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I was actually planning on making a lot more questions this time around but due to popular demand I promised I'd have it up by today and now I shall deliver on that promise. I don't want people who have the quest answering questions this time though (posts will be deleted)...there are hundreds of people out there interested in quests and I want them all to have a chance, even if it means some of these questions don't get answered for years. So here goes, if you don't have Back-Talkin' just answer one of the questions listed below that hasn't already been answered and if your answer is correct, I'll give you the quest. Most of the questions probably are easier if you've read the comic but most can probably be researched on ComicVine (if it's really as great as it makes itself out to be), I apologize if there's any confusion, I wrote them by series so in my mind I knew what comic the questions related to, hopefully all of them are accessible to or in the least contain one term you can search. Best of luck questers!

  1. What initially unknown advantage did Mr. Hyde have over the other League members in relation to the Invisible Man? Infrared Vision (Durnn)
  2. What is the most common name of Allan and Mina’s three-thousand year old friend whose secret life is detailed in the Black Dossier? Orlando (miki)
  3. Before being recruited by Mina into the League, Allan Quatermain was addicted to what? Opium (marvelunivers)
  4. Tom Strong first felt the touch of another human being at what age and who‘s touch was it? Eight/Susan Strong (Timandm)
  5. Tom Strong’s daughter is named what? Tesla Strong (goldenshot80)
  6. What is the name of the narrator of the events told in Supergod and what is his nationality? Simon Reddin/British (TechParadox)
  7. Lews Therin Telamon is remembered through the ages for what crime that he committed during his descent into insanity? Kinslayer - he killed his wife, everyone who carried a drop of his blood, and everyone he loved (Cervantes)
  8. Who is Moiraine Damodred’s Warder? al'Lan Mandragoran (Dragoness1993)
  9. Which of the three young friends of Two Rivers is destined to become the Dragon Reborn? Rand al'Thor (Ravynne_Mccoy)
  10. Dead Romeo, upon his return to the “land of the living” falls in love with a girl named? Whisper (Orider)
  11. Harvey Kurtzman wrote the adventures of what comic character featured in Playboy through the 60’s-80’s? Little Annie Fanny (Bluetorch)
  12. The curse that left Papa Midnite immortal was powered by the act of dozens of his people doing what simultaneously? Committing Suicide (tbone1225)
  13. What’s the real name of “Cavewoman”? Meriem Cooper (PowerHerc)
  14. In Kingdom Come, who was responsible for the death of Lois Lane? The Joker (ReVamp)
  15. R.P.I.T., whom Anita Blake is allied with, stands for what? Regional Preternatural Investigation Taskforce (umbrafeline)
  16. Jean-Claude’s vampiric powers and those of his line are centered around what main theme? Sex (_Whisper_)
  17. The first two hundred issues of the monthly Judge Dredd Megazine were spread over how many individual volumes? Four (MIghty Biffer)
  18. The Un-Men were originally grotesque servants of what villain? Anton Arcane (Tem-Tem)
  19. Which of the Un-Men bears the appearance of an animated, walking brain? Cranius (Seraphim84)
  20. Stein proves to Jimmy Kavanagh that he’s coming for him when he leaves what pinned to the bedroom wall of Jimmy’s daughter Rachel?
  21. What is the name of the mysterious, apparently non-existent, figure that The Losers seek to destroy? Max (_slim_)
  22. Which of The Losers is the sharpshooter? Cougar (Dracade102)
  23. At the end of The Losers series, who are the only two confirmed surviving members of the team? Pooch and Jensen (RavenVice01)
  24. What was the name that the aforementioned opposition to The Losers named the sovereign nation they created?
  25. Adam Chamberlain was born where?
  26. In the first issue of American Virgin, Adam is abducted by who? Morgan and Levi (cyberninja)
  27. What is the name of Adam Chamberlain’s wife? Vanessa Upton (borges)
  28. Even though Cyndi is in a sexual relationship at the end of American Virgin, why is it a mystery how she became pregnant?
  29. The Dark Elves of the Underdark worship what being? Lolth (punchline)
  30. What does Drizzt call the personality that overtakes him when in situations that leave him struggling for survival during his exile in the Underdark?
  31. John Smith’s Scarab was based off of what he was originally planning to write for which DC title? Doctor Fate (KillerZ)
  32. Eddie, of Greek Street, is a modern day version of what character from Greek mythology? Oedipus (Meteorite)
  33. Medea, the monstrous killer in Greek Street, was known by what name while still alive?
  34. Grant Morrison’s twenty-six issue run on Animal Man was originally intended to be a miniseries lasting how many issues? Four (Billy Batson)
  35. Grant Morrison’s work on Animal Man all-built up to introducing him to what character at the end of his run? Himself (KRYPTON)
  36. Buddy and Ellen Baker put their marriage on hold after who’s funeral?
