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It's fun but I can see this backfiring. Look at some of the bugs that have already come up.

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#302 Posted by _Sojourn_ (19715 posts) - - Show Bio im working on submissions for ATLA... and I was wondering ...For the Tactical Nuke quest, does that mean you have to get 500 points at once, or 500 points all together 

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Unnecessary but hey I'm sure lots of people here will like it...

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can someone give me a clue for the 5th one down on the utility belt quest?

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i hve a few quests in mind that im working on submitting for approbval
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GREAT fun! More please...

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Great idea for the site; you can browse around the various features this site contains(especially for new users), and get points for it!

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Kinda annoying when you get all the things on the quest except one... I got a few of those....

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Still loving this. Any chance of another limited edition quest?

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@-Vigil-: It seems like it should be time for another one.
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@The Dark Huntress: When was the last limited edition quest?
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@ComicMan24: IIRC, it was the Dead-Head one and again, IIRC, it was the only one. There are ones that you get the extra experience for if the allotted number of people complete them, but there are some that are only available for a short time.
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@The Dark Huntress: I would like to see one. Thanks for the info.
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@ComicMan24: No problem, I'm happy that I could help out.
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nice to see this thing is still going. i haven't attempted to follow these since coming back from vacation
due to slow connections forcing me to be selective about what pages i load.
though i have gone up two levels without even trying, the second level achieved by completing four
quests at once just by posting the usual random thing in the Whats Going Through Your Mind...thread.
odd indeed.

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This is lots of fun!

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@Captain Cascader:
May I suggest a new quest idea?  Do one focusing on.....macguffins!  People will have to search the database for 10 of the most famous macguffins in comicdom and cartoondom (and that includes a few items from GI Joe and Transformers, such as the Dragonfire energy from Operation: Dragonfire, or the Key to Vector Sigma). 
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I can't help but to do this: fantastic! Yes, now I did the Best Buy quest. But really, quests on WM are fantastic.

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Finish the trivia part and I only had too get one question right, lol.

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Where do I report bugs?

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@geraldthesloth said:
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 I know, I want to start some quests of my own.