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This is going to be like the comic series Marvel:1602, and (hopefully) this can be a long term RPG.

Rules: Use your comic vine character exept use it in the 17 century. The year will be 1602 like the comic. Instead of being in America, The most populated areas would be in London and Europe and what not. So your character would be in Europe in the RPG. That doesn't mean you can't go to America, although there will be very few colonies and mostly Native Americans.

Heres a little TWIST. You have to get your powers in a medieval way. If your a mutant, Humans have labeled you as Witchbreed because they think your powers are devil's work. The public also, like they did with witches, burns witchbreed at the stake. Try and avoid capture and do what you would normally do except in medieval times.And if you got your powers in a scientific way, it would most likely be magic in this time period. But, use your imaginations. I know some of you have them in that head of yours ;]

And if you can, make your name more English such as: Scott Summers=Scotious Summerisle, or Nick Fury=Sir Nicholas Fury. Also, all groups you may have are now given different names for the century. If I may use the Vine Villains as an example: Vine Villains=Villains of the Vine, or, even an old english form of S.H.I.E.L.D. existed.

And no Making yourself king or queen of whatever country, they already have those. You either make your own living or plot against the crown, your decision.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Standard RPG rules apply:


NO AUTOHITTING. If you are caught auto-hitting, You will be killed. In The Rpg.

NPC'S WON'T BE KILLED UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED BY THEIR OWNER. But, the NPC's can't be godly. As in, let them take hits every now and then, make them seem normal.

Official RPG Rules:


Follow them WITH YOUR LIFE.

Any questions, PM Cryo-Wolf or ask in the OoC Thread, not in the actual RPG.

OoC: http://www.comicvine.com/message/1602-rebirth-ooc/208485/&c=261&261

Have Fun, Enjoy, and no Noobiness.

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Lord Arrow Sat at the queens side, He was not just a Herald but an Adivor , Killer , He was the hand of justice for the queen of Brittian, Many regarded his pale skin and red eyes and belived him to be a sorrcer, Many belived him to be death reborn.

He stood in a red Tunic and a Strange sword at his side, He had not been seen int the court as of late, The Queen had need him on various missions, Bowing as the queen walked out , He stood alone in the Throne room, Glancing around, His long white hair swang from side to side, Standing a 6ft 4 he was a gaint of a man with a strong frame, Most people looked at him in awe as many wanted to know what his real role was next to the queen.

Walking out of the throne room and down the castle halls, Finding the balcony he sat and watched as brids flew ovr head, The wind blew a summers brezze over his lips and he smiled "The calm before the strom I belive".

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Chameleone wandered through the jungle, trying to escape those newcomers to the island. They wore metal plated suits and orange and yellow shirts, they chased him. He used his camouflage powers to let them get by without noticing but his foot slipped and he they heard him. He felt like someone had just hit him with a boulder. He looked at his chest and noticed it was bleeding, but before his healing factor coud take affect he was knocked out from behind. He woke up on a ship alone, in a cell with iron bars. He remained there for six weeks, living off of what the sailors called "food". One day they reached land, and he was escorted off the ship, the bright sun burned his eyes, he was led to a huge fortress and for seven days he was tortured by the ones that had captured him. They spoke a strange language that Chameleone couldn't understand. On the 7th day he was led out of the prison into a crowd of angry villagers, screaming "DIABLO". Chameleone knew that he had to escape or he would be killed. He knocked out one of the guards and charged through the crowd. Everyone in crowd was scratching and hitting him, when he got out of the crowd of people, he found a place to rest so his healing factor could take affect. Then, he heard something, there was an angry mob coming at him. They hadn't seen him yet so he climbed a wall and used his camouflage to blend in. He hoped he wouldn't be noticed.

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The ship rocked from side to side. His long trench coat fluttering around the deck. His three manservents were gathering the cases of various asortment. The chinese emporer had given them as a gift he had been so impressed with his results.

Of all cultures Oliver loverd the chinese. Smart and regal they were far superoir to that of any other society, especailly this one. The three smal chinese men had stacked up the cases one by one and now stood still beside the lugage ready to move it. Oliver looked over the oncoming docklands peasents scrougned at the feet of the workers. Filth lined the streets. Disgusting absolutly disgusting.

The ship dock in the ports and Oliver stepped onto solid land. A man apraoched him

"Mr. Stone?" He asked.

Oliver put out his hand to shake it "Yes. You must be Mr. Byrne." The man nodded and took his hand shaking it weakly.

"Your carrage is here" He said with an even weaker smile.

Oliver turned to the manservent called Yang, nodding his head Yang did like wise and began to take the lugage to the Carrage. Oliver strode forward onto the carrage.

Mr.Bryne scurried along after him saying

"We have arranged the finest acomadation at Oxford college" sniveling as he went.

Oliver turned sharply on his heel towering over the man,

"I will be satying at the palace untill my buisnes there is completed." He stated with utter contempt.

"Butt...You see that...Only.." Mr Brynes whimpers were muffled as the carrage door slammed in his face. The three manservents got in from the other side. The carrage began to move through the streets of London.

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Now that Lukas had thought about it, it was all a big blur. He had gone into the forest to explore it. He was fascinated by this New World. It looked somewhat like his home in England, but, there was omething different about it. It was pure, untouched. The beauty of it surely surpassed that of England. Then, out of nowhere, he was tackled. He felt kives digging into his flesh, and he heard the sound of a ravenous dog growling in his ear.