  37. What was the name of Buddy and Maxine Baker’s religion? The Life Power Church of Maxine (mcclellanscott)
  38. Did Buddy Baker and Annie Cassidy have a boy or girl? Girl (cellot)
  39. Avengeblade was created by? Rob Liefeld (Hameyadea)
  40. Nola is a story tied to what real-life natural disaster? Hurricane Katrina (redleigh86)
  41. Warlord is the hero of what extra-dimensional land? Skartaris (Morgaine_de_Bourbon)
  42. Danica of Penny for Your Soul bears what relation to Lucifer?
  43. What food is illegal in the world of Chew? Chicken (bencif)
  44. Mason Savoy took what body part from Tony Chu on the day they parted ways “forever”? Ear (62renji)
  45. Tony Chu is an Agent for what organization? FDA (g33ky monk3y)
  46. Which character in Codename: Knockout occasionally breaks the Fourth Wall at the beginning and end of issues to explain what’s going on?
  47. The British organization H.E.L.L. is an acronym for?
  48. In Faker, Nick Philo is brought to life by what experimental liquid? Angel's Kiss (thespideyguy)
  49. When we first meet Sebastian O, he is where?
  50. Morrison Shepherd, teen bad-boy celebrity of London is more commonly referred to as what?
  51. Who was Mercury Shepherd’s real father?
  52. What is the name of the Mayan afterlife Tomas seeks in The Fountain?
  53. Of the five female warriors featured in Battleaxes, which is the only one who is not a fighter?
  54. What were the names of the Batman and Robin parody in Garth Ennis’ 2002 one-shot The Pro? The Knight and The Squire (BlackPookie)
  55. Who led the Persian army against the Spartans in Frank Miller’s 300? Xerxes (Hairywolf25)
  56. What was Number 1’s name before he was used for WE3? Bandit (nick7913)
  57. Who was the ‘Doctor Doolittle’ who cared for and taught speech to the test subjects of Project WE3?
  58. What type of animal is Weapon 4 in WE3? Dog (hydrabob)
  59. What is the name of the poem woven into Luna Park? The Bronze Horseman (MC3PO)
  60. Which of Vincente’s lovers betray him in Bang! Tango?
  61. How many Artifacts are in the Top Cow universe? 13 (Hawkeye446)
  62. What is the real name of Cowboy Ninja Viking? Duncan (omegaiceman)
  63. Who sends Elsa Grimston on her mission to destroy her father’s legacy? Lucifer Morningstar (terry2012)
  64. During the downfall of what kingdom did Madame Xanadu and the Phantom Stranger begin their enmity?
  65. Which demon of the DCU impregnated Mary Kelly and thus led to The Phantom Stranger allowing Jack the Ripper to brutally slaughter her?
  66. Who are Madame Xanadu’s two sisters? Morgana and Vivienne (HT101)
  67. What is the name of the apprentice Madame Xanadu took on at the conclusion of Matt Wagner’s series?
  68. Which Aztec god does Blythe Cameron commonly come across as she learns the full extent of her abilities?
  69. What is the term given to people like Blythe Cameron and Amelia Earhart due to their connection with the ancient Aztec engine that could revolutionize transportation?
  70. Michael Jones was hired by Colonel Nigh to find tapes featuring what?
  71. The long unfinished Desolation Jones series by Warren Ellis should have lasted to what issue to have completed the arc it ended on?
  72. What are the names of the Batman and Robin parody in Kick-Ass? Big Daddy and Hit-Girl (mooseslayer)
  73. What’s the secret identity of Kick-Ass? Dave Lizewski (Pinhead230280)
  74. Who does Seaguy commonly play chess with?
  75. What is Chubby da Choona’s catchphrase?
  76. What name does Seaguy assume when he becomes King of the Bulldressers of Los Huevos?
  77. Who is Jeb Stuart’s descendant in current day Iraq warfare?
  78. In the Vertigo Angel and the Ape miniseries, what item in his pocket stops a bullet from killing Detective Komicz?
  79. The Vamps (of the series of the same name) were all turned into vampires by a vampire named?
  80. What substance does A.J. of Bug-Bee-Gone put into his bloodstream that eventually led to his death?
  81. Kevin, the Bug Brother, has an alter-ego who battles vermin to the death in an arena. What is the title of this legendary fighter?
  82. How does Laura Phillips exact her revenge on Rebecca?
  83. The first Black Orchid was murdered how? Shot in the Head, Burned Alive, Room Blown Up (ANGEL1993)
  84. What are the names of the two Black Orchid’s that were born from Philip Sylvian’s greenhouse?
  85. What is the sentient ship that serves as the base of operations for The Authority? The Carrier (TheGoldenOne)
  86. Who is the mad scientist that created Red Tornado? T.O. Morrow (hpwaz)
  87. Peter Bagge’s Other Lives revolves around what Internet community?
  88. When Cain abandons The Dreaming, where does he find refuge and an elevated status due to the fact he is the first murderer?
  89. Which of the Endless does Echo, the third Corinthian, claim to be when she is filled with the spirits of both the House of Secrets and Mysteries?
  90. What are the names of Cain and Abel’s twin sisters?
  91. Mr. Majestic hails from what alien planet? Khera (Mighty Max)
  92. In Legacy of Fire, Madalyne Pyre is training her younger sister to take on the powers and responsibilities of what weapon?
  93. Red Son asks the question of how the world would be different if Superman landed in what country?
