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Join my superhero team and together we will travel the world, universe, and many dimensions to stop evil in all its forms!

So choose two of your favorite superheroes and combine their powers to make your own badass.

After you have created your character, choose me and 5 other hero’s someone else has created to begin our journey!

My character:

Witch Hunter

Powers of: Martian Manhunter and Scarlet Witch

Reality warping


Probablity manipulation


Matter manipulation

Time manipulation

Energy projection, manipulation and absorption

Genius-level intellect

Photographic memory

Superhuman endurance, speed and strength




Regenerative healing factor


Martian nine senses

Heat vision



Absolute Beauty: Due to shape shifting,psychic suggestion, and magical cosmetic enhancements.

We will fight on earth

Day 1: Doomsday, Juggernaut, abomination

Day 7: Dr Doom, sinister 6

Day 8: injustice league

Outer space:

Day 1. Sinestro and ten members

Day 2. Brainiac

Day 12. Thanos and Darkseid

Day 24. Korvac


Evil Avengers (age of ultron team) and Jla movie

Versions day 1

Mephistopheles day 2

Trigon day 24