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The world had changed dramatically for the heroes. The highest ranking member of the Inner Circle for the Hellfire Club had climbed into Presidency almost over night. Every hero was crowned an enemy of the state and hunted down like dogs. But then something unexpected happened and the new President cleared them of all charges, placing the entire blame on one of his own known as Aztek. The Hellfire Club was reeling still as another one of their members betrayed them and sent vital information to Andy. Information that could still place the HFC to the events that had happened. being freed of charges already Andy had sat on the information and waited until a time came where he could use it and bring them down to their knees. However there was more important things to attend to first, or at least to him.

Two months had passed since he asked the girl of his dreams to marry him. When she had said Yes his world became happier. Nothing else mattered to him because he had her, the woman who made him whole, his heart. The passing days were filled with joy and love, he would surprise her with flowers at the shop and romantic dates by candlelight. Her house would be filled with rose peddles and exotic scents when she came home. Everything was going great and he felt like the luckiest man in the entire world.

Two more months had passed and they had set a date for the wedding. Invitations were sent out across the world. Members of WAL, Angels and Demon, Mobb Deep, customers of the Nine Lives were all invited. Personal invites were sent to close friends and family. They were a happy couple and wanted everyone to share in their happiness on their special day. Andy had already moved to New York by the time, leaving Texas behind for her, but he still carried his southern draw and cowboy hat. He had struck a deal with S.H.I.E.L.D as a way to pay bills and with that hey provided him with newer weapons, and a healthy paycheck. Each day at closing he would stop by the coffee shop to help her and Chris close up, making sure to call any night he would not be able to make it.

SHIELD had sent him on a number of missions over the next two more months. He longed for her more and more as the time passed. Not being able to hold her in his arms every day took a toll on him and he longed for his trips home to wrap her up in his strong arms. Squeezing her tightly as he lifted her up and off her toes into his waiting lips for a kiss. He knew she worried but the world needed hero more now than ever with Gambler running things. No longer pulling strings behind the scenes he was up front and in charge of the entire U.S.A as well as many other nations army's.

It had been 4 months since she told him Yes, and their wedding was now fast approaching, just around the corner. He was excited, nervous, and overjoyed, soon everything would be perfect in his life.

But things change.....

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lots of things had changed for ronin. after the events of the past ronin found himself to be a new person. no longer would he follow orders the orders of the military no longer would he be a personal weapon used by the president himself. After D day ronin set off on a long journey. ronin gave LP his contact number and went on his way. As much as he would love to hang out with his old friend ronin had other things to tend to and with that he was gone.

ronin road through out the country side he had to find out more about what had happened to him. ronin rode through state after state in search of the weapon X facility. the old ronin would have just slashed the throats of any person that stood between him and his real life. Ronin was no longer the savage animal he once was he would have to be sly and cunning to find the whereabouts of the weapon x facility that he had been taking to. The only way ronin could see himself being able to do this would be the only thing that would seem impossible. Ronin would have to break into the pentagon.

ronin rode his bike into washington D.C. wearing his marine corp dress blues and all his war medals. Ronin figured what better way to break into the pentagon than to walk right in. ronin parked his bike out front. the pentagon had separate parking spots for motorcycles. As ronin stepped off his lime green zx10 he unlatched his helmet strap from his chin and grabbed his white dress cover off the back of his bike. ronin quickly paced the cover on his head then strapped his helmet into the helmet holder underneath the seat cowl. the new found hero found himself once again tredding a fine line but as he seen it the G man was running the country.

slowly ronin marched his way to the front entrance of the pentagon. As ronin entered the door there was 2 guards standing there checking I.D's and security clearance. luckily for ronin he still had some friends in low places that used some high tech equipment. quickly ronin handed the guard his clearance I.D. with out flinching or even second guessing. this certainly wasnt the first time ronin found himself sneaking into high security facility's and probably wouldnt be the last. The guard scanned the I.D and for a second there was a delay but then the buzzer went off notifying the guard that he was clear to enter. ronin quickly removed his cover and placed it between his arm and his ribs.

then grabbed up his I.D and with a quick smile said "thank you sergeant" and went on his way. ronin nonchalantly walked through the large hallways of the secure facility ever so often being stopped for clearance and just as before he was allowed clearance. As ronin walked through the hallways he would ever so often be greeted with a firm "good morning master sergeant" and as he did so many times before he would greet the fellow marines.

as ronin began to draw closer to the class A security clearance area where it would require finger prints and retinal scans he began to look for a slightly less populated area. although he had the best security badge that could be forged he still wouldnt be able to get past the scanners. just before he reached the first retinal scanner he slowly made a line for a mens restroom just to the left of him. upon entering he walked over to a stall and closed the door behind him. ronin knew where he had to go to get what he needed and with a quick close of his eyes he teleported into the next area. ronin walked through the hallways once again until he arrived at the mainframe computer entrance. he had never been in there before so he couldnt just teleport in. this would be the time he would normally began to slash throats and cut off hands to get the clearance he needed but this time he had to do things right.

slowly ronin walked over to a fire alarm and pulled it this would give him just a few minutes but that was all he needed. quickly the alarms sounded off and people began to rush out the building. ronin stood just outside the large security door and just as it opened up he got a good glimpse of the inside of it and quickly he turned around and began following the crowd. now that he was blended in he quickly teleported away from the crowd and into the large secure room.

in the room ronin sat down behind a computer and cracked his knuckles. quickly ronin went to work ronin wasnt much of a computer whiz he usually doesnt have the patience for this kinda thing but the alarm scared one of the workers and he left his computer on and his name still logged in. ronin then scanned through the computer and several minutes later he found what he was looking for. on the screen showed a list of all of the weapon X projects and as he scrolled down he found the name ronin. quickly he clicked on the name and it brought up alot of info. without a second to waste ronin instantly reached into his pocket pulling out a disk and shoved it into the computer. the cunning warrior copied all of the info and files on ronin onto the disk.

With a blink of an eye the door began to open from the outside. If there was anytime to make an exit it would be now. The door swung open and several civilians walked into the room talking about the false alarm. ronin sat in the back of the room ducked down just able to see the people enter. just as the last person walked in ronin teleported to the door and slammed it shut. quickly the civilians turned around and stared at the marine before them. one man shouted "what are you doing here" and with a glare in his eye ronin raised his hand and the sound of metal scraping metal silenced the room. ronin had revealed his claws and the civilians stood there quietly in fear for a brief second.

"you there in the white tie can I hope your as good at your job as the U.S. government thinks you are" ronin shouted. the man in the white tie quickly began to sweat as ronin approached him."Do worry just do as i say and nobody gets hurt" ronin said almost comfortingly. ronin then sat the man down into a chair and bent over and whispered into his ear. "erase every mutant hero off of your data base" ronin said quietly to the man while softly rubbing the back of his blades across the face of the nervous man.

quickly he went to work while ronin watched over the rest of the people in the room. Several minutes later the man at the computer stood up and shouted done. ronin quickly turned around and smiled as he looked over the computer. the job was done now there was only one more thing to do. my man my man you are something else one more thing though ronin said laughingly i need you to break into the security system and erase all video in the system of the last 50 minutes ronin said once again with a smile on his face. the man nervously stuttered "ye ye ye yes i i i c c c ca ca can" ronin then smiled and said get to work. 3 minutes later the man shouted done. ronin then walked over to the man slowly pressing his claws against his back and with a very sly move ronin placed a small piece of paper into the mans back pocket. Just like that ronin was gone.

when the man would arrive home he would find a small piece of paper in his pocket that no one else seen ronin place there. upon opening it up the man would see a long strand of numbers along with a bank name and an account name. ronin gave the man he had scared to death his bank account number that help several hundred thousand dollars that ronin had collected from when he was a hitman. Ronin no longer cared about the money he got what he needed. ronin got some of his memories back even if it was on a small CD.

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The view was amazing, overlooking a rocky cliff into the wilds of the deep blue sea. The sky flying out to touch it as your view dips down into the water. A large splash of water heard as something crashes into the water, going deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean. Into the unseen potions where no human have ever swam. A different type of vision kicks on allowing you to see the events unfolding around you. The water rushing by not effecting your eyes as you dive deeper into the unknown. You come to the bottom of the jagged ocean floor which revealed a sleep creature. A massive beast was laying there asleep, its large eyes closed. Then without warning its eyes shot open and the creatures long neck lifted off the ocean floor raising to its four strong legs. The beast had to large wings tucked in at its sides as it pushed off of the floor, speeding through the water at incredible speeds. Swimming like a serpent through the waters as it went splashing out of the depths of the sea. Its wings spreading out stretching for the sky as it took off into the air. Flying higher and higher into the blue skies it reached the clouds and busted through them as it flew onward. It rose high up into the sky until the sun was directly behind it. In a deafening roar the creature screamed out and 10 magical lights erupted out of him flying through the air at lightning speeds. The dragon had awoken once more, there was a call for heroes.

Centuries Earlier

The land was a simpler place in this era. Men lived in castles and rode on horses. Knights lived and died by the sword for their Kings. But like all legends there was one place that was known to be the pinnacle of civilization. In this age it was known as Camelot. Many know of the story, the legend of King Arthur and his magical sword Excalibur. Oh his adviser and magician Merlin. But there are few who know the true tell, the truth behind Merlin. It is true that he was a powerful Wizard, but the truth was that he was no man. He was the powerful and mighty dragon known to mortals as Iceingdeath.

Years before Arthur ever created Camelot or made the Knights of the round table Iceingdeath was the protector of the realms. He was then given a vision that he would not be able to protect the lands alone. That soon mankind would fear and hunt his kind down. With that he began to make plans to help humanity survive. He would play the role of advisor and manipulate things from behind the scenes. That was when he decided to take on the form known as Merlin and began his plans. As Merlin he guided Arthur into manhood and brought him to the magical sword Excalibur. Helped him seek out the Knights to form the first group to protect human kind. The first group known in Draconian lore as the Ice Dragons. Mortals would call them King Arthur and the Knights of the round table. But history always messed with the truth. Time passed by and the knights were no longer needed, Merlin was no longer needed and he slipped back in suspended animation, to sleep through the oncoming decades, centuries until he was needed again. Until the time for the Ice Dragons was upon them once more.

Present Day

Once again awake the dragon flew through the skies as his magical essence sought out the ten. The ones who would wear the mantle of Ice. Heroes who held integrity, courage, and excellence to their hearts. A bond would be shared between these ten that would unite them as a force for good. To bring peace back to the land filled with chaos. There was a call for heroes once more.

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in the wake of what had been one of the most challenging times for the Heroes, they found themselves in a vastly different world. The enigmatic figurehead of the HellFire Club, the "man" as it were, was now the President of the United States. President LeBeau had certainly risen to power in an unorthodox fashion, from the outsider's point of view. anyone knowing how the Inner Circle operated knew that treachery and murder were just a few of the crimes they were willing to committ to get what they wanted. President LeBeau had made a personal statement to the union as a whole that the once hated...wanted.. even feared men, the heroes.. were now free. They'd gone from persona non grata to everyone's all american hero overnight. Instead of placing the blame for the death and destruction squarely upon the heroes' shoulders, President LeBeau chose instead to diflect the blame upon one of his former associates, Hellfire Club member Aztek. It was funny to all those persecuted, funny that they'd betray their own just to cover their tracks. but there's no way to expect anything less from them. they were broken, their foundation cracked.. but they wern't out. retribution was around the corner. death, taxes, and revenge.. three things you can count on in the hero business.

for the little waitress working at Nine Lives Coffeeshop, the time afterwards had taken on a distinctly happier tone. she was granted the dream come true. she was marrying the most amazing man, the man of her dreams. four months after the breathtaking proposal on the cliff, life for her had been a blur. she knew what marrying Andy meant. she knew the dangers, the long missions, the times that she simply wasn't going to be able to be close, but it didn't matter. the times that they were together were what mattered. and they made every second of them count. in the midst of the frenzy of wedding plans, Lexi and Andy had managed to work themselves into the perfect routine. romance was never in short order with him. there were the surprise flower deliveries at the Shop, the boxes of chocolate left for her.. and then there were the dates. those amazing nights alone in the Shop, the two of them just staring at one another across a candlelit table for two. the stereo playing softly in the background.. selfishly playing "You Get Me" on continuous loop. what could she say? it was their song.. it summed them up so perfectly.

she never felt she had to look over her shoulder any longer. she felt safe.. knowing that Andy was there. knowing that brilliant diamond heart glittered on her finger, a shining beacon of their love for all to see. the Hellfire Club may have threatened her in the past, but she knew that was all over. she knew she was untouchable. it wasn't as though he kept her in the ivory tower, far from it. she just knew that he protected her with his soul. not just his shield. not just his visor. and not with his strength. he possessed something so much deeper and that was what made her feel as though no harm would ever come to her. she was blissfully able to focus on her plans for the wedding rather than worrying about the stalkings and the cryptic messages delivered out of the blue.

the group had gone their separate ways after the melee, but still managed to stay in touch. they all promised to return for the big day. especially happy to hear of the news, Lst Paladin promptly informed her that she was simply not allowed to get married if he wasn't there. she'd heard from Chris, while his reaction had been lukewarm in the beginning she could tell he genuinely wanted her happiness. and he could see by the way she and Andy interacted that he did make her happy. that she was loved unconditionally. she secretly wondered if he was afraid she would give up her half of the shop.. if he thought she'd just up and walk away. she sat him down one afternoon and told him that while she was marrying Andy, the Shop was hers. That she shared the dream with him, because she knew that together they'd make it a success. she wasn't about to give that up. Andy supported her.. wanted her to have the pleasure the Shop offered her. And he knew she'd be safe there, with Chris looking out for her and Lst Paladin just around the corner

she knew that no matter how many missions S.H.I.E.L.D sent him on, that he would return safely to her. that something was driving him. she'd been there that moment when he'd received the cryptic message. she knew that he was sitting on something big. she knew that it was just what they needed to take the Hellfire Club down for good. it was imperitive they keep it secret. they had to wait for just the right time.. but she always thought there was no time like the present. they were starting a new chapter. their friends were off on their own new beginnings.. why not give the Country one as well?

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When the bombs stopped falling on the battlefield, Paladin and Ronin were still there, unhurt thanks to the force field Paladin had placed around them. Ronin quickly recovered from his injuries and stood up. There was an obvious change in Ronin and Paladin was relieved. It seemed his old friend, and brother had returned from the darkness he had been surrounded by. Now things could be as they had been, and as they should be.

In the weeks and months after this event there were many changes that took place. Ronin was on the road to discover facts about his past. Andferne and Lexi had discovered each other and their relationship had grown to be one of tremendous love and devotion to each other. Chris had become much more powerful and seemed to be handling the Lexi situation very well. It seemed all of his friends were doing very well, all except one. Paladin had no news of Nighthunter, and wondered what had happened to his former team mate. It had been said Nighthunter had turned to the side of evil, but Paladin had trouble believing this to be true. Yes his friends were mostly doing well, so what of Paladin.

Paladin was still dealing with the tremendous emotional stress of recent events in his life, and his death. It was only a few short months ago that Paladin was on another battlefield, battling a tremendous evil villain named Chaos Black. Whenever Paladin closed his eyes, or fell asleep his mind would take him back to that day, the memory still a powerful force in his mind.

