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I am totally digging the quests! I keep finding more little tasks by accident and then getting sucked into trying to complete their sets! I never realized how much and how little I know about comics. I already admitted that I am not an expert in the realm, but wow! I never realized how vast everything is or was. Superman's flings? I only knew two, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane, the obvious ones. Sorry if it's a spoiler to anyone who has yet to find those. Or the Going Batty set? I thought I had a good amount of knowledge on the Gotham plots but once again, I guess not! The villains task, I have a pretty good idea on every single one, probably because I always have been more of a fan of Batman's villains or villains in general- they are so bad ass! Anyway, the bits and pieces of this site are really blowing my mind! I am learning more and more about characters I like, I am learning more about story lines that I didn't get to enjoy or ones I started late on, etc.

So one more time, I have to send major kudos to Comicvine! I am about to recommend it to everyone I know, once I get a little more comfortable and start blogging my heart out, ha ha. Anyway, once I keep dilly-dallying for a bit longer, I am about to do some research and scan blogs, pages, forums, stories, etc. I hope I keep finding some amazing things. I am looking forward to reading what everyone has to say and everyone's reviews! Maybe I can even write what I think on the subjects I find! Anyway, happy hunting folks!


Can you tell I am WAY too excited? He he!

-insert ginormous smile here-


Kisser Ne

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Good luck with your Questing!!  :D  Some of them are very tricky... some of them are designed to make you discover different aspects of the site, while others make you look through every time little detail about a character, teir page, their friends/enemies lists, etc.  But keep going & I'm sure you'll get there :)


Don't forget to watch all the new videos on the days they come out ;)

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I never got into quests, but I know they're insanely addictive thanks to blogs like this and other people saying so.