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This is going to be a ongoing blog tracking my Quest Progress, or lack of progress. I am absolutely obsessed with quests have been ever since I set up my account and saw that little icon pop up in the bottom right of the screen. I haven't felt this much of an inflated and and undeserved sense of accomplishment since the first item I got an xbox achievement.

Anyway its killing me that some of these quests are bugged out or I just cant find the correct answers to complete them. I REALLY hope that once the new site comes online that the developers will take the time to fix some of the quests, remove the broken ones, and add new ones. If anyone has any advice on the quests I'm still working on by all means leave me a comment or PM me.

I don't think I'm stumped on any other quests, I have finished most of the ones that are related to finding pages or articles on the wiki the ones I don't have are related to videos, reviews, and all-in-all the social networking aspects of the site.

SitRep,130127: 31 Quests left, 16 Sets left (Not counting Limited Edition Quests)

All in due time

These are the ones I still have a chance at:

Back-Talkin' - Particular Mod @replies to something I write

Back-Talkin' With a Twist of Lime - Particular Mod @replies to something I write, with specific text

Breaking and Entering - Get 100 posts on my wall

Pimp My Profile - 1,000 views of my profile

Secret Quest (Photoshopped Set) - Upload 1,000 images (I'm at about 300)

Featured Critic - Write a review that's recommended or commented on by a monitor

Secret Quest (AV Club Set) - Be the first to comment on an video? may be bugged since its video related, I haven't been the first to commented on a new video yet so we will have to see.

The ENTIRE Secret Society Set containing (4) Secret Quests are for moderators only.... maybe some day.


These are just not working for me I think they are bugged, if anyone has any info that I'm missing please let me know:

Where Everybody Knows Your Name - Tune into a live show that was on forever ago, this is a limited edition quest, why is it still on here?

Ultimate End - Read Tony "G-Man" Guerrero review on the Death of Ultimate Spidey, did it I think but didn't unlock

Successfully Processed - Link account to Twitter, I did it, it didn't unlock

Face Hugger - Link account with Facebook, I enabled my account to sign on with my Facebook and it didn't unlock, I don't know how else to link it.

Energizing the Crew - It is KILLING me that the Star Trek related quest is not working, I have tried everyone I can think of only 1 worked I read that this quest is bugged for most.

Video Watching Related Quests that are Bugged:

Duder It's Over!, Summertime, and the Video's Streaming, TV Addict, Rerunner, Opening Night, And the Verdict is...., Someone's gotta do it.

Comic Con Related Quests that are Bugged:

The Big Con, Two Men and a Con, Chi Town Scuffle, Among Legends, L left my heart on the Convention Floor, Rollin' Deep, 5 Days of Summer.

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Secret society is moderator only as you guessed

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@RazzaTazz: Thank you, and may I say you have always been my favorite moderator, and you MAY quote me on that.

.......Quoteworthy Content ;-)

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@tea8765: Thanks