing out loud. Samantha looked at Rosso with a peculiar interest in the girl's mental fortitude. Alana, on the other hand, looked at the Enigma liked she'd seen him before.

"Get my gear and wake her up," Brian responded telepathically as he approached the blocked off portion of his medical division. "We need to understand the depth of Ada's collaborators."

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Rise Above Hate, Part 2

"What's our status, Legacy?" Unlike his company, Brian didn't have the time nor the patience to relax. Despite his calm, cool and collected demeanor his anxiety crawled underneath his skin like a roach infestation. He'd fall apart if it weren't for the telepathic safeguards made by Alana, Sabrina and Samantha Zeraz. From their support came his strength and for that he was thankful.

"We hear the city's screams. We guide as many as we can from Ada's people, but they're minds are untraceable." As they watched Brian undress, Sabrina stepped forward with a worn-down impact absorption suit Brian wore on his very last mission with the Force. It's what stopped his life from ending that evening in Las Vegas.

"We don't know how she does it," Sabrina scoffed at the thought of not knowing. The irony alone irritated her so much so that Samantha stomped her feet in frustration."but I think @xxbelladonnaxx might be our answer." Alana's voice acted as a beacon of hope amidst the doubt in her sisters' stature and tone. They were tired of acting as first responders for a war they wanted no part in. Hiring @dirge_ should have been the end of their involvement, but here they were.

"Speaking of our Irish friend, let's catch up with him." Before leaving his quarters, Brian slid on a pair of combat boots and strapped a familiar laser gun to his holster.

"The Devil's Head!" He exclaimed rather rambunctiously for someone who wanted to throw himself off a roof, but Brian was one for theatrics.

"I hope you've enjoyed getting your feet wet in Grimm City, but the sun's coming out and the wicked witch still isn't dead." While he slipped on a pair of grappling gloves, Brian made a conscious effort to present himself as a makeshift hero in the face of fear. With the distinguished vagabond by his side, it added a layer of professional security to his efforts.

"If you'd please follow me to the main room...I'd like to introduce you to my associates @rosso and the enigma (@detective_whitaker). They're helping me neutralize the threat the same as you and of course...@hawkshade." Brian smiled with such an earnest bravado, even the scruff on his cheeks couldn't conceal the redness on his face. He was elated so much so that his eyes watered as he pressed his hands on his hips. Before he could even wipe away his tears, Cassandra Ahmed, the head of his mystic art's division, blotted his damp face with her handkerchief.

"I don't know what or whose got you troubled, kid. In the year that I've known you, that spirit of yours has always danced between the two worlds you've chosen to marry, but tonight you get to choose who you really are. No more fooling around. Do you understand me?" Cassandra slapped his shoulder to bring him to attention.

"Without Dominus International, my husband and I wouldn't be here. Hell, half of us would be dead and may the Lord forgive me baby boy, but that's cause you've shown more American valor than every goddamn politician whose promised to save this city. So, man up and do you what you always do. Rise above the hate and make shit happen. And as for you six,"Cassandra knew Brian wasn't a blue-blooded patriot, but she always understood where his intentions resonated. In the case of Rosso, Enigma, Dirge and the telepathic hivemind Cassandra's worries regarding their own motivations lead to a direct warning if not command, "Keep our boy alive. Understood?" It should be noted, however, that as Cassandra spoke...the eyes of the telepathic hivemind known as Legacy were illuminating the same static blue energy as earlier in the night.

"Thank you, Cassandra. It means a lot, but I've got work to do."He embraced her briefly as the refugees in his safe haven overlooked their exchange. Some even taking photos and recording the interaction on their Dominus International A-X Phones and tablets.

"Hawkshade, enter the building's front entrance. Take the elevator down to the sublevel basement. It's time to game plan saving Grimm City." As he separated from Cassandra, Brian cued for his associates to follow him to the elevator once more. This time, however, they'd enter his facility's security armory which included a three-dimensional map of Grimm City waiting for stratagem.

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"Hawkshade, enter the building's front entrance. Take the elevator down to the sublevel basement. It's time to game plan saving Grimm City."

Static crackled over his cowl's communicator along with Brian's words. "Copy." He said.

There was no time to waste and Hawkshade entered the building and jogged to the elevator, memorizing the path to the exit as he moved. Nice building. Newcastle money. Newcastle connections.


Hawkshade hated elevators. They were slow and you were trapped in a little box. He scowled and took the stairs instead, flipping from guardrail to guardrail in a display of acrobatic prowess that belayed his powerfully built six foot four frame as he descended.

The sublevel basement. There was food. He scowled at ate a ration bar from his belt (half melted) and drank some warm water from his canteen bottle. Could be poisoned. Laced with nano-trackers. Anything. Can't trust it. The ration bar wrapper went back into his utility belt. No DNA.

Then he was inside the armory, looking about at the plethora of devices and eyes playing across the holographic display of the city. He crossed his thick arms over his broad chest and grunted. "Nice."

He wondered if Tessa could build something like that of Gothic.