  94. What writer revitalized Kid Eternity in the late 80’s in a three issue miniseries that led to an ongoing by another writer?
  95. The Children’s Crusade, Vertigo’s 1993 crossover, introduced what world where children and magic were abundant?
  96. The Tomb Raider comic was published by whom? Top Cow (Circe)
  97. Who is the ancient protagonist of Days Missing? The Steward (Master_Thief)
  98. Which of Neil Gaiman’s short stories in the Fragile Things collection is also available in graphic novel form, illustrated by John Bolton?
  99. What is Battle Pope’s civilian name? Oswald Leopold II (notoriousbcb)
  100. Why does Jesus Christ (Battle Pope) hate Christmas?
  101. At who’s wedding reception does Battle Pope end?
  102. Robert Kirkman originally intended to follow the now last issue of Battle Pope with a six-issue miniseries entitled what?
  103. Leto del Toro is America’s first vampire in what profession?
  104. What is the name of the vampiric patriarch murdered in the opening pages of Bite Club?
  105. What’s the name of the last man on earth’s pet monkey in “Y: The Last Man”? Ampersand (Ultan)
  106. What is the name of the prison town in Ohio that Y, 355 and Dr. Mann end up in?
  107. Who was the only survivor of the last three astronauts to return from space in Y: The Last Man?
  108. Yorick, through the use of BDSM, was freed from his suicidal tendencies by whom?
  109. Yorick first meets the second Beth when he comes to a seemingly abandoned Catholic church to confess what sin?
  110. Allison and 355 have sex on what seafaring vessel? The Whale (Iron Apollo)
  111. Who was the reporter that took photograph evidence of the existence of a man post-plague in Y: The Last Man by having him standing naked in the street holding a current newspaper?
  112. What Canadian pop star becomes leader of the Yakuza following the plague in Y:TLM?
  113. Yorick Brown has the same lighter as what other comic book character?
  114. What does Yorick claim was the reason for his 86 birthday suicide attempt?
  115. Who’s the creator of Emo Boy? Steve Emond (SpaztikOne)
  116. Which of the Hara twins are older, Kai or Toshi?
  117. What new name does Aratsu give Toshi?
  118. When Kai meets her, Loretta is working in what profession?
  119. Joe Manson’s pet rodent, Jack, is named what in the world Joe finds himself immersed in as its fabled Dying Boy?
  120. In the original arc of Young Liars, it is explained Sadie is odd because what is lodged in her brain?
  121. What two tracks does Danny Duoshade recommend when reading “Exploding Heads”?
  122. During the second arc of Young Liars, it is shown that Sadie came from what planet?
  123. What is the name of the peace activist that became Joshua Dysart’s Unknown Soldier?
  124. Who is the ultimate target for this African Unknown Soldier?
  125. The Unknown Soldier’s military skill and strategy come from what irregularity?
  126. The only guest artist to fill in the shoes of the Italian stallion (Ponticelli) on Unknown Soldier, Pat Masioni, was born in what African country?
  127. Which family of The Trust was abolished first?
  128. Who was the last surviving Atlantic City Minuteman?
  129. At the end of 100 Bullets, who is the Agent of the Minutemen?
  130. Which was the last of the Minutemen to be brought back into play?
  131. Why is Wylie Times called “The Point Man”?
  132. Which of the Minutemen is The Bastard? Milo Garret (Shawnbaby)
  133. What is Agent Graves’ first name? Philip (pinkdaizygirl)
  134. Crete is which member of The Trust’s bodyguard?
  135. Of The Trust, which member had a reputation for being one old, horny bastard?
  136. What we’re Mr. Shepherd’s last words?
  137. Which is the only 100 Bullets trade to draw its name from the story it collects?
  138. Of the various individuals who received attaché’s with a gun and one hundred untraceable bullets from Agent Graves, who’s target was themself?
  139. In 100 Bullets, who was murdered when their brother committed suicide and unwittingly took his brother with him?
  140. Caitlin Fairchild is best known as the large bosomed leader of what team?
  141. What writer recently helped bring Green Hornet back into prominence through Dynamite Entertainment? Kevin Smith (ShamblingDeath)
  142. At SDCC, what comic one-shot was read by the Futurama panel as a precursor to the four films that would later be released?
  143. Futurama’s ongoing comic series is published by whom? Bongo (JHags)
  144. In the fiftieth issue of Futurama Comics, what is Mom’s failed birthday wish?
  145. What kind of hybrid is Gus of Sweet Tooth?
  146. Jepperd’s son was recently revealed to be whom?
  147. Who, thus far, has been the only other hybrid in Sweet Tooth to possess the ability of speech?
  148. Who is the busty Nazi in Ennis’ Rifle Brigade?
  149. In the second Rifle Brigade miniseries, the various opposing forces are in pursuit of what magical item?
  150. Who is the Jack Horner-like protagonist of Bill Willingham’s Ironwood?
  151. What is the name of the demon Pandora Breedlswight wants to expel from her body?
  152. Lunch Lady, the serial killer and Cassie Hack, the killer of serial killers have what tie to one another? Mother/Daughter (jordama)