Now that he thought about it, he didn't know how to react, or why it happened. He simply lay there, against a tree trunk, bleeding from his left shoulder, a huge gash ran over it, so much so that you almost saw the tissue underneath. He drifted in and out of consciousness. His eyelids flickered, and he breathed slowly.

He heard voices, calling out his name. He turned his head slightly in their direction. A woman found him. Screaming, she ran to the others, who came and picked him up. He didn't know what was going on, only that he was being lifted. He felt the bandages over his skin, as well as how damp they became with blood. He heard voices,"We have to take him back to England for treatment."

"But what about-" "We don't have time for that now. Get the ship ready, we're sailing tonight." Scott has slipped into unconsciousness, and when he woke up, he could smell the salt air and felt the rock of the boat in the ocean. He was below deck, with other beds among crates. Surprisingly, he felt better than before. "What happened to me?

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Chameleone blended right into the building, he was right above them and they didn't know it, he waited for them to pass, and when they did, he climbed off the building. It was night now, which would help him to get out of this place. He decided to head north. When he left the city, he saw a sign that said Barcelona. Chameleone was an expert in survival techniques, after being cast out from his village on the island of Jamaica, he learned to live off of the land. He continued north. He ate insects for days, made easier by his prehensile tongue. He got to a mountainous region and met an old traveler. This traveler taught him how to speak the language of his captors as well as French and English. After 6 months with the old traveler Chameleone was fluent in all 3 languages, but the traveler who had been so kind to him had come down with a cough and died several days later. Chameleone continued through the Pyranees Mountains and finally reached the land he now knew as France. His main goal was to make it to England where he heard there were many people like him, and there might be someone like the old traveler.

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"The Queen who care for your company Lord Arrow" The guard stood , His brass chest plate shinning bright in the sun, Underneath his amrour was crimson silk, A large Lance in his right hand and a look of anger on his face, "Lead the way", Falling in behind the Queens guard, taking his time Arrow smiled, The Guard was angery at being sent to fetch a Lord, If only he knew.

The matrch was long and boring , Passing Armour and paintings of the royal family, There is only so much times you can see the Queens face and not get sickend by it, They finally got to the queens quaters "Lord...." The guard was cut off as the Queens stood her Golden gowen was almost double the size of her, It had pure white preals flowing down it and of course the crown on her head, Her voice was soft but powerful,"I know who he is I sent for him, Begone what I speak of is not for your ears", The guards face went bright red as he turned on his heels and walked out the door closing behind him.

"My Lady" Arrow bowed his nose almost touching the ground , "Stand Arrow , we do not envole are self with protcol , You are my most trusted I have a job " she lifted her hand for Arrow to kiss , He walked over taking her soft hand in his, and touching it with his ruby lips, His eyes looked up meeting hers,"Befitting your tlanets"She withdrew her hands her white cheeks filled with a pimk flush " I need you to hunt down these witch breed, I belive them to be a threat.

Arrow stood up instantly "My Lady , they......" He stopped just in time catching that hard look in her eyes "As you wish, you just need to command and I will follow" The witch breed where his Brothers people that had gifts, He was not sure about this, for the first time Arrow did not want to follow his queen, "I will start right away."

Arrow exited the castle and mounted his whites steed heading into the great city , the harbour would be a good place to let his mind think things out , A beer and A lady .

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spiderman lived in a small village not to far from the kingdom. Spiderman was a forger who was good at making weapons he best weapon he made was his personal sword which was literally the perfect sword. Everybody knew him and loved him and his brother Jim. Jim was spiderman personal assisant. But jim wanted to have powers so he went into the kingdom and found something about a spider god. jim was fasniated with spiders. spiderman was out one day with friends and came home and found jim in a white circle with exactly 100 dead spiders all around it. then a giant spider from the blood of those 100 spiders around him appered in front of him and said


"y-yes i do"


then this bright light appered and spiderman screamed

then push spiderman jumped and push him out of the away then the spider god said

then when the light dissapered spiderman had all of the spider powers and the jim said

no brother now your his slav

then the spider god said


so just like that i had powers and strings attach at first i tested my powers it was awesome. but there was a draw back my brother became so suicdal that he killed him self a couple of days later and i remember my brother wantted to be a hero so i became a hero for his honor he wore red clothing and put his sword on his back

at first everyone one tried to kill spiderman for fear of him but he gained there trust cause spiderman saved the mayor of the village of course some people hated him but he was still a hero. He got a girlfriend told her about his powers and she still loved him then i engadge to her but then the army from the kingdom came saying we were spending more money then bringing so he destroyed the village spiderman came in punch everyone slash them with his talons then heard of a scream and know that scream anywhere it was casey and the general slash her head off and such a rage filled in spiderman's heart and he slaugther everyone around him and then they were all dead exect for the general who spiderman wanted him personal he was no challenge for spiderman but i torutered him slash his skin right off him and made him eat stuck it down his mouth and the general said

"ha hahaha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh even if i die i was the one who made this village fall and the king didn't even ordered me to do it he loved this village and i hated him that why i did it"

then spiderman was in shock he thought the king did this and then remember casey


then spiderman takes his sword and chped his head off him and after that he packed up and left the burning village everyone he knew was dead. And he left the village he had his revenge and now he left to protect the innocents from more evil men!

