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I want to start reading an x men comic but i dont know where to start. Im looking for an interesting story, good bad guys, good love interests, etc. Ive watched X Men Evolution like a million times and i still feel in the dark about other stories. If any had Deadpool that would be great too. Any recommendations?

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@famousx18: If you like Deadpool I highly recommend the Current Deadpool title. As for your question I can't say.

@wolverine08! Help this guy out please?

And welcome to Comic Vine, man. :)

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I would read Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whendnon, then read Grant Morrison's X-Men run to get acquainted with the X-Men.

For Deadpool, I'd read Joe Kelly's run.

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@famousx18: for deadpool id read remenders uncanny xforce, then id read any chris claremont xmen stories best ones are dark pheonix saga & days of future past, then id go with grant morrisons an joss whedons whole run