It was on that day Paladin was given a vision of the future by Odin. No one knew the entire truth of that vision. People thought they knew, there were several opinions on what Paladin saw, and why he chose to end his life. However no one knew the whole truth and Paladin did not feel he could tell anyone, at least not yet.

As the son of Preen closed his eyes and his memory drifted back to that day he remembered Chris and he were in a struggle to bring Lexi back from the dead, or that is what they thought they were doing. Chris, Witchblade, and Ladydeath were on the battlefield that day. Chris was quickly coming into the knowledge that Lexi was alive, and the body that lay before them was merely a clone. Ladydeath and Witchblade were becoming engaged in the battle with Chaos and Paladin had launched himself toward Chaos. Then came the vision, the one that Paladin could not ignore.

Paladin could see Lexi, and she was in a room with the evil Sinister. They were standing close to each other, facing each other. Just as it appeared they were about to kiss Paladin saw himself busting through the wall of the room Lexi was in. As the surprised Sinister saw Paladin, the evil one pushed Lexi to the floor. Paladin stood in the room, his hammer in his hand, revenge in his heart, and Paladin was ready to rescue Lexi and also destroy the evil one known as Sinister.

As Sinister was saying something to Paladin, Lexi regained her feet. She was standing to the side of Paladin. Then Sinister released some kind of fierce attack toward Paladin, but Lexi ran in front of Paladin, and she was struck in the back with the full force of the attack from Sinister. Paladin could hear Sinister laughing as Lexi fell to the ground. As Lexi was falling Paladin grabbed her and held her in his arms. She looked at him and died. Paladin knew he had just caused the death of the one person he could not bear to lose. As Paladin was crouched on the floor, holding the departed Lexi the vision stopped.

Now Paladin regained his composure from the vision, and knew he had only seconds before the vision would become reality. Chris had now received the knowledge that Lexi was alive, and in just moments Paladin would find himself busting through the wall, where Lexi and Sinister were.

Paladin thought quickly, and knew he had to prevent this from happening, but how. The only solution would be if he could remove himself from that vision, and the only way he could ensure that was to make sure he could not be there. It was at that moment he pulled his sword, and made sure he would not burst through the wall. In that way Lexi would not die that day, in an attempt to save Paladin.

Paladin shook himself and pulled away from this painful memory once again. He wanted to go to the coffee shop, and see Lexi. Sometimes seeing she was alive, and toughing her to make sure was the only way to get relief from the memory. But each time he would find her well and happy. Paladin would slowly get over this nightmare.

So what was in store for Paladin now? He could feel the need to get away, to fly up into the heavens and travel to some location. He knew not where he would go, but knew leaving for awhile was the right thing for him to do.

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Wind blew in the cold night air, moonlight shone through the parting leaves. It cast a glow on anything it touched, parallel to the dark that shrouded the spots inbetween. A small bit of movement, unnoticeable to the human eye, stirred in the darkness. A small piece of black entered the moonlight, gleaming. It emergd more, revealing the shaft to a shotgun, held by a furred clawed hand. A twig snapped, and the shotgun withdrew into the darkness. More movement, and a werewolf's face peeked into the light. Tattoos ran along its face. It was Cryo-Wolf, the Demigod Demon Hunter. Cupping a hand to his mouth, he whistled like a small bird. In the distance, he heard, "Over Here." Thankfully, no one else but him could hear it. He moved, bits of moonlight illuminating the blue tattoos and his clothes: a white muscle shirt and blue hawaiian print shorts. He had no flip flops on like he usually had. They'd make too much noise. As Cryo kept low to the ground, he moved to his accomplice: Simba, the wolf/german shepherd hybrid that was Cryo's animal guide. "It's over in the clearing." Simba muttered, only audible by Cryo. Cryo could speak with Animals, and as such he and Simba often spoke together.

Cryo reared his head slightly, and saw in front of him a clearing ungulfed in moonlight. In it was a creature hunched over. No, not a creature. As the light hit it, it shimmered, and every so often a part of it would sway slightly. "It's a White Lady." Cryo muttered. White ladies were female ghosts who suffered at some point in their life. Cryo checked some computer printouts. "The White Lady of Branch Brook Park." he spoke, "Murdered on her on the way to her prom when she and her date's limousine crashed. Date walked away. Legends say she's still looking for her date."

"It doesn't make sense," Simba said, "White Ladies are born from tragic deaths or suffering. She just got into an accident."

"Maybe it wasn't an accident," Cryo said. He managed to tear his eyes away for a moment. "Maybe the date murdered her. Accounts say the date did go on to get a new girlfriend afterwards, only to be found dead after walking through this very pa-" Cryo stopped short. Both he and Simba could hear it. A small, faint whisper, that slightly echoed as it sounded.

Why? Why did you kill me, John? We were so happy together. Weren't we, John? Weren't we? The White Lady was hunched over, sitting on her heels. Her ghastly dress, ripped and torn, flowed into whisps of air aroun her. I loved you John. I loved you, and you killed me. You took my heart, and now I took yours. Simba noticed a pale look on Cryo's face. Cryo turned to Simba.

"Her date's name was Adam." They both looked back to see through the spirit, to the mangled body of a teenage boy. The white lady ran its finger along the body's pale cheek. The shirt was ripped open, and a gash was where the heart would be.

"Why didn't I see it before!" Cryo said, clutching his head in his hands. "All of the victims were men. She's punishing other men for her date's crime." The faint whisper had stopped. An eerie quiet replaced it. Cryo and Simba looked back to see only the body, no astral form.

Why? Why did you kill me, Scott? We were so happy together. Cryo and Simba turned to the White Lady floating an inch above the ground behind them. Her hair and dress fluttered ominously in the wind. Her eyes were blacker than Cryo's claws, and blood stains stretched from her forehead down to her neck. She still wore a corsage on her right wrist. Weren't we, Scott? Weren't we?

"Uhh..." Cryo said, but he was too late. The white lady's hand reached out, grasping his chest. He immediately felt his chest tighten, and the beating of his heart slowed. It felt like it was being sucked right out of his chest from a vacuum. "Si-" Cryo tried to say, but he couldn't. He couldn't breathe. The blood in his body was beginning to slow. Simba snarled and leaped, dissipating the ghost into wisps of air. Cryo could breathe again, and his heart leapt back to life. He coughed and Simba said, "C'mon! We need to find the body!" He and Cryo burst through the park, dodging through trees and darting through foliage. Behind them, they could see a white light and hear the white lady's faint calls of heartache.

"You catch the scent yet?" Cryo asked. "No wait, I got it!" He signaled to Simba and they both veered to the right. Cryo stopped short and began digging, signaling Simba to do also. The dug and dug until they came upon the skeletal remains of the white lady, still in its prom dress. Cryo grabbed the wrist just as the ghost entered the scene. He ripped it from the dirt and threw it on the ground.

*NO! She shrieked, contrary to the whisper of before. Don't you want to be with me, Scott? Please, I miss you." She began to move closer, but Cryo struck a match and took out a bottle of gasoline.

"I would've said yes, but since you tried to kill me instead of getting to second base, I'm gonna have to pass on that." He dropped the open bottle onto the remains and held up the match. "Rest in Peace, b!tch." He threw the flame onto the bones, and they burned. The white lady shrieked, bursting up in flames. Her scream echoed in the night air until it was merely a pin drop on the wind.

That was a about a week ago. Now, Cryo stumbled into his apartment in Boston, miles from Branch Brook Park in New Jersey, and dropped his bag on the floor. It had been awhile since he was an enemy of the state, and ever since then he had tried to lay low. He still didn't trust the government. After all, the biggest d0uche in the world was running the country. Cryo was glad to call himself an anarchist. He fell to the couch, Simba leaping up next to him. He crawled under Scott's arm, and the both lay on their side. Simba sighed and rested his snout on his paws. Cryo rested his head on the arm of the couch and sighed.

"Hey, Scott-"

"Now now Simba. I'm sleeping."

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After the dark days for the heroes when Gambler and the rest of the Hellfire Club had taken control over the governament of the United States and probably many others without their knowledge and that on a great twist Nighthunter had betrayed his former teamate and leader Renegade Lantern to protect the leader of the villains, Gambler, Nighthunter had went under the radar; he didn't have any comunications with any person, any hero.

It may had been the fact that he didn't have comunication with anyone, it may had been that the events that happened six months ago had given him another persception over the world, maybe he had always been crazy. The why didn't matter, only what it meant, Nighthunter had lost his mental health and now only wanted to take down the last heroes on Earth, the ones that emerged after the time of the New Age Outlaws, bound together by fate, they were this world's new generation of heroes, some of them trained under the watchful eye of living legends that had chosen a diferent path.

For the last month Nighthunter had been watching every single one of the heroes without beeing noticed, obsserving them, learning from them, their powers, their weaknesses and at the same time how could he take them down, one by one or at the same time.

One day Nighthunter was at his laboratory, running a few tests when an alarm on his lab started, the laboratory of Nighthunter had detected a new source of power, with power scales that surpassed anything he had seen before, even the mighty of normal gods weren't on par with that new beeing.

A creepy smile was formed on Nighthunter's face "Well well, what do we have here?" after that Nighthunter started to use his machines to search for this source of unimaginable power. Nighthunter stood for a few moments on his lab without moving, but remembering two of the greatest villains the vine has ever known, Mr. Sinister and Mighty Magneto. While most of the greatest villains were already walking on Earth these two were somewhere, probably dead or maybe even worse...forgotten.

Nighthunter went to his safelock in the lab and grabbed one little containtment that was there, after making another creepy and mocking smile he said to himself "So begins the end"

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ronin had just done the unthinkable. breaking into the pentagon was something very few men could accomplish and get away with. Shortly after the job ronin set back out on his journey riding through city after city. Ronin covered alot of ground imbetween the job at the pentagon and sun down.

ronin flew down the highway at top speeds dodging traffic and completely avoiding traffic jams with the help of his teleportation. ronin now found himself in one of the biggest city's in the united states. Welcome to the big apple a sign said as ronin crossed over a very large bridge. the statue stood high and mighty to his right just as the sun began to cross the horizon. All in all it was a beautiful sight. ronin loved his country and up until a few months ago would have happily died for her. But times had changed ronin now found himself considered by many to be an anarchist. Still the sight of lady freedom brought joy into ronin's heart.

As ronin rode through the large city he found himself slowed way down by the high ammount of traffic within the city. Taxi cabs were every where and people thousands of people walked up and down the sidewalks and into intersections and cross walks. Truely this place was a mess. The big apple was a chaotic nightmare while being controlled at the same time. Ronin followed behind a yellow taxi cab he had ditched his dress blue's and put his digital cami's on. The sound of ronin's exhaust roared as he let off the gas to slow down for the stop light just up ahead. While stopped ronin looked around at the tall buildings through the visor of his helmet.

Just over to his left he seen the news on a tv in a window. they were reporting about the break in of the pentagon. Ronin smiled as he watched the lady talk about how it had happened and the simple fact that they had no suspects was enough to allow ronin to sleep easy. He had gotten away with what could easily have been the biggest heist ever.Ronin cleared the files of every known mutant/hero there was. the more important fact was that he could now find out about his past.

ronin continued to ride through the large city he knew where he was going but knew it was to late to go there now as the sun was down and the moon shined bright above the city lights. Ronin decided it was time to turn in for the night. so quickly he found himself a hotel and got a room.

while in his room ronin took his shower and did all of his normal routine stuff like shaving. just as he laid down for bed he reached into his cami pockets just to make sure that the disc was still there. Sure enough the disk was in his pocket. It had been a very long day as ronin had rode for a very long time to come to new york from washington DC. within seconds he was fast asleep. ronin dreamed of war fair he was a soldier non the less and no matter how much he got away with his murders he still faced the men he killed in his dreams.

gun fire was sounding off in the distance as ronin and his men walked through the jungle of vietnam. Ronin's orders were to flanke charlie while a larger squad attacked head on. the jungle was hot and humid and sweat rolled down the face of ronin as he kneeled down to the ground and raised his hand in the air clenching his fist motioning for his men to stop. Charlie was just over the hill as the gun fire sounded off with out mercy. ronin and his men slowly walked up the hill with their rifles at the ready and the safety set to kill. When ronin crested the hill he was instantly infuriated as he saw many of his brothers in arms laying dead on the ground. qucikly ronin motioned for his men to make a line and in seconds they were ready to fight.

ronin raised his hand in the air once again and then yelled "FIRE AT WILL" instantly shell casings began bouncing off the ground as bullets whizzed through the air hitting enemy after enemy in their backs. ronin and his squad had now drawn the fire of the enemy as charlie quickly tunred around and began firing on ronin's location. the sound of gun fire rang through the air for an hour as many of ronin's men fell to enemy fire. still the vietmanese were dropping like fly's. ronin's squad was suffering a heavy loss and his radio man often reported to their commanding officers on the situation. It was now obvious even though ronin and his men did alot of damage his squad was small and tremendously outnumbered. Charlie continued to rain down bullets upon ronin's location and ronin watched as his men continued to drop. Quickly ronin dropped his rifle and turned around to count his men when he realized there were only about 6 left. ronin yelled out for his radio man just to see him laying dead on the ground. Ronin quickly ran over to the radio grabbing up the phone and contacting his superiors.

the small squad continued to fight not one of them scared to die but there was still alot of charlie out there and ronin couldnt risk another loss like this so he very calmly spoke into the mike saying "let it rain". ronin's men smiled as they heard him call out those words and even though it meant he was calling for air support and the air force would now be dropping napalm on their location they still smiled. these men were ready to die for their country and ready to die for the cause. ronin quickly ran back to his rifle and lay back on the ground quickly squeezing his trigger.

minutes later the sound of jet engines roared through the sky's and began unleashing hell. ronin watched as the napalm began to fall closer and closer to him. just as ronin shot off his last round he looked up to the sky and saw several napalm bombs headed right for him. ronin stopped shooting and just stared at the metal canisters as they fell faster and faster. Just as the bombs hit the ground and filled the iar with a bright light ronin's eye's opened up from the nightmare only to see a bright light quickly headed right for him. he didnt have time to react as the essence of light shot through his body waking up every nerve he had. the energy flowed through his body in a flash.

ronin then lay in bed his eye's closed and slept and for the first time ever since he was a child he slept peacefully there were no nightmares there were no ghost's only sleep. the next day ronin awoke wondering if it had been a dream or not but the feeling of rejuvenation and forgiveness filled his body in an overwhelming force. there were no aches and he felt fully rested. quickly ronin grabbed up his gear and left the hotel and made his way to the place he could call home and for some reason he felt even more drawn to the place.

the sound of engine break filled the air as ronin made a left hand turn into a small parking lot and took off his helmet and made his way into the cozy little building. As ronin reached for the door he smiled as he looked at the sign in the door that said

WELCOME TO NINE LIVES. it had been a long time since ronin walked through these doors. But still he had to wonder if his greeting would be as comforting as it had been so many times before his absence of heroism. ronin then opened the door and walked in.
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Down time from SHIELD missions were always full of joy for him. It meant he could spend more time with his lover. The girl of his dreams who he would be marrying soon. The sun was just starting to peak through the window when he stirred. He looked over to see her laying there blissfully next to him. He sat there watching her as she slept, she was so beautiful and looked like an angel while she slept. He slowly leaned over and kisses her forehead before he climbed out of bed to get dressed. His mornings were always the same, waking up at the crack of dawn to do his routine, a hard pressed workout that consisted of strenuous activity.