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Sasuke was sitting in a tree sleep. he was dreaming about the fight that him and naruto had.chidori sasuke said

then all of a sudden sasukes brother Itachi appered in his dream sasuke saw him start to kill every one and his clan then he woke up angery.this was why sasuke was going to europe he had heard that Itachi was hidding from him there.he start to think about it agin it would not get out of his head

all of a sudden he saw his brothers face so he trasfromed into his cuse seal level 2 so he could fly to get to Itachi as fast as possiable

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Lukas woke up abrubtly. He didn't know why, but he was suddenly woken up. A strange scent filled the deck. He couldn't understand it, but it was almost as if he could see someone hidden in the scent. He opened his eyes, and didn't realize he was standing, out of bed. He didn't think he should, with the way he was after the accident.His eyes wandered to his shoulder. He felt the bandages dry surface before he ripped them off. The hole in his clothes showed completely healed skin, without a scratch on it. The scent filled his nostrils again. He followed it, the stronger it got the more closer he came to its target.

He turned a corner, only to find a knife held to his throat. It was made from shaprened stone, a feather attached to its grip. Lukas froze, and his eyes folled the knife to the hand holding it. A copper colored silken hand. The hand led to a beautiful arm, which led to a shoulder, the neck and finally, the face of a young woman of 14, like Lukas. She was dressed in a flowing dress, coming down to just below her knees. It had intricate designs on it, and fringe lined the bottom. The fringe appeared on her shoulder as well, and she was wearing a necklace. The pendant was carved from wood, it was a picture of a wolf. The wolf's head was rasied, howling. The girl's hair covered her eyes a bit, and was streaked with blue.

Lukas's hands flew up. The girl slowly stood up, the knife still to Lukas' neck. "I don't want any trouble." He said. The girl stared at Lukas, her eyes almost seeming to stare into his soul. "How did you survive." She said. Lukas was surprised."You speak English?" The girl was surprised. "What is English. I do not know what you speak of." Lukas didn't know how it was possible. How could he understand this girl if she wasn't speaking English? "How did you survive?" Lukas didn't know what she was talking about. The attack? "How do you know abo-" She pressed the knife against Lukas's throat. "I don't know," He began," I was attacked by...some dog, I think, and I was bleeding pretty badly. I was brought onto the ship, and now we're heading to England." Lukas wondered how this girl had gotten on the ship, then his eyes widened,"You're a stowaway!"

The girl didn't seem to care of his remark. She withdrew the knife from Lukas's neck and paced, speaking quickly in Native American. She turned to Lukas. "No one has survived an attack like that before. How can you still be alive?"

Lukas shrugged,"I have absolutely no idea. What do you want with me, anyway?"

"You survived. No one has survived. There is something different about you. I am staying with you until I find out."

"What!? You can't! You're a savage!" Lukas soon regreted that. The girl looked very angry. She tackled him to the ground, one hand holding him down, the other at his adam's apple, holding her knife. "I am no savage. You are. You come into our lands and poison them! That is why I attacked you, to send a message to the White Man." Scott's eyes narrowed. "You idn't attack me, a dog did! Or, some kind of wild animal."

And, just like that, the girl transformed into some kind of animal. Fur grew from her skin. Her raven black hair changed to brown like her fur, except for the remaining streaks of blue. Her teeth lengthened, and claws extended from her hands and teeth. "I attacked you. I didn't want you to survive, but you did. I am going to stay with you until I know how you survived. Once I know, I will kill you." She pocketed her knife in her bag. It was slung around her right shoulder, the strap extending an the bag resting against her left side.

A voice from up on deck said,"We've reached the Harbor!"

Lukas got up and said,"I have to go now." The girl's hand stopped him. She placed it on his shoulder. When he turned, she shook her head. "They will capture me on sight." Lukas scoffed,"You ever think that would be a good thing?" Her gripped tightened, causing him to wince. "We swim to land." She began walking toward a porthole. She took some leaves and powder from her bag and blew on the porthole, widening it and making it big enough to jump through. She nodded towards the porthole and began climbing through it. "I am not going with you." Lukas said. The girl shrugged,"Your choice. Come with me, and you find out how your arm healed so quickly." How did she know that? Lukas's curiosity overwhelmed him, and he ran after the girl. He dove into the water after her.

"Start swimming." She said. This time Lukas grabbed her hand,"We don't have to. Just hold your breath." He dove under the water, followed by the girl. He moved his hands around, and the water moved. it swirled around them, and propeled them for the edge of the harbor. Lukas broke the surface, followed by the girl. "What was that magic?" The girl said, alarmed. "I suppose," Lukas began,"The same that can widen a porthole." He pulled himself up onto the stone ground of England, then pulling the girl up after him.

"My name is Lukas Wolfman." Lukas said, breathing heavily. The girl twisted the water from her hair and said,"Moonchild."
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Methos walked down the London ally... his black trench coat billowing out behind him and the thunder rolled above.

the dead body in the alley was all the proof hat he had been there... the wallet from the corpse was stuffed firmly his his own pocket now, the body would be covered up... no one in the police force wanted to deal with things like that, besides, for all intensive purposes the body looked like it was that of an eighty year old man who had just died from a heart attack.

not the 18 year old man who had been attacked in that dark ally not minutes before...

with the money and jewelery from the robbery safely in his pocket, Methos headed out into the night...


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Sparda woke up with a start. It was cold, like it was cold every morning. Today was the day of the travel. He got up, put his warmest furs on, and stepped out into the cold.

It was like every other day in Iceland. But today was different, also. Today was the day when Sparda went with many men from the village to travel in search of trade. He strapped on his blade and his boots, and walked through the village. Where ever he went, people always looked at him oddly. For he was Sparda the Bold. He was the son of the chief of this village, Xargus the Red. But he was only half icelandic, for his mother had been a slave girl. Being th son of Xargus, he was trained well in the ways of combat. He had been through many trials. It was said that once he even killed a pair of bears with his bare hands. Sparda was said to possess the strength of thirty men.