  153. Cassie Hack’s hulking sidekick is? Vlad (haydenclaireheroes)
  154. Eminem teamed up in a comic with which Marvel character? The Punisher (SC)
  155. Scott Pilgrim follows the quest of Scott to defeat who’s Seven Evil Exes? Ramona Flowers (afierce)
  156. DMZ is an acronym for what? De-Militarized Zone (tm24)
  157. Where is the DMZ located in Brian Wood’s series of the same name?
  158. Who’s reign over Chinatown has made him a powerful figure in the DMZ?
  159. Which character first appeared in Swamp Thing and then went on to have a series that would last longer then all of Swamp Thing’s combined?
  160. Which writer is credited with changing comics through his run on Swamp Thing?
  161. What was the first issue of Swamp Thing not approved by the Comics Code of Authority?
  162. DC originally replaced the Comics Code logo on Swamp Thing with what tagline?
  163. Why did Swamp Thing wage war on Gotham City?
  164. How did Swamp Thing survive his assassination in issue fifty-three of his series?
  165. What DC villain revealed to readers (through his research) the shock that Swamp Thing wasn’t really human at all?
  166. Rick Veitch’s run was all building up to the introduction of what Swamp Thing character that he never actually got to write?
  167. Tefé seeks out what legend throughout Brian K. Vaughan’s Swamp Thing series?
  168. Who was it that finally killed King Toad?
  169. Robyn Slinger’s partner in the Top 10 is who?
  170. What was Robyn called back at the Academy?
  171. Top 10 takes place in the superhuman-populated city called?
  172. Max Eisenhardt is the real name of what Marvel mutant? Magneto (Axvald)
  173. What is the name of the Ennis/Dillon OGN discussed in the Vertigo X Anniversary Preview that never actually got published?
  174. Tim Hunter was first shown the world of magic by what four men in trenchcoats? Phantom Stranger, John Constantine, Doctor Occult, Mister E (MOONGREY)
  175. What is the name of Tim Hunter’s familiar?
  176. In the year 2012, Tim Hunter’s mind was in shambles due to the work of what demon?
  177. To stop him from becoming the evil that would ever hurt Molly, Tim Hunter is given a magical tattoo by whom?
  178. When Molly returns from Faerie to Earth, what are the two “gifts” Titania gives her so that she won’t die?
  179. What “weapon” does Tim Hunter choose to battle The Lord of the Hunt?
  180. Timothy Hunter’s true name is what?
  181. What are the names of the family of three that died grotesquely at the end of Garth Ennis’ Crossed #1 only to reappear nonchalantly later in the series as if nothing had happened?
  182. What writer took over to write various Crossed projects following Garth Ennis’ original series?
  183. Crossed: Psychopath (the upcoming Crossed miniseries) is to star a man named what?
  184. Who is the creator of (and character in) Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse? Ben Templesmith (sithfrog)
  185. Mr. Pendulum, until he gets them, begs Wormwood to give him what? Genitals (Emperor Gonzo Noir)
  186. Although he appears to be a gentleman corpse at most times, what is Wormwood actually?
  187. Tangent Comics, originally conceived as a fifth-week event was later resurrected with what maxiseries?
  188. Which member of Doom Force does die?
  189. Who sent Shade to Earth, only to betray him, and leave his body to die on Meta?
  190. When Kathy and Shade have their first break-up, following the events of The Edge of Vision, what is Shade doing while Kathy tells him it’s over?
  191. Lenny names Shade’s “brother” (primarily seen in “Off the Road”) what anagram of Shade’s name?
  192. What is the name of the poem Shade writes as a kid that would later speak of his own death?
  193. Shade meets what two famed writers of the early 1900’s?
  194. Miles Laimling, one of the inhabitants of Hotel Shade is writing what?
  195. What promise does Shade make to Kathy on her deathbed that moments after her final breath he seemingly tosses aside?
  196. For a time, Shade’s emotions would take on life as lost skin flakes, based on what the predominant feeling he had was at the time…what’s the name Shade gives this creature?
  197. Who does Shade have a brief fling with before she leaves him to be with his suit of armor?
  198. In the final arc of his series, Shade uses what to try and finally right the wrongs of his (and his friends) lives?
  199. Where does Calvin’s Dad tell him the sun sets?
  200. What’s the name of Calvin’s stuffed tiger companion? Hobbes (BoboKrypto101)
  201. Who is Calvin’s nemesis/neighbor?
  202. Which of Calvin’s alter egos is a Private I?
  203. Calvin is commonly bullied by what classmate?
  204. What is the name of Rhosyn Forrest’s alternate personality?
  205. Who was the protagonist of the comic Poison Elves?
  206. In what overseas country is America at war in Rick Veitch’s satire, Army@Love?
  207. What is the name of the club begun when Switzer and Flabbergast have sex while under fire?
  208. For how many issues was the seven-issue maxiseries, Otherworld, originally intended to last? 12 (ViciousCesar!)
  209. When the Phantom Stranger showed Tim Hunter the magicians of the past, who was the only one powerful enough to see Tim?
