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Poll: Who's the fastest flying comic character? (16 votes)

Superman 50%
Thor 6%
Silver Surfer 31%
The Sentry / Void 6%
Martian Manhunter 6%
Black Bolt 0%
Goku 0%
Captain Marvel 6%
Ms. Marvel 0%
Wonder Woman 6%
Optimus Prime 0%
Runner 25%
Super woman 6%

If you search about "Flight" power in Wikipedia you'll get no result.. Yet you're smart enough to recognize the numerous Superheroes with flight with super speed. Hence here i gave some notable comic characters with super speed flight. You can share some other Superheroes enlightening our comic knowledge.

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runner or silver surfer. Probably runner even though its really just like running through air??

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either silver surfer or runner