Today, he would prove valuable to his village. His father was travelling with him also, and as a gift, Sparda was given the finest blade ever seen in Iceland. Sparda walked to the boats.

"Ah, son, you are awake. It is time for us to go, and help our village", Xargus said to him.

"Yes, father", Sparda said, and he started to push to boats into the shallow, old waters. All the men boarded the viking boats. It had been a long time since such a voyage. With a great deal of encouragement and last minute good-byes from the wives of the men and the children of the men leaving the village, they pushed off. The quickly went into deeper waters, and in an hour, the village was a dot behind them.

"Row, row!", Xargus yelled out. "We have a long way to go before we reach our destination: the land they call England"

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Tomas looked out side his window.

"what did these bloddy humans do to my perfect home."

you see Tomas Darkrye was of royal family. he was a count. when they found out that his mother was a socerous they put her to death. before she was beheaded how ever she merged the soul of a deamon. the deamon was boken. you see when boken ran rampant on earth he used his cursed blade to harvest his enemies souls and use there shadows as instruments of destruction. When the two souls were merged tomas was drawn to the sowrd . it became his duty to control and master the cursed sowrd. tom felt the mark on his neck. he was branded at the time his mother died. it was imperitive that no one knew of his power and that he was just a master sowrdsman.

"don't worry fair england, i will gather an army and destroy all who have made you turn against those who are diferant."

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A man dressed elegantly in a black and gold tunic paired with a gold trimmed cape entered the Queen's chambers. "Your majesty." Said the man as he bowed. "You wished to see me?"

"Ah yes. Rise Sir James MacAskill. We have no time for these formalities. Koff. I have just asked Lord Arrow to take lead in the elimination of the witchbreed."

"So I have heard, Majesty."

For a moment, the queen looked shocked, then composed herself and said, "Yes, of course you have. That is why we pay you. Koff. Now we fear that these spawn of Satan may be too much for the good Lord Arrow to handle, and by our request, we would like you and your men to assist him. We fear they may be trying to overtake the throne, therefore we need this threat taken care of, by any means necessary."

"Of course your majesty." replied James. In his head, he began picking out his finest men and the most trustworthy cutthroats who could stand against the powers of the witchbreed.

"Now," stated the queen, "Begone from our chamber, we need our rest to over come our most unfortunate illness."

With a graceful bow, Sir James left the chambers and proceeded down the dark halls of the castle. Surely he would be able to find at least one of his men down at one of the local tavern.

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Spectrum looked out the carrage window. He feared this place more then anything. After all the Queen feared the so called witchbreed. In other cultures they were revered for there near god like abilities.

The only reason he had come was to try and fund his experiments and travels he hoped to go back to china and hide there for the rest of his life disapearing in an accendental explosoin. Oliver smirked to him self. That bit wouldnt be hard. Holding out his hands he tensed it slightly his hand glowing slightly as he did so.

There was a loud creak and bang and the carrage stopped. Oliver stood out of the carrage in an instant. Several of the large crates he had brought with him lay strewn across the ground. cylinders and glass utensils smashed inside their containers. Oliver put a hand to his forehead. The three small chinese men were already scurrying around the mess not allowing the wimping Mr. Bryne to interfer with the utensils. He came scurrying over to Oliver, who waved a hand and saying,

"Do as you must". He did not like the people scurryin beneath him. His servents were different all aprentance alchemists as he had beenonce, all had their part to play in his experiments and displays. He was teaching them. He disliked Mr.Bryne who would snivle at his supoirers but scath at those below him. Oliver had started off as an alchemist, not a magicain as some had claimed or a god as others had aswell, a humble alchemsit, his search was for knowledge. He had to want for the fame that he had gained or the money, seeing several small children in a gutter Oliver apraoched them. Throughing his hands into the air there was a puff of smoke and money rained to the ground, well maybe there was a little magic to his work, he smiled at the thought. A simple chemical reaction and a small amount of silver pounds could bring so much joy to some. the children laughed as they grabbed for the coins scattered along the streets.

Oliver rested his hands on the bar by the dockside. Another ship was docking to his left. He wanted to get out of here as soon as possable.

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Tomas entered the king's castle. lucky for him he appears like a human and his blade looks like one in which you duel with.

"King james, i requrie a ship for i wish to conquer more of the new world for england. i also need a hand picked crew of loyal yet ruthless men. there are shure to be witchbreeds there and i wish them dead before we settle."

the king approved and then began the search for anyone braveenough to tackle the new world.

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Born into a family of gypsys,his birth name is unknwon.Ever sense his Father and big sister had been running from the Latverian enforcers,the ruler had been trying to get them out of the country and killed,apparentley they were witch breeds,he was too young to remeber,but the story that was told was that his parents fled from Latveria and ended up in New Amsterdam,they,unfourtanetly were cought between a war that involed two rival Native american tribes,the outcome was deadly his family was killed but he was rescued by the opposing tribe in the knick if time,the tribe took him in as a child of their own,a prophecy forseen by the Head Shaman had told of a silver haired boy that woul eventually bring the tribe to heaven and guide them down the "trail of tears",during his adolescent years he was trained in Shaman magic,the best to be exact,the Shaman tought him how to connect with the Magnetic force of the world for strength,thats were his powers came from,now he is of age,he must find his Sacred Totem,the totem that would grant him a power unto itself,for he is the protector of the Silver Fox tribe,he is Jospeh Airwalker

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The League of Shadows


My King... they are here.