  210. Bruce Carter III is the name of what character of the Golden Age who was revitalized with Project Superpowers?
  211. When Death lives her one day as a mortal in The High Cost of Living, what is her name?
  212. Who decides to give up their life at the end of The Time of Your Life so that the others can live?
  213. Name five individuals originally trapped in Cain’s House of Mystery at the beginning of the series.
  214. What’s the name of Fig’s long-lost brother?
  215. When The Hunter comes to the House of Mystery seeking a pure heart, who’s is the only one that will satisfy him?
  216. What is the twist ending to Tursig’s story in House of Mystery #29?
  217. Who is Carol Elroy’s father?
  218. Red Crow starts a war with Johnny Tongue when he kills what sadistic agent of Tongue?
  219. What is Shunka’s big secret?
  220. Irredeemable is the tale of what superhero gone rogue?
  221. Who was the first American Vampire? Skinner Sweet (Closure)
  222. What is the weakness of the American breed of vampire?
  223. At the end of the first issue of Peter Milligan’s Human Target miniseries, two Christopher Chance’s confront each other…who is the other one really?
  224. In the Human Target what is the name of the young man believed to be The Second Coming of the Savior?
  225. Which client does Christopher Chance murder after living a day in his shoes and realizing what a piece of scum he is?
  226. Who does Mary White pick at the end of Human Target to be her lover?
  227. While a mortal, Purgatori lived in what nation? Egypt (Demonturtle)
  228. How did Purgatori kill Nefertiti?
  229. Who is kidnapped by lesbian pirates from outer space? Susan Bell (thanosrules)
  230. Grendel was a mantle first worn by whom? Hunter Rose (lokiofmidgaard)
  231. Conan hails from what fictional land? Cimmeria (Strafe Power)
  232. The Conan character (who would later appear prominently in comics) was originally created in the 30’s by what writer? Robert E. Howard (HigorM)
  233. In Weight of the Crown, Conan spends some time as the King of what land?
  234. What is the name of the creature that’s about to share Lady Mechanika’s origins with her before he’s killed in the premiere issue of her series?
  235. What’s the first name of Gravel, protagonist of the series of the same name?
  236. Lady Death is currently under what special comics imprint dedicated to her? Boundless Comics (ladydeath)
  237. Who are Tarot’s two lovers?
  238. What’s the name of the immortal blue elf that antagonizes Tarot and her family on more than one occasion?
  239. In what city does Chastity become a vampire? London (Nasher)
  240. Elvira was temporarily the hostess of what famous DC horror anthology? House of Mystery (Donovan Montgomery)
  241. Hellboy’s most curious feature is an appendage formally titled what? Right Hand of Doom (IrishX)
  242. Name five current or former members of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Hellboy, Roger, Abe Sapien, Trevor Bruttenholm, and Tom Manning (diabeticdamsel)
  243. Who is G-Man’s favorite comic character? Madman (SuperGamera)
  244. Who is that Yellow Bastard? Roark Junior (satanmode)
  245. Tank Girl’s companion kangaroo is named? Booga (KingsCastle)
  246. What’s the name of the event Tank Girl competes in to pay for Barney’s medical costs in Skidmarks?
  247. Umbrella Academy, the highly acclaimed comic series, was created and written by the lead singer of what band? My Chemical Romance (RecSpec)
  248. In All-Star Superman, which Daily Planet reporter writes The Death of Superman article? Clark Kent (moffattbooks)
  249. Before Power Girl, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner worked on what character that bears a striking similarity to PG due to…costume design? The Pro (SUPERMAN-23)
  250. At the end of the series, who does Reign in Hell?
  251. James Robinson’s Starman stars which incarnation of the character? Jack Knight (LWFuture)
  252. The Freedom Fighters are led by what superhero? Uncle Sam (turoksonofstone)
  253. Is Wonder Woman’s current costume better then her iconic one?
  254. Kid Terror is the sidekick to what Golden Age character? Black Terror (deadpoolvironfist)
  255. What does Starlight do to get on The Seven?
  256. Which member of The Seven plays in his own feces?
  257. Wee Hughie’s hatred for supers came after which one killed his girlfriend?
  258. Who originally led The Boys? Mallory (kingdomenic)
  259. Butcher has specifically which super in his sights in terms of getting revenge?
  260. The Female is taken care of by which other member of The Boys? Frenchman (Renchamp)
  261. Where does the name Mother’s Milk come from in relation to the character’s origin?
  262. Vampirella is from what planet? Drakulon (RedheadedAtrocitus)
  263. Name at least three other countries’ parallel of Heavy Metal Magazine?
  264. Who was Dead @ the age of 17?
  265. What famous artist collaborated on the controversial, X-Women?
  266. For which comic series was the Marvel MAX imprint created? Alias (hi1hi1hi1hi1)
  267. Anna Schwarz has an alternate personality referred to as?
  268. What type of animal is Muktuk Wolfsbreath’s spirit guide?
  269. Frankie Moxon has her own personal god named what?