Lacing his shoes he headed out of the room locking it behind him, with just a white shirt and shorts on. His ruby red glasses protecting his eyes, protecting the innocents. He started to stretch and began his light jog to warm up, each morning he ran 10 miles before he heading to a gym. There he would work on the bag and do his push ups, sit up, pull ups the whole nine yards. Everyone game him his space as he worked out there for two hours non stop. On the run back he noticed something strange, a light was beaming about in the sky. It started to get bigger and bigger as it lost altitude building up speed. Then it clicked the bright light was headed his way and before he could react it slammed into him.

Everything went bright, he didn't know where he was. All he saw were 7 shadowed figures. Then the dream changed and he was shown a large cave over looking the ocean. It zoomed in at incredible speeds as he entered the cave. There was a massive pile of gold in the far corner, on top of it all lay a mythical dragon. Then something went wrong the dragon awoke and roared out in pain. He saw a shadowed figure running out of the cave, he screamed out at him and chased. As he got to the edge of the cave he was about to see the mans face...

But then he awoke and found himself on the ground, his head hurting as he picked himself up. He looked around to see if anyone was there but there was no one. He felt this warmth over come his chest and he felt as if he was needed. There was a pulsing sensation in him almost as if it was wanting him to go somewhere, guiding him. He shook it off and headed back home to see if he could catch Lexi. When he arrived at the place he unlocked the door and walked in to find she was not home. He looked at the clock and just realized it was not 3. He had been laying there for hours unconscious, what was going on he thought.

Then he felt that surge of energy again. This time it burned like a fire, it was drawing him somewhere but where? He grabbed the phone and tried to reach Lexi at the Coffee shop. It rang three times before the machine answered. "Hey darlin I'm sorry I missed you this morning, I headed out for my workout and something came up, I'm going to head out of town and will be back soon I promise. I love you and miss you".

With that he grabbed his shield and visor to head out of the door once more. He pulled out his keys and slid over his car's hood. Opening his door he slipped in and started the engine. The super charged 350 of the '79 camaro roared alive. The tires squealing as he blasted out of the garage. He was heading somewhere, but wasn't sure where that was. Soon time would tell and he would get his answers.

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Stars flooded a midnight blue the sky as if they had been painted by a god himself.They glazed over a pasture grassy green plains and hills that had been flooded with cherry blossom trees, illuminating them with a soft tender blue light that watched over it like a guardian angel.A swift wind blew, shifting the trees, they danced along the current as if they heard a melody that tingled their senses.A single pink leaf floated along the stream of air that blew west.It swiveled freely, flipping and tossing endlessly.A hand reached out and grabbed the leaf gently by the tip.The point of view shifted as it moved behind to what appeared to be the silhouette of a thin athletic man with black pointed hair dressed in a white GI, loose puffed pants, and black boot sandals, sitting on the edge of a hill under the shade of a cherry tree.Small gleams of starlight pierced through unprotected parts in the umbrage of the tree, finding its surface on parts of the figure beneath the beautiful tree.A close up of the mans mouth from his right side was now in view.The smooth face grinned softly without opening, skin on the side of his mouth creasing as the grin grew wider.


About a year or so earlier

Rayne had found his place in the notorious group known as the Outlawz.Its front runner had been the infamous Cajun who called himself Gambler, otherwise known as Jean Luc LeBeau.Rayne made his living as a merc for hire,taking and jobs that passed him by.The Outlawz had been tight nitted group almost like family but as time passed things changed.The Outlawz had been no more.Becoming sick of short alliances and unlived teams, Rayne traveled to his home a small place in Japan that had once been known as a village called Tensou.During the years that he lived their, a catastrophic raid had taken place and the result had been the utter destruction of the village, leaving it in flames and total damnation.In the massacre, Rayne had lost both his surrogate mother and his brother like figure which had been the only form of family that he had known.

For months and months Rayne wandered the lands aimlessly, taking in the beautiful scenery and serenity that now held his heart.In his getaway, he gathered his thoughts and goals together.It was period of meditation in a form of words and mental rebirth for Rayne.In his spiritual rehabilitation, he drifted from town to town.Each of them had all been rural and lived in the old times of Japan, living as farmers and doing buisness in small open market places.On his trips to the villages, he would stay with a family for a few weeks at a time repaying them by harvesting and nurturing their crops and running small errands if needed.Due to his kind nature, the families would grow attached to Rayne and when time came for his departure, the children would often cry and beg him not to go.

present day

The figure stood up with the leaf still in hand.

Finally.The time has come.

The silhouette of the figure revealed to be none other that The Dark Slayer himself, Rayne Kazatoshi.Grass crunched beneath his sandal as he walked forward.A deep mystical beast had been awoken and he could feel its presence.The time had come and the world was indeed in the need of heroes...
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she was sleeping peacefully, the dreams so much more sweet than the nightmares Sinister had self-imposed on her. everything had changed so dramatically for her in such a short time. she'd gone from waking up alone in her small bedroom, atop the Nine Lives Coffeeshop to laying here, curled up next to him. the man of her dreams.. she felt the gentle ruffle of her hair as his fingers slid through it lovingly. she inhaled sleepily and stirred as that kiss was brushed against her forehead. her lips curved upward, into a lazy smile and her blue eyes fluttered open slowly

"Sweetheart, it's early.. c'mon, stay for a little while longer? I'm awake now. I'll fix breakfast."

he smiled at her and pressed in on the tip of her nose with his index finger before sliding from the bed

"That's a very tempting offer there darlin, but you know I need to get the workout done. Besides, you have to get your cute backside to work."

she laughed and stretched, almost cat-like, letting out a little squeal as her back arched. she sat up, holding the sheet to her and pursed her lips into a mock pout

"Oh very well. If I must.. Though I'd still rather lay here with you all day. Go on, get all sweaty then. You coming by the Shop later?"

"You bet, darlin. Reserve my usual seat for me. I'll be by to see my girl as soon as I'm done with the workout.."

she watched as he dressed, taking the appropriate measures to delay him if at all possible, but at last, with another shared kiss he slipped from the room. she slid out of the bed and pulled on her robe, cinching it tightly at her waist. she padded over to the bedroom window and pushed the curtains back just a fraction. she heard the engine roar to life and he was backing out of their garage. with a wave, he smiled at her before disappearing down the street toward the gym. she let out a sigh and smiled, letting the curtains flutter shut as she headed into the bathroom for her shower


fully dressed, she slid her feet into her heels and breezed her way down the stairs. she stopped and grabbed up her bag, slipped her zipped hoodie over her layered tanks and was out the door in a splash of color and a flutter of dark hair. she walked into the garage and unlocked the doors of her truck and hopped inside. taking a moment to slip a CD into the player, she started the engine, rolled down the windows and was off toward the Shop.

the drive was the usual one for NYC commuters.. loud.. fussy.. and long. she tapped her fingertip against the steering wheel, clearly annoyed the car in front of her was determined to drive 10 mph below the speed limit. she exhaled with relief as the car finally took an exit and got out of the way. she punched the accellerator and was finally moving. about 15 minutes later than normal, she pulled up to the alley and drove down it, parking her truck behind the shop. she slipped out and locked the truck before slipping inside the coffeeshop from the back door

she shut the door behind her and locked it before walking into the kitchen. she set her bag down and she slipped off her hoodie and draped it across a chair in a nearby corner. she walked into the dining room and walked to the small single basin sink to wash her hands. she started the morning's first pot of coffee and went about the usual duties needed completion to get the place ready for that morning rush. she glanced at her watch.. 8am.. Andy should be about done with the workout. He'd take another 20 min to shower and then the 45 minute drive in.. so, around 9 she was expecting his handsome self to pop in and scoop her up into a hug to share a kiss. she walked to the front door and unlocked it before she plugged in the neon OPEN sign. it flickered and hummed to life, its familiar glow warming to her. she walked back to the counter and picked up a dish towel and began to wipe the counter off. she hummed to herself, before reaching for the tv remote and flipping it on. with CNN News in the background, she began to prep the shop, filling the pastry case and carrying the trays of clean glassware and coffee cups from the dishwasher, up front. Everything was going along just fine.. or so she thought

the brilliant light seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. it was like static developed in the air around her, charged and highly reactive. her hair began lifting up, little strands seemingly floating on their own. the beam of light then pierced the window.. the wall... anything that was in its path. she backed away in fear, but the light engulfed her, and every nerve ending seemed to fire all at once. she didn't scream.. she really didn't have time. as the light radiated out of her, her fingertips seemed to glow, her skin became almost translucent. and she floated? she was hovering off the ground a few inches, suspended by something she couldn't see, only just feel

she awoke, finding herself curled on the floor of the coffeeshop. she sat up slowly, her head full of haze. she blinked and pushed her hair back away from her cheek

"What.. just happened? That was so odd. Did I faint or something?"

signs of insanity for $100 Alex. what is, talking to yourself? definitely.. but she just didn't feel like herself. something just felt different. she glanced down at her watch and saw that it read 8:05am. she then glanced up at the clock on the wall of the shop and it read 10:15am. she gasped.. but..... what had happened to her?? she'd laid there on the floor for two hours? picking herself up she just looked around. it was well past time for Andy to show. it wasn't like him to not call. she walked over slowly to the counter, she fished her cell phone from her bag and flipped it open. the icon displayed one new voice mail waiting. she dialed in and listened

"Hey darlin I'm sorry I missed you this morning, I headed out for my workout and something came up, I'm going to head out of town and will be back soon I promise. I love you and miss you".

she sighed and shut the phone. the weirdest thing had just happened to her and he wasn't here to talk to. she wiped at a tear that had begun its slow slide down her cheek. should she be afraid something had happend to her? what was she going to do? what was going to happen to her if he wasn't there? just then the bell jingled over the door and she turned. she let out a soft gasp as the figure in the doorway stepped inside

"Ronin.. you're back."

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Paladin was a little later this morning than usual as he had finally gotten a good night sleep. He had slept late, something he rarely did. He felt strangely happy this day, something else he was not accustomed to. As he took care of the usual duties of the morning, brushing teeth, a shower and things he felt a strong desire to just fly away for awhile. He did not know where he was headed, but just wanted to go somewhere.

Paladin felt something pulling him south, so he flew southward. Faster and faster he flew, and in no time at all he found himself in the southeastern United States. He landed somewhere within the Smokey Mountains. The site was beautiful as he looked up toward the mountains there seemed to be a fog, or cloud cover around the top, thus the name Smokey, he thought.

He explored the area for some time. The tall pine trees stretched upward toward the blue sky, and the smell of evergreen or pine filled the air.

This is beautiful country, and Paladin could become used to this was what he was thinking, just before it happened.

As Paladin stood in a clearing he noticed what appeared to be a very small, extremely bright object in the sky. While Paladin looked at it he could not take his eyes from it. It looked as if the bright object was streaking across the sky, but then changed its direction in mid flight and was now coming directly toward the son of Preen. Paladin could see the light was growing larger, and larger. Paladin knew the object was getting closer to him, but he just could not stop looking at it. He felt no danger at all and was actually feeling a sense of peace as it approached.

Then in just another moment the huge bright light was upon him. As it surrounded him the light seemed to stop and surround him. Paladin could feel the awesome power of the light. It was as if the light had taken control of Paladin and all the surrounding area. The ground roared and trembled. Paladin could feel the vibration and rumbling as it seemed also to move from the ground up into his body. Then Paladin felt like he was sinking down into the ground, but there was no hole there. Somehow his body was becoming as the earth. Paladin also thought he could hear his name being called, over and over. He did not know if this was real or just in his mind.

The light continued to be all around him, and the tremors of the earth continued for how long Paladin did not know. Finally he passed out from the ordeal and fell to the ground.

After a while Paladin regained consciousness. He was on the ground, so he jumped up and looked around. He could not really tell that anything had happened here, but he felt somewhat different.

What was that light, was it a dream or did it really happen? The main thing he remembered was the awesome feeling of power that was upon him while the light was around him.

Knowing he would not be able to figure this out alone, he took flight again, heading directly for one place he felt safe, Nine Lives. There he would find someone he could talk about this with.

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ronin walks into the nine lives cafe and instantly the aroma's wisked him back in time for a second. A time when he was always welcome here a time when he was always the first one served. for months after ronin's betrayal he would often check in on the coffee shop but not enter. ronin would lay atop the building across the street and peer through the window at his old friends. Oh how much he did miss this place. The smells the friendly faces and the amazing service. Ronin often wondered how things would be for him if he was ever to go back to the shop. with andy's and lexi's wedding just around the corner ronin figured now was as good a time as ever to make his reappearance.

as the door closes behind him the chime of some bells at the door make a jingling noise. ronin looks around and see's lexi she hadnt quite realized he was there yet it seemed as if she was day dreaming. ronin just stood at the door his pride would stop him from breaking the silence. the shop was almost empty aside from lexi. just as ronin took his first step toward his favorite table he heard the warm welcome of his old friend."Ronin.. you're back." Well it wasnt so much warm as it was surprised but none the less ronin smiled and took his seat.

ronin sat down waiting for the young waitress to make her way over to him so he could order his coffee and make small chit chat. as lexi scurried around the bar ronin watched trying to keep a straight face. it had been months since lexi seen ronin. as lexi approached ronin he finally spoke. "Well i heard there was gonna be a wedding figured id better make an appearance couldnt miss my boys D day" ronin said with a small laugh. little did ronin realize that lexi's presence made his aura glow with an intense shine.

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As Paladin flies through the air on his way to Nine Lives Coffee Shop he thinks about what just happened. He was sure he had seen this light, this awesome powerful light; but what was it. All he knew for sure was he was not hurt, and he felt strangely at peace now. He hurried onto the café, wanting to see who would be there. Maybe if he was in luck the place would not be crowded and he would be able to talk in length with Lexi about what had happened.

Paladin lands about a block away from the café. He puts his weapons away for the moment and walks down the street. People stare at him as if they had never seen a thunder God before. Paladin thought as he walked by, I thought people in this town had seen it all, he continued to walk as he laughed out loud.

Paladin reached the café, and he paused for a moment before he opened the door to walk in. Just as he touched the door knob Paladin felt a sudden jolt run through his body.

Paladin stopped for a second, and just blew off that feeling, thinking now his imagination was working double time.

When he opened the door he was surprised but very happy to see that Ronin was back from his trip. Paladin did not see Lexi at first; she must have been in the back or in the kitchen, probably getting something for Ronin.

Ronin saw Paladin walking over to where he was sitting. They gave each other a greeting, thankful that each of them was here now. They sat together and started talking about Ronin’s trip and other important things.

Then Lexi came from the back of the shop. Paladin stood and gave her a big hug, then asked her for some orange juice.

When you come back sit with us for a while, we need to talk.

Lexi could tell by Paladin’s tone that the subject of the discussion was of some importance.

As she walked away Paladin looked at Ronin and asked Does it seem really bright in here to you Paladin looks at Ronin and laughs.