King Henri the IV was beloved by his people, but underneath his smile and gentle demeanor hid a viscous power hungry King. For years he had obsessed with the secrets of the Knights Templar and the possibility that they in fact had found and hid the Holy Grail. After exhausting many resources and over half of France's gold the King turned to a myth, a legend, the League of Shadows. The league had originated in Egypt centuries ago and were the royal guard to the Pharaoh's of old. After a long and strenuous search the Kings subjects believe they have found the last three remnants of an ancient race.

Three hooded figures stood statuesque in the throne room of King Henri. As the King entered they did not bow, they did not move, the King simply reached into his robe and threw several small bags of gold at them and watched as each one was caught in mid air.

Find it, and kill anyone who gets in your way.

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"Young Airwalker,your day begans now,you must travel into the deep mountains where there ,rumored to be great beast,of all sorts ,even demonic Werewolves are said to lurk there in the mountains there will be a cave with seven paths,your soul will choose the right one,and remeber only one person has ever survived this treachourus journey"

The Head Shaman spoke to Jospeh before he was off to his strenous journey,the tribe stood behind the Shaman in glee and sorrow,they were happy because they would have a new leader,they were sad because of the chance that he would not come back.

Jospeh's hair blew in the wind as well as his blue scarf,his backed was faced away from the forest,he looked on his tribe he loved so much,he was soft spoken so words didnt come as much,but he made sure that he let his family know that he would return safely.

"Ill be back,and you..my people will be here with me"Joseph said with a smooth voice.

He began to turn around,but a beutiful young women stepped out of the Head Shaman's tepee,her name was Sable,the Shaman's daughter,the only one who woul eventually marry Joseph.They truly loved each other.She ran to him and fell into his arms,she kissed him and said goodbye,with that Joseph took off.

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Post Deleted.

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William MacAskill sat in the corner of the tavern, waiting. As he sipped his ale, a familiar figure pulled up a chair next to him. The two were quite the pair, one dressed in a fine black and gold tunic, the other in a kilt bearing the golden tartan of the MacAskill clan. One would never have thought the two brothers, had they not looked identical.

"So James, what did her majesty have to say? Frightened by the witchbreed 'threat'?" asked William.

James laughed. "You know all too well, brother. The rumors were true, and she indeed does wish them to be 'taken care of,' if you will. What news do you bring from continent?"

William motioned for James to lean in closer. "I have it on good authority that King Henri of France is seeking the treasure of the Templars." he whispered. "Employed some sort of shadow guild, or some unholy army to hunt down this treasure, wherever it may be. I can assume it would still be at the Holy City."

"It's highly unlikely they'll find it! It's called the lost treasure of the Templars for a reason." James scoffed. "However, you aren't the first to inform me on this. Now, I need men to help with her majesty's hunt of these witchbreed. With you gone to keep an eye on this shadow guild, I'll need another man on the inside to help out."

"You want me to keep an eye on the French's treasure hunt? Surely you think it's folly as well?"

"Not at all. Henri has been obsessing over the treasure for some time now, and if he's employing Pagans and witchbreed to sack Jerusalem for his own gain, he may use them to try and take the crown here, therefore I need you to stop whoever he's hired, averting him using witchbreed to attack England." Explained James.

"Well, if you put it that way..." said William, leaning back. "Now about the local witchbreed threat, I know just the man you're looking for. I believe his name started with an M, or something like that. He'll find you once word gets out." With that, William stood up, tipped the bartender, and strolled off into the darkened streets of London, leaving James alone at the table with his thoughts.

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Methos walked in the dark bar... glancing around the patrons with his cold, dead eyes...

walking up to the bar he ordered a shot... downing it quickly as the barman scurried away, obviously afraid of him.

over at the corner of the bar was a man, leaning against the wall quietly drinking... he muttered something about witchbreed to the bartender before walking off into the night.

following a hunch, Methos gathered his thoughts and walked out of the bar, intent on following this nameless man though the night, they obviously had the same quarry, though what that was he was unsure of at the moment.


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The job was easy, find the secret treasures of the Knights Templar and kill anyone who got in our way. Simple right? Wrong.

"Where we headed first Kafele" Imhotep asked.

Jerusalem will be our first stop

"Excellent, the treasures will be ours, no one can stand in our way" Imhotep spoke.

Do not be so cocky, it will be your downfall Issa said.

"We'll see about that, they don't call me The Cat for no reason" Imhotep spoke.

Enough, we must keep our mids on the ask at hand. You two can bicker later

The journey had begun...
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Under the cover of darkness three hooded mercenary's arrive at a small church just outside of Paris.

The church is relatively small and unknown to all except a select few.

You can not just barge into the house of god. said the Priest.

Issa grabbed the Priest by the throat and squeezed.

"Mind your tongue father, your god holds no power over us. Now, tell us were they are."

Whhha....what? W..who do you sp... His sentenced was cut short when Issa placed her hand on his forehead.


The Priest's eyes turned white and he began to lead them through a secret passage way and down a long winding staircase and into a large chamber under the church. The room was empty except for 54 golden earns placed around the walls of the chamber.

The Priest walked over and grabbed one, Issa quickly snatched it out of his hands and spoke.


The Priest collapsed dead on the floor. Issa emptied the ash's onto the floor and took out a blade slicing her hand. The blood started to drip on the ash's forming a map.

"There. We most go to England."