  270. Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere was originally written for what medium?
  271. The Nobody OGN is formatted as if it were a collection of how many issues?
  272. How did The Girl in the Ice (Northlanders) die?
  273. Bill Everette was drafted to fight in what war?
  274. What is John Tool’s response when his partner Paul Bridges confesses that he’s gay?
  275. Garth Ennis awarded the script to #8 of Preacher for what answer to the question of what T.C. stood for?
  276. What’s Jesse Custer’s initial reaction upon seeing Cassidy and Tulip are now together due to his disappearance?
  277. Arseface’s condition is a side effect of trying to follow in the footsteps of what celebrity?
  278. How does Herr Starr lose his genitalia?
  279. Jesse Custer gets the attention of the Saint of Killers (to discuss their final plan) how?
  280. In whom does Arseface end up finding love?
  281. How does Jesse Custer make up for ruining Hoover’s life by making him count three million grains of sand?
  282. What are Cassidy’s last words at the end of Preacher?
  283. For how many years is Morpheus imprisoned by the Burgess’?
  284. Who is the father of Unity Kincaid’s child?
  285. Which of Dream’s former lovers is a Muse?
  286. Dream sends who as an envoy to alert Lucifer of his coming?
  287. Who does Desire bring back from the dead to tempt Emperor Norton I of the United States of America?
  288. To whom does Death say, “You lived what anybody gets, _______. You got a lifetime. No more. No less. You got a lifetime.” and about how old was this person? Bernie Capax/15,000 (poohbear7882)
  289. What were Morpheus’ last words?
  290. What’s the name of Wesley Dodds’ butler? Leslie Humphries (CasimirAngel)
  291. Who does Dian Belmont meet first, Wesley Dodds or Sandman?
  292. Against whom do both clashing groups of gods unite in Testament to preserve themselves?
  293. Spider Jerusalem leaves his mountaintop after getting a phone call from who?
  294. What is the toll to get into the City?
  295. Spider carries around what illegal weapon which has such settings as Loose, Watery and Prolapse?
  296. Who wakes first (and subsequently freaks out) the morning after Spider and Yelena had sex?
  297. Gary Callahan, like his predecessor, earned a nickname as President…what was it?
  298. What Senator is the victim of Spider teaching his assistants the fine old art of Monstering?
  299. Spider’s first words upon awaking from his four-day coma are?
  300. What mysterious agent of an ancient conspiracy sets Tom Taylor up for murder?
  301. The Enigma is which of the Major Arcana in the Vertigo Tarot?
  302. Durham Red was first introduced in what thrill?
  303. Bomb Queen rules over what city? New Port City (deadpool#1fanjon)
  304. What were the names of the three other Queens?
  305. Who narrates Gods and Monsters?
  306. Which of the members of DV8 didn’t survive the events of the series?
  307. Who is the Fourth Man of Planetary?
  308. How does 100% open?
  309. Jonathan Ames wrote what semi-autobiographical graphic novel?
  310. Who did Adam Heller blame for his Hepatitis B?
  311. What’s the name of Bras’ wife?
  312. What happens when Jack and Kris (Demo) are apart?
  313. Who’s the leader of the Brotherhood of Dada? Mr. Nobody (ClawRavenscroft)
  314. It should come as no surprise that this character is the answer to this statement that is not a question.
  315. What magic item allowed Boy Blue to be the one survivor of the events told in Last Castle?
  316. How many children do Snow and Bigby have? Seven (Mas)
  317. Mr. Dark’s servants are called what?
  318. Rosie (Goddess) is actually who?
  319. Gwen Dylan needs to eat what to retain all of her mental faculties?
  320. In what order did Jack Horner have intercourse with his half-sisters?
  321. John Constantine’s blood is infused with the blood of who else? Nergal (Transmetal)
  322. Who killed the Second and Third of the Fallen?
  323. What was the title of the previously censored Hellblazer story that caused Ellis to leave the book?
  324. John Constantine had how many children with Rosacarnis? 3 (fanofsuperheroes)
  325. Who is John Constantine’s lovely, young bride? Epiphany Greaves (Kal'smahboi)
  326. Where do Lucifer and Elaine Belloc first meet?
  327. In “Children and Monsters”, where does Lucifer go to see all the events of the world at once?
  328. Lady Lys’ lusts result in the freedom of which of the Damned?
  329. Who’s mummified corpse do Gaudium and Spera find so that Michael can save Elaine?
  330. Secretly knowing what language saved Mazikeen from Scoria?
  331. List the seven crew members of the Naglfar. Mazikieen, Bergelmir, Cal, Jill Presto, David Easterman, Gaudium, Spera (aim2me)
  332. With who’s memories do Garamas and Gyges create their duinin?
  333. Which of The Endless visit Charlie Gilmour while he’s imprisoned?
  334. In the “Yahweh Dance”, when the story is told in the form of a legend…what is Lucifer referred to as?
  335. What four forms does Yahweh take to talk to Elaine before settling on one unrelated to a person she has known in her past?
  336. What is Mazikeen’s parting gift when she last sees Lucifer?
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248: Clark Kent