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That mystical deep feeling in his heart.A unique ambiance struck his body and before he react Rayne felt himself being flooded with a celestial power.Sparks beginning to ignite all around him, his eyes rolled back revealing the white of his eyes.His mouth gaped open in a deep breath, palms opening freely, his body lifted into the air several feet.Small orbs of energies unseen to the human eye flowed slowly towards his body, coming to clot within the center of his chest, his body jerked as the power exploded sending out a shock wave of energy that echoed through the plains of Nagoya.Grass swayed gently instead of vigorusly, the trees blew delicately to the opposite direction of the power.

An ominous empyrean light shined through the flat fields consuming all in its path.After a few moments, the light subsided and Rayne fell 25 feet from the air where his body once levitated freely.As he touched the ground, he landed on one knee, his two hands outstretched in front of him onto the wet grass,He thought to himself

What..was that?

All he knew is that he his body felt renewed as if some new power had been bestowed upon him, and with that feeling he knew his time to return to the real world was none other than now.Running at high speeds his the wind brushed against his hair and open GI, revealing the surface of a smooth athletic chest.As he rushed faster and faster he reached up to speeds of 135 miles per hour.Pushing himself harder, he started to reach up to speeds of 170 Mph and higher and thats when it happened.In what seemed to be almost a glitch Rayne's body flickered several yards toward his destination without explanation.As he ran more and more, it almost appeared to be as if he was gliding, his body flickering farther and farther every few seconds.What was this new power?Surely he had the ability to dash forward at speeds unnoticable to the human eye but this, this was something different.These sudden bolts of speed no longer seemed to be just a dash, he was now actually skipping through space and time defying a scientific law.

If there was one person who would be able to help him find the answers, it would be Andy, a trustworthy old comrade he used to work with.Finally he reached his destination of Kamakura town on the southernmost part of Japan which was located on the shores of the North Pacific ocean.He had once stayed here with an old fisherman in his journeys, helping him with fishing trips and odd jobs.Rayne knew the old man had a fairly sized boat which would be able to take him to the states.He made his way towards the creaky old house on the nearby beach,the stench of fish clasping to the the atmosphere.He looked onto the busted old dock with missing floor panels, and there it was, the rusty old boat with the faded paint job named the Shinryu.

Rayne banged at the door four times;

Old man Katsumoto, its me Kazatoshi I need a favor

After a few moments the slide open door undose.

Ahh Kazatoshi!What brings you back here?

The old man said with a smile on his face.His wrinkles creasing and his eyes becoming beady and small with delight.

I need your boat

Rayne replied with a half serious face, grinning back at the small yet brawny old man.
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Post Deleted.

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He had been driving through the entire night at top speeds night after night. He loved opening up his '79 Camaro on the night roads, free as a bird to hear them horse's thunder under that hood. The loud rumbling of the exhausts roared through the night as he entered Boston. Something was drawing him here but he was not sure what. He drove through and came across the Branch Brook Park in New Jersey. Driving on for a few more miles he came across some apartments, as he sped passed them something changed, he felt drawn back to those apartments. He slammed the emergency brake on and the tires squealed and spun and he whipped his car into a 180 turning around almost on a dime. The engine rumbled as he slowed entering the parking lot. As he pulled to a stop and killed the ignition he looked over and noticed another sweet car.

"Hmm nice a '76 Camaro......Hey is that Cryo's car"? He started to get more curious and headed over to peer inside, sure enough there was a few chew toys laying in the passenger seat and it HAD to be Cryo. Why on earth was he brought here he started to think as he walked towards the apartment. Something was guiding him to one of the doors and as he felt the urge strongest to the one in front of him he stopped, and then knocked hard three times waiting for an answer, to see if anyone was home.

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Simba held his ears over his head, flattening his ears. He couldn't help but jam his eyes shut, hoping to block out the sound of Cryo's snoring. Cryo usually didn't snore, but when he got really into sleep, he snored louder than that chubby pokemon Cryo had a stuffed animal of. It was a good chew toy. Simba glanced to the clock. Cryo'd been sleeping for nearly 22 hours. He'd been snoring for about 18 of them. All Simba could do was dig his claws into the couch to take away from the sound. Finally, he couldn't take it. He flopped from the couch and shook himself out, maaging to turn his tusseled fur into a ball of fluff. He yawned a wide yawn and licked his lips a few times. Trotting into the the kitchen, he sat on his haunches and slapped a red lever by the sink. The lever lifted up a bag of dog food suspended above the counter, as well as turned on a special faucet of water just for Simba. A series of tubes and slides gudied the food and water around until they each plopped into Simba's double-bowled feeding tray. He gave a quick smile and dug into the food. He loved Cryo for making this invention for when he wasn't there.

Just then he herd a noise that made him stop eating. His head shot up, tuning his satellite dish ears to attune to the sound. He squinted, trying to make it out. Finally not able to discern it, Simba ran into the bedroom and pushed a small cushion to the window. Jumping onto the cushion, he stood on his hind legs and leaned out the window. His amber eyes were full open and his ears as open as they could. As he moved is ears around, he weeded out the various sounds--Cryo's snoring, other dogs/cats in the area, the scretching of tires, music, until he came to a whistling sound. But it wasn't a normal whistling sound. It had cadence, like the beat to a song. Its iambic rhythm pulsed through the air, like a radar ping, but more.....natural. Almost like, instead of a machine emitting the sound, it was the earth itself.

As the sound got louder, Simba noticed, the beat quickened, like a heartbeat beating faster when running. Now Simba could trac it. It was loud enough. He tilted his head to his left and moved it up. Above him, through the clouds, he could see a bright blue light coursing through the sky. It was a giant orb of energy with a trail of light behind, like a blue earthbound comet. Simba thought it was passing straight over the apartment-

-until it made a 90 degree turn straight toward the apartment. Simba's eyes immediately slicked back out of fear. The orb was speeding for him quicker and quicker. As it did, the beat got quicker and louder, and Simba could see energy crackling in bursts around it. It changed the air around it. Instead of heating the air like a normal flying ball of fire, it froze it. It wasn't so much cold as the feeling one gets when they take the first step into a pool on a blazing hot summer day. It wasn't so much radiating chaos, but peace, like it was meant to be heading there.

Regardless, Simba had to warn Cryo. He leapt onto the ground running, scuttling across the linoleum floor of the kitchen to jump on Cryo. "Get up!" Simba yelled. "Get up you dumb mutt!" Cryo immediately shot awake.

"What did I tell you about calling me the mutt Si-"

"No time!" Simba grabbed Cryo's wrist in his mouth and dragged him to the window sill in the living room to see the orb of energy. It took Cryo a few minutes, since he still had to get the sleep out of his eyes, but he saw it.

His fists flared with frost and he said to Simba, "Get out, Simba. Get to safety. I'll deal with it." He pushed simba away, heading for the window. Simba stumbled back to the ground and was helpless but to watch the scene unfold. The orb got to the window just as Cryo opened it. It all seemed to happened in low motion. The orb made contact with Cryo's chest, engulfing the room with an eerie blue light. A blue glow coursed through Cryo from his chest before sending him flying back into the kitchen. He hit the counter and slumped to the ground.

Cryo was falling into darkness. He couldn't tell which way he was falling exactly, but his fur was being pushed to the front of him, which made him guess he was falling down. As he fell, he turned to face what he guess--well, hoped--was the direction of the ground. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something. A bubble. As he moved, a bubble would float upwards. I can't be underwater, He thought, I don't feel the water around me. Indeed, it fell as thought air surrounded him, yet the bubbles continued. He fell now toward something. A light. The light got bigger and bigger until he hit something hard. Instead of stopping, though, he phased through it, merely slowing down. Now it could feel the water around him, and could feel the red mark that would be on his stomach after that belly flop. All around him was blue, like he was stuck in a bruise. First it was black, now blue. But the blue lightened to the color of Caribbean waters. It began to stir. No literally. It began spinning around and around until Cryo was caught in a whirlpool. He bounced from side to side, tossed by the ferocious waters. Then, the world switched. Down was now front, and up was now backwards. The water still spun, but in the manner of a huge wave spiraling and crashing. Up ahead he saw a form slithering through the blue. As it came closer, he noticed its serpentine body, webbed, finned legs, and the spines running along the creatures back connected by webbing.

It was a dragon. By the Gods, it was a sea dragon. It looked like a mix of a Chinese dragon with crocodile, with fins and webbing everywhere. Only, it wasn't corporeal. It looked corporeal, just like ghosts do, but with that same glow of another world. It moved to Cryo and circled him, raising or diving at will. It kept its eyes--if you could call them eyes, the way you could get lost in them like the deepest ocean--fixed on Cryo, and Cryo kept his eyes fixed on its. It stopped in front of him, letting its body and limbs go limp. They simply hung there suspended near each other. Cryo only now realized how big it was, nearly three times his size. Neither of them would make a move, until the dragon burst off, disturbing the water in the process. The whirlpool collapsed, and Cryo was caught in a torrent of water. For once, he couldn't breathe underwater, and that made him panic. He could barely see with jets of bubbles encirling him. When he finally could see, he saw the Dragon swimming in a circle, with his back on the inside. As he spun, a spectral image formed in it. It was a blue circle, but in it was a sort of wave design, like the tunnel he was in. The dragon kept spinning and spinning until the image was full and vibrant and detailed. The dragon burst from its dance and sped for Cryo, jaws wide. The symbol behind it flashed, blinding Cryo.

Barking. He could hear barking. The waves and the water retreated as he opened his eyes to see Simba by him, barking his head off. Cryo was sprawled out on the bed, and Simba stood over him. "Wake up!" He barked, "Wake up!"

Cryo shot up. "Omigosh! There isn't another shining blue light heading for our apartment is there?" Part of his tone was genuine fear and surpise, while the small other part sounded of sarcasm.

"No, you idiot! Someone's been knocking on the door for the past five minutes! You've been out for two days, Sleeping Beast! Get you furry tail up and get the door!" Simba was obviously angry, since he trotted off the bed in a huff. Cryo could smell from Simba's scent that it wasn't real anger, more the anger that develops out of worry. Cryo grinned and shook his head, getting up rom the bed. He felt alright. A little woozy, maybe, but that's it. As he shuffled into his flip-flops and reverted to human form, he put on his blue glasses. He needed to look human just incase. He was just about to get to the door when he noticed something he didn't have before. He had FrostBite, his godly weapon in its silver orca form around his neck, but he also had a shark's tooth. At least, it looked like a shark's tooth. Maybe it was a little bigger. It hung from a brown beaded necklace like an almost choker. He felt the beds, and the felt like they could've been carved from driftwood. The necklace still smelled of the salt air. He examined it for a few seconds before he realized why he'd gotten up. Cryo checked the tiny monitor screen that showed the outside of the door two floors below. He saw someone he didn't think he'd see for a while--Andy. He recognized the red sunglasses a mile away. A genuine smile crossed his face. He changed to wolf form and pressed the button to allow him access.

Andy! The speaker sounded at the front door, So good to see you! C'mon in, dude! Third floor, Apartment 307.

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Nighthunter had been for the last few days working without stopping on his lab, for the last few months he had stayed off the radar but with the reveal of a beeing that had power beyond imagination he had put all of his time and effort on one bigproject he had thought of ever since he had betrayed the heroes.

Nighthunter kept working on his greatest project yet as he put his mind to it's limits in an attempt to finish his invention before the heroes or someone else were able to find that beeing that Nighthunter desired that much. A smile was formed on Nighthunter's face as he was only a few steps from creating the greatest weapon against mutants and any other superbeing on Earth.

Nighthunter had betrayed everything he had once stood for, giving his back to his friends and losing all contact with any living beeing, all leading to this one moment. Some people would call Nighthunter a villain, others a crazy person, but on Nighthunter's eyes he was a savior, a savior to the human kind who with this weapon would recover their place as the domaning species on Earth.

"It's ready....it's finished....it's beautiful" murmured Nighthunter as he went a few steps backward to get a full sight on his new invention. It was there, one robot, but not any robot. This robot had been created with the same nanobots of Nighthunter's powersuit and had the program known as the source downloaded into them so that just as Nighthunter they knew the powers and abilities as well as the weaknesses of every known superhero, supervillain and anti-hero on Earth. But that was not what made this robot that unique, no what made them so special were two things, the first one that in just a matter of minutes they could create a copy of themselves using the tecnology of the nanobots they were made of and more important than anything, they could adapt to any situation to fight and eliminate any opponent.

A creepy smile was on Nighthunter's face, he knew that those robots could take him down if they turned against him, but he wasn't any fool. Nighthunter didn't give them artificial inteligence or anything that could make them turn against him, he had even put a safelock to desactivate them with a simple thought. "The world will be back to who it belongs" after saying that Nighthunter went to his computer and erased any DNA that was authorized to enter his mansion except his, the heroes would come, but he would be prepared.

Sitting on his chair Nighthunter started to press the keyboard, setting a sequence that would shut down the military buildings and send missiles to the planet of New York, at the same time Nighthunter's face appeared on every television around the world.

"Hello fellow citizens, my name is Nighthunter. As I'm speaking separate missiles are going to New York city, the reasons behind this are of my own but will come to light when I think it's the right moment to do it. Got a little nostalgic of my hero ways so decided to give you a warning; evacuate New York city or you'll have a quick and meaningless death. You have 12 minutes before the first missile crashes"

After that Nighthunter's face wasn't seen on the televisions anymore and then turned around to see that his invention had already made another two clones, with a mocking smile Nighthunter started to imagine the screams of terror of an entire city knowing that they probably only had 12 minutes of life, how they hadn't done even half of the things that they dreamed to do, the things that they wanted to archieve destroyed, because of a one man's new campaign of terror

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LstPaladin, Ronin and Lexi sit in the café and talk over old times. Laughing and poking fun at each other, bringing up things about each other and just enjoying each others company. They are having such a good time Paladin doesn’t even bring up the light he saw before. He decides he will find out more about it first, and then bring it up with them.

After awhile of talking Paladin excuses himself and heads toward home. He goes into his apartment, and takes his weapons from his belt and places them on a table. Paladin goes into the bathroom and takes a shower.

The whole time Paladin is in the shower he is thinking about the light. He plays back in his mind the event and exactly what happened, and how he felt. He did not feel any different, except maybe a little stronger, and more alert. He seemed to be more in touch with things around him. Nature in particular seemed more vibrant, more colorful.

Once out of the shower Paladin thought he heard a strange noise. He listened closely, and realized the sound was coming from the other room. He slowly walked into the room, but saw nothing. He stood still for a second, and then walked past the table where his weapons were. As he passed his hammer he saw something catch his eye. His mighty hammer started to glow. Paladin stopped and then backed away and as he did the glow went away. Then Paladin walked back in front of the hammer and the glow came back. Once directly in front of the hammer, the hammer turned into a bright white light.

Paladin watched his hammer and wondered what this meant. Somehow the power of his hammer was calling to another power; a power of light within Paladin himself.

Two days pass and Paladin has arranged for a meeting at Nine Lives with Lexi and Ronin. Paladin walks in to find his two friends already at the table, talking. He greets them, and then tells them he has something to discuss with them.

Once he has their attention, Paladin asks Lexi to stand up. At first she jokes about it, and then she stands up and stands in front of Paladin. Paladin takes his hammer from his belt and says, OK watch this Then points the hammer at Lexi.

Just as Paladin does this Lexi looks surprised but then the hammer began to glow, and glow very brightly. It glows until Paladin points it away from her. Then Paladin looks at Ronin and says your turn and points the hammer at him. The same result as the hammer glows brightly while being pointed at Ronin.