The hooded figures left the church and rode of into the night. The name on the earn red

Jacques de Molay

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As soon as James left the bar, he knew he was being followed. His tracker wasn't the quietest, but after all the espionage work James had done for the crown, his hearing was so finely attuned, he could hear a mouse pass gas. Pulling out some of his best tricks, James did what he could to lose his follower, however he was good. Deciding to confront whoever it was, James slipped down a dark alley, and hid in the shadows. The figure slowly walked into the passage, and James used he chance. Drawing his dagger, he jumped behind the man and pressed the blade to the base of his spine.

"You had better be the one Will was talking about, or have a damn good reason for following me, unless you want my steel in your back. Now start talking."

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Methos was following the person... he saw him duck into the ally and with a sly grin slowed down enough so he could get a full bearing of the situation and area...

to say he was stunned when he felt the blade press into his spine would be an understatement.

pausing for a second he twisted his head round to confirm what he thought, that his quarry had slipped behind him and was currently holding a knife to his spine.

deciding to play it safe for a bit he froze...

"The names Methos... i'd remove that if you don't want a sudden infusion of rust to your stomach..."

as his words his the air he used his chronokenisis to age the blade a few hundred years...

pressing his back into the blade he grinned evilly, showing his teeth as the blade snapped against his thick leather coat.

"Now, shall we talk or do you want to turn this into another pissing match?"

grinning some more he called up an illusion of fog and mist to cover the area as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.


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His white steed looked out of place as he dismounted at the goats inn, Opening the door he smiled at macy a slum girl who ran the goat, she was a small lass no more then 5'2, green eyes and long blonde hair, Her white apron never did her justice, But still she was nice on the eyes , Well that was untill she smiled, He laughed a little , Then he hread them, A rumble of laughter filled the bar from the back, Walking over he stood behind them.

Cain and Able two brothers wearing full, Hamilton Kilt The younger Able had a great ginger beard to match his hair and dark blue eyes , Both where built like mules Able carried a Battle hammer the size of himself and then there was Cain The man had the same red hair but no beared , He looked like a rough man a crocked nose from all the fighting and was missing an eye, He never covered it up , His weapon of choice was a claymour a great weapon, Suddenly Cain saw arrow , For a man with one eye he had better sight then his brother .

"Na wheres your ale, Git this man an Ale wench " Cain smiled as Arrow came closer, Arrow lifted a leg and knocked Able of his chair the man rolled picking up his Battle Hammer "Your in my seat nest face " Able slung the weapon over his head almost killing three other people behind him "Aie I am that " Able took a diffrent seat next to his Brother, "Sa wit news da ya bring us frae the Queen, Wit Missions ist it new" Arrow smile dissapread, "Let us just drink for now you dirty red heads and rember the good times"

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"How di you do that?" Moonchild asked, staning up. Her clothes were dripping from their little dip in the Harbor. Lukas stood, shaking himself off. "I've always been able to. Oh! Hold on a tick." He moved his hands and watched as the water removed itself from their clothes and jumped into the harbor.

"Born with it in fact." He began walking, Moonchild cautiously walking next to him. Mayn people stared at her because of her clothes and skin. "How do you know about my healing?" Moonchild took another look at the hole in his shirt, comparing her hand an claw length to different measures. She nodded. "You're becoming a werewolf." Lukas almost fell down. "A Werewolf!?" People started staring. "I can't be a werewolf. Where're the claws and fangs and fleas!?"

Moonchild smiled. "Fleas you'll learn to live with. Claws are simple, fangs are second nature. You'll change uring the next full moon. I must warn you, the first change is always the worst. Werewolves can heal, and that is what healed your arm. You would've died if I hadn't given you the curse. I saved your life."

She began walking, but soon stopped as she didn't know where she was. Lukas stood in awe. Moonchild had ttacked, him in the process saved him. He caught up to her. "Ok, so I've decided. I'll let you tag along."

"You couldn't stop me anyways." She said. Scott growled. It wasn't voluntary, he just did it. He shook his head and said,"You're going the wrong way. I know my way around London. C'Mon, we can get something to eat at the inn. Oh, an," Lukas said, eyeing Moonchild's clothes,"You have to pretend to be slave." He cringed and closed his eyes, preparing for her to attack him. But she didn't. He opened an eye and looked at her. "I understand."

"You...do?" She nodded. "Of course. For one to accomplish a task, one may have to bend the rules a bit." Lukas sighed and smiled, opening the door for her to enter, following in. They took a seat by a window and waited for the girl to come by.

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Oliver was tired of waiting. The carrage had broken its wheel thats what had caused the cases to fall from the cart. He sighed as he saw the smithey shaking his head as Mr.Byrne ofered him more and more money. Oliver turned away from the scene opting instead to enter the nearest tavern. He looked at the sign swinging wildly in the wind "The Goats Inn" was written on it in harsh rough hand.

oliver stepped in the stench of pipe smoke and well human excrement was over powering. He sat at a lone table in the corner. Surveying the place he saw to massive, he assumed, Sctish men talking to a slimer yet equally powerful man in the oppisite corner. A couple sat by the window nearest the door.

The owner cam over asking him for his drink. He ordered ale, but left it sit on the table. He never drank on buisness. He sat and brooded over the massive froathing tankard.

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Damn that was my best dagger. Thought James as the fog rolled in around him.

"Well, Methos, I won't be telling you my name, however, I have a task for you from the Queen you may find most lucrative. In return, I offer you full pardon on any, what we'll call discrepancies, you may have had in the past. All the queen wishes is that you assist in the elimination of the witchbreed. What say you?" he asked Methos through the ever thickening fog.

