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Russia, it had been a while. The last time Bill was here, it was during the mutant extremist war in the nineties, back when he was a cape killer. Not alot has changed in Moscow since he had been there, the city itself was a domain for metas and mutants, especially since the registration wars back in the states. But he wasn't here for mutants, he wasn't here for cape killing, he was here for Knightfall. Quintus Knightfall to be more exact, one of his greatest (and still breathing) rivals. The two had a brief but contrasting past together, back when Quintus wore the cowl and was still the unknown urban myth, the dark Knight. Those were the days when he was the good guy, and Bill was "the bad guy", back when their were only two sides. But what now? Who is who? Bill is a renegade cape killer, searching for redemption because of the sins of his past, a "good guy" as it were.

The Knightfall museum, there isn't just the one. In capitals of the greatest cities, the Knightfall family had invested in museums to promote culture and togetherness, but Bill wondered, are there caves under these one's as well? That wasn't important, what was important was Bill staying warm. He was on the balcony of some apartment he couldn't remember the name of, didn't care enough. His combat jacket was zipped up tight and his eye was firmly pressed against the scope of a Cheytac-408 Cal sniper rifle, some nice American craftsmanship he brought over to use in Russia. The balcony had an exquisite view of the Knightfall museum.

It was finally time, Quintus Knightfall would be showing up any moment to host the grand opening, and the scene was already bustling. The who's who of Moscow was here, along with a ton of press and paparazzi. The rifle, shockingly enough, wasn't meant to take down a Knightfall tonight. With alot of razors and lot of salt, he got word that the mob was up to something big tonight, something that had to do with the Knightfalls, so the skull hunter put his grudge aside so he could take down a good amount of mobsters with Knightfall as the bait.

And all he had to do was wait.