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#3 Posted by marvelunivers_deleteme (336 posts) - - Show Bio

3. opium
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#4 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@moffattbooks: I hope you didn't have to read the first 247 :P I tried to blend in mainstream (although I don't read much myself) 
@marvelunivers: correct
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#5 Edited by Mercy_ (94916 posts) - - Show Bio

15. Regional Preternatural Investigative Taskforce aka RIP

154. Spider-Man

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#6 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Dark Huntress: did you miss the part where I said this time it's for people who don't have the quest because I don't want to have to make new questions again :P 
since one of your answers is wrong and I won't tell people which I'll let your post sit there but you won't get credit for the right answer!!
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#7 Posted by Mercy_ (94916 posts) - - Show Bio
@aztek the lost<_ a="" been="" delete="" feel="" free="" hasty.="" have="" i="" little="" may="" post.="" the="" to="">
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#8 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Dark Huntress: it's fine, I actually don't think people check other posts anyways...nobody did in the last thread when I was continuously hinted someone had answered the right answer to a question in another post but nobody took the bait 
and although I did like having people enjoy answering the questions, I REALLY spent a lot of time on this and don't want to do it again after all the rushing I imposed on myself to get these up today
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#9 Edited by ReVamp (23014 posts) - - Show Bio
  1. @aztek the lost:
  2. Question 14
    In Kingdom Come, who was responsible for the death of Lois Lane?    
  3. The Joker :P
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#10 Posted by marvelunivers_deleteme (336 posts) - - Show Bio

just wanted to thank you again for putting thses up i know making them was hard

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#11 Posted by Renchamp (7774 posts) - - Show Bio

260: Frenchman

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#12 Posted by ReVamp (23014 posts) - - Show Bio
@ReVamp said:
  1. @aztek the lost:
  2. Question 14
    In Kingdom Come, who was responsible for the death of Lois Lane?    
  3. The Joker :P

Post is going all wierd.

14. The Joker. 

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14 - The JOKER! 
22 -   Sgt. Carlos 'Cougar' Alvarez, right? 
73 - Dave   Lizewski!!!

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13.  Meriem Cooper 
41.  Skartaris 
55.  Xerxes 
62.  Duncan
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1. He can see in the infrared, seeing the Invisible Man. 
58. Weapon 4, like Weapon 1, was a dog.
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43. Chicken and  other bird related meat.