All three of them are surprised and begin to talk about this when over the television they hear a very disturbing message from a former friend.

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The soft sea breeze brushed against his face with a soft touch.Rayne stood on the rail guard at the front of the boat, arms crossed, with an unwavering balance.The boat floated with the waves, moving up and down smoothly.An occasional white mist crashing against the base of the boat, spraying up onto his white short sleeved turtle neck zip up jacket, dampening the cotton fabric.His face stricken with a hope, the hope of finding something new in his life.

We arrive tomorrow afternoon

An old voice echoed in the back.Keeping his calm and gentle posture, Rayne continued to look onto the empty seas.The sun began to set on the horizon, its glare reflecting off the moving blue liquid desert glimmering in the face of the Dark Slayer's face.As day faded to noon and noon faded to night, Rayne wandered about the mystical power that flooded him a few nights before.What was it?What was that feeling of that almighty powerful entity that had awoken?He had to find his answers.

As lied on the wooden deck of the boat, he looked up into the starlit skies, his arms folded behind his head.There was a vast sea of stars but one had stood out among all of them.This star shone the brightest of all.It was a new star.For centuries, Rayne had looked to the skies, observing them, finding his serenity and peace at heart.He kept track of the amount of stars, a complicated and difficult feat, but he did it.This specific star had awakened just like that feeling he had the night of the power surge.There was a familiar and yet calm sense about this star that Rayne knew.Centuries ago when Rayne had been only a boy, there was a star that shined just as brightly as the one that lied before him now.At the time there had been tales of a mystical and legendary dragon that had brought about a council of warriors who together sought justice, and brought about peace in the lands.But all of this of course had just been stories told to him by the village elders in Tensou.

After a well needed long rest Rayne awoke to the sounds of seagulls gawking at each other in competition for food.Bringing himself up to an indian sitting posture, Rayne looked off onto the front dock of the boat to see an empty shore with tan sands and a small dock at the edge.they had reached the coast of California and Rayne was now halfway towards his destination.The boat pulled in slowly towards the dock, an eerie creek sounded as the side of the boat scraped against the wooden dock.

I can never thank you enough Katsumoto.You are an honorable man

Rayne said with a smile, his face lit with gratefulness.

It is I who is in need of thanks.You have done so much for me in the small time you spent at the shores of Kamakura, it is only fair I give you in return and show my gratitude.

The old man responded with a humble tone.

Farewell Katsumoto, we will meet again!

With that said, Rayne walked off to the burning sands and proceeded towards the streets.

After a series of twists and turns, Rayne now walked an empty desolate alleyway.Standing in front of a garage gate he put his hand on a small panel which activated the opening of the garage shutters.The finger print activated panel had been a gift to Rayne from Akira while they had been partners during their time with the Outlawz along with this high tech abode/hideout.Once he entered, he balled his fist and slammed it into the nearby wall two times.A bright fluorescent light flickered twice and lighted up the room with its dull brightness.The wall to left contained a whole arsenal of weapons from daggers, guns, explosives, to swords of all sizes and shapes, all courtesy of the merciless mercenary himself.

Out of all the gifts that Akira had gave to Rayne, there was one that stood out the most to him and he appreciated the most.The Oscilator.The Oscilator was a highly developed technological machine which Akira had developed to sharpen and and enhance the all black vibranium weapon that Rayne had called Zanpakuto.Rayne put forth his blade into the Oscilator and pressed a series of combination numbers onto a nearby computer, which activated the Oscilator's ability.A high pitched humming sound emanated as the blade began to flip and twist in spherical contraption.Blue UV lasers sliced all around the blade at all its edge points.As it slowed down it came to a halt, the blade facing down, a plane of sheer laser flooded the oscilator from top to bottom.The light blue shield that covered the machine reverted back and opened, leaving the all black vibranium chokuto floating in its center, defying gravity.As Rayne gripped the handle he brought it out into the open and layed his index and middle finger on the beginning of the blade right after where the hand guard of what should of been on a normal katana.His fingers slided down the blade slowly all the way to the edge.The blade was cold.It emanated a fresh new indescribable aura.

As he slid his blade back into its black sheath he walked over to an open closet which contained a leather gear and black combat boots.After sliding on his riding gear he walked over to a titanium table and opened the first drawer to pick a highly advanced cell phone which had a list of all Rayne's contacts along with and mp3 player, video player, web browser, and GPS navigation system.He linked the phone to a wireless com and walked over to a a mid sized object which had been under a gray cover.


As he yanked back the cover, he revealed a sleek and slender motorcycle with a fresh black lambent luster.As he hopped onto the streamlined bike.He leaned his head into the dashboard.and a black bullet proof shield over came his head.A female computer voice asked;

Please place pupil into designated access identification scanner.

Rayne placed his eye into the scanner and a voice responded

Welcome Rayne Kazatoshi

Revving up the engine up, Rayne accelerated forth into the alleyway slowly, the shutter gates closing tightly behind him.


He revved up his engine twice, letting it sit idle for a while.Suddenly he blasted off at intense speeds, causing a shockwave of air to blow through the alley rusting newspapers and litter.

As he drove at speeds up to 500 miles an hour on the open highway in the midnight, the moonlight shined off his bike, the sound of air rushing passed like a dragons roar.Rayne voice activated his cell phone and said


Riiiinnngg....Riiiinnnnggg....Andy, Its me.

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"Andy! So good to see you! C'mon in, dude! Third floor, Apartment 307". Cryo had called out through the speaker. Andy was immediately let in and headed to the apartment. He greeted his old friend warmly as they slipped back into his apartment. After getting done with the formalities Andy began to speak on why he was there, or what it was that he thought he was there for.

"Cryo has anything strange happened to you over the last couple days? Like something supernatural? a light maybe or some type of force driving you somewhere? I was out the other morning and then all of a sudden this strange light appeared and shot straight for me. When I came to I found out that I had been unconscious for a few hours. I felt as if I was drawn somewhere, as if I was drawn here. Now that I am here I know there is a reason for it and that this was the place I was supposed to come to"

As he finished those last words the news kicked on. ""Hello fellow citizens, my name is Nighthunter. As I'm speaking separate missiles are going to New York city, the reasons behind this are of my own but will come to light when I think it's the right moment to do it. Got a little nostalgic of my hero ways so decided to give you a warning; evacuate New York city or you'll have a quick and meaningless death. You have 12 minutes before the first missile crashes"

Hearing these words Andy's eyes widened and his mouth dropped in panic opening as a name slipped out his mouth "Lexi". He immediately looked back at Cryo and began to rant away. The girl he loved was in danger and he couldn't do anything, he had to help him help her, they had to get help and stop Nighthunter from doing anything else. New York was going to need some heroes and fast.

"We got to help them. Can you get us to New York? We got to stop those missiles, we got to save Lexi, I got to save her Cryo please help me". Without waiting for an answer from Cryo he grabbed his phone and started to dial a number. "Lexi Baby, you got to get out of New York! Please god be safe and be smart and get out of there and quickly. I'm going to stop this, it's going to be ok, I love you. I Promise I'm going to fix this"!. He looked at Cryo some more listening to what he had to say and then another idea had stirred in his head as he saw Cyro pace back and forth. Another friend had just recently come back from the grave. He could help, he knew he could and with that he began to call yet another friend. "Paladin! this is Andy you got to get to New York, STOP those missiles from hurting Lexi. You got to be able to do this man. Take them out in the sky, short circuit them or detonate them prematurely, whatever it takes, please man I beg you".

He looked back at Cryo and yelled out "Tell me you can get us there faster than my car can drive" His head stared to spin as the events played through his mind again. Nighthunter? Nighthunter was now attacking a city with missiles. What was wrong, what had happened to his old friend, why was he doing this. Just as he was about to finish his thoughts his phone rang and he screamed out "Lexi" he quickly grabbed his phone and flipped it open.

"Andy, Its me". It was Rayne, another old friend from his days in the Zero Squad and the Outlawz. Andy started to think how strange it was that all of a sudden all of his old friends were back, and all seemed connected to each other, looking for each other. "Rayne! Where are you? can you get to New York? Nighthunters gone wacko and sent a bunch of missiles to New York. The first is going to land within 10 minutes from now. Lexi's in New York Rayne, we got to save her, we got to stop those Missiles. I'm here in Boston with Cryo and I have called Paladin to try and help take out those bombs. We got to save New York"

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Cryo opened the door and gave his friend a big bear hug. He couldn't help it, he was just very friendly. He set Andy down at the kitchen table and brought him some tea. "Sorry, no coffee. I only drink tea." He gave a small laugh and began getting out the milk and sugar. He sat down and Simba came trotting up to Andy. Simba was the most affectionate dog in the world. Kronos could walk in the door at any minute and Simba would still shower him with love.

"So, what brings you hear, dude? I mean, it's a long way from Texas or even New York." Andy began to speak about lights and supernatural forces. It was scary how much he knew. Cryo's mind flashed back to the blue light that crashed into him. Andy said it happened to him to, and Cryo's hand reached up to the shark tooth around his neck. Ever since Andy had gotten here, it had felt uneasy. Now that he began to talk about some light, it began to stir more. Cryo could feel it pulsing at the base of his neck. Cryo was about to speak, but something came over the radio. It told of missiles heading for New York. Cryo kept the radio on at all times, and he'd wired it to automatically pick up any distrass calls or radio signals. They needed to do something or else an entire city'd be rubble. Cryo got up and shut off the radio. It'd turn back on if something happened. Cryo leaned against the window. What could they do? They needed to get to New York and within 12 minutes. Cryo kept looking up at Andy, who was freaking out. It made sense, actually, since his girlfriend was in New York right now. Andy kept looking up at him and pleading.

Cryo grabbed his shark tooth and looked to Simba. He could see in his amber eyes that he had the same idea. They both nodded. Something was happening, and Andy would probably know what to do. Cryo shot up, grabbed his keys and messenger bag, and told Simba to head downstairs. Cryo put a hand on Andy's shoulder. He looked into his eyes and could see the worry. He could even smell it in his scent. He said but one word, "Areion." He grabbed Andy and dragged him out to his car, a seemingly white '76 Camaro with blue racing stripes. Areion was the name of an immortal stallion in greek mythology, the offspring of Poseidon, Cryo's father, and Demeter. Areion had died some way or another, but Poseidon captured his spirit so it wouldn't descend into the Underworld. Gaia, Mother Earth, took the spirit, and with Poseidon formed Cryo's car, imbuing it with Areion's spirit. This car could reach speeds only Hermes himself could surpass, and had other features as well. He glanced through the window and saw Simba in the passenger seat. One stern look and Simba sulked into the back seat. He looked up to Andy already by the passenger side door. "Get in, and buckle up. It'll go by fast."

Cryo jumped in and strapped in. He inserted the special key into the ignition and the car whirred to life. The radio tuned by itself. Eastbound and Donw by Jerry Reed came on. Cryo shot a glanc to the radio.

Eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin'. We're gonna do what they say can't be done. We got a long way to go, and a short time to get there...

Cryo kicked the radio, tuning it to some other station, and he looked to Andy embarassingly. "Sorry. My car has a bad sense of humor." Cryo stepped on the gas and they sped off, normal speeds at first. They began to blow stop signs and pass cars left and right, heading onto the highway. "Hold on." He moved the stickshift past all the gears, to an added one. It glowed blue with the mark of a trident on it. Normal cars became blurs, headlights and tailights blending into the fray. The speedometer began going past 200 miles an hour and sped up. "Get us to the Nine Lie Coffee Shop, Areion." Cryo spoke. They entered New York at blinding speeds and stopped short in front of the Nine Lives Coffee Shop, skidding to a stop with wind coursing past them. Cryo checked his time as he and Simba hopped out.

"Alright, 4 hour drive cut down to four minutes!" He glanced to Areion. "You're getting good."

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it had been a few days since the eerie encounter with the brilliant light.. she hadn't felt any different after the exposure. if anything good had come of it, it had reunited her with he brother and her friend Ronin, who both seemed to show up out of the blue. they were both regulars again at the Shop and she was totally thrilled. after talking with them in the small back room, she found they too had experienced a run-in with the mysterious light. so what exactly was going on? what was the light and why had it seemingly chosen her and those she knew well at random out of all the population. the world was big... but the light seemed to have a plan. but what?

2 Hours Ago

"Paladin, would you turn on the tv? I think the Mets game is on.. I thought I'd give the customers something to watch while they enjoyed their meals."

so with the game on in the background, everything was going as normal. the crowd was coming and going, business was bustling. David Wright had just hit a double to the cheers...and jeers of some and was rounding first when the game flickered off. everyone began yelling and booing and she whirled around from where she was standing to look up at the tv. she thought maybe the satellite signal had degredated, but once Nighthunter's face came into view on the screen, something inside her twisted

"Guys!!! Guys hush up! I need to hear this! Something's going ON!"

as the Shop quieted down, Lexi watched the screen with rapt attention

"Hello fellow citizens, my name is Nighthunter. As I'm speaking separate missiles are going to New York city, the reasons behind this are of my own but will come to light when I think it's the right moment to do it. Got a little nostalgic of my hero ways so decided to give you a warning; evacuate New York city or you'll have a quick and meaningless death. You have 12 minutes before the first missile crashes"

there was a cacauphony of screams... of men groaning.. of profanity. suddenly the whole city was on alert. the patrons were all scrambling, pushing chairs back, grabbing cell phones, Blackberrys.... whatever would make a call. they were calling their loved ones, their attorneys.....anyone who had someone was on a phone. she just looked across the shop at Paladin and she nodded. he knew it was time to go to work. somehow.. they just knew that it was up to them

"Shop's closing guys! Go on and get home! Get to your families. Everything's going to be fine.. Just get home and get yourselves out of the city!!"

she was in the process of closing up herself, a quick scramble job to get the place as clean as possible once the people fled. she went about things almost robotically. Andy wasn't here.. she didn't know where he actually was. she didn't know why he hadn't called her. but she had too much to focus on to start crying. how could she not cry, though? how could she not feel as though she was going to never see him again. suddenly there was a soft tune heard in the now abandoned shop.. the ringtone.. his ringtone. she jerked her bag up and pulled her phone out. there were tears in her eyes as she flipped the phone open

"Andy Summers, where ARE you! Why haven't you called! I've been worried sick to death!""Lexi, NOT now! Listen to me. And I mean LISTEN! Lexi baby, you got to get out of New York! Please god be safe and be smart and get out of there and quickly. I'm going to stop this, it's going to be okay, I love you. I promise I'm going to fix this!"

the line went dead before she could even tel him she loved him. she slammed the phone down angrily and looked at her brother. he seemed to be on the phone himself. suddenly he tossed his phone aside and he walked over to her. he took her by the shoulders and he stared at her before he pulled her to his chest and wrapped her into a tight hug

"Andy told me to go stop those missiles. But you need to get out of here, sis. He told me to get you to go. You've only got 10 minutes. Get in that truck of yours and get to heading away from the city."

she looked at him incredulously. leave? but she was a hero! she couldn't just leave! she had to help, somehow!! she crossed her arms and angled her chin defiantly, her blue eyes turning a more severe blue than the normal crystal color she normally wore

"Paladin I can't just leave! What about the people?? There are millions in this city! And Nighthunter's flipped his lid and wants to kill every single one of them? Look I'll be fine! Go on and get to work on those missiles! I'm STAYING. The city needs me!!"

he gritted his teeth and sighed.. realizing his sister was far too stubborn to be reasoned with, she ran out of the Shop and took to the sky in an effort to intercept the first missile. she was left standing there wondering what she was going to do next? oh.. right. try to find Nighthunter. he had to be somewhere.... he had to be piggybacking a signal.... in order to broadcast. what if she could somehow trace the signal? was she smart enough to figure that out? and she'd need a computer and some serious hacking skills. the University! If she got to the University, she could use their broadcast lab to try and isolate the signal! she grabbed up her bag and hurried out the back door, locking it behind her. she got into the truck, cranked it, and jammed it into gear. it was a race against time now and she hoped that she wouldn't be too late

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Suddenly not only the café but the whole city was in a state of turmoil and chaos. The news from the television had everyone running around in a wild panic. There was no way this many people could evacuate in the short time frame of 12 minutes, and Nighthunter knew that well. Nighthunter’s motive was clear; he intended to kill countless thousands of innocent people. What had happened to his old friend, Paladin did not know, but he did know he had to stop those missiles.