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Scotious sat there in a pub his head down in his arms a drink of whisky in his left hand. Scotious new he was wanted, he had escaped a few attacks earlier on in the week he kept his hood up, for the scar on his missing left eye was a big giveaway, but he was ready he was always ready. two slightly armoured figures sat next to him two seats apart on each side. He knew what to do.

He looked at the man to his right his armour was light, thin and very weak, his elbow most protected, his shoes big and slightly heavy its fit on the mans body was loose, easy. He turned his head to the left very heavy thick chainmail, to weak and not enough covering the neck, his brown cloak was thick his shoes exceedingly light looking. He had no doubt there was two more behind him, one standing up one sitting down.

He lowered his hood showing his scared face and missing eye, he took the last sip of the whisky, the men eitherside got up pulling out there weapons, Scotious moved his hands out of his cloak throwing something at the men, he also kicked his chair behind him towards the man behind, the two either side advanced quickly but stopped abruptly, blood shot out the two men, the man to the right fell to the floor blood pouring out his mouth and chest a knife sqaure in his heart, the man stood a little while blood spurting out his neck some coming out his mouth he stared at the ceiling before dropping to the floor also a silve dagger in his neck. Scotious swiftly turned around pulling his sword out and swiping at the man behind hims head and putting the sword back in its scabbard in one move. The man behind was clutching his balls from were the chair hit him, he spat blood before his head slide off his neck and hit the floor, the man followed the head shortly falling to the floor aswell. The man sitting down hadn't even pulled his sword out before all that happened and as the dagger was about to come out its holder Scotious had already pulled off his bow placed three arrows on it and shot them at him. The last man slide to the floor an arrow in his leg one in his chest and the last in his forehead, blood poured to the floor and the mans dagger still hadn't been pulled out instead it slide back into it blood on the handle.

Scotious turned and stepped over a dead body and walked to the door, he looked at the barman and said "thanks" then he looked at the four dead men.

"Four men and only a few weapons, thats f*ckin insulting"

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Arrow watched as the couple took the seat, Cain and able where sining away to each other, then a man with a pint of ale caught his eye, It had sat there for a while but he had not taken a sip, This was not right "Excuse me friends" Arrow stood and walked towards the couple.

"My friend you look new i london , I should know I know everyone" He was playing the confidance game, He glanced at the man with the ale , Arrow sat next to them with out asking "Food and drink for the man and his Friend" She was no slave he could see it in her soft hands,"So what brings you to England, My name is Arrow herald to the queen" He leant in and began to whispear "Someone is watching you, " He winked and stood, "Enjoy the food, If you need anything else please feel free to take apon my company again".

Arrow nodded to Cain and Able and went to the bar, He was standing next to the man with the ale , Turning his head he nodded , It was obvious the man knew what he was doing , He was watching the bar and eyeing everyone up, Arrow wondered who he was and what he wanted.

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"as you say sir... a full pardon for my past in exchange for doung what i currently am doing?"

the offer sounded good, a little too good for what he was being asked to do.

"You know that i don't discriminate between my quarries... a police officer or a murderer... if they are witchbreed they will die by my hand... do you wish for that to be on you, and you're queen's conscience?"


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Lukas was surprised when a man sat next to them saying his name was Arrow. He ordered food for them, and he looked like he could see through the slave disguise. He said someone was watching them. He left, and Lukas could see the man that Arrow said was watching them. He whispered to Moonchild,"What d'ye think he wants?"

Moonchild now had an angry look on her face. "I do not know, but there is something different about him. I can smell it in his scent." Lukas seemed interested,"How can you do that?" Moonchild averted her gaze from the man to Scott. "Close your eyes, smell the earth around you. It will come."

Scott closed his eyes, and inhaled. Suddenly, a new world opened up to him, like onboard the ship. He could tell where everything was, he could see everything. Everything had a distinguishing scent. He opened his eyes, breathing heavily. "My God! That was amazing."

Moonchild smiled,"More to come, Lukas." She coninuted to keep watch on the man. Lukas' back was to him, but she could see him fine. Arrow seemed to be the better choice of the two to side with.

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The tall silver haired man had drifted his way through the bar subtley enough. He was standing next to him . The ale still standing on the table. The silver haired one nodded at him. Oliver nodded back unsure of his ground. He stood leaving the ale on the table. His hands clasped behind his back he slipped one from his trench coat and offered it to the man named Arrow. It clicked in his head. Arrow herald to the Queen. Oliver was no chump he had gathered as much information coming to England as he could. He traveled up through France on his way to England and the Frence were more then willing to divulge all the information they could.

"Oliver Stone" he smiled. It was not a false smile, but not wholely true. English roylty were known for their cut throat buisness tactics. He awited Arrows response. The information whizzin around in his head.

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Kafele and his League of Shadows had crossed the English channel into England and were now on foot sticking to the darker areas of the city.

And old man in a dark alley way motioned for them to come closer.

I was told of your arrival. Quick, there are many who know of what you seek and who has sent you.

"Just get us to Royston Cave old man. We can handle the rest."

After a lengthy wagon ride they had reached the cave entrance. As soon as they entered Issa began to sway.

This is it. Can you feel? They were here.

Carvings and paintings on the wall confirmed that the Knights Templar did indeed continue to meet here even after the great purge of 1308. They continued on until Issa held up her hand and with a wave a small section of the wall began to slide back. She reached in removing a document, as the three gathered round they quickly discovered it was a map and it was written in Hebrew.

"This is it. The map to the lost treasure of the Templars. Quickly we must go."

Go where Kafele? asked Issa.

"The Holy Land."
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It already been five days.The forest was damp and very cold,Joseph kept himself warm with his scarf that covered his body,Darkness surrounded him,he was lost in a place were anyting could happen,his blue eyes glowed emmensley and he heard the branches beaneth his feet crack and break,but with each move he would make,something else would make one,whatever it was wasnt human,and if it was human then they were a witch breed.At any moment,it could strike,it would strike,if it Joseph wasnt agile and vigilante enough,but nevertheless Jospeh brought down a bolt of lightning form the heavens,it struck and provivded Jospeh with enough light to find his antagonizer and strike,with in that flash Jospeh struck the creature with his hatchet that was magnified with electric energy,it was a Werewolf.

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The question stung James hard. Do you wish for that to be on you, and you're queen's conscience? It echoed through his head as he searched for an answer.

"Ahem. Her majesty has made her orders quite clear. Eliminate the witchbreed by any means necessary. Thus, any and all, despite age, class or profession. Myself, I wish not to hear of your doings, just that they are done. Just remember, you are working in the name of the queen, and I will always have an eye on you. I shall leave you with this bag of gold as well, as proof of how serious this matter is." said James as he tossed the small sack in the direction of the man, having it land just in front of him, spilling some of the coins, as showing the bag was indeed full.

"Good night, Methos." With that, James walked off into the fog, leaving Methos alone with his thoughts.

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"Arrow , Nice to meet you Oliver, What brings you to England , Also why do you watch the couple" Arrow was to the point not knowing what the man would do his sent dark energy into his hand not enough to be noticed but enough to give him distance if he needed it, Arrow always took messures like this, it's how he was still alive.

He nooded at the young couple and cain and able walked over to them and sat next to them, Starting to talk as if they where long lost friends, Able's hand frimly on his battle hammer, It was not for ovlier but for the royal guards who had just walked in the door nine of them fully aroumered, Arrow had kept his eyes all over the bar while speaking to everyone, Moving to this postion gave him a great sight of everything around.

Arrow smiled at Oliver he did not feel threated by him and was a good judge of character "If you do not wish the royal gurad to see you I suggest you take the back door to your left, Arrow indecated it with his head, If you wish to speak to me again wait there and I will join you , My friends are telling the same to the couple, As he said it the guards spotted Arrow.

"Arrow you are under arrest , the queen knows of your decption" Arrow smiled as Cain and Able moved into actoin , they where stong and surpsingly fast , four of the Guards number where down, "I suggest you go now more will come, CAIN CAN YOU HANDLE THIS " , "AYE" He screamed as he took down another guard.

For all the guards and there training they could never have prepared for these two, Massive and ferice and full of pride As Arrow left via the back door he hread a scream "FOR ARROW GUARDIAN OF SCOTLAND, AYE AND FOR SCOTLAND AS WELL YE ENGLISH TWATS" , "TWAS WHERE IN ALMIGHT's EARTH DID YA ERE THAT", "WELL AYE , YE KNOW" God even in battle they could Argue he laughed to himself as he hread them smash out the front door , they began to run they would look after themselfs and meet where he had said, Arrow waited for the others to come out the bar, they did not have alot of time

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Oliver jumped when the gaurds coming into the Tavern shouting about "Arrows deception to the Queen". He followed Arrow out the door quickly, his mind racing. Why had he followed if he was seen with Arrow his research and funding would be gone whats more th Queen would surely give grounds for his exucution.

"I looked at the couple" He started but stopped. How could he trust this man he worked fo rhte Queen. They knew Oliver was coming to the country, this could be the Queens attempt to find were his loyaltys lie.

"I thought I recognised them" He said meekly. He stayed where he was. The door led into a back alley behind the Inn. He looked down the alley it was along way down to the light and sound of the streets.

"I am an alchemist I am here to try and gain funding for my expriment and travels, a quest for knowledge if you will," He laughed meekly "I am supposed to be going to the palace" He stopped dead in his tracks. THere was no way he could go to the palace now, not that he had been seen Arrow, who was a traitor, or maybe want, he would have to wait and see.

The real reason he had been looking at the couple was they were werewolves. He had had many incounters many African nations condenmed them, sacraficeing them, others in India and Indonisa worshiped them to be half Gods. He had studys the creatures of myth in much detail in his travels and he was able to spot the simple yet extrmeley subtle differences between a normal human and a werewolf. He didnt feel Arrow had to know this yet, after all he had no idea who to trust in this new land.

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Two Brutish men came over and sat next to Lukas and Moonchild. They began taking, but Moonchild didn't sense anything wrong with them. They were sent over by Arrow. "If anythin' happens, take the door tae your left." The closest to the door nodded in that direction,"Arrow'll meet ye there."

The guards went for Arrow but the two men jumped up and sarted fighting. Moonchild began reaching into her bag for her knife but Lukas grabbed her arm. "Not now." She withdrew,"But I must fight!" Lukas grabbed her hand this time and she didn't seem to resist as much,"Somertimes you don't fight!" The two of them ran through the door and out into the back alley. They noticed the man that was staring and they stood opposite him. They looked over at Arrow, waiting for what would happen next.

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As he set foot onto the Holy Land Imhotep had a strange feeling. They now stood on holy ground and t was here that their search would continue. There was a boiling in his blood, he could fee a strange power and it called to him.

Calm down peaceful one, all shall be revealed in time Issa spoke.