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In the interest of not having 50 different forum threads asking for quest help, make all the quest requests here.  So if you want follows, wall posts, comments on pictures, votes on reviews (up or down), moderator follows, moderator replies, moderator page views, moderator PM, or profile views, this is the place to make the request.   
Of course the quests are set up so that you enjoy the site to the fullest and become a member contributing lots of content and becoming a member that is appreciated by all.  So I do recommend accomplishing the quests in the "natural" way, and by that I mean getting he quests by actually earning them, but if you want the short cut, then this is the place.  

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I just want them to start putting quests out on an at least semi regular basis again. That is my only request

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I want a "Venom" related quest PLEASE!!!!

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If anyone needs something do, please view my boring profile & write on my wall...I could use about 1000 more. Will gladly return the favor if you let me know you need it. (I could also use a few more followers...I follow 56 and am followed by about 18...willing to help)


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@kingdomenic: I can do that

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i could help make up quest sets ideas wise if nees be. But i imagine there are plenty volenteers lol

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Maybe you can make a Civil War Quest

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A Marvel UK / British-themed quest would be fantastic. Maybe the Braddock Family, Union Jack Legacy, Knights of Pendragon (including Iron Man and Black Panther).

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So I am trying to get 100 wall posts cuz I am lame and want to finish that quest.

So if you have second, post the answer to this question on my wall.

"If given the choice, which comic publisher (DC, Marvel, etc.) would you want to write for and what book (Batman, Spider-Man, etc.) would you want to write?"


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maybe if they got rid of those quests from a few years ago that can't be finished anymore so us newer users won't be haunted them.

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Quests related to some of the lesser known comics would be awesome....Elfquest, Crossgen titles, Aspen/Fathom titles...etc
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I'd like to make a wiki page for RAW Studios, the comic label created and fronted by Tom Jane, Tim Bradstreet and Steve Niles. Get back to me if the site is okay with it, thanks

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@dtm1980: We have a forum for wiki stuff - Editing and Tools.  I will deal with this there.  
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Any idea if there's a glitch with the Batmania quest set? The last quest set that I need to complete is to watch the video where Sara and Tony discuss Batman, Inc. and I did that but nothing happened. Unless maybe there's more than one video where they discuss Batman Inc.......

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I'm having trouble with the "Buck Stops Here" quest. I only need "Say it ain't so, Bucky, and up to speed.

It's driving me nuts. could someone help me, please?

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@Battle_Forum_Junkie: There should be a thread with lots of suggestions

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Quest: Into the Fog, part of the Lend Me Your Ears set. Any help on where to go that I may accomplish this, ma'am?

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@Grey56: Just create a thread in the off topic forum

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Maybe a GL related quest with the emotional entities/guardians?

"Don't get so emotional" - find all of the emotional entities (Butcher, Ophidian, Parallax, Ion, Adara, Proselyte, Predator, with the possibility of Black Hand (death entity) and the white light of creation entity (which I believe is just dubbed "The Entity") )

"Who Guards the Guardians?" Name 3 known guardians of the universe (Maybe Ganthet, Sayd, and Krona (I know he's not technically a guardian, but he's still from Maltus gosh darnit!) )

"Home is where the corp. is" - Find all of the home worlds for the various lantern corps (Vega System for Larfleeze, Oa for GL corp, etc.)

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I am pretty sure the idea of this thread never took off.  The point was not to request new quests, it was to amalgamate all the quest request threads together, so that there would not be a thread for follows and one for wall posts and so on.