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@americanvalor_: @dominus_: @EveryoneElse:

Valentina didn't get it. Thus far she'd played her part but her patience grew increasingly thin. They'd gotten together for a contract but since then all she did was run around to different Grimm City properties, and now they were...exchanging pleasantries? Showering, taking breaks? She'd literally just gotten out of the bath when he called.

The only good thing about this job so far was she got half her original pay upfront. But now things were going south. These fools running around like chickens with with their heads cut off, still scrambling to figure out what they were even facing. With all the pleasantries involved, her employer didn't even seem fully committed to that end. Playing politics...

"As for you six...Keep our boy alive. Understood?

Valentina shot her a look.

Who the #%&* is...? That's it. #%&* this.

"Yo! Bossman!" the Scarlet Assassin shouted, though she was only a few feet behind him at the time. "We have to talk."

She moved to stand in front of him, dropping the duffel of her things on the floor. "This job is...not like expected. You come to me, you say 'shoot this man, I pay you.' Okay. I want to do this. You say, 'man is in hotel...or maybe not. He somewhere in the city.' That...not okay. But, still I accept because this is original contract. Then you say, 'kill somebody at asylum.' I go do this. But I don't, because I try to do this and you say 'don't kill person at asylum. Come here.' So I here now. And now, all I hear, this...rhetoric about 'save the city.'" Hands on her hips, she shifted her weight to one leg, tapping her foot impatiently. "Feeling like I know less than everyone here. I don't like it. The job is much more than originally planned. As such, I am thinking, is time to renegotiate our contract, yes? More work requires more money. More...incentive, hm?"

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Crackle crackle. Tessa's eyes narrowed as the screens surrounding her that had previously been monitoring Grimm went blank with static and the comms with Richard went completely silent. That was.... well, that was not good to say the least. She immediately began typing, her fingers furiously dancing across her keys as she tried to hook into different cams, to get some sort of eye into Grimm City. The system that she was developing had the capability to do a lot, but she needed something to tap into and everything was coming up just... blank.

Nope, not good at all.

She began running mental calculations How long would it take her to get what she needed? How long would it take her to get to the city? How long would it take her to find Richard? The answer to each was unfortunately and dismally the same: too long. It would take too forking long. Kellan was off in the banals of the city doing god knew what. He was off the grid and they had left her here. She was still healing and with her procliviy for tech it had made sense for her to run support for Richard's mission. But remaining in a support role was no longer an option.

She quickly programmed a command into her systems and made quick work of stripping out of her clothing. She'd locked away a new suit that she'd developed. Nothing fancy like the gear and accoutrement that they were working on together for Richard, but it would do. An experimental material had been laced into her suit, one that would allow her easy access to her systems. Aside from that there were no fancy gadgets. A mask that covered the lower portion of her face, a hood that she could pull up to mask her hair. A structured torso that was lined with something sturdy enough to stop claws. She hoped.

Tessa winced as she fastened it. Her stitches were still sore, her shoulder a little achey on the bad days. She secured two bladed weapons at her back within easy reach, the knives strapped to her thighs, and a few little surprises should she need them. "That'll do it," she muttered as she grabbed her helmet and made for her motorcycle.


She'd studied enough modern-day sieges of cities to be able to game plan certain things. She knew that was a ridiculous thought. 'Modern-day sieges,' was an outrageous phrase. And yet... and yet. There were certain areas that were always vulnerable. And so now, in the midst of chaos, she sped down shattered roads littered with abandoned vehicles, weaving in and out at a breakneck pace. Adrenaline surged through her veins as she headed for the high school.

In times of panic, communities gathered in specific places. There was no way out of Grimm and finding her way in had been an adventure all itself. It had taken her almost a day to get everything in place. But here she was, taking a tight turn onto Main Street, and heading directly for the high school, in anticipation of either an attack, or citizens in need of aid.

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Dog ripped the last street tough apart like a pinata, and from the maniac grin the feral mutant was sporting, one would think that the man had been full of delicious candy. He wiped the blood from his his eyes as he glanced around, but could find no other potential victims in his immediate vicinity. Except her, of course, but he was enjoying her company too much. He should probably get her name, at some point; she hadn't offered it, he hadn't asked, and her nametag had apparently become a casualty well before he'd found her.

She was hunched about a dozen yards away, getting sick again. She'd long since emptied her stomach, so now her body was just quivering as it dry heaved. Poor girl, Dog thought with a glimmer of amusement, she's gotta build up some tolerance. Fun as this was, it was pretty light stuff, after all. She should have been there during the Tet Offensive; now that was a wild time. By the time Dog had glutted his own base nature, he'd emerged from the jungles to find out that the US had pulled out of Saigon over a week previous. He imagined that there were probably still some stories about the "Blonde Devil of the Jungle" that circulated in some of the more remote villages.

"C'mon, sweet stuff," Dog said, grabbing the traumatized waitress' arm and pulling her back towards the battered and bloodstained SWAT van, "this party's a bust; time to find another." By now, she was just sort of staring at him with glazed eyes when he spoke; he was beginning to wonder if she could speak at all. "Sooner or later we'll find one ya like, don't worry," he teased as he gunned the ignition and barreled down the road, back on the hunt.