Paladin talked with Andferne for a brief moment, listening to vital information and also a quick promise to get Lexi to safety. Paladin tried to reason with Lexi, but it was no use. Also Paladin did not have time to argue with her, his time was running out.

Paladin quickly went outside and was off into the sky within seconds. He used the magic of the hammer to locate the heat signature of the first missile. Paladin located the missile, which seemed to be on a course to strike Manhattan. The missile had already started its decent down so Paladin had to act fast.

Paladin took at angle of interception that would cross the path of the oncoming missile before it struck the ground. Within moments Paladin was in site of the missile. He continued his course and with his hammer in front of him he slammed into the side of the missile, just behind the warhead. The force of the collision caused the missile to almost be broken in half. As the missile turned violently sideways Paladin ripped away at the warhead of the missile, finally tearing it away from the body of the missile. As Paladin held the warhead the rest of the missile began to fall toward the ground. Paladin used his other weapon, the hellfire axe to send a stream of hellfire at the falling missile which vaporized the missile before it hit the ground.

Paladin used his super strength and hurled the warhead out over the Atlantic Ocean. The warhead of the missile would now fall into the ocean, not causing the damage it was intended to.

Paladin quickly used his hammer to locate the second missile. It was bearing down on New York City, but this missile was still far enough away for Paladin to call upon his divine powers. He called forth lightening which struck the oncoming missile. The lightening strike caused the targeting chip in the missile to break down. The missile now began to fly erratically. Paladin quickly flew toward the missile and grabbed it, and with all his strength he pushed the missile upward. The missile and Paladin flew straight up, and within moments reached the top of the atmosphere, and then Paladin threw the missile into outer space. Even though the thruster of the missile stopped working, the force of Paladin’s throw carried the missile away from the earth.

As Paladin flew back down toward the city, he realized there was a third missile. This one was closer to its target than the second so Paladin flew as quickly as he could to place himself between the missile and its intended target.

Paladin made it just in time, and he brought up his force field and made a huge shield between himself and the oncoming missile. The missile struck the force field and a horrific explosion resulted. The entire missile exploded in the air, and although the explosion was powerful enough to cause tremendous damage, it exploded up in the air.

The force field protected Paladin, but the mighty force from the missile threw Paladin toward the ground. He was semi conscious due to the force he had just stood against. As Paladin’s body fell toward the ground his force field came back down, as he cannot contain it unless he is fully conscious. He was falling faster and faster toward the ground. The force of impact would be extreme, and possibly could cause Paladin much damage.

But as the unconscious Paladin struck the ground a different result occurred. Instead of him hitting the ground hard, it was as if the ground reached up and caught him. As his body struck the earth, the ground seemed to mold around him. It was if he had landed on something soft, and he was not injured at all.

Paladin quickly opened his eyes, as he lay on his back. He jumped up and used his hammer to search for more missiles. He did not find any so he quickly moved to hook back up with ronin and Lexi.

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Rayne! Where are you? can you get to New York? Nighthunters gone wacko and sent a bunch of missiles to New York. The first is going to land within 10 minutes from now. Lexi's in New York Rayne, we got to save her, we got to stop those Missiles. I'm here in Boston with Cryo and I have called Paladin to try and help take out those bombs. We got to save New York

The sleek bike blasted off at thunderous speeds once Rayne had recieved the news from Andy.Puzzled and confused for a moment, he casted off his feelings the next and kicked his gear into overdrive to make it to New York as quick as possible.His jet bike was no ordinary vehicle.This one was a beaut.Designed by himself and Akira this fine machine had been built for speed just like its owner.After twisting the left handle bar three times, the bike sped off at bizarre speeds, driving past cars and blasting their windows out a mere 2 seconds later.Zipping between tight spots and jumping over traffic when needed, Rayne reached up to speeds of nine hundred and seventy miles per hour!A normal human would have had his body mangled by traveling at such speeds, but Rayne himself was able to maintain this speed due to his high endurance body which had over time, became more adaptable to high speeds as he grew older and faster.

There it was.The George Washington bridge.Its famous and illustrious arch design with lights that strobed up and down the support wires to illuminate its path.Within a matter of 20 minutes, Rayne had made it from Los Angeles California, all the way to the outskirts of New York City.For one he had been grateful of modern technology.

Jetting through the GW bridge in a matter of seconds, Rayne's pulled his bike to a halt.Lifting his head up from the bullet proof cockpit of the bike, he looked towards the skies with astonishment and a sense of worry.

What the hell?

The sky glowed with a vibrant orange, clouds parted in a dome like shape.Small scraps of flames fell to the earth steadily.Activating his phone once again he voiced:

Phone, call Andferne.

Please hold

A computerized voice responded.

Riiiiiiiing.....Riiiiiiiing...Andy where are you? I'm here in New York.Ps, take a look at the sky.

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everyone seemed to have taken Nighthunter's words to heart. the streets were filled with manic people, all trying to cram as much as they could into their cars..into cabs.. in order to flee the doomed city. with everyone trying to go out, luckily she didn't have too much trouble getting across town to Columbia University's broadcast journalism lab. she screeched to a hault outside the main building and jumped from the truck. overhead, she actually saw the incoming missile and she just freaked..

she ran inside the building and frantically searched for the broadcast room. she needed to access a copy of the broadcast and she needed some of their software that allowed for signal cleanup. there had to be a way to retrace where it was sent from. if she could get even the most general of locations, that narrowed down the search radius for the heroes. she skidded to a hault in front of the tape library and she glanced around. inside, a kid was buried nose deep in stacks of archived footage

"Hey! Hey don't you know what's happening outside? What are you doing in here?" the boy looked at her, his eyes rounding. "What do you mean? I've been working all night. Trying to finish a project for class. I fell asleep in here." Lexi just shook her head and sighed. should she ask him for help or should she tell him to get out? she didn't know where stuff was! she had to have help and she had to pray that Paladin could stop the inbound missiles before she got herself an this kid killed. "What's your name, Kid? Cause if you're gonna help me save the world I kinda would like to know who I'm working with." his jaw dropped open and he stammered.. "Bra... Brandon. My name's Brandon.""Well nice to meet you, Brandon. My name is Lexi. Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business. If I wanted to retrace a broadcast signal back to its source, how would I go about doing that, exactly?"

Brandon gave her an odd look before he sighed softly. the chick had to be out of her noodle.. coming in here. how did she get in, anyway? not that she wasn't hot.. but she didn't exactly look like a student. if he helped her, was he gonna get busted? or was she telling the truth and he'd be a hero?

"Well.. miss Lexi you're going to need a copy of the broadcast you're trying to trace. Without it, we can't run it through the computer to strip the layers down and have a look at its signal pattern and strength. Strength indicates amplification. The more a signal has been strengthened, it could potentially indicate that it was meant for a world-wide trasmission rather than simply local. Global broadcasts require the use of the satellites in orbit. They're bounced off and then rebounced to the local affiliate dishes."

she groaned... damn this was complicated! she fully expected that as technologically sound as Nighthunter was, he potentially had his own broadcast facility. he would cover his tracks well.. and that's what worried her

"Brandon, earlier today a former hero hacked into a carrier signal and disrupted the Mets game. His message.. I don't know if it was sent world-wide or if it was localized to the New York metropolitan area? I don't have a tape of it, but what if I got you a tape? Could you analyize it? Could you find out what I need to know?"

he thought for a moment.. before nodding his head"I believe I could, yes. I'm not the best in my class at that type thing, but I believe I could help you well enough."

she let out a relieved sigh and turned to run back down the corridor toward the door. she called back over her shoulder as she reached up to push hair from her eyes"Brandon, don't go anywhere. Stay in HERE and if someone should come looking for me, tell them I've gone to NBC Studios in Rockafeller Plaza!! I'm gonna try to get you a tape of that message!"

she pushed open the door and ran down the stairs to her truck. she got in, cranked it up, and floored it into reverse, squalling the tires. jamming it into drive, she took off toward the studios in search of the tape

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ronin sat and talked amongst his old friends for a while. Even after LP left ronin stayed behind to try and catch up with lexi about all the things he had missed. at the end of the day ronin helped lexi clean up and went on his way. ronin took off destination unknown. Ronin rode through the night thinkin about what had happened to him the night before. in the morning ronin pulled over to get some breakfast. while eating his egg's ronin's attention was quickly turned away as a breaking story showed up on the TV in the corner of the small diner.

"Hello fellow citizens, my name is Nighthunter. As I'm speaking separate missiles are going to New York city, the reasons behind this are of my own but will come to light when I think it's the right moment to do it. Got a little nostalgic of my hero ways so decided to give you a warning; evacuate New York city or you'll have a quick and meaningless death. You have 12 minutes before the first missile crashes"

ronin quickly got up and threw his cash down on the table. instantly ronin was back on his bike headed for NY city. Luckily for him he hadnt went to far away from the city just mearly to the outskirts of town riding around clearing his head. ronin flew down the streets as he saw tons of heavy traffic heading his way. quickly ronin grabbed the throttle railing back on it speeding faster and faster. once ronin hit the traffic he began to teleport quickly with his bike dodging every car. once back in the city the people of NY were running around like mad as ronin looked up into the sky to see LP trying to stop the missiles.

ronin instantly thought to get to the nine lives cafe shop to check on lexi. with just a thought ronin and his bike were sitting in front of the cafe. ronin jumped off the bike leaving it to just fall over and running into the store. the front door was locked and a sigh of relief came across ronin's face.He figured lexi had already left town. ronin then looked at the sky to see LP tumbling toward the ground. and just a bit further off in to the distance came another missile.

LP had appeared to stop all of them except this one. ronin looked at LP as he fell through the air then ronin looked at the missile. He had to make a choice. save LP or stop the missile. quickly ronin teleported into the air. he was now just above the missile. The rocket was making its decent toward the city. quickly ronin dove down pulling his arms in and straighting out his legs. ronin looked like a bomb dropping out of the sky. as soon as ronin was next to the missile he through out his arms and spread his legs slowing him down just a bit. ronin then grabbed the rocket and in a flash both the rocket and ronin were gone.

ronin teleported over top of the water that bordered NY causing the rocket to fall right into the water. as soon as the rocket was headed toward the water ronin teleported once again back to where LP was. it had appeared that ronin was to late to help his friend. but the need for help from ronin for LP seemed unnecessary as LP had a cushioned fall. ronin just looked at LP with a smile and then back to the sky. ronin then asked LP if he had heard from andy and if we had a plan

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The two of them had headed out to Cryo's car and he said "Get in, and buckle up. It'll go by fast." Quickly however Andy ran to his own Camaro and grabbed out his Visor and Shield. Making his way back to Cryo he jumped in and his radio kicked on with the song playing that brought a smile to Andy's worried face.

Eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin'. We're gonna do what they say can't be done. We got a long way to go, and a short time to get there... Cryo went to apologize for the radio, but Andy told him not to worry about it, he loved classics like that and his car was ok by him.

What would of taken a good four hours of driving only took Areion four minutes to get them there. As they rode in to New York Andy's phone rang and it was Rayne again. "Andy where are you? I'm here in New York.Ps, take a look at the sky". Immediately Andy stuck his head out of the window and looked in to the sky to see explode. The missiles were all being taken care of. Paladin had done it and stopped the missiles, at least that is what he had hoped.

"Rayne meet up with Cryo and I at the Nine Lives Coffee Shop. I'm going to call the others and have them meet us there as well. We need to find out what we are going to do about Nighthunter and his antics here today". With that he slipped back in to his seat and looked at Cryo "Nine Lives bro, lets see what your baby can do" he smiled and patted the dashboard of the car.

On the way there he quickly left a message on Ronin's and Paladin's phones telling them to meet up with Cryo, Rayne, and himself at the shop. After the messages were done he went to call Lexi once more, but then stopped. He knew his baby could feel him, she could sense his thoughts and the closer they were the easier it was for her to know he was around. He started to concentrate hard, his thoughts drifting away and thinking of nothing but her. Her warm touch, and soft smile, those loving words that made him feel like more than he was, his baby. Reaching out with his mind he tried to contact the love if his life, his lover. "Lexi baby are you ok? I'm here in New York with Cryo, we are headed to the Nine Lives, I'm coming for you baby, I love you. Rayne, Ronin, and Paladin are all going to meet us there. We need to find out why Nighthunter is doing this and track him down. We need to get to him before he manages to hurt anyone else. Are you still at the shop baby are did you get out of town? Its safe here again, I'm headed to the shop love, I want to see you, I got to see you"

In a matter of moments they were there at the shop and Andy had used his key to let them in. Cryo had parked out back and they entered from there. Seeing the shop empty Andy began to worry, he wanted to be holding his girl right then. Seconds later the others all started to pour in, soon they would hunt down Nighthunter and see why he was doing these terrible things. Together they would stop him and put in end to this terror.

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Cryo took his keys from Areion's ignition and patted the car on the hood. "Good boy." He nodded for Simba to hurry into the shop, just as he noticed the missiles in th sky. His mind flashed back to the image of the blue light in the sky. Wait. He hadn't been the one to see that. It was Simba, wasn't it? No, no. It's different now. Instead of looking up at the sky, Cryo was looking down at the apartment, like he was the light now. He could see Simba's face in the window, ears slicked back from fear as Cryo turned towards him.

Cryo blinked and the image was gone, replaced by the image of the missiles. Cryo shook his head and set Areion's alarm. He opened the door for Simba, and the two entered the deserted coffee shop. Cryo hadn't really ever been here before. As he looked around, he grew a feel for it, even if it was somewhat feline-oriented. Simba even liked it, seeming to forget the cat aspect as well. Cryo looked behind the counter and frowned. "No one there? I wanted an iced tea..." Seeing that Andy hadn't heard him, Cryo's eyes shifted and he slinked to the back.

Cryo was an iced tea junkie. Most people were addicted to iced coffee. Cryo, on the other hand, couldn't live without tea. He snuck up to the tea station with Simba hot on his tail. He raided the tea stash, and was in heaven immediately. "Green Tea! Jasmine Tea!" He paused for a second, his hand shaking and lower lip quivering. "By the Gods, Simba. She has Blueberry Tea!" Simba simply raised an eyebrow as Cryo went to town making his large blueberry iced tea, adding the right amount of sugar, and even some milk.