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316.  Seven.
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143. 'Futurama' is published by Bongo
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#20 Posted by Magian (151489 posts) - - Show Bio

Those are a lot. Nice Aztek.

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73  Dave Lizewski 
262 Draculon

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85: The Carrier
204: Thorn

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244.  Roark Jr.
265.   Milo Manara 

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66: Morgana and Vivienne

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172. Magneto

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@ReVamp: correct 
@Renchamp: yep, their relationship is so awesome because of its oddness, love it 
@goldenshot80: you are indeed right 
@Dracade102: the first one was already answered a few posts above you, the second one is correct and the third I won't count because you are only supposed to answer one question but you got the quest anyways 
@PowerHerc: the first answer is correct, other people can potentially use your other answers if they are right but I only count the first one 
@Durnn: infrared is correct sir 
@bencif: chicken it is! 
@Mas: that's right 
@JHags: check
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#27 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@Pinhead230280: your answer to 73 is correct 
@TheGoldenOne: 85 accepted 
@satanmode: crosses 244 off the list of unanswered questions
@HT101: yes, personally I wish we saw more of Vivienne 
@Axvald: yep, Magneto: Testament was a pretty good read
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#28 Posted by satanmode (390 posts) - - Show Bio
@marvelunivers said:
" just wanted to thank you again for putting thses up i know making them was hard "
In concur, thanks Aztek!
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#29 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@satanmode said:
" @marvelunivers said:
" just wanted to thank you again for putting thses up i know making them was hard "
In concur, thanks Aztek! "
your welcome (to both of you), glad I could was a lot of time but I did have some fun doing it :D
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231. Cimmeria

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#31 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@Strafe Prower said:

231. Cimmeria

I could swear you have this quest already...don't you?
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@aztek the lost:  thanks for doing this man. now all thats left is to get a mod to post something on my wall ;) lol
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#33 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@TheGoldenOne: icarusflies loves doing the wall post thing whenever asked (or at least she used to), I just commit to this because I'm the only one who can do it :P
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#34 Posted by Magian (151489 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice questions. I admit I don't know a lot of them. lol

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#35 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@ComicMan24 said:
" Nice questions. I admit I don't know a lot of them. lol "
sounds like I did something right then :P
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#36 Posted by Magian (151489 posts) - - Show Bio
@aztek the lost said:
" @ComicMan24 said:
" Nice questions. I admit I don't know a lot of them. lol "
sounds like I did something right then :P "
 I guess so lol
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83: Shot in the head in Lex Luthor's Board room?

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#38 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@ANGEL1993 said:
" 83: Shot in the head in Lex Luthor's Board room? "
that's close...I mean they did that...but that didn't kill her...they did something right after to finish the job
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#39 Posted by ANGEL1993 (94 posts) - - Show Bio

Did she die in an explosion?

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#40 Posted by ReVamp (23014 posts) - - Show Bio
@aztek the lost:
Thanks for doing this. I'm really getting into all of these quests here at comicvine. Not because of xp but because of the quests themselves. So, thank you,  for the work you've done, considering I could answer only about a handful of these questions xP.
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#41 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@ANGEL1993: I'll give you it, that is more correct then the last answer...I see the CV database doesn't have the full info so I'll edit it but what happens is she's shot and before you even think she's been killed, they reveal they knew the bullet wouldn't kill her but they figure fire will so they pour gasoline on her, set the room on fire and leave...she still tries to escape but before she can they blow up that part of the building
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#42 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@ReVamp: your welcome, and if it makes you feel any better, I could probably only answer about 325 of these off the top of my head...a few I may have to check my answer key for when they get answered :P
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@aztek the lost said:
" @TheGoldenOne: icarusflies loves doing the wall post thing whenever asked (or at least she used to), I just commit to this because I'm the only one who can do it :P "
thanks for the info and help with the quest :)
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@aztek the lost: #6 -  Simon Reddin, a British scientist
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#45 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio
@TechParadox: correct, ah I wish Supergod had lasted longer and been published at a monthly rate
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#252-Uncle Sam.

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#47 Posted by TechParadox (163 posts) - - Show Bio
@aztek the lost: Agreed with you on that. I got so tired of waiting for the new issues to drop, and he could have done so much more with the concept than the "we blew it all to hell by creating these things" ending.
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262. Drakulon/Draculon.
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#49 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio
I remember the planet having two spellings so I put both just in case. Hope that's right.
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#50 Posted by PowerHerc (86188 posts) - - Show Bio
@aztek the lost said:
"@PowerHerc: the first answer is correct, other people can potentially use your other answers if they are right but I only count the first one"

Cool.  Thanks.   
I wasn't sure how it worked, and I didn't want to answer too many, but I wanted to make sure I got at least one right.