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On the 70´s was shown a toon on the Brazilian open TV about a guy(FBI agent,if I remember well) that had a awesome power:summon his shadow like a minion to help him in hard situations.

Unfortunatelly,I have only weak memories about it.I forgot the toon´s name and also who was the main chracter.So,I will tell all that I remember about it.

The living shadow(Let´s call it this way) had human shape,but was faceless.Only when was shown in side views was possible see the lips movement.

Solid things like bullets or knives,cannot hurt it.But the shadow would hit hard the bad guys with mighty punchs!The shadow also could pass through of the closed doors like a paper,backing to the human shape on the other side..

The shadow could act independent of the guy.e.g:While the agent was untying a damsel in distress,his shadow went go to chase the bad guys.

A fat lot of good:the weakess of the shadow was the darkness!Therefore,if the villain enter in a place totally dark,like a room or tunnel without any light source,the shadow cannot chase or capture him.Like the own shadow always talk on this situations:"Without light,the shadows cannot exist either!"

The toon´s opening show a large room,only with a old Asian man bald and with a big white goatee.In from him,a young man on his middle 20´s,wearing a white kimono.The old man talk something like this:

- You(character name)controled the mind hidden powers!Show your inner ego!

Without move the body or the head,the young guy told:

-"Shadow!Move closer!"

And a large shadow come on the wall...

Well,someone here know what was this toon?

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