He strolled out from the counter sipping his straw. That's when others moved in. Some he knew. Most he didn't. He simply sipped his straw as he leaned against the counter, Simba laying at his feet. He just realized he had an iced tea in his hand, and whipped it behind his back. He flashed a toothy grin that took up half his face. "I--uh--put the money in the register? Ehehehe..." He rubbed the back of his head, embarassed.

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ronin's phone goes off while it's in his pocket. quickly ronin pulled it out and flipped it open saying "speak" it was andy calling ronin and telling him to get back to the nine lives coffee shop. ronin then hung up the phone and walked over to LP saying this is gonna feel a little weird bro. quickly ronin grabs hold of LP's shoulder and teleports back to the coffee shop.

when he enters him and LP land on top of a table crashing through it and onto the ground. quickly ronin stands up dusting himself off just in time to see andy coming in through the back door yelling for lexi. ronin then turns around looking at LP saying "where's lexi"

ronin had thought that LP had lexi with him. ronin then turns around facing andferne and see's an unfamiliar face walk in behind andy. ronin then walks over to cryo reaching out his hand for a handshake saying "I know its not a good time for chit chat but i figure if were gonna be working together we better know each others name"

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Cryo set his Tea down and wiped the condensation from his hand. He gladly shook the man's hand. "Cryo-Wolf, Cryo, Scott, or Funny Wolf Joke. Take your pick." He smirked. "This is Simba." Cryo nodded to Simba. Simba opened his mouht in a pant that looked like a smile and bobbed his head in a nod. He reached up with his paw and shook the man's hand.

Cryo, as always, performed a routine scent check. He breathed in through his nose, but discretely, so as not to show it off. He caught the man's scent and memorized it to the face. Now all he needed to do was put a name with the face.

"So, Did you join because of the blinding light or the free jackets? I myself came for the jackets."

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Rayne meet up with Cryo and I at the Nine Lives Coffee Shop. I'm going to call the others and have them meet us there as well. We need to find out what we are going to do about Nighthunter and his antics here today


Resting his head back into the safe cockpit of his jet bike,Rayne blasted off once again into the terror stricken city, making sharp turns and weaves to avoid idle abandoned cars.

Sounds like a party

Rayne thought to himself, as he thought of Andy's words "The others".It seemed as if it was not only him and Andy that were involved but a few old friends as well.Rayne began to ponder about the light that had struck him in Japan, he wondered if he had been the only one.When he arrived there would be alot of discussing the events that had been taken place in the past few days.As he zipped through the city of concrete and glass giants, his leather riding gear flapped rapidly as he made his way through the once bustling city.After those missiles had targeted the city, civilians ran and spread out like a wildfire in hopes of survival from the seemingly apocolyptic destiny that had stricken them.As he blasted by an empty street, his keen eye took heed to a familiar little diner.Speeding to a halt, he slowed down and made a left cruised in front of the oh so famous coffee shop known as the nine lives.The engine of his bike, sounding like a dragon calming down after it had been provoked and enraged as he drove around the back and parked it in an empty spot.

Stepping of his bike, he secured the lock pad and proceeded to walk through the glass doors, his black combat boots making that crunch sound with each step.

Ding Ding Ding

Three consecutive bell rings faded into one another, slowing down with the next as he walked through the door.

What I miss?

Looking around he could see that someone had obviously made a rough entrance, by the looks of the broken tables.He looked over towards the counter and could already see that Ronin had been getting acquainted with a familiar looking character who had wolf attributes.Stepping in further he approached his old buddy Andy, a look of worry on his visor covered face.

So whats the situation?
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One minute Paladin and ronin were standing out in central park and the next ronin touched Paladin and the next thing Paladin knew was they were both back at Nine Lives. They crashed through a table and both of them stood up.

Paladin looked at ronin and told him *I don’t know if I will ever get use to that or not, * as a little laugh comes from him.

Just the Andy and Cyro come in and Andy immediately wants to know where Lexi is.

I tried to reason with her, but you know how she is. I only had minutes before the missiles would hit so I had no choice but to leave her here. Andy, I know you love her, as do I, but we have to remember she is a big girl and a hero. She has powers and she can take care of herself

Paladin could see the look of displeasure in Andy’s face after hearing what Paladin had to say, but he had to know it was the truth.

Paladin walked over to the window and looked outside.

We should go after Nighthunter now, before he has a chance to launch more missiles or do something even worse

Whats the plan Andy Paladin waited for Andy to respond.

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with the copy of the tape laying beside her on the passenger's seat of the truck, she was now speeding back toward Columbia University's broadcast journalism department. she hadn't heard from Lst Paladin, and despite being tempted to call him with the necklace, she just let out a sigh. the skies overhead seemed calmer, so it had to be a good sign. it meant that the current missile crisis had been averted. as she weaved in and out of abandoned cars and slower moving ones, she kept a firm grip on the steering wheel

she screeched to a hault in front of the building and slammed it into park. as she climbed from the truck, she ran up the stairs and burst through the door. she ran down the hallway, waving the tape around with her hand

"Brandon! Brandon, I've got the tape! Let's get to work okay? Time's ticking!" Brandon peeked around the corner of the tape lab and upon seeing her, ran out to meet her. "Then let's get to work! Hey listen.. I know it might not be the best time to ask this, but.. what are you doing later?" his eyes were on her as the pair headed into the editing room. she didn't mean to laugh, but yeah.. it was cute. "Well.. given that I'm probably about 5 or 6 years older than you.. sorry kid. You're cute but I've got this incredible guy who I'm madly in love with." he hung his head a moment and muttered softly.. "Figures. All the hot ones are taken."

she was watching the monitor as he popped the tape into the player and Nighthunter's face appeared on the screen. he began to tap the keys on the computer keyboard and images appeared on a secondary monitor. she was about to begin asking questions when in the back of her mind, he touched her

"Lexi baby are you ok? I'm here in New York with Cryo, we are headed to Nine Lives, I'm coming for you baby, I love you. Rayne, Ronin, and Paladin are all going to meet us there. We need to find out why Nighthunter is doing this and track him down. We need to get to him before he manages to hurt anyone else. Are you still at the shop baby or did you get out of town? Its safe here again, I'm headed to the shop love, I want to see you, I got to see you."

she bit her lip and smiled, out of his eye Brandon shot her a quizzical look. she shook her head softly and she grabbed a nearby pad of paper and hunted for a pen. after a few moments, she scribbled down her phone number on the pad and slid it across to him

"That's my number. I can't stay to help you out.. I've gotta get going. My guy and my friends are all waiting. Whatever you find out you CALL me on this number, okay?" Brandon just appeared dazed that he'd snagged the girl's phone number. after a moment, he snapped out of it and nodded. "Sure.. sure thing Lexi. I will call you as soon as I find out what you wanna know." she smiled and slipped out of the seat and ran from the room and down the hall. as she burst through the doors, her mind reached out and it touched his*

"Andy!! Oh baby you're back! I'm fine... I'm just fine. I'm at Columbia University. I thought I could make myself useful by trying to find out where Nighthunter's held up by tracking his broadcast signal. I've got a guy working on it for us. He's got my cell and he'll call when he finds something out. I'm getting into the truck and I'm on the way back to Nine Lives! I can't wait to see you!"

she cranked the truck and floored it, heading her way back across the city to the little coffeeshop. about twenty minutes later, she was tearfully reunited with him and all her friends, who promptly scolded her for taking off when they told her to get to safety. she didn't even argue.. it just felt good to have so many who cared. as she slid into Andy's arms, she let out a content sigh. the group let them have their small reunion before Andy turned to the group and they all looked at him, waiting for the next step of the plan to be revealed

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Cryo and Andy had been there for only moments before Ronin and Paladin popped out of thin air crashing down into a table. With a small greeting the group all got to know each other and just as Andy was about to explain the situation Rayne had came strolling through the door. "Good timing bro I was just about to start".....then Andy's face shot towards the ground, his eyes widened and he looked to be concentrating. But it was more than that, he was listening to someone, his someone. Lexi had heard him, he knew she would their bond was strong, a love that no distance could keep apart. "Andy!! Oh baby you're back! I'm fine... I'm just fine. I'm at Columbia University. I thought I could make myself useful by trying to find out where Nighthunter's held up by tracking his broadcast signal. I've got a guy working on it for us. He's got my cell and he'll call when he finds something out. I'm getting into the truck and I'm on the way back to Nine Lives! I can't wait to see you!". He visible relaxed after a brief moment, the others all looking on with concern as they tried to figure it out. All he did was to hold up his hand letting him know he was trying to hear....to hear her.

"Lexi is on her way to meet us, and she has someone tracking Nighthunters location using the broadcast signal. We need to find him and make sure that he does not try something again. It is no mistake that we are all gathered here. Right here right now there is a reason. I know that each of you can feel it because I can to. Something or someone has brought us all together, for what purpose I do not know but together we will find out. Are yall with me"? He went on with the speech and talked about his encounter with the blinding light that struck him, and it was no surprise to find out that each person there had shared the same experience. Each of them told their story and they all eagerly listened as if they had seen it first hand. There was some type of bond between them now and no one had the reason for it.

Minutes later Lexi had came crashing through the door running into Andy's waiting arms which took her up in the tightest embraces. They went on about how she scared them and to never do it again, but in truth all Andy cared about was that she was now in his arms, safe and sound right where she belonged at his side. Still holding on to her he filled her in one what they had been talking about, to find out that she too had seen the light and been feeling the same draw towards the gathered people. But there was still a calling, each of them could feel it, that there was still others out there that they felt drawn to. Then Lexi's phone rang and it was her new friend. He had managed to track down the signal. A very hard and tricky task for just a random meeting. But none of the heroes thought too much of it at the moment. They used what information he had gotten them and Paladin gated them there with his mighty hammer. Opening a portal right there inside the shop for each of them to step through. When they arrived at the other end it was no surprise to Andy that it was one of Nighthunters secret bases. There was something more though, and each of them could feel it, this place felt right, like they belonged there then and now.

The security measure had been set and turned on as the heroes made their way through the compound. They were dodging lasers and jumping pits that sprung from nowhere. Fighting back security measures of what seemed to be either a paranoid man, or a very well thought out defense against heroes. Each of them using their talents to help the others get through the mazes of tunnels and traps he had set they finally arrived into a circular room with multiple doors. Everything seemed to of calmed down and as Andy went to reach for one of the doors the trap was sprung. The door swung open immediately and sucked him in, slamming instantly behind him. The gathered heroes were no without him as he turned back and screamed "LEXI" but there was no door on his end. No way back to her, he had to press on if he was to see her again, and there was more he felt drawn to carry on, as if someone or something was calling him down the dark deep tunnel.

Elsewhere back at Columbia University

The boy named Brandon who Lexi had accidentally meet, and who had helped them up gather the information to find Nighthunter grabbed his belongings and headed for the door. He walked down the walkway and turned the corner, as he passed a trash can he dumped his books into it and walked for the shadows. Once he was free from any and all unwanted eyes his body started to shift, and a cold cackling voice erupted from his mouth. He grew larger and his skin turned white as his teeth got jagged and sharp. His eyes glowed a sinister red, and a crimson red diamond was now visible on his forehead. His vile voice whispered "Now let's see the kittens claws"

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The alarm goes off in a box like room and Darkchild springs up from his bed slamming his head against the ceiling of his tiny room "I save his ass and he puts me in this tiny ass room. I am going to hurt that bastard." he slams his fist into the alarm blaring overhead.

He stands up picks up his long cloak and dusts off the cloths he is wearing, pressing against his com link "All i asked for was five f@#king hours and you cant give me that....i swear this better be f@#king good." He walks up the flights of stairs from the basement. As he nears the top he can hear the alarms blaring and he knew that the one downstairs wasnt just an alarm it was a warning. Someone was coming. The heroes were strong, most were persons Darkchild himself has fought before and he still had the scars to show from his last battle with Andferne.

The monitors buzzed with feeds of the heroes setting off the defense systems in the base and they all jumped as the systems turned on them. Soon they would be here but none of them knew that Nighthunter had gone so far to bring Darkchild into this little game of wits.

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The group of heroes worked very well as a team, helping each other move through all the traps and security this place had been set up with. As they reached a circular room which had multiple doors they all hesitated for a brief moment.

Then as Andferne reached to open one of the doors, he was suddenly gone, drawn into the opening and then the door sealed behind him.

Paladin realized quickly this was another trap, seeing the multiple doors he wondered if there was a specific door for each of them to enter.

Paladin thought for a brief moment, then turned to the group and said

This place is full of danger and traps. As I see it we have two choices, we can either try to smash through the door that took Andferne, or we can open another door. If we choose to open another door, we should all be together, and go through the opening together. We do not know what dangers are here, so keep your guards up.

But first things first. Paladin stood in front of the door that took his friend. He stood still for a moment, closed his eyes and seemed to be saying a short prayer. Then he opened his eyes, lifted his mighty hammer over his head and said

Born I was a God of Thunder…Son of Preen…Adopted Son of Odin…But also a son of the earth, a child of the elder Goddess Gaea. Rarely have I invoked that power or spoken with that voice. Now let that voice be heard We are deep inside the earth and now I call on the earth for help with my purpose in opening this doorway

And with that Paladin took his mighty hammer and struck the door, the result was an ear shattering

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He had always had a thing with animals. As long as he could remember they spoke to him, even when no one else could hear. For a long time he felt that the animals that surrounded him were the only ones he could turn to. As a child he was teased and abused cause he was different, a "Freak". With the animals though, he was a leader and a friend. Was it that they spoke to him without lies, or that he felt more like a bird than a boy.

He soared through the sky trying to make his way home, when he felt it. There is a feeling when a animal is near, and every animal is different. He knew them all so well, the birds, fish, even his son's pet tiger. This was something he had never felt. It was powerful, like it's mind reached out to him.

As he soared he lowered his altitude so that he was only a few feet off the ocean. He ran his hand in the water as he went. Trying to reach out to the creator, he slowed his speed to a glide. Relaxing on the wind currents, he stretched his mind opening it up to the creator.


Yellow eyes, sharp teeth, cold as ice, swimming.

He tried to make since of the images flashing in his head.

Sleeping, flying, huge wings

He couldn't stop them from coming in. They were coming to fast. To much to process..... Darkness

With a scream, he fell from the sky like Icarus. Falling into the cold lonely ocean, the boy who talked to animals, the teenage freak, they hero with the wings.

Hawk had fallen from the sky.

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Nighthunter stood on his laboratory watching the monitors of his computer show the group of the gathered heroes making their way into Nighthunter's base showing both a great display of power and teamwork just like if they had been brothers separated at birth.

Nighthunter closed his eyes and started to remember his days as a hero and when he called most of them friends and teamates, of the golden days when they worked together as a unit, as a team, as a family. Nighthunter would have thrown all of his money away just to have the gang all together again, but it probably was too late for that now.

Nighthunter opened his eyes and looked again at the heroes who were breaking the last line of defense before they could enter the mansion. A small tear was formed on Nighthunter's face as he realized that those golden days were gone and that what he was going to do was going to make it definitive. Those days are gone Nighthunter thought to himself before cleaning that tear and putting his mind on the place where it belonged, the downfall of the heroes.

As the heroes broke into the house Nighthunter formed a smile on his face and pressed a button, opening a door that would suck Andferne and take him from where the other heroes were and put him on his own. A team is as good as his leader and even if they weren't oficially a team they sure looked as one and Andferne was the one acting as the leader just like Nighthunter expected.

Nighthunter pressed a button and then suddenly one of the robots he had designed appeared, ready to take down Andferne and with thr ways to do it as that robot could adapt himself to fight and defeat Andferne as well as any other opponent.

The robot looked for a few seconds to the confused and alone Andferne and then a red light came from out of his eyes that examinated Andferne from the head to the legs, after a few seconds the robot started to talk.

Scanning.....subject alpha....Andferne identified....eliminate

After that the structure of the robot started to change making him able to reflect the eye beams that Andferne could use against him. After that a big lance was formed out of the robot's hand and ran to where Andferne was standing, sending the attack directly to Andferne's stomach.

After that Nighthunter open a com link and his face was seen on a screen next to where the rest of the heroes were standing, Lstpaladin had just used his powers of earthbending to try to break the door and save Andferne.

"Don't lose your time and energy with that ...you'll need it after all if you attempt to survive this experience. Even if you did break the door Andferne ain't on the other side of the door. Each one of this doors is equiped to take each one of you down and you can't come together because as soon as someone enters it, it will close and no one else will be able to enter. Only way you can save Andy is if you enter those doors and survive the trials that await you. But let me warn you, you'll see your worst fears and enemies that are ready to take you down."

After that the TV turned off and Nighthunter's face dissapeared. Now on his lab Nighthunter started to think of what had happened to him in the last few months, when had he lost the thing he was most proud of? when had he stopped acting as a human and tried to be god? when did he stop acting as a hero? when did the man they knew die?
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"So, Did you join because of the blinding light or the free jackets?" I myself came for the jackets." cryo answered ronin. ronin smiled he already knew he was gonna like this guy. the names "pete dunham most people call me ronin though" ronin said smacking cryo on the back. "hell i also joined for the jackets hope there leather" ronin said followed by a smirk.

andy then took the lead saying "Lexi is on her way to meet us, and she has someone tracking Nighthunters location using the broadcast signal. We need to find him and make sure that he does not try something again. It is no mistake that we are all gathered here. Right here right now there is a reason. I know that each of you can feel it because I can to. Something or someone has brought us all together, for what purpose I do not know but together we will find out. Are yall with me"? ronin answered with a slight nod then snikt ronin revealed his claws saying "lets go kick that batman wannabee's a$$".

LP then formed a portal using his mighty hammer that would lead the unlikely team of heavy hitters to NH's base. while at the base the unlikely team of heroes was forced to dodge and avoid many traps. The odd thing was how the whole team seemed to work as one cohesive unit. ronin was use to this from being in the marine corp but he couldnt help but realize how well this unlikely team worked together. they were almost as if they have been working together for decades. ronin couldnt help but smile during these trials it had been so long since he had been on a team or even worked side by side with another person. andy had taken the leadership role and the heroes were happy to oblidge. Andferne was born for this job.

once the team thought they were at the entrance into NH's lair they all stopped at the door. Andy then slowly began to open it when he was suddenly sucked in and the door closed behind him.

"what the fu^k" ronin shouted. then LP quickly settled him down by taking over the leading spot."This place is full of danger and traps. As I see it we have two choices, we can either try to smash through the door that took Andferne, or we can open another door. If we choose to open another door, we should all be together, and go through the opening together. We do not know what dangers are here, so keep your guards up." lp was right they had to work as a team if they wanted to get through this.

ronin then watched as LP began to speak quietly almost as if he was saying a prayer. suddenly LP took his hammer and swung at the door attempting to bust it open. but to no oveal as at the same time NH came on a screen saying."Don't lose your time and energy with that ...you'll need it after all if you attempt to survive this experience. Even if you did break the door Andferne ain't on the other side of the door. Each one of this doors is equiped to take each one of you down and you can't come together because as soon as someone enters it, it will close and no one else will be able to enter. Only way you can save Andy is if you enter those doors and survive the trials that await you. But let me warn you, you'll see your worst fears and enemies that are ready to take you down."

ronin couldnt take it anymore his animal instincts had kicked in after seeing NH on the screen. SNIKT ronin unleashed his claws and took off running down the hall suddenly taking a left at the first door that felt right. quickly ronin stabbed his claws into the door ripping it off of its hinges and rushing in.

once ronin was inside the room he began to look around quickly from left to right watching for the slightest of movement. He knew NH was a sly devil and had something up his sleeve but what that was the question. while looking around ronin peered behind him only to see that the door he had once ripped off was there once again. "Im gonna gut you like a pig" nighthunter ronin said under his breath in a deep voice quickly taking off through the room and the hallways looking for his victim.

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her cell rang, prompting her to step away from the group and take the call. she talked roughly about five minutes and as she flipped the phone shut, she smiled

"It's a go, guys. That was Brandon. He's got the location of Nighthunter's signal. He's sure of it. I know he wouldn't let me down."the group all nodded and as LstPaladin drew them all in, he began to swing his mighty hammer, creating the portal that would bring them to his base of operations. one by one they stepped inside and were magically transported across time and space, to arrive merely moments later outside his lair

with Andy in the lead, she fell in behind him. she was feeling a marked sense of unease with the surroundings. she couldn't exactly place it, but something just felt off. it was like it was way too easy, walking into Nighthunter's base this way. as the group stayed in line, they walked down a long corridor which dead ended in an almost chamber of sorts. all they saw were doors. she swallowed and bit her bottom lip, nervously. that sense of apprehension had returned and it had returned with a vengence

"I'm not sure about this, guys. Something just doesn't feel right.."her voice echoed in the chamber of doors, sounding smaller and slightly more nervous than usual."I don't think I'd be opening.."she didn't have a chance to finish her sentence as something internal seemed to push Andy to open the door nearest to him. he was pulled through and the door slammed shut behind him"ANDY!! No!!"she ran up to the door near tears and began to pull on the door handle, but it wouldn't budge"Andy! Andy can you hear me!! Please answer!"she began to pound on the door with her small fists, until she felt a strong hand on her shoulder push her back

LstPaladin began to swing his hammer again and as he swung it in the direction of the sealed door, it crashed into it with such force she knew the door would be obliterated. but... what? how? as she held her ears and turned, shielding herself there was nothing to shield herself from! the door hadn't budged. it hadn't been obliterated. it stood strong, still locked. she dropped her hands away from her ears and just stared at her brother in disbelief

"We do not know what dangers are here, so keep your guards up."LstPaladin's warning was quiet, but it spoke volumes. she stayed by his side and let out a sigh"Now what? God knows what could be happening to him behind that door! I can't just stand around and play it safe! We have to get him back, guys!"her voice was more shrill than before, her nerves clearly being tested. despite being fully aware that he could take care of himself, she couldn't help feeling the fear she felt"Don't lose your time and energy with that ...you'll need it after all if you attempt to survive this experience."Nighthunter's likeness flickered and came into view on a monitor within the chamber. she whirled around and stared at him, her blue eyes narrowing"Even if you did break the door Andferne ain't on the other side of the door. Each one of this doors is equipped to take each one of you down and you can't come together because as soon as someone enters it, it will close and no one else will be able to enter. Only way you can save Andy is if you enter those doors and survive the trials that await you. But let me warn you, you'll see your worst fears and enemies that are ready to take you down."the message ended and she shook her head. Nighthunter wanted to play games and it looked as if they were going to win this round, they'd have to play whether they liked it or not. Ronin, having gotten sick of being toyed around with, took off and ripped his door of choice off the hinges"Ronin!!!"as he disappeared, she turned and looked at LstPaladin, Rayne, and Cryo and swallowed, slowly"Looks like it's time to pick a door, guys. Just be careful okay? Just be careful. There's no telling what that jerk's got planned. Something tells me it won't be as good as what was behind that curtain on Let's Make a Deal."

she slid from LstPaladin's grip on her shoulder and walked toward the door closest to her. she reached out and with a deep breath, pulled it open. she too was sucked in much the way Andy had been and as it slammed shut behind her, she was surrounded by darkness. she began to breathe hard, reaching out to try and feel if there was a room.. or anything on the other side other than the unending darkness

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Seeing all the different doors Paladin knew Nighthunters plan was to separate the team of heroes. It was his only chance to beat them, together the heroes would be too powerful and Nighthunter knew it.

Andy was now gone, so was Ronin and then Lexi. All disappeared through one of the doors. Paladin felt each of his fellow heroes were strong and would be able to pass any test or trap set by Nighthunter. Each of them would be making their way closer to the hero turned villain. Paladin wanted to be the first to reach Him so he walked over to the remaining doors and thought which one he should enter.

Paladin picked the furthest door and took his axe from his back. With a powerful swing of the axe Paladin struck the door

BA---DOOOOM and the door was cut in two.

Paladin stood at the entrance of the corridor, and used his hammer to check out what if anything was ahead of him. There were no life forms in the corridor so Paladin used the axe to call forth hell fire and shot a stream down the corridor.

That should take care of any traps you may have set, old friend.

And Paladin moved quickly but cautiously down the hall

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Take car of them one by one if you can. The nearest is Ronin Nighthunter told him. The warrior was just that a warrior, his pride was the main thing that he fought for and that was one of his greatest weaknesses. Darkchild followed on the opposite side of the wall. He could feel Ronin running down the hall on the other side of the wall, a grin came to his face as he neared the wall his right fist lighting up the room with fire. He speed forward now flying getting a few feet in front of Ronin on this side of the wall, his right fist still on fire He pulls it back as he runs slamming it into the wall smashing through the wall.

He slides to a stop in front of Ronin "Been a while hasnt it." he lifts his arms above his head and slams them into the ground. The ground ripples and a shockwave is sent towards Ronin. DC pushes off the ground and soars at Ronin his fists will do for this one. He charges his right arm with dark energy and his left with magnetic and as he nears slams his right arm towards Ronin's face, following the punch with another using his left arm.

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ronin seemed to be lost to most but his senses led him right to where he wanted to be. It seemed that payback was drawing closer and closer with every step for ronin it was all about the timing. as ronin ran through the hallways he could hear giant foot steps just on the other side of the wall. ronin knew it wasnt NH he also knew it coulda been a trap. Ronin did know it wasnt. for NH this seemed like a trap but from the beginning ronin could smell the scent in the air. As ronin stood next to LP a slight breeze picked up filling ronin's nose. instantly ronin took off he knew where he was going and knew what door to enter.

ronin ran through the hallway waiting for the right time to strike. Instantly the wall burst open sending bricks flying through the air. ronin blinked as the bricks disappeared. DC came to a screeching halt just in front of ronin. "Been a while hasnt it." DC said with a low voice almost bone chilling to most. ronin seemed to be stunned. quickly DC slammed his fist into the ground. the earth began to shake as a massive shockwave came tumbling at ronin. ronin tried to evade it by jumping into the air but to no avail as the blast hit him in his gut sending him flying backwards. DC quickly flew through the air after ronin swinging madly.

his fist glowed with a dark aura mixed with lighting. DC then swung at ronin aiming for his face. ronin was unable to avoid the hit as he was still trying to make the landing from the first attack. the punch sent ronin flying through a wall. the second swing missed as DC's first hit sent ronin out of the way.

ronin crashed through a brick wall landing hard and sliding into another wall. ronin sat on the ground for a split second his head throbbing and his mouth and nose bleeding. out of nowhere just behind DC came a massive pile of bricks. ronin had blinked the initial attack and opened the portal just behind DC. ronin quickly stood up using the wall to push off of running toward DC SNIKT with a high burst of speed. Just as ronin came through the hole in the brick wall he disappeared. ronin teleported above DC coming down toward him with his claws.

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The hall that he stood in was in crumbling pieces, when his second punch missed it slammed into the wall next to him sending a wave of magnetic energy surging through the wall and causing it to explode. The missed attack did have its benifits as it revealed the metal throughout the entire hallway. Darkchild charged the metal in the pipes and the entire room with magnetic energy for a later use.

He turned towards the hole that Ronin made on his flight, he looked through the hole just as Ronin burst from the hole then suddenly disappearing. "Dammit cant they stay in one god damn place." Then ronin appeared through what many called a blink his claws unsheathed and ready to claw Darkchild to pieces "Fool." Darkchild said as he snapped his fingers and the entire room became magitized. His magnetic energies coursing through the entire room the metal around him charged with the energy. He had hoped that it would hold the feral man mid-air.

"And just in case" He charges his right arm and left leg with energy. And as Ronin flies at him he jumps and spins in the air sending his leg towards Ronin's gut and then slamming his fist towards ronin's jaw.
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ronin had teleported just above DC attempting to come down on top of the massive beast and rip his eye balls from their sockets. the attack was feeble as ronin came down DC said "Fool" instantly snapping his fingers lighting up the entire hallway with magnetism. ronin instantly came to a hault his body stopping in mid air. ronin was only inches away from the ceiling now hovering above DC. blood dripped from ronin's nose and mouth landing on DC's gigantic head.

"And just in case" DC said just as he lept into the air flipping his body to were his feet would be in the air. Using his magnetism DC charged his his leg and fist sending him flying toward ronin. ronin coudlnt do anything to stop the attack. DC's fist hit ronin at the same time as his knee hit ronin in the gut. blood splattered onto to DC from the hit to the face. the hit to the stomach knocked the wind out of ronin causing him to spew out all the blood that was in his mouth onto DC.

ronin was in a daze as his body hit the ceiling crashing through the brick atop of him and back toward the ground. red bricks fell everywhere and the roof seemed to be weakend from the hit. ronin lay on the ground for a sec then slowly began to push himself back up using his hands while blood still dripped out of his mouth. "Is that all you got" ronin said as he smiled at DC his teeth covered in crimson.

instantly ronin was gone with out a trace! ronin had teleported and came out of the portal right toward a wall. ronin then hit the wall using his hands and feet to bounce off of it and teleporting again. ronin came back out in front of DC using the momentum of the wall push to go even faster. just as ronin pulled back about to swing his claws at DC ronin teleported again this time there was a scraping noise heard for just a split second as ronin came sliding across the ground his claws scraping. ronin then twisted his body sliding his foot across the ground attempting to sweep kick DC.

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Darkchild revelled in the blood that covered his face and body. He loved the smell of the iron in the blood he licked his lips as the blood fell down his face. And he watched as Ronin fell to the ground "You can make this easy you know that. I dont want to do this. Just let me win without having to kill you." leaning down towards Ronin

Ronin looked up at Darkchild blood falling from his mouth That all you got? he said with a toothy grin as he started a mix of teleportations and fake attacks. "Ronin you dont want to do this." the last fake attack came inches from Darkchilds face and this only angered DC "I can follow you so dont." then he heard the noise and he was knocked from his feet by the sweep kick.

Dammit when did he get fast. Darkchild said to himself. Just as he was about to hit the floor he himself teleported.

He begins to teleport in an out speaking as he teleports "Do you really think"...."That someone who has lived through so many battles and honed his skills to the limit"..."Would fall for your teleportation."

DC finally stopped for a brief moment at the end of the hall and stared at Ronin, then he ran as fast as he could. Teleporting forward every few seconds gaining momentum, as he neared Ronin he pulled his fist back and then thrusts it forward as he teleports just in front of Ronin. Using the forward motion of his running and teleporting for an